Story Of The Four Wiseman, 12-16-66


By Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 12-16-66

We turn tonight to our story of the 4 Wisemen, and we call attention to the second chapter of Matthew. We read that when Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea, in the days of Herod the King, behold there came Wisemen from the East of Jerusalem, saying...where is HE born King, in Judea? We have seen His Star in the East and have come to worship Him. Yes, there were Wisemen out of the East, and I want you to know that these men were Aryan’s, all of them. They were tall men, white men, they may have been bronze from the sun and from their travels, but they were white men. They were the sons of Yah..the Magi. And there were 4 at the time of Christ, and their order goes back to Ancient Times.

For Enoch, the seventh from Adam, was a most Holy man, and he desired to serve the Most High God. He was a man of great riches and great strength. His flocks were many and his household strong. God sent for this man Enoch and one day a great Chariot came from the heavens and men knocked on his door,..Angelic Hosts...and they said: “The Great Yah has summoned thee to come into His presence. Tell your family good-by, close up thy shutters and come on board,” and this is exactly what Enoch did. In the course of time and in the records of time and tradition we see what Enoch did as he went into the Presence of the Most High God and was taught by Archangel’s. He was taught the Mystery of the Signs of the Zodiac, and the Gospel message of the Star’s, their formation and their meaning. He was taught the Sign that would mark the in-coming Christ, THE MESSIAH that would emerge as God Himself out of His Household, and out of His Family. To redeem His Household, His Family from their transgressions, and to prepare the pattern of His Kingdom.

Enoch was told what to look forward to and of these signs that were to come, and he was to go back and write them in a Book. Enoch wrote “In the Secrets of Enoch,” the Mysteries of Heaven and of the Kingdom of Heaven. He wrote of the Signs that would come and how they would know the signs. He was told that the great and mighty Wanderer which stood for the strength of God, which was later called ‘Jupiter’ was in it’s place in the heavens. He was told that there was one that stood for the Satanic patterns of chronology, and this one was Saturn, with his drift, 3 times in the heavens. But even so, this would not be enough.

For out of the corner of the heavens, sweeping out of the distant past, but even then visible, was a Star...this Star that 125,000 years before it’s arrival at the Head of Virgo had started out. This Star had come through the Head of Aquila. It was beyond and behind Aquila but Enoch was told that when this Star reached the Head of Aquila that it would cross with rapidity as it seemingly crossed the high heavens with great speed and would cross into the Head of Virgo.

Then in the time of the 9 months of pregnancy of the one chosen to become the Mother of God, this Star would pass from the Head of Virgo to the Womb of Virgo, and thus forming it’s ecliptic, it would pass outside the body of Virgo, back across the womb and then back into space again. This was the Sign told to Enoch...that would be a signal of the coming of the Son of Man. Even as we find in the Prophecies, in the Book of Enoch which effect out times, those that deal with the Son of Man...this Sign happened a few years ago and the Sign’s that will follow.

(In 1962....was when Swift talked about a Sign in the heavens, maybe in some of his tapes we will discover what he was talking about.)

And so it was that Enoch who had taught the Sabaeans (they lived in Arabia), the Mysteries of the Gospel, and how God had enriched it in the Star’s and as He had bestowed it in His Word. And how God told him and Job to build a Pyramid and a Pillar also, to mark this tremendous Fountain of Wisdom. So Enoch formed a Mystery School of intense Wisdom, devout men, studied here who wanted to know the Mysteries of God. Men who were of the Healing Ministry and therefore they were Physicians, that were very Wise in handling of life out of herbs. They were also Astronomers all, and in this capacity they served the Most High God. There were referred to as the School of Light and they were called Magi. They followed Magister...meaning the Great Light. Their leaders had been arriving in their order under the same School of Wisdom.

When Enoch went down into Egypt and built the Temple of On and later the great city of On, then the Pyramid and the Sphinx the pattern that was with him and Job was the Great Temple of Zendera which had all the stars of the heaven from the first to the seventh magnitude across its vaulted Blue Glory. Here in the Azure blue of the top of this great Temple were the stars in their positions as we would see them as we would travel through the ecliptic and take our course through the cycles of our earth’s travels. Here were all the Sign’s of the Zodiac and also suspended were the movements of the Planets, and they knew how many planets were there.....even though it wasn’t until 1932 that once again they found Pluto in the sky and referred to it as a planet.

But Pluto was there in the Temple of Zendera because of the accuracy and wisdom of Enoch who had traveled in this planet, in the course of his being taken in his heavenly vision, to all knowledge.

We want to call your attention then to the fact that these that these Magi were students of the Star’s, and the natural sciences, and they made up the great Wisdom School’s in the Household of the Most High God. Later as Job became the head of the Masano’s, the Masonic Order, Enoch became the head of the Masters of the Rose Cross, and these Magi at the time of The Christ were out of these schools and had the highest source of Wisdom in the earth. Yes, there were 4 Wisemen because they had descended out of the order of a long line of High Priest of the Magi, and they came from the 4 distinct places on the earth.

We are to discover that in the course of the measure of time that the Aryan’s had come down from the High Steppe’s (a vast treeless waste of Russia and parts of Asia). They had come into India and for a time they had virtually dominated India and then they went into Burma, and then high up on one of the great Plateau’s of the Himalaya Mountains close to the top of its highest peak, they had established an Observatory. It had a vast ring of Dolman Stone in which notches had been filed with great accuracy and precision, to mark the procession of the equinox’s and to mark also the rising of Virgo from horizon to horizon in her course. Also to be able to follow the course of Aquila the star that would arise in Virgo’s head.

The head of this great School of Knowledge was Magi, and the chief rulers of the Magi in this Aryan assembly were to be elected out of the Magi, and they were to remain at this spot, even though they dispersed their Wisdom through the Aryan race. Aryan’s were they called, and the children of Yahweh....the One Eternal God.

They had marked their course and they had measured the location and the height of this Observatory, and Wisemen were to continue the high School of Magi, and even in Ancient Britain the High Priest’s of Druidry which was the old and Ancient Schools of skilled Wisdom, even here they recognized the Magi as their High Priest and chief Priests.

In fact we point out that Merlin who lived in the time of King Arthur was one of the last of the Magi as he carried the fulfillment of the Temple ritual, and he wore the Breastplate of the 12 Stones, as had High Priests in Ancient Israel. And so it was that in Ancient Britain, around Stonehenge and outside of Stonehenge, lived the Magi, and they were led by this chief Priest named Merlin, who was their Chief Priest at that time in history.

Then far off in Persia we also have the Mystery of the Wisemen. These Wisemen followed Zoroaster, for Zoroaster had also become a ‘High Priest of Light.’ There in Persia he taught of the Light. He, Zoroaster, was Magi of Ancient Persia 1000 years before Christ. He was not a pagan Priest, he taught of the One God and he taught the sons and daughters of Yah. In that land of the Medes and Persians were a people that had a great and wonderful knowledge and tremendous drive, they were the white race and they had the Symbol of the ‘Winged Orb’....rise and shine, for thy light has come. We turn to the Prophet Magi and we find that the Winged Orb was the Symbol of the rising power of the Messiah to rule the Kingdom and the world. Zoroaster brought forth great teachings of the Light, and the Magi recognized that Zoroaster, during his life time, was one of the Highest Priest’s, Magi, in the land of Persia.

Therefore, if you go down by the Persian Sea then you discover a tremendous Ring of Stones, and also the inner Ring of Stones and the deciding plane. Even in Britain when the 10 Tribes had migrated out of captivity in the times of the Medes and Persians, they went into Britain and followed that pattern and established what is called Stonehenge. These same circles of stone that they notched, they studied the Equinox and the rising and falling of the Moon and the Marks of Virgo’s rising.

That is what all these rings of stone were for. The people that built the Ring of Stone in Persia also built the one in Britain and established high up in the Himalaya Mountains the great Observatory and its Ring of Stones. These people had been students of Enoch back thousands of years before the Christ, and Enoch was to testify of these things and he found the Order of the Heavens when they built the Temple of Zendera, and here also was the Magi School of Wisdom.

When they built the Temple of Zendera they established the line of Magi watchers who would watch the heavens and the course of the stars and they also used the system of measures of the Pyramid along with the knowledge of the Temple of Zendera to figure out when the rising of the star would occur. There were 4 major High Priests of the Magi, from these schools of great Wisdom and they were from your race.

They had been watching and waiting year after year, and they saw the Star approaching the Head of Virgo, and the announcements of their sightings had been sent to the other watchers from place to place, and they knew that if the Star settled into a certain place they were to leave and go to the Temple of Zendera in Egypt. One to come from the High Observatory and quickly go to the Temple in Burma, and then he and his horsemen would start from there. One from the Isle of Britain, at Stonehenge, and one from Persia. Then one would accompany them from Egypt. There was also a certain sign that would being them to leave the Temple of Zendera and go to Palestine, for they knew that somewhere in Palestine would be born this King. The MESSIAH OF ISRAEL.

These Magi were all High Priests and also all were Aryan and Israelites, for every son of Adam, Seth, and Enoch realized that they were Aryan and some were Masters of Wisdom and Knowledge. These Wisemen would now approach and wait the birth of their King. Also in their Schools off Wisdom as taught by Enoch, they had the realization that The Messiah in His life time, would fulfill a tremendous mission, and that He would accomplish a redemption that would require strange and mysterious symbols for Him. He would restore Himself out of the Heavens as King of Kings and Lord of Lords. These Magi understood this, they appreciated this, and therefore as they gathered in the Temple at Zendera they saw the final notches and knew that each had witnessed this.

So it was that high in the Himalayan Mountains that they saw the sign first as it was in the Head of Virgo, so with swift speed the Magi took the fastest horse and went to the Temple of Burma, then they party started at once for Zendera. In Britain as they saw the Star drop into its course, they knew that the Comet was traveling true to prophecy made so many years ago by Enoch, and so they left immediately for Egypt.

Remember; that here at the Temple of On were the Priests, the descendants of the Adamites all down thru the lineage. The Priest’s held the Divine Knowledge of Light, and the Mysteries of God. This was where Joseph found his wife Asneth, who was the daughter of the High Priest. When Joseph had two sons then God had recognized them as though they were born out of the heart of Israel. And Jacob said:...’let my name be named on thy sons Ephraim and Manasseh.’ Thus the High Priest ministry had come down through the years even to the time of the birth of The Christ.

Yes. This was a tremendous occasion. Men...Magi and their companions were coming from Burma, the High Himalayas and from England, and one was also coming out of Persia. This Magi was Artiban, and he was a Median, and now-a-days they don’t tell you how many Wisemen there were, but there were four.

They had a given point beyond which it would not have been a good thing for them to be awakened. But as they saw the Star make it way on the trip 2/3 of the distance between the Head of Virgo and the Womb of Virgo, they were to leave Zendera and approach Jerusalem and wait, so that they could present their gifts to the King.

Their gifts were Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh. Out of the land of India which is rich in spices and rich in all the areas of anointing and sweet oils, came the Frankincense. From Britain came the Gold. The gold came out of the Mystery Schools that accumulated it waiting for the King to be born. Out of Egypt where they had long ago learned how to preserve the body for Resurrection by the art of Embalming...they brought the Myrrh. So; Frankinsence for the anointing of Him for the beginning of His ministry, and Gold that would accompany Him and His disciples and pay the debts of His ministry. Then Myrrh to prepare His body in the day of His Crucifixion.

Now; the 4th., Wiseman was bringing the Great Robe. The Robe that had been woven by the Persian’s, and the Jewel’s that were to be used on the day of the Coronation of the King. Yes, the 4th., Magi when he saw the Star then left with his companions on swift horses. They rode hard but yet they were delayed by fierce storms, and as they came into Egypt then they came upon a many lying at the side of the road. A man who was very, very sick, and he called for help. The Magi and his party paused; for this Magi was also a Physician and he could not turn aside from this sick man who needed him. This Magi had sworn an oath that he would always serve the healing arts of His Wisdom. So he took care of this man and he was held up 3 more days, and he said...’I must go on, I must find my companions, and we must go to Palestine to find the King that is to be born for Israel. For we have seen His Star in the East, and I must go and catch them unless they have already left.’

Now; it is interesting to note that this sick man turns out to also be an Israelite and a Priest, and he said at this point and not before....’You are not going to find this Babe in Jerusalem, but you will find Him in Bethlehem, in the City of David, and there He shall be born, and He will be a SAVIOR and His name is YAHSHUA...the King of Israel.’

So the 4th., Wiseman went on to the Temple at Zendera and there he found that the other 3 and their companions had already left on their way to Jerusalem. At Jerusalem they proceeded to the Palace, for where else would you look for a King? So they came to the Palace and they said:...”Where is He, born King of Judea?” Now imagine the surprise when here comes King Herod and they find a Jew on the throne, for they knew that the Christ was not a Jew. They were very troubled...but so was Herod. This was the first that Herod had heard of this birth. So Herod told the Wisemen to wait and then he hurriedly called the Scribes and Priest’s of Jerusalem and they searched the old books and they found that it was written that He would be born in the City of David, in Judea.

Herod came back to these Wisemen and he said:...’This babe is to be born in Bethlehem, of Judea, so why don’t you go down there and find him, and then come back and tell me where He is so that I may also go and worship Him. These Wisemen were very troubled in their minds, maybe they had told the wrong man of the birth of this child....who was to be their Messiah.

As the Wisemen left Jerusalem a great Chariot came down from the Heavens and went before them, and its great Light shown around them and ahead of them, and this Light was much greater than the Light from the Star that had led them before this. The great craft halted above the spot where the child lay. Now this wasn’t a Star because Star’s don’t come down and lead you around. This was a great Space Craft of the Most High God leading them to THE KING OF ISRAEL...YAHSHUA....THE MESSIAH. Remember also that a craft came down to tell the Shepherd’s of His birth, and Heavenly Hosts sang above and around it.

Here we are discovering this great Space Ship and then we remember the great Space Ship that Yahweh rode in as He took the Children of Israel out of captivity in Egypt, and across the Red Sea, for He was in a Cloud by day and the illumination of this great ship by night. Remember that ‘Clouds’ are coverings for the great Crafts from space.

Just last week in the Saturday Evening Post they were talking about Space Crafts and one the great Scientists who is listed in the Government project ‘Blue Book’, was talking about clouds covering great ships, and how these clouds and ships can move with great speed, going North, South, East, or West. Many of them are contained in these clouds. So there again we have at this hour the Mysteries of Space.

So these Wisemen followed this great Craft and it stopped over the Manger where the child lay, and these Wisemen gave their gifts to the child and then they quietly left, for they knew they had been followed by horsemen from Jerusalem on the orders of King Herod.

But what about this 4th., Wiseman? The man who said, ‘I must go and join my companions, and then go find this King of Israel born in Judea???’

This Wiseman changed his horse for a racing Camel to cross the desert faster, and yes, he passed thru Jerusalem and as he also passed thru he saw Horsemen sweeping South, and he realized that something was wrong. Now this man had no Star to guide him, but he knew where to go, and when he came to Bethlehem....where did he go?? He went to the Temple at Bethlehem. In this Temple was Zacharias, the husband of Elizabeth, who was a cousin of Mary the earthly Mother of our Yahshua.

(Now; remember there with all the Synagogues in the Bible that they failed to tell us that there were small Temple’s throughout Judea, as well as even in Jerusalem. The Jew’s controlled the big Temple of Jerusalem...Herod’s Temple. But there were Scribes and Priest’s (Levi) in the other Temple’s of Judea and Jerusalem.)

So here in the Temple at Bethlehem our 4th., Wiseman found Zacharias, and then you remember that this Zacharias who was Head Priest there had also had a great miracle happen to him and his wife Elizabeth. For a great Archangel, Gabriel, had come from Yahweh and told him that his wife should have a child, and though both he and his wife were advanced in years, nevertheless they would have a son, and his name would be John, and this child was to ‘come in the Spirit’ of Elias (Elijah), and He was to “prepare the way of the Lord.”

Well, Zacharias being a devout Levitical Priest, and an Israelite, was also very human and he said...”Surely not, for my wife and I are getting old.” The great Archangel Gabriel said: “Since you did not believe me the moment I spoke, you shall become dumb, and not speak until you have this child, and you will name him John.”

So six months before the birth of The Christ child, this baby had been born to Zacharias and his wife Elizabeth, and as the woman said..’what shall you name this child?’ Then Elizabeth said...”John.” They didn’t think that a proper name, for he should be called after the father, you did not go out of the family to find a name, so they hurried to Zacharias and asked what he would call the child. As Zacharias write the name of ‘John’...then he regained his voice and he also told them that the childs name would be...John. This child who from his birth was able to Praise Yahweh, and tell the people of things to come. Became later known to us as John the Baptist.

So here was our 4th., Wiseman inquiring of Zacharias as to where to find the Christ child, and Zacharias told him that being warned by the Spirit that Joseph had taken the child and Mary and had gone into Egypt with them....and yes, the other Magi had come and they had left their gifts with the child and his mother, and those gifts had also been taken into Egypt.

As Zacharias and the 4th., Wiseman were talking then they heard the screams of the women and the children of Bethlehem, for you see...the soldiers of the Jewish Army of Herod were killing these children of Bethlehem, up to two years of age, in their rush to try to kill this ‘Christ child.’ And thus it was that the streets of Bethlehem were running with blood and the cries of the women of Bethlehem proves.....that the Jew’s are not Israelites, or they would not have rushed to kill these children in their attempt to kill THE MESSIAH OF ISRAEL. But these soldiers were the sons of Satan and the power of Lucifer dominated the land of Judea at this time.

So this 4th., Wiseman, looking out on Bethlehem from the Temple saw coming down the streets the soldiers of Herod, murdering the babies. He took and unfolded the Great Robe that he had brought with him and he put on this great Robe and went to stand at the top of the Temple steps. Now....there was great respect for the Magi in all the nations, for they were considered as men of great knowledge and healing, and they were looked upon as untouchable men as they presented this Knowledge and the Healing Arts. They were wealthy and powerful men because Yahweh had blessed and protected these Magi....after all, they were to play a great part in the birth of our King.

Now as the Captain of the soldiers proceeded his men up the steps of the Temple then there stood this 4th., Magi, wearing the Great Robe he had brought from Persia. And this Magi reached into his pocket and brought out a Great Jewel...a Ruby, and he said to the Captain of the soldiers....”Surely you will not disturb my place of rest, for there is nothing for you here, for which you should search. But I have here something for a wise Captain, who will leave this place, and he held out the great and beautiful Ruby. Well, the look of greed came to the face of the Captain of the soldiers and he turned to his men and told them to leave the temple, as his hand reached out for the beautiful Orb of Scarlet.

The Jewish soldiers left the Temple and the 4th., Wiseman walked back into the Temple and opening his Great Robe then he put the baby, John..the Baptist, back into his mother’s arms. And thus we have the story of how the life of John the Baptist was spared in this Temple in Bethlehem by this the 4th., Wiseman. The one who had been delayed in his journey, by storms, by a sick man...but the delay placed him at the right time and the right place to be used by the Grace of God to save the life of John the Baptist who was later to prepare the way for the Most High.

Now you have the story of the salvaging of the life of John the Baptist, and the story of the murdering of the babies in Bethlehem by Jew’s in their Satanic power, guided by their father who was so against the House of Israel and its purpose on this earth.

Thus it was that the babe, the Christ child, born in Bethlehem was taken into Egypt to the city of On, and to the great Temple there, and thus they were kept there and cared for and protected....this Christ child and His parents.

You often see Christmas cards which show Jesus, and Joseph and Mary between the Paws of the Sphinx. It has great significance because, there at the Sphinx was also the great School where the highest Wisdom was known, where they were able to measure the sky and council God’s Kingdom.....Israel. Thus we have the story of what is listed in the Book of Matthew of how these Wisemen came looking for...THE KING OF ISRAEL, and they came to worship Him. For 125,000 years the Star had been coming in, before it made its ecliptic, so you see this was again Yahweh’s balance of measures and his control of the sky. And once again ....the sky is measuring the coming of the KING. For I can assure you that we have had signs again of the coming of THE KING. And more than this...the Sign of the Son of Man in the Heavens has already made its appearance. The Signs of the taking out of the tares have come into their patterns of measures.

We are living in the last times before we shall herald the coming of the King and His Majestic Armies, the great Space Craft with the thousands and ten times thousands, times ten thousands of the Hosts of Heaven. I will tell you that when this hour will have come, His awakening children guided by the Holy Spirit of God, awakened and quickened, will be looking for His appearance. No longer do they need the Magi...for the Bible will have become an open Book.

The Spirit of God has poured out on His children, His Holy Spirit, that they might know and that they might understand and be filled with the fullness of the Spirit of Prophecy. Also they might be filled with expectation and be looking up....”from whence comes their strength.”

I can assure you that at that time the powers of Darkness shall fall and the hoards of Communism shall fail, and every knee will bow, and every tongue shall proclaim that..........Yahshua..The Christ....has again rejoined His Kingdom!

All the sons and daughters of Yahweh will be know ‘even as He is known.’ And they will be the Magi of the Great Light, and the world shall know that you are the children of Yahweh, and that Yahweh has always loved you.

(What happened to the Great Robe? We know it showed up in the possession of the true Priest’s and the Armies of the Essenes when they thought to crown Him King, and He took the Chalice instead. So it must have been left here in this area. It and the Jewel’s for the Crown that the 4th., Wiseman brought to Bethlehem.

(End of this message)