Spiritual Race, 4-4-62


by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 4-4-62

The challengers of these Christian nations are known as the nations of the anti-Christ. Now the difference between the two is easily identified. The anti-Christ nations do not recognize that Jesus is the Christ. They serve the powers of darkness and the forces of evil by their ambition and their greed, and by their design and power to crush and rule the world and hold it in slavery. This makes them the system of the world order, which are the nations that had their origin in the earth. They either were created here or came in the days of Lucifer’s rebellion, and scattered over all the world. They made up the races of people which are not part of the Adamic Race. They are not the people whom we know as the White nations today.

The Adamic Race from the time of Adam to out time, is marked by the Biblical anthropology of nations. As we study them carefully, we discover that the seed line of the Adamic Race is traced into all the great White nations of the world, the basically strong line descending from the days of Adam through Seth. When Seth was begotten of Adam, irrespective of the violation of Divine law that had previously existed, there had been a careful selection on the part of God of this individual to carry forward the program of HIS Kingdom.

Heber (from the word Hebrew) is a descendant of the Seth line. From Seth to Noah and Noah to Shem, comes the descendency of the great and mighty household of God’s Kingdom, the White race. We know that Shem had two brothers--Ham and Japheth. In the race lines of both was an ancient violation of Divine law. One was absorbed in the later days by the people of Africa and the Middle East, and the other (Japheth) was absorbed by the Asiatics. Therefore, their posterity could not fulfill the destiny of the White Race and establish God’s Kingdom in purity in the earth. The White Race as to carry out this responsibility. Its covenants were carried down and reiterated to Abraham.

Abraham lived in the ancient city of Ur of the Chaldees. When God called Abraham to leave the Land of Ur of the Chaldees, and go into the areas of HIS guidance, it was to preserve his racial purity. He was not to build the great nations of God’s Kingdom out of a mixed society which was built up of the people of Asia, the Middle East, and other parts of the world. Now, it was the intent of God to continue to preserve this great part of HIS Kingdom and through the Spirit and vision which HE would give to selected individuals to expand and grow. HE would establish very clearly HIS design to preserve a people of the highest quality. After all, the Adamic Race are children of God’s Spirit. They have within them HIS Breath and Life. Their spiritual being was begotten of God in the heavens above. Their earthly existence is the Adamic Race. Truly as Christians, we can say we are the children of God after the Spirit and we are children of Adam after the flesh.

The establishment of God’s Kingdom in the earth was to be an eternal one, though it was always to have opposition until the Kingdom came to its full. From one man’s family, to a great nation and company of nations we have made mighty strides. And it is a self-evident fact that this family could not have faced all the opposition without the everlasting covenants made with it by the Father in heaven. These covenants would establish very clearly, its destiny. The White nations (today only 1/10th of the world’s population) are a mighty evidence of the covenant power of God. Consider the enemies who desire to destroy us. Lucifer’s forces, his unassimilatable offspring directing the fallen races of the earth in their idol worshiping, cannibals with their witch doctors that came from the Satanic influence that has fallen upon the race brought it to do battle for Lucifer.

The Communist, the evil doers, stir up the Negroes, telling them to remember again their racial ‘God’ and the worship of fallen demons. Creating this catastrophe are the sons of Lucifer (the Jews) who were well identified by Jesus, ‘I am of My Father and ye are of your father.’ HE said ‘ye are the progeny of the devil, ye are his offspring; you think like he does, and you act like he acts; he was a liar and a murderer from the beginning.’ Psychological warfare is being fought against us today by these liars and murderers who have infiltrated this great nation of the United States as they have infiltrated other Christian nations in order to eliminate the freedoms and liberties which Christianity has developed among the people of God. They attempt to get us to sell our birthright, to build with them what they call a brave new world. They tell us this is a new vista of prosperity and peace. We must bury our race. We must mingle with all peoples. We must mongrelize our society. They seek to persuade us to integrate all our church congregations and all our schools; to trust our young people at a tender age with people of other races. The laws of God throughout the Old and New Testaments have instructed and inspired us to rear our children in their formative ages with people of their own kind. This is one thing we can be sure of. This is an eternal Kingdom that no one can destroy. No one will ever take it away from the earth.

There are those who misinterpret the scriptures and who do not think the gathering of the Church as by the Spirit of God symbolizes the identity of the Church with Christ (or God’s marriage to it.) For one thing, they have accepted the strategy of the enemy that the pagans---the Negro or Asiatic races---are the ‘Gentiles’ and Christ is to take a Gentile bride for Himself. This does not follow the types or symbols of the scriptures. The Church of God is found in the nations of the Kingdom of Israel---the great White countries of the world. ‘If ye be Christ’s, then are ye Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise.’ (Gal. 3:29), for this is the area from which the seed of Abraham--the children of the MOST HIGH GOD--in their destiny are confirmed in the prophesies, as well as in the covenants made in the very 1st chapter of Jeremiah. He said HE would put HIS Spirit in them. HE would write HIS law on the tables of their hearts. Also, when God inspired Abraham to select a bride for Isaac, his servant Abimelech went out from among pagans and chose a bride from Abraham’s own people. Let us make this clear.

When Christianity develops its great purpose, and the Great Spirit of God gathers its mighty power, then the Church (if we wish to identify the Bride of God) comes out of the nations of Israel. This is proved in the scriptures. Remember, this Bride is taken as the one Abraham selected for Isaac---from among those of HIS own Spirit, from among HIS own people. The Holy Spirit is the agency of the MOST HIGH GOD. And don’t make any mistake. The laws of God Will be preserved. ‘Come hither, I will show thee the Bride, the Lamb’s wife.’ (Rev. 21:9-27).

The 2nd chapter of our book of Hebrews, tells that God visited the earth in the great and mighty work of salvaging HIS children. And HE kept HIS promise of redemption and salvation. HE did not take upon HIMSELF the flesh of angels or of strangers, but HE took upon HIMSELF the flesh of the seed of Abraham, that HE might be like HIS own brethren. HE (God) was not ashamed to call them HIS kinsmen. We who are the children of God, whose book of Hebrews tells us we are now in bodies of flesh in the earth, are not only the heirs of God, but also the children who can say, ‘Our Father which art in heaven....’

When HE visited the earth, HE identified HIS own people. HE said HE did not come for the stranger. ‘I have come for the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel.’ Salvation is of God. Salvation is also of HIS Kingdom. Salvation is the program which God has for the earth in order to bring the people out of error into Truth and Righteousness.

This administration must take place by the nations of God’s Kingdom establishing that Kingdom in the earth, from one end to the other. This is our responsibility.

The enemy’s animosity against us (the technologically superior ‘have’ nations) is that of a people without spiritual vision against the people who possess the spiritual vision which as the fountain of God’s blessing, has showered the nations of God’s Kingdom and blessed the entire earth.

Because of the spiritual quality that God has given HIS children, their corn fields grow more corn, their wheat fields produce more wheat. And everything they put their hands to do is blessed of God. HIS enemies hiss and growl at the children of the Kingdom. They constantly threaten to swallow and destroy us. Their wheat fields don’t bring forth the blessings and their corn fields fail. And famine reaches out across their countries. There is no difference between their soil and ours. There is no difference in the water that runs down their rivers and the water that runs down ours. There is no difference in the sun that shines upon them. But there is a vast difference in the energies of heaven that shine forth in the prosperity of God’s Kingdom.

“Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers.” (II Cor. 6:14-18). The blessing for those who can say “Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be Thy Name...” descends upon God’s people ONLY when they retain their separate identity---when they carry the project of blessing to the people of the world by establishing God’s Kingdom forever----by worshiping the Right GOD---not by mixing our religion, not by embracing the world government of the United Nations, and not by marching out to identify ourselves with the enemy.

We can NEVER have a common brotherhood with all peoples. We can recognize as our brothers ONLY those who are our Father’s sons, begotten by HIS Spirit in the heavens, established by HIS Destiny in the earth, and worshiping with Truth. For only out of the children of God’s Kingdom come the standards of liberty and hope of human freedom.

When will this Kingdom be established? When we have thrown down the dictators. When we have smashed the powers of evil. When we have broken the powers of the enemies of Christ. Then we shall rule with the Laws of God and men will be forced to obey them. They shall be set free in Truth and Righteousness, and no longer will become the victims of the demagoguery that moves out of the Communist world or of the threats that move out of the money changers or others of Christ’s enemies.

To keep the blood line pure and clean,

God’s Holy Angels came on the scene,

To guide them in their rightful choice,

They lent their ear, to hear HIS Voice.

Go not to Cain---or to his clan,

Or you’ll upset God’s Holy plan.


(End of sermon)