Storming The Ramparts Of Mental Capacity, 3-16-63


By Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 3-16-63

From the very beginning of the history of our race in the earth, we have been engaged for the consciousness of man. We as the children of the Most High God have a different origin from any other people upon the face of the earth. The offspring of the Most High sent into the earth by the process which he has ordained, the embodiment of his children in the Adamic household makes probably the most important phase of human understanding concerning our origins and our destiny, and the necessity of understanding of what the bible teaches, and what the words of inspiration not found in this bible, but are also scripture in the word of God have had to say about our being transplanted from heaven to earth. For this is what God did, he established his household and the seat of his kingdom in earth. Brought forth his issue in the Adamic race and ordained that they should occupy the earth and build his kingdom. And that this kingdom coming down thru his posterity, by his foreknowledge he had written in the heavens as the 'Lamb's book of Life' written before the foundation of the world. This a flowing stream of people the embodied household of the Most High in the earth. The only way to carry out his responsibilities in earth was to dwell in bodies of flesh, like the people of earth dwelt in. That they might use the mentality of such an occupation to transfer in a working order, the program of God's kingdom which was an enlightening spiritual force. Deep in their consciousness. There was no question about the solution to the problems before us. Nor has there been anything befalling your race which was not known to the father before you came. I think one of the most important thing for us to recognize is that the retention of our consciousness is one of the most important phases of occupying this body in the earth. If you are no longer in control, if the body is no longer directed by the inner consciousness --the real you--then my friends you are a captive and a captive cannot carry out his objectives until he is free. There is no doubt that our race arrived in earth---free. We stood high in stature and full of glory in the majesty of the father, but in this instance we were not shielded to the extent that we could not listen, nor that we would not come in contact with an enemy who would subtly thru a source of persuasion to take us away from the pattern of our destiny. The design was to make us captive to capture our minds, to destroy the one most vital link between heaven and earth, and that was that this pure race line of the Most High had the capacity to think like God, to act like God and to exert power like God in the earth.

There is only one reason why you were put here and that is because you are of the divine household. It is because the Eternal YAHWEH can say to you his children that this is what we shall do in earth, this is what I have put you in the earth to accomplish. And he is not ashamed to call you his kinsmen and refers to you as his children, and himself as your father. He speaks of your race saying;--'Israel is my race, they are my household'. Then the prophets recognizing the areas of their inspiration refer to the seed of Abraham altho in some instances they are not aware of it, but they said; there is no doubt that God is our father. That our association with the earth is in direct association with his, and there is nothing that has happened to us that he did not know. I think that all theology must find its foundation in the size of its God. And this most important for you and I as Christians. If the God we serve is defeated by the forces of darkness and evil, or if the power of darkness is greater than his staying, keeping power, so that the children of God would not dare move into an environment like the earth because the powers of darkness would triumph over them, hold them forever, make them castaways forever for all divine purposes, and not only hold them for slavery, and torturous destruction, then my friends any power which could unseat God, take over his children and unseat his kingdom would be more powerful than the deity they were fighting. I point out to you this afternoon that there is one great peace which you may possess in your heart and soul and that is the surety that God is powerful, that he is all power, and that the universe depends on him to hold it together, and it cannot be rested out of his grasp. No part of it can be taken from him, and not one single one of his offspring can be captured or held, by any power of darkness that would give it any separation from God. Or to remove it so far as to stop God from being able to capture and restore.

I point out to you that there is nothing in God's nature that spells defeatism. That it is quite natural sometimes for men to attribute to the Celestial nature of god patterns of human emotion. Also, sometimes in that pattern to impute to God some of the failures of mankind to impute to God the breadth of divine power. In these instances when we see God taking direct action and this is once which creates great upheaval, people talk about God and his anger, and they say that he is slow to anger, but he is plentiful in his mercy and so forth. Let me tell you something, you do not shake God at anytime. I want you to know that God has never been surprised, and he has never suddenly become angry over something which surprised him, for he did not know about it. That it is the nature of God to expend the energies to hold together the universe, and this takes a lot of energy. It is beyond your ability and mine to compute, for we have no system by which in comparison we can understand the magnitude of creation. We cannot understand the magnitude of holding together the electronic universe. We can only remember by the assistance of spirit a light universe. Were it not today that we are having knowledge restored, that we are having a greater understanding, it would be impossible for us to put together a concept, of dimensions and plains that are in God's Universe. In fact there are people and beings who cannot by any stretch of imagination put together something which has no inner consciousness in their minds. But within the mind of the children of the Most High, there is a spiritual hidden remembrance which God himself can restore. And he said;---'Unto you is given to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven.' More than this the mind which is in you is not the mind which is in the world, we are told by the Apostle Paul, for we have the mind of Christ. This is not the spirit of the natural world, it is not the spirit of just the creative forces, it is spirit which is out of God. Therefore since we have the spirit which is out of God, and therefore is the energy consciousness of God. Then we having the same consistence, having the same sprit in the seat of our consciousness --we can think and receive the thoughts of God. Because this is true therefore the civilization and the culture, the attainment and the spiritual perception, of a people who are high above all other creations as God is high above the earth, must be, and must assume an area of responsibility for the development of anything upon the face of the earth.

You can go out of here and listen to a great number of speakers talking about equality. And there are some today who try to tell us that we will have to have a new interpretation of equality, and they transfer that equality to every individual who walks upon the face of the earth. But I want you to know that you will have to understand the patterns of mathematical numbers. You will have to recognize and realize that you cannot change the patterns of numbers. Nor can you create a range of equality for the Negroes and the energy complications of it show that it is not the same I want you to know that today we can measure the abiding personality in a physical body and we can scientifically do it. We can measure the personality and the vision, in the areas of remembrance, and we can compare the composition of the brain of an Asiatic, the Negro and the white man and they are different. And they can determine the output of these different terminals of perception. I want you to know this afternoon that there is no equality between races, and don't be too sure that there is equality in the race. And you say why would this not be, do we not have a common chronology of the children with the father? Are we not all, in the race children of the spirit? Do we not all have the same capacities? You are all as in the beginning, children of the spirit, begotten of the spirit? There is no difference between any child of the spirit as to the capacity, but there is a vast difference between the soul development of the children of God resident in the earth. When I say there is a difference then this is a difference in developed personality, and the area of developed understanding. For knowledge is power, and the soul in the earth, the ego within this shell of a physical body, who has continued to feed upon the spiritual knowledge and vision of the Most High, is very clear, and has a higher potential and a greater capacity than the individual who has not.

We have spoken to you about the senses and it is thru the senses that we perceive and understand all of the conditions in our environment. Thus we feel and take in the knowledge of the situations round about us. These are electronic impressions taken thru the senses, and you find them around the tendrils of the fibers of the nerves, within the brain. But there is a wave length of energy which you recognize also, coming from somewhere. It is kind of like a wave of something and you receive it like you might be receiving it over the radio. In other words the celestial consciousness and the entire structure of the human body, to receive energies, and to receive areas of understanding has been designed b y the father, and in relationship to you. Since these patterns are not something, you can put in a test tube or any instrument known to medical science. The fact remains that the wavelength of spiritual consciousness has been set by spiritual origin. It is for this reason that the world cannot see, it cannot hear and it cannot receive the depth of spiritual perception that the children of God can receive. But Jesus said that he sends this spirit of consciousness upon you --'even the spirit that the world cannot receive, but you can receive it.'This is called the Paraclete ---the Comforter, and the Apostle Paul says, they, the world cannot understand this but we can understand it. Thus, the Apostle Paul says; ---we are not natural men, we are spiritual men in a physical world. This is what he as told, and originally wrote in his Apocalypse, for God had instructed him to write the things which he had experienced of spiritual things, and then write them for the education of the church. The Apostle Paul saw then the vast difference between the children of God and the children of earth. He did not look with destain, nor do we look with destain upon the earth, this is our obligation, for the earth is our responsibility. The earth is a part of our destiny. We have come from heaven to earth to build a kingdom so don't let anything sway you in this. We have come to earth to do good from one end to the other. We have come to earth to overthrow the darkness and set in place a permanent intellectual dynasty, with' God's spirit directing it. We have come here to build a kingdom for God, we have come here to occupy as his children and we do occupy because we are his children. And we have not come to earth to remove from our minds these instructions, to blind us to this status of equality, which is actually, my friends, Satan's own design. If Satan can bring you down to the level of his kingdom then get you to talk about this wonderful ---Equality---, he would have you to seek out your birthright for something where in he has nothing to offer. There is no peace in slavery. There is no peace in this and the Luciferian forces understand this is a part of the technology of the white man's brain, and they want to harness this to work for them for they want to rule over them, and this comes from their satanic background.

Now; it is not a matter today that you please the world. There are a lot of people who believe that their biggest responsibility is for them to go around and please the world, they want everybody happy, they do not want anybody ruffled. It would be nice if everybody was happy around would be nice if people would agree to the program built around God's kingdom and do this without any further resistance, and along with this we would see the greatest development. Some would say but they will not do this. But how do you know, the won't do this. God already knows how they are going to react according to their consistency. There is no doubt as to how the kingdoms of darkness are going to act. You can look on today and know that you will not have a great peace treaty between you and the Soviet Union, that they will abide by. This the planes flying over your ships at see and this violation of your territory is only a violation flaunting it in your face, this is just a design to see how far they can go. Their continued refusal to move their men and equipment out of Cuba, and their attempt to betray us, is just a design to spread trouble all over. This is a clear pattern showing that the forces of Communism are still engaged, with their one design being the overthrow of Christian civilization and the overthrow of God's kingdom.

Now; there is not going to be any Peace, but there will be a victory, and that is better than any other truce because it is so final. I want you to know that the powers of darkness have been successful in certain area of their combat, this being in the permissive prerogative of God but not for any extended period of time. We look out over our history and we say my what a terrible catastrophe we have been in since our race arrived. We have been here since about 7400 years ago and we have been in trouble in all times. Just remember that a day is as a thousand years with the Most High. When you start to measure the geological measures of earth and look at the antiquity of time, and look at all of the things which have come to pass, then 7400 years, you have been here just a short portion of that time. So actually it has been a tremendous impact, in this clash between heaven and earth, and these forces of darkness have been combating the forces of righteousness, but actually it has not been a very long time. So don't be disappointed thinking we are facing defeat for we have merely arrived ----in the first violation of divine law which we ever participated in, from that day to this has been one of the greatest, for we have seen divine power, divine steering force attached to this race. We tell you that your race arrived in earth with divine glory, and it is described by other forces round about. And these other people describe it thus---they say that these sons of Indra, these mighty Manu, these tall Aryans, they said that they show forth with a light like the sun. Strange isn't it but from one man's family the light of Adam spread.

More than that the violation of divine law, the seduction of Eve the attempt to mongrelize the race, the attempt to swallow it up before it got started, had to first tempt men while earth bound, into thinking that they were something else than they truly were. It had to be a process where what was offered them in earth under another design was greater than the plan of God. There had to be a confusion inserted into their consciousness. And so the most subtle of all brain washers, the master of mental warfare started right in on this unsuspecting household to betray them. In the instance of the fall of your race, the Grace of God was an instant saving factor. There would never have been a race of white men on the face of the earth if God had never intervened. You would have been absorbed over there someplace between India and China and there would never have been a race of white men. If you go into the background of these people, they will tell you that they came from Adam and Lilith the serpent woman. You will discover that great numbers of these people identify themselves with this group. You will discover that the Cainanites the offspring of Cain and of course descendants of lucifer would not only have infiltrated and dominated your pattern of society, but would have swallowed up your race, the sons and daughters of God in the earth. The Grace of the father said---this is what I said would happen, for you had a veil of forgetfulness pulled down over your memory when you came into earth and now it is important that you know that I AM STILL IN COMMAND. Then God speaks unto to Lucifer and says---'There will always be enmity between my seed in the earth, and thy seed'. ---There shall always be enmity between My household and thy household until MY Household has crushed thy head. If you think that you will have Peace before you have defeated and broken the last force of darkness, and evil, my friends, you are always going to be in a Snake fight until you have wiped out Snake power. Every time the Snake has anything to do with it his name is on it. You can watch it in the United Nations movement to take over your military, and they call it Water Moccasin. Well one pit viper is as bad a another, and one serpent is as bad as another.

We point out to you that from the very moment of the captivity of your race the purpose of God was to set it free, and you had the built in mechanism to receive God's inspiration and the activities of consciousness and spiritual force. We told you a week ago that they have discovered the chromitin package in the genes, and from generation to generation they carry with them whole waves of energy and ideas, and they can be passed on to the babe as it is born. We tell you that the retention of your culture and the capacity for it to understand is the reason why this holy seed must be preserved, and God has ordained that it must be preserved. That it shall not be wiped from the face of the earth. All Lucifer has to do is to mongrelize your race. I can say this afternoon that one of the greatest of evils, in all of the transgressions against the kingdom of God, is this attempt to mongrelize and destroy the race of the children of God, in the earth, and to take possession of their mind, and so remove their capacity of conduct that they be unable to order their own way of life.

Now; people can go around with all types of transgressions that they think are the greatest ones and of course in many of these instances, these are regulations In laws for the status in society for the kingdom. They are ethical laws, moral laws, patterns of conduct. They are things that men know and they perceive that they should obey. We are very prone sometimes to make the strongest and heaviest of condemnations over the pattern where the natural environments of earth would have its greatest area of temptation. And in these things we see the whole natural trend of a world order, but I want you to know that the greatest violation of today may not have violated any of the ethical, moral laws of participation in what people like to call the immortal sins. But the individual who has advocated individual mixing and mongrelization today, and the individual who would help to capture the minds of the Children of God, and capture them for the powers of darkness is creating the greatest transgression that it is possible to commit in a physical world.

Now; as we site this to you, we site again that the captivity of the minds of your race enveloped a power of Lucifer, having taken over this process, to lay claim that he was master of the soul. This was the resident consciousness in the individual. And therefore because it had accepted his temptation he was its master, and he refused to let go of this claim which he thought he had, for this claim would he thought cause disintegration in the physical body and bring to an end this light which surrounded every one of your race. For this enveloping aura, which covered the children of God, would not cohabit with the enemies of God, and would pass off of the surface countenance of your race. However when this happened you still have the light of God and you still have that eternal energy of that spiritual presence, and that light will eventually spread forth to envelop you as in Isaiah's prophecy ---"ARISE AND SHINE FOR THE GLORY OF YAHWEH HAS RISEN UPON YOU" For he said;---MY GLORY I WILL NOT GIVE TO ANOTHER. If it is not my household, seed of my life, my glory it will not receive. So I point out to you that in this instance there has been a continual attempt to --in the face of divine grace---to hold and retain a hold upon the consciousness of men.

When I refer to the Adamic race I am referring to Hu-man, spiritual man men who have proceeded forth from God, resident in a physical body may in their conduct, and in the captivity of their minds be hard to differentiate sometimes from those round about. It is a good think for you that God put labels on these people so that you could tell them. The majority of them you can tell, for he even painted the label a different color. Some people don't like this they think everyone started out the same color. But it is quite obvious that they did not all start out

the same color, or you could not tell the difference today---"kind having seed in itself. " It was also to be the line of demarcation for God pointed out these differences, and he called on his people to respect them, and to retain their racial self respect. The hostility of the powers of darkness after their first defeat when they thought they were going to absorb our race, but in this instance God made Adam and also Eve very much aware of what had transpired. And the birth of Seth after the cleansing of the womb, which divine ethics required then after the birth of Seth Adam said; ---'I have begotten a man in my own image and in my own likeness.' And the relationship of divine contact, the supernatural patterns of revelations which has been with Seth and your race on down has shown a divine contact with your race. The only people we do at times feel a little sorry for are the people who do not have the capacity of, or source of contact with life and spirit. They do not have a supernatural God and are most unaware that he is other than a supernatural force. They do not possess a God of form and they do not understand that God has continually thru out all times been revealing himself to his people. That he has Angels and archangels and messengers that he sends to his people and he directs them as to the carrying out of his kingdom. You have never been left alone from the beginning of your earth experience as a race. If this race were without God and did not possess his personal, shepherding, guiding presence it would be a very forlorn situation.

Therefore I point out to you that there is one area of activity with which they attempt to capture us with, and this is the continually giving of us error concerning our father. For when men listen to the enemy, rather than listening to the father then my friends their thinking is in bondage. Did it ever occur to you that all of the pagan religions on the earth, even those that were on the earth before we were embodied here are wrapped up in the control of all these false religions? Almost every false religion on the face of the earth rules with terror. All most all the false religions operate with strategy of such tremendous evil, that men serve them and are afraid of their anger. It does not matter whether you go back to the old deity of Dragoon, one of the oldest deities worshiped The Philistines had Dragoon, and then there is Brahma, Vishnu, and Siva, the descending concept in India of the group of descending pagan gods, but then consider Kali, and Lilith the wife of Lucifer the assassin goddess She inspires her worshipers to kill and murder, in order that she would have power. And this is a part of their service. In fact the people who followed the assassin goddess were given high ranks in government in India, and they were always assured that behind them always would be the Thuggies, the assassins. And it was not considered that this was a bad profession if you were a Rall assassin or a thuggie for you were just following the cause of Kali's sugar. I point out to you that these pagan concepts held thee people in fear, and the assassin would strike when the Priests passed the word that Kali had pointed out the victim. This is no different than the concept which rules over the people of Africa with their witch doctors. And no different really than every pagan theology which with fear tries to make men mind, or obey the desire of the Priestcraft. When we say this then we must remember that the Priest crafts were still in the hands of the inassimilable offspring of Lucifer. It did not make any difference where violation of divine law had taken place, or wherever in Africa and in Asia, the Priests could look at Lucifer and say:---Our father. Jesus recognized them when he as in Palestine, knowing their origin and their beginning, and he identified them when they gathered out of the Sanhedrin or came to him from the various occupations, and he said:---"Ye are of your father the devil"---I know who you are the generations of the Serpent, so why did you come here. I know that you are exactly like your father. You cannot hear me, and you cannot understand for you have a different wavelength. You are not a pure product of the creation of God you are a mutation from the father of evil. You cannot receive my words, you cannot understand them, you are a confusing, destroying issue you are like men digging the grave of people, you try to bury them in your own darkness, and you would make their lot like yours. In this instance Jesus made this very clear, with all the embodiment of omniscience that there is a difference, in the capacity, the wavelengths, the reasons for these things. Thus we are to think on these things as well, for you have the spiritual wavelength to receive the knowledge, the wisdom and the power of God.

Now; the enemy is always trying to come in and contaminate your doctrine by bringing in false gods. If you let the stranger reside because you though it was good business he was soon bringing his priest with him In fact in the time of the kings of Israel the Priests of Baal made various attempts to get into Israel. In the days of Ahab they established the various temples of Baal, until Jezebels influence was in the very heart of Israel. And we can remember how these pagan gods all reverted to the practice of fear.

Now; you go back to a people who know God as their father and they were taught to love HIM and not to be afraid, for he was their protection the only thing they needed to fear was the violation of the law and what it consisted of. The violation of law brought the unbalanced, whether it be mathematical or chemical. Whether it be biological or organic or a process of digestion all of the patterns of divine law were based on facts. The facts were the secret of their powerful synthesis like the vary author itself. Disturb the synthesis of this structure and it is the violation of the law which you need to fear, the repercussion that comes out of the law, not because of an angry god. It is because that you have violated the structure by which God put things together. And he with a greater Grace, operating out of his spirit, has protected, and has negated, has held back and has intervened in your defense. Instead of people being afraid of God they should approach him with the greatest expended love, and they should appreciate the fact that God stood as an intervening force at all times, between the law which he created and the punishment they deserved by its violation in all times. For as a creative force he could modify and correct and this he did. He even stood between you and the natural forces which had been set in motion for your destruction. We point out then that the old testament concept was one that your race possessed. With it came great mysteries with Enoch and others whose heavenly experiences had brought them the knowledge of God. Your race anticipation in violation that you were under bondage. That to free you it would take a kinsman redeemer. So God said;---'I am your redeemer ---your kinsman redeemer that will remove men out of bondage into which the children of Adam are in and it takes a kinsman redeemer to do this. For we had mentally accepted the bondage of lucifer when he tempted us as divine children. Therefore a kinsman redeemer --the Eternal God would have to intervene at this time in our earthly existence, lest that power of Lucifer could hold in bondage the men of Adam's race

Now; we know that Sheol the word in the scripture is the grave. And of course this is the entrance to the bandage of the soul consciousness from the passage of physical life, the soul consciousness was held in physical bondage by Lucifer the doctrines concerning this were almost universal. The dimensions the bible recognizes and so does antiquity. There are plains and beings who surround you There are dimensions in which your spirit would be perfectly at home in. But these dimensions are not visible in the areas of video frequency. We are also aware that there is the earth dimension, and this dimension wee refer to as the terrestrial plain, an organic universe which God has built out of the material of the universe and out of the electrons, protons and substance.

There is a Netherworld, sometimes referred to as the inner earth for the area of darkness. Some have attempted to tell us exactly what it was like. We will not go into that this afternoon but we have the descriptions of Enoch and we have a long panorama of substance which came out of sacred writings but we have much in the scriptures which contain an entrance into an inner world. This is an inner world in which beings reside, and of course not all of it by that description is not a mass of molten metal and fire. Of course that is easy for a technologist for if he looks at the substance of the earth and does not find a hot volcanic substance all over he knows different. In fact you can go several miles deep in some places, in mines and it is extreme cold. Then in other places you cannot go very far before you hit heat. Some of the deepest crevices of the earth have demonstrated that there is ice deep down therefore we are not going to analyze where any particular situation has to exist which geology cannot establish. But we do speculate that irrespective as to how you try to evaluate it, that you find the dimension of a soul consciousness is always hard for men to describe. That as far as the inner world is concerned, whether there is a great circular cavity or whether there are vast caverns, or whether it was an area because of the difference in dimensions that the consciousness could pass into, this we can tell you --that there existed within the earth a dimension wherein the consciousness of those who died outside upon the earth can pass. We tell you that there exists within this structure nothing that you may measure as torture, and that all of the doctrines which sought to transfer out of the back grounds of theology the torture systems of flame and of pain, and of all of these patterns to the soul and the consciousness are the same kind of superstitious material that fool the devil religions of the world. And anytime someone says we want you to obey God, and then try to frighten you by telling you a lot of fantastic stories about what will happen to you after you die, in order to get you to turn today, is as barbaric as that of the cannibal.

Someone said Dr. Swift be very careful for this is a dangerous area to get into. It tells me in my bible to 'be careful for nothing' What kind of a God do you think I have. Do you think my father and your father is not going to let us stand here and reason about his nature his Grace and his purpose and not let us pull these Jewish fables out that the Apostle Paul warned us about, and discard them? Let us be of a sound mind and then let us turn to the instructions we find here inside of the scripture. It tells us here in the book of Philippians --"Let this mind in you be also like the mind in Christ Jesus.' The embodiment of God was down here in the form of God in a physical body, and tho he was in a physical body, and God is spirit ---God himself felt that it was not robbery to refer to himself as equal with God. Therefore his physical body was equal with his spirit. It was the continued personality radiance, and it took all of these dimensions to consummate any ability to abide anywhere.

I want you to know that your are the children of god, and his spirit bears witness with your spirit that you are the children of God. You are the children predestined, you are the ones he called, you are the ones he had already glorified in his own intent. So--you can stand up and look God in the face and say hello Father. I will take my righteousness from you and I will look you in the face and say I am without guilt. Oh, you say you can't do that?---Yes, you can. You can right now, look God in the face and say...I am without guilt.’ You can right now get down and look God in the face and say, ‘I accept your atonement. I accept the witness with you, I am without guilt.’ And then God will impute more Grace and more Glory to you than you ever had before.

There are some people who are traveling thru earth with fear, but this is satanic design. He wants you to be so fearful about your chances in Celestial plains that you will never take a chance with your physical security. If they can fill you with doubtful destinies which are undecided, if they can fill you with doubts as to any mistake you may or not have made, if they can involve you in the catastrophe of eternal torment, you would be so careful that you would take care of yourself so you would not die. But death is not essential anyhow in the sense of spiritual power, Death is a part of the judgment that came on the Adamic race which God says he is going to reverse.

I tell you this afternoon that this whole program was turned. This word Sheol the grave, and men knew that their consciousness would be held by Lucifer until the day that the redeemer would come. They knew that the Messiah was to be embodied in earth, and that he would conquer the powers of darkness. And they knew also by the prophecies given to David and those unveiled to Enoch that by some process God was going to storm the Netherworld, where the spiritual dimensions had been turned over to Lucifer, and his fallen spirits were not embodied in earth. Do you think that Lucifer can go flying thru this earth? Do you think that he can get out of this solar system? --He can't. He is earthbound. He can walk to and from upon the earth, but he is limited now to his access into Celestial plains, or to leave the dimensions of earth. More than this he had established under-lords in the structure of his kingdom. He has these individuals such as Beelzebub and these others who fell with him, whose names were given by Enoch and others.

You say, but my minister never told me this. Well maybe he never looked into the records that have gone by, never search the scriptures. He just accepted a little handful of things the ecclesiastical leaders handed him, or the theological seminary taught. But if you want to know the truth, you prepare. If you want to know about angels, and about the kingdom, if you want to know what did transpire, then you better go back into the records and probe the depth. This is true, that always you will find supporting evidence in the areas of revelation. Therefore it was that the individual passed into the Netherworld, and you are told by Enoch and by the records that the inner earth was divided between two conditions. As far as your race was concerned there was an area called Paradise inside the earth. And there was an area where the sons of Adam remained until the redeemer came. They could not get out, but they were not being tortured either. They were dwelling in an area of consciousness where they could talk and they could discuss what was going on in earth as people came in and told them these things, but they could not get out of this creation. They were children of the Universe, but still they could not get out of this part of the Netherworld until they were set free. Yet there was no power that could torture them either. I want you to know that the greatest mistake that Lucifer made was when he thought that he could now destroy the God of the Universe just because he was here in earth in a physical body and then hold him captive. He tried in every way to get hold of Christ. The real way would have been if Christ had yielded to any of the temptations offered him. If Lucifer could have had one victory, having Christ acquies at one point, that would have required any personal pain or anything distasteful to God, then Lucifer would have been able to have taken control and to hold bondage the soul of God. But this is totally and absolutely impossible that the spirit of Christ would become captive to a lesser order, and especially one out of bounds. But I want you to know that for this reason God took a body just like you had. He was born of a virgin. Oh, someone says;---you don't really believe that, do you, Dr. Swift? I believe he was born of a virgin, by the same creative power that he decided to raise, and I believe that if you were to set aside the great fundamental truths of your faith, you would see all of the power and all of the greatness that has made your nation what it is.

I have as much use for a minister that denies the deity of Christ as I have for a Communist. You say they may have a greater destiny. Well, God has plans for them but right now they are a detriment to our race. And I tell you that Clergymen denying the deity of Christ are Americas greatest danger today. In fact they move out into patriotic circles but they never touch the enemy. They never put their finger on them as to who they are. But if you don't know Christ you never find the enemy or know who they are.

In this instance, the scripture indicates that the minds can be held captive altho the body can fall apart. But every electro pattern of memory which is around those tendrils shows the consciousness and the capacity of the soul to carry. In this instance if you would read the Gospel of Nicodemus you would find that David and others could remember things which happened in earth, and could discuss the things which had been in their earth experience. Remembrance was theirs after death. You will remember that out of the dimension of spirit into which Moses and Enoch had passed was the retainment of thinking and men could step out of spirit and stand on the mountain and talk with Jesus. These men had the power to be embodied and stand before the disciples because they had never tasted death at any time.

Now; the scripture tells us in the book of Hebrews something very important. We turn to the second chapter of Hebrews and the 9th verse. Now; we see YAHSHUA or God who is made just a little lower than the angels because of the suffering of death crowned with glory and with honor, that for the Grace of his deity he would taste of death for every man. If God had not taken a physical body, had he not been born out of the physical race which he had fathered, had he not emerged as your kinsman his atonement would have had no value for you. He had to be flesh of your flesh, bone of your bone as you are of his. And he had left that aura behind when he came. The only thing which Jesus ever said that he missed when he came into a physical body was that Aura of his Glory. The only thing he said when in prayer was that he might have the Glory which he as enveloped with before the world was framed. If you only knew it that is the only thing we are short of today--this is the fullness of power which accompanies this celestial glory. This is one of the thing that we are told in the opening of the mysteries of John, as to what God came to do---it was that he came to empower his many sons who were born not of the will of man, not of the will of the flesh, but of the will of God. For in the very opening of that chapter in the book of John he recognized these as our enemies but this did not set aside the sovereignty of divine purpose.

Now; I read in this book of Hebrews in the second chapter and the 9th verse:---We behold now the Almighty God taking a body in earth just a little lower than the Angels, in that the physical body is mortal and Angels are immortal--good, bad, or indifferent. Therefore HE did this so that he might partake of the suffering of death. He knew the conspiracy which would seek to engulf him, but it was becoming unto God. I tell you there is no word whose Greek influence is more important to you than the use of this word, heard several times ---the becomingness of God. What does it mean? This becoming to God is an impelling condition that points to the essentialness of the character of God to perform, and to measure up to his own status and height. Therefore it was becoming unto HIM to make an atonement and to save every one of his sons. If he did not do this then it would not be becoming unto God and would be a question on his deity. But it was becoming unto God---for whom all things in the Universe were made, by whom all things were made. And the Apostle Paul tells you in the book of Colossians that all things were made by YAHSHUA or Jesus. Without him was not anything made that was made. Therefore, we read;----it was becoming to HIM that HE MIGHT BRING MANY SONS UNTO GLORY. And to become the captain of their salvation made perfect thru suffering. Therefore he was going to do what? He was going to bring his many sons out of captivity unto glory. He was going to bring his glory down upon them. I want you to turn one moment to the book of Ephesians, and here we read concerning this area of Grace. Every one of us is given Grace, concerning this measure ---the gift of Christ. Therefore when he ascended on high, from that mountain after he gave his last instructions to his disciples, and men out of the dimensions stepped out of the cloud of his transportation and talked to the disciples just before Christ ascended. They said;---this same Christ that you see who just stepped into this cloud will come back just like you see him go. What was in the cloud they did not see? But in this instance we read these words in Ephesians:----'He that ascended is the one who first descended into the lower parts of the earth. He is the same that ascended far into the heavens that he might become the author of all things.

Now; why did he first ascend? ------He brought forth all that were in captivity of his children and set them free. He then brought captivity on high, back into the dimension of spirit, to freedom. And restored to every one of Adam's seed his glory. And that my friends is the same separation that Paul gives, of ONE LORD OF ONE FAITH, AND ONE BAPTISM, AND ONE MIGHTY GOD. Father of all, and for you all. For he is talking about these same people here in the 13 chapter of Ephesians in the 15 verse of whom the whole family in heaven and earth is names. That he might be your kinsman redeemer. That he might be your consummate redeemer, and throw off of you the greatest bondage of all which started with the bondage of the mind.

I want you to know that from the second century on, and even before that time, and in the days when Paul's ministry was functioning the enemy was trying to add to Christian faith, and to the Gospel of the Apostles, and to the instructions given by the man Christ Jesus --again whole areas of terrible fears, and put fear back upon the children of the kingdom. He was trying to make them frightened, to set aside the atonement, to lift from them their destiny, guided by spirit to lift them to do great things, and to destroy their civilization and to put upon their religion the darkness of the pagans. In fact this is so true that in the third century they all came together to select the various doctrines they were going to approve, and the various writings of the scriptures and the writings of the Apostles. And the influence of the enemy moved in to seek to exclude an doctrine which did not leave an area where they could continue these superstitions. But if it told the story like Enoch did, or told it like Nicodemus did that there were no hells and no purgatories, and that Lucifer did not have the power to hold anyone in bondage unless you let him. There were no limbos and none of these foolish places where you could bind up the consciousness of man and torture him. If you are tortured with all of these thoughts then you better get your brains out of bondage. So in this instance this was the one area in which thought this was the one area in which they sought to control and to dominate men. And as men discovered the Grace of God, the power of God, and the purpose of God they get a new aspect of God and they get a new challenge concerning the earth. This is why some people will never progress beyond the concept of their father, and they will never develop beyond the concept of their Faith.

Listen:---I turn now over to the writings of the Apostle Paul in which we see these words:-----'the Peace of God which passes all understanding shall keep your heart and your mind in Christ Jesus.' The Apostle Paul wanted us to know that since the Resurrection of Jesus the Christ you do not have to have any bondage on your mind. You do not have to let the enemy put any guidance over you. For you can draw on spiritual guidance, and intuition until you cannot be brain washed, and you can have the gift of discernment until everything will be demonstrated before you. This is your heritage, apply it and use it and you will find that it grows and it is effective. More than this what we have discussed and what we will mention again, is that this new mental health program of the 'New Frontier' with its witch doctor scientists is designed to control the human brain, wipe out all political resistance and banish everyone out from their desires, and even work on the new born babes in the years ahead until they can be controlled by massive controllers, for more perfect production and activity. This is Collectiveness at its mechanical worst. This is the most evil of all mechanical collectivism

Now; this last week talked about the telepathy control, and they talk about this drug peyote, that comes out of the cactus and the use of belladonna and all of that such as LSD. Do you realize that 1/000 of an ounce of LSD can take you over and control you for at least 8 hours? Do you realize that experimenting with these drugs is messing with the consciousness? And of course this is always a fantastic thing to be messing with. That you are spirit, soul, and consciousness, and since your spirit and soul can be conscious and be away from the body, and since the consciousness cannot be projected from the body they are toying with mechanical and chemical processes to do this. They tell you how poets and doctors have been experimenting with LSD, and with Peyote, and how it takes them right out of their bodies and they see their bodies, and they see everything in a strange new light. And they see things that are like strange and foamy dreams, and everything is moving around, so they get a new perspective of life and of people, and of nations. And it is a strange sort of hallucination but it is real to them. Well I can understand when they say this is mental health, and I wonder if this is not what happened to the New frontier. But I think they have been experimenting with this a little too much. They sure get an amazing, fundamental attitude toward. Everything which is American. And I assume whenever they get everybody to support this policy that they will want everybody to get a dose of this, but I presume that they have been hitting the Peyote and the LSD and the Belladonna a little too heavy. But in this instance the desire is told by these mental health experts, and doctors, and in "Life" magazine this week they tell us that the purpose is to control the minds of men.

Now; I want you to know that it is the will of your father that no one control your mind. That you are to be free, for you are free born sons of God and you are to live as free Born Sons, having been set free by Christ. That you are to have the activity of consciousness which is your inheritance as a son and daughter of God, spiritually activated and fulfilling the great prophecies of our time.

I want you to come with me over to the book of Timothy, the first chapter and the seventh verse;---For God hath not given us the spirit of fear, but the power, and of love, and of a sound mind. God does not want you to be afraid of him, he does not want you to be in fear, and he comes with a very reasonable approach for he says;-----'Come now let us reason together'.---'Tho your sins be as scarlet, they shall be white as snow.' Tho they be crimson they shall be look like snow. God wants you to lift the ERROR. He came to save men from their ERROR, from their transgressions. People do not like the word 'sin'. But this is still practical for HE came to save men from their sins. He did not come to save them from himself but came to save them from a greater destiny, for a greater purpose. The kingdom is a great project of God, he has not changed, he has not wavered, he is keeping faith with his purpose. I tell you that there was not power that could keep the Christ out of the Netherworld once they crucified HIM. When once the soul consciousness with the spirit left that body it stormed the very citadels of the Netherworld and they did not want to let him in. The Gospel of Nicodemus tells the whole story. The Psalmist saw it with vision and inspiration. He was able to remember what had happened, and Nicodemus was able to record as to what went on, and you had the testimony of two who had been in the Netherworld who saw it and witnesses it. "Open up ye everlasting gates the king of Glory will come in"--this is a bombardment where the soul of men is in captivity. And they said;--'who is at the gate, and they said---"The Lord strong and mighty is at the gate, Open up ye everlasting gates the King of Glory shall come in."The triumph and the power of this day is demonstrated. And do you know what Jesus did. One of he first things that Jesus did was to start to send people out. You go back and read the crucifixion story and the Resurrection story in the book of Matthew, and you will discover that after they crucified the Christ and his body was put in the grave, and he went into the Netherworld, that the first thing he did was start to send men out and they walked the streets of Jerusalem and the Jews ran in terror, and hid down in the treasury room of the Temple. One of these days they will run again. In fact as the sons and daughters of God begin to show more power they will run more quickly. They are already discerning the fact that there is an awakening going on. And they are also aware that the time is very short. They must work fast, they must brainwash everybody quickly, but it is not going to be that way. Therefore I tell you that this triumphant deliverance of the household was also to be the foundation of the breaking of all Satanic control over your consciousness. If men had never surrendered where they think, they could never have been bound in any dimension.

We point out to you that you are not to dwell with fear in your relationship with the father, for God will not give you fear, but a power and of love, and a sound mind. Let us dwell on that his Grace is sufficient to save to the Uttermost. And within this very process he is to take you out of the errors of your thinking and teach you to approach God without fear and in love, and Lucifer will not be able to carry out his project. For men will find that Perfect love casts out all fear, and lets you move courageously into tomorrow and lets you expend yourself if necessary to bring in the kingdom. I want you to know that this is the great and important conquest and this was the bastion of darkness and superstition, and today the only place I find it working to hold down the children of God is in the areas of where they worship in the background of who they are trying to fight. People that love God and are afraid of him are filled with superstition. He said;---I did not come to bind you, I came to set you free. The apostle Paul said that after this way be Heresy then So worship thy God. And we tell you that there is nothing wrong with disagreeing with Ecclesiastical error, it is just a fact that this is one of these periods that we must recognize for the enemy is trying one of their last attempts, and this mental health program is a part of it, and their design is to break down this idea that Washington control is bad and they would like to use electronic surgery on the personality of man, and the power of God is sufficient in your hands to resist it. Let me tell you that in the cry to escape the atom bomb according to the Prophet Joel is that HE will send such waves of energy upon the people of God that as these waves descend, that in a moment they will be energized. And you are beginning to see this now as the 'Latter rain' as power descends on you like rain. Did you ever stop to think that the moment that Christ steps back into the physical world that you are going to think like he thinks and know like he knows? One great electrical charge faster than the speed of light can balance the thinking of the physical consciousness of every man on the face of the earth. And every man is already in this position for they have this mind of Christ, and they will never be able to stop this power. And even those that they are holding captive in their thinking will be free, in the twinkling of an eye. And you will awaken to the full consciousness ---all of you--that they are the children of God, and the enemy will still have to wake up as to who he is and that in itself will be a punishment.

(End of the message.)