Spirit Of The Everliving, 10-29-61



by DR. WESLEY SWIFT - 10-29-61

Dr. Greer speaking:---'Tidings out of the north and out of the east shall upset the bear and she shall come out against Israel. (Daniel 11:44)

On the map you will notice that north of Russian is the U.S. and east is Red China. The recognition of Red China by the U.S.---could well be the signal that the time has come for the final show. Also remember, that Christ fulfilled all the 'spring festivals' in His first coming. And He comes as the Reaper in the 'fall festival'. So we can look for His appearance in the 'Fall' of what ever year He comes. As America recognizes her enemies and gives aide to them as she turns her back on all here--fellow Israelites, and friends, then we are fast being stripped of what ever physical power we might have. Thus it can be truly said that we will fall on our knees as a nation to seek the help of our Heavenly Father. So as I listen to these talks from the library of the late Dr. Swift, I am always thrilled to hear again the inspiring plan of our Father. To know that His plan is to have His offspring on the earth for a nuclei of the world of tomorrow. Today's talk--"The Spirit of the Everlasting" is one of the most inspiring you will ever hear.---


The past few weeks there has been continuing developments in the world situation which clearly marks to any observer that we are moving into the climax of an age. And that we are moving into one of the greatest periods of experience for the children of God's Kingdom. There is no doubt that the world which does not know the covenants of God, or who does not know the things contained in this book are filled with fear, and a great number of the children of God's Kingdom, and those who are of His church which do not know of the great truths contained in the scriptures. They are in their own consciousness living in the background of the past, and have made no particular advance in the past years. And they also are with the world order---filled with fear.

I have noticed that in major articles in magazines for the past few weeks, that there is a certain attention paid toward the ground. Everywhere, men are beginning to dig in the ground like moles. Thus the climax of the age has men looking down. The only thing is, he is digging his pit not to put his body in ---that he might die--but that he might live. And he thinks that the secret of life is digging a hole in the ground into which he might crawl into. This week the 'U.S. and World News' talks about the Soviet Union and how they are building their bomb shelters, and it shows the material they are using and the instructions they are passing out. I notice that one of the biggest new works now stepping up is to dig a pit to crawl into so that you might survive in this hour into which we are now moving. My friends, if there has ever been a time which demonstrates the failure of the world order, it is now. The world order does not have a solution to the problem. And the greatest mistake that this great Nation of God's Kingdom could participate in is to join itself to this evil design--the United Nations--of this time. I think we have had an opportunity to see this in the past. And even more outstanding, we can see in the past few weeks more than ever before, as we see this nation join itself to an institution which is a part of the world order in opposition to God's Kingdom--and then move ever closer and closer to its embrace. The design of a great number of its members is the conquest of the world and the subjection of the world to World Socialism and Communism. And inside that United Nations, are nations which are a part of God's Kingdom, which believe in spiritual foundations and whose concepts of life are so different. And yet we discover ourselves going the way of the forces of darkness.

In the past two weeks we have watched our nation temporize. We have watched our nation join the blackmailing forces of darkness inside the United Nations. I think especially of one of the marking points in the last few weeks. And we think of this because it decides one of the things we must think about. We discover that the United States stands by while the black nations of Africa hardly more than cannibal tribes, and not ready for nationhood, are ready to loan the influences they wield inside the United Nations, to our enemy. They want the recognition of Mauritania and they beckon to the Soviet Union and listen to its threats. And they turn and place their pressure, not, my friends, upon the Soviet Union, but upon Nationalist China, to get Nationalist China to recognize the entrance of Outer Mongolia into the United Nations. I think that everyone recognizes that Outer Mongolia is only a Red puppet having only a little over one million people, riding Mongols--Steppe warriors. The fact is that at this time Outer Mongolia is just one more vote for the 'Red Block' in the United Nations. The United States has one vote, and Outer Mongolia comes in with one vote. The Soviet Union was so intent on this one vote, that it threatened to veto the entrance of Mauritania if the Nationalist Chinese vetoed the entrance of Outer Mongolia.

Now, what transpired? Do these black nations who want Mauritania in,--do they apply their pressure on the Soviet Union?---No.---I want you to know that this afternoon, that all the known white nations of the world today, are being unified in a program of Socialism design and World Communism. They are joining for their hour with the Anti-Christ. There are a few areas like Nationalist China and South Korea in all of Asia, which are not dominated and influenced by these forces. Now, we note that there is one thing we must understand, that temporizing with evil is not the program of God's Kingdom, nor buying temporary time by doing something which is not right. There is no way in which we can take a moderation course in which we take a stand that a little evil can be admitted. And so it is that as these nations put the pressure on Nationalist China, that she not veto the entrance of Outer Mongolia, or they would immediately support the entrance of Red China into the United Nations. And thus we see Nationalist China now being blackmailed by cannibal tribesmen now being called nations. But where did America stand in all this? Where did this Great Kingdom Nation, with the blueprint of God's Kingdom before her--where did she stand? Our leadership and our nation was not guided by God's Spirit. Nor did they seek to follow the blueprint of their own conscious or what was known to be normally --morally right. But our nation temporized and we applied pressure upon the government of Nationalist China so she would not veto the entrance of Outer Mongolia. Thus another victory was achieved by Russia. (Bolsheviks) You cannot be a part of that which is evil and take a stand for right. For when you have joined yourself to that which God in His blueprint, has condemned, then you follow a process which is in cooperation with that which is in the darkness, or you will seek to become a neutral, and there is no neutral ground between right or wrong. There IS NO NEUTRAL GROUND IN GOD'S KINGDOM.

Thus it is that we have watched this development and it has been significant. We warned you about the 21st day of the month and the short period thereafter. Earthquakes on schedule on that day, not only in the Himalayas and out into the Mongolian mountains. But very little news is leaking out. But some time we will know what transpired. But America bows to pressure in order to buy a little time. We temporize with evil in order to make peace with the devil.

So -- we are helping to hold together a crumbling world order. But do not think that those who talk about this, and work for this believe it. Because they are sending out instructions on how to dig a hole in the ground. They are placing their hopes on being about to exist in the earth by burying themselves and their families in the hole in the earth.

I want you to realize today, that there are covenants far more important to you because they are the promise of YOUR FATHER, which guarantees your survival, than any hole in the ground that you might dig. We are not saying that there are not advantages in certain circumstances, to certain types of shelters. But I want you to know that the World Order is collapsing and when you reach the time when people are feverishly digging holes in the ground, you may well remember that you were told that the climax of the age--such as you and I are living in--would find men crying to the rocks and mountains, and trying to hide themselves in the depth of the earth. The world order is not promising them security. It is promising catastrophe, convulsions, and tremendous destruction. A great many people are disturbed about this. They are worried about what is to transpire. But I want you to know that the important thing which is significant to you is--to realize--'who you are'--and 'what you are'--and 'what it is that must guide you.' We as a nation, should not fear the hour which is just ahead or the events which are just as sure as tomorrow's sunrise. But we should be anticipating actively with vision and with testimony in synchronizing both our thinking, and our witness, and our testimony. For as the Apostle Paul said:--'We are living Epistles, and we are here to be read of all men.'.--Surely, a temporizing moderating society which seeks with all the covenants of God--to guarantee survival--and yet buys temporary respite by doing the things which are wrong, does not speak as it should for God's Kingdom.

It is time that you and I pray that our leaders of our society, wake up and do that which is right. Or we will watch as God removes these branches which have not abided in the synchronization of His mind. And we must pray for speed in this process for the testimony of God's Kingdom must stand. When we think of the great value of our time, we must become aware of the most important thing which we can know. We have cited to you the fact that we are children of God as one of the most important things that you can understand. But not just in the way that many in mental gymnastics have said that by acceptance of a truth, or by saying--'I believe on the name or in the person of Jesus the Christ, and thus I became a child of God.' I want you to know that the only way anyone becomes a child of God is when God begat him in the Spirit. And the Spirit that begat him was the very life Spirit of the Eternal YAHWEH-God. Even as you have been begotten of the Adamic race, after the flesh, then you are the children of your parents. So also did the Father in the dimension of the Spirit begat you--in the Spirit. And thus you are children of His Spirit whose Spirit is Life of His Life, and Light of His Light.

I think it is most significant that in the Epistle of 'I John in the 5th chapter, --- and you no doubt have the King James Version before you---but we will give you some original intent of the scripture as we read here:--'We know that the son of God is come'. But the intent of the text reads:--'We know that the embodiment of God has come. And has given unto us understanding that we might know Him that is true, for we are in Him that is true.' Your version says:--'Even in His son Jesus Christ'. The original text said:--"We know that the embodiment of God has come, and He has given us understanding so that we might know that we also are embodied as He was embodied, and the spirit that was in Him is in us.'----This is the revelation of the True God and is Everliving Life. Most significant for you to understand today, is that the spirit that is in you has been begotten of the Eternal Father. The world Eternal in the Old Testament, and in translation as it was spoken of as ---'The Everliving One'. Thus as we talk about God, we are talking about the Everliving One, who out of the essence of His very being, and out of the dimensions of the Spirit in which His Celestial light body dwells, about He who has put all things together, and held all things together by the energy and determination of His spiritual and Celestial mind. There can be no question---that when we understand that the Everliving has existed thru out all ages, and that we are His children, then what John is declaring is:--'That we know that the embodiment of God has come, and that the man--Christ Jesus, was the embodiment of God. This understanding we have of Him, and not only was this made known unto us--and this is true--but as He was embodied into this world that our spirits came by the process of birth. And we are the children of our parents. We know that the Eternal God also came into this world, and tho His conception was the immaculate conception of a Holy Spirit of His Eternal nature, still the body born of the Virgin Mary was Kinsman to you in the flesh, as it was kinsman to you in the planes of Spirit.

The Apostle Paul tells us that since His children are here in the flesh, that He took a body of flesh so that He might be just like His kinsmen. That He might abolish death for you, for all time. There is no doubt that now this is what we must understand:--'What as Christ dwelt in the flesh, this was the embodiment of the Eternal God. And this Spirit which is in you is the Spirit like that which was in HIM. The only separation for it is that HE being your Eternal Father in the Spirit, was before all--above all--God all and all. But as far as you are concerned, you are the offspring of God. You are Elohim---Divine Children. But the thing I like is---that this is the true revelation of the Eternal God. This is the Everliving Life. And when we talk about Eternal life and Everlasting Life, we are faced with two different words:---Eternal Life is Everliving Life.---Everlasting is a very long long time.---But Eternal Life and Everliving never ceases. For we are the children of an Everliving Father.

It is most significant for us to know that the planes of spirit from out of which we have come--into the world--are as tangible and real as this world in which we live. It has shape and form. And we are well aware that while we the children of Spirit talk about things which we cannot see with our natural eye, still you here in this congregation and the rest of the children of the Everliving God possess something. While we see things and talk about things that we cannot see with the natural eye, we, none the less, talk about things and believe upon them that we do not see. We know that we have a spiritual body and a spiritual being. You cannot see it. But you know it is there. You cannot see the soul conscious center that does the thinking within your body. But you know it is there. You know that the body is the instrument which you dwell in and that you live in. You know that all around you are energies organized by form and altho you do not behold them, you do not doubt them this afternoon. There is a sure knowledge which comes in our scientific world. It is a knowledge of invisible elements that we cannot see, of atoms, the electrons, the neutrons, the protons, in which it is made. We know of its organization, and of its law. And we are even now, by the technology of the vision which we have built the instruments to measure the invisible things out of which a great physical universe is constructed.

But I want you to understand that there are dimensions of spirit, and they had to you--form--every form which you have seen in a visible world. How is it that you can understand, believe, and know these things when there are also a great number of people that don't know they even exist? There are also a great number of people who have no knowledge of spiritual law, or spiritual foundation. It is because the spirit that is in you develops within the seat of your consciousness--the image of Celestial dimensions that only the spirit can perceive. The Apostles like John the Revelator, was carried into the dimension of spirit, and into the heavens above. And they returned and stepped out of these dimensions to record in the writings which they wrote---these things which they saw and which they beheld. They became witnesses unto you of things which they saw. But they did not behold anything that your spirit had not beheld when there is rolled away from you--the curtain that separates the spiritual consciousness from the great present soul consciousness dwelling in this physical body. For that spirit dwelling in you is the spirit of the Eternal Father. It is the spirit of the Everliving. It is the spirit of the Eternal God. And it seeks and searches out all the deep things of God. Every mystery, every wisdom, and every knowledge of the Most High is known unto the spirit of the Most High.

You say---but that is the spirit of God, so what about me? The Apostle Paul said:--'Know ye not that your body is the Temple of the Holy Spirit, and that the spirit of the Everliving God dwells in you?'----Why? My friends?----Because you are the children of the Everliving. I think that when men are beginning to dig holes in the ground so that they can survive, there is something that you the children of God's Spirit know. -- That the Spirit which dwells in you doesn't need the protection of a hole in the ground to survive. Instead--it has something which no one else outside the children of the Kingdom possess. It possesses a Light of Light that will give life to every atom of your body and the very flesh which you dwell in will live when other flesh shall be consumed. There may be some who say:--I cannot accept this. I doubt the validity of this factor, or for what purpose did Christ come into the world???

Now, I think it most significant that we understand that here in the book of John among some of the mysteries hidden here inside the scriptures---inside that mighty Prayer in which the Humanity of the Eternal God, the body which He dwelt in--communed with the Spirit that filled the heavens and the earth, and was here embodied in its fullness in Christ Jesus. And in the 17th chapter of John it says:--(Vs:2)---"As thou (this is the Eternal Christ, the Incarnate God who John spoke about as we just read to you in the 5th chapter of his first Epistle, in which he said:--'We have beheld the Embodiment of God."--Now, the embodiment of God here speaks unto the spirit which fills the heavens and earth, and is within HIM)----"As thou has now given this body power over all flesh---(all flesh)--(note this)---all flesh that we should give Eternal Life to as many as thou hast given Him."

I think that this is rather significant. For here we find that the declaration of the Christ was that---'Power was in His hand over all flesh'---over all flesh--over all flesh--over all flesh--to give power to as many as had been given unto Him in the flesh.' For this is Everliving Life---that they might know not only the Eternal YAHWEH--the Everliving God, but that they might also know HIS embodiment which has now come forth.

Now,--I want you to note this. "Thine they were in the Heavens--(in the planes of spirit)---The flesh to whom I have given power to give Everliving Life."

The church has taught in a great number of places that an individual given an acceptance of a truth of God, then suddenly is given Everliving Life. But I want you to know that Everliving Life is not given to the Spirit. Because the Spirit already is Eternal. The Spirit is already the offspring of the Most High.--- Therefore, the place where people are waiting for Eternal Life--the place where Everliving power is to come, is on --'All flesh'--the flesh of man. It is the man who is mortal, who must put on immortality. It is not that which is already immortal--already Eternal that waits for this act of Almighty God. This is one of the reasons why we see this word:--"As God was embodied in the flesh, and we have beheld His embodiment---the Spirit of the Everliving was dwelling 'inside the body of the Man Christ Jesus.' As that Spirit dwelt in HIM there was given unto HIM--the bodies of everyone of the sons and daughters of God---for the Spirit belonged to the Father in the Heavens.

"Thine they were in the heavens"---in planes of Spirit, and their spiritual beings belong unto the Spirit.---But now, ----'I am God embodied,---and their bodies belong also unto ME, for the spirit which was there (in planes of spirit), now is dwelling in these physical bodies.'----And it is to give life unto these bodies---that I have come.

Now, I think it is most significant that if there is any one thing which God is going to do--in the consummation of this age, it is that He is going to demonstrate the Mighty Life Power of the Everliving Spirit which is of God. And it is the Spirit which dwells in you which will conquer over every area of death, disintegration, and destruction, and restore immortality to His sons---enveloped with Light and Glory as the world has never beheld before.

If you think that the program of God is not outlined with reality, then you do not understand. We talk about the fact that we behold things which are not visible. We site:-'While we look not at things which are seen', our consciousness is looking at things which are seen. And things which are not seen are Eternal things. While we look not at the things that are seen but at the things that are unseen---for the things which are seen are temporal. But the things not seen are Eternal.

Now, I want you to know this. You were put down here in the world, not to develop something within it. For in the will of the Eternal Father, He had determined to build His Kingdom, and to build it out of men, to build nations, to build great cities, and a mighty Kingdom right here in the earth, that men would behold. He not only determined that He was going to conquer evil, but that He was going to conquer it in a physical world. For this purpose He embodied His children, and to do this He gave them bodies they could dwell in. But they were still Eternal children of the Spirit. The one place where man has failed is in the physical body, because his consciousness was captured as God testified that it would be, by the wiles of Lucifer and his forces. The Kingdoms of this world order wished to retain their power, and they sought to capture and gain control of the Adamic race by which you have come into earth. They have had tremendous impact upon this race. They caused the fall of our race from its mighty Celestial power, but not from its abiding Internal-Eternal presence. And now,--God has restored to you by the great and mighty act of His own personal embodiment, by the consummation of everything He covenanted. He hath restored unto you every divine right of tremendous power that belongs to the sons and daughters of God.

This afternoon, we are not only --not using--these powers because we are letting mind blocks of doubt and lack of perception stand in the way from the tremendous power that belongs to God's children, and this can be clearly established. But we do not realize that there is no condemnation resting now on you or any of the sons and daughters. You may condemn yourself, or you may condemn one another. But remember who is to be condemned since Christ 'alone' would have the right to condemn. And He has lifted you from condemnation unto life.

I want you to know that He has justified you. He the Eternal God, knowing the conditions of your environment, and by His own acts--became a substitute for you, so that in His atonement, every last one of you can say:---'I stand absolutely guiltless, by the righteousness of God, which He has reputed unto me, and I accept that this afternoon.' At the very moment that you accept that, then it is obvious that you are becoming aware of what you possess and who you are. We have too many conditional things today. We have conditional salvation, conditional Eternal Life. And there isn't any conditions on it. Almighty God looks upon you and He makes this declaration:----'All that the Father (spirit) hath given Me shall come.' And then He adds:--'He is going to give Eternal Life--Everliving Life to all the flesh, given unto Him (His embodiment) and all power was given unto Him (His embodiment) over that flesh.'

A clergyman said to me one day:---'Salvation is not a matter of the flesh, it is a matter of the spirit.' I said:--'Did you ever hear of a spirit that ever died? Did you ever hear of a spirit that was not Eternal? Did you ever hear of a spirit that you had to find someway to get life back to it?' What you have to do is find a way to restore the things that have crumbled. It is the things that are seen that are falling apart, not the things which are not seen. I am told in the scriptures by the Apostle Paul who was there, and who talked with the Father, and the Archangels, and the hosts of heaven,---he was told that the things that are to be shaken are the things which are temporal. And the things which cannot be shaken are the things of the spirit. But when the temporal forces are synchronized with spiritual force, they shall survive whether they be nations or men or the works they have built. I want you to realize that we have not only been placed in the world to be living Epistles to be read by all men, but in the instance of that which Paul talks about, he determines that we are to demonstrate the spirit of the Everliving God. In II Corinthians 3, he says:--'For as much as ye are manifestly declared to be the Epistles of the embodiment of God's Spirit, ministered by us.' --- Now, you say---'but in my Bible, it says we are to be the Epistles of Christ.'---But the actual and original text said:--'For as much as ye are manifestly declared to be the Epistles of the embodiment of God (who of course was Christ), ministered by us, written not with ink, but with the spirit of the Living God, which dwells inside of you, is liking His Epistles on the tables of your flesh, upon your very inner heart.' Not, my friends, ---upon tables of stone,---therefore your whole thinking, listening, consciousness must become synchronized with the blueprint of God for any dimension or plane you dwell in. And when you are dwelling in the earth, it is not a matter of synchronizing the Celestial nature with that of the Eternal because it is already synchronized. It is a matter of bringing your thought processes within your physical body into conjunction with God's plan---transforming and working for this purpose.

Someone said the other day:--'Dr. Swift, do you think that it is our business to interfere with the political situation, or speak out against the United Nations, or any of these other factors?'

My friends, you cannot temporize on anything which relates to God's Kingdom. You cannot remain silent. You must speak out in this hour. You must not only synchronize all the endeavors and efforts your nation can erect toward the erection of God's Kingdom. But you must remember also that God said:--'Come out from among her'----this world order, and be not partakers of her sins. but we have already partaken of her sins--of the U.N., of blackmail, of coercion, and of pressure which that institution brings, which it cannot help but bring pressure, since the darkness is infused within it. Children of the Everliving God have nothing in common with, or in communion with the children of darkness. These children of darkness are those who lack the spirit, and their soulishness has nothing in common with you. There isn't any doubt but that the program of God for the world is one of great power. It is a program of great government---greater than the world has ever witnessed; one in which this great government of God will rule from one end of the world to the other, when the children of the Kingdom shall rule over the people of the earth, from one end of the world to the other. There is no doubt of that. And it is not a program which makes adjustments for the peoples of the world. But it makes the peoples of the world live according to a divine standard, and according to Divine Law.

One of the great problems of today is that altho all around you are people who are your kinsmen, people of your race, children of your Father, and they belong to the outward known organization, which is the spiritual center of His Kingdom---His church--yet--do you know, that they haven't learned a new thing since they started going to Sunday school? Oh!--They have listened to their preachers, and they have heard of the miracles that Jesus performed. They have heard of how He walked on the water, and how He opened the eyes of the blind. They have learned how He administered the affairs of people and those things.

Now, there isn't any one who loves the stories of this book anymore than I do, and I want you to know that the great majestic spectacle of the Embodiment of God living among men is one of the great chronicles of all time. It causes you to lose your own soul. It causes you to see the Majesty of God living among men. --- But you know?---You understand and you remember that these are the things in which God did as He dwelt among us. But did you ever stop to think that in these last 1900 years, we do not hear anything about a written Epistle? We do not hear about any new message. We do not hear anything since the book of Revelation was correlated as the last book of records, and the church put it as the last book inside the Bible? Do you mean that God has stopped teaching His people? That He stopped developing His truth? That isn't what He says over in the book of Isaiah. Here Isaiah tells the people of God's Kingdom:--'I am going to teach them knowledge. I am going to make them understand doctrine. I am going to wean them. I am going to wean them off milk, and take them off the breast, and I am going to teach them precept upon precept, and line upon line, here a little there a little.'

I want you to know that knowledge was not to stop. The revelation of God was not to stop. That we are living in a climactic hour, and there are prophecies of the prophets which deal with our time. But there are great doctrines of vital truths, and great revelations of great knowledge, which you and I are to know. And the spirit of God is continuing and has never ceased to make known great truths. He is still speaking --precept upon precept. We have it before us at all levels and for all ages, in the world of today.

You say:--'what do you mean by that?' I mean that the children of God who are dwelling in the world today are in physical bodies. But their physical consciousness is not at one lever, but at all levels. There are adults, a great number of them are grownups. But they are --- also still like children on milk. They have never found the strong meat of God's word. They have never found the nourishment of God's word, nor have they ever advanced beyond the simple Bible stories and the simple narratives of those accounts which they had in Sunday School. They are your kinsmen, they are our brothers. But we know this to be true. We know that at every level of the development of the great truths of God's word, there are people. Their spirits are full grown. But they don't know any of this. If they would listen to the spirit of God within, and know that the spirit of God is within the Holy Temple and wants to make known unto them these truths, then they would have advanced further than they have today. But they have been listening so far only unto the ministers who don't know anymore than they do, who are still,-- my friends,--on milk. But they are trying to give meat unto the congregations thru out the nations. But there is nothing to tell them because they don't know anything different themselves. And so our problem is that the job before the Kingdom of God for this hour is one that calls for a strong and mighty army. It calls for a Kingdom of men and women, built with faith, who possess the knowledge of God, whose great concept with the spirit of the Living God is so pulsating, running thru them, that they know the victory. They see the victory, and they feel the victory.

They bind the darkness. They know Communism is not going to win. They know that Russia is not going to throw us down. They know that the great missiles are not going to wipe us from the earth.

The other day, I was listening to a broadcast and it was with the Secretary of the Army speaking. He was saying, we had just fired one of the largest nuclear missiles. We had just developed one of the most powerful rockets thrown into the sky, and so--on--and on. I listened to the reality of it. And there isn't anything of this that you and I should shun, for the reality of the hour is here, and so -- here was a missile and bombs which could wipe out the enemy. And millions and millions of people could be wiped out upon a single stroke. And the Secretary of the Army said:--'No one has anything like this.'---

But across the world, the leader of the world order speaks back to the nations of God's Kingdom and demands that we do one of two things. Either we appease or surrender, or they will wipe us off the face of the earth. They will bury us in the dirt round about. And so the whole world is rushing toward a program of death. Everyone is getting ready to kill everybody else. And everybody thinks death is just over the hill. And everybody is just digging a little hole, deeper, and deeper. And they are digging a grave---to live in--because they wish to live and to miss death. What an hour you are living in. Your age is coming to a close. And the age of a world order round about is challenging God's Kingdom. And the powers of darkness and their forces of evil have spent their energy and hurled them into a world design to conquer the earth and force all men to surrender. But all they can deliver is the idea to dig a hole in the ground. And all they can promise is destruction.

I am going to tell you something. There exists among the children of the Eternal God, in this great nation, and in all the nations of God's Kingdom, a great and mighty potential, which has something to promise the world instead of death just over the hill. We have the power of Light. We are the children of THE FATHER--THE CHILDREN OF THE EVERLIVING.

Do not think for a minute that I condone the fact that we must build weapons and get ready to resist the powers of darkness. We fight the enemy on his field of battle, in a physical world. But our attitude and our consciousness in the directive behind this picture must not be that of the realization that we are children about to be doomed or who have to take a chance on survival,---but that we are the Children of Eternity--of Eternal Life, and our survival has been assured.

One of the problems is that we have not been taught by institutions of the physical church at large --line upon line, and precept upon precept. Had this been done they would have moved on from the experiences which the disciples had in the days that shortly followed the beginning of the New Testament church, to a continuous expansion of the precepts of the MOST HIGH. there is not any doubt that God has kept alive all thru the history of His Kingdom---not a nuclease of his people because every white man on the face of the earth is a descendent of the Abraham seed line, and the children of Adam, but there is a great spiritual center of God's kingdom which has not bowed the knee to Baal. That spiritual center will not, this afternoon, bow to any pressure, they will not moderate their testimony, just to secure for themselves a little personal gain, or a little personal security. They will not go along, or condone--in this hour, the use of the instruments of evil for their own personal well being. For it is self evident today that it is not well being for either you or the nations when you temporize with evil in order, my friends --to make a little more security in the World Order which is passing away.

I listened to an Evangelist on the radio the other day and he shook everyone over fire and brimstone, and told us that we better look up, and accept his message right away and get jerked out of the world, or we would get buried, or burned up with it, because it was about to get burned up. There wasn't any doubt about it, the world would just burn up. They might put a world together someday, maybe those who got away would come back, but the whole thing was about to explode and burn up, and the great and mighty destruction is coming.

What this man did not know is that the destruction is not coming upon the kingdom of God. It is not coming upon what we call this planet, it is coming on THIS WORLD ORDER, UPON THE POWERS OF DARKNESS--it is coming on the forces of evil. And my friends; the instruments of men as well as the powers of nature, all tuned to a tremendous hour --in which we live.

Now, the spirit of the Everliving dwells inside of you, and because it dwells in you it is the key to Life. That is one of the reasons why the old Aramaic text tells us that Jesus said:--that He was the vine and you are the branches. He was the very life of His kingdom, and each one of you because you are light of his life, and spirit of his spirit are the branches. He said:--therefore the only way you can bring forth the fruit of the kingdom is to synchronize the consciousness of your mind with this abiding presence of His spirit, that abides in you. He said:--"I in you and you in me."

Some one says--what does that mean?--it means that in its context that the spirit that is in Him is also in you. Thus we are One--we are united, we must synchronize in our objective in every conscious, waking moment, to accomplish that which the Father wants to accomplish. Some one said:--that would take to much sacrifice. I don't think it takes to much of a sacrifice, for there isn't anything you would enjoy more than having the inheritance which belongs to you. There isn't anything which belongs to you quite as much, as the kingdom of God in the earth. He said:---you ask me and I will give you the heathen for an inheritance, and the ends of the earth for thy possession. Is that my friends--a sacrifice? It sounds like the Bounty of God following the development of God's children, activated by His Spirit.

Someone says:--'Who wants them anyway?'--Well, you have them anyhow, because you were sent into the world to overthrow the powers of darkness, and close up the temples of evil. Do you know that the World Order says to you today?----It says--- I think you ought to study all the pagan religions more, so that you can understand them better. We think you ought to understand what motivates their heart, we think you ought to embrace a little bit of what is in each and everything of what exists in the world today, and then you can help us build a Great One World Order, that is socially and religiously integrated as one great and glorious acceptance of ideas and principals. That my friends is a way of death. Some say that is the way to go to survive, but My friends there is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof is death.

There is only one source of light and that is what comes out of the spirit of the Everliving Father. Out of He who put all things together, and who holds all things together, and by which all things were framed. There is no way in which you and I will bring the Kingdom of God to reality in the earth until --there is not one idol temple left in the earth, not even one left for a museum. Till the last witch doctor is put out of business, and the last communist spokesman has ceased to put out his venom. Until the armies of OUR LORD and HIS CHRIST has triumphantly conquered the earth with righteousness and truth--to set men free. Not to put you in bondage, but to give them light as they have never known it before. Some one said; but aren't we to take them into the family of God and embrace them a brothers?--My friends these are not thy brothers, for my brothers are my Father's children, and these are the creation of My Father.

I want you to know that you do not have to be ashamed this afternoon, of the embodiment of God to establish his kingdom with power. I am not going to be ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus the Christ. It went--my friends with great power to the House of Judah, and the House of Israel-----"I have come " He said "for the lost sheep of Israel". I have come to gather the Sheep of My pasture---I call them by name ---and I lead them out. Someday you are going to learn that 'whosoever' was not a Sheep call. You are going

to learn that God did not come down to earth to call his sheep and then yell--"WHOSOEVER." When He called you he did not start by saying:--"whosoever ---anybody come--He started to deal any down deep in your heart and soul to bring your consciousness to an awareness.

Someone said:--but I don not believe in an experimental religion. It is not an experimental religion, it is more than an experiment, it has been tried, and proven. God's spirit --one with yours can activate your spirit until vision breaks thru into the seat of your consciousness. And when it does you start to think of the great vision of God's purposes, and plan. Every development, scientific and technical of our time has had to move out of the knowledge factor of vision deep in the consciousness of the individual. And God Almighty activates the consciousness of your race. You were sent here to build His kingdom, to lift the world out of Darkness. You are the light that shines in the Darkness, and the Darkness comprehends it not. But you also possess that light that Jesus said He gave to every man (Adam man) who came into this world. That is the reason it says in the book of John-----He is the light which is the light of men. He is the light and the life, and you can put those together because Light and life go together. A Light that is the Light of men and a Light that is the Life of men as well. Every man who came into the world He lighted him. He said: --"I call my sheep by name, I lead them out--I give them the Everliving Light"--Not the spirit which is already Everliving , but the Physical bodies.

Someone said:--'Dr. Swift do you actually believe that there will come a time that when the bombs fall that there will be a people in the world who will not die?' --I am going to tell you something--the hour which is just ahead of you is going to demonstrate the great and mighty power of God in a way which you have never watched it demonstrated in the world before. Because you are moving into an age when ever mortal--every body of every son or daughter of God is going to put on immortality. You say:---do you believe that?--I believe every word out of the mouth of God. Let me show you something over here in the book of Romans. One Clergyman said to me: ----I do not see anything in my bible until the Resurrection day about any salvation of the body. I said: --'Well, resurrection Day is a very important day, but Resurrection day can come for you, when you wake up to what the Bible says. Resurrection day is one of the most important days in the history of your race.

Now, let me show you something.---(Romans 8:16)----"The spirit bears witness with our Spirit, that we are the children of the Eternal."----It declares that if we are the children then we are the heirs with the embodiment of God because we are also embodied. What was the inheritance of the embodiment of God?---The world was made by Him--but occupiers in the province of the kingdom which belonged to him, by the Evil seed line, would not inherit it ,but the children of the Eternal received it, because they were begotten, not by the will of Man, or the will of the flesh, but by the Will of God. So therefore their spirit bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God.

Now, the earnest expectation of this creature body, and of everyone of the creature bodies of the children of God---is the manifestation of the sons of God. Did you know that the whole creation round abut is vibrating together with you? In other words all the processes and energies of the environment, all the things that you hear, and all the things that you perceive, all the forces pent up in the world today are vibrating together with every other element in the universe, and all these pressures are leveling out. And that body of yours and every other creature body is waiting to be delivered from the bondage of corruption.

What are you waiting for?---You are waiting for the glorious liberty which belongs to the Children of the Everliving. Do you know what that glorious liberty is that you are waiting for?---It is when the body ceases to get sick, when the body starts to glow with light, when the process of immortality starts to move upon the children of God, and there is no power in all the physical universe that can take it away.

Now, let me read to you what the Apostle Paul had to say:---Not only all the creatures in the Universe, BUT WE ALSO --the first fruits of the spirit---the first begotten children of His spirit, we also are waiting for what?---THE REDEMPTION OF THE BODY. Some say, yes, but we have to go out and save spirits, ----but you do not have to save spirits --what you have to do is call to the spirits to awaken sleepy minds. You have to awaken sleepy people. What you are going to see is a lot of people who have been on Milk toast, and cereal who are going to start eating the meat of God's word. They are going to start to give life, and they won't want to hear things they have heard over and over again and again. They are going to begin to hunger for truth, and you will see them search after new truths and keep on developing new things.

Someone said:---but there aren't any new things.'---Well, you are an awfully conceited person if you think you have stored up inside of you in the electrons round all the nerve centers--all the wisdom of God. For God is going to going to pour out knowledge to you that will make picture form of things which you have not seen in a physical world, that you are going to apply just as long as you receive them. We have too many people who are afraid that if the children of God start to search they will move around and come out of their sleep. There are many preachers today that don't want spiritual life to start in their congregations because they are afraid someone will get more than they have. And someone will know more than they know, and if people find out more than they can produce, then they might not come back --they might go where they found it. And instead of them seeking for truth they are trying to suppress the spiritual deliverance of this hour, because they are afraid they can't compete with it.

Our problem today is not competition, but how can we have competition in the Kingdom of God? No way.--What we need is to have all the bars pulled off the values of truth. We need to open up our hearts to the revelation of the Eternal God.---You are Children of the Everliving---children who were with the Father before the world was framed---who saw Him lay the foundation of the earth. Who saw Him put out the measuring line. And as He spoke to Job, it is recorded, you are those who's spirits sang together as all the morning stars sang together and all the sons of God shouted for joy. These are those things we need to open our hearts to the revelation of .

You are on the edge, my friend, of great developments and surely bombs are going to fly thru the air as they never have in all human history. No wonder it says:--'a great and unusual period of time, and great trouble is upon the earth. But what does it all mean for you?---It means that we must arrive at these hours of prophecy for the developments that prophecy has assured us will come.

The other day I was talking to a woman who said:--'Dr. Swift, don't you think it would be well for us all to pray for God to give us more time? Don't you think it would be good if we would pray that God would push this out a ways and give us 15 or 20 more years of time?'---I said:--'How long do you want to be miserable? How long do you want to go thru these kinds of things which make men ill and filled with fear? How long?'--Let me tell you this. We don't want more time. We want the climax of the age. And we want it quickly.

One of these days the church is going to understand that its major prayer---they are really not praying--"LORD JESUS COME QUICKLY"---and mean it? How many? If they knew Christ was coming this afternoon or was to walk into this auditorium this afternoon?--How many would say:--'come right on in--right now.'--How many? Lots of people would start to search their hearts. They would start to condemn themselves and that is a mistake. Oh.--some say:--'but they should search their hearts and get ready.'--No.--What you do is acknowledge what God has already done. You couldn't get righteous. You couldn't get ready by yourself this afternoon.---The great righteousness of God's Kingdom is imputed to you because HE knows that the spirit of His Eternal Children is dwelling in this physical body. It's pretty hard for you to clean this body up all by yourself. We have more commercial products than people can use of try to clean this body up and make it look like new and try to get it into shape.

Let me tell you something. In one moment, in the twinkling of an eye, without one wrinkle or one blemish, God is going to bring to you the fullness of immortality. I want you to know that you are on the edge of that. -- Someone said:--'Dr. Swift, we don't believe that anymore. Those things are just superstitions.' Well, you better find a church that is dead then, because we are not about to throw back the greatest truth that God has outlined. The great mighty light which belongs to HIS Kingdom and for this age and for the is hour is a truth that we are not going of let go of. When everybody that vibrates in disintegration is going to --not groan--but vibrate with light. Do you want us to throw away that truth?? I want you to know that the spirit of the Everliving means just that---SPIRIT OF THE EVERLIVING.

If you are wanting to dig a hole in the ground, then turn over to the book of Deuteronomy, for it says:--'The Everliving God is my refuge, and underneath are the Everlasting Arms.'---And He shall thrust out the enemy from before this, and say unto His mighty host---destroy them. The Everliving is thy refuge.---How strong is that?---How good is it??--this Everliving??--It is the stream of life, the source of life. It is that great and Mighty Power dwelling inside of you---the GREAT AND ETERNAL SPIRIT THAT NOTHING CAN DESTROY---whose consciousness has reached into the yesterdays of experience with the Father, unto the day it was spiritually begotten. Into the tomorrows beyond your ability to see, or --eye has not fully beheld even in a spiritual vision all the things that the Father has planned. But I want you to know this afternoon that you are a part of a mighty resurrection. You are a part of everyone of these tomorrows. You are a part of the Mighty hours of resurrection. And you are a part of the mighty hours of --ETERNAL LIFE. And you are a part of God's plan for the earth, or He wouldn't have sent you to begin with.

Yes, there are a lot of people who are crushed in their spirit today, as they are looking at things coming to pass. They are seeing the disintegration of their society and something speaks within them and says,--this is all wrong. Something inside them says:--I can't quite go along with all this.

Do you know why they can't quite go along?--It is because integration violates the precepts that God has given us. It doesn't feel right to you. It makes you feel wrong as you think and see this. I talked to some southern gentlemen the other day and they said:--'The south knows this is wrong. And it is just setting back and letting this thing go a little further each day.'---Why?--Because they are just trying of get along. They are temporizing. Their governors and people are not saying:--''Thus saith the Lord". You don't have to argue this thing along the development of mongrelization lines. That is the end result. All you have of say is:--'As children of the Everliving in this nation--'Thus saith the Lord.' You say it won't work?--Let me tell you something. The strongest force you have is your faith. Because the congress of the United States cannot make a law against your religion. Did you know that? If the south made a stand against mongrelization on the foundation of God's word that they would stat segregated until Jesus comes, it would stand.

The spirit of the Everliving when synchronized with you---and then you condemn yourself, this isn't God condemning---but it is God in you so exerting in its perception that the Humanism which has been corrupting is not to be heeded.

I want you to know that you are going to see great and mighty exploits upon the part of the children of God. You are going to see things go the other way. You say:--'but why has it gone this way--so long?'---Because it is a measure of permission and it is a measure of prophecy, and a measure of time. You are going to rise as a nation and say:--'We have had enough of this.' And you are going to turn with the indignation of Divine Righteousness and you are going to cleanse America--with spiritual power----yes!

There is no doubt that there is a serenity of spirit that can surpass any promise or covenant that can be made by anyone else, that deals deep inside of you, and makes a great move within your consciousness when you recognize it. And when you accept all the provisions here that you are a child of the Eternal that if you claim His covenant for your body He will give it to you. That if you claim His covenant for survival in that hour of great catastrophe it will come.

Someone said:--'How will I know?'--Because He said:--'A thousand can fall at thy side and 10 thousand at thy right hand and no harm will come near you, for the light of His life will envelope you.' I think it is about time that the nuclear fires burn hot in the skies and the immunization of Divine Glory descends upon God's children. I think you are going to discover that they are not as deadly as the enemy thinks. I think they are going to discover that the fallout is not as deadly as they expected. I think they are going to discover that the fallout doesn't do what they expected it to do. I think they are going to discover that you are the children of light with a force operating in you, by the covenant if your Father, that is greater than all the powers the enemy has gathered together.

No weapon formed against you is going of prosper against a child of God's Kingdom. And that spirit in you is of the Everliving. Because you also are Everliving. You will then say with John as he spoke out:--'Yes---we have beheld His Embodiment, and the thing He has given us is the understanding to know that the spirit in HIM is also in us. And therefore our spirit is one with HIM. And because this is so, therefore we are embodied in the earth.

Thus there is a difference in you and every Negro on the face of the earth as well as every Chinaman. For not one of them can say,---we are embodied with HIM in the earth. There are some good Chinamen in the earth. There are some who have accepted this Christ as the Embodiment of God in the earth as far as their nature can go. This is true of Chang Kai Shek and his wife and a great number of those on the island of Formosa. They with all their Asiatic soulish ability have accepted that the Christ was the right God. They realize that their gods have not served them and don't protect them. And that there was no protection or security for them except from the nations of the Children of the Eternal. Now, they may have been told many things in their doctrines, as missionaries many time go out and tell people many things that aren't true, because they don't know the difference and they think they are true. And they have tried to tell these people all over the world that you are all our brothers and we will build a world order out of the Church. But you remember the worlds spoken to you:--'Ye are the salt of the earth. If the salt hath lost its savor, where then will it be salted?' (Matthew 5:13). --Ye are the Children of the Kingdom. The Light of the World. Therefore ye are not to be mixed with the people of earth or you cease to be its savor and its light.'

You cannot mix the salt with earth and continue to be the same. You cannot mix the light with the darkness, and you can't say that light and darkness are the same.

Ye are the children of Light, and Darkness comprehends this not. But I speak to you this afternoon as the children of Light. Now, you here today understand things that a great number of Christians round about don't understand, because they never started to think upon these things. But we have been thinking upon these things together, line upon line, and precept upon precept. We have been sending this message out on tape across the nation, line upon line, precept upon precept. Did you know that wherever these to go they are to those who have the capacity to receive these things. Some of them take these tapes in great bunches, and now as concentration of the spirit and vision makes them understand, then they see, and know these things which they never thought of before

When I tell you that you are the children of Eternity, that you came into this world by birth, but that you were the Eternal children of the Most High God, and that God has determined that the glory and the majesty of the light of His own Majesty is going to be seen upon you, because your light is going to rise upon you, and be seen of all men, that is a prophecy of Isaiah, and the whole world is going to know. The Christ upon the mount of Transfiguration was a most beautiful and Magnificent spectacle, and I want you to know that the transfiguration of each one of you who sits in these seats this afternoon is going to be one of the greatest spectacles the world has ever witnessed. It is going to be one which will roll back the darkness, it will dispel every corruption, every evil which has moved into every center of government, or field of your life. It is going to cause every one who lives in darkness and lacks that perception to leave your country, by ever means of transportation moving. There is an enemy which would like to see everyone a pacifist and nothing moving, but don't think that when we talk about the power of the spirit, and the Majesty of Glory that we are pacifists.

My friends, we believe that the time has come when we must lock horns with evil. If you use spiritual weapons you will win, but regardless of these facts, the victory is absolutely assured for you. The physical weapons will need physical bodies inhabited by evil power, but spiritual power is going to illuminate the children of the Living God. Did you know that an all powerful, praying, spiritually awakened church can throw a ball of fire around every one of its boys? That every one of our boys will come back from the battle? That has been one of our experiences in the last war, and we never lost a boy out of our congregation who was in that fight.

Now, we assure you of this:---this is the greatest hour in which men ever lived, and we are going to see tremendous events, even while men are digging holes in earth. Someone said:--don't you think we should build bomb shelters?---You can build a bomb shelter if you like but don't let your heart be crushed down there in the dirt. Don't count on the grave as a solution, because a lot of people are going to dig down and stay there. There are a lot of people all over the earth who are against God's kingdom, who think that the rocks and the mountains are going to hide them, but it isn't going to work. So I tell you this afternoon that there is an immunization of Light, there is a spirit of the Everlasting that dwells in you. And we wait for the hour of the revelation, and Glory. But while the vibrating earth awaits for this hour they don't know what they are waiting for, but you know what you are waiting for. There is a deep yearning in every created, living thing that God has made, but it may not be able to perceive it, or what element holds it together. Actually the mind element of God's creative energy which is in the atom which holds everything together, is a force which we perceive not, but it works within us.

I want you to know that as children of the Living God, He said:----'I have the power, for all of those who were in the spirit, and who are now here in the flesh--to give Everliving life to that flesh, and He is going to do it. He called His sheep by name, He led them out, He gave them everlasting life. People say:--no a lot of people never had Eternal life, they died. --No they did not die, their bodies just disintegrated when it did not have to because they did not take hold of what God is going to make them take hold of. You say but what do you mean?

Do you know what is going to raise a body that has gone into the ground?--The spirit that was in it--the spirit that was in it is going to raise it. Someone says:--God's spirit will raise it ----well whose spirit do you think is in you? These are his spirits, the essence of His life, the spirit which is in the body is going to conquer, to gather ever atom of its together, and transform and raise it.

Someone said:--I don't want this old body---no --I would not want it as it went into the ground, but I want you to know that wee are the children of the Ever Living.' Yes, maybe we can control and stimulate the consciousness until you remember some of the things, that your spirit has witnessed before, and His spirit will bear witness with your spirit concerning these things which are true. Jesus said:--these are they who have been with me from the beginning---do you think they are going to wipe you out, or set you up for 3 score years and ten, or roll you out with a sudden holocaust?

My friends,--in the great eons of time, one of the great transitions of creation is that this earth will glow like the sun, and your residence and your ability to survive in it will be a part of the testimony of this time. And when you have moved into the vastness of God's great creative purpose, in which you will share, it shall be known from one end of the earth to the other that you are THE CHILDREN OF THE EVERLIVING GOD, and that God hath loved you. I want you to know that we haven't any message this afternoon of hells, or torture or twisted and demented concepts of theology. This does not honor our God and Father. Our Father is filled with the great living life, and the love of his Grace will see all flesh adjusted, to his purpose, all flesh --from the Hottentot's to the Chinese, and His sons will be elevated to the task, and to the Glory that He has reserved for them. In that hour there shall be singing of His praises from one end of the universe to the other. If that theology does not make God bigger for you, then you make it a little bigger and I will be happy, because I am looking for something bigger than the superstitions of yesterday.

Someone said:-- Does God's word say all this? ----It says this and more, much more, everytime I look at it. I am thrilled by its revelations, I am thrilled by its mystery, and I wonder why I didn't see this before, or that before, and I know that its escalation is cloaked with Mystery---Mysteries of the Eternal are yours and precept upon precept they shall be made known unto you. And God is going to bring greater truths unto you than you have ever known before.

Therefore know this.--God is in you and You in HIM, in that you are his offspring, and your seed carries your life, and the Stream of Life coming down out of heaven is in you. The tree of his kingdom is being built out of the 12 branches of Abraham's household, and it is for the healing of the nations. You are the light of Life, the leaves of the trees are the chlorophyll of the Light of Life, and you are that symbol----an Everlasting kingdom --a Green tree Everliving.