Snake Nest, 11-13-62


by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 11-13-62

We are turning tonight to a subject which to some might seem to be but a pattern of symbols. We are talking about the ‘snake nest.’ There is probably nothing more important for America and the Christian nations to know and to understand than this secret of the ‘snake nest,’ and the generation of the Serpent and the Viper. There is not any doubt today that any student of world affairs can well understand the master strategy of Lucifer if he is Bible informed. If he is not Bible informed and recognizes it, then he will probably join it. There is then nothing as important for you to know tonight than God’s purpose and plan for the earth. As we cited to you this afternoon, in the address, there come a vital ‘assurance’ which becomes a vital asset to the individual when he knows what god plans, when he knows the laws of God and the purposes of God. And thus this knowledge synchronizes his thinking of the plans of God, and he participates in it. When you know what God is going to do and you believe in what God is going to do, then you possess assurance. And we tell you that we living in this vital hour, are aware of all of these situations which the bible has made clear and prophecy has unveiled, and now the panorama of world events in the guidance as God unfolds it to HIS children. It gives you a complete picture of all the things now taking place in the earth. And it also challenges you for your participation in these series of events. You will never by able to extricate yourself from relations to the Kingdom because you are children of the Kingdom. There is no place to take yourself out of the picture. And there is no place for you to go and retire and get out of all of this. Someone said, ‘My, wouldn’t it be a nice thing if we could just sit down and watch it.’ But you can’t watch it from the sidelines because you are a part of it. The sooner you realize that, as sons and daughters of God and of this race, which God planted in earth, and out of this society in which HE has produced HIS nations and the great growing and developing Kingdom which is here, whether the world likes to recognize it or not. And the church may be blind to its existence and its identity, but it is still here. They may not like to recognize the special purposes that God has for the White race. Still, it does not change the fact. They may think that they can brainwash and manipulate the feelings o that race, but God has ordained that this is not to be because HE can pour in the necessary ingredients to get the reaction that HE wants. And one of these days, you are going to see the fastest reaction of light and spirit that they have ever seen. And a whole race is going to know as they are known, and they will stand to do the work of God. This is inevitable.

In the meantime, you say we are caught between now and that period. And we are faced with a lot of strange circumstances which are taking place in the world. A lot of people do not understand why things taking place in the world do go in the direction that they go. They cannot understand why one moment we are threatened with a nuclear holocaust, and we are told that at any moment, we may be caught up in a thermal nuclear war......and at the same time, we discover that the business men and their associates on the international scale, are all gathered together in a peaceful assembly. And we realize that the President can take down his phone and call Khrushchev and vice versa. And I think they have a lot of things arranged that we do not know anything about. So who does the planning for these situations? And how do these situations take place? How can a President become so blind to the factors which effect his race? What strange policies are introduced to produce this? What strange witchcraft has been developed? What causes such a man to select a vast multitude of people for his cabinet who are enemies of his faith and his race? These are some of the mysteries which relate to our times which you do not understand, but which you should know. However, you should know your enemy and you should know the process by which these operations take place.

One of the great mysteries of today is the subtle influence of the Serpent race. Thus, you know that they have been in this cunning, beguiling program for a long time. When we talk about the serpent, a lot of people think of the rattlesnake or the cobra. But there are a lot of people who walk the earth today that carry the serpent emblem who are far more dangerous. You have to go where cobras are. And rattlesnakes generally give you a little warning.

Now I think there is one factor that you should understand. This emblem of the snake and the serpent belong to a specific people on the face of the earth. They belong to a special order. They belong to a society that is diametrically opposed to God’s Kingdom. And the symbol has been known to God thru out all times and thru out all ages. Oh, you say, ‘Dr. Swift, you don’t believe do you, that we can blame the situations of earth today upon any specific people?’ I believe that you can blame ALL of the trouble in the world today upon the devil and his children. Someone said, ‘Surely you don’t believe in a devil?’ Well, when I see his children, then I must believe in the devil. I have been taught that ‘kind begats like kind.’ And I believe that. And I think it is self-evident. And no matter where you travel, you will find the evidence as to this being true. There is no doubt today that the areas of Satanic influence are tremendous. And the strategies upon which the Satanic forces work has been built upon one great purpose in their mind. Remember this. They know......Lucifer and his household. And don’t you eve under-estimate Lucifer. And remember, we are not here to exalt the devil. But I do not want you to under evaluate the knowledge which Lucifer possesses. I want you to know that he built up the sum of wisdom and power out of radiance. And there is no question of his ability to be cunning and wise, and to know his relationship to the conditions that exist in the earth and the patterns of environment. And he knows that your race.....and I want you to know, for this is something that a lot of preachers do not know......this is something that a lot of school teachers don’t know....but the devil knows. And more than that, so do all of his children. THEY KNOW THAT YOUR RACE IS SPECIFICALLY DIFFERENT THAN ANY OTHER PEOPLE ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH. They also know where your race came from. They know that you are the sons and daughters of the Eternal YAHWEH and that they are not. They also know that if the Kingdom of God were to come in, and Jesus Christ rules the world, that their kingdom and strategies are gone. And that their abilities to rule, are over...that their ability to rule with this policy which they have so organized and established to control the world economically, and to live as parasites is all over.

In fact, here is something else that they know. They know that if the White race specifically as a people or nation, ever wake up and discover who they are and what they are here for, that they will be run out of every White nation on the face of the earth. Do you want to know why the enemy does not want to be run out of the White nations? This is because these are the ‘have’ nations, the productive nations. They are the nations that the parasites want to stay in and syphon out of their strength and their wealth, while he gathers the superstitions pagan world which he also dominates. But you are their great worry tonight.

There is no doubt about this Bible being our Book. There are a few books that we could throw out. Oh, you say, ‘Don’t throw any books out of my Bible.’ Well, don’t become a Bibliologist either. For these may be just as dangerous as others if you do not realize that we are not worshiping just paper and ink. We worship every word. We recognize every word that came out of the mouth of God. But every once in awhile we get documents and insertions and books that did not come out of the mouth of God. You can buy the book of Esther, but I wouldn’t, for the name of God is not in it even once. And I know all about how it started. And I know some things which I think you should know by now, and that is, that a council of Bishops and other Ecclesiastical leaders not at all times sober, decided which books to keep and which to discard. And they had a lot more books than these 66 to canonize, but they canonized these 66. And two of them, they should not have canonized. The Song of Solomon and the book of Esther are fraudulent books and they should not be in your Bible. They are not of ‘thus saith the LORD.’ And they have a propaganda value for those who sought to insert them at that time. The writings of Enoch and the records of Jasher and things which were so important among the early Disciples, such as the Gospel of Nicodemus, many of these, are not included. And if you want to know who did not want them there, then think. The Snake nest did not want them there. But they are still a part of it. And there are a whole lot of other things they do not want to be a part of it.

Right not, the influence of the Snake Nest goes so far as to touch some of your seminaries, until now they want to carve out of the Gospel of John and out of the New Testament, anything which exposes the Serpent. In fact, they say that when John quotes Jesus, that he is anti-Semitic.

Now can you imagine that? This is the position of the Rabbtical associations in this country, who with their influence are trying to revise Christian literature. And they say that John was anti-Semitic. ‘What a terrible biased prejudice. For he put in to the Gospel of John a lot of terrible things.’ But remember, that everything that John put into his Gospel, Jesus said. So one of these days, they will say that Jesus was opposed to them also. And this is quite obvious, for they recognized this in the days of HIS ministry and they recognize this personally among themselves, because the Serpent hates the Christ. But at the same time, they want to snuggle up to you in a program of brotherhood so that you can become snake bit and taken over and subject to their design. The one bad thing about a snake bite by these forces, is that when you become snake bitten, then you think like they do and they you serve their causes.

This happened in the background of your race one time. And so deadly was this situation, that the whole structure of a migrating, liberating society became involved with the snake bite experience. Let me tell you this. This Book written for your race and to your race...because every prophet who was inspired by the Holy Will of God was inspired so that they would tell you what God wanted you to know at that period in the time of your history. Every prophet was out of your race and he was called on to record for the continuing progeny of this race which was to make up the great responsive strength of this Christian society.

Now, this Book is written for you. It is the book for Adamites. And now you say, ‘but a wayfaring man, tho a fool, cannot err therein.’ But he has to be a wayfaring man, not a savage out of the jungle. For this Book is written for you. You say, ‘You mean I can’t teach people all over the world out of it?’ There is a lot of wisdom here that you might be able to teach people. But the fact remains, that this is your Book. It is written unto you. And it does not take a lot of time when it gets started in going into millions and millions of years of history and background all rolled up into a few verses and then it starts with you, embodied now in earth, who could say that ‘I am a child of God after the spirit, and a child of Adam after the flesh.’ Upon this race God had placed responsibility. But there is no disappointment with God. HE knew all that you were going to do even before you arrive. And HE even knew what Adam would do before HE put him here. In fact, when God warned Adam and Eve, there were certain vital truths, and they did not misunderstand for they heard HIM....but even these vital truths and instructions have been coached up in symbolism. Do you know why things are put in symbolism? Do you know why parables are used? You say, ‘that is to make it simple for those who it is for to understand.’ No. It is for those who have the capacity under the spirit to interpret them. For Jesus spake in parables so the world round about would not understand. HE said, ‘Unto you it is given to know the mysteries of God. Unto them it is not given. Thus I speak in parables so that you understand and they do not.’ HE took them in to the Upper Room to explain the secret. HE did not try to explain to the crowd what the crowd was not ready to receive.

I want you to recognize this so that when God unveils HIS purposes, that they may be clear. HE told your race, ‘I have transplanted you from heaven to earth and now I want you to recognize your responsibilities; preserve your posterity with racial purity, to preserve the capacity of the spirit to reach the consciousness and to keep it advised. I want that Shekinah Glory to remain your inheritance, to surround and protect you, for this is the secret if immortality.’ HE said, ‘I want no violation of this, for there are many racial trees around you, and among them is a special dynasty which is Luciferian. It has a knowledge of good and of evil. And with this tree, you are to have no association. With this tree, you are not to participate with it or have any association with it.

Someone asked me tonight, ‘How did they know it was an apple that Eve ate?’ Eve never ate an apple. For apples were not bothering Eve or God either. Here in the scriptures, in the book of Genesis, we find something that is rather interesting. After the violation of Divine Law, in which Eve was the first violator, and by persuasion, Adam, we read these words in the book of Genesis.....that in the hour when God came into the garden and challenged them for their violation, the woman said, ‘the serpent beguiled me.’ And the ancient Zohar and other books were much more clear than this. The violation was a violation of Divine Law, but it was the subtly and the cunning of Lucifer that sought to destroy your race and to corrupt it and make it impossible for it to carry out its objective from the beginning. And then you say, ‘God must have been terribly disappointed.’ But God was not disappointed, for God knew what you would do before HE sent you down here. HE not only knew it before you arrived, but HE planned on a total restoration of everything which you lost by this violation...and also a restoration for the day One.....and called it an Atonement from the beginning. For HE had not only placed your names down, but all of the names of the entire race down in the Lamb’s Book of Life before the foundation of the world...but also named Himself to be embodied in the earth as flesh of your flesh, and bone of your bone...a kinsman of your household to assume for you, a perfect restoration of your society. So you see that God was not disappointed and nothing happened that God did not know about. However, it did identify one factor that Lucifer was referred to both in symbol and in title as the Serpent. That is why he coughed and he walked. And this is to dispel this silly story that serpents used to run around on two legs and were a different kind of creature, and that they were cursed and they fell. And then after that, they crawled around on their belly. That is alright if you want to have that kind of a story. But the fact is that Lucifer walked around on two legs.

I want you to recognize that in this violation of Divine Law, that certain things were lost. One was the spiritual perception which would have continually guided your race afterwards and would have caused them to have risen to a higher power much earlier. But all of this was in the foreknowledge of the patterns and strategy of God. So complete was this in foreknowledge, that God not only set sidereal systems in motion, and caused the marching orders of astronomical bodies to be in certain places at certain times, and even for the Star of Bethlehem to get in to its position, altho there would be almost a quarter of a million years for it to get into the position as to where it was going.....Just coming in from the end of the ecliptic, took one hundred and twenty-six thousand years. So you see that God was not surprised. For your race has only been here a little over 7400 years. Thus, God was already setting up factors to measure HIS deliverance of your society. So remember that Omniscience is one of the most valuable things that your family possesses because your FATHER HAS IT.

Now listen. I think it is essential that you understand that Eve said, ‘the Serpent beguiled me.’ I want to point out to you that over here in the book of Revelation, that we just don’t have to guess at this. Or just assume symbols and titles without the fact that Almighty God had imputed these factors by realism in the 12th chapter of Revelation. We read these words concerning the great warfare that happened in the antediluvian periods long before this world had been consummated in its final creation since you were a part of it. This world had been locked in an experience of having a fallen Archangel come sweeping into here from outer space after hd lost control of the Milky Way. Archangel who rebelled against God. The history which took place in that by-gone period would so full so much time and repetition that if the spirit brought it all back to your remembrance, we would not have the time to discuss it. But we have the vastness of such a struggle.

Now listen. And it says concerning Lucifer as he did not prevail against Michael, and his says that the armies of heaven threw him out of the heavens. Threw him out of the Milky Way, and he became earth-bound. So what do we know about him? Lucifer who was engaged in this struggle is called the ‘Dragon’ and his angels. And now that great Dragon, or the old Serpent, is none other than the devil or Satan. Thus, I have these words from the book of Revelation..the great Serpent, the devil and the Dragon who deceives the whole world. Someone said, then it looks like everything is doomed. No. The whole world is deceived. But you are not deceived for you are the children of the MOST HIGH. HE perfected your race. HE created the fall of every society which was in it. But remember now, that Lucifer deceives the world order. But there is no excuse for you to be deceived because HE says that you are not of the world just as HE is not of the world. And HE was the LORD out of the heavens. So HE was not of this world and neither are you. For you are the children of the Spirit in the heavens, and in earth, you are HIS under HIS Messiahship.

So we point this out to you thatthe Serpent is none other than Lucifer. And when Eve said, ‘the serpent beguiled me,’ this was the seduction of Eve by Lucifer to try to destroy your race by his evil mongrelization. By the fusing of the ’Tree of Life’.....the Household of God and the Satanic pattern of mongrelization. Had it not been for the Divine purpose,....and the elimination of Abel wipes out a portion of this.......and until Seth is born, then we hear Adam say, ‘I have begotten a man in my own image and after my own likeness.’ And now God would carry forward thru this progeny the incorruptible seed and the spirit thru the generations to come.

I want to point out this fact to you that this symbolism, this fact of identity that God calls the serpent, and what Eve called the serpent,....this was Lucifer.

Now I will point out something which is rather significant. We have often repeated this, and you cannot repeat it too much especially since we know that the enemy wants to take it out of the Bible. And anything that the enemy wants to remove from the Bible, we better leave in and talk about it. Why? It must be bothering him more than any time in history.

Now, over here in the Gospel when Jesus meets these Jews who are harassing HIS ministry, and seeking to destroy, and were acting constrictatorial, in control of the Temple, then Jesus said, ‘Ye are of your father the devil.’ They must then be progeny, for it says, ‘Ye are of your father the devil and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer and a liar from the beginning.’

Now I point out to you that when this statement was made, this means that if Lucifer is the Serpent as the scripture tells us, the seducer of Eve, and Cain then is his offspring. And the Cainanites are then children of Lucifer....then we understand very well what John meant in his Epistle...2 John, when he refers to Cain as the progeny of the wicked one. He refers to this as he writes. And of course we understand that there has been a long understanding declaration by God which forbade any integration or mongrelization of the Adamic race with the Cainanites.

Now, I point out to you that having made this statement, then over in the 3rd chapter of Matthew, we read these words in verse 7... Jesus had just come out of the waters of baptism and John, who had been preaching and baptizing, and he now saw the Pharisees and the Sadducees who came down to the baptism. And this is the instance of John’s declaration. And here you remember that John the Baptist had an unusual anointing of spirit upon him because this spirit was the anointing which rested upon Elijah and Jesus said that if you could understand this then you would know that this is Elijah who was to come...and never has there been a man born of woman like this one...never been one rated as was John the Baptist except Christ.

Now listen. John the Baptist looked at these Pharisees and the word here is Shama Pharie...or false Pharisees. These were actually Sadducees who were false Pharisees in order to gain control of the Sanhedrin. Each time Christ is castigating the Pharisees, HE is castigating those who are not true believers in the supernatural, not true believers in the code of the background of divine thinking, but a false group of Sadducees who profess to be believers. And they had joined the sect known as the Pharisees and they were called the ‘Shamar.’

Now John the Baptist looked at these false Pharisees....and note what HE said, ‘Oh, generation of vipers.’ Now you know this man was carrying a message to True Israel, for he said, ‘Repent for the Kingdom of God is at hand.’ He was speaking to your race. He was a messenger sent from God to prepare the way for the coming of the Messiah...God, Himself. And now here in the midst of an evangelistic campaign, he says, ‘Oh you are a bunch of serpents.’ He said, ‘I know who you are.’ And that does not sound like an Evangelistic call. It sounds like a smart identification. Oh, ye generation of vipers, who warned you to flee from the wrath which is to come?’

I think it is important that we now go to Jesus, and go over to the 23rd chapter of the book of Matthew. And again, Jesus stands before these, HIS enemies who are always standing around to try to charge HIM with something. And even trying to get HIM down into some room beneath the Temple where they could stone HIM without the people seeing them. For they had carried their rocks down to that stone chamber with the hopes that they could stone Christ to death. And of course with HIS Omniscience, HE walked out of their presence and they could not find HIM. Under this instance, now we discover that Jesus has been denouncing the evil which they are participants in. And here in Matthew 23:13:... ‘Woe unto ye scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites...false Pharisees or Shamar....HE said, ‘I want you to know that concerning your evil, you say that if you had lived in the days of your fathers ye would not have killed the prophets.’ So there was an evil conspiracy which was sown amongst the people of God that sought by usurpation to take over, and always they seek to blot out revelation and to kill the truth. But Jesus said unto them, ‘when you say that if you had lived in the days of your fathers that ye would not have killed the prophets, now you have just proved that you are the children of the prophet killers.’

Now I want you to understand something about genetics that Jesus believed in. Every once in awhile, we have people say, ‘spiritual power puts aside biological law.’ But, my friends, it does not change ‘Kind’... For Jesus looked at these people and HE said, ‘It does not matter what your profession is, you will be just like your father. And when you just admitted that you are the children of your father, you have just identified the species from whence you came.’

Now someone says, ‘But, Dr. Swift, you can go out among them and preach to them and they stop being snakes and become sheep and come into the church.’ No, my friends. They come in as vipers in sheeps clothing, or wolves in sheeps clothing. And all you have done is bring the devil from the outside to the inside. Someone said, ‘don’t you believe in the Jews conversion?’ No. I do not want any converted Jews in my congregation. I want to point out that Jesus said, ‘You have just proved one are the children of your fathers, and you have just witnessed against yourselves. For you are saying that you are the children of the prophet killers. You fill up the measures of your fathers.’

Now what is this measure of their fathers? Listen to these words, for they come from the lips of Jesus. If you wish to critics my position then you take it up with Christ. Listen. ‘Ye serpents, ye generations (the word is progeny) of the Viper. How can you escape (the King James Version of this) the damnation of Hell.’ If you had a Bible with these references, you will note that the word damnation is condemnation. And if you looked at this word Hell, you will note that this is not ‘Sheol’, the grave, but Gehenna. And Gehenna was a place which under control of this particular area, before it was occupied by Israel, and also under the pagan worship, which accompanied Baal....that any of the enemy or any of the opposition of the State, they were considered as a sacrifice. And in Gehenna, they were put to death and burned as a human sacrifice. Then in the days of Jesus, they took all of the garbage out there and burned it up. Thus, what Jesus said was, ‘Ye generation of the serpent and the viper, how do you think you are going to escape the condemnation by which people are going to liquidate you?’ Someone said, ‘But you cannot interpret it that way.’ Oh, yes I can. And even Scoffield fell for it, then admitted it. He starts you way back in Matthew and brings you down to it to tell you what Gehenna was. Someone says, ‘but we should not have any expectations as to this.’ I don’t have any expectations. I just know that God knows what HE is talking about. There are some people who get run out of every place where they go and if they do not run fast enough, they become fertilizer.

Someone said, ‘But you can’t talk that way.’ What do you mean?... I just said it. Jesus said it. HE said, ‘Ye are the generations of the serpent and the viper..and what you do is bite everybody, you curse them with your evil, you kill the truth, you murder the prophets, and when God walked among you, then what did you want to do? wanted to kill HIM.’ When the false Pharisees heard HIM, they knew what HE was talking about. When the Chief Priest from the Temple came down and listened to Jesus, it says they knew what HE spake these things against them. No doubt about it. I think this should become clear enough that when we talk about your race, when we talk about the Kingdom of God, when we talk about any organism like the church, or nations, or people, the Sheep of God, we are talking about you. When we talk about the Household of God, or the people of the Kingdom of God, then you know who we are talking about. But when we want to refer to the enemy, we do not use the symbol of Sheep, we use the symbols by which God identifies them. For one ancient identification of them is the Serpent. Do they know this? Yes. I think they know that and I think that they are kind of proud of it. Go down here to the Synagogue on Beverly Street, and go down to any synagogue and see what they make that ‘six pointed star’ out of. This is a woven serpent with the head holding the tail. I can show you that Talmudic Serpent woven in Jewry all over the world. I can show you that Serpent woven into the friezes on almost every pagan temple on the face of the earth. And I want you to know that every pagan religion and every false theology, and every false political process in the world today, is controlled by the Serpent’s children...the seed of the Serpent.

Oh, you say, ‘But Lucifer could not have any progeny.’ He couldn’t? Well, what makes you think that he could not have any children? Just because the Angels of heaven are not supposed to be manufacturing a progeny in the presence of the MOST HIGH GOD has nothing to do with any Angel who did not keep his first estate. But he was at one time an Angel of heaven. Now, he is a fallen Angel in earth. I want you to know that the scripture tells me that the field is the this parable which Christ proclaimed. And ‘the son of man’ was the incarnate God who came to earth. And the field was the world...and Lucifer had his seed and he sowed them and they are the children of...or the progeny of the wicked one. And the good seed are the children of the Kingdom. So you say...who are the rest of them? They are the people you came down here to free, the people you came down to deliver. Everyone on the face of the earth, just because he is under the bondage of the Snake Nest, is not, my friends, the offspring of Lucifer. They have been snake bitten, this is true. But every once in awhile some preachers gets snake bitten also. Did you know that? Oh, you say, how can you tell? Well, he immediately starts to mouth the serpents program.

I want you to know that I am charging all of the Jews of the world, its pagan religions, and its witch doctoring, its great massive pagan temples with their great superstition rackets, are all dominated by the same principles of evil and they are managed by the same evil people. This fall and its impact upon the races, occurred long before your race came along. And if it were not God’s purpose and Grace which reaches out to the ends of the earth, for as HE said in Isaiah, ‘All flesh is going to be saved.’ So if you are worrying about all of the people you missed between then and now, then God says all flesh is going to be saved. This is because if God ever lost any consciousness that existed in HIS society, then this would be a reflection on HIS ability to ‘Save to the uttermost.’ This does not change you and your responsibility because of the problems of what happened form that time. Someone said, ‘But if God is going to do this way out in time, then what are we working for now?’ What you are working for now is to accomplish God’s purpose for whatever HE has energized you to accomplish. Just because something is to happen 1000 or 2000 years from now does not stop me from carrying out God’s objective for today. If people would start living in the hour they are in, instead of somewhere way off in tomorrow, they would get more done for God. Someone said, ‘I am so afraid that I will run ahead of God.’ But don’t worry. God is way ahead of you. Most people have not started to run.

There is one thing which there can be no question about. What is the challenge for today? Someone said, ‘let’s have a message that it is up to date. Let’s have something for 1962.’ Alright. What is your greatest problem today? If you are a Christian American, then World Communism is one of the great problems that you face today on the political, economic, and material front. Alright, where did it come from? It came form Karl Marx and Jewish finance. World Communism, the Beast System, came from Jewry. We have a lot of Jewish apologizers who have discovered how much there is to be made today by waving a patriotic banner and going out among Christians who are already fighting and are worried, who know that Communism is coming and see how much money you can get by telling them how powerful Communism is, and then run back to Australia with it. I would not give a Jew a dime to tell me about anything. I had a man tell me the other day, ‘Look at all of the information that Dr. Schartz gave us.’ But he did not tell you anything that Gerald K. Smith did not tell you fifteen years ago. Someone said, ‘Oh, we have a few patriots. Look at Barry Goldwater.’ But look at Barry Goldwater. He does not have anything which appeals to me. It looks like the same old bell weather goat trying to take Christianity down that same old road. He believe in Urban Renewal, his children work in Israeli, and some of them work on his farm. But don’t tell me about patriotic ‘half-Jews.’ How can you be half man and half serpent?

I want you to think a little about these problems. World Communism is a Jewish conspiracy. But these Jews are smart enough to know who their father is and that you are the technological masters of the world. And they know that White Christian nations have something and they want it. They know that in these areas and with all of the cunning of their knowledge, that in some patterns there are certain things which they have lost and they cannot create. They infiltrate your society. And they did not come up with the nuclear knowledge....they stole it.

You don’t have to worry, my friends, if you are a child of God and want to keep out of your nation every unassimilatable person, and keep them out of your laboratories and out of your assemblies. They would never be able to challenge you at anytime if they had to operate on their own initiative. Oh, they can come by the hordes like ants. But they would never be a threat to your nuclear or any other achievement. If they had not been allowed to capture Germans and taken them over to Russia, they would never have been gotten a satellite in the sky, or launched any of their space vehicles before you did. And you would never have had any problems if they had not stolen your ‘know how.’ So your great problem today stems from Communism and right out of the mouth of the serpent just as the scripture says. But they knew there had to be a subtle way to take over all the people of the world and some areas where they could influence and control that development. That was their world Government strategy supposedly supporting Peace. For Lucifer has always been a more seductive liar and more subtle than all of the other Beast System. So subtle is he, and he starts talking peace and you would be surprised at all the people who just pant after peace. I want you to know that the moment that they start to talk about peace, they are willing to sacrifice anything for peace. My friends, if you sacrifice your independence for peace, you will never have any. of the enemies great strategies is the enemy’s design to take over the Kingdom.

I met a sanctimonious sap one day who was a clergyman in a big church, and he said, ‘Dr. Swift, there is no doubt in my mind that what you are saying is true, but it robs us of our spirituality if we have to think about these things.’ I asked him what good is your spirituality if it does not make you fight against evil? What is it anyhow? Pour it out, measure me some spirituality. Oh, you say, ‘you can’t weigh it and you can’t measure it.’ Do you know what it is supposed to do with you? Do you know what the outpouring of God’s Holy Spirit is supposed to do with people in this age? They are supposed to see a vision of the Kingdom, see the size of the enemy, and they are supposed to start beating their plow shears back into weapons so as to whip the enemy. In fact, when you get spirituality in the hours before Armageddon, you are supposed to get ready for war. Someone says, ‘Oh, peace flows like a river..that is what helps our souls.’ But this peace like a river, has nothing to do with the occupation of the physical world from the standpoint of conflict. That peace like a river comes over the consciousness of the sons and daughters of God when they know their spiritual security in the purpose and plan of the Father. When they know that the great love of God has become apparent to them, and they realize how much God would sacrifice to keep them on that track, then there comes over them, a Great Peace.

I do not have to spend hours remembering all of the errors I have made, and worry about it before I go to bed at night. And I do not write it down in a book either. You say what do I mean? I just mean that I have absolute faith. And I am not a bit worried about any atonement that HE has finished. It is absolutely finished and is sufficient. I can go to sleep of a night and get up in the morning looking forward to an objective which I know we are going to achieve.

Listen. Not only is this whole conspiracy a subtle one, the whole of the United Nations is a Snake plan out of the Snake Pit. And it is the Snakes Nest in the United States today. Internal Security, investigative agencies, nearly every branch ...has come out with the fact of the conspiracy operating within the U.N. That the United Nations is infiltrated, dominated and controlled and is the greatest spy net in the United States. What is it? Why, it is the program of Mystery Babylon. It has so many departments in it and if you visit it, then there is someone working on all the problems from nutrition to economics. Here are doctors, nurses, chemist, biologists, and agricultural experts and you say...’what a wonderful thing, all of these people are working to eliminate starvation. They are working for greater activity in agriculture so as to help someone overcome something.’ And you say, ‘Oh, that is a fine thing. And over here, is another department. And they are going to help develop all of the resources of the world.’ Well, let’s take a look at it. For it is still under the control and domination of who can extend or withdraw until no one can buy or sell until they have their permission, for they will have the whole world’s production under lock and key. But you are to control it and dispense it according to the Master Plan. Yes....there are so many agencies and departments and the plan is so well organized, that most people do not realize how far it goes. One of the great books of the last few years is by Dan Smoots entitled ‘Invisible Government.’ This should be a text book in the hands of every patriot in these United States. We note in here as to how the pressure comes on, and Mr. Kennedy calls New York City. What is he calling for? He wants an attorney to come down to help with all foreign legislation, and he has been advised by his advisors. So who does he call? Theodore Cannonwall. He is the man who drew up President Truman’s foreign policies along this line. And he comes down to direct the spending of 800 billion dollars in foreign aide, and to speak for the President to sell the project to the Congress. Where does the project come from? Out of the CFR, seated in the United States, in Europe, and guided by Moscow. I think one of the things which was so interesting the other day, was when they were talking about a big Bankers Convention in Moscow. Can you imagine what a Bankers Convention would be doing in Moscow? You are told today, that communism opposes any enterprise which involves Capitalism or private enterprise, or banking. That it would take over and redistribute all of the wealth. Don’t you believe it. This cabal controls all of Russia and that includes some of the most powerful Jewish families inside of Asia. They operate all over. They have banks. And what they are trying to do now, is to control the banks of America and all over and get a handle on this banking economy. But let me show you something. They set up this plan and then use their influence over the CFR, and turn it into a Snake Nest, and people in it tend to get snake bit.

I am holding in my hands, the present copy of ‘Foreign Affairs.’ This is the official review by the Council of Foreign Relations. This international magazine and its international position, and this CFR, which directs the foreign policy of the United States, without any official authority to do so, is backed by and controlled by International Jewry. And they tell us here that Africa must be integrated with the whole world, and the whole world with Africa, because no longer can we be independent from the rest of the world. For the whole world must now embrace interdependence. And in this program of interdependence, we must now embrace all of these programs concerning all men and all races. And when you get thru here, they want to knock down all of the discriminatory policies that keep people and races apart. They cite that cooperation is not enough. It must be integration, not cooperation. It is not enough that we cooperate with the nations of Europe, or with nations of Asia. It is that we must unite economically and politically all of the people of the world under the plans of these master planners. This is not last year, this is just last week.

Snake Pit. They have all kinds of White men...power mad and hungry to rise in the status positions. And here, they are ready to take the advice of these successful and cunning businessmen who are nothing but International Jewish conspirators. They go to their meetings and then come home talking about their understanding of these intellectual. And yet, their program is diametrically opposed to God’s Kingdom.

Now, I want you to understand tonight, that your future and your destiny is here with the Kingdom of God. Nothing anyone else has to offer or the process by which they will produce it with, does you any good. For it brings destruction on your race and on your culture. And therefore, it is basic for you to recognize that the basic self-interest of the Kingdom is for you to accomplish God’s objective which is eventually the greatest thing which ever happened to the world. I repudiate most of the things in this volume. It has some basis of truth running all thru it. The reason why I mentioned this book ‘Invisible Government,’ is because it has an outline of all of the branches of this ‘invisible government,’ and this is the official story of it.

Now within that same structure, and everytime they want to bring someone down to take over the money of the world, it is listed as 800 billion dollars. Everytime we talk about this, then you cannot conceive of that much money. Well, this takes awhile to understand. So when you move into a tenth of it, or any branch of it, and you think there is not that much money, but still that is the figure when they called on this man to come and disperse it. So they had to bring a Jew down there who would know how to give away this much money.

Now listen. Dan Smoots makes a tremendous statement here. He says, ‘How do people get this way? Why do they want to break down the power of the United States? Why do they want to redistribute this wealth? Why are they doing this to us?’ Then comes the statement of the book which is very true...a proper evaluation. It says here, ‘there is a sinister people.’ And you are starting to move in the right direction when you admit that there is a sinister people. Someone says, ‘Oh, you do not want to classify people like that. You do not want to say that there is a sinister people.’ But the fact remains that there is a sinister people controlled by the most evil people at the top, who would exploit all nations and put them under a virtual tyranny, to arise in the designs that they have in mind.

Now, it is true, that there is a sinister people and we call then by a little word called ‘Jew.’ I see a slight frown...but I hope this person does not frown because they do not believe this. For they will find it is true anyhow.

Now listen. Snake Pit....Do you know the most sad thing in the world today is Snake pit preachers? So you say, ‘what is a snake pit preacher?’ It is one who has somehow permitted the thinking of the Snake to somehow get into his thinking, short-circuiting the pattern of the spirit and making him a virtual agent of the enemy. Let me show you what they want. They want integration. They talk also here about all of these responsibilities to the Negro. They say that, because the Negroes went into slavery and were not given the advantages of the White race...that we owe them something...that we owe them reparations. And this makes me think about the they wanted reparations from Germany. Israeli wants reparations from Germany and there was no Israeli in this period of time that they want the reparations for. A nation which did not exists is forcing Germany to pay them for a time when they were not in existence.

Now, reparations for all of the Negroes. What is this reparations? Well, apparently, it is to subsidize them forever, and redistribute your wealth, develop their mines and their industries and do the work for them and be THEIR slaves. This reparations also calls for the knocking out of the difference between the children of God and the witch doctor. And it says that we owe them something.

Now, let me show you something. You can tell Pentecostal people who are snake bit. You say, ‘how?’ Well look at this. I have the Negro newspaper the ‘Herald Dispatch.’ This Negro newspaper is way off to the ‘left’ most of the time. And they are supporters of the Muhammad X movement. I look here at the left side of this paper and I read, ‘The Reverend Jerry Owens, the walking Bible, the reparation speaker.’

Now, some of you may remember a few years ago, an Evangelist who traveled the country, and for half of his preaching, he just repeated the scripture. He seemed to have an endless ability to just repeat scripture. And people said this is an unprecedented gift. And this may well be, if you are just repeating the word of God. But you better put it where it belongs and support the things God wants, or you are in trouble. So this was supposed to be capacities of spiritual understanding. So what did we find? We find that after his career and his background, that here he is down with the Negroes. And now the principle reparation speaker is the Reverent Jerry Owens. And he spoke last Sunday down in the central areas of Los Angeles. So what was the reparation speaker saying?.....alright....He said, ‘We have spent millions and millions in the foreign countries and we have not done what we should do right here in America. Therefore let us recognize our debt for all of the services rendered to the people of this country by the Negroes.’ He said they rendered these services under the trying times of slavery. And now we owe a great debt to them and we should make reparations to every Negro family. We should subsidize them for a long time because they worked for a long time and did not get paid. He said, ‘I want you to know that I believe in the worthy cause of reparations. I believe the whole Caucasian race owes it to the Negroes.’ He says that they are American citizens and have made a worthy contribution to our race.’ I would like to have him tel us what they ever contributed to us. Did you ever hear of any great invention that moved into the technological field that came from the Negroes? Have you ever found any other area of the continent more backward where they worshiped devils and ate one another? Where they fed their children to crocodiles like they did in Africa? This Evangelist is trying to sell all churches on the idea of paying reparations to whole Negro families and is hoping this will be carried out. And he speaks there every month.

Someone said, ‘Are you against this man?’ Well, I think this man should be in a mental institutions. Any man who would suggest that we pay reparations to all of the Negroes, integrate them into our society, into our churches and government, and that all barriers should be knocked out. Then another silly preacher came up and he is supposed to know the program of the Kingdom and he came up with this story....that when any of these people say that they believe in Christ, this changes everything, and they are all going to turn White. The other day, I heard a Negro clergyman talking and he said theat when they die, they will be White anyhow. What is going to be White?

Now, listen. If they were equal to the Whites today, they would not want to be White, would they? And any preachers who says that God is going to turn them all White, doesn’t believe it either.

Now, I want to point out that when they start to preach this nonsense, then this demonstrates that these people are snake bitten. They are preaching the propaganda that organized Jewry has stirred up to advocate this thing which is spreading thru your society. And it is to get you to violate Divine Law and to lose your racial respect. And with it the spiritual perception, the mutation of the Holy Seed. And you would end up in a degenerating society if the mercy of God did not step in and quicken your society and end this foolishness and do it quickly. All of this comes from the Snake Nest in your midst.

Do you know that we do not owe the Negroes anything. They owe us something. The American Negro was pulled out of Cannibalism. And he understands how to wear clothes, live in houses, drive automobiles and even to go church. The American Negroes, from all of the status they have passed thru, are so much better off here in America than where they came from, that they owe a great debt of gratitude to the chain of circumstances which brought them to this country to begin with. I want you to know that we are not advocating slavery. But we are citing to you tonight, that we are also not advocating integration. For that is a violation of Divine Law and racial absorption is another violation of Divine Law.

I think that it is a rather interesting thing that in the local ‘Jewish Voice,’ as well as in the ‘Times,’ that Israeli is very carefully warned by Rabbi Nusbaum of the U.S., that they should not let the 8,000 Arab refugees get back in to Israeli, on to their won property in the land. He said, ‘If you let these people back in the land, the attempt to absorb these people will be as destructive as anything that has ever happened to you. So keep them out. Israeli must remain strong, and to do so, they must keep out any of these unassimilatable people.’.....So is it not a funny thing that Rabbi Nusbaum thinks that we should absorb the Negro here. He wants every White man to absorb the Negroes and the Asiatic. But when talking about Israeli, he says, ‘Keep them out and keep them segregated.’ I think we ought to deport Mr. Nusbaum and keep him segregated also.

There is nothing more important than that you cannot think of one area of the present day troubles that you cannot trace back to these people. They boast about the Moranos and they boast about their part inside of the Coats Industry, and about their part in organized crime, and organized gambling, and rackets, or a part of the white slave traffic. It comes back to organized Jewry, and many of them inside their society, as it relates to America. And I want you to know that we have a cesspool of these people right here in Hollywood who are behind these evils. If you want to know why the state does not step in and clean it up, then remember it is the power of the purse of these people. But I am convinced that the Bible gave us a clear answer about the Snake Nest. From the Old Testament to the New, they have made it so clear so that we would understand who the serpent was. Mystery Babylon is the habitation of every foul and evil spirit. Mystery Babylon is the program of the Beast System in every government of world economic administration, to eventually reduce all people to slavery so that they would not be able to buy or sell, without the consent of these masters.

So again, in the face of all of our problems, we point this out again. That this is why the world is in trouble. And this is why you are in trouble. And I am going to cite to you that America is beginning to wake up. Do you know that Canadian newspapers are saying that there has never been a year when there was so much anti-Jewish feeling in Canada and in the United States, as there is now? Strangely as the ‘right wing’ wakes up and the enemy tries to suppress the truth, then the ‘right wing’ wakes up as to who takes Christ out of our society in every area in which Faith exists. And that suppression admits it. I was rather amused when I saw George Sucolsies article yesterday. I think it is also in this mornings ‘Times’ or ‘Herald Express.’ And in this article, he is taking about the influence of powerful Jewish Rabbis to knock prayer out of the United States. And he warns them that they should be very careful in this, for it might boomerang on them for they did not want people to think that the Jews don’t pray. But he says, ‘WE have to be very careful what we are doing or it might boomerang on us.’ So he is saying just who it is that is trying to take prayer out of America, and saying that they must be very careful or people might not understand this. Well....we don’t understand it at all. We understand that they want to knock Christ out of America and finish the Socialization of this Nation. My suggestion is that you never sleep until you have found a way to knock Jewry out of America and to keep Christ.

The other day, a very devout clergyman said, ‘Do you give an altar call at the end of all of your meetings?’ And I said no. And he asked, ‘Why? How was I going to get all of these people saved?’ I said, ‘By the word of the LORD.’ And then I said, ‘but one of these days we may recruit people to do something about stand and be counted. You know...the lifting of hands, the walking down corridors is just a little bit of the machinery which some have gotten others to admit that they believe in the Christ. Any man of your race who does not identify himself with the Christ, does not recognize or identify himself with his heart and soul, and the great thinking of the purposes of God and Messiahship of Christ, and the vastness of this situation, and the greatness of HIS justification, isn’t smart enough to be in this room. We are not going to work on your emotions. For we know that you love your mothers. We love their memories and we love their presence. The Evangelistic thing to do it to sing, ‘Tell Mother I’ll be There.’ But I want you to know that what your mothers want you to do is to stand UP for the Faith of your mothers and your fathers, while you are here. Someone said, ‘Don’t you think we will ever see our loved ones again?’ There is no doubt about that. And they now know so much more than they understood when they walked round in the flesh as you are. And I want you to know that all of them wait for the time to come back in to this orbit to finish the task they were sent here to do. Do you know that you are going to finish your job? Someone said, ‘But a lot of people are gone and they did not finish it.’ But they will be back and they will finish it. What do you think the Resurrection is for, anyhow. Because we are going to finish this program if God has to bring back all of the Adamites from the time of Adam to your time. If every individual of your race has to be resurrected to finish the job, then they will finish the job. And they will carry out that objective that the Image of God has. There is something about that great.....magnitude of it that is so much greater than some understand. If there is anything important, then never vary in the important factors of Truth which relates to the Kingdom, its successes, and its victories and its achievements of God.

Anything which Jesus made HIS ministry essentially a part of, you should do. HE talks about the fact of HIS own identity when HE refers to who HE was. Jesus talked about the great Kingdom and its citizenry. HE healed the sick and even raised the dead. But when you do down thru the basics of what Jesus taught, and the great challenges of HIS ministry, you will discover that one-third of Jesus’s ministry, is spent in identifying the enemy and then repudiating them. I think that every follower of the Christ and every minister in the pulpit, ought to keep the people of the Kingdom, the understanding which is essential for the cleansing of the Kingdom.

Thus, I point out to you tonight, tat every agency which stems from these people, snake contaminated.....carries this deadly judgement with it for those who comply with her operation. Come out of her O my people...lest ye be partakers of her sins. The blessings, the prosperity, the vast security to your technological ability given to your race is unchallenged. The world waits for your knowledge.

I want to show you the difference in this pattern between God’s Kingdom and the Snake Nest. True, you will go thru these volumes and it will talk about helping the world. True, it talks about lifting people out of superstitions, and out of poverty, and out of the lack of food, and all of these things. Do you know what makes the difference between people who have and those that don’t have? It is creative initiative. After all of these 7400 to 7600 years that Negroes have been in Africa, and they did not build a just shows that they don’t have what it takes. So let’s do it on a Divine plan and on a Divine standard. Let’s not do it by sending our young people down there in a Peace Corps, and then tell them not to tell these people that you believe in Jesus, don’t you mention your God, because we do not want to insult their witch doctors. Or we will send you over to India and you show them how to raise better crops, but don’t you say anything about Vishnu and Siva and show respect for their gods.

My Book tells me that one of these days, we are going to march into these pagan countries and pull down their idol temples, and I can hardly wait for that day to do this and get rid of their immoral and obscene friezes. We are going to take down these patterns and chop their idols. We are going to free the people from their priesthood and superstition. And then, my friends, they will know development and peace because they will be liberated from this. And you are going to chop down the high globes of their idols and we are going to watch the devil flee. Someone said, ‘But is this fair to the devil?’ Well, it is fair for God to remove them and their influence from society.

We do not have the time to finish this subject. If we did, I would tell you some of the names of the leaders of the Snake Pit. But we tell you tonight, that they are identified with these policies and we know who they are, for their massinations. Resist them always.

(End of sermon)