There Were Giants In The Land, 4-24-63



by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 4-24-63

As we turn tonight to talk about upon this subject, it might seem irrelevant at this time, but there were Giants in the earth in those days, in the past. And I am going to show you why it is very important to establish this ancient record on the part of ancient history and anthropology and biblical record. I am turning to the sixth chapter of the book of Genesis and I read here that as it came to pass, that men namely Adamites, began to multiply upon the earth, and daughters were born unto them. And the word here in its proper translation should be Nephilin ---as they saw the daughters of men that were fair, and they took themselves wives of those which they chose. In your King James Version, it says that the 'Sons of God' saw the daughters of men, who where fair and they took wives of all of those whom they chose. But the word Nephilin belongs to a very definite group of people. They were a type of the Angelic hosts who did not retain their first estate. They were the byproduct of a war, a rebellion of an Archangel and his hosts against the Most High God in outer space in the ancient ages of antiquity. The results was that defeated by Michael the archangel and the hosts of heaven, while you as a spectator were with the father before the world was framed, that these defeated hosts were driven into our solar system and eventually to earth. That these individuals did not stay in any astral aspect, but in their embodiment in the earth they also chose to identify themselves with the races of earth and to intermingle with them. And especially was this true with your race when it was placed in earth as the Adamic race, which was the household of the Most High God, for Adam was the son of God. (Luke 3 --last verse) The Adamic race was the transplanting of God's family from heaven to earth to accomplish the building of His Kingdom. Thus it was that the growth of your race meant a challenge to the powers of Lucifer. And by the time of the advent of your race into the world he had already taken over with complete control all of the races of people on the face of the earth. They were serving the fallen demons that had come with him, those that were no longer Angelic hosts They were serving strange monstrosities and gods that were not gods. And with him had come of the transplanting of some of the races he had gathered in space. Among them of course were Negroes who were placed in his great space fleets, as axmen and swords men according to the book of Enoch. And after defeat were scattered in the earth for the first time.

We note that some of them dwelt in Africa and some of them in the isles of the sea, and some in the areas of South American countries these were the placing of the scattering. The ancient records tell of another Angel who fell with Lucifer but who was subordinate to him. This one for a time thought he could take over, and his name was Voo Doos, and he served another fallen Angel called Beelzebub who had become captain of Lucifer's hosts in the earth. And the result of this conflict for power as the thieves fell out, then came the worship called Voodooism for the African hosts. Beelzebub was confined to the Netherworld by Lucifer because he had attempted to overthrow Lucifer himself. So you see that fallen Angels who had rebelled against God had started to fight for the spoils of earth after they arrived here. And Lucifer who was an Archangel, triumphed over them, and placed each one of his rebellious subjects in their proper place. However in this same instance we point out to you that their occupation of earth, and their mutations, created a lot of strange things. Both in historic law and the religious laws and patterns and traditions of these people. For they had certain monstrosities which they elevated to positions of deity, the results sometimes of Bestiality, many times satanically induced by false worship and by these fallen Angels themselves. I think it is an interesting study when one studies the content of ancient records, that in the comparison of man, the image of the Angelic being ran from 26 to 35 feet in height according to his order. Some of these were great Angels and their destiny was to serve the household of God, but when in rebellion they were rebellious Angels but still subject to the God of the heavens who had ultimately promised that they would bow the knee. And the day will come when they shall worship at your feet. Because you are of the household of the Father and he shall make known thru out the Universe that he has loved you.

Now; strangely enough even tho these beings had the ability to take on a more comparable sized body, and sought to intermingle with the people of earth, and described in the scripture as a great violation of divine law. If you were to go home and read the book of Jude, you would find that this book of Jude talks about how these angels did not keep their first estate, and went after the strange flesh of earth, by intermingling with the people of earth. And these, many of them were destroyed by what happened to these people of earth, and many of them were bottled up in the Netherworld in areas of darkness until the climax of the age. You are also told by Enoch that watcher Angels were sent down to keep these beings bottled up in the Netherworld, lest they come forth and wreck havoc upon the earth. But the records of this in the writings of Enoch and other sacred writings refer also to spots far up in Asia which incorporated in the texts of the people of Ancient China, and in the steppes such as the area of the Gobi desert where a great city once existed, and it talks about the gateway and the watchers, who kept these monsters and powerful angel devils within.

Remember that Asia worshiped devils, remember that most of the systems of religion in Asia from the Steppes, from Lassa and all the way to the steppes of China, and even interwoven in Buddhism is this instance of these devils who came down out of the blue sky. And if you want evidence that these deities to these people were devils you just come and take a look at these devil gods that they served. In fact the gods that they fear and serve in Asia have the most terrible gargoyle like faces, and a most hideous pattern. And since these then worshiped what they perceived, then you can understand the hideousness of the demonic powers they recognized.

Lloyd Thomas had some experiences in China with their Demon gods and in this service which he referred to he saw the very embodiment of demon power manifested among these worshipers. The fact remains that demon forces are not tied to idle tales. Lots of the times in our modern and sophisticated world, when you look at the things which we have created, and the very jungle we live in, and we see this height in steel and in architecture, and we behold the modern freeways....and the towers of our massive T.V. and radio stations, and the technology of our society and we get that superior aspect which comes upon a people and they say we have made all of this. And we are not about to be disturbed by anything which comes out of the traditions and tales from the people from around the world, about monsters or devils or strange people who do not exist today. And of course that is the thinking of the people today that they do not exist and actually never did exist. But there is lots of evidence today to prove that is wrong.

I point out to you then that the book of Genesis points out the conditions then at the time of the period of the flood. But of course in the upper Tarim Basin and the areas north of Turkestan, and what was known as up in the area as the birthplace of civilization...actually this was the place where the Sethites dwelt and where Noah and his family lived, altho some of the Sethites had already migrated down to the Persian gulf and on down to Oruselum, the site from which came Enoch and Job. For they were living in this land of Oruselum long before they went down to the land of Egypt to build the great monuments to their God...the great Temple of Zendera and the Great Pyramid and other things of their design and this was a part of their purpose.

I think it is a significant thing that going into these records that this tremendous center of the white man, and unaware that beneath this great shelf here was a tremendous sea. Under this Tarim Basin was virtually an inland ocean, covered over by this tract of land and surrounded by the high mountains. In fact this is the area where these unassimilatable people, these Nephilim forces, in order to serve the power of Lucifer, moved in and said we are going to marry or we are going to devour this race, one or the other.

I think it is interesting from some of the records of ancient China or other texts on their traditions, as well as the scriptures tell us that therefore these people as they seized and started to intermingle with men, or the Adamites, that as they seized the daughters of the Adamites, the children born unto them as they grew up, many of them were monsters. They grew up to be 26 to 30 foot tall. Why was that? Well you had mutated a fallen angelic host with people of earth, or this Adamic race.

Now; this was a forced condition, and the Adamites were captives in most instances and the results these Giants. There is a biological law which is involved, and is one of the great mysteries of mitosis. This is a strange factor which is an affinity with the cells, putting in the characteristics of the Chromogins of both the father and the mother. And when splitting them in the genes determining the characteristics of both the father and the mother, in this child by this process of Mitosis. But the energy which keeps growing those spindle fibers and dividing those cells, and carrying out this relationship to life is one of the mysteries that any medical scientists will admit is a mystery. But now you have people whose energy heights was 26 to 30 feet, and they were dealing with people from five to six feet in heights and the existing pattern was Giants in the land, in those days at the completed growth of these offspring. And these Giants were evil. And it tells us in the six chapter of Genesis that after this there were Giants in the earth in those days, after this intermingling of the Nephilin with the daughters of men. Many of these monsters became famous in history thru out the world, monsters or Giants.

In fact it was not to many years ago that a little after the turn of the century, an archaeologist Dr. Footer from America used to have his Palestine exhibit here on Alexander street. He was known as the Ark explorer and he was in the ancient city of Petra, was one of the first men to photograph the ancient city of Petra, and these pictures showed that this was a city of the giants. I have many photographs out of Petra in which the tables at which they sat could not be reached by the chin of the average man today. You could hardly reach the window sills of their great houses carved out of the solid rock. This the city of Giants, of the offspring of the Nephilin, of the cursed of the earth. There were two kinds of Giants we are told by the ancient Cabal. Do not for a moment think this is talking about the ancient volume that the Jews perverted, and changed for their own use, for they changed every sacred record that they ever got their hands on. But at that time there were records of Lucifer and his fallen angels and as they came into earth they went into two different directions. Some of them produced Monsters in genius and courage, and others produced monsters in body and mind. So you have these two different types of monsters. One of them brilliant and cunning, and propagating a people who were evil, and the other mighty Giants who were brutish in their capacities, but violent in their being. We are also told that they fell upon people and devoured and ate them. They were devouring human flesh. That long before the days of Babylon that chief among these hosts of these monster giants, was one called Baalie. And the word Baal is only the carrying down of these ancient gods and declarations of these monsters. In fact one of the old words that we have today, for priest or leader, whether it was of any kind of religion was the word Canon. In fact the Christian church should never use the word cannon for any of its clergy, because the first use of this word cannon was by the devil gods of this evil worship. The offspring of the fallen Angels were called Canon, and they were the Canons of Baal. And Baalie was the great monster ruler with power in the earth. And set up in every country was one of these deified monsters and he was called Baalie. The original tremendous idol like beings, many times changed to the serene fat, smiling Buddhas all over India come from the images of the monster Baalies set up over there ages ago. This was true long before the Buddha broke out of jail and they started the Buddhist religion which was late in the religious history. The patterns was that these great Gottmas set around upon the mountains, and these the people of Asia were told that they must worship and serve these Gottmas which were the images of this monster Baalie God. Did you ever hear the word Cannibal, which comes from Canna-bail, because these priests of Baal ate human flesh? Therefore when they talked about him devouring human flesh they called him a Canna Baal because he was a priest of Baal.

I think some of these preachers who go around talking of whether or not something was canonized, are just admitting that they inherited a Baalim tradition.

I point out to you then that the scripture says that there were giants on the earth in those days. They were thus the result of this situation and many of them became renown. Those names have been scattered thru out Asia under a multitude of identifications. And a number of those names were even thrown into our own mythology and have affected our own civilization. In the days of the early Greeks and the Phoenicians they picked up the names and translated them into Greek and many of them then ended up in mythology and you find them today in the background of ancient mythology. This is also true in ancient India and in Egypt and altho Egypt had more of a direct source of history as to the things which had passed from a departed world for the days of the sinking of continents beneath the waters, in those days when continents went down, and from there bridging it into a new creation in which these people from ancient Atlantis finally settled into the Nile river basin in Egypt and then tell of how eventually there came white men into Egypt and they erected the ancient city of On, and the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx. And all of this was from the days of the ancient Egyptians prophecies before they made their migration to the Nile delta in the days of the great catastrophe.

I think it is rather significant then that we find that in the days of Noah, one of the designs of the Luciferians was to mongrelize or devour the white race. And the older texts not obscured by anyone seeking to obscure it, for the older text said;--And God beheld that these beings were evil continually, and sought the destruction of his race. So God said;--I will destroy them that are in the earth, and I will destroy all who have become enamored of them. For they have taught the multitude to err, and polluted them with the flesh of earth. This meant that they were trying to mix the Adamites and the Negroes and they were doing in fact just what Mr. Kennedy and his brother are trying to do today. The scripture says here that 'God repented man.'

Now; this is a fallacy for God never repented of anything for he knew everything from the beginning --and there is nothing new under the sun. The actual word relates to God's determination. And God said; whereas my question--why has thou done this--I have foreknown this course but I have permitted evil to demonstrate it, so that I might elevate my sons and subdue it. And this phrasing was boxed up into a word used here as repented.

So God said I will do this;--I will destroy this monstrous thing, I will wipe out these Giants in this area and this polluted bunch, I shall send a catastrophe upon them and shall now determine who shall have a right to survive. I will announce to Noah whose family is still pure, my intent to destroy this area. For those who lack the capacity to understand as to what Noah and his sons say have already been mutated until unable to carry on trait. Well that is very capable understanding by the Most High of those people round about. And that is why in the days when Noah built that great ship up there on that high mountain plateau that there was nothing quite as irresponsible to these people and it just point out human evaluation if you did not know what was going to happen. For when Noah told them that they were violating law and to stop what they were doing, and that they should get ready for a catastrophe was about to happen it looked like it was physically impossible. They did not know that their land like a lot of our ocean side out here has an ocean way deep underneath it. That there were ribs here and there holding it up but if God were to shake this thing mightily it would crumble an fall into the sea.

Well the fact is that they did not know this and when Noah went to work on this divine architecture, and started to load it and to bring all things in that was supposed to go in the ship, they still had an opportunity. But this proved that they lacked the capacity of understanding and it says that they were involved in reverie of all of this pagan worship. And you will note that the process was that they were eating and drinking and giving in marriage in full revelry, in mongrelization, integration, and the attempted collapse of your race. Of course this was not all of the portions of your race, for already those who would bring Enoch and Job had gone on before in their migrations down to the Persian Gulf and then on. And some of your ancient forefathers had crossed the Steppes and always they watched the sun, moon and stars anticipating times, and measures of things which were to come.

We are told here that the day came and the heavens let down its waters, and it began to rain. And simultaneously with this low atmospheric condition, and patterns of alignment there came a great earthquake and this whole area then discovered the fountains of the deep as their earth collapsed and fell in. And immediately the Ark was floating and all of this evil was swallowed up there in this high Tarim basin. The storms continued and the rain came down until finally it was ended and then a great earthquake let the waters out of that high mountain basin at both ends. And the records are to be found today of the archaeological expeditions into that area to find the remnants of old civilizations on the floor of the old Tarium basin where it took some years for all of this water to subside. The first of the waters rushed down the Whang Ho river of China and on the other end down into the land of Mesopotamia, after that great earthquake split open that great cataract in that rim of the great basin. This is the story of the Tarium Basin flood. Thus, it was sufficient at that time for it wiped out a lot of these Giants. Not all of them, because some of these production factors were scattered thru out the earth. Some were over in Asia and some down in Africa.

Now; someone said but what has this to do with us here in this period of time in which we live? Well it is important to know that these offsprings were one of the markings of the time in the day when Noah lived. So I point out to you that over here in the statements of Jesus, that Matthew records as Christ is talking about the time in which we live. We are at the other end of a long period of time when the program was to mongrelize your race and end it---wipe it out. You see for all of these thousands of years, the master plan of the enemy had to be to deface and destroy your separate a people from the earth who worshiped the one true God. To destroy their posterity so that they could not occupy the earth. Thus we are told that as we come up to the end of the age, that the powers of Darkness, that this Mystery Babylon would attempt on the part of the sons and daughters of Lucifer a one world government, a system of power that would seek also to bring about the total mongrelization of your society. They would seek to conquer your nations with hoards on the outside and fifth columns on the inside, and this would be at an historic time when there was great trouble upon the earth. There would be false Christs who would rise up as pagan leaders. And the scripture says it shall be at that time as it was in the days of Noah. So shall it be at the climax of this age, and at the day of the coming of the embodiment of God. Or the coming of the 'son of man' which actually signified the embodiment of God, or YAHSHUA, or the one you know as Christ.

Someone said;--surely you do not believe in the bodily return of Christ, that is just a superstition of the Church. Let me tell you, if your Methodist, Baptist, or Episcopal pastor in the past has told you that the return of Christ is just a superstition of the church, that just shows you what a mental degeneration has taken place inside of the church, from lack of knowledge. I tell you that whatsoever Christ said he would do, then that he will do. Don't be so conceited that you think we are so smart that we can keep God from returning when he wants to. In fact if we were real wise, we would say---come quickly Lord Jesus. I am thoroughly convinced that we need him and it would be better to have him come in and replace some of the leaders that we do have now than to continue in this direction that we are going. In fact I do not know anything better for the world than for Christ to come in an establish his kingdom, and the more absolute the better.

I point out to you then this---'As it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be in the days of the coming of the Son of man'. So how was it in the days of Noah? And what is wrong with eating and drinking, and giving in marriage? Nothing wrong with this, but there is a lot wrong with eating and drinking and giving in marriage as they did in the days of Noah. There is a lot wrong with whites marrying Asiatics, and Whites marrying Negroes, with demon powers moving in, or the marrying of Jews, which is about as bad as you can get. This Negro Jew combination is the fastest way to degenerate the Negro. They are talking now about crossing the Negro with the Orangutans, and that will cause another degeneration the degeneration of the Orangutan. At least a retarded one.

Let me tell you that you are in an hour when the powers of darkness have designed the final destruction of your race. So do not make any mistake. This is by plan and design. They have moved and sat together in their upper room of strategy calling for the breaking down of your laws and seeking to substitute for truth this phoney Jew Complex by misinterpreting passages of scripture and under the pressure of Clergy who are under their control. I tell you that the reason why you have had brainwashed clergy is because you have not had spirit filled clergy. I tell you that today we are going down a road, because so many people are following their clergy, is because these men have never heard from heaven because they have never known how to contact it. I point out that this is why the scripture says that you have a famine. Not a famine of bread in your land, it is because this is a famine of the Word of God. It also means that the people of God are to hear and that they are to come out of their sleep and do the tasks which he placed them in the earth to do.

But I want to call to your attention that these things we see as marking the day of the LORD. And this day is the reentry of God into the physical affairs, to lead his victorious race to the climax of his purpose. He points out that the hoards of Asia will be gathering and the hoards of Africa will be stirred up and the Russias will be one of the focusing points for this irritation of trouble that is being hurled against you. We are told that Satan's own children run the fifth column of this mysterious city, called Great Babylon, and actually they stir the whole world order up against you. This is why Jesus pointed out that Babylon was thy merchant, with the multitude of his wares, but he was the same one that was guilty of all of the blood of the prophets, all of the way down from Abel to Zacharias, killed between the horns of the altar. So when Christ gave this definition in the book of Matthew, what he is trying to tell you is that Jewry is directing the war on the inside against you as well as on the outside. And that they are behind the setting up of this World Government program, this United Nations, to deceive you and then deliver you bound to their world dominion. The only thing is, you have to read the rest of the book which shows the forces of heaven and the powers of God raising up a mighty kingdom to smash this thing until there is not a Jew left in these United States of America or any other Christian nation and we finish this job.

Let me point out then that there is something else. As it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be in the days of the coming of 'the son of man.' Someone said then we may have some monster geniuses. And you do. For there is no doubt of this, an unprecedented amount of evil geniuses. Oh, you say, we do not have any Giants in the lands in these days. ---You don't? --I am going to tell you that phenomena in the last ten years has been increasing with unprecedented evidence that something strange is happening on the earth. I do not have to interpret it, I am just going to report it. For over the last 20 years we have seen more and more of the manifestation of strange things. But since WWII, unprecedented ones. I have in my hands a book by the famous Anderson, the Naturalist, in which he writes about scientists traveling all over the earth looking for the abominable snow man over in the Himalayas. But he also writes of monsters living in California in Humboldt county, and in the Trinity Alps, and in areas behind the San Berdino forests. These conditions are showing up right here in California, while they are also showing up in South America and even in the mountain ranges of Mexico. Oh, you say, I do not believe that. Well, I have no reason to doubt that this responsible scientist is recording something that is an accurate phenomena. Because I have a clipping that goes back to 1958 in my files, and this clipping was reprinted. It came from scientists and was printed in the Los Angeles Examiner...The Herald Express which was its name at that time, carried this.

Now; this happened no November 9th, in 1958. The man was Charley Wetsel and he was on his way home. And as he was driving down the freeway, a monster came upon him. And he said the man was 26 to 30 foot tall and had a hideous face. He said, as other cars saw him, they switched to stop, and one car banged into another. And he, in great fear, backed up. And then he went straight forward and bumped into the thing as it stepped back. He looked back to see it step over into the Santa Anna riverbed. He reported this to the police and they investigated it. And this was the report. Then in the next few days---it was reported in Bell Garden that one woman was out in her back yard hanging out clothes in the semi-darkness. And suddenly, it was as tho a telephone pole had put its foot down beside her, and she looked up, and here was this monster man with one foot in her yard and one foot in the next yard. She in fear, ran in the house and reported this. But when the police came, he had gone away. But here was the depressions of the foot mark. Several people reported sighting this thing, but the police thought the people surely had too much to drink, for this surely could not have taken place.

Up in the areas around Humboldt County, and around there, came reports from lumbermen of finding footprints of from 17 to 26 inches long. That is a pretty good sized fellow, and that is about as big as Paul Bunyan. The only thing is this thing was not made out of wood, it was walking around. More than that, they found some smaller ones from 12 inches up to 17 inches. So there must have been little ones going along with the big ones.

Now we realize that from the Pristine time until this, there have been the reports of large creatures. But for any of them to have survived from that time to this is doubtful, or to have survived without observation would be a curious feat and not quite possible. But we don't have to go back that far to find that there were Giants in the land in the days of Noah...when there were giants in Petra. And then come on the other side of the flood...and there were Giants in the land in the days of Moses. When Moses was being sent over into Canaan land, and if you were a student of history, you will remember that this Canaan land was once the land of Ur Oruselum which was occupied by the parents of Enoch and Job, who lived at the same time and had great herds of sheep and cattle. And one of them a savant was carried into the heavens and came back and wrote the book of Enoch. And when these men went down into Egypt to build that great city of On, and to set up the great measuring instrument of all times, and to fulfill the building of this pillar unto the LORD in the land of Egypt. . . hill country Canaanites and Akkods whose history goes back to the line which Cain married into. . . descended down upon that ancient White city, defenseless and not military. And they conquered that city. And there were giants among them at that time. And they set up the city of Ai in that ancient land now known as Palestine. But they named it Canaan land because they were Canaanites. If you will go back to what God told Moses after he led the Children of Israel out of Egypt, you will note that he was going to give them back a land---GIVE THEM BACK A LAND. The land that he showed them was the land promised to their fathers. And the land which he showed them that they were going to be led into, was Canaan land. And when the people got up to that land, they said;---look at those Giants walking around over there. So they sent spies into the land, and they found out that a race of Giants ruled over a smaller people. So they murmured, saying, we can't take that land...look at those fellows. They are too big. So God said;--I said I would give you the land, but since you have no faith, you will die in the wilderness. But your children will get into the land. This is why we have the records that it was Joshua and his army that was sent to take the land.

You remember how God told him to march around Jericho seven times, and then he would let the walls of the city fall. And they were to move in this thing with the power of God for victory, even tho their armies were virtually outnumbered and the power of the Giants would be great. But God promised them a victory. Do you know that you can get in touch with the British museum and get in touch with the research done in that land, and you will discover that the kings of Ai and of Jericho were monstrous Giants and their head was 26 inches long? That they beheaded their kings and buried them in jars made out of baked clay. And they always put away the heads of their kings in these separate jars. And archaeologists have some of these jars with those heads of 26 inches. More than that, the evidence that they were ruled over by Giants, is now a matter of history, and is even talked about by the Sumerians of today. They also talk about the Chaos monster which was another name for Lucifer, and how the offspring of some of those who came with him, and how his offspring were mighty and great. I point out to you that this inassimilable offspring were talked about at that time, and that is not so far back. We are getting into a period 1500 years before Christ. And there are still Giants in the land.

Well the significant thing is, that Wilkens and those other explorers, who have been doing work in South America and looking over the evidence of the Andes, and they found the great cavern systems of the Andes mountains. In fact, the large part of the Inca were discovered to have entered into a cavern system and disappeared into the inner earth. This is open history and tradition in South America. And it is reported that Giants would come out into the sun, and they were seen walking in the Andes mountains. Men like Wilkens, went deep into the jungles of South America and some of the most unexplored land of earth today, is still in South America. In the Matta Grossa the Indians talk about these men three times taller than their Indian warriors. They talk of how these men are three times the height of their people and they stalk the earth at night. Someone said is that superstition? Well that might be. But the scientists down there found footprints 25 inches in length.

Now; as we are talking about these things we have talked about the fact that the San Gabriel mountains are also mentioned as having discovered large footprints. I happen to have here about 24 pages dealing with Humboldt County, the Trinity Alps and over by Weaverville, where sightings have been made by lumbermen, and one great TG9(a truck or logging equipment of some kind) was turned over by one of these monsters just like you would turn over a spool. And the result was that some of the men quit their work, and some of these lumber companies whose names I have here, said that their crews would not work in the woods while there were things like this around. You say, why don't they just go in and get them? Well, when they hunt of them, they never find them. You say, what do I think they are? I think my friends, that they are nothing more nor less than the offspring of Nephilin. I don't know whether they just bred up a new parcel of them, but these mountains around here are capable.

Strange as it might seem, in these unique patterns which have shown up---I am just reporting to you without all of the measures that 31 sightings of monster men in the mountains of Europe and in the mountains of the West, and in the North West, as well as in South America and over in Asia, are not, my friends, a coincidence. Except in the measures of time, we find that there were giants in those days, and now suddenly, we find that there are Giants in ours.

Now; there are some mysterious passages over here in the book of Revelation and we might call your attention to them. One of those passages is over here in the book of Revelations about the climax of the hour. The fifth Angel fulfills his responsibilities and out of the Inner earth, or the bottomless pit, out of its great cavern systems, emerges a great hoard of beings. These beings are to participate in this final struggle, but they are not good, for they serve the inner darkness, and in compatition for this, the hosts of heaven join you to protect you from these evil forces. We are told that there is a king over them and they even have flying objects, which go forth to work against the people of earth. And it tells you here that the king over them, in the Hebrew tongue--his name is Abaddon and in the Greek it is Appolyon, which means he is the king of the bottomless pit...or in fact, he is Lucifer, or his embodied master.

Now; the scripture tells us that only in the latter days, do they come out from whence they have been kept thru out all of these years. But not to come out to make you the prey, altho this is their design. For God promises a great victory at this time, with the powers and the forces of righteousness on your side. I think it is a significant thing, also that in the old text, is the word incubi. And these are the offspring of these forces which have intermingled with human beings who have a face of no character. And we are told that the face is of an evil bird. Also, this same word is applied to Judas of Iscariot. And when Jesus said to these Jews;--Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do, he was a liar and a murderer in the beginning....He identifies them as the identifiable offspring of Lucifer who now in their size and capacity are doing a conspiratorial evil against God's kingdom. So this whole United Nations conspiratorial government idea is a conspiracy against the nations of Christendom and of God's kingdom. And their purpose or design is to subordinate you and your flag to their service. It is your responsibility to determine who they are and when they masquerade among you, then they are your merchants.

Now; this does not mean that you be leery of every merchant, but be leery of every one of them that has that six pointed star hanging out in front. And they do finance the programs of the darkness. Does it not only occur to you that one of the most important things you could do is to preserve the sanctity of your race, to preserve its purity, to keep our race pure, and keep it from being mutated? And keep the spiritual perception from being in any way injured, by seeking to have this race preserved---and the policies of your forefathers and the immigration policies, and your perception of your race was all in line with the purposes of God.

The President of the United States came out with a strange statement this past week. He said that one of the great catastrophes was that without any rhyme or reason or purpose, the immigration people had set a quota of only 92,000 people, but only from the northern parts of Europe, and western European countries. That this was a discriminatory practice with no rhyme or reason or purpose. For we were to let 92,000 people into the united States, but they all had to be White and Nordic. Well that is the best rhyme, reason and purpose that I ever heard of. But we have let so many of these monsters come in with evil in their heads and they have concentrated around the President until they have virtually hypnotized and mutated his intelligence. So this last week the President of these United States, (and I am quoting the L.A. Times which I have here in my hands.) The President said;--we have to make some changes here, for the terrible thing is that we are to let 92,000 people come into the United States and these visas went to all of the white nations and we only used 32,000 them so we have 60,000 left. So we will knock out this and extend the quota to 164,000 and extend the visas to all of the world. From Africa or Asia, we don't care. Let them come in. We must use up these quotas. But if we were real smart, we would just say that we don't need a quota. We wouldn't let anyone in who did not look like your grandmother or grandfather. We would close the doors of our nation to anyone but a similatable society of white and Christian.

One of the Christian leaders from back east, was out here and was speaking in Los Angeles this morning, and there is an article in the Los Angeles Times today. I think this is how far down the road to Lunacy that they can go. And this man said;---a crash program must take place at once, integrate the churches. And he said that there is no greater experience than this fusing of the people together. He said, I share my apartment and my bedroom with a Negro. This is an Episcopal Bishop. Well we have funny people like that here in California to. I guess Hollywood has more than its share. He said the thing we must do right now is teach these awful Christians the Myth of their white God, of a white race, and a white mankind. He said this myth of the white God must be smashed right now by the church. We must get rid of all violations in employment and we must put white clergymen over all Negro churches, and Negroes over white churches. I would just as soon listen to any Witch doctor as any Negro Clergyman. Because today these fellows are not speaking out except in every extreme minority case. But he wants a smash program of the integrations of the churches right here in Los Angeles and thru out the nation. He said if you do not take them into your churches and into your homes, you are not practicing what you preach, for we have to accomplish this thing. The strategy is pretty simple. They want to mongrelize the race. They want to end your race and end up with a one world which the devil has been trying to put over ever since your race arrived. So we turn back to the President who said;--so I can change America in the next five years, having no quota and letting them come in from Africa and Asia and all over. If the United States congress passes that, we should impeach every man who votes for it, and we should stand on our coasts and see that they do not land. In this strange strategy today, these same monsters who are today embodied in the same height body that you have, are no less dangerous than the monsters who sought to devour your race in the days of Noah, by consuming their bodies in a cannibal manner. There has been a continuing process among these cunning monsters with their ritual murder. I point out to you that in this hour that you are in the latter days. I think if there is anything significant at this sighting of the monsters, it is this. It means that we are in the actual duplication of time, which God told us would mark the end of the age, the Pyramid measure, the sky measure of the sign of the 'son of man' in the heavens in the configuration in the heavens of last year. We have the symbol everywhere of strange sightings, as you also have read the towns that reported the Sutton monster when a large object came out of the sky, and landed on a hill, and the people saw this and went out to see what was taking place, and they called the sheriff and a great monster stood there, illuminated by the strange glowing of his craft. They saw this strange monster standing there 26 feet high and a strange odor came from it and people ran in fear. And as the sheriffs cars arrived at the scene there in Virginia, they were just in time to see this molten object take off and go away. And they went up on the hill, and here were the impressions and the footprints. You say, can this be substantiated?

Yes, this is one of those strange reports of flying objects, and when identified by witnesses and a burned spot on the ground and footprints, then something had been there on that ground. Something had stood on that hill looking down on the people. Do I think this came in from outside? No, I think it came from inner earth---inside out. I think this is what the book of Revelations is talking about, that some of these forces would be joining their companions, and serving Lucifer in this climactic hour. These forces do not worry me. I am not here and now, as worried about these who just appear on the earth as I am about those who are here and surround our statesmen. God will have to take care of the situation which I cannot answer, but you and I are responsible for taking care of something which we could do something about. Someone said the other day that it is important that we do away forever, silence them forever, these churches which protest what we must do today to bring the world together. I listened to a report of a Methodist minister in his Methodist church in Glendale, as he said something rather unique to his congregation. He said someone came in here and put some terrible hate literature down in the church. He did not know who it was, but this literature said----Why we should keep Glendale white. He said, I took down the phone and called Rabbi Simons and told him all about it and who did it.

You know, if I was a Methodist, I would be ashamed of myself, and I would move. I wouldn't move out of the town, I would move out of the church. Why would a Methodist minister call Rabbi Simon to tell him that someone was intelligent enough to think that you should keep Glendale white? Because that minister knew that the Rabbi was behind all of the Negro trouble. And that is the headquarters to report to?

I tell you we have too many ministers reporting to Rabbis right now. Someone said;--is this hate? I hate the enemies of my God. And my bible tells me to hate the enemies of my God with a perfect hatred. But that does not stir me up too individually or personally. I look upon him as a creature of his own origin, and the origin of his father. But I am determined that we shall not let this thing destroy us. Someone says we have to stop this message, for it is opposing God. Just as God raised up your race to oppose the darkness, He sent Joshua in as a Giant killer. All of the patterns and folklore of your race, as it has been carried down, is tied to tradition. I tell you that we need a lot of mighty men of today to show up these cunning geniuses of evil today. That is the kind of Giant killers we need in this country today. When a patriots says, Dr. Swift, I am with you in purpose, I am with all of the 'right wing' movement, but I am afraid of the power of all of these Jews. I need their support so they won’t cut out all of the raw materials I need in my business so I can support my family. When the backer says that they will cut off flour and the printer says they will cut off the paper, that they control the major paper businesses in town and I do not care to identify myself with the thing I believe. . . then I think it is time to admit that we have arrived at the time when we should make known the things which are wrong, and make sure they do not happen. You know the time when a big paper company in a town cuts off the paper from a printer because he is a patriot, it is time we saw that the whole town knew what that company did. I think it is time the whole community knew what and who was behind the trouble. And when they seek to put this over by propaganda or by the Media, and get you to accept this by mass repetition, it is time white Christians boycott every product advertised on a T.V. show that puts over propaganda to mongrelize our race. All of this propaganda being put over is nothing more than that which would destroy the real values of "thus saith the LORD.” When your character is held up and they try to make a monster out of you while they try to make it look good that which they are exploiting.

Now; we are exporting these ideas all over Europe with a new dialogue. I just point this out. I just mention this as one program among many. I think the time has come for militant Christians to notify producers and say---you sponsor this rubbish and we are not going to buy another bit of your goods. Oh, you say that won't do any good. Well by the time the first thousand letters arrive, you will see that it will do a lot of good. Oh, you say, but we need the goods. But actually you do not. I tell you that the time to buy Christian and sell Christian is so fast dawning that one of these days the biggest break in business in going to be for those who are the enemies of Christ who are trying to sell this kind of evil. There were Giants in the land in those days and there are still some in the land today.

I point out to you that scientific research is being done today by anthropologists who are firmly convinced that some strange things are taking place. Some go so far as to wonder if there was not some area where they could have been kept in some kind of animation. Or whether there was an area under recent conditions with earthquakes, which has been opened up, wherein they had been sustained in caverns with water and with food. You don't have to speculate on it, for we don't know where Lucifer has had them all of this time. But I know that we have arrived at the time when it is time for every Christian to wake up and get ready to fight the battle of Armageddon.

Last year high up on the Kings River in the Sierras, a group of fishermen looked up over a group of willows which reached up over 16 or 17 feet and they saw the head of a large creature looking at them. They were to frightened to go back to their camp, and they high tailed it for the nearest timber which is understandable. And they reported this thing. And when they went back, they found the large bare footprints of a large man. This is why the newspapers up in Fresno county and around that area, are talking about, saying that Big Foot of northern California has shown up here. And then they related this to the same thing that is being found out in the wilderness areas of the San Berdino mountains, I want you to know that these are only marks in time to let you know that you have moved into a climactic era, in human history. This week we have watched the climax of another infamy, as we watched in the development of nuclear weapons that you bound yourselves with a treaty with the enemy. This is to lead to the banning of all nuclear weapons and the transfer of all of them over into the hands of the United Nations. This is why in the book of Isaiah in the 28th., chapter, that God says your covenant with death and with hell that 'I will disannul.’ For what you have done is that you have made a treaty with death and with hell to keep the scourge of his army from coming over you. And you have made lies and falsehoods your refuge. So I think that is just as clear as you could outline this treaty. God says if you ratify this treaty, the scourge will come suddenly when they think that you are disarmed. And I am going to have to smash the whole thing with hail stones of great size and power. And those hail stones of today are the bombs which Ezekiel says that the United Nations will be building itself before this is over.

I point out, that you have arrived in the time and in the era. There are many objectives which men say they would like to get done. They say if we could get this done, we could straighten this out in 25 years. But they do not have 25 years to get this done. You don't have 25 years to save America and to wake up the white man. You don't have 25 years to bind the darkness. For there is just a very short time to crystallize America, to awaken the people, and tell the President, tell your Representatives, what they are going to do, or they are not going back. If you do not follow these teachings of your God, you are going to see the last of your flag and of your nation, and the last of your freedom. But God says, I am not going to let this happen, for the family name, and the family honor, if I have to stick pins in all of you. Oh, you say, God does not say that. Well, he sent the hornets after one fellow to make him do what he wanted him to do. He said he is going to sent the chastisement and the overpowering scourge against you. This is already starting to move. It is heading for Washington, and is parading in the streets of your city. You can't seem to appease them, but it will awaken you out of your sleep. So don't worry about some big monster looking in your window, altho it could happen. But chances are, it will be somebody else window. That is where the law of averages comes in when you go to sleep in a strange hour like this. I can tell you that there are some areas up in northern California when they peak out at every strange noise.

So we are living in a climactic hour ‘as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be in the days of the coming of the son of man.' It was not long back when they saw a large lizard flying over the jungle in South America telling us that it is not so long since the dark ages. So don't be surprised at anything which occurs at this time. After all, we have had a lot of things coming in out of space. So don't think we haven't. Just because there is a strange policy in your nation to say we didn't see it, so it didn't happen does not stop the thousands of observations that are taking place all of the time. We don’t go along with thousands of tax-exempt organizations that tell of some strange phenomena, that no one sees or knows anything about. But I am going to tell you this. That there is an unprecedented among of sightings taking place all of the time by scientists, by observers of the sky, of ships and vehicles which have nothing to do with earth. In fact, this last week we are told that we are making a strange ship to probe that strange satellite going around Mars. This is only 500 to 800 miles off the surface of Mars, and at times only 300 miles. They say that this is a mechanical island and about five miles in diameter, and it had to have been created by intelligent beings, and we suspect that they might have been men. I don't know what all they tell you, but I know that any intelligent being who walks upright is a man, or an Angel. And he belongs to the hosts of God's kingdom and they have the same aspect except for the Archangels and their followers. So apparently, they believe that there is a mechanical island going around Mars. And you are preparing to probe this. Someone said, so you don’t think this is possible? Well, I am not so foolish to think that we are the only ones in God's whole Universe, who have intelligence enough to put satellites around a planet. I don't think that with so many trillion suns out there that this is the only place visible to the normal eye with the natural lenses. I don't think that with 126 trillion suns and their solar systems that this is the only spot by any means by which men are flying thru the sky or have vessels that move thru space. But with all of the powers of darkness being correlated today for a victory in earth, and the Almighty God saying he is going to correlate all of heaven for this victory in the earth. That he is going to sound his call to the four corners of the heaven to summon his Elect, and he will gather his people in earth and we will be a great and mighty resistant army, and we are going to overthrow this power of darkness in every nation of God's kingdom.

In fact there is more evidence every day. In fact we do not have the time or the inclination at this time, but I want you to know that we are very sure of the eminence of divine intervention. I want you to know that we have looked upon and witnessed that unprecedented forces are standing by. And I challenge you tonight, being God's people to rise up and do your part in fulfilling God's instructions, and he will keep that covenant made with your fathers for the most devastating and dazzling demonstration the world has ever seen. You are standing at the edge of such a day. Yes, there are Giants in the land in some of the high mountains and it will just take a little heavier caliber next time. But let me tell you something, for you are in the last days. It might be wise for Christians living in the United States, to be sure they have adequate calibers to defend their houses as well. And I am going to tell you that any white man who will not defend his house is worse than an infidel. You are responsible for the defense of your houses from people who have reverted to savages who will rape, or murder to follow out the orders of their demigods. An unprecedented among of literature comes from us each week from all over the nation and they are correlated and filed each week. If you could read the many accounts to crush, destroy and ruin that is coming out of this cannibal force which has the veneer of civilization rolled off of them by demagogues and Witchdoctors you would realize that some changes have taken place in America, and they are turning our cities into concrete jungles. Out of it comes this realization that the God of the ages walked the earth and HE is called your Father, and HE begat you in the beginning. He said, ‘I have an appointment with you, a covenant that I intend to keep in the midst of all of this hostility, in the midst of all of these situations, I have promised you victory. I am going to stir up to achieve it, and I am going to join you in that hour of need.’ And that is worth it all. You did not come from a race of weaklings. The standards are on the walls in a thousand homes, a thousand castles and a thousand generations make the call of a people who have a destiny. If you started to measure the patterns of time and look forward into the course that God has marked for you ahead, 30 thousand years from now, your race is still going to carry the standard of race and culture. And it will not be many years before you bring it into fruition and this world becomes the kingdom of our LORD and His Christ, His offspring.

End of message.