Sword Of The Lord Is Truth, 5-28-65


by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 5-28-65

On this Memorial Day, as we are thinking about our soldiers dead, there is this time taken out to give some measure of recognition to those who gave their lives for this nation. And in the long course of our history, we can go over a long continuity of those who sacrificed, but who carried out the destiny ordained as far as the destiny of God's kingdom is concerned. With a dedication that they would not hold back either their lives or their comfort when it came to the preservation of the structure of God's kingdom.

These United States were a great and tremendous purpose in the mind of God. And long before this nation came into being, our forbearers understood that this was going to take place. The vision was given unto David even as he stood by the Kings pillar when he was crowned. And David was told about a land that eventually where HIS people would dwell, and from which they would not move anymore. A land that was beyond this spot where he stood now in old Jerusalem, by this pillar of the king. That eventually, we were going to see a great expansion of the program of God's kingdom.

The prophets proclaimed such a nation, a nation of tall and clean shaven men. Looking forward to the great impact of our day. They talked about a land divided by rivers. They talked about a nation that would be great from its beginning. They talked about the ‘wings of an Eagle’ that would mark such a nation. And surely, those who have given their lives for the destiny of this nation were fulfilling the doomed destiny, that which was known in the ancient past, even to the prophets. So as we look back over these events, we can say that in the face of all of the catastrophes and all of these things which look like failures, as we see war after war rising upon the horizon. And even as we meet here this afternoon and we meditate upon the things of God, and again as we think about those who gave their lives for this nation . . . and we note . . . we are again at war. We have our men in the areas of Asia. And even here in the Western hemisphere in the Caribbean Sea, we are still engaged in war. And it is not going to diminish, but it is going to increase. Thus it is that there are important things that we must know.

In fact there is nothing as important for you this afternoon, than knowledge. And there is no knowledge more important to you than the knowledge of God. This is one of the reasons that we point out to you that one of the most valuable assets that you have in your struggle for civilization and for culture, and to attain that destiny which is ordained of you, is this ‘Sword of the Spirit.’ Because it is this sword of truth that is so vital for your survival. No facet of idealogy or philosophy, no matter how they might make it sound appealing, would not be constructive or sound were it not based upon truth. If it is fallaciously constructed upon a basis of error, if its promises and covenants are not true, then no matter how they tell you that it might be, it would be on a destructive foundation.

We find that basically, our troubles of today stem from the fact that we have had leadership who have spoken softly to us about peace when there is no Peace. They have talked about and joined organizations that have nothing in common with us. Just because people live upon the earth and wear clothes and walk up and down upon it does not mean that they have something in common with you, whether the air in which they live is free, and sometimes that can be fouled in the areas in which they live. I tell you today that there is only one thing upon which you and I can build. And that is the foundation of God's kingdom which is laid upon the vital truths which he has laid for the establishment of his culture and his civilization, and his obedience to all of the mysteries in the midst of the earth. And that association is with living stones, in this Stone Kingdom. Those who have the capacity to identify themselves with the only True God, those whose vision and background is found in that origin of spirit, is marked and distinguished from other people upon the face of the earth.

Let me point out to you that in the mysteries that relate to God's kingdom, that this kingdom is the most important thing. For the kingdom brings in righteousness, and eventually establishes his order and Peace. Because the only people who can possess an inner peace are those who are a part of that kingdom and their minds are fixed on HIM.

Thus it is that we turn to the book of John. And here in the book of John, one of the things that Jesus said to the people who have the capacity to receive truth is that one of the great gifts that would proceed forth from HIM was knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. He said:--‘Therefore I develop the quickening consciousness of the truth. I shall send my spirit.’ And when the spirit of truth is come, He shall lead you into the knowledge of all truth. And then he adds:--'Even the spirit which the world cannot receive.’ I am not, this afternoon, proclaiming that you have a message that you can carry to the ends of the world that the world can receive. The world cannot receive what they do not have a capacity in them to receive or understand. It will take the miracle of God and the triumph of his kingdom to bring these things into fruition.

But I point out to you in the Christian Church in the congregation of his kingdom, we are not talking about the ends of the earth. We are not talking about people in Africa or Asia. We are talking about the children of the kingdom to the children of the kingdom. And therefore let us recognize that God has a message for you, and for you to understand. HE says, ‘therefore this spirit is the spirit of truth.’ And you can receive it but the world cannot receive it. And one of the things that he shall do is to bring you to the knowledge of all truth. There is no better weapon this afternoon, than to know that this is knowledge that is truth. It is not in error.

We point out to you therefore that in the book of Ephesians that it tells us that we are in a struggle. Therefore put on the whole armor of God, so that ye may be able to withstand the wiles of the devil. Some people do not like this word devil. They do not like to think there is one. I do not know how they can hold to that very long when they see his children running around. It is quite obvious that there must be a father to these many who worship at his shrine. There is no question. For in the 12th chapter of Revelation, we are told about Lucifer, this son of the morning, who with his rebellious program against God, became Satan, or the devil and the dragon. And there is no question about the fact that this war against God's kingdom is constant and continuous. But as to its outcome, there is also no question. Because darkness is to be swallowed up with light and evil is defeated.

But I point out to you that one of the most important things is the warrior who wrestles not alone against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers, and against the rulers of darkness in this world and against spiritual wickedness in high places. The biggest problem in your national life is spiritual wickedness in high places. When you find spiritual wickedness in high places, you generally find some of Satan's children in high places. And they may be surrounding those of your own race, whom you may have placed in positions of power. But if they listen to the voices of the darkness, they lead the nations of God's kingdom into trouble.

We point out then that you have a responsibility. Some Christians think that all they have to do is find some serene position way off in a corner where they do not have anything to do. All they have to do is to say I believe, I accept. And then withdraw into a protected corner. But he, who called, did not call you to rest in a corner. He called you to be a warrior. And you cannot please HIM who called you to be a warrior unless you battle against the powers of darkness and the forces of evil. So therefore you battle and wrestle not against flesh and blood alone.

Now you say, ‘but we do not have anything to do with flesh and blood.’ But you will find out that you have a lot to do with flesh and blood. And you have a lot of problems with flesh and blood in the earth. Every warrior, who we are commemorating this Memorial Day, gave his life fighting against flesh and blood. But in fighting against flesh and blood, it was ideal and principals which became involved. It was powers of darkness in high places that constructed the conditions in which flesh and blood were active.

I do not overlook the pattern that we do not fight alone against flesh and blood. The elimination of this declaration that it is not alone against flesh and blood, makes people become non-realist. How many people in the world who say all of our struggle is spiritual . . . all of our struggle is removed into some concept of areas of spirit and rising areas of theology? But none of it is practical and none of it relates to earth. But, my friends, we have to depend on the substances of earth. We have to earn our living. And we have to go out and buy food, so that we might live on earth. We build houses so that we might shelter ourselves from all of the elements of earth. And we discover that everything we are doing we are doing down here in flesh and blood bodies. Then someone comes along and says, ‘but flesh and blood is of no concern.’ Well, my friends, the kingdom of God would not be in the world today if there was no flesh and blood. That is one of the most essential mysteries of God's kingdom that you will discover.

This is the reason why that in one of the essential conversations with Israel, that Jesus, as HE talked to Nicodemus, as Nicodemus had asked questions . . . one of them being, ‘How does a man enter into this kingdom of heaven?’ And Jesus said, ‘You are a master of Israel and you do not know this?’ Then he said, ‘It is quite obvious, for you have to be twice born.’ Then looking at Jesus again as tho he had been utterly cut off from the areas of the truth of his Grace, Nicodemus said, 'How can a man go back into his mothers womb and be born a second time?' Jesus then said, ‘Ye must be born of the water and of the spirit.’ This in translation was transposed:... ‘Ye must be born of spirit and of the water.’ Thus you must be born of spirit. And that which is spirit is just that. Spirit. And that which is flesh is flesh. The most important thing is to remember what is essential for an individual for what is truth and what it contains. Then there is a reactivation of the spiritual consciousness of a child of God, while he is in the flesh and then he can conquer.

The most important background of our history is one that thrills a person when they understand it. When they catch a theme and find it pulsing thru the scriptures, such as that you and I are children of eternity. When we start to measure the patterns of our relationship with God and discover that it is not a matter of four score years and ten. It is not a matter of discovering consciousness of a small child as we grow, and find our relationship to this environment. But it is a fact that you and I are a spiritual entity begotten by our Father in the ages of yesterday. Our names were written in the Lamb's Book of Life before the foundation of the world. We are not only children of his spirit, but we have dwelt in Celestial plains. In those dimensions of God's universe where life and synthesis is as real and tangible to touch as is the substance of our elemental and physical world of molecules made up of the organizations of electronic energy. So we, a pulsing people of timelessness, we have begun in the endless patterns of yesterday. And our destiny reaches out into the endless tomorrows. And for us, one of the great secrets that makes a Memorial Day triumphant is that we are not children of death. We are the children of an endless life. There is no doubt that there are areas where we are in contact with death. There is also no doubt that here in this physical body that their is a victory that shall be won by our Faith and our religion and our God. That this faith is the conquest of what we call decay and death. But as to the consciousness and the realism that we are the children of the eternal. And you shall never die. This is the triumphant secret of our faith and of our race.

No doubt, then that there is nothing like this great panorama found in the scriptures. "For unto you it is given to know, unto them it is not given." You are not a race created here like the original races of creation. And you are not a race which came in the days of the Luciferian rebellion. You are a special people unto the Most High God. Who not only hath begotten you in spirit, but has placed you in earth and then begat you a special house to dwell in.

The Adamic race is the offspring of God. The genealogy of Christ is traced back to Adam who is the son of God. Thus, as you come back to the son of Seth, the son of Adam, the son of God.

I am, this afternoon delivering such a message in speaking to the household, the sons and daughters of God. Nobody else will understand this. No one else will have the capacity to perceive this. So we point out to you that this great panorama of history belongs to you. This great struggle in the sky, the vast creative forces systems, the establishment by divine system of one Universe. And out of the past, we read that, 'The morning stars sang together.' The archangels and the symphony of music beyond all imagine and mind, to hear this great symphony of the spheres rolled out and all of the sons and daughters of God shouted for joy.

You and I beheld the spectacle of the creative fireworks of the past, and we rejoiced with each new Glory as our Father rolled out another portion of his universe, or established a little more of the portions of his plan. We also looked upon a universe that was rocked by rebellion of an archangel. And we heard the counseling of our Father, who said we will let him run his course. For this will lay the understanding and appreciation of higher developments among you and among all of you, and those that constitute my house. And then we discover the things of this great panorama that transpired. The mighty hosts, the great armies that came out of the heavens above, that would place Lucifer and all of his hosts in the earth. Defeated, broken in power, then he became the god of this world. And became the ruler over the people who were within it. The ancient past of the ancient people, who had been upon the earth, is now contaminated by the powers of darkness, by this sleeping superstition now given to them in place of truth. The greatness of our Father and the majesty of His Grace even reached to earth, in that time, and altho we were not with him at the time, still, he promised to place his own family in the earth. That his own race, his own household would dwell in the very midst of Luciferian power. And they would overthrow Lucifer in the flesh, and in the earth. Where he was seeking to subdue all things which had been created.

There is no doubt about the fact that we were predestined to dwell in the earth in physical bodies, and we do dwell in physical bodies. We are here. And then we have the words of Jesus:--Thine (spirit) they were in the heavens, and now mine here in earth.’ We also have the words of the Apostle Paul who said: --'since now the children of God are now here in bodies of flesh, and we are here, there is no question of that.’ And the Apostle Paul also said that we are strangers and pilgrims in earth, of whom the earth was not worthy. Thus, we look back over the years of his race. For I moved on a higher level of understanding. It starts to bring a world into relationship with God, and to repeal the patterns of darkness, and break down the superstitions and the power of the idol, and the worship of the darkness. But in each one of these situations this race moves with a dynamic force, a force that reaches points higher and higher until they can lift flesh back into the presence of God. There were areas of mistakes. There were catastrophes and areas of violation of divine law. There was the Adamic sin. And then the Grace of our Father who said, ‘these are of my household, these are my offspring. Therefore I will dwell among you in earth, and then come forth as a God among men. And then I shall say they are my kinsmen.’ And the Apostle Paul said that he said he was not ashamed to say ‘these are my relatives. This is my household.’

When we look back over the panorama of history and we find one man's family gradually developing and growing in size, we look into the tribal cities and states, and then into the great western nations that make up the great Christian Western world today. We look over a long panorama of history. We look out over the forces of darkness that sought to wipe us from the face of the earth. Not because we were many, but because we possessed the truth. In those instances we have fought in the past against those aborigine people who came forth out of the jungles and out of the Steppes. We have fought against the antiquity of the kingdoms of the darkness as they moved against us. In fact we have been attacked at all times and in all periods. And God has raised up men to defend the structure of the kingdom and the growth of our civilization.

In fact if you go back over that panorama and the struggles in the upper Tarim Basin, to the battle in the Steppes, and to the battle with the hill Canaanites that came against our society, to the battles we have had with the Assyrians and the Amalakites. And let me tell you something. Your battle with the Amalakites is still on. In fact God said that he had a war with Amalek in all of these generations. And we see again this dark force that moves thru your race, and causes them to know the secret that moves thru the Old Testament and on thru the new. That there is a flower being preserved in the earth, and this is that they were with the Father before the world was framed. No wonder then that the consciousness can come to such a man as David, as he wrote the words:--"Ye are Elohim, and all of you are Gods; all of you are the children of YAHWEH."

So what are you doing down here in earth, and dying like the people of earth? Why have ye submitted yourselves to these powers of darkness?

Now there is something that ye must know and you must not only know it, but you must realize that you are out of this every growing stream of life out of the presence of God. And it is into the endless tomorrow. And it is the consciousness of this race, that we can say with the Apostle Paul, that to be absent from this body is to be present with the LORD.

And He said, ‘I do not want to die.’ But you don't find anybody who wants to die. And even tho living seems to be a greater burden than dying, yet people do everything to live. It does not make any difference as to what happens to them. So nobody really wants to go. So they do try to find some way to stay.

Someone says, that it doesn’t look like people even want to go to heaven. Well, God has put in them this desire to stay here. And that is something they get into whether they want to or not.

Someone said that is a new twist. But that is not where the average man is going to go. I am going to tell you that every man is going back where he came from. There is a lot of people however in the earth that all of the preachers an all of the evangelists like Billy Graham cannot get into heaven no matter how hard they try. You say why is that? Well, they never came down out of it and they cannot get back into it.

Now then, they who came down from heaven can get back into it. Oh, you say that is not good for the rest of them, but they are better off in their own state wherever they belong. For it is your responsibility to see that every knee is going to bow and every tongue proclaim that Christ is LORD. Not only in the heavens above but on the earth and down under. There are some people of the kingdom of God who do not realize that it moves in every plain. In the celestial plain, this is the plain of life. This is the furthermost burning sun to the furthermost sidereal systems. It operates here in the physical world and you and I are in this physical world.

Now you say--how do you prove it? Well you are here aren't you? What are we worshiping for if we are not here? If we are not here and we do not have a special consciousness inside of us that lives and dwells inside this physical body, that thinks beyond the animal response to nature, then we would not be here. There would be no capacity to respond to spirit. For he that is spirit is of the spirit and all things shall be shown to him. If he does not have the spirit, he does not have the spirit could not understand it anyhow. This is what Jesus told those Jews who were standing around: ‘You cannot understand my words, because you cannot hear it.’ Oh, you say but surely they could hear the audio frequency of his voice? Yes, but they could not understand the spiritual truths that he proclaimed because they were not spirit of his spirit. He said, ‘I am of my father and you are of your father, and you can understand the things of your father (spirit) and that is why you act like you do.’

Now there are some things that we should understand today. There is a cultural inheritance and background that determines why they act like they do all over the world. There are also cultural hindrances. If we want to call them cultures, for there are two kinds of cultures, one is spelled with a ‘c’ and one with a ‘k.’ And in the backgrounds of these they do what their forefathers did, and they have the concept of their kind of thinking.

You might moderate it with the technological achievements of your society, but they will still function to the relationship of their forbearers. I point out to you this afternoon that because of this the powers of darkness have sought because there are more of them than there are of us, to take us over.

Every once in a while we find someone out here crying for the minority. And when he is talking about minorities he is talking about those who are at enmity with God, where they are racially trying to absorb us, or they want us to absorb them, because they want to establish that they are our equal. And by this very process, I hear people worrying about the minorities. And if you are interested in minorities then there is only one minority in the earth, and that is the white man. We are one-sixth of the worlds population today. And I would not exchange the technology and the vision of that 1/6 for all that the world has to offer. For when the world wants to have enough to eat they still have to come to that 1/6.

You will remember that God looking upon the earth on the 7th day that there was no Adamite to till the ground. So the ground was not being developed. It was not being tilled because there was no Adamite. This was on the seventh day when all other creations and time tables had gone by. So God brought forth his own issue. And Adam had a green thumb.

You know, my friends, any environment, anywhere in God's universe can be best understood by the consciousness being synchronized with the knowledge that made him. Therefore this is the reason that the children of the kingdom inherited his knowledge and his wisdom. Thus they move out into any environment, and instead of becoming adapted to it by friction and erosion, they become a creative force that adapts the wisdom and knowledge as to what can be done with it. This is the reason why you can look at some of these countries like India and some of these other plans, and they make out an existence by the side of the Ganges, and allow it to sit. And they do all kinds of things to give them the kind of things that your technology has produced, and then they spurn it because it did not come from them.

But the fact remains that with all of the resources all over the world the developing force which developed all of these resources and found the way to harness them, do move out of your society. You do not, my friends, remain status. You begin to use them, to utilize and move them. And God likes this because it is shaping and moving and creating in his universe. For He is constantly reconstructing and remaking it again. So also would you. Therefore wherever he sends you then you are activated with the consciousness of His spirit. Every creative and conscious pattern of thought that you possess in the flesh whether it be in carrying out architectural development, or whether it become a solution to providing sufficient food or learning how to control what looks like an overabundance of the waters upon the earth . . . All of these things starts with ideas. Things start to come into your mind and you start to bring them to reality. So everything that you have observed in all physical creation, everything that you behold that is the work of your hands, has been a formation of ideas. And then you translate them into reality.

You know, it is quite obvious then that one-sixth of the world’s population today, which are the children of his kingdom, who are identified as the white Christian nations of the earth, therefore possess this power of ideas that is not known to other people. Oh, you say but they built ancient civilizations. Yes, but most of them worshiped their ancestors, because they do not have anything to show for it since they followed Lucifer.

Now you are children of the spirit, but you are in a physical world. And we find that this was the lesson that Nicodemus was to learn. 'Thou a master (teacher) in Israel and you do not know these things?' You are a dweller in two plains. You have been spiritually begotten, and now physically begotten. And in that physical body is a spiritual entity.

Now so that this physical consciousness might respond and carry out their responsibility, then you have to have it activated. And we call this regeneration. This is just stimulating the consciousness by spiritual power. We have so many people who are so dulled by this process of neutralism that is around them, from all areas that create apathy that they have not permitted the great spiritual force of God's spirit to generate an activation of spiritual will and understanding within them. Because of this, they always want someone else to fight the enemy. Many times I hear people say there is not much we can do about it. We are outnumbers. We will just have to let things take their course. But you know today everything that just lets everything take its course, just deteriorates. Everything around about you today that just stands still without any improvement deteriorates. You can build the most beautiful home in this city. And if it is not touched for two or three years, that home will look as tho it is starting to fall apart. Even just living in it will keep a building alive. But leave it uninhabited and it will start to go down. And if you will keep improving, you can give it life for 30 or 40 years or more.

I know back in the New England states that there are homes built back in the days of the Revolution. And it is just as good a building today as it was in those days. In fact it has been improved on. But this takes activation, this takes creative thought. This takes something that has to be poured into it by the individual.

Now this is not a normal trait in Africa. Those huts decay and they make another one out of mud and thatch it over. And when it goes, they move on. But you do not find any structure down there that they have built then improved and kept going. They do not do that here either. They can move into the finest homes in Pasadena. And you say, ‘oh, some of them are cutting their lawns.’ But 40 to 50% of them are cutting up the porch. The first cold day and they are cutting up the porch for their potbellied stove.

Then you come back and look at that in another six months, and you find less and less of the house, as they drop back into their old ways. And you watch what was once a nice residential area for 30 or 40 years start to go down. Why is this? Because the thing that is vitally important is that spirit consciousness that dwells inside the body.

Now there are some people like that. But they have a soul. But that soul does not have very much to activate them, and they travel on emotion, and they are ruled by their Witchdoctors. And they sway to whatever is their impact. And it is not that which builds cultures and develops leadership.

Today as we think then of our soldier dead who gave their lives thru out the course of the century . . . then even in this nation since we have preserve our nation, that great majority who gave their lives, did not give their lives to see this country degenerate and lose their spiritual, racial, and ethical standards. Nor would they ever have believed that a day would come when you could force mediocrity upon our society by forcing them to reside with, or to be joined to, or to accept either people in leadership or in social contact, that were not their equals, and have no capacity to respond to their areas of development. It is a known pattern see. When you continue to thrust mingled species together and seek to eliminate from their thinking their cultural inheritance of their background. For eventually you will mutate and mongrelize these people. I tell you today that the great story of truth necessary in this land is a reawakening of their knowledge of their responsibility to God as the people of the century whom God wants to keep intact.

I also point out to you that they are starting very early in the text books of our schools to sell this propaganda. I saw some of the new text books that they are coming out within Philadelphia. And in these test books they show one Negro for every white child. They show them playing together and going together. And this is the new textbooks. Negroes on every page. This is to accustom your child to getting used to playing with Negroes, then going with Negroes, with them going down the street . . . then one of them is a Negro. That they will accept this and be marrying Negroes. And if their parents say something about this, such as ‘look there is a difference between you and they as to mental capacities, and other areas,’ then they will say, ‘but this is what we learned in school.’ You are old fashioned, mother or father. This is not true. Do you know what we need in America? It is the burning of the new text books. The other day, I heard a teacher say, ‘Dr. Swift, don't you know that the burning of the books was a fascist operation?’ So I said, ‘well it must be some kind of an operation, for you have gone thru all of the libraries, and the schools and colleges and you have taken out all true science and all true history, and all true records and burned it up, and put this stuff in its place.’

Do you know what we are going to find out as they get thru burning up the truth? This is the scriptures. And this, my friends, might be a good place to start all over again.

Yes, Jesus said to Nicodemus, . . . ‘if you want to participate in the kingdom you have to know one thing. You have to know who you are, how you were born.’ You see the most important thing for you to understand now as to your race, that there is spiritual birth and physical birth. But the same enmity and that is you. Born in the spirit, born in the flesh from whom--our Father, God. And by this declaration he has ordained that his church shall proclaim the testimony of purity. That the whole foundation of our race rests on purity. It rests on high levels of spiritual attainment.

Someone then says, ‘what is purity?’ It is an unadulterated, unmutated, society. The moment you mutate it you have adulterated it, and you have watered down the capacities of spiritual wavelength. And the ability to carry out the instructions of the most High God.

We are in a struggle for survival. And the most important thing you possess is this sword of truth, which is the knowledge of God's spirit. Therefore, here you are, a people of tomorrow. There are a lot of powers in the world today which are planning on world conquest. J. Edgar Hoover admits this and the President of the United States admits this now. Altho he has to get over on the 'right' to get any approbation. But it is good for him to get over on the 'right' once in a while. The hordes of Communism would like to conquer all of Asia. They want to stir up trouble thru all of the western hemisphere. They are getting ready for massive attacks in Europe. And there is no way to keep these things secret. Because Intelligence finds it out.

Let me tell you something. You know, we are living in a strange age anyhow. There is so many devices. There are hearing aids, and so many processes for focusing on houses and buildings and so many tasks, and rooms, that when you deal in Communist countries, they do not trust anybody. And they have one another tapped. And we don't trust them, so we have them tapped and they have us tapped. The CIA listens to the FBI. And I don't know who is above them, but there is no trust. So there is not secrets. Let’s get this clear today. They may say, this is the Secret Service, but there is no secret. In fact everybody knows that the communist world is going to try to conquer the non-Communist world. Everybody knows that we are headed for nuclear war. Oh they tell you that you can sleep tonight because China cannot do this for ten years. But they are saying that in 1975 they will do it. Do you know what is the difference between faith and just knowledge? Faith acts on what you know. And I think that you should blow up China's reactors today instead of waiting for ten years. We should know that they are planning on attacking and destroying. I do not think it will take ten years. I think that in two years they can do this. And they have enough of a stock pile right now to blow up Los Angeles and Seattle. In fact Russia will give them carriers. So you do not have to worry about them getting here. In fact there is a whole element involved in this. But the thing that I point out to you is that they all know what the master strategies are. In fact today there is not anyone who does not know that there are Red Agents in our State Department. That there are Red Agents around the President, and in Education. And even Red Agents in church. Let’s stop planning then and take this thing realistically. Let’s put the Red Agents in the concentration camps.

Someone then says, ‘but that is not the gospel of Love.’ But that is the only gospel that you would dare preach on Memorial Day, otherwise you have broken faith with your soldier dead. If their sacrifice was worth anything, if their shed blood was worth anything to preserve this country, with their final sacrifice, then it is your responsibility to preserve the country that they handed to you.

In this same declaration then there is nothing as important as truth. There are so many people who are worried about the numbers and the inconvenience. Someone said to me, ‘Dr. Swift, just look at the beautiful homes scattered thru out the city.’ And I said, what about them? So he said, ‘now just think. Isn't it better that we take a chance on arbitration than seeing this all burned up?’ I said, ‘how do you think that you could arbitrate and still possess it?’ If you are going to arbitrate with the Soviet Union to keep these beautiful homes from being burned up, then they are going to sow them with mongrels and with the slavery of the mind. And you aren't going to have them anyhow. Let’s just burn them down and clear the deck for action, if necessary.

Let me tell you something. There is nothing that we have made that we cannot make again and even make it better. So let’s not let any material value stand in the way of our remaining free. There has never been a period of time before when they have been trying to make us think that the greatness of life is 'creature comfort.' But there is something bigger than that. This is the realization that you are the offspring of the Most High with that vision as an offspring, and that the triumph of the Father is going to bring in the greatest day of development that the world has ever seen. And then you will be complete. There is something about being born free, is different than this which any other people have. If you have been born free with these instilled and inherited patterns in your background that has come down thru your background thru generations after generations, you cannot think of living in a world where they could compress that spirit.

And by this same process you have seen some people who are so enamored by the things that they have earned, and by the Socialist money they had given to them, that they do not want to lose any of this. So they begin to evaluate. How much freedom do I sacrifice to retain this without fear? They do not understand that the philosophy of the enemy is that they will take it all. By these same processes then is to say, ‘well let’s get our minds off of this world and get them onto something spiritual.’ But here you are a spiritual people and HE put you down here in bodies of flesh. So let’s get together with God. Does HE want us down here or up there? If he wants us in the earth then what does he want us here for? That we, my friends, by spiritual presence might bring spiritual war, spiritual conquest into the earth. That in the flesh is spirit also, and will be glorified.

Now a lot of people do not discern because translators have botched things up. And they have this idea that altho they are a spiritual people in the flesh, that the flesh is not to be considered. If all of a person’s genealogy is just that of the flesh, it would not be important. But when flesh is just a vessel carrying a spiritual seed, which in it flows the stream of life, then it is important. For when it is a spiritual vessel that carries forward a spiritual seed of light then it is important.

You say, if you mixed up Asia and Africa, it would be a terrible calamity? It would be for the Asiatics. But it would not be nearly as terrible if you absorbed the white man. You say, why? Because all progress would stop and go retrograde if the white race was absorbed.

As I was speaking upon these passages that you must be born of water, which is natural birth, and of spirit, which is spiritual birth, the spiritual birth is not being born by an idea. We have a lot of people who think that if you accept in your mind an idea that now you have been spiritually born. So an Evangelist gets up and he preaches a message. And he then says that, ‘if you accept this message of what I have been saying, then you are spiritual born.’ He should have said that you become mentally born, or mentally stimulated.

So they say, ‘don't you believe that a conversion comes by an Evangelist?’ No. I thought so once when I was an Evangelist. When I was a young preacher, I thought that something that I had said changed a person’s mind and they accepted this, and now I knew they had Eternal life. But now I know they had Eternal life before I came along. And as God unveils and brings knowledge to his people in these latter days, now we know that this commenced with HIM, and that he has predestined you to conform to His image. So now we will establish that you will be conformed to HIS image.

I want to tell you something. One of the great denominations of our times just resigned from the Christian faith. The Presbyterians have just resigned from the Christian faith. The greatest sovereign doctrine of the scriptures is the sovereignty of God to determine tomorrow. And it is not enough to be sovereign, but you bring it to fruition by adding enough energy to every condition to bring it to his purpose. God's plan was not just for you and his children, but for all Creation. And he has designed to do it thru his kingdom. So HE would restore his kingdom first and then his kingdom would restore the world.

And for this purpose, he said, “All Israel (issue ruling with him) . . . all Israel shall be saved as it is written.” So saved from what? No perdition when they die, but from wars and catastrophes while they live. From errors in thinking, and from depressions and greed and selfishness. And then he said, 'All flesh shall be saved.’ That is a big God. Right now it might be hard to get people to go out and save all flesh. Because they are unhappy at the way all flesh acts.

But when you have removed the great destructive pattern of error, and when you have started the great constructive stream that moves forth out of God's kingdom you will see that from the ends of the earth, they

are going to turn to the light and the GLORY of God's kingdom. Every once in a while we hear it stated that what every man wants is enough food to eat and for his family, and he wants to grow up in peace with his neighbors. He wants to enjoy a good life. Do you ever think of just what this good life is that a man wants? As he dwells in peace with his neighbors? But do you go out and tell a bunch of cannibals that is what they want because it is not what they want. Do not go out and try to tell the hordes from the Steppes that is the way they want to live. Because they have been living like Steppe gangs for three to five thousand years.

I was interested in reading that one of our diplomats went out to meet with a group of leaders of Steppe Mongols. It would be like the ancient Khan with one leader over probably one-thousand men. And as it related to the gatts that he had and other areas of accounted wealth, sheep and horses. He had once, not far from Sammerkand, a very nice home. And he had all the things that you might think a man would want in his home. But when they went out to find him, he was living out in the Steppes surrounded by his warrior band. And that was where our diplomats had to sit down and put their hands in the pot and eat without any of the refinements of modern man, like knives and forks. For this was the way the man was living. And this is where he received his guests. But this was the way his forefathers lived, and he did not care anything about that big house. Except this was where he wanted to be.

Someone said, ‘what is wrong with this?’ But I want to point out that at the same time, there is nothing that can be given to you, by any instrument that you have created. Thus it is that we the children of God's kingdom have been given knowledge and inspiration of unlimited horizons under God. That when transcribed can be no peace or existence in an entire globe, until the people are in adjustment with the God who created it and who rules it, and sustains it. By the very same process when we in our destiny create governments in inspiration which operates for us and by us, until someday the kingdom of Christ is triumphant over the earth with his own visitation. Then you shall sit with him in the seat of administration in a great republican form of government.

Did it ever occur to you that he said that you should sit with HIM in the seat of authority, and share with him in its administration? I, your Father, take you, my sons, and rule the world with you.

Now by this very process then, if any government which we have created, now by any documents by which we created, and by which it professes its power, then seeks to interpret for us morality and patterns of living, and then starts to tell us what we must do, then the government has become bigger than its creator and we are not free.

Hear this this afternoon now. If we are to remain free, or we are to return to our freedom in these United States, then every employer of ours, from the president on down, must stay within the contract by which he holds his office. If we are to retain that great Christian greatness that made our culture rise, then we are going to have to preserve the source of it, and this great value of it which is this flowing bloodstream of its people. The wealth of America is not our buildings, or our automobiles. Or even what we used to have in the treasury. The wealth of America is the number of people, activated by spirit that dwell in this country. That is our wealth.

Someone said, ‘but that is selling the rest of the world rather cheaply isn't it?’ No, it is just saying that the rest of the world belongs where it came from. And it belongs in an area of development under God's kingdom. And if they want to dwell here, then they should be happy to dwell where leadership is the highest and not try to overthrow it.

Satan's master plan is to absorb our race and our nation. Satan's master plan is to sweep over us. And while we meet here, they meet there in Asia at the Afro-Asian conference, where they are talking about all immigration laws to be thrown out and 17 million to be absorbed all at once into this country. And of the redistribution of all wealth. This is what they are talking about. Not too far from what Marxist lines might be for them. So when we say that the sword of the spirit is your greatest asset, then it is that the spirit is what brings to you the knowledge of all truth. It must make you conscious of the reason why you are here.

You know, we hear a lot of platitudes as to how we have the blessings of God and blessed is the peace maker. And that is fine. For God set for the kingdom and area in which blessings flow. Altho some of these words may not mean the same thing that they meant back then. I point out to you however, that in all of the reality of your religion to just get off into some church and hear someone tell you, ‘don't do this and don't do that,’ this is all right for our forbearers have been telling us what to do and what not to do. And we have the laws of God to tell us what to do. But why do we not hear them say, ‘Do this and do that?’ The time has come, so instead of preaching ‘don't’, they tell us what to do.

We have been told that we are to occupy. We are to build a kingdom, that we are to preserve our race, we are to marry our own race, we are to marry our own kind, and to enforce the laws of God. We are to bring knowledge and light instead of superstition and darkness. This is our destiny. All right. We have one reason for being here. You know, some times people think they are in servitude because they have to read the scriptures over and over. Some people say, ‘but some of it is duplication.’ Well if you are going to work out of 66 books and work on it forever, then you are bound to get some duplication. But I am going to tell you that you are going to have to work on it forever. For the spirit continually brings out new interpretation and new instructions from it. And there is a message for every day and every hour when there is a voice of prophecy in it, that outlines such a day.

In the days of Moses, it was get up and leave the land of Egypt, and find a new freedom and build it in a land that God would provide. Today, it is not to get out of America, it is to set still and grow strong and defend it. You do not have to follow Moses thru the Red Sea, but you better listen to the laws God gave him for your race. At this time you do not have to go out fearful as the Disciples had to go, that every time that you preached the Gospel that they would put you in jail or kill you. In fact you can actually preach the gospel thru out a large part of the land without a sword today. For to them he said, 'If you do not have a sword, better sell your coat and buy one.' But we are getting into the last days, however. It is not too safe for the ministry if you preach the whole Gospel.

But today in this instance, whether you live in South Africa or in Rhodesia --by the way---we received an invitation from South Africa, inviting us to come over as guest of both church and nation. They said, ‘we are playing these tapes.’ They are going to people and to heads of government. And it is giving us encouragement. For we have our backs to the wall with the whole world of the United Nations against us. This is the first thing which has challenged us and put a thrill back in our lives.

Do you know why? It is because --"Thus saith the LORD" is the only thing that can thrill a consciousness that has come forth from HIM. You cannot be stirred listening to the Banshees wail. And you cannot be thrilled by the modern music I hear coming over the modern T.V. and radio. I cannot be very much thrilled by the Hawkins gospel as put out by the Presbyterian church. And I do not like the old Maypoleism called Evangelism today, which has of now not told us what to do.

Today what we are doing, is that the church is so busy trying to save those that have been saved so many times, that they have not adopted a philosophy as to how to approach it.

I talked to a man who did not want to get involved with the challenges of our day. He did not want to be disturbed by what was happening to his faith or to his race. He said the only thing they have to do is to believe on the LORD Jesus Christ and they will be saved, their whole house. Yes, if you believe then you act. So I said, ‘then what is the major responsibility of your ministry?’ He said, ‘getting people saved.’ So I said, ‘how do you do that?’ And he replied, ‘Right down here at the church.’ And I said, ‘all right, who did you get saved as you had an Evangelist come thru here a few weeks ago?’ He said, ‘we saved the backsliders’ So I said, ‘but where were these backsliders all of the time?’ He said, ‘oh, they came to church every week, but then they slid back and they had to get saved again.’ So they went back to church and got saved again. Every time they had a revival and every time the minister got an inspiration. And all he was doing was saving them with the same sentence. And not one of them had ever doubted that sentence at any time or said then that is the most important thing that you can say:--'Believe on the LORD Jesus Christ and you can save your house.' These people that you just got re-saved this last week, had they forgotten that Jesus is the Christ? No, of course not. Then they were saved all of the time weren't they? Where was the error of the backsliding? Did they slow down on the tithe? What made them different from the people next to them? Oh, he said, ‘the Evangelist got them under conviction.’

Do you know that America has to come under Holy conviction? That it has been derelict in carrying out its conviction in occupying? Our forbearers who became aware that they had not been carrying out the laws of God, sat in sackcloth and ashes until they felt the movement of God. Why? Because they had not carried out his instructions. They were joining themselves to people of other lands, or to some other business or some other process. They were not holding the line for a kingdom which God called for to remain complete and sound.

There is no doubt of the great impact that rocks nations and impacts people. It is not the pattern of one individual’s emotions. You know that some people sit round and try to judge people on the basis of their emotions? And then they try to impute the motives of why they do this or don't do that. And they stand by and permit the sons of Satan to take over control of their whole economy and get such a hold on their lives that they can suddenly drop them from their employment and foreclose on their houses. Then sell it to them again and move them somewhere else. This is just another method for the sons of Satan to pirate your economy.

Now you see all kinds of conditions and catastrophes to move on to people. But if you want to know what your challenge is, then you want to fight that which crushes families and ruins homes, the whole structure of the society that one moment has them not knowing at any moment where to go, and how to act in this regimentation of our operation. You have to set a people free from these controlling forces which take over their economy. You have to set them free from the kind of fears that keep them from setting out their own program for their economy, and their own liberties.

Anytime we can be hurled into war after war, instead of winning triumphantly this battle against the enemy, we are watching again the violation of divine law. Someone said the responsibility of the church is not social. Well, as long as you are down here in bodies of flesh and have a spirit begotten in the heavens, then you better start bringing this flesh into conformity with the spirit. Yes, it is all right to train up your children in the way that they shall go. But don’t let them go down to the little red schoolhouse and let them train them the way Moscow goes. This is your responsibility. You cannot separate all living from living for you are here, and your identity is established. You cannot separate the influence of the church from the affairs of the nation. So God challenges the Church to do his will and to lift up his standards.

I would think of these words of the prophet Ezekiel, as God took him out to a place of revelation. (Ezek: 37) (and we have referred to this in past messages.) “And YAHWEH carried me in the spirit, and he showed me a valley that was full of bones. And he caused me to pass by them and round about, and they were in an open valley, and they were very dry. (Meaning that they were very dead, and a long time dead.) And God says to Ezekiel, ‘What do you see?’ And Ezekiel said, ‘I see a bunch of bones.’

‘Do you know who these bones are? These are the bones of the armies of my people. This is the whole house of my people, and they are bones because they are dead. Why are they dead? Because there is no spirit left in them. Ezekiel, can these bones live again?’

‘Oh, YAHWEH, God only thou alone knoweth.’

And then HE says, ‘I put you in this world to do my work, so now you command. You call on the wind, you call on the spirit to breathe on these who were slain.’

And to Ezekiel, he said, ‘If you will do this, son of man, then say, ‘Oh, ye dry bones hear the word of the law. I will put sinus upon you, I will cover you with skin, I will breathe upon thee and ye shall live, and ye shall know that I am YAHWEH.’ Why and how? Because they are spirit of MY spirit, and the spirit is still capable of putting breath back in that body. And those bodies can be raised, and this army can live. And Ezekiel said, ‘I did as I was commanded and suddenly there was a shaking and the coming of bone to bone.

Do you realize that the best thing that could happen to America would be this shaking and the coming together of bone to bone? If you want to know what is going on in America, well, there is tension there, and there are meetings of 'right wingers' going on over there. And people are talking about their nation and its problems. And the Attorney General in our state says, ‘we have to try to find a way to suppress what these 'right wingers' think.’

Do you know what this whole 'right wing' thing is? It is bone to bone coming together. If you want to know what this is, then I tell you it is this great movement of fusing of God.

Now it says that bone to bone came together and the whole earth is shaking because of these many bones. The next thing that happened, then flesh came upon them and sinews and skin covered them. But still they lay there, no breath. Just like a great vast mortuary, a whole valley now full of bodies. Can they live? And HE says, ‘command the spirit to breathe on this flesh.’ Ezekiel did as he was commanded and they began to move a great and mighty army.

Do you know that there are no other people on the face of the earth that can produce an army like this? That can raise up every one of our soldier dead from the days of Adam to this time? Do you know that there is no other nation that can be brought to life so quickly by the command of God? God can quicken the consciousness of every one of your race. And he said he was going to start it from bone to bone. Thru the whole house of your race. You, my friends, are a part of a great prophetic move. If you do not think that you are prophetic today then just let me add one thought before we close. You know that the Germanic people are the house of Judah. And that the Anglo-Saxon people are of the house of Joseph. And these two houses have existed ever since the days of Rehoboam, when the house of Israel went off to dwell by itself. Eventually they were captured by Sanacharrib and carried into captivity. The house of Judah and Benjamin were captured by Nebuchadnezzar, and then they returned back to build the city of Jerusalem in the days of Nehemiah.

But parts of them never came back. Parts of them settled as the Goth over in Europe. Then after the crucifixion and ascension of Jesus Christ, a part of them in the old land said, ‘we do not want to stay here anymore.’ And Galilee---the Galileans, and then part of the Judeans applied to the Roman ruler for permission to migrate and then they came into Europe as the Visgoth, and they settled into Europe. Thus, you have the house of Judah and the House of Joseph. And all of the white nations of the western world that make up God's kingdom. But as prophecies said, ‘the enemy had been seeking to keep this kingdom divided, and keep these people from working together.’ So every few years the International bankers and world Jewish conspiracy, and the Antichrist in everything they do, then set a battle between these two houses of the Kingdom, the white race. So we have had W.W. 1 and we have World War II. And they would like to have another war between the branches of the white race. But God says, “No, not this time.” He said, “No. This time after I have started to bring these bones together, and these bones start to come together and the people wake up, then they will recognize their enemy. And the next thing I am going to do, is to take the Stick of Joseph in one hand and the stick of Judah in the other hand, and I am going to make these two branches, Anglo-Saxon, Germanic, all their kinsmen, Aryans all, one mighty power in my hands.”

So I point out that Great Britain, and Germany, and the U.S., were to be the most powerful force in the world against Communism facing the enemy.

Now there are those who say this shall never be for we fought a terrible war between a part of these nations. Yes,--just because we got tricked into it. So we fought the wrong war in the wrong place. Whereas we should have all stood together and ran communism beyond the great sinking sea of Asia. All right. Here we stand now. And I will point out the last of this 37th chapter of Ezekiel. “For God said, ‘I am going to take one stick for Judah and his companions, and one stick for Ephraim and all the house of Israel and their companions. And I will point this out to you. This week when the Queen of England visited Germany, she said that she went to Berlin and to Hamburg, and that there were tears flowing down the faces of the people, and they cried:--"Hail to the Queen." And she turned and she said, ‘fourteen of the Princes of Britain have gotten their princesses from Germany. And Princes of Germany, rulers of Germany, have married into this line. We are one household.’ And of course Czar Nicholas, and Kaiser Wilhelm, and King George were all cousins.

I want you to know that this is a prophetic fulfillment. This is a significant prophetic fulfillment in the patterns of hostility. With the strange separations going on today. And all of these nations will stand together. But as we come down to the latter days then it says:--God make us as Ephraim and Manasseh. For they have become one stick in His hand. --Now all Israel, together. But today the French have run out on you, and you can't really count on any part of the earth to stand with you even tho you would liberate all white men. But you can count on the Nordic society, as God brings us together at this time.

Now whether people like it or not, impossible things are happening. And the Statecraft of our nations are bringing something about. So again as in the writings of Micah, as the enemy comes against the kingdom of God behold on the throne is a daughter of Zion. And she shall call up her armies and they shall stand.

Some people say, ‘but I don't like this one or that leader.’ Well, I will tell you what is wrong with the British Empire. It is the same thing that has been wrong with America. They have had too many do-gooders and too many Schmoos in there telling us how to run things.

So I tell you that in the interest of God's kingdom, Judah and Joseph stand together. And they are going to stand together more than ever in the months just ahead. And you have watched this prophecy fulfilled this week. Even as you stand in more of a threat from Asia, you also stand on a historic dateline. We do not have any more time for this subject. But this Sword of Truth that God has put into your hands, for you to know and to understand your relationship to him and to this planet, then only this will keep you free.

End of message.