They Shall Acknowledge My Sons, 5-10-65


by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 5-10-65

We turn tonight into the subject of God declaring --'They shall acknowledge my sons.' And I think it most important that we understand these facets as they relate to you and me. As they relate especially to the people who constitute his household, who make up tonight, a company of nations and a great nation in the earth.

It is a significant thing that thru out the entire background of antiquity, there has been continued references to the sons of the Eternal Father in the far off distant vastness of space. Out of the ancient patterns of the ancient world they talked about the sons of the ancient YAHWEH-PUTAH . . . THE God of all times. That when great changes took place in the earth and continents slipped beneath the waters of the Atlantic, the migrating people across North Africa were carrying the great documents of Horus and the prophecies that related to the kingdom of the Most High. They talked about reconstructing for themselves and building another kingdom in the earth. And as they talked about this, they also talked about the prophecies concerning the God of the heavens whose displeasure had caused the loss of their continent in which they had resided. And they looked for the day when the sons of YAHWEH-PUTAH would walk the earth and be embodied as they.

They talked about the patterns of the ancient people who would later settle in Egypt. And they talked about how their land had gone down slipping beneath the waters of the ocean. They talked about how the mighty earthquakes had occurred and the waters rushed into the volcanoes. And then how the portions of the earth shook and shivered, and then portions of it slipped away. And in the ancient writings of Horus, they tell you why this was. Because an archangel who rebelled against God had made the earth his dwelling place. He had proclaimed his own deity and had warred against the One God thru out the universe, and sought the mongrelization and integration and the mixing of people from one end of the ancient world to the other. Similar stories are to be found in the ancient Pacific and even in the Islands, how portions of the land slipped beneath the waters of the Pacific. And stories of this are found even unto this day.

Archaeological records are found for the same position and the same story. The ancient story of YAH-Pan tells the story of how there was once a vast continent and now their islands are all that remain above the surface of the waters of the Pacific as this ancient land slipped beneath the ocean's surface.

Thus this land that plunged beneath the sea was once the land of the God of the Universe. And again they acknowledged his name in portion as the Eternal YAH. In the lands of India, they talked about the children of the Most High. And the word for the God of outer space whose vast fleets and mighty hosts is recognized was YAHWEH-PUTAH. And they talked also about the Serpent who came to earth and declared that he also was a god. And they talked about a war between the God of outer space and this so-called god of earth. And they spoke of this as the great war in the heavens between the Great God YAHWEH and the Serpent god who came to earth, being driven out of the heavens. And they talk of this great God of the heavens and that he sent his sons to earth. And that they were called Aryans. Thus it is that one of the oldest words in the English language is Aryan. Another word coming out of the Steppes of Asia is Manu, meaning tall White ones.

It is then a rather interesting thing then that in the second and third dynasty in Egypt, you have the story of the people that constitute the household of the Most High God. That they were the children of YAHWEH, and later they would include the knowledge that white men would bring into Egypt in the pre-pyramid age. You will note that as they entered and built the great city of On and established their household in the midst of the land of Egypt, that even the Pharaohs acknowledged the power of these children of Osiris, the soul and Ka of Ra. That the spirit of Osiris was the embodiment of the God of light and of the Universe. And HE was called YAHWEH-PUTAH by their ancient people and HIS children were called the 'Children of YAH.’ Thus one of the oldest records concerning the white race on the face of the earth is that they are the sons of YAHWEH-PUTAH, the sons of the Most High known by the people in the ancient struggle for the earth in the ancient Indus and the land of the Ganges as the Aryans and as the Manu across all of the Steppes of Asia.

So we tell you that this is a rather significant thing. That people can be traced back to ancient civilizations. And some have already been swept from the face of the earth. People whose history goes back to the antiquity of today, have been traced for thousands, and hundreds of thousands of years back into the ancient past. And yet, THEY RECORD THE COMING OF YOUR RACE INTO EARTH. This about 7400+ years ago. And they had a name for you. And they stated as to who you were . . . the Children of YAH the mighty God of the Universe. And altho these ancient people served the Serpent and the Dragon and they considered him as the devil, still they acknowledged who you are.

I am not interested so much in the philosophy of your enemies as I am in the fact that they knew who you are. That Lucifer himself knew who you were. And that is more than a lot of Clergy know in these United States tonight. There are a lot of people who don't know who they are. And some don't think that it makes any difference. But it is a very vital piece of genealogy. We are well aware that the scripture tells us not to pay any attention to 'vain genealogy.’ And this is a fine piece of advice. For you are not to pay any attention to vain genealogy. If you are to trace your genealogy back to some household in the near past, this is of no important unless you can trace your genealogy back to Adam whom God sowed into the earth, and unto these generations that proceed back from Adam, whom the scriptures declare was the 'son of God.'

Thus it is that if you can bring your genealogy down thru Adam and down thru Seth, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, to this day as they were able to do with the embodiment of the man Christ Jesus, then this is an important thing. If tonight you can establish your household as the household of the Most High, then your heritage is greater than any other possession you might have in the earth.

We spoke this afternoon on the subject that 'Ye are the light of the world,’ from the words of Jesus. And the fact that these were also his disciples and identified his household with himself. For HE said, 'I am the light of the world.' And John said, 'this is the light which lighteth every man (HU-Man) who cometh into the world.’ That this spiritual seed. And the conception of this seed, as being the offspring of the Most High. Therefore 'seed of his seed' and light of his life and spirit of HIS spirit.

Thus the importance of this is for us to understand as to who we are and why the Most High established His own household in the earth.

There is nothing as important for you tonight than to understand that you are the household of God in the earth, to understand his blueprint in the earth, to know what HIS program is, and then to help carry it out. There are those who will say that such a message is Racial. Well, fortunately it is. That is one of the reasons why you can sometimes identify the contents by the outside of the package. When you go down to the store, you can identify the content of the cans by the outer label. So you have a label and there are a lot of people who hate that label. And they spurn that label. And sometimes this permits them to acquire a guilt complex and they are ashamed of it. But that label is of a white man, a label of the white race.

Now let me point out to you, that with all of the attempt to blind men, to brainwash men, and to conform their thinking to the pattern of the world order of today, we are not concerned tonight with having the approval of the world order. I am sure we do not have the approval of the world order. And we should be ashamed of ourselves if we did have. There are a lot of people today who are striving to get the approbation of something . . . something they should be ashamed of if they had the approval of it. I want you to know that a slap on the back from the world order, that a 'hail fellow' well met, from the powers of darkness, from some of them in our own government and thru out the world, would be a mark that you are betraying the kingdom of God. You would be denouncing the program of your God and betraying your race.

We are warned constantly by the fearful, one must be very careful that they do not challenge the power of the Beast. Or you must be careful not to ripple the waters or show that you disagree with them. And you must not permit the thing that you believe to expand, or you must not ripple the water across the nation or you will have powerful enemies. Well, it is better to have powerful enemies and be on the side of God, than to be on the side of the enemy who is going to be crushed, destroyed in the midst of the earth before very long.

Let me point out to you that these records of the ancients concerning you and the White race. They talk about your coming and going. And they refer to you as a Priestly people, as a king line, a ruling society, as offspring of the Most High. And they refer to you as not possibly being the most powerful one in the earth. And thus they worship the Dragon and the Serpent, who in the 12th chapter of Revelation, tells you that this is none other than Satan and the Devil. Therefore they can call him the Dragon and the Serpent, and say that he is the greatest in the earth. And it does not say that we may defeat him, or that if we work hard enough we may defeat him, but it says that we are going to defeat him. We are going to crush his power and defeat his force. The scriptures refer to Lucifer as the prince of this world. He is designed to hold it and to take it. And there is no doubt tonight that he has evolved all kinds of strategies as how he is to hold the earth. He has a political strategy. And he has gathered all kinds of forces. He captured the minds of ancient races and mutated others. And he is seeking to hold the earth. And he is seeking to make war against the kingdom with various people who are in the earth.

There is no doubt that all of the people like those with Tidal, king of the nations, and those other kings of Sodom and Gomorrah, whose lines go back way before Adam, and they were scattering posterity down to our time. So God has great enemies and he has move out upon these that would use force and mongrelization. Who would hold white girls captive and force among them the beast system. And in the past he poured out judgment upon them like upon Sodom and Gomorrah which he totally destroyed.

We may look back upon the upper Tarim Basin where they sought to destroy and mongrelize your race, to conquer and destroy it. And even eat it if necessary. And in the process of their mongrelizing and destruction, God struck with tremendous power. He drowned that valley with tremendous amounts of water. He shook it and collapsed the substructure of it down into the subterranean waters. Then with a great earthquake at both ends of it, drained that area of great catastrophe. But HE spared a man and his wife and their three sons and their wives, because God was standing up for his sons and his daughters. HE was making the earth fight for his very household. And He made this declaration as to make them to know, “That I have loved thee." HE said, “I am responding to their righteousness, for they have responded to my law and were perfect in their generations.” Because they maintained their racial self-respect and did not mongrelize their seed.

Thus, you carry a heavy responsibility. For within you is a holy seed, the offspring of the Most High. And the race which you are to bring forth must be 'Kind after like kind,' that which can bring to life the procedure for the occupation of Earth, of a holy seed. For that which is holy proceeds forth out of God.

In the book of Deuteronomy, as God speaks and calls you a holy seed, this is a declaration that you have come forth out of HIM, for only that which is out of God is holy.

We point out then that the scripture makes no attempt to cover up this great mystery. They proclaim it to the children for whom this book is written. We have been told that the bible is for the whole world. That the bible is for everyone in the earth. But I am going to tell you that this is not true. You can translate it into every language in earth, and they will not know any more about it than people in your own race. In fact, they will know less about it because they have less capacity to understand it. Someone said, ‘A wayfaring man or a fool cannot err therein.’ If he has the proper capacity or spiritual seed. But do not think for a moment that the hosts of darkness and the powers of evil understand the will of God. Jesus said, ‘I speak to you in a mystery so that they will not understand.' I speak to you so you will understand. For you shall be charged, and you shall carry the vision of my kingdom. And if I wanted to explain this to the enemy, this would be another thing. But I am not going to explain it to the enemy, lest they finally understand and evaluate all of the purposes of the kingdom. The last thing I want is for the enemy to join you and profess the relationship that they do not have. The most terrible thing in the church today is for people to be in the church who have no capacity to understand, but who came into the church just to make trouble. The worst thing you have in America today is people who came in and have no part nor lot with America, and they just plan to overthrow it to establish their own world order. I tell you that as one in the spiritual realm of God's kingdom. The other is a physical realm within the occupation of God's kingdom.

Understand tonight that God's kingdom is tangible and real for the occupation of the earth. It reserves to itself a kingdom, not only an administration over the earth, but it makes us the household of his own children as all dynasties must be. To be an heir of God you have to be a child of God. And being a child of God marks you as having Eternal life. Thus the spiritual seed that lives and abides forever.

So we point out to you that this is what the content of the Scripture bears testimony to. And this today is the major area of the conflict as far as the powers of darkness are concerned. They come against your kingdom. Let us point out to you then that as we turn inside of the scriptures to the 82nd Psalm, one of the statements that God made, altho previously he called you a holy seed, and that he has taken you unto himself and that you were precious unto HIM. But over here in the Psalms, it says that when God stands before the congregation as the Mighty One of the Universe and when he judges among the Elohim, and looks up you--this is what it says. “Ye are Elohim, and all of you are the children of YAHWEH." Translated into your King James Version as:--"Ye are Gods and all of you are the children of God."

I want you to know tonight that the white race is a divine race. Oh, you say that cannot be? But it is true. This does not mean that this race has measured up to all of its divine attributes or all of its capacities. Or that all of the spiritual life and understanding of the synthesis of God has been fully activated by your race. But the potential is there and the destiny is determined. And you shall conform to this image and you shall finish this course.

I point out to you then that as we come into this record of what God said concerning his household, concerning HIS people, that God makes this declaration, "Ye are my people and I will be your God." More than this, in this declaration it refers to what God said concerning his sons. Never has there been a period more important to understand this. In the 45th chapter in the book of Isaiah, God says, 'Thus saith the holy one of Israel.'

Now the point of origin, the maker, the creator says,--"Ask me of things concerning my sons." And in this declaration he says also-- ‘all the work of my hands command ye me.’ So he said, ‘You ask me concerning the things to come for my sons.’

The other day a Clergyman was talking on the radio and he was asked as to what it means--the sons of God. And he said therefore there was only one son of God, and this was Jesus the Christ. And he said since this was the only son of God then other people become the children of God by conversion. If they say that they believe that Jesus is the Christ, then they also become sons of God. So when the bible talks about the sons of God, these are the people who have accepted Christ.

Now there is no doubt that the people who have accepted Christ are the sons of God. But I want you to know that God talked about HIS sons before Christ came. God talked about his sons as he talked about your race. The Bible talks about the sons of God when it gives the genealogy of Christ and traces him back to Adam, 'who was the son of God.' For Sonship came by being offspring and being begotten.

If you turn to the book of Hebrews, one of the great mysteries of the book of Hebrews relates to the 'church of the first born, begotten in heaven.' And this 'church of the first born' begotten in the heavens, was the spiritual household of the Most High God. Children living in Celestial plains in bodies of light, in the dimensions of spirit. And it is this people that God has transferred to earth, thru the process of birth into the Adamic race. HE has brought them into the world as His own household.

Thus we then turn to this book of Isaiah, and it says, ‘You ask me of these things to come for My sons.’ God said, ‘I made the earth, and I placed people upon it, and I stretched out my hand to the heavens, and all of the hosts that I have commanded.’ And HE also said,--'I have placed my sons in righteousness, in the earth.' And since I have placed them there they shall do certain things. They are going to build my kingdom. They are going to set the captives free, and people are going to come from one end of the earth to the other, saying, ‘surely, God is in me.’ There must not be any other God, but that which is in thee. And God said, ‘I am going to make them come from one end of the earth to the other, and they will know that ye are my sons. I have acknowledge thee, and I have loved thee, and they shall know that you are my children and they shall observe and recognize thee.’

The declarations in the book of Isaiah, that we referred to this afternoon, for it says--such a time shall come thus 'Arise and shine for thy light has come, and the Glory of God is risen upon you.' Listen:---"Arise and shine for the Glory of God is risen upon you." But why should the Glory of God Arise upon you? Except that you have the frequency to develop this light, and HE has the purpose and the destiny to complete it.

So I point out to you that there is nothing that you can know that is more important for you this evening, than that you are the sons and daughters of the living God. That you are relatives of God, you are kinsmen of God. And you have come from heaven to earth. And you are to take the earth, whether the people in earth like it or not. Oh, you say why would they not like it? Well, they have not liked it ever since you arrived. The first thing they did not like was the light and glory on the countenance of Adam and Eve. One of the first things that Lucifer sought to do was the seduction and mongrelization of your race. He sought to mutate and to bring you captive under evil violations of the law of death. He lost for you the part of the light and glory which today is to be restored. For it already is functioning within you.

Now we point this out to you. That you have had against you the races of earth, from the very moment that Lucifer discovered that you were here. And now you have been here for quite a period of time. We have come very close now to some 7400 years of history. We are in the last decade of the 7400 years of our history. And because of this the enemy all of this time has been seeking the bringing about of your downfall. The history of the Old Testament is filled with the history of wars and battles with the Asiatics, and with mutated mongrels all over the world. They want to crush you and to battle against you with their strange gods. And their mighty groves and their strange temples with witchcraft and their evil designs against you. In all of these things, then God has chastened you for disobedience, and stimulated you with his spirit. He has raised up prophets to proclaim his name, and he has continued to acknowledge you as his household, his children. And he says that, ‘altho I have chastened you, and some times I set you aside for punishment, still I gather you again unto myself. I turn you and I stimulate you for MY honor, for you are my household and you are called after my name.’

Therefore it is important for us to realize who we are tonight. There is no doubt that the people who make up the white race are the children of God, for there is no one else called Manu, or Aryan. You don’t have to worry about that, for the Jews are not Aryans and they are the first ones to tell you so. And go out of here and the African's are not Aryans, and the Chinese are not Aryans. But there is also a great number of people who have taken over the United Nations and they do not like the Aryans. The first thing they do when they hear the word Aryan is say that person is a racist. Well, that name was used by our enemies as they said we were the children of YAH. I am not ashamed tonight to be called an Aryan, or a Manu, or even a racist, if that is what it takes to identify me with my Father, and the nations with the kingdom of God and HIS purpose. I would like to see the greatest revival of racism on the earth in the white Christian nations. I would so like to see them stirred in these Christian nations until they would rise up in their churches and dispute the Clergy who are advocating mongrelization and policies of Lucifer. I would like to see them gather in great tents and mighty coliseums to sing the praises of their God, and to mark the national banners of their nation, and to call for their leadership to respect their background and respond to their electorate. I think the time has come when only a great stirring in this nation, under challenge of God, can save us from our temporary problems. And I believe that God is activating us now. I think it is time for the people of this nation to tell the President of the United States, ‘listen, you work for us; you shall preserve our race. Close the doors of immigration rather then to tear them up and destroy them. Because this country is unassimilatable. It is time the Congressmen and Senators were told that as it relates to our race and our society, that we shall preserve our race. We shall not let it be mongrelized and pollute it. And the majority of us shall work night and day to deport and eliminate the undesirable, the inassimilatable, and the destroyers from out midst.

Now if you do not think this is biblical, then let me tell you something. It is so biblical that God says, ‘I am going to stir you until the wrath rises up in your countenance.’

I listened to some silly clergyman say that any time someone gets wrathful, this is not Christian. This is not good, and God does not like it.

Let me tell you something. My Father gets wrathful and HE says that He is going to pour out his wrath and his judgment upon the enemies of the kingdom. And these he considers as the children of Babylon.

Now my Father, who is all righteousness, can show wrath against evil. And we as his children, then also can show wrath against evil. Now we may feel in our hearts a desire to help the evil doer. We seek to deliver him out of his evil ways. But if he has no capacity, then the best place for him is in the dimension he belongs in. But not in this one.

My, how people seem to get shocked at some of the things that transpire today, but pay little attention to the enemy who is killing their people all day long. In fact, we see it in the race war. You let something happen on the 'pinko' left wing side and it is headlines. It is trouble and a national calamity. But you can let Negroes go into a city and loot, rob and kill, and you hear nothing about this. Sheriffs Departments are under siege and the policy is to kill and to rape as no civilized country has ever done before, against civilization and culture. But if this transpires, it is just revolution. It is just the desire to be free. And since you cannot do anything about that, then that is all right.

Let me tell you, my friends, that the time has come as when the prophet Zachariah says,-- ‘wrath shall rise up in your countenance, and in your eyes. And when you get thru there will not be one Cainanite left in the house of God and that is the foundation of purity. When the prophet Zachariah says that there will not remain a Canaanite in the house of God, that means that every Jew will leave these United States. (Zechariah 14:21)

Now the left wing crowd and those around the President, and those who would like to make war against any church which proclaims the word of God, they will want to pacify the Jews and keep them happy, and keep them in control of the money system, and the world government and all that goes with it. And they have promised that they will try to suppress any type of religion that even criticizes it. Let me tell you something, my friends. This is the make-up of this Book, and there is no power on earth that can take the bible out of America. Just remember that.

Someone said, ‘but when they threaten the powers of government and some that would like to make these changes, and if they do, they will call this revolution.’ We do not have to raise them up as a mighty army to come against them as a revolution. All we have to do is start calling down the powers of God and activate our own strength and shrivel them up on their own vine. There are some people who think that this cannot happen. But we are about to show you that this can happen. And it is about time that Christians everywhere brought that aura of spiritual power together and binding the enemy until we consume their thought, and we consume their camp.

Did you ever stop to consider how many people will think with you when they hear this message? Do you ever stop to think about how many people will get this message before the last tape is put away? If we could just get that many people to bind the darkness and call for righteousness, and to remove the enemy, call for the judgments to come to remove the enemy, to call for the death angel to cleanse America--. Of course that takes courage. For you have to be on the right side if you are going to call for the death Angel. You have to be sure that you are not playing the game of the enemy. But if we ask tonight for the Death Angel to cleanse America of everyone who is playing the hands of Communism or Socialism, or are going against the structures of God's word and going against the program of racial self-respect, my friends, you would be surprised at what would happen.

Thus, it is that God says, ‘Ask me concerning my sons.’ From one end of the earth to the other, the truth of One God has been carried by your race. Way back in the days of your migration you carried this theme. It is to be found in the earth now where great nations stand. Your heritage, your powers, your marks, have demonstrated your faith of the Eternal God of the heavens. The mighty YAH-YAHWEH-YAHSHUA, or the Christ. By this process you have been identified by this process. And by this, people---and I am always thrilled when a pagan calls you the sons of outer space, of the God who controls the whole universe, this vast space of the outer heavens. For I am going to tell you something. For there is no power that can lick that family, or defeat that God who holds the whole universe together.

Now today I had a California Clergy tell me that there is only one thing wrong with your preaching today, and that is that you preach an Old Testament kingdom. He said this racist message is the message of the Old Testament and we have long forgotten it, for we project beyond this. Do you think so?

I am going to tell you that the new covenant was made with the same people that the old covenant was made with. And you turn to the 31st chapter of Jeremiah, and you will find that this is true. (Jer. 31:31). I will also prove to you that under this very message, that Sonship which is one of your important facets, is also one of the most important and main themes of the New Testament. If you want to know unto you, Jesus came, then HE came to empower his many sons in the world. This is the statement made in the very first chapter of John. So the theme of the New Testament is the empowering of his sons. Who are the Israelites? This is the issue that rules with HIM, princes ruling in the earth, a divine society. Because to them pertains this Sonship, the method of your coming into the world, the Glory of God, the covenants of God, the giving of the law, the service of God, and all of the promises.

Now who are these people, concerning the Father, those who he claimed as he came in the flesh, as your relative? My friends, I am going to tell you this. Your being able to trace yourself back to the household of God as a relative, is the most valuable thing that you possess. More valuable than all of the treasures in time and in history. Therefore, we have this declaration concerning the flesh, as Christ who was above all identified himself with your race. It is a rather interesting thing that under these declarations and in the purpose, that in the book of Isaiah, where it talks about the majesty and the light of God being able to rise upon you, in these latter days, when God declares that you are his children. It says that in these days when these things take place, that all of the people of the world shall know that you are his children. They shall see and they shall know that he hath brought His sons from afar and his daughters from the ends of the earth. Know this then therefore, the nation of the kingdom that shall not be willing to serve the kingdom of God, and you of these nations shall be utterly wasted. And the sons who are my sons are going to be acknowledged. And the ends of the earth are going to know, that 'Ye are my household.’

Tonight the hordes of Asia are in the hands of the communists. Tonight the people of India and of the Steppes whereas they might call themselves your allies, this is only an arrangement of convenience. Inside the United Nations, never count on India. You thought you could count on Pakistan, but you can't. And Red China is in the hands of the enemy. And when you look out over the nations of Africa, they vote against you, except those controlled by white administrations. The nations under communism and the hordes of darkness are to move under the standards of Lucifer. And they want to crush you, absorb you, mongrelize you and wipe you out.

If you have not read the piece on immigration in the U.S. World News this week, you should read it. For it is planning the actual absorption of you and every white man on the face of the earth. I am going to tell you, that since this is their design, that we will lift up the battle cry of God-----"Lord God of hosts, hear again the cry of thy people, and let thy face shine upon them and deliver them. Deliver us from our errors. Forgive our mistakes. And now lead us to victory, so that we might carry the honor of thy name.’ I want you to know that God’s purpose is to do this. He is not going to let you be mongrelized, or absorbed. He is not going to let you be defeated by the powers of darkness. "Ask me of things concerning my sons."

All right, we not only have the assurance that the household of the Most High God is a very precious thing, under HIM, and in HIS sight. And we turn now over to the book of Romans and to the declaration that we find here. It says that we are the children of God and that we are led by his spirit. And we did not receive the spirit of bondage or of fear. And we have this positioning as to which God timed our birth and the time also in which we would awake and cry--"Our Father." His spirit bears witness with our spirit, that we are the begotten offspring of the Most High. We call your attention to the word here even in the reference bible. And the word here for children is ‘Begotten offspring of the Most High.’ Thus, we, by the witness of God's spirit, are the deliberate offspring of the Most High God. And if we are the children of God, then we are the heirs of God. And thus we are joint heirs with the embodiment of God which is our kinsman. By this declaration then we do not reckon anything that happens to us. And the apostle Paul says, ‘certainly, I do not of all of these problems and troubles to the glory and power that is going to be revealed in me, before this is over, because of God's covenant and his promise.’

The Apostle Paul was taken prisoner and brought before kings and judges. And he never wavered in his faith. For he could not forget what had happened to him. He had been carried into the presence of the Most High God. He had been instructed by God Himself. He had been told about the vastness of the heavens and about his kinsmen in the heavens. He had been told about the kinsmen in the earth and about the importance of lifting up the standards of this household in the earth. And by this declaration then we read:---"I reckon not this suffering, for the earnest expectation of the Creator is for the manifestation of the children of God. And then he makes it very clear:--'the whole creation is groaning and waiting with us.'----Waiting for what? They are waiting for the manifestation of the Sons of God. For when they come to power, they will bring everything to truition. Even those who do not know what they are waiting for are also waiting for this great day. Do you know there is a tremendous pressure in the world? Do you know that people are expecting some things to happen but they do not know what it is? Do you know that people all over have expectations of great calamities? They do not have any evidence of economic security and they do not know what is coming next, but everywhere, they expect something to happen.

The children of the kingdom are expecting something to happen and they are not filled with fear. And they are expecting something good to happen next. You may say, ‘I am not worried about what is going to happen.’ But we know what is to happen. For God has said,--'This is what I am going to do.’ And when God says this is what I am going to do, then you can count on it happening. It may not fall on the beginning of the measures that you want it to fall on, but it will come before God completes that cycle in which HE determined that measure, or has made his declaration. He says, ‘I want you to know that you are my children and I have loved you.'

So therefore, we are told inside of these scriptures that we are the Children of God, select by his foreknowledge. That we are the children of God in the heavens, and he hath proclaimed this in earth that --'We are the sons of God.'

Now someone says, ‘what is the end of this proclamation?’ Africa and Asia want to absorb all into a one world kingdom. Yes. And God wants all of this one world kingdom dissolved. And he wants the world to bow before HIS kingdom. The question is often asked, is the kingdom of God democratic? No. The Kingdom of God is divinely Theocratic. The kingdom of God does not plan to let the Priests of India and Africa, or the witchdoctors of Africa, to frighten the people and make decisions as to what is to come. You know God is a little bit arguable about this, for HE says,--'I am God, and beside me there is no God.' And we are not going to put up with this trouble in the earth. We are going to stamp it out.

Now you say, ‘but they do not like that.’ Some people say, ‘but this is not giving the devil his due. This is not giving the devil his share of everything.’ Well, this is the way it is to be whether they like it or not. Do you want the world torn up forever? The only way to get rid of the devil is to defeat him in earth, and defeat him in a way to bind him in a way he cannot resist.

I am going to tell you tonight that I am not a bit concerned as to whether those people like the kingdom of God which I advocate or whether they like what the scripture contains. I am only concerned that the children of God hear the message and respond to their heritage in the earth. I believe that America is going to change in the next few years. I believe that they are going to walk in the name of God. And that they are going to challenge the darkness and cleanse the nation. I can understand the Attorney General of California when he said that he was not so much interested in all these weapons they say we had, not as much as they indicated, since we do not think they are such a great threat. It is the ideology of these people we are worried about. It is their racism, their ideology that we have to find a way to stop.

This is the thing that we have to learn to control. My friends, all of the people of the United States, that constitute the house of God, even including a brainwashed Attorney General, will not be stopped in advocating this position. I am going to tell you that there are not enough winches in the United States and thru out the world to stop this message, or the ideologies that they do not like.

Now with all of the design to raise the image of savagery and with all of the pressure to put in destain the program of God's kingdom, those who call for the observance of divine law, those that call for a civilization built on the laws of God, and for the kingdom of God to come in, they do not wish to enslave me. They want to set them free and to destroy the evil and produce the good. And they are not going to let the powers of darkness turn the earth into a bloody battlefield ever two years so that the Jews can make a profit out of it. So that they can continue to bathe the world in blood.

But wars are not nearly as bad as slavery. And the chance they take in servitude for truth so deadly so that men will not move out for truth. For everything that you have has been bought with the price of blood. At the willingness of sacrifice so that truth could prevail. I tell you that we are watching in this hour as the powers of darkness try to make our youth and our children crazy. And false churches are also trying to make pacifist out of the people and telling them that it is better to be a slave. That it is better to be RED than dead.

Now that is a rather negative philosophy. For if they are willing to accept the premise that it is better to be Red than dead. Then they are expressing their thoughts that always the RED'S are going to kill and to wipe out. I am telling you this. They will take you over without a fight if that is possible, and then liquidate you afterwards if you are in the way. You know---we do not lose nearly as many people in a war as people think. It seems that the more guns we make and the faster they fire the fewer people than we kill. Actually the statistic tells us that in the last war, the bullets fired were somewhere around 10,000 per man. So as you realize this then you realize that there is lots standing in the way and everybody hug the ground. Oh, yes, there are lots of people killed in a war, and it is considered a terrible thing. But more people are killed in auto accidents every year. We have killed more people in automobile accidents since the coming in of the auto than all of the wars we ever fought in. Think that over. You do not think anything in going out and getting in the battle of the streets and freeways. You do that all day long. And you do not realize that your life is in greater danger than on the battle field.

So don't let your politics be taken over and ruled by those who say that you have a responsibility to the world order, or the Luciferian kingdom. When they ask you to share your loyalty to all religions and try to tell you to have faith in all mankind, then I refuse to have faith in all mankind. If they are calling Africa and Asia, or the people of the Steppes, and the Jewish merchant down the street, mankind, then I say ‘God give us our Celestial order, fast.’

The Most High makes this declaration concerning you and refers to you as a Celestial people, a begotten household earth established. Also, the book of Galatians bears witness unto your Sonship. The declaration of the Old Testament now confirms itself in the New as God declares, “You are My household. You were mine in the heavens and now you are mine in earth.” And then HE says, “do you think I am going to lose any of you?” HE said all of your race are going to be saved as is written. And after that I am going to make all flesh turn and worship ME. And you are going to participate in this. Yes, this is just a part of the declaration of what God declares.

Now we have people here in earth who are trying to proclaim that they are the chosen people, and they are denouncing your God. We now have a lot of silly church men who are now saying ‘Hurrah’ for the Jews. They are going to grab a hold of the Jew and ask them to take them to their god. But I am never going to ask any Jew to take me to their god, who is going to be revealed as the serpent Lucifer, as to who he really is.

I am going to tell you what God has declared in the hour of his great and mighty victory. He is going to cause the nations of the world to know that the Anglo-Saxon, Lombard, Nordic, Scandinavian, Germanic people, along with the Basque, are HIS children, His race, His household, His spiritual kingdom. And by that time you will be shinning like the sun. And they are going to acknowledge you. Someone said, ‘then you are saying that this is a master race?’ YES. And they are going to come and worship at your feet. Hear this now . . . they are going to come and worship at your feet.

Someone always says, ‘I don't care for them to come and worship at my feet.’ Maybe not, but YAHWEH WHO IS YAHSHUA, says that you are my sons and they are going to come and worship at thy feet. HE says, that they will come from Egypt and from Africa and from Asia, after you have torn down the power of the witch doctor, and tore down their evil temples, and liberated them from evil, and have started to bathe the earth with light. They will come saying ‘surely you are Gods.’ The Father said this a long time ago,--"Ye are Elohim, and all of you are the children of YAHWEH." I told you to rise and act like men instead of dying like all of these people round about. Why should ye do like ordinary men when ye are the children of God the Elohim? And, yes, are Gods.

Do you want to know why we are deviated? Do you want to know why the kingdom suffers violence? It is because we acquiesce to it. We give lip-service to the idea that the enemy is so much bigger than we are. We run around worrying about what he is going to do next. Let me tell you something. He better start worrying about what, we are going to do next. I am already convinced that the head of that kingdom of the enemy has become frustrated. It is almost impossible under our laws to do anything to the children of the kingdom so he has to discard the laws. They used to talk about the Constitution and what was constitutional. But today they say, ‘we make the Constitution what we say it is. We just disregard the Constitution. It is outmoded, it is old fashioned.’ So they are bringing in the Communist manifesto in its place.

Now they can bring in this Communist manifesto and say that it is the Constitution. But I will spit on that Supreme Court and keep the Constitution. If they disregard that structure of God's kingdom which HE has ordained, or if they try to stop us from saying that we have a divine right as HIS sons, to lift up these standards and implement these policies, then we will discover that they have from the days of our forefathers, robbed themselves of a power to complain. Because they are to make no rules concerning the establishment of religion, nor can they stop a great nation ‘Under God’ from rising to fulfill their destiny.

You have forgotten in part, the majesty of the events as you rode in Glory thru space, making up the divine household of your Father. But the spirit of God can bring this to your remembrance and can recharge you to this vision with HIS power. For whoever heard of a son or daughter of God who was sick? Whoever heard in Celestial orders of inoculation before they came to earth? Whoever heard of any of God's household having to clear an entrance when they came in? I am going to tell you something. One of the ways in which you were brought in was to establish your father and your mother. And this posterity was to produce the children of the Most High. God said, ‘I am your Father and you are my offspring and I am married to your race.’

So, we are Adamites. We are white men. And I urge you to bear witness to this identity, thru the great challenges which God gives unto you and which you are to keep alive. Someone said, ‘we lose the great spiritual vision when we are concerned with race.’ But not when we understand the plan and it raises us up to 1/6 of the worlds problems. And then bless us, for we are the 'have nations of the world.' Just stop and think now. You have only been here some 7400-plus years, and yet you are the best housed, the best clothed, the most blessed people on the face of the earth. You have more, you have a greater vision, you have a greater background. And a better heritage than any other people in the earth. You have only been here 7400-plus years, and look where you are. I want you to know that in the next ten years the world will know more about the power of God. You do not have to be ashamed of your religion, when comparing it to others that are on the face of the earth, for the earth is yours. Just go take a look at what these religions teach. I have in my library, volume after volume of the religions of the world. Sometimes they try to print them up and coat them with sugar to take in white men as suckers. But they never get anyone but a bunch of rich old ladies. They do not snare anyone else. If they get anyone else, it is just from trying to make a profit in selling the literature which comes from it.

Nobody turns from the God of Israel, a living God, to embrace this god of immorality, depravity, which makes up the facets of their religion. We tell you that a religion that leaves its people in squaller and in filth, and in all patterns of moral decay, is not anything that can lift a people. For it is the darkness that binds them and holds them in its place. Oh, it is very simple to get a people to contemplate a lotus flower. There is no doubt that all blossoms are beautiful. Any lily and blossom. For each possess their own beauty. But if you do not have anything in your religion to point at then you better point at the flowers and take peoples mind off of the evil of the religion.

I want you to know that when we talk about our God, HE does not look like those grotesque gods which I see India worshiping. HE has an appearance as when he walked before men as he did. He did not have the appearance of these grotesque gods which the world served. He did not look like these dancing gargoyle witchdoctors and the pagan concept of their gods. If you think of him, you think of the lily of the valley, the bright and morning star. They talk of a glory and of a purity, and a beauty that is unmatched. There is no horror on the face of our God. There is righteousness and power. There is an identity with his own household and an illuminated countenance which outshines the sun. We have not been taught to look in the corners of the darkness. We do not hide and grovel in fear before the face of our God. We lift up our face from whence comes our strength. We can justify by his own words, until you can look God in the face today and say, ‘Father, I am without any guilt, for you took it all, and I am free.’ And God will look upon you because of your Faith.

But I want you to know that in the twinkling of an eye, in a moment when the hosts of heaven enter the world, what do you think is going to happen in Washington, D.C.? What will happen in the great capitals of the world? What do you think is going to happen in all of the Synagogues in the world? Do you think they will all come running out saying "Hosannah Hail?” No. They will be looking for all of the caves and rocks in the mountain to hide. They will want to hide from the light of HIS countenance, from the face of HIS presence. And they will say, ‘this is a terrible day of the Most High.’ Why is this? Because the darkness is afraid of the light. And the Light, my friends, dispels the darkness. But the darkness does not comprehend it.

So I tell you tonight that you are the children of the Most High and are very, very vital to HIM. And one of the most valid of the testaments is that you are the ‘Elect of God.’ That he purposed your coming to earth and HE made his church which consists of you. And he made you sheep of his pasture, the sons and daughters of HIS family. You make up the nations of his kingdom, and you make up the New Jerusalem, the New World Order, the New Order of the ages. You are going to be joined with the hosts of heaven in triumph. He says, “I am a part of your race, and you are a part of My flesh and my blood. You are my spirit, my breath.” So what more could we have of God than that? There is no one that can disallow you.

I think of all of these poor captive brain preachers who want to preach about a great salvation and then turn the whole kingdom over to the enemy. They only have one thing to offer you . . . hurry up and die so you can go to heaven.

I can tell you this. Any one of your race can die and go to heaven. And you do not even have to work at it. You say, ‘why?’ Well, the spirit has to go back to where it came from. Where do you think it is going to go? It cannot go into any area where it has no relationship. You can't put it back in bondage after Christ paid the price, conquered the grave, and brought all of the sons of Adam out from under that bondage. How are you going to put someone back under a devil that has already lost his head? He has no power to hold you. That is why he has to try to capture your mind here in this earth body, for he has no power over your spirit. Only when the soul consciousness holds back the facets of the spirit, this given ascent to the enemy and men, can it be held in bondage.

So I urge you to recognize that we are sons and daughters of a liberated society. We are sons and daughters of God. We are to walk tall in respect to our Father. We are to walk with the honor of his name and to denounce all evil. It is your responsibility as a Christian---now hear this---It is the responsibility of every Christian to witness to every one of your race, and to hold up the bondage of intermarriage and mongrelization and the dissolving of our nation.

The President has called for the elimination of all immigration bars, to show that we can lift up our head to the world and show that we are not prejudice. Well, my friends, I want to take that guilt complex that the President is trying to put on you and take it off of you and say that I will stand with all the Senators in the past who put up immigration barriers for our nation. And I will hold up my face before them and say, ‘We are going to preserve our kind, our race, and our nation.’

Thus, you are undesirable as a citizen of this country. So you say, ‘but how will they get in?’ The only way they would then get in is when they abandon their ways and acknowledge our God. When they are willing to come in and serve you, or be instructed by you. And in no way are they to rule over you. And then they are not permitted to come in to dwell with you. They will have their own particular spot to dwell in. You know, they are working so hard to devil New York City that under these evil and fallacious laws for our schools, they are trying to bus the students from one end of the city to the other, so as to establish their Socialist program of eventual integration and intermarriage. Do not think this is not true. For I can prove it to you out of the very documents that they are using to promote this very revolution they are using to carry this out. They say they are having so much trouble in New York over this thing, that they do not know what to do.

One of the 'pinko' cartoonists, who lots of times if on the wrong side, and of course, he cannot help himself because he is a Jew, but he has this ‘Li’l Abner’ comic strip. And sometimes there is more news in the comic sheet than there is in the paper. And all of it is propaganda. But one thing this man said speaking to a bunch of Jews a few weeks ago, was, that, 'I live in New York and I am afraid to walk the streets at night because I am afraid of being attacked by the Negroes.’ Then he said that all of the Jews in New York would have to organize themselves into groups and vigilantes to protect themselves from the Negroes. Look out then, my friends, for they may be doing it here. They may have to protect themselves here as they do in New York. Surely the great capital state of New York with all of its law enforcement officers can protect people on the streets of the city at night from the power of the beast, who make the sidewalks a jungle?

Then, my friends, out of this race that helped stir them up, this fellow tells them that he stands for equality and for liberty. That the greatest thing in this capital today is this spirit of Negro revolt. Then he says you have to protect yourself, for they are like beasts on the streets at night. If you want to start equality at the beast level, then why not turn every thing in the Zoo loose? And then disarm the people so they cannot hurt them?

I point out to you that you the sons and daughters of God must learn to think with clarity concerning bringing in an administration to rule this country. You never heard of the Norwegians, or the Germans, or the people of Holland, or the people of Denmark, apologizing to the people of their countries that they are not black enough in their countries. Well, then, let’s tell the world that they are not going to blacken us up, either. And you are not going to turn us yellow, either.

Now turn to the Psalmist. For you will get a tremendous lift out of the Psalms. Turn to the 78th, or 79th or the 80th Psalm, and what do you find? You find that God is talking about you. He is talking about Israel. He is talking about how he is the shepherd of Joseph and the Anglo-Saxon people. He says, “I am the shepherd of Ephraim and the shepherd of Manasseh, and the shepherd of Benjamin.” He says, “I lift my people, I challenge them. I am going to drive the heathen before them, and we are going to challenge the heathen. We are going to rule the earth, and we are going to break the power of the heathen. We are going to liberate the world.” All thru the Psalms is the mighty hint of Power. And then I have to listen to this Hottentot music and they tell me this is culture?

You know, if you go back into the folklore of your own race, and find the songs that are sung in the ancient past, pick up the music that belongs to Scandinavia, or belongs to Germany, and the music that belongs to Britain, and the music that belonged to your own Colonial life. And whether it be religious or whether it be classical, it carried a great wave of symphony and value. It carried a wave of the pattern of the spirit of your race. It is filled with laughter and it is filled with joy. And it is filled with a great bubbly. And it is not a slave-like swing that they call 'Goo Goo’ ?? that they have today. You just take a look and see if you can stand one session on T.V., of this peculiar swaying, almost a demon possession. For they sway to a depression and not to ecstasy, but a pattern of depression. I point out to you, that as the triumphant sons and daughters of God, it is the songs and faith of our race that must be restored.

I listened to the President the other day, as he said, ‘we do not want to return to deadly, evil Nationalism. We want to develop, by peace and cooperation, into a great world internationalism.’ And I defy that statement and call on God to eliminate that thinking from the nation, even if it takes judgment on its course.

This is Mother's Day. And do you know that the only race which has a respect for its mothers and adult womanhood, and has placed them upon a pedestal and has called for chivalry and respect, and called for this above all other people on the face of the earth, is the white race? Do you know that in God's face the home is the first and most important place in God's kingdom? And do you know that out of the love and out of the perception that comes from the giving birth to the young of the household of the Most High God, that the mother carried the obligation to raise up that child and nurture it in the truth, to know its history and the culture of its God? And because of the influence of mothers and their love and their sacrifice in every walk of life, this pattern is so envisioned as one of the finest pieces which we possess from the emotions and consciousness of our race? Our race has historically said,--“remember your mothers as well as your fathers.” In fact, the scripture says ‘remember your fathers and your mothers.’ But now in the essence of this declaration, it is the mothers of your race who have wrought from the very foundations of their influence over the children until they moved out into the areas of responsibility in the world to where they are learning for themselves. It was the mothers who produced the foundation for their lives. Christianity gives respect unto mothers and to motherhood.

Someone else comes along and says that is all right, for you can always be popular if you are for mother and for the flag. Well, my friends, maybe these are the two most important things, next to God, that people can be for. No wonder they sneer at it. But what are they sneering at? Just remember that the last great earth act that God embodied did in the earth, was to look down at his mother. And then in concern for this woman who had birthed him, even tho HE were God, himself, and HE looked upon her, and HE said, 'Mother, behold thy son.' Oh, she was beholding him and her heart was aching from the prophecies she had received about his kingdom and His kingship. Strangely stirred by the promises of HIS savior-hood, for HE was to save his people from their sins, wondering now from whence and how it would be happening and how this message of the Angel would be fulfilled. And Jesus looked down and said, "Mother, behold thy son." And then Jesus turned to John, the beloved disciple, and said, "Son, behold thy mother. I transfer this responsibility that you give your assistance and care to my mother as I leave you.’ If God so honored the vessel by which HE so honored the world, that he focused the attention of the world as well as his disciple, even while hanging on that cross in agony, upon his mother, then it is fitting that all of Christendom take a day to honor their mothers. And then I am going to tell you that the most important thing that you can do is to preserve the moral and central value of our mothers, is to protect the next generation of mothers, by rooting out of America this disturbing force that wants to reduce them down to the status of the harlot and to capture the mind and make them the mongrel source of our devastation.

I tell you that if you owe anything to our Father, it is to preserve this race. If there is anything that needs to be eradicated in America it is this that would mix your race and mongrelize your society, or wipe out God's kingdom. This is your first battle line. And I want you to know that each mother in Israel, of your race, is also a mother to Christ. Oh, you did not know that? Did not know that it is the Christ in you that is the hope of Glory? Didn't know that the Father said,-- “Ye are Elohim, My children?” Did not know that every one of you are the children of the Most High and every one of you are of a divine race? Didn't know that every mother has a responsibility to nurture this physical house and raise this physical visitor who is a child of the Most High, that she has had the privilege of bringing into the world? They can't do this in Africa. There is no African woman who can raise a Christed son. Understand this now. There is not an Asiatic from the highest houses, altho they learn to serve your God, and that they worship at the shrines of the KING of Kings and LORD of Lord's. This is their proper place. And this is what they are here for. But they cannot produce a Christed son.

I want you to know that every son and daughter of the Christian race, the white race, are Christed children. They are spiritual children embodied in the earth in physical bodies. This is what the word Christ means. This is what the name YAHSHUA means. He did not have a second name such as Jesus Christ. That is not second name. Christ is His condition. It is a revelation that HE is YAHSHUA embodied in the flesh. And each one of you are sons and daughters of God, embodied in the flesh, kinsmen of the Father, a race of Princes, a Royal family. And if there is anything in our moral standard and in our ethical teaching that we must learn to do, it is that we must lift all processes of the mothers of our race to the highest pinnacles and the highest values. It is more important that we teach chastity and morality in this country, than it is for us to teach all of the popular rhythms and the new steps, and all of these strange Hottentot dances. For America and our posterity in generations to come will be no greater than the mothers who teach them while they are young.

And I am going to tell you something else. There is something far more important than finding someone to look after the child while the mother goes to work and the father goes to work, and the children are raised by others, and are eventually under the influence of the schools and the United Nations and the pagans. I tell you that we in this country, are going to have to get back to the responsibility that is higher and greater to a realization of God. And if we are in operation as we should be, we will provide in this nation, for the people of his household. Not only that, but there will be no deficiency. We will not have all of our values confiscated and dispersed all over the world. We will then produce a race of mighty sons, a master society of the Most High God. And mothers can be at home to raise and teach those children, and expand their influence, rather than leaving it up to the strangers, upon whom you cannot depend.

If there is anything fundamental in the Church of Jesus the Christ Christian, it must be that the most valued unit inside the structure of God's kingdom are the homes of our nation. For out of them comes God's many sons and daughters. I think that you will also find out that the influence of God's spirit upon fathers and mothers who love God and want and are willing to transfer this knowledge and wisdom to their children, will produce the kind of society that becomes a pact and is knit together and stands for a household aligned, and stands for the increasing of a nation, and for the structure of a household. It has been well said that a family that worships together and meditates together, but they also hold the whole nation of God's kingdom together.

Now there are conditions that you cannot control. And there are battles for emotions. There are forces today that wage war against God's kingdom and all that you can do is triumph over them and move on. But remember that the standard that is held up in the process which God ordains that you and I are to live high, is that you are to remember that our race is to be charged, so that we do not mongrelize and mix . . . but that we bring in the kingdom of God.

You know, you go back over the great lodges and fraternities in our nation. Way back in the days of these lodges . . . and there have been many of them like the Junior Order of the Mechancis, and the Odd Fellows, and the various Masonic branches, and the KKK, and these other organizations. And altho they may sneer at them, and they do not like some of them today, and they may try to down grade them. But one of the things high on their altars of all of these fraternities of our race was chivalry and respect, and the highest standard of moral and spiritual identity with the womanhood of our race. You cannot raise higher than the faith of our God in the preservation of that race, than in keeping this structure of our race free from contamination and the violations of the devil.

They are worried in America today that the people may come to this concept of a Superior race. I am going to tell you today that anyone who does not understand this is surely very deficient in the area of observation. Because they would not be trying to prove equality with you if you were not the very apex to which they were trying to acquire. If you were not so far above the earth, head and shoulders above, they would not always be pointing out to you the criteria. And they would not always be wanting to be integrated with your society. You don't hear a great rush for Africa to get integrated into Asia. You don't hear a great desire for the people of Asia to become integrated into Africa. They want to run it. They want to use it, but they do not want to join it. It is you that they have their sights on. This African and Asian conference wants to break down your immigration bars. Wants to end your national lines. Wants you to become the technological and intellectual slaves of the world.

The Father said, ‘I am going to make them know that I have loved you when my hosts triumph. When I have brought forth the mighty hosts of my kingdom and made it manifest unto you, then they are going to know that you are my sons and my daughters. They are going to understand that I am the Holy One of Israel, that I have begotten thee. You ask me concerning my sons and concerning my work. And I will tell you that I have not created this earth in vain, for I have put my sons and daughters on it and they shall set the captives free. They are going to conquer the darkness and they are going to triumph.’ Someone said, ‘Dr. Swift, we should not praise organizations or fraternities that are not as good as they used to be, for they might be not perfect.’

Let me tell you something. I am sighting that in the foundation of these orders of your race, that they made one of their fundamental principals, the purity of that race and the honor of that womanhood and its defense. And I tell you that any society that will not defend their mothers or their wives, and the girlhood of their race, is on its way out. So tonight we want you to know that from Genesis to Revelation, from Old to New Testament, on every subject which touches on race, that God calls for segregation, racial purity, and respect to his worship. And reassures you that you must respect your religion, your race and your nation. And calls upon you to rise with a new vision and build a New Order and to conquer the darkness and to liberate the earth. He says, ‘I am going to help you finish this and I am going to make them know that you are my children.’ There are a lot of politicians who will try to change this. There are a lot of them that get up and with great rhetoric and talk about the fact that we must now be a democratic people, respecting constant world equality to build a great new society. But I want to see the old society continue into the endless tomorrows with the righteousness and purity with which God invested it.

End of message.