Supporting Power Of The Unseen World, 6-22-62



by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 6-22-62

We are dwelling in a period of time in which there is a tendency due to the growth of materialism which has been used as mental warfare against God’s Kingdom, to over look the supernatural powers and Divine force that is directed into the areas of human existence, for the development of Divine purpose. In fact, there has developed such a technological age because we have developed so many of these things out of what we think to be merely scientific investigation, that many do not recognize that this vision and this understanding comes to a race and to a household which is directly related to the MOST HIGH. We do not always recognize that all of the great visions and technological developments would be found among the offspring of the MOST HIGH GOD, and the Household that HE established in the earth. These patterns of science and developments do not come out of Asia, or out of Africa. But all of the areas of scholarship which is produced in our time, which has within it the great accumulation of knowledge and wisdom, only moves thru the channels of vision and inspiration.

We as a great nation, are in a time of trouble. All of the great Christian nations of the world are in a great time of trouble. And our struggle for survival is a complex one. The reason for this is that a great number of people do not know that a battle for their minds has been going on for some time, and the concepts of the world order round about them that is made proper by constant repetition, is actually a dangerous design which would destroy their civilization, blot out the vision and the wisdom and plunge the world into an era of controlled darkness in the hands of Lucifer.

Let me point out to you that the great Christian nations of the world have been entrapped already. They have already advanced into a pattern of great danger and we have joined ourselves to an organization which was only the beginning and a foundation for a great super world government of Anti-Christ. Tonight, we--this great nation, find ourselves inside this institution known as the United Nations. This is just an instance where people thought this was an avenue to peace and security. But we recognize that the Satanic design was behind this and was infolded in this for the purpose of getting whole nations to surrender unto this and eventually the decisions for all would be made by this whole world group. The President of the United States has demonstrated that his mind is still captive and he still supports, not a program of building this great nation to a to a sovereign and strong nation, but he talks about the inter-independence with first the Atlantic nations, and then eventually with a great world government. This is the road they are planning to take you down at the present time.

The morning newspapers tell you that the United Nations in its study of peace, has decided that they should unite both Germany’s and bring them into the United Nations. And also that we should bring in Red china and let her represent both China and Formosa. And of course, the strategy is all down the line to bring in all the nations of the world and give them a voice, and eventually strengthen by the number and the towns the organization of the United Nations as the world would like to make it. But that is the picture exactly as the world would like to produce it or make it. I tell you we are not interested in how the world would like to make for they have held this in catastrophe for some time. The world order is a world order of darkness. You are the representatives of the Kingdom of the MOST HIGH GOD, and you are interested in what the world shall be and not what the world wants it to be. Strangely enough, today the nations of the Western world are 1/6 of the worlds population. They should never have joined the world organization of nations wherein they are out numbered and out voted six to one, wherein they would have you surrender into slavery or tyranny worse than any which existed in the past on this earth. Strange as it may seem, we are now in a very difficult situation. And not to matter what the people want, or even the Congress as they legislate. Decisions can be set aside and Cabinet appointees can carry out objectives and the President carries forward projects by agreement or he just goes ahead and does it and the Court will back up such decisions. And no longer are they interested in what the Constitution says. And they even revise and modify that from time to time. Even going as far as Justice Douglas did recently, in his decision on prayer in schools. He said that should be un-constitutional and we should blot out everything from tax exemptions to churches, and praying in Congress or having Chaplains with our Military bases throughout the world. All of this is to show how far you can go from the intent of your founding fathers, from the great foundations of your nation by decree and by power.

It is a well understood fact as to what is transpiring throughout the world, that this strange unassimilatable household that Jesus refers to as being of their father the devil, has been scattered throughout the nations of the world. That they are carrying out the objective to as the scripture declares as Satan’s own design. Their program is to completely destroy the great Christian nations and level their power, and replace it with a complete Satanic program in which they hold dominion.

This mystery Babylon which we find on every continent, inhabited by Jews, with great power well beyond their own numbers, are well identified in your own time. Here in the United States, at this time we find that 79 of these who have Jewish and Socialist backgrounds surround the President here in these United States. They make up an overwhelming majority of his Cabinet. And they, like the thoughts of the Schlessingers determine Americas destiny rather than the influence of the congress or the desires of the people. At the same time the propaganda agencies which they have sought to control, spew forth this Satanic lines day after day and seek to keep the people sound asleep by this program of repetition. They also seek to make the people think that everyone in the world is accepting these processes of control by International Banks, who appear to develop and handle your destiny. And if you do not accept this, then you are anti-social. If you disagree with the CFR and do not believe that an International foreign banker should determine our destiny, then you must be from the backwoods. If you do not want to see all of your welfare decided by a group of International Bureaucrats in Washington, D.C., they you are just anti-social. And if you are a doctor and you do not want to have the government come into the relationship between you and your patient, and have it dictated to you in how far you can go in the processes in carrying out your particular care, then you are also anti-social and you must be a reactionary or a fascist.

We have reached the period of time when these relentless powers of darkness have been moving in a relentless fashion. The result is that now a great number of people are waking up. And we have called to your attention that God is moving in your nation. It seems that HE is awakening some of your race who have been asleep. If you had not been asleep, you would never have let such people come into your government. If your race had not bee asleep, you would not have allowed someone to select teachers to teach your children the type of literature being used now as textbook material. We will have more to say about this later, for now the text books being picked out from which to teach your children right here in California, are actually one of the most fantastic ones of human history and political science and geography that you ever saw. They are even now trying to tell us that the U.N. won the war. They are trying to tell us that we have inherited almost all of our culture and our civilization from Africa and Asia, India and China. And we were just cavemen while the great sciences were developed which we inherited. There is nothing quite as fantastic, for there is no common origin between you and these other races upon the face of the earth, because you have a different background, a different origin and move on a high plain of spiritual understanding. I point out these factors because they help to create the media of your problems. You have been taken over at the present time by a bunch of intellectuals. Altho they are pseudo-intellectuals---Jewish gangsters. I tell you that we are in the hands of the most unusual force. And they seek to determine the destiny of all Christian nations and eventually to make the whole status of Christian society looked upon as tho you were backward and reactionary.

They have invaded whole areas of Christian religion and stand in the pulpits of some churches. They tell us that it is Christian to embrace all of the darkness, and Christian for us to share the administration of the world with Lucifer. But this was not the purpose for which God established HIS Kingdom.

Now, I tell you that these are the problems of an awakening America. God has always had those who never bowed the knee to Baal. HE has always had those who know these factors. But great numbers of the race of which you are apart, these children of the MOST HIGH GOD, are asleep. They have not been necessarily asleep concerning the raising of their families, or the carrying out the necessary things for their support. And they have become strictly interested in their own affairs. But they have been asleep concerning these important areas concerning their nation. And they have been sound asleep concerning their responsibility before the MOST HIGH GOD. They have been coming into the world thru the bodies of the Adamic race as you have come in yourself, but it was for a purpose that the Father sent you here--for the establishment of HIS Kingdom. This was to be the establishment of the power of the MOST HIGH GOD from one end of the earth to the other.

Now, I am going to turn aside from the declaration of your problem and trouble. I am going to cite to you that on every side of you, I find a great number of Christians and Patriots. I find them as fine businessmen, as farmers. I find them associated with every branch and walk of life. They are telling and telling the things that they are hearing. We especially see this as the tapes reach out across the nation and reach people by the millions. As they catalyze and spread out, then people write letters and people ask questions. And then we meet people all over and they say, ‘Dr. Swift, what frustrates us is--how can we finally accomplish this?’ We tell them to write their Congressmen, and they do. Then the Congressmen write back and they say, ‘Yes, we know we have a problem, and we need to get rid of it, but how do we go about doing it?’ They say, ‘We have an immigration law, but even the Presidents and their wives help to by-pass these laws and help the illegals to come into our nation.’ In fact, he said, ‘Our biggest problem is what to do with these six million so called refugees who are not supposed to be on the face of the earth by their own story. These were the six million are walking the streets of America. The problem is that we are watching this whole process and we are being told that immigration laws are outmoded anyhow. And at this present time, there is an institution inside of the United Nations that is working hand and glove with forces inside the Administration to wipe out all immigration laws. We are being told that these are restrictive laws, and that they are discriminatory laws. And the United Nations represents a great new world program. And that an individual who is a citizen of the world, is not to be hampered by individual lines of fascism or silly immigration laws.

But do you know what an immigration law really is? It is a divinely inspired program. It is a discriminatory law for a discriminatory people who want to preserve the kind of culture they have inherited, and pall it on down to their children without it becoming contaminated with the witch doctors and vibrations that already fill our air waves, and the concept of Asia with their many pagan temples. The reason why you have immigration laws is because your nation had statesmen who realized that we should discriminate in who we let come into these United States so that you would not be outnumbered, out voted and out-maneuvered. After all, Asia has millions of people, and when they come in here, they would soon out vote you and you would never get back your nation. So you should control your own society. So a man puts a lock and a bolt on his house because some would like to come in and then take possession of everything you have in the house. There was a time when you did not have to lock the door. But things have changed here as they have all over the nation. And you must know that things have changed because now you have to lock your door from Maine to California, from Florida to Washington State. So we must have some strangers here. The fact remains, you have a lock because you want to maintain the inside status of what you have.

I am going to tell you that we did at one time have a lock on our national door to protect the content. But now we are faced with a strange situation. The United Nations is at work to permit a free flow of immigration all over the world. The only restrictions would be from the high circles of the United Nations who would use this to dissolve the power and the strength of a great White Christian nation, and to replace it with their mongrelized program to take away from you your right to self-determination. The fact remains, that this would not be permitted by the Senate of the United States, but you are living in a time when the President might make an Executive agreement any time Mr. Schlessinger snaps his finger. You do not know what will be done next and whether the Court would uphold your stand, for many courts in this land have thrown down the sovereign laws of this union. They have already cast aside the Constitution of these United States as not being valid in these United States. And they have allowed certain people to come into certain states and hold land and property of value while they also hold allegiance to a foreign state. And in some states, the law that forbid marriage with Negroid or Asiatics, has been cast aside in courts---saying that since you are a member of the U.N. then the laws of the United Nations supersede the U.S. laws. And also the foundation laws of the human rights law also supersedes the U.S. laws. Therefore, you cannot discriminate and forbid a marriage which violates Divine law, or destroy the foundation of what your fathers and forefathers in your States have already decreed.

Now, the fact remains, that when they talk about this convention of Human Rights, the U.S. Government has never ratified this. But you see even tho you have not ratified it, still it is recognized by the courts and supersedes the laws of your land. The other day I talked to some Patriot groups which exist all over the nation and there were about five different groups. They ranged from the John Birch Society to anti-Communist schools. But all had been working together and looking for a solution to this problem. They sat around a table and they said, ‘Dr. Swift, there is one problem that faces us. We know who the enemy is. We know that American Jewry is behind all of our problems, but how do we get rid of them?’ They said, ‘We happen to know that these people practice policies of treason and operate in patterns of dual allegiance, and vote in Israeli elections. But how do you get rid of them?’

You call on the Government to move against this dual allegiance, and you try to have them focus on the rights of American citizens. Then they come back with this idea as to who is a citizen and you get no cooperation. How do you get cooperation out of a President who appointed 79 out of 126 to serve in his own Cabinet?

I am not talking about men who do not know what is going on. I am talking about business men, political figures, and educators who now know the things that you now know about Communism. They know that the design of Zionism is for conquest. And that these powers are International Bankers. They stretch out their powers on all fronts. And they know the dangers of the Rhodes Scholars. They understand the organization of the CFR. They know the plan of the United Nations and its conspiracy. They understand this and they have been writing their Congressmen and trying to get petitions up for us to get us out of the U.N. They understand this as it relates to the U.N. projects and they know it is a danger. But they have not seen any moves by their Congressmen to get out of the U.N. This is awakening Americans and they say, ‘Now what are we going to do, for we have tried all of these things?’

My friends, just keep on growing. For you grow more strength as America wakes up. But there are a few things that I am going to suggest tonight-----that Presidents with executive agreements, and Supreme Courts with Satanic concepts, and individuals aligned with the darkness cannot stop. I also want you to know that you are in a rather unique situation and this situation calls for no settlement with your enemy over the Berlin crises anyhow. Khrushchev may threaten with a nuclear conflict, and he might try this as a last threat over your continent, but just so you know he is threatening you with nuclear conquest this afternoon. And he is gathering the hoards. Even the hoards of Red China are being prepared for vast invasions. They are all being organized for trouble. And the strange thing is that they feel that the one nation which is a threat and obstruction to their Communist philosophy and to the forces of darkness all over the world is these United States.

And you in this nation are being led by some of the strangest leadership you have ever had in all of your history. As you look out over the events of this week, you see that the United States Government shuts off all of the aid to Peru, because Peru is back in the hands of a government that was friendly to the United States and opposed to Communism and Socialism. Now that government can go out on the outside and stir up all of the Socialists and Communists. They were actually holding office for a few months by an illegal election, and that was perfectly alright. But if anyone is on the side of the RIGHT, then the Schlessinger gang moves in and says, ‘cut off all aid.’ And now we only seem to know how to be unfriendly to our friends and help our enemies. We have told you in the past that the professional soldier will not be taken over by the Communists. This is true. What has happened in Peru is that the Communists were taking over in that state and financed by your government just like Castro’s revolution has not been interfered with by your government. We have mentioned this before, but it is mentioned around Washington D.C. that never again will the Pentagon let this administration plan another Cuban invasion.

Never have we gone thru the strange cycle of events that we are now a part of. I now want to point out something to you. There are a number of people very much worried about the powers of the Soviet Union. And they have some reason to be concerned about having all of the necessary equipment for our own military. There is not anything wrong with our own Navy, Marine, and Air Corps that a lot of equipment wouldn’t help. There is no doubt that a lot of things we say we do have is just on paper. But these people are looking out upon the world and they say that if there is not some great change, then we are doomed for defeat, even tho we are waking up at a faster rate than a nation has ever awakened before.

Now, I want to point out something else to you. The one area from which comes the greatest resistance as it becomes fully awake is the Church. And I said fully awake. You may say, ‘But I know churches all over that have been going along with the United Nations.’ Well, that is because their clergy is asleep. They have been put to sleep with the utopian dream that Satan has been putting out as propaganda, but this is not the design. I also want to point out to you that 31% of Christian Americans have felt the impact of this truth and is on the march.

Now, I am going into another area. I have told you before that this White race is 1/6 of the world’s population. That you are the family of God in the earth. That the White race is the descendant of the Adamic Race. They are the descendants of the House of Seth and of Shem. I want you to know that this White race is vital to the MOST HIGH GOD. And HE referred to you as the treasure ‘hid in the field’ and HE said that the world was the field. HE goes so far in referring to you in the 13th chapter of Matthew, that HE says you are the good seed of the Kingdom and HE planted you in the world which is the field. Inside the prophecies in the Old Testament, you can see just where God wants to this thing to go. HE said that the Saints of the MOST HIGH GOD shall take the Kingdom and they shall possess the Kingdom forever and forever. And HE is talking about ‘On the earth.’ So you see that God has a plan and a purpose. And this was for the multiplication of your race upon the earth, spiritually illuminated and eventually justified by HIS own Grace, HIS mighty atonement. And then expanding under the Spiritual guidance of HIS own Spirit into technology, vision and wisdom and power until empowered, you resist the darkness. HE planned also that the nations of God’s Kingdom would extend that power unto the ends of the earth. That they would combat superstition and ignorance and disease. That they would combat tyranny and that they would raise the standard of God’s Kingdom. That the world would be colonized by leadership from one end of the earth to the other, for you are a race of Colonizers.

The MOST HIGH also ordained that the powers of darkness would gather the world. And HE also identifies the nations like the hoards of Russia, the people of from the Steppes of Asia, and those under the symbol of the Dragon, the powers which would stir Africa with its witch doctors and the prophecies say that they would rise up and seek to strangle the strength of the Kingdom. So all of the Satanic forces would be turned loose against you. You were told also that strange powers out of the Netherworld would move in. You were told that the false prophet would introduce false prophecies and lying miracles seeking to fool people by turning their minds from the truth. And you were given to know that this was all a part of the opposition coming against God’s Kingdom. Do you know that in preparation for these things we have been having an intense study of these events all over the world, and we know what is going on. For some years we have had an extrasensory perception. And there is nothing wrong with that study. But in that pattern of mentality there is very little spiritual truths being applied, and the strange policies of these peculiar physical miracles which are being produced by the mystery schools of the nation, it has been used to try to make a people forget their heritage, their Sonship and their relationship to God. And has transplanted them into another theology seeking to make them worship the forces of darkness. Even elevating men taken into strange fantastic houses of Lucifer and calling them more illuminated than the others. In fact, they are calling these so called illuminated leaders the true leaders of society and in Washington today, some of them appointed to positions of power whose minds have been captured and they have been put under a strange pattern of hypnotic concepts. It has them under strange signs and wonders until these individuals think they are superior to all others. And they think they understand something which they think others do not understand. Every once in a while, I come up to such an individual who is caught in that trap and you try to get him to understand and he thinks he knows more than anyone else, yet he cannot explain anything he thinks he understands and he can’t make it work.

Now, this may be embarrassing to some, but it is truth, and it is necessary that you recognize this. I tell you today, that in utilizing the appealing to them that they can understand some things that others of their race cannot understand, a number of people have been duped and taken in by the words of the false prophet as they are always seeking by their instruction. Always by their pattern seeking to prove that all people are the same, all races are the same, all religions come from a common source and everything, whether good or bad, is good. I think you should see the sources of some of these who say that everything is good, and there is nothing wrong with evil, as we find it today. Whenever the Supreme Court can say that prayer is un-Constitutional and knock it out of your schools, and then the very day they did this, pass a resolution that you can send books of perversion and obscene literature thru the mail for free, that all of the rottenness of homosexuality can be put out by an official magazine, can be sent thru the U.S. Mail, which is a violation of United States law----saying that this does not violate the law because this is the freedom of speech and the freedom of the press, or something of this nature---the very day they refused prayer, and they passed that ruling on smut and obscenity, perverting Christian minds which have apparently been abandoned in this hour to their own little vices.

I point out that this month in a men’s magazine, you have another picture of this. A Jewish psychiatrist is now calling on the people from all over to join the pattern of Jewish philosophy putting pressure on the Supreme Court to abolish all laws in all states against polygamy, all laws against illegal license and all laws against rottenness in immorality and just make this an open and tremendous nation of viciousness and immorality and the whole world will be attracted to come here. Because they want to make a ‘modern Babylon’ out of the United States. They want to corrupt the whole United States just like they have corrupted their society in their own communities.

I point this out because it is related to you and to this hour. Well, you don’t have to guess how God looks on this hour. For God said, ‘an unassimilatable group of people that will move into your country.’ And HE calls them ‘tares.’ HE said that Satan planted them because they are his children. HE tells us over here in the book of Jude, as HE tells us over in the writings of Peter, that their minds are utterly corrupt and evil. HE said that they are ‘brute beasts’ that should be taken and destroyed. This is the word of God. And HE points out that, because of their terrible evil and because of the rottenness of their nature, and because of the spirit alignment they have with Lucifer. And they pose a tremendous force and power.

A great number of people say, ‘What can we do about these things?’ In the first place, here in these United States, remember that you are a great majority. But always hold it in mind that you are out to take the earth for God, and that you are outnumbered in the world six to one. But don’t let that six to one bother you. For the operation you are mostly interested in is to cleanse your own camp. Keep your own camp clean and keep the forces of God’s Kingdom strong. There is no power on the outside that can destroy the power of God’s Kingdom. It is the power on the inside which seeks to corrupt and weaken it and thus destroy it. But God has other plans for that.

Now, we want you to know that this is only one world in this Universe. And while many of you do not remember that the spirit that is in these bodies is begotten of the Father, and you watched the creation of this world, and you have watched the hand of the MOST HIGH GOD and it was brought back to you that there are many worlds, many orders, many existing people throughout God’s Universe,---many people are not aware of this fact. They think the whole world revolves just around this little planet. But at the present time, this is the most important spot in the Universe for it is here that the most important struggle of righteousness against evil is being waged in a tremendous war.

I point out to you that over here in the book of Hebrews, that it says in the 1st chapter, these words:-- ‘Our Father YAHWEH has at times and various manners spoken in the past to the fathers by the prophets. And in last days has spoken to us by HIS own embodied manifestation---by whom HE hath been appointed heir of all things, and by whom HE also made the whole world.’ In otherwords, this declaration says that Jesus Christ made all of the worlds. Not just one world, but many worlds. Here in this book of Hebrews, you will read these words. Faith that is a strange spiritual force that makes you understand and believe things that you may not see with the senses but nevertheless feel because they are a part of your spiritual perception. And I am going to tell you something. There is more reality in perception than there is in some things that people think that they see.

Now, listen. Faith is the very essence that comes right out of the very nature of the Celestial consciousness of God. And can be received by the soul consciousness of men because they have this center in the Celestial being begotten of the Father out of the Household of the MOST HIGH. If you are a White man, you have the ability to tune in on truth.

Now, listen. By Faith we understand that the world was framed by the word of God. So the things which you see are not made out of things which they appear to be made out of. Strange forces and electronic energy ordered by HIS Celestial power and these processes of light are of the substance of which HE synthesized the Universe. And every physicists knows that this is true. The Apostle Paul was not talking about all of the areas of science. He just stated a fact here concerning this situation.

The Apostle Paul said, ‘I want you to know that you are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses. And I think that this is something that the Christians sometimes overlook. I know that they overlook in more areas than one. If your eyes could be opened to see all of these Celestial beings who are in this room, you would be surprised, for you are probably outnumbered. You say,--what do I mean by that? Well, I mean that there is a guardian Angel for everyone in this room. I mean that there is an administering spirit for everyone in this room. Who are they? Well, they are beings who have been instructed of God for this purpose.

Now, there are different kinds of Angels. But the children of the Kingdom who have lost track of their origin as of now are still the offspring of God, the sons and daughters of God. Angels may have more power, for you are limited in your power in the flesh. But Angels are made to serve you. For you are greater than the Angels. You are the children of the MOST HIGH GOD. There are ministering spirits also translated Angels. And sometimes they take on great power, for sometimes Archangels take on the position of ministering spirits. They have a directive from God to do something specific. They are also from the household of the Kingdom. And they have passed back into the plain of spirit. And they still have a job to do and this is apply strength and guidance to the people of earth.

Someone said, ‘That cannot be. For the dead know nothing at all.’ But if you want to know who the dead are, it is the Zombie from the old text. They had not spirit and their soul consciousness does not remember until there is a resurrection for them. The White race is not called the dead. They are called the Living. And you read, ‘The living when they die, their spirit returns to God who gave it.’ This is the word out of the book of Ecclesiastics. So what about the dead? Well, when they are dead, you bury them. And they do not know anything at all. Thus, I tell you that your race is not the race of the dead, but the race of the Living. I point out to you that at this time that you have an association that reaches far across the patterns of time and that each one of you is a part of the Celestial household of God. And that you have a correlation of the patterns by which you arrived and the relatives whose seed is being carried thru you are the offspring of the MOST HIGH GOD. And they are alive with spiritual power and this Celestial destiny is still being carried out to send upon those who are their posterity the waves of power and strength to help them in this hour which is just ahead.

Someone said, ‘Is this spiritualism?’ No. Some or most of this called spiritualism is a false process and it means that they got hold of a spirit that passed into the plain of spirit. And some Medium who got hold of someone who had passed into the plain of spirit would be as shocked as the witch of Endor was when she got the real Samuel. You go back and read about that. But don’t think that they do not get something. For a lot of them are not just working ‘hocus pocus.’ For familiar spirits of Lucifer’s kingdom come to deceive individuals. Don’t go crying to the Mediums to find out what is going to happen. You don’t have to do that. For you are a son and a daughter of the Eternal, and HE has given you HIS word. And HE has told you what is going to happen. Seek and you will find and be given inspiration. And it will unfold all things. You don’t have to go to the wizard. But go to the Church to find out what is God’s Will. But make sure that Church knows that there is a Will. You are the heirs of the MOST HIGH, and you are also the inheritors because HE left HIS Will to you and the power of Resurrection did not set it aside. It is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom. Oh, yes, we may be just a little flock when you consider the whole population of the earth. But I am going to tell you something tonight. You are going to get the Kingdom.

I want to turn over here to something of significance. We said that you are surrounded by a great company of Angels. We said that you are surrounded by a great company of invisible spirits. We also said that the forces of God are on your side. And that guardian Angels stand around you. Do you ever feel inadequate sometimes to present the truth when you have been challenged? Do you sometimes feel that the truth must be proclaimed and you must speak out? Well, try it sometime, and you will find out this. You do not have to take thought as to what you will say for the spirit will put the words in your mouth. And all you have to talk about is what you know. Do you know what is the trouble with so many sermons? The fellows get them on Saturday night. They go out and gather up someone else material and they put it all together so that they have something to talk about on Sunday. That is why their sermons are dead.

Let me tell you something, my friends. If the minister knows his responsibility, he is to gather the material from around him. And then let the Holy Spirit put together what he has to talk about. This way, you don’t get something dead, but something which is alive as the day it is given. Listen. You are faced with the fact that there is Divine power for the person who will speak out against the powers of darkness. Then someone said, ‘We don’t dare speak out for they are liable to do something to us. They are liable to put us in jail or bring great pressure against us, so that is why we don’t say anything.’ I had one preacher say, ‘I would like to get up and say the things that I feel, but I am afraid that if I did, that they would take away my church.’ One man said, ‘I am afraid if I preached such a sermon, my denomination would kick me out.’ That would be the best thing that could happen to you. For you better preach the truth, even on the street. And if it is worth having, people will follow. I know some of the preachers in this city and they know everything that you know. But every time there is little test of strength, they hide under the bed. So you know why that is? Because they are afraid. They are afraid of the Jews around the President. And they are afraid of the ADL over on Vermont. They are afraid of all of these patterns. Do you know that the best defense is an attack? Every time you are in retreat, you are a looser. Just remember that. If you have to put up a defense all of the time, then you are never going to win anything for God. An objective should be an offensive. Move out to gather minds, to set men free, to increase our numbers and cleanse America. We do not make any measure as to this as something you have to talk about on the side. We live for the day when America will only be inhabited by White Christian sons and daughters of the MOST HIGH GOD.

We shall move by every Constitutional design, by every spiritual instruction of the MOST HIGH, to see this thing thru. And remember then that the best defense is an attack. For you are not losing then only when you are retreating.

Now, we cite to you that your enemy never speaks the truth. He never ceases to move in until he gets into positions of leadership. And he does this even tho he is in the minority. The way to cleanse America is to throw out every non-Christian and place in those offices, people of God’s Kingdom who understand and have the ‘know how.’ I am going to tell you that in a few month, you will have enough people here in the U.S. who understand and you would not have any trouble filling every office in these United States with the Right kind of people. We have looked out over the wonders of this spreading of truth, and we are seeing that God is opening up minds faster than at anytime in our history. We are watching the reaction from business men and others as they agree to go along with the acceptance of the Gospel of the Kingdom, and their willingness to go along as God unveils to them these truths. Because he can make the picture clear in the minds of HIS children, the whole panorama of HIS plans as knowledge, falls in and the history then becomes their history.

Now, I want to cite to you that we sometimes overlook some things. And then some one says that we are outnumbered. But you are not outnumbered. It is just because you are asleep. But I want to point out to you that this unseen could of witnesses is very important. Sometimes this unseen could of witnesses are a mighty army. Suppose I tell you right now, hovering right over these United States is one of the most powerful armies that the world has ever witnessed. Suppose I tell you that whole fleets of the Archangel Michael are standing by to protect this nation. Suppose I tell you tonight, that the armies of heaven are being called by God’s Spirit from the four corners of heaven, because your hour is almost here. And the unseen areas round about can suddenly become visible as they are invisible tonight. And more spiritual power in one spot will bathe the world in light. You say, ‘Well, that is something that is just a supposition.’ No, it is not. When your Father said ten thousand times ten thousand, times thousands and so on, HE has had that many ships of space coming and going from the throne all of the time. The book of Daniel tells you about this.

I want to call your attention again to something which may be repetitious to some, but it is good for you to think about. We will go back into the book of Deuteronomy, and I read here about one most important day. Now, it is not important that we go thru all of the facts of history which has gone before this. Just remember that your race has been in migration and they had escaped the economic and political tyranny and had been led by a man named Moses. But they were not a bunch of Jews. No, they were White people. But you discover that a few Jews had sneaked along.

Now, I turn here to this 33rd chapter of Deuteronomy and Moses a man of YAHWEH, a leader of Israel, has just gone up on the mountain. And this mountain was Mount Sinai. A few of the elders of Israel had gone with him. Do you know why? Because something happened that some people will not believe. Remember that he was a man---Moses--called of God. And the first time it was called to his attention, a bush burned but it did not consume. And suddenly an Angel of the LORD stood before him. But this was deity. And suddenly out of the dimensions of spirit stepped this ONE, and HE said, ‘I am YAHWEH. And you are my seed, so you go out and you say that ‘I AM’ has instructed you.’ This same Moses had followed those instruction and now here you find him going up Mount Sinai. And here is what happened there. Suddenly YAHWEH came to Sinai, and HE had circled over Mount Seir. So how is HE doing it?

Alright, HE circled over Mount Seir and HE sent brilliant rays of light down on Mount Paran, then came back and settled over Mount Sinai. And it says that with HIM were ten thousand of HIS Saints, and out of HIS ‘Right hand’ went the fiery writing of the Law.

Now, just a moment. The Almighty just drifted in righteous law to Moses, but HE brought ten thousand of HIS believing offspring with HIM. And these great vessels of HIS transportation fleet circled over these mountains. You say how do I know?’ It says so right here in your Book. And it says that ten thousand of HIS believing offspring came with HIM. The only thing I find different in the original text is that it talks about multiple. So ten thousand is only figurative. For it was ten thousand times ten thousand times thousands and on and on.

Now, let me point out something else to you. Both Joshua and Gideon faced with tremendous numbers of the enemy, moving with Divine vision suddenly found themselves confronted with someone right out of the dimension of spirit--standing right before them--putting forth power and majesty--and as they looked into the face of this Divine messenger. The suddenly, Joshua found that he was looking at YAHWEH Himself standing before HIS own army to lead them against the enemy. You say, do you believe that? Yes, I believe that.

Now, listen. We go over to Elijah and he has only been succeeded in his purpose by one other person. In the 11th chapter of the book of Hebrews, we find a statement about this other person. And it tells us here that Enoch was transported or carried away, that he never saw death on this planet for God took him, carried him away. And this is the testimony that he left behind---that he PLEASED GOD. I wish you could read all of the books of Enoch. This is a part of the great lost treasure to be restored to the children of God. And out of it comes the knowledge and wisdom concerning the things that God taught this great man, before HE took him back into the plains of spirit, and carried him into the dimensions of the creation.

Let me point out to you that they sent a great vehicle out of space and it came down, and it carried Enoch away. And of course, if you have read the books of Enoch, you will know that he had before this been transported to the four corners of the earth and then out into space and then back again. These were the experiences that he had.

Now listen. Now let’s go back to this man Elijah, for I discover that over here in the book of Kings, in the 2nd chapter of II Kings, that it came to pass that the LORD would take up Elijah in a whirlwind that Elijah went with Elisha to Gilgal. And then in the 11th verse of chapter 2, we read that there was a parting between Elijah and Elisha. And Elijah was carried away in a whirling object into the heavens. This is just what you will read if you open up your Bible. This is just to let you know that there is a lot of objects out there. A lot of ships and a lot of vessels. Anytime, God wanted to take a man out, HE came and got HIM, and anytime HE wants to come and take out the rascals, HE can do that too.

I want you now to turn to II Kings to the 6th chapter. Here the king of Syria is coming against the king of Israel. And it says that the man of God went to the king of Israel and told him not to go down to this place for the king of Syria was coming to attack him. So the king of Israel sent down a man and sure enough, they were down there waiting to attack him. So he did not go. And the king of Syria then inquired of his wise men and they told him that there was a prophet called Elisha and he knew everything that the king of Syria thought about, even in his bed room. So the king of Syria said--you go down there and get that prophet of Israel. So they came with horses and chariots and surrounded the city where Elisha was staying. The next morning as the servant brought his breakfast, he was worrying, but Elisha said there is more of us than there are of them. Suppose I tell you that there is no strategy brought today that God does not know about and warns HIS people ahead of time. And we get a revelation right out of HIS word concerning that strategy of evil. If the enemy moves tomorrow, you are not surprised, you are just amazed that he wasn’t stopped before he started. So what transpired? After warning the king of Israel twice, the Syrians said, ‘We have to get this man.’ So they sent down a whole army and one day then came when the servant saw all of these armies around where they were. For the Syrians had come by night and surrounded the city. Well, the servant was worried and wondered what they would do. But Elisha just asked YAHWEH to let him see the hosts of God who were between them and the enemy, and Elisha just went on eating his breakfast.

Someone said, ‘We have to worry about these armies of the Amalikites and others.’ But let me tell you something. They do not know something we do. They do not know what is round about.

Now, listen. Turn to the 17th verse and see what Elisha says. He just prays and asks for YAHWEH to open the eyes of his servant. And to see this young man would have to be in the wavelength just a little beyond the video frequency. But as he was allowed now to see, then he saw these ships of heaven, a tremendous number surrounding Elisha. And the scripture says that the mountain was full of the ships of fire that were around Elisha. And then as Elisha prayed, the people captured a great number of the Syrians for they had been smitten with blindness.

I just want to tell you something here tonight, that all around about you are these hosts of heaven. But most people can’t see them. But once in a while they move out of that strange dimension which they possess, into the dimension where men behold them. You are living in the hour of the sign of ‘the son of man in the heavens.’ You are living in a time when the strange things which are happening round about you are capturing your attention. And for a period of some years, people have been beholding the intervention of God into human affairs. Great crafts of space have been seen all over. They have been seen by the military and they have been captured on film, seen by airline pilot. Of course, there is always this denial that these things cannot be. But I tell you that these things can be. For in the last three weeks, we have witnessed three of these crafts like which Ezekiel tells you about---wheels within wheels--circular craft--moving at high speed, while the whole craft is twisting, turning, and every one of these circles in motion. We have seen this and not by ourselves, but with many witnesses. I want you to know that there are all kinds of things happening at the present time. A man out in one of the watchtowers in the forest of Southern California looked out of the tower and he saw two of these strange crafts. He saw the portholes of the ships and he was thrilled with what he saw.

On the second of July, at a Scout camp in the High Sierras, when all of the scouts and counselors were there, after their evening meal, it looked as tho the whole mountain round about had broken out with fire flies. Maybe the beginning of fires. But when they climbed the mountain as they got close to the fire, then the light went out. And they could not find any fire. The next morning they covered the whole mountain and there was not one single little cinder. Five miles away that night, with the finest equipment, we watched a great ship take off and we watched it for some time. Two days later, we watched it again as it once more moved over the mountains of California. Looking at this vast craft, was the pastor from Belfast and others. And you say what does this mean? I just want you to know that there are a lot of forces standing by. They are here to protect the Kingdom. And the Father is in command and Michael the Archangel is in charge.

You say, what do I think is going to happen? Well, I think that many people will disappear from the face of the earth. Oh, don’t look down your nose. Someone who is in here----I am just as sane as you are. I just believe God.

Come over here for just one moment to the parable of ‘The sower of the seed’ in the book of Matthew. Jesus tells you about the fact that you are the seed of the Kingdom which HE put into the world. And the ‘tares’ are the evil ones whether they run hock shops or are advisors to the President. Then Jesus said, ‘the Son of man,’ the incarnate revelation of deity is going to send administrative forces, experts out of HIS forces, and they know how to handle these crafts of heaven. And it says so right here in the scripture. So do you want to know what they are going to do? It says that they are going to take the ‘tares’ out. Carry them all away. They are going to gather out all of these ‘tares’ who hurt the Kingdom. That is the first thing that this book says that these forces are going to do. Yes, the armies are gathering against you, but I can turn over here to the book of Revelation, and I am told that John looked ahead and saw this final conflict and he saw all of the hoards of Asia and he saw the United Nation trying to rule with this mandate. He saw all of these enemies as they were gathering against you and the nations of God’s Kingdom. He saw these rulers of earth and how they were opposed to the nations of God’s Kingdom. This is what he said that he saw:-- ‘I saw the Christ and HE was at the head of all of the armies our of the heavens.’

Now, listen. HE is at the head of all of the armies out of the heavens MOVING TOWARD EARTH. You say, ‘Well, that is about all it will take to finish it.’ And HE sees that the Beast System, all of the world order and their captives seek to make war against the MOST HIGH and this ONE COMING FLEET. And they will hurl their rockets skyward making their war on the MOST HIGH GOD. You say, ‘There is not a long witness to this story.’ No, but you have the final story. It tells us about the judgement of this superior force as they come in and crush out all of the resistance of the Serpent nations, smash their power, until every captain of the enemy will break his sword and surrender to Divine authority.

Now, I have a picture here. It is in the book of Revelation. And it has been there for all times. There is something that you will find out. And that is, these armies and their great numbers which are worrisome. I talked to a commander the other day and he told me that he did not doubt the patriotism of the soldiers, but it was the treachery in Washington which he worried about. It was the designs they make which teaches us to lose. But let me tell you something about this coming battle. The first thing which will happen---there is going to be a lot of missing people. A great number of the hosts of heaven coming in are going to be coming on your side. This has been decided in the heavens before the foundation of the world.

We are speaking out with the authority of the scriptures. There is no doubt that there never has been a period in history like this one. The Father has also declared that HE is going to put more wisdom, more courage upon HIS people. HE is going to develop them until their light will shine like the sun. HE says that the message shall go forth with power from HIS children. HE says that they shall bind the power of the darkness, and miracles shall snap back with a great flowing force among the children of God. And the light which lights the Universe, and the author of the sons of the MOST HIGH GOD says that this LIGHT shall also Glow within you until that influence and that presence shall be felt wherever you go. Do you know that right now, the enemy cannot hardly stand your presence? They cannot stand the Light. They will not go to Christ for as HE said that as HE was lifted up, HE would draw all men unto HIM. But this did not include the Jews. And they did not come.

I tell you this tonight. Unseen forces are round about. Did you ever ask for help? Did you even call for Angelic assistance? Did you ever command a Guardian Angel to obey you? Did you know that you could command Angels and they will obey you? Did you know that you have a spiritual heritage and that you are the household of the MOST HIGH? If not, then know this. You are the sons and daughters of the MOST HIGH. And it is your Father’s good pleasure to awaken you to this challenge. At the present time the children of God are supposed to be witnessing to the program of God’s Kingdom and you are to be denouncing the enemy from one end of the country to the other. Nothing strikes more fear into the heart of the enemy than your talking about all of this by the thousands. You are bearing witness to the fact of the Serpent. Supernatural elements are only operations on higher plains of spiritual law which men do not understand. But this spiritual law is the Light that is the life of men. It is the law that holds together the great mystery of the life and light of creation. And I want you to know that the pulsing light out of the Light Realm of God holds together HIS Kingdom and guarantees its survival. “I AM ALPHA AND OMEGA. And this never change and you are MY children---who also shall live forever, and this Kingdom which I founded shall never be left to other people, and I have ordained the day when it shall rise to power. For you are the NEW ORDER OF THE AGES.” Novus Ordo Seculorum is on the seal of your nation. And the outstretched wings of this Eagle is the ascent of this nation to its power. This is a part of Revelation, and also a part of the scripture.

Now, let me tell you this. George Washington was just as much a ruler as a ruler could be, but he also had spiritual revelation. He not only laid down the laws in the snows of Valley Forge, but he also had the courage to write this vision and to put it in a book and to make it known to the people round about, so they would know that God had given him a revelation and shown him one thing after another, that would come to pass.

Now, my friends, there are a lot of people who would say that they are not interested in revelations. But you will have to remember that the vision of George Washington helped to give you a vision of a great heritage. I point this out to you tonight. America has been built by men of faith. And the attempt to destroy it is by those who have not faith in anyone but Lucifer. So I tell you this. The standard which you must raise tonight is one of your Christian heritage. One of the most important things that you must face is that it is your heritage and you are to see that every school in America is open and every church is full. You are to see that they do not strike one Christian element out of your Christian heritage and to see that they do not strike respect for your God out of your schools and out of your courts. The hour must come when you must impeach and remove everyone of these forces.

You say, ‘Oh, Dr. Swift, how can we get Congress to move?’ Let’s ask the Father to impeach them and let’s ask Michael to come in. I could tell you about phenomena for the next two hours. And it has been happening in the last year right around you. And I can tell you that things which are going to transpire very quickly are going to be in the area of phenomena. The air is being filled with stories and tales of what is going on. And something is going on.

I want you to know this. You do not have to go out to the churches which chirp and mutter about this, about whole processes of things which are going to happen. This is Divine light and it is not hidden, but revealed. The Kingdom of the MOST HIGH GOD has the armies of the Kingdom standing by.

So we tell you tonight, that you are going to see the greatest phenomena of all times and history---the synthesis of heavenly Kingdoms with earthly ones for victory.

(end of sermon)