Speak The Word, 10-03-65



By Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 10-03-65

We here today a part of God's kingdom, with events happening all around us. And standing on the threshold of new events prophetically. It is very important that we understand our relationship in the purposes of God. It is most important that we know the important things. There are many things that men can know that is important to them as knowledge, but the most important knowledge for us to know is centered around the most vital things that we must understand. Jesus was to make this clear, for when we see men striving every where for suffrage and rights, that men cannot live by bread alone, but by every word which comes out of the mouth of God. By this declaration then Jesus also refers to himself as the bread of life. He is the bread of life that came down to earth. And His word is Eternal life. The value of the Word is established clearly from the lips of Jesus.

As we talk to you this afternoon about the word of God we want you to know that the answer, and the victory over every force that seeks to destroy, our civilization and our society, that make war against God's nation and his kingdom, can be settled completely. And can be blocked by the Word of God. We feel that there is no more powerful force placed in your hand. And when we refer to the scriptures we find that the word of God, is more powerful than a two edged sword. In this declaration we point out that this is not an idle statement. For the Word of God is there in Hebrews in the 4th chapter and the 12th verse: --"For the word of God is quick and powerful and sharper than any two edged sword, piercing to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart."

This is more powerful then, for it separates the soul from the spirit, and the bones from the marrow and the thoughts from the intent of the heart. Is there any creature that is not manifest in the sight of God, but all things are open to the eyes of HIM with whom we have to deal. As the children of God we have one basic responsibility, and that is to serve our family. To serve our Father, and to carry out HIS will and objectives. And your success and life in the world will be dependent upon this.

I point out to you that sometimes success is measured by the point of aggressiveness, and the center of success is measured by the acquiring of must substance. And some have obtained this in what we see as the demagoguery of our time. And in this vast accumulation of wealth that they have taken from someone else, this is their downfall. For we point out to you that your success is to carry out the program for which you were sent here to do. Being the children of the father, if you have not accomplished the purpose for which you were sent here, then you would say that I have been unsuccessful. Why? Because you have been unable to accomplish what you came to do. But the ultimate purpose of God is not to have successful sons, His purpose is that he shall have triumphant sons. Transformed by illumination, and wisdom into His own image, with power and Glory.

So I tell you this afternoon that the most important thing, that you and I possess, is the knowledge of God's purposes and the ability to proclaim this knowledge, and bear witness to this knowledge. And then to command by this authority such wisdom. We refer in the scriptures to the book of Hebrews, to this declaration that the Word is more powerful than a two edged sword.

We then turn to II Peter, and in the 3rd chapter. And we find these words. That the very elements of creation, the very heavens of old, the very earth itself comes into existence by the power of the Word of God. The elements and the great principals that God will bring thru his own purposes, by this same word is reserved by this transition---BY THE WORD OF GOD. And we are told that the heavens of old were created by this command. The understanding of the Word of God then is the understanding of God's universe. This is the reason that the children of the spirit, have a greater capacity to receive and to dwell in the steps of reality and in the sciences of the things of earth, more than any other people. More than this his spirit can bring to them the vision and create in them the initiative, to bind to them the things which they search for, or to bring to them the answer to the question they ask.

Make no mistake about it this afternoon. There has never been in the history of the earth any other people who have had the capacity to develop the earth, for the situations, the expansions, for life, for achievement like the people of the Adamic race, and the white world. The people of the world, the have nations of today are the western world. And they are the 'have nations' because of the knowledge that has come out of inspiration, which is moved by the spirit from the mind of God to the minds of men who can think in consistence with HIM. The ability to think and to reason is not enough. There is no question about thinking and reasoning in the realm of background and knowledge. This is found in the crux of their religion and the effects upon the background of their society, found in Africa and of Asia. But make no mistake about it the great transition, and the mighty force of power. The great capacities that manifest truth from error But true knowledge and true science must move out of the mind that is synthesized upon the source of all wisdom and knowledge. And it is not weakness to be dependent upon the source from which all knowledge and wisdom comes. But it the total source of all wisdom not to discern that out of this source must come all wisdom.

There can be no question this afternoon that there are many people who are too stubborn to seek guidance, who do not wish to admit this source of knowledge. They have told themselves that they have bought for themselves the philosophy of wisdom and understanding. This discovery comes from their finger tips in the laboratories. Or has been the by product of some research. And they would have you believe that they had discovered this great knowledge and that your life depended upon this proclamations. But I want you to know that all of our knowledge comes from our Father which art in heaven, and the great part of this knowledge is that we are His Children. And therefore from such sources of vision and inspiration, comes the great and mighty capacity to adapt ones self to the areas of His creation, and make such changes in that area of creation that have been mutated by the powers of darkness, in their revolution. The civilizing force that moves thru the kingdom of God and thru the nations of God's household are the by-products of such thinking. It is the pulsing, living word of God within his people. And if it were not for our capacity to receive his mind and understand his words, we would be like other people, other nations and races who have nothing but the possessions of all flesh because all flesh posses the same chemicals, in this physical body.

We point out them that you have this distinction, this capacity, thus this superiority of the mind of God, because you are spirit of His spirit and you demonstrate that when you demonstrate the wisdom and knowledge of that Spirit. And not my friends by any other procedure. There is no doubt today about the coming of Lucifer. And there is no question that today that he wages war upon the kingdom of God, by moving upon men and capturing their minds. And to have them thinking in the areas of error. And then by moving on individuals and making them think that they must be out of step if he does not adopt these areas of error. There are far more people among the nations of the world today among the 'have not' nations, than there are the 'have nations’. And we also might qualify this today by saying that the 'have not' nations, in all they have obtained is not from the spiritual capacities that they possess. And you will not be able to make 'have nations' out of the 'have not nations' in areas of spiritual capacity merely by your proclamation of truth. This will only come by transitions that God has ordained as HE makes new creatures out of them in the areas of time. The most important objective in heaven today is to fulfill this most important objective in which we live, as sons and daughters of God. The acceptance of the things which God unveils and brings to pass, in this hour.

If you stand for the kingdom of God, and for the purposes of God. And you live in the blueprint and plans of his purpose , then you will be unpopular with the world, and the world will not acclaim you. But I am going to tell you that even tho you proclaim this error to the world then you will still be a total failure for the world will not acclaim you even if you join them, in this mediocrity of their program. We have too many people today in high offices who are seeking to satisfy the World Order. And in their desire to satisfy the World order they would make the kingdom of God into a Democracy and place the world order over it. But I point out that their success is very short lived. As we have told you in the past---every thing in God's kingdom that hurts and destroys is going to be taken out. "And every plant that my Father did not plant shall be plucked up out of the earth. The great and final destiny of the earth is tied up with the kingdom, make no mistake about it. And it is the success of that kingdom that God has ordained. When we talk about the word of God, we are talking about the final fiat.

Let me point out to you that in this same course of declaration, in that the Word is significant and important for we cannot live by bread alone. Then we turn to the word and the promise. And we turn to the book of Amos, in the 8th chapter, in the 11 verse. And He says in this chapter that one of the things which will occur in the later days will be a famine. And it will not be a famine of the need for bread but this will be a famine of hearing the word of God. And I tell you that it is more dangerous today to have a famine of the word of God than it might be to have a famine of the want of bread. Because with a famine of the word of God then a nation goes into slavery, a people pass the height of their attainment, and they can be move into a condition of disintegration and doubt. There is no light for the kingdom apart from that light that brought them into being.

This afternoon I want you to know that there is no problem that faces us today in these united States, or the state of California which is not solved when we synchronize our energies with the Word of God. When we put the Word of God into effect. Let me tell you something. This nation has seen the government step in and with mongrelization and Liberalism, and Communism has crushed the truth.

Let me tell you this. The most powerful weapon on the face of the earth, is the word of God. And today there is only one thing necessary to set a nation aflame, and that is to speak the Word. If the church which is supposed to be the spiritual center would start to proclaim what the scripture said about integration and such then the nation would come alive. The Father says:--'speak the word.’

As a young minister starts out if the church would just tell him 'speak the word', for if you do you have the whole impact of God behind you, for He says, 'my Word will not return unto me void.’ Every Word out of the mouth of God is vital they are the great thoughts of God. I do not have to defend the Word. You have heard ministers say we must defend the word, but I do not have to do that for I know that every word out of the mouth of God is true. And the word will take care of itself, for everything that falls on it will break in two, and be crushed so you do not have to defend the word. It will take care of itself for it is but an expression in semantics whether carried out or not, and they are the great thoughts of God.

I was listening to a great philosopher the other day, and he did not think that it made any difference as to your race or your color, He thought the end product would be something highly evolved. But no mongrelization every evolved anything that was good. It just messes up what God made in the beginning. Any time you take a higher order and merge it with a lower order all that you get in the offspring is a mixture but never as high as the higher order. The lower order never seems to absorb any thing from the higher order, above what it has as a wave length to give. So this man spoke and I said, what do you mean there is only one order anyhow? The direction for this is the word of God. And he said but what difference does that make. Well, the order of God is for you to come out from among them and touch not the unclean thing, this is the higher order of the Word of God. And if this is a command of God. Then this is the way it is going to be, and all of your plans are going to fail. He says, well, suppose that I do not believe the bible? I said, 'that won't matter, we are going to do it anyhow.’ So we stopped talking.

The other day I talked to a man who is supposed to be so learned in the areas of finance and so forth. And he said it does not matter who does it, just so they keep moving the goods around, for there has to be some are of this going on. And some men are going to live just by handling money, and they have to have a price put on it. And I said but the whole process is going to fail for it has been founded on a procedure called usuary. And the word of God bans the use of Usuary. And if you permit the sons of lucifer to handle your money and you permit them to come into your nation and take over and rise to areas of influence in the banks and in your monetary life, then you are going to have trouble. You will have depressions and trouble, and wars, for these fellows live on you like parasites.

Now; the solution is the word of God. And he said, ‘what has the word of God to do with this?’ Well, first you do not let the parasites come into your land, And you do not let them handle your money, and you see that your money is handled with a just supply of weights and measures. Oh, he said, you are talking about the economists, I know what you are talking about, you are talking about the Jews. I said, 'I am glad that you understand me.' He said, but if they could not collect usuary on their money they would leave.' So I said, that would be the best thing that I ever heard of. This is solved quickly by the word of God. Denying the laws of God we are now setting aside the things that God said were for our protection. For he said for our protection we should have no part nor lot in this situation.

We had immigration laws, but the new laws have taken off the restrictions and now anything can come into these united States. He said how do you fight this? You can fight it by proclaiming the Word of God. You can point out the Christian heritage of America. And soon you will have everyone talking about the Word of God. The very structure of these policies will tell the story. He said, but isn't this a grand old place, look at the Statue of Liberty standing in our harbor. But I am not too sure that the Statue of Liberty was such a great gift. It may look good when you are getting back from some other part of the world. But when you get back and see what they have written on it then that changes the picture. He said but that is the Goddess of Liberty. But I do not have any other God than YAHWEH. There is only one God for Israel, that statue did not give us anything. You say but that is an emblem of something? But that is only when you impute it to it.

I am going to tell you something. Your life and Liberty comes from truth. Your life and Liberty is built on truth, and the carrying out of the preservation of that Liberty, comes with the synchronization, with the laws of God. We are in all sorts of bondage because we have broken the law, when the law itself binds you. So look at what is on that statue, written there. Send your scum from foreign shores. Empty your prisons and send them to us. Give us the scum of the earth, is what is written upon that statue of Liberty.

A Jewish woman wrote that--- ‘send us the scum of the world and we will try to make something out of it.’ Well, we have a lot of garbage in here now, but it was not this garbage that made America remember that. America was made by devote men who came here with spiritual design. You say a lot of people were with them, but they did not make America, it was men with Spiritual vision who made America. There may have been other men who served God and desired to be free, and to build a great new order. But God had set a destiny and had proclaimed this to be a land of the New Order. He had declared from the beginning that this should be the land of the ‘outstretched wings of the Eagle.’ It does not make any difference that half of the people who came here did not know it, but they were moved by inspiration to do what God wills. By His Word he set up nations, and kingdoms. And this nation was a nation under God of His own people.

And I point out to you that in the course of divine purpose, in the course of the development of this great nation, that around His word there was a vital purpose in his plan. He even proclaimed this hundreds of years in His Word, in the messages he gave to the prophets. That this nation would be a mighty leader. Would defend the nations of his kingdom? And we would render this service before the throne of the Most High God. And in these latter days we would stand against these forces of evil and forces of darkness. But this did not say that we would not have a time such as Jacob's trouble, or that we would not have an infiltration into our society. For the scripture tells us that we would have a great infiltration of the nations of God's kingdom. Of this menace we would not be spared. And that the powers of darkness would try to turn us away from worshiping our God. That the enemy who comes in would first try to turn us from the worship of our God. If we operated on the areas of his laws, we service sound and secure. But if we flirt with these laws there is no where to turn but to catastrophe and destruction. For what God has put to guide us is the fiat, the power which wards off destruction. It is not important to which extremity that you may turn to evaluate this, from the smallest one of the atoms. It is one electron, one proton, and if you unbalance them they blow up. But the law is there and it is the balance. And if you seek to violate then you reap catastrophe. You can go to the most extreme of the patterns of uranium, to 235 or 238, and there are just so many electrons moving around that nucleus. But what synthesizes it all is the mind of the Father, who put it together. HE have ordained destructive substance and He hath ordained also organizations and animations. And He has put his own life and spirit into this race of which you are a part. And you live in this shell of animated substance. He maketh vitality and the spirit leads in designs until the spirit resident in a soul consciousness can reside here.

Now; there is nothing more important for us to understand than that the laws of God exist. They came into being from His mind. And His declaration and his proclamation is His Word. And embodied here then it had it being. This is the reason then that you are children of the living Word. We refer to the Anglo Saxon people as the people of His household. Why? Because their thinking is the foundation of their lives and their attainment based upon His Word. When I tell you to proclaim the Word, to speak the Word It is this power of His word that shall break into this whole fallacy that we are following. That as the President signs that new immigration bill saying give us your scum, empty your prisons then you say, he can't do that? But I tell you that by Executive decree he can bring them in by the millions. You say, how do we answer this? Start speaking the Word. History will be reversed by the people if they just start speaking the Word.

I have been reading all kinds of opposition to this from all kinds of editorials. You say, why did the President do this? Well, this is because men today are seeking to please the word order, and they do not stand on the Word. The same thing is what is breaking up parties today. The Republican party is on the way down and out unless it reverses it course.

This is not because of any power that they have, but it is that they lose any power that they have if they are going to purge the people who are right. I can disagree with some of these organizations as the enemy penetrates them, but I want you to know that the great principal of opposing communism, and thinking free. That the upholding of private property and all that goes with Liberty and property is of the program of God. When they want to purge out of the Republican party and the John Birch society all of these people who don't go along with this, then they can purge out the Methodists and the Baptists also. And they would sure purge out the Church of Jesus Christ Christian. But if they don't straighten up everyone in it will walk out.

I point out that it doesn't make any difference whether it is a Nixon or a Morton. They have now demonstrated that they have given ascent to the World Order. Talk about freedom, they want to purge a party because men think about freedom. I heard one of these fellows moaning and he said, these Conservatives, we call them extremists. He said they would like to take over this party. You better believe it, we would like to take it over.

Let me tell you this. If the people who stand for God, who stand for right, do not observe that they must take over every institution and every political party in this country, then there is no facet to their proclamation. There is no use in talking about something if you cannot put something into action. I listened to one of the PTA people worrying about how the right wing is moving into the PTA. Well God save America, if they do not move into the PTA then the education of America will destruct.

You say, but the will of God does not have an answer for this. That is where you are mistaken. The Will of God does have an answer for this. In the areas of Education, we better start applying the laws of our social order. It is the responsibility of the fathers and mothers to bring up their children under the laws of God, morally and ethically. And if they do not do this then they may be squeezed out of it. And by the same process we should be teaching the children in our education system to honor their fathers and their mothers. Instead of trying to wean our children from their fathers and mothers and make them wards of the state we should be battling these thinkers on every turn.

The word of God is complete. There is not one social problem there is not one facet of a problem, in any area of our living, that the Word of God does not have an answer for. And then let me tell you something else, that you should know. The spirit that abides in you is in kinship with the Father. There is to be no secret thing, for he will make every secret thing known unto you. For what so ever that you desire, in life and living is in the purpose of God, and it will bring this to your consciousness. And I can point out to you that there is no field where this is not true. You can go into the capital of the United States, and there is a prayer room there. And on the floor of that room is the picture of George Washington kneeling in prayer. You can say, all you want to about atheistic, and agnosticism and that we do not want anything connected with our nation about religion or prayer? But they had to recognize that this father of our country, knelt in prayer even in the snow. So God saved that atmosphere in that room.

In the next few days they are going to serve a high holiday for the Jews in there, so the Jews can stay in Congress and vote. But if we had obeyed the laws of God there would not be any Jews in America or in Congress either.

Now; don't shake your head for God has already pointed out as to who the Jews are. He has already declared their relationship to the whole Babylonian process. You are in the midst of the final seizure of the kingdom of God by the Antichrist. And the resistance that God will stir up in this nation will make them fail in their attempt and then there will be no survivors. Why do you suppose the Pope is coming over here tomorrow? That will be just a visit on a long day? He gets here about 6:30. and by and by 9 o’clock he is on his way home. So he did what he could do in 24 hours.

I listened to a Methodist clergyman say, --The Pope is the first Clergyman of the World. All right. If a Methodist Clergyman thinks the Pope is the first Clergyman of the World then why is he in the Methodist church? I listened as men said that all of the Clergymen of the U.S. are going to sit at the feet of the first clergyman of the World, at the United Nations building tomorrow. So he is coming over here by their declaration, not mine that he is the first Churchman of the world. And there is only one thing that he should be coming for and that is to preach the Word. And if he went to the United Nations to preach the word, he would have had to say, we must split this thing up and move it out of a Christian nation. He would have to say, there is only One God and all those who will not proclaim it had better be kicked out of this institution. If he did that, then I would even cheer for him. But he is not going to do that. For he has already briefed the cardinals over in Rome as to what he is going to say. In order to keep the world from destroying itself, and to keep the Russians and the Albanians from destroying the Vatican. Then he has to want to disarm them and the ecclesiastical power. Roll them all together and they can have the central power. So he is operating as a false prophet here in the latter days, by saying we want to get all nations into the United Nations. Let all nations come in so that all will be there and do you know what you have here? The voice of the False Prophet, and preparing the world for the Antichrist in a one world takeover.

Someone said, do you think the Catholic church is a bad thing? I think that a bad Bishop and a bad Pope are a bad thing. And a bad Pope is someone that proclaims something which is in opposition to the word of God. We have been warned time and time again, as people say do not preach on this subject, it is going to be unpopular. If you preach on this you will be branded as a hate monger and as an antisemitic, and there will be no response. But do you know what they do not know? They do not know that the children of the Father live by every word that comes out of the mouth of God. Nobody was as unpopular with the Jews as Jesus. And today only one sixth of the worlds population acknowledge Jesus as LORD and God.

I talked to a Congregationalists the other day and he said do you know that no one is listening to you. I said I would like to inform you that we have millions out there listening to every word that comes out of the mouth of God. But who ever heard of you? And if I told you his name you wouldn't have ever heard of him. I said I never heard of you before today, and yet you are telling me what I must do to get the attention of people is to quit preaching the word of God. I may not have as many people that think like you think since you have thrown in with Johnson and the World Order, but let me tell you something. I would rather have this smaller group of people who believe in the Word of God for we are going to change the world. He said, they will lock you up. I said, I don't think so. They locked up Jesus, and they locked up Paul and others, but they could not keep them there. But I want you to know that in this day in which we speak, ---'Woe unto them who lift up their hands against the men and women of God.'

"Woe unto them who move against His household, His body, or them who are in the world today." For you have the body of Christ. And there is no doubt that many of them are more interested in the security for themselves than they are for preaching the Word. But God has a purpose and he knows what he wants to be done. And HE will know who carries out his wishes. We are told in the scripture to be careful for nothing. This means that you should move with utter abandonment to proclaim any thing that God proposes.

You say but this is going to cost you, if you persist in trying to beat the World Order. No--I don't think so. for my Father owns all of the land and the wealth of the world also. This does not belong to the devil just because he has been exploiting it. But my Father holds the wealth of the world in his hands, for this is his world. It does not belong to the devil. There are times when you hesitate and you wonder how to do it, but then you get busy and do it for you know that it has to be done. And this is called Faith. Because we believe God.

But God honors faith of an individual and he honors the faith of a nation. And he honors the faith of a people who have the faith to stand for truth, politically, economically and morally. He will honor the faith of individuals who will take a stand and he will cleanse the nation for his people. While all I am asking you to do is to speak the Word. To preach the word, to talk the word. And then people say,--but I leave that up to the minister. No--'ye are my witnesses'---ye are my children, members of my household. So you must understand that you must speak the word that your consciousness and your spirit are synchronizing. For our Father has the strength to put together this universe, and he holds it together. And if you want this power of this mighty force then you better keep in step with it.

And I tell you today that as you synchronize your life and your thinking, and your position as to these things which God has proclaimed, it is then not important as to how many disagree with you, it is for you to stand with, and to get right with God.

I tell you that if you do this then this will give you the courage that you have never displayed before Do you know that the one thing that the enemy cannot stand --is the word of God. And the enemy cannot understand how the children of God can know every thing that they plan to do. No matter how many of them get together in Paris or at the United Nations, and plotted and planned, someone before they have moved out of that room is speaking about it. For the spirit of God makes known unto his ministers just what the enemy is going to do. I had a minister tell me that God never spoke to him, so he does not believe it. Well that is why he never has anything to talk about. Well I only know that but for the Word of God there is no answer. Can you just imagine Mr. Johnson getting up and saying,--this is the word of God? If you want to start a fight then get up and say this is the word of God.

Oh you say, but if we stay silent on some of these things then couldn't we have tranquility here? Well, who wants tranquility with the devil? The enemy today is trying to buy you with false promises. It is going to alleviate all poverty, and all independence, all private ownership. They are going to own all of these super apartments and let you live in them according to how you go up or down in your estate. They will see that you have enough of everything to amuse you And they will see that a state undertaker cares for you when you die, and that state doctors will use all of the tranquilizing drugs before you die? And they say you have nothing to worry about for you are going to die anyhow. But the great super state must extend this all over the world, but you the 'have nations' must be sacrificed so as to make it happen. This is a subtle proposition, but the Word of God says that we are going to crush this whole evil, and 'the kingdoms of this world shall become the kingdoms of our LORD and his Christ.' And they are to learn to live under their own vine and under their own fig tree, and not in one of these high level apartments.

Oh you can live there if you want to but be sure that you pay for it, because they are a part of a collectivist program and the enemy has many plans as to how to do this. But this is not going to work for we are the children of a living God, we are a people set free. And anyone set free by Christ is free indeed. And we are to be free from bondage and this is to be effective in one way in our lives and another. So we tell you again that men do not live by bread alone but by every word that comes out of the mouth of God.

Jesus said that no one comes down out of heaven but those who can also go back into it. So you can come and go. Jesus said:--this is my word, and these are my children. No do not take them out of the world but keep them in it.

So we tell you this afternoon that there is no problem here that the Word of God does not cover. And I am telling you that for the enemy---you just keep preaching the word, and do not stop. Just keep pushing him until he start swimming from our shores, or leaving in his canoe.

Here the enemy is saying we do not want any religion brought into our schools. We don't want any religion brought into our government. We don't want any religion in our lives. But we do not care what they like we are going to bring in the word of God into every avenue of our lives, and if they do not like it then don't stay, move on. For it will either be the truth of God or the Witchdoctors in Watts.

I was in Riverside the other day and the Mayor told me that the Negroes were saying that we will get all of our demands or Riverside will burn. Well I say start preaching the law and reply to those threats by saying:---Obey the law or get out, for this is the law of God. And you remember this that when you are in partnership with your Father and synchronized with His mind, thinking His thoughts and applying His wisdom then there is no horizon out there that has any problem that is too big for you to handle, as you approach it. So we are looking for a great new day. A day when America shall shine with the Glory and the light of God as George Washington saw it in his vision, and as God, himself has promised it to you.

End of message.