Symbols Of Spiritual And Political Activity, 1-7-62


Symbols of Spiritual and Political Activity

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 1-7-62

We are turning this afternoon, to the signs of great spiritual and political renaissance in our society. We are coming to one of the most important periods of our history. And this is a good sign that there is an awakening in our nation and a bending away from the policies of the left to the right and the great number of people who are coming out of their sleep and being heard audibly thru the land. Some years ago, it was hard to find such voices lifted up on freedom, that would have any following or who would listen to them. But today you discover that across this nation there has started a great spiritual stimulant. That from one end of the nation to the other, people are concerned about their nation and its course. They are concerned by decisions made by leaders and by Presidents, and from Cabinet levels down. They are concerned about policies which do not work out according to the promises of leadership. And they are beginning to suspect that there is a great underground evil in this situation. Experts who have meditated upon this problem and have studied it, have long known the source of degeneration and great problems in many countries. They have long known what was wrong with these United States. But these were the experts and they spoke to themselves. And when they sought to bring this knowledge to the people of the nation, they were referred to as ‘RADICAL or Fanatics or Extremists. And I know that today you are well aware of the use of the word ‘Extreme.’ For in the semantics of the opposition who seek to wage war against God’s Kingdom, its nations, and its race, and its faith, they are seeking today to make the word ‘extreme’ to be one which is looked down upon with ridicule. This is as tho extreme might be too far. But that, my friends, may be a matter of perspective. And it would depend upon how ‘extreme’ you are and in which direction. Because when one is referred to as being ‘extremely right,’ then how can you be too far to the right? How can you be too correct? How can you be too righteous? How can you work in a direction when justice has been carried too far?

It is a rather significant thing that the problems of our times can all be laid at one source. By laying them all at this source, we are first going to point out to you the signs and the symbols of an awakening which is also hinged upon antiquity and upon promises and upon revelations which have been made to great Savants and Masters of your race in the earliest days of your history. And we have arrived at our period of time both by measurements and the time and the signs in the sky to the hour when these things should take place. We point out to you that the conditions that effect a race, transplanted from heaven to earth, are most unique. A great number of people have not been taught what the Bible really contains. Whole denominations inside of Christendom have actually covered up this story and only brought forth one segment of the Gospel. In fact, this is so obvious that the Apostle Paul referred in his time that others were preaching another gospel and claiming that it was the gospel the Jesus preached. If you are a student of the Bible, then you will become aware that this was the Gospel that Jesus preached and this Gospel was THE GOSPEL OF THE KINGDOM.

Now, this Gospel of the Kingdom is one that relates to every phase of the life of HIS people of the Kingdom now in the earth and the bringing to pass the utter subordination of all the earth and all that is within it to the Administration of the Just and Righteous GOD, a service that comes out of appreciation, a balance for the problems of human society. The Kingdom was not placed here to make an exit before the forces of darkness. But it was started in the earth with one man’s family to build a race until it would grow and fill the whole earth. It was a Divine plan and this plan is still under way. But there is something which has befallen the Adamic race since it was placed in the earth. And this has altho biblically forecast has not been made known today by the church, but it was made known to the Patriarchs and the Savants, for they had been given words of wisdom and understanding. This is one of the reasons why we talk about the conditions of our times in which our society has fallen. And we say this has not been without foreknowledge. For the Patriarch Enoch was given the knowledge concerning our day. He was told of things which would come to pass. And of course, each and every one of the prophets had some kind of contribution to make in the continuity and the history of our race. This is especially true when we talk about the prophet Joel, who was especially a prophet for an end of an age. This--an age which would climax the ability of the powers of darkness to wage war against the Kingdom of God---Christian civilization in the era when this would come to pass. It would be a climactic time when greater spiritual energy and power would go into operation thru the perception, thru the leadership of the race of which you are a part.

This is one of the reasons why one of the great personages of the Old Testament, Enoch, stands out as one of the greatest. Altho the books that he wrote and the manuscripts which were known as ‘The Secrets of Enoch’ and ‘The Towers of Enoch,’ are not found inside of your King James Version or bound in your scriptures. But you will find that Jude, the brother of Jesus in the flesh quoted from the works of Enoch and says that there was no man quite like him, for he never knew death. He eventually traveled into space where he had past experiences.

The only reason why we mention to you the significance of this man, Enoch, is because Enoch knew that it was the purpose of God to transfer a race which had spiritual capacity, with spiritual bodies which were HIS own offspring out of the dimensions of spirit and out of creations far beyond this earth. Transferred them to earth for a specific purpose. That they were HIS family and HIS children, was made known unto them. And the spirit of God revealed this to the Apostle Paul as he said, ‘His spirit bears witness with our spirit, that we are the children of God.’ It is quite obvious that we are Elohim which is plural for deity. And all of you are children of YAHWEH, the Supreme Deity of the Universe, the Creator of the Universe and Author of all things. The word which was used for the embodiment of this Eternal God in HIS own hour was the word YAHSHUA, which we translate as JESUS. As we read the words of the Apostle Paul in the 1st book of Colossians, he tells us that all things were made by HIM and without HIM was not anything made. He holds all things together. And this embodied one known as Jesus the Christ was none other than the Eternal YAHWEH, the Mighty God. But HE did have children and they were the Elohim. And the Elohim are the children transplanted from heaven to earth, transplanted from heaven to earth into physical bodies of the Adamic race, with a responsibility which they were told about before they came. And that was to build again, the Kingdom of their Father. To take the races long lost in superstition, carried away by the evil processes of a rebellions Archangel, and taught superstition and the worshiping of things made with hands, and to bestiality and to the degeneration of the societies of earth. The Great God reached out to send HIS own children from heaven to earth, to build a Kingdom and to occupy the progressive bodies of the sons of Adam, until they would fill the earth with their power and their administration.

Thru out the history of these people from Adam on down thru his son Seth, and from the time of Noah and then thru Shem to your time, we have a biblical continuity for the White race. And where those people have gone and where they have established their nations, we can establish today, with great accuracy. For we know today that all of the Scandinavian, Basque, Lombard, Germanic and Anglo-Saxon people and any of their kindred here in the midst of the earth, are the descendants of the Adamic line. The purest strain uncontaminated, un-mongrelized, unpolluted, they have expanded today into a great nation, that thru intervals of history the voice of their prophets spoke out and pointed out to them the next developments that were ahead. This also involved their expansion, their migrations, their plans, and even their captivity. Until out of the Caucasus Pass, they migrated into Europe. They settled in the great heart of Europe and the Western coast of Europe. And they carried with them the marks of their trade and their identity. And they were to fulfill the prophecy that was made concerning the hour when other phases of your own race---the tribe of Judah and Benjamin, (not, my friends, to be confused with Jewry because they have no part nor lot in this matter.) But the people of Judah and Benjamin were the people who today make up those who were known as Normans, but resident in the days of Christ, in the land of Palestine. And thru them and by the ministry of Benjamin and to these who were the Apostles of the Christ, the message of HIS coming and HIS revelations and HIS history were to be carried again to the people of your race, separated by the areas of the new planting in the heart of Europe and along this western coast line.

Thus we discover that this Gospel was immediately received. The background of their anticipation, the promises and the signs they had carried with them were to still bear witness to these truths. Great schools of worship and of mystery and of wisdom remained with your race from the hours of the great mystery temples established in the city of On in ancient Egypt. When out of the ancient city of Oruselum which was the city which preceded the later Jerusalem, you remember that Enoch and Job with one hundred and forty four thousand savants and architects, builders and scientists built this great University city of On. And from this site with all of the planned for developing of the architecture of the heavens, they built the great pyramid of Giza and they built the Sphinx with its inner Temple. And the amazing thing is that all of the strains of ancient Egyptian history looks upon the coming of these White men, these tall and noble ones, and referred to the as the children of Osiris, the Ka of Ra. They knew that they were the children of the God of Light, and they recognized it by the symbolism.

If you were to turn to the prophet Malachi, you will find that Malachi records the symbolism of your race. And he has the emblem of the winged Orb---the sun of righteousness that rises with healing in his wings. For the Kingdom of God was to bring to the earth righteousness and good, but it was never prophesied that they would obtain these positions for the benefit of the world without a struggle. It was never said that the world would surrender to them with great joy. It was never recorded that the powers of darkness were going to make it easy for you to obtain with out a struggle that which you must obtain by Divine destiny.

I want you to know that your Father who made all things and holds all things together, is taking no chances about this. It was not something that HE left to the whims of human nature. It was not a situation which would depend upon whether you could do it or not. For HE has ordained that it will come to pass and HE has promised to pour out enough guidance, wisdom and in spiratio not see that you do bring it to pass. And the course of your history has been one of Divine emanation descending upon your leadership and spiritual power at the proper time. And there never has been a time even in the greatest crisis in your race that God has not raised up leadership to challenge HIS people to carry forward that program.

We have lived in a period of sixty years of degeneration. And the last sixty years are the largest part of the 20th Century, and that has faced us with a general degeneration of the great purposes of the Christian world. It has also demonstrated a great change in our own society with a gradual infringement upon our rights and upon our liberty; with a great burdening of our people with the ever increasing taxation, and with the sudden realization that the people who lead our nation continue to refer to our responsibility to support the world. Our responsibility to increase the responsibility upon our people in order that we might supply the world with all of the things that the world is not willing to produce for themselves. We are being told that to remain separate as a great nation, as the concept of our founding fathers, is un-Christian and not practical. And that there can be no peace or solution to human affairs until we have joined ourselves into one great super government society, with all of the people upon the face of the earth. Thus that our leadership within that last sixty years and the last sixteen of them actually formed and joined in that we might call complete violation of the political concept of our nations. And strangely enough, every spiritual instruction that your race has been given in institution and society, has started to blend us into a world order.

And instead of leaving for you, your great technological achievements, your spiritual guidance, it actually made your leadership a burden. And upon the people of this nation, it has now saddled them with the burden of carrying economically this institution it was forced to join by its leadership upon their own backs. Today you and I find ourselves and our nation no longer free, for we surrendered some of our sovereignty. Thus we have joined the United Nations---which United Nations, I can assure you is the program of the world anti-Christ order. This is a program to take over nations and bind their hands until they cannot help themselves against the powers of darkness. It has a design to keep you from expanding the Kingdom of God and overthrowing this citadel of evil and superstition. This, my friends, was the supreme design upon the part of the enemy. No wonder that Algers Hiss who helped that plan, and who was elevated to a high position in the State Department, was a protégé of Felix Frankfurter, who was eventually himself sent to jail for perjury and for being in association with the Communist Party. And this was a part of the master plan and this little monster was in charge of the plan from the beginning.

You may say what has this to do with the Church? My friends, it is the church’s responsibility to speak out on any subject that effects the welfare of its people, either socially, economically, or politically, when that proposition is based upon an error of action and upon an error of a way of life. If it is in violation of Divine Law and Divine instruction, then the Church is the living Oracle of God in the midst of HIS nation, and has the responsibility of speaking out against political and social evil. For the Church must continually speak out against evil. And there will be no deliverance of our society if it holds its peace. This is one of the reasons why we were told in the hours of the Apostle Paul, who was another man like Enoch, who would experience things beyond the average person. For both of these men were carried by Celestial vessels to the presence of the MOST HIGH GOD. They were carried thru out the vast distances of space and Enoch came back and wrote books about. And when the Apostle Paul came back, he wrote a book called the ‘Apocalypse of Paul.’ So vital and important was this volume that the powers of darkness eventually penetrated the institution of the organized church at Rome and eventually they eradicated this volume because if this book had been maintained, in the documents of Christian society, it would have virtually blocked all superstition, leaving people with great visions of freedom. What they were not allowed to do was the stopping of a great amount of this truth from coming thru in the epistles which the Apostle Paul wrote. For as we read the Epistles of the Apostle Paul, we read constant references to things he was quoting in the Apocalypse of Paul which he was divinely instructed to write, after his experience in the heavens.

And I want you to know that it is most important for you to know that the Apostle Paul was taken into the heavens, and made this statement to you:---’Whether in the spirit or in the body, I cannot tell, God knows.’ I think there is something important for you to know---that you are the children of an endless life. That you are children of HIS Spirit. And as such, therefore the dimension of spirit is to like your physical world that it is quite hard for the Apostle Paul to determine if he was in his spirit or in his physical body. Whether it was his Celestial consciousness or his whole being, spirit, soul and body, which was in the presence of the MOST HIGH. But he saw the great multitudes of heaven as did Enoch. And he reported as he wrote concerning this. He heard the same words and the instructions. ‘Thou Paul, art MY son. Thou was begotten of MY Spirit. And I sent you into the earth and I have called you to the responsibility that you shall be an Apostle to the people, MY kinsmen, and unto MY Church and to MY Nation.’ The Apostle Paul knew where to go and how to carry it out. This was why he said that the spirit expressly forbade him to go into Asia. He had to go to Central Europe and Western Europe. He had to carry that message where it was received. Today among the missionary travels of the Apostle Paul, is the record of his traveling to Europe. The records of St. Paul in Britain which contain whole volumes of information. And St. Paul is found in Rome and in the great civilizations of Western Europe. And every where the Gospel went, it was received with gladness. And the entire civilization of the White race accepted Christianity. And from those developments of expansion from Britain to Australia, to America, to South Africa, went the worships of the ‘right’ God. With it came truth and spiritual fervor and with it, my friends, came the rolling back of the curtains of darkness and superstition. All of these were patterns of progress, but there was something very much alive in the midst of it. Jesus in talking to HIS disciples had assured them that HE was going to build this great ecclesiastical center for the heart of HIS Kingdom. HE would build it upon THE ROCK OF THEIR VERY CONFESSION THAT HE WAS THE CHRIST. And the purposes which were revealed in the revelation of God’s purposes was that HE was going to build HIS CHURCH and all the perdition would not prevail against it. That church, my friends, is still surviving even tho great segments of its society have blacked out the truths of God. And it shall become again the great spiritual center for the deliverance of God’s Kingdom. The nations are the areas where the church is to be found and the Kingdom of God form the very first of the Revelation has been outlined as nation and church and then administration at the throne level of the MOST HIGH. There is one thing to remember about the Gospel of the Kingdom. The whole content of the Gospel of the Kingdom and the whole content of the scriptures are built around a people that have the capacity to receive the things which God has to say. It is built around the White race for God’s purpose of that which HE is developing in the earth for its good. And it was not written to any other people, but the White race and the nations which would come from them. Oh, you say, ‘But the Bible says all the world.’ No, for the only place you will find it is where Christian nations are. It was not written to all of the world, it was written to THE SHEEP OF HIS PASTURE. Its plan entails all of the world. And its development eventually reaches from sea to sea and pole to pole. Its program is evaluated in the mind of God, but the people, thru and by which it would come and whose instrumentality would bring this to pass, would be the people of your race and especially was the responsibility placed upon your nation in this generation in which we live. And the spiritual center of it was to be God’s Oracle, and was to be HIS Church. A process which continued down thru the years was to continue thru out the history of the church.

Among the tribal background of your race, even before the calling of Abraham, was the word---Israel. And it was used even in the writings of Enoch. It meant the people of God, the rulers of God. It did not mean and never designated the people who today are in Israeli. And it had nothing to do with Jewry. There are no Jews who are Israelites. And there are no Israelites that are Jews.

I want you to note that in the study of the scriptures that you will discover that the purposes of the MOST HIGH are well regulated concerning the expansion of these truth. The House of Levi was scattered in all of the tribes. And out of it, God raised up HIS Priesthood. Out of it HE also gave men ‘calls’ to preach their ministry and to deliver the truths of the MOST HIGH. From the days of the selecting of the Apostles to the ordination of all men that have been ordained from that time to this, those who have been spiritually called and whose services have been volunteered to the program of God are the Levite scattered thru out the great nations of God’s Kingdom.

Today we have a great number of the clergy who are in the pulpits of the church who are not the Levite of the MOST HIGH GOD. They have never been called to that task and they cannot deliver that task. They are men---many of them of good intention---but they decided to select a profession which was to their liking. And they thought it would be nice to be a part of the church, to be a minister within the church and serve the people with the best of intentions. They knew the fundamental foundation of things which they thought were important. They went to a Seminary and were given a theological background of the content of the scripture more or less. And then in the course of this, they went out to serve. They thought that as long as they served in the ministry, that they did not have anything to worry about. If they died by some strange procedure surely they would be taken care of which would not have applied had they not moved into the pulpit.

The fact remains, that much of their theology was founded still on superstition. But definitely to those who had not been called, this was merely a profession without a calling and therefore, it was easy for these to become the first victimized of those who would be receiving the brunt of the attack in the hours when this move to destroy your society would come. This is one of the reasons we tell you today that one of the greatest obstacles to the awakening of your nation has been those in the pulpits who do not know the truth. I want you to know that all of the problems which America faces this afternoon is due directly to the failure of those who are in the pulpits of the churches to properly instruct their people as to who they were an what their responsibility is to God who is their Father. And they did not unveil to the people the content of the scripture, nor did they tell the people that the basic thing which they were here for was to build God’s Kingdom.

It is true that they talked about Salvation, and they tell the people that they are here to accept the fact that Jesus was the Christ. And by accepting that fact, they would somehow escape some terrible torture chamber which had been prepared for them by the same God, if they die. All this again, was an extraction of superstition that had come out of the pagans. Actually the program of God does contain Salvation. But it was to save people from their sins. That means the error of their ways and the mistakes they were in and the bondage of their minds by the powers of darkness. For this produced for you the hells that sweep the world in chaos and in wars, in depressions and in slavery. And in tyranny that falls upon men. But when you know the truth, then the TRUTH SHALL MAKE YOU FREE.

And the great power of the Gospel of Christ is one that sets men free. It builds a Kingdom of Administration, but it does not seek to destroy it by uniting again that superstition of the idol worshiping Priesthoods of or the people who worship the devil from the Steppes of Asia. Or the doctrine of political and social evil in which some men’s fanaticism has replaced all religion and serve the power of a tyrannical state. All of these procedures are to be laid first to this basic error and that is---inside this institution known as the church there were those who were not prepared for its ministry and they did not proclaim its Gospel. For this reason we are told that Peter as well as Paul, as well as other Apostles, said that in the ‘last days’ there would be a falling away. They talked about this and the ‘falling away’ would be from the principles which were important to your society. There would be a falling away first, but this would only be a marked sign of the end of the age. This does not say that all will be carried into the captivity of the mind. It did not say that this would mean the end of your civilization, but told us of a great period of confusion and of chaos. And that these situations would occur.

The Apostle Paul said that you are the children of light and the children of the day. And that you will not be taken unawares by the sings of the times or an end of an age. Often I have someone say, ‘What does an end of an age mean?’ Well, there is in God’s plan a limit in which HE will let the forces of darkness move when each age ends and a new age begins, because some tremendous event marks the beginning of a new age. And generally that is measured in the sky. The great event that awaits you is this end of the power of the forces of darkness and evil. When the enemies of Christianity have no influence on your society. The end of the age for you is when the Communist threat is in powder and dust and no longer any threat to you or anywhere else in the world.

The end of the age means again, a revisit of your God who will walk among you not to your shame, but to your glory and your enlightenment. And is designed to show the world that HE has loved you and has honored you. The end of this age is not coming too quickly for those who understand it. It comes without an approach of fear. It is also basically important that we discover what it is and the why of what has happened in our midst. We have talked to you about the infiltration of our society. And it is impossible to conquer any nation unless you defeat them militarily and have a successful infiltration into their society.

America, one of the great nations of God’s Kingdom, has been infiltrated by the very progeny of the unassimilatable offspring of the fallen Angel’s scattered among the people of various parts of the world. And these unassimilatable offspring have been brought together with certain theological sameness even tho they operate out of a group of different religions. But they are the offspring of Lucifer physically in their bodies. They are the household of souls satanically placed in the earth by their father to conquer the Kingdom of God and the children of the MOST HIGH GOD. There were many of them here before you arrived. And they have continued a relentless warfare against your race form the day that they came. Of course, we know that many people do not understand this foundation. They do not realize that the creation of the Adamic race and the story of Adam, in the book of Genesis, is not the beginning of the creation of the Universe. Many people do not know that there were other races on the earth before Adam came along. This is the reason we are told in the 31st chapter of Ezekiel that there were many trees in Eden in the days when the Eden for Adam was placed here. For the Assyrian Empire was over whole areas of the earth reaching all over the Steppes of Asia. And there of course, existed in the ancient people of China a continuity tied into the background of the same people of Assyria, that went for thousands of years before this.

In fact, some 73,000 years ago among some of the hosts of Lucifer, was brought to earth, the dark and kinky haired people. And we find them buried in the caves of Kilimanjaro. And radio carbon tests show that they were there 73,000 years ago. And the Assyrian records say that---yes, these dark and curly haired ones came in during that great struggle with Tiamat, when the fight was for the control of earth. And you then can go to these Assyrian manuscripts and their plates and their records, all found today in the British Museum and find the story of when the Assyrians knew when this so called ‘god’ out of the sky and this strange mass of people came to earth. They tell you much about this. But we will not take the time to discuss it this afternoon. Therefore, their first coming to earth was not the first time men were upon it. And it is also why you were to repopulate it with spiritual capacity and not leave it to the forces of darkness who already had gone into superstition. You are the hope of the world. You are the world’s only opportunity, being the Household of God transferred to the earth for the definite purpose to remove this covering of darkness.

Now, I point out to you that all thru the history of your race, God has made it quite clear, that when a race has been transferred from heaven to earth, it is also quite clear that the main thing it must do is to maintain its identity. To maintain its self-respect. For if absorbed, mongrelized, or polluted, it will not be able to carry out its objective.

Today with some of the leading scientists in agreement, we know that the cables of the brain which carry the impulses of a White man, carries a higher energy impulse than we note today from photography and some things now being done, that one of the greatest assembly of brains that we know of is in Columbia University. And I do not mean in staff. But they are in jars, by the way. And among the differences of those brains, you can look at the brains of an Asiatic and a White man, and a Negro. And the Negro’s brain is something that no man can gainsay. There is as much difference between the convolutions of the brain of a White man and a Negro as there is between a beef and a hog. And if you cannot tell the difference in that, then you should not go to the butcher shop. Someone says is that really so? Yes, it is really true.

I was in the home of one of the greatest doctors from Heidelberg, Germany, and I looked at the photographs that were made and the text books that were made. And I have talked to one of the specialists in this field. And one of our friends last week, was in Columbia University talking to one of the top brain specialists in America. And they said that if these photographs were put in Life of Look magazines, it would change the whole thinking of the entire nation concerning the capacities and the differences between the various races. If you had the report from the Massachusetts Board of Technology, on how they had measured the brain waves, the mentoid or thought channels, or the electronic channels, or memory patterns of the various races, again, you would be challenged by the difference in output and the capacity and the speed of it. As that great spiritual force starts to activate the seat of consciousness and moves it thru the whole pattern of the brain, let me tell you that there is a difference between you and your capacities of thought and your centers of operation and vision. And this is known. In fact, the mentoid ability is high with you and very, very low where the electronic memory can be adjusted somewhat over all people. These are things that are facts and because this is true and because the spirit in you has the same wavelength as the essence in the being of God, because the consciousness of your race was one with HIS own consciousness. When HE put your race in the earth, HE said, ‘I do not want it mongrelized.’ And this is why every basic law was to keep your race from being integrated, mongrelized and absorbed, which would chance the wavelength of its spiritual and mental capacity, and would start the degeneration and the loss of why you were placed here.

It is quite obvious that there are things which mark the differences in races. You, the children of the Spirit, actually came down from above and are referred to in just that manner. It says that we brought nothing into the world, but we did come into the world, and we do not take anything out. And Jesus said that no man can ascend unto the heavens except he came down out of it. And then HE turned to the Jews and said, ‘You are from beneath and I am from above. I am of my Father and you are of your father.’ This is important because it marks a difference between these people. It marks a difference between you and them. It marks the difference between you and the people of Asia who are called the children of the gods of idols. You discover again as you read about the people who worship in the processes of Buddhism, and the ancient word in its background was ---Zombie---meaning the walking dead. And from that day until now, meant that these people lacked the life of the Father. Mutation and bestiality had degenerated their society. And in the antiquity of it, never gave the world any civilization. Never gave the world any science and never gave it any technology. Doesn’t have the capacity for it. The only achievements they can make is under your guidance and under your influence. Now, my friends, to be placed about you. Never to be permitted to assume such a responsibility. All which constitutes violation of Divine Law when these things are carried out. From Genesis 4 to Jesus, this was to be a separate society. You could serve with the world, you could work with the world, and you could lead the world to market. But you were not to locate them within the areas of your own living. They were not to be joined to you wall to wall and door to door. They were not to enter into the schools with your children. And they were not to enter into your economy. They were never to be in an administration of government over you. Everyone of these things is a violation of Divine Law. Thus, you understand that all of the problems you have in your society stem from the fact that the charts did not speak out. And in these last moments of sixty years, that there was not the strength and the voice which carried the message. This is what the scripture said would be a ‘falling away.’

I could add that there has been a great invasion of your country during that period of time. But had the church spoken out, there would have been no one who would have permitted this invasion to take place. This invasion has been of unassimilatable anti-Christian people who moved out of Western Europe after moving out of Eastern Europe and consolidated their frontal attack upon your Christian nation. They are the enemies of your Christ. And John, in the book of his own writing, as he wrote his Epistles said that they who deny that Jesus is the Christ are Anti-Christ. You may be able to stand one or two of them walking around in your society, but you cannot stand six million of them invading your society especially when in the same propaganda which they spread, they integrate them in to the teaching staff of your schools and your universities and then start putting them in Cabinet positions of your government in Washington, or turn the Treasury of the United States over to them. All of these things create catastrophe. How can you preserve great nations of Christian civilization, preserve your racial self-respect which the nations of God’s Kingdom requires, if you permit the enemies of your faith, the enemies of your race, an unassimilatable mass of all races, to become citizens in your nations or participate in your jobs over you, your children and your economy. So again, I point out that the church has this responsibility. And it is in this responsibility that we have watched the deterioration of this responsibility in this age.

Now, when God spoke to John in the book of Revelation, as we have the record, John was on the Isle of Patmos, you see. But what was he doing out there? Well, it says that he was on the Isle of Patmos for the name of the LORD. Because the Jews hated John more than any one of the Apostles. And altho Jesus called him the ‘Beloved Apostle,’ the Jews hated him more than any one man. I think this is something that you should record in your mind this afternoon. If God had selected one Apostle for his diligence and zeal in carrying forward the message that he delivered, and all of the Jews hated this man the most, then this man must have been more right than anyone else. And if you read the book of John, he is continually exposing these people and telling you who they are and what they are doing. So in this instance they despised him. A short time ago in the Union Theological Seminary, the ADL and other Jewish organizations, along with some of the clergy, wanted to rewrite the Bible. They wanted to rewrite the book of John and there were whole segments that they wanted to extract. And they were trying to sell this saying that the most anti-Semantic literature in the world today, and in every Christians Bible is the book of John. And this book is in every Christian home and we cannot accomplish the objective we have in mind until this thing is eradicated from the Christians Bible. But I have some news for the Anti-Defamation League and all of the refugees who have come in to this nation. You are never going to take the Gospel of John with the intent for which it had originally been interpreted, away from the children of the MOST HIGH GOD. They may go, but John is going to stay.

Most significantly, in the pattern that John outlined in this, from the Isle of Patmos, and in his preaching and with the forcefulness of which he gave, Jewry was so disturbed that they sought his assassination, which they discovered would be too dangerous. When they twice tried to assassinate John, great waves of spiritual anger arose and all of it was by the Christians and it looked as if there would be a program on this if the Jews did not stop this. So they went to Rome with their money and they brought a writ from Rome that said that John would be exiled out of the Isle of Patmos and if he continued to preach this would stir up trouble thru all of the Empire. Well, they had enough gold and they found an Emperor who could be bought. And I am convinced that the weakest of men, where they can do the most harm, are sometimes at the top. And the Emperor could be bought when he didn’t need any and could not use all that he had. Why anyone ever sells out on top when they have already obtained all they can use, is one of the enigmas of that strange lust of Lucifer, for gold and silver that his people seem to have.

No wonder that Baron Rothchild said, ‘We need not worry as long as we have gold we have all of the god we need to rule the world.’ And he said, ‘Let us coin and establish the money in any land and we don’t care who makes its laws.’ That is the way they live in America, by the way, if you haven’t found that out in California. The fact remains, that in the recognition of their strategy, their design was to destroy and penetrate the church. But John was on the Isle of Patmos because he had identified the truth.

Suddenly there was the sound of the trumpet and a light radiated around John, brighter than the sun. And there he saw standing before him, ONE in all the glory and the majesty of God. The specter of the rainbow broke in color and flowed from HIM. And suddenly as he saw this, he was impelled with almost a resistible force to fall upon his knees. And HE said, ‘I am Alpha and Omega. I am the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY.’ And HE said, ‘Now stand up, John, for I am the man Christ Jesus. I am the one you walked with along the shores of Galilee.’ And you remember that upon these foundations your whole culture is built. If there is any one thing to keep closely in your mind, and never let anyone confuse it, that the Eternal Christ, the One today which the enemies of Christianity hate and whose name they do not want mentioned in America, declared out of HIS own lips, ‘I am the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY--hear this, John.’ And you and I better re-dedicate our lives to the recognition of this. For upon this ROCK America shall survive.

In that hour when John heard these words, he was told, ‘Now stand up, John, for I have some things to tell you. First I will show you all of the things which are going to happen socially and politically in the hours that are ahead. But I also want to talk to you about the church. Right now we have seven churches on the perimeter of Asia Minor and each one of these churches has a different name.’ Each one of these churches are a symbol of the ages of the church. We have come thru seven church ages of Laodicea.

Now, if you will turn here to what Jesus said about the age of Laodicea, wherein HE has been speaking to all of these churches and praising them for their charity and their faith or for the things that they have done. And HE found a little fault with everyone of these humanistic elements and HE has always pointed out the things that HE did and promised the rewards to the over comers. But now we come to this last of the church ages, and it is the last of the closing era of its impact in the 20th Century. This starts around the years 1904 to 1909, which is the step in the Great Pyramid which is also a mark of decay.

Now, I want to point out to you what Jesus said;----the faithful and true witness from before the beginning of the creations of God. ‘I know thy works’---this is concerning this church. ‘I know that thou art neither cold nor hot. I wish that thou were cold or hot.’ I wonder if you can understand the comparison of that to the pulpits of our churches today---middle of the roaders. Don’t want to take any stand on any issues, or do not want to discuss any political issue. If it does that, it is getting into politics. The Church should not discuss politics or social problems, because if it does that, it has a social gospel. The church should not do anything but just tell you to behave yourself and just go to heaven. And don’t take sides with anything. Don’t be on the right side and don’t be on the left. Don’t be against the Communist, maybe they are making a social reform over there. Never mind how many people they kill, maybe they don’t know what they are doing. And we don’t want to be on the patriotic side. If we get off on that side, we will be extremists. Let’s stay in the middle of the road. Let’s retain our sanity. And Jesus speaks of the church which has no foundation or soundness concerning its message, or won’t take a stand for the things which are right. And Jesus says, ‘Yes, I know that you are neither cold nor hot. You are not on the extreme right or the extreme left and I wish you were cold or hot. You are right out there trying to walk in the middle and you are helping the left all of the time.’ Thus Jesus said, ‘I wish you were either cold or hot, but because you are lukewarm, I will spew thee out of My mouth.’

This is an effective institution. The ‘middle of the road’ church is a most useless institution, not worthy of your support in these United States. There are two places where money is effectively wasted. And one of them is on the church which does not proclaim the truth. The other is the money which you spend on the pagans all over the world thinking that you are going to buy some intelligent sanity. These are both a foolish process. There is an outline here of how things ought to be done. And there is only one right way. So we point out to you that Jesus said that the church is neither hot nor cold.

I listened to the voice of a clergyman from a great Cathedral near Washington, D.C. And by the way, do you know that the money that built that Cathedral came from a group of money master ‘one world’ men. And they built this Cathedral so that they could establish prestige and then take Congressmen and Senators and visitors to Washington, down there and have them told that the program of God was to bring all men together and fold all religions together, and fold all of their destinies together so that there would never be another war. Because there would not be anyone to fight, for this would just be all one country. They were told that this was love. That this was God. This was understanding. And that church is not anti-Communist, and it is not pro-America. And it has no reason to be there.

Yes, HE said, ‘You are neither hot nor cold.’ How many times have you heard this cry of anguish from these middle of the road preachers in the last few weeks, from over the radio and the television, because they saw the impact of evil in our times. They saw that the Katanga attack and the best part of the Congo was under attack. They saw the attack and seizure of the Isle of Goa and the inability of the United Nations to do anything. And no patients to stand up to Communism or to India, and the people were speaking out. Then I listened to numerous angry clergy speaking out saying, ‘Oh, my, this is man’s last best hope and it looks as tho it is crumbling.’ We could even afford a couple of Goa’s, if it would trouble the United Nations. Because then we would retake them again. And in these instances, HE said, ‘Ye are neither hot nor cold.’

Now, there are three reasons for there is a great lack here. And this comes form a lack of spiritual force inside of the church. Then Jesus said, ‘I point this out because you say that you are rich and have need of nothing. Knoweth thou not that thou art poor, blind and naked?’

Now, we do not have to worry as far as the church is concerned, as to whether it is rich and increased in material wealth. Without any condemnation of any denominations on any group, let me tell you something. Right today, Rome is trembling because Albania is wanting to invade Italy to seize about 175 million dollars of treasure in one location alone.

Now, the scripture says, ‘I know thy works, and because you say that you are increased with goods, you have no need of anything. But you are wretched, poor, blind and naked.’ The most unhappy and sorry institution in all of the world, is a church without spiritual power and without a voice of truth, and without its ability to stir its people. What value is a building? What value is an institution if that institution does not function?

Now, we read what they are told now to do. “I council ye to buy gold tried in the fire that thou might really be rich. That ye put on white raiment that thou might be clothed and thy nakedness might appear. That thou may anoint thine eyes with eye salve, so thou mayest see.’ Back in the days when the great mystery schools were set up in Egypt by the great Patriarchs of your race, its savants carefully analyzed every divine instruction that they received. And one of the great volumes that existed in the days of the Tabernacle and the Temple was the Zohar ever added to as God’s revelations came, and with it was its instructions and its interpretations. In those days, as most Masons knew, there was an interpretation made to every symbol. And those symbols are still found carried thru out the New Testament. And, yes, in the book of Revelation. One of those things mentioned was ‘Gold tried in the fire.’ And these were the words which came forth from the mouth of God and they meant ‘believed and acted on’---or Faith. So I council you to act on what God said because HE knows more than you do. Because HE is never wrong. Because HIS instructions build and never destroy. And you have a spirit inside of you to activate and to know these things. Thus HE says, ‘I council you to be as gold tried in the fire.’ And the Zohar says, ‘this means that I council you to live by Faith and act by Faith.’ This is working without the evidence. It is working on the evidence of what God has said and what this will do.

The next thing He said was put on white raiment that thou mayest be clothed. The Zohar said this white raiment is when men speak with honor, to hold that this is more valuable than their life. When they put on this raiment, they are acting in a conscious responsibility to the word of God and the Faith of God. And they do not waver from this position. I want you to know that the righteousness of God is imputed to us by Faith and we were told to work and live, therefore, with integrity. Wouldn’t you like to know that every Congressman that you had in Washington so believed in the God of your race and your faith, that he felt a great moral and ethical responsibility that everytime he gave his word, he held it with honor? The everytime he did something, he did it with integrity, that no one could buy or sell him for his vote. Wouldn’t you like to know that most of that body was in the hands of Christian men and you say most of them are?---Alright then, men with integrity.

Then Jesus said this last thing. ‘I council you to put upon thy eyes, eye salve so that thou may see.’ Again, I think of the ancient words of the Zohar--- ‘For the Eternal Father shall anoint thy eyes and the eye salve shall be the great wisdom of HIS mind. And it shall fill thy mind and thy soul. And thy lips shall speak wisdom.’ And you have this inside of you in your spirit and in your Celestial consciousness. And all it needs is a great wave of spiritual adjustment to get you to see and hear it in the seat of your human consciousness.

Remember this verse of Jesus. I want this verse before you and I want it repeated. Altho it may be repeated many, many times, I want you never to forget it, for it is one of the great foundation facts that we must know concerning our faith. Jesus was talking about the physical fact that HE was leaving the physical world, but HE was not leaving it without you being in charge. HE was not going to leave you without the spiritual guidance that HIS own ministry had bestowed upon you. The earlier Aramaic and the Alexandrian text made this more clear. But I am going to tell you just what is here. HE said, “I am going to send you My Agra Pneumos.”---my great creative spirit--this spirit which is the Father of all life and substance. ‘I am going to send you the waves of consciousness of this spirit and this was translated in the Greek as the Paraclete, and the English it is the Comforter. But actually what the original text contained is that ‘I am going to send upon you the understanding of my wisdom and my knowledge---out of my consciousness, my vibrations of energy out of my own intellect into your.’ And you have the receiver. Every White man has the receiver. So we tell you this afternoon that every White man can receive the mind of God when he gets into adjustment. That is what the church is for. That is why we have an institution to catalyze your thinking, to get you to think in terms of what God has said.

Now, listen to the words of Christ.---Therefore, I want you to know that this is the spirit of truth---whom the world which races round about you cannot receive. ---This is what Jesus said about the Holy Spirit, about the essence of HIS own mind, about the knowledge and the technology necessary to build HIS Kingdom. He said, ‘I am going to send this on you. And you receive it---even the SPIRIT THAT THE WORLD CANNOT RECEIVE.’ They are not of it, they do not know it. And it is not with. There is no dial built into their consciousness that they can tune in on.

So you say, ‘But is there any hope for the world?’ Yes, thru the administration of God’s Kingdom. Thru the assistance, the guidance of spiritual power, thru great developments of things which are yet ahead. When you have broken the powers of darkness and tyranny, when you have broken down the superstitions of idolatry and fulfilled your destiny, when you can see the Christian flag flying form one end of the earth to the other, along side the flag of the United States of America and the Union Jack and every other flag of the Christian nations of the world. In that day you will know what Jesus meant when HE said, ‘I am going to divide the sheep nations from the goat nations, and I am going to give the goat nations to you and say this has been prepared for you from the foundation of the world.’

Someone said, ‘Dr. Swift, this does not go along with the thinking of our day. But you did not get where you are today by the processes which are tearing you down. Someone then says, ‘Are we being town down?’ I think so. One third of your nation last year, one third of your output, you had to give it away. And if you did not give it away they would be on your neck.

Now listen. Even the spirit of truth that the world cannot receive. But you can receive it. For you are spirit of HIS Spirit, and life of HIS Life, a part of HIS Kingdom. 1962 is an important year. Remember when we gave you a preview of events. But let me tell you this. Enoch was told before the throne of the MOST HIGH GOD, how to identify form earth, these Zodiacal signs from the heavens, the great planets, the constellations, everything which related to the sidereal system. Enoch not only was told this, but he came back and wrote it in a book. And you can say, ‘but I don’t believe it,’ but you will have to believe one important fact that he listed in the number of the wanderers or planets,---he listed Neptune, Uranus and Pluto. But remember that in Enoch’s writings that he listed all the planets, altho he does not list them all by the same names of today. But he gave them names. Plus the fact that Jupiter was the sign of God and Venus was the hammer of God. But remember this. He named three more planets than anyone could see or knew anything about. The Chinese could not see the. They had no photographs or film to tell them they were there or to tell by movement. They did not have any mechanical brains or photograph machines to take negatives and put them one over the other and ring a bell, because there was something which moved. But Enoch wrote that there was also Pluto, Neptune, and Uranus out there, although invisible, but still moving around our sun. And it was not until 1930 that here in the United States, we added Pluto to our listing of the planets. I only tell you this because I want you to remember that this man, Enoch, talked with God. This man knew a lot of things that a lot of people don’t know, but they would find them out if they came in contact with God’s purposes directly.

Now, Enoch was told what signs would be and we have told you the sign as to the coming of Christ and HIS Messiahship. And they taught this in every wisdom school up until the time of HIS birth. And it was carried all the way from the observatories which this race had established in Kashmere and over in Persia and down in Spain, and in Egypt and Britain. And they knew what they were looking for. Every before the coming of Christianity as such, they knew that they were waiting for the coming of Messiah who was their God. And HE came on time. The star arrived and everything happened on time. And we will not spend the time on these conjunctions this afternoon.

But it was told to Enoch that in the day when the battle would rise in this struggle for the minds of men, and in this struggle for the earth, between the powers of darkness and the hoards of the enemy, whose emblems and symbols would be ‘red’ against the people of God’s race and HIS nations. How it would come to its great and climactic point when evil would be stopped and the aggressions of evil would not advance beyond the great new wave of spirit. And the sign would be that these great planets, five of them, would be with you in the sign of the Outpouring of HIS Spirit. And there was going to be an eclipse of the sun in that year.

Now, you have arrived. And never in the time of your race, has this ever happened before. We have a conjunction of Saturn and Mars, and Jupiter, Venus and Mercury in direct alignment. Both of them in the same sign and a total eclipse of the sun on the 4th of February of this year. It has not happened in all of your lifetime before. But at that time, Enoch was told that a great spiritual renaissance would take place. That a spiritual outpouring would take place and it would stir the people of God’s Kingdom. And Joel said that it would be in the days when the atom bomb had come---pillar of fire, an umbrella of smoke. ‘In that day will I pour out My Spirit upon all of My sons and upon all of My daughters. And My young men and My old men.’ So you see, there is hope for the rest of them that are still asleep. Because this great spiritual renaissance which has caused this ‘right wing’ awakening will sweep 60% of your nation this year.

Let me tell you this. He was pin pointing to the area of the time, and it is happening this year. And the threat of Mr. Khrushchev yesterday was, ‘We age going to force the Western world out of Berlin now.’ This year Sukarno said, ‘We are going to conquer all of Egypt.’ And same on him.---Do you know what our ambassador did? He waved his hand and shouted Freedom down there yesterday. We should recall him and give him some education. Yes, my friends, you are in an hour of great destiny. God not only expects things of you, but HE is going to see that great things come forth from you. This spiritual wave of challenge is going to move upon the people of God. HE will in the proper time, raise up people all over the nation. And churches will rise upon the Faith and the truth committed to them upon the scripture and ordained of God. And those churches, where they have not proclaimed it, are going to close their doors. You are going to see God move this nation and all of this nation as never before. And it is happening here and in Europe. And we have not the time this afternoon, to go any further, but I want you to know that the symbols in the heavens and the spiritual activities and the political activities that you see, which the enemy calls the extreme ‘right’ is one and the same mark---evidence of when HE says HE will pour out HIS Spirit. And when HE says this, then God your Father, means it. Someone said, ‘But this is political.’ But there is also something spiritual about it. I have discovered all over the country that people are being challenged in their spirit and in their minds. And they are starting to cry out. They are being stirred because there is something inside of them which will not be quiet. It is the call of the Father to the inner man, to the child that belongs to HIM. And HE creates this and the wrath rises up in the countenance of God’s people. And this is the right thing and God has ordained it. One of the things that you will realize one of these days is that HE still ‘Holds the hollow of the earth in HIS hands.’ HE had ordained the triumph of HIS Kingdom and you the awakened citizens and conscious of your ability are being charged to this mission and this ministry.

Now, let me tell you that in this hour, that God is making you realize that the Kingdom is real. Jesus did to pray ‘thy Kingdom come to heaven,’ now did HE? How did HE teach you to pray?-- ‘Thy Kingdom come thy will be done in earth as it is in Heaven.’ You can’t keep the spirit out of heaven if something happens, but we are not worried about the spirits ability to go back to where it came from. We are interested in the will of the Spirit activating the consciousness of the man to do the Will of God while he is here. For this we pray, ‘Thy Kingdom come.’ There is nothing as thrilling as the fact that God has kept HIS covenants with the great nations of HIS Kingdom. These are the great Anglo-Saxon, Nordic, Basque, Germanic, and Lombard and Scandinavian people. There is in every step of their history, a fulfillment of prophecy. Warnings were overlooked and judgements took place, and revelations afterwards. But I want you to know that your Father has dealt with you with Grace. And HE said to each one of you that you do now have anything to fear, ‘for I have given you Eternal LIFE and you shall never perish.’

(End of sermon)