Sword Of The Lord, 8-4-61



by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 8-4-61

We turn tonight in our thinking to the subject ‘The sword of the LORD.’ There is nothing more important for us tonight than to know that nothing has gotten out of hand. God has not released His control over His Universe. Nor is there any part of His Universe which is not subject to His authority. And eventually these powers of darkness which think they can defeat the Kingdom and carry out their assassinations of earth, shall be broken and subordinated to the power that be.

We are thinking as we survey these conditions of an edict that we see in preparation. The United Nations has just completed an entirely new order, which is to take effect October 2. And of course, is established as a new measure of obedience. It is an executive order in the area of the United Nations to all of the member nations. I point out to you that it is called ‘Race Relations Declaration.’ And it binds all members for an immediate end to all discrimination. We think this is rather significant for it binds every man, every organization, every institution and every educational program, all religious activities and all corporations,--profit or non-profit, all existent operations in Hayfield, to these complete and unique United Nations regulations. They also make it a crime to discriminate in any area whatsoever as attendance in churches or in education. They go so far as to say that such discrimination based on race, color, or creed, or origin, is even in areas of education or in profit institutions is illegal. They call upon all member states to immediately enforce this. And in this instance, I will show you how far they go. They cite that under Article 9, this at once shall be put into effect. That the purposes and principals of this declaration shall be as follows:--All states and member states, and member nations of the United Nations, shall take immediate and positive measures to prosecute and to outlaw all organizations which believe in discrimination, or in any way advocate the policies of segregation irrespective of their race, color, or creed, or origin. Having laid down this foundation, it forbids the church or in any areas of education or a corporation or a foundation to in any way make any discrimination concerning its members or its occupation of auditoriums or its seats within it.

Now, let me point out something. If this seems repetitious, I want this to be born in your thinking that under this kind of policy, you could not operate a church. Under this kind of policy you could not operate any area of education, or any function which had any positive approach. Because it means that they could have a thousand Negroes outside of this auditorium when you opened the door, and they could come in and fill up these seats before you could even arrive. And you could not discriminate one who took the seats. You could not have a membership, you could not establish and maintain a White Christian congregation. And you could not even advocate that it remain Christian, for they could fill it up with Buddhist or Hindu. They could fill it up with their witch doctors and their Mau Mau from Watts. What chance then would you have? I point out that now we have a process in which the orders to all accompanying nations, to immediately start prosecuting, as tho it were criminal, any organization or any institution and make it an outlaw organization outside of the law. And subject to prosecution any institution in any way which discriminates or in any way which does not accept in any way the full program of integration.

Well, I can understand that this policy is seeking to thoroughly destroy the great nations of God’s Kingdom, and is especially a design to destroy the leadership of the White race. It is quite obvious that these people that they are continually talking about, effect this area of equality very quickly, if you will only point out the fact that there can exist no equality without an area of demonstration. That the White Nations of the word are the ‘Have’ nations, and the Negro nations are the ‘Have not’ nations, altho they were burying Negroes in the caves of Kilimanjaro 73,000 years ago. They have never produced a culture, never produced a civilization. And Toynbee notes on twenty-one great civilizations. But none ever came out of Africa. Thus it is clear that they do not possess equality which would be self-demonstrated.

In these instances, the design is complete. I have a statement here that comes from South Africa. And the United Nations are calling for areas of sanctions and areas of pressure to force South Africa to totally integrate its society and mongrelize its society, and give virtual control to Negroes who had no part in the creation of South Africa, since this part of the continent was virtually uninhabited when first settled and became a 100% White development. There is a rather interesting thing. When Dr. Hershog of South Africa (which is now of course being victimized by this conspiracy set) said, ‘We are judged guilty not for what we have done, but for what we have omitted to do. It is not that we have wished to be ourselves in our churches, in our schools and our homes, and to preserve our nation with our own posterity. It is because we have created here with this vision and initiative which is ours, the best, the most beautiful and the richest part of Africa.’ He said that the real secret behind this in this United Nations activity, is that African Russian Communism, backed by International Monetary power, International money changers, this International Jewry which want to purge and conquer our success.

Pretty soon, then you will all discover that anytime there is trouble, it is most usually International Jewry, and International monetary powers which are behind it. We point this out in a rather interesting cycle of events which we will only touch on lightly. We discussed this on Friday night and we discussed this again this afternoon. This entire week has seen an unpresident harassment in Lancaster, of members of our congregation. This harassment has taken place in the calling of members of this congregation and their friends, taking them off of their jobs and off aircraft construction. And taking them off of different places. Taking them out of their businesses without a warrant for their arrest, and challenging that they had a right to investigate all of these people on a trumped up charge. In the first place, the pressure was brought because a Negro television store was burned down. Most of the people I know knew nothing about it until they were called to go down for questioning. And they were just using this for an excuse to harass members of this congregation. And the moment they got them in there, they wanted to know what arms they possess and where they drilled, and was the church an army. And how many ‘right wing’ movements were tied in and what the pattern was, and who had arms. They kept one young man from going to church. And he missed his breakfast and lunch today while they held him in this harassment and demanded to know who many arms he possessed and how many arms others possessed. This is the same kind of pattern of this peace and disarmament program we got into that calls for the knowledge of all of the kinds of weapons for each individual. One of these officers cited that they had a right to know this, for they were going to have to pick them up one of these days in order to protect themselves from the civilians. So by this very vision, he demonstrated that he believes the civilians are going to be against the police. And apparently the kind of police we have in this town are going to have to be lined up with the Negroes, the Communist, and the Jews.

But there is no design on the part of civilians as those probing have found, than the desire of the citizens to protect themselves and to have their weapons for hunting and so forth. And even the investigators will admit that there was a Communist conspiracy and the civilians know that as well. Under this instance, the whole program is simply for detecting criminals. When you have an individual who is a known NAACP agitator, and he is stirring up trouble, harassing White women and making himself unpopular, and they wonder where his enemy is when trouble comes, and his place burns down. But I think they burned it down. For this is strictly a Birmingham problem, to harass White people and have the police investigate them in some particular area.

Actually, my friends, we point this out to you, for this is just exactly what the United Nations calls for. It calls for the harassment and persecution of every organization or institution to make it an outlaw if they do not believe in integration and mongrelization. Don’t think it does not mean mongrelization, for Gunther Miradal whom they are all quoting, and whom the Supreme Court went all out for. You read his book on ‘The American Dilemma.’ And the Supreme Court’s decision on segregation in school. And Miradal says that it is time we tore up the Constitution of the United States. That it is outmoded and it is time we had replaced it with something different. Miradal is a Swedish Communist and he should not be telling us over here what to do, for he is Sweden’s problem. They should take care of him. I point out to you however, that for the last few weeks, in our newspapers and magazines, all we can hear about is his new book which says that we are letting the world down because we are not integrating at great speed. He says that the eventual results will be no black, yellow, brown, or white, but one great ‘grey’ race.

Let me tell you something. They are now admitting the things we have been warning you about during this whole plotting. It is to mongrelize, to intermarry, and destroy your race and your racial self-respect. And this is a violation of God’s law in the Old Testament and a violation of God’s law in the New. There is an order in the Old Testament against the inter-marriage of races. There are promises of condemnation and the point out by the finger of God at the catastrophe which will result. I tell you that these forces who are trying to force integration with the ultimate end, is not admitting exactly that the end is mongrelization. And even President Eisenhower said that it will all be settled in a few years by ‘inter-marriage.’

Let me point this out to you. This is an invasion of your Faith and your religion. They are seeking to introduce and educate your people to violate the laws of God which would be degeneration. I point this out to you at this time that this kind of harassment is a way to discover just what is going on in the mind of the ‘right wing.’ Do you know what they are worried about? They are worried about a Christian ‘right wing’ that they cannot control. Too many people are afraid to say that they are on the ‘right’ because there is too much propaganda against the ‘right.’ But if Christ were to walk into the political arena today, they would classify Him on the ‘Right’ and they who crucified Him before would try to do it again.

We point out to you in this instance, that the design not only involves the end of your race, it also involves the end of your Nation. I think that you should also know that Walt Rustow is creating the United States policy of our handling of Russia and this is also to never offend the Communist. And he calls for the end of the United States. And I want to read to you now what the President’s man who control the various disarmaments has to say. ‘It is the legitimate American National objective to see the removal from all nations, including these United States, the right to use substantial military force to pursue their interests and the residual right is the right of national sovereignty and the basis for existence for an International area of power.’ (Unquote) Therefore, following in this statement is the end of the right for you to use arms in your defense, or to retain your national sovereignty.

Now, he says that therefore the existence in this International arena of power is as necessary as the American nationhood as it has been defined. My friends, I would rather see the end of Mr. Rustow as the end of the United States. Can you imagine a man commissioned in an area of disarmament, planning to disarm the United States saying that the surrender of sovereignty of all nations is what we want to see? In this would mean the end of the United States Government. And I have been toying with this idea. Did the sovereignty of the U.S. end with Roosevelt or is it ending now? For we have watched the surrender of Congress to the degree of with fear or apathy, not taking the actions by impeaching known felons who have violated laws and violated confidences and violated the Constitution and committed felonies under their own signatures. Actually this sending of troops into Oxford and Little Rock are felonies. The President himself, signed into law this using of troops in these instances, is a felony for this repealing of the ‘Posse Comitatus Act. And he signed this into being after the South refused to go along with his integration policy. And he signed this after saying that he believed this was a felony, and then he ordered the troops sent in.

I point out to you that the design in every instance is to take away the rights of the citizens of this country. No wonder the head of the Bar Association said last year, that we are passing under laws of Tyranny. This is the program of anti-Christ and the end of freedom. But I want you to know that there is another ‘blueprint’ that is entirely reversed to this one. The great nations of God’s Kingdom are not about to be absorbed into the United Nations. In fact, the whole United Nations program is about to explode in a world wide holocaust. And I think this is going to take place. But, my friends, I am going to tell you that a strange pressure is moving inside of the Soviet Union and inside of Red China,---inside the powers of evil. And they are not going to be controlled in any area of pacifism. But will seek to lure you into in and seek your disarmament first. I point out that in the area of disarmament, there are areas of Executive decrees and areas inside the arms proposal which call for registration of all citizenry. Then the disarmament of all citizens and then the police. And then the establishment of a National Police force which can be selected from any portion of the armed services to do this job for the President. I point out that these documents by themselves should alert the average American that something is very wrong. For they invade the Bill of Rights and invade your right to have and to bear arms. And even in these instances, prematurely in these areas of investigation, demonstrate that there is no design on civil rights by local law enforcement officers themselves, who themselves would be among the victims when the revolution starts. Besides this, the Law Enforcement officers recognize that a Patriotic law abiding Christian is their best asset when the revolution starts. And in these instances of the problems in our midst, now with their threats of violence on the part of the Mohammed X movement and other, that the White Christian prepared to defend himself and his constitution will be vital aspect to under-manned police departments in the hours of emergency.

We have no complaint with the Los Angeles Department of Police with the problems they have in this city. But we tell you this police department is under-manned when the Mau Mau war starts. I want to point out to you how far down the line this conspiracy goes. I hold in my hand the House Resolution No. 225. It is a United Nations measure which they have had someone institute and sponsor---’Whereas in complete agreement with the general accord and complete disarmament, under effective control, as International Peace keeping mission, which not only requires the support of Congress, but also the informed public of the United States. Therefore be resolved in the house of Representatives and the Senate that the President should be supported in all his efforts to achieve general and complete disarmament, under the legally effective controls and under the Internationalist Institution capable of keeping the peace after such a disarmament program. The President is therefore requested as speedily as possible to form the specific proposals for the implementation of a foreign policy objective of the United States establishment of an International policy of keeping the peace under this policy of complete disarmament effectively guaranteed by adequate inspection controls.’

This not only calls for total disarmament of the nation, but also of the citizenry. And the President of the United States is supposed to supply the program for carrying this out. And now they have been finished by these Executive orders, the program to confiscate all the arms in the hand of American citizenry, or law officials, and permit arms only in the hands of United Nations representatives and their armies.

Someone said, ‘Is this a scare tactic and headline?’ No, my friends, this is a fact. This is not a design to scare you, but a design to wake you up---to save America before it is too late. So in the processes of this situation, I point out that this particular order in itself, will permit International organizations of the United Nations to come in and enforce the law of the United States, but not your law, nor your ‘Bill of Rights.’ Not your freedom, but to establish you in a bondage of a ‘One World Suppression in which you are out maneuvered and out voted in which five-sixths of the world is apostate, while the White race is Christian, and this is done to subordinate your society to their rules and their regulations. There is no morality involved, no ethics involved. And they become like when they threw out the Christians and let the Buddhist in.

We think this is a rather significant thing because Senate Resolution no. 225 should be opposed by every Christian in the United States and should be opposed by every intelligent anywhere who must see in this the end of peace and security. This design follows the input by Mr. Rustow as he said, ‘We must end American Nationhood, and we must end the nationhood of all other people.’ In this, we discover that the National Council of Churches is concurring, but the answer will be found in the true church.


Now, I point out to you another pattern. Executive decrees have been recodified. Therefore, since October 1963, we have a recodification of the Congressional records of all the emergency areas of confiscatory controls and this is by Presidential decree. This will take into it all railroads, all waterways, all storage, all areas of transportation, all private property, all banks, all areas of finance, all areas of business. It takes over all areas of American life. But I do not have the time to read all of this. I will just say that there is nothing left allowing you any freedom under these executive decrees, in the conditions of an emergency which can be decreed by the President at any time.

Now, the last of these Executive orders is rather interesting because it has changed the use of the radio warning system which is Connelrad, and controlled the 640 to 1240 on the radio dial. This principal is to be discontinued as it was set up. And this new system is called ‘the Emergency Broadcasting System’ is to be set up---assuming a National Alert which does not have to come from an enemy who is attacking us from the outside, but it can come from the statement from a President that an emergency exists, whether this be racial or economic. And immediately the ‘Emergency Broadcasting System’ goes into effect. And immediately, only these radio stations holding this ‘emergency authorization’ will be on the air. And they will begin Federal Broadcasts only and remain silent at all other times and will broadcast no material of their own. All the radio stations will be completely silent. A network of stations has been selected for this purpose and all others will go out of business when nation wide alert is sounded. This is not only complete censorship, but the President and his fellow conspirators will now have the authority to determine what the government wants to lie to the people about and only this will they be permitted to hear.

On the basis that has already been established by the President and Mr. Salinger, it is perfectly alright for the government to lie to the people if it is in Government interest. You say this cannot happen here? But it is not only going to happen, but it is happening right now. If the President did not intend to use this emergency power, he would have never have created it.

Someone says, ‘What can we do?’ I will tell you. Tell it, tell it and tell it. And it will awaken America. And then get ready for one of the greatest situations in the history of time, because God will take a hand in this. But we do not tell you to sit down and wait like some people think they should do while the church dies. We tell you that it is time for every American to prepare for any kind of a situation which might occur, Communist uprising, dictatorial power, or any other. The United States government seem to be more interested right now in building an Air Force for counter insurgency. And what they mean by this is that they are preparing to fight the people when they ought to be defending us from world Communism.

Now, why do they plan on fighting the people? Because they believe that Christian Americans will not take their design and will rise up against them and try to preserve their homes and their constitution. And because they fear that this resistance is somehow headquartered, in Christian leadership, and among Christian churches which are a part of your congregations. They have been harassing your congregations and some of their leadership for the last three days. And have been constantly probing in areas which are none of their business. All of this because someone burned down the store of a Negro which I think the NAACP did themselves. One of the great problems they have is that they just built a new Synagogue out there and they will probably blow that up and try to blame that on us, as they carry out this same policy. But don’t you worry. Just you remember that at the same time that they say we have blown up a building, this is false. For they blow up buildings so the insurance companies will rebuild them. As we wage war on Communism and all that relates to it, we are going after people, not going after buildings.

We would also point out to you that no one would be so foolish to move out and hit something as inconsequential as this, when there is so much trouble facing the nation. We now turn to an area of assurance tonight. You are living in one of the greatest of all ages as far as the development of your technology and your science. And you possess the capacity as we pointed out this afternoon, that a professor of psychology from Columbia University said that only the White race possesses the capacity and the strange spiritual qualities and knowhow and blood test and brain test, which proves the utter superiority of the White man. And the evidence is what he has created and what he has.

In all of these areas of technological proficiency, you have produced great instruments to scan the heavens. You have produced the great instruments to go down thru mitosis and find the smallest of microscopic patterns. And you have reached to an extent from the smallest to the largest. And at the same time, you are building and constructing everything that your mind can envision. But we point out to you that there are still things which surround you that still surpass your technology. That we are not alone in the Universe is self-evident. The Christian people alone, would be foolish to think that we are. For we have not only the inspiration of the scriptures to assure us of this, but we know that God has never relaxed His control of the Universe. That He has never abandoned His people. When we say, ‘Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done’ we are talking about the authority of God and about His family in earth who are to rule this earth in righteousness and truth and to subordinate the nations of this world to the administration of God. That this is a Bible objective, that this is a Christian objective, that this is a Christian responsibility and one cannot study the scriptures and gainsay.

Now, I point out to you that in the midst of these crisis, that there is nothing new in this strategy of seeking to destroy the nations of God’s Kingdom. We have been told about a beast-like state in the hands of Anti-Christ forces, which not only design to turn the non-white world against the White Christian nations, but are seeking power to subordinate all men and entrap them into a world institutional government in the guise of the necessity for the need for peace.

We have been assured by the prophet Isaiah, Jeremiah, and others that this is a false peace. We have been assured by the writings of Ezekiel that this false peace is a lie. And it is built with untempered mortar and has been joined together with a substance which is incompatible and the Spirit of God cannot seal it. He has told the people of your race, this great race of His Kingdom, to come out of it and not be a part of it. And the book of Revelation continues to point out that He has no intent for the people of the Kingdom to be joined with Africa and Asia, for He says, ‘Come out of her, oh, My people.’ And this is your destiny. There are a number of people worried when they see this build up of power. And then some people like to overlook the power like the proverbial ostrich. And then of course, there are those that recognize the insufficiency of the pagan systems of the earth, and they say we do not have to worry for actually Russia technologically cannot compare with us, and Red China is so far behind us that we do not have to worry about her technological achievements. If we had to depend upon their capacity---no. But as long as you have Jews in America stealing your atomic secrets and giving them to the enemy, and stealing the patterns and the ‘know how’ and transferring it there. And as long as you have an administration that is filled up with their advisors who want to build a ‘world system,’ and as long as you have the financial system in America which drains you to finance this thing, you have a problem. If it were not for conspirators in America using this program and using ‘World Communism’ to carry out their objective, you would not have to worry about Russia or China being a threat to the world. But if they can disarm you until you cannot use your Nuclear weapons, and not keep these weapons for your defense, and place all weapons in the hands of the United Nations, then that vast manpower is coming against your defense to rip you with razors.

So,--don’t talk about the patterns of technology, for all of your technology, if you restrict it and take away all of your power to use it, then, my friends, you are right down to the club and the sword. But I point out to you that fortunately, in your behalf, there is a bigger Sword. I think that we are not only being betrayed from within, but it does not seem to be complex. For I see a victory. I see that this betrayal that they are using today against America is only stepping up the situations which will speed up the climax.

I turn in this vision to the revelation in the 19th chapter of Revelation as given to John as he said, ‘I beheld the hosts of heaven and those great armies of heaven led by this one who had upon his vesture, the name KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS.’ And John saw the armies of heaven which were coming and He saw the great hosts that were involved. And he saw at his command, that out of His mouth went this TWO EDGED SWORD that would smite the nations which were resistant to Him and who would seek to destroy Him. Then John said that as he saw this, then this beast system which is the ‘world order’ under Anti-Christ powers, who were ruling over many of the kings of the earth and their armies, sought to gather together all of these armies to make war with Christ and His armies. The scripture also states that they will seek to make war against Christ, Himself.

Someone says, ‘What does it mean when it talks about the hosts of heaven?’ In the 12th chapter of Revelation, we find that there have been armies of heaven in the ages past. We have some silly pacifists who think that there has never been any problem in heaven. There has been a war in heaven and we are not talking about just a dimension of spirit thru which you have passed. But we are talking about an actual battle, a struggle in the dominions of creation in the far off expanse of the beyond. We also know that there have been wars and energies of ideas, and forces in Celestial dimensions, and that the powers of Luciferian forces were thrown out of what might be called the Celestial plains of heaven. We turn to the 12th chapter of the book of Revelation and we see that there was war in heaven and Michael and his Angels fought against the serpent and the Dragon and his Angels. And neither was there any place found for them in the heavens. And that great Dragon was cast out. And he is called the Serpent and he is called the Devil. And he is called Satan. He is now in the earth and he is deceiving the earth. His defeated fleet became earth locked into this solar system. And the scripture says here that this Lucifer and his fleet were defeated in this solar system by the commander of this great fleet led by Michael the Archangel as he led the hosts of the MOST HIGH GOD.

By the way---you are going to see more of Michael. And I can’t think of anyone more welcome. And I would have liked to have had him come around last weekend. But one of these days when he fulfills his responsibilities, there is going to be a lot of missing people. And it will not be the Kingdom which is missing.

Now, I point out to you that is was the household of Michael the Archangel who was defending the household of God and commanding the hosts of God by Divine order, leading great vast fleets of ships of space. In the book of Daniel, we behold the majesty of God’s throne and the authority of His power which reaches out to the ends of the Universe, to the farthermost course of the sidereal system beyond your ability of the greatest instruments you can make to view. When we talk about 1265 trillion---yes---trillion solar systems with suns, 1265 billion multiplied by ten, this is the number we now can measure with the instruments that we have. But your Father said, ‘I control them all and I put them in their order.’ And time is of no significance for there will never be an end of it and there was no beginning as far as existence is concerned. The only place where time changes is when it is measures by the present system of solar systems as they take shape. As far as the pattern of Eternity is concerned, you do not have to worry about God or how much power He has. And when Daniel the prophet spoke, he turned his attention to space and he saw thousands times thousands, times ten thousands and so forth of these great streams of fire coming form the ships of the MOST HIGH GOD.

You know--when you have enough chariots and ships in the vastness of the Universe, and you have one thousand times one thousand then that starts off with a million, times ten thousand times ten thousand, you already have a hundred million, times thousands of thousands. And now you do not know where you are going. So don’t think there is any shortage of reinforcements tonight. You say, ‘But they are a way out there.’ That depends on how far you call ‘way out there.’

There is not doubt that the greatest force gathering of any time in history is now taking place. And there is no doubt in my mind that the greatest force which has ever been assembled around any one planet in all times of history, is about to be assembled and demonstrated in the earth.

You say, ‘Surely, Dr. Swift, you do not believe in flying saucers.’ Believe in them?---Let me tell you something. I have not only looked at more flying saucers, I have looked at them thru the lenses of the finest scopes. And I have seen them crossing the face of the moon. I have seen them high over the Sierras and far out over the desert. I don’t buy 75% of the space stories I hear form other places. But this is not a condemnation on other people for they come and tell stories that they think the public will buy. But I am talking about something that is visible and the U.S. government has spent millions of dollars investigating these unidentified flying objects. But they spent this money because they were there. Then the more they discovered the more they decided to suppress. For only the ‘elite’ today are supposed to be smart enough to understand these things. Besides I have a deep suspicion that with modern Jewry now influencing this situation and with their deep fear that there is something connected with the return of Christ in this matter, I think that they want to suppress the whole story. But that does not stop the event.

I point out to you that this Michael the Archangel, is of equal power with Lucifer, when Lucifer was at his height. Someone said the other day that they did not believe that there ever was a devil. Maybe they do not believe that there is a devil, but they will have to recognize that he has quite a posterity running around. Fortunately, he did not look like his offspring who are mutated. But in the instance of it, we point out to you, that there is a reality to be found in this story with every race from ancient India and Summeria, and the records of the ancient Summerian text and the Empire of Summeria which came out of the Tourog society at least 600,000 years ago. Those records tell of this great battle fought thousands of years ago and of the continued battles of 14,000 and 11,000 years ago which produced great massive upheavals and mighty wars. And there was no White man in the earth. So they couldn’t blame you for it. When God put your race here, He put it here to occupy and to conquer Lucifer who is here described as having been defeated by the Archangel Michael in the heavens.

I tell you that we have the evidence all over the earth of those ancient earth wars. We have the isotopes on the West Coast of Africa and out in the Isles, and on Easter Island, and at the bottom of the sea. We have substances which on their own would not have been radio active except they had been subject to these situations in the past. We point out therefore that the scripture tells us something about the coming events. It tells us that as these armies of the beast system (now, understand this today, this beast system is all these forces under control of Anti-Christ which governs non-White nations.) The White nations are never called the Beast nations. For they are the children of the Kingdom. And there is a vast difference between the Beast system, which is the World Order, and the Kingdom of God. I point out to you clearly, that by the content of the scripture, that the beast nations are gathered together by the forces of Anti-Christ, led by Lucifer’s representatives who make war on the occupants of earth who are HIS occupying race. This is one of the reasons why along with the political and economic program and this strange sociological design that they make war against your race. This is actually race warfare all over.

Now, I point this out again, for your attention. It was back in the days of Daniel, and it was not unknown that the ultimate climax would be a struggle for the earth. And in that instance, there would be a calling of your race, and they would be awakened to their responsibilities and the believing offspring of the MOST HIGH GOD, translated Saints of the MOST HIGH GOD, were not only going to take the Kingdom, but they were going to possess the Kingdom. Where? On the earth and possess it forever and forever. “And I saw in a night vision the embodiment of God coming out of the heavens, this Ancient of days, and I saw given to Him the glory and the dominion of a Kingdom; and that all nations, and all tongues were going to serve HIM in an Everlasting dominion. And it shall not pass away for His Kingdom shall never be destroyed.” ----“I saw that the Saints of the MOST HIGH shall take the Kingdom and possess the Kingdom and it shall exist forever and forever. I beheld that this power of Anti-Christ---this force of evil---would make war against the Saints until the Ancient of days came and judgement was given into the hands of the Saints of the MOST HIGH, and the time came when the Saints possessed the Kingdom.

I read in the 27th verse of Daniel, chapter 7,--“And the Kingdom and the dominion and the greatness of the Kingdom under the whole heavens, shall be given to the people of the Saints of the MOST HIGH, WHOSE KINGDOM IS AN EVERLASTING KINGDOM, AND ALL DOMINIONS SHALL SERVE AND OBEY HIM.” Do you like that pattern? If you don’t, you don’t like White Supremacy. But God does. And you don’t have to worry, for He is going to see that it is instituted against the hosts of darkness. If you do not think that the host of darkness are outnumbered, I want you to know that when Lucifer rebelled, he involved 1/3 of the hosts in the Milky Way---that had been involved in the control of the Milky Way---1/3. But 2/3 were not under the control of Lucifer in his rebellion and the rest of them then were under the control of the MOST HIGH. This might seem mighty large and a tremendous area of activity, but defeated and cast into earth, then Lucifer becomes a problem for you, because you live here.

One of the things that started this all off, was when Lucifer said that he would not acknowledge that you were the sons and daughters of God. He would not acknowledge that the sons and daughters of God had Divine origin and were greater than he was. Do you know that in the whim of God, which was a part of HIS tremendous plan, He had discerned that the most important thing would be to defeat Lucifer with His Family. Believe it or not, the children of the Kingdom, the nations of the White race, with one of the outstanding nations---the United States of America under the outstretched wings of the Eagle, are going to defeat every Satanic tyranny and every Satanic power in the world. They are going to crush Communism and they are going to eliminate Communism in America and everyone who helped to spread it.

In talking about the Sword of the LORD, and His ability to command spiritual and physical forces, is beyond question. His ability to command the hosts and fleets of heaven are also never in question. And the command goes out of His mouth. And who can resist His Will. I take you back into the book of Exodus. And there is an association of a lot of events at the command of the MOST HIGH. This was the coming of the great comet which swept into our Solar system. And which eventually remained there. But it had lashed the earth earlier several times and effected whole transitions in the earths surface. It moved in to stay as one of the wanderers in our Solar system and its catastrophe lashed Egypt in the days of the Exodus. But I think one of the significant things in the days of the Exodus that God declares that He is in command. And He spoke unto Moses to approach Him. And even tho the approaching armies were not far from the Red Sea, and as they approached in pursuit of the Children of Israel, then God said to Moses, ‘Smite these waters.’ And Moses obeyed and the waters of the Red Sea divided. I think this is rather interesting because God said you do this because I tell you to and this is what is going to happen, for I am in control. An dit says that at that time, when three million of your race had just left Egypt, that there was a strange cloud above them and it was illuminated at night like a great pillar of fire and like a great illuminated cloud by day. And inside of that could was one of these great command vessels, because we are told that YAHWEH the God of the Universe, was inside of that cloud. And we read here these words:--’The LORD will fight for you, and ye shall hold your peace.’ So in this instance, Moses told the people to stand still. Remember then, that as the Egyptian army pursued the children of Israel into this dry gulch of the Red Sea,---we are told that the Egyptians marched after them and the Children of Israel cried out to the LORD. As they passed thru this situation, the LORD said, ‘Behold I will fight for you.’ And to Moses on the other side, He said, ‘Now lift up your hand and stretch out your rod.’ And the catastrophe took place as the waters of the Red Sea came together and wiped out the armies of Pharaoh---all of those who had pursued into the Red Sea. And Moses said that the Chariot of the LORD moved and went behind them, between the children of Israel and anything which remained of the enemy.

And it came to pass in the morning watch, that YAHWEH looked upon the hosts of Egypt, out of the pillar of fire in the clouds and troubled the hosts of the Egyptians. And those who had not moved thru the sea and been swallowed up by the waters, they also sought to come again and they also were almost all destroyed.

Now, in this instance, when you read the record, you read of the abiding of this nation, and how the waters came together against all those who came against the Children of Israel. And the power came from the Sword of the LORD which fought out of the illuminated cloud in which was the authority---our of the flagship of God.

The Sword of the LORD.----Then someone says, ‘I do not believe that the waters divided.’ Well, then you are no student of Egyptology. For they buried that young Pharaoh and on his tomb and in the frieze around the sepulcher they put him in, and the hieroglyphic pattern of his life. They tell about how he pursued your race into the waters, and how the children of Israel went across the dry bottom. But when the Pharaoh and his army went in between the waters, then the waters came together and drowned them. And when the testimony of Egyptology tells as to how all this catastrophe enveloped them and how this was the result of the strange power of the God of your race, who had suddenly shown up on the scene, you can see that you are a ‘doubting Thomas.’ But your enemy believes it. But the body of the Pharaoh was exactly where they laid him as well as a great number of his leading officials of that day.

Someone then says that we are in a very practical struggle and we do not have to take a position. My friends, it is tho you were going out of Egypt today. Modern Egypt is controlled by the same fallacious set of minority controlled Priesthoods dominating the Temples of Set and Soth. Today, these same forces of darkness are controlled by these same forces. Today, they are seeking to take over all Christian sources. And today they have ghosted up a new and modern area of control. I tell you, today, that the same thing is happening as it did in the days of Pharaoh--that the hand of Divine intervention will be applied.

I turn here in the book of Ezekiel, as he describes the likeness of what he saw. And he says that he saw this great fleet of circular objects and they came in out of space. And they were in formation. And he describes how they were radiant and how they reflected the light, and how they were made of this type of metal. He tells in describing their appearance that there was a wheel in the middle of the wheel, circles within circles. That is the way that he describes these great circular objects. He tells of how this flight came in and how they moved thru space, and how the living creatures who were inside maneuvered the ships and how they finally landed them. Then curiosity got the best of him and he went in very close to see just what was transpiring, and suddenly out of one of the ships, they brought out a throne. And on that throne was one like a man, but with the Glory of YAHWEH shining about and a rainbow there also. And Ezekiel fell on his knees. But he was curious and he went closer to see.

We are sort of curious people. And we always want to see what this is all about. And we discovered as did Ezekiel, that just one of the units of the mighty fleets of God was real and it was tangible. But in this instance, then Ezekiel was told a number of things. Ezekiel was also given another transportation ride to another spot where he was to observe and witness things before he did his prophesying to the people. He describes it and he talks about these mighty chariots of God.

Someone said the other day that all the talk of Space Craft and all the talk of flying saucers was merely the figment of imagination and that all churches which considered that these things were real----had something wrong with them. I don’t know who this preacher was, but I was just listening to him talk on the air the other day. But let me tell you this. Ezekiel saw them that day. They are not only on the increase, but there are more of them around the world today than at any time in history. Never has there been anything like it or as much silence given to it. But the hour of the influence of Michael’s forces is very close. There are those that have wondered if it were necessary to transport people from Celestial areas to earth in ships. It depends upon what you call Celestial realms. The whole visible Universe which you see with your eyes is just as tangible as this. They have a form of substance and have shaped and form. And of course, if you want to transfer something from one area to the other, it is usually done with a vehicle of some kind. Everytime I discover that there was a transfer of being or something from one part of the Universe to the other, I generally discover that there was some kind of craft. I discover that the chariots of God took Elijah away when he left. You say, ‘But he had a body.’ Well, what makes you think there are no bodies out there? When Christ left, He had one too. So don’t forget that. We note that when Enoch was taken out into the vastness of space, that he describes it as tho they came in a ship which he called the chariot of God. And he tells of how he rode in this ship and sent out to the ends of space and he wrote volumes on what he saw. And he came back the same. I point out to you that one night when shepherds were watching their flocks by night, suddenly, a great spotlight shown down on them. And a light shown right out of the heavens, right on them. Then out of the great megaphone of tremendous design, they heard the announcement of great joy:---”Behold there is born tonight in the city of Bethlehem, a Savior who is Christ the LORD.” And it frightened these shepherds, for they could look up and see the light. But then they heard these voices. It wasn’t very long before they heard great heavenly choirs involve in this operation.

Someone said, ‘What makes you think that this wasn’t just a miracle in heaven?’ Well, all of this was a miracle. For God had become embodied in earth and they were announcing the great tradition of the festivities around the birth of Christ in the scriptures. And then the shepherds went to find HIM in the manger. Wise men said that a light went before them. Remember that. Some call it a star, but stars do not move around just about the earth. The stars are so much bigger that our solar system would be swallowed up just by the dimension of one. But this light that went before them is just another one of those instances, and it went before them even unto the manger, or when the Christ child lay.

Now, I point out to you that now we are told that on this night of His birth, the hosts of heaven were standing by. Choirs out of the heavens were standing by. They had transported them here. And I point out to you that the light which went before the Wise men was none other than one of these great crafts of heaven which was standing by. Let me tell you this. In the instances of these declarations, you will discover that almost every time the approaching of spiritual forces, these Angelic hosts of God are accompanied by the cloud and by the light. The cloud is merely the effulgence around the object which we do not see. I point out to you that the Christ left with a body which you could touch and handle. That He had broke bread with His disciples. And when He went outside of the city, there was a cloud there. And after the final instructions to His disciples, then He went into the cloud. And then two men stepped out of this same cloud and they said to the disciples, ‘Don’t stand here gazing into this radiant cloud. This same Christ will return in the same manner as you see Him go.’ But where did they come from? They had been riding in the same ship in the cloud that He entered as He left. But two men came out of the cloud and talked to the disciples and the records of the early church says that then the two men reentered the cloud and then ascended into the sky. But they could never see beyond the radiant light of it.

Then I turn here in the book of Revelation and it tells me that when they try to overthrow every law on the books, that the hosts of heaven are going to be definitely a part of this matter. And the SWORD OF THE LORD WILL BE BEHELD ONCE MORE. You are going to see the mighty reinforcements of God’s Kingdom. And until this transpires, don’t worry, my friends, about the fact that you will be outnumbered. You are just to occupy. You may be outnumbered in the earth where you are only 1/6 of the population, but you are not outnumbered in spiritual power and intelligent vision. 145 million White Christians live in these United States. Maybe some of them do not realize their heritage. But if 145 million White people let less than 45 million people of all kinds of pagan backgrounds, belonging to this Satanic conspiracy to take over their society, and to crush their destiny, then they must be sound asleep, or they have no vision or understanding.

Now, I know that a large part of our nation is asleep and under that area of control that a large part of the responsibility belongs to Ecclesiastical ignorance and they have become a victim to the propaganda of the world machine. We are living in the last days and power has been given to the Image of the Beast to speak. It speaks in your living room. You catch the pattern of the world order and its propaganda is being constantly displayed in your house and all over the nation. But it also tells me what time that it is. This tells me that you are going to see this struggle when the power of the World Order is trying to take over your race. But when ‘the Image of the Beast’ speaks, then you will know what time it is. When the power is given for the ‘Image of the Beast’ to speak, then you will know that you are in the latter days. And this power has been given for ‘the Beast (World Order) to speak.

There is also something else. In the hour when the hosts of heaven re-enter these events, and they surely will, you are told that every eye will then be able to see this event. Someone else said, ‘But suppose that the hosts of God’s Kingdom and the power of it vested in the commanders of these hosts moves in on the other side of the world?’ Well, at the rate you are going, it will be on every television screen anyhow. We already have satellites beaming pictures from other parts of the world. We have crossed the oceans with Satellites and we are now putting more Satellites in space. And it won’t be long before television screens will flash any event from any part of the world, that is not very far removed.

We are not just speculating tonight. We are talking about declarations made in the scripture that relate to your immediate future. If ever there was a realization, that these things which relate to Christians, this supernatural power, Divine intervention, is not just some ghosted up specter of hope that is way out there illusive. For God is as vitally interested in you and in your nation as He has ever been. God has not been shortened in power. And He has not lost His personality and He has not abandoned His people. The great Administrative design of bringing the children of the world under the Administration of the Kingdom, and the will of God in this declaration is the Biblical story.

I am going to tell you tonight, that you will never free India from superstition or Africa from the witch doctor, until you have broken the power of he who created this and you rule with righteousness and Divine power. People talk about the Sword of the LORD. But what can it do? Well, it can do anything that is necessary. It can still bring in astronomical patterns. It can still use the control of meteorite showers. There are enough meteorites now hurdling around in space that if there was a directive as to their fall, which could wipe out whole cities with greater destruction than the atom bomb.

Someone said, ‘But it won’t happen.’ Well, it has happened in the past and it can happen again. If God said ‘Bombs away’ today the Cainanites would be wiped out before your race. These are those who were responsible for the murder of some of the people in your cities in earlier times. I point out to you that God said that He was going to use earthquakes to swallow up some of His enemies. You say, ‘He cannot do it.’ Well, I wouldn’t talk about that here in California. We have had an increase of earthquakes all over the world. And when God says He can shake anything down, then I believe it.

I was talking to a prominent student the other day. This one a physicist, a full believer. And he said that geologists say that they are aware that things are happening that they never anticipated. And it is happening on God’s time table. Geologist are amazed when they listen to tapes which this man is introducing for their thinking. I point out to you today that the armies of God are definitely entering and the powers of nature will be at work. And the eventual struggle will be around various areas and cities and parts of the earth.

I turn to the book of Revelation, and I see that it is a literal war. And I remember George Washington’s vision. And he saw a part of this literal war right here in these United States. He saw it stirred up by the ‘red horse of Communism. And he noted that it was symbolized by the color ‘red.’ And he saw the racial war and he saw the Negroes stirred up by the hand that created Communism and those who hated Christianity, and those who would take peace from America. And he saw as God spoke to him, the triumphant forces of heaven that added to the picture of survival of Christian leadership.

Now, in this instance the reason why you need assistance, is because you are involved in a mighty struggle in which you are greatly out numbered as far as man power is concerned. And altho you might be able to handle that situation, still all the Luciferian forces of Satanic influence out of the areas of Satanic spirit are also involved. The book of Revelation tells that these powers of darkness move out of the Netherworld. And they move almost as smoke out over the world. No wonder that we need all the Divine assistance that we get. There is no doubt that the Celestial world is an exact replica of the physical world only operating in areas of perfection in physical bodies which are the image of the spiritual body. You have a spiritual body, and you have a physical one. But you also have this one synthesized in light, as well as this one synthesized in physical substance. But inside the consciousness of the soul can be resident in both dimensions. But what you are training for is the work in these two plains, this mighty miracle which is just ahead.

We can establish for you that whereas the physical body of Christ in the power of His Resurrection was also master over dimension. He was master over dimensions when He walked the earth in a physical body, and yet He was able to pass right thru the wall when the Jews were truing to stone HIM. This was before His Crucifixion as well as after. So this was with the knowledge of the power of command. The Eternal God then says that out of His mouth will go the fiat which will order the eventual defeat of the enemy, and will set in motion the gathering of the hosts under the command of Michael. And with the mighty armies of God’s Kingdom rising up, the powers of darkness in the earth are going to be defeated militarily in the earth and by the hosts of heaven. And there is going to be peace in the earth.

I point this out to you for there will be signs in the heavens. So lift up your head for this is where your help comes from. Thus the witnesses are there confirmed by the scientists that we are not alone, and that heaven is standing by. I am going to tell you this. You will need a great catalyzing of spiritual power and you are going to get it. The hosts of heaven are involved in this and the Glory of God is going to shine down on you and the power of this and the tremendous energy and the spirit of God’s people is going to increase. And they will rise from one to the other until it becomes a tremendous force. You say, ‘I can’t see it.’ But the dynamic energy, the vital force of it is going to go out. I think that if you will bind the darkness you can defeat the Kennedy Administration in the days that are just ahead. Then before this is all over all forty-seven Jews on that Cabinet will leave America. I think that when the vast majority of our nation wakes up and realized that the vast majority of the President’s Cabinet says that we have to dismember our nation and we are going to have to end the independence of the United States and that America as a nation must go. I think if they knew that, then Mr. Rustow would go right away.

I want you to know this tonight. God said something else about the earth. Michael fought the battles of space and he is going to come and join you. But God said something else. He said that you, My people, My race, My Household, are My battle ax and weapons of war. Do you know that with the declaration of war with the enemy, and your rising up to enforce the Law of God, that you become a force in the earth. And I point out that God has not called for peace in the earth, but for Victory over the enemy by the united strength of the children of His Kingdom. It is your responsibility to defeat the enemy. It is your responsibility to defeat Communism. It is your responsibility to clean up the earth. And we are going to do this whether you know it or not.

I am going to tell you that there are some objectives that we as Christians should be working on. The B’nai B’rith and the ADL are a couple of the secret forces of the OGPU of the enemy and they have an objective. And that objective is to remove the name of Christ from these United States. To take the name out of every civic institution and to take it out of every celebration that your city or your nation might be a part of. They do not want Nativity scenes and they do not want Christ in Christmas. And they do not want any mention of it. And they have put so many skull caps on the Chief Justice that he doesn’t want the words ‘In God we trust’ over the Justice building. And I am going to tell you tonight, that the B’nai B’rith and the ADL want to do away with every patriot who has denounced their conspiracy. They have had such influence today, that even the Ecclesiastic authorities are trying to cover up for them in the Crucifixion of Christ.

Now, with these things obvious, let me state to you that you as Christians are justified to work for the elimination of the ADL and those they represent. For they influence Presidents and Presidents will issue decrees. And they can determine how you can conduct your churches and how you can sell your property, who you can hire and who your children can marry. And I can tell you that we should work for our nation and deport every one of those who hold dual allegiance from these United States. If it is legal for the enemy to seek the mongrelization and total integration of your nation, and to work for the suppressing of Christianity, then it is legal for Christians to throw everybody else out and rule America with a Christian standard.

Now, if there is someone here from the Record taking this down, then get it straight. We hope we can move Americans so that they will cleanse the body politics, and that we can save America on the Constitutional processes provided for the cleansing of the nation. But we are not naive tonight, and we know that Government has already broken down and is already failing. But I also know that we still have 145 million White men and I still think that we can do it. When a government starts to build weapons, it is already late. Yes, the plan is a dictatorship. But Liberty is going to be more than a word before you are through. These are turbulent times, and times of crisis. But I would not miss any part of it. For I am going to see those hosts come in and I am going to see those hosts take a part. One man said he would be sort of disappointed if we had to have any help. Don’t be so selfish. I think that God has a big investment in this. And I am perfectly willing to see Christ come and gather up these people who crucified Him, who said that He should not reign over him, and follow out Luke’s instructions in chapter 19, verse 24.

There is nothing I would rather see than the re-intervention into earth’s politics, history, and economy by the person of God, Himself. A lot of people are looking for a new revival. But I am looking for a New Kingdom. This, my friends, is the great New Order of the ages. So we close tonight, with these words. In the earth today, you are the Sword of the LORD. In your hour of great need, Michael is the Sword of the LORD from outside. But at the command and fiat out of His mouth the whole Universe will move at His command. The earth itself will fight for you according to the book of Revelation, to swallow up the enemy. You can live without fear. And you can possess the Kingdom forever and forever. And then will come more justice and more peach that the world has ever known.

(End of sermon)