Then Are Ye Abraham's Seed?, 2-9-69


By Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 2-9-69

As we turn this afternoon unto our subject we turn into the book of Galatians, and we find our text laid out in these simple words of the Scriptures. In fact they are so simply written that it would be very hard for anyone to misunderstand them. We find in the third chapter in the 29th verse of Galatians--"If ye be Christ's then ye be Abraham's seed and heirs according to the promise." If you belong to God, if you belong to the Good Shepherd, ye belong to Christ, then ye be Abraham's seed.

Now by the same token we note by some translations, they reverse this translation. And they said, if ye be of Israel, then ye belong to Christ. And this, my friends, is also a very vital translation. And in other translations then you see---If ye be Christ's, then you are Abraham's seed, and you belong to God. Then once again if ye be Christ's then are ye Abraham's seed.

Now this makes it rather clear that the people referred to today as Christians, and many of them are referred to as the Church today, are from the house of Abraham, and the Seed of Abraham in every generation. But ye belong to God. And if you are of the household of God, and if you are Christians then it is because you are Abraham's seed. But by no stretch of the imagination can they change it or translate it any other way. Because the fact remains that if ye be Christ's, ye are Abraham's seed. And if you belong to God then ye are also Abraham's seed and it amounts to the same thing either translation establishes the fact that if you are of the Household of God, the family of God, or if you belong unto God then you are of the Seed of Abraham. For God hath made his statements clear as to the house of Adam and to his descendants, from Adam thru Seth, and to Enoch, and down thru the house of Noah. And then every time God spake to the house of Abraham, he said, "Ye are my Israel."

Thus it is that God made his covenant with Abraham, and He said, I will make ye a Great nation and a company of nations---and He made all of these covenants with Abraham.

Now therefore ye be the children of the Most High. And if ye be Christ's, then ye are Abraham's seed. Then today we have a lot of people who say--all you have to do today is to accept Christ, and then ye become Abraham's seed, because today this is all spiritual. But they are not keeping the law, for He also said if you keep the law then I will bless you, and if you do not keep the law then I will curse you as you disobey the law. Therefore if you be Israel then you keep the law. But today this is also cast out. But the only way you can be spiritual seed of Abraham today then is to accept Christ. But this, my friends, is not what the word says.

So we go into the book of Galatians again and it says that ---‘brethren, I speak not after the manner of men, but to Abraham and his seed were the promises made. So what was the promises made but that HE would make of Abraham a Great Nation and a company of Nations. And I make this covenant with thee and to thy seed after thee for one thousand generations. That I will be a Father unto thee and to thy seed after thee.

Now I want to point this out again, it was to Abraham and his seed that the promises were made. And now this is what it says. ‘The covenant which was before confirmed of God, in the environment of Christ. The law which was 430 years thereafter could not disannul.

Now this is a significant thing. What God has already confirmed to Abraham was what he had said already to Seth, and had already confirmed to Adam. But to Abraham he said, I will make of thee a Great Nation and a company of Nations. And I will guarantee that my covenant with thee and with thy seed after thee is unto all generations. And the law which was 430 years after, under the leadership of Moses, given upon Mount Sinai had no effect upon that covenant.

As God made that covenant He spoke out concerning the household of His own, concerning His spiritual seed, concerning the race He had planted in the earth. And this was no way dependent upon the law, for the law, my friends, was to be followed by blessings and by chastisements for disobedience. The law was the procedure by which God planned to function in the nations and His kingdom. The law covers individuals and covers the system of his life. But whether this was determined by different things, still it was determined by this individual who was the Father, and you his sons and daughters.

There was a certain quality that God had planted in the seed of Abraham that He is still going to establish and bring out. Therefore I want to point out to you that God said the law which was 430 years later could never changed a man from being Abraham's seed. So when someone gets up today and calls himself a minister of God, and says that you can now be a spiritual seed of Abraham, that, my friends, is not true. There is no way for the covenants of God to be disallowed. The law was not made to destroy Israel, it was made as a schoolmaster to bring Israel unto Christ. And so we are to understand this --if Ye be Christ's, if you are the household of God, then are ye Abraham's seed. This book which we call the Bible was written Israel. The Old Testament was written to Israel, and the New Testament is given to the same people that the Old Testament was written for.

Instead of the old covenant this is now the New Covenant of the House of Israel. The new covenant is with the house of Israel whose God is Yahweh---YAHSHUA, the God of the Old Testament and the New. This bible has tremendous significance to your race for you are the people of this book. And therefore God inspired holy men to write this report for you. And you may be able to use it as a text to tell the world about your God. As you seek to bring them back to a proper relationship with the right God, but this bible was not written to the rest of the world, it was written unto you. The Negro does not understand this except by a pattern of soulish worship. The Asiatic does not understand this book unless the patterns are explained to this group by a son of the most high God.

The day is going to come, because He is a Majestic God, and He does all things well, for He says that the day will come when every knee shall bow and every tongue proclaim. But in this dispensation in which you happen to be living in, then we understand that we are the household of the Most High God. We are the seed of Christ. And by this same token again that in the book of Romans, in the greatness of God's purpose, it says 'I would not have you ignorant brethren, in your own conceit, that blindness in part has happened unto Israel, until the fullness of the nations come in.

Now of course they translated the word nations, as gentile. And some people think that they are gentiles. But it tells you here that the blindness in part that happened to Israel is, to bring in the gentiles until all Israel shall be Saved. So the blindness in part is to be until all of the nations of Israel are brought into the picture. The word is Ethene the nation, the household, not the ‘goi’ as they like to call you. You are the nations of the Most High God. So as we turn to this passage, I want to point out this to you. That in the greatness of God's own purpose then HE makes this statement:--That his spirit bears witness with our spirit that we are the children of God. Therefore we belong unto God, and we are God's and we are also the seed of Abraham.

Now therefore the honest expectations of the creatures, is that they are waiting for the MANIFESTATION OF THE SONS OF GOD. So what is this manifestation of the Sons of God? This is that they shall conform to the full embodiment of the Messiah. "That those that He did foreknow, that he did predestinate that they should conform to the image of the son. The people he knew before the foundation of the world, those He called the elect before the foundation of the world. He had predestinated them that they should conform to His image. This is the manifestation of the son of God.

God has covered his people with the aura of light, and given them the capacity for this in a very strange way. God says:--I formed you in the womb. I give you the intellectual capacities, and the spiritual capacities for My household. There was close contact with the consciousness of the spirit and then consciousness of man. And God is capable of giving them the whole truth. And He gives to man the things, the consciousness, the truth of the things that He so desires. And He says I am going to do this, I am going to make them understand this. I am going to call my sheep by name and I am going to lead them out, I am going to give them eternal life and they shall never perish. Therefore the manifestation of the sons of God is still a climactic events, and we wait for the appearance of Christ. We wait for to see them put on their light and mortality as God's sons. What shall this be, my friends?---This shall be The Nation born in a day. And this event is the light of God descending on the house of Israel. This is Israel rising and shinning, because the glory of God has risen upon them.

Let us go back again into the scriptures, into the book of Deuteronomy. And God looks out over his household and he said, "Thou art a holy people unto YAHWEH thy God. And God has chosen you for himself above all of the people on the face of the earth.

Now God did not set his love upon you because you are the greatest majority, or the greatest in number. But this is because the LORD loves you, and He wants to keep you. He has sworn unto your fathers, and He brought you forth with a mighty hand. Therefore I want to point this out to you that the Lord says that He will keep his commitments, and his judgments. And know that when he promises you then know that YAHWEH is God, and he hath mercy upon them that keep his commandments and love Him, for a thousand generations. THUS, THOU ART A HOLY PEOPLE UNTO YAHWEH THY GOD. And with this declaration the word is clear that only that which emerges out of God is holy. Only the issue of God is holy. Thus, you can never made the Negro race holy, or the Asiatic race holy. And only that which emerges out of God is holy, and thus God declares:--THOU ART A HOLY PEOPLE UNTO YAHWEH THY GOD. This is speaking of a very special work by the Eternal, this Most High God. By the same token therefore the declarations of the Most High continue in the declarations of HIS Word.

And HE speaks out saying to the north and to the south:----Bring my sons from afar, and my daughters from the ends of the earth. Every one of them that is CALLED BY MY NAME. I am thy Father. I place my name upon you. And in the word EL which is the abstract word, of the name of God---Ye are offspring of God, Ye are Elohim. And the EL is the majesty of the Eternal. HE says,---I am thy God, YAHWEH, THY YAHSHUA, and thou art my Elohim, and I placed my name upon you. And I say do not keep my sons and daughters back.

And returning to the 43rd chapter of Isaiah, then it says: 'Thus saith YAHWEH who created thee, He that formed thee. And then it says that HE formed Israel from the womb. This word used here as created is the word meaning to bring forth issue and to bring forth that which is formed in the womb. And God says that:---I FORMED THEE FROM THE WOMB. And He goes on to say:--I that formed thee have redeemed thee I HAVE CALLED THEE BY THY NAME THOU ART MINE.

If you be Christ's? ---I want to show you how the Old Testament hooks forward with the new testament. And as he says: I, YAHWEH, art thy savior--YAHSHUA --then that is because ye are the seed of Abraham. And thus the covenants are confirmed, and his teachings are revealed, for this is the raising up of the white race to follow HIM in this hour. Therefore this significant message is that ---If ye be Christ's, then ye are the seed of Abraham. I say therefore, bring all of the people together, let the nations assemble. For ye are my witnesses saith YAHWEH, even I am YAHWEH. And then HE makes this declaration:---I AM YAHWEH THY HOLY ONE. And ISRAEL IS MY OFFSPRING, I AM YOUR KING. Thus, saith the LORD that maketh the waves in the sea, and the path in the mighty waters. As we turn in this area of declaration then God says; ---Thus saith YAHWEH the holy one of Israel, ask me of things concerning my sons, my offspring, my household, my progeny.

And by this declaration of 'Ask me of things concerning my sons, He says:--I made the earth, and I made the species of mankind upon it. I made all of the creatures upon the earth. Thus concerning all of these things I want you to know that my children are raised up in righteousness, and they are going to set the captives free. And they are going to build my kingdom. This is the work of MY Sons, saith YAHWEH, the Eternal God.

And as we turn then again into this idea, then---ISRAEL SHALL BE SAVED WITH AN EVERLASTING SALVATION. And it says: ye shall not be ashamed and confounded world without end.

Thus, again we find the declaration of the Most High. Unto his household, was the covenants, the writings of the scriptures, all were to the people, the Israel of God. Blindness has happened unto Israel, for they know who God is but they do not know who they are. One of these days where this is not know, the people will lift up their voices, and they will be known as the children of the living God. They shall be known as the sand of the seashore and the stars of the heavens, the Israel of God's own purpose.

No question of this process of this thing coming to pass. And there is also no question that more people know today than they have known at any other time in earth. And one of these days as you watch the truth spread and the gospel of the kingdom spread, you are going to see people in a single day, in a hour rise to the truth, and the knowledge of their greatness and their power.

People say, but what about the Evangelization of the rest of the world. This is coming. But you will have to destroy the powers of darkness. You are going to have to break the powers of evil off of them. You are going to have to do this so as to become the prophetic people that you have declared that you shall become. One of the things, that we see, is this reaching out into the tomorrows. There is no question of time, there is all kinds of time, there is no end of time in the universe. People work as tho they thought that three score years and ten would bring an end to all work that this is all of the time that they have. If they are not finished in a few years then this is a hopeless program. I want you to know that it is not a hopeless program to the Most High, for He said: ALL ISRAEL IS TO BE SAVED AS IT IS WRITTEN. And we are also going to save to the ends of the world, every living creature, all of the people in the whole expanse of His Universe. And as we look at this situation then we wonder sometimes at what people think is the magnitude of their God. The majesty of His grace is far beyond anything that the mind can conceive, as it measures the purpose of the Most High God. And of this then God says: I SHALL LOSE NOTHING.

When God speaks out about Israel, when he talks about them forming the congregation of His church, we remember that the great Keyhole is the congregation of the Most High. In the New Testament the word is Ecclesia in the Greek. Here it is speaking of the house of Israel in congregations forming the structure of HIS church. This church today is a very vital spot of the Kingdom of the Most High God. Some people say, but this is not fair, but let me tell you --there is nothing that can compare with the grace of the Most High God. People will sometimes say but what about this man, he died in an unsaved position, he went into perdition, there is no way that you can save him. But I want you to know, that it is not my job to save him, it is his fathers job to save him. He says that he cannot let the soul of His son remain in perdition. The Grace of God is sufficient to save unto the uttermost. Even as you acknowledge the greatness of God, the majesty of God, which was the fulfillment of the Godhead dwelling embodied in the earth, yes all of his sons and daughters are here counted. Where could a man go anyhow that God could not find him? We have had all kinds of theories, as some churches came out with their explanations and started to preach them, but they are not in the word of God. Where do you think a man could go, say he was a derelict in this battle with Lucifer, and he died in the gutter Where do you think his soul went anyhow? If a man went down in the sea and was drowned, where do you think his soul went or he died on the highest mountain, where did his spirit go, to get away from the most High God. For this is a God of Spirit, and he says that there is no place where this man's spirit can go that I can't find him, this one who is my son, or my daughter.

Oh, you say he did not live a profitable life. Don’t you work about that for I want you to know that the graves will give up their dead, and there is going to be a restoration of the House of God, and people, will live out their lives in the greatness of God's purpose right here on this earth? A lot of people have a lot of time yet in the service of God right here on this earth, and you would be surprised when you discover this. When the Most High makes his statement that He will give every man his reward for his work which he shall do in the hour when He returns in majesty and with power.

And in the declaration today of the person who is a Christian, a part of the household of the Most High, then that person is also a key part of the story of Abraham. And of the household in the scriptures of the Old Testament as well as in the new. Thus God says, if ye be Christ's then are ye Abraham's seed.

Again this makes you realize that of all this I SHALL LOSE NOTHING. For my sons and my daughters will come from afar, keep them not back, for I have created them this way, I have prepared them this way, I have formed them from the womb. The power of God knows that He can bring to the will of man, anything that God has determined. And the consciousness of man shall thus perceive and understand. And He said: WHO HATH RESISTED HIS WILL?

I want you to know that the power of God's holy spirit can conform, can awaken the household of man. Some people say but what about the new creatures? Well, God has a program that reaches out into the tomorrows He has already promised that All Israel shall be saved. And that the children of Adam are going to preach the gospel to the ends of the earth, until every knee will bow. And some minds may need a lot of things added to them, speaking of the pagan minds. But God says I can do all of this, for I can make new creatures out of them. And this is what he declares that He is going to do.

But at the same time there is only one household out of all of the universe that are His sons and his daughters. He created Archangels and all of the beings of the heavens, but to which of the Angels did HE ever say--THOU ART MY SONS? I want you to know that he says, bring in my children from the north, the south, the east and the west, for I will be a Father unto them, and thy children after them in all generations. He thus calls upon you to remain segregated, and not destroy the great seed of your race. Not to destroy the spiritual perception. For God has called on you to keep yourself safe, and separate, as his household.

As we turn again, we see that God is a triumphant one, a majestic one. In fact when we move out and face all of these situations on earth we can face each one of these conditions with bravery. We can face each one whether it be the battles of Armageddon or the clutches of darkness. Even tho we are not the majority in the world in numbers, we have a pathological capacity, and spiritual vision to carry it forward. We know that there is no place a physical consciousness can go that God himself cannot find him. God said the day will come when Lucifer will again worship at my feet. This when the devil's satanic nature is totally destroyed. When it is burned out, scraped out and burned away by the Glory of God. Thus the day will come when even Lucifer is going to worship at your feet. He is going to sing Hallelujah and praise God. And you will have a hard time jabbing him with a pitchfork as some would like to do. For the time is coming when God will rectify all things unto himself.

The whole universe holds the knowledge that his mighty purposes, and his sons and daughters are singing praises unto him and his glory. We have been given one of the exalted places in the universe, and that is to live in the earth as a child of God, a son of God. You have been destined by God that you are going to conform to his image To think as he thinks, and you are going to conform as he lives, and you are going to triumph over the powers of darkness. You are going to have the power over nature to accomplish the almighty good of He who is your Father. And if ye be Christ's then this is because you are Abraham's seed. You are the heirs of that promise which reaches into the endless tomorrows. For God says:--- to Israel first and then to the nations I am going to redeem the nations and make them all acknowledge that I am God. Even into the endless ages of tomorrow.

So when we see all of these promises, these patches of words of scripture that run from one end of the bible to the other, the texts of the book of Isaiah, and in the book of Romans, and Galatians, again, all that is required is the simple faith that can understand, the simpleness of God's select statement that if ye be mine then also are ye the seed of Abraham. For I begat Abraham, I formed him from the womb just as I formed his father Adam from the womb. Just as I have formed you as my issue and as my life.

End of message.