Thou Art A Holy People, 5-25-65


By  Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 5-25-65

It is a significant thing that in viewing the Word of God, and the existence of the white race, that we recognize that God has very clearly stated certain things that are undeniable in His world. Among these things which He has ordained is the establishing in earth, of His Household. This would be the establishing in earth of His Kingdom to bring the earth back into order. This is declared as necessary because of the Luciferian rebellion against the program of the Most High God, which swept 1/3 of the Universe into chaos.

In the course of the defeat of Lucifer and his followers by Michaels the Archangel, the vastness of time and of space, and of the coverage of planets and conditions is without question a tremendous development. And in the hour that Michael defeated Lucifer, and drove him to earth, here he would have accomplished an area of devastating victory, but God said:..'Stay'. Remember, Lucifer is still an Archangel altho a fallen one. Then He said: ..'I will deal with Lucifer in my own time'. He said..I am going to send my own family into earth, and thus the hand of Michael was stayed, to serve the program of the Most High God. We are to note that in the patterns of the Scriptures that this is referred to, and even the Jews refer to how the Archangel Michael was stayed in his power and not allowed to denounce the program of Lucifers power. But the programs that followed the areas of the ages, the chaos, the violence, the viciousness of the Luciferian Kingdom were many and evil. The purpose and program always was to mongrelize the people upon the face of the earth, all which was displeasing to the Most High.

In the course of the ages, the earth went thru chaos, and thru wars, and troubles and bloodshed. From the Asiatic Kingdoms to the isles of the sea, the mongrelization program continued. This was the time of the Negroes coming to the earth. They came on the ships of Lucifer, and they were the axmen, and the swordsmen from a fallen society, and a fallen generation. The coming of the Negro and the sowing of the Negro into as many as possible of the children on earth has brought the changes among the people on the faces of the earth today. The created people had recognized Lucifer as the Son of the Morning, prior to his fall. He had proclaimed that he was deity, now above all. But he promoted religions that from their very beginnings were idolatry and paganism. And VooDoos the fallen Angel and consort of Lucifer established Voodooism over the Africans and over the Negroes of the sea.

Thus we discover that the world was in total chaos, when the Most High re-created the heavens and the earth. In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth, and the earth became without form and void in the aftermath of chaos, and catastrophe that had swept the earth earlier. We can well determine as we search the Scriptures, and the pattern of the Scriptures, that the Most High had determined that He was going to put the earth in order. He was going to put a people here on earth that were far above everything upon the face of the earth. They would be different than any other people on the face of the earth.

When God created the heavens and the earth, and then created the species He also created man upon the earth, and they were male and female as He made them. They possessed an area of Spirit, and they possessed the capacity to respond to His instructions. But they were not Spirit of His Spirit and they were instead created beings, each according to his own order and God said that was good. Then we come to the 7th., Day and God was creating the Adamic man, and God said:..'Let us make Adam in our own Image'. But it was the Adamic man on the 7th., Day that God spoke of here because He had finished the areas of the creation of the 6th., Day. Here He was starting something actually new, and something greater. For He said:...'There is no man to till the soil'. Here He was saying there was no Adamite to till the soil, and He begat Adam and then produced Eve out of Adam. The word in Hebrew is...bara..meaning to bring forth issue, to begat, and thus it is that Adam is a begotten offspring of the Most High God. In fact in the fulfillment of the Messianic Mystery of Godliness in which God was begotten in the flesh, dwelt in the flesh, and justified, and believed on by men, was received back into the in this Mystery then Paul the Apostle refers to Yahshua as the second Adam. In writing to Timothy about this the Apostle Paul is proving that he was an issue that came forth out of God.

Webster tells us that as we look at the word Holy, that only that which proceeds forth from God is Holy. That only that which emerges from God, that which is a part of God, or comes forth from God, is Holy. He refers to the Holy Spirit of God, and he refers to the children of the Most High which are supposedly a begotten society, and then he does not go into any further explanation of this. In time Websters dictionary has become somewhat abridged, but he still says:...that only that which proceeds forth out of God is Holy. Then turn to the Book of Deuteronomy in your Scriptures and the passage is of great significance as God calls, and makes very, very clear, the position of His people Israel:...'For thou art a Holy people unto YAHWEH, thy God, and the LORD thy God hath chosen thee to be a special people unto Himself, above all the people upon the face of the earth.' no stretch of the imagination does the Bible-believing Christian who recognizes he is a descendent of the Adamic race, and has come on down thru the genes of Noah, and Shem, and out of the 12 Tribes, and then became a large part of the western world today...NOT KNOW WHO HE IS. He would not therefore advocate that the program of YAHWEH is:..integration, mongrelization, or the program of uniting all the people into one program, into one government, one race.

Someone at this point always says:...Dr. Swift, do you believe that the Scriptures teach segregation? Well, I not only believe it teaches segregation, but I believe it teaches you to be a Holy and separate people from all the people of the world. I want to point out to you that the Bible makes it very clear that you were not to be inferior, rather you were to be a superior people, and that you were superior from the hour of your birth. You were a race that came into being with a written language. You were a race that came into being with a spoken language. Adam wrote many things, as well as Seth, and then the other sons of Adam wrote and the writings of Seth are maintained even to this day. We are to discover by areas of Scriptures that this was true and therefore let me remind you that Scriptures were being written from the very advent of Adam upon the face of the earth.

The areas of civilization and of cultures that existed upon the face of the earth following their generations, and their bloods, and their kinds have been for ages and ages of time, leaving their artifacts and their records in the dust of the earth. We have had upon the earth men living upon the face of the earth for more than 600,000 years. Now we can go back even further than that as in the great gorge in Africa where Dr. Leaky has discovered traces of men living upon the earth over 1 million years ago. In fact they found the artifacts of mankind far before the time of the remnants of the great apes, from which so many have been trying to claim that man descended from. We do not have to at any time refer to the areas of mans error for our facts because God has declared that you were with HIM before the foundations of the earth. We discover this as Solomon makes his declaration in the Proverbs, and we also discover this in the Psalms as he declares that we are His generation, and throughout all generations He is our dwelling place. These are the words of Solomon as he speaks and writes in his great wisdom, of the plan of YAHWEH. 'Before you made the heavens and the earth you had selected, chosen, and begotten, and took delight in thy household'.

In this great Christian Nation of ours we have had the opportunity of watching a nation formed out of the Anglo-Saxon, Scandinavian, Lombardic, Germanic, and Basque and kindred people, and saw how they have been welded together, and how well they have framed 'a new order of the ages' and without any doubt we well fulfill that emblem that is on our dollar bill, NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM....meaning: The New Order of the Ages. We have watched here in this country a regathering of the branches of the House of Israel and the re-establishing again of this race before the Most High God. I am noticing also that we are now in the hour of revolution, we are certainly in the time of Jacob's Trouble, which is a time of great problems for the nation's of God's Kingdom. We have had many demagogues to have arose out of the Negro society, and most of them are Jew inspired, and financed, and all of them carrying forth the work of the revolution, the work of the Communist Party. Most of them are not interested in anything but the raising of the Negro to Black Power, saying that as they get that power they will sweep the white man aside, and rule and reign. We are admonished to be patient and that we have been unkind to the black man and he only wants his place in the sun, but as we listen to these who rise in the black power movement we hear them say:...we don't have to worry about the white man, for we are going to run him out of this nation.

The time is coming, and the hour is coming in these United States when you people are called to the awakening, and to the crisis that is coming upon you. Then you will realize that the forces in this society that are moving against you and unless this white race arises and fulfills this program which is ordained of God, then the white race will be in serious trouble. There are those who talk of inciting to riot, to do all the things which they have been doing since they started their marches, their looting and burnings, but I point out to you that the Most High God made a declaration to you that He did not make to these other races, He said:..You are my household, you are a Holy people. You have emerged out of God, for only that which has emerged out of God is Holy. Therefore we have this declaration made about our race:...Ye are a Holy people unto YAHWEH thy God.

Lots of people try to justify God because they find things that would cause displeasure to the modern reader. We are not trying to try to justify God, we are just going to tell you what God said. This may sound rather strange and hard, but just take a look at this passage:....... And YAHWEH said: 'When Yahweh thy God shall bring you into a land, and thou shall possess it, thou shall cast out the Hittites, the Canannites, the Perizzites, the Jebusites, the Amorites, the Gezerites, and the Hivites. In all, seven nations that are greater than you, yet you shall cast them out.'

Now:....we can see why we were to cast out these Pagan powers, because from the earliest hours of your race their forefathers had held your people captive, they had massacred the outposts of the people of your race, they had always sought to destroy your race. Thus we point out to you that we do not have to justify God, but we do know that He told your race to do this very thing, and He made this statement:... When YAHWEH, thy God, shall deliver them before you, thou will smite them, thou shall utterly destroy them, thou shall show no mercy upon them, thou shall make no covenant with them, because they have designed this evil upon you.

God makes it very clear that He would establish His Household in the earth. That He was going to build His Kingdom out of His Household and He was going to bring Lucifer down, using this Household. He was going to bring every knee to bow, and every tongue to proclaim that..the CHRIST is YAHWEH. And according to the Most High this is according to the council of MY WILL, and I will do all the council of My will. We turn again then to this declaration and it says:...neither shall thou make any marriages with them. Thy daughters thou shall not give to his sons, and thy sons shall not take unto themselves his daughters. For if that is done they shall turn my son from following me, and to serve other gods, and so shall the anger of thy God be kindled against thee, and He shall destroy thee suddenly, if thou permit a mongrelization, or an intermixing of a Holy people with an unholy people. In otherwords do not mix with a people who have moved out of a pattern of darkness, or who have fallen before the patterns of Lucifer.

The history of Race is the flow of blood carrying culture. But if the blood has been mutated, the culture also becomes indistinct, for the pattern of your remembrance is blocked. You have stored up all the things you have heard and that you have experienced as you have listened to the things that have helped frame the background of your thinking. There are small electrons which revolve around some of the tiny nerves in your brain, and as they revolved around, and as you listen to me speak, they are now forming the words I speak into images in your mind. As I go on to another subject then these electrons become motionless electrons and then if in a month from now, or a year from now, you were to think again on these subjects, those electrons would again arise and start to revolve at the exact same spot and the images will come back in a focused picture in your mind of the things you have experienced, or the things you have done. You are inheriting from generation to generation the thoughts of your ancestors, back to the point of birth. You are inheriting their background and their concepts, their chromosomes and their genes as they passed on in your race from generation to generation. You are inheriting their knowledge and their experiences, and this is a culture. You find that the patterns the pagans have moved into thru their worship of Lucifer are idolatry, and all the pagan practices and customs to which they have succumbed to have left an imprint upon them, and passed on to them also from generation to generation.

You:...have inherited all the experiences of your father and mother had up to the hour of your birth, and they also do the same back to the hours of their birth. Thus you are a sum total, in the areas of your inheritance, and in the capacity and the knowledge that has been produced by your race. Many of these areas of subconscious patterns of memory, and of your existence do not seem to have their impulse upon you unless something touching upon that subject is activated, then these electrons which are inherited and stacked around the very nerve tissues are used, for even the brain of a baby, and even in the things he has not experienced except by inheritance are stacked there. Therefore God knows exactly what He is saying and who He is speaking to. The work of modern Philosophy is being able to activate a portion of the memory of what transpired in your fathers life, in your grandfathers, or great grandfathers life and bring it before you by an electrode touching these areas in the human brain. These tiny electrodes will move and people will describe as tho they had a dream, things they have not experienced, but rather things experienced by their forefathers before them.

Now, we discover as we go into the patterns of the Scriptures that God points out that if we make marriages with the pagan, then that offspring will not have any capacity of spiritual inheritance. He will not remember the things with which his father was begotten. He will not remember the things that are in the course of his father, even tho his father should worship the true God in all the patterns of righteousness that have been in the background of the father. This pattern will not be continued, and completed in the Mongrel, therefore God says:...He will destroy a people if they destroy the pattern of His Kingdom.

Now, we again want to point out...a Holy Seed, a Holy Seed that has its existence in the fact that the children which have been begotten have been ...begotten by the Holy Spirit. We want to point out that the Apostle Paul had a tremendous experience as he was taken out into space and brought into the presence of the Most High YAHWEH. Paul had been interviewed by angels, he had been instructed and taught by the Hosts of Heaven and then had been told to return to earth and write all these things in a Book. What a Book it was:...the APOCALYPSE OF PAUL. Of course this Book was to much for the existing hierarchy of the Church world, and they tried to suppress it and even change it to make it conform to their ways, but even yet the truth came out. There is still some copies of 'The Apocalypse of Paul' to be had but as you go thru the Epistles you will discover the great areas of Divine wisdom and mysteries as related by the Apostle Paul. Some of the things he writes about in the Book of Hebrews, or in the Book of Corinthians are the things which Paul learned, and of which he was taught by God so that he could teach you. We are to discover that the Apostle Paul refers to a people who were begotten of an incorruptible seed. When he writes in Ephesians he writes of things which are significant and important. I would call your attention to this as an example:...Paul said..Because you were blessed by YAHWEH-God, the fullness of God having blessed you in all spiritual blessings in heavenly places, thus you were begotten in a very special way. He said:...YAHWEH had chosen you, in HIM, before the foundation of the world. That you would be Holy and without blame before you were even loved. Being Holy means that you came forth out of HIM without blame, and in love. Paul saw that the Most High had conversed with His Household and that they were of incorruptible seed. They were begotten of the Spirit and in the Celestial realms of the Heavens, for in the Spiritual realm is where you find the pattern of your existence. Tho the entire creation is held together by the form of the Spirit, the entire creation from one end of the creation to another has its existence in the dimension of Spirit. Then also, Spirit is the Father of matter and holds together all things. There is a plane of Spirit and we find that we have this passage:...They that worship God must worship HIM in Spirit, and in Truth, because God is Spirit.

Now:..the body of the man YAHSHUA, the Messiah, was the image of the invisible YAHWEH and to be complete. YAHWEH was:..Spirit, Soul, and Body ...or to put it another way:, spirit, mind, and body. The mind of YAHWEH carries clearly the functioning process of the Holy Spirit, and by this process then we decide that YAHWEH is ONE. 'Hear O! Israel, YAHWEH thy God is One LORD.' Then also comes the call to the sons and daughters of Israel that they are to worship..ONE Savior..YAHWEH. Thus He said:..I am YAHWEH, thy YAHSHUA, I YAHWEH AM THY YAHWEH SAVIOR. Then He makes this statement and it becomes very clear that the pattern of the spirit is the great activating force of the Universe. The Spirit of God imparts motion to the surface of the deep, it imparts force to the creative power of the Universe. Then here within the structure of the earth is a people that possess the Spirit of the Living God. They possess this spirit because they came down out of the heavens and entered into the bodies of the Adamic Race in a long pattern of continuity. Therefore when God established and begat His Adamic Household, He placed this household as far above the things of the earth as the sun is above the surface of the earth. Because they have a capacity that no other people possess. We are not boasting and we are not claiming credit for this...but we are acknowledging Our Father and we are not ashamed to acknowledge that we are as high above the earth as the sun is above the earth. We do not think like the world thinks, we do not understand in their areas of lower capacity of understanding. We have a capacity of our own, and we are moving out into the development of the program of God's Kingdom, and this is a thing we must recognize as we develop that Kingdom:... 'Thou art a Holy people unto YAHWEH thy God.'

We turn back to the Scripture and we see that the spiritual center of HIS worship in the Old Testament was the called out center in which He had even called a Priesthood of the House of Levi. The Levitical Priesthood was the first among all the tribes to be its Priesthood, and to bring the attention of the people back to the things of God, and to the declarations of God. And we see them in their order, and in their practice, and in their service and worship. In the New Testament as it was expanding, the word is Ecclesia, but still a spiritual center, a called out people. Called out from the Nations and out of the structure of His Kingdom who were to devote themselves to bringing the attention of the people into the things that required the service of God. This is what we refer to as the Church, and wherever the word..Ecclesia..finds its position in the New Testament then the thus translated.

Now:..we discover this concerning the church, for we are to discover this pattern, that Christ Himself will present unto Himself a Glorious Church, and that Christ is the Head of the Church and He the Savior of the body...the Head of the Church. Now:..provisions are made that He might set aside this spiritual center of His Kingdom, that He might cleanse it by His Word, by the flowing of His Spirit and thus present it to Himself a Glorious Church. It is going to, in its triumph as the Spiritual Center of His Kingdom, eventually going to not only activate the nations of the Kingdom, but it is also to be without spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing. In otherwords...even the people of age will not have no sport or one wrinkle because they shall conform to the Spirit. It shall be with perfection that they shall flow forth as a Creative Force that restores them to Himself without one spot or one wrinkle. It shall be Holy and without Blemish. Thus the church...the spiritual center of the Kingdom is to emerge forth out of God, it is the calling of the Most High, and it shall be HOLY.

'For this is a great mystery, I speak concerning Christ and His Church.' Ephesians 5:32. For we are members of His body, of His bones, and of His flesh. Hear this now:........The Adamic Race, the House of Israel, Issue Ruling with HIM, a chosen people, a selected nation, a Holy people above everybody on the face of the earth. We are members of HIS flesh, and of HIS bone. Then flowing thru the background capacity in the intellect of man to think, and to study, is the Holy Spirit of God bringing your cognition of anything in the cognition of God that you have the affinity to reach after, or ask a question about, or to think upon. Thus it is that we are to discover that in presenting the great and vital institution of His Church, that He will take it out of its partial area of knowledge...and bring it into its fruitful place where it shall understand and know, and it shall realize that it must proclaim to the nations of Israel...THUS SAITH THE LORD.

Now we want to point out to you again...a Holy People, a Holy Nation. Therefore turn to I Peter as He whom did the Messiah come? He came unto the great living stone of His Kingdom...To whom coming, as unto a living stone, disallowed indeed of men, but chosen of God, and precious. Ye also are lively stones, are built up a spiritual house, an holy priesthood, to offer up spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God, thru YAHSHUA, THE MESSIAH. Therefore behold! I lay in Zion, a chief corner stone, elect and precious. And he that believes not shall be confounded, but unto you therefore that believe, HE is precious. And to them which be disobedient, HE is the stone which they disallowed, the same has become the chief corner stone and the stone of stumbling, and the rock of offense, even to them that stumble at HIS words.

Do you know the ideal symbol of the Holy Temple of the Most High God? It is as tho a vast Pyramid was growing up in the center of the earth, and the chief corner stone is the eye stone, or the capstone. The capstone fulfills all the measure of the Pyramid, every angle, every plane, every pattern of its sides. Thus the capstone of the Pyramid is the Chief Corner Stone. And He is the chief corner stone to fill up His Holy Temple which is built into the world out of lively stones. Each one of you in your lives, living within the structure of your physical body is a temple of God's Holy Spirit. He makes this quite clear...your bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit, and therefore He calls on you to come out from among them and be separate and segregated. Touch not the unclean thing, don't marry into other races, or mix yourself with the temples of other idols. Then He says:..I will be a God unto thee in all thy generations, but I have to cast off, and drive aside these that mutate, and mongrelize their race. We shall not have assimilation of the Kingdom, but we shall have a strong and powerful Kingdom. Therefore you are as lively stones, and all fit together into a Holy Temple with a chief corner stone that only the Great Pyramid possesses. Therefore the emblem on the Seal of this Great Nation...the Pyramid, and the Capstone, is the All Seeing Eye of the Most High YAHWEH.

Looking out over this nation which was powerful from its beginning, we see from this time onward, a nation called of the Most High God. All of these things may seem as significant incidental patterns of Heraldry and teaching, but it is vital that we catch this flow of conscious thought because you are growing up unto a Holy Temple unto the Most High God, a Spiritual House. The Most High has likened you therefore to the declaration He made when He called your fathers to begin with as He said:...'Ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a Holy nation. ye are a peculiar people that ye show forth the praises of God who has again brought you out of darkness, and into His marvelous Light.

Why then are you a Holy nation? Because, God has established you in the earth as such, and established you as His Kingdom, and has ordained that you should rise, and that you should rule. That you should triumph until all the nations of the earth are brought beneath the banners of Calvary, and of the Cross. We are to discover in this hour that He has made a very definite declaration concerning you and your household. When the Most High set you forth upon this earth it says:...The Eternal God is thy refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms. He shall thrust out thy enemies, and shall destroy them, for they who fought against the Kingdom in all hours were following the dictates of idol worshiping leaders. They were following the processes of their dark superstitions, and their patterns of areas of immorality and corruption. And in their design to destroy tee, they shall come against thee. He says:...when your enemies come against thee, destroy them, these are the words of the MOST HIGH.

Again we find...Israel shall dwell in safety, alone. She shall not be integrated, nor mongrelized, Israel can absorb and associate with all those who are of the Household and society from whence it has originated, but no others. 'Happy are thou! O Israel, for who is like thee...a people saved by YAHWEH, the shield of thy help. A sword of thy excellency, and thy enemy shall be found liars unto thee, and thou shall tread upon all of their high places.' The Most High has declared that you will go out to the ends of the earth. That you will colonize the ends of the earth, that you will build outposts of His Kingdom to the ends of the earth. That you are going to conquer the areas of the heathen. You are going to give the heathen instructions, you are going to give him wisdom, you are going to establish the areas of his society. You are going to have an economy that is going to work, and you will build up areas of industry and beyond that you are going to rule and to reign. The heathen is not going to rise up and gain power over you. But in this same area, you will try to teach the pagan, the way which is right. You will try to teach him of the Most High God, and you can tell him he is to turn back to the God who created him, but you shall not tolerate the patterns of his idolatry.

Over the past 175 years we have moved greatly into South Africa, and we have watched South Africa and Rhodesia develop. In fact we watched in the Congo in these areas that were first invaded by the explorers, and then the missionaries, and colonies were established and civilizations were established. The streets of the cities of the Congo became like the streets of our modern cities. They even gleamed more brightly against the background of the jungle. Areas of agriculture and industry were developed, and the white man remained in charge. The people were not treated cruelly, but were treated as to their capacity to respond, and thus were dealt with, some like little children and some like older children. But the white man knew that the Negro must always be treated with the capacity he possesses to respond. The white man finds that the Negro capacity to respond is limited to a sub-level society. I will tell you this:...I can turn to the Encyclopedia Britannica of 1911-24., and I read what it says about the Negro, and the Negroid civilization:.......The Negroid is a sub-level race, he is emotional and does not respond at the high level of other nations. He is emotionally unstable and never has the initiative or capacity to create, or to come up to the level of even the Asiatic, and certainly not to the white man. Then they go on to the difference in the structural makeup of the Negro, and the white man. This was in the encyclopedia but it is not found today, so what happened to the honesty of the authors of today? You will discover today as the world order is moving into the hands of apostasy, and we are in the time of Jacob's Trouble, that they are placing whole areas of errors inside the encyclopedias. You will find in the modern Britannica of today that whole areas have been dropped out of its content of record of the things published before.

We have watched today as the United Nations which has no part in the Kingdom has however been substituted for the Kingdom of God in earth. The United Nations however is a program of Lucifer to take over all nations, and with Lucifer at the head of the U.N. seeking under the guise of Peace to control all nations. However the U.N. has caused perpetual war every since it came into existence. It has overturned the areas of white man superiority in many areas of Africa, and where it has overturned white rule, it placed control into the hands of irresponsible Negroes, irrespective of what type of education they had been exposed to. They had never been able to absorb the patterns of white culture, and therefore Africa became a shambles, and blood lust is rising up in all the areas we have established as nations, and from which we removed the leadership of the white man. The same is also true in India, because as you will see in India today that the nation is about to dissolve and fold up. One of these areas of misfortune that has hit India is the results of the process of driving out the white man, the British control by the U.N. The Indians then began bragging about taking back their civilization, but their government is going down and their food supply is dwindling. The white man brought plows and such things into India where they were plowing with sticks, but now they are going back to the sticks once more and with this comes starvation. India is moving back under idolatry and under the direction of false pagan priests, and their priesthood, and its highest officials of government still bow to the areas of false religion. A society under that direction will not rise, instead it goes down hill, it will multiply and multiply beyond its capacity to feed themselves and move into the patterns of immorality and corruption. As they drove out the white man they talk about the superiority of their way of life. When Mr. Nehru was over here just before he died he was talking about how we as a young civilization could look back on the age of Antiquity of India with great awe. How they had a civilization so much longer than we had. Then when he finished his speech he asked for rice and some wheat. They were having such a hard time feeding their people because they are wrapped up in a pagan pattern of Idolatry, but of course Mr. Nehru doesn't understand that. We have made only one mistake, we did not destroy every high grove and every Pagan Temple, and smash every pagan idol and god. This is what we were told to do as we conquered these areas. When we were forced to bring soldiers into those areas we should have smashed their pagan religions and their pagan gods, and they would have folded up.

God said:...when you move into these places you destroy the temples, you destroy the images, and you destroy their gods. Then as they have no false gods to turn to, you can make headway in civilizing them. We find out that in areas where they do not permit any Pagan gods they have less trouble. In South Africa today, where the white man has built a great civilization there are many Negroes and they can work in factories, under the supervision of the white man, and they are able to buy and develop their economy, but South Africa is a white mans nation. The Negro does not have a political future in South Africa, he can come in and live and work there for his betterment, but they do not control the politics, the economy of the nation. It is not possible for them to do this because they are inferior and that fact is recognized by the men who built that nation, and thus South Africa remains a white mans nation, as it must to remain a nation.

This policy makes it very clear, as the white man has brought stability to those areas, and where the white man has withdrawn from other areas, there has been wars, battles, bloodshed, and civilization has come to an end. The Negroes were not even able to keep the machinery in running condition, even tho some of them were trained under the white mans direction in the care and repair of the machinery, still they could do it by themselves. The Most High told us that we are to proclaim the pattern of the Most High God, to teach it to the heathen, to reign and rule over the heathen, and to establish the Kingdom of the Most High God. But we discover that in the areas of the programs of the U.N. that they tell us that we must be united with all these other nations, that the United States, Great Britain, Scandinavia and so forth must unite with the millions and millions of blacks and Asiatic pagans. Remember again that we are but 1/6th., of the world's population and if every Christian white man on the face of the earth were joined together into one, we would just be 1/6th., of a world population where 5/6., of it is under false pagan religions with idolatry, witchcraft, and all those things that have nothing in common with the religion of the white man, so what gain would be from that combination? Inside the U.N. we have a veto vote, but also rule 11, and when we veto something inside the Security Council, then rule eleven is quietly pushed, and when rule eleven is used, then we no longer deal with nations according to their representation, by their population. Thus when an issue comes up and the U.S. stalemates that issue by a veto vote, then they go to rule 11 and take the vote of all the millions of China, plus all the other millions of non-whites, and you are outvoted by at least 130 to 1. When they gain this procedure of business then they are very sure that from then on the white man would never have anything to say about the areas of his politics and his economy. So we are watching the areas of this development, as God told us that this is a plan to destroy...a Holy people. And God said:... when they come against you then destroy them suddenly. I want to inform you that this Church of Jesus Christ is intelligently applying the Truth of this Gospel. We have arrived at the area that God's Spirit has brought us into, and we are reaching out into greater, and greater development into the areas of science, and the panorama of tomorrow, in which there are tremendous futures for the Kingdom of the Most High. But if we were to permit ourselves to become integrated by the Negro, or by the casting down of the immigration laws, then we will be in more trouble. They want to do away with all your immigration laws by the passing of the U.N. immigration program on human rights. (In 1977 Jimmy Carter signed these treaties) This program is a treaty which is symbolic, and is important because it is called a treaty against racial discrimination and Mr. Goldberg said he would sign this, and then he thinks the United States Senate might go along with this. But this is just before election so these treaties may have to wait.

Do you know what these treaties will do for you??? Abolish all immigration laws, because it saw that immigration laws are discriminatory against people from other races, and creeds, and other backgrounds. With these barriers down they can flood into America and then they can absorb the structures of your society, and control your elections, and then there is this:...There is also a provision that any person then be allowed to vote, no matter from where they came from, or how short a time they have been in this nation. So this program of the U.N. is still the program of the enemy to destroy the structure of this nation, and its Christian people.

But God said:...You are a Holy people, and I have placed you above all nations on the face of the earth, and the Holy Spirit of God is the secret of your capacity to think above and beyond your enemy, and to recognize that the Lord God is Holy, and will bring every knee to bow to Him. Therefore God reveals these mysteries, and this wisdom to us by His Spirit, and we have not received the Spirit of the World, instead we received the Spirit which is from God. We will have some turbulent times, but we must come to our senses and not let the enemy speak in our society, and call for revolution against the Kingdom of the Most High God, of which you are a part.

(End of this Message)