Testimony Of Tradition And Origin Of Races, 2-19-63



And the origin of the races

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 2-19-63

This afternoon as we turn to the testimony of Traditions and the patterns of the origin of our race we find that there is nothing more basic than to know from whence you have come, that you might have a clear vision according to biblical prophecy and divine pattern as to whither you are bound. There are forces who have invaded our society and the great nations of God's kingdom, who have designed to change our course and to shape our destiny, and send us into a program of disintegration. This shall never be accomplished with the design with which they have purposed, because that which has been ordained from the beginning shall be carried out, as the great spiritual waves of vision and inspiration shall once more stimulate your race to carry out their responsibilities before the Most High God.

We must turn in our thinking before we even search the ancient patterns, as to the records of the people of earth, to the words of the Apostle Paul in the book of Romans which I think is vital to the prediction as to who you are. Turning again to the book of Romans to the 8th., chapter in which the Apostle Paul said:----that the spirit of God whose spirit bears witness with our spirit that we are the children of God. And if we are children then we are heirs in the earth, and we are heirs with the embodiment of the man Christ Jesus. The words of the Apostle Paula are reconfirmed in the book of Hebrews tells us that now since the children of God were in bodies of flesh that HE himself would take on a body of flesh just like they had, and was not ashamed to call us his kinsmen. That HE came to give us liberty, power and vitality, and to conquer the forces of darkness. Then we turn to another statement from the Apostle Paul still found in the eighty chapter of the book of Romans, in that he bears witness that we are the children of the Most High God. And that the spirit of the Most High God bears such witness unto us. He sites therefore, just as Paul does in Colossians that all things were made by HIM and without HIM was not anything else made. And he was speaking of the embodiment of God revealed in the man Christ Jesus --the fullness of God dwelling bodily, that He was before all things and by HIM were all things created. But when he talks about the household of God in the ancient Hebrew so also the Apostle Paul when he writes in the Greek he is talking about a begotten people not merely a created people, but of an issue of God with vitality , spirit and purpose. And as such he says:---'That the spirit bears witness with our spirit that we are the progeny, the offspring ---THE CHILDREN OF GOD. And from that we would turn to the fact that the whole creation is vibrating together with us. There is not any doubt about that, for there is a wavelength of vibrating energy in ever plain. There in not a plain where there is not electrons revolving around the nucleus, at high speed and these have their emanation of light and secular masses demonstrate this. The pattern of the universe demonstrates that it is in motion and there is nothing, even the things which we find that are solid that are not in motion. there is nothing in the whole universe that is not put together out of energy, even tho it may not appear as such. And thus the Apostle Paul told us also that 'things are not made from things from what they do appear. It is that the Master of creation, the author of all power and life, He it is who has created the Universe and all that is within it. The sidereal systems sticking out beyond your ability and mine to even see such a beginning of such a creation, for we find no time when God was not busy in this work of creation, shaping and so forth. Because of the limitation of the thinking of certain scientists, who must have a circular creation because they must have a perimeter for their thinking. Thus the children of god had no necessity of a perimeter for their beginning or their begetting, for we tell you this afternoon that there were certain situations in the heavens --and I would turn now to the words of the Apostle Paul that the whole creation is vibrating with us. In this creation world put together with Divine direction, this involves all of the races thru out this planet and any other planet, and we must contend with the fact that there are those Begotten of the Most High. The words Bara meaning to bring forth and issue, and Yatsar the word meaning to create out of a substance. You were not my friends, not just made out of some material such as clay, you are the children of the Most High God And I think this is confirmed when the Apostle Paul says;---'His spirit bears witness with our spirit that we are the children of God. ' And that the whole world is vibrating with us waiting for the MANIFESTATION OF THE SONS OF GOD.

Now the Apostle Paul in the eighth chapter of Romans tells us why the whole creation vibrates with you----because processes of disintegration and calamities and catastrophes had made these violations of the law of creation, and other violations that they do not know how to solve. Only out of their subconscious patterns of their nolgestic remembrance is anything stirring them with expectancy and hope. They are caught in the patterns of disintegration of Lucifer, and by the power of darkness. So in this instance, the whole creation, the World Order and your race are vibrating together. Why do we say the World Order, is because there is a difference between the people of the world Order and Children of the MOST HIGH, who are this race which is the children of the kingdom which shall never be left to other people. Your race has a distinct start, had a distinct start from its beginning. And then the apostle Paul has this to say;--This is the earnest expectation of every one waiting for the manifestation of the Sons of God. Therefore we know that the whole creation groans and prevails in pain together unto now. Why did he say---'The whole creation '?--and everything put together. IN the 23rd., verse of this chapter it says;---'not only they but ourselves also, which was the first fruits of the spirit.

Here this now:----Not only they but we ourselves, we who are the first fruits of the spirit. What does this mean we are the first fruits of the spirit because we are begotten by the spirit, before the world was framed, before the foundation of the world. we are HIS offspring, we are the offspring of the MOST HIGH, we were with HIM before the foundation of the world, and we received all spiritual blessings in heavenly places before the world was framed. before the events transpired in this era in this cycle in which we now live. We were embodied in the physical world embodied in the Adamic world thru the vessels provided for our arrival. and we have been living in this field with the gradual expansion of God's kingdom, since the days when he announced that he would transplant his family from heaven to earth. And thus we came from heaven to earth--the Adamic race.

In talking about the origin of people in earth, it is important that you know that your race has a heavenly origin and that you know that you are a divinely appointed people for a great work. You are the children of God, you are the people that he foreknew according to the writings of the Apostle Paul. I challenge you to go thru the Apostle Paul’s writings, to search any part of the literature which is the New Testament, and not discover that there was a people who were elect of God. That there were a people before the foundation of the world. Yes, our father begat us before the creation of this solar system which we are in. Celestial beings and physical bodies, and there is a physical body and a celestial body. It is because of this that the Apostle Paul tells us that if this physical body in which our soul consciousness resides, if it were to disintegrate or die this did not mean the conformation of the end, for there is also a celestial house in which we can dwell. A body of light synthesized out of the very energy of divine substance, and he tells us that this is not a house made by hands this is made by the spirit, this physical house is begotten from the issue of Adam. As you are the children of Adam after the flesh, you are also the children of YAHWEH AFTER THE SPIRIT. This is the message of the Adamic race. And again we would bring to your attention that this book which you have in your hands is the bible. And it is also the book of the Adamic race. If you will turn to the fifth chapter of Genesis you will note that this is the book of the Generations of Adam. This then my friends is the history and the story of the generations of the Adamic race, there is continual and constant evidence in the scripture which marks the evidence of the difference between you and the other races upon the face of the earth.

As we talked to you last Sunday about the conditions that surrounded the flood we told you that there is no controversy as it relates to what the bible contains. We do not intend to support that the interpretation given to that interpretation generally used is always right for that interpretation is sometimes born out of ignorance, rather than scholarship. We assure you that in the declaration of the record of the scripture that we do not have any great controversy because as we have sited to you the theology of today, has been pron to be doing the things which the Laodacean age would be expected to do. They would advocate some of the very policies which the enemies of your civilization, your culture and your nation advocate. Which is to bring about a mongrelization and seek to support this by showing a common integration of your society of men. Or seek to and willingly carry out origin for all of the races their concept if they will not start with Adam as the first of the people of earth, then they will start with Noah and say that he and his three sons alone survived the flood. We do not wish to carry all of the things which we discussed to lay the premise for this afternoon because we have the evidence that the word Eratz in the Hebrew is that land. and the flood covered all of that land, all of that country. It did not cover all of the earth, for as we established for you last week the Egyptian Empire existed in the days of Eden and so did the Assyrian Empire --in the days of the Eden (beginning) of your race. Both the Egyptians and the Assyrians were all over the world, and if you will go home and read the 31 chapter of Ezekiel you will see that the great waters of racial streams of the Assyrians were so great and they were the Turanians, they had come down from the Steppes of Mongolia and had scattered out all over the earth. And at one time they reached out over Africa and all of the areas of India, for India was under the Assyrians at one period of its time in its dynasty. As to the Egyptians, then God said to that Pharaoh thru the lips of Ezekiel ---I know that you were a mighty tree or a great Empire in the days of Eden, but the Assyrian Empire was greater than you for it stretched out over all of the earth. And all of the people of earth were under the bows and branches of the Assyrian Empire. And I want you to know that I brought down the Assyrian Empire for my people, and I can also bring down you oh, Pharaoh. When was this told to the Pharaoh? It was told to HIM in the days when the Prophet Ezekiel long after the flood was sent down to bear this message to the Emperor of Egypt. Let us remember that the Egyptians were not drown in any flood. The people of the Assyrian Empire were not drowned by the flood, they all survived the flood of Noah's time .the people of China survived the flood as we told you a week ago, because in the records of ancient China they tell of the coming of that flood down their rivers as the earthquakes took place in high country, then came down the Whang-ho river to produce that great inundation. Also those records tell us of the record of this Chinese Noah. .they tell us about this record, and of their history and of their names for their Emperors. And in their sacred book the Jute-King they tell us about what happened, and where the damage occurred, and where the damage was in the lands of China. This proves that in order to write about it that most of them survived an most of them were not touched by it. The fact is that in going back in the ancient records of these people we discover that there is great support both in the ancient Chinese records and also in the ancient records of the people of India, as well as the records which reach out of ancient Egypt concerning your race. And we can also tell that as to the birth place of your race and its history can be located today. Where was this Garden of Eden which God had planted Eastward in Eden. For there in central Asia in what would be central Turkestan, in the high mountains where the great Tien Shin mountains form a basin, and that basis is today one of he lowest spots on earth. At one time it had a high plateau --the Tarium plateau --a part of the upper Tarium plateau land and behold this earthquake dropped a great part of that high land, dropped it down into the waters of a great sea which had formed this Tarium basin. There today the great fault line proved that this catastrophe took place. There the ancient cities of Tera and Makon spoken all over by the Asiatics fabulous cities of the past. In fact 40 cities located there disappeared In this great catastrophe, and we are told about their wisdom and their science. We are told that the people in those cities were armed with knowledge that the rest of Asia did not posses. The city of Tela-makan was one of these cities upon that upper plateau, of the Tarium plateau, and as it disappeared into the water this is what was meant as it says that the fountains of the deep were broken up and the belts of the heavens was also broken. It is quite obvious that 40 days and nights of rain could not have filled this giant cup of what was once the upper Tarim basin had it not been also for the great catastrophe which split this great plateau and this great mass of land fell into what was once the great central sea under that land. Today there is not a student of the ancient history of Asia and I can also reach into my library and produce competent volumes by the most competent of geologists will tell you that all of this part of central Asia, not to far back In this area was a great inland sea. And before it became an inland sea it was a subterranean sea and out of parts of it came great artesian wells, as well as bubbling springs of great size. There is a story once told that most of the great rivers of Asia once started in this great lake. This was an underground sea with an open lake on one portion of it. And from this came the waters of those rivers. In fact if you were to get a Ferrah Fenton version of the scriptures, it talks about the fact that there were four rivers which ran out of Eden, and you will discover that the original says that they were fed by a great Sea. However there is another basic significance here, and the Asiatics talk about this because of the understanding and wisdom which existed in these great cities high up there on that Tarium plateau, the people of Asia sent their Emissaries there. And more than this the Priests of their religion sent all of their Priesthoods. And it says that they viewed those who dwelt their upon the high plateau as a danger, and they believed that they must absorb them or they would rule the earth.

Now; that is in the writings of the Chinese as well as the writings of the people of India who tell about the headwaters of the upper Indus and tell about that under ground sea that once existed there in the high mountains, and they tell about the gradual breaking up of those mountains. The mountains of eastern Turkestan and which reach on up into the Great steppes of China as well as into the upper Tarim plateau. Remember the Tien Shin mountains, and even the Encyclopedia will tell you that one of the strangest things of all times is how that great mountain range has been breaking up thru the years. Today it is breaking up faster than any mountain chain in the world. Breaking up and crumbling and falling, and they will tell you that the wisdom and the knowledge of those ancient cities which existed on that plateau was so great that now today the Russians have been probing and trying to pick up a trace of those ancient cities trying to find their treasures, and to establish the area where the flood occurred.

If you think that the flood covered all of that area we again site to you the word Eretz which means all that country. That is exactly what it means and as we proved to you last week, with three million species on the face of the earth that it was totally impossible with a boat the size that Noah built to have taken all of those species on the boat and fed them for a year. There would be no problem however if he only took all of the fauna in the area where the catastrophe took place. This area was at one time one of the great mother lands of civilization. As we go back over this record of ancient civilization, we find that these writers of ancient India talk about these tall white ones who had moved into their land even before the catastrophe that we call the flood. In fact as they talk about these people they use one of the oldest words known, it was found in Persia and it was found east ward of the Persian sea, and it was Aryan. Where ever these people went they were called Aryan. and in some parts of India they were called Manu or tall white ones.

We have been very much interested in the Vedic writings of India, a they talk about these tall white one who were the masters of their civilization and culture since the arrival of Indra. And Indra was the word used for the God of the heavens who was the Eternal YAHWEH And when the people of India referred to Indra they were talking about this God of outer space, the Master God of the universe, and always he was far off. But their pagan gods they kept close by, such as Brahma, Vishnu, Siva and Kali. These were gods of superstition that they were serving because of this bondage they were under, but they talked of the power when the sons of Indra came. And in their Vedic writings they said that the sons of Indra were sent into the Earth, so that they might rule over the dusky people with righteousness. So you see that the people of India recognized that the people of your race were the sons of Indra, the sons of the God of the Universe, and they in their traditions said that you were sent into the world to loose the world and bring it into righteousness. One of the old words which comes out of Vedic background and used in India was the word Christna, was even in their theology and flows over into the Ba ha religion, and tho somewhat a perverted theology is mixed up with some truth in the philosophy of pagans and the theology of pagan priests. The result is that even there they talk about Christna and to them Christna was the embodiment of God who was the Eternal God of the heavens, who was to come to earth and live in a body and to overthrow all death, and to set free all people, placing the sons of his background who are from the sky---this they tell you. So they talk about this Christna and this is a Greek word from Christnos and it is from this word that you have the word Christ. It is not only bearing testimony to the coming of the Very God but it goes back now until over 7000 years back we have the coming of the sons of Seth, or the tall white ones, the children of the MOST HIGH who knew who they were. And hey talk also about this same pattern o; the attempt to bring your race down. They talk about this great serpent god whom they serve and they refer to the serpent god and identify him. They refer to HIM also as a mother, father god, and the goddess of evil, and the one called later as Isis and this is referring to the goddess Kali, who is the assassin goddess.

One of the greatest writers connected with the thinking of Kali in India was Masters. And his volume on the Deceivers was a very accurate account of the way they thought and acted in the worship process of ancient India. I only bring out to you that the people said that their serpent god sought to bring down the sons of Indra, and they tell the story. They said that in order to destroy the transplanting of these sons from heaven to earth who would rule over this earth, and this they did not want. And they say that they fought a war against the God the MOST HIGH and that their serpent god, the master of Kali waged war against the Most HIGH GOD, and that they called Kali the assassin goddess. Her eternal destiny is to wage war against your race. Strangely in the discussion of their design they refer to the fact of this policy of waging war, but first the design was to seduce your race seeking to absorb the first parents of your household you will find this today in the background of India and they refer to the fact that Lilith who was the consort of Lucifer, she a fallen angel who did not keep her first estate, and in the instance of this they refer to the seduction of Adam after the seduction of Eve in this attempt to destroy your race. And that Indra then came into the picture, the most High God stepped down and said:--I will not permit my race to be destroyed, and here fore this God appealed to them and this Most High God who ruled the heaven said; shall cleanse their household and they shall still produce for me a son. And again if you do not believe this then turn again my friends over to the last of the fourth chapter of Genesis and you will find that as Seth is begotten, this seventh gestation after the violation of divine law which produced Cain, this seventh gestation Seth---then Adam said;---'Now I have produced a man in my own image, and in my own likeness'. And the fifth chapter in the book of Genesis starts the record of the history of the generations of Adam. and it says from thereon this becomes the book of Adam.

I think it is most significant that when they tell the story of this tremendous struggle that this Lucifer the serpent is called Tiamat. And this is rather interesting that this Babylonian word for Chaos is --Tiamat the old Babylonian word for serpent is Tia and the word mat is for destroyer, so they worship the serpent destroyer, and they refer to HIM as that. If you go to your encyclopedia you will find that they refer to HIM as Tiamat and he is also referred to as the Chaos monster whom they serve and worship. so they serve the destruction because they fear it, but they do not serve the positive of the right because their minds are in bondage. so again in this instance you go again into the words of ancient Babylon, and you have the word Murdoc and the word Murder, and originally this word came from the word Yah-Mar one of the oldest words in Assyrian theology, and this word Yah-Mar meant God the creator. And Yah-Mar was the word for the maker of the Universe , so when thee word Murdeox comes into being this is the creator of everything which liveth, so this is the creator Murdeox And later they tried to apply this word to Cain but it did not work for the Babylonians recognized HE who was in the sky as the creator.

In Babylonian theology which goes back to the ancient Summerians and their dynasties which had existed in the earth where in one set a record of 240,000 years , while the Akkod dynasties are 480,000 Years of record. You say I cannot accept those records. Well the University Press has brought out the writings of the ancient civilizations, and they had to record the times even tho they did not believe it either but the time factors were there. I think they might have a better time to move it now when we have the records of what has been done by Dr. Wooley and others. In South Africa in this very year we have the evidences of 1,750,000 years of antiquity of human life on the earth. And they had ceramics and they had weapons and other implements in their possession. So that pushes back the time element of how long people have lived in the world. This has nothing to do with you my friends, for as we have said before you have only been here a little over 7,400 years, and this ties into the pattern.

And so they talk in the writings of the Summerians about the battle with the Serpent God --Tiamat and this is also the Tia of the steppes of Asia and recognized by the symbol of the serpent, used in the worship of the Lamas in the high Steppes of Tibet all the way across the Blue Sky Searchers of the Steppes of Asia, which we find now also in the back countries of Asia---back countries of China today. In fact you will find it woven into the ancient theology of ancient Buddhism, which has an older foundation than the one called Buddha, himself. For Buddha after all is rather contemporary, and the pattern of their satanic worship going before that includes Buddha himself as their pagan deity. You will discover they refer to HIM as Tia or the Serpent. They also tell another story in India as well as in China. They say that these sons of Indra in India, and they also declare that these sons of YAH-Mar came into their land and set up the points of measure for the measuring of the equinox. They were the first to measure the sky and give names to all of the planets and constellations of their orbit. And they pointed out in their measure the destiny of men, and said these are the symbols of that destiny. Therefore we note that in India the that Rall the goddess that they worship uses the symbol of the serpent, and of course the hooded Cobra is one of his emblems. In fact they will not kill a Cobra even tho he is one of the most deadly of the serpents dwelling in their land. Strange as it may seem these people talk about only one thing and that they talk about the Crooked serpent in the sky, and dragoonus, and the dragon, and the Drago star is the symbol of the god whom they serve who lost one battle in the heavens, but who is going to fight another and regain it. So you see they still have the strange idea that they are going to win, and thee first thing they must do is destroy the children of Indra, or the children of YAHWEH in the earth. It is a rather significant thing but they bear this testimony.

One of the oldest traditions is the story of the background of the people who came down out of the high mountains. They came down and settled on the northeaster side of the Persian sea. In fact the Greeks gave these people their names and their names were tied to where they went, and what they did. Originally making their way down from the high Steppes and then making their way all the way down into Egypt they built there a great city of intelligence and wisdom called On. And they built a Temple unto their God and they built a pillar unto HIM, and this my friends they referred to as a most significant thing In pointing it out they say that these people made this migration and settled there, for this kind of a purpose. Men of wisdom, knowledge and science. In fact if you turn to the works of Herodotus as he as writing about these people of Egypt then he talks about these people, and they came down into that land and they built there their temple to their god, and they were white men and they were referred to as the sons of Osiris, the Ka of Ra. In otherwords again we show you the background of tradition. Osiris is the LORD of life and resurrection he is the Ka of Ra, he is the son of the God of light.

Now; therefore the white race was down their in Egypt, and we know the names of the man who was the builder of the city of On, and the two co-builders --Enoch and Job. And when they built that city they built it with divine direction. When they built that city they built it with knowledge. and when they built the pyramid they built it with knowledge and as they carried out the work they were to do it was with the knowledge of wisdom and science.

Now; lets turn for a moment to Josephus, for he in his antiquities writes that the Sethites went down into the land of Egypt, and there they built a city and there they built two great and mighty monuments to their God. One a great and mighty pillar and the other a great temple unto their God. And there they are unto this day. Josephus the historian wrote that at the time Titus the Roman was invading Palestine because of the revolutionary pattern of Jewry which had also started in previous periods to fight against true Israel as well. But I point out to you that Josephus the historian makes this statement---that these Sethites had migrated down out of the high mountains which was of course the mountains of central Asia from whence they had come. And they went down into Egypt and they built there this great and mighty pillar --the pyramid and the city, and he tells about it, and he was living a lot closer to the event than we are, and if he were living today he would not only be a great historian but you would recognize the authority with which he wrote. I will go a little further with this. The Greeks looking back to their background knew who they were and understood their relationship. they knew about this man for they gave HIM two different names. They had two different writers they had Plate who wrote and Appalo and Piney and they gave different names at times but they referred to two men, one of them as Phoenix, that is a Greek word. And they named the man who helped build the city of On as Phoenix and this in their writings --Phoenix a Greek word is the starting o; the name of Phoenician. And they called these people who came into Egypt of your race as the Phoenicians. these were sea faring people and they went out to the ends of the earth. In fact the Greeks referred to all of the Temple builders in Egypt, and then to all of the people aligned with them as Phoenicians. and they referred to themselves in their own writings as Phoenicians.

Now; the word Phoenix--where did it come from? The word Phoenix was the Greek word for Po-Hanoch, and in the land of Egypt this word Po-Hanoch means the household of Enoch. The Hebrew word for Enoch is Hanoch, and when they said Po-Hanoch it was the house of Enoch which was set up in that great area where the temple of On was built. And the Priesthood of the one true God was set in place here and thus had its relationship with that ancient land. More than that I want you to remember that the symbol of the Phoenix was not created in the land of Egypt but in the Temple of On. It was the winged orb, the ability of the soul not only to pass into plains above but to be embodied in the earth. It was the son of Righteousness, which was thee son of Osiris, the son of Ra. Thus it incorporated it when the Egyptians described it, and that is why then Menthos and other writers talk about your race. This being the people who persuaded the Pharaoh by the testimony of their words that he should serve the God of the heavens that they called YAH, the Egyptians called Ra, and it was understood that the children were the joy of his life. That he would one day be the embodied one who would come into earth and confront the underworld, and conquer death, cross the river stir and then come back up out of it as Osiris the son of righteousness the son of Resurrection. So you see that your race sowed the promises and expectations of your race in Egypt, and the Egyptian historians recorded what you taught when you were there.

Every once in a while someone tries to belittle Christianity by saying it has all of its theology built on ancient tradition. Let me tell you something, the only reason the rest of the world knows what is contained in your theology, is because the sons of your father, the kinsmen and the patriarchs moved thru those lands, laid their testimony and told the others in the earth what was going to happen. And by their faith and by their testimony you will find that where so ever they walked they left a testimony of life and Resurrection, of the incarnate revelation of deity and all of this was their Eternal testimony of their origin, of their Sonship, of their destiny. I think it is most significantly that when we behold these things that they' fit perfectly every thing taught by Christ as God walked among us and spoke the language of heaven. It supports every thing which God gave to the Apostle Paul to write into his Epistles which he gave us. It is the most important foundation link in our civilization, our culture, our race, our national destiny and the bringing in of God's kingdom. And I am going to prophecy to you this afternoon, that the greatest spiritual wave of consciousness of our national existence, and a great sweeping move of righteousness will sweep your nation and all and all the nations of Christendom. They will be stimulated once more to the awakening of the church to the great truths, of the wisdom, and the testimony which they should have been keeping alive all of these years. For the foundation of a great people must be in the consciousness of self respect. Of spiritual responsibility of divine obligation, and the coordination of their thinking to the mind of God. You may have a hundred solutions to the worlds problems, the devil has them to, And you may have a hundred solutions to the political problems of earth, but so does every leader of every country, and most of them listen to subordinate patterns of slavery as evidence, in the process of their thinking, in the way that they have performed. But there is only one blueprint, and you also must play, and that is that you must see that the kingdoms of this world become the kingdoms of our LORD and his Christ. There is no other solution to the problems of the world, nor do you find any other foundation in the book of Revelations.

The other day a rather rabid materialist said to me;--I can see, Dr. Swift, where this thing which you discuss would be a great benefit to your nation if carried out but I do not believe anything in the scriptures. But I will have to admit that it would be a more powerful Gospel for the effectiveness of saving our nation than anything I have heard. I said; ---what is your answer to the fact that the plan of God is the only the best way to solve the solutions of the problems of the earth. He said;---I have none.

There would be no better solution to the solving of the pattern of the problems of these races than to confirm today the thing which God has declared from the beginning. that you were to preserve your racial self respect, that you were to preserve a holy seed. There are a great number of people who are not aware of the descendency of Adam down thru the house of Seth and down thru Noah and then Shem the one remaining pure line of the white race. That God wanted to preserve a holy seed, that he did not want the mixing of the races. This is Biblical and it is Christian, and it is the secret of the spread of the seed of Christian activity and faith where ever the white man lives. For today the white nations are Christian nations in the midst of the earth.

We thus point out to you that the prophet Ezra was a prophet to Israel in an hour of great problems. I want you to know that the problem at that time is described here by Ezra the prophet, as he said;---here we have the people of the most High God, the household of Israel, and even the priests of the Levi did not separate themselves from the people of other lands. They did according to the abomination of the Cainanites. The Hittites, the Jebusites, and the Moabites, the Amorites, and the Egyptians and the took daughters for themselves and for their sons so that the holy seed has been mingled with the people of other lands. The Holy seed mingled itself with people of other lands. Not all of it just some.

Now; the scripture brings a great condemnation, an d the ministry of Ezra to straighten up your race , to stop the mingling with people of other lands --this mongrelizing the holy seed--why?--because in the first place it tops the passing on of the holy seed, and some of these races didn't even originate in earth they came in when the Luciferian rebellion occurred. Had we the time we could finish that subject this afternoon, both biblically and historically. Your race came in by the process of God transplanting his own household into earth to accomplish a special destiny. And he planted within in it the very breath of life, and there was within it a holy seed and he designated that the is one of the reasons why spiritual seed is still a spiritual seed even when transplanted in the earth. In the heavens you were not born of corruptible seed, you were born of incorruptible seed, and you live and abide forever. There is an mortal seed and we have watched that here in the earth. And even we ourselves have taken on mortality, but God has promised the time when restoration brings immortality and immortality is swallowed up in immortality, when the spirit becomes master of the flesh and God's spirit becomes master of flesh and God's spirit shall be the light of the world.

Let me point out to you that the instruction here is---there is only one things to be done, and this was to send away these women and their mongrel children, and to cleanse the land, and to separate themselves from these outlanders. Ever hear of someone being an outlandish person, well here is where the word starts---the outlanders were brought in. This mixing destroys the spiritual vision, it mutates the spiritual perception, because their soul consciousness does not possess the soul consciousness that you have of receiving the inspiration of the Most High God. This is why Jesus said in the 14th., chapter of John---that when he went away and would send the great wavelength of his own celestial consciousness ---the Paraclete--and sometimes translated Comforter, and some try to say this is the holy spirit, another person of the God head. This was the very essence of the Consciousness of the Most High God. He said;--even the gift which the world cannot receive, but you can receive it. They are not tuned in, they cannot speak of it, and this is the reason he said;---they are not of the same spirit, I am of my gather, and they are from their father. He said to the Jews:---I am from above, and you are from beneath. You are from a different race, a different specie I tell you that they were not of Abraham and they had no part or lot in the promises or covenant with Abraham.

The Hittites go way back in the kingdoms in the struggle for Sumeria. And without question the people that you know today as Jew are from this period---way back. The Cainanites are another branch and they come from Cain who slew his half brother Abel .And he was frightened when he said;---I am being driven out of the presence of YAHWEH, AND THIS WAS THE PLACE WHERE THE CHILDREN OF YAHWEH WERE.

Now; Cain said;---My punishment is more than I can bear for I am to be driven off the face of the earth. Again the word is Eretz meaning that land, where the flood would occur. Cain was not driven off the face of the earth or you would not have a pawn shop in Los Angeles. And when you want to know the facts when dealing with Cain, then Jesus identified the Jews when he said;---"I hold you guilty of all of the blood of the righteous spilled upon the earth from Cain to Zacharias who was slain between the horns of the altar. When Christ turned to the Jews on Solomon’s porch he accused them of the death of all from Abel he said that they came from Cain.

Now; we are just dealing with historical origins And some people will say this is a hate Gospel, but we tell you that it is an identification Gospel. And if you do not have an identification of who you are dealing with it does not come out of truth. We are faced with the fact that we come out of a background of great significance. And they tell us inside of our own records concerning these things. There is no doubt that the records of the Summerians tell us about the record of the Negroes and of how they first came, and how so many of them stayed in Africa, and why they never became a great power.

Long before you are in earth the Summerians refer to these dark and curly haired people who came in the days when Tiamat fought with Murdoc and was sent into earth. So there is the story of Lucifer sent battling with YAHWEH OR Murdoc as they referred to HIM and who losing the battle was sent into earth. You find this in the 12th chapter of Revelations, as well as over in the book of Isaiah as well as the book of Ezekiel, for this is the one cast down out of the heavens, Lucifer brought Negroes in son of the morning---power broken in his rebellion. He brought Negroes in from out of the Milky Way. And the Sumerians tell about this. And before this the Chinaman never saw one. But they were first seen east of Turkenstan in the eastern Steppes and were first recorded by the Summerians of the Assyrians group, and they write about these other people, and they said that the Negroes were not as bright as other people. They said they did not move and act as quickly as others did further more they could not use them but for the lowest of work. And when they went on the hunt they would use them to do the menial tasks. You can go to the British Museum today and go into the Assyrianology room and read of this. The greatest translator of all times was the Late Dr. Budge who first translated 'The Egyptian book of the Dead" and later he translated work out of the Assyrian records, and he tells about the coming of the Negroes. The Egyptians tell of this also.

We do not have the time this afternoon to go into the story of the history of the ancient Egyptians who migrated from the land which went beneath the waters of the Atlantic. But they tell their story of how Khufu was their Pharaoh, and how Horus was their prophet of a better day. How in their migration into the land of Egypt they waited for the coming of the sons of YAHWEH-PUTAH who had prophesied to them in the Temples of the land that went down beneath the waters of the Atlantic. People may laugh at that just as they laugh at what is happening today and in the next few days, but they will not laugh when it is all over. Because these are patterns of history. If you want to laugh at that record then laugh at the man who was closer to it than you. Laugh at Plate who went down to the land of Egypt and was taught this. For all of the great advance of the Western nation was tied to these people. the Sethite house ---and one of the name for those people was Phoenicians. Remember how the Phoenicians came down out of the high Steppe country, and went down into Egypt. And it tells that they became a great sea faring people---how they took to boats and they went out thru the straights of Hercules and went out into the Atlantic. They went down to the cape of Good Hope and then over to South and central America long before this land was ever settled by the people who came over from Scandinavia by the people with Leif Erickson, as well as later Anglo-Saxon settlements or other northern nation settlements, or Spanish settlements which build the history of our nation, in the last two hundred years. In fact you might be interested in this word Phoenix, for this word had a part in all of this. This was the symbol of life and Resurrection. You remember that the Phoenix was the symbol of the winged orb. The winged bird, and Phoenix was also the name of a man according to the group. He was the head of all of the Po-Hanock people ---or Enoch as we know HIM. So why did they call HIM Phoenix?-----Because he never died He was so righteous in his thinking and he worked so closely with the father that he was taken into the heavens by the kinsmen of the Eternal and he never knew death. YOU will find this in the book of Enoch, and in the book of Genesis, this story is true, for he never knew death. Because he never knew death they referred to HIM as the LORD of Eternal life. Thus they referred to HIM as Phoenix the immortal one. And they referred to the fact that from time to time the wisdom of the Phoenix would come. And a whole layer of pagan theology---in fact if you go down to the land of the Maya, and you will discover that the theology in the land of the Maya, and among the Toltec, and among the Aztec was not basically their own theology. So where did they get the story of the Phoenix bird? Where did they get the get the story of the bird which had feathers which would be renewed. Where did they get the story that he flew into the flame and that Christ would come out of the flame. And altho he flew into the consuming flame then a bird would come flying out with life. Where did they get this symbol and understand that the phoenix bird was the life and the power of the man called Phoenix which was the soul and spirit of the Eternal and that he could fly right into the Shekinah Glory, and could come back out without being consumed. You see Enoch was one of the first man to have taken a trip into the heavens. He was met by Angels and ‘The Secrets of Enoch’ tell about his story, how he was shown the mystery and how he wrote these things. And if you listen to the Greeks, then they tell us that Po-Hanoch, sometimes also called Hermes, that this one was the first one to incorporate the science of mathematics, of geometry, of what you call Algebra, Calculus and Astronomy. This is where Pythagorus and those other men went to get their education And after coming back from Egypt they wrote these things. And they also refer to themselves as being Dani, and when the Greeks talk about themselves as being Dani then they tie themselves right back to your race in migration.

If you are a student of Central and south America you will discover that a portion of your race sailed right across the sea, and they did come into South America and this is the coming of what they called --The white Gods, and this is where they had incorporated in their history the story of Noah, and the story of the creation, and the story of the battle with their serpent god, and the God of Light. This is where they got the story of Quetsal Coatal down among the Aztec and that is also where the word Phoenix came into being. And the word and the transplanting of the story of the Phoenix bird is the thinking the talking and the discussions of the people of the land of the Maya and the Inca.

Strangely enough in these panorama of events we will never find the end of the testimony of time and history. If you will turn to the book of Malachi you will read these words ·--"The son of righteousness will rise with healing in his wings. FOR UNTO YOU WHO LOVE MY NAME ----THE SON OF RIGHTEOUSNESS SHALL RISE WITH HEALING IN HIS WINGS, AND YE SHALL GO FORTH AND GROW AS THE LIGHT WHICH HE HAS PROTECTED IN HIS HOUSEHOLD. (translated as the calves in his stall)

(end of message.)