Strategy For Victory, 10-27-68


by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 10-27-68

One of the most important things for you to know is to know the mind of God. And the only people who can know the mind of God are people who can think in the same wavelength as HE thinks. People who can understand the mind of God can understand HIS purposes and HIS revelations.

This we know. You cannot learn this by going to a Jewish synagogue. Not one single Jew can understand the mind of God. Did you know that? In the Gospel of John, Jesus talks to these people and HE calls them liars and murderers from the beginning. And HE says that they cannot understand HIS words because they cannot hear HIS voice---HIS words. HE said, talking to the Jews, ‘You lack the ability to understand MY words.’ Then if a Jew cannot understand the words of God because he lacks the spiritual connection of a son of God, and has no part in the begatting of the MOST HIGH, then he has no way of interpreting the words of God and no way for teaching the word. So, there is one thing a JEW CANNOT DO and that is ‘teach’ you the program of the Kingdom.

To top this, you cannot go to a denominational church and learn about the program of the Kingdom. Oh, you say, ‘surely they know the Bible, because they went to seminars and they studied.’ Most went to college and a theological seminar and were taught pastoral psychiatry by a Jewish psychiatrist. They were taught to take a text and straightway depart from it. Some of the people think that the Kingdom of God is a facet of the concept of the mind concerning their better instincts and qualifications. Inside the church, they are teaching a pattern of revolution and the policies of man creating his own concept of God. They are teaching areas of humanism. The Christian Churches have been invaded by an unassimilable force. And I want you to know that inside the ministry of the Methodist, Baptist and other Christian churches, are a whole raft of young Jews---converted Jews, who moved thru your seminars and they have no area of conversion because they have no capacity to understand the things of God. So they move into an area of complete and absolute repudiation of the truth of God. It is a most important thing that the Adamic race understand that they are spirit of HIS Spirit, begotten in the spirit and are here in the flesh for a definite reason.

Jesus said, ‘I don’t pray for the world.’ But most churches spend lots of their time praying for the world. They lift up their voices and pray for the salvation of Africa and of Asia. They weep and they wail wanting everyone to be saved. But Jesus didn’t pray for the world. HE said, ‘I pray not for the world, but for them which thou hast given me; for they art thine. And all mine are thine and thine are mine; and I am glorified in them.’ (John 17:9-10) Then HE said, ‘I am nor more in the world, but these you sent are in the world and I pray for them while I come unto thee.’

The program of the MOST HIGH is that these of the spirit have come into the world and Jesus said, ‘I pray not that thou take them out of the world, but that thou shouldst keep them from evil. They are not of the world, even as I am not of the world. (Vs. 16) Jesus said, ‘Now the world hates me and the world hates them, (Adamites) but do not take them out of the world.’

Now, what was the strategy of the Kingdom? First the establishment of the offspring of God in the midst of the earth thru the Adamic race. Then to educate them in the things of God. For their spirit has the capacity to think the thoughts of God and to understand the pattern of God’s mind.

Now, YAHWEH-God knew HE was placing HIS sons and daughters in the earth. And HE knew that they were animated with HIS thoughts and HIS mind. And HE purposed that they would grow from one man’s family to 1/6 of the worlds population. And thru them, HE purposed to establish HIS Kingdom in earth. Thus, Jesus taught HIS Disciples when HE was here in HIS embodiment, how to pray:--

‘Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done, in earth as it is in Heaven.’ The Kingdom comes by administration. It comes by descent. For Kingdoms come that way. They pass from father to son. The children of the Kingdom are heirs of the Kingdom and it is important for them to understand that.

It is amazing that the Church can keep the heirs of the Kingdom in total ignorance of who they are, by having them sing hymns and pay tithe, by having them say, ‘we believe the scriptures, we believe in Jesus the Christ, so we will die and go to heaven.’ They think that is the Gospel of the Kingdom and why they are here.

Do you think that God ever sent you down here to see if HE could get you back? Do you think there was any doubt in HIS mind that HE could get HIS family back into the Celestial realm? Religion today makes it appear that God sent HIS family down here with Lucifer in control after the powers of darkness were driven out of the heavens by Michael in the days when he defended you in the past, and had to take a chance on getting HIS family back. Lucifer had roamed the earth long before your came. He had already sunk the continents of Atlantis and brought areas of catastrophe on the earth such as atomic warfare. And in the midst of this, then God sent HIS sons and daughters to earth to correct this situation. And didn’t know if HE could get them back, or that HE could rescue them?? Yet the Church teaches that everyone came from Adam. They are all the same. And yet the 1st chapter of Genesis tells you that ‘Kind begats like kind; seed having life in itself.’ When they say everyone came from Adam, they demonstrate that they don’t even understand the patterns of genealogy.

I want you to understand that when God established HIS own Household on the face of the earth, when HE established it with clarity, and ordained that they were HIS Household, HIS offspring, then HE proved this because Adam is a son of God. (Luke 3:38).

The Apostle Paul says the first Adam was a living soul and the second Adam which was the second begotten individual of the MOST HIGH, HE being YAHSHUA the Christ, was a Life giving Spirit. Before the foundations of the world, the Eternal Father said that HE would come and redeem HIS sons and HIS daughters.

‘Unto us a son is born, who is to be called, Wonderful, Counselor, Almighty God, Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace.’----Jesus.

Now, it isn’t strange to know that the Adamic race is the offspring of YAHWEH-God. HE has proclaimed this and has fulfilled HIS scriptures, HIS covenant, HIS promise of redemption, and HIS own embodiment. The course of the understanding of the things of God has to be of the Spirit of God. And the mind of the individual has to be activated by the mind of God. The scripture says that only those who are HIS Household, those to whom HE has given HIS Spirit, can be activated by the Spirit of God. They are the only people who can come out in their concept with any purity of understanding of God’s purposes and ideas.

The program of God’s Kingdom is complete. It calls for a standard of righteousness even as the heavens have been ruled with righteousness. It calls for righteousness as the 126 trillion suns and sidereal systems are ruled with righteousness. As well as the Host of God, the Angelic hosts and the created hosts, the peoples who dwell in other planets and other places---all ruled by the laws of God. Thus, HE has taught you to pray.

‘Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven.’ Then HE talks about the heavenlies and the vastness of the heavenlies. And HE expects you to understand. This is one of the reasons the Psalmist says, ‘The thoughts of God move by the Holy Spirit of God, and he rejoices in his heart at the thoughts of God made known unto him.’

You cannot take a Canaanites or a Negro and have him bring forth the Gospel of the Kingdom. For 73,000 years,---way back at the beginning of Lucifer’s invasion of earth, he placed Negroids out in the islands of the Pacific, as well as in Africa. And they served the god Voodoos, who was one of the fallen angels who came with Lucifer. The Negroes had witch doctors, and were eating each other long before the Adamic race came to earth.

Now remember, that the scriptures promise that God’s words will not depart out of thy mouth or out of the mouth of thy seeds for 1000 generations. Then also, Abraham wasn’t a Jew and neither was Seth or Adam, because Adam was the son of God. Cain was not the son of Adam because he was the son of Lucifer. He killed his brother then went out among the people of the world and produced Canaanites, not Adamites. Then Seth was born and Adam said, ‘I have begotten a son in my own likeness and in my own image.’ Thus, we find that Seth produced the lineage for the family of God.

Now, I have the book of Seth and it is a beautiful and inspired volume. And it is a volume about the Kingdom, about the destiny of the Adamic race, and about battling the forces of evil and the taking over of the earth for YAHWEH-God. It tells the story of the eventual success of this Household and the reign of the White race from sea to sea and pole to pole.

Now, the story of Seth and then of Enoch was told in their writing, for those writings are filled with the knowledge of God. Those writings of Enoch tell of his trip into space, as he wrote to his children and talks about the things of destiny; talks of the whole development of time and history right up to the return of Christ. And to the triumph over the powers of darkness. Inside the book of Enoch, it tells how the Lord will return in triumph, with thousands of HIS Saints, how HE is going to throw out the powers of darkness, how HE is going to join HIS Kingdom in trampling down the Luciferian children.

In the book of Jude, it tells us how the LORD will come with 10,000 of HIS Saints in judgment. So the patten remains that these great men of the Bible knew of the purposes and the plans of the Almighty and they wrote of them. Now, the program of pouring out HIS wisdom and Spirit upon HIS prophets and HIS ministers, was to clarify--for HIS race--which HE has planted in the earth, how they were to conquer and bring in the Kingdom. They understood about Lucifer. They understood how the people of Asia had been taken over by Lucifer as his Satanic priesthood had involved them in all the worship of idols and all the concepts of pagan gods. They understood that the pagan gods had come down and corrupted at Shinar. And there was Ashtoreth and Baal, and Baalim who was represented also in the concepts of Brahma, Vishnu, Siva, and Kali, and in the procedures of Buddhism. All of the pagan patterns of religion existed coming out of Asia and Africa, coming out of Lucifer. And Israel was warned about these pagan gods. They were told not to mongrelize, not to integrate or the curse of God would rest upon those that were mongrelizers and integrators, because they were a Holy Seed. God made it very, very clear that HE was establishing a family who were to grow up and conquer the world for God and for Christ. This is the strategy that God had in mind. Then under these instances, the Holy Spirit of God makes known the word of God, the prophecies of God, the program of God unto every one of HIS sons and daughters that will investigate HIS World, that will read the scriptures, that will move under inspiration. God says, ‘thy ministers will open up the word unto you, and they will declare unto you the words that I have spoken.’

Then God says, ‘I do not do anything in the face of the earth until I have revealed it unto my ministers and my prophets.’ Everyone however, is not a minister that says he is a minister. If you want to know who is a minister of God, it will be a person who will recognize that YAHSHUA-Jesus is the embodiment of God, is the Majestic Christ, and acknowledges HIM, acknowledges HIS virgin birth, HIS return, and HIS Kingdom. If a person does not acknowledge these things, then they are not one of HIS ministers. They are not one of HIS.

Now, I think it is about time you came out of the churches and stopped paying one cent to any minister who does not believe in the Deity of Christ and doesn’t believe in the fullness of God and HIS Kingdom. Now, by the same token, there has been darkness in part that has swept over the churches and the nations, and whence did it come? Lucifer has been fighting a deadly battle with the children of the Kingdom, from the beginning. In fact, we are told in the scriptures that Lucifer’s ministers are transformed into ‘Angels of Light’ and come forth with all types of understanding with all types of philosophies and approaches to religion, without identifying themselves with the program of God and the Kingdom of God. And of course, the atonement which God hath wrought.

The strange situation today is that the whole teaching of the scripture is on conduct. It is conduct along with the areas of belief and faith. God warns HIS people about the activities of Faith. HE tells them that Faith is the great spiritual stimuli that moves through the intelligence of men and guides the actions of men. That Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. If men do not know the work, if they do not know the program of God, they are a lost people, because they do not know where they are. They do not know which was to turn. They don’t know who they are. I want you to know that America has been in a bad way for the last twenty years, because they are bound up by areas of folly. And the voices out of the large ecclesiastic institutions have been the voices of anti-Christ. I tel you that the testimony has been asleep in this nation, and the other nations of God’s Kingdom. It is waking up now, but it has been asleep. And this is how Communism moved in. Take a look at England tonight. She is in a Communist revolution tonight, thru the areas of her youth. This doesn’t mean that the majority of the people believe in Communism, but enough of the people have been entrapped. And with the deadly teaching of the Red Bishop of Canterbury, they have been led astray. The failure has to be laid at the door of the church, because if the church had taught the word of God properly, there wouldn’t have been so many students running around the streets of England tonight, who do not know who they are, or which was to turn. And they would not have been so easily led astray. The same is true also of the other nations of God’s Kingdom. For all the White Western nations are a part of the Kingdom of God. Every one of the Adamic White race is a part of the House of Israel and everyone can be reached by the word of God. There is not a Jew on the face of the earth, that can be reached by the word of God, altho, they may even reside in Israeli. They are usurpers. They are Canaanites, Khazars, Amalakites. But they are not a part in any way-- of the House of Israel. When we talk about Israel, we are not talking about the Jews. And we want this to be understood by anyone who might be listening for the first time. So under this instance again, the program of God’s Kingdom has been for the study of God’s word. Under the study of the word, you come under many mysteries, many symbols, and the beast system, which is descended thru the ‘Enosh.’ It is their political system and their program and strategy, and it operates and controls the nations of the world. The Beast System opposes the Kingdom of God. It has from the beginning. Today the world is divided between the nations under the Beast System and the nations under God’s Kingdom which are the Western White Christian nations of the world. The scriptures make it very clear that those under the Beast System hold animosity toward the children of the Kingdom, because they know that the nations of the Kingdom will eventually control the world. Lucifer who is also called the ‘dragon’ the serpent and Satan, was thrown out of heaven by Michael. And we are told of this in the 12th chapter of Revelation. And it tells you there in Revelation, that the Dragon is angry with this great race which brings forth the children of the MOST HIGH GOD.

The might woman of God who is set forth with the crown with the 12 stars on her head is God’s Kingdom. She is the great and mysterious Bride of Christ, the Adamic race. And the dragon therefore, goes forth and is angry with the woman and makes war with all that remains of her seed, with all who keep the commandments of God, and all who have the testimony of Jesus the Christ. You don’t have to look around the world to see which race this is for only one race keeps the commandments of God and the testimony of Jesus the Christ.

The program of God is for the defeat of the Africans and the Asians who move under the program of false gods. I do not apologize for my belief in the Gospel of the Kingdom. I do not have to apologize for my GOD. I do not have to apologize for the WORD of the scripture. But I will work for it to my dying day, or rather to my ‘living’ day.

The scripture therefore talks about how the powers of darkness and the forces of evil are out to destroy the nations of God’s Kingdom. In fact, out of the program of world Communism, they have stirred up the operations of Negro strife. And the Negro moves emotionally into all facets of religion, but actually operates out of a background of witchcraft. This brings in their talk of Black Power and the clenched fist salute. However, lots of Christian businessmen seem to think we must walk yet another mile and bow to their demands. Let me tell you this. You do not have to bow to their demands here in God’s Kingdom nation. They are not to rule over you.

How and when will the White race wake up? The only message by which it will wake up is the Gospel of the Kingdom. This race will be saved by no other way. Salvation is when the intellect and mind of men awake and they find out who they are and then they move forward to do the things God want them to do, and they become victorious.

Faith is a tremendous factor. Over in the book of Hebrews, it tells you what men of Faith did. All the way down thru the history of the Old Testament, it tells us what men of Faith did. The Old Testament tells us how these men moved by Faith. God had reached into their intellect and spiritually enlightened them concerning the program of God. Thru Faith, they subdued kingdoms, and they wrought righteousness. They obtained promises, and they stopped the mouths of lions. Out of weakness, they were made strong. They turned to fight the armies of the aliens, and some were stones, some were sore afflicted. And the world was not worthy of them. They abode in the world as strangers. But gained a good report because thru Faith, they understood the promise. They knew the Kingdom was coming. They were participating in helping to spread it, and God has provided even better things for us who are called to proclaim the pattern of HIS word. So the Apostle Paul talks about how the spreading of the Gospel over the whole White race was in the plan of God. It was in the plan before the foundation of the world. For those of the Kingdom were HIS sons and HIS daughters. And their names were written down in the Lamb’s Book of Life before the foundation of the world.

Now, those with Jesus as HE left in the great space ship in the cloud, were told to go back to Jerusalem and wait. Then when they received their power, they were to go out and spread the Gospel of the Kingdom as fast and as far as they could. When the power came to the Disciples, they began to speak and people were added to the Church. Wherever your race is located, they received the Gospel of gladness.

Now, someone says, ‘but this limits the power of God.’ Why? With HIS grace and power, HE has said that not only is HE going to redeem Israel, but HE says HE is going to establish HIS Kingdom and put HIS children in charge of it. But then all flesh is going to be saved.

In the book of Revelation, it talks of the mysteries of this. It talks about the Beast System and then we read, ‘I saw all those whose names are not written in the Lamb’s Book of Life, and they looked at the Beast and they wondered at the Beast.’ But those who are the children of the Spirit and who are enlightened, know that this is the satanic plan by which the offspring of Lucifer plans to govern the world. Communism is the political program of the Beast System. Then it talks about the woman who sits upon the Beast, the great whore that sits upon the Beast who rules over many waters. This is symbolic of the false prophet. And she sits upon and controls the false pagan systems, and dominates the money systems of the world as well. She is called Mystery Babylon. But not many people pay any attention to that. They don’t know the Gospel of the Kingdom, and they don’t know what Revelation’s is talking about.

God says we are going to have to wake up these people and cause them to know the Gospel of the Kingdom, because ‘I have a message for My people which is, ‘Come out of her O My people.’ Come out of her (great Babylon) and be not partakers of her sins. For her sins have reached unto heaven and God hath remembered her iniquity.

It is not only ecclesiastical Babylon, with all her iniquities and pagan rituals, but you are told in the 17th chapter of Revelation, that these pagan powers will go to make war with the Lamb of God. And the Lamb shall overcome them. They that are with HIS, are called the chosen and faithful. This woman sitting upon the Beast System of the organized pagan powers of the world is organized Jewry (Zionism). It is the sons of Lucifer. It is the powers of darkness. And they govern all the pagan races. They govern the mongrels brought in by Lucifer. And it plans but one thing. As it sees the power of Christ gaining in the world, as it recognizes that HE said, HE would come in power and great Glory, then they say, ‘we have to be ready for HIM. We have to be ready to turn our missiles on HIM. We have to fight HIS people.’ At the same time, the strategy of this system of Mystery Babylon is to control all the areas of the economy. And the scriptures tell you all this. The whole program here in Revelation 17, is designed by the powers of darkness. Now God says, ‘Come out of her O My people.’ Don’t support her program, don’t support her economy.

Actually, we can see from the scriptures their programs of usury and extortion. And thru this system, they have gained control over all the world. Your Federal Reserve System is a part of this system of Mystery Babylon. Most of the banking systems of your country are controlled by organized Jewry. After they took over Russia, then they moved Asia and Africa against you. They then sent their teachers and instructors into your schools and they moved into areas of state-craft.

The other day, I spoke in Merced, and one of the men in our meeting was from the Methodist Church of that area and he said, ‘Dr. Swift, we had a unique situation here the other day. Our ministers invited a Colonel from the Travis Air Base to speak to us. He was a Jew and he was supposed to speak to us about the Jewish religion. So the church was full of people and here is some of the things this man said. ‘The Jews have been well accepted in America and I want you to know just where we stand today. We Jews, control the entertainment field. Let’s face it, we also control the financial field in America. The majority of the banks are owned by Jews. You might say, that we have a blanket hold on the whole amusement field and on Hollywood.’ Then he went on to say, ‘We own all three televisions networks, and we control them lock, stock, and barrel. We own most of the major newspapers and what we don’t own, we control thru advertizing.’

Now, this man was bragging and then he said, ‘Now isn’t that wonderful? See what we are doing for America? We Jews also control most of the psychiatrists and they are setting up the thinking patterns that moves into every fraternity, especially the medical organization. We Jews are remaking the minds of the world to fit the Jewish ideas. You should be glad for this, because we gave you your Bible and now we are giving you the next plan for world government and total integration which will do away with the race problem. You Christians should be happy for this because we Jews are giving the world our philosophy.’ Then he went on to say, ‘we Jews have taken the money away from you and we are putting you on the checkbook money. This is what we are working on now. The Jew is actually to be blessed for he has given your country a great increase in business. In fact, you people will have to conform because we can give you either depressions or stability.’

Well, my friends, I knew they controlled Hollywood. And I didn’t know that they controlled all three networks, but they probably do. Their main plan by this control, is to get your young people so used to seeing crime and vice, that they will accept it as a way of life. Then not satisfied with that, they want to fill your lives and minds with the perversion that fills every filthy Jew in Hollywood. The wave of perversion that has hit America from this filthy Mystery Babylon, comes from Jewish minds and America will never be clean until every filthy lousy Jew is run out of our country.

Now, what this Jew was telling the Methodist Church, was what great power and control they had. What the scripture says is ‘Wake up and get out of her (Mystery Babylon). They have been able to promote liberalism, Socialism, and Communism. They have liberalized and socialized your society until people are saying, ‘Is there any way out of this mess?’ Yes. God says look to the Word, learn the Word, find the Word, realize that all this is against your race,--that they plan the mongrelizing of your race,--the absorption of your race,----then you will decide to stand.

One of the strange things is that as they control the monetary system of the world as a part of Mystery Babylon, and they think that after this next election (1968), that Mr. Nixon or Wallace are elected, that they are going to give you another Depression such as they did in the days of Herbert Hoover. But they missed something here. In the days when Hoover became President, the Depression came sweeping down on our society and the Bankers said they didn’t have any money and the people believed them. When they said there is no way to get any money, they believed them. When the said there is no way to keep the factories going, they believed them. And the men were out of work and living was hard in America. Then in 1939, we were still in the Depression. But we heard that Germany was a menace and we must destroy Germany. And suddenly there was plenty of money. Germany had established their own bank and they weren’t borrowing money from the Jews. So the Jews ran out of Germany and began the old cry. Then all of a sudden there was money for this, money for that, money for the destruction of Germany.

I am telling you that never again, will they be able to pull this same trick on the American people. Too many people in this nation have their eyes open and never again will they take another Depression like the one in 1929 and the 30's. Never again.

(End of sermon)