Stream Of Life, 2-5-61



By DR. WESLEY A. SWIFT - 2-5-61

Turning to the subject of the STREAM OF LIFE, we realize there is a very vital sense of knowledge and understanding concerning the life which proceeds forth from God. Its purposes in earth, the vastness of Grace, and most important for us each one to perceive. Probably there has never been a time of more uncertainty or when it is more important for us to know our relationship to HIS STREAM OF LIFE, and to the vital purposes of God as now.

We would turn for one moment to the book of Revelation, Chapter 22, and we read these words of John as he stands to behold this great mystery of the force of God and he said:--'I saw a clear pure river of water of life, clear as crystal. And it proceeded out of the throne of God.' When he discusses this great force, and the healing power which lies within this stream where in grows the tree of the Kingdom. The tree which grew 12 manners of fruit. Each one a symbol of the 12 tribes of Israel. Each one of them a symbol of God's healing of the nations. And the fruit of Life, and it flows as a mighty river from the throne of God.

When he discusses this great force, and the healing power which lies within this stream where grows the tree of the Kingdom, which grew 12 manners of fruit; each one a symbol of the 12 tribes of Israel, and each of them a symbol of God's healing of the nations. And the fruit which it bore was the fruit of Destiny. And its life comes out of the STREAM OF LIFE. And it flows as a mighty river from the throne of God.

I think there is nothing more important for us to understand this afternoon, than the impact from this STREAM OF LIFE, and our relationship to the Law of Life. There is a passage in the book of Romans that I should call your attention to for it says:---"And the law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus, has made me free of the Law of Sins and Death."

First a river of life from the throne of God then the law of the Spirit of Life. I think there is nothing more important for us to understand next to our Sonship and our relationship to the father, than to know the law of the spirit of life and our relationship to the Stream of Life. This book we call the Bible is definitely written to our race, and that is why its message, and all that it contains is so easily understood by those out of our race who seek to understand it, as the spirit of God makes it known unto them. There is one thing we must understand about God's spirit and that is that this is the very essence of His being. It is the very notion, and the very action out of his own mind, and his own intelligence, and is out of the very action of his own mind, and his own intelligence, and is out of the energy of the mind form patterns of his own spirit, that he has made the Universe. I think the more we know of the spirit of God, and the more we become aware of its functioning process for us, the more we will release the power of spirit resident in us, that God sent into the world, by the media which the Bible describes. When we talk about this stream of life we are talking about the Graciousness of God, and the Love of God, and the life of God, three of the most important words that you could understand in relationship to Him.

The whole Universe to the furthermost extent was created by Him and for Him. The Apostle Paul makes this declaration, and the first verse in the book of Genesis tells us that in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Beginnings are only points of origin for the individual creations.

There is one pattern that is more than philosophy, and is a fact, in the proof of existence, that there has never been a beginning for God. That he was before all things, that He has always been creating, always existing, for life and the spirit, and the energy --which is God has always had form and always had existence.

If we could travel to the perimeter of our visible Universe which our greatest telescopes could discover, if we could stand upon a threshold, we would see before and beyond it an ever increasing expanse of creation. We know that the electronic telescope has probed beyond the lenses to multiply the horizon of our Universe in the last two years by ten times. When we understand the vastness of it all we become also equally entranced with the facts around the smallest and most minute portions of God's Universe. The smallest atom moving in its energy from around the form by which it was determined, its units of energy, its vibratory forces set in motion by His existence, an the rigidity of his law determining all the functions of the things he has created. From the tiniest orbits of the atom to the largest orbits of the solar system, and then to the great island Universes moving thru the vastness of space, and God made it all, and God said, it is good.

Thru out the vastness of it all we can catch just a little glimpse of the Grace of God when we consider that all of this happens to be----existence of a tiny grain of sand hurtling thru space inhabited by creatures and beings. Some of his creation and some of the mutations, and most of all that God would look down on this tiny grain of sand which we call earth, but so infinite small compared to the vastness of his creation, and then go so into this event as to put those of his own spirit, his household, his own children, his race with His own breath of life--in earth, and put it there as an act of Grace. He put this race there to bring in His kingdom. He put it there to provide a STREAM OF LIFE from his throne, to a world now under all the vibrations of destruction, calamity and catastrophe, as it was when the Adamic race was placed in earth. He put it here for a functioning purpose, and to provide what would involve experiences for those who came. When we understand this and we think of the panorama which this Book contains concerning these things which happened before our times, in the environment of violence to show themselves in all times, then we also begin to feel a permanency concerning the Spirit of Life which dwells inside of you.

We want you to remember that the Adamic Race had breathed with in it the very Life of God. But when God placed it in the earth it was to produce a Stream of Life, to plant a Holy seed inside these bodies that men dwell in. And the resulting impact was going to be that they would increase and multiply upon the face of the earth, until the Kingdom of God --this far reaching kingdom was installing men with the Laws of Life, and the truth of the Laws of God, who were to go out from one end of the earth to the other. This was the divine purpose, and eventually thee whole earth would be back in orbit--under the MOST HIGH GOD. We have read many times, and it is a knowledge open to all who study all the phases of Theology, that are available to them, that all the troubles that we have today thru out the Universe comes from a rebellious spirit who tried to set up the thinking of his mind, and the functioning of his purposes against God. At no time was he as great as God, or to be able to produce creations like HIM, but the ego had but one turn and that was--since he could not create, he could only destroy. And his Universe has been one of destruction, and his creations have been one of disintegration. Thus it was that the rebellious Lucifer gathered together even the hosts of Angelic beings, creatures from planets out in the Universe. He sought in the antiquity of yesterday to overthrow the throne of God. When defeated by the hosts of heaven, the mighty hosts of the MOST HIGH, not inhibited, not exterminated, not destroyed or tortured except by the utter evil of error, earth then became his prison chamber. Here surrounded, held back from expanding thru out the Universe, here he has mutated what was here. He sought to change and distort. Here they who came with him also did not keep their first estate, and intermingled with that which was of the ancient creation. Sowed out of the hosts who came with people from other areas of the Universe, here people of earth were to know its great catastrophe ages before your race arrived. That is why we have that Divine verse;---God created the heavens and the earth --No time element necessary to put a restriction on how long it took. The Bible doesn't intend to do that nor give you a chronology of the Universe---only a history of your race in earth.

The second verse says;---:--"And the earth was without form and void and darkness was upon the face of the deep" --This is speaking of great aftermath of destruction and catastrophe, but it starts a narrative with its symbolism, its allegories, and its vital message -----"Unto you it is given to know the Mysteries of the kingdom, unto them it is not given." So said Jesus:---"I send my spirit upon you, the spirit which the world could not receive", so that you can understand the things that went before, and the things that shall be." ----"For May spirit shall guide you into the knowledge of all truth, and bring all things to your remembrance." Significantly therefore the children of spirit can receive all things of the spirit because their inner consciousness vibrates at the same wave length as God who begat them.

If you were to go into the book of Jeremiah the prophet, in the fourth chapter, you would discover that Jeremiah is given the vision --of seeing the interval between the first and second verse of the first chapter of Genesis. He beheld the earth becoming without form and void, and he sees the catastrophe sweeping over the earth. He sees cities disappear and jungles rising where once civilization stood. He saw the marching feet of great armies and mighty people traveling over the highways which became covered with jungles. He saw uplifting of mountains, and he saw sinking areas of earth. He saw the catastrophe of ancient violations of laws.

There is something about evil, for it no longer functions in the synchronization of the law of life, and the law of form. Lucifer remember could not create, so he destroyed. Remember that --ancient races and ancient struggles for power rocked the earth long before our race arrived. The fact remains that this is why we can still find the isotopes which we could not find in the normal minerals of earth, in their proper condition. On the shores of Western Africa, and on Eastern Easter Island, on the western Pacific, on the shores of the Atlantic and Pacific ocean we see the long volcanic scars running and stretching out under the water, proving that this land was once above the surface of the water. Antiquity in time, the changing forces, the vibrations of error had been translated into action.

What so ever exists in God's Universe, the mind of God perceives, and the mind of God knew, the mind of God put it in form, and that form was filled with the essence of God's purpose, and his being. God looks upon all of it and sees that it is good. Then we turn and see that there was a mutation of it. When Lucifer turned he was filled up with some of the knowledge of all this, and there is no question of that. He knew how the atom was made, and he knew how to take it apart. We haven't made very many of them but we have taken some apart even in our time, but we discover that as we go into the origin of this that a great catastrophe struck the earth. Whole species were mutated, mongrelized, and that mongrelization became the law of the era. And what we call sin is merely violation of the Divine law, mongrelization of the people of earth, an the catastrophe of the evil concepts that existed in that time.

I want you to know that out of all this we can capture a little bit of the nature of God. One would consider that out of the vastness of his Universe, and with all these things which were his creations, that with one rebellious Archangel with the forces of the hosts of heaven having come to earth, and the catastrophes that enveloped this one little globe which is spinning thru space surrounded by the hosts of heaven, and then isolated from the rest of the Universe, that God did not reach that far, but I am going to tell you that the theology of God is so more far reaching than the theology of men, that most men are not willing to go as far as God does. The day is coming when the forces which God has set in motion in this very STREAM OF LIFE, is going to get behind as Christ told him to do, and he is going to follow and bow the knee. The day is going to come when Lucifer the Devil, will be no more, and this Archangel will once more serve before the throne of God, and before your family, and your family tree, and victory will come thru out all the universe.

When the Adamic race was placed in earth, it was then known as to what was to transpire. In face even before the foundation of the world God had discussed the necessity of HIS GRACE. And when that race was placed in earth, the first seduction of it was the attempt to destroy it by the mongrelization of it, and it required the intervention of God to stop that process. And then you remember that the catastrophe which enveloped the Adamic family lost for them one of the elements of their own nature, which would have accompanied their residence in earth giving them unlimited power, and unlimited spiritual force, which was the Shekinah Glory of their Father, for the Shekinah Glory of the Father could not cohabit with the darkness, and it could not be a part of that violation of Divine law, and the original principal expressed in the scripture. This was not the multiplication of Grace, this was an intermingling of this race with the TREE OF KNOWLEDGE OF BOTH GOOD AND EVIL, THE FALLEN HOUSEHOLD OF LUCIFER AND THE CATASTROPHE OF A SHAKEN EARTH.

If you were to go into the structure of God's covenants you would discover very quickly that from the beginning --- Adam was given an assurance. Adam was told that out of him and this STREAM OF LIFE which he possessed was to come the kingdom which He had promised. That there would be enmity between the seed of the woman and the serpent, or the symbol of Lucifer. As we go down thru the course of this Book we see that there is nothing more important than the preservation of this STREAM. From the days of Adam down thru Seth---for remember that Seth was the acceptable child of Adam and Eve, for when Seth was born then Adam said;--I have gotten a man in my own image. True violation of law had taken place, but Seth was the true unpolluted seed of Adam and Eve, and he became the one to carry forward as the progenitor, the Patriarch of your race. And from the days of Seth on down to Noah, we find in this book a listing of this STREAM OF LIFE. Great Patriarchs of this race arose in this period of time, men like Enoch and Job, men who walked with God, men who had listened to the voice of God, who had been given instructions above many of those found round about.

Enoch stands out above all others as one who had stood in the presence of the MOST HIGH GOD, even to taking a trip to the mighty Crystal Palace of the MOST HIGH. Yes, even here in the Mighty Crystal Palace of God's own throne with all the glory and majesty one would expect around the throne of God, here Enoch once stood. And he was here instructed with the things of the Universe and the vastness of it, and of his responsibility as the son of Adam. That he --Enoch the son of Adam, the son of God who was sent to earth for a purpose, was the instruction of Enoch. Then Enoch brought back his message and he told his story. Those were ancient mysteries referred to in the ancient Zohar, and talked about in the ancient manuscripts of the Kehella. This is a part of the panorama of a race .

I think that it must be recognized that this racial stream continued on down thru Seth, and tho one of its streams was found in the upper Tarim basin where the family of Noah settled, still it also moved on. The scripture tells us that the violence and evil was always there to destroy the kingdom of God. The Nephilin-----the Nephilin is referring in a unique way to this unassimilatable offspring of this diabolical union. It is translated incorrectly in the King James Version as --the sons of God saw the daughters of men, and they intermingled with them. It should not be translated as Sons of God , for the Angels were not at any time called 'Sons of God', at no time did he ever say to the Angels,---'thou art my sons'.

In the ancient book of Job where Job was given great wisdom we listen and we hear him say; --'When the morning stars sang together and all the sons of God shouted for joy'. Archangels were morning stars, but they were not sons of God. How was it that in the antiquities of yesterday that there were sons of God there? Because God said to Job:--"You were there". And you were full of years, every one of you and the life which resides in every one of you is the Life issue of God. You were spirit of his spirit, you were with the Father in the beginning, before the world was framed. You have already been blessed in 'all spiritual blessings' in heavenly places with the Eternal before you ever abode in earth. Because the spirit in you is spirit of His own spirit, and you are His offspring. As seed of your own seed, and life out of your own life within this physical body, so also are you the children of God's own spirit. And the spirit preceded the flesh, it did not come after, it was the first.

I want you to realize that as it relates to this kingdom of the Eternal, that the house of Noah was faced with a great problem, unassimilatable forces were seeking to absorb and to seize and to marry, and carry off those of this race. It was the design of Lucifer and these evil masters to neutralize and mongrelize this race. That is why Jesus talked about the elements of our time, and he said it would be as in the days of Noah, when they were eating and drinking and giving in marriage.

Now; there is nothing wrong with these things if they are not abused, and you do not become intemperate with them. And giving in marriage is a custom which has been in the background of Divine blessings up to our time, has the sanction of the church as well. But the way the eating and drinking and giving in marriage was carried on around this environment of Noah was something entirely different, because the Nephilin were trying to absorb this race to mongrelize it, and destroy it. They wanted to cut the STREAM OF LIFE from divine destiny. The results were that the surrounding conditions that developed then brought about the results as to where the flood took place, which was in that area. But it wasn't until after the 120 years of warnings, in which Noah built an Ark, and the people laughed at him because it had never rained very much in that high Tarim basin before this. They had never had a flood there before, and altho they had a subterranean sea underneath this high inner valley surrounded by mountains they never knew that was the structure of this bowl in the Asiatic mountains, they never knew that was the structure under this bowl until the waters came. The fact remains---when the waters did come and the fountains of the deep were discovered as the earthquake cracked the floor of that valley, then the Ark floated, and a catastrophe came upon a great force which had sought to mongrelize and destroy this STREAM OF LIFE whose destiny was a steady stream of Life for the earth. And most of those swallowed up were not basically people of your race, they were mutations whom the fallen powers of the fallen Angels --these Nephelin had mongrelized. The Hebrew did not say men it said --Nephelin. When it talks about men the word is Adam., but what was destroyed that day was the Nephilin, the mongrelized society it had produced.

Don't let anyone tell you that all the races of mankind, or all the Streams of Life came out of the three sons of Noah---Ham, Shem and Jacob. For Noah and his wife had three sons, but they were all white as your race today, but the fact remains, don't try to bring all the racial streams, and all the abominations of the line of the Cainanites, and Hittites down by saying that the sons of Noah went and married someone here, or someone there, and they came and took them by the Ark into the world after the flood. They did not come by the Ark either, for nothing was on that Ark that was not acceptable unto the MOST HIGH GOD. I want you to know that the waters of that flood did not cover all the earth either, the word in Hebrew is Errat, meaning all that place. In fact it never covered the Temple or the great city of ON built by Enoch and Job in Egypt, and it never bothered the Egyptians, it never bothered the people of upper China, or Asia until the waters discharged after the great earthquake, and caused an opening on either end of the Tarim basin. Then the waters ran out of the high mountains where the flood had come. And some of that water ran down the Wang Ho river into China and some ran down thru Mesopotamia and passed Ur of the Chaldeas, but there was a water mark as to where it came, and where it stopped.

Yes there was a STREAM OF LIFE, which came thru the Ark, there was also a part of that stream which was still down in ancient Egypt in the city of Heliopolis that were not Egyptians. But when we look out upon the earth and we perceive its purpose we see that one of the great functions of this was that God was selecting a people and carrying forward a destiny. And He poured out Life and He had a purpose within it, and inside this race He had a Seed of Life. And the Mystery of this seed was that it was a holy seed, and it carried with it the nucleus of Divine Glory, and it had within it the wave length to think divine thoughts. And it was the very Life energy of God himself. I was God himself who was concerned in all this, so was he actually so concerned about this? yes, I would say that he was concerned about this, very concerned. I would call your attention to the fact that he wanted to preserve this STREAM OF LIFE, AND THAT HE DID NOT WANT IT MONGRELIZED. There is nothing wrong with each and every race today or what remains of each race or specie of it, as far as their race is concerned. But it is definitely a violation of Divine law to mutate this race of which you are a part, to mongrelize it. I would call to your attention t hat here in the 12th., chapter of Genesis that God called a man whose father happened to be Prime Minister to Nimrod, and who lived in the great city of Ur of the Chaldeas. Here was one of the highest and purest strains of this household who when he was first born had brought a star in the highest heavens, and also there was a conjunction in the heavens which even Nimrod's own soothsayers had witnessed. It was a conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter which was an astronomical occurrence and had its normal cycle, but upon that night a comet also crossed the sky, and it was thought that this one born that night would be a great leader and someone under heavenly unction, and of course you remember that this one was Abram. The forces around Nimrod, wishing to retain the Eternal destiny of their so called cosmopolitan, this mixed up city of Ur of the Chaldeas in which people of all races and languages, these forces were out to destroy this child that threatened their hold on this city. But on that night , and into the house of Terah--Abram was born. The order was put out to put this child to death, and we know that to preserve his son that Terah spirited him away and he was raised in some caves where he was taught and instructed by Noah, who was still resident in the earth at that time.

After the boy was past the age of ten years and having been instructed for these years in the household of Noah he returned to his father. And here again it was --the Faith, the background, the culture, and the tradition of this man Abram which showed up in this body. For Ur of the Chaldeas had taken on the Cosmopolitan ways of the world, and the mongrelized, and mixed races live together, and the Imperial power of a rising ---Ur-- was so great that inside this city of Nimrod, they had adopted the gods of Asia and the gods of the surrounding people. Abram however had been raised as a son of Faith, this racial stream of significance of which God had told of the significance of it in the ancient past, as to the raising of such a son.

Even in the time of Enoch, who reports in "The Tower" that there would be coming forth of such a son, who would be called to the Father, to carry forward the destiny, an in whom he would make a Covenant to multiply his seed, as the sands of the seashore and the stars of the heavens, it is most significant that Abram went into his fathers idol temple one day and chopped up all the idols with an axe. And before the anger of this situation he did not wince. His father came in and in anger said;---'why did you do this thing, why have you chopped up our gods? Know you not that Nimrod will require your life? Know you not that you are in great danger?' Abram said;---'Oh, my father, how could I do this, How could I destroy the gods, I merely brought in some rice and other foods and they fell to fighting, and that is what happened.' The father said;--'You don't mean to tell me that these gods of wood and stone, that we made with our own hands could do anything like just what you have stated? ' Then Abram said; --'My father, if these gods have no power to do anything, and we have made them from wood and stone, then why do we worship them?'

Abram remained in that land until God called him. In the 12th chapter of Genesis then God said;--'Abram get thee out of that country, and from thy kindred, and from thy father's house, and to a land that I will show thee, and I will make thee a great nation, and I will make thy name great, and I will bless thee, and thou shall be a blessing, and I will bless them that bless thee, and curse them that curse thee, and in thee shall all the families of the earth be blessed'.

Abram did exactly what God told him to do, he gathered up his household, his flocks and he left. I would turn for a moment for God had made it very clear that He had a great prose for this man Abram. In the 17th chapter of Genesis I read these words;---'When Abram was 90 years of age-----I want you to understand that when I say a STREAM OF LIFE I mean life--pulsing, vibrating life, the life of God, the life that God can activate, life that nothing can upset. Well Abram was 90 years of age and then 99 years of age, and YAHWEH then came to him and said:--I am Almighty God, walk before me, and be perfect for I am going to make my covenant between me and thee, and I am going to multiply thee exceedingly.

Now; when a 99 year old man is told that he is about to have a genealogy emerge from him this is an amazing thing. I will make my covenant between me and thee, and I will multiply thee exceedingly, and then God said:--"Behold , my covenant is with thee, and thou shall be a father to many nations, neither shall thy name be called Abram any more, now it shall be Abraham, a father of many nations. I will make thee fruitful, and many nations shall come of thee, and kings shall come out of thee and thy seed after thee, in their generations for an Everlasting Covenant. I will be a god unto thee, and thy seed after thee.' I want you to remember this because this is one of the most important heritages that you possess. God Almighty said;---"I will make My covenant with thee, and thy seed after thee." It is not conditional, it is an unconditional covenant.

I want you to pause with me for one moment and turn over to the writings of the Apostle Paul concerning this covenant. It has great significance because a great number of people try to set this aside on the basis of an error or mistake, or transgression that might have been committed by some of these people. (Gal: 3;16)

Now; to Abraham and his seed were the promises made. He saith not and to seeds as many; but as one." This seed was that which was to come forth out of Isaac. Now;----and this I say that the covenant which was confirmed before YAHWEH --IN CHRIST--the law which was 430 years after cannot disannul or set aside, that it should make the promise of none effect, for if the inheritance be of the law, it is no more of promise, but God gave it to Abraham by promise. And inheritance my friends, is by Seed, by Fatherhood. This covenant with Abraham was the acknowledgment of the seed line of the Adamic race which carried the holy seed, the covenant was made with his seed after him. And the Covenant which was made before God himself, thru the embodiment of his spiritual seed --He was not going to permit it to be set aside.

Now; I think this is significant---"I shall establish my covenant between thee and me, and after thee with thy seed thru all their generations." Remember the LORD had visited Sarah, and then Sarah had her son. The LORD had a Covenant, and altho Sarah laughed at the idea, still she bore a son because of this destiny, and the son was Isaac, and I read here in the book of Genesis 21:12---"In Isaac shall thy seed be called". Irrespective of what people try to say about the seed of Abraham, and his many nations, we are told plainly that "In Isaac shall thy seed be called". So only out of Isaac, and then I turn here to the two sons of Isaac--Esau and Jacob, and I will not go thru all the violations of Divine law which occurred, but I will tell you that one of the reasons why Jacob became the carrier of the holy seed, and Esau did not, was because Esau was rejected as this carrier---you find this in the 26th chapter of Genesis----"Esau was 40 years of age and he took a wife --Judith, the daughter of Beeri the Hittite, and Bashemath the daughter of Elon the Hittite, and there was much grief of mind in Isaac and Rebecca."--Why this grief---they knew that their son had married 2 Hittite women, of the Cainanite and Hittite line, and these women belonged to the ancient lines of people and Empires who had been existent in the earth even before the Adamic race. And they knew that the Hittites were a part of that fusion of the ancient Nephilin, and this was no acceptable unto God, thus this was a great grief to Isaac and Rebecca for now this son of their had married outside of his race, and by this process he could not carry forward , this STREAM OF LIFE, for the betterment of the earth.

This left Jacob, and we discover that the LORD accepted Jacob and remembered his promise, as he said to Abram---"Thy seed shall be as the sands of the seashore and the stars of the heavens---and thy seed shall possess the gates of the enemy, and in thy seed shall all of the nations of the earth be blessed, because thou has obeyed my voice." This was the promise made to Abraham then repeated to Isaac and now once more confirmed to Jacob a God gives this experience to Jacob. Then in genesis 28:3---God says to Jacob after he had his dream, and saw a ladder running up to the heavens, and then the LORD stood before him and said: ---'I am the LORD God of thy father, I am the EL of Abraham, and of thy fathers and this land in which thou lieth I will give to thy seed and thy seed's seed after you.

Let me tell you this--the covenant was again confirmed, this time in Jacob. 'And thy seed shall be as numerous as the dust of the earth. They shall spread out to the east, and to thee west, and to the north and to the south, and in thee, and in thy seed shall all the families of the earth be blessed.'

We would then turn to the climactic chapter --48 of the Book of Genesis, in the days when God was passing out his blessings upon the sons of Jacob, a snow the great Patriarch of his people--Jacob-Israel is now full of years, when we see that Joseph had two sons, born to him in Egypt, their mother the daughter of the High Priest at the Temple of On, and named Ephraim and Manasseh, and they were brought for a blessing of their grandfather. Do not for a minute think that Joseph married an Egyptian for Joseph married a member of the white race, from the household of the Priesthood of the temple of On, which had been there since the days of Enoch and Job, these two pillars of wisdom. And Joseph thus married Asenath of that great old city of On, which the Greeks later would call Heliopolis. But because they were acceptable, as the spirit of God moved upon Jacob-Israel, then Israel said:---"Let the name of Israel descend upon these two lads, even as the name is upon the rest of the tribes, and the covenants were made concerning nations, and that Great nations would arise. " Prophetic destiny is declared concerning all of this household of Israel, and with it goes Ephraim and Manasseh, this promise of a great nation, and a company of nations, a promise that effects the heraldry of your nation, and effects a great part of the background of the Anglo-Saxon people even as each one of the tribes of Israel has been marked by its prophetic identification. We today can trace all the tribes of Israel all over the earth, and have little problem finding where each one of them has gone. They went into captivity and came out of that captivity, they have been moved by the great impact of spiritual energy poured into their environment, but I want you to know that they are all in the earth today, they are all fulfilling their destiny, and not one single tribe has been erased, and nothing has been lost. There is not one tribe of the white race, which does not belong in the house of Israel.

Someone always says;--but what about the tribe of Judah? I am going to tell you tonight that the tribe of Judah is the Germans, and we can prove that they are the Goths and the VisGoth. And the people of Benjamin are the Normans, then Normandy was of the house of Judah and Benjamin. The house of Judah thus was in Germany and in Austria, and had its house of destiny fulfilled. Remember if you want to find the house of the Anglo-Saxons that they are the house of Joseph--Ephraim and Manasseh, and they are found in England an din the United States, and among the English speaking people. We can find any of the tribes for we know where they have gone. We can find the tribe of Reuben in Holland, and we find any of these tribes today, because God kept his covenant and they are his STREAM OF LIFE.

I would pause for a moment as we discuss these covenants, to explain that today we have many people who claim to be Israelites who are not. But they hardly ever call themselves by the word Israel. A lot of people think today that the people of the book, the chosen people are those called Jews today, but I want you to know that the Jews of today don't belong to anyone of the tribes of Israel. You say:--but how can this be? Because they did not come from any of the tribes of Israel, the covenants were not made with them, and do not belong to them. A great number of them are Kazzars that became the converts to a group of those who dominated under the periods of Herod, and afterwards the Temple of Jerusalem, an they were Cainanites, Hittites, and Amalakites, and they took over the Temple at Jerusalem, and Christ demonstrated this by his own ministry that these people were not Israel. I think that the fact remains that as we look into the background of these races, that there is a new covenant God made in the book of Jeremiah in the 31st, chapter, a new Covenant God made with the House of Israel and the House of Judah, and if you read this new covenant then it means that God was going to put his spirit again in your hearts. He was to quicken them, so they would function and bring into their consciousness again the concept of his kingdom, bring it into reality once again, and even tho he had given them the law upon Mount Sinai, he was now going to give them all the spiritual impulse to carry out this law. To carry it out by desire and inner will as the spirit of god moved upon them. The New covenant was going to envelope the great work of the Messiah, and the new Covenant would be identified with HIM completely for He said:---I AM YAHSHUA --I am your savior--I am your redeemer, beside me there is no God.

Isaiah proclaims this as he says;---"When I bring my people from the east, and from the west, and the north, and the south, they will have my name upon them for they will be known as God embodied --Christians. There is no doubt today but what we have watched a new covenant which has been literally been fulfilled. Let me cite to you concerning this purpose---I would switch over to another phase of the scene----'The spirit of the Law of Life in Christ Jesus makes us free from the law of sin and death.' God kept his covenant to restore this racial Stream to its full spiritual vitality. That is why the necessity of Calvary, and that is where he fulfilled the work he came to do. But I want you to know that the kingdom sent into the world to begin with was an act of GRACE. God did not put it here to gamble on getting it back, he put it here to bring life to earth, to put spiritual vision here. There is no greater knowledge that you can have today than your relationship to this truth. For inside of each and everyone of you is ---THE LIFE OF GOD. You are his children and he is your father. When you look out over the world you see that God has blessed your race with his spirit as he had promised to do. You have had technological abilities to adapt yourself to everything in the midst of the earth. He h given you spiritual revelation concerning himself until you have identified yourself with him--in Faith, and with His name. There is one thing remaining to be achieved and this is the mighty triumph of your faith, which will bring the envelopment --to the entirety of that race, the greatest age the world has ever known.

I sometimes find that people do not understand how free they can be with the spirit of the Law of the Life in Christ Jesus. John the apostle tells us that this was --THE WORD --This was the one by whom all things were made, this is the Light which is the Life of men, and the apostle Paul also recalling the mystery in all things has this to say;-- "It is the Christ in you which is the hope of Glory"--. It is that the mind in you is the mind of the Christ. And he says that we have the mind of Christ. If you were aware of the mind of Christ in you, and aware of this holy seed which the prophet Ezra was so zealous in preserving as he realized its responsibility, then you would be aware that Christ said to you;---'You who receive this spirit, that the world cannot receive'--why? Because the world could not understand it. He said;---'I sent unto you the Comforter --the Paraclete, the holy spirit --this is the spirit that the world cannot receive.'

Most people read past what the word of God says:-- and they try to give to the ends of the world something they cannot receive. But what you can give to the world and what they can receive is what you are going to do, but you cannot do that either until the Christ in you finishes the work which you must become aware of.

Let me assure you that there is something great about this purpose of God, the Grace of God which involved his plan for this earth, and everything in it, you and I are also involved in it and we have been blessed in this plan. God has given us knowledge and wisdom until there is nothing that we can think about that we do not do, until practically all the achievements and developments ha been done by your race. The vastness of exploring the heavens with the great instruments you have developed, the mechanism of how to grind them, you discovered how to make these great lenses, and the microscopes. You have discovered how to make all the instruments of today in this great expansion of electronics. You discovered how to harness all the forces which you have adapted.

Now; think about it --you want to be better housed so you build better homes, and you improve their roof, and you think on instillation, and you have improved their texture, their color, and anything you want to do--you do. If the seat you sit on is to hard, you make it softer. If there is a burden in your way of life you think and your ideas form the problem. Then you think about it and you form the machine to take care of it. There is not anything that you can't handle if you realize that you have a problem, and if you want to alleviate it and make it lighter, or improve the circumstances under which you live. You as a race, you do something about your problems.

Now; you then look out at the ends of the earth and you have changed it. But the jungle does not work that way. And the only time it climbs out of the mire is when you give it guidance. You look out over large parts of Asia today and they are still operating in ignorance, and superstition, and squalor, and you see the signs of wealth right along side of the Squalor, but they don't seem to know how to do anything about it.

Now; there are times when waves of depression catch men, and these waves of depression catch them because they go after such waves. They see sweeping upon the world--depressions, recessions, catastrophe and war, and it seems to hurt them most if the things they made are swept away from them for a moment. If for a moment the houses they made or the property they acquired are swept away then they are of all things undone. If a depression comes along an they lose all these things they don't stop to think--look we made them once and we can make them again, and we can find out how to keep them. we have all made things so we can now find out how to keep them, and find out just how we lost them. We can find out why there are wars, why there are depressions, why there is catastrophe. If we can make this world then we can keep it. You say; --but that hasn't anything to do with it. Let me show you that it has--when we put first things first we stop losing things because they are only put here to lose anyhow. And we make as many things as we want without fear.

Let me point this out to you--everyone of you are here because you volunteered to come---did you know that? You say:--I don't remember that. --That is right you do not remember that because that was in spirit before this cosmic order finally shaped out. But you looked down upon the existing order in that great catastrophe that Lucifer brought upon that existing order, and you saw the world that he produced, then the Father said;--we are going to put this all back in order, and you said: ---'I will go'. When He said; we will put our own family down there with the light and truth, and with the wave length of spirit, with creativity and ability, then we will change all this chaos, and put it all back in order, then everyone of you said:---'I will go', and that is why you are here.

Oh, you say; --I don't remember that, well that is alright for the Apostle Paul said if you had remembered you would have gone right back to where you had come from. Thus you are 'Strangers and Pilgrims' in the earth, and you don't' remember how you got here. After you grew up in the developing of senses in adaptation to this world you discovered that you lost the remembrance of where you came from, but you hadn't lost the responsibility of why you came. Now; let me tell you this;--there is nothing as important as the LIGHT OF GOD, THE LOVE OF GOD, THE SPIRIT OF GOD, for you are children of God, and you are His household, and you are his people, and he put you here for a purpose.

You say;---my there are so many problems, we get up to a certain point and then we are cast down by the things that we meet. Let me tell you something ---never let conditions that are the results of not fulfilling all the law which God has give you---never let that effect your responsibility to accomplish the purpose you were placed here for--by making it first---"thy Kingdom come", thy will be done in earth.

Of all the people who have ever visited earth you would think the one entitled to the most, the one who would possess the most would be God Himself. But when you consider Enoch, when I read and thrill to the words of Enoch, and how he was carried in a chariot of space for that period of instructions with the father, and when he describes this simulated Palace of Glory and the Majesty ---all that--you would anticipate in the God of the Universe whose light broke into the many splendid colors of the rainbow, and the vibrations that seemed to fill the whole area of space to which he traveled. When one recognizes that Enoch said:---I felt the pulsing part of God which reached from the essence of his being out to everything that He made, framing it --to be good---that my friends is LOVE. That is Love which reaches out so far that you can hardly understand it. But that is love that you also can feel, that can be felt by an approaching son, and was felt as Enoch was brought into His presence.

Now when Enoch saw the vastness of the things of the Universe that he was taken to, then Enoch was thrilled with it all. But I want you to see that in the Majesty of all this, Enoch saw thousands and thousands coming and going. He saw and he heard heavenly choirs, and the music was described as sounds man had never heard before except in celestial plains. That is why you have heard of Heavenly choirs, that is why someone wrote:---"Out of the Ivory Palaces", because Enoch had seen it. But when God came to earth he didn't come with a great fleet. For this hour when God would be embodied in earth he didn't bring a vast visible host, and he wasn't' born in a palace. He didn't just step in and put the rascals in jail and put others in high positions of blessing, and treasure, and responsibilities that they had never had before. He didn't do that at all. In fact if it hadn't been for a prophets words; --" A Virgin shall bear a son, and call his name Immanuel " we might not have known. Had it not been for the heavenly choir and the lights in the sky, we might not have known that he had even been born.

He was born to the family of a carpenter, and his enemies were seeking to destroy him because they feared the power he represented. Strange as it may seem God came to earth, and all the Universe was his to its farthermost expanse. Everything was at his beck and call and ever Angel was at his command, and he paid not attention to things that everyone else thought was important. In his early hours of his ministry as a boy in the carpenter shop, and then down in the Temple and back he was astounding the Masters of Israel, and astounding those in the midst who were the ecclesiastical leaders of the hour, by his knowledge, and wisdom of all things. When his ministry started we see him Calling and saying to his disciples---"Follow me". They could no more have refused to follow him than the sun could keep from rising. They dropped their nets and their brothers had to take them up. They didn't even put their boats in their own slips, and their brothers had to do that. They didn't finish their tasks, their family had to take over. They were called for a task, not knowing what kind of a life this would be. Thee were some who thought maybe we will get to sit on the right or the left side of a great kind, and maybe great riches will be poured out, and we will see the pomp and glory of the marching legions one of these days, but none of these things occurred. In fact no one could bee apparently less interested in accumulating anything than the Christ, Himself.

The strange thing is that in fulfilling his ministry he was from one end of Palestine to the other, and one could see and feel the LOVE OF GOD so poured out on these his children, to see that they finished the task he set them to do, to see that the kingdom came in with its might and glory. So filled with compassion for every individual that had a need he spoke, he reached out and touched the human heart. He unlocked within it the over whelming feeling of good that would emerge out of the Father, and took away its fears. We see Him traveling without any particular care and no--he did not have a residence. We see Him going to different parts of Palestine and He and his disciples might be one night at the home of an uncle, Joseph of Arimathea, or another might they might be out on a hillside. We see nothing of the gathering of anything. Some one said; you mean we should not gather anything?--No I did not say that-- I said that God came to earth, and dwelt as a man and he came to this earth the same way you did. He was born into this world, and the only thing that was important was that at ALL TIMES he retained in Himself, the full realization of the fullness of Christ. The Glory of the Eternal to its fullness dwelt in HIM. That He was here to build and to serve, and to finish the work that he had purposed was very clear. He was here to redeem his people, and he carried out his ministry with all the glory and life and love until even his enemies sent soldiers out to take him, and these soldiers said:-- "Never a man spoke like this one spake".----When asked where he was that they were sent out to take, the soldiers replied they came back empty handed for never had they heard any man speak like this man spoke, and quite obviously never a man accomplished what this man accomplished.

Now you might say that by some peoples reckoning today that this was a failure, never accomplished anything, never accumulated any wealth, never set up a Great Palace, and never did anything by which some men measure accomplishments and wealth. But I want you to know that by the evidence of the Christian civilization today, the Christian church, and the great standards of its ethics, and standard of morality, the great background of your race, and the great spiritual force of that ministry, then he removed from off all the children of the Adamic race, the guilt complexes and fears that they held, and he gave the full assurance to them of Eternal Life, which was actually inherited within them, but which they did not understand at that time. I want you to know that this was the greatest success of all times, and the life that was in Him was the Life of the world. The fullness of God dwelt in him and he said that he had been in this Light and Life before the world was framed, and that you had also been with Him since the beginning. I just bring these things to your remembrance.

Now; I want you to realize that there is no condition or lot that ever befalls you, that isn't still better than Christ had, Oh! people say---I worry about a recession, I worry about a depression. If you worry about them lets do something to eliminate its causes, but lets not worry about it.

I can think of one man who was the most severely tested of all, and this was the man called Job. He was out of the same racial stream, out of the same life, and the same forces of darkness beset him also. One day he heard about a hurricane blowing down all of his barns, and about the destruction of his crops and the loss of his cattle, and the enemy driving them away, and the death of his children, all of these things beset him, but of all men everything was swept away from him, yet still his faith in God was not swept away from him, and in the hour when his friends came to console him------well, just wait a moment, you know sometimes that is worse than all the other things, because they sit down and try to figure out what is wrong with you, and what happened, for you to be this way. God deliver you from those kind of friends that Job had, I don't need them. But there is a quality deep down inside of Job, for He knew that HIS REDEEMER LIVED. He knew that there was a spiritual seed, and Eternal life. He knew that even tho he was swallowed up in the process of death, yet with his own eyes he was going to see His Redeemer. There was the spirit of the Law of Life already working in the consciousness of Job. And Job lived thru the boils, and all that, and he lived to write one of the greatest books that history ever delivered into your hands. It is found in the Bible, and it is older than the Pentateuch, but in this we discover something else. There is a great law of recompense. For God increased the holdings of Job until Job had more than he had before. So lets take a look at this.

Job also had something more than he had never lost, and he had it all the time. After he lost everything he had more time to think. You know something----people sometimes when they have everything swept away have more time to think than they did when they were so busy taking care of everything they had accumulated. Sometimes its a blessing, and if people can learn to say that, they get it back a lot faster. But the mystery of all that is that there is a LAW OF THE SPIRIT OF LIFE. There is no question but that today we are faced with great problems, but they all trace right back, right down to God's law which he gave us to set aside error.

Now; all problems we have today that cause recessions and unbalance the economy are caused by USUARY. It upsets the economy, it takes a big bite out of our economy for the parasites, until there is not enough to go around. It creates the situations which upset the economy, it creates scarcities, it creates the ability to withdraw artificial money which helped to set up the situation to begin with. The results is that you have depressions and catastrophes, and then they envelope the whole area of the earth with their power to buy. They have no God but Gold, and their savior is a bribe, and when they end up with all the revolution, the whole world is in mammoms hand, then you are in their grasp. But let me tell you something; there is a greater power inside of each and every one of you that God is about to quicken, and out of this situation is going to come the Fruit of the Kingdom of God, and the healing of the nations.

Now; lets think for a moment, god is not about to take everything from you, but he is going to quicken the spirit inside of you to make you say;-----If God has given us the ability to make all these things, and to do practically anything we have wanted to do, then we better start thinking about doing things God's way, in good stewardship with it, after we get it. Let me tell you that you are about to see the hour where in this STREAM OF LIFE makes you free from error, from fear, from death and from transgression, but it also makes you responsible, and filled with compassion for people and their problems, and as you are filled with compassion for people and their problems, the most important thing is not what you are going to get out of it. No my friends, the most important thing is ---what can you do for the people, and what can you do to carry out the work of God's kingdom.

There is no question in my mind, that God's spirit is about to overthrow for all times, the manipulative hand of Lucifer's forces that made catastrophe before you ever came into this world. The Grace of God ----yes this is the Grace of God to run this STREAM OF LIFE into the world to see that out of the water of life came a way for the people of earth to live.

Eternal life is not made of things, but all the people of the physical world, or environment live with them. You are dwelling in a physical world but you are the sons and daughters of God, the children of heaven. I want you to know and to think of your own life as a part of the STREAM OF LIFE, as you are walking this earth, for you are these sons and daughters of God walking in earth with Covenants, and promises made to you. And this must develop into all that God has promised that it will become. We are a part of the most important development of all times. Would that we had the time to go into all the ramifications of all the things which are at this moment in the development stage. For this very STREAM OF LIFE is the stream that came out of the throne of God. It is God's own spiritual children transferred from heaven into earth. Now in physical bodies, now coming up to the edge of Armageddon. this is a struggle which the enemy is going to launch in climax against us, and prophecy tells us that it is true.

I want you to realize that there must remain in your minds and in your hearts this objective approach. That you have to defeat evil in order for evil to be put down, and people to be set free. But even in defeat of that evil we defeat it because we must, we resist anything that is evil because we must but we do not resist it with fear. And we don't resist it with a concept that we are going to be defeated because we are not. The destiny of prophecy has already ordained that we shall have victory. We do not move out with haste, some people have the idea that we battle World Communism with haste, we hate the evil, and we hate the system, and we are sorry that there could be any beings enveloped in it, but let me tell you something ---one of these days the day will come when every living creature in this Universe is going to recognize the Father, and when they recognize the Father they will have to eventually recognize Him in the full revelation of His Gracious and Greater love.

They are still going to be covered with the enveloping Light and Glory of His presence, and they are going to know that he delights in you.

"Thou art My children:--I sent you into the world, and the world will have to acknowledge you. The world will have to acknowledge you altho even when He comes, remember they did not acknowledge Him, but they shall.

We are unable to complete this message because of the lack of time, but we tell you that one of the greatest ministries of destiny which is just ahead, will be when you set yourself free from all the fears, and mental complexes which do not belong to you as God's children. As you become free also to let the light and Glory and the power of God operate as it operates in concepts of vision and relates to adapting yourself in earth, so also you will set the earth free--under Heaven's law.