Strategy Of The False Prophet, 6-23-63


by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 6-23-63

Tonight we are speaking on the strategy of the false prophet. And we tonight are in a very serious situation here in these United States. It is very important that we understand just what we are facing at this time. This is a great nation of God's Kingdom, and this Kingdom is very clearly outlined in the scriptures as a very important part of God's plan. For His Kingdom extends thru out the universe, and this Kingdom in earth is a most important and vital factor. If you understand this Kingdom in earth, then we know what we are here for. And when I am speaking about what you are here for, I am talking about your race. We have talked about the preexistence with the Father, and what God has said about you, and said this before the world was framed - that you were with Him in the days of His creation and even in the days of the creation of this solar system.

But now we are faced with a lot of events that are now transpiring which require a lot of understanding. This is required so that we might know what to do under these circumstances. Never in the history of this nation have we had a week like the one we just passed, more with violence and the evidence of anti-Christ than any thru which we have passed. This past week the Supreme Court rendered its decision of evil. It demonstrates that these men are not fit to sit upon the high court of this nation. It also demonstrates that we have drifted far by acquiescence to this evil by which these people represent. Remember, my friends, that when we became a nation in 1776, we were a nation of God fearing colonies that had been established by men of vision and of courage, who had faith in God. We know today that all of our Jewish co-hosts are trying to downgrade our founding fathers. They are trying to tell you that they did not have anything to do with the Christian faith in the days when our nation was founded. But I want you to know that this is not true. All of our colonies not only briefed the colonists in these matters, but all of our colonies in their purposes established these colonies with true recognition of God. When the Articles of Confederation were drawn up, they recognized that these colonies were Christian colonies federating themselves together. And from the beginning of this Christian society, we have been recognizing God. From the beginning of our national life God was a part of it. And as we have cited to you in the past, the great universities in the past were founded thinking that it was more important that they teach people the foundation of ethics and morality in the content of God's word. And they were taught in the physical world. In this instance the heads of these Universities stressed the necessities of character building. And the most important factor was to God, prayer and understanding of the Holy Scripture.

Now we know that Harvard has gone a long way from that in our time, for the voices out of Harvard today are the apostate Jews surrounding and hypnotizing our Presidents and guiding them into the path of evil. And today instead of demonstrating that they stand for God, they are putting out a product today that is a menace. I refer to the fact that these universities were one time predicated upon the fact of 'Thus saith the LORD' whereas today, they are going along with the world order. There are very definite instructions inside of the scriptures that says that we are not to adjust ourselves with the world order, and we are not to think like the world order, nor are we to find a friendship with the world order that has animosity with God. That the most important thing we are to be identified with tonight, is with God and with His purpose. We are not to be conformed with the world, with the thinking of the world, but to be conformed by being brought back in our understanding to the things which we have been told to you by God who is our Father, and to His instructions for the earth. It is not important that you agree with the world, but rather that you agree with God. And if you agree with God, then you are going to have to make the world obey Him. And frankly, the world is not going to obey HIM until the Kingdom of God has conquered it. Understand that this is the message tonight. Do not buy all of the propaganda, all of the pacifism, all of the things declared today in the name of God. The Bible is quite clear in its program, that the forces of darkness and evil are not suddenly going to capitulate because the heart, if filled with a great desire to serve the father. The powers of darkness are engaged in a war, - a psychological war. They are preparing for a military struggle. They are preparing for a conquest without as well as within. And they have been seeking very carefully to penetrate your society for many generations with the voices that will carry out their instructions, and will seek to be influenced by many processes of hypnotic influence over the leaders of your society. I point out that when God placed your race here in earth, that He placed them here to build His Kingdom. That the Bible from one end to the other is the story of the Kingdom of God and this race of which you and I are a part.

Now I think there are some things here that are most significant here tonight. One of those is that the powers of darkness and the forces of evil and those who are in opposition to the things we stand for, are continually and constantly in their strategy basing their attack against the things which are scriptural. Today we almost have a race war on in these United States. What is behind this strategy and this design? It is quite obvious that all of the forces of darkness are pitted together today against the nations of God's Kingdom and against the patterns of God's word. They understand this word far better than you realize. There is a cunning in which Lucifer is involved. And Lucifer is the master strategists of the forces of darkness. He knows the purposes and part of God's Kingdom. And he knows that the occupation of the earth is a part of that strategy. So he has attempted from the very beginning of the coming of your race to absorb it, mongrelize it, violate it and destroy it. So we tell you tonight that the strategy of the false prophet has been to gain the areas of attention thru the lines of communication, thru press, T.V., radio, and thru communication, and even thru the church itself. And most especially thru religious activities, to seek to guide people falsely in a direction not in the plan of God's Kingdom. The false prophet has to be very subtle in this hour. And the scripture talks about the false prophet. In fact, one of the things which Jesus warned His disciples about in the climax of the age, would be that there would be false Christs and false prophets. And that they would seek to seduce, if possible, the very Elect. To do this it seems, that they would have to wage their influence inside of the Ecclesiastical structure, and the organizations to which the Elect would respond to.

Now we well understand that the spiritual center of God's Kingdom is His church. The church is supposed to carry out the activities of the Oracle of God. They are suppose to proclaim "Thus saith the LORD" and continually bring a message in adjustment of God's plan. Therefore we tell you today that inside of the church has move a whole area of the false prophets activities until this is also identified inside of the scriptures. In fact the scriptures talk about this "Mystery Babylon the Great.” These forces of darkness are the nations and races of people who are against the Kingdom of God and its people, whether in the Old Testament or in the New. In this instance these offspring of Lucifer have become the priests and leaders of these forces of darkness. These offspring of Lucifer go by many names today, but the one best known is Jew. They are, whether Asiatic, or the islands of the sea, the scripture identifies them. Jesus was very clear in His identification. And He said they are of their father the devil. They carry out the program of anti-Christ. And when Anti-Christ is embodied in the earth, he is actually Lucifer growing up in earth in a human body. Not only has this taken place, but in the writings of John who is writing in his epistles these things so that we might understand them - and he said that there are many anti-Christs in the world. And then he goes further telling us that they who deny Jesus is the Christ are ANTI-CHRIST. Then he tells us about these forces of darkness. John also refers to the fact that Cain was of the evil one, the son of Perdition. Jesus in the 17 chapter of John, also cites that Judas of Iscariot was also the son of Perdition, or a son of that household. He was the only Jew among Christ's disciples and he continually betrayed him and worked with the Jew machine to try to destroy Christ. And after Christ’s Crucifixion, he was frightened by the news of His Resurrection, and he went out and hung himself so that he could get out of the physical dimension and back to the place from which he came, because he was worried about the Resurrection of The Christ. We call you attention to the fact that today this same cycle of darkness is moving inside of the church with cunning and stealth and are seeking the destruction of your race and your household. Probably one of the most important areas in which the false prophet has operated in, is inside of the pulpit. And there seeks to destroy the Kingdom itself, by destroying its culture and its identity. It is advocating today the intermarriage of all races and cultures, and creed, which you can see is not a Christian message. The reason why, is that the Christian church must make its stand against all false religions and all false programs. As a Christian church, it become a church of the Most High God in the earth. As such, we recognize that there is no other God in all of His Universe, and He has a right to the worship of all of the people He created. And He is YAHWEH WHO EMBODIED WAS JESUS THE CHRIST. Therefore you cannot be a Christian and support Buddhism and Mohammedism, or any other religious systems on the face of the earth. You cannot be a Christian and be a Muhammadan or be a Christian and be a Buddhist. You cannot be a Christian and worship Brahma, Vishnu, Siva, or Kali, or any of the witch doctor devils. You cannot worship God and the Devil at the same time. Thus it is quite obvious that you cannot be a Christian Clergy unless you are opposed to all false doctrines, all false prophets, and false teachers, and all of the false systems that wage war against God's Kingdom. What we need today is a positive, militant church ready to take on all forces of darkness for the victory of God's Kingdom.

You will note in the book of Revelation, that it discusses Mystery Babylon the Great. It also talks about the great ecclesiastical evil, and talks about the whore riding upon the Beast System of many nations. Thus, it is referred to in the book of Revelation. Some have tried to say this is this church, or that church. But this is not necessarily talking about the church. It is speaking of all false doctrines, all religions that replace Jesus the Christ, and all religions that are against Him. Preeminently, the woman who rides up on the back of the Beast System is world Jewry. And it is her conspiracy which has joined church after church. It moved into Rome and then condemned all the Protestant units that came out of Rome, but was not identifying Rome as Mystery Babylon. But Mystery Babylon moved into it and Mystery Babylon has moved into a great number of Protestant churches today. But the false doctrine does away with a lot of things which the laws of God and its purpose proclaim in order to strengthen the Beast System. You are told that the false prophet gives strength and power to the Beast. In fact, we know that the Beast System is the political system of the World Order which has gathered together to conquer God's Kingdom. Under this instance then we know that this warfare is against Christ and His Kingdom. And they are seeking by power to conquer it in this manner.

We have many times brought unto you the panorama of the Scriptures. Empires have fallen and one of them still is and this one was Rome at the time of Christ. Then was to come the 8th, out of the seventh and Jesus was warning them that since Jewry controlled as much as it did then there would arise one more threat to Christianity. This was of course the hoards of Genghis Khan which actually was organized and gathered to come against Christianity by world Jewry. This is why they wore the yellow arm bands and how Martin Luther pointed them out and identified them. This is why he said that Jews should never be permitted in the Christian Church. And he cited their affinity with the hoards of anti-Christ, and those hoards that waged their warfare against the nations of Western Europe. They stormed the very gates of Vienna. Well, we then point out that the false prophet and the Beast which gave power to the political order of the Anti-Christ system, refers to two Beasts saying that the first beast gave power unto the second one. This is the false prophet of the enemies of God's Kingdom.

Now as they gathered together in those days, the hoards of Genghis Khan, they are now once again gathering together these same hoards of the political system. And altho they had such a blow struck against it with the death of Genghis Khan, all of this has been resurrected by the doctrine of Karl Marx, led by Jewry; and is again gathering the hoards of Asia for another assault against God's Kingdom. More than that, they are gathering the hoards of Africa. And I tell you that this whole race war of Negroes against Whites has been organized by world Jewry and is being carried out in these United States by the Anti-defamation league (ADL) and all other Jewish organizations. Thus the prophecy of Jesus which said that the power of the first Beast whose deadly wound was healed, brings the eighth back, but it is out of the seventh and plans an assault against Christian nations. Thus with this assault upon the Christian nations it is clear that no amount of Peace treaties, no amount of appeasement or agreement, which actually weakens your existence, is going to protect you from the suddenness of their evil thought which descends upon them of world Communism and all of the cohorts that are with them. They will of course expend all of the blood or other races in attacking you. But this is the cunning with which the anti-Christ works. But he dominates the masses of fallen races and sub-races which are degenerate in the fall which they have made. So he stirs them up to accomplish certain objectives. The cunning of the false prophet is to stir up the coming of the Negroes against all White men in the U.S. To operate just as the Witchdoctors have operated in Africa. And they have turned in their operations to the United Nations and are trying to harness all nations. But God warned us that we should not be yoked to this kind of conspiracy. They have sought to try to carry the program of Anti-Christ into Africa. The White man went into Africa with civilization and the Bible. He built civilizations and gave them more than they had witnessed in thousands of years. And now the power of world Communism with a ‘fifth column’ inside of your own nation helping to support this, have turned Africa with hatred against the White man, until just a few weeks ago, one of the bloodiest Witchdoctors of all was made head of Kenya Colony - this is Kenyatta. Tonight Kenya Colony is seething, for he is planning on a mass massacre of White Christians and all of the White race. They are now proving this by using the money conned out of you by your leaders who do not understand their responsibility. They have been confiscating your taxes and supporting the programs of the United Nations to actually empower the forces of darkness to drive out your kinsmen, the sons of God, who brought culture to Africa. Tonight they are planning on using this money. And if you have read the newspapers as to the great conferences held down in Africa, you will discover that the Ethiopian conference brought these Mau Mau together, and they have dedicated some of this money you are supposed to have dedicated in these organizations for their progress so that they may develop self-government so as to wipe out the White man. This is happening in Rhodesia and South Africa. And those people are having to band together for survival. If you want to know what to pray for, then pray that the Sword of the LORD gets strong on their behalf and will wipe out this great massacre which they are planning, and that the judgment will fall on the powers of darkness which are the enemies of God's Kingdom.

Now when I tell you that the false prophet is the one who stirs up by false testimony, an attitude, to render the Kingdom of God inoperative, this is the design.

Now the scripture tells us that the time will not come when the Kingdom of God is defeated by the anti-Christ or the false prophet. But I tell you tonight that he is working on this attempt and this is his strategy:...The cunning of the false prophets is to render you helpless, and to break your resistance against the occupation of your nation, and the conquest of Christian nations thru his strategy. When you have a minister getting up and he is citing the evil phrases that the President has fallen for that says that we must bring about immediate integration if we are to have security and peace . . . that we must integrate every avenue of our society, that the Negroes have been wronged, and we have to give them everything they desire and want . . . I want you to know that in these last few weeks, we have not seen anything out of the President of the United States that is for the good of the White man, even tho it was the White man who had to elect him. Still, he was on the side of the Negro. Someone said that he is one of the greatest Presidents we have ever had. But I tell you that he is not on the side of the White man and he does not represent the program of God's Kingdom.

Now they may tell you tonight that you are supposed to be interested in everybody but the White man. I do not care what they tell you tonight from Washington that you are supposed to be interested in. You are a Christian first and we are interested in God's Kingdom first. We are interested first in the plan of God. And that plan calls for your race to rise with civilization and rule the earth with determination, and not permit pagans, or idol worshipers or the forces of darkness under Lucifer to upset the status of the earth, or to overthrow your Kingdom. OF THE INCREASE OF YOUR KINGDOM THERE IS TO BE NO END.

Now I point this out to you, that the strategy of fools has moved into the pulpit. We have witnessed from the Presbyterian church and now from the Methodist church and the Episcopal church, all of which are a part of the denominations in Christendom. But their ministers and their bishops, who were empowered, have moved over to speak the words of the anti-Christ. And now are identified as the harlot daughters of Babylon. And the instruction tonight is to come out from among them and be ye separate. Do you know what the scripture says about Mystery Babylon? It says for you to come out from among her and be ye not partakers of her sins. You say, ‘How do you come out from among them?’ Irrespective of all of our tape listeners, it now rests upon these pastors and the choices that they must make. One of these choices that they must make by the forces of darkness is to get all of the churches to support error. I tell you that if your denomination, or movement starts to support the Anti-Christ, then it is your responsibility to see that your pastor takes your congregation out of that movement. And if that Pastor will not take you out of that movement, then leave the movement and join the Christian church . . . and make sure that you join one that says ‘THUS SAITH THE LORD.’ Do you know that the best way to fold up the anti-Christ is to take his hand out of your pocket and starve him out. Most of these devils have been living on you and depending upon the support of the people of America.

Now how do we know the voice of the false prophet? In the first place, instead of obeying the laws of God saying come out from among them and be ye separate and be ye segregated. He is an integrationist. And tonight the integrationist serves the World Order. They help support the order that is going to bring great chaos in America and great problems. More than that, when the voice of the false prophet takes over the pastor of a church . . . this man tells you that ‘oh, yes I believe in Jesus,’ and then turns around and tells you that the inner-marriage and mongrelization of your society is all right when Ezra the prophet said that this is the greatest transgression of all . . . ‘I can forgive you anything else. But this produces an inassimilable force in your society. I can forgive a man any of his sins. But what are we going to do with the offspring, the mulatto? You cannot absorb them; you cannot take them into your society; and they and the polluted society must be eschewed. Therefore God said, ‘I can forgive most everything, but there is nothing we can do about this.’ Therefore this is one place where the sins of the father can descend to the third, fourth, and fifth generation and can contaminate the country. Unless we follow the law as Ezra said--and do not marry with these outside races, then these people must be sent away and not absorbed by our society. I am going to tell you that in the days of Ezra, some of the leaders and the princes, and rulers had been guilty of this. And had caused a confusion of face. If you want to know what a confusion of face is, then walk down the streets in Los Angeles and look at some of these funny mixtures and decide whether you are in the United States or in Singapore. Then as you move out toward the east side of the city, you will think you are no place but in darkest Africa.

In Washington, D.C., you do not know whether you are down in Africa or in the Caribbean Islands. If in New York City today, it just depends on which part of the city, you are in whether you are in the U.S. or not. This is the appearance of it. And it is because the outlanders have come in. We have permitted them to come into our country, and we have permitted the violations of Divine law. And now with government assistance, they are spreading into areas in which they have no business in living. I tell you tonight that the Constitution does not give a right to any minority to force his way into your community, or into your place of business and demand that you give him service. If the government passes this bill, then we call for a massive civil disobedience saying we will uphold the standards of our Kingdom and protect the spiritual standards of our race. You say, ‘But California is passing such a law.’--Well, you have so many on the bench that this is possible. They passed a law yesterday which starts the integration of apartments, homes and institutions, which when Mr. Dirkson had breakfast with the President, and listened to the plan said, ‘It is not only un-Constitutional, but if a man has lost the right to determine who is going to live in his property or houses, then who is he going to let in so that it will be good for the welfare of his property? And if he has lost the right to say who he is going to plumb for, or who he is going to carpenter for, but has to do it for whoever comes along, then this is forced servitude. And we have lost our independence.’

Now I am going to tell you tonight that we are not going to embrace any of these anti-Christ areas. We are going to call for 100% resistance. And let me tell you this. You have a right also to demonstrate. For the Supreme Court says that any demonstration which is a racial demonstration cannot be touched by the police. They cannot be interfered with, for this is of an emotional foundation. Well, I think it is time that White men stood up and said that we here in these United States are not going to be mongrelized, integrated, despised or destroyed. And if one of them tries to crash your home or apartment, you can get just as emotional as you want and say ‘NO.’ This design of the anti-Christ continues this strategy. Remember that anti-Christ, speaking basically, while seeking to get you to do his will and seeking the church to carry out his project . . . he never accepts Christ. He is against Christ all of the time. But he may want to influence the Christian churches by first taking them in with the fallacy of brotherhood. But you find out when he talks to his own that this is not brotherhood. It is destruction. Well frankly, I am glad. For I don't want brotherhood with Africa or Asia. I want them to abolish their darkness and turn toward the light. I want to see them support themselves for a change, instead of leaning upon the Kingdom of God. I want to see them get out and learn, and become educated and leave their darkness, and turn to the worship of the Right God. But I do not think we should ever say that we should support them. And I think it is time that we outlaw this program, that we will lift them up by absorbing them. They outnumber us six to one and you would not absorb them, but they will absorb you.

Now there is no doubt that the program of the Anti-Christ is being framed. This is why so many of the preachers come out and say they are in favor of integration. I can tell you that Pastor Wilson of the church in Washington, D.C.---his church may have come out for integration but he would like to appear that he is for integration,---but back in the days of Mr. Eisenhower, when they had Mr. Moore on the cabinet, and they had the services for the President on Inauguration Day, they invited all of the pastors to come down. And then he discovered that he would have a Negro coming in and he was looking for some corner of the church to hide them in. If you want the truth, most of these Presbyterian ministers do not want Negroes in their congregations. They don't want them married to their daughters. But they do not have the courage to come out and denounce the evil which is effecting their society, and they are trying to keep a good relationship with their conferences and their group, for they do not want to lose their pensions. I know some Methodist ministers who will not come out for the truth, altho they will let some of these tapes move inside of their churches. They are afraid of being cut loose from their denomination because they do not want to lose their pensions. You know there is always some area wherein the devil gets a hook around them in order to bind them up.

Now let we tell you this tonight, this program of integration is a program designed to destroy your race. It is led by the false prophets of the World evil and Communism. There are also false religious prophets involved in this. World Communism does threaten all kinds of military development, and you are led to think that we have a better relationship with Russia than we ever had before. And Russia wants you to think this because you have such a sap for President. He has offered the surrender of your nuclear weapons without even an inspection on the other side. Someone said, ‘Do you think that we are in danger of a Russian attack?’ Yes, when you fold up the last atom bomb. You are in great danger when you disarm yourself and trust the Russians. That is the day they will hit you with everything they have. The scripture says they will come over the poles and move with submarine warfare into these areas.

Now in the meantime the design if for internal crisis. And Russia, now while she is trying to put over a friendly attitude, says that this President has the most friendly attitude of any so far. They like him, but they are stirring up internal trouble. There is no doubt that there are false prophets. And anyone who denies that Jesus is the Christ, is anti-Christ.

Now a great sweeping majority of Negroes who are being influenced in this great racial crisis, are actually serving the Muslim movement of Mohammed X in our country today. And they are disciples of the anti-Christ.

Now we not only speak this with knowledge because we know of some of the things being designed, but we are not taken in by preachers like Martin Luther King or any of these others like Abernathy, saying, ‘We wanted ‘Peace,’ but they faced us with Police and Police Dogs and would not let us demonstrate or carry-out our mission. They would not let us integrate as we demanded. So now they are going to get terrorism.’ And then the other day, right out of the magazine, by Martin Luther King, saying, ‘While we talk pacifism, trying to get in close to the Christian church, we knew it was not going to work. But when we strike, then we strike with fury.’

All right. We then listened to mongrel Mulattoes like Adam Clayton Powell with his Jewish wife, who tells us that we better wake up for now they have us on the run, and they are going to destroy us. We have mentioned in the past, James Baldwin. And he is this horrible looking Negro whose picture you saw three weeks ago in Life Magazine. This man is today one of the spokesmen for the Negro Revolution, he knows how to fan it up. He speaks all over. He is in with the Kings and with Elijah Muhammad, whose philosophies and doctrines he embraces. Thus, I think it is important that you then know just a little bit about how this man thinks. I call this to your attention and I want you to understand this tonight. This Negro was once a Pentecostal preacher. He knows what is in your Bible. And he comes out in this book ‘Next time the Fire’ to tell you that he discovered in the course of his ministry, that this Bible is a White man's Bible written by White men who receive their inspiration from a White devil whom they worship as God. He said that all of the time when he was in the church, he was stimulated by the emotion and all of the songs, and the violence in his mind was satisfied by the emotion in the songs. He was able to spellbind all of the Negroes. But never, when he prayed, did he get any answers. Thus he decided there was nothing in it; that this was a White man’s ruse to have the Negroes worship their God so as to hold the Negro in chains. He said that he had talked to a lot of Negro preachers, and it is a terrible thing to be born a Negro in a White man's country with all of this sexuality that they got put in them and then have to obey their laws. This is the man who said that he started raping girls at age fourteen, and that he would like to rape every White woman he sees because he hates them so. This man, my friends, is not only evil in every area of existence, but I want to show you the trend in your time. For he has, in writing in this book, now in its seventh printing since January, won an award from the Statts Trust Fund, the Rosenwald Fellowship, and the Hines Fellowship, and the Ford Foundation. All of these areas from Harpers, to all of these others, are praising this black revolutionists with his vicious evil. And then he tells about how now the Negroes have discovered that they are preaching a White man's religion which was to hold their people in check and keep them happy in their misery. And it was so lucrative now, for it kept them in cars and property. So they went along with it. He said of these Negro ministers . . . ‘I don't think they were a bunch of hypocrites exactly, but they went along with this. But if anyone will read, they will discover if they read this Bible, that the Adamic race is the White race and this is a White God. And the program of this Bible is a Kingdom over the earth. And this Kingdom came in to make all others to worship their God and to rule them.’ He said, ‘Yes, the White man came to Africa with his Bible, but we had the last laugh.’ He said, ‘The White man took over the land and we found that we had to start obeying his laws. And you see, we could not live like we wanted to.’

No, they could no longer eat one another, for we had regulations against that. And they could not eat us either for we had rules and regulations against that as far as possible. We made them obey the law and they did not like that. Jesus, therefore, to them, is the God of the White man. And HE is the one that has them make the Negro obey the laws and they do not like that. There is something else here. They do not like the concept of the Christian religion once they find out what it is all about.

Now he said that he was in torment all the time when he was preaching for he couldn't wait until he could get out and spend the money which he was taking in. And then they would get out and run with the pimps and the whores. I am just telling you the content of his book. Finally he broke away from his church and then he started writing his book. And finally, he said that it was an awful thing to be born in a White Christian nation when he was an African. To be in the White man's heaven is the black man's hell. This is a Muslim song which wants the black man to grow up and live up to their morality.

All right. He tells how he met this false prophet. He tells of how he went into the office of Elijah Muhammad, and how this man had been in jail with Malcolm X, and how when he came out of there with the help of these men, they concocted this program under the influence of Judaism. He proclaimed himself Elijah Muhammad, a prophet of Allah. But over the years, the full pattern descended upon him and baptized him into this roll.

Now in this picture, there is a difference in the Mohammadan religion and this one. The Mohammadan religion says Allah Allah Ackabar, the LORD God Is ONE. But this Muhammad religion calls for them to obey the gods of their tribes. And they will only recognize that the top god is black; and they call themselves Muslim rather than the Moslem religion with which Muhammadan religion is identified. More than this, they not only recognize that Elijah is the prophet of this black god and they follow his instructions explicitly.

Now what of this doctrine that they teach? I am going to read to you some of these things which transpired. He tells of how he approached this great man the first time. Then the second time he approached him, he felt the power and energy which moved out from this great black man. He felt a great ‘peace’ descend over him and he knew that at last he was in the presence of a great man of god, a great voice of god. And he had then learned that god was black.

Now he said that he had discovered that God was black and the original creation in this earth were black men. But there was a rebellion that took place and he tells about this rebellion in the book. He says that the devil rebelled against God. And in his rebellion, he took over areas of the earth and started his areas of creation with his scientists and the false ones who served him. And after he carried on his experiment which is the story of the creation of the Christian Bible, he produced Adam.

Now listen. I am reading now . . . ‘for the devil with his scientists, revolted against Allah, and carried out his experiments with his scientists and created the devil known as the white man. And more disastrously, in the creation of the white woman. It was agreed that these monstrous creatures would only have so much time which was a chastening on the black man until the black man would wake up and assume his responsibility. Then it says that Allah has never approved of the creation of the white man by the devil in the first place, so their rule is now ended. For Allah knows them to not be a man, but a devil. And is anxious to restore the rule of the Beast . . . and now the rule of the white man is to be ended and the white man shall be totally destroyed. Get this clear tonight. The program of the Negro is your total destruction . . . absolute, total destruction as a race.

Now more than that, there is no virtue in the white man. This white man can never become black and he cannot be bred into a black anymore, than a cat by breeding, can become a horse . . . so there is no hope for them. They must be destroyed. He goes on to say that it is only because of the Negro that God permitted the United States to endure so long. It should have been destroyed in 1913, but the will of Allah was that the black man should rise up and destroy his white masters.

Now he goes on saying that the white man knows that he is a devil, and that his time is running out. And he is attempting to stop the black man from hearing the truth. He uses his Bible and seeks with it to hold the black man down, making him fear a White God so that he can rule over him.---He says that in the Christian Bible, then the Kingdom of God is the real thing and God rules it, and his offsprings from the Old and New testament are White men and then are devils. So that is different than this phoney lie they spread over the whole world to hold power.’

Now I point out in this document, that he said . . . ‘that he used to have a few white acquaintances. And in fact, he was willing to intermarry with them. But now that he has learned the whole truth, ‘I realize that these who I thought were my friends . . . their time is up and they are not to be allowed to have a chance. They must be wiped out.

Now going further he said, ‘I now discover that the white man is in the minority all over the world. Therefore, they cannot live any longer, and they never could have risen to power except by stealth and cunning and bloodshed, in opposition to the will of heaven, and not by heaven, will as they claim. Now comes the end, and the sword which has held them together is to be turned against them without mercy.’

(Yes, you are listening to this Negro speak.) And you are listening to the words of his book which Jewish foundations have published, and you are listening to magazines like ‘Life Magazine,’ which only reported parts of it and offered no criticism of it. And to continue . . . ‘So we should take warning from this and see that the Negro gets the things which he asks for. For these are the things which we justly deserve.’

Well, my friends, this is something on which you do not keep quiet, for he is planning on your murder. And I am not about to grant equality to them either. You say, what do I mean by that? Our Constitution guarantees equality to those who are equal, and he cannot produce equality. In fact, there is not even a demonstration of equality even in the same race. In spirit it might be so, but these Negroes do not have the spiritual capacity that you do, and this man admits that he did not find any equality in himself, so he writes this type of inflammatory ideas. Also I point out to you, that he says that one of the things which makes it impossible for him to go along with the structure of this country, was that the American Negro was from the very day of the Constitution, a kidnaped pagan who was 3/5th of a man. And according to the Dred Scott decision, had no rights which a White man was bound to respect. Therefore he said, ‘We are going to overthrow and flush it out.’ The Article One of the Constitution, says that they were not entitled to vote for they were only 3/5th of a man, and they did not have representation in the Congress because they were only part of a man. This is in the Constitution, but they do not like it.

Now I have pointed out to you that the Negro in the United States has made more advances under the guidance of the White man than anywhere else in the world. He made some progress in Africa, but here he is given an education and if some of them do not want education and are held back it is because they have not applied themselves. Others that have applied themselves have climbed further, but there is no Negro in spirit of the Living God. None of them are spiritual offspring. And even when they embrace areas of Christianity, it is mostly emotionally and must be set to emotional syncopation and must be thus set on a physical level. And as he said, ‘no Negro Minister ever got anything by talking to God either . . . never received any inspiration or movement.’ When they talk about these spiritual powers that they receive like you do, the scripture says that they cannot receive them for they cannot understand.

Now I point out to you that their plan is extermination. Everywhere I turn in this book, is a violent assault against law and order. For he says, ‘Every time I see a doorman or a policeman, I want to intimidate him.’ He says there is no future for the Negro in any area except in crime . . . that is the only way he can get enough of this status and power.’ This is from this man writing this book. And I tell you, he is a criminal and is exciting the Negro against the White race.

Now tonight, you are going to have some protection from the President and you may have a little more from his little brother. Tonight they were interviewing Mr. Robert Kennedy, and he is a little frightened for all of this is getting out of hand. But I do not anticipate that he has the courage to defend the White man. I tell you that last week there were 17 murdered White men by Negro violence. On Sunday night in Washington, D.C., Negroes attacked six White service men coming down the street. They beat one of them to death and put the rest of them in the hospital. And I never heard any bit of noise about this, and I did not hear the Justice Department say they would send the FBI out and find these Negroes and make an example of them. ‘Oh, no . . . they were emotionally disturbed.’

Last week in Baltimore, two 13 and 16 year old boys were stabbed and one died. Now the other one is dying. And in the same city a shotgun was used against one man and against their homes. And in Marion, they burned down businesses and shot White men. In Pennsylvania this last week, they moved against whole White areas and then the police called out the troops to protect the Negroes from what they thought would be retaliation by the Whites. In this city, it is the same thing happening and they are trying to suppress this news and keep it away from the people. I tell you that James Baldwin has been trying to intimidate us, for he said, ‘White man, look out. The first time it will be the flood, but the next time, look out White man, for it will be the fire.’

I am going to tell you this. The false prophet is stirring and Elijah Muhammad says that Jesus is a devil. Mr. Baldwin says that Jesus is a devil and that the God of the White man is a devil and we are all following the lie of a White devil of the Bible, who seeks to keep the black man from ruling the earth.

Thus you see that those who deny that Jesus is the Christ are anti-Christs and servants of the devil and they are becoming a deadly menace to you as any other anti-Christs in the world.

In ‘Life Magazine’ and in ‘LOOK Magazine,’ the Jews, when writing the story, say they are walking hand in hand with the Negro. They say that they have been behind the Negro revolution and are furnishing his supplies and money. And if the Negro does not take their advice, he will never get anywhere, for he does not know how.

I think this is most significant tonight, for this is the planning of the anti-Christ. He wants to create such violence and upheaval and then he wants to have you lose all respect for law because it will break down. And this is the strategy. For the government will come into this revolution and defend this revolutionary Negro against you. I am going to tell you that the day the government sides with the black man against the White man . . . that is the day we wipe this out and rebuild the Constitution of the United States.

I want you to get this clear tonight. Any policeman knows what I am talking about. And the Police Department in this city, under the fine management of Chief Parker, understand the Negro situation and the Negroes hate Chief Parker. In fact, they are calling for the end of Chief Parker. They want to kill him and they want to attack the White policemen of this city. And that puts every White man on the side of the police department.

Now in this situation, they have a design which the Police Department here and all of the police departments in the big cities know about. Oh, we have some policemen in some areas who are just willing to go along with it after the type of legislation they saw passed yesterday. I am going to tell you that Brown cannot be reelected in the state of California.

Now what is the design? It is like one of the master plans of the Reds. There are lots of communication instruments used today to spy on patriots all over. But they are also used by police officers to spy on the enemy. There is an instrument that operates on black light and you can carry it in the hand. All you have to do is carry it down the street and put it on the window pane and you cannot see it, but you can hear everything which goes on in the house. And that thing will make a recording of it. And they are spying on you, these Red agents and these conspiratorial forces. But remember this. They cannot make it work thru venetian blinds for the metal cuts it out. It cannot go thru plaster if there is any wire in the plaster, or thru screens. So it is a good thing they are not listening to you when you are talking about the strategy for your protection. The Police are covering this situation here and in the South. And they know that a bloodbath can start at any moment. It could start on a holiday, and they are worried about it. Maybe on the 4th of July, . . . or maybe some demonstrations could start next week. They are planning on forced integration in homes, in churches and businesses. But this is the master plan . . . they will pick out an White community in every area of the country. And I can assure you of this . . . that I have this just as straight as it can be . . . this is known by every police department. They are going to start fires on one end of each White settlement . . . and as the fire department rushes there, then they will start a riot on the other end of that same area. And the police department will be tied down on that end. The police departments know all about this conspiracy. Then when the police are tied down, they will rush in with their cars and tie down one city block and attack every White man, woman and child in that one block in that city that one night. This is the master plan. They say that this block must be totally destroyed. But this is to bring such a fear over you, that immediately, you will give up and call for integration. Anything to stop this blood bath. But they do not understand the thinking of the White man.

Now I am going to tell you this. The day the Negro starts this coming against the White man to start a massacre like this, Christian Americans will resist it everywhere. But if they start such a war and exterminate one block in every city in the United States, White men will not stop as long as one Negro remains in these United States. You will then understand what the scripture is talking about and you will understand what this Jewish Cainanite is talking about and all who ride with him. And the anger rising up in the countenance of God's people as described in the book of Zachariah, will then be understood. And in the contents of the scripture, it says that there will not remain one Cainanite in the House of God. Then you will understand what George Washington saw in his vision. When he described . . . how he said the blacks battling in the streets under the influence of the Reds of Communism. He saw the smoke and the fire . . . and he cried out, ‘Oh, God, what does this mean?’ And HE said, ‘Son of the Republic, look and live, this battle will take place in the streets of the cities. This is going to happen all over America. But I am going to pour out energy and power and give my people strength. And when it is all over, the dead will lay in the streets and the black will be deported to Africa, and the Reds will be driven out and never again will my Kingdom be threatened again. It is going to survive and triumph.’ And he said, 'Son of the Republic, look and live.' And he saw the flag and he saw the cross and the Light of God. You can go to the Library of Congress and read this. George Washington saw this in a vision, and this vision is now upon you.

Someone said, ‘But a Christian minister should not talk this way.’ Let me tell you something. This is just pure Bible. And people who do not like the content of this, do not want to face up to it or what it is all about. You might as well wake up and know that you are the children of God and you are facing Armageddon. The race war is a part of it and the anti-Christ is behind it. And once this thing starts, we are not going to stop until we have won.

There are those who say that this cannot be. But let me tell you something. Every minister who tries to pacify his congregation across this great nation is doing the work of the false prophet to soften the resistance to the enemy who is anti-Christ. This is a dangerous thing. And we find today, that the President says he is implementing a plan and he is going to carry it out as his objective and he will use every type of force necessary to carry it out. And he says he will use the army if necessary. And he is calling for the strongest civil rights laws ever dreamed of. And he calls them ‘Civil Rights? But these are not civil rights. They are civil ‘wrongs.’ The great majority of the freedoms which belong to the White majority are being trampled upon. But I am going to tell you this. The Gallop Pole was taken last week. They took it in the North and they took it in the South. I have a copy of this pole and what it shows here. They took a pole in the South asking, ‘Do the people want their children going to school with the Negroes?’ And they found that in the North, 63% of the parents were opposed and would try to block the attempt to integrate their schools. In the South, 86% said they would work to block this and attempt to stop this move for the segregation of their schools. So in North America, the parents voted 5 to 1 ‘AGAINST’ integration.

Now if I was a politician like Mr. Kennedy, who is not motivated by spiritual values, I would say, that he was on the wrong track for reelection. Oh, you say, ‘But that is only White people.’ Yes, but there are 145 million White people and 17 million Negroes. And they are not going to over-balance 145 million White people, I can tell you that. The false prophet is not only telling us we must accept these objectives but he is also telling us that we must embrace a world order. That we must complete an abject surrender to the United Nations. And you are hearing this from the harlot daughters of Babylon who are speaking this from the pulpits. I want you to know, that no Christian can serve the cause of Christ without opposing the United Nations and opposing the subordination of the White race anywhere at anytime. So this book tells us the Bible teaches us that this is God's Kingdom . . . that you are HIS children and this is HIS plan. And this is not the worst thing which ever happened to them, for this is good. But the enemy does not want good because that is their nature.

Now therefore, I point out to you, that a lot of things have happened. A Negro by the name of Evers, was shot back in Mississippi and they are searching for the White man who shot him. They are calling for the blood of the White man who shot him. All right, how about finding every Negro that has been killing Whites? How about finding the one who killed the service man, in Washington, D.C. and put the others in the hospital? I personally, don't believe their story, that they caught the right man. I do not buy anything that would embrace the administration for it would be covered up. Today, you are faced with the fact that this racial crisis is hanging like a sword over the heads of our people. They say that this revolution will start on a holiday or maybe a day or two earlier to throw them off of the time. So as this holiday approaches, the police are worried and watchful, for they know this disturbance is planned. And we know that they plan on your extermination without mercy. For this is their master plan. When you see these Muhammad X disciples, and they say there are only a few of them, then don't you buy this. Be careful in every city. For they are taking a course in physical fitness. They are following instructions to make them deadly warriors. They are cutting out anything which would effect their health. They are forbidden to smoke or drink. And they are learning Judo and Karate. They are making very formidable warriors. And they are learning meekness so that they might fill the shock troops of Israel. They have been ordered to gain as much from this service as they can, and get as much money as they can, while fooling the White man. They are to carry out this objective and smile, but be ready to strike and strike suddenly when the order is given. When they strike, it is to be with stealth and cunning and with as much suddenness as possible so as to wipe out the White man and his household. So you see them everywhere. But do not be taken in by their smile. I tell you, that today they are drilling east of Palmdale in the desert and they have regular training with guns and bayonets. Oh, they have a right to have guns and bayonets just as you have a right to have them. But, my friends, they are getting ready for war against you. The fact is quite clear that all over the south and the southern half of the United States, here in Los Angeles, the Negroes are buying ammunition and guns until they have almost cleaned out all of the sporting goods stores. And they are telling us that if you are a White man, you better surrender right now or you will be in trouble. I think that whole radio station is carrying the voice of the anti-Christ this season. Oh, you say, this is not a very pleasant message? No . . . it can't be. But I can give you this hope and it is good. THE HOUSEHOLD OF GOD IS NOT GOING TO BE SACRIFICED ON A PAGAN ALTAR. The false prophet is going to fail as he did when he brought forth the hoards of Genghis Khan. The anti-Christ has captured the Negroes and are using them, for the powers of World Jewry have enmeshed all of the forces of the world against the White race. But the great judgments of God are going to move against it. And remember that God has an appointment with your race. This, my friends, is one of the most important things that you can know and understand. God calls on you to resist. And I challenge every White Christian man to be prepared to defend White Christian womanhood and to resist the powers of darkness. If there is a riot on one end of town and a fire on the other, then White men better be looking for that block that they are moving on. And when these Negroes move on that block to kill and destroy, don't spare a one.

Now some will not clap, but how they will cry for help if their block happens to be chosen. I point this out. This is Armageddon and this is why. Some say, ‘But the LORD is coming to take me away.’ But no. HE is not coming to take you away, HE is coming to help you when the major battle strikes. But do you mean to tell me that 145 million White Christians cannot wake up and defend themselves against a minority that has promised to kill them? So you mean to tell me that you cannot defend yourselves in your own society? You say, ‘But they will send in the army.’ I do not think that White men in the Army will not help when the White men are defending themselves against the Negroes. I have more confidence in White soldiers than to think they would take that Jew command. I tell you that anytime your government orders the army to fire on its citizens, then that government has gone retrograde anti-Christ and must be changed. I am going to tell you this. Any time I find White men defending themselves against evil, you will find me joining that White man FAST.

Someone says, ‘Is this the Gospel for this hour?’ This is the Elijah ministry which God is going to send upon HIS church in this hour. And that Elijah Ministry is going to awaken HIS people to the recognition of the danger. And I can assure you of this, for God sent HIS own special chariot to take him out of this world into the heavenlies. I am going to tell you this. In the days of Elijah, those priests of evil lost their heads. And I am going to tell you that the forces of evil are going to lose them again. So have no fear. For we are assured that as the powers of darkness move, the judgments of God will fall. And you are going to see the ministers of God call for the judgments to fall on the heads of the enemy and you will see one of the greatest miracles for the salvation of your nation that you have ever seen. If I was the President, I would run off to Europe if I had pulled as bad a trick on the people of this country as he has. If race crisis breaks out here, he better be over there meeting the new Pope for he is going to need it. There is one thing we could say tonight. They could have said this differently for this man does have an anti-Communist record. Thus, they could have made a more poor selection. He is not the acme of what a churchman should be, but he is more of a churchman than his predecessor was.

I point out to you tonight, that we have arrived at a climactic hour. And I want to call your attention to something else. The Methodist Bishops in Conference said they were happy at the ovation of the new Pope. He was a great scholar, a great liberal. And it touched their hearts that this man was selected. This was amusing because no church has put out more propaganda . . . and half of it was a fallacy and put out by church men than has the Methodist church. But when things are moving in a liberal vein, they seem to be moving with great speed, not only toward reconciliation, but toward the hope that a world church will be created, even as the World Government has been moving in such a direction in relation to the people.

Now there is going to be a great one world church. But it is not going to be one like most people think. It will not be a black, yellow, red and white church. It is going to be a great ribbon of people, God's people with One LORD, AND ONE BAPTISM.

Now don't go out of here and say that I am anti-Catholic or anything like that. I am not against any group of Christians anywhere in the world today. But I am thoroughly disgusted with the philosophy of the anti-Christs and the false prophets coming out of the pulpits of the world. So I say, stand against the false prophet and denounce his evil. Hold up the standards of HIS Kingdom and do not be taken in for the Negro wants the conquest of your race. He wants control of your Senate and your House. He wants control of your State government, liquidate the power. He wants to grind you into the ground. He wants to violate your women and liquidate the power of your men. And then a bloodbath for Africa and a supremacy for the unheard of dark Satanic forces. The Jews are using the Negro, and they well understand that they cannot win here. But in the turmoil, they hope to bring in the type of reinforcements that can strike a deadly blow which will surrender you by appeasement and fear. But when the people think that the sons of God are going to surrender thru fear, they are making a great mistake. Yes, the Bible tells me that the forces of anti-Christ and the forces of the false prophet are going to be captured at the climax of this event and put far from us. And this brings in another great phase of history----GOD’S APPOINTMENT WITH THE WHITE RACE.

End of meeting.