Spirit Which Is Of God, 02-16-66


By: Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 02-16-66

Before we go into the subject, I would like to recall to your minds what Christ said about our times.

Christ warned us that the abomination of the desolator would stand in the Holy Place at the end of the age, and we would see the abomination of the desolator standing in the Holy Place, and we would know that we had approached the very climax of the this age. Of course we well understand this abomination of the desolator for we have watched him at work, even as he seeks the desolation of our cities and our societies. We have watched the strange and peculiar development of Israeli in our time. We note that this abomination of the desolator has moved in. We know that his armies were made up of the most evil forces of mankind as they moved into the land of Palestine. They were made up of the gangsters of Chicago and of New York, and of the Cicilian Jew’s that had carried on their operations against the people of Europe and of the Mediterranean, and this was the forces that by violence and force of arms went into Palestine. Then we watched as in Palestine, as they desecrated Churches and Shrines and put to death Christians and Arabs alike, and they drove others out into the desert waste’s to die. All this we witnessed as we surveyed the periods of time.

In fact, a Jewish Editor was saying just the other day that it was a very fortunate thing that Mr. Truman came along because if it hadn’t been for Mr. Truman they wouldn’t have gotten Israeli. He point out that although Mr. Roosevelt had been guided by the Jew’s under the new deal, and although he had even moved along toward Socialism, still in the last months of his life Mr. Roosevelt came to a deep realization. He was on a Cruiser in the Mediterranean Sea and Ivan Saud, the King of Iraq, came out to visit him, and he gave to Mr. Roosevelt a beautiful Semiter of Islam, and on it was engraved these words. “To the President of a great Nation of Israel.....the U.S.”

Mr. Roosevelt came back and told the Congress of the United States that he had learned more about Israel and the Arab Nations in 1 1/2 days from Ivan Suad than he had in all his life, and, had learned from the Ministers and Teachers. When they heard these things then they discussed it with him and he told the United States Congress that the U.S., Britain and the Anglo Saxon’s and the Scandinavians etc., were Israel, and that the Arab’s were of Ishmael, and that the Ishmaelites were to always have the right to dwell among...”My people Israel.” And Roosevelt told how Ivan Saud was quoting our Scripture in his Koran. Mr. Roosevelt said he had learned far more about Palestine, the Holy Land, the people of Ishmael, about Israel, than he had ever dreamed of before. Then Mr. Roosevelt told a group of his friends that he would never recognize the State of Israeli because this was an abortive program to put over a vast injustice on the Middle East.

The Jewish Newspapers came out in their publications talking of the visit to the U.S. of the King of Iraq, and they said Mr. Roosevelt would never have recognized Israel, so this is why they were so glad for Mr. Truman. They also said that they were quite sure that Winston Churchill wouldn’t have recognized Israeli either even though he was, so they thought, 18th Jewish, and they tied his connection to Jenny Jerome of course. Now; when the Jew’s killed Lord Moyin and others who were seeking to keep the peace of Palestine, Winston Churchill had stated in his fury that he would never recognize a country that killed British subjects. He called them outlaws. The Jewish paper even admitted that they wouldn’t have done so well with Eisenhower either, although Eisenhower had gone along with them at times, and Morganthaw was the chief mentor while Eisenhower was Commander of the Allied Forces. There were tremendous areas in the Command of General Eisenhower in the post war period that demonstrated the Jewish power and influence and the revenge demanded upon Germany. But when Eisenhower became President of the U.S. he wanted to be a President of Peace, so when the Jew’s invaded Egypt and grabbed the Suez Canal, it was quite shocking to the President of Peace and before they realized what had happened...on the advice of someone in the State Department....Eisenhower froze every dollars worth of Jewish assets in the U.S., so the Jew’s got out of Egypt.

At that time the Jew’s were bringing into the U.S. all the Gold and Silver they could lay their hands on, and then it would go from here into Palestine. So Eisenhower stopped them in their tracks, and they backed out of Egypt and the Suez to unfreeze their Gold and get it out of this country. So Eisenhower said he wouldn’t have recognized Israeli either, so Mr. Truman was a great and wonderful man.

Well; Mr. Truman didn’t know any better. David Harowich played on Truman’s superstitions, and said he could never be elected, and that God would curse him if he didn’t recognize Israeli. The Jew’s claimed the Heritage of the real House of Israel and Mr. Truman didn’t know any better, for his Baptist Minister hadn’t told him because he didn’t know any better either. Well, Mr. Truman recognized Israeli so fast that even the State Department didn’t even know what he was going to do. After that then the Jew’s said that they must have the territories of Egypt, Jordan, Old Babylon, and Old Baghdad areas, and that would include all Arab territories. It would extend down to the oil laden Yemen. It would take in Iraq where 1/5th., of the worlds oil supply exists. Strangely enough, this oil in Iraq had made King Fisal one of the wealthiest men in the world, and he put over half of his wealth last year in schools and hospitals for his people, and for the development of his Ancient land.

We didn’t keep our word with the Arab’s, so Nassar was practically forced into the hands of the Soviet Union. But Iraq and the other Arab States were able to stay out of the hands of the Soviets. Now under the Pan Islam Union, all Arab States can unite and they feel that under the influence of the U.S. that this can be a plan of Peace.

Now the Jew’s say that we have a fleet in the Mediterranean to keep the Peace of Palestine. Well, they way the Jew’s operate out of Israeli with their attacks on Syria and their other neighbors, and especially Jordan, doesn’t look peaceful. Jordan will probably be attacked on the 21st., of October this year. They want the site of the Temple and they want the U.S. to back them as they take it. So, for that baking they said they would welcome the King of Iraq to this country, even though he didn’t have any use for him or any Arab. So the Red Carpet was rolled out for King Fisal in Washington and then he was to go to New York and then to the U.N. But some Jew reporters got to the King of Islam and they said: “Who do you consider your greatest enemy, the country of Egypt with the backing of Russia, or Israeli?” The King ignored the question and answered others, but they kept needling him and the King got angry and he said: “Mr. Nassar is not our enemy, but we consider the Jew’s of Israeli our enemy and also every Jew that supports them, for the Jew’s are our enemies.” He never spoke a truer word.

Well; the Jewish commentators got on the air and they prodded Mayor Lynsey and he got on the air and said: “We are not going to roll out the red carpet for this man. We will call everything off. We have 3 million Jew’s in New York and I am not going to have the man who insulted the Jew’s visit our city.” Well really....King Fisal didn’t insult the Jew’s, they needled him and in anger he told the truth.

Then....Governor Rockefeller showed himself to be a rather small figure. He started out with one of those speeches about our Founding Fathers and the great Religious Freedom established by those who founded this land and then he said.....”A man comes along and besmirks a whole religion.” Well, King Fisal didn’t besmirk a whole religion, he just talked about the Kites. So they wouldn’t receive the King into New York and the Arabs around the world got in touch with the King and said...don’t go to New York or the U.N. for they might try to kill you, for that is the Tel Aviv of the Atlantic. Washington tried to quiet things down and they said....”now the whole Moslem world is watching. The King is an important person.”

The man before King Fisal was King Abdulla, and he had taken over from Ivan Saud and he was a very fine man. When King Abdulla came to Jerusalem, he went to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher and he bowed before the Shrine of Christ, and when he came out the people said: “why did you go to the prophet Christ?” And King Abdulla said: “Because Christ and Allah are one.” That statement had an effect on all the Arab world. When the Jew’s saw the strength that Abdulla was gaining through the Arab world, they were afraid he would attack Israeli, so they had him killed. He was assassinated by Urgum. No wonder then that King Fisal knows the Jew’s are his enemies.

So King Fisal spoke to the U.N. and he traveled over this country and he made the statement that Ivan Saud had made....that the true People of Israel are not Jew’s, and Ishmael can dwell among them.

So we see again the pattern of the Abomination of the Desolator who plans on moving out of the Holy Place, and plans on moving into the site of the Ancient Temple and there with war and trouble they will establish the False Temple of his day. But I tell you the True Temple of the Lord is going to be set in a city 1400 miles square, and you couldn’t put a city like that any where but in the heart of the great Plains of the U.S., the vast city of the Living God.

Now; today there is another march going on, and it is to wind up in Jackson Mississippi. Black National’s are calling for Black Power...Black Power....Black Power. If their Black Power is like what we had in California last week then we have had rapes...rapes...rapes. The Newspapers are putting the picture of the Negro over the caption of their attacks. Also, they have been hamstringing horses again in Marion County. One man told us of 4 fine horses that had been hamstrung and butchered by Negroes. Also in Oakland people can’t move on the streets at night. So this is a pattern in this great nation of God’s Israel, in the latter days, that we find the enemy leading us into.

We talk about the Spirit of the Living God...I Corinthians 2:12 “For now we have received not the Spirit of the world, but the Spirit which is of God. That we might know the things that are freely given to us...of God.”

So we have not received the Spirit which is of the world, but we have received the Spirit which is of God. Thus the pattern that becomes so clear and distinct is the difference between the white man and any other race upon the face of the earth. The difference in his face, his religion, his capacities, his development, and his vision. It is summed up quite clearly by the statement that we have received His Spirit, and the world is motivated by the Prince of this world whose Spiritual forces are at work also to destroy, to capture, and to hold. The Prince of this world is well known as Lucifer, the Son of the Morning, who became the Dragon, the Devil, Satan, and he has captured the world order, so make no mistake about that.

From the Steppes of Asia to the Coast of China, in India, and in Africa he has captured the world order. It was quite simple for him to do this for the world has the Spirit that is compatible. They have not the Spirit which is of God.

Now; when we talk about the Spirit which is of God, we talk about the pattern of God’s own essence, and His own being, for God is Spirit and if you worship Him you have to worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. As He is the God of Spirit, His is the God of creation, the vastness of all the patterns of Sidereal immensity, the rolling forth of all the Solar systems and vast Constellations. Also the vast Nebula that stand out to be viewed through vast earth telescopes. They are beyond count and beyond numbers. He is always creating and always will be. He always existed and somewhere in the patterns of yesterday the Eternal Father had Sons and Daughters. He is the God of Spirit. Oh, He can swiftly materialize Himself in any Plane or dimension. He can materialize in the essence of the substance of His creations. He can have a body of flesh or He can move in the areas of Spirit, for God is Soul, Spirit, and Body. The intense area of His communication consciousness was tremendous and the Universe pulsed as the God of Lights created, created, and created.

Thus it was that He begat children, and when the God in the Heavens above, and in the planes of Spirit begat children then He begat them like unto Himself, and since God is perfect, that which He begat is perfect. I tell you that the Spirit of the Sons of the Living God was perfect, and God created it perfect, in the days when He begat a household, a vast number... as many as the Stars of the Heavens, and by the process of His creation He begat His Family.

Then Lucifer, the Archangel, said:...’Now I’m not going to tell of this family in my part of the Universe if they are going to be greater than I. But Yahweh said:..’They shall be even as I, bright and shining like the Sun.’

In the patterns that have followed, in the purposes of the Most High which have been revealed unto us, before the foundations of the world. We who are the Children of His Spirit, we who were with Him as He rolled forth the Constellations, we were with Him when He created this Constellation, and our Sun, and all within this Constellation. We are those “who sang together and shouted for joy” because our Father had created a New Solar System. In that far distant past a day, was with our Father, as a thousand years. As a thousand years in the patterns of His purposes.

In the matter of the operations we then see masses of twisted forms of gasses and masses of space, of substance of tomorrows Solar Systems. So it was that we were Children of Spirit and we were not aware that we were not in the solidity of the substances created, because we came and went from a physical world. We came and went throughout the Universe of God. We had bodies that we were cognitive of. We were a part of the Household of our Most High Eternal Father. How do you know???? Because we had ears to hear and God told us things that would come to pass. He told us these things before the foundations of the earth. He told us that He was going to place us in the earth. An earth that was wrecked through catastrophe. A world sent into Chaos, a Civilization which was reduced to fighting among themselves, as warring Devil’s and Demon’s fought for power. In this earth, we were told, we would become a Spiritual entity in a Physical body enveloped in Light and possessing immortality, but that we would also fall.....losing the Light and mortality would be the results. The pattern of His Spirit told us these things. We were told all these things but we do not remember, and will not until we come again into the knowledge of the Truth.

God speaks concerning this pattern and said concerning the Children of His Spirit. He said that He would reactivate their consciousness, and bring all things to their remembrance. This would lead them to all truths, of future, and even things which He had declared unto them from the beginning, and all this would be made known unto them. There is no capacity to measure the difference between the Sons and Daughters of the Most High God and those of the created races, even under the status of a fallen race stigma, for they possess a pattern of vision and initiative which no others possess.

When God placed the Adamic man of His Household in the earth then instantly they were here with a written language. The Book...”Adam and Eve” was written by Adam. Seth, the Son of Adam, wrote with a beautiful long Script. In the pattern of the measure we came in with a knowledge of agriculture. No one had to tell us how to plant and to reap. God started us out in a very excellent area of the earth, having planted a Garden for His Family, and Adam kept the Garden. Then in the areas of the operation the Green Thumb, that to our race, has been a blessing which God bestowed upon us. He promised us the precious things of the mountains, the precious treasures of the everlasting hills. He promised us the fruit ripened by the sun. He promised us the vegetables of all the areas of the earth, because we had the capacity to put together the know how, and to care about the things He gave us.

There is no question about the pattern of the arrival of our race. 7400 years ago we came upon the scene of earth. We came suddenly. A full grown society emerging, multiplying, increasing, but knowing. We point out to you that the knowledgeable power was the Spirit of God that was in us. We may see the are of imperfection. It may be the biggest area of Biblical History, because we run through the patterns in the Book of Genesis, and the multitude of Books written at that time down through the History of Moses and Deuteronomy, and from the beginning of Genesis to Deuteronomy, we then have covered about 4 thousand years. In this instance we well recognize that these 4 Books were not the entire total of the happenings of that time. From there were the Books of Seth and Enoch, and many other Books that were the History of a people and of their knowledge of God. As He inspired them then they wrote of their knowledge of God.

They did not remember in that hour when they lost the unction of God’s Spirit and the Glory went off of the House of Adam and Eve in the hour of their fall. In that process we had lost our perception and we had forgotten the place from which we had come, all except the inbuilt knowledge that God was our Father, and some mystic relationship through which we had access to the Father. God raised forth Patriarch’s and brought forth leaders, and at the time we arrived to the time of Moses...we find that Moses is well aware that he is possessing an area of God’s Spirit, and that the Light of God and the Glory of God shines around him. He wrote as he was moved by inspiration to write, as he was inspired to record. We were a people led by God....given the Law’s of God which were only a Schoolmaster to bring us unto Christ. Because, even the Law’s of God were incomplete. Now why would that be???

Because the Law’s of God were laws that told us what to do and how to do it, and what God would bring upon us as Chastisement if we didn’t follow the law, and what blessing.... following would bring. Until the very time as He placed the very Law in our hearts, we would obey the Law because we wanted to obey the Law, and it was the very nature of a people. So by the process of all these things, we waited for the Messiah to come and set us free. And when the Messiah came, which was the fullness of the Spirit of God dwelling bodily, He preached and He healed the sick and He raised the dead. Then as He spoke to all those held captive by Lucifer in the Netherworld after the Crucifixion, He addressed them and they were glad for a great Light shown in that dark place. When He came forth up out of the Grave He brought His many Sons unto Glory, and as they passed into the planes of Spirit, He had released every last Son and Daughter from the power of Lucifer over the Spirit, and the minds of His Household.

It is true that the Spirits that were begotten of the Spirit were born of incorruptible seed that lives and abides forever. Incorruptible seed that cannot be corrupted, a immortality that cannot be destroyed. So the Spirit never was destroyed, the Spirit never transgressed, the Spirit never violated the Law. Man in the areas of his mind like those round about of other races has violated the Law. The entirety of the structure of Creation operates in the areas of perception, from the smallest creatures to the largest creature in God’s creation. It could be evaluated by the area of its cognition. Evaluated by the demands of its body to eat, to satisfy its longings or to satisfy its lusts. All are the natural reactions of set patterns that God has built into each and every creature...the pattern of his environment and the soul consciousness is the intelligent mind that functions and operates in accordance with what the relaying commands of the nerve center brings to it.

Oh...we can well imagine the status of society. We have today some of the smallest areas of our society in which animals act like some people do. The Ant is one of the very intelligent members of society, and he moves out and he colonizes, and he works and he works and he stores food, but his is a Communist. That’s right. In fact the ruthlessness with which they kill and destroy or with which they move whole areas of Ants into sections and control them... makes the Communists. In fact the Bees are also Communists. And in this area they massacre the males and they liquidate the drones and they keep the area of society which is the workers, and the part that reigns over them. People who have Bee brains and Ant brains are Communists in the world today. But do not think for a moment that they are not organized as such. The areas of intelligence may go up or down, as some Bees or Ants may be smarter than others, but so also we discover that is the mind of the flesh.

It is a possible thing for in the areas of God’s creation there was a Spirit given to man. When the Tungus man rolled out of the Steppes of Asia then he had a consciousness and an area of Spirit....of God. He worshiped the God of the Heavens and he knew this God and he knew the Archangel Lucifer who came and went as the Supreme emissary until he proclaimed himself....God. We can well say that the Tungus people and those of original creations of earth could not be wholly responsible for the pattern of their deception. But we do know that by the time of the advent of our race that the world was locked in the tremendous pattern of the Darkness of Lucifer.

But we were Children of Spirit and the Spirit of God reveals unto the Children of God all the things that are known of God. Now; after the Crucifixion of Christ and His Resurrection had paid the price, He redeemed His people in one sense because their Spirit’s were set free. We as a people, therefore, were more receptive to God’s guidance. We were told that this would be the case. As we look out upon the area of our Spiritual intuitiveness we discovered therefore that we have our father’s, after the flesh, which corrected us and gave them reverence. So also we are therefore much more subject under the Spirit...and we also live. As He set us free, we were activated by His Spirit and He referred to the policy of regeneration. Now what is regeneration if it is not reactivation of an area of life that you previously had? While still you were alive you were regenerated, so an area of Spiritual Life came back on you, and He put the Law in your heart. He wrote it upon the tables of your heart.

We are told, concerning the Spirit of the Living God, that we speak the mysteries of God, even the hidden Wisdom that God ordained before the foundations of the world, for our Glory which the Princes of this world did not know. If they had known then they would not have crucified Christ, and thus released all the Sons of Adam, because they thought they were on the road to obtaining and holding an eventual victory over the Kingdom. Eye hath not seen, or neither had it entered into the heart of man what God has planned for him, except he has the Spirit, ......for the Spirit is important, for it is by the Spirit that God reveals things to man, all that He has prepared for His Household. The Adam man, His sons and daughters, the structure of His Kingdom He is revealing unto them, His purposes and His plans, of all the things He intends to do.

So we read here in the Bible that God reveals to His sons and daughters the vastness of His Power. The technology of His creation, the deep things of God, these things which are of the Essence of God. What man knoweth the things of man except the Spirit of man which is in him, and he knows as he feels and he senses and he reacts to the patterns of living in a physical world. So also the things of God knows no man except by the Spirit of God. We did not receive the Spirit of the world, we received the Spirit which is of God, so that we might know the things that are freely given to us of God. So we emerged, with a language, a technology, we emerged a people of creation, out of the area of His Spirit. He has brought to our conscious minds the patterns we are seeking. As the Scientists and Inventors or our society sought the solution of a problem, the problem dawned, then the solution came in the area in which they put their hands to do, as they caught the pattern. They produced for us the architecture and the technology of our civilization and it was of God. It was freely given to us because we were the Sons and Daughters of the Most High God.

There is a vast area of difference between us and the lower orders, between the Household of the Sons of God and the Negroes who never made a wheel or built a civilization. We moved in as the Sons of Light under God. When we moved to colonize the ends of the earth we put the Created ones to work. We told them of the right Most High God. We were able to get through in soulishness to some of them but others still followed after the world order. We found some places more receptive to civilization than others, but we proclaimed the knowledge of the Most High God to the ends of the earth as His Spirit made it clear and revealed unto the Household of the Most High.


(So in the earlier times of colonization of this Christian age we carried the Gospel of Salvation to the ends of the earth...then the end came and we are still trapped through the Evangelist theory to spreading only a little of the Gospel. Next the Gospel of the Kingdom must be preached again to the Israelites. This seemed to start in the 30's and seemed to have peaked in the 60's. Does it need to be done again???)


Blindness in part happened to Israel. Many of these endeavors were done as they knew not who they were or where they were....except they were compelled to do these things. Oh, they knew who God was, but they did not know who they were in many of these operations.

But when we moved into the latter days, knowledge of God is moving out like waters that cover the sea. People are waking up and finding out who they are and as they find out who they are their interest in these things of God become more and more acute. For instance ...the Children of the Most High, when they find out who they are and understand the program of God, become opposed to all the work of the enemy. We move out on the course He has given us instructions on. We discover the pattern of the enemy as He moves to control our economy, and then we are opposed to the control of our economy...by the Beast.

We discover that He moved out in all areas of endeavor to bring us under a one world government and then turn it over to Lucifer. So we are opposed to one world government as we become informed. We stand for the Covenants of God. We stand for the Unity of Israel, and we stand for the triumph of the whole world by Israel, be it by Military control or otherwise until every nation of the world shall be brought to heel and every knee shall bow, and every tongue proclaim that Christ is Lord.

There are those who do not understand. There are those who do not catch its concept. But I point out to you that as you discover the Gospel of the Kingdom and find out who you are then this is an important thing because His Spirit bears witness to your Spirit that you are the sons and daughters of God.

It becomes important then to realize that God has given you land. He placed you in the earth. He has given you opportunity to establish your selves as nations because He said you were going to do it.

Well...as a man becomes aware of these things that God has given him, he becomes interested in their preservation, and so we discover today that the children of the Kingdom are interested in survival. They are aware that a deadly enemy is trying to bring you down. This enemy would corrupt your minds, would deaden your sensitivity, would place you under the control of political machines and tell you that...now...old governments are old fashioned and must give way unto new ones. And tell you that we must regulate all mankind, and put all mankind under one area of economy, one area of control. We must divide with the world.

The enemy tells you of the wonders that will happen as this is accomplished, but the children of the Kingdom know better. They know better as they study and understand the Word. So as we move to the end of this age then the Children of the Kingdom are more alert. They are the hardest core of the Right Wingers that there is. And steadily their word goes out and subconsciously some agree beginning to quote the phrases that emerge from the Gospel of the Kingdom. On Flag Day the radio was talking of Betsy Ross and the 13 Stars and the fact that one Star was for each colony as well as one Star for each Tribe of Israel as there really were 13. Now...they said this on Flag Day.

So the pattern moves as it works. The Jew’s came out in their papers to oppose anyone who was against the little State of Israel, but they admitted that Ivan Saud had told Roosevelt that America was Manasseh and that Britain was Ephraim, and the Arab’s were Ishmael.

So we have the pattern of operation and we move by the Spirit. The Spirit which is of God is aware of your operation and your occupation, and though He has translated men into the Heavens, and although He has brought them on Ships of Space, back and forth as He did with Enoch and the Apostle Paul, and He showed them again while in the Heavens, these things of Spirit and they came back and wrote them into Books. In the Apocrypha of Paul and in the Epistles and in the Books of Enoch....these men made it clear to us that as they moved into the planes of Spirit that they were exactly as at home there as they were in earthly bodies, and the Apostle Paul couldn’t tell the difference.

Yes. It is important for us to know that we are the children of God, that we are of the Spirit of God, and that we did not receive the Spirit of the world. Which things also we speak ...not the word of mens wisdom, but of the Holy Spirit, because there are areas of thought that are peculiar of your race.

You do not have to be told that Christ is God. You have known that from your mothers knee. You have grown up with a recognition of the worship of your God that moves out through your society, sometimes they have to have evidence and proof, as once in a while someone comes along and wants me to prove that God exists. But it is not hard to prove the patterns of inspiration which transcend fulfillment of events and tell of things which have not yet happened. You don’t have to prove this to most of our race. Most of them accept the fact that God is our Father, although they do not quite know how this can be. They talk about the patterns of greatness, but I tell you that God said:...”I shall be a God unto thee, and they seed after thee to all thy generations.” And He has been, unto us, a Loving Heavenly Father, and it is by the Spirit.

In the areas of His declaration where we have the acknowledgment that God is Spirit, and they that worship Him must worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. So also do the Sons and Daughters of God worship Him in the Essence of His Spirit. We worship Him as we have been filled with the consciousness of His purposes and patterns for us.

While in earth we are still in physical bodies and a part of the physical world, but our minds transcend this and we think in terms of the Spiritual things. We talk about the redemption. We talk about the work of God and we talk about the unction of His Spirit and we see the patterns of events. We see how Moses, when he was on the Mountain was so filled with the Shekinah Glory after meeting with God that he had to cover himself as he came down to the people. We receive this just as we receive any other fact of history because we know that God is Light and the Father of Light and Moses was saturated with this Light as he came in contact with the Spirit....yes with God.

We also perceive that we shall be filled with the Glory and Light of God and that the Light of God is brighter than the face of the sun and that light is going to shine forth from every son and daughter of God on the face of the earth.

We know we shall rise and shine as God’s Light comes upon the House of Israel and we accept this. We accept this without any evidence or proof except in the pattern that moves in the thinking of the Spirit. But as we have surveyed these things we have watched them come to pass. Even as now as we watch the enemy moving upon us. This week, for instance, out of the house of Rothschild and out of the house of Warbug, and out of the World Monetary Fund, their banks told the United States that we must give them control of every bit of credit. We must fold up every free bank or we will have a great catastrophe. Then we must move into the World Bank, and of course there is no Silver, no Gold, no U.S. currency, nothing behind the World Bank but the power of the Beast, and we are to honor this Beast.

Now; every child of the Kingdom is against this. Even the people of the Nation are beginning to speak out against this plan. Patman of the Senate is saying:...this will not work. We are at the mercy of the world, we are going to have to divide what we have with every pagan on the face of the earth. They are crying out across this great land saying....why can’t we have a United States Bank, and United States money, why not back our money with what we produce. Why not reach out for a Nebulae of poverty?

Why are they crying out?

Well; God has told you not to charge usuary. He has told you not to have anything to do with this phony economic system. This system which moved in on this country in 1913., with all of its clutches and all of its Usuary. Now the banks tell us to raise taxes so they can take in money even faster. Alright. One of these days the whole Babylonian Order is going to fold and Israel is coming out with her own money system and with a standard of righteousness. The procedures they use to control the so called programs of World Organizations! Still they break up. DeGual of France ran off to Moscow and he said: “Heil Russia, Heil France.” Then he made another statement, “We must be willing to destroy all the enemies of Russia and of France. What did he mean by all the enemies of Russia and of France? Of course this poor old fellow is getting senile or he wouldn’t travel so far and so fast. But the patterns are one, for Moscow has been wining and dining him as they think that through him they have a spearhead into the defense of Western Europe.

The patterns of war are on the horizon, and the areas of the fallacies of it become more clear. We who stand as a great people, and we who have called out for the nations to live in peace and are at the same time engaged in a mighty war, find that our weakest link lies in our State Department and our Defense Department and our Presidency, because they do not know the score.

I point out to you that the children of the Living God are maintained by the Word of God, by the knowledge of God, and by the Spirit of God. If you are to look at the world horizon and even evaluate some of the things that are happening as you survey the nations you wouldn’t be happy this afternoon. If you were depending on our natural defenses then you wouldn’t be very happy. You might say that we have a great Air Force and they can defend the nation. Well...I tell you that we don’t have the Air Power, for you have been deceived by MacNamara. You have thousands of planes over the nations, and there are crews for them but no engines in the planes. That’s a fact. Don’t worry about the enemy finding this out, for they already know it. The enemy had their hands in this program that brought these planes almost to completion, then didn’t manufacture an engine for them.

We are in a very serious situation as we stand against the enemy. You had better be informed of these situations and remove from power those officials responsible and very quickly. As you stand on the edge of Armageddon then you stand a very poorly equipped and prepared people. But the Sons of God shall call out, and they who call upon the name of Yahweh shall be delivered, and the nation shall be delivered. The Hosts of the Most High are still going to come into this picture.

Even though they see them advance they tell you that they are not there. Of course this is a fool’s paradise...for the fool. For they who say that there are no unidentified flying objects, no space craft’s, and no Host’s of Michael, are going to find out that Michael is coming in with a great and mighty fleet. 10 thousands, times 10 thousands, times 10 thousands, times thousands and thousands. A great and might fleet and the air will be filled with the rockets and the space crafts that move under the Command of Michael. Some of them become visible and some are invisible, and they move in and out of the great scanning machines and radar...and why? Well, all of the Universe is not made of the same substance. There is a procedure by which the great forces out of the plane’s of Spirit materialize and dematerialize at the will of their commanders. I tell you that one of these days every knee is going to bow and every tongue is going to proclaim that Christ is Yahweh. We know that and we live and breathe in the synthesis of the Spirit and of the flesh. We think with the strategies of Heaven and earth. If you were only earthling you would be of all people of the most undone. We tell you that we know that our God is able to deliver us. These are the words of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego when they were about to be cast into the fiery furnace. “Our God, whom we serve, is able to deliver us.” They threw them into the furnace alright but then they saw a fourth man in there with them, and they wondered and said:..”Didn’t we only put three men in there?”

I am going to tell you that the Kingdom of God is going into the crucible (melting pot) and as it goes into the crucible the world will also be caught in the tremendous maelstroms of the events that shall come. But we of the Spirit shall survive these things for the Spirit of God sheweth us these things, and the one who has not the Spirit of the Living God does not understand these things. Therefore the natural man understandeth not such things, they are foolishness unto him.

We have a strange philosophy that operates in the minds of some. They keep talking about Spiritual things, but they never really talk about anything. They talk about the tremendous outpouring of Spirit. The things to learn from the Spirit, but they never come up with any more than that, because they are talking about something Nebulous that is not reality.

But the reality of God’s Spirit recognizes that you are Children of the Spirit here in the flesh and you operate here in the flesh, guided by the Spirit of God. The more knowing you become then the more you are guided. This is a functioning factor that is going to envelope the entirety of your race. It recognizes the Love of God, the eventual Standards of God, the Law of God, and it is real and it is tangible and it is Living. It is not just mystic lights or an Isle somewhere. People talk about intangibles and they get all excited, but I tell you that God became flesh and dwelt among us. In the magic and the power of His Spirit all things were subject unto him.

In the power of His Resurrection the Majesty and Light of God shown forth upon the earth. And at the coming of Christ the Light of God is going to fill the earth as the sun fills the earth in the day time. Brighter than the sun, for ye are the Children of the Most High God.

There isn’t any question about the pattern that belongs to you and I who are the Children of the Most High God. This world could dissolve and burn all up and yet the Kingdom would still be here in the Planes of Spirit. But, I am going to tell you that the earth is going to be the habitation of man forever and forever, and then for eons to come, for the consumption of the World Order is becoming the development of time and the fulfillment of the areas of History, and all the Kingdoms of this world will become the Kingdoms of..... Our Lord and His Christ.

(End of this message)