Terror By Night, 2-18-65


by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 2-18-65

Now I do not think that there is anyone in this auditorium that who does not think that we are living in a great prophetic hour. As we meet in this auditorium tonight, the forces of the world are preparing for a struggle. The powers of evil plan to engulf the world by the sheer masses of their numbers. And by all of the Satanic trickery and cunning that they can use. The program planners of Antichrist have already laid their format for a super government to use to rule the world. They have fifth columned the world of God's kingdom with inassimilable people. They have sought to capture the world thinking of religion and politics. And the great bulk of the people who make up this nation and the rest of the Western Christian nations do not necessarily give ascent to this evil. The great majority of the people in this nation are white in background and heritage. And to preserve the continuity of that culture and that society they must carry out the program that builds the responsibilities of their faith. They must learn again to serve the laws of the Most High God, and see that this is done at a national level. And even in the midst of those organizations that say that they are fighting communism and yet they want to keep people away from restoring the laws of God. I tell you that there is no solution short of divine law for a society to carry out their development and to implement the achievement that God ordained for his kingdom in the earth and in the environment which depends upon God for its substance and its existence. We point out to you that in this hour we are in the midst of the hour for the end of the age, and we are on the edge of Armageddon. For Armageddon is at the door. The first rounds of Armageddon have already been fired. The hordes of Asia are on the move. The only challenge and only obstruction to the hordes of Communism are Christian nations that are alert in the Western World. Do not for a moment think that we believe our leaders are alert, altho they do see the military situation and they cannot run from it. And they can see all of Asia swept into this equation. But previously they have lacked the leadership to make a stand and take a clear-cut position against it. Thus, they have created a situation that is most dangerous. The world of communism is sending more men into the areas of the Vietcong in Vietnam. The papers today say that we are stepping up the war and are sending wave after wave of bombers into the area. But we told you three weeks ago that they were stepping up the war. We have told you that with this inevitable increasing horde of manpower that it would create this situation and that we would be involved. Today they are transferring South Korean troops over to the Vietcong and they will need every man they can round up to stop this invasion of South Vietnam by the North Vietnamese, Red Chinese backed army. They have told the United States that if we do not withdraw from South Korea and the Vietnam area at once there will be a wider war with the Red Chinese soldiers from all over getting into the conflict. They will strike suddenly, everywhere against our interest.

Then there are those who say pay no attention, just think as good as you can about the enemy, for everything is going to come out all right. Just forget the whole thing, talk about re-approachment, talk about the area of disarmament, the area of agreement. Let’s just talk about some way to get together. I am going to tell you tonight that there is no way that you can get together with the Antichrist.

Now we are in the midst of unusual developments on a world wide scale. And while the armies gather on the outside, there is a terror that moves within. There is a lot of denial sometimes about the strength of such activities, altho we have had in our government in the last few years such things as the 'Un-American activities' and we have had a social security committee, and we have the F.B.I. and the CIA and secret service activities. All of these engaged in battling against an enemy, not an unknown enemy, but a known enemy, world Communism. But at the same time, my friends, feared by political affluence to gain areas of power, all of these agencies have now become subject to politics.

We point out that if you want to see what a kaleidoscope politics has become, this is because men who have assumed that they will have a destiny in power and the administration in politics, will sell out their principals in politics to become instruments of international finance, Mystery Babylon’s weapon. Until a society that is supposedly resisting the enemy is embracing these tactics, permitting the enemy to operate within. This is a dangerous situation. Thus I tell you that we are in a very climactic period of history. We have listened in the past as they tell us how many communists there are in the country, and we did not need to worry. For no group of Communists of this size could overthrow the government just as long as we stayed alert. But I am going to tell you that the number you were given was about one/10 of the number of operating Communists in our nation. They never told you what the true number was. If a man does not know that there are about ten times the number of Communists listed, then he is not smart enough to be at the head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

I want you to know that a ‘fifth column’ has poured into these United States. Let me make this clear. You cannot have a terror on the inside unless it comes in. The design of world Communism is to gain power on the inside of a nation politically, and to educate a people to the policies of its society. And it also has a very powerful strategy involved. And that is to build powerful institutions and to destroy all that stands in its way, and to crush and subordinate its society. And to cast fear and terror. And terror of course, is more dangerous at night. So in the darkness of night we have the evidence of evil.

The scriptures tell us that Satan and all of his evil forces move in the darkness. They are lovers of darkness, because their deeds are evil.

We point out that the scripture makes it quite clear as to some of the things which relate to your time. Especially when it promises you victory and then does not say that there is something to have victory over.

The 91st Psalm tells you that 'He that dwells in the secret place shall abide in the Shadow of the Almighty.’ The covenant promise is that the person whose consciousness and whose intellect accepts the patterns of God's kingdom, its laws and his place and his destiny, he who dwells in this area, shall abide in the shadow of the Almighty. The person who has his consciousness and his awareness fastened on the kingdom, he will know the secret places of the Most High.

So where is this secret place of the Most High? Some have traveled to Tibet to find it, high up in the mountains, with the Monks of the Tibetan Lamas. Others have gone to cult after cult searching for the secret place of the Most High. They have joined fraternity after fraternity seeking the secret place of the Most High.

My friends, the secret place of the Most High is in a tabernacle, a temple, that only the sons of God can get into. The spirit which is alone, unto them, is the only thing that can make known to them the secret of God's purpose. They hold the knowledge of the vastness of his kingdom and the strategy of his purpose. And they who dwell within this consciousness are under the shadow of the Almighty, altho the enemy may not perceive this. So they war against them embodied in earth. And I will say of YAHWEH --- 'He is my refuge and my fortress, my God in HIM will I trust.’

Now I want to make this clear tonight . . . that trusting in God is like a fortress. And it assures of protection. But this does not eliminate you from any responsibility in the operation of his kingdom. Some people think they can just sit still and let what will come be the will of God. But I am telling you that you are the instruments of God's household, the spirits of his kingdom. And what God does by his strong right arm is going to be done thru and by you, here in the earth.

Now surely he will deliver me from the snare of the fouler. When you look at the Democrat Party and the Republican Party today, and the cunning and design which holds this society, both going right down the road toward Mystery Babylon, when you find nations caught in these traps and the areas in which these traps have been bated in order to get the whole society to move in, these are the traps of the fouler. And he said that he will deliver you from the trap of the fouler and from the noise and the pestilence.

Now we generally think of pestilence as a serious disease and sickness. But the noise of the pestilence could be more than that. I don't think we would have to guess very far today about the noise of the pestilence in our midst. And that, my friends, is the constant voice of the enemy while it wages war against you and sends out its wages of death. It wages war psychologically against the mind of your race. And it moves also to set fires in the areas of your thinking. It seeks to spread a sickness and disease all of its own in the areas of men's attitude. And it is a noisome pestilence.

We point out to you altho we might attribute it to another change in semantics, because there is a noise of it over T.V. and over radio. We can hear it with the jungle beat of the savage. We can hear it, my friends, over the cries of the persecution, when they are calling for Equality so that the beast will have the same rights as a man. I am going to make this clear tonight, that I believe that this whole Negro Civil rights movement is a part of the Beast system trying to move in on civilization and the culture of God's kingdom. Then destroy it by assuming it will be able to invade it and have equal privilege to consume and control responsibility henceforth. Some people said, ‘oh, we must not refer to these people as Beasts.’ Well, Jesus did. Oh, no he called them dogs. But dogs do not measure up to human status. But you go back to the foundation of that text and you will see what Jesus said:-- “Do not give the children's bread to the dogs.” And the word is beasts.

I point out to you that in the strategies of the enemy, God has promised that he will cover thee, symbolically under his feathers and under his wings, will he thrust you. His shield shall be thy shield and buckler. Symbolically, you have the outstretched wings of an Eagle. And God refers to you as Eagles. It says, 'I bear you on Eagles wings and brought you to myself.' And they who wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength and they shall mount up like with the wings of Eagles, and they shall run and not be weary. They shall walk and not faint. The Most High knows his offspring, and he will protect you. But he also has a great purpose for you and wants you to trust him and he will be thy shield and thy buckler.

Now thou shalt not be afraid of the terror by night, nor of the arrow that flieth by day. Two different types of warfare . . . one that strikes out of the darkness, and one in open battle in the daytime. Thus it is, we are promised that one thousand shall fall at thy right side and ten thousand at the other side. And yet no harm shall nigh unto thee. Why? Because thou hast made YAHWEH thy refuge. Only with thy eyes shalt thou behold thy refuge. For thou hast made YAHWEH thy refuge. And the Most High thy habitation. There shall be no evil befall thee, and no plague shall come to thy dwelling. He shall give HIS Angels charge over thee. Thus, the terror shall not come up on thee in the night.

There are many who do not understand this strategy which is coming to pass. They look upon this great nation and they see armed forces engaged in fighting communism. And we find rockets and missiles available. And people say, ‘well, this is a big thing . . . I don’t understand, but this is the armed forces on the outside, but there is no terror that comes by night.’

Let me tell you something about the terror that comes by night. Do you know that the Communist party calls for a hit by night? Do you know that almost all of there parts of this program calls for hits at night? In the darkness and confusion, they have directions as to where they are going to go and what they are going to do. Did you ever stop to realize that they start their rioting in the major cities at night? Do you know that they lay all of the ground work for it and then strike suddenly at night?

Now right here in this city, the investigators covering the activities of the Reds and the passing of communications on to the very top echelons call for the terror that comes by night. Strangely, the shock troops of the revolution in the city of Los Angeles are Negroes. And these shock troops are necessary to turn this into an area of great havoc. Their lust and Beast nature has been stirred by Communist agitators. And they are pointing out that thru the propaganda and their struggle of what has been brought before the people as 'civil rights.' And they expect, with what happens, to get away with it. They think they will be able to get away with anything that they do on the grounds that it is part of the battle for liberty. The Communists say not to worry about the fact, for they will take care of the international publicity and they will be able to take care of the attitude of administrations. And they use the mighty power of the Jewish turf. And how they would influence whole areas of society. How they think that they will get legislation passed, and they are going to use the press, and T.V. in putting over a false image of what America actually wants and what the majority say. They are going to come out with their polls and tell the American people what the majority want and did not want. So a person reading this poll would think, ‘behold, I must be out of step. The country is going this way and I am not.’ The idea being to keep them from lifting up their voices and doing anything about it. But in the depth of such a strategy, they have told them also what they want to do.

The fact is that they have told the Negroes of Glendale that they can go thru Glendale and the Hollywood Hills, and that they can rape and they can steal, and they can take everything they can carry. And the Communist strategy is going to be so well organized so as to protect them as far as the police forces are concerned. The strategy is to tie up the police forces and the fire department, and that is terror. And it will not start in the daytime, it will come at night. You say, ‘oh, they cannot do that.’ Well, let me tell you something. Right now in this city the telephone company is trying to devise a way to keep the major trunk-lines from the police department and the fire department from being tied up. There is one system and one alone, when one can dial in on it and tie up the whole thing, for no one else can get in on it, until they go around and put the receivers back on the hooks in every one of the pay phones. The fact remains that the design is to tie up the various services and then start riots at one end of the city and fires on the other end. And then they start their looting in between. They create a crisis and then move across to the other end of the city, and they rape and they pillage and they create terror. In fact, in their strange strategy, they tell us what they would like to do to Southern California. For in this strategy they have those who are destined to one individual job, and that is that they are to go outside the city and blow up those great transformers on those outside power lines which come into the country from Boulder Dam and various areas of power. It calls for the going out into the desert and blowing up the great transformers there; to dynamite the light poles to bring down the great high tension lines. This would throw the cities on to their great emergency power systems and then move in quickly and dynamite them. They plan to tie up power, to tie up water, and all of the areas of distribution of these essential services.

This is just a part of the terror that comes by night. Thus this thing is not to happen in the day time but at night. Yet we have people sit back and say that this cannot happen here. And they do not realize that as long as they have that OGPU in the city that many things can happen. They can influence Mr. Parker’s outfit and others as well. And in the midst of the time, when you are going to need help with this terror that comes by night, then, my friends, you are not going to be able to tell whose side you are on. I have always supported the vast areas of law enforcement. But I have discovered that they are as deadly an enemy that you can have when they move under this kind of an operation. Rather significantly, we not only experienced and watched this thing operate, were pushed around, and threatened with being shot and whole lines of traffic held up for miles. And we had the admission today that this whole phony mission came from the Police department down here in L.A. And it was based on phony information and running thru this kind of an operation. They were planning a mass attack where some of us were in conference. And this would have been one of those holocaust operations where they moved in with kleig lights and high powered rifles, and they would kill everyone in the place. This could have happened. But one of the cars had left earlier and so they had to trap us on the highway. And in all of our life, we never had any experience like this. Not only did they force us to come out of the cars with our hands up and then forced us to lay down and then said ‘move and we will shoot you.’ I said, ‘what have we done? Are we under arrest?’ And they would not answer us saying, ‘shut up.’ We did not have any right to know this. They said we could not talk, but we did. We never stopped. We are beginning to find out some answers. And one country is sorry they even touched the thing. But I am going to tell you that this is just the design and just the activity in which they are testing just what they can accomplish. They admitted that they had nothing. But this was their procedure.

Now this phoney Clergyman was going to show up and identify us and this so-called thief Gilbert, so they could charge us and lock us up on major conspiracy and major theft, saying we were securing explosives for the 'right wing'. Other than this young man attending church sometimes, we have never seen him any other time. So we think he is the victim of a vast conspiracy too. The great design seems to be to try to frighten Patriots in America. Let me tell you something. The Communist have massive armies today, in the United States. Understand this and make no doubt about it. I can show you file after report, secret service report, and the investigative report from your own police department, that the Communist have armies. They have them in Watts, and they have them in Pasadena. And they have goon squads, and they have attack units. And they are all ready for the trouble. But you must not let the Patriots have guns, don't let them stand together in brotherhood, and don't let them have any of these things or, my, they are more dangerous than the Communists. Well, the way to get along, my friends, is not to push Patriots around.

One learns also that defectors in 'right wing' circles may be dangerous, and they may frame to destroy. We can cite to you that never has there been anything more demonstrated than last night, that you do not have any protection under the normal patterns of law and order. These procedures can be set aside and illegal search permitted by officers and illegal detention. And after they got thru with all of the holding and all of the captivities and cold that night on that mountain with all of the lights and all of the fanfare, then they came up with nothing because they could not get all things put together, and they had to get a release signed down here to let go. And they finally let go. But they had set this up in a very bizarre operation in which a bunch of trigger happy officers with no background, a bunch of rookies, and then an unknown posse that they do not even know who was on it. And I can tell you this. There is no record on the Sheriff of that county's records. They did not write it up at all. Even tho this was the biggest thing they had been on for years. There was no record of this anywhere but the Tahapachia police department. And they don't know what really did happen. They did not ask for any identification during this entire thing. They were just gunning for what they thought was leadership of 'The right.’ And then they tried to tie it in with some kind of conspiracy which it had nothing to do with. And a preacher was supposed to come up and be the turncoat and identify us, but they could not find anything wrong. They shook us down and admitted that this was an armed raid, and in their ‘call back and forth,’ they said, ‘yes, it’s loaded for bear.’ But it was not illegal. They were not looking for guns, or arms. They were very apologetic after it was all over and wanted us to know that they had not taken one bullet, when it was all over, and everything was back in place. And they wanted us to be happy. But you do not get happy about something like this.

Mrs. Swift and members of this congregation were pushed around and this is too much. I just point this out to you. They had all day to come. But they do it at night. They might have thought that this is terror, but this did not terrorize us. Their power is bound, but they do not understand it. The forces of darkness are defeated, but they do not know it.

I am going to tell you that everything that they have tried to do against the kingdom of God is going to reverberate against them like they have never known it in the past. I am going to tell you that the judgment is going to fall upon the people who are not of God's kingdom, and they are going to start to fall like flies falling before a spray. Let me tell you this. That in the midst of all of this, they are battling against one thing. Do you know what the battle is about? It is the word of God. It is the tape activity. It is seeing people across the nation. And it is telling it, telling it, telling it. And they want to stop it. They want of spear it. They want to crush it. For the enemy never stops with his conspiracy and his strategy.

The police finally admitted someone else had taken this stuff and stored it in another place. So they had not lost a single thing. So I said then what is all of this pushing around about? And they could not tell us.

I tell you this tonight. That never had there been so many unseen influences behind the very agencies of your own society, that normally should be to protect you in the hour of need.

Now there are some people who wish I would not say anything about this. But there is one thing that we will do. We will talk about the things that need to be talked about, and we will blow the whistle all over the nation before they do. If there is anything that the law enforcement agencies of this nation need tonight, it is for every red blooded, white Christian patriot in this country, for they are going to need them before this is over. For strangely, they will become the first victims in the assault when the Negroes riot and rampage. The policeman Parker was shivering in his boots that something would happen to Martin Luther King when he was here. But Martin Luther King has been creating trouble all over the world. And no matter how it hurts the white man, they worry about this. They were not worried about white men, or about patriots. They were just worried about this Negro. Fortunately, my friends, Negroes are working on Negroes and the white man can just set back and watch it. Their demagoguery battle for lust and money and power. Strangely enough, demented minds may become your own enemy as they serve your enemy, and work to destroy you. Knowing what the enemy wants, they feed him what will bring about the destruction. Caught in their own trap and unable to talk their way out, the officers have started to talk a little bit. So we have found a little bit out. How information was sent in, and how information was aligned and prepared. So this goes to show you that this thing can happen here. And this, my friends, was not the Soviet Union. This was not behind the Iron Curtain. This was here in the United States, last night. We point out the fact that there was not one iota of fact in all of the allegations.

But this is just the beginning. For we are going to press this thing right to the end.

Now by the same strategy, Negro meetings were held in this city where they planned their attack on the white race. And the Negro Muslin organizations were being organized for this. And the leader is organized for mass bloodshed all over the United States.

Malcolm X who was assassinated this past week by rival bands of Negroes had just asked that very week for a violent blood bath against the people of the South. And I point out to you that the strange thing is that the area where they seek to strike terror with, is the area where there is no way to combat it. We have gained influence in government and round areas in government where you can stop this. So they say. And they also say they can send teams out to surround areas of the 'right.' But this, my friends, is the country led by leaders under the concept of God. And if we had our way, we would outlaw the communist party so quickly that every one of them in these United States would be in a concentration camp by tomorrow morning. We would not coddle them and we would not let a bunch of Jewish attorneys to start talking about the civil rights of a bunch of people who desire to destroy the nation. I am going to tell you this. The terror that comes by night is designed by the enemy. And the design is for this terror to come when it cannot be seen, nor identified, always moving in the darkness. Then Lucifer presents the thoughts of fear, because people fear what they cannot see. They always fear the unknown. They are not nearly as afraid of what they can see as what they cannot see. That is what makes them afraid. So this is the strategy. Use the darkness. We have information that comes from an evaluation report and patterns that is to fly in with fast air power, Chinese paratroopers down in the Midwest. We have been told in the last two weeks, that there is over a million Red Chinese in the U.S. between South America and in Mexico and the United States. These are only a small part of this picture.

But what we are telling you tonight is not to intimidate you, and to frighten you. But it is to let you know that we are in the last days, and the terror that we are to fight is from within, while the armed forces which we fight is without. But when this comes then ask no quarter and give none. Because you are battling devils and demons.

Now the strange thing is and I will show you, that as you say we can assemble together and talk things over in private, but we tell you that there is no privacy. How do I know? Because your phone lines are tapped. Not too long ago we had a rape condition in Antelope Valley, this an assault and rape. The department has not found the Negro who was moving thru and moving out across the desert. But there are lots of sportsmen living out there who would know every route that he had to cross. We went to the phone and suggested that he gather up a few men, and help find the man. And instantly officers cut in on the line and said, -- ‘don't you move. You stay right on the line, for we are watching you and you are not to go after this Negro.’ The rapist and murderer was to get away. We called from a private outside dial phone and still they were locked on. So there is no privacy in communications. Nor, my friends, is there any privacy in your homes. For the terror by night turns its listening ears on the window panes of your house. And for $26.00, right now, you can buy from one mail order house, a device which fastened to your window pane and you can sit in your car and listen to anything that goes on inside of your house, or any house on the block toward which you turn the instrument toward.

I am reading to you tonight from the L.A. Examiner of last week. And this is what it says. They are having a hearing in Washington, before the Senate on electronic eavesdropping devices. The Senators said that the private conversations in the nations capital can be monitored in Hawaii. The device to combat this long range snooping has been demonstrated at the Senate subcommittee hearing on electronic surveillance, especially by some government agencies. And knowing who are in some of these government agencies, I wouldn't trust them any more than I would the devil. When your privacy has been so invaded that you no longer can talk in private in your own home, then we do not have any more freedom. So we better have a new revolution.

I am going to tell you tonight, instead of just quoting from George Washington's farewell address, I should read to you from the Congressional record of last week. You see, as the Congressional record was being written up, they read as they traditionally do, George Washington’s Address. So they cannot say that it is 175 years old. But they read last week what George Washington advised patriots and citizens to do. This was to rise up and throw out the tyrants and preserve your liberty, and be ready to fight at the drop of a hat, if anyone tries to take over your government and take away your liberty.

Now I am quoting the quotation from George Washington as they read it last week. 'Be ready to rise up and over throw the darkness and tyranny even when it rises in government.'

Now under this situation one of the devices demonstrated before this Senate committee, especially as practiced now by government agencies, demonstrate that some of them included microphones that they could counsel in an olive in a glass, in a cigarette package, or in a picture frame or in a purse. But why was this bell telephone employee demonstrating this concentrated beam of light applicable to electronic spying? He said that engineers were working on the modulation device that would allow this light to be able to concentrate on a room a ways away and it would show everything going on in this room as well as the sound. Witnesses showing these devices to the Senate, showed long range devices. And a manual middle man operated a device attached to a telephone line to be used to monitor a conversation in any room in any place. All you had to do was to dial the phone where the device was installed. And whether they lift the phone up or not, it makes no difference, you can hear everything in that room. And whether they use the phone or not, it makes no difference. You can hear everything that goes on in that room until you change your dial. He says this is already being used by government agencies everywhere. The power of the telephone activates it. The only way this device could be detected is by the reading of the telephone input on to the line. And they went on to say that such devices were now being sold to other investigators all over the nation. This means the B’nai B’rith and the OGPU's and all of these forces have access to these kind of devises which take away your privacy. And the Communist party, you can be sure, has plenty of equipment. And of course, the design is to break into the privacy until it is impossible for two people to discuss anything. And if you are against the United Nations, you are antisocial. If you want to block the putting of us into the world government, then you might be a social suspect. You cannot discuss this with your wife or your neighbors, because they can listen in on you.

This is the way they wish to strike at you---the fear of agencies and of power, which is supposed to be too high and above anything that you have.

Let me tell you something, my friends. That catalyzed with the great power of God, with the wisdom of Faith, the children of God's kingdom can bind the darkness, can call judgments. And they can do something that the lesser lights will not be able to stop. And the lesser lights cannot destroy. They cannot surpass the power of God.

We point out to you that in the book of Jeremiah, God talks about this and this is Mystery Babylon. World communism is a part of it. And this is also the massive story of conspiracy which Christ also revealed to John. He said, “Listen, my people, the sound of the battle is in the land and there will be great destruction.” The sound of the battle is in the land. Who is it against? Well, it is against Babylon. And God says, “now for your benefit, I am going to bring down the hammer that is over the whole world. I am going to break it asunder and Babylon will become desolate among the nations. I am going to break its hammer and sickle.

Now I will lay a snare for them even as they have taken you. And YAHWEH SAYS THAT HE IS GOING TO OPEN UP HIS ARMORY AND BRING FORTH THE WEAPONS OF HIS INDIGNATION, FOR THIS IS THE WORK OF THESE EVIL ONES. Come against her from the utmost boarders, open up the storehouse of mine enemies, and destroy them, oh, Israel.’

Someone says, ‘oh, let’s just get out of here and take a rapture out.’ My friends, I want to be on the leading tank core to wipe up Babylon.

Listen. YAHWEH HAS OPENED UP HIS ARMORY, and HE says, “come against her, my people.” And the voice of the Most High speaks out and calls for the judgment of YAHWEH. Then HE says call together all that deliver the arrow for the bow against Babylon, and let none escape. Let this be a total recompense. Let this be the utter destruction of Babylon. For she has been lifted up as proud against YAHWEH, AGAINST THE HOLY ONE OF ISRAEL.

So in this hour, when they bring their judgments, when they bring their great conspiracy, therefore her young men shall fall. Her men of war shall be cut down in one day. The Most High said, “I am against thee, oh, mistress Babylon. Thou hast been most proud, but this shall be thy fall,” said YAHWEH. And HE will say to the children of Judah and of Israel that have been suppressed, “Go forth, your redeemer is strong. YAHWEH OF HOSTS, is HIS name, and HE shall plead your cause and HE shall destroy the enemy.” The terror that cometh by night. His arrows that come, his weapons shall be broken. They shall be snapped like the twigs. And HE said, “oh, MY people, called by my name.” And we reply, “LORD, thou hast been our dwelling place before the mountains were brought forth. Even before thou hast formed the earth, and the world from everlasting to everlasting, thou art God, and thou turneth man to destruction.” And HE says, “return, oh, ye children of men. For one thousand years in thy sight is but yesterday. And when it is past, it is as a watch in the night. Therefore, since for thousands of generations HE has been our dwelling place.” I want you to stop and think that if HE has been our dwelling place for thousands of years, then that means that every one of you is of the seed of the Most High. So if YAHWEH HAS BEEN OUR DWELLING PLACE FOR AT LEAST 30,000 years, then you have had a dwelling place for a good many years. And that is just the beginning.

The United States of America is not going to be destroyed. But it is going to be transformed. It is not going to be overwhelmed by the powers of darkness and the terror by night, or the battle by day. But the powers of darkness are going to be destroyed in it in their conspiracy.

Someone said, ‘we can restore the Constitution. We can remold it.’ But I am going to assure you that in the things which are ahead, there is never going to be a loophole for the enemy to come in and destroy. There is not going to be any designs where you can amend the great patterns of divine truth and cause people to be directed against divine law. Have you ever stopped to reason that the troubles inflicting America today are built around the design to revise our constitution and to take them away from the areas of divine law? To get us to violate God's law and to get us to violate the laws against mongrelization, and those about immigration? They want to change them, to alter them. And one time when you as a Christian said, ‘we will move in this direction,’ this was a status of righteousness. Today if you say 'thus saith the LORD,' and oppose the President, or any of his cabinet, or any of the brain trusters, or any of the forces of today, then you are antisocial. And you are now to be smeared as a person to suspect and you are to be down graded. But there are too many of us to accomplish this thing. For we are going to retake America.

Someone says, ‘how will this be done?’ It will be done by faith. It will be done with the living word of God. It is going to be done by the awakening of people. It is going to be done by the lifting up of divine leadership. It is going to be done by our Father eliminating the areas of danger, and removing those who would destroy. It is going to be a replacement. And it will carry this nation to its greatest destiny. Yes, I saw a document being sent everywhere. The document is to tell them how late it is and how quick the catastrophe is going to fall. They want everyone to gather into one place somewhere out in the mountains of Colorado.--See? And hurry up, and get there, because by next March, the whole country will have fallen. Russia is going to last two years longer, but she is going to fall. The whole world is caught in entrapment and catastrophe. But all of the conservatives and 'right wingers' are to gather in this one spot in this one valley, and with massive amounts of weapons, you will be able to survive. I am going to tell you that is to get the patriots all in one place where they can be wiped out in one blow.

Listen. Do nor let any intimidate you as to whether you are going to survive. If you have the purpose of God's program, you are going to come thru triumphantly. The powers of darkness are most disturbed if you are not intimidated. If you do not acquiesce. They do not mind turning their hordes and masses loose to rape and pillage and loot, but they are frightened that you might protect yourself. So they want to disarm you first. These are courageous Negroes. They want America disarmed before the fight.

When Bayer Rustin was speaking back in the east two weeks ago, Liberty Lobby reported his address. And he said there is one thing we must be careful of. We must be very skillful in how we do this. For we do not want to have to battle all of the white men, with them awakened and armed. If you do not want to battle white men, then find your place and observe the law. For I am going to tell you tonight that God Almighty is calling on you tonight to stand up for your race and your faith. Don't tell me how much you love Jesus, when you won't defend your own household. And that makes you worse than an infidel if you don't. Do you know that there are some people trying to give us the image of Christ, as it related to an incident some nineteen hundred years ago? When his heart was broken with the in ability of people to understand what he was going thru, and the fact that HE, with the sinless nature of God, was assuming upon himself all of the sins of the world. To lift off of you this sin complex and this area of condemnation. And HE WEPT. But I want you to know that HE went to Calvary just once. And when HE dropped his head and said it was finished, then any transgression and violation that had been committed by anyone in all their existence was covered in order that he might regain his treasure hid in the field. And when HE came up out of that grave with the power of Resurrection, that was finished for all times. Death had no power, no control. And certainly no power to hold in prison the spirits of HIS sons and daughters anymore. Yet some of these preachers don't want to talk about anything else but go back to the Garden and weep.

There was a great reason for weeping in the garden. But I am not looking for a weeping Jesus. Oh, you say, ‘what do you mean by that?’ I mean that at this moment, that having made an atonement that had all of the impact of the Father for love of his children in a wave of spiritual understanding and emotional understanding beyond that of any man which he can understand in the natural, God finished his task, and HE showed his love toward you and maintenance of His covenant. But we are in 1965. And the next time you see Jesus and he is walking the earth, it will be at the head of the mightiest army the world has ever seen. And when he finishes this mission, my friends, it will not be in an Evangelistic campaign. It will be in the liquidation of the enemy. And I have discovered that there are those who say they are tired of thinking of things at this intensity level. But they will not be tired when the trouble starts down their block. This is realism for the kingdom is battling for survival.

The other night they had this all kind of mixed up for they had Communist and preachers alike talking about this. But I will tell you this. There is no place for preachers with Communists. They were mixed up in doctrine and mixed up in purpose, and don't know who the enemy is.

Let me tell you something. The only thing the Christian church needs to know is 'Thus saith the LORD,' and then move ahead until we have placed the entire society under that standard. Whenever you find ministers that proclaim that they preach the ministry of Christ and the Gospel of the Kingdom, and then they want to attack any minister who wants to lift up the standard and refer to it and wants to lead the nation and fight the enemy, and to help bring in the kingdom, and to pray 'LORD Jesus come quickly,’ all of these people who suddenly want to go to heaven . . . I hope they make it fast. Did you ever realize that if they would clear the deck for action, there would be more room to manipulate in?

Some of the awakening that some people will be protected from is some of the terror that comes by night. Their deliverance is going to be right here. There is no deliverance out there. It is all here. The terror that comes by night will not affect the person who has found the secret place of the Most High. He cannot be destroyed by it. But he will battle against it so that he might deliver the world and rescue the kingdom from the powers of darkness.

No. There is no question about the fact of all of the ability, the technology, all of the things which make up the visibility of the world is a part of the materials that are involved. That the children of God are down here in bodies of flesh. So you are involved in this body of flesh in this battle for liberty and truth. And you cannot divorce yourself from the things that are here and the material that is here, and from the environment that you are in. Some say, ‘oh, but if we could just fly away into the beautiful heavens and find this wonderful rest, that is all we want to think about.’ There are a lot of people willing to let the enemy take over the earth while they are way out there somewhere, with their minds not on the purposes of God. There is no doubt that we stand tonight on some of the great preludes to events never witnessed in human history. The vibrating earth will pick up in intensity and the waves will bring the most intense earthquakes in all human history. We told you of the unprecedented numbers of them coming this year. Falling on date lines. And they have been hitting just as regularly as they are pictured. And we tell you even now that among the secular world, without the vision and inspiration of prophecy and measure, they are measuring just on the indication of the intensity, and they are assuring the world that there will be tremendous great earthquakes.

Some of the people say, ‘where should we go?’ I got a call the other day from the Rocky Mountains. They said, ‘Dr. Swift, we are thinking of going to a certain place; but is there an earthquake coming?’ And then they said, ‘when is there going to be one here?’ And I said, ‘two weeks.’ And one arrived in two weeks. This was according to the measures. But you cannot run some place to escape the one coming here. And you won't be able to overlook some of the focus for the whole world is in some spot where it might not be a good place to be. But the fact remains that these measures are all over. But remember that God says a thousand can fall at thy side and no harm will come to thee. There has never been a period in history when it was more important for you to have faith in God.

I talked to a person overcome with anxiety. Did not know what would happen to their children in college, and didn't know what their future would be. Did not want them to be followers of an inevitable war. They were disturbed about all of the things that were happening, because they were depressed by the great waves of the assault of the enemy.

We started to talk to them for a few minutes and started to talk about the blueprint of actually what this hour declares and how the kingdom of God will come in with righteousness, and how HE will raise up his people into a great and mighty army, and how truth will be restored, and how the spoilers will no longer spoil you. And how the fall of Babylon will bring in God's kingdom, and how plenty and not scarcity will be the rule. And how you will not fight socialism with scarcity, but by creative production.

Then I said, ‘would you like to just step out of this period and live in some other period when would you have liked to have lived most?’ Well, they did not want to leave this period. They did not want to miss anything that was going to happen. I watched this in the terror by night of last night. I looked at my wife and I looked at two of the men of our congregation. And they were angry. But they were apart of this fight. Were they intimidated? No. They were just challenged, that is all. And they would not have missed it either. Better it happens to those that know, than to those that do not know.

I am going to tell you this. The children of the kingdom must be joyous warriors against the enemy. We need a few more songs like ‘Onward Christian Soldiers,’ for God is calling for a militant church and a militant faith and a militant Christianity. You know . . . we are all intimidated. For you cannot speak out against this and you can't speak out against that. And this is against the law and that is against the law. And you cannot do that or it would be treason. Yet all of the rascals and the Cainanites, and all of the left wingers, and all of the Revolutionists who want to dissolve our nation can say anything they want to carry out their program, and no one worries about it. Well, I am all thru about saying anything that needs to be said.

Someone said, ‘the law won't work both ways.’ Either there is a law, or there isn't a law. If there is no law, then the kingdom and its strength will become the power of our salvation. And if there is a law, they will have to make it work.

Never have we had a time when there has been such an attempt to so silence 'Thus saith the LORD' that the churches make their new interpretation of the Gospel. We have mentioned Billy Graham's idiocy in the Hawaiian Islands the week before last, in which he dares to tell those people that Jesus Christ was a mulatto. That he was part Negro and part white . . . and that Christianity is not the white man's religion. He did this in order to get the fawning praise of a bunch of dark people.

Let me tell you something. These dark people better be told that the kingdom is real, and that God is real, and that he sent his sons in to build the kingdom, because civilization moves out of his sons and daughters. Instead of thanking them for civilizations that comes thru you and by---my friends, we do not have to buy them with a lie. Because it does not work.

There are lots of people who live in earth close to your race, and they would be friendly to you if they were not controlled by Satanic forces and their programs of the darkness. But I do know that you do not put them to sleep with a lie. And you do not buy their loyalty, their devotion and their friendship, and do all of the things that we have done, whether to go to a Buddhist temple in Vietnam, or any of the things we have done. All of the things that we have done had not bought us one friend a burden on the back of anywhere in the world. And we have been harnessing the children of the kingdom.

Someone said to me the other day, ‘Dr. Swift, it is reported that those who believe the Gospel of the Kingdom actually neutralize the effort to deliver. They say just let God deliver.’ Well, I don't know any people on the face of the earth that are more active in fighting the enemy of the kingdom than these children who know they are Children of the kingdom. And I know of nobody that you can count on less, when the pinch comes than those who do not know the Gospel of the Kingdom.

I am going to say this tonight. The world is carrying out the policies that are going down to defeat. The Kingdom of God is going to rise and rule and carry out the policies of God. And the only people who can show the way are those who know the story. That is why we say again . . . 'let this mind be in you that is in Christ Jesus.’ This is that word of truth that is so vital. This is the power that coordinates the thinking of men with the thinking of God. Knowing His purposes, living it, thinking it, and carrying it out.

So we tell you tonight, that the Terror which comes by night, has come in the city of Los Angeles, and it will be out in your smaller cities later. You can count on that. The Terror that comes by night is going to hit San Francisco and Oakland. The Terror that comes by night is going to march out of Brooklyn and spread all over New York City. And the terror that comes by night is going to hit Los Angeles again. And Washington, D.C., at the same time. But I am going to tell you that God is going to stimulate a great spiritual force. And at night the trouble comes, but in the morning, it is no more. The simultaneous design all of the world is for the defeat of God's kingdom, has been known to God. The most unusual thing is that it is all here in earth. It is written here. It is designed here. And has been in the prophecies, and in other prophecies referred to, but not included in our Bible. There is the prophecies of Ezra. And if you go read these prophesies and you have the whole story. So we urge you tonight with your faith to realize that there is nothing new under the sun. And what is known to God has been made known to you because you are the children of His spirit and you can understand it. Every community had better be alert for the race war, the conspiracy to destroy. Is it hate? No, my friends. It is intelligent love of our families of our faith of our nation. It is the determination that we shall not let the Antichrist take the beastlier minds and the lowers orders to destroy the kingdom. God has willed that you shall awaken. And awaken, you shall. There is no time to cover all the facets of this situation. But they are planning to strike in the dark. And when they do, then God Almighty says that you can in that hour, be sure of HIS protection. For HE says that he will protect you from this terror and you shall stand and strike at the enemy, and you shall survive.

End of the message.