Star Of Destiny, 12-24-61


by DR. WESLEY A. SWIFT 12-24-61

It is a most significant thing that out of all of the great events which are contained in Scriptures, that are the history of our race. Probably the most significant was the visitation of YAHWEH to His household, to His family.

We are told by the Apostle Paul that in the Eternal name of our Father, and in the incarnate manifestation of His name in the earth--the whole family in heaven and earth is named. And we have been assured by the Apostle Paul after his heavenly experiences and his trip inot the dimension of Spirit and back, that we are the kinsmen of YAHWEH. And that YAHWEH was not ashamed to be called a kinsman. For He took a body for Himself--out of our race so that He could be--one with His kinsmen and like unto you.

We are aware that out of the study of the background of the scriptures and out of the great wisdom and mysteries that belong to our household of the Adamic race and to its developing knowledge that was unveiled again to them in the earth,--- that which was unveiled,-- was of the great and mighty purposes of YAHWEH and for His Kingdom which is constituted by the people of your race, and what the purpose of YAHWEH is for the entire earth and what He purposed to do in the ages to come throughout His Universe. -----All of this effects you. For you are members of His family and of His household. The Apostle Paul says in Ephesians to explain this----'Flesh of His flesh and bone of His bone.'

Then in the writings of the prophet Isaiah, the words say specifically that HE came forth in the earth, born of a Virgin.---Emerging the Incarnate Deity and --Unto us.---To no other people on the face of the earth was----this coming---by intent.--But, from this coming would come betterment for all the earth. "For unto us a child is born,--unto us, a son is given ---and the government whall be upon His shoulders, and His name whall be called---'Wonderful,'--'Councilor,'--The Almighty YAHWEH--The Everlasting Father--the Prince of Peace.'

If there was any great event that had an impact upon the human race, it was this one. If there was any event that effected the whole course of your destiny, then it was this coming. It was the reunion of our Father--out of the Spirit--wiht a physical embodied race which He had begotten and to whom He had promised to come.

Now it would be reasonable to believe that if such an event took place, it would be mashalled by all the evidence of its greatness. And the whole Universe--held together by the Spirit--that was to inhabit this body born of the Virgin, out of our race, would be involved. For--'All things were made by HIM, and without HIM was not anything made.' Here, Paul was talking about the man--Christ Jesus--in the book of Colossians.

Now turn to the book of Matthew, and remember that we also have a record here that was duplicated by Roman civil records. And the civil records of Rome still exist today. For they kept records of all the providences of the Roman Empire. And those records are still available today. And they contain the years of the time of Caesar, which includes the Ministry of Jesus the Christ.

Now in the second chapere of Matthew, (we check both the civil records of Rome of that time and the Biblical record here in Matthew chapter two)--here it says:--'Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea in the days of Herod the King. Behold there came Wise Men from the East to Jerusalem.'

Now the second verse here in the King James Version, is not of the best translation. So we will give you what the original Aramaic text said:--'Where is He that is born King of Judea? For we have seen His star in the East and have come to worship Him.'

Now no Wise men would have traveled as far as these men had to see a Jewish king. They came seeking the Messiah, whom they were waiting for. They came to see the King born in Judea. And that is what they asked.

From this, we find a whold foundation for exploratory investigation. And we have the evidences as they have now been conpiled out of the background of time and history from a multitude of sources. And we can know the full background of these Wise men who arrived and we can know why they arrived, when they arrived and whom they were seeking. For they said:--'We have seen His star in the East and have come to worship Him.'

So He came to identify with a race that started with our Father on earth--Adam,--but sent out of the heavens to earth to build a Kingdom. And the story of this race is the tremendous struggle with the powers of darkness to overthrow that Kingdom---always battleing and sometimes losing and sometimes falling, for those temptations of darkness. But of this race which was promised an Eternal salvation and Redemption as well as a visitaiton by our YAHWEH.---And all of this promised before a single Spirit left the dimensions of Spirit to dwell in the earth.

Now out of this race would come technology and wisdom. And out of this race would come a people guided by HIS SPIRIT, who would the greatest civilization that the world had ever witnessed.---

We can go back to those days when the early Adamic race was driven out of the Garden of Eden for violation of Divine Law. And to the guardian Angel that separated them from the great errors of the catastrophies of the cruel fall. And we can go into the places of the High Tarim Basin and then trace this race from the Tarim Basin into the ancient land which is not called Palestine, but at that time was called Oruselem. And this was long before it was called Canaanland.

At that time in ancient history, we find that this city of Oruselem and the land of that area was called the land of the great sons of Osiris--Lord of Life and of Resurrection.

Now among those who were the descendents of Seth--the Biblical household of this Bible, were some great and mighty patriarchs of our race. Two of those men who stand out because of their great contributions to culture and to civilization of our race in the earth were ---Enoch and Job.

In fact Job is one of the oldest books in the Bible, altho correlated at teh time of the other books. However the fact remains that the records of Job are older than the writings of Moses. The ancient Zohar which had the complations of all the revelations which had been given in all times, to your race, by arch Angels, and by Messengers and by Yahweh himself--- and the Zohar refers to the things which Yahweh had told Job and also to the antiquity of the book of Job and it speaks of being long before the records of the early Pentateuch, and as existing long before any of the Pentateuch was written, And it carries forward the story of measures and of wisdom. And for this purpose the book of JOb was one of the outstanding books. The book of Zohar also had all the books of Enoch and refered to the writings of Enoch many times.

In Palestine at the time of Christ---we find the ancient Essen company which lived outside of Jerusalem in the rocks and caves and from these caves came the great Jerusalem manuscript and the Assyrian Manuscript and the Dead Sea Scrolls, and these ancient Essen's and the books of Enoch and of Job, and they had writings of Enoch and also of Job which were more extensive than the book of Job we have in our scriptures.

Now these two great Patriarchs of the MOst High called Enoch and Job, had the experience of talking to Yahweh, and of being instructed by Angels, of any of your race. For Angels came looking for Enoch and they had the same appearance as men of earth, because almost all intelligent beings of Yahweh's whole creation including his family---are made in a similar image of shape and form.

A beautiful and radiant ship stood out side the door of Enoch's dwelling and it shown with light as the metal of any part of HIs Creation. When these Angel messengers knocked on the door of Enoch, they said, "Come we must escort you into the dimensions around and then out thru the far places for your lFather has summoned you to come into his Presence."

Now Enoch never questioned this for he just said good-by to his family and he stepped out of his door and into the fast speeding ship that ascended into the sky. And this great ship carried him out over the north star and out thru the Galaxies and into the distant Pleiades.

How do we know this?

Now Enoch and Job were two great pillars of wisdom and they also knew one another, and they had the mysteries and the knowledge for Enoch talked with God., and he was also instructed by Arch Angels. Enoch went thru the laboratories of the heavens and he saw the vastness of the family of Yahweh---in their ocming and going, and he saw all the dominions within the Kingdom of Yahweh outside the earth. And Enoch returned to earth with all the wisdom and the knowledge which he had been taught--by Yawhew. And Enoch had also recieved instructions for what he was to do.

Enoch was told to go down into Egypt with the Pillar which Yahweh would raise up to go with him, and that Pillar was Job.

And in Egypt they were to build a great city, and they were to lay out this city by special divine and specific patterns. And they were also to build a great Altar and Pillar unto their Yehweh. And they were to establish a Temple unto the Eternal King.

`So After the return of Enoch from the Heavens we find that Job and Enoch went down into Egypt and they built the great city called---ON. They laid this city out according to the Zodiac. And given the earths orbit with its 12 divinsions they divided their city into 12 parts, having 12,000 men living in the street of each section, and the Saebans and the Wiseman were for the months of the year allotted, to the areas of the city where they would be naturally found. And we found 144,000 men of your race, who were builders and mathematicians and all of them working from the wisdom which Yahweh had bestowed upon your society, and each worked according to his section of the city and thus they built the city of On and they inhabited it, and then they built the Great Temple, and these men knew what they were doing and why they were doing this.

The ancient Eyptians refer to these two ancient Pillars, and in their refering they mean Enoch and Job. Then in latter days when the Greeks went down into Egypt to study they head about these two mighty Pillars of the sons of of Yahweh, the sons of Light and Righteousness. And in Greek they called Enoch---Hermes.

The fact is that the wisdom that Yahweh gave to Enoch and Job produced the great precise mathematical sciences that were taught by the lGreek at a later date--after Plato, and Calculus, and Arastotal and others came home to Greece after their education in Egypt and gave the Greeks this great knowledge and then gave it to our Western Christian Civilization and thus we had mathematical superiority.

So Enoch and Job knew what they were doing, and those men with them as well and they built the great Pyramid, and then they built the great Temple of the Sphinx with its 33 steps which were the symbol of the life of the Messiah. The Sphnix with its underground temple and with its 13 pillars and all the significant measures that relate to your race. They built the two great Pillars that set in the center of the city of On. One of these Pillars carried the Universal word of the testimony of the most High. One of them told a Jerusalem word for the declaration of the inner voice of the Most High.

Masonry of today has two pillars and two words, and they have two significances. And they got those words out of the city of On. For that is where masonry was born. Masonary---the master builders of Yahweh's race, which carried forward his wisdom. Today there has been many changes made in Masonary but that is where it began.

There in the City of On was the tower of Wisdom and in the center of the city was born--the Masters of the Light and the Temple of the Cross.

So it was that Enoch and Job fulfilled their obligations, and they built the pyrmid to measure the heavens and to measure the sky and to measure the course of the steps that were ordained, and in that day Enoch and Job knew exactly what they were doing.

Job said, he wanted to put in the stone of the rock and he wanted to inscribe it with a pen of iron so it would last forever--this testimony----"That his redeemer would live and that he would stand in latter days upon the earth and that the Kingdom would thus be sealed.

The Ancient Aramaic text which deals with the things that Job declared as well as the Alexanderian text tells us that Job knew that Yahweh would visit his earth, and that he would live, that he would be resurrected with Almighty power and that he would be the Everlasting King. And Enoch also knew this, and we find that it was taught to your race in the Wisdom schools. It was known to the wise men (Savants) of your race. In fact it was during those days that the wisdom was told that spread down thru your race and down to the days of the Wise Men, who came seeking Jesus, and they knew exactly what to look for. Enoch had been told that all the constellations had their appearance from the Earth---and had been placed in the heavens so they could be read from earth. And that the trillions of years that were involved in the constructions of this part of the Milky Way, had been planned by the Most High for the events that were to happen during the living in the earth, of the Kingdom of the children of heaven, the sons and daughters of Yahweh.

So it was that the constellations were placed in their positions and have their picture.

It was told unto Enoch that these stars which seemed to change their positions as they moved, were the wanderors, and that they also had their significance. The whole star bible was given unto Enoch, and Noah also understood the Bible of the stars, and that is why the Gospel message of the stars is known today. That is why even tho we have the Hebrew or the Roman, or the Greek words for these constelatons, yet very seldom is their meanings changed.

The most significant fact is that htese two wanderors that Enoch was told about---that one signified righteous power, and one Satanic power. And that these two would ocme together and that the ocming together would be in the year of the beginnning of the carrying of the life seed of Yahweh----for the MESSIAH.-----And that every 3 months thereafter there could be an eclipting or conjuction of Saturn and Jupiter and the last conjunction that the symbols of trouble and turbulence would stand and that this would be carried out. And they would know that this was the year of THE MESSIAH. And they were told that a star would rise at the head of Virgo and transverse the head of Virgo and transverse across that constellation.

Now here tonight in these United States at the great planatarium here in Griffith Park and also in Germany and in Paris and in England---they are talking of the star of Bethlehem. They have been tlaking about this star all week. They have been talking about what signs in the heavens were related to that event. For you see we know when Christ was born, so you can forget Usshers chronology, and also by a rather strange pattern of measure, our present calendar is almost right. For Christ was born----not in 4 B. C.----but he was born in the year---the first year which would end in the first year of the calendar life of Christiandom.----How do we know that?----Well sidereal calculators have gone back to chart the time for the birth to the Virgin Mary and they had the ocnjunctions of Saturn and Jupiter---and not 3 times in that year but the 4th., time at the birth of the Christ child and at teh 4th., time they had Mars squaring this ocnjuction. This was exactly what happened. And it would also have to be a time when there was a star in the head of Virgo. And the last time a star was in the head of Virgo it came from its placing---from the head of Acquilla, as Enoch told in his writings that it would. And it crossed into the head of Virgo. Now this star had been traveling for some time for God had told Enoch it was already on its way. And he told Enoch that it would be in the head of Virgo at that time of the year for the birth of the Messiah----for God said: "I will visit My people and I will redeem them."

The wise men knew because they finally saaw the star as it had almost reached the head of Virgo and transversed its outer eliptic.

Do you know how long that star had been coming in? From the sidereal calculators we are told that fromt eh edge of its eliptic, when it started to move in--it was 263,000 years from the time it closed its circle and started to move into the head of Virgo. ---- I want this to impress you tonite, as it relates to the fact that the scientists know that it took trillions of years to place into operation, the constellatory positions of the Milky Way for you readers of Zodiacial signs. And there is no place else in the Universe where they would mean anything but in the earth. So what God had taught Enoch in the heavens was true. Not only that but it was not only the measure that could be understood, but the significances of it was given and the heavens became a star bible to those of earth at that time. And they were astronomers measuring the movements of stars and they were looking and waiting for a certain event.

It was know in the great Zohar that it was so. And out of the great wisdom schools, there passed a spiritual and a scientific Priesthood of wisdom that came down thru your race, thru all periods of your history. And this widom went into the Wilderness tabernacle and there came the construction of the Great Temple and then on thru your history as the 10 tribes moved out into Assyrian captivity, then from there as they migrated out thru the Caucasian pass and founded the white Civilization in the heart of Eurpoe. But they did not forget their Wisdom, or their traditions and their Mystery schools.----From the Druids of Britian, and the Mystery schools of Norway---they had not forgotten the great symbols of the knowledge that the Great Yahweh was going to visit earth as a man and be their relative and Kinsman and redeem them from all their problems.----So they knew that MESSIAH would come.

Enoch had been accurate and the great scientist and builders of your race had built the great pyramid which was the mystery of the ages, because 800 pound blocks of stone were moved into place with a precision that can hardly be equaled today with the finest of equipment of our times. The tremendous weight of the stones involved makes it seem almost a miracle today. Some of those stones were moved 800 miles and then fitted into place. And then inside that great momument of stone was placed the accurate measure of the date of the Birth of the Christ, an exact measure of what the procession of measure would be. It was the one citing plane that they could determine, like a great stone astrolube, whether or not the time was right.

And from the temple of On among the stars, there was a measure of the progression of the equinox, and the movement of stars could be measured with accuracy. And they had the exact point of degree. The only other place where this could be measured as exact was at Stonehenge in Ancient Britian.

Yes, three Wise men came out of the East and they said: "We have seen HIS Star, and we have come to worship HIM".

And there was His Star, and when you think of the trillions of years, that it took to set up this star picture, those 263,000 years when finally this star was on its return curve heading for the head of Virgo, then we can see that Yahweh had this planned for a long time. So when Yahweh plans things with this exactness, even to the point of measure where this can be put in the pen, and in the rocks 4,000 years before it happens, then my friends, you don't have to worry about whether Mr. Kruechev is going to eclipse the star of Bethlehem with his red star. Because that has been know also, from before the foundations of the world. It will not happen.

All the powers of darkness have fought your race, because they knew this was the Kingdom of Yahweh coming in. Lucifer knew this when he tried to stop it by mongrelizing. But Yahweh selected the descendents of Adam and Eve, thru Seth and cleansed the line and then carried you down in his own racial self respect and racial purity, in the establishment of his household, from that day to this.

Wise men of our race---where did they come from? ---- They came from Britian, Spain, India, Egypt and Persia. ---- Oh you say --- were the Persians in on this? ---- The Persians of that era were Aryans, ---the tall---Manu, were the Aryans of the Wisdom Schools of Ancient India. Then back in Kashmir in the high Himalaya mountains was an observatory for measuring the signs of the heavens, and looking for the signs of the Great King. This observatory was manned by the white men. High up in the mountains of Ancient Persia was another observatory, and the Aryan children, the scientists of your race kept that observatory. Then in Britian from the Druid Household----came wise men who kept their watch of the heavens and checked their measures with those gathered in Egypt. These men knew that they carried the knowledge of righteousness and truth of the Mystery shcools and they looked for th day of the coming of the MESSIAH.

Yes----there was no doubt of the significance of this event. Then they saw the star almost at the head of Virgo. They noted that it was even close enough to be seen by the naked eye as it moved in its closing motion into the tip of the constellation of Virgo. They knew something else as well for they had watched from the beginning --- and now the conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter and they watched and they and they found that from the first conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn then in 3 months this happened again, then in 3 months it happened again, and now Mars was flooding, which was the sign of trouble and war. And then by this time the wise men were on the move. And all heaven knew about this also, for all the forces of space were bending low for the greatest year in all History. ---- Which would see the Embodyment of Yahweh among men, the establishment of his Kingdom --- for victory.

And in that hour under that expectation and hope --- there had moved closer to earth, the Arch Angels, and the hosts of heaven and the great space crafts came out of the sky. And you can call them what you will but they were the vessels of Yahweh's Kingdom.

We know this is true, for Gabriel had visited the Virgin Mary and Gabriel and visited Joseph; and six months before the visit to Mary then we find that Gabriel had also visited the Priest Zacharias and his wife --- Elizabeth. So the Arch were visiting the earth and were telling men to get ready for the event.

Malachi's prophecy --- "Behold I shall send you Elijah the Prophet, to go before Me, said Yahweh." ------ Now this prophecy was being fulfilled. Three of the Wise men had gone to the temple in On, Egypt, and had made their final check and they said: "This is no doubt the confiruration that we need."

So with racing camels, and with caravans they left for the site in Judea, and a strange thing happened here in Egypt before they left --- We are told that a great light had come into the sky above the Temple of On, and it was observed here at the Temple. Then when the wise men left the Temple of On the great light came down close to them and went before them. Now we know that the translation of your Bible says a star went before them, but it was a great light out of the Heavens, a great craft went before these wise men becuase stars don't dome down and hover close to the earth, for stars are bigger than the earth, or any of its planets, even bigger than the sun in most instances. You couldn't bring a blazing star that close to earth, without scorching the earth. But a great light did come down and it went before the Wisemen and this is not unusual. This is the way the Kingdom of Yahweh has watched the operation of Divine Guidance in many instances.

For example when your ancestores whent out of the land of Egypt, the great light went before you by night, and as a cloud by day. And inside that light was a craft in which the very power of heaven rode. In one instance, it tells you that Yahweh, your God was in the cloud, and in the fire.

But in this instance of tonight the wisemen were also guided by this craft, as it was ever before them and they were guided to the land of Palestine. These wise men had one thing in common, for they knew that they were the servants of a race that could say --- Father --- to the Eternal one. They knew that they were the descendents of the Eternal Father. They knew also that because of their wisdom and knowledge that this race had become rulers among men. And they knew that they belonged to the great secret Mystery schools of the race of Yahweh's Kingdom.

So when these wise men came to Jerusalem they went to the palace of Herod the King.

I think it is most important tonite that we have the full pagentry of this Christmas story --- that we know of the fact that Herod was King of the Jews and that Herod was a Jew, and that his army were men who were Jews. Also it is important to know that the Jews had bought their power from Rome and they moved from the Isle of Pergamos and established the rule of the Herodians --- who were Jews of Jerusalem. That they were in colusion with the Sadducees and Jews in the Temple, who were not Israelites --- not one of them was of Israel. They were enemies of the Kingdom of Yahweh, and were actually seeking to gain power to rule the world. Also they knew that among the peoples of Palestine were the people of Judah and Benjamine who were the covenant children, and they also knew that the covenant children were scattered thru out Euruope. ---- So this their enemy wanted to dominate the earth, and at that time had actuall power over this province of Palestine --- and their ruler was known as Herod, king of the Jews.

The wise men came saying: "We have come t ofind --- HE who is born King in Judea, for we have seen his star.

You remember the words of Herod: He said "I don't know of any King that is born, but then he called the scribes and he said to them --- go search the scriptures and see if there is to be a King born in Jedea. ------ So the scribes searched the scriptures-----------

Not what is this all about?

In the first place we can prove to you that Herod was not an Israelite. He was not of the tribe of Judah. We can prove to you that the scribes of the court were not of the tribe of Judah. ----- How? -----

Every man of the tribe of Judah as well as all Israel knew that the Messiah was going to be born in Bethlehem of Judea --- they just didn't know when, but every man of the tribe of Judah and Benjamine here in Palestine knew the Messiah was going to come and they were wainting for his coming.

But this Herodian tribe knew nothing of this and neither did the scribes until they searched the scriptures and then they said: "He is going to be born in Bethlehem of judah.

Now the thing I like is the accuracy of the Roman Records which were kept and which still exist today. And these records say that 3 men of great position and strength, came from outside the Roman dominion, but they came with the permission of Rome. They were great potentates of Wisdom, and Science and understanding, and Herod was to treat them with respect. ---- Rome recorded this, but they did not say that these men were Kings --- the records at Rome call them Wise men. ----- We have heard the story of ---- We Three Kings of Orient are ----- but that is just the way that fiction and song has treated this story.

The Wise men on racing camels, and with their followers had come to Jerusalem, and they wee bearing gifts. And Herod said to them ---- You go down and find the babe and come tell me so that I can go worship him.

The Wise men left the court of Herod, and they were very suspicious that this man Herod was not interested in the Christ as they were. There was something wrong about the way this man thought. They wondered why he would not know of so great an event in his immediate territory, and now he wanted them to go find the child and then come back and tell him where he lay.

The Wise men knew somehting was wrong here in this Kingdom with a King like Herod on the throne. But they went to the city of Bethlehem and they did not go to the manger, for Jesus was no longer in the manger. After the first nite or two in the manger, Mary and Joseph took the babe and went to the home of Mary's cousin --- Elizabeth, here in Bethlehem. And they were in the home for the next 4 days. The scriptures say the wise men came to the house where Jesus was, and they brought gifts of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh.

Now there was another Wise man and he had left from Kashmir. He had traveled speedily to check his measures at the Temple in On, Egypt, but he arrived, so this fourth wise man preceeded to follow the paths of the others before him.

Now the first wise men had presented gifts to Jesus and the gold was to be used for his ministery, so it was given to Mary along with his other treasures. This gold was given to The Messiah when he started his ministary and it was turned over to Judas as he carried the money bag for the disciples. The gold that had with its definite meansure been allotted for the expense of his ministery, the amount needed for the 3 years he carried out that ministery. The Frankincense was for his anointing and this took place in the house of Joseph of Arimathea, on the day that the disciples had pledged that they would follow him, in the home of Joseph of Arimathea.

Joseph of Arimathea was the brother of Mary and he had a great home on the north east edge of the city of Jerusalem, and here were many gatherings of Jesus and his disciples. This was a place of refuge. Joseph of Arimathea was a wealthy man and respected because of that wealth. He was an owner of ships, and he owned the tin mines of England, and had interests in many other businessees.

The third gift of Myrrh was kept at the home of Joseph, and it was used by the woman who prepared the body of The Messiah. Having laid him in Joseph's tomb they brought the Myrrh and used it for the annointing of the dead body.

The Fourth wise man brought the robe. ---- Now the robe had been started in Rome and Spain. It has been carried to Egypt for the brocade work with the gold and silver thread. Then it was taken to Persia and had been lined with beautiful scarlet to match the purple of the Robe. And now this was the robe carried by the 4th., wise man and he also carried the Jeweled crown to go with the robe.

As the 4th., Wise man came ---- in the Palace court yard of Herod the King were 2,000 armed and mounted soldiers getting their instructions, and they were not sent to worship. Now the first Wise Men had not returned to the Palace of Herod the King, and this 4th., wise man was also wise and he hurried ahead of his caravan and raced for Bethlehem and went striaght to the Temple in Bethlehem, and he asked for this King of the Universe. ---- And here Zacharia the Priest met this wise man. Zacharia was the Priest who had also been visited by an Angel named Gabriel and Gabriel was the one who informed Zachariah that he and Elizabeth were to have a son who would be a messenger before the Eternal Yahweh when he visited earth.

So here in the dwelling place of the Priest of Bethlehem was this baby who would be that messenger ---- John the Baptist --- mystery man of time of whom Jesus said --- that no greater man was born of Woman, for this was Elijah sent --- back --- to earth by this miraculas approach to prepare the way of the Lord. This John the Baptist, was the prophet of the Most High. Jesus said: If you can understand --- this is Elijah, the messenger of the King.

As the 4th., Wise man stood inside the Temple talking to Zachariah --- a great cry arose in the city of Bethlehem and this was ---- "Rachel crying for hrer children."

Read this in the book of Matthew. This is a part of the Christmas story tha tmany ministers will not read. ---- The enemies of The Christ ---- organized Jewery ---- under Herod their King came down to Bethlehem and murdered every child up to 3 years of age in order to be sure of killing Jesus.

These people who talk --- BROTHERHOOD --- will murder babies in order to stop the progress of Yahweh's Kingdom.

Now why was that story put in your Bible??? ----- This was put there to warn you never to let them take ocntrol of your faith or your nation.

You should see that they are removed from every nation where Christian Civilization exists. ---- That is your destiny.

But in that hour --- Herods horsemen had ridden into Bethlehem and were killing the Children.

Now, what we mean when we use the word coincidence --- and remember that we use that word loosely now --- and people thing that it is just something that happens, but when two things come together --- that is a coincidence. ---- The 4th., wise man being late --- was a measure of purpose. The Wise man being at the Temple was a measure of Purpose. He was sent there to preserve the body of john the Baptist so that John could carry on his ministery. The soldiers were pushing in every door in Bethlehem anad even at the Temple, so the Wise man put on the great robe that had been prepared for the Great king and then he went to the cradle and took up John the Baptist in his arms under the great robe. Thus in that hour when the forces of evil were killing the babes of Bethlehem --- then John the Baptist was spared.

But what of Jesus? ---- On the 5th., night and after the Wise men had been there to deliver their gifts and to worship, then Josheph was approached by an Angel of the Lord, for the Hosts of Heaven were standing by.

Now, the crafts of Heaven were in the sky, and we have spoken of this before, and Angels and Arch Angels, and Heavenly Hosts, whole Armies were stading by ---- An Angel appeared to Joseph and told him to take Mary and the babe and leave this city for a great evil was to come in the program to kill the Christ Child. And Joseph was told what to do, and to take them and go into Egypt. So Joseph followed orders, and he took Mary and the Babe and went secretely to the home of Joseph of Arimathea and they stayed there until the 8th., day. Then on the 8th., day Jesus was presented at the Temple accordingly as the ordinance demanded. Then on the 21st., day Mary went to the Temple as according to the ordinance as told in the book of Luke. Then with the help of Joseph, and Mary and the Babe went into Egypt, to the Temple of On, and there the family with this precious babe found refuge, with the Priests of your race, and that refuge was in this great City of On, with its Great Temple, which had been built many many years before, by the power of the two pillars of your race ---- Enoch and Job. And the family remained there until the death of Herod, some years later.

Then after the death of Herod, Mary, Joseph and The Christ Child returned to Nazareth in Galilee --- and thus fulfills part of the records of the scriptures.

But this Mystery of Visitation had been done. The Shepherds on the hills watching their flocks had been wainting, talking and meditating ever since the word had come that their was a Virgin inside of Palestine that was with child, and this could be their Messiah. They were talking of this and the word had spread and there was a great expectancy in the people of Judea who understood. And then suddenly here with the Shepherds on the hillside was a great sound and an Angel of the Lord stood among them. Heavenly fleets were above them, Heavenly music sang of Peace --- and said: Now, hear this, Ye men of earth ---- for there has been born unto your this day in the city of David, a Savior who is Christ ---- the Lord. And the Shepherds heard these heavenly voices and they hear them sing of Peace and good will toward men."

So again, The three wise men came on the 5th., nite and visited the Christ Child. Then Mary and Joseph and the Babe left that nite for the home of Joseph of Arimathea of Jerusalemm. And then on the 21st., day the family of Joseph, Mary and the Christ Child went down into Egypt, and thus on their return came the fulfillment of that Scripture ---- "Out of Egypt have I called MY SON."

If there is anyone thing I want you to remember tonite, it is that Wise Men --- with precision and accuracy --- measured --- they say --- and they came. They knew that they were a part of a great destiny. They knew that this was a great event. And they knew that the Hosts of Heaven were bending low.

They knew that a light had gone before them even to Bethlehem and it stood over the house of Elizabeth where the child lay. This is how these Wise men of your race, were guided by the very Angels.

Yes, My friends, the agnostics have tried to tell us that it didn't happen. The records of Rome tell us that it did. And the Bibical records say it also. Then the Spirit of Yahweh, bears witness in your heart and mine that it happened that way.----

You go to the Scriptures and it happened this way, --- There is no room left for contridiction concerning the birth of Yahshua. ---- The coming to earth of the embodied Yahweh -- Yahshua. For Yahweh was in the christ --- we are told in the Scriptures, and then Jesus made this declaration, "Ye who have seen me hath seen the Father, and before Abraham was ---- I Am."

What a Majestic spectacle that was ---A babe born with in the Light of YAHWEH which shown around him, and heavenly hosts with Archangels proclaiming His coming, and serving in His ministry and guiding Wise men of your race.

Now; I am going to tell you something that Herod did not know that nite. Even though he thought he could reach the Christ child. And even tho he thought he could destroy him--yet he could not have accomplished that ,for the Great Archangel who came to Joseph and told him to leaven the city, had a whole legion of Angels around that spot.

Remember how in the Garden, later in his ministry when Peter sought to defend the Messiah, and Jesus said to Peter , as these servants of the High Priests came to take him

away---Jesus said;---Peter put up your sword, there are a whole legion of the hosts of Heaven standing by, that I could summon. There has never been a time when a whole court of heaven were nto in invisible service around the Most High. Even in the days of Elijah, and Elisha, the armies of YAHWEH were on the mountain peaks, surrounding them, in all phases of their ministries. You also are not alone, if your eyes could be opened to the presence of the Most High--if you could also see what is invisible within this auditorium, you would see that there is a guardian Angel for every individual here in this room. You would discover that a great company of witnesses surround you, and you would discover that all the powers of darkness will be helpless in the hour of their conspiracy and they plan, because of the powers of the Spiritual force that stands by your side, but you were put in the earth to occupy in the physical plane and you must discharge that responsibility.

In the days when the christ consummated his ministry and after his resurrection had been accomplished and after he had eaten with his disciples and talked with them concerning the purposes which he had. He told them that it was necessary that he leave them, and he went outside the city with his disciples and to a hill, and while talking to them a great radiant cloud approached the hill, and suddenly Jesuss stepped itno the clour. The disciples stood starring into that radiant cloud of bright light.They could not see the great craft inside the could for they could not see inside the cloud, but sudenlyt wo men stepped out of that radiant mist, and these two men said;---Why do you keep starring into the cloud? This same Christ shall come just like you saw him go. You go back to Jerusalem as he told you to and there wait for the coming of your power. And then the two men stepped back into that radiant mist, and the cloud went away.

There are lots of things you might see int he sky today if all the clouds went away.There are lots of things that have been hidden in the clouds of Glory, thru the records of history and thru the scriptures we see this.

I want you to know that when John was carried into the heavens so that he could be given this revelation of scripture, so that he might write this and give it to the church,t hat he was on the Isle of Patmos for the testimony of Jesus the Christ. He was put there by the power of Jewry because after the ascention of Christ thye hated all the Christian church. And when John was placed int he experience fo receiving the revelations, after he had been told to come hither, and passed into the plane of spirit, John was shown the 12th., chapter of revelation as to it was a great panarama of events. it was not as a book as you now read it. but he worte these things on paper and they became the pages of a book. To him however they were a living experience which the vision fo YAHWEH'S spirit had erected into his mind, and had transferred to his.

John tells of the mystery of the woman clothed with the sun and the moon under her feet and a crown on her head , with 12 stars in it. This ws the sign of Virgo in the heavens, and she being with child travailing in birth, and pained to be delivered. --Then another wonder in the heavens, of a great red Dragon with 7 heads and 10 horns, and 7 crowns upon his head and his tail drew the 3 rd., part of heaven and did cast them to earth, and the Dragon stood before the woman which was ready to be delivered for to devour her child as soon as it was born. Symbolically this was the symbol of your race, and the virgin Mary . The child was the symbol of the embodiment of YAHWEH, which was Christ, and the symbol of the offspring of the woman--Israel --your race in dual symbolism.

And the Dragon stood before the woman to destroy that child as soon as he was born, was symbolized by Herod the kIng of the Jews and his Jewihs army. And as for your race it is still symbolized int his 12th., chapter of Revelations as the race which the hoards out of the Dragons mouth are to make war with.

The power of evil symbolized by this Dragon is measured in the scriptures as Lucifer or Satan and the offspring of Lucifer are the great hoards of his race. It tells you here in the 12 chapter of revelaitons that Lucifer and his offsrping are going to make war with the seed of the woman, your race, and everyone that has the testimoy of Jesus the Christ. All you have to do is read the last verse of this chapter and you discover the powers of darkness are behind the conspiracy to destroy God's kingdom. And the same enemies who tried to destroy the Christ at his birth are still trying to destroy Christian Civilization in 1961. John thus was given this picture of the birth of Christ, and the end of this struggle, which was going on and is still going on to destroy the kingdom of YAHWEH.

Tonight Mr. Khreuchev is talking and he symbolizes a great evil, as a bold communist Dictator speaking dark sentences against God, as Daniel the prophet said he would. He heads the forces of Anti-Christ. He lifts his star into the sky and he says that:--'I will set my star about the star of God.'

Now; many thought that the ancient emblem of the Ottoman Empire was that star, but it was nto. That was the striped star of ancient Sannacherib of the Assyrians who came out of the Steppes of Asia and who today make up modern Assyria of Prophecy. And the hoards of Russia have just adopted tht ancient star o Sannacherib and then made it into a complete red star and have enfolded it with their hammer and sicle as a symbol of their red power.This fulfills what Obadiah said, about how they would set their star above God. Out of the blasphemy of Communism comes these words--that they will stretch the program of socialism and wipe all religion and faith off the face of the earth and destroy Christian civilization utterly.

Now: many people are trembling over what is predicted will come over the earth. But remember this--we are told that at the end of this age, as Armageddon moves, that the Great king who was born in Judea as a babe, will return with magesty, Glory and power, and with all of the craffts, and the powers of heaven, and all his heavenly hosts, and all your kinsmen out of the planes of spirit. That he would return to the physical world and the world would know, and eyes would see him all over the earth, and that every knee would bow. and so lift up your heads when you see the signs fo Armageddon, when you hear the rattle of their arms and sabers --when you hear the Anti-Christ --when you see the treachery of the sons of Satan. For know that this time--shall be consummated with victory.

Whether you realize it or not the signds of the son of man are already beginning to show in the heavens. Ever since the end of W.W. II and even at the climax of it, the crafts of the heavens have been flying around the earth. Just as it was in the period --before the birth of the Christ child and during the events of that year. The great vehicles and the greaat ordinances of Michael the Great Archangel in charge of the armies of space, and of the most High God, have been flying close to earth.The U>F>O's have been visilized and observed and talked about. I talked to a man in Washington who told mde that our government has been spending millions of dollars ont his study because these U. F.O's are real.They already know that they are not Russian craft, for great things have been observed on our telescopes,that look out into space and they have watched these crafts come into our solar system, and they have swept across the face of the moon. I can tell you this tonite--that suddenly the earth has become the theater of the universe, and the great focusing of the events of time are coming to a new head, and you are involved in these events for you are the race of the sons and daughters of the Most High, you are a Royal Household, you are the children of the Most High and he likes to bless you--He is proud to say---you are my sons and daughters.

That is why you are the race today that sings praises --from "Silent Night" to "Hark the Herald Angels sing" because you are the children of the Most High. The pagan world may not like it, but they can't turn the impact of its message off, as it sweeps over radio waves,

as it moves out to the ends of the earth, as it becomes a great part of your year.

Significantly there is another Mystery besides the fleet's moving across the sky, as the heavens draw close. There has been hurdling toward your Solar System a great black object, and we call it 'a great black object' because it doesn't have any radiation and it doesn't shine like a star. It isn't reflecting like a planet either for it hasn't moved into the area where your sun would shine on it. But the object is moving toward your Solar System. Two years ago scientists said something about it and reporters tried to write the story. How did they know it was there? Because the observatories were looking into the heavens and this black object almost the size of a planet hurdled past it and blotted out stars as it obscured them. So they knew it was coming in. Out of certain astronomical journals and other quarterlies and monthlies we receive, they have been reporting on this. There was much speculation and some were worried about what kind of catastrophe would sweep the world if this object moved into our Solar System and collided with some of our planets. One German scientists said as this moved into our Solar System that there would be a great explosion, like a great Nova, and a bursting of light and glory, brighter than has ever been visualized in the heavens is going to take place.

Now; I would be surprised if this black object suddenly lit up like a bright Nova. Like the division of the bursting glory of dividing stars, and brighter even than our sun. Because it is coming very very close to expectancy. For we are seeing all the evidence of the sign of the son of man in the sky....and this sign is being witnessed by the ships of space and the astronomical phenomena.

Do you know where that star of Bethlehem is tonight? It is in the head of Leo. as far as our position in the earth is concerned, if we looked out to the spot of this the Berlin Calculator's have followed this star, we would be looking straight into the head of Leo. Now the promise was:.....that a Virgin would bear a son and he would be King of King's and Lord of Lord's. Lion of the Tribe of Judah.

I want you to know that you are much closer to realism than you understand. Now there will be war and there will be bombs and there will be interceptions. There will be miracles for your preservation and there will be judgments and destruction upon your enemy. Yahweh has charged you with this basic responsibility in the believe and trust Him, but to stand with courage and vision against His you believe and trust in the outcome of all this. He has asked you to cleanse the nations of His Kingdom. He has asked you to turn against the enemies of His Kingdom. He has not asked you or your President to appease or appologize, or to negotiate. He has asked you to give the oracle of Yahweh and command the enemy, not, My friends, try to make a business deal with them.

But I am going to tell you that the bursting light of this star of Destiny, the Kingship of Christ and the Empire that He builds with the Children of His Kingdom is going to be so far ahead of the Red Star that the Red Star is going to set forever in the earth, and the hammer and sickle is going to be taken down.....for the last time.

Some people worry and say:....Dr. Swift, we are about taken over...don't you worry? All I can answer to that don't know our Father. When He can send a star to an appointment and spend trillions of years setting the stage and 1/4 of a million years bringing that one star in for a single night of History.....when He can proclaim the measures, and Men of your race can record it in books thousands of years before it happens....then Wisemen can chart it and come to that spot and say....'We have seen a star'....'we have arrived'....we have come to worship Him....then to me this is a Kingdom of Precision. These are prophecies of Exactness. I am as sure of the victory over Communism and the establishment of white supremacy as the Kingdom of Yahweh over the whole earth, and the reign of Christ with His people all over the whole earth. I am just as sure of that as any other fact I know in any other field of knowledge or science. I am sure of that because I have a time table of Yahweh, and because there is a Christmas. And all Christians recognize this and they think and catalize with us in this Faith.

Now they don't catalize with us in a light that shall go out...but in a light that shall never go out. The Light of a Kingdom that shall be the light of the world for Jesus said:... "Ye are the light of the world." Jesus was the Father of that Light and James tells us that He was our Father. And He is the Light...then John said:...of every man who came into the world ...He was the Light.

He came on time and He came with all the Biblical evidence of who He was. I tell you that the Light of Christ was an indictment of His enemies. If there is anything that you as Christians must remember tonight it is that the enemies of the Christian Faith must remain your enemies and the enemies of the United States and this great national heritage of ours.

It behooves every one of us, pledging ourselves this Christmas and then throughout the year that we shall resist every enemy of Christianity and make this a Christian nation through and through.

The Supreme Court has ruled time and time again that this is a Christian Nation and its your job to make sure that this is never changed. We tell you that there is danger within the Kingdom, not to the Destiny of God's Kingdom, but temporarily to the people who live within it. If they do not observe the Law's of God and do not draw the lines of God's Kingdom and separate within our Kingdom of everything that will not recognize the testimony of Jesus the Christ.

So as we close tonight and concerning the great event, this measure of Destiny, then remember that the Star came in on time. It moved to the right place out of Leo. There is a star moing in of great significance, a dark object in the heavens that will burst into glory. You are in the historic hours of the Proclamation which the scripture declares, "Hear ye all the peoples of this earth, Behold there has arrived the King of Kings and Lord of Lords." Then remember that you can look Him in the face without fear because you can say..."Father, we trust in your Righteousness, we are free and without transgression, for you have redeemed thy children." and also remember that He will be delighted to say...."you are my kinsmen, my children, my sons and my daughters, and the world will know that you are my sons and daughters."

So don't let anyone disturb you by trying to pose as self-righteous while trying to condemn the things which are on the right, and try to tell you to take the middle of the road. There is no middle of the road in Yahweh's Kingdom, there is only victory and that means the cleansing of Yahweh's Kingdom. The ministry that started with that babe was to electrify the world.

The other day a discussion was held in an Anti-Communist school. And don't be too sure of that word.."Anti" either, for strangers are in many places. But they said:...the best way to tell if something is good or not is to look and see if the Jew's oppose it, and if they do and the things are also against the Jew's then it is wrong. Well my friends, I can tell you how wrong that is because the Jew's opposed Jesus, they tried to murder Him, and they opposed Him all thru His ministry. So this formula, that if a Jew's oppose it then its not good, and if it is opposed to the Jew's than its pro-Communist...that is a Jewish lie. That is the same king of propaganda they tried to brainwash the earth with in times before this. Never forget, the son of righteousness that they sought to murderfrom the time of His birth to His crucifixion.

It is only when you know this truth and dedicate yourself to building God's Kingdom on a Christian foundation that you think, and see, and behold, and work from the lawless center of your society to the Whitehouse, for this program of a people being free from Jewry, free from Anti-Christ, free from Communism, free from paganism, and free from idolatry.That you should see that every man elected to every office who serves in a civic capacity shall and must be of the dream and of the purpose of building a great new age ahead. A believer in Jesus the Christ, a member of our race and a son or a daughter.

This is the Christmasmessage tonight. The Kingdom of Yahweh in its fullness with Peace on Earth because the Kingdom is in power. Peace on earth because Yahweh is dwelling among men. In that day they shall acknowledge Him. Tomorrow thru the festivities then remember....that we are celebrating the birth of Yahweh...among redeem us back unto HIMSELF.