Symbol Of The Cup, 4-17-63



By  Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 4-17-63

We turn in our thinking this afternoon to the subject of the Cup. There is no doubt that historically there is an important and interesting portion of history surrounding the Cup itself. Even a different and deeper one around what the Cup was to symbolize. Something new was experienced by the disciples, but nothing new in the mind of Yahweh, for He had known these things before the foundation of the world. We have described for you some of the conditions in Palestine during the time of Christ’s ministry, and how the powers of darkness and the forces of evil by usurpation had usurped the power of the Priesthood and taken over the power of the Temple. That true Israel..Judah and Benjamin understood that the Temple was not in the hands of a proper Priesthood. They perceived that the defense of true Judah and Benjamin was not these soldiers under this false Priesthood. Although they knew they were under the Roman Empire and that Rome considered Palestine only a vassal province, still they realized that their greatest danger came from this evil which had penetrated deep into the Temple. This is why the Essene Company had gathered together and were trying to preserve their records, and scrolls, and doctrines, and were planning for the rebirth of Israel in Palestine. This company of the Essene’s met in secret caves and in homes of the peoples of Palestine, and there they continued to maintain the true scrolls of the Scriptures, and where out of this organization came the defensive organization which rallied an army which would have crowned Christ King. Even today all Christendom is talking about the Palm Sunday entrance of Christ into the City of Jerusalem. As we have told you in the past this was not something that was spontaneous, but was something organized and designed throughout the entirety of Christ’s ministry. That He was to take over the Kingdom, that He was the Hope of His people, that He would break the power of the Roman Empire and free them of the force of influence that had dominated the Temple. Then the Priesthood would be returned under the righteousness that the Kingdom of God would bring. That the Kingdom of God would come in with great Power and that all of the children of God would come in with great Power, and all the Household of Israel would stand forth as One Mighty Power. They anticipated that when this came forth the Light would go out to the ends of the earth and the Great Day of the Kingdom would come. Now; there isn’t any doubt about that day of the Kingdom, and there isn’t any doubt abut the fact that we stand now on the other end of the cycle of events, almost at the end of an era. We, like they in Old Judea, are hoping to see the Kingdom with all it’s power come in with great quickness. When it comes in we then hope to see the Power of God’s Kingdom extending as His covenant’s proclaimed until the Nations of Israel rule over the earth from one end to the other until Christ, as enthroned ruler all over the Universe, has visited His power upon earth and has manifested Himself with His people. We also, like they, are close to realizing that this Kingdom is to be made manifest in an unusual way. They were close to the hour of atonement, and we are close to the hour of deliverance. We look back over those events and find that our hearts are tied to every event that transpired, by every act of God when He walked the earth and dwelt among us.

The promises were made to us before the foundation of this era and this Cosmic order of creation. Every conscious spirit within this room has been in the presence of the Eternal Father, in the great assemblies of the heavens long before the creation of this Universe. The essence of the very being of your own spirit has been begotten out of the essence of His own Life. You are life of His Life, and spirit of His Spirit. Your being placed in earth and embodied as sons and daughters of God, is a part of the great miracle of God’s purpose when He said He would send His Kingdom from Heaven to Earth. It is by the increase of His sons and daughters of His Kingdom that His Kingdom expands, for of the increase of this Kingdom there is to be no end. But to produce the condition of Heaven to earth then it had to transfer from Heaven to earth the populations of the Most High, and it had to embody them in physical bodies and that is why Paul tells you in Hebrews that.....we the children of God are now in bodies of flesh so then God Himself was to take part of this same flesh and dwell among us as our kinsman and our relative. Because we are the children of God, therefore, He was to identify Himself with us, but He knew the conditions that would transpire when His Kingdom came into this earth’s environment ruled over by a fallen Archangel who dominated the other races of earth. Having brought catastrophe and chaos and problems to this part of the Universe then God Himself had designed the great and masterful program of sending His Kingdom to earth. You then still pray for it:...Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done, in earth as it is in Heaven.

By the same process He knew exactly the reaction of His children when they were placed in physical bodies. He knew what the temptation strategies of Lucifer would be. He knew also that thru their fall would come the essentialness of the atonement. He knew that it required a transition in the makeup of His people to bring about a fall that would have impact and effect upon their race. We many times think philosophically of the patterns and fall of the race. Every basic portion of theology of the Christian Faith has taught from the beginning of time that the Adamic race fell, that they violated a Divine Law, the symbolism was of a symbol of a forbidden Apple. The story was the seduction of a race and the mongrelization or the attempted absorption of that race by Luciferian forces. Lucifer knew that you were a Household of body, soul, and spirit consciousness. He knew that you were the essence of God’s own people. He knew this was the beginning of a Divine Race and knew he must mutate this race and cause it to lose its immortality and bring death upon that society, and bring a guilt complex upon their mind to keep them from completion of that program for which they had come. So the Most High said:....I know this, and all this was declared unto you before you left the heavens. I have written your name in My Book of Life because it is the Lamb’s Book of Life and because it is the sacrificial transposing of power. And I assure you that altho you will fall, still, you shall be restored because the Life that fills thy spirit is Eternal. You are life of My Life, and breath of My Breath, and I am not going to leave your body to be destroyed by the disintegration that death and the grave produces. Nor, am I going to leave your soul imprisoned in the conscious imprisonment that descends upon it by Luciferian design. There is not going to be any defeat over my children spirit, soul, or body because they will be delivered. In the fullness of time this is to be manifested, the manifested revelation of God’s Word unto you and He iterated these words again unto Enoch in those days of truth and revelation. Also, to the Apostle Paul as well as when Paul received his mighty Apocalypse from which came the great doctrines which he used to bring forth his Epistles. So it is that you might know who you are, the white race, the Adamic race, and the great white throne in preparation, the Household of God in the earth.

Though your fall was as complete for you as any race’s fall could be, for by the violation of Divine Law was lost for your race in the earliest hours of your original physical parents, the Aura of Life, and the Glory from the Spirit which would have continued to have made you immortal. From the beginning of your race’s first parents then death descended upon your race, not death of the soul, for the soul does not die, not death of the Spirit, for the Spirit does not die, but death descended upon this physical body, and bondage has descended over the patterns of the mind.

One of the great and important programs of God is to restore the soul consciousness of His people, and to renew their minds, and set them free from all the areas of the thinking of their consciousness which might hold them bound. To take this guilt complex and lift it from them and set them free. This is a part of the great and mighty program of atonement, also by this and to do this then God had to, once again, join Himself as only God could assume it.... the fullness of all the responsibility of all the transgressions that His sons and daughters had wrought while in the earth. He also had to, as one of them, pay a price such as no one of them could have paid by themselves, in order to assume upon Himself with all the legal authority which God could assume, the transgression of all His people. Having assumed them, having paid the price for them, having set them aside, then could say unto those who are His children that......No one can condemn you, for I have assumed this, I have paid the price, you have now passed from condemnation unto Life.

The magnitude of the Christian Faith is built around the great and tremendous acts of God Himself. It is built around the substitutionary death of Jesus the Christ. That is why we say that by the “Sign of His Cross” we have the mighty emblem of His Faith. That is why the Apostle Paul said...God forbid that I should glory, save, in the cross of Jesus Christ. Unless one knows the background of the origin of race, and the magnitude of the Plan of God for His Kingdom, then they can never fully recognize the great transitions which have transpired in the patterns of their own existence, or the magnitude of God’s own Grace. When we celebrate these events which surrounded the Life of Christ, we are also witnessing the most important impact of events which ever came upon receiving consciousness. For above all perception then God was establishing with His power, and out of the energies of His own mind which held the Universe together....the fore-ordained patterns of the levels of all the Law’s of the dimensions and of sound, of all the various levels of creation held together by the consciousness of His perception. There is nothing that He did not know, there was nothing that He could not foresee, but there were some things that He had not experienced. There was in the highest impact of all perceptions of consciousness in the fartherest range of emotions, and in the most extreme patterns of the affinity of a Father for His children, the expression of God in the fulfillment of the pattern of Atonement. Nothing like this could have taken place because nothing on this magnitude had ever taken place before. We have watched the hands of destiny as we read from the patterns of the Old Testament, and it records on down to the time of Christ...the experience of a people. A people of whom Our Father said...My words shall not depart out of thy mouth, or out of the mouth of thy seed, or out of the mouth of thy seeds seed forever. A race that shall continue to worship the One True God, and even in the courses of the wavering leadership shall always return to this standard.

A people who shall dwell in the earth and in the course of time as the children are begotten, the seed of the spirit comes forth into the world in physical bodies. A holy seed not to be mongrelized, integrated, or contaminated, but lifted and elevated, and glorified because your Father has ordained this is true.

If there was any guilt complex to suppress the human soul, if there was any condemnation which rested upon our race, then these events which we celebrate in these Lenten periods culminating with Christ’s Resurrection should set you free from all this and for all time. It should have left no fear, and all guilt complexes, all promises of great catastrophes ahead. It should have let you see by Light that you are a people that are free. There can be no doubt of the fact that the great crowds organized skillfully by the Essene’s and by the work of the Disciples wanted to crown Christ King. As those throngs went out the Gate’s of Jerusalem to watch Him approach, as we have described to you in the past, they were prepared for this, for the Army’s of Christ stood by. In this instance Barabbas who was a Nationalist, and whose armies had been prepared to serve Christ, also thought and hoped that the time had come when He would take the Crown. As He entered into the City of Jerusalem as the Scriptures say....He came riding on an ass, the foal of an ass walking alongside and the people cried, Hosanna in the highest to the son of David. Hosanna to Yahshua who comes in the name of Yahweh. These people not only understood the writing of Isaiah, but they knew that this was the embodiment of God who was their promised Messiah. They threw down the Palm branches before Him, and they shouted Hosanna and their children scattered flowers, and valiant men now lifted flaming swords of steel that were in their hands to defend their King. Their Tunic’s were uncovered and the blue Tunic’s with the crossed golden Fish on the front flashed in the sun. Those who stood on the Temple steps trembled at this display and before these people.

As we have told you before, the people now came before Christ to offer Him the Crown, but He did not take the Crown that day but He said this to those of His people standing there and to you as well....I cannot take the crown, altho I am a King and it is my right to reign. But if I took the crown today I would rule you in bondage, I would rule you under the guilt complex of transgression of sin. So I will take the crown, and that day my servants will fight and my kingdom will not be given to the Jew’s.

What a Cup it is! Jesus had spoken of such a Cup. He spoke of it in just a little difference of significance than that for which it had been so skillfully wrought. Joseph of Arimathea, the Uncle of Mary, and the Uncle of Christ symbolically, and what a privilege and experience to be the Uncle of Christ. He was a member of the secret Essene Company, the way the people of today belong to Patriotic organizations....for fear of the Jew’s. At the same time Joseph of Arimathea spent his time and a considerable amount of his money trying to bring in the Kingdom as he thought it would come. He had believed faithfully that Christ would rise and take the power to bring in the Kingdom, but also he had been a devout student of those things that John the Baptist in the spirit of Elijah had proclaimed in the mysteries of revelation when he was but a small boy in the Essene Company. He had prepared for this hour also because John the Baptist had constantly proclaimed that Jesus would take the Cup, and not at this time take the Kingdom crown, but John the Baptist spoke of the appearances of Christ as though not once but again, that he would make two special ministries to earth.

Believing there was some mystery in this then Joseph of Arimathea felt compelled to prepare a Cup, and what would this Cup be? It would be a Legal Cup, a Cup that was used for the pattern of ceremony, and that which would be used, would symbolize like a sacrament, a Cup which would require a Chalice on the outside of an inner Cup. So Joseph sent to Greece and he found one of the rarest of all of the engravers named Demetrius, the Silversmith, and he brought him to his home. There as Christ talked with His disciples so many times around the table and in this home about the things pertaining to the Kingdom, the purposes and the plans and the program, then there behind a curtain in an alcove sat Demetrius the Silversmith and he drew up this outer Chalice which would hold the inner Cup. On this outer Chalice were the faces of Christ and all the disciples except Judas of Iscariot, and only his turned face was shown. Six times the Silversmith tried to form the face of Judas and failed. Then the 7th., time he showed his face turning away.

Upon this Chalice was the pattern of Christ seated at the table with His disciples and this was the outer Cup or Chalice. Inside this Chalice or holder was an inner Silver Cup. Both were prepared by the most skilled of artisans so in that day which they talk of as Palm Sunday...on this day when the desire was to crown Christ King, the plan had been made for the people to come from every part of Palestine for this crowning ceremony. When Jesus refused the crown and took the Cup, few people understood what this Cup signified. Even His disciples whom He spoke to and which we find recorded in Matthew 20., did not realize the significance of this Cup. He said to them...are ye able to drink of the cup that I shall drink of? They said unto Him, we are able. Jesus said, yea, surely ye shall, but they understood not what He meant by those words. This Cup was the symbolic symbol of Unity and the sealing of a covenant. The Cup was the pattern of the identity of God with His people. The Cup is served in several times, in instances in the background of Biblical history. We see the coming forth in the days in Ancient Egypt after the building of the Ancient city of On with its great Temple, and also in the preparation of the great development of the Altar and Pillar in the land of Egypt. Enoch and Job, the great Patriarch’s, had assembled 144,000 there in the land of Egypt for this purpose, and Egyptian history also tells us this....that Osiris, Lord of Life, and Resurrection, was there. Actually, they were talking about Yahshua the embodiment of Yahweh-God, as He came forth accompanied by His Celestial minions, and surrounded by Light. He stood before them and they had a Cup, and they did drink of the Cup and eat of the Bread which He break unto them. For as the Egyptians said...Osiris, the Lord of Life, and Resurrection, had visited His people. Yes, this is what the Egyptians said about the Dedication and the preparation for this building of a great Temple. The Great God of these white men who had built the Ancient city of On, came to earth and offered them a Cup. These white men drank of that Cup, and they caught the significance of this, understanding that this was a symbol of their Unity with Him throughout all time and all ages. Symbolically also we remember the experience which took place when Abram, whose name would be changed to Abraham, was “called of God” for the purity of a race, for the preservation of a society, lest the Sethite race be completely absorbed in Ur of the Chaldee’s by the design of the internationalists or the mongrelizers of Lucifer’s camp. We understand how God called Abraham out and how God delivered him in the great battle for the Gold of Ophir on the plains of Shalimar. How as the King’s fought they moved against Abraham and his household, and he survived by the intervention of God Himself. Then you remember after the victory of that day that the records tell us that Melchizedek approached unto Abraham. Melchizedek was the Eternal Living Priesthood of the Almighty God. The embodiment of God as Priest with His people, without beginning of days or end of Life, always a Priest King forever. And He approached unto Abraham and set before him the Bread and the Wine. The symbol again was the symbol of the Covenant of the Cup...of the Unity which existed between the Eternal God and His people who are spirit of His Spirit, and flesh of His Flesh, and bone of His bone.

The Scriptures tell us that we did not receive the spirit which the world received but the spirit which is out of God. Therefore we are not of this world as He was not of this world, because we are of Him. We are out of Him, and the covenant of His reappearing manifestation seals this constantly and continuously with the Element of the Cup. With such a Cup also in the symbol of this Unity could the Priest’s seal off the responsibility. Or could one who could assume responsibility close such a covenant filling the Cup with clear water or the fruit of the vine. One could empty such a Cup and assume upon it the full responsibility.

That day of Palm Sunday in the early hour when the people were ready to crown Him King, they knew not what was meant by that Cup. Nor had His disciples understood it when He had spoken of it to them at an earlier hour of what was to transpire. It was not long, you know, after this experience of Palm Sunday when the time of the preparation for the Passover was approaching and Jesus told His disciples to go to a certain man whom they would find carrying a Vessel of water, and they were to ask this man to give them the guest room that the Master might eat the Passover with His disciples. Thus it was that Peter and John found this man going into his house carrying this Vessel of water, and they said to him...The master has asked for the use of your guest room so that He would eat the Passover with His disciples. The man opened up his house and Jesus sent His disciples to prepare the Passover. Thus it was that in the interlude in which Christ had rejected the Throne, not rejecting the people, but acknowledging the people, and telling them of a more important mission that He had for them. That He might rule them some day without any fear, transgression, or guilt. Rule them as free people without any imputation of judgment. Altho they could not understand in all what this was significant of, we point out to you that in that upper room as the disciples were seated around that table...that even Judas was there.

Sometimes we wonder if the nature of these, our enemies, can be understood, and probably nothing makes them more understandable than an examination of Judas. I was much interested in an editorial in the Herald Examiner this week written by Jim Bishop. He describes the disciples and he said...’12 of them were Galileans but one of them was not.’ then he describes this curly headed Jew who betrayed Jesus and he said...’this is like unto them, for they have no Faith in God, they are phoney and they don’t believe in anything. They were in the days of Christ’s ministry and they are still the same today.’ In this matter Judas Iscariot had gone from the day of Palm Sunday’s declaration of Christ’s Kingship and went to the Priest’s and said...I will tell you where to find Barabbas who led this Army. You will find him at the house of the sons of Zebedee. The Priest’s wanted Rome to do the captivity because they said that Barabbas was a seditionist against Rome. So Roman soldiers came and took Barabbas and put him in prison. Barabbas was a historical leader of an underground army who stood up for Christ, similar to the John Bircher’s stand for the U.S. today. A secret army for fear of the Jew’s altho many of them disclaim that this is their enemy. Strangely Judas said “I now contract with you, for if you want me to deliver Jesus to you then it will have to be for a price.” Even the devil’s charge one another for their work, and the Priest’s and Scribe’s gathered around and they said : “It is essential that we kill this one, but we don’t dare make a big open display of this because the Passover is about to take place, and there will be true men of Israel here from all over the earth.” Now; these false Priest’s knew they were not of Israel, they had heard the parable of Jesus and they knew the part they played as they ruled and controlled this community. They knew that Jesus had given them a parable concerning the man whose property was in the hands of strangers who had taken possession of it. They killed His prophets and His messengers, and when the very embodiment of authority came....the rightful heir...they said....”We must kill him also because we are not the rightful heirs and we don’t want to lose this property. And the Jew’s perceived that Jesus spake this against them, and they plotted how they could put Him to death.”

As these Priest’s spoke to Judas Iscariot then they said that it is imperative that we do this in our own way, and that we seize Him without a great demonstration because if we take Him in the daytime when people can see then there will be trouble. So you, Judas, you know where He goes at night and where He spends His time, so we will give you 30 pieces of silver if you will identify Him for our guards of the evening so that we can take Him in secret. We think then of how Judas made his arrangements, but the actual design of where it would take place would depend upon the events that would follow.

Here upon the day of the Passover, Judas sat with the other disciples with Jesus. We think of these things Jesus talked about as He spoke of the Kingdom and how He told them it would not be long because He was going to be leaving them. He talked about the areas of their responsibilities, and some of them were wondering who among them would be the greater, but Jesus said that in a very short time that this would not be a problem. Others were disturbed about what was ahead, and did not understand some of these things Jesus had referred to, actually meant. He talked about the test that would be made of their Faith and remember how Peter said...”don’t worry about me because I will go with you to prison, or even to death.” Jesus said to Peter...”even before the cock crow’s thrice you will deny me, and Peter said....not I.”

Then we listen as Jesus talked with them, and He filled the Cup, and they had broken the Bread of the Passover, and now they were to go into the most significant experience they had yet had concerning the Sacrament. The Cup was filled with the Fruit of the Vine, the bread was upon the table and as they about to eat Jesus said...”one of you who puts his hand into the dish shall betray me. Each and everyone of them spoke up and said, Lord is it I?” This was an astonishing thing for to these men, 11 of them Galileans, could not conceive of any situation in which they would betray Christ and place Him in the hands of the enemy. Judas sat there, and he had the slimy hyprocratical capacity to turn to Jesus at this moment and say...”Lord it is I?” Jesus looked at this Jew and He said...”It is as you have said, go and do this thing that you must do.” In other words, get up and get out of gone. Judas left and went straight to the High Priest’s to arrange the climax of the betrayal of Jesus the Christ, for Jesus had said in the conversation at the table that they would go that night to the Garden of Gethsemane because the hour was very close.

In these instances I want to point out to you that here at the Last Supper, Jesus had re-identified Himself, He laid the formula for the table which He ordained the Apostle Paul to instruct the Church to follow. The symbol again had been the Cup which He had accepted that day. The outer Chalice so beautifully wrought holding the inner Cup, and this was the Cup which Joseph of Arimathea had handed back to him for a moment, and then taken back by Christ, and this Cup was used for the Passover. Here at the Last Supper, Jesus had said as He broke the Bread....this bread which is being broken is my body, and it is being broken for you. As they partook of the cup Jesus said, divide it among yourselves for this cup is my blood of the new covenant which is being shed for you. They received this and in the explanation of what Jesus gave them to understand was....that the Unction of His Spirit was consecrating these elements and rejoining them and recharging them, flesh of His Flesh, and bone of His Bone, and now even blood of His Blood. Also adding unto them by this pattern of this new covenant the assurance that these things to come were to also be shared by them in that He had become for them the substitute. This the disciples did not at that moment fully understand, tho they understood that the Passover Lamb had been the substitute for their errors and transgressions and had become the Sign of their deliverance.

Uniquely as Jesus continued to speak to them of things of importance concerning the earth. I point out to you that every once in a while we have people who are not very realistic about the program of God’s Kingdom and do not realize that in the midst of these events that there was no changing of the plan or the purposes of God from these things taking place. His atonement of great magnitude was just ahead. His plan was all ready for His disciples to go out and spread the word, and was already in unfolding revelations. He had told His disciples some of these things, and here after breaking this bread, having given them the sacraments He said to His disciples.......

Now; when I sent you out previously, is said to you, do not take purses or script or shoes and did you lack anything? They said, no. But this was because they were in the abiding presence of the King, for even in the hour of the birth of the King, the Wisemen of your race fulfilling their responsibilities, had brought gifts of Gold, Frankincense, Myrrh, and also the Crown and the Robe had been gifts, and there had been sufficient provided, so that it took care of the needs of the disciples throughout the ministry of Christ. The hour would come when they would be parted from their Master and events would come in their ministry when He would not be bodily with them even tho His Spirit was never to leave nor forsake them. So Jesus; previously when I sent you forth I told you to take nothing, but now, when you go out in the future, he who has a purse let him take it, and likewise take his script, or his records and his valuables and securities take with you. As to the importance of this...remember this is at the Last Supper and there Jesus said...he who has not a sword let him sell his garment and go out and buy one. For I say unto you this is written and must be yet accomplished. And He was reckoned among the transgressors, for the things concerning me have an end. Luke 22:36-37.

This was referring to the climax of His earth life, and the disciples said to Him...we have two swords, and Jesus said, it is enough. At this point it is enough, then as we have pointed out before, Jesus instructed His disciples to buy swords for the early Church records point out that Jesus instructed them to go forth armed for He said...I send you forth like sheep among wolves. I do not ask you not to defend yourselves, and I do not ask you to make of yourselves a sacrifice, for what I am about to do is the payment for all times. In this instance the disciples had been given their last admonition for their task, and how to prepare for it.

Then they went to the Garden of Gethsemane and again the Cup was with them. What was its purpose? Why the Cup now as they approached the Garden? As they went to this spot where Jesus had gone so many times with His disciples, they stopped to rest and He went a stones throw from where the disciples were. You have this record of this experience in the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. How He left His disciples, all but Peter, James, and John, and He took them a little further towards the side of the hill in the Garden, and then leaving even them, Jesus went still a little further after telling them to watch. We are told that He drew apart to pray.

One of the most important things for you to understand, and it is very vital for you to understand this, because translations and the attitudes of Theology in trying to break God up into multiple parts, have obscured the magnitude of what was actually transpiring. For this was the fullness of God dwelling bodily as the man Christ Jesus, as Paul tells you in Colossians. This was the Eternal God who had walked with His disciples as a man among men, and it had been by the very purpose of His own Divine Plan that the energies of His own Spirit had consummated the conception that brought forth from the Virgin Mary the very body of God. That this child growing up, and this man who stood before them, was the very Yahweh-God standing before them. These were the very things to which the disciples were to testify to. These were the very things they were to know.

I point out to you that Isaiah had made a declaration of great significance which is vital to your understanding concerning the importance of this Cup which Jesus now carried here in the Garden of Gethsemane. In the 43rd., Chapter of Isaiah we hear the words of the Eternal God speaking through Isaiah...”For I am Yahweh, thy EL, the Holy One of Israel, thy Yahshua.” Then He also makes this statement while talking to Isaiah..(44:8) “Is there any God beside me? There is no God, I know not any. I alone am thy savior, thy maker, creator, husband, father....and He referred to Himself as married to this race. He referred to Himself as the Father of the Spirits of the children of the Household, and in this instance He said “I am thy Savior.” Now; He alludes to His physical embodiment and in the magnitude of prophecy under the spirit, Isaiah (53:1) makes this great statement....”Who hath believed our report? And to whom is the arm of Yahweh revealed?

(Vs.2) For he shall grow up before him as a tender plant, and as a root out of a dry ground; he hath no form nor comeliness, and when we shall see him, there is no beauty that we should desire him...except that out of himself. (That is what the old declaration says.)

(Vs.3)...He is despised and rejected of men; a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief; and we hid as it were our faces from him; he was despised, and we esteemed him not.

(Vs.4)...Surely he hath born our griefs, and carried our sorrows; yet we did esteem him stricken, smitten of God and afflicted.”

In these declarations this is the prophecies of Jesus the Christ, the Eternal Yahweh dwelling as a man among men. His Divine capacity of Spirit able to commune in full perception with the consciousness of that which had been born of Mary.

I bring forth to you this declaration of Isaiah in 53:10....that it had pleased the Eternal Yahweh that even this physical embodiment of Himself could yet be bruised and put to grief. And therefore, that He would offer His soul as an offering for sin, and that He would see His seed prolong his days, and the pleasures of the Eternal Yahweh would perform this. The acceptance of the soul of God, that upon the body He would reside in...of the guilt of the world, was to be the most tremendous experience in the realm of emotion and grief that could be experienced by any being in the Universe. Because every thing which God had put together was a Law. Everything He had made was right, for it was the essence of His own being. This was immutability, this was perfection, this was righteousness, for righteousness begins in the act of God for Him to assume upon His own consciousness because He was God doing a finishing work. The guilt of the errors of all violation of Law...because this is what sin is, and assume this upon His own sinless and perfect nature would be the greatest and most expressive pattern of love that had ever been demonstrated in all time and history. For if there had not been sufficient power here, altho there was, had there not been a purity of purpose higher than had ever been manifested, but there was, the Universe could have fallen apart in the experiences that this week covers.

No wonder that after His own Heavenly experiences that the Apostle Paul understood the magnitude of this and he could say.....He was the fullness of God dwelling bodily. I want you to understand that this wasn’t God divided into different parts or different beings. This was the Eternal Spirit of God able to commune even in the meditation of the physical consciousness that was about to sacrifice itself. Knowing that in this was the only essence of separation. That this Spirit like your spirit could not die. But by the power of this Spirit and by the intent of its purpose it was going to raise this very body up from the dead afer it had assumed upon itself the fullness of all transgression. Therefore, this was the most important single possible fact that the human consciousness could understand.

No wonder then that Jesus now take the Cup, by the spring in the Garden, and fills it with clear water and then lifts that Cup. Then in the humanity of His physical consciousness feels now the great weight of what is about to transpire. The Scripture says He now felt the weight, the grief, the shadow of the impending death which He knew so accurately was to come. He knew that death for God was an impossible experience except He had prepared this. He knew that altho rightfully His enveloping Aura and His Divine nature should surround His physical body, yet, He had left this off so that He might taste death for you and me. The only time we have record of that Majesty being revealed is when for one moment in His humanity He wanted to reveal to His disciples the Glory of His Eternal being. So, on the Mount of Transfiguration it passed upon Him and then off of Him so that He might finish this task. Had He left on Himself the Glory which is His rightful heritage and was also yours in the hour of the beginning of your race...the crucifixion would have been impossible and His death would have not taken place. The Apostle Paul understood all this and he said...By one man, Adam, came death, by another, the second Adam came life. But the Life had to come in flesh like unto yours, in a body like yours, capable of feeling and being afflicted by pain, and by problems like yours. That in all these things might this Spirit triumph, and having triumphed in this body, fulfilled this work called....ATONEMENT.

To accomplish this it had to be a Lamb without spot or blemish, it had to be an individual without guilt. That is the reason why it couldn’t be just anyone in our race, for no one measured up to this. No one had the purity of mind, the purity of thought and the excellence of perfection that rested upon Yahweh God who walked among men. Thus it was that this Master of excellence in every decision made with righteousness of His Divine perception, now assumes in this Garden all this in.....The Cup.

First He lays down the Cup and He pours it out and He said....If there be any other route but this way....not the will of the flesh, but the will of the spirit be done. He walked back to His disciples and found them asleep and He said...Couldn’t you watch this one hour with me? Then He walks back to the spot once more and took the Cup. As He meditated upon this Cup He says...Oh, if there had been another way but this cup....and again He pours it out and goes back to His disciples and they are asleep, and this time He says....Let them sleep, for it won’t be long now, and they will need their rest. Again He fills the Cup with water, and He lifts this Cup and holds it before the Hosts of Heaven and He said....Would that there had been another route, another way. It was not the death that He feared for He knew the mighty power of His Spirit, but it was death accompanied by all the transgressions of the world that He was taking upon Himself. To drink this Cup now meant that by the literal covenant of drinking this Cup He took upon Himself every transgression ever committed in this whole Universe. He was buying the world to free the children in it. He could not just Atone for a few transgression, He was your Redeemer, kinsmen redeemer, and was paying the price for your transgressions. But He had to pay also the price for all transgressions even assuming, with this Cup, His ability as Yahweh-God to even stop Lucifer’s rebellion. So this Cup covered not only all of the Universe but covered as well even the day of Lucifer’s restoration as a Star of the Morning.

He took the Cup in His hand for the last time and He said....Not the will of the flesh no this consciousness as such, but the will, My Will, as Yahweh-God...and He drank this Cup to the last drop. Upon His sinless nature without one mark, or one fact, or one single act which made this a blemished Lamb, He had taken into the consciousness of His soul the guilt of all transgression, as God the creator alone could alter or stop at any place or time. Do you realize how great this was? So great was that strain that no human experience could compare with the agony of that moment. For even as the tensions came upon His being from the perspiration of His body dropped great drops of Blood. In this moment was the great test of time...this was where Lucifer was losing his struggle for the earth, because the great Deity of the fullment of the Universe in a human body, assumed upon Himself at that moment, the absolute fulfillment, the completion of all transgressions. That He might confirm also that without the shedding of blood there was no remission of transgression. Oh, there could be the great race of Divine nature, the forgiveness of God throughout all times, for the Apostle Paul tells us in the Tenth Chapter of Hebrews that every year the Priest went in and made a substitutionary offer, and every time this was done it was the symbol of Atonement, and each time the Heart of God suffered. But now, for all time, at the end of an age, it was God Himself in human body who became the sacrifice, that He might do away with the fears and darkness, and ignorance, and guilt for all times. That the sin question would be settled, and men could live without the fears of darkness.

So He took the Cup and He drained that Cup to the last drop. This Cup became a very valuable and unique artifact in Christian history. It was only a matter of a few moments after having drank the Cup, before the clank of Arms entered the Garden. The disciples were now awake, and the Cup lay by the rock where Jesus had been praying. We are told by Mark that John, the beloved disciple, was standing by and looking with wonderment upon this Army and wondering what they would do. Then Peter seeing Judas Iscariot at the head of this Army drew his sword. Judas stepped toward the Christ and gave Him a kiss and Jesus with the contempt which He had for this type of operation said....Would you betray God with a kiss? Only a Jew would do something like this. Having walked with Him for 3 years, and having watched the miracles and the magnitude of His Grace...then sold Him for 30 pieces of Silver. Many say....but why was this permitted?

There is something which sometime you will understand. The Restoration and the Atonement. This was a oneness with God made for each and every one of you by the Father Himself. This was an Atonement in its fullness, for His Household would not carry out the work of Lucifer. So it had to be a child of Lucifer in the fullness of operation. And it had to be the children of Lucifer who would stand in judgment....and so it was. For Jesus had said to these people that...Ye are of your father the devil, and Judas Iscariot was one of them. As they then identified Jesus in the darkness of the Garden then the Army of the Jew’s approached Jesus and Peter swung his sword, and his aim not being as good as he would have liked, he only succeeded in cutting off the ear of the servant of the High Priest. Turning to Peter Jesus said....Peter, put up your sword. Peter is amazed because a short time before this he had been told to sell his coat if necessary and buy a sword, and how he is told to put up his sword. But Jesus did not need the sword of Peter for His protection for He could have if they had only known, shown them that this place was surrounded by whole Legions of the Celestial plane’s. He could have brought in and materialized great Host’s and Mighty Power, but the hour for that had not yet come.

However, the hour is coming as it is reinterated 3 times in the records and before Pilate, that...My servants will fight and the Kingdom will not be given to the Jew’s. So here and now He told Peter to put up his sword, and then He restored the ear to the servant of the High Priest. And they led Christ out of the Garden and to His trial.

By the assumption of responsibility that marked the beginning of experiece that took place when they offered Him the Cup which was to be used for the Passsover and then used to assume the Covenant of your transgressions, this is all now over. And we stand today looking back over 1900 plus years of these events of history, and I tell you this, that is you have a guilt complex today, if you stand condemned, then you condemn yourself. The world may condemn you because it despises the Kingdom, but your Father says...I don’t condemn you because I took this all upon myself. Do you want to know how to please God today? Look Him in the face and say...”Our Father.” Don’t look at Him with fear, but with realization that He paid the price, that He assumed the responsibility, He finished it for you.

Later as we think upon those events around Calvary, remember that He said...”It is finished.” And when He said that He then dropped His head, then you were Free. This was not for just one moment of time, this was not for just those who had come before Him...this Atonement was for the whole House of Israel, and it also paid the price of all transgression throughout the world, from that time to all time Immortal.

Until in that manifestation of His Power and Glory He was going to transfer this world as the sons and daughters of His Kingdom into one of the greatest hours of Majesty and Victory that this world has every known.

We no longer have before us a promise of the Light going out. Our enemies may be planning to destroy the United States of America, but they are never going to make it. Oh yes, they have a plan and they are pushing that plan on all front’s, and they think the Light is going out when they crush us, but this is just the thinking of the children of Lucifer in all ages.

You are about to see manifested the Mighty Victory of God’s Kingdom and Power. You are about to see the re-entrance again of the Majesty of Christ with a body that you can see, and a body that you can touch. For the Eternal Yahweh...thy Yahshua, is going to fulfill all His responsibilities. I want you to know that in this Lenten period you should think of the greatness of these things which God wrought for us. Now withholding His own embodiment and the experiences which were an agony to the Heart of God, to have taken any possiblity of error upon His sinless nature. He went out of the Garden with the weight of the world upon His shoulders, and because of that You and I are Free.

So let no man place again by Priestcraft or by superstition any fear upon you. There is no destiny ahead of you except that which the Father has planned for His children and which is for your well being. And we shall know that the Kingdom’s of this world shall become the Kingdom’s of Our Lord and His Christ, and they shall acknowledge you. He is going to make them know that He had loved you. As we think upon these things we remember it is a time of testing, but it is also a time of experience which leads to Victory!

(End of this message)