Star Of The New Order, 12-22-63


By: Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 12-22-63

Col. Greer:

There has been an attempt by evil men to take over the world and destroy God’s Kingdom. God is not mocked nor is He defeated by the events going on around us because they were known of God before time began. Who ever sits in the White House is permitted by God and we get what we deserve. God is not about to lose the world to the age old enemies of His Kingdom. It is only because of the blindness of Israel that we have to go through the troubles of the day. We were to occupy the earth until Christ returns as our King, but we have not done this. Instead we have let God’s old enemy, and ours, rule over us. We have stood by complacently while forces, which know not our God, tear our nation apart. Under God’s Divine Law over our nation we would prosper and be free from the hideous crime which stalks every street of our cities. We would be free from the sickness that fills our hospitals and our mental institutions to over flowing. America is a Christian Nation, a Nation of Destiny, and it is up to the hundreds of thousands of people who know that the White Christians of the world are the Israel of the Old Testament, to awaken our nation as to the reason for our great blessings, and why we are going through the troubles that we are in.

As we come to the Christmas season we feel sure that you will thrill to the tremendous message of the late Dr. Swift. I feel sure that you will like the tremendous challenge that it gives us for the message to our day. Lorraine Swift is to be congratulated in her efforts to continue to make these tapes available for you to hear.

Now; Dr. Wesley A. Swift speaking on the subject....”The Star of the New Order.”

Good evening friends, let us unite in prayer:

Almighty and Eternal Father again we thank thee that we can assemble together to worship you in Spirit and in Truth. Knowing that as we meditate upon these great events that surround this period of time which we the advent unto Earth of The Christ. As we think upon these things thy Spirit will catalyze unto our minds the clear vision of the greatness of that day. Continue to unveil unto us the Light that goes before us into a new order. Lighten the Day Star of thy Glory in the hearts of thy people until with determination they resist the darkness, lifting high thy standards and awakening the joining power of thy hosts with thy leadership in the eventful days just ahead. We give thanks our Father that you have awakened us out of our sleep, that you have given unto us a sure word of prophecy. That you have unveiled by thy Holy Spirit the words of the scripture and made them known unto thy people. That you have preserved by the movement of men...thy testimony and preserved it until this time. We than you, Our Father, that we are the Children of thy Household and thus are filled with thy covenants and that we recognize that unto Us.....a Child was born...unto us a Son was given, and the government shall be upon His shoulders. Our Father, it is with this realization that we, your Israel people, your mighty household in the earth, has this gift of thyself, fulfilling in the pattern of the covenants all that was essential for our redemption. Having justified us by thy Grace, and predestinated us to conform to thy image, we look forward to the mighty Glory that is yet to arise upon thy people, to thy praise and thy honor. We pray, Our Father, that you cause us to remember throughout these days of Celebration that this is our Celebration of Joy, this is our recognition that thou came in fulfillment of all that

you covenanted to do. As we commit ourselves again unto thy hand we pray that you will guide us in our meditation, that we may see the vastness of this vista of events, that surrounded the glorious manifestation of thy coming to earth. We pray for thy blessing upon the households of thy people in earth. We pray for the awakening of thy people, for the binding of the darkness, and for the restoration of they permanency of thy Kingdom to those who move under thy standards. Saying: “Thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven.” In thy Name we ask it.. Amen.

We turn tonight to the subject, ‘The Star of the New Order’, and here we are talking about something very vital and very important to you as we go back over the pageantry of yesterday and to the Divine purposes which are still ahead. There can be no question about the vastness of the preparation for the importance of the events which we celebrate at this time. As we have cited to you before, even tho it is important from the standpoint of chronology and for the historical information of a citizen and for the Christian that he know the exactness of the time of the birth of Yahshua, The Christ, the important thing of this Season is not dimmed because of the time we have selected to acknowledge that The Christ is born. All Christendom has now thru tradition and thru acceptance, not essentially fixed the day as the Birthday of Christ, but fixed the day on which we celebrate the fact of the birth of The Christ. The importance tonight of the testimony over every Radio and Television that goes out to the ends of the earth is the testimony that ....The Christ is born. One cannot say that Christ was born and not recognize that this...Yahshua-Jesus...was this Christ. The declaration that makes this day important is not to recognize that another man was born but that...GOD...Himself was born of a Virgin as He had promised through the lips of Isaiah who said: “A virgin shall conceive and bear a son and thou shall call his name Immanuel....God with us.”

There is no testimony that can defeat this factor. There is no voice of any choir singing praises in any Cathedral or Church or home in the world that does not testify of “Immanuel, God with us.” If it were not for that point of testimony this celebration would be of no significance. The joy of laughter and the celebration that marks our race upon the earth at this time would be of no significance if this were just another man. The greatness of this event and the magnitude of this hour...Unto us a son was given....we the Israel people are those unto whom this commitment was given. He is the King of our household, He is happy to call us His children for He is our Father. We who can say we have descended through the Adamic race are to trace thru the 3rd., chapter of Luke...our genealogy back to Adam who was the son of God. We are of that household, we are a part of that covenant which He repeatedly made down through Seth, through Enoch, through Noah, through Shem and on to Abraham. Then placed the name....ISRAEL...’ruling with God’ upon the House of Jacob, and from that household every white Christian in the world today has come. It is a significant thing then that we go back through the panorama of events to recognize that throughout all periods of time from the days of the first placing of the Adamic race in earth to the hour of that great magnitude when God came to earth for the redemption of that race, and made necessary because that race had lost much through the cunning of Lucifer. In the hours that followed on up through His boyhood and His ministry, the same enemies who had sought the destruction of our race now sought the destruction of the man Christ...Jesus. From the time of His birth as a babe through the fullness of His ministry they persecuted Him and sought His destruction and even cried in the final hours when they thought they had brought the consummation of defeat...”His blood be upon us and our children,.....let it be.”

I point out tonight that as we stand 1900 + years since His birth that we have the same enemy to battle as we in the beginning of our race faced, and the same one battled the manifestation of our Lord, and His ministry, the same enemy then battled upon His Church and to this day they are the same.

Nor are we unaware in this time of Jacob’s trouble as the magnitude of these events become our Lord warned us that they would...still they would like to deliver you to the Synagogue or to the Magistrate or to prison. Let me tell you something; it is too late for that now, the same light that led the Wisemen in those days is now awakening sons and daughters and leading them to great destiny in this hour. Let me assure you that the Kingdom of God is not going down. Instead it will grow stronger, and stronger until with its light and its power and with God’s assistance it will deliver the nations of God’s Kingdom and defeat the Anti-Christ for the greatest day in human history.

I turn to the Psalmist to catch the magnitude of the vision of the Psalmist as to the portend by which God uses the heavens and the earth to declare His purposes:

For the heavens declare the Glory Yahweh and the firmament sheweth His handy work. Day unto day uttereth speech and night unto night sheweth knowledge. There is no speech nor language without their voice being heard. Their rule (direction) is gone out through the earth and their words to the end of the era. In them hath He set a tabernacle for the sun.” (Psm: 19:1-4) There is no doubt that no greater event in human history as it relates to your race, took place up unto this time than the embodiment of God...born out of the flesh off your own His purposes as He has declared. In this instance kept the magnitude of that covenant with us that the Apostle Paul in the beauty of the second chapter of Hebrews so establishes....

That He who set us apart, and He who is set apart, are all one and for this cause He who is our Father is not ashamed to call us His kinsmen, His brothers, or His relatives. I don’t know of anything tonight that is better to know that He called us His children and to realize that we are the children of God. Than in knowing of a great destiny and knowing that we were sent from heaven to earth to build a great Kingdom that shall never be destroyed. In the magnitude of these events I turn then to the background of declaration; and in antiquity....are the promises of God stirred from the days of the ancient writing of Seth, to Enoch and down to the great wisdom schools talked about and understood by those living in the days of the Temple of Solomon, marking the promises and purposes. It was to Enoch that the actual signs of transfiguration were given which would accompany the birth of God. It was also something that Seth knew because he talked about the day when the bright wanderers would come together three times...and in that hour Yahweh-God would appear, born out of the race, to join heaven and earth together.

In the prophecies of Enoch he also named these wanderers by their titles of time and said they would come together three times and then would flash across the sky as by preparation, the great light out of the Constellation Aquila, or the symbol of the flying Eagle, to the sign of the Virgin in the heavens. At no time has there been any other name given to the Constellation of Virgo than the sign of the Virgin. Even tho we use the Latin definition and identify that Constellation as the Virgin. It was still understood as one and the same. I point out to you that in the panorama of events there were other prophecies made in the original towers of Enoch. One of them would be that this visitation from heaven to earth, this embodiment off God joining His race, so clearly marked by signs and measures in the sky, this being that in the hour when He rejoined His people for the great magnitude of Victory of the setting up of His Kingdom that first would appear the Sign of the Son of Man in the heavens to be followed by the great chain of events that would usher in the reestablishment of the visitation of God with His Heavenly Hosts and all of its Glory. These are all of interest to us because we have watched the transfiguration of these things now and referred to back in those days. These were all known and referred to by the Savants, and they have even transpired in our times.

Let’s look at the record carefully of what has transpired. We have been most fortunate in our time to watch the visitation of the vision and understanding given to God’s children. Out of your race from Germany and thru the Scandanavian countries unto America has come the technological geniuses of our race. We have learned how to grind and how to produce the great lenses, and how to bend light rays so as to produce pictures of horizon’s. We have learned the secrets and the patterns of photography until out of our electronic telescopes even without lenses and the utilization of the camera, we have multiplied thousands of times the vastness of our lenses till with our eyes we look through these great telescopes and their lenses and look out into the vastness and the horizon’s of space and catch the beauty of My Fathers Universe and my playground and yours throughout eternities to come. As we look out at this we realize this was not done by those of Africa or Asia, but by those of the Household of God, as there knowledge advanced and the understanding of the magnitude of their Father grows it was given unto us to know and to understand and to build. Therefore I point out to you that with all these achievements and developments we have also learned how to comprise by the mathematics of our profession, by the expansion of our science and by Sidereal calculators that we can roll forward and backwards in time...many things. We can by these methods test the heavens and calculate how the heavens were in those days and times from that day to ours and we can chart the heavens. We have been able by these processes to confirm tonight both in Heidelberg, Austria and here in the United States that those signs prophesied of configuration by the prophet Enoch and known also by Seth and the Savants of your race and by which even the Magi knew what to look for, thus we can tell you that those signs of configuration occurred exactly as prophesied at the time of the birth of Christ. We have the evidence of this and the testimony establishing these facts. Some years ago...Harvard University Society of Science and Astronomy had the blueprints and the beautiful photograph’s of the pattern of the heavens which showed how beautiful the heavens were at that time. I belonged to this Astronomical Society and I know what they had produced.

Here in the city of Los Angeles we have been favored above other people in that probably one of the greatest Planetarium sky shows is prepared every year. In fact every year, several weeks before Christmas to several weeks after Christmas, there was projected upon that beautiful dome screen in Griffith Park the whole Sidereal course of repetition. The exactness of what transpired in the month which proceeded the birth of Christ. Where the conjunction of it was exactly coming out on the time of Christ’s birth with the exactness and accuracy of Sidereal calculations. They had only found its comparison and proper chronology from the Pyramid, and their time and their measure of this were exactly the same. They charted the mighty conjunction...the closing of Saturn and Jupiter again in conjunction for the 3rd., time, and this had transpired in a period of nine months. The magnitude of this event plus the fact of the tracing of a Comet across the sky and the measure of its purpose and in it the carefulness of its preciseness was all in this chart.

The beauty of that Star shown here in the Planetarium in Griffith Park was handled with all the respect and greatness of this hour. It was handled with all due respect of the event we are celebrating, which is the birth...the embodiment of God. This wonderful show was produced to give men any sign found in the heavens that was there for a fulfillment to prophecy and to enforce their foundation belief that at the birth of Christ there was in the heavens things spectacular. If you had gone to that Planetarium and viewed the magnitude of that production shown you would have recognized that there was a spectacular demonstration in the heavens...signifying that the time h ad come.

Now; I don’t want you to forget the Dragon and his seed, for here in the city of L.A., this year the Dragon seed is still here and still trying to swallow up the Glory of this production of science, because the Dragon and his seed...the B’nai B’rith and their Jewish forces turned the heat on here in this city of L.A., and turned off the Planetarium show portraying the birth of our Christ because....they said that Christ and His birth is not a part of their religion and they didn’t want the science of the sky to be unveiled as it occurred at the time of His birth to be shown to the people of Los Angeles. They said that this production of the Planetarium is run by the funds of this city and therefore you cannot run that production of the birth of Christ and Christianity because you are embarrassing and hurting them. I tell you that it’s time we embarrassed and hurt every enemy of Jesus Christ in the city of L.A. So the Christians show at the planetarium was turned off this year. But let me tell you something, I believe we will see it next year.

(I don’t think it runs anymore altho there are small pictures throughout the Planetarium in which you can see different conjunctions in least there was in 1967 when we were there. E.M.)

I want to point out to you that to understand the magnitude of these events let us turn over to the Book of Revelations chapter 21, and we read:...”And there appeared a great wonder in the heavens, a Woman clothed with the sun and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a Crown of 12 stars; and she being with child, cried, travailing in birth, and pained to be delivered.”

Now; whereas this is written in the beautiful symbolism of God’s is a mystery that only with the spirit can be understood, but remember...”unto you is given to know the mystery of the Kingdom of heaven, unto them it is not given.”

We don’t find the enemy of today reading our Bible with any understanding so you do not have to worry about this pattern. There are things of the Spirit that only the seed of the Spirit can understand. But I also point out that there is a two fold message here in Revelations chapter 12. One in symbolism identifying the enemies in this struggle...another identifying the magnitude of what was known by our forbearers as the sign of the star message. One relates to the events. First there appeared the symbol of Virgo, the Woman with child and pained to be delivered, symbolizing not on the Virgin Mary but also symbolizing the whole House of Israel out of which the child-Messiah was to come. The 12 Stars upon her head identifying the root factor for every Anglo-Saxon, Scandanavian, Lombard, Nordic, Germanic person as the son of God in the earth. Let me tell you then that as we see....she was with child and about to be delivered.....”Behold, a great red dragon having 7 heads and 10 horns and 7 Crowns upon his head, and his tail drew a third part of the stars of heaven and did cast them to earth, and the dragon stood before the Woman to devour her child as soon as it was born.”

The symbolism of this then is; that as you look high in the sky you see Dragons. We do not tell you that the dragon in the sky has 7 heads and 10 horns, but the dragon is the emblem of that power of Lucifer and the personage of his power. His Kingdom in the earth with its 7 heads and 10 horns is historically explained as Jesus unveiled it to the mind of John. This 7th., kingdom with the 8th., out of the 7th., that goes into perdition is the Empires making war against your race and God’s Kingdom, but symbolically is the embodiment of that evil and was being made manifest in Satan’s own genealogy and seed...his own household which desired the destruction of the Messiah.

The story here in Revelations gives us the prophetic vision which was given to John on the Isle of Patmos after Christ’s assenting, and this occurred during the time that John was being martyred, to the effect that he was a prisoner on this Island because of his testimony to Jesus The Christ. Therefore, we know this book of Revelations carries the prophetic significance but it also carries its identity to the events that surround both the birth of The Messiah as well as to the triumphant pattern that will accompany His return.

I point out this; that this great red dragon is the symbol of Satan and his household and his forces of evil, infiltrating pagan Empires, and even thinking to enter into God’s Kingdom to swallow up the majesty of the birth of Christ at that moment as well as the knowledge of His birth...for all times. I point out to you that the dragon’s tail drew a third part of the heavens, this being symbolic of the rebellious Angelic hosts that rebelled with Lucifer, and the powers of darkness who still exist in earth today as the unassimalatable offspring of these children of darkness. Wherein, the Book of Jude tells us they are reserved until the time of judgment. Therefore, I point out that the dragon stood before the Woman to devour this child as soon as he was born. Make no mistake about this; the power of Lucifer would have destroyed the embodiment of God...even as a babe at the time of His birth if he could have accomplished the elimination of the Messiah.

I point out also that the Woman, Israel, brought forth the man-child who was to rule the nations with the Law of God. Who in His ascension was caught up unto the very throne from whence He had come. But listen to these words:...There had been a war in heaven when Michael and his Angels had fought against Lucifer and his rebellious forces and it says: ‘The Dragon prevailed not: neither was there place found anymore in the heavens.’ that is a fortunate thing, and something you should know, there has never been a battle lost in the Heavenlies by Michael and his hosts. We aren’t going to lose the battle here either because when we run Lucifer and the forces of darkness off the face of the earth they will have a hard time finding a place.

That great Dragon who was cast out of the heavens is called Satan, the Devil, Serpent who deceives the whole world, and he was cast to earth, he and his Angels with him. Understand this tonight, the Dragon in the heavens carried the portent of Lucifer, the rebellious Archangel and the portent in the earth is the seed of the Dragon and his children carrying out the work of his Empire in the earth. Your enemy in the earth tonight are Satan’s children just as well marked, and just as well under judgment, and just as well identified as to who they are. We have had a little experience for we skirmish with them all the time. If you don’t know them then come and join us and get your feet wet, for it’s a great battle. The Dragon who went to make war with the Woman who brought forth the man-child and sought to destroy that child whose birth we celebrate at this season, having been defeated in his endeavor of destroying the man-child then went forth making war on all Israel....the seed of this symbolized Woman, who are the children of God’s Kingdom. That Dragon makes war with all the seed of Israel and has through the history of your race; and still tonight makes war with them as always. A lot of people will say...oh, we don’t want anything but Peace around Christmas time. Well; let that peace be in your heart concerning the assurance of Victory. Don’t make peace with the Devil, leave that to the turn-coats of Washington.

What we are battling tonight even in the high places of Washington is the trail of the Serpent trying to destroy the Kingdom of God and its greatness, using brainwashed people who do their work. One of the best Dragon killers I know of is the Eagle. May that American Eagle scream tonight from the highest parts of our Capital.

So the Dragon stood before the Woman to destroy her child as soon as it was born. Let us go back to the Book of Matthew where the beauty and magnitude of this narrative takes its full force. When Yahshua/Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea, in the days when Herod was King; behold, there came Wisemen from the east who said, we have seen His star and come to worship Him. The other day as I passed a Lutheran Church and looked at the lawn there was a manger scene, and in this scene there was a dark Mary and a dark Joseph, and a Chinaman and a black man and a man who was yellowish white. I thought as I saw the words ‘Brotherhood is the message Christmas’ that they didn’t know what this is all about. There is a mighty brotherhood but it is the brotherhood of the children of My Father; and His children say....”Our Father which art in Heaven, hallowed be thy name.”

I point out that these Wisemen, as they came to Judea, had the knowledge to measure the signs of the times, and they were of the Adamic Household, the great company of the Family of God. They knew that unto the Adamic Household that a child is born and unto them a son is given, and they knew the measures that foretold this coming. In the ancient days when your Adamic ancestors moved across the steppes of Asia and down into Persia and on, some moved back into the High Himalayas and built that great observatory and measured the watch of the heavens as other of your ancestors built their watch places of the circles of stones. Such as Stonehenge in Britain and DoRing in Persia, and each and every one of these circles of measuring stones was for the purpose of establishing a watch for this spectacular message in the heavens.

Today, even modern science is coming out to proclaim that these circles of stones were to measure the heavens and not as heathen places of sacrifice as some had tried to tell you. But they were to measure the heavens and for the worship of the true God. I was delighted when the archaeologists finally came around to saying that the Ancient Britains were not barbarians, and were not eating each other, and that Stonehenge was not made for and by cannibal’s but was made for measuring the sky and to understand the blueprints of God’s prophecy. These ancients in their schools of wisdom carried in tradition that which the testimony of the evangel was to bear fruit to....their consciousness that Christ had been born. Yes, the Wisemen came from Persia, and from the High Observatory in the Himalayan Mountains, and from Britain, and from the Temple of Egypt. They were men of your race, and they had been watching and waiting and comparing their findings and there is no doubt that they said: “Where is He born King, in Judea? For we have seen His Star and have come to worship Him.”

Now; there are three things I want to say about this....the measure of events started with the conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter, they also marked the movement of a great comet which prophecy said would come and which would sweep across Aquila in a great Arch and into the Head of Virgo, then plunging out into space to make a great cycle from which it may be expected to return and that time....soon. I point out that in the magnitude of this measure that these wisemen gathered. They went first to the point of observation in Egypt. Three of them arrived on time but the 4th., Wiseman was late. The three Wisemen came from the schools of Wisdom that served your race. They belonged to a group that measured the heavens and whose concept and background as Masonos went back to the days of Job and Enoch. In those instances they knew what they were looking for. There is much written of them in Armenia and in the early Orthodox Church. There is much concerning these Wisemen in the literature of the early Alexandrian Church in Egypt of which Mark was a Pastor. I find constantly material to add to my library of the testimony and traditions of those times and they all catalyze that the Spirit bears witness to this mighty majesty of truth. Yes, this is true, and there is a 4th., Wiseman, and in fact those discovering this wrote the story about him. They used the Armenian name for him which was ‘Artibak’, but this just meant he was the late searcher and was not his true name.

When men tried to depict these Wisemen as from a multitude of races, this was not true. When men tried to talk about these great Wisemen as not representing the great strength and the power of the Kingdom of your race, this also was not true. They must recognize that when these three men came to the Court of Herod the King of the Jews, that they came with authority and with prestige, for they were Savant’s and Wisemen backed by the power of Rome. Even Herod did not dare to anger these men because at this time Rome did not care to upset the pattern of Empires or Kingdoms.

When the three Wisemen came to Judea they went to the Palace of King Herod. Herod was a Herodian and an Amalakite (descendent of Amelek) with a background of evil was King in Judea. His army was made up of evil Jews, 5,000 of them and 3,000 of them rode to the little town of Bethlehem. In that night Herod, King of the Jews, held his mandate under the power of Rome. Held his mandate over the Amalekites who had taken possession from Temple to people of the land of Palestine, but they were not of the Tribes of Judah or Benjamin, and not a part of the Israel of God. It is a rather interesting thing that when these Wisemen came before Herod the King in Judea they said:.....”Where is he born King in Judea? For we have come to worship Him.” Now, I want to correct a lot of error that comes out of skillful attempts to mistranslate and place error. Think a bit.....No Wiseman of Israel came that night to see a Jewish baby, they came to see the Body of God. Get this clear.....Herod, King of the Jews was disturbed. He enjoyed his power and he didn’t want to lose any of it. He knew there was no Prince born in his house and if a King was born in Judea that was a threat and challenge to his power and his rule. In the Satanic background of this unassimalatable seed of Lucifer then Herod flared up and the cunning that is to be found upon the lips of Lucifer’s children, even in this hour, whether they are found in Washington, in your Banks, or in the Treasury Department, or running Pawn Shops all over the world, is that same evil cunning that showed here in Herod.

I wish that you could just get this clear in your minds. This cunning Jew, Herod, said: ‘Let me look up this information for you. Israelite would have to look this up for this was the hope of Israel. If Herod had been of Israel, or his Priests, they would have known that the hope of Israel was...a be of the House of David in the city of Bethlehem, they would not have had to look it up. Do you mean to tell me that the Savants of your race wouldn’t know anything of this hope? Yet, Herod had to call the false Priests from the Temple and they had to call the Scribes to search the records that they held, and then...and only then, they came up with the information that ‘a Savior was to be born in the City of David, Bethlehem of Judea.’ Then slyly Herod said to the Wisemen...’Yes, you go find this little King and then come tell me and I will go worship him also.’

That is the very way the B’nai B’rith and all the Jewish fraternities want to mingle with you in brotherhood, so make no mistake about this.

I call your attention to a third phenomena. Not only do we know about the measures in the sky and the great comet that crossed the sky for even Roman and Mayan records tell of the observation of it, but we point out also that these Wisemen who had observed all the signs and measures and then talked to Herod.....were sent to Bethlehem to find the babe, and were to come back to Herod and tell him so he could go worship??? But as these Wisemen left the court of Herod the King the scriptures tell us that the Star went before them and stood over the place where the child lay. This is one of the biggest and most beautiful patterns of the power of Heaven in its communications and transportation in all time. You know very well that every Star up there in the dome of blue is as big or bigger than our sun, and you can’t see its motion in relationship to the earth. But in the original text it says:...”A great light went before the Wisemen.” A great light led stop and think! Our race has always been led by a great light, and I tell you that light is the Glory of God in the vessels of His Kingdom inside the clouds of His Glory. When your race was led out of the land of Egypt under the stewardship of Moses, remember my Friends, that Yahweh was with His people by day and by night in the ...clouds, illuminated, effulgent with His radiance and His Glory. The Great space craft of the Most High God was in that cloud, and God was with His people for 40 years at that time. Do you believe that? I surely do.

I want you to know in the magnitude of these events that any light that proceeded these Wisemen was close to the earth. It was no star way out in distant space. This light was a Heavenly sent vessel to guide these Wisemen. I believe that the great and mighty ships of the Kingdom that Michael commands were coming and going from heaven to earth at God’s command. These ships took Enoch into the heavens and brought him back again, and then took Elijah also into the heavens, and they brought Gabriel down to earth to talk to the Virgin Mary, to talk to Elizabeth and her husband who were to have John the Baptist, and He came and talked to Joseph as well. So Gabriel was coming and going between heaven and earth. Let me tell you friends, it s many billions of miles out to the Pleiades which is the center of the Universe, but the speed and the advancement of science in the heavens makes every thing we are engaged in look as tho we are still in the Primer, and this has been going on all the time.

When Lucifer was defeated in the heavens by the forces of Michael and his fleets, there has never been any question of the victory and superiority at any time or any hour. I point out that this Light which went before the Wisemen was the illumination of the ships of the Most High God, and these took the Wisemen to where the child lay.

There were also Shepherds in the hills of Judea the night He was born and they were watching their sheep. Suddenly a searchlight shown down on them and an Archangel said: “Fear not for I bring you tidings of great joy, there is born unto you, tonight, in the city of David a Savior who is Christ the Lord.” The Shepherds heard a heavenly choir singing: “Peace on earth to men of good will.” As the Shepherds heard this singing they knew this wasn’t coming from far out in space, this light and this choir was right here on earth. The Hosts of Heaven were bending near. If they eyes of your race could have been opened that night as happened when Elijah prayed for his servant to see, then you would have discovered that the Hosts of Heaven were round about. In this instance the Archangel said to these frightened and quivering Shepherds...”Be not afraid, this is not a time for fear, this is a time for great joy for you. Leave your flocks and go see your Savior, born a babe in Bethlehem and we will watch your flocks.” Now that choir had to be transported here but they got here on time so don’t worry about that.

Any Astronomer or any Scientist would laugh if you said a Star came down and run around here on earth because the stars aren’t made that small. The Wisemen had followed the measures of the Star, and followed the configuration that even your planetariums knew took place, and in the magnitude of this hour we discover that as far as conjunctions and panorama and exactness of its measure and its location couldn’t occur for 123 thousand years, before or after....exactly like that. So for 123 thousand years this great panarama had been in progress and when Enoch was told of it, then it was only 5000 years before the fulfillment of that date, but Enoch was told what to look for and the exactness of the program and it took place right on schedule.

Thus I point out to you that when these three Wisemen came they brought their gifts of God, Frankinsence, and Myrrh. The Gold was placed in the hands of Mary to keep for the Christ and His disciples to be used for His ministry...and incidently was carried in the sack of Judas’ and was to last thru His ministry. The Frankinsence was for His anointing, and the Myrrh was to be used for His burial. The 4th., Wiseman was bringing the Robe and the Jewel’s that were to be placed in the hands of those who would hold them until His Coronation Day. The records of the Essene Company and also Joseph of Arimathea tell us that eventually they received the Robe and also the rest of the Jewels, with only the one missing that was given to the Captain of the Guard of Herod’s Army as the 4th., Wiseman protected the life of John the Baptist. The rest of the Jewels were in the Crown when Israel wanted to Crown Yahshua-Jesus the King. When the great Hosts came they shouted...”Hosannah in the highest to the son of David, Blessed is He who comes in the name of Yahweh.” But when they wanted to Crown Jesus King they had also a Robe for Him, however He did not take the Crown and the Robe that day for it wasn’t that time, so He took the Chalice for He had a responsibility yet to fulfill. They day will come when He will take the Robe and they will bring forth the Crown and Crown Him King of Kings and Lord of Lords, for the greatest day in all the history of this earth.

In the course of these events then we go back to this panorama. These Wisemen had brought their gifts, but the 4th., Wiseman had left the great Temple of Measure in Egypt and hurried this same way...but now in Jerusalem was an angry Herod, the three Wisemen had not come back and Herod was about to pursue the course of events. The Courtyard was filled with Jewish soldiers ready to march behind Herod to Bethlehem. The soldiers were armed, they carried swords and shields and were ready as tho for battle. This 4th., Wiseman and his party on racing camels realized that this spelled trouble, so they raced for Bethlehem to get there first. The early Orthodox Church held records and traditions and we cannot establish all the patterns of tradition but we can tell you that something happened to fulfill the event. Because when the 4th., Wiseman reached Bethlehem, Mary and Joseph and the babe were already gone, for Joseph had been warned in a dream...according to the scripture... to go down into Egypt and stay there until he was notified that Herod was dead, because Herod would kill the child.

So you were not to move into brotherhood with the enemy of God’s Kingdom because it is Christmas, but the enemy wants to take Christ out of Christmas as well as the dollars out of your pockets. They don’t want us to read only part of this story, they don’t mind if we in our churches talk about the Wisemen, but they don’t want us to talk about Herod. The 4th., Wiseman went to the Temple in Bethlehem, he dismounted from his racing camel and strowed into this Temple and he said: “I am looking for the Messiah, the embodiment of God.” We note in this instance that Zachariah said that Mary and Joseph and the babe were gone into Egypt because of the warning that the animosity of the ruling powers would come upon them and try to destroy this child. The whimpering of John the Baptist came to the ears of this 4th., Wiseman. (Jesus said this babe was the spirit of Elijah who was to come.) As the Wiseman talked with Elizabeth and Zachariah, a great cry arose from the city of Bethlehem, for Herod, King of the Jews, and his hoards of Jewish soldiers were killing all of the babies up to two years and older. Make no mistake about this....the babies being killed in Bethlehem of Judea were not Jewish babies, they were not killing the babies of their own race, these were babies of Israel being killed in the hopes of destroying the Christ child. The fourth Wiseman donned the great Robe and picked up the child John from his cradle and folded him under the Robe. He extracted from its pocket a large and beautiful Pearl, then as this captain of Herod’s Army came to the Temple and inquired for a babe there he was met by this 4th., Wiseman whose followers still stood outside in the Courtyard. This 4th., Wiseman is reported to have said: “Is there a child here?? Be gone and do not disturb me, but here is a gift for you.” The Captain of the Guards clutching the great Pearl turned and left the Courtyard and thus was spared the life of the child John the Baptist. But John had to be taken out to the Essene company to be raised until he was 12 years of age. He bore his testimony of the things he had seen since he had left the earth and until his spirit had been embodied in his return.

I point out that this story is carried among the Essene Company...until this hour. In this instance again we see the pattern of purpose. Sometimes you get real disturbed because you are licked, you get real disturbed when you don’t get where you plan to go...on time, but the delay of the 4th., Wiseman was God’s own doing, for the preservation of this messenger he had sent to prepare the way of the King. The Essene Company was to keep that Robe left in the Bethlehem Temple that night, for later it was taken by Joseph of Arimathea and kept among that Essene company until they prepared the Crown with the remaining Jewel’s and made them ready for His Coronation. This Robe and these Jewel’s had been a part of the gift brought by Savants of your race in expectations of that hour.

It is a rather significant thing that they had watched the exactness of the measure and they had witnessed this conjunction, this configuration, they had watched the movement of the comet and then had the Chariot’s of God go before them....for this was the magnitude of that time. This was the Glory of the sky, the vastness of the fleets and Hosts of Heaven surrounding this Child because of the importance of this event. The magnitude and Glory is something that stays with us and is almost as beautiful as a picture filling us with awe, for our consecration and our meditation....unto this day.

So we look back on the panorama of events and in doing this let us look back once more to the twelfth chapter of Revelation to where the Dragon stands ready to destroy...Israel’s Savior. It tells us that this Dragon is now angry and goes to make war on all the remnant of her seed and they are those who have the commandments of God and the testimony of Jesus the Christ. Thus the Hosts of Satan, the power of world Jewry, the powers of all darkness wage a relentless war to destroy...Christ and Christianity even at this late hour. We are to lift up our heads to whence cometh our strength and we look for a new sign.

A year ago....last February (1962) the configuration in the Sign of Aquarius was the Sign for the coming of the Son of Man in the Heavens. That Sign and those conjunctions were the exact ones that had been declared in the days of Enoch. Now I point out that thousands of years have gone by since all these signs were in the exact configuration as they were that night ...Feb-1962. I also point out that one of the things that Christ said in the Book of Matthew was symbolically fulfilled at that time, and we are in the hour of even a multiplication of some of these patterns of events again. I show you that the declaration was:...

There shall appear the sign of the Son of Man in the heavens and the tribes of earth shall mourn when they see this sign. And they shall see the Son of Man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great Glory.”


Now let me show you:....

The forerunner sign was the alignment in the heavens and had been declared by Enoch. When all 7 wanderers got on the same side and in this position of opposition...then all over the Africa and the areas of Buddhism, the pagans mourned and they said the end of the world had come. Well...not the end of the earth or the creation but the end of their world order was now being measured, for God was calling time, and things were about to move. I have in my library newspapers from all over the world as well as your nation, and these stories told of the configuration and the sign in the sky. A strange thing they said occurred: ‘Over in India and in Africa and other places the Pagans are hiding and mourning because they think the end has come.’ If they only understood what end had come. So we are moving into the climax days of the end of a great age, and this was the measure of the message in the heavens. I point out to you that there are things of great significance involved in that pattern. For the Light that went before the Wisemen had been the Hosts of the Almighty God, and the prelude of the coming of Michael’s great and mighty fleets.

Do you realize that for a period of 15 years or more we have been watching strange and exciting phenomena. Especially as we look back to those sightings which started at the climax of the war and which have continued up unto our times. The great fleets of space with the Hosts of Michael have been moving around the earth. Some people have been in fear because of this but I remind you that in the Book of Daniel it tells you that Michael that great Archangel who fought for God’s people would stand again at the end of this age for the same purpose, to deliver God’s people whose names are written in the Book. I believe the Hosts of Heaven are already standing by. I believe the prelude of all this is before our eyes. Our Astronomer’s tell us they are there, they don’t understand what they are, or who they are but they know these fleets are moving with intelligence. They tell us that a Star is moving out of the head of Leo and at times they tell us it is a comet which we know it is. They say it moves out of Leo but the speed with which it moves can only be determined when they find a process of measuring it. Yes, My friends, and He who was the Son of Virgo is also the Son of David, the Son of Judah, and thus Leo is the proper place to look for the pattern of this time.

You can...Lift up your head from whence cometh your strength. If you go back to the prophet Isaiah you catch the beauty of that passage...”Unto us a son is given.” Unto the Adamic race...unto every Israelite of God’s Household, to we whom the Apostle Paul said were the elect according to his foreknowledge. We whom according to Peter are ‘living stones’, and He the Chief Cornerstone, elect and precious. Giving the elect a background of the symbolism of the Pyramid measure...the chief cornerstone being the Christ, and we the little stumbling stones of His building, nevertheless, living stones. So who did He come to? A people of a Royal Priesthood and a chosen generation. So unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given, and the government shall be upon His shoulders.

Don’t you think it will be a wonderful day when King Jesus rules the Kingdom and there won’t be one Jew in the Cabinet?

His name shall be called....Wonderful. I cannot think of any event any greater in magnitude then...the embodiment of the body of God. I cannot think of any being who captures our imagination or thrills our being or stir’s our souls and fills us with tenderness of love and emotion like the recognition of meditation upon the person of Yahshua, Jesus the Christ. I cannot think of any other personage who could turn and look our people in the face and transform them...with only one look. I cannot think of anyone else who could say: “Peace, be still, and calm the winds or the waves,” or say to Lazareth “Come forth!”, and be the Master of Life and death. None could be like this wonderful above all wonders, this embodied personality, Our Father, over very God. Yes, Wonderful, Counselor, whose Holy Spirit was given to us as He said it would be ours. When the spirit of truth comes He is to bring to our remembrance and guide us into all knowledge and all truth. His Spirit has guided and lifted our race and our civilization above all the world and is the secret of our technology, our wisdom and our understanding. It is the Holy Spirit’s pattern of consciousness and vision given unto our race that has lifted us above the earth. For He has said: “I have chosen you above all the people on the face of the earth...and THOU ART MINE.”

This declaration once again taken from the 7th., chapter of Deuteronomy is to your is:

I have placed you above...supreme and complete...the white race by Mr Grace and by My Grace and by My Love.”

Yes, unto us a child is born, wonderful, counselor, and the magnitude of these events now redawn on us as the declarations continue to come forth as to this personality...THE VERY MIGHTY GOD. Nothing can be added to this and the beauty with which the Apostle Paul unveils His majesty as he says: “All things were made by him, without him was not anything made, that was made.”

The Everlasting Father; and we pray....’Our Father which art in heaven, hallowed be thy name,’ then we remember that Jesus said: “He who hath seen me hath seen the father, and NO ONE approaches the father except by me.” All of this is written and promised for you, His Household. Then I read again...’The Prince of Peace’...the world is in turbulence and in trouble and war, but only you know and recognize who you are and your relationship to the Father, the majesty of His atonement and the justification of His Grace, have a Peace that fills and surpasses all understanding, because your hearts and minds are fixed on Him.

Again with this declaration and of the magnitude of that hour...this is the greatness of that day, this is the light that is now called by the proclamation of the scripture; the Day Star that arises in your heart. This Star of the New Order that challenges you to build a Kingdom like no Kingdom has ever been built before which calls for the standards of integrity and righteousness and justice. That would bind the darkness and repudiate the forces of evil that would dare to face all Jewry and all Satan’s imps to see that God’s Kingdom rules. That would set men free...under the righteousness of God’s Divine Law, not to violate it. This my friends is the Day Star rising in your hearts, this is the star of the new order. It is not the interwoven snake star of which today they try to tell us that it is the star of destiny. This is the star of the arising, abiding presence of Almighty, Eternal God. That from that hour steadily grows and increases with every manifestation of His Grace. Until we tonight who are His children turn and say; “Our Father which art in heaven” and live with absolute assurance that His Spirit abides with us always and we await the return of that star with all its Glory.

The enemy has not changed his course. He wages war constantly, he would like to destroy us, he would like to deny us the use of auditoriums and halls to bring this message to you. I hold in my hands the San Francisco Examiner of last week and I read:....”Dr. Wesley A. Swift who is a minister of God returns to the bay area with a mission of malice. He is a preacher and one who if heard cannot deny that he is dynamic and forceful, but his ministry is a ministry of hate. This self-styled minister of the Christian Faith who should be preaching peace and good will to men is instead preaching hatred of the Jews, opposition to the left wing and says they assassinated a President after he was no longer useful to them. He warns that even the Pope may be killed by the Jews. He also says that the spread of the Gospel of Truth is to come forth stronger and stronger in the coming years. This is the message that he preaches, the elevation of the white race, and the supremacy of the white race as God’s children.” (Unquote)

Now; notice this. They set forward six steps with which they would like to shut off all auditoriums and stop this declaration of truth. The same people..the same opposition. I want you to know that they have learned to understand what the Kingdom stands for. They have learned some of the truth of this Book even tho they call it hatred, but it is just the enmity that God put between the seed of the Woman and the seed of the Serpent. This enmity that God put there is to protect the Kingdom from all the works of the enemy. We have been tricked by the Devil long enough.

The World Order of the Luciferian hosts tonight is wound up in the image of the U.N. whose climactic pattern would take over all nations, and mongrelize all races, and destroy the seed of your race....the House of God by putting you under control of 5/6 of the nations of the world which are pagan and agnostic and idol worshipers. So if you opposed them and think the white men should marry white women and if you want to see 145 million white Christian people control the destiny of America they want to destroy you.

I am reading now from the U.N. Journal of November 21, which the Soviet Union sought to produce a condition so as to result in jail for you and I or anyone else who believed in racial self respect and didn’t believe in mongrelization and integration. On November 21., this U.N. organization of the world order voted 89 too 0 to pass an international resolution against racial discrimination. Fourteen nations including the U.S. sustained. Under this resolution all citizens of the U.S. would lose their Constitutional guarantees. It would also bar Americans from limiting the entrance of Africans and Asians from coming into this country, and the ethnic origin clause totally negates the McCaren-Walters act which is our barrier against this situation. We have joined ourselves in a confederacy which God told us not to enter... in the 8th., chapter of Isaiah, between the promise of Immanuel and the giving to us of a gift. I tell you that God says to come out of these forces of evil because this is the Dragon trying to swallow up the great nations of God’s Kingdom...the seed of the Woman (Israel) in this great hour.

I point out to you that every design is to destroy in that U.N. program of health, education, and welfare because the head of that department is no given over to Dr.---------(?) A tribal witch doctor from darkest Africa. So when they get thru shaking dried chicken bones over you then they will call it progress. (Laughters) Even in these times of seriousness the children of Isaac are the children of Laughter.

Let me assure you that in these days to come the Kingdom is going to reverse these patterns. Again there will be more signs in the heavens and the fleets of space will come in with great magnitude and the flagship will be headed by none other than the eternal embodiment of God. And King of Kings and Lord of Lords will be the proclamation, and the mighty orders will go out for the campaign for Victory. Then you in earth will be joined by those from heaven in a mighty Victory. In these days when these hosts come in there will suddenly be missing...a great problem in earth.

Unto you it is given to know that the Son of Man sowed the children of the Kingdom and the evil one sowed the tares. When these administering forces...these mighty hosts come in.. First; they are going to gather out the tares, then about that same time Babylon is going to fall. Then in the majesty of that hour the U.N. will take a good look at the sky, and the hosts of the Soviet Union and Red China will also be looking at the sky. Yes, we are going to rule and reign with Him on this earth. That is what Christmas is all about. Our God came to restore the areas of our failures..yet..not ashamed to call us brethren. He came and grew in a little vessel of flesh like you have, just a little lower than the Angel’s and yet the fullness of God dwelt in Him before whom....every knee shall bow. So I tell you this tonight at this Christmas season, we rejoice and we are happy as we watch the enemy trying to destroy us for this is the Day Star rising in our hearts, and challenging us to sept in to the front ranks to be joined by our Master. You can’t be saved in the battle of Armageddon by the strength of God unless you start fighting. You don’t have to wait for the enemy to jump us here in our land, he has been doing that already ...for too long.

The Master drove them from the steps of the Temple. The Master denounced them as the children of the Serpent, the Master then called His Holy Sheep by name and He said; ‘Ye are they who have been with me from the beginning.’ He said; ‘all that cometh to me from the Father I will in no way cast out.’ and then again; ‘No one can come unto me except the father draw him.’ This is victory. No wonder the prophets of old as well as the Apostle Paul said; ‘All Israel shall be saved.’ This is the gift that we received; ‘for unto us a child is born.’

May the light of all the Glory of the nova, all the magnitude of the conjunction and the beauty of the special vision of that light which went before the wisemen fill your heart at this Christmas Season. May the magnitude of the victory ahead stand out in your thought, for we have passed the first milestone and the second one will bring in reinforcements from above. We will say;....”Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done in earth as it is in Heaven.”

(End of message)