There Is No Middle Road, 2-10-65



by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 2-10-65

We turn this afternoon to discuss the subject, ‘there is no middle road.’ It is with the realization that we are speaking of the responsibilities of the Christian church and of those who are aware of the Sonship in the family of God, and who understand their relationship to God's plan and to HIS kingdom. The great battle for the consciousness of men and which seeks to direct their thinking by capturing today their minds and setting up the panorama of ideas, is trying to neutralize the church of God today by reinterpreting for them the things they want to follow and do, and make it look as tho this was Christian responsibility. We continue to receive a flow of literature from church organizations and from the National Council of Churches, and areas that are seeking to influence the church in general. And they are working on a field of special stress on fields of semantics and areas of things whose field of function would be great. And the present attempt is to try to sweep the entirety of religion of all of the areas of social relationship and all of the areas of the world political design by trying to embrace and envelope all of this with a four-letter word called LOVE.

You might say, ‘but that is a wonderful thing, for love can change things.’ And I saw that we have from the scriptures as one bulletin said that was distributed --"God is love." And then a little further down they were using the expression, that they were to use the words 'Love the brotherhood.' That is right. The scriptures tell us to love the brotherhood. But we have to find out what the brotherhood consists of. We have to find out what we have been instructed to love. There is not, my friends, this area of emotion that you turn on and off, that is a convenience, or continues to exist in the earth, and which you could call an emotion, and could just turn on and off, or love anyhow.

They are asking you to turn love on or off and envelop the world in love. I saw a piece of literature mailed out that was nothing less than physiological propaganda wrapped up with instructions as tho it was a major sermon, and right from the beginning, it stresses that the world needs more love. We have to learn how to love the Russians. We have to learn how to love the Chinese and the people of Red China. We have to learn to love Mao and Castro. And if we do not learned to love them enough, then there will be a terrible catastrophe descend upon us because we have not loved them enough. Then they emerge with a new philosophy and we learn that no one can really do anything to someone who really loves them. Therefore, we have to apply this principal to show that this is the triumph of the Christian church. So we love everything and everybody.

I am going to tell you that this is a lie. That this will not function and it will not work. Because if you have to embrace a philosophy so that you love evil, then, my friends, there is no capacity for you to resist it. One does not resist the area that they love. More than that, we have some very explicit directions with which to direct society in our time and this does not leave us a middle of the road policy. The other day a group of principal figures were meeting in one of the states from one of our major political parties. And they were trying to decide what course their party would take, and they were emerging with their opinion as to what course their party should take with the opinion that they must stay in the middle of the road. That they would not embrace the doctrine of socialism and communism, but they would not be on the right in an area which should be classified by extremism by opposing them either. They would just not participate in anything that might stir up great controversy. They might just as well know that if you want to avoid all areas of controversy there is just one area in which you can do this, and that is the graveyard. There is no controversy there. For people are dying to get in, and nothing transpires thereafter. So they say.

Now there are a lot of people who just want to relax. They are protesting that they do not want their minds disturbed and they do not want the tensions involved in what they call conflict. So they are embracing what they think will be popular, just as their party, the other day, was saying, ‘we are going to take the middle of the road. We will not make any mistakes like we made before.’

The other day a minister was discussing problems, and he said, ‘there is no doubt about the fact that there are a lot of terrible things transpiring in the world. But the best place for a Christian today is to be neither to the left nor to the right. Not an extremist, but just take the middle of the road.’ He said, ‘all we need to do is to sit down and trust God that it is going to work out alright.’ I am glad that he said 'Sit down.' It just meant that he did not want to put out any energy to do anything. He wanted God to take care of everything and do it in such a smooth way that there would be no personal evolvement. “Middle of the Road.” Thus, we are told that if anyone takes a position that is in opposition, then one is not fulfilling his Christian responsibility. That the Christians must therefore be friendly upon all sides, and the Christian must get along with everybody. The Christian must be a total mollycoddle. But he does not have that kind of a God.

For a moment let us turn to the instructions very vital to our race. It is quite impossible for a student of the scripture not to know the background of his race, and whence he has come. He can't know who he is and not know that there has been a lot of conflict in his arriving here. But as we speak to you here in this congregation and in these United States which is a part of the genealogy of the house of Joseph and a part of a great nation in the kingdom of God, it would be important that we look to the kind of instructions given to the house of Joseph in these turbulent times we live in. This is a period of time when the world is beset by colossal evil on the outside of the nations of God's kingdom, and by its infiltration in the inside by those who carry it and seek to destroy this civilization with it. So by instruction, we turn to the 5th chapter of the book of Amos. And God is speaking here to HIS household and HIS race: --"Seek ye first YAHWEH and ye shall live, lest ye break out like a fire in the house of Joseph and devour it, and there shall be none to quench it."

Someone said, ‘why would God break out like a fire in the house of Joseph?” If this house of Joseph does not rise as a nation of great leadership, and a great people in God’s kingdom, if they put up with evil, or seek to appease if they acquiesce, then they are in trouble. Righteousness is the purpose of God, the will of God, the law of God and the function of HIS kingdom. So if the house of Joseph, this great green tree where God has planted HIS throne in the fulfillment of prophecy, if this house of Joseph is a strong and powerful force in these latter days when the nations say ‘God make us like Ephraim and Manasseh,’ and if the House of Joseph flinches in any area of its responsibility, then there descends upon it, because God said, “I chasten those I love,” thus there comes judgment.

Now listen to what God says to the house of Joseph. “I want you to seek me who made the seven stars of Orion, that turneth the shadow of death into morning, that maketh the day dark in the night, the one who has power over life and death, the one who has set the Universe on course. The order of the Pleaides, and the power of Orion, which controls all of the universe in all of its orbits and its motions.”

Listen. I want you to seek HIM. For YAHWEH is HIS name and you should be asking. For there are those who are the spoilers. And now I want you to spoil those who are spoilers, and break those who are strong in their evil.

Now listen. These tyrants of darkness, these forces of evil, they hate YAHWEH, and they are against HIM. And they want no part of HIS name or HIS embodiment. They wish to remove Christ from Jesus, and the thinking of Christ from your minds. They do not want prayer in your schools or the reading of the Bible in the schools in any way as to effect the thinking of your children and their educational institutions. They hate YAHWEH. And because they have been able to spoil many nations by their United Nations, and God says, “Now, Joseph, I want you to spoil these spoilers.”

Someone said, ‘how do we do this? For if we show any resistance, we cannot stay in the middle of the road.” Therefore God says that these spoilers set upon the people. And God says, “I know some of your transgressions and there is even some among you who will take a bribe, and you do not build the things that need to be done.” This is what it amounts to. A lot of people have taken a bribe at high levels and at low levels. There are a lot of people who are selling out their existence for creature comfort, and they do not want to get out of the world which might cut some of this off. They have lost the realization that our God is able to deliver us out of the hands of darkness. They have lost all desire to be with HIS people as HE promises to reward them who stand with them. That HE will supply them with everything that they need and everything that they desire. For it is your Father’s desire to give you the kingdom and to make the very earth blossom for you.

Now listen to what God said:-- “I want you to hate the evil and to love the good, and to establish my word in the gates (governments) of my people; and YAHWEH thy God shall be gracious again to all that remains to the house of Joseph.” Do this and we will turn off the floods whether they are a mile high in the air or on the ground. We will stop the tornadoes that move thru, or turn back the earthquake, the whole vast invading hordes, and give you security, only when you arise in judgment at the gate of your nation to fulfill righteousness, and hate the evil, and love the good.

Now hear this. Is that a middle of the road story? “Thou shalt hate the evil and love the good.” Someone said, ‘but you are going back to the Old Testament for that.’ Well, my friends, there is no difference in the God of the Old Testament and the God of the New Testament. And if it isn't, then throw away the part that says that it is not. If YAHWEH OF THE OLD TESTAMENT AND YAHSHUA OF THE NEW ARE NOT THE SAME GOD, THEN WE WILL TEAR OUT THE PART THAT SEPARATES ME FROM THE GOD THAT BEGAT ME. Because I have only one responsibility, and so do you, as the issue of the MOST HIGH . . . and that is to serve before HE who is the Eternal God from which we have come.

Now let me point out therefore, that God's instruction therefore to Amos, or thru Amos, to the House of Joseph, which is a very special message to your nation and to your part of HIS race. For God has produced out of these people, a great nation of HIS kingdom. And this is HIS instructions to us within it. Therefore, let us turn then to the book of Revelation as Jesus gives these words to John the beloved apostle. Do not think for a moment that the Apostle John is short in understanding. Do not think that he could not catch the pattern of divine instruction. For no man possibly perceived quite as much as John, who was with Christ constantly and leaned upon every word that HE said.

In fact, you may turn to the Epistles of John and you will discover that it is John who says:--'God is love.' It is John also who tells us that we are to love one another and to love the brethren. And this again gets us right into the relationship of who is my brother and who are my Father’s children. Let me point out then that it is to John that this vital book of Revelation is given . . . one of the most vital books of all scriptures. And as John receives the book of Revelation, there is an open blueprint given to him by God of events that will transpire and conditions that will take place in this institution that HE created, HIS HOLY Church. Make no mistake about it. Some people say that the church is in the Bible and then they do not know how to read it. Or they think that the nations of God's kingdom are no part of the kingdom today, and they just do not know what the kingdom of God consists of. Most of the problems we have today come from ignorance or indifference. There is one great transgression today. It is not from errors that people made or the mistakes from reactions and desires. The greatest transgression today is DOING NOTHING when you have things to do.

Now listen. God gave a revelation to John who has been on the Isle of Patmos, because he was not neutral. John wrote the Gospel of John and that is enough to put any man on the isle of Patmos when the Jews have political power. I never have to take any other stand on this problem than the stand that John quotes that Jesus is taking. And with this way there would never be any way to get on middle ground. John was not only on the Isle of Patmos for what he had written or what he had believed, for the name of YAHSHUA JESUS. And there, God had moved in a very special way to meet with him. And John caught the glory of this tremendous revelation. He saw the light, the radiance. And he saw above all, the person. And he heard the voice that spake to him. And it was like the thunder of the sky, like the roar of a mighty waterfall. He heard the words, "I am Alpha and Omega, the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY.” And by this time, John was on his face. Then he heard the words, “come on John, stand up. For you are my kinsmen. You are my relative. You walked with me in Discipleship. Now stand up, for I have things I want to tell you.” And when he raised his face to look into that majesty and glory, he saw one only, and it was YAHSHUA JESUS. Later when he would be taken in Celestial plains, and travel forward and backward thru out time and history to give unto us the ramifications and vision of the book of Revelation, he beheld that one sat on the throne and it was YAHWEH-YAHSHUA-JESUS. And under this instance, he said, ‘come here John, for I am going to show you the things that are going to come to pass. And I will show you some things that will happen to the churches.’ And HE gave to John the time and the measure of the churches in their time.

You and I, without any doubt, are living in the latter days, in a period of climax of history that will bring in a new day. The thing before us in this new day is the NEW ORDER OF THE AGES. THE TRIUMPH OF GOD'S KINGDOM. And as we live in this old order of transition and history and as we see the build up of power both from the kingdom of darkness and the activation with which God is stirring HIS kingdom.

Now we come to this day. For the church is divided into two classifications. This being the church of Philadelphia and the church of Laodicea. And today we are in the Ladiocean age. We are in the climactic period. And this is what God says to that branch of the church which falls into this category. This does not mean that it is not a beautiful church as far as its rituals are concerned. For this church of the Laodicean age had great cathedrals and mighty temples, with some of the most beautiful church buildings in time and history, having had their fulfillment in this Laodicean age. And if you look at the church property and the church auditoriums, if you look at the beautiful chancellories and fine altars, the great rituals and all of the strength of their hierarchies, and then hear them say, ‘the church is here, the church is rich,’ and has need of nothing, it is powerful.’ And has within it the power to determine how the people should live, then it becomes a guiding influence over them. But the church is the Oracle of God and it has only one facet of declaration. And that is--'Thus saith the LORD.’ And this applies to every problem now and in the future.

The church of Philadelphia is the church that loves God, and God loves all of the church. And the spiritual center of HIS kingdom is found in this Church of Philadelphia.

Now this is the church of the brotherly love of God and the family. Make no mistake about that. But in this particularly period, but even in this area, there is in this church also a strong and powerful influence of what we call the church of Laodicea. So God says that HE knows all about her; for she is rich and had beautiful auditoriums and vast property and tremendous demonstrations of its authority. It sits with presidents and visits with kings, and other emissaries here and there. But it is a sick church, because it lacks the great dynamic force that lifts and challenges people, and lifts up the standard. It lacks --'Thus saith the LORD.' It lacks the spirit of HIS truth.

Now what is wrong that the church should be under this kind of condemnation? It is because we are living in a time when the activity, or no activity. For it is the 'Middle of the road." Oh, you can go in and hear the beauty of the choir and the organ that lifts up the music. For it has the best there is to offer in this situation. It has everything to entice and everything to look good. But it lacks something. It does not want to do anything about things which need to be done. So listen to what God said:-- “I know thy works. You are neither cold nor hot. You are in the middle of the road.” Oh, you would not say that you area part of the Communist party. You would oppose that, for it is not too popular. And you would not say that you are against anything, for you want to love everything. “YOU ARE NEITHER COLD NOR HOT.”

Now listen to what Jesus said:---'I wish you were either cold or hot.' One or the other. Sometimes it is easier to deal with someone who is totally wrong than to try to deal with someone in the middle of the road who will not do anything about anything. But “because ye are neither cold nor hot, I will spew the out of my mouth.” You become a repulsive condition. You become unacceptable to God because you are a middle of the roader. You do nothing for God, and nothing for the Kingdom if you stay neutral.

Now in this instance, one cannot say that when instructions were given to our race, especially to our race, in our nations of these latter days, where in HE says, “I want you to hate the evil and love the good,” and these things of today are not formable as to what Jesus taught in HIS time. For Jesus said, “I do not want you to be lukewarm. I want you to be hot for the things of God's kingdom. I want you to resist the darkness and bind the evil.” All of the great functions of the Grace of God the great fulfillment of divine purpose, the personal experiences that God would subject HIS own embodiment to, because of the great feelings that move out of HIM from HIS intellect and HIS person. The embodiment of God was capable of feeling all of the feelings of you and me, which we classify as emotions. Out of the ramification of the ability of the mind to understand, the love of God has an energy force which envelops all of HIS people. And altho HE is very God and HIS children numbered in the millions, yet HE would inconvenience Himself if necessary, to find one lost sheep. HE dwelt with you individually, not just collectively. Called you by name and led you out and promised to envelope each one of you in Glory. For HE wrote your individual names down in the 'Lamb's Book of Life.’ HE can speak to your nation as the house of Joseph, or identify it with the outstretched wings of the Eagle, and then speak to each one of you, individually, as HIS Children. There is one thing about this kingdom of God. There is a vast experience for each individual in your relationship to God that is totally outlined in all of HIS saying. And that is HIS commitment with HIS people. Therefore, there is individual strength moving out of HIS spiritual activity for each one of HIS household and each one of HIS children for the strength and the occupation of the earth while you are here. So by this pattern, we can catch a little bit of just what love means. A Father who loves all of HIS children, a Father who promises to love and redeem all of HIS children, who knew the process of the pangs of death as tho a total mortal. And HE tasted of death, a process never know to the deity of the Gods, that HE might redeem HIS own. And to that power that will not be denied, even as HE had declared it to the house of Joseph before HE conquerors death, and has the power of life and death, and then HE arose from it. But HE had experienced it in the magnitude of love for you. This is the highest area of emotion that you could expect God to produce . . . To be so touched with the human infirmities, as HE looked upon Lazarus friend when the word that he had died took place, and even so, the embodiment of God could weep. Then facing the determined principal that HE was going to demonstrate, for HE had permitted this condition. HE summoned Lazarus forth for a tremendous majestic spectacle of the power of Deity embodied in earth as the great spectacle of that hour, by calling even the dead back from the grave. He did not live in weakness. HE lived in power. He was the fullness of God dwelling bodily with us. HE expresses in terms of love, HIS relationship to us. HE demonstrates the magnitude of HIS Grace to HIS creation and to every individual in it, as its ultimate plan concerning it. But at no time did HE show a weakness in the area of HIS thinking concerning the areas of error. You never have to apologize for the thoughts of God. You never find HIM changing the program of HIS kingdom. The kingdom thus, is real. It is tangible. It is for an administration of the earth. It is sociable. It is economic, and it is religious. But HE never changes it. For the party line of God's kingdom does not change. There is no place in the structure of Biblical instruction where we are told to vacillate or to choose an area of appeasement or acquiescence in order to win unto us those who are evil without changing their ways. The strategy of the ‘Middle roader’ is that he permits the extremes on either side to speak for themselves while he participates in no part of it. The difference between a Christian and a middle of the roader is that he is in the center, and God is way over on the Right.

It is a rather significant thing that we have this Laodicean church which is rich in material goods and great cathedrals. If I were to look for a spectacle of this, I would look at the Vatican and St. Peters. I would see there the great magnitude of what wealth and power and glory and artistry could do for the production of a great chapel and a mighty church. And I could see there the finest art and antiquity. And I could see there the evidence of the relationship to the Messiah and Jesus. I can see here in which ecclesiastic authority has been elevated.

But I discover that it wanted to vacillate with the age in order to retain the economic and social authority in order to avoid the least challenge to it. Even those things with all of its wealth and security can always do what it desires . . . Rich and increased with goods. No one would question that in these so-called designs of ecumenical conferences, this design of bringing all Christians together under one head, and of course, they would desire this under their head. Isn't that terrible? No, the Methodists would like to gather them all under the Methodist head, if they could. And the Baptist would like to gather everybody under the Baptist head, if they could. And I do not think, from the way they are acting today, that there is too much difference. All of them are trying to embrace the world at the same time. In the ecumenical decisions that were made, the highest bishop of that church said that he was going to absolve the Jews from all responsibility of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. He said, “we are going to take out the ritual, the areas of participant services that would in any way name them or hold them responsible.” That they were going to reserve the crucifixion of Christ and lay the blame on everybody, and are not going to blame anyone. “And no longer will we consider there is any difference between Jews and Christians, and we will even not try to convert them anymore.” That was one of the better decisions. But they laid this blueprint out. And I not only carefully recorded this, but let me tell you something. The American Jewish Committee, the B’nai B’rith said, “we have secured a great victory. We not only have secured what we have long been waiting for, we have been waiting for the Christian church to take this pressure off of us and remove their opposition. No longer will we be held responsible for this crucifixion of Christ. We have won.” Then trouble broke loose. This was the church now moving into the middle of the road and changing the scripture; and almost castigating John for what he had written.

Now do you know what happened yesterday? The college of Cardinals were now seated to act upon these decisions and decrees, and the new regulations and as to how it would affect their church, and their theology. And it was the decision of seven cardinals that decided the issue. And they said, “we are not going to do this, for the Jews are the ones who did it. They were responsible and they war on the church, and they are going to have to carry the responsibility of their own transgression.”

If you got the L.A. Times this morning, it is right in the middle of the page, that the Jews get the blame again. Last night over the news you may have picked up the fact that the B’nai B’rith and other Jewish organizations were very much 'put out' that the Papacy had not kept its arrangements with them. And they said, “this is just increased evidence that anti-Semitism is increasing in the church.” As the expansion of the Birch Society was being explained, then one said, “this can be blamed on Dr. Wesley A. Swift.” But I am sure we will not be blamed for the Vatican decisions. Why, my friends, is there such a desire to appease. And why do so many try to slip from the responsibility? Why? Because the enemy is already crying out against anyone who espouses the truth and identifies the enemy. Anything that exposes Christianity to the blueprint of revelation and history and the instructions of God, is going to be opposed by the children of Lucifer, who by Biblical declarations, are devils. I discover that one of the things they oppose most about the advocacy and content of the scriptures is to be identified as devils. For someone might begin to understand just what that means.

Nobody apparently understands what a Semite means. For they run around calling people anti-Semites, and yet every White man on the face of the earth who descended from Shem, is a Shemite or Semite. No White man can be an anti-Semite. Under this instance, again we receive a continual bidding to come back into the fold.

You say, “what do you mean?” They want us to move back under the control of the hierarchy, and be in the middle of the road. The last representative of this move spoke to us within this last week. They said, “Dr. Swift, why do you not take the route that will not only increase the size of your church but it will increase your popularity and be a much easier route. And if you take this route, there will be no more attacks on television and radio . . . everything will go smoothly. Just stop discussing any of these issues which are controversial from this angle and just seek the area of Biblical truth that has no controversy, and just preach LOVE.” I listened for a little while. Then I started a little interrogation. And I asked, “Now do you doubt the varsity of what I am proclaiming?” “No.” “Do you doubt that these are the people who sought to destroy the Christian church?” -- “No.” “Do you doubt that they are trying to do the same thing today?” “No.” “Then what you are asking me to do is just be silent in the face of evil. You are asking me to just try to find an area of no problems in order that I might have a so-called peace with the world. You are thus asking me to drop down to mediocrity.” Any time you have to drop down to a position half way between right and wrong, then drop down to a position that does absolutely nothing . . . there is no reason for anyone to pay any attention to you any more.

Do you want to know what is the matter with churches today? You send young people to these churches and there is no challenge to live. The best they can get out of it are the hymns, because they were written in better days. And if they had any responsible reading then, that had some advantage because that has not been molested too much. But generally speaking, today there is no challenge in a lukewarm church. But God Almighty said, “I have not called on you to be either hot nor cold.”

America has many clergymen today rising up to state that they will not be neutralized. There are millions of Americans that are in apathy and have been neutralized, and have been told by the Clergy that they are now living in exemplary position, and they take no issue in anything. It is your job and mine to stir them up a little and get them on one side or the other.

Under the pattern of the ministry of Elijah, Elijah moved as you know, in a comparable condition in which they had almost silenced the school of the prophets and the sons of the prophets who carried out the ecclesiastical responsibility of Israel. And when he spake, there were still a few thousand, who agreed with him. But they just sort of held their peace. They would have him in their home and talk with him around the dinner table, but they would not follow him on the outside because it was getting dangerous. But even his ability to awaken the people and to stir them had the king of Israel, Ahab, in complete frustration. They had sent out their OGPU's at every level and they could not find Elijah. But finally, he met with Ahab and he challenged him to see who God watched. Remember these words given to Israel that day on Mount Carmel ---"CHOOSE YE THIS DAY WHOM YE WILL SERVE,"--"IF YAHWEH BE GOD, SERVE HIM, AND IF THIS DEVIL PRIESTHOOD UNDER BAAL BE GOD, THEN SERVE THEM." And I challenge you this afternoon that if Christ be God, then be Christian and stand for it. But if Jewry and all of their brotherhood represent truth and reality, then go over to the devil. The blueprint is here, they claim that the devil is god and Jesus is a devil. But we say that Jesus is God and they worship the devil. So make up your mind. Which side are you on?

I can open up the Bible in the hands of its creators and show you that they classified Jesus as a devil and said that HE was a total descendent of Beelzebub. And they in turn, serve the fallen Lucifer who they in turn say is deity and repudiate the Christ. So there is no middle of the road. You cannot say that you are going to be part of the devils children and part with the devils children, and they are all your brothers. There are those who say that we must stamp out, somehow, this kind of teaching, this kind of thinking, because they want to stamp out the word of God. You are living today in the days of the Antichrist and the greatest challenge of the Antichrist to the church than it has ever known in all of its existence. And whether it will rise up and stand firm, instead of trying to get along with the world order for wealth and security and for a promise of Peace, it will not keep.

Never has there been a time quite like this. And so, we remember the victory of that day on Mount Carmel, and you are told that God is going to send the spirit of Elijah upon HIS ministry in this day. And they are going to demand again that the people shall choose, and the people will take a stand against evil. I can tell you that there is no way for you to make a commitment with God, unless you war on the force known as unrighteousness which works to destroy both HIS name and HIS faith.

How carefully and cunningly has the deceiver moved. That great deceiver on the world horizon is that instrument that can move inside of the church, then proclaim death to the race, while calling it brotherhood and light. So what does it mean when it says love the brotherhood? This means that you are to love the Father's children. You are to love enough till you will defend the faith, you will defend your nation, laying your life down to defend, it if necessary. This, my friends, is the greatest love that you can manifest. At no place are you instructed to love the devil.

Someone says, ‘but you are to love your enemies.’ But this is talking about the society and the culture that you live in. These are the enemies in your house who might despitefully use you, that are in your midst. And you are to utilize that one thing which might bring them to areas of responsibility. You use firmness and support the law, and you use the areas of Grace that God builds up within you and you learn to love the household and the brotherhood of God. But let me tell you this. God, at no time, told you to love the enemy. Not when that enemy is HIS enemy and is against your race and is seeking to destroy it.

Yes, there is no question about the fact that all of us have not felt the great moving of the truths of God, the revelations of God and the closeness of HIS presence. We have felt also those high areas of emotions that move us with areas of kinship with our relatives and our friends. And we have had dawn on us from time to time, that one of the strongest areas of kinship is this kinship of our Race, those of kindred faith.

I am going to tell you something, and many of you will find this out. You will find that you are far closer to those who understand the truths of God and who worship with you and are dedicated to it than you are to relatives who do not understand or are in the middle of the road, under apathy.

So again I tell you that when we are told that we must make decisions that would assure this, then we call for people to take a stand. I talked to this clergyman, and he was talking about the influence the church would have in the community if it did not upset it. I said, “well, if this is the will of God, than this is as it should be.” So he said, “God is love.” And I said, “that is right. That is the shortest verse in the Bible, but I have one that is just a little longer. 'The LORD is a man of war.’ Now what do you do with this?”

Now how does God act with HIS people? HE manifested HIS love, and HE fulfilled HIS Messianic destiny when HE was with them. And HE has been a God who has hovered over HIS people and has carried them thru dangerous places. HE was with them in their exodus, and HE divided the Red Sea for HIS people, then brought it together again to drown the Egyptians. I said, “My God loves and my God can hate. And HE told us to hate the evil and to love the Good.” You know that God appeared unto Abraham, Melchizedek, KING of KING's and Prince of Peace. Brought with HIM the communion upon that plain where the great battle of Chedorlaomer had been met. The Glory and the majesty of God filled the heart and soul of Abraham. God had met with HIS people in the revelation of HIS glory. And with Isaiah, this so choked him with tears and emotion as he saw God, high and lifted up, until the glory and the light of God shown down out of that temple, and so bright was that light that it was almost an intense substance as it rolled out and rippled in glory.

Ezekiel saw the glory of God as the great fleets came in, the circles of wheels within wheels, and they set down on that plain. And the Glory and the majesty of it came when they opened a door in the great craft and took out a throne. And the glory and majesty of HE who sat on the throne was revealed unto Ezekiel. And Ezekiel then fell on his face just like John did.

Then how about the instructions that God had given unto Joshua? To enter into this evil land of the Cainanites, where they had wiped out by trickery and cunning, the ancient Adamic people, the people of God who had made no resistance. Here God was going to give this land back unto HIS people. And HE was going to order the occupation of the earth. For HE said, “I order you to occupy the ends of the earth.” There, out of an army of three million, and only out of the younger generation that had not doubted, for no one else would step foot in the land. They had sent spies into the land and they had come back telling that there were mighty giants in the land. There is a strange and peculiar force at work here. It took two men to carry one bunch of grapes. No wonder that it was a peculiar situation. And they had looked at this situation, and many thought that it was just too big to handle.

Now I can picture Joshua as he stood looking out over his troops and knowing that God had said to move down and march round this first city, and HE would break it and destroy that which was within, then they were to march on to Ai, and here they would meet the real forces with unlimited power of the enemy. And who would outnumber them five to one. Joshua, like all men of faith, is praying-- “Oh YAHWEH, is this what you want me to do? Is this the way we must go? If it is, then I am going to need help.” Suddenly then one stands before him wrapped in majesty and glory. And Joshua sees this light and glory and the reflection off of a coat of golden mail, and the breastplate, and the helmet, all of the weapons of war. And Joshua said, “Who are you? Are you on my side or on the other side?” And of course, Joshua did not need any more enemies. “So who are you?” And the figure said,---"I am the captain of the hosts of YAHWEH. I am the head of the armies of heaven and the hosts of the kingdom.” And Joshua looked at HIS face and he realized that this is the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. So how did God come in on this situation? HE did not come in carrying a lily, did he? HE had a sword in HIS hand. It was not a palm branch. It was the beginning of judgment upon the enemies of HIS people.

Challenged, thrilled, knowing that the hosts of the Most High were standing by, Joshua marched around Jericho, and the city fell. Then he moved out toward Ai, where the enemy gathered on all sides. Where the hosts were tremendous that were against him. But God was a participant in this battle.

Now there are those who say, ‘but that is not the middle of the road. And now a lot of people want to arbitrate between the Red Chinese and the United States, or between us and the Soviet Union. But there is no arbitration until we crush communism and there is none of it left. We do not participate in this evil. And the church of God is ordered to stamp it out.

Now listen. The instructions came to Joshua: “you advance just so far, and no farther. And then just stand there. Even when the enemy is advancing and the chariots roll. You just stand still.”

So Joshua then marched out leading his small army. But he believed God.

Now what did God do? Did HE arbitrate, or did HE become a middle of the roader? Suddenly there came a whistling in the sky as astronomers have sometimes noticed in the high mountains as they have watched a passing meteorite shower. I heard one night in the high Sierras, a sound like a thousand skyrockets going by and the Meteorite shower passes. Ever so often, we get these passing meteorite showers and one was due. And with all of the power that God could assemble and put together in any part of HIS universe, and HE swerved that great meteorite shower and headed it toward the army of the enemy of Israel. And down it swooped into that valley in between Israel and their enemy. No wonder HE said, “do not march any further.” Thus, God participated with the liquidation of the armies of the enemies. That is a fact of history. And you can go to that battle field and see some of those great meteorites where some remain to this day. This is evidence that God participated. HE is not a middle of the road fellow. HE participated for HIS kingdom.

So you may say God is love. And, yes, we can prove that with Calvary and with all that HE accomplished on Calvary's cross. And we can prove it again, that HE is a man of war as HE fought for the righteousness of HIS kingdom and did a much better job than we did with twenty-seven B52's the other day. I do not know what was wrong, but we destroyed two of them by running into each other. Then at $1,000.00 per hour for weapons, we did not hit one man. But with Joshua, then God stood back and wiped the field out for HIS people.

Remember Gideon? Remember in that day of challenge then Gideon had summed up the people, and a lot of them wanted to go home. They were already in the middle of the road. And they wanted to go home. They did not want to fight. They would just as soon be slaves than fight or take a chance. So they sent home everyone who was afraid. And then they gave them a test to see if they were alert to the enemy. And there are a lot of people who they found out like we do today, that are not alert. Some people get into some dangerous posturing before the enemy. I can tell you that. There were some who laid down their weapons and shoved their face down into the water. Only just a handful lifted their eyes and hung on to their weapons. And God said, “Send everybody home, Gideon.” And Gideon sent them home. He did not have any middle of the roaders left, but he had a victory. The clashing lights, the illumination, and the enemy fell upon one another trying to get out of that narrow valley. And that determined hardcore right-wingers marched down and cleaned them all up.

Now we are not talking about your eternal soul. I am not talking about Eternal life. I am talking about occupying the world. Doing the will of God, and bringing blessings upon your nation and upon your people, doing the thing that God put you here to do. We are talking about the fact that ‘this day, ye are to choose whom ye will serve.’ HE is challenging you to take a stand for what is right. For this is the process HE is going to use. As far as the ultimate destiny of HIS people, HE said, “I want you to know that you have not chosen me, but I have chosen you. I have already predestined the course of My people. And My people shall be saved.” And then all flesh shall be saved, and the Grace of God shall be magnified from one end of the earth to the other. But God has not asked you to live as tho this is 1000 years from now. HE is asking you to live like this is 1965, in HIS plan. And 1965 is just before Armageddon. 1965 is before the victory. But HE calls you to take a stand against evil. It is not important that they do not like you. Some people think that it is important to be able to walk down the middle of the street and people on both sides, whether good or bad, will smile at you. But they would not have done that with Jesus, now would they? Do you know, if Jesus walked down the street, those who hate HIM would come out and spit on HIM? They hated HIM. And they spit on HIM when HE came before. God walked the earth and they spit on HIM. They plotted how to kill HIM. Jesus was not popular with the World Order. The only people HE was popular with was the household of HIS kingdom. And they flocked to hear HIS every word. Oh, there was always a lot of the enemy present. But we are not popular with the world order today.

I will tell you something. This is the one church that never holds a meeting until they send at least one Jew to a meeting, one ADL, or stooge. So why do they send them here? Because they are worried about what truth will do and they want to know what is said. That is why they kept sending them around Jesus. They wanted to know what HE said. Always there were Jews sanding by. And sometimes they spoke up. But if they speak up here, we will throw them out. They were constantly trying to get into the act. And always, they were attacking Jesus. But they always reported back where they came from.

Jesus said, ‘look, my children, they will hate you just like they hate me. For you and I are ONE. Because you are of me and I am of you. And you are out of the heavens just as I am out of the heavens.’ And thus, because you are the children of God, out of the heavens, they hate you. Therefore do not try to woo that which hates you.

Someone said, ‘but we want to get away from hate and get back into love.’ All right, then start loving the brethren and defending the faith and standing firm for God.

Fortunately, you are living in the time when God is doing a short work of righteousness. HE is stirring HIS people and causing them to recognize their faith and to recognize what is transpiring. You don't know that this awakening has so much pressure. But that is why those Cardinals put back the Bible where it belongs, and said, ‘we cannot take this blame off of the Jews. They have to take the responsibility, for they did it.’ But we told you that all of the time. You cannot rewrite history just because you don't like something that occurred. That does not change it.

Someone said, ‘but this is not the way to Salvation.’ Yes, it is the way that God told you to work out with fear and trembling. As far as my right to Eternal Life, by my justification of an atoning work. That is already finished. And I accomplished that when I accepted it and I appreciate it. I recognize it, and I have no fear of the Eternity of tomorrow, for I have all of this sealed by Christ. But I have a responsibility, that when HE calls you and me out, to which we owe our children and our generations to come. That is that we occupy on the side of God. That we cleanse the earth and prepare it for a new day.

You say, ‘we cannot do this by ourselves.’ No, but we can make a start by fulfilling that phase of prophecy in which God has promised to bring us victory when it is accomplished.

I tell you that we do not shudder at tomorrow because of the things which it contains. And we look forward to the greatest day the world has ever known . . . When we shall see and bask in the presence of God. And people will be taught HIS ways from one end of the earth to the other. But at this hour, there is no middle road. You cannot stay neutral, or keep out of it. You cannot let them pollute the thinking of your children, or let them reduce the level of your education to all kinds of immoral, depraved concepts. You cannot let them challenge your faith and leave them go unchallenged. You cannot let them destroy your nation and its concepts of integrity. You cannot just sit idly by and do nothing, saying ‘we will just let God do it.’ For HE put you down here to do it, saying that you are HIS body in the world today, so you better get about it.

When a Senator from the state of New York said, ‘this depraved, insulting vulgarity that has been shaking our newspapers from one of our Universities, said that this was the greatest symbol of freedom in Education today, and in the history of our nation.’ So we find out how he feels. And we know that this man should never have any influence. Never again in our nation.

HE says, “since ye are neither hot nor cold, I will spew the out of my mouth. But I wish you were neither hot nor cold.”

As we go out of here, let us weigh our decisions carefully. Is there a price on it in the world or is it just a design to please the world? But we shall weigh the decisions of our actions on what must we do about this situation in order to uphold the righteousness of God. Because the kingdom will come in earth as in heaven. God told us to pray for it and HE will bring it in.

As children of the kingdom, we are on the side of the kingdom and we are not trying to vacillate on the side of the devil.

End of message.