Subtlety Of Satanic Control, 4-20-63


by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 4-20-63

As we discuss the subtlety of Satan, it is most important that we understand things in this hour. Never has their been a greater struggle to capture the minds of God's household This is however not something which has never happened before. The biggest area of trouble that your race was ever aware of and got into was this struggle to attempt to capture the minds of your race. Remember that Eve was deceived, and we are told that the Serpent was more subtle, than all of the Beasts of the field.

It is important to remember that in allegory in which the book of Genesis is written, that when it talks about the Serpent being more subtle than any Beast of the field, it is quite obvious that we are not talking about the serpent as a snake, even tho he might be beautiful in his colors and graceful in his form. The fact remains that it was known that this was a title in all understanding and wisdom as the emblem of Lucifer, who was one time known as Star of the morning. He was a great and mighty Archangel with great power thru out the Universe. And in his rebellion against the most high and in the great struggles which followed we discover that Lucifer was defeated by Michael the Archangel. In this sphere of the Solar system and the milky way which fell into his grasp as he fell into earth where defeated he made his headquarters. Thus we have these words in scripture and we find them referred to in the Book of Revelations, and especially in the 12 chapter of Revelation. And we find that Lucifer 'son of the morning', altho a fallen Angel has these other names. It is saying that he is referred to as Satan or the devil, and it is referring-to one and the same, this fallen Archangel. And when it talks about Lucifer, the Serpent or Azell one and the same, as in the book of Enoch it is the personal name of Lucifer. Thus when it talks about Lucifer being more subtle there is a background in the old testament of revelations concerning the differences between people. We have the word Adam which is specifically applied to the Adamic race. It is true that there has been some change in context in the old basic subjects, which we call scriptural records and are translated in and out of various languages, and sometimes they have been translated into Greek or Hebrew, then into Latin and on into English and maybe translated into German or Scandinavian and there has been at times certain changes like geological changes, and sometimes this is done by those who would try to usurp your proper place, in your relationship to the earth, and to cover up their own areas in history.

Sometimes we discover that at times there is confusion in transition and people have been told that the people of the bible, or the whole people of this book have been taught that the earliest forms of creation are all Adamites. This we can tell you is not true. The scripture makes it quite clear to the student who has any background in this that there is a vast difference between the sixth and the seventh day creation. And when we talk about the sixth and the seventh day creation, we are talking about eras of time, not 24 hour days but cycles in prophetic measures. And that the Creative works of God are good. And that when God made races and beings and placed them thru out his universe, his work was good. The design of Lucifer was of course a design to subordinate the universe, To do this he sought to upset divine law. He sought to mix and mongrelize various races and species, he thought he could change things and by this structure he thought he could change the whole creation, and ultimately bring about the control of the Universe. He actually thought he could take over the Universe. Thus, he used some of his wisdom an cunning in any area of deception. It was well known in the ancient writings when talking about Lucifer and his hosts, that once he had built up a great knowledge and wisdom, and that he also had produced an era of violation and transgression, and in this he filled the sons full of transgression. --Thus the Tree of good and evil----This applies of course to the Luciferian rebellion and of course the nations of the world in the early days which fell under the control of this fallen Archangel, also found their theology taken over by an inassimilable people who came into their midst. We are told in the book of Jude that these fallen Angelic hosts did no keep their first estate. They intermingled with the people of the various races and lands, and soon we had a human powerful gigantic priesthood, some almost in gigantic form. The scripture refers to them as Giants in those days. Others of them had the normal height of the people of the world with whom they had intermingled, but all of them were inassimilable people as far as any people were concerned. They became the dominant priesthood the powers of darkness, but in this instance the world was to go thru quite a few cycles, of the generations of these evil powers before the final work of God's plan would be made known. It was in this Luciferian world that Lucifer was to be the dominant factor. It was in this time that the scriptures lay the foundation. There were many other scriptures which you do not have in the bible which support the fact that God's great master plan was the establishing of a household of his own sons and daughters of earth, and that he would embody them in the earth. The ancient books of Horus in Egypt tells of this, and this would also require that God begat a physical issue into the world. That this issue in the world would be the means by which his children would have entrance into the physical world. Having gained entrance into the world the ultimate plan of God was to increase their numbers, and build the great kingdom of his administration until they ruled over the earth. Until they brought physical power and subordinated the darkness and with knowledge and understanding they would roll back this superstition and ignorance. However with the omniscience which belongs to the divine mind he foresaw and understood that the powers of darkness would wage war against the kingdom. And he also foresaw that there would be eras when individuals of his household would become subject to areas of persuasion in the physical world. Their senses would not be absolutely sharp to the spiritual perception to their origin if this thing took place. Thus it was that the mysticism and symbolism which writes much of the allegories, which we find in this particular book which we call the bible, and it starts in Genesis with the writings of Moses. And Moses wrote 1400 to 1500 years before Christ, and in the instance of the beginning of the writings of Moses we discover that he is writing quite a few thousand years from the beginning of your won race. Knowing that the chronology of Adam show that his transgression and fall was 5400 years before the birth of Christ. This being true there is quite an interlude between the events taking place in this r record which we call the bible or scriptures, here in the book of Genesis and the time when Moses wrote. This does not mean that we suffer any great loss in the writing of Moses for he was inspired when he wrote. For men like Moses moves and wrote under inspiration, but because of the long processes, the battles and the long time elements in these areas of instruction and wisdom, many of them were great mysteries and they were written about in mysterious forms, or symbolism by the time of Moses. In fact by this time the great knowledge and the things of the past, were actually in whole areas of education, virtually they were schools of wisdom, and schools of mystery.

Even in todays of the Apostle Paul you will remember that he said that he writes in mysteries, things that have been hidden since the world began, since the foundation of the world order. And as he writes he says;--unto you was given the mysteries of the Kingdom and unto them it was not given. This of course upsets sometimes the concept of some people who think that everything told in the bible should be told to everyone understanding this and it is our responsibility to get across all the great and deep truths of the bible to everybody. If this was the intent of God, he would never have placed these things under mysteries to begin with. Nor would it be hard for people to know them, to require no guidance, no leadership, now would there be any particular profit for God's spirit. You will note that the apostle Paul tells us this in the opening chapters of Corinthians as he tell us that the spirit that is in you is not the spirit that is in the world. That the spirit which is in you is of God, you being his offspring, and having a spirit that is out of God --this spirit leads and guides you into the knowledge of Truth. This spirit can bring you to the knowledge of all of the things known of God, and all of the things in the areas of truth in this strange struggle, and these factors which involve your existence in the earth. Thus, the Apostle Paul said;---we have not received the spirit which is of the world order, or the Enosh or of the beast of the field. We have received the spirit which is out of God for we are not only Elohim, but we are out of God. To make this perfectly clear the Apostle Paul says in his writings---"His spirit bears witness with our spirit, that we are the children of God." Is it possible to meet any solution today that is build around the Facial problem, the problem of the kingdom of God, and the powers of darkness that does not find its relationship to these fundamental truths? "There is no short cut today to the world's problems. They cannot be solved today by what we are told are new created philosophies or new ideas for the development of the world. Mr. Kraft design for the new foundations of the world or the Kennedy frontier does not solve the problems of the world. In fact it overlooks a reality of what exists in the world, and by a false premise leads you down the road to destruction rather than the road too good.

I want you to know that this is like the writings of Karl Marx and ‘Das Kapital,’ who actually was and offspring of the Luciferian transplanting being a Jew. I want you to get this clear tonight that all Jews everywhere tonight have descended from the unassimilatable seed of Lucifer. When men understand this, they do not find themselves caught in the plot, of either trying to save Jews or bring Jews to any position where they are acceptable in white Christian society. So I am not trying to classify or please any but I would never be able to do that anyhow, because since they were not pleased with Christ so they surely would not be pleased with me. The great strength of God's kingdom lies on truth, and this we must remember. You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free. And God himself honors this tremendous statement by declaring this out of his own mouth, and to those who would listen. And even at that time those Jews standing about said;--the truth can never make us free for we have never been in bondage. And yet these people have been in this Luciferian bondage and unable to think the truth from the beginning.

Yes it was true that they had not been in bondage at that time to the ancient Empire of Sennacherib the Assyrian because they helped directed it. But they were in bondage to Babylon because they were in Babylon from its very beginning. Thus we look out tonight over a situation which is rather unique thru out the world. The strategy of Lucifer in building his World Government was to replace the strategy which he saw speedily developing. Whether Satan likes it or not, whether the world government likes it or not the white race these sons and daughters of God who they were with their technological superiority were not only gaining strength in the world, but the Christian nations in the world even up to your time have reached such a position of leadership that their colonies had reached out over the earth. Over the world and where those colonies have gone comes light and civilization and culture. I want you to know tonight that one of the smartest designs of LUCIFER is to build a whole new philosophy around words that you have given value to, but which are put out of sequence and order to make you think that the things which were good and were developing were of the greatest catastrophe for the earth. This is one of the Subtleties of Lucifer. Remember Satan has always been trying to subject men's minds to his lies, to replace the truth with his lies, and he has been quite persuasive in this. We know that his seduction of Eve in the beginning was an attempt to destroy your race. No one understands race supremacy and power any better than Lucifer who out of his spiritual understanding is trying to subvert the Universe for his own being. He knew that your race in the earth as the sons and daughters of God that their inherited spiritual capacity, now embodied would rise for mastery over every evil thru out the world. He knew that they would overthrow every witch doctor that he set up, overthrow every Temple of darkness and lead the people out of superstition, and turn them to worshiping the right God. And he realized that in that instance he and his fallen Angels would have to find a new place to stay because his power would be completely finished except in the Netherworld. He understood that there was only one thing to do and that was to mongrelize your race. He thought if he could mongrelize your race he could mutate your capacities for understanding, and make it impossible for these spiritual children in a physical world to carry out their destiny. This was the satanic design.

This is another reason why the seduction of Eve was an historic development in the catastrophe of your race, and the attempt to so thus seduce Adam in the same process, the joining of him with Lilith the Serpent woman --the consort of Lucifer, the mother of the Ganges, the Kali goddess of India. If you will go back into these patterns of darkness, you will discover that these processes did take place. The ancient writings, the Zohar, the scriptures, the patterns in the early documents which we possess, left nothing to be guessed at, but tell of the patterns of the subtlety. These records tell as to how he appeared in the Garden, decked out as a great and mighty potentate of power over the earth---and he was --for he had gained domination over the World Order, and there was only one order he had to conquer. The instructions given to your race was --do not intermingle, do not integrate, have no connection to this Tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil. The Satanic powers had sown error into the races of earth, and they forgot their background. And you had instructions for your race not to mingle with any other race. You were not to join with any of these other people who had knowledge of good and of evil. For you were children of his spirit and you were perfect in the days when you were only the issue of God. And in this instance then Adaum or Adam was the son of God.

This is why the apostle Paul tells you that Jesus the Christ was the second Adam, or the second embodiment by the very energies of God's own being producing a body for him to dwell in. We tell you that the Adamic race stepped out of the Celestial and into the physical world by this process and God had outlined to them that this subjected them to the Subtlety of Lucifer. He in his omniscience knew what would happen altho the bulk of your race would never be seduced in a physical world. It is easy to discover out of the ancient statements of Enoch and those that go back into the Revelation of the Zohar. We told you that the books of Horus told about the coming into earth of your race, long before the Adamic race ever arrived in earth. It told of how your race would come, and how they would be the embodied sons of the Eternal God, and how they would put down the darkness and error which had caused so much destruction in the world caused the wars between continents, and the sinking of continents in The Atlantic and of Lemuria, and caused upset conditions thru out the universe.

Now; the seduction of Eve did take place. And Cain was the offspring of this union and this is the reason why Eve said; ---'Behold I have gotten a man from Baalie' as Adam asked her where this one came from? It is translated from the LORD in your king James Version. But Cain did not come from YAHWEH but from lord Baalie

Now; it is a rather interesting thing that this deception and the loss of this power was a realistic and scientific principal. The aura of light and Glory passed off the household of God's own race, and from this time on their soul consciousness could only be guided and activated by the spirit, which the father, himself released upon them, by his instructions and by the messengers whom he would send, by his own revelations and by Angels and beings whom he would send in creation, and by his own influences of energy by which he could quicken and awaken this celestial consciousness to take precedence over the elements of your environment until your race under the hand of God, guiding and influencing the Patriarchs, and sending Angels, and messengers and then his own appearance would develop what God had ordained to develop, which is that eventually this race would develop into great nations, and company of nations, and become the mighty Kingdom of God in the midst of the earth. We point out to you therefore that the seduction design, the mongrelization design did net Lucifer in that first hour when he brought this about, a victory in that your race lost its higher spiritual perception as a constant factor. More than that it lost that radiant emanation of light which covered and balanced out the entire metabolism of the body making disintegration and aging an impossibility. And immortality was surrendered as a process of the physical body, and mortality became a reality. One of the expectations of Christian doctrines, one of the great fundamental assured truths of the complete restoration of your race is that you are going to put on immortality and what you wait for is the redemption of the body, which is one of God's final works as it relates to your race.

Now at this moment we talk about the plans of subtlety. There is no doubt that with your race there came the advancement in agriculture, into all areas and with it came knowledge and wisdom which spread out over the earth. In the course of the history of our race there has been turbulence, and we look thru out the patterns of the old testament and these pages of history and we were always finding ourselves faced with Pagan powers out of Asia, or parts of these hosts made up in Africa seeking to swallow up our race. The Average Christian finds himself not as familiar with these patterns of ancient history as he should be, or of the growth and development of the sons and daughters of God thus embodied. I want you to know that at no time did God ever disallow that you were his sons and his daughters. He never changed the fact that you were his people and he was your God. In the declarations of the Most High, in the words of the Psalmist he was your father, he was your God and you were his people. He was the shepherd and you were the sheep of his pasture.

Now; we point out to you that in this master strategy of Lucifer, he always attempted to persuade somebody to accept the error for truth. And do not doubt that this has to be a skillful presentation. There was no doubt about the skillfulness by which Lucifer presented himself to Eve. There is no doubt about the skillfulness with which this was carried out. Nor has there been any error since that time, wherein God has not maintained an illumination among his people, so that they might understand this deception, of the enemy.

Now; we cannot go over all of the patterns that existed since the days of Adam unto now, all of the problems, the arguments and the conflicts. But in the background of multiple volumes I can show you the strategy which Lucifer used in generation after generation, in the first thousand years and in the second thousand years an on up thru the thousands of years until the time of The Christ. And here we are almost another two thousand years, and now Lucifers strategies are appropriately changed--how all of these operate in the field of capturing the mind. He is fully aware that as a man thinks so also is his living being. As he thinks, so he applies himself And the scripture says that as a man thinks, so in his heart is he. Fortunately the spiritual heart still stays in conjunction with God. But the activities of men follows the course of their hearts and the pattern of their thinking. This is why we tell you that this is a constant battle for the mind. We have too many people today who carry responsibility in the mighty church of God, which is supposed to be an oracle to God's people and to His nation. And as such they have more or less an area of understanding as to their responsibility. However, a great number of the clergy don't want to talk about a battle for the mind. They say that is mentalism and we are not interested in the mind. We are just interested in reaching the soul of men But what they do not understand is that the consciousness of the soul is where men do their reasoning and their thinking. That the brain which is the instrument of the mind which you use evaluating out of the senses this is in your environment, and then in the guidance of the spirit these decisions are wrapped up in these electrons stored in this being which you reside in, as the patterns of the soul. And I tell you that there is a battle for the soul. I tell you that the church within it is very foolish if they do not realize that we battle for the mind of men. And as we reach the mind of the sons and daughters of God, and they eliminate the error and they perceive the truth then the enemy never gets them back. Therefore there is a subtlety that has been carried out today that can make it able to test the son and daughter of God, but I tell you that Satan has to say "Thus saith the LORD" and this will tell you what to believe. If Satan tries to say, this is what God said then that is an error. But today if he says this is what they told you God said, this is also wrong. But by this process they try to tell us that we have arrived at a new enlightened day.

The great vision and capacity of your race has produced all of the technological skills in the world Someone said but we are fighting communism today, and we have a terrible menace in Communism. We have the brilliance of their scientists and the mastery of their achievements, their first space try and so on. Let me tell you something, they made Khrushev pretty mad one day when they said, perhaps unwittingly but also perhaps more wittingly than they thought. But one of our inner council happened to be in an area one day when they were boasting about space achievements, and then finally he boasted a little about ours and finally Khrushev said that no one could surpass what Russia was doing. And the American said;--Mr. Khrushev I think the contest is to see whether our Germans are smarter than your Germans and perhaps there is more to that than you understand, for if it had not been for Captured Germans you would never have had to worry about superiority out of Russia. And it is true that in this area of space travel, and aeronautics that some of our leading scientists and technicians were German Scientists. And if we had not let the Slavic nations fall into the hands of Russia we would have had them all. For if there is anyone thing it is that the House of Judah has the identification of true Germany and in that area they continue to possess a permanent animosity against Communism. And possibly even more since communism is related to the Jew and Germans know that. More than that they know that the Jews by usurpation the Jews have taken their place in the knowledge of men, and have been teaching that the Jews are Judah, just as they know that the Benjamites are the Nordic (Normans) people all over the world. True students of history and mythology can understand this, but there are a lot of people today who are sound asleep.

Do you know that if all of your race would wake up to the knowledge of how things are, as they are known to your father the problem would be solved? This is the reason why you cannot reach too many people, and why you cannot exert yourself too energetically to reaching People by tape or any other method but there is one way to win America and that is with truth. For the truth will so out move the lies of the enemy. As your race hears the truth they may revolt because of the influence of the enemy, but when he hears it again, and agin the first thing you know he turns to the truth, and they never get them back. The enemy is worried about this, and this is why in all of the areas of their operations they are depending on the areas of mental health and such strategies to wipe out of your memory the truths that you have learned. They are worried about leadership in the areas of thought and wisdom.

There is no doubt about the strategies involved in this for just this last week, here in Los Angeles in one of our hotels they had a forum, it was a 'left wing' forum if you want an analyzation on it. Do you know what this forum was all about? Do you know why they called this meeting? This forum was held and what was discussed was what to do to combat the 'right wing'. You say who was there, well it was honored by the governor, and by the Attorney General. Oh, you say they were just talking to themselves. Well this is true except for a few captive minds. And one of the biggest representatives of the captive minds was the head of the National Council of Churches, right down here in the Los Angeles area. Read it in this mornings papers, for he was down there with the ADL and the 'left wingers', and then what were they talking about? --How to stop YOU--how to stop the spreading truth that was losing the nation. So the head of the NC of churches for this whole area got up and said:---the most important thing which we have to support is the United Nations. One of the most important responsibilities for all churches, and all that want to expose the 'extreme right', and all of those who what to carry out the objective of putting down the 'extreme right'--he said; we must not only support the United Nations, but teach our people to build its authority and to surrender all control into its hands, so that it can develop a perfect liberal world. Then this man who heads the National council of churches of Christ should be an oracle of 'Thus saith the LORD', but if this man knew the truth, if this man carried out his destiny he should not have been down there at all. He should have been in a great mass meeting somewhere else to tell Christians everywhere that the United Nations is Satan's own design, and that you should be putting your life and your energy into defeating this plan. So just as in the days when he seduced Eve, the Devil had a captive brain down there in that meeting siding in with the Jews and the enemy.

Now; the attorney General of your state also a Jew was telling this group how dangerous you folks are, how you are against liberalism, against development of this program that they must finish developing. Thus the thing which he supports is just as Luciferian as if Satan sat own here and drew the whole thing out on paper.

Now; what did he say?-----he said that the most dangerous things that you people say is the effect it has upon people. And then he said that he thought the extreme right was as dangerous the extreme left. And then he said that the Extreme right might be a greater danger to us than the Extreme left because of its greater objectives, because the extreme right is almost all local. It is almost all people who live here. Well this is good to know, that the thing that they are afraid of is as American as the 'grass roots'. But this Attorney General said because of the danger of this, to the American people for they believe these areas of extreme right wingism, and they are against the United Nations, and against areas of authority, and against leaders of government, and areas of education, against professors and urban government, and urban renewal, and new housing, and against every thing from fluoridation of water, and mental health programs ---they are a menace.

Well if you are properly brainwashed, it might seem like that if you are against mental health that you are on the wrong beam, because everybody should be for mental health. But everybody should not be for mental health that Satan calls healthy. Satan says that you have a healthy brain if you forget every thing which God has said, and you only think of the things which he wants done.

Now; as far as urban renewal is concerned, these homes they live in may look like slums but my friends they could not replace them with homes filled with Negroes and make it look better to me. This last week we were in the San Francisco area and one of the items in the Bulletin, on page three--it said that they were going to have a double population area around San Francisco, and in Berkeley as well, and it would double in the next few years, so they would have to meet this with great resolutions, and governmental authority. And in this case then Metro Government would have to step in. The first thing they would have to do was to condemn the homes, they would have to have twice as much space, so condemn the homes and build apartment houses where all of the homes were. Then they said that within a few years that 50% of all of the Peninsula and all of the Bay area would be Negro. And then they said they would put the Negroes next to the whites in these apartments, and then they would control the people and they would assign the people as to where they could live, and this was the destiny of those dwellers in the San Francisco Bay area. This is the understanding of Brotherhood, living next to the Negroes, and destroy the houses and replace them with this is progress. And they think that we are reactionary and going in the wrong direction.

Let me tell you that any time you tear down our homes and replace them with Negro like dwellings you have not made progress my friends. Oh, the devil is pretty smart at quoting words. Liberty is a nice word, and Liberty is one of the most important words that you and I can evaluate in our vocabulary, because it means the ability not to be suppressed in our opinions. It means that we can say what we think, as long as we do not invade someone else privacy, or someone else property rights. It means that we are a free people, that our homes are ours, that the areas of our influence is those that we care to express liberty means a lot to us, it means that we are not in anybody else field, it means that we are free.

Equality means a lot because we are told that we are equal before the law. The law is not to play favorites, it is not supposed to work one way for some man and another way for another man, it is supposed to define the areas of restriction where in we do not infringe upon other people, and areas of our own security where no one can infringe 'upon ours. We are told that this is a wonderful thing, this equality and we have learned to give allegiance to the word --equality---under the law. Then we are told today that if we do not go along with the Satanic design of liberty then we are against equality.

Now; this is the silliest thing, they had this convention and the attorney general finished off his words with this;---That the great 'right wing' was the greatest danger for it was growing and spreading and was influencing the people. And we must find a way to stop it, but we must remember that we must let both right and left speak out we don't dare suppress their speech.

That is all that we ask, just let both speak out for a few more years and there will not be a Cainanite left in the house of God. You know I think they are also aware of the cost of thinking martyrs, or they would have annihilated in the past few weeks by either the hands of the wild assassins, or by the apparent pattern of this for they would like to knock out 'right wing' leadership I want you to understand tonight that the greatest error to be made tonight by the forces of darkness would to bring bodily injury, to eliminate any 'right wing' leadership in these United States. For what would transpire would be an uncontrollable emotional wave of anger which would move against our enemies in the greatest program that the world has ever known. They threaten the lives of patriots, if they assassinate a Walker, or a Gerald Smith or a governor Wallace, or move out against a man in the senate or house to stamp out the 'right' then I can tell you that the catastrophe will be overwhelming as far as they are concerned.

One day the enemy killed one young man who was a patriot in this country, and when the people discovered what had transpired they started to write a song about this young man Thru the nation they sang this song and then the judgment fell. I tell you that it would not be wise for the enemies of the kingdom to try a route in America, where in Americans all to well, will rise to finish.

Listen;--look over the strategy of this attorney general, clergy, the Hap Browns, and they say ---How shall we fight the 'right wing'? Then they agree that the only thing that they can do is to out talk, and out influence them. Well Satans lies have influence but the truth of God reaches deep into the hearts of the sons and daughters of God the sheep hear the masters voice and they turn and follow.

Now; let me point out to you this, in these areas where the enemy has sought to try to control the minds of men, they have sought to have us support policies of liberty, self determination, and equality. They are trying to say that the time has come to expand these principals all over the world. They seek to transform the whole world into the form of your own government, but not to permit your government to remain in its own form while doing it. The United Nations of course was one of Satans greatest traps. If one wants to deny that tonight then just compare the changes in your government under this United Nations, with what it was before. And you look at the President and you see a strange sight. You see an Irishman who is president surrounded by Jews telling him when he can jump rope.

Then a man comes out and he says there is something terribly wrong. This was Mr. Nixon, and he was once a vice president. And he said that we should attack Cuba, and we should get the reds out of our government, and he said something about everything which he never said a word about when Mr. Eisenhower was president. Yes, I could agree with Mr. Nixon yesterday but why could he not have said this when he had some influence. The enemy came out and said that what Mr. Nixon advocated was Nuclear war. But what Mr. Khrushev advocates is going to bring Nuclear war anyhow. It is much better that we start this war on

our terms.

I have here in my portfolio a left wing newspaper, and this went out thru all of the Bay area... Major Storm on stopping us. He said if they could not stop the message then close the halls where we speak, bar us from speaking or it would bring a great catastrophe upon the unions and all else in this new Order they were building. And then they said we have to suppress these voices. Now let me point something out to you. We have today the voice of communism speaking out even thru the decisions of the Supreme court. Members of this court quote the Communist instead of the Constitution. They do not quote George Washington but they quote Mirdal and his solution is the mongrelization and the end of this race It is time for the white man to wake up, it is time for you to realize just where you stand. Someone said;--what about the Jews, but they do not call themselves white men. Did you know that? I have in my library probably more Jewish literature than in most libraries old and new, written by Jews, about Jews, to Jews, and for Jews and they continually write about how they fool us by pretending to be white which they are not. What do they mean by that---well they know they do not belong to our Caucasian race, background or our society, they have a Cainanite background and are of an altogether different background and origin? You are a race out of God and they are a race out of Lucifer. So they say that the one thing which they have to stop is a ministry which preaches this, and which people listen to. They site that they cannot tell people not to listen to this or they will automatically turn to listen and then they are gone. If we outlaw their right to say it then they say we are persecuting them and this will only spread it. We are in a dilemma in America unless the government will pass laws as to what people can listen to. But if you do that then you do not have liberty--and we will get another government. The day my friends that they try to say we will not be allowed to listen to what we want to then that is the day when the Constitution which our fathers put together is what we will be governed by and we will eliminate from our society the inassimilable forces.

You know thee United Nations has been supporting all of the Cannibal chieftains, all the men of violence, all those they have selected to use to roll back the Colonization, to make a vacuum into which their areas of Communism can rush into. I listened a bit on TV, and this man was talking about how the time had come for the great liberal awakening, the great hunger for freedom, the great desire for democracy is sweeping all of the world, all races, all men, all colors, it cannot be suppressed they shall have their way, they want freedom and equality. Do you know who told them that they wanted this?--It was the Russians.

Now; I want to tell you what this means They do not go into an interpretation when they tell us this, but what are those leader in Ghana talking about when they talk about equality? About liberty and what do they mean when they say freedom? What do they mean when they say democracy, what are their principals? When we talk about equality, we talk about equality under the law. When they talk about equality, they are talking about using force so as not to respect the law. When you talk about liberty, you are not talking about liberty by violence and massacre, by holocausts to liquidate whole peoples. When they talk about liberty, they want release from the law of the white man so they an kill and hurt and produce the once more African jungle that it was before you arrived. Lets get this thing clear these people are not just asking for liberty so that by law they can govern themselves, they are not ready to govern themselves, and they do not know how to govern themselves. They are not asking for liberty to govern themselves like responsible people govern themselves, they are asking for the liberty to overthrow responsible government and give them control so they can go back to the jungle.

Let me tell you this;--as the white man moved into Africa then came missionary enterprises, with him cam righteousness and with him came law. There can be abuses of any section of the law because individuals do not always behave but the majority of people carry out their racial background. The majority of people carry forward the blueprints of destiny. Nothing that happened in Asia or in Africa after the white man came can compare with what is taking place in Africa today, where they are head hunting for victims. Cannibalism is already returning to Africa. The war of the Witch doctor which turned tribe after tribe to fear has already returned to Africa. And we have watched under this leadership of the United Nations ---to set the world free of Russian trained leaders to create a great holocaust. America should be ashamed how this Administration and State department has betrayed the people. Our money has put weapons in the hands of Communist trained terrorists, and their headquarters is now in the United Nations Congo who armed with weapons that your money paid for, raped, murdered and killed whites and blacks alike in Angola as well as in the Congo.

I will not take the time tonight to read the reports I have here made by United States generals who are observers, of the unprecedented bestiality, the ripping open of the women and the utter destruction of these Cannibals. How they captured the children of white people and cut the arms and legs off of these children and played football with their dying bodies, in front of the mothers and then cut her to pieces and go away, this is what is happening now under the United Nations leadership as they bring these people liberty. My friends you should let every lion and tiger out of their cages in the Zoo if that is the way you feel. I would rather trust tonight the animal kingdom than to trust Nkuma or any of the new leaders of Africa.

One of the great menaces of our times is Poyo --that my friends is the new Negro organization Mau Mau led This organization is led by Kenyata, and others of his ilk, such as Roberto. And by the way you say that is way over in Africa, no... Roberto is in Africa but Poyo is in Watts, in San Francisco, and in WASHINGTON D.C. And Poyo means the elimination of the white man. On the campus of San Juan University, one of your state Colleges, it would be better if it was closed up and you saved your tax money, because it is doing no good. Someone said oh, the 'Right wing' is against education. No, we are not against education we are just against the pollution of minds. In that state school we have so many exchange students under the cultural program of the U. S. These students come from Africa and they cannot talk your language and they come from all over the world. One of our fine young 'men, a close friend of ours attends this College He says all over the College they are wearing sweat shirts and on them are the faces of political leaders, and there has been a lot of Teddy Roosevelts, and men like Pershing, but lately the Negroes are wearing Kenyata’s picture. Kenyata is a Witch doctor of the Mau Mau's the leader in Kenya of the mass murder of whites. They murdered women and children in their homes and disemboweled the cattle leaving them to die while they rioted in a bloody orgy against your race.

You say I am glad that is way over in Africa. You think so---I hold in my hand the San Diego Independent paper, this is the April 18th., copy, and when asked of the Negro the end of the Mau Mau program. What is it you expect in the near future, he said;---we are moving under the commands of our god, we expect in the future to capture, seize and destroy all of the blue eyes of the white man. I did not hear of the FBI running down there to pick up this Negro who Said that did you. I did not hear of an investigation to see why this head of a group of Negroes who are tied together under Pogo and the NAACP, and the Mau Mau. They call for the elevation of the Negro, and they call by that title and name to do what this Negro said they were going to do to the white man. They are going to capture all of the white men and their women and they will either liquidate the race or absorb it. The only real hope for this is that there is more of us around. But 11% of this country by minimum tonight is Poyo.

Now; listen, speaking in the United Nations assembly on civil rights by a well-known speaker he said;---we must have the establishment of Universal law which cannot be resisted at any time by any state, and I am reading right out of the United Nations manual that the decisions of the international court of justice shall be fulfilled by principal by every member of the United Nations. That this shall be the official decision by the International Court of Justice in which these decisions shall be incumbent for all members of the United Nations. It also says here that the decisions and the statutes of all nations shall be based on the decisions of this court. It also says here that under the council of the United Nations is responsible by all trusteeship, to abide by every decision by the court of law of the international court of the Hague. It cites here that the bringing about of the complete freedom thru out all of the world, and the bringing of complete equality among all people, has basically been already decided by this court.

Now; the abolishing of immigration laws, and of national boundary lines has been accepted by principal by the world court as essential in human relations. There has never been a time when the Subtlety of Satan cries liberty and freedom rand equality and all of the brain washed people who do not think beyond the boob tube, or can't get beyond the last thing which amused them say----WONDERFUL. A great new day. You know I listen to some of the silliest of people at times, and they say that this is the greatest of times to be alive and this is such a great state to live in. Well what makes it so great is the ability, the technological magic of God's children not the United Nations.

One of the things you can be thankful for is that the GAR came out officially and permanently asking us to get out of the United Nations. Calling for every patriotic American every day to contact their congressmen and senators until it is gone. One of the things brought out by those who fight you the other day is that you have so many hands of influence to put on people, that at pushing together you are beginning to rock the great World institutions, and the United Nations itself. That means that if it is listing a little we better all put our hands on it, everybody together. And we better all push together and back up and push together again, and lets get it really rocking until the whole things falls into the east river.

Do you realize today that if all of the patriotic movements in America would work together, if they all just lifted up their voices in one shout they might scare the enemy right out of the country? Do you know what keeps them apart? ---it is the Jew. Take the Jews out of the John Birch Society I can say this because I am not a member, and I believe his is a good institution, and the only thing wrong with it is the Jews on the inside. I think everybody should be suspect of them at all times. I think that the only thing wrong with the Citizen's council is the Jews on the inside. I think that the only thing that holds back all of the anticommunists is the understanding of where the trouble comes from, for subtlety they have obscured the guilt of Lucifer's children.

Do you know what would help the whole program of the American Christian Churches, is that if Dr. Mackentire would come out and declare that it is the Jewish programs that are linked to communism and the source of all of our trouble, and dominate the modern clergy? Do not go out of here and say I am against these Clergymen, I am not against them I am just telling you what would make them more effective. You say how do I know? --Thousands of people write to us, and the support what is good and not what it does not accomplish because they have learned the truth now.

The other day I talked to someone who about nine months ago that had gotten our tapes, and had been in some of our northern meetings and he said he had been a church goer all of his life but he was not learning so much more. And now the Clergyman had noticed that I had some new ideas that he had never heard before. And he would not listen to a tape but he tried to tell this man where he was wrong. The man said his Clergyman had been working on him for five months and all he had was just convince him that we were right.

One of the bible Institutes in this community went up to the Bay area and held a big meeting. And this Christian minister said that the programs of the anti Christ were very close, and that Communism was a menace. Then he said that the biggest menace of all of course is Rome. And then he said that the next big pressure we must recognize was the anti Jew in America, that the Jews are not only God's chosen people but all that oppose them are the anti Christ. Then this man said that this world is in terrible trouble, at any moment Jesus is going to come and take us all home. All I want you to do is to put an offering in the box and write out on a little card if you accept what I say. Do you know what happened, we had some of our people in that meeting and they got up and they said;--Dr. McGee how is it that you say that the enemies of God's kingdom, and by biblical identification are Lucifer's offspring are the Chosen people. How is it that you then say that the Apostle Paul and Jesus Christ are the second greatest menace? They said:--Dr. Me Gee you may disagree with some of the leadership of the church in Rome and we may also disagree, but you say this is the anti Christ and let Jewry and Communism get away.

Let me tell you something tonight --do you know what is wrong with Christendom --they have too many leaders that are the blind leading the blind --and they all fall in the ditch. I am going to denounce the decisions of Pope John just as I denounce the decisions of Mr. Kennedy or anyone else when he tries in his ignorance to support the United Nations but I am not going to fall for the Jew trap of having Christian fight Christian, and divide Christianity until they cannot see that their real enemy is Jewry. And the United Nations is their master piece. Oh, yes ---Liberty, equality and self government Let us make this clear tonight we do not believe in the equality of all races, in ability or in perception. We do not believe that outside the white race today that any race prepared for the full areas of self determination and self government. We do not believe that in a Christian nation that people of this government should permit the full control of their government or the education of their children, to ever pass out of the hands of the Great Christian majority. I will also tell you this tonight, I do not believe that we should qualify for citizenship in these United States of any individual who is not of our race or our faith.

Now; that is not 'New Frontierism for 1963 but it was colonialism in the days when we became a nation, in the days of George Washington, and Benjamin Franklin. We point out to you this, that all over the great cry is not as people interpret it, that they want the kind of things that you have, that they want the kind of government by which you govern yourselves with. They want freedom for bloodshed for violence, for the great savagery of the jungle in which their souls live. Russia wants this so she can turn their hoards to helping her subdue the world.

Subtlety ---today Satan climbs in the pulpit, the next time you see him he is a school teacher, or a press correspondent for the President. Or he comes back from Geneva to tell us that the world is now a great new world. You don't need your weapons anymore, surrender them. You find him in stripped trousers and a top hat. A lot of people are watching

Pershing Square. They are waiting for some bearded Bolshevik to get up who looks like these Castroite troops. You do not have to worry, you will never find Satan down there. You may find some of his children but he is too busy. You are more likely to find him in some large Methodist church urging all the clergy to see that their people all believe in mongrelizing all of the races.

I tell you this tonight, it is no wonder that Lucifers Angels are transformed into Angels of light. But you can identify them this way:--they are not really concerned with whether men believe in the Deity of Christ anymore---and this is the whole door. There can be no civilization or achievement that ignores Christ.Someone said but we cannot have a world as dogmatic as that, but we want to have the world in the hands of Christians. Well, we are going to have a world like that. The more quickly you rise to your destiny, the more quickly you recognize this that Liberty and freedom are going to dawn in Restoration, and in your greatest day. Your greatest day is not past, your greatest destiny is ahead. So we tell you to understand Satans Subtlety, as he tries to put over the captivity of a people, or when he tries to get a people to turn over their freedom, he does it not in the name of Christ, but in the name of Liberty, Democracy and Equality. And he has none of these things to offer. Mass mob rule can qualify for democracy, but it cannot qualify for God's kingdom. So we urge you to remember these things. We do not have the time to finish the areas of this subject, but I want you to know this tonight --In your city and in every city of the United States, the pressure is on an Pogo is at work. And they plan on racial crisis on May Day. And they plan on trouble before that, and they plan on trouble in your big cities and every place they cause trouble they anticipate that the government is going to come in with United Nations troops, and suppress the people and take over with new patterns of law. And that we are going to have to accept all of this. We are going to have to come to the acceptance of this authority, and the World Court will uphold it.

Let me tell you this---never in the history of this nation have I ever heard of the President of the United States calling up the wife of someone who had broken the law and was in jail for his own crime Saying don't worry, we will get him out. These shanty town Irish are in America. And as I say that I am distinguishing them from real good stock, who have a vital interest in our society. They have become the propaganda field of danger. Let me tell you this tonight, all over areas of Massachusetts there is great fear now for what is happening, for whole waves of immigration are coming into that state, from the south and everywhere, and they are gathering around Hyannisport and they are coming to get their share of this equality and this great sharing experience, that the President has advocated. And you know it could not happen to a more deserving family, but these poor people of Massachusetts. And I had a Massachussets citizen complaining to me the other day and I said--you people elected Ted Kennedy so you have it coming to you. But tonight I do not want you to forget this for tonight, it is the World against the white race. It is Satan in all of his orbit against the kingdom of God. Today every Anglo-Saxon, Lombard, Norman, Basque, Scandinavian and Germanic person should stand together. We should gather every such individual from the British isles and Europe, from the United states from one end to the other and then those who are scattered over the world, and make them realize that we have been talked into, and conned into the greatest conspiracy of all times, to subject the white race into this program which is only to wipe the kingdom of God from the face of the earth.

Now; I will tell you something--our Father looks down on you who think you are a pretty big flock, and he thinks that you are a little flock. And you do not generally think of a little flock taking over but this little flock of sheep is going to get the whole kingdom. Your Father says;-----FEAR NOT LITTLE FLOCK, IT IS YOUR FATHERS GOOD PLEASURE TO GIVE YOU THE KINGDOM. You are going to witness some of the greatest patterns of divine miracles --divine intervention---and you are about to see more forces of spiritual power, great and intelligent quickening of consciousness, and a divine intervention and participation, but the miracle of it is that you are going to see divine participation in this age you are advancing into. The enemy has no way to beat it and it is coming. So tell it and tell it, for they said if we can just get them to stop talking we can convert their children, for we then may be able to silence the parents who are antisocial using their children. This is what they are trying to do with this new education, but they will never be able to silence the parents with their children for the parents are going to be called on to finish the job. This generation shall not pass away until all of these things are taken care of. Thus this means that you do not wait for your children to do it, you do it for them. Yes, with all subtlety he is still trying for mongrelization of your race. He advocates the elimination of all color by mongrelization. And lest we forget Mr. Eisenhower remember that Mr. Eisenhower recommended the mongrelization of all people to produce one race. Go back and get the Life Magazines and get Mr. Eisenhower’s opinions when he was president Elect. He thought this was just a happy recommendation. He must have gotten some of Mrs. Roosevelt’s philosophy. I don't know just where he met her, but he surely did. When Justice Warren was assigned to the Supreme Court, while he was still your governor admitted that he believed in complete integration until sometime there would be just one race. When these people advocate the end of their race, they advocate the end of civilization.

We talked to a man from Britain between meetings one night and do you know what is happening in Britain. There is a great awakening taking place all over, and white men are standing up for their nation, just as you should be for yours. And they are saying --We have had enough, an they are reaching out to their colonies and they are saying we are determined that this White line not be broken, and this race exterminated. It is time my friends that we woke up like this. Do you know that the KKK is organizing in Scotland and in northern England? And I want you to know that God has promised you awakening and leadership. This is not hate, it is just intelligence that violation of divine law must not be.


End of message.