So Great A Salvation, 7-5-65



by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 7-5-65

We turn in our thinking to this Fourth of July period. And this Sunday it is a good time for us to think upon this subject, thru out the land. And from Leviticus thru the entire structure of the Old Testament you will find the proclamations of liberty.... “the mighty Jubilee of Liberty.” And of course, there has never been a people who have had more of the arresting values of liberty upon them, as a people, than upon your race. We discover that the Apostle Paul said that wherever the spirit of God is, there is liberty. This liberty is basic. And it is free from all of the areas of trouble, of evil and of tyranny.

If there is anything important for us to understand this afternoon, it is salvation. And as you understand the purposes of Salvation, then you understand the purposes of God for setting men free. And then you will realize that Salvation is an important thing for a son or daughter of God. For you realize that you cannot stand tall unless you are free. Thus it is that this nation is commemorating today what we do each year on our day of Independence. And it is important to remember what we do each year on this day of Independence. Because you are only set free when you are in adjustment with the mighty things AS THEY ARE. For you are never set free from the laws of creation and of righteousness. A great number of people think that freedom is freedom from everything. And without any responsibility. But if you were free from the laws of creation and free from responsibility with which God organized and created his universe, then the universe itself would fall apart. Therefore there is no condition that is free from reality. There is only one thing which you want to be free from and that is darkness and superstition, error and tyranny. There are certain areas of liberty which you have desired and these God has desired for you. And these he has moved upon you as a people to produce. The founding fathers who came here originally because they wanted liberty, and they were searching for freedom, and they wanted the opportunities that they felt such freedom and liberty would grant unto them. And preeminently among them was the desire to worship God and freedom not to be depressed from assembling and freedom to express the thoughts in their minds. And freedom to do the things which they had the initiative and the courage to try. And they wanted to know that they would be free in the areas of association and in the establishment of their communities and the carrying out of their objectives.

Now, you have always had one enemy. And you still have this one enemy and that is the powers of darkness and the forces of evil. You have the hosts of Lucifer, visible and invisible, and you have the children of Lucifer carrying out his objectives in the world . . . in the days in which we commemorate in 1776, when resolute men had signed that Declaration of Independence. They did it because they wanted to be free from the oppression which was still related to the powers of darkness that was seeking to take over all areas of your race and Faith. In fact it was not just King George’s movements that were behind this pattern. It was not that he desired to increase your taxation for his own enhancement. But behind the scenes was a record which history shows of Satanic conspiracy. This was the house of Rothchild trying to gain control. And they were behind the problems of the British Empire at that time. Thus, England was trying to escape the manipulation process of this force of darkness. In order to gain control over England’s economy they were forcing her to take steps with even these colonies that she might not have wanted to go. Because these colonies worried the enemy, these powers of darkness. They saw the areas of these people who were not controlled by their manipulation. They saw the unlimited ability of such a continent and such a people. They thought they might be able to produce the sinews and needs of a people, and thus break their control. Thus they felt that they should never be allowed to continue. Thus they would try to enslave the new colonies by controlling the economy, by gaining control of their monetary systems and being their systems of taxation by which they would destroy. And gaining control of these things brought on the problems of your earlier forbearers, as they say the taxation gaining thru out the land. So they proclaimed their Independence.

I think that it is a significant thing for us today that you remember that you are not free from law. The first thing necessary therefore is to shape the foundations of a new society. And a new government is not shaped by something new. It is by something as old as eternity. For the concepts of such a society must be born endlessly of the concepts of that which is born of God for the children of the kingdom. For they cannot live under any order which is less than that which God has ordained.

Thus it was that your forbearers came together. And having declared themselves free, they were going to draw up a new government. And as men came together, they found that there were some conflicting ideas. And they found it hard to put together, as to how they felt and how this thing should be instituted. So they dismissed themselves to go and spend a whole day in prayer and meditation. Then having prayed about this thing and meditated, they would then return. My, what a great day that was when the leaders of this country would take a whole day to meditate and pray as just how they should act, and that they would be guided by God in their decisions.

If we had today men who would be guided by God, and who would listen and hear, we would not be in the problems we are in this afternoon. So it was that they brought forth the problems. And after debate and discussions, but smoothly, there came forth one of the greatest documents that was ever attained by the hand of man.

But I want you to understand again, that how to be free was one of the great desires. And how to perpetuate that freedom was one of the great objectives of your forbearers. Thus what did they provide for you? They provided what God provides whenever he wants to establish a facet of his government. When in the expansion of His kingdom, he met Moses upon Mount Sinai and he gave us the law. Out of the things which were given to Moses, then were the things we find in the documents of Leviticus and others, besides the great Ten Commandments. You will discover that the laws of a people in their political and social order and their religious responsibility, in the status of their government were given. If you will turn in the book of Romans, and ask, 'Who were the Israelites?' Because to them pertain the covenants of God. And of course it tells you that to them 'The Law' was given unto the Israelites. Not to any other people. And I am not talking about the Jews. For no Jew ever received the law from God. But the race of Israelites, those people who rule with God, this Adamic race, the law was given to them at that time thru the hands of Moses. There was Patriarchal law before this. There were standards of righteousness which God had proclaimed. And this of course was controlling Adam and Eve when the only offspring of God walked the earth and all other creation had nothing in common with them.

I point out to you that in the instance of this, that God gave the law to Israel for them to use in building his Kingdom. Creation had reached the point that he was going to proclaim the kingdom, the race and the destiny. Thus it was that he gave the law. Someone would ask, ‘was their freedom in that law?’ Yes---freedom from darkness and superstition. Freedom, my friends, from all of the error that might be immediately evolved in the development of their society. And by this came the freedom from sin.

Now sin is an ugly little word to be bestowed upon a people. And people do not like this word, saying let’s not talk about it. I do not care what you call it error, call it being wrong, call it as something upsetting the way things are put together by the laws of God. But just remember that whether you call it sin or something else, it is to be allowed to continue. Thus, they would try to enslave the new colonies by controlling the economy. By gaining control of their monetary systems and being their systems of taxation, by which they would destroy. And gaining control of these things brought on the problems of your earlier forbearers, as they say the taxation gaining thru out the land. So they proclaimed their independence.

And by this factor they set themselves free from the bondage of error. We also must discover that in order to be free, that we must therefore have a whole structure of 'thou shalt not.' In order to be free then when we framed the great constitution of our government, our forebears established a limitation of power upon government. And they said to those of their government empowered to carry it out--"Thou shalt not." And do you know what the Bill of Rights really is? This is a whole bill of 'Thou shalt nots' in government. Thus it is that you must have law to have freedom. And the Constitution and these Bill of Rights were law. Not just law to embrace men as such, but laws to embrace the government so that men would remain free.

I point out to you that if we lose the sight of this restraining power and these 'Thou shalt not' which God inspired your forebears to produce. If you lose sight of this, then, my friends, you lose your liberty and you lose your freedom. And you can say that it comes from violation of the law. People can neglect so great a salvation in its many forms. For we have limited the power of our courts and we have limited the power of our congress, as we have limited thru out all times, the power of our executives.

Never was it so important for a free people. And you as the children are the heirs of that freedom from the days of the proclamation upon the part of the Most High God that thou art his household and his children. From the days as he said after the subordination to the bondage of Lucifer that attacks the minds of your race, from the seduction of Eve to the producing of Cain, to the transgression assumed by Adam, YOU a divine race, have put yourselves in bondage by putting yourself under the error of ideas and their conduct. You must realize that always it is the error of ideas that proceeds the error of conduct. For conduct follows impulse and ideas. Thus, it was that you the children of spirit, begotten in the heavens, planted in earth, all have your entity listed in Adam and Eve in the beginning, the offspring of the Most High. Thus, this was the beginning of your genealogy. And even Christ's genealogy runs back to it as we see in the book of Luke.

Today, every white man upon the earth is an Adamite. And significantly we mentioned this Friday night because in one of the newspapers it says that someone asked Billy Graham in a column that shows up in the paper, and he answered the question. Of course most of the time when he answers, he is not right. But this time he was partly right. Someone said, ‘surely you do not disagree with this man, for he is an important and popular Evangelist?’ I do not disagree with anyone when they were right in as far as God has to say. When they get out of adjustment with God then they are wrong, and I will be the first to say so. In this instance, he makes this statement that some people were worried about the Jews and as to whether they were the chosen people, the favorites. And he said, ‘when we speak of Israel God's chosen, we mean they were selected.’ Then he goes on to say that God's blessings go beyond race and embraces ever son of Adam.

Well, this is right . . . the fact that every son of ADAM, is a part of the race of God, as he proclaimed a week ago. The Adamic race are his household and his race. Therefore, God's blessings go to all of the sons of Adam and all of the household of the Adamic race. This is the Book of the generations of Adam. It starts with Adam. When you start reading this Book, you start with a few facts of foundation and then you are dealing with Adam. This is then the history of the Adamic race. It is the Bible of the Adamic race. This is God's message to the Adamic race. And if you are not of the Adamic race, then this only touches you concerning where it touches you in the ages to come.

When we see this, then we realize that the first contamination of our race would bring a great catastrophe upon our society and the inherited guilt complex would be passed down to all generations, even in the thinking of a people. And one of the first acts of God was to promise deliverance from this pattern. By the power of his own existing being . . . by HIS own plans of Salvation. Then he carried this further by saying, “I will put enmity between the seed of the woman (Israel) and the seed of the Serpent, and carry this down thru all generations.”

I point out to you at this very moment, then that you, the children of Adam, have had an experience. And God is continually adding to your knowledge, and quickening your consciousness, and sending out his prophets speaking thru HIS word. And at all time the procedure with which God delivers to the people is with understanding, wisdom and knowledge. Since the whole area of communications, and to you as a race, from the consciousness of God, must exist in this consciousness of spirit, in which you have a common entity with the spirit that begat you. We talk about the holy spirit of God, about the unction and about the direction of knowledge of wisdom and of power, and the areas of thought and the purposes and formation in the mind of God. And also thus by this process of you being spirit of HIS spirit, then you have a receptive capacity. And it is by his spirit that HE plants in the areas consciousness, your soul consciousness which can draw out of the soul consciousness, and thus can grow as its ability to meditate at and to form out of its experience thru the things thru which it passes and be guided by it.

And you this afternoon, as far as your conscious existence is concerned, are the sum total of all of the things which you have experienced and that you know. So who am I and what am I? I am a resident in this house and I am the sum total of all of the things which I have experienced, all of the things which I know and all of the things which I feel. This is your living. This is existence. This is why you are here. And therefore, as a living being resident in a physical body, it is all of the things which has happened to you, all of the things which make up your life. There are areas of experience, added on experiences, that cause you to change. And in conclusion, in the seat of your soul consciousness as the spirit makes known to you, that some of the area of the senses are not always to be trusted, because some can be an illusion, or can be perceived from the wrong angle. But that which comes forth from the spirit and that which has been ordained in the knowledge of God, you never have to worry about correcting it. Because it stands firm thru out all times. It comes from the Eternal and is received by children of the Eternal. This is one reason why you have eternal life and you can never perish, because you are that portion of his being, spirit of his spirit and you cannot die. The only thing that knows death is the physical body. And it can only know death because it is out of adjustment and is no longer able to stay in proper adjustment. It deteriorates and this causes death. The functions of it and some facets of it are out of adjustment, or some catastrophe has enveloped it. The only thing which can sustain it is the spirit of life. There is only one force which can sustain life and that is Light out of the Spirit. That can sustain life and can bestow upon you immortality.

I want you to know that when we talk about ‘now is our Salvation greater than we believed, this is one of the statements we find in the scriptures. Now is our salvation greater than when we believed. So what does it mean when it says that in the book of Romans? It means that the conquest of death, the restoration of life, the slowing down of the last enemy of human society, and the fulfillment of a multiple of events that God is going to institute among the people of your race, is closer than when you first believed. These forces extending from God, these forces which we call Salvation are a continual process, extended to your race, from the days of God's first contact with you after the violation of law. Salvation is a developing operation and a continuing operation. And there is a salvation from God for any problem that you can find for yourself as an individual, or a nation, or a race. And God has met that with a great salvation.

We point out to you that when you remain free is when you find yourself adjusted to the laws of God, to a law of life that frees you and causes you to respond to an area in which the powers of darkness have no control, because you have not submitted yourself to an area of error that they can work upon.

Once in a while we upset the whole structure of our being by the violation of law, and thus get sick. People thus take upon themselves things which they cannot assimilate and properly digest. Thus, they get sick. So they know that they probably violated some sort of dietary law, or they did something wrong or they would not be sick.

Now the fact remains that this is true of the mind, and it is true of the orders of society. Therefore, if we were carefully guided by the laws of God, and maintained in our health the way things were put together and were ordained, we eliminate from ourselves the areas of our own problems.

Someone says, ‘but you cannot work out your own problems.’ But the scriptures tells you to do just that. This means that you synchronize yourself with the laws of God and with his work. This means that you work out your problems and you approach them as a son or daughter of God from the height and the standards of the kingdom. It also means that there is a Grace beyond this in which God has wrought for you that which you could not do for yourself, which is to establish you guiltless before HIM. This is a part of the greatness of your Salvation. He assumed upon Himself, as every Christian knows, in more or less degree, in the garden of Gethsemane, when HE took that cup of transgressions off of human society. In fact, paid the price for all of the world so that he might have the price to redeem you out of the bondage you had placed yourselves in. More than that, having consummated an atonement, which was full and most complete. The embodiment of God sacrificing the body in which he dwelt, and by that sacrifice, then HE might atone for all transgression, then raising that with the dynamic power of his spirit, so that he might show that spirit was greater and could conquer all darkness. Because this was the Eternal God, all Righteousness complete.

So I tell you this afternoon that each of you seated in this auditorium are absolutely free. For the Almighty Most High God has set you free. And as far as you can understand this, there is nothing to fear of the ultimate freedom itself.

Every once in a while people think about salvation and they think that they have to die first to find out about it. I talked to a minister the other day, and I asked, ‘what do you talk about?’ And he said, ‘I have nothing to talk about but Salvation.’ And I said, 'that is good enough. Have you been talking about the way to Salvation to your people?’ And he said, 'yes.' So I said, 'what are they doing about it?' He said, ‘they do not have to do anything about it. Just accept it.’ So I said, 'You are not talking about salvation in its fullness, because the great areas of salvation which God has proclaimed, requires that we do things about it. As far as the acceptance of Eternal life, this is already fixed by God, because we are spirit of his spirit, even as we are also flesh of his flesh and bone of his bone, as we are told in the book of Ephesians. Finally, I extricated the thing I was after, and the Clergyman said that, ‘Salvation was keeping people from being burned by fire when you die.’ So I said, 'But that means then that you have to die to get saved. But the arrangements are now?’ So it ended up that the Clergyman was just a fireman who was rushing around the world trying to save people from something when they died. So I think that people think that the church is a fire escape. And the more I talked to the man, the more I marveled at what he did not know. And now I know again, why so many people are in trouble. Because their leaders do not know.

So I say again, if the salvation that you have now does not work for you, don't be too sure it will work when you die. I do not want to take an arrangement where I have to die to find out about it. I want to see it work now. I want to see something tangible, now. And in this instance, I tell you that the Salvation of God is not a fire escape. And there has never been any fiction told than that out of Babylonian superstition to the eternal destruction of some excruciating flame of fire when we die.

Someone said, ‘Dr. Swift--you have to accept this if you accept the rest of the Bible.’ Well, this is not a part of the Bible.

I want you to know that Salvation is a part of the great and final purpose of God. And it sets you free from what? Not from some flames out there some place. But it sets you free from any kind of reaction from the violation of divine law. And it does this by getting you in adjustment with his will and with HIS knowledge and HIS law, until HE adds with HIS Grace, the power to deflect the error that would bring this past catastrophe upon you and adjust you to live. God said in HIS own words as HE walked the earth, 'I did not come to condemn. I came to save. I came to seek and to save that which was lost. I came to save those who were out of adjustment with God. I came to save people from their sins.’ Not, my friends, from some terrible torture chamber when they die, but from their sins.

What do you mean save them from their sins? But to apply spiritual power, to give them light and power so as sons they walk tall and they seek the knowledge. And when the laws of God bestows upon his people the gift of understanding and brings upon them the concept of error, and brings upon them first the realization of their desire to be free, then applies to them the wisdom and the emption and the spirit to make them free . . . that is Salvation. So you can be saved today and not when you die.

Someone said, ‘what happens to a man when he suddenly dies unsaved?’ Well, that is because we have built up an ecclesiastical thinking on this fire escape deal. So if he has not said the right words, then they will have to torture him. The responsibility, that you and I have in the carrying out the responsibility of his church, is to first make clear unto the race and to his household, that there is an atonement that was made by God to set them free from all requirements, other than that they accept the work of his Grace. As far as their eternal destiny is concerned, it has already been sealed by God, himself, before the foundation of the world. And it has been paid for by Christ Jesus on Calvary’s cross. And not, by any decision you will make this afternoon, or any other day.

But I am going to tell you that your well-being and the establishment of your society, and the building of God's kingdom, works thru the adjustment of men, and the transition when they think and apply themselves to the purposes of God. HE said, "Be not conformed to the way that the world works, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind." God talks about a regenerating force, which reactivates you and realigns your thinking. And he does this with truth and with understanding. And it lifts your society and the children of His kingdom when they conform to his pattern to the highest status of existence that the world has ever known. Look at the growth of this nation. Look at the freedom and the liberties which developed in our society under our constitution under a spiritual guidance and under a people that knew their responsibilities before God. A violation of divine law brings you trouble. And this violation of divine law is the kind of trouble which causes Israel to cry out,--"Oh, LORD save us." Save us from the Babylonians and the Philistines.

Now when you want to be saved from the Babylonians and the Philistines, then you want the power to conquer them. You don't want them to be anywhere. You are not asking God to save you from the Philistine camp. This was not discussed anywhere in the scripture. Not but that might work, but then the fact remains that they had no perception for this means at that time. Thus it is that one man wants to be saved from this and another from something else. But it is according to your need, according to your environment. But it is an adjustment with truth and with the laws of God. And as you design, then you are blessed to fulfill his purpose.

So I tell you that in this instance, we in America today, are saying, ‘Oh, God, save us.’ And we ask him to save us from some of our own people who are in positions of power. We have to be saved from this inassimilable forces of darkness that have come into our nation. We ask to be saved from this or that. And every one of them is traceable to the violation of divine law, or not keeping of the government contract, the laws provided for them in our Constitution. So people say, ‘Oh, LORD, save us,’ and HE will. For he said he will just pour out such a spiritual stream upon my people until they will reaffirm their faith in me, and then they will make their government reaffirm to the laws that the Constitution gave it.

Just think what would happen if we made the Supreme Court stay within the areas defined by the Constitution. Do you know that they would have to reverse all of this silly acceptance of this integration system they have created in the South? Because this is an area they have no authority in by the Constitution. Thus they have been trying to rewrite and reshape the Constitution. And they have no authority to do this.

And if the court stood form and sound under its formation, they would have to take a lot of these silly legislatures which intervened which stepped in to create special privileges for the Negroes, which actually discriminates against the white man. And they would have to set it aside. If a lot of men stayed within their executive power with these executive orders, then a lot of them would have to be torn up and you would be free. You have had sweeping wars and different catastrophes which came because of the violation of divine laws. If we had accepted the knowledge and wisdom that God gave us with the knowledge of freedom, and the people who this was given to, then we would not be in this mess today. And inside the people know that this is right. Then we would not have depressions. For we would not let Satan's children run our Treasury at any time. We would not operate under the laws of usuary which Lucifer tries to throw upon us. We would operate under the laws of abundance. You would not have to worry about how much silver you would have in half a dollar, for it would be all silver. And gold would be gold, and it would be just as much a right for you to have it as it would be for you to give it to someone else. The more you created the stronger you would get, and the more you would have, and the more you would have to distribute it with, because your economy would be based on the things which you produce. When you back your money by production, there is no problem. But when you back it by scarcity in order to enrich others and bring scarcity to others, then you run into trouble. And that trouble comes upon your whole society.

I point out to you that your problems come from the life flow of the manipulations of Babylon in your society. But at this very moment God Almighty gave you laws for your faith and for your race. And you are setting them aside.

Now I am going to say this and some people will like it. And some will not. But if it is true, then it is right. And if it is not, then something is treacherous. When the Constitution of the U.S. was drawn up by your forefathers, the Constitution did not provide the right to any citizenship or voter rights to the Negro. When this Constitution was signed, many of the signers were slave owners. Many of them who signed the Constitution were slave owners. This is true. And yet, here today, they are trying to say that this same Constitution is trying to take away the right to privacy, to take away the right to a White Christian culture in America. But in the Constitution, this is not there. This is why you have a race problem. This is why all of the policemen are not allowed to do off-duty here in America, tomorrow. Because they do not know where race trouble is going to break out.

You have the greatest crime wave in all history going on right now. Many jurors discuss it today in new reports and in newspapers. Crime, and not just in juvenile areas, roving gangs of beatniks talking to minority groups. And some of this is coming from the better homes in our society . . . from homes where they have been deprived of God's words in their schools. They tell you to train up a child in the way he will go, and he will not depart from it. But, no. You have to take the Bible out of the schools because you are afraid of offending some jew who does not like Jesus the Christ. Well, I say, if you do not like Jesus Christ, then get out of America.

Someone said, ‘we have all of this trouble because God is angry with us.’ No. It is because we did not listen to a word of wisdom. But God says, ‘this is what I will do. I will stir my people, I will stimulate them. I will move upon them until they correct these conditions.’ Someone said, ‘you have to be very careful, for you do not want to say something that is seditious.’ How could it be seditious upholding the Constitution of the United States of America?

Isn't that strange? Oh, you say, ‘but they do not believe in the Constitution.’ Well, they better believe in it, for this is the document that our forefathers drew up when they proclaimed our liberty.

Some people said the other day--we are not as free as we used to be. This is because you have permitted the laws of freedom and liberty to be abused.

So I point out to you this afternoon, that one of the things that is so important is that we shall understand is that the --"Thou shalt not" of God has set us free from transgressions when we obey, then move in the liberty of righteousness. And the ‘thou shalt not’ which our forbearers were inspired to lay down upon the shoulders of government and upon which government was based, were promised the preservation of ‘liberty’ to the people of this nation by limiting the areas of authority and power and authority by putting up a wall that---'Thou shalt not transgress."--- “Thou shalt make no laws for the establishment of religion.” If that was not there, they would close you up next week. If they can figure a way to get around it, then they will add something on to it and say that they do not approve of it, and then will still try to do away with it.

‘Thou shalt not’ take away our right to own and bear arms. For we want to know that we can protect our homes, our society and to know that no power is going to move against the people. "Thou shalt not."

By the way. The news is coming thru that they are going to set aside the whole ‘Dodd Bill’ and it is not going thru. There has never been such a wave of protest over anything in history as there has been against this bill. This comes from those working on this bill. And it has become too hot to handle. And apparently, it involves so many things. So they are tabling it. So you see it does pay to speak out. Your right to the freedom of expression and the freedom of assembly. These are only sustained by law. They are lost by doing nothing. It is well said, that to lose your freedom and liberty is for good men to do nothing.

The other day, I talked to a tired Patriot. And this person said, ‘Dr. Swift, I am so tired of all of these problems and all of this trouble. All of this time having to fight the enemy. What I would like to do is sit down in a rocking chair on a porch at some resort and look out over the ocean, and just watch the waves.’ So I said, ‘what kind of an agreement would it take, if you could just have blotted out of your remembrance what you now know? If you are disturbed because you have to move and you have to go, and you have to carry out an objective, it is because of what you know. If you did not know anything, you would be like a lot of these boobs who sit around in these beer halls after they get off work, until they close it up at two o'clock. Then they go home for a little while, then get up and rush around to go to work so they can go back there the next night, and they know nothing. Fortunately, they are a smaller percentage of your society than are the people who are alert. But you see more of them sometimes because of those public places, where they sit and think about nothing. The difference in them and you is that you want to contemplate the sea shore and they want to confuse their minds so they do not have to think. Well what would you change this afternoon about who you are and who your Father is? What would you take today as to what you know today about Satan's own children? For those who don't know who the enemy is are taken every day. What would you take for not knowing about the Jewish question? I wouldn't want to not know these things. But you are just so tired and you wish you did not have to do anything. The only way to get relief from this is to know nothing.

But you are responsible for what you know. And it is the law of liberty. And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. Because it makes you glow.

Someone said that there are a lot of people who don't do anything. No, but I don't think they understand. If they understand, they move. Because truth makes men free. They hear about something, but they never absorb it. They never follow it thru or they start to move. What would you take for all of this?

And he said, ‘no, I wouldn't want to do that.’ So I said, if we could suddenly push you back to 18 years of age and you did not know any of this, what would you take for it? If we could suddenly push you back to 18 years old, what would you take for it? Oh, ‘you would not sell. You would not deal.’

All right then, you have found something far more valuable than just easy, to sit in a rocking chair and watch the surf.

Oh, you can say, ‘if I could just sit down and rest.’ But you get tired of resting when you know what you know. Then you renew your youth doing the will of God. So therefore, do not complain. For you are a happy warrior. And you would not take anything for what you know. What would you know for the knowledge of the Grace of God and about his kingdom? What would you take in exchange? What would be the differential to think like the people who do not know anything or what would you do if you could accept that theology? Want to go back to that? Do you want to go back from an eternal kingdom when all Israel is to be saved as written? How? By taking away the ungodliness of Jacob. Not promising to burn them.

Someone said, ‘why would God want to do this to me?’ But HE never intended to do this to you. Some people are always looking for God to come along and say that he is not going to do this or that. Why have him put it in a negative form when he never intended to do that from the beginning? Let’s get a statement about what God is going to do because that is what the Bible is filled up with.

The Great promise of so great a Salvation has been guaranteed by Angels. And the reason you are called the heirs of Salvation is because you are the heirs of God. And as such, he has put you in a terrific environment. You have succumbed to part of it. And he has re-empowered you to try to solve it. And all of the triumphs over the conditions in this world, all of the triumphs is the way of salvation.

Someone said, ‘I am going to do this. I am going to see if one of our Angels,--they are our servants you know--they served our family in the heavens, and they will serve us in the earth. They have greater power than a man has when he is not in the power of the spirit. But our Father said, “I am going to send down these Guardian Angels and I am going to assign one of these guardian Angels to every one of you who is looking for salvation. And they will guide you and protect and will heal. For you do not know what will happen down here in a physical world, if it was not for the invisible forces.”

Someone said, ‘Dr. Swift, I do not think that you can prove that.’ I think I can. Turn over to the book of Hebrews. "For to which of the Angels did he ever say at any time, sit on my right hand?" But to you he is going to give the sharing of the universe in time. So let’s take a look at these angels. For what are they here for, any how?

"Are they not the Angels, or administering spirit sent forth to administer to the Heirs of Salvation?" Thus, the Angels under the command of the Father are sent forth to administer unto you who are the Heirs of Salvation. Then it says here in the book of Hebrews, that we 'ought to give the earnest heed to the things which we have heard lest at anytime, we let any of these areas of which we have heard, slip, as to the application of its use.’ For our liberty, for our youth and for the kingdom.

Listen. "For if the words spoken by Angels was steadfast, and every transgression and disobedience, even the Angels receive a recompense and reward. Then this is the law of right that we obey it.”

Listen. "How then shall we escape?" Talking to free men down here in a physical world. "How shall we escape if we neglect so great a Salvation?" So what is he talking about? How are we going to escape wars, catastrophes, troubles, crime and so forth, if we violate the wisdom and knowledge spoken of by God and by Angels? Let’s get wise. And get educated. Not, my friends, as the world order is educating. It is creating, the vision, and wisdom of our society without keeping pace with the spiritual growth that is required with it. One of the greatest problems today is that there is no lacking in the field of technological material. And the materialistic gaining of knowledge is quite visible here. But our theological knowledge has not kept pace with our technology.

I talked to a couple of mealy-minded professors, and one of them said, 'never have we reached an age so close to perfection in all of the areas of our functions, our knowledge.’ He said, ‘take our great fax system and our computers, and our great IBM machines over here.’ He said, ‘we can go to that machine and pose a question and push a button and that machine will start to move. The lights will flash the discs will move, the tapes will move around, and then here comes an answer. That machine knows that. That machine will turn out an answer that we want.’ I said, ‘but that machine cannot love you. That machine can be filled with errors and all you will get back out of it is wrong answers. That is why I am going to tell you that our computer systems should be thrown in the ocean. For we have packed them with the World Orders pack of errors, philosophically, racially and on the basis of real facts of life and living. Fill a computer with this, and what kind of answers do you get with it? All that comes back is something that is mechanical.

There is a still small voice coming into the inner consciousness in this receiver system that God built into you, that always has the right answer if you will listen.

Talk to me about this vast technology, and to me, all that you are doing is making slaves of yourself to machines that you put together with your own hands. Anything we create, we better be the master. And we better decide. Never let the decisions be made by the instrument materialism. You can pack mathematics into your students, yet you cannot teach them how to read. You may have lost the concept of semantics, but at the same time, when you turn a student out of College, he may know a lot of things that seem to be way out and beyond, where as he does not know the simple pattern of the three R's, which he used to learn in grammar school. He can hardly read what he writes, and he can't figure normal mathematics.

And now we are trying to give him a new kind of mathematics and this is the most phoney of all education. So what I am pointing out to you is that there is a much greater value. And people thus, have missed this---so great a Salvation. The great coordination of spiritual force of a race of people who have the mind of God. The only people who possess it. No wonder they are the ‘light of the world.’ And when that light goes out, the world plunges into darkness. Civilization rolls back into the jungle that sweeps the streets.

And when you, in any areas of your life subordinate these mighty areas of wisdom and power, the jungle takes over in the cities of Los Angeles and New York. If you want to know why the juvenile trouble of today, it is because the jungle is taking over after the sons of God sit down and just rock.

Salvation of America requires that we get up off the rocker. And like the Minutemen of old, grab again, that torch of liberty in one hand and the rifle in the other, and put it back.

Now again, we look at this. How then, are we going to escape if we neglect so great a Salvation? We are in trouble. This was spoken of by the LORD YAHWEH, himself, and confirmed unto those who heard it by HIM. It had been spoken by Angels, by patriarchs, and by prophets. It moved upon the center of this civilization with great signs and wonders thru out all times and history, as to our experience with God. And even when with gifts of the holy spirit according to HIS WILL. --So great a Salvation.

And HE said not only this, but come over into the book of Isaiah, and it says:--'Who has believed our report?' (Isa. 54.) And one of the things we discover here is the purposes of our God. Do you know that he tells us to proclaim Salvation to the ends of the earth, by righteousness, and obedience to his law? More than this, it says in the scripture that all Israel shall be saved as is written. Then he says, 'All flesh' shall be saved’ --thru the kingdom, in all purposes and by HIS Will.

Come over in the New Testament to the book of Romans. And it says: 'All Israel shall be saved, as it is written.' There shall come out of Zion, a deliverer. And how is he going to save us? Turn away the ungodliness of Jacob. Tyranny is ungodly. Lost liberty is ungodly. Forcing you to employ inside of your shop people you do not want is ungodly, and un-American. Forcing any association upon you that is not your decision, as you do not infringe upon someone else liberties, and is in the area that is yours, this is ungodly.

Someone said, ‘but we want to give everyone an equal opportunity.’ But if they have not the capacity to provide for themselves, this opportunity, out of their own background and out of their own, then they are not your equals anyhow. There are a lot of people trying to give a status to a people who do not know how to use it if they had it. I want you to know that today the important thing with God is to turn again ---“My people, to righteousness, for this is my covenant with them--I will take away their sins.”

Do you know what is so great about that? It means no more Canaanites in the house of God in our land. No more Cainanites in our Treasury Department. One is not going to build a house and then is not going to be able to live in it, because they tricked him. It means that you are going to fulfill the structure of divine law and people are going to live under their own vine and under their own fig tree. "I will take away their sins."

This is high standards, high values. And they will be important enough to adjust the lives of men. People do not stop what they are doing when it is wrong, if it pleases them, until something pleases them more by being right, and something creates within them a desire to be right. Then all of the things are cast aside and reactivated and renewed in their minds, this is regenerated power.

Thank God that God can regenerate his kingdom and set us free. And give us Eternal life which he promised from the beginning when he wrote your name down in the Lambs Book of Life, when he said that you would never perish.

They have been talking about this for 2000 years. So we do not have the time to talk about it in one message. But I want you to know that God has given you a program to follow. And that is to obey as God has proclaimed HIS will. To understand the synthesis of the universe out of the energies of His knowledge and power. It is to obey the laws of things as God has created them. And then under such a spirit control the government that we create. And limit it to the same kind of living so that you might be free.

"For you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free."

End of message.