Spirits Like Unclean Frogs, 5-5-69


by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - -5-69

Before we go to the subject for tonight, let’s find out what this weeks happenings have been.

One of these strange things took place. In the May Day parade in Moscow,---

this was a different May Day than ever before. Instead of the giant military power parade which is usual on May Day, thru the past years, the people danced in the streets and sang. However, the report came out from behind the scenes and it says that Russia now is in position to use her great strength of missiles and other systems, to strike at will. And the Swedish press says that now the Soviet Union has reached this point of strength. Then her strategy is to show that they have peace in mind while they try to lull you to sleep as to what their real purpose it.

Now, on top of this, about three weeks ago, the Communist had a meeting in Chicago and Communist from all over the world were there. And they were told at that meeting, to expect a new strategy. That some of the top leadership would be replaced. But those tho then would come to the front would be people who would be able to talk brotherhood and goodwill. But this would be only a smoke screen. So don’t anyone being displaced worry about it, for the Communist party would take care of them.

Well, Dorothy Heili and Mr. Epstein came out and they denounced the Soviet Union for their invasion of Czechoslovakia, which they said was undemocratic. Well, now, the Soviet Union cares very little about what you think of their invasion of Czechoslovakia. She has the military strength in that area to do as she pleases. No one is going to stop the Soviet Union in that area. So in this situation, then, Dorothy Heili and Epstein were two of the most important leaders of the Communist Party and after they spoke out, they were immediately removed from the Communist Party.-----Well, don’t believe it.

Now, you know that the Methodist Church in L.A. has had Dorothy Heili come talk in their church and they say that there is no finer Christian in the world today than this young Communist. Don’t believe this either. For she is a dedicated Communist and she and her husband, Bill Conway, are very efficient organizers on the West Coast. Also Schroeder whose real name is Epstein, is one of their top organizers on the East Coast.

Then we see that the National Council of Churches has as their top speaker--Dorothy Heili. She is talking about how the American Communist are different than their Russian counterparts, for these American Communist will criticize the party when they feel it is wrong, even tho they are put out of the party.

So the double-talk goes on, trying to take unawares the Christian people of America, and in so doing, make them into slaves.

We figure the same double talk came from Gus Hall this week and then he cited the case of the great Martin Luther King whom we figure that the party had killed after his usefulness to them ended. But Gus Hall said that the great Martin Luther King was on a par with Jesus Christ, for both gave their lives for their people. But then he went on to say that in twenty years, that Martin Luther King will still be remembered and will have transcended the position held by Jesus Christ in the minds of people because now people are again listening to what Martin Luther King had to say. The strange thing about this is that the people of the churches, under the leadership of the National Council of Churches, have set up a day for the remembrance of Martin Luther King. They did this altho this was a Communist. This was a man who planned to help overthrow your government. Now the churches never set aside a day for the Apostle Paul, or Peter, or James, or John. But here, they are revering a man, the like of Martin Luther King.

Mrs. Martin Luther King is taking up the work her husband left and also Mr. Abernathy is coming in to that same picture. These people are being backed by the N.C.C. Policeman Reddin, of L.A., spoke out on this the other night and some of the church members got angry and they may be able to stop some of this. For they don’t go along with the N.C.C. But they are in a strange position in that they are in a hierarchy of Churches under the influence of Mystery Babylon. And they don’t know how to get out from under the deadly influence of the National Council of Churches.

Now this is the basis of this conspiracy. The leaders say that 1/3 of the people don’t know what is going on and could care less. And 1/3 of the people understand that plan, so they will win since the 1/3 who don’t know what is going on, will help their 1/3 by following the suggestions put them.

Well, they may be in for a surprise. For the hand of YAHWEH can awaken and stimulate your society until such an hour when they in the patterns of their revolution will be unable to cope with the spiritual strength of the Kingdom of God.

There is no doubt of the fact that their is a battle and that the Kingdom of YAHWEH is fighting against the kingdom of Satan. The world just falls in to this pattern. The Beast System is against the Kingdom of YAHWEH. The sooner that we recognize that there is no neutral ground between the Kingdom of YAHWEH and the pattern of Divine Law, and the Luciferian kingdom, and the nations of the Beast System, under the program of Lucifer, the better off we will be.

You have to go into the book of Revelation to thoroughly understand this. People say they don’t want to talk about war as they are for peace. But actually, this is one of the ways that Lucifer is able to accomplish so much. For people are tired of war and tired of strife. But you see, Lucifer is not tired of it and neither are all the rulers of the beast nations.

In the 12th chapter of Revelation, it says:--- ‘the Great Dragon is none other than that old Serpent; he is the devil; he is Satan and he is Lucifer. And he was cast out of the heavens and his angels with him.’

When Jesus talked to John about this, HE made it very, very clear who Lucifer is. The first area taken over by Lucifer after ha came to earth, was the Asiatic countries. And these countries became enveloped in the falseness of Lucifer’s philosophies and his pattern. The Beast System then got its start in the areas of these Asiatic countries. And the dragon became a symbol of their spiritual ideal. It became a principle woven into the life of the people from China and outer Mongolia, and into the areas of all Asia. These people march with the dragon, they carry flags of the dragon, and they paint the dragon on their temples. This is the symbol of Luciferianism.

We think back to the areas of the western end of the Asiatic forces, and we see that their area is marked by the bear. Daniel talked about the pattern of the dragon and the bear. And Revelation’s says that the dragon and the bear serve Lucifer. And the dragon is the emblem of Lucifer’s kingdom. The bear and the dragon are united in their war with your race. Make no mistake about this. They are at war with the ‘Woman,’ symbolized by the Virgin Mary. No matter where you are, the dragon is at war with your race. There is no question about the strategy of Luciferianism. Its design is the crushing of Christianity. This is one of the reasons that Communism always wipes out the Christian Church as soon as it takes over a country.

The dragon casts water out of its mouth. The plan is to swallow up all of the seed of the ‘Woman.’ That is the war and it is a war that has been going on for a long, long time. But then even the earth helps the ‘Woman.’ The dragon is still angry with the ‘Woman’ and goes to make war with all of her seed that remains.

Why? Because her race has the commandments of God, and the testimony of Jesus Christ. Well, which people have the testimony of Jesus Christ and the commandments of YAHWEH? Make no mistake about it, the Jews don’t have either the commandments or the testimony of Jesus Christ. So the program of anti-Christ is not against Jewry. Even tho you want to be at peace, and you want to be brothers with all people, yet the book of Revelation makes it very clear that you are at war with the dragon.

Now in chapter 113 of the book of Revelation, John saw this beast rise up with 7 heads and 10 horns. This is symbolic. This beast was like unto a leopard and his feet like as a bear and his mouth like the mouth of a lion. And the dragon gave it his power and gave it his seat and authority.’ Here the dragon and the bear marching again together as the areas of Asiatic Russia moves again under the banner of the bear. Ancient Mongolia is also in this picture. Fifty-four varieties of Asiatics used to have the emblem of the bear. And the bear was the ancient symbol of Genghis Khan with his ‘9 yak’ tales. And the people of ancient China moved under the symbol of the dragon.

So again, we see the two--the dragon and the bear are symbolized here in Revelation. Their program is one of deception and one in which these people who are under this system worship the dragon which gives power to this great world political system of the beast. So these people say, ‘who is like unto this great beast? Who is able to make war with this great system?’ This, my friends, is still today, the system of anti-Christ.

As we look out at the world today, we realize that all the troubles in the world today, in YAHWEH’S Kingdom nations, comes from the Beast System. It is all traceable to those who come out of the dragon’s mouth.

Turn to the 16th chapter of Revelation, verse 12:--- ‘And the 6th Angel poured out his vial upon the great river Euphrates; and the water was dried up that the way might be prepared for these powers of the rulers out of the east.’ This means the drying up of the empires that used to stand in the midst of this land of the dragon. Turkey is a dried up Empire. The area where Babylon stood, the Ur of the Chaldees is no longer a great power. Then Baghdad and Persia are dried up as they no longer are great countries or societies. In their place are wandering tribes of Arabs and Bedouins. And there are outposts of great civilizations where there are oil wells and great cities, but they are not the militant Empires they once were.

Now, ‘in the days when they are eventually dried up, I saw the unclean spirits, symbolized by frogs--come out of the mouth of the dragon and out of the mouth of the Beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet. These evil spirits are working miracles in their strange strategy, for they go out to the rulers of the whole earth to gather them together to the battle of that Great Day of YAHWEH, the Almighty. Well, what is that battle of God Almighty? It is the battle of the children of the Kingdom against the Beast System and the children of anti-Christ. It is a battle that cannot be avoided. It is a battle that is going to see the children of the Kingdom victorious. Whether you look in the Old Testament or the New Testament, that is the outcome. Even tho the children of YAHWEH are a minority group, that is still to be the outcome of this struggle.

‘I saw these unclean spirits--out of the mouth of the dragon and out of the mouth of the beast and out of the mouth of the false prophet.’ Now the area of the false prophet is easily understood. Jesus pointed out the area of the false prophet as the false religions and philosophy in the background of Jewry. I want to point out to you that Jewry gives life and power to the Beast System and they utilize their power and strength over the dragon nations. And they are against Christ.

Now, every pagan religion on the face of the earth may be able to integrate in to one religion, into a symbol of one great spirit of religion. For they say the spirit of religion is more important than the Spirit of YAHWEH. But there is no place there for the KINGDOM OF YAHWEH. So the spirit of religion is the false prophet.

And it says, ‘I see these spirits moving over the face of the world and they come out of the mouth of the beast and out of the mouth of the false prophet.’ And their major design is to destroy YAHWEH’S Kingdom.

Well, look at the church and we say that the church is an indestructible institution. Jesus said, ‘on the testimony of thy Faith, that I am the embodiment of YAHWEH, that I am YAHWEH walking bodily among you. On that Faith, I build My Church.’ And when HE talked to Peter, HE said, ‘Thou art, Petros, the little rock. But upon this ‘great’ Rock, this testimony of Faith, will I build My Church, and the gates of perdition shall never be able to prevail against it.’ So the Church is an indestructible institution and it is never to be left to other people or be dominated by another society. Begotten by the MOST HIGH GOD as a race, the Kingdom is to emerge out of that race and the Church is the Spiritual Center of that Kingdom. Now, YAHWEH acknowledges that HE begat the White race, acknowledges that this race came from Heaven to earth, and that it is HIS Household.

This is clearly established. HIS Covenants with the Kingdom are clearly established and they re permanent. This shall never be taken from you. The heart of the church is the Spiritual Center of the congregations of the MOST HIGH. The word ‘Church’ in the New Testament, is Ecclessia in Greek and still means the Spiritual Center of MY Kingdom.

We look out today on the National Council of Churches and we say that it is prevailing in this matter and that the Church of Christ is descending. But I want to point out to you that the enemy, when he could not defeat you, then joined you. And formed a hierarchy inside the Church which he dominates. But this never was the Church of Jesus Christ. It has been able to envelope some ministers because some of their movements and organizations have been folded into this Mystery of Babylon and like Harlot daughters of old Babylon, are part of this strange institution. And as we look at this institution, we may see that their strategy is not the strategy of God’s Kingdom.

Whereas God’s Kingdom is built around the laws of the Kingdom, the values of the family, the inheritance of the family, and are built around the abilities of thrift and the production of the family and the passing on to the family of their inheritance. In fact, the scripture makes it a most important thing---this maintenance of a people---their property and their territory. And YAHWEH promises to bless them and they can be sure they will have the increase of the wheat and the barley, the oil that flows form the rocks and the metal that comes from the hills. HE gives them the technology and the ability to produce that, for they are Children of HIS Spirit and HIS Spirit can move with intellectual clearness upon their minds as HE gives them the ability to extract the oil or to produce as they farm with great ability-the blessings that the earth is capable of producing.

I think that you are well able to see this today, because the White race is producing 87% of the technological achievements in the earth today, and the White race is producing 80% of almost all the food in the world today. So don’t tell me that YAHWEH hasn’t kept HIS promise intellectually today. HE has stimulated you in this development because that Spirit in you is the same Spirit as that in the Father. Therefore, HE has fulfilled that area of the Covenant. HE has called for your separation, your segregation from the people of earth in order to preserve this Spiritual connection. Because the co-mingling with people of other races, cuts this Spiritual cord. Even tho a body can be produced in mongrelized form by this co-mingling--the Spiritual connection cannot be maintained. Thus, the offspring of this co-mingling has the spiritual cord severed, for YAHWEH says, ‘You are mine, I have severed you from the peoples of the world.’

Then the program of the World Council of Churches of the National Council of Churches moves in today with their strategy called Communism and it is out of the Beast System. And it says that you must integrate, that all people should be brought together until your nation, a nation of YAHWEH’S Kingdom, is actually advocating a policy of disintegration and disillusionment by advocating a policy of integration which YAHWEH has condemned, first and foremost above every transgression in all the scriptures.

So when we see these situations then we may well see the deception which comes out of the mouth of the false prophet and moves into the Beast, and then comes out again in all the areas in which the false prophet had influence and tries to sell the Kingdom of YAHWEH on deception.

The Beast is a deceiver. In the 13th chapter of Revelation, it tells you that the Beast is a deceiver and will deceive marvelously. It says he will move out to deceive the whole earth and basically to deceive the Kingdom IF IT WERE POSSIBLE.

Now there are some things that are not possible. It is not possible for Lucifer’s Beast System to destroy or envelope the Kingdom. There are many people today who are casualties in this war. They are casualties in psychology, because the psychological battle being waged against them is actually founded and operates out of the Beast and the false prophet. And strange enough, most of these psychiatrists need psychological treatment of their own. The Children of the Kingdom do not need psychologist, they do not need psychiatrists, either. For the children of YAHWEH need the Spirit of God. And that Spirit will transform and renew and regenerate the Household of your race. They don’t need psychiatrists for their race. We don’t need it.

This is a strange situation we face as we see every program to integrate your race, is not in full swing. Then the strange part of this situation is that the church in its official name as the National Council of Churches, endorses this program of the Beast System, while the True Church denies it and denies it-----.

Now, the people are beginning to move. They say we are not going to have this. But the President even tho he says that we sill not have this violence---still in entrapment, and without understanding---follows this same direction of the Beast System with its program of integration of society, and absorption and all those plans of Lucifer.

The strange and peculiar system we are faced with today, is that the Beast System has been able to be a MIGHTY DECEIVER. And today, this Beast System is moving out to gather all men for the great day of the battle of YAHWEH, the Almighty. It is moving out to complete the economic design which still comes out of the mouth of the dragon and out of the mouth of the false prophet. For it symbolizes the process of the ‘Mark of the Beast’ and its economic design.

So again, we tell you that YAHWEH’S Kingdom is an Eternal program. It is a battle for the earth. You are here and you are going to remain here until you are victorious. Make no mistake about that. YAHWEH invested you in this battle for the earth and HE is going to get HIS investment back. And of all of this situation, HE says, ‘I will lose nothing. I will get all MY investment back, for this is My plan and My purpose and I am YAHWEH--thy YAHSHUA.’

Lucifer is going to be brought down and he will acknowledge YAHWEH and HIS Kingdom, which he is now resisting.

(End of sermon)