Stone Uncut By Hands, 2-17-68


by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 2-17-68

As we turn in our subject to the Stone uncut by hands, we go back into the book of Daniel for Daniel was one of the wisest of men. In fact the scriptures tells us that there was none wiser than Daniel. We go back into Nebuchadnezzar great and tremendous capital of Babylon, which would outshine in power and majesty and strength, all of the kingdoms of that era and its day. And the king over this great city was Nebuchadnezzar. We understand that in these days the walls of Babylon rose up 300 feet high, and were 175 feet in width. And around the top of the walls of Babylon 15 war chariots could ride and the total length around the city was 15 miles---square.

Inside the walls of Babylon was a secondary wall. And upon this second wall stood men who would pour led down upon anyone who would break down the first wall. And behind them were the tremendous companies of Babylon. And behind this was what they called the break wall and then you entered into Mystery Babylon. Mystery Babylon the great, the great city of the apostate forces of earth. In fact this was the city of Nebuchadnezzar but it was also the city of a false prophet. This was Baal-god. High in Babylon’s mountains came kings and queens and people of stature to reside in Babylon’s mountains, with its hanging gardens and beautiful buildings. It was a city of power and majesty and none could break into this city. And high on the hill was also this statute of Baal. Here was the symbol of Luciferianism, total and incarnate. Here in this mighty temple of Baal the Vestal virgins by the thousands served Baal. And they served in this wild orgy of sex and corruption. More powerful than this were these priests of Baal, and they controlled the economy of Babylon. The king was supposed to be the ruler but he had little to say under those who ruled over this economy, of Babylon. The people who dominated ancient Babylon, were the people today called Jews.

I want you to know that they had no part in the house of Israel. They had no part in the tribes of Judah and Benjamin. They were the Yehudin, the sons of Lucifer the Priests of Babylon. And Babylon was the greatest economic city in the world. Not only did it buy and sell, but it extended its process of usury And as the people of the world were forced to use the monetary systems of Babylon, all then had come under the heel of Babylon, and its troops were riding everywhere. The troops of Babylon controlled all of the known world at that time. And it was Babylon with the king Nebuchadnezzar who had invaded Jerusalem, and taken king Zedekiah, king in Jerusalem captive. And he had killed all of his sons and kept Zedekiah, captive for some time. And it was during that time it was Jeremiah this prophet of God who had taken the daughter of Zedekiah --took her down into Egypt then up thru the Mediterranean and around over to Ireland, and married her to the king of Ireland--Herramon, one of the kings of Israel ruling over the people of the other ten tribes who had long gone into captivity and then migrated over into Europe.

The fact remains that Nebuchadnezzar took the children of Judah and Benjamin captive And with them he took a great number of their young men induced them into areas of slavery. It was during this time when Daniel who would become one of the great prophets of God would find favor for he was wiser than the magicians of old Babylon. So he was given a special position as a wise man of Babylon. And in this great city of Babylon with its walls so great and so high, then there were gates into this city that had iron grills across them. But there was also one entrance into this city besides these gates with their great iron grids across them. And this entrance was the Euphrates river which ran thru the city, under the walls of Babylon. But here again great iron grills penetrated deep beneath the water so that none could come down the river and enter the city of Babylon. It was during this period of time that Daniel had been raised as a wise man in this land and had won some favor with the king. And we are told in the scriptures that Nebuchadnezzar had a dream, and he was very troubled by this dream. So he called in the wise men of Babylon, the soothsayers, and the astrologers. And he said, I want you to interpret this dream I had last night, for I am disturbed by it. But the soothsayers and the astrologers said you have asked an impossible thing for you have not told us the dream. If you will tell us the dream then we will interpret that dream for you. But Nebuchadnezzar said I have forgotten the dream. But if you cannot tell me of the dream how do I know that you can interpret the dream? So off with your heads if you cannot tell me what my dream was and what the content of the dream meant. So the word went out, within one week unless someone could tell the king of his dream and interpret it then he was going to kill all of the charlatans of Babylon. Finally they came to Daniel and he said but the king never ask me, but you tell the king that I will interpret his dream. So Daniel was set before the king, and he said, --Oh, king I know that my God will give me the dream and the interpretation, so I will ask and then I will come back and then I will interpret the dream for you. And Daniel came back before the time to destroy the wise men and he said, Now, Oh, king, I will interpret thy dream. So we turn to the book of Daniel and we learn the mysteries of what was declared.

Therefore Daniel said, blessed be the name of YAHWEH, for wisdom and might are his. He changeth the times and the persons and he removeth kings He sitteth up kings and giveth us wisdom and knowledge, and he revealeth the deep things. He knoweth what is in the darkness and that light dwelleth with him.

Now therefore, oh, king I can telleth you what your dream was. Now therefore thou saweth and beheld a great image. And this great image so bright and excellent stood before thee, and the form thereof was the form of a great and mighty image. And the head was of gold, his breast and his arms were of silver, and his belly and his thighs were of brass, and his legs were of iron, and his feet were of iron and of clay. THEN THOU SAWETH THIS STONE CUT WITHOUT HANDS (the kingdom) and it smote the image upon its feet, and it broke the iron and clay and put them in pieces. Then was the iron and the brass and the silver and the gold broken in pieces before this stone uncut by hands. And the storms like a threshing wind came and carried it away. And there was no place found for this residue. And this stone that thou saw smite the image became a great mountain and it filled the whole earth. Daniel then said, that is your dream? And Nebuchadnezzar said, yes, that is my dream. And Daniel then said that he would tell him the interpretation of this strange dream.

And the king was pleased and thought that great and mighty was Daniel for he told him exactly what that dream was. And then Daniel spoke unto him and said, No oh, king, the God of the heavens hath bestowed a great power and strength, and you have the power of it. But wheresoever the child of men dwell on the earth, along with the beasts of the field, the Enosh, he hath given this all into thy hands and hath made you a ruler, and thou art this head of gold. But also after thee shall arise another kingdom which shall be inferior to this kingdom. Then there will come a third kingdom, the kingdom of brass shall bear rule over the earth, and then a fourth kingdom shall come, and it shall be strong like iron for like iron breaketh things in pieces, and it shall subdue all of these things and bruise. Where as thou saw the feet and the toes which are of iron and clay. This kingdom also shall be broken and then there shall be the strength like that of iron. For as much as thou saweth iron mixed with part iron and part clay, so the kingdom shall be partly strong and partly broken, which shall then arise. And whereas thou sawest iron mixed with clay, this shall be the intermingling with the seed of men, and thus it shall not cleave together and thus shall be as iron and clay. And in the days of that kingdom then the God of heaven shall set up a kingdom which shall never be destroyed. He shall set up a kingdom which shall never be left to other people. And it shall break in pieces and consume this other kingdom and it shall stand for ever. For as much as thou hast seen this stone cut out of the mountain without hands. And it breaks in pieces the brass, the silver and the gold, and the iron and the clay. The Great God of the heavens has made this dream known to the king and this interpretation is certain. And this was the message that Daniel was giving to this king of utter evil. And this was a king whom was king over a kingdom and his evil and orgies was unparalleled thru out human history. Whose mighty statute of Baal, and his vestal servants. And his women were corrupted by the thousands as they served as vestal virgins. His priests were the priests of witchcraft and of darkness, and he handled the monetary systems of the world, under the control of Babylon. This was the Babylonian head of gold.

And the king honored Daniel and placed him over all of his wise men, and raised him up until he sat at the gate of the king. And in all of this there was little advice that Daniel could give to this king of utter evil altho he had been preserved and honored. It would be his prophecies that would stand out. It was his prophecies that would be given unto this kingdom that would rise up, or would be given to this kingdom, and retained by God forever. Thus it is that Daniel proclaimed the interpretation of that king.

Now, after Nebuchadnezzar there came Belteshazzar who was----the son of Nebuchadnezzar. Some cite that he was a generation removed but the scripture calls him the son of Nebuchadnezzar. And this king was not only wicked but they had their wild orgies and this orgy was to last for 90 days. And they took all of the vessels that they had captured in Jerusalem from the Temple, the gold and silver vessels, the holy vessels of God, and they took them into a tremendous banquet hall for this 90-day orgy of evil. And all of those who came for this banquet of the king were using these vessels from the Temple of the most high God, which had been captured in that ancient day of the raid on Jerusalem. And so while this feast was going on, there came a hand out and it wrote upon the wall. It caught their attention for this was a tremendous hand, and all of those who were in the feast banquet saw this hand write these words upon the wall. Mene, mene, tekel, Upharsin.

Now, of course, this was a mysterious language as far as the Babylonians were concerned. And they knew not what to do or which way to turn and Belteshazzar called in his wise men and his astrologers and they said we cannot interpret this. Actually this was written in Coptic Aramaic, and it would be almost like the English language that you use, but it also had its token patterns and they could not read it. Then the wife off Belteshazzar said but there is a wise man that can read it, and thy father also had dreams an this man interpreted them, and this mans is Daniel.

So again the king turned to Daniel to interpret this vision of the hand writing on the wall. And while all of this was going on the ancient city of Babylon did not know that it was going on. Babylon, the great, Babylon the unconquerable, Babylon which the armies could be hurled against it and they would fall back. But here came the Medes and the Persians.

Now, these Persians were white men, Aryans, by the way. They were your ancient brethren, the descendants of Seth. They were a part of the household that had lived apart from the children of Israel. And they had bypassed the situations of the flood because the Persian and the Medes had lived in a different area than the flood had come. And these Persians were tremendous sons of Persia they had at one time moved over the earth setting up the high spots of the earth from which to watch the heavens. They knew the content of the book of Seth and they knew the history of Enoch. They knew what the signs would be of the coming of Messiah. They had built Stonehenge, and Do-ring and set up the mighty sighting place in the Himalayas. And they were well acquainted with Enoch and job who had built the Pyramid in Egypt. But the thing encouraging about this is that these mighty men had come against Mystery Babylon and they had broken Mystery Babylon.

Remember when Abraham went out on the plain of Shinar as God called Him out? He wanted to spare the white race, so he called Abraham out of the city of Ur of the Chaldeas, and he said many nations will I make of thee. An Abraham found on the plains of Shinar these ten kings in battle. And they were fighting for the ancient gold found in the land of Ophir. And there as Abraham came out on the plains there was Tidal the king of the land that had gone beneath the waters--pre-Adamic. And there was the kings of Sodom and Gomorrah, demons and devil forces -pre-Adamic. And he discovered that all of these kings were in a huge battle. But God protected Abraham and when the battle was over, it was Abraham who came down out of the hills and took possession of the treasurers. Thus Abraham was the victor for the kings had almost destroyed themselves in the great battle for the gold.

All right then. We well understand that these men from the plains of Shinar, who were Pre-Adamic had carried their battles into the areas of ancient Persia and the Medes. And the armies of the Medes and the Persians had become strong from battling these ancient armies of the Pre-Adamic legions. Thus there were few that could carry on a battle such as could Darius, this Mede and Persian ruler.

Now the fact remains that these ancient descendants of Seth had become a war like people in a war like country And later commentators said that they had the ability to shift and move men in their armies much like the Germans did in their high command. They cited that the Prussians had the ability to move men, so battling like the ancient Persians had, as they moved out and battled these kings of the plains of Shinar. Thus you see again that these armies of the Medes and the Persians had come down into this area and now were marching against ancient Babylon. And they had been fighting wars in their part of the world for 900 years. Just think of that, the Medes and the Persians for 900 years had been rising up and striking back at the demons and the devils that were battling them.

Now Mystery Babylon was a mystery power and was now master of the earth. So Darius of the Medes and the Persians said: we are going after Babylon. And they sent spies into the land of Babylon. And they discovered that Babylon was going to have this tremendous feast. And for 90 days they would be feasting. And inside of the first week they would be filled with wine And they would be singing their praises to Baal. While the Aryans who had always served One God said that while the Babylonians serve their many gods, we will take their land. Darius the Mede said that we will wait until one week had gone by in their feast days and then we will start our plan. In this time of the year the great Euphrates river which ran under the walls of Babylon would be at its lowest ebb.

Now here comes the Medes and the Persians and they start to dig another canal far out to the eastward around Babylon, and then they diverted the Euphrates river which ran thru these great grills down 25 feet into the water. But they diverted that whole river into another channel while the drunken Babylonians did not pay any attention to what was going on. And it was during the last night of this 90-day feast that this hand had written on the wall---Mene, Mene, Tekel Upharsin.---And then they sent for Daniel. And he told them that God hath numbered thy kingdom and finished it. Thou art weighed in the balances and found wanting. Thy kingdom is divided and given to the Medes and the Persians.

So they put a gold chain around Daniels neck and put a robe on him. But Daniel had said that this kingdom would be given to the Medes and the Persians. And that night as this drunken king said give Daniel the golden chain. At that moment he did not know that the water was dried up in this river which flowed thru Babylon. And while this was going on, the Medes and the Persians were marching into Babylon without having to fight its walls and its drunken archers who were too drunken to fight anyone. Thus this night then Darius the Mede this Aryan took this kingdom of Babylon and he was about 62 years of age when he began to rule there in Babylon. Thus the prophecies of Daniel were literally fulfilled and this was the mystery of that hour.

Now what was it that he had declared. Daniel had told Nebuchadnezzar that there would come after him a kingdom which was the breast of silver. And this kingdom would rise up and be a great kingdom. And it would control large portions of the earth.

Now it was not that much of the people of this kingdom of Babylon were evil people but it was a striving force that was mixing with this kingdom that was so evil. And it was this force that were striving to take over the people.

Now we have the ancient Medes and the Persians controlling ancient Babylon. And as they came in to control they brought with them a tremendous area of judgment. We are told that the Priests of Baal and the Prophets of Baal fled the city, all those that were not killed. For it was like the time when Elijah took the priests of Baal down to the river Kedron and cut off their heads, for these Medes and Persians were not inclined to spare any of the activities of Babylon. So they said that the Priests of Baal and the Vestal virgins must be destroyed but many of them fled even when the city was falling. This is why that mystery Jewry kept many of the practices of Babylon still operating even after the surrender of the city. And in this hour then they moved their operations over to the Isle of Pergamos. And then in the book of Revelation, Jesus also told you that this was where Satan's seat is. Here then out there in the Aegean sea the offspring of Lucifer were setting up their activities and reigning over the money of the world.

Well the third power that arose was Greece, and these were Israelites who had settle as they migrated out along the Aegean sea and until now they had been no great power. But under the leadership of Alexander the Great they rose to be a great power. BY the time that Alexander the Great was born the Macedonians and the Greeks had come together and now were rising to be a great power. Alexander the Great has been a greatly maligned figure. But he was a great king. And altho only 27 years old when he died he had already conquered almost three quarters of the known world. As a boy he had studied the destiny of men and had become quite a scholar on this subject. And he said, ‘I believe there is only one God and he reigns in the heavens. And altho men build other gods, these are made to be destroyed. He also said that we shall extend our power toward the rising sun. And we shall restore Greece and restore all gods that are no gods and we shall see if there is not one God who shall give strength to men.’

So Alexander the Great went out and he conquered not only Babylon, but did this with greatness. For the Medes and the Persians after some time had tired of Babylon which they left practically in ruins, and had migrated back into Persia up around the Persian Gulf. And the Medes were fighting in small battles those who would fight them in their retreat. The Medes and the Persians did not hold Babylon to long but they had only come down to destroy Babylon and thus they were making their return. After this then some of the Jews had returned to Mystery Babylon, and there set up their mystery schools of ancient religion. And as Alexander the Great swept into Babylon then again the worship of Baal was strong in Babylon. Thus, Alexander the Great destroyed again the idolatry of Baal. He lived in some luxury, but his soldiers had swept into Egypt and then again up onto the great plains. And he had fought some of the Assyrians who had come down to hold some of the points between him and India. In fact he went so far as to go to the great walls of China and Mongolia and then after learning that there were so many people in Mongolia and in china he said that no one wants to let that slumbering giant know that there are people on the other side of the world. He said there are to many people for anyone to conquer by this route. But as he cross the top of the Himalayas he went down into the plains of India and conquered that Hindu land. And he conquered also the Medes and the Persians before he made his march into India. Then when he met with the People of Zoroaster and the Persians. Then the Persians said, why do we battle when you say that you believe that God is one, and we believe that God is One? Why do we battle? Why do we not join arms and fight all of the pagans on the face of the earth? So Alexander the Great took some of the finest army men into his group and these were some of the Persians and then they marched in and took India. And he established many of these Persian over areas of all the conquered area from India westward as he was retreating back out of India, and headed back toward Greece. It was rumored that there was trouble in Greece so he wanted to go back to his land. As he came back into Greece, he put down this short area of rebellion. And he found that now organized Jewry was also in Greece, with their money lending patterns, sowing again their money lending patterns. And he saw that they were trying to take over Greece. And Alexander the Great killed many Jews. Then he went back to Babylon. And there in that ancient city of the hanging Gardens, he planned to rest. We understand that Consumption was taking a toll on his body. And Alexander the Great died there in Babylon. His kingdom was not as well organized as he had planned.

And after he died then the Macedonians in Greece would help divide up his kingdom. He had battled these people who were mixing his men. For when it talks about this mixing of his men, like in the Old Testament so this mongrelization, and mixing of people from the Jewish mentality had set in on the greatness of Alexander the Great’s empire, after his death. And they came back in to gain control of the monetary power. And we find that this was the planning for Greece.

But there was another Empire rising, and this was the Empire of Rome. And you can well remember that other forces like Hannibal bled the armies of Greece. In fact as they saw Rome rising they tried to make sure that Rome would be no problem for them. So these people crossed the Alps and as they came into to Roman territory with their elephants and troop they met these hordes of Rome. And Rome, being well armed and organized, would actually defeat the armies of Greece. And then stronger and stronger came this power which would replace ancient Greece on the horizon.

Thus, Greece was broken up by the monetary control of their finances. And altho their troops were brave the control of their inner economy crumbled and fell.

Did you know that the farmers that supplied the groceries for the people of Greece were caught in a bind? And it then cost more to produce the goods than was gained in the selling of the product. Thus the farmers moved into the cities and they surrendered before this pattern of inflation and Greece broke up economically not having enough food to supply her own soldiers, altho it had once been the greatest Empires ever envisioned.

Thus now the power base was in Rome and the power of Rome extended out over Palestine and out over the areas of ancient Babylon, and partially up into the northern portions of Europe. And wherever Rome went it brought back slaves and captives. And as these captives became a part of their households then a great doctrine of great evil was started. Mongrelization----was taking place as hand maidens were brought in, and put in the homes of the Senate in Rome. But in the meantime then Rome had become a great and mighty power. Without question it had one of the finest areas of military strategy ever manifested in the earth. Then Rome moved out to control the earth.

But organized Jewry had moved from Mystery Babylon to the Isle of Pergamos and then on into Rome. And in fact the Roman borrowed money from the Jews. And that is one thing that you discover when we came to the era of the persecution of the Christians, for they had the power and the control. In fact they were to corrupt a part of the Senate in Rome. And some Jews who had changed their names had gained entrance into the Senate in Rome.

Gibbons history of the fall of Rome tells about this same thing. Inside of Rome were many, many white people of the tribe of Gad. And they had migrated and then settled in Rome. Thus, the people of Rome were the people of the tribe of Gad. They were under the areas of false doctrine and of course the policies of Jewry had gained control. The people of Greece had been Scythian. And the true white people of Greece with their golden age of wisdom demonstrated again the white man carried the capacity of know how, and intelligence, altho by now mixed up in the areas of theology. But remember this that as soon as the gospel of Christianity reached the areas of Greece and Rome. And the apostle Paul knew that these Greeks were Israelites, and were his relatives. And he said, ‘all of our fathers partook of the same sacrifices.’ And there we find that the Apostle Paul was saying that all of our fathers were in the wilderness. And they all drank of the water out of the Rock, and they all ate of the quail, and the manna that came down out of the heavens. And as he talked to these Greeks he tells them who they are and explains their great new relationship to the program of God's kingdom.

Now remember also that Jesus talked also about this dream of Nebuchadnezzar. And that these kingdoms would rise after that altho they would not be as demanding as was that of Nebuchadnezzar’s. But that these were the prophecies of what would follow him. And in the days of iron and clay. Then Jesus made the statement when talking to John, in the book of Revelation, that 'The kingdoms of this world, that the woman or the Beast system tries to ride upon, this is the Beast system, the people of enosh, who were not the children of Spirit. They were not the household of God. They were not the household of the Adamic race. They were the household under Lucifer and ruled over by Lucifer's children who had mingled with men (Adamites). And that they dominated and controlled the paganism of the earth.

And now it says that of these kingdoms that the beast system has ridden upon. Five are fallen and one is and that one is Rome. And there was one that was yet to come. And this one would be across this area which is both iron and clay. Then will come an eighth that will come out of the seventh and this one also will go into perdition.

And as Jesus was talking about this then John recorded this as 'the woman on the back of the red beast.' And this in symbolism was the system of all the false patterns of religion and the seduction of all things into this system of evil which was moving out upon the earth. All of the false prophets who do not worship God, and do not recognize YAHSHUA or Christ are also the enemies of the kingdom.

Now this enemy of the kingdom is this woman---Mystery Babylon-- this program of evil, this mystery of evil this abomination of earth. And as YAHSHUA spoke of this then we go back again to this message of Daniel. And he this wisest of men said that after Rome and Rome fell then, in those days of the rise of the Christian church, from the testimony of Christ and his kingdom. And we find that even the rulers accepted Christ. And we find that in the days of Constantine that pagan Rome was broken and dispersed. But the Romans that were of the tribe of Gad accepted that Jesus was YAHSHUA the Christ. And the Apostle Paul, who did not waste his time in writing to any but Israel, wrote one of his epistles to the Romans because the Romans could understand. And if they had not been of the kingdom of God and the house of Israel, they could not have understood. The Jews never understood and they will never understand who are the children of God because they are the people, that mingled with men and controlled Mystery Babylon. And they are a part of the ancient Baal worshipers. And thus identify in the scriptures. We understand that as we see these kingdoms which were small kingdoms. Iron, because of their philosophy, but clay because they could never form a stable status, but they would spread out over the earth.

This is why Genghis Khan when he rose to power then we discover that the Jews of Venus had given him power, and he had a Chinese Jew as a wise man. This man had gathered the hoards to build up Genghis Khan. And Genghis Khan was instructed to hurl his forces against the Christians in the west just as he had hurled them against Samarkand, and Baghdad. And then he came sweeping into Europe. And so his kingdom was of iron and of clay and organized Jewry had given him the strength and the power. The strength of his arms had given him the strength of the patterns of iron.

People sometimes think that these kingdoms have to all be the same. But they are not. There is a process by which they can be identified, but still Mystery Babylon maintains its control. Because now the Jews from Vienna controlled Genghis Khan and the deal was ---to destroy Christianity. And the Jews wore yellow arm bands during all of the raids so that their homes and their businesses would never be touched. Genghis Khan always respected this, and never retained a Jew if he caught one, by turning him loose, while the Jews betrayed Christianity by opening the door of the cities to these invasions.

Now this was a deadly power, but the eight that was to rise up out of the seventh was the hoards of World Communism. And it says that the Beast, (the world order) had its deadly wound healed. And the carrying back of Genghis Khan a dying chief noted this honor for they carried him back to his land to bury him there not in the west. And they carried his body into Lassa. For now Genghis Khan was dead. And as they tried to choose someone to follow him then the battle of the Khan's broke out. And the battles between the iron and the clay marked the fighting of the Khan on and on, for they fought on until the days of Martin Luther. And he realized that the hoards of Antichrist still were attacking. And he signed a Concordant with Rome so that they would quit fighting and both concentrate on the powers of Antichrist coming against the Christians. In those days of Martin Luther the Pope of Rome and Martin Luther said:--'The children of Antichrist come against us. And we the children of the kingdom stand together to turn back the hordes of Antichrist.

The Knighthood of England, and soldiers from a vanguard in Germany and Knights from Scandinavia, formed a line and they fought for hundreds of years, against those returning, until their power was finally broken at the gates of Austria and they were then never again that trouble. The Germany realized that Shaggy Khan had taken over the Russias and that the Russias were in the hands of the Mongolians, and organized Jewry which was still operating there. Germany called for the people of Europe to form a new government and conquer again areas of the Russias. This is why the seven Princes of Germany then marched against Russia and conquered areas of that land. And they threw out the Czar Khan who was the ruler, and one of the Princes of Germany by selection of the people placed in power over the areas of the Russias and now called the Czar. And they left there 1/4 of the people to form this rulership and that is how white supremacy came back to the areas of Russia, and over the Mongolians. So much so was this a pure white rule that people had moved from the west into to the land and they became farmers, and they dwelt around Moscow, and they were living under the rulership of the Czar who was a representative of white western Europe. And this German prince could actually trace his lineage right back to David. In fact the intermingling of the king lines of Europe were all of the house of David, and all had come out of Tia Tephi, who had been married to Herramon of Jerusalem and then Ireland. Jeremiah her grandfather had rescued this princess and taken her over to Ireland and married her to this king. Thus, out of this king and Queen had come the rulership inside of the areas of Europe.

Now I want to point out to you that Czar Nicholas, Kaiser Wilhelm, and King George were all cousins. And now all of those areas were in the hands of the white race. The Jews knew this and they knew that if they wanted to unleash the hoards of Asia against the west then they would have to catch the most interesting point. And they realized that they would then have to take Moscow and destroy that ruler, before they could unleash the power again of Asia.

This is why the Jews came from New York City to capture the Czar, pretending to be musicians. Then the Czar and his family were liquidated by Organized Jewry which came from America, to carry out that plot And they were members of Ben Jacob's synagogue in New York. We can establish this, we can show you the papers from our officials who reported back, that this was actually a plot by organized Jewry. They had gone from the United States over to join with the Jews of Asia and who were all over Europe as well, and were working for this hour.

Now I want to point out, and we do not have the time to go into all of this, but from the ancient toes both iron and clay, then came this eighth which is out of the seventh and it was to spread all over all the area of those who are anti-God. It was to spread down into Africa and all over Asia, and Mongolia, and even China. And remember that Genghis Khan did conquer China. The walls door's were opened by the Jewish merchants and the hordes of Genghis Khan were far inside of China before the Chinese knew it. And at one time then Genghis Khan ruled all of Asia and China. And today the areas that you are battling inside the Vietnam war and inside of the red Chinese supply routes, and North Korea, and thus all of Asia. And they are thus the Chinese hordes that were a part of Genghis Khan's world power. This was the 8th power that Christ talked about and it is the eighth's power now coming against you. And their troops number in the millions and millions and you cannot draft enough soldiers to fight this Antichrist.

So--how do we win? One of the things that God has given you is brains, intelligence and knowledge and ability to prepare weapons and to prepare mightily. But you should not be placing your men in the battle field. If you do, you will kill off as many men as you send into this battle field. You are to use your God given knowledge and vision and those weapons that he has caused you to build. But never fight the Antichrist with men for you are too greatly outnumbered, and you will only sacrifice our men, use your weapons and your know how instead.

End of message.