Source Of Intelligence And Wisdom, 6-10-65


by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 6-10-65

As we turn this afternoon, into this situation, which is a rather unique situation, which has developed even in the radio broadcasting field of today. First, I would read from the 2nd chapter of Timothy, the 15th verse. ‘That you study to show thyself approved unto God. A workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. That you show thyself approved unto God---a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.’

One of America's foremost Evangelist’s, in his radio address today, is supporting integration based on his information that all men came from Adam and were from this Adamic family. Thus, there is no distinction between them since they had all emerged from Adam. Then in a comparative statement, they had all again emerged from Noah and his household. This, my friends, was to support the policies of integration and the attitude of all Christians thru out the United States.

The other night on a coast to coast broadcast, which was played from one part of the nation to the other, and talking about the social problems that relate to our times, an anthropologist was introduced. He has been associated with the Chicago University and with other universities. And he said, ‘Of course, all of our social problems will be resolved when the people know and understand all of the facts that we, the anthropologists understand and know. That there is no differentiation that marks one race from another. That actually, they are all the same. There is no difference among men.’

I could hardly believe my ears. I said, then if there is no difference in men, then how do they know that there are different races? If there is no distinguishing characteristic among people, then how do you know that there is any difference in people at all? Where could there be a race question, or a Negro problem in the United States, if there is no difference in the Negro and the white man? It would be like going into a Safeway store and saying that all of the contents of these cans are the same, for they are all from the same state, more or less. So just take the labels off. And when we hear supposedly theological voices voicing an opinion, saying that everyone on the face of the earth came from Adam, that there is no difference or distinction between the races . . . and then say that there is no difference in the races of earth since they all came from Noah and his three sons. And then we understand why the scripture says that you should study to be approved under God, workmen who would not be ashamed. For if I said something as asinine as that, I would be ashamed of myself.

This is why we are in trouble in these United States. For if people want wisdom, then they better go to the source of it. If they want understanding, they better tune in to the source of inspiration and vision and from whence it comes.

There is a distinction between intelligence and wisdom. For when we talk about intelligence this is related to the capacity of the receiver. There is a vast difference in the intelligence level of the people upon the face of the earth.

Nothing is more easy for me to establish this afternoon. All you have to do is take a look at the various continents of earth and see who resides there, how far they have progressed and what they have accomplished. And as you do this, you will mark the difference between Western Europe and the white world. You will mark the difference between the people who dwelt there, and you will see a continuing characteristic about this white race. That they have manifested a higher area of intelligence, a higher level of intelligence than has been manifested.

Now, if you do not believe this to be true, then you will be forced to recognize that then there would be no argument to support any area of integration, whatsoever. For if there had been no distinguishing intelligence marks, there would be nothing, my friend, or these people to be disputing about. And those of the African Continent should have by this time, developed a great culture and a high civilization. And there would be no need for them to suggest that you should assist them, or have any part in helping their continent. There would then be no battle in trying to integrate the white man’s civilization and culture. Or force him to absorb it if they had been your equal at the intelligence level, and definitely the wisdom level. And then, my friends, they would have had no opportunity to press this matter.

We point out that it is quite clear that the scriptures point out the difference in the intelligence level. And God marks the fact that he discerns the difference between the creatures, their abilities and their thoughts and their intent. So we turn in our thinking to the source of information. We are not talking about heavenly levels at this moment. Or Celestial plains, or things which reach out beyond our solar system. Let’s just take the solar system in the earth. Here is where you reside. And here is where most of the basic struggle exists. And here is where the importance of what you know is registered in this environment. So if we want knowledge and our relationship to it . . . But the first thing we want to know is how to do all of the things that would be constructive in earth, while we are here.

So to understand this, we want to know all of the things that relate to our environment. How every facet of it has been constructed, and how it is made up, and how it has been put together. And its relationship to every other substance in our environment. We are interested in every pattern of conscious existence, and we are interested in everything that is here in the earth, at the present time.

Now, if you want to know all about this, then where would you go? Some would say we might go to our Universities and our Colleges for the final word. But this is not necessarily true. Altho we believe that there is nothing to be despised about areas of education. We believe that we can acquire as much knowledge as you have the time and the capacity to acquire. And that you should be guided in the capacities as to what is error and what is truth. You can go to the Universities and Colleges today thru out this land, and very likely two-thirds of what you are instructed in may be error. Especial if you took a course in Sociology and political science. You might, my friends, today go to areas of industrial schools and find out that everything they told you is truth as to the application of industry that you were seeking to apply yourself to.

But I point out to you that if you want to know about the earth and all that exists therein, then you better go to the highest authority on this subject. Because we look out over the status of our wisdom from our schools and our Universities, even among this race which God has elevated so high above all of the other people of the earth as the heavens are above the earth itself. I point out, therefore, that we get our word science from the root word ‘Keyo,’--meaning the desire to know. And we are told in our Universities that science is a correlated body of absolute facts. But today we find ourselves changing and adjusting, what we call the facts of science, from a few years ago. We are changing them to now reflect the things that we know and which makes the material of yesterday obsolete. So, science today instead of being a body of absolute facts, finds itself incorporating a whole area of theory which they cannot establish. Eventually these theories give way to facts and the theories are cast aside. And until we have a perfect knowledge, in all of our environment, we have to go ahead and be casting out error in all of the areas in which it is found.

I point out to you that there are great facets which are revealed out of a mind that knows all things and that never has to be changed. If we want a correlated body of absolute facts, then this must come from that mind above all minds, that spirit that holds all things together. I think we ought to know a little bit about what the scripture has to say in this matter.

I turn then in the 45th chapter of Isaiah, and I find:--"Thus saith YAHWEH the holy one of Israel. He said you ask me things concerning my sons. I made the earth, and I put men upon it. I stretched out the heavens with my hands, and all of the hosts of the heavens, I commanded.’

Now, out of the background of this declaration, the Eternal YAHWEH said, “I made it, I created it, I put it together.” Going into the writings of Isaiah, back into the work of Moses, and I turn in the book of Genesis, to the first words in the book of holy scriptures. And here again--- “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” YAHWEH created the heavens and the earth.

Now we are not putting a time element on it, just all of the time that is necessary for this. Whether it be millions of years, or just how long that you want to include in your thinking. It is important but time is not relevant to this. The Eternal Father had all of this because HE has always existed as the Eternal. There is no end to his existence, for he is Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, of everything in creation and everything that is existent. But HE is the Eternal existing ONE, without beginning of days or end of life. Therefore there has not been a period of time when God has not been putting together, or instructing, making, ruling or ordaining, changing, transforming, and carry out his will.

Now, having established in the scripture that 'I created the heavens and the earth,’ and reaffirming it in the book of Isaiah, 44th chapter. "Thus saith YAHWEH, thy redeemer . . . HE that formed thee from the womb. I am YAHWEH and I maketh all things. I stretched out the heavens, and I alone made the earth and all that there is upon it.”

Now, this is another declaration of who it is that made this environment that we live in and who it is that made this planet that we are upon. I turn to the book of John, and I find a reaffirmation in the book of John, concerning Jesus Christ. I think it is significant. For it starts out with this declaration:--- ‘All things were made by HIM, and without HIM, was not anything made that was made.’ This was the beloved Apostle talking. And he said, concerning Christ, 'that all things were made by Christ, and without HIM was not anything made.’

I read that ‘HE was in the world and the world was made by him, but there were people in the world order that knew him not. But this was his declaration:-- ‘HE was not only the true light--wisdom, understanding and vitality, but HE lighted every man who came into the world. And because there is a difference in their intelligence level is because their is a difference in their illumination as to how they were lighted. For every man, that came into the world, came out of the heavens, into the world. And there is not a man who was created here who can measure up to the presence of those who came out of the heavens and would measure up to His presence. This the Bible supports from one end to the other.

Now, let’s take another look concerning this declaration. I turn over to the declarations of the Apostle Paul concerning Jesus the Christ. He says in Colossians, that by HIM all things were created in the heavens and in the earth . . . visible or invisible, whether they be thrones or dominions, principalities or powers. All things were created by HIM and for HIM. HE is before all things, and by him all things consist.

In this book of Timothy, that the Apostle Paul wrote, and where he gave the instruction to study to show yourself approved unto God. Workman, not to be ashamed, and rightly dividing the word of truth. We find also in the scriptures, the description of the source of knowledge. For we find here that God himself was the author and had ordained the vital course.

In the book of Revelation, in the 14th chapter, and in the 7th verse, it talks about the Eternal YAHWEH . . . this man Christ Jesus. And it says, ‘Give Glory unto HIM, for the hour of HIS judgment has come, and worship HIM who made the heavens and the seas, and the fountains of the waters.’ And the source of knowledge goes with HIM who put all things together. Because God, in every affidavit, made the heavens and made the earth, and everything that exists. If HE put it together, and HE ordained it, then there is no higher source of knowledge of anything in it, than that which can be received from this great Creator. And when this Eternal God, Creator, by HIS own affidavit, says, ‘I have a race in the earth that are my offspring. I am their Father and they are my children.’ He said, ‘I have so constructed their embodiment in the earth so that they can receive and be directed while in the earth by my consciousness, while in the body resident in the earth.’ By this same process, God makes this acknowledgment.

And he has not only led by this acknowledgment in the 46th chapter of Isaiah: ---'You ask me of things concerning my sons.’ But HE proceeds in the book of Hebrews, and we find that he makes this identity very, very clear. He makes the statement that he is acknowledging his kinsmen and his brethren. And he says that HE, God dwelling in the earth is not ashamed to call you his kinsmen.

Now, I do not think that there is any thing more vital for you to understand today, than that because you are the kinsman of God that because you are Celestial offspring resident in these physical bodies, that you have an intelligence level to reach up above every other people, or every other society on the face of the earth. I think that you will have to take the acquisitions of the Psalmist as well as of the Proverbs, that if you seek the things which are wisdom, and you seek the things which are wise, then you must turn unto God from whence the wisdom comes. Since you have the capacity inside of your consciousness to receive the things which are of God.

I mentioned last week, the 14th chapter of John, where it talks about the word in the Greek called Paraclete, as it is translated in the Greek. The original words were in the 14th chapter of John, 'That the eternal YAHWEH GOD has a purpose. And this was that he said ‘he was going to send the Paraclete unto you.' This is the intelligent understanding of the mind of God. And he said that you can receive it. That the world cannot receive it, but you can receive it. This is because the intelligence level has been determined by the access level of your being to carry thru the wavelength of the Father's spirit because you are spirit of his spirit and life of his life. Because you are his offspring then your spiritual capacities are higher than any other people on the face of the earth. Because you are his household, you are flesh of his flesh, because you are children of the Adamic house that he begat, your physical affinity, and the objectivity of your nervous system, to record these remembrance patterns of the spirit reside in you as they exist in no other people. To establish this, we turn again to the authority of the embodiment of God --YAHSHUA or Jesus. And we find that Jesus turned to the Jews standing by, and he said, 'Ye cannot understand my speech, because you cannot hear my words.' We do not have to dispute this point, for these are the very words of Jesus.

More than this, HE said, ‘My sheep hear my voice and I give them eternal life.’ And he unveils to them knowledge, wisdom and truth, when HE declares that you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free. This is free from bondage, from ignorance, and free from fear, and free from superstition. But there are those who cannot be free because they lack the capacity. And without a capacity and a new creative process by the act of God, they will not be able to be free.

So I point out to you, that in this declaration, that the intelligence level thru processes of revelation, show that this is based on the process of how they were constructed and how they came into existence. And that which is begotten by the Most High God has the highest intelligence level of any of the species on the face of the earth. And with this highest intelligence level comes the highest level of knowledge. I point out therefore, that the Apostle Paul, who in the book of Colossians, in which he has already stated that all things being made were made by HIM, or put together by Christ (and he says that he prayed for your race and the spiritual center of his church,) might be filled with the knowledge of His will and all wisdom and all spiritual understanding. Thus you understand that if you want to possess all wisdom, that it must also be related to spiritual understanding. And that which is devoid of His spirit can have no spiritual understanding from the mind of the creator or the Spiritual Father. For this cause, then this race and His household in the earth is not only superior, but HE has ‘Ordained’ that it shall be Kingly. And that mongrelization and mutation would be one of the greatest curses that ever affected the earth. It is the blueprint of the Eternal God to build his kingdom thru his spiritual seed, thru a race of people he has established in the earth, with whom he has made known His will, His understanding and His purposes. And HE has promised to bless them until their economy and their society, and they stand with knowledge and ability above all of the people on the face of the earth.

I do not believe that I have to prove this, this afternoon. All I have to say is look about. And then turn to the patricians of the world and turn to the patricians of its world organization as to whence they want to find both the support for the development of their societies and the knowledge and the know how for their retirement. Even tho they may hate you because you are the children of the Most High God. Altho they may want to find a way to involve you in their world government and to subordinate your religion and your faith. And they want to mongrelize your race. But they still recognize that you possess qualities and achievements that they must subdue or absorb if they seek to continue to control the world. When you stop to realize, that you, as a white Christian, that you are only one-sixth of the worlds population and that you worship the only true God--this YAHWEH-YAHSHUA, who said, ‘I am thy savior. I am thy redeemer.’ He said, ‘you are my people and I am thy Father. In the heavens, beside me there is none else that is deity, except my household who has their light in Me.’


There are fallen Angels and there are pagan religions. There are almost three billion people on the face of the earth this afternoon, and one billion of them are worshiping demons and devils, following a dead bandit who was elevated by devil worship to god. And this is Buddha. He was a dead bandit. In fact, he arose to the god status when he was about to be beheaded and headed for his death. And he conned up this idea that he could put over this god bit, and he made an alliance with those who found they could use him when they found his persuasiveness. And Buddhism was thus born in jail.

But today, one billion people on the face of the earth worship demons and faces of idolatry thru the imagery of Buddhism. And there is in other various religions the images of fallen Angels and Satanic spirits, a multitude of people inside of Hindustan and India, in various phases of the Hindu religion, who worship pagan gods and whose morality and concepts are imaged by the things which they serve. There exists in Africa today one-half billion people those who worship demons and doctrines of demons and fallen Angels. And witchcraft is their procedures of worship.

Thus, it is that you and you alone, this white race one-sixth of the worlds population, worship the only true God whom we know refer to as YAHSHUA OR YAHWEH. And we refer to him as Jesus Christ. I want you to know that this is the beginning of wisdom. And it is intelligence to realize that the people of your race receive more intelligence, more understanding and ideas that come thru the seat of their consciousness, the mainstream of thought, which God sends upon them to lift them to the status of that which they now possess.

Now, we are in a period when the powers of darkness would like to bring about a decline in our civilization. To do this, you have to start a decline in the areas of knowledge. You have to cut off the source of inspiration, and you have to blind a people to their areas of achievement. I think we see this prevalent thru out our society, whenever an Evangelist gets up and tells the people that they all have a common origin, that they all came out of one man and his wife. Never was there anything that was as foolish as this. Anyone who knows the scripture knows that in the days, when Eden was prepared for a garden for the Adamic Race, knows that the Assyrians were over a large part of the world. The Asiatic Steppe people were over various continents in the earth. And also the Africans had been in the earth for a long time. The Negro was here long before the Adamic race. Millenniums had transpired.

The 31st chapter of Ezekiel is one of the chapters that deals with this subject. And there are multitude of passages that support it. The story in Genesis about Tidal king of the nations in the days of the battle of Chedorlaomer. He was the king over people whose lands were beneath the waters and civilizations were far antedating the household of the Adamic race, which is the Household of the Most High God. If a man has set himself to show himself approved unto God, he knows that 'Kind begets like kind, seed having life in itself.’ And there would be no different quality that would mark any difference in the man 'Noah' and anyone else when Noah's time came around. Why then was it that Noah found grace in the eyes of God? We bring this again to your remembrance, because as the scripture says, 'Noah was perfect in his generations.'

Well, then if everybody came from the same origin, then how could he have had a perfect generations? Thus, it become quite obvious that to be perfect in your generations, then you have to respect your racial purity and the Commandments of God, and the spiritual capacity to be guided by the spirit and have a soul consciousness that can restore this and not mutate this body which has the capacity of registering such areas of remembrance and inspiration.

So it is that out of this foundation when they tell us that all things are the same. We find the testimony of the difference. After all, I can tell a Negro from a white man and a Chinaman. After all, there is the length of the arms and the shape of the head and other things involved there. And there are few who would examine the structure and would examine the remains who would not be able to tell you of this difference. They tell us that there is 6 centimeters in the capacity of a white man's skull than there is in the thick skull of a Negro. Oh, you say, ‘but the Negro cannot help this.’ No, but he better quit trying to infiltrate and mongrelize the white race because he has been guided in this area by demagoguery.

The design today is clearly and completely the destruction of your society by mongrelization and intermarriage. This is a part of that whole basic design. Negroes in Selma, Alabama, three weeks ago, were talking about the marriage between the whites and the blacks as the inevitable thing. That the hour was coming when white women would be unable to resist the demand for intermarriage.

Let me point out to you then that the most important things that men should know is the true knowledge and wisdom. And this acquiring of true knowledge and of wisdom must have the ability to divide between truth and error guided by the spirit. Thus, one of the most important areas of education would be in the knowledge of the Word of God. You might not find in the word of God a discussion of each and every subject that a man might pursue, but there will develop such a sensitivity to the guiding influence of God's spirit that he can discern between truth and error.

Let us then point out that in the instruction of his word, that God has constantly called upon his people to apply themselves to the knowledge of what he has said.

Now I think this is quite true as the L.A. Times this week, brought out what is going on in the state of Michigan. For instance there in the state of Michigan, for 150 years, they have opened up their classrooms with prayer. And they have read the Bible in their assembly periods. And because a great number of these communities in western Michigan were Dutch reformed, they were Angelical. And they felt that to place in the minds of their youth and understanding with their relationship with God. And they felt that the laws of God and the word of God was one of the most important areas of instruction. When this nation was in its younger days, this was considered in its younger days, and also at Princeton and Harvard, they felt that this was an important part of education. That they first should be taught the principals of God's law, the content of His word. That their moral and integrity capacities would grow with this understanding. And this then was the most important basis for education. That all other things would find their place.

This is not a repudiation of the areas of education. But it is a repudiation of any educational institutions, which seek to interrupt the teaching of the word of God, and the spiritual capacities which were being stimulated by the word of God and by the understanding of what they were being taught.

I tell you that we must be able to write and devise the word of truth. So we find that now a Judge decides that they must abandon the reading of the Bible and their praying in these schools in Michigan. So the school boards got together and they told the teachers that, ‘you work for us. We have been reading the Bible right here for 150 years, and we have been teaching our children right here in our schools. And now you just continue to open every day with prayer, and you shall read the Bible in every assembly.

We are told that this excited the enemy. So who were they? Well, they were the Unitarians and the Jews. So they, under pressure provided by the Civil Liberties Union, were saying, so there were people living here whose rights were being violated by this reading of the Bible and praying. So they then began to check all of the other cities in western Michigan and they found out that they also were reading the Bible and praying in schools. And were not paying any attention to a silly court regulation. So they talked to the principals and the teachers, and they said, ‘Listen. These people hire us here, and if we do not do as they want then we lose our jobs. Besides, the majority of these people are Evangelical and this is what they want.’ But they said, ‘You can't do it, for now it is against the law. You can't do it.’

But they came to school and they did it anyhow. They said, ‘we want our children brought up in the nurture of God, in respect of God. If we are going to educate them then this is the most important step we can take to educate them.’ Well, they still said they could not do it. So what I am waiting for, is to see President Johnson send the Army into Michigan and tell these people they can't do it. He had sent the military into Selma, Alabama, on a million-dollar fallacious hoax. If he could send them down there against the rights of that state, and to force them to spend money and to use a million dollars of tax payers money on that, then you can't tell what he will do here in Michigan. He is just apt to uphold a court order and send them into Michigan and say you no longer can pray. That might be all it would take to wake America up.

I am going to tell you that the court itself violated the laws of God and of our nation, when they interfered in this matter. Because you cannot make any law respecting the establishment of religion. And you surely cannot make any law affecting a Christian nation, when that court has already made the statement that this is a Christian nation. And you cannot stop them from recognizing their God. By this same token, let us point out to you then that a great attempt is being made to remove utterly from one end of our society to the other in every area of public recognition and acceptance the identity of God. They want to absorb the identity of the only true God and get us to accept all kinds of gods.

I noticed that one Clergyman said that before you take the bible out of the schools then remove all of the sex literature out of our Colleges, and take out this social geography in which you want our children to pay respect to all kinds of pagan Gods. You can now keep everything that is forbidden in the scriptures concerning what the rest of the world is like, forbid the scriptures which is the only way you can rightly divide the word of truth. Thus, it is that the source of knowledge and wisdom lies in the word of God.

We are told by Mr. Graham that since everybody came from Adam, that we are thus all alike and we should integrate. And yet you read, that God says that he has a household here which had a holy seed. And he says that there are others here in earth, like the dogs and the wild asses, and they are not like My people. I think it is time that these Evangelists find out what God has said for this is where wisdom starts. And I can take a five-year-old boy down the road and he can tell me that there is a difference here, without any education from any astute person. I will tell you something else, I have a dog that is smarter than that. He knows there is a difference, and he shows it.

Listen. For one moment I turn to the 33rd chapter of the book of Deuteronomy. Because in this strange token that they have been telling us that therefore God wanted everybody to love everybody because we are all the same. And they sang a song. And the hymn that they sang was ‘Underneath the Everlasting Arms.’

Someone said, ‘well, that is good, that is a wonderful song. It talks about the 'Everlasting arms.’ So I seem to remember something like that. So I turned this afternoon into the book of Deuteronomy in the 33rd chapter, and I started in reading with the 26th verse:---"There is none like the God of Israel who rideth upon the heavens in thy help, and in the excellency in the sky. The Eternal YAHWEH IS THY REFUGE, AND UNDERNEATH THE EVERLASTING ARMS. And he shall thrust out the enemy before thee and shall say, destroy them.”

So in one moment they are making the statement that they are all the same and therefore they should be absorbed. But underneath the Everlasting Arms, they do not tell the rest of the story. Thank God the ‘Everlasting arms' are beneath us, or we would have died off in the days of Roosevelt. In fact, my friends, so staunch are the 'Everlasting arms' underneath his people, and so complete is his command, and it is only because of the frenzy of your society and the preservation of your race, that long after they have forgotten the Humphrey's and the Johnsons, this race will survive and the Kingdom of God will become real and practical.

It is a significant thing then that God said,--Not only is the Eternal God thy refuge, but beneath is HIS Everlasting Arms, and HE shall thrust out the enemy before you and tell you to destroy them. But you shall dwell in safety ALONE. Not integrated, and not mongrelized. But you shall dwell alone. The reason it is not safe to dwell in upper New York is that you are not dwelling alone there. If there is any trouble brewing in California tonight, it is because you are not dwelling alone here either. One of these days they are going to discover that what they have stirred up is going to be that every Negro will be removed from this North American continent.

I think of all of the pompous demonstrations. It reminds me of that passage that we read to you a week ago. ‘I saw the wicked swelling up like a green bay tree.' Remember that. Right over here in the words of the Psalmist. Ah, yes, he spread himself like a Green Bay tree.--And Martin Luther King, this past week was not satisfied with all of the governments efforts. He now wants to talk about an equal share, in all areas of employment, in all areas of housing and in all areas of everything that he says we are after. And one of the things he said is that we are going to start an economic boycott of the state of Alabama.

Now, listen. My, how the Green Bay tree spread himself. That was a conspiracy showing up. The first thing we see is that some of these Jew banking houses are saying we are going to pull our money out from under some of these businesses in the south, in Alabama. The president was a little disturbed by this. And he is going to be a lot more disturbed by it. He should call on the Justice Department to arrest Martin Luther King for conspiracy. I point out to you that this just goes to show how far we get as we move away from the laws of God. For in the first place, where wisdom shows its mold when it establishes a culture and a society, it must be based on law. There is no area of society that can exist without law. And there is no law that supersedes the laws of God. And your greatness has been encumbered upon your respect for these laws, and judgment comes thru disobedience. And troubles come from violations of law. In this instance we see this thing develop even in this forum in our time. When your society is under attack, it is because of the knowledge of the laws of God and what is provided. It is nothing but the lack of knowledge and wisdom and understanding that mark what you are missing as you disobey. A society to be governed by those who possess the wisdom and understanding is by a people with the wisdom and understanding to make the selection. Your founding fathers had intelligence enough in this great kingdom to frame up the Constitution of these United States. And the first article to that Constitution of these United States, delegates to the States the authority to establish what is required to be a voter. And it states that our society had literacy standards, and it was their right to select those who would govern us from local to federal elections. If you were living in the deep south where you would have more Negroes than Whites, then you would be more concerned about literacy tests than anywhere else in the United States. For it is these very literacy tests that would show whether they knew whom they were voting for.

I want you to know that the further you get from the wisdom of God, the knowledge of God and his distinguishing qualities between men and people, the more you are ready to violate your own country and tear up your Constitution. For to seek to bypass the article of the Constitution that seeks to do away with the areas of literacy, and to attack the states and bring up these requirements without a removal of Article 1 from the Constitution by a great sweeping vote of the people of these United States. No law limiting this from those states would be constitutional or legal.

Sure you are in trouble, and you lack enough men in public office with enough courage to stand up. And on the face of what they know say, we will not move from this point. This is why I tell you that a great spiritual force is going to move and descend upon your race. It is now moving upon your citizens. It is now moving upon the people. AMERICA SHALL LAST. IT WILL SURVIVE.

You have a silly mayor in this city that is a knucklehead. Do you want to know what he did this week? Well, he had to fly to Washington to the Un-American Activity Committee. And he has to present a super-long dossier that his secret police had picked up around here. And he told the Un-American Activities Committee that he wanted them to investigate all of the extremist organizations round here, and all of these military movements that are threatening the security of California. Apparently thinking to harass the 'right wing' is one of the few things the mayor could do in his last days of the campaign, so he is undoubtedly searching for the minority support by being an antagonists against those who are right in the state of California. He did not go there and say--we want you to investigate the Communist party and the Negro revolution. We don't want what happened in other places to happen in Los Angeles. He did not say that. No, he said, I want you to investigate this 'right wing' movement.

Someone said, ‘we sure do not want Jimmy.’ No, we don't want Jimmy. But we are never going to approve this kind of demagoguery.

Now, I am pointing out to you right now that never has the hold of superstition and ignorance been so great on your nation with this front of pseudo-intellectualism. So they are trying to stamp out the areas of wisdom and understanding. They are afraid that you shall “Know the truth and the truth shall set you free.” The people who would put your race in bondage, that have been holding your nation in captivity and have been interfering with your true Christian society, are worried that the truth shall again make you free. They are worried about a spiritual force. They are worried about divine wisdom. AND THEY WISH TO PLAY DOWN THESE AREAS OF LEADERSHIP. But they have not been able to plan down this wisdom that the wave of intelligence will come upon your race from God. And then such a wave of the affinity of its development shall be seeking wisdom and shall make you and your society head and shoulders above the people of the world.

It is a rather significant thing, that a group of scientists and physicists met together a few weeks ago and I thought it rather interesting that the newspapers carried the opening session of this meeting of phycisist from all over your nation. And I thought it very interesting that they opened this session with prayer to the God whose energies and whose intelligence has synthesized the Universe, whose character, and whose purpose, and whose singleness of construction is visible in all of the elements of his creation.

This is true, to catch the reflection of light from the furthermost planet and to reflect upon it as it moves. Catch it from the burning sun or take it from any of the elements of the earth, and you will discover the uniformity with which the architect put together and synthesized the materials of His universe. And you will discover that the mentoid energies in every atom holding together proton and nucleus with all of this energy moving around this solar system was ordained by the same mind, the same will, the same particles, with the same synthesis. The furthermost this phycisist goes, the more -- he comes up to the design of our Father. And the interesting design is that when these physicists get together and recognize and are discovering these things.

I discover that they are not getting together in the heart of Africa. They are also not made up of Africans. And that the seat of discovery moves and starts where your race is inspired to think thought that were ideas or revelations from God. No wonder then that from Genesis to Revelation, the Father says, ‘I MADE IT, I PUT IT TOGETHER, AND I can give you all knowledge concerning this matter.’ When he said,--therefore I send upon you that spirit of intelligence and knowledge that the world cannot receive then it will bring all truth, it will bring all things to your remembrance.’

We turn again to the 15th chapter of the book of John, and we read:--- “When I send this conscious pattern of my intelligence, this spirit of truth that proceeds forth from me, ye shall bear witness because ye have been with me from the beginning of the Cosmos.”

No wonder then that the Apostle Paul, when looking at you said,--‘Ye have already been blessed with all spiritual blessings in the presence of the Father, before the world was framed.’

I tell you this afternoon that there is no secret thing that will be withheld. There is no application of knowledge that you cannot discover. And there is no way to discern out of the waves of all of the voices that which is truth except that you have the ability to study and show yourself approved before God. And you cannot rightly divide the word of truth without this spirit of discernment. And this spirit of discernment must come forth from the Father and belong securely to your race and to no other.

So I again point out these things. That instead of advocating that we surrender this position to which God has elevated your race and his kingdom, we should be appealing for the development of these things unto which we have this affinity. So that we might serve the purpose of our Father in building a kingdom that shall never be destroyed.

Not only is our God a segregationists, but so are all of the books of the Bible. He has not only made this quite clear, but in the announcement concerning his own birth thru this physical vessel, who in the pronouncement of the heavens would be blessed above all women, for she bare the body of God.

"Behold, thou shall conceive in thy womb and thou shalt bring forth a son and thou shalt call his name Jesus, or YAHSHUA, for He shall be great.”

Now he shall reign over the house of Jacob forever, and of his kingdom there shall be no end. No wonder then that a people who are his issue in the earth, who are his household, those who are dedicated to the destiny of the development of his kingdom, should be more zealous and more determined to preserve their destiny and to give more eloquence to their areas of inspiration, and to give proper foundation to their posterity. Because as you shape and mold the habits and the thinking of your posterity and their understanding, this should be based upon the highest source and the greatest impetuses to the areas of spiritual guidance.

This is one reason that today I am not ashamed to say that I have no respect for any other religion on the face of the earth. For their gods are no gods, and lead to superstition and degeneration. And all that is good in the earth, from the standpoint of truth, must come out of the mind of HE who is the originator of, the creator of not only the earth, but of truth. For out of his kingdom emerges his perfect plan for the earth.

Now we well understand that the propaganda of the devil says that this is not going to be. It is not so. And that all of these things which they are trying to put over are going to supersede it. But the devil is a liar and he has never told the truth in any time or history. Nor, my friends, just because God planted you in the earth, does not mean that he does not expand His blessings to the ends of the earth. That he not only promised the salvation and restoration of his own people from the areas of bondage which they have gotten into, but he has still demonstrated the ability to elevate and illuminate their consciousness above all of the people on the face of the earth. And He also has ordained, that to the ends of the earth, to all flesh, eventually comes the great salvation of God. When he says in Timothy, thru the Apostle Paul, -- ‘All things, all people, all flesh,’ then the word ‘all’ means just exactly that. There is no other people upon the face of the earth, who so believe in so Great a God, who believe in so great a purpose. Because God has promised thru his kingdom, by the revelation of his power, and thru the leadership of his people, the great achievement of his purposes in earth.

He did not ask you to integrate to absorb. He forbade you to do this. And when he talks about his intervention into human affairs as intervene, HE shall and will, State Department irrespective, and not withstanding.

As you probably noticed last week, that you should take a dim view of anyone in the State Department who believes in the second coming of Jesus Christ. One of these days there will not be anyone in any state department in any Christian nation that does not believe thus.

A week ago I heard a governmental challenge go out to Clergy that they must support these governmental policies of integration, and in these areas of new laws, and bring about the passage of new legislation. But according to their previous interpretations, if you sought to influence a religious body, it would be looked on as suspicious and you would lose your tax exemption status. It just depends, my friends, what they want to pass.

I point out to you, that the children of the kingdom and the true Church of Jesus Christ will not be able to permit the violations of divine law, or the suggestion that it be violated areas of state, or areas of demagoguery without disputing it. And without saying;---"THUS SAITH THE LORD." Because we are in a climactic hour when God is waking up his true people, waking up his true church, in which they are going to take a stand against the darkness, we have never had a day like this one. But we are going to triumph over it. And it shall move into its final climax as the Great Day of the LORD, in which he will be delighted to make the world know that HE HAS LOVED YOU, HIS HOUSEHOLD. He said, ‘I, the Eternal YAHWEH, when I come, I am going to bring all of my administering spirits with Me.’

You say, ‘how many is that?’ Turn over to the book of Revelations. This is ten times, ten thousands, times thousands and thousands. And that may not be enough. But when I arrive, I am going to divide the people of the world. Oh, how is he going to do this when they are all supposed to be alike? And He is going to say to these sheep nations, ‘You rule over these Beast nations with a rod of iron, for I have been preparing you for this from the foundation of the Cosmos.’ So from anthropologists to Evangelists, had better discover that God has marked the difference that exists between people. And he has called on the White race to rule the world in the name of Jesus Christ. What do we hold out to the world? Not, my friends, brutality and injustice, but righteousness and intelligence. We do not hold out for its scarcity, but for its plenty and its energy with initiative.

The world order has another plan, and this is enslavement of the kingdom, the destruction of its greatness. And then a short period of their prosperity while they rule on your destruction. But this is not going to be. These are the vain imaginations of the wicked. And the Most High God says, ‘I laugh and hold their plans in derision.’

So I tell you this. That if you want wisdom and knowledge, then go to the store that sells it. If you want to continue to hold the image of your faith and your race, and pass it down to your posterity, then seek clearly in their consciousness, the image of Jesus Christ and their mind. Let them realize that our God has visited us and will visit us again. Let them know that we are a great nation of his kingdom. That we are a race of his household. That we are the great transference of ---'Thy kingdom come, thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven.’ That God cares and God selects. That God discriminates and God instructs. And that God has done all of these things thru your race, and as his kingdom shall be blessed.

He said, ‘I shall make the world to know that I have loved you.’ And this, my friends, the knowledge of who God is and who you are is the beginning of wisdom. Let us not support this destruction of literacy, but let us find a great spread of literacy thru out our nation. Let us advocate that men be informed. And if they will not be informed, then they should make no decisions. For I assure you that there is no way to attack positions of God. And you should say --'Thus saith the LORD.’

You know, that if the churches of America would just teach what the LORD has said upon these great questions, upon these political questions, if they would just teach for four solid weeks, just what this Bible says, there would be the greatest transformation in all history. We would have no race problem, no Communist problem, no Antichrist problem in America. And this country would suddenly radiate with light and glory more than at any time in history even as it has grown. And this shall be. Of this, I can assure you.

End of message.