Stars Of God, 12-2-66


by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 12-2-66

As we turn to our subject, we have in mind the questions from people as to this Kingdom of God-- ‘Where do we go from here.’ As we watch the political situation in our nation, we can tell you this. That as far as the total score is concerned in this battle between the powers of darkness and God’s Kingdom, you will find that this will result in total victory. In some instances these things taking place are going to make the powers of darkness and the forces of evil have to assume the full responsibilities for what transpires. In this last great struggle between the powers of darkness and God’s Kingdom, all the forces of anti-Christ are at work. All those who sell their souls for popularity with the World Order are at work. Even men in the pulpits have gone the way of the World Order and preached the gospel of the World Order instead of the Gospel of Jesus the Christ. They come out with many an interpretation of law that is contrary to our society. But remember, the people are the law. The people are the ones who determine what a society is under God. But in this last great struggle, if the World Order looses thru elections, it will turn to your High Courts and try to hold their ill gotten gains. This, my friends, is blackmail. And even this process will fail when America has taken all she is to suffer.

Our scripture says, ‘I shall raise up wrath in My Household among My people. And there shall not be a Cainanite left in the House of God.’

What America needs, my friends, is the great free enterprise backed by our government currency which belongs to the people from a government institution which will surrender that currency for such purposes without using it for a leash around the necks of the people. We are not the servants of the United States government, for that government belongs to us. It is our horse pulling our wagon.

We have a strange fetish worship in this country wherein people look at Uncle Sam for dependency, for medical health, and even their future. But I want you to know that this great nation is only great because God inspired men of your race to come here to build colonies and then develop this great nation for this last ‘Great Day.’ HE prophesied in the inspiration of the records about the apathy, the sleepiness, the departing from the Faith, and the declaration which would come in these Last Days. HE also told us of a great spiritual awakening which is to move on the people. A great spiritual awakening of the people as they stand upon their feet for a great cleansing of our land.

I will read a passage which should give you a little solace. (Psalms 90)---- ‘Oh, YAHWEH, thou has been our dwelling place in all generations before the mountains were brought forth, or even thou hast formed the earth, and the world (order). Even from Everlasting to Everlasting---thou art our YAHWEH (God) or dwelling place.’ No wonder the Apostle Paul could say after his heavenly journey, ‘You were in the bosom of the FATHER (Spirit) in love before the world was framed.’

I am going to tell you something. A Celestial race transferred to earth 7400 years ago, then raising from one man’s family to one-sixth of the worlds population by 1964, shouldn’t be intimidated by a little election which the devil had his hand in, but which will awaken America and she will rise and cleanse herself. Someone said, ‘But we have gone too far to turn around.’ No, we have not gone quite far enough or we would have been so mad it couldn’t have happened. Someone said, ‘Dr. Swift, we should do all we can to keep people from getting angry, it tears them down physically. The toxic poisons of anger released destroys them.’ That, my friends, is when you fight one another. But when you stand up against the enemies of God and the Light, when you resist the darkness, it doesn’t deteriorate. It creates such a spiritual force rising up in you, such a great and dynamic power that the Stars of God (HIS children) become so on fire for the Kingdom, that nothing can stop them. I never find anyone physically broken down because they stood against the enemy. I find this in those people who are afraid to call their soul their own. They know they did the wrong thing, that speaking out for error in order to buy temporary security, they know they have sold themselves for a ball of wax that is going to melt on them.

Listen. The declaration is. ‘Return ye children of YAHWEH. You have been with ME for thousands of generations, with ME from the beginning.--with ME before the world was framed.----------Let thy work appear unto thy servants, and thy Glory unto thy children. Let the beauty of YAHWEH, our God, be upon us; establish our work, our civilization, and our culture, establish it again for us.-------Yea, the work of our hands establish thou it.’ (Psalms 90:17).

There is not doubt in my mind as to what God is going to do. As you take a good look at the situation today, politically, economically, and yes, even of our Faith, then you should adjust your thinking as you realize that you are the offspring of God, the children of the MOST HIGH. Realize that we are not set down here on earth to establish equality, but were sent to establish the Kingdom of YAHWEH over the powers of darkness, and to liberate captives, to set them free. To get them to acknowledge our FATHER, and not be ashamed of our identity with HIM. I want you to realize today, that the Message is not the message of those who are just ‘playing’ church, and do not know what the program of God’s Kingdom really is. The great spiritual truths of HIS Kingdom is to get up and do something, not, my friends, to be no-active in this struggle for power.

I would like to give you a quick summation as to what has brought us to this point in this struggle. From the time Lucifer sought the destruction of your race, the loss of Light and Glory, always---YAHWEH has been in the scene. Directly after this loss by the seduction of Eve, a meeting took place wherein YAHWEH said, ‘You are still My race, still My Seed. And I am going to put you back on the right track.’ After the purification of the cleansed womb, after the race stream is purified by this process of the seventh from Adam was accepted---the seed of Seth. And now, Adam could say, ‘At last, I have begotten a man in my own image.’ From that day to this, the Adamic race has been carrying out the program of God. It has been growing from this one man’s family to its position in the world today. It has grown thru the Patriarchal households, thru its cities, its states, its nations and kingdoms until today, you are 1/6 of the world’s population. You are the most intelligent, the most knowledgeable, guided people on the face of the earth. At this hour in the historic pattern of time and history, you are in a prophetic hour of the time of your trouble. You have been invaded. You have been deceived. But the blueprint tells you that YAHWEH knew all about this. And HE has promised to spiritually awaken you, that you will throw off the mantle of the World Order--hang it, shoot it, whatever---but in this battle, you will win.

Someone says, ‘But, Dr. Swift, you shouldn’t say those things.’ Let me tell you something. When the enemy comes against YAHWEH’S Kingdom, it will take bulldozers to bury them on the mountains of Israel. Read the 38th and 39th chapters of Ezekiel.

The Cainanites who have come into your land are the children of Satan. And they have sought to upset your society. But as the people wake up and find out who is behind this conspiracy, so tremendous will be the reaction of these people when they become angry, that the book of Zachariah speaking of this, says there will not be any Cainanites in this land.

Now, I don’t care where they go, whether to Brazil or to Israeli. It doesn’t matter. For everywhere they go, they carry their own curse. But the scripture says there will be battling in the cities. There will be struggle right in MY nations. So you can expect sword against sword, weapon against weapons as it has always been. But in the nations of God’s Kingdom in this final struggle, you are going to battle the anti-Christ and those who dwell carelessly in MY Kingdom as well. They who are here are involved in this struggle, so you know what you are to do when you catch Communist trying to assassinate Presidents, liquidate your society, blow up your nation?---You are to battle them even in the streets.

Someone said, ‘Dr. Swift, this isn’t legal.’ But let me tell you this. When the hordes start coming in, it will be legal to defend America. So I tell you that the most deadly enemy trying to destroy America is already on the inside. And equally as deadly, equally as dangerous, equally as destructive, and maybe more so than any which will come in some time in the future.

However, YAHWEH also has hosts coming in. These are the hosts of heaven. Those of that vast command under Michael. And they are not going to ask anyone ‘is this legal?..’ There is only one law in this Universe which is legal and this is the Law of our YAHWEH (God). I want you to know that this law will be enforced and HIS people set free. Someone always cries out saying this isn’t fair for an atheist has to obey a law which they don’t believe in. But the last thing I am going to do is sit here and worry about Atheist. Someone said, ‘What about these people who do not believe in Jesus Christ?’ Let them get out of here if they do not want to live under HIS Rule. I can’t enforce that in America, but YAHWEH can.

Let me point out this to you. I have a blueprint here which runs from the prophecies in the Old Testament, thru Ezekiel, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Daniel and so forth. And I have prophecies given by Jesus to HIS Apostle John, and statements HE made to HIS Disciples, as well as the content of this book of Revelation---the wisdom of God shown unto Peter, and the mysteries unveiled to the Apostle Paul. And this is what they tell me. The Satanic revolt against the MOST HIGH GOD tried to establish the Satanic sons in the outer Universe. And in the astronomical powers Lucifer had, he tried to ascend above the Stars of God. He tried to take over the Universe. But he just wasn’t big enough. In fact, my friends, he as only able to influence one-third of the orbs in the Celestial realms of the occupiers. And having been defeated by Michael the Archangel, the heavens have then bee swept clear of this revolution. But down here in this solar system, and in this earth, is the greatest concentration of rebel lost souls, fallen angels, and Satanic spirits in all the Universe. You say, ‘But that makes the earth the most evil place in the Universe.’ That is right. This earth is the most evil place in the Universe. But I will also tell you something else about the earth. On it are also some of the best people in the Universe. How do I know that? Because they are the children of the FATHER (Spirit) who can say, ‘Our Father which art in heaven.’ You say, ‘are they righteous?’ Yes. They have HIS Righteousness. They accepted it from Calvary. And HE had ordained that this race HE placed here shall conquer the evil, shall liberate captive races of people, shall establish a Kingdom forever.

The Stars of YAHWEH shall top the stars of darkness. ‘O’ Lucifer, son of the morning star, how art thou cast down?’ He had said, ‘I shall set my star above the stars of God. I will command as the great Dragonis of the north. I will control the earth and place here my symbol of the Dragon. I will swallow up this seed of the Household of YAHWEH.’ Turn to the 20th chapter of Revelation and it says, ‘They make war with all the offspring of God, all the children of this Woman who have the commandments of this woman, and the testimony of Jesus Christ---make war with this race trying to swallow it up.

No, do not leave here with any pacifist idea of co-existence which has been wrought with the master magicians of our Left Wing Foreign Department. The enemy plans on conquering America and swallowing us up. And when they get together, they talk about this and about the best way to accomplish it. They say that America must be wiped out before she destroys us. I haven’t heard any talk about destroying Communism as I would like to hear. But for a little practice I think we should destroy their influence in Cuba and do it in one short week. Remember that history repeats itself. I remember when President Roosevelt said, ‘I have kept you out of foreign wars. I have kept your sons from foreign shores and will continue to do so.’ Then turned to one of his Admiral friends and said, ‘Do you think America will be ready if we declare war on the Axis?’ This Admiral said, ‘Mr. President, you just said in your address that you were going to keep us out of war.’ F.D.R. said, ‘Unless attacked. I must have an attack.’ And the chicanery to perpetuate an attack was launched by the State Department to bring that pin pointed attack exactly where it was to occur, knowing ahead of time, and the program that the Japanese would use as they selected this numbered plan. No wonder then that Mrs. Roosevelt said, ‘I was knitting, Harry Hopkins was at the piano, Franklin was playing with his stamp collection. We were waiting for the news that Pearl Harbor had been bombed.’

It was only a short time after this having precipitated the attack by refusing to meet the diplomats of the insulted country that this was applied:-- ‘My country right or wrong, must win.’ And win she did. But it has not been eliminated from your mind and mine, this right to look back over history and evaluate facts. To see the demagoguery of the anti-Christ surrounding men in high offices in our government as they make us a football in their political design for power in World Government. Mr. Roosevelt had a commitment to Mr. Morganthau to wipe out the great White heart of Central Europe. And this was his route to fulfill that commitment. Dishonor has been brought, and bought on our country by dishonorable men.

It is most important for you and I to review the error and repent before the MOST HIGH GOD because we permitted power like this to exist. And we must call for deliverance which is your Divine right and obligation. We do not want to turn our backs on the anti-Christ. But we do stand firm for the Right that no American be sent forth to battle except they be allowed to win, with the assurance that you not be held back with your government assisting the enemy behind your backs. Every once in a while I hear the remark that we must not use any of our big weapons because we don’t want to spill over into a big war. Then in turn to the Bible and it says the whole world is involved. That is sort of a big war, isn’t it? It tells me that elements will dissolve in fervent heat. Isn’t that sort of a nuclear war? Then it tells me also ‘In that day I will be like a wall of fire around you.’ And yes, you will survive. ‘A thousand shall fall at thy side and 10,000 at thy right hand, but no harm will come nigh thee.’

I want to point out to you that there is a great Celestial area of power---Divine power. There is a great radiance which is going to envelop the people of God which will give them the kind of immunity which this nuclear hour will not destroy. Thy light will come. And this the enemy fears.

Now, the scripture tells us that they will 5th Column us. That deceitful spirits will come in. That the 5th Column will deny the things of God, deny our heritage, will try to mongrelize and integrate our race. We are told that Babylon will set up organizations right in our own nation to try to control our crafts, and our industries. We are told that they will control our economy, our industries, and enslave our people economically.

Let me tell you this. All these things have happened. The world monetary systems are a part of the anti-Christ conspiracy and has accomplished these objectives. But you are still here and your creative ability had not marshaled their conspiracy to the point of your present survival. I want you to know that this plan to hack away at your Faith is also a part of the program to put you into the hands of a ‘One World Government.’ And is cast in the die of the devil. And every proselyte of evil is trying to do this tonight. This is the design of their program to place Lucifer’s star about the Star of God.

When the time measures of prophecy came, and the blueprint of the vision of your forbearers and the wise men of your race who saw HIS Star in the East, as this came to pass, they knew that HIS embodied emancipation as the Atoning One---this body of God was going to be born. Tho they traveled by measure and design from Jerusalem to Bethlehem, they came to kneel before the manger which now held the embodiment of YAHWEH. And they did this because they saw HIS STAR.

Satan also having noted the attention of the Wise, and the expectancy of your race, gathered a Jewish army to go down and kill all the babes so as to crush out this embodiment. Saying, ‘I will put this down and set my star above the stars of YAHWEH.’ But all the power of evil could not destroy the destiny of YAHWEH (God). That which transpired was not only the survival, but later these evil sons of Lucifer would say, ‘HIS blood be upon us and upon our children.’ And again, they thought they had won as that body was placed in the tomb. But this dynamic Eternal, indestructible YAHWEH-YAHSHUA rose up out of that grave, broke forth with all the Light and Glory that was surrounding HIS person and dealt a great blow of fear and terror to those who hid in the dungeons of the Temple as the earth shook and the whole Universe reeled before the impact of this Satanic design. Then that great, great spiritual dynamics of the New Covenant moved down upon a people, moved to gather again, a race until this race stands up to identify with HIM, with HIS name challenging the World as the King of the Kingdom lifts up HIS Standards.

Yes, we have watched this expansion and development of culture in this Christian society. We watched as Empires of Christian nations were flung out over the earth. We watched as civilizations moved into Africa and into Asia, as civilization expanded into a great continent and the standards of God were lifted up. Then in this hour of complacency, we watch the ‘5th Column’ come in to tie into this picture of Satanic design for this day. I want you to know that in this declaration in the books of Isaiah and Ezekiel, that it talks about Lucifer this star of the morning, and about how he fell, about his system, his powers of darkness, and how they shall be conquered, how it shall fall.

Whenever you feel a bit downcast about the events which are a part of this battle, then remember that you are also very close to the sign of the end of the age. The sign of the Son of Man has been in the heavens. And you are almost to the sign of Judgement. When the Hand of God reaches out to the enemies of God’s Kingdom, their judgement comes. If I had a choice, I would like to stay here and see this thing thru to victory, for I tell you that the mighty power of God is going to be involved.

Someone said, ‘But, Dr. Swift, you don’t dare discuss anything political or they will move right in on the tax exemption of the Church status.’ Well, I heard our President (Johnson) talking to the National Council of Churches, and he said, ‘We always welcome the help of the ministers of the church in guiding the people.’ So from this pulpit, we will see that he gets his way. For when these issuers involve the True Church, the nation and the Kingdom, we must speak out. We have moved thru many areas of cycles. And will move into the strange events which will bring about the break up of Babylon’s top-heavy program built on error. Fortunately, for a lot of people who have voted for the anti-Christ in order to protect their Social Security, which never was threatened anyhow, only promised to have been fixed upon a more sure foundation, if time would go on this will crumble underneath them and they won’t have anything anyhow. But the best thing for everyone is to hope the Kingdom comes in fast and overthrows the whole system for something sound. Because if YAHWEH-YAHSHUA was to delay HIS coming, say for twenty years, then the people who depend on Social Security won’t have any.

Now don’t go out of here and say I said HE is coming in twenty years. Because who knows? However, you are in a climactic period when events will move very fast. But in the hours ahead, HE is going to awaken HIS people. HE is going to stir them and when they boil, Mystery Babylon’s power is going to fall. Its economic power is going to fall. Their control of production in HIS Kingdom is going to break up. The hordes they seek to use to integrate and destroy you are going to be set in a reaction which will swallow up Babylon’s plan just like the waters of the sea. This is something that all the Liberal Left Wingers may not understand. But once they percepitate this war against the White race, they are never going to be able to turn it off---until the White race has won. Therefore, this very thing will upset their whole apple-cart. And everything they have planned, everything they put in their programs by their very violence will destroy them. They have taken up the sword and they will die by this sword they have taken up.

America is a part of YAHWEH’S great plan. It is the Arch-stone among HIS great nations. It is the land HE put HIS Capstone on. It carried the Great Symbol of the Outstretched Wings of the Eagle. And that emblem soaring high--alone can soar up among the STARS OF GOD.

In the book of Obadiah, we find that YAHWEH challenges Lucifer. And the challenge goes out unto these with the symbols of Edom, these the mixed people of Esau who pitched his with the heathen. This is what YAHWEH has to say concerning Edom in this message unto the heathen:-- ‘Behold, I will make thee small.---Therefore tho thou exalt thyself as the eagle, and though thou set thy nest among the Stars, thence will I bring thee down, saith YAHWEH.’ Thus, the star of Lucifer is to come down and the red star inside that sickle is going to come down for it is a part of this program. Not only does it come down, but everyone associated with it also.

Listen. The symbol and emblem of this star is Red. And the declaration is therefore:-- In this day I will destroy you and even destroy the understanding out of the mouths of the enemy, until they will not even be able to think straight when they come against you.------Therefore for the violence brought against you, and those who ruled their hour with the beast, they shall also know that they shall be cut off from power in the Kingdom, cut off from power in the Kingdom forever.’--- ‘For the day of YAHWEH is at hand for the heathen and it shall be down unto them as they sought to do unto you; thy reward shall return upon thine own heads.’ (Vs. 15)

They think to swallow up the Kingdom. But oh, no. The Kingdom is not going to have a One World Government under the power of the house of darkness,--- ‘For the House of Jacob shall be a fire, and the House of Joseph.’----The Anglo-Saxon people, the people of Britain and America, and the Great Judah of God, the Germanic people, will be like a flame of fire. And the enemy will burn as stubble.

You ask me do I believe in this Bible? I surely do. In fact, you only have to believe it hard enough to put it into operation. Someone said, ‘But it will go into operation anyway.’ I tell you it will be this way. You will believe it and put it into operation. Someone said, ‘But it comes to pass anyhow.’ YAHWEH says it will come to pass because ‘I will quicken you, I will stir you, I will awaken you.’

The enemy is crying tonight about the Right Wing. They are talking of making a law. But my FATHER makes the law. HE says if they try to silence the voice of my people the very rocks will cry out. The earth holds it and the very stones cry out, but this is talking of ‘Living Stones.’

Now listen. When YAHWEH speaks, HE says, ‘When this great House of Jacob, this House of Joseph, this great House of MY Kingdom rises up, then the enemies of MY Kingdom will be as stubble.’ There will be none remaining of this enemy when the fire gets thru burning this stubble.

Listen.--- ‘And I shall have saviors raised up in My nations. I am going to raise up saviors to judge the mount (nations) of the pagans, and the Kingdom shall be YAHWEH’S.’ I shall raise up---what? Saviors. You say, ‘We had one Savior.’ HE CAME TO SET YOU FREE, TO FULFILL THE ATONEMENT. This says that HE will raise up saviors, men of leadership and vision who will raise up the standards of the Kingdom. HE will raise up saviors, men, militarily and spiritually to lead America into the greatest liberty of all time.

I am going to tell you this. When this happens, all the nations of Israel will fall in behind you. Oh, you say, ‘We just voted our chance for this--down. This isn’t possible.’ But the people who just voted for this, did not have the courage and the knowledge to know what YAHWEH is going to do. If a man believes God and knows what God is going to do, he never moves against the best interest of what he believes in.

Someone asked, ‘How do we counteract that propaganda field in our newspapers, over the T.V., in our schools and in our colleges, and yes, in our churches?---this program, this propaganda which is diametrically oppose to the program of God?

Let me tell you something about power. The MOST HIGH GOD has a wavelength of energy which crystallizes ideas in the minds of men if they have a tuning device locked in on the mind of YAHWEH. And HE declares that, ‘I can still call My Sheep by name and instill in them an idea. I can send it so that it falls like rain. But I will put one idea in everyone of My children across My nation.’ Do you know what this idea is? To lift up the standard of YAHWEH-YAHSHUA and then mover out to burn like a flame, this stubble coming against you.

Someone said, ‘Dr. Swift, we would much rather hear of a revival.’ Well, what kind of a revival would you rather hear? One that proclaims the WILL of GOD, or someone telling a silly story in order to get people to do nothing? Someone said, ‘But I want Peace and Love.’ Well, then let’s get it from someone who won’t stab you in the back.

I think it is time to realize that Christ’s way is the best way. I think you will have to agree with me that HIS way is the best way. HE said, ‘I will re-enter human affairs.’ How did HE say HE would re-enter? As KING of Kings, and with a sword in HIS Right hand. To do what? To war for the destruction of the darkness and the liberation of the Light, because of HIS lover for HIS people. And HE also loves the earth itself. And HE is so determined to drive back to the dimensions from whence they came, these powers of darkness. Yes, HE hath willed it this way. And since a day is as 1000 years with the LORD, then don’t be disturbed by time measures. Your race has only been here 7400 years and look where we have gone. Look where we are tonight. There has just been an election which looked very crucial for you in your time. But I remember an election we are told of--one time down in Egypt, in the land of Goshen, when there was only three million of you, and there was a man at that time who stood up and said, ‘I have talked with YAHWEH, and HE told me---look, these people who do not know your God, these people who are listening to all this present ecclesiastical council of error, and are going to hold you as slaves and in bondage, YAHWEH SAYS--NO! HE has ordained me to tell you to follow me and we are going out of this land.’ So one night down there in the land of Goshen, they had to vote whether or not to follow this man Moses, out of the land of Egypt. That probably was a very crucial hour, but they voted to follow Moses. I point out to you that all the hosts of heaven stood by to support this action. The violence of the forces of nature themselves, were in operation. The sea rolled back then came in on the pursuing enemy.

I can go down thru this book of decisions, and choices. Some not to well made, wherein catastrophe and trouble followed. But always we are told that there was a remnant who have not bowed the knee to Baal. Therefore, YAHWEH said, ‘I will raise up saviors, leaders who have not bowed the knee to Baal.’ And this will be from this ultimate remnant who HE has ordained and which shall conform to HIS own image.

I tell you tonight, that cruising thru space is a great measuring symbol. There is involved here, an astronomical measure which soon shall be declared from observatories all over the Universe. They are going to tell you that a great bright star is coming in, that something tremendous is about to take place. You will hear them say, ‘We don’t know what is coming in, but the Light is getting brighter and growing close. It looks as tho it is on a collision course with earth.’ But I tell you that this is the STAR OF THE MOST HIGH GOD. Not, my friends, like the sun or the moon. But it is like that Star of illumination like none other than HE, Himself.

Peter said, ‘Ye also have a more sure word of prophecy, whereas you do well to take heed as unto a light which shineth in a dark place until the day dawn and the Day Star arise in your own hearts.’ Not a sun out there burning, but the great concept of the mind of YAHWEH which renews your mind and challenges you to do HIS Will----Christ rising to be enthroned.

Listen now to the words of the book of Revelation dealing with the Tree of Life which grows out of the great stream of spiritual force from the throne. ‘I YAHWEH-YAHSHUA---JESUS, have sent MY Angel, and I testify these things unto the churches. Thus the Spirit says unto MY race, to whom I am married, who brings forth MY sons, come and let him that heareth come. Let him who is athirst come. To whosoever that will understand this, and perceive this, they can take of the Water of Life freely.’ Therefore this testimony in the book of Revelation is one of triumph, one of victory. Thus, I am not discouraged by what is happening as more and more people are awakening. Some say as many as 25 million awakened Americans. And that is too many Americans to push around. There is a captive audience here in America and when these things come to pass, they will remember what you have said. They will be shaken out of their sleep. And they will follow the saviors HE is going to raise up. Not to make an Atonement, but to lead you to victory under YAHWEH’S plan.

(End of sermon)