Thou Shalt Have No Other God Before Me, 8-11-63


by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 8-11-63

We turn this afternoon to the discussion that is most vital, especially in the discussion of the Beatitudes and to the enemies of our faith, our nation and of our race. It is not possible today to discuss the problems that beset our nation until we have looked into the areas of fine points. The problems that beset our nation are caused by design and by plan, because there is something about this nation and all other Christian nations that is very disturbing to our enemies. This nation has been known historically from its colonial beginnings as a byproduct of God gathering out and inspiring and moving out and transferring from one part of the earth to the other HIS people. Today we are a great nation because of the inspiration and construction. We are a nation made up of the people of Western Europe. It is from the nations of Western Europe that the majority of our people came. And as we look over this nation, we notice that it is Scandinavian, Basque, Nordic, Anglo-Saxon and Germanic that covers your nation. There is only one way to discover a nationality. This is a necessary pattern of thinking that must be restored to our youth. And that is to realize that there is a difference between races and nationalities. It is possible to immaculate the people of the same race when they have the same spiritual, theological, ethnic background. But it is impossible to integrate into this race a people who do not have any of these same qualities; and it is a violation of divine law to try to accomplish it. The powers of darkness today are trying to overthrow the United States for their own energizement and their own power. It is time for our people to recognize that the United States is the most powerful nation in the Western world. To recognize that this is the only nation that can produce the supplies for a war of attrition in case of a struggle to take over the world. Thus, the enemy has to engage the White race. They realize that in this great nation in its dynamics and in its power, that it has people with initiative and vision and foundation. Even among them today, and the scripture says that their 'rock is not as our Rock,' we bear the testimony of it. They recognize that there are areas of inspiration and vision that are required and areas of thinking to produce the end result of a strong and productive and inspired society. They realize that there exists in these nations and especially in this nation as well, the activities of the church. They see this as a function that affects the people that has an area and a vision behind it that creates a force that will not accept their ideas and none of their policies. In one of the volumes of Psychological Warfare, the enemies of our civilization seem to recognize that if there is a drop out from the religious systems of Christianity over the people of the western world, they would have no resistance left to Communism or that philosophy . . . that this is really a religious war against them and the reason why they must dilute the church and remove it from the midst of the sanctuary. Thus, the hope was that they would be able to move sufficient communism, and those who would be able to influence Bible teaching into the Christian churches thru out the world until the Gospel, then inscribed, would be acceptable to the Communist world, and that the vision must break down at the center of the position where the Gospel of God should come forth.

In this instance, they have demonstrated their recognition of this dynamic pattern that the spiritual center of God's kingdom was HIS church. But most important in this battle, there was this necessary pattern that we must recognize today . . . an attempt is being made and it is being highly financed by the enemies of our society to break down the patterns of our worship, the processes of our responsibility. And the design is to change the American Christian by diluting his thinking with their design. This of course involves the diluting of your race. It has often been stated that from the very foundation of Biblical history and secular history as well, which runs along with this volume, is the design to mongrelize your race, dilute your blood, destroy your spiritual capacity and your wavelength of understanding, and make it possible to overthrow you as a people no longer with vision and no longer with the racial culture inherited patterns and pure blood streams that followed your covenants of destiny. So I am going to cite to you today, that the church is being structured to water down our theology. And this is not only to be found from organizations of ‘Faith’ and Christian churches that are supposed to be propagating that Faith. In this instance, then we are told that we should be working for the integration of all races, colors and creeds. In this same instance, the National Council of Churches of America is a part of what they once called the Federal Council of Churches. And you may have noticed this very week in todays newspapers that they are calling now for the final joining of all churches for a complete and integrated program with the Negroes to accomplish the fulfillment of their desires for the total equality and total absorption. And they are calling now for all churches to follow the instructions of the National Council of Churches so that we shall no longer make any discrimination on the basis of race, color or creed.

Now let me point out something to you of significance. This is the development of the church and its captivity, that in the development of its fellowship, and if there is to be no discrimination in its development based on creed, then, my friends, what is the church existing for? If we are to accept the fact that we must absorb all creeds, then we must accept the fact that this is the way the individual thinks and the things he lives by. And if we are to accept the things which an individual thinks and the way that they live all over the world irrespective of their race and their thinking, then we have utterly repudiated our race and our destiny as the program of God's kingdom. I point out to you today that my position concerning the National Council of Churches is that this is the position of the anti-Christ.

Now from here on, the message would change to this degree.---I saw an article the other day and this was not supposed to be anti-critical but was to be anti-questionable. And they said, "Is it possible that you (Swift) are preaching a racial gospel. Is it possible that you are suggesting that salvation is related to race?” Well, I think that they might have caught a little of the drift. Because I am going to advocate something this afternoon for the tape message everywhere . . . That Christianity and the God of the Old and the New Testament is the God of the White race. HE is a racial God. And this is a racial religion. They said, “But, Dr. Swift, we do not accept that.” Well, it does not matter if you accept it or not . . . you can throw out the whole Bible and go over and join the Jews or turn into a Hottentot, that is O.K. if you want to do that. But I am going to talk about the faith of our father and the religion of our God. Someone said the other day, “But Christianity is not a religion.” Well, it has taken a long time, but people are now finding that out. It is true for Christianity is a way of life. But don't ever overlook the fact that it is a religious force of the process of faith and of worship, and these culminate into what the very ‘left’ calls a religion. Any time you do not think this is a religion, then, my friends, you do not understand the semantics of the word.

I am going to turn for a moment over to the book of Exodus, for here I read these words spoken unto Moses and unto your race. And I want you to know that this Bible is the history of the Adamic race. That specifically this is a bound set of documents of things which God has revealed and has become the history of the race which you are a part of. This is the history of these documents. This is the correlation of them. These documents were inspired in almost every instance by the MOST HIGH GOD. Their recording and their preservation for you unto this time is a part of the leadership and the great oracle and pattern of tradition and 'Thus saith the LORD' has been preserved. So when you look at this book, I want you to realize that this book was not written for China. This does not mean that we are mad at the Chinaman, but that this book was not written for Chinaman. In fact, it is not even written in Chinese. This book was not written for the Negro. Someone said, “Oh, yes, this book was written for Negroes.” But this book was not written for the Negro. It was not written and compiled for the Negroes. Someone will then say, “But does that mean that the Negro will not be saved?” Well, this depends on what you are talking about. I believe he can be taken out of his condition, and I believe he can be adjusted by the God who is the creator of his race when he turns to worship that God. I do not believe that salvation calls for you to absorb him or marry him, or place him above the race of the MOST HIGH GOD and violate HIS instructions. I do not believe that turning to the conscious acceptance of a Negro that Jesus is the Christ, or the getting out of this man a great work, and this is a good thing, that this is a progress where they turn back and recognize the right God and set aside all of these fantastic organizations of superstition. I do not believe that this makes him your brother.

Now let us define something. There may be something which we could call a brotherhood of Faith that is determined by the fact that people are thinking and agreeing to the same thing. So there is an essence of spiritual unity that stretches thru out the world among all people who believe that Jesus was the embodiment of God. This is one of the most important things that their mind is capable of recording. But for them in accepting this, to lay a claim for intermarrying, integrate or rule over the household of God and over the administration of God's kingdom is fantastic and it is not Biblical. So someone will now say, “So you don't believe that all people can be saved?” I believe that all flesh can be saved and I believe that all flesh will be saved as the book of Isaiah proclaims. But I do not believe that salvation is within the structure of God's kingdom. And I believe that when God talks about this, that it must be in the miracle of God's purpose. In fact, you have only begun to see the things which God has planned. HE says that in the ages ahead there will be new creatures . . . but far different than what some people anticipate. I point out to you that in this 20th chapter of Exodus, that you never have to forget to find these commandments, for it is here recorded that YAHWEH spake these words saying, “I am YAHWEH thy God.” It doesn't say that ‘I YAHWEH am somebody else God.’ HE did not say that ‘I am the God of the Hittites or the Preterites,’ but HE said, "I AM YAHWEH THY GOD." And then HE said, “I have brought you out of the land of Egypt; out of the house of bondage. I have done this.”

There is one reason why this is always mentioned. For this is a tremendous cataclysm. One of the most important things that happened to this people is when God brought them out of Egypt. This was a tremendous geological transformation. It was an astronomical impact. This was a tremendous area of importance, a tremendous cycle. And YAHWEH says that HE did all of these things and . . . “I brought you out of Egypt.” And then HE said, “I want you to know that thou shalt have no other gods before me.” HE was telling Moses to make this clear, ‘make this known unto my people’---"THOU SHALT HAVE NO OTHER GOD." “Thou shalt not make any graven images or likeness of any living creature under heaven for the purpose of BOWING DOWN THYSELF UNTO THEM, nor to serve them for ‘I AM YAHWEH THY GOD’-----have forbidden it.”

This is significant. Because HE says in the book of Isaiah, that, “I AM A FATHER UNTO ISRAEL. And Ephraim is my first born.” In this instance, thru out the scriptures, HE refers to Himself as a family God, your racial issue which HE formed. HE says, “I am not like other gods which men claim to worship, for I am the creator of the universe, and you are my household and you are my family, so you are not like other people.”

I am going to turn again to the book of Deuteronomy and read again what God has said about you:-- “For thou art a holy people unto YAHWEH THY GOD. And YAHWEH thy God has selected thee as a very special people unto Himself above all of the people that are on the face of the earth. HE said, “I have selected you above all races and above all people.” You are HIS people. You are HIS household. This is God's discrimination. Now don't go out of here and say that this is not right, for when God discriminates then it is right. And when God decides that is the right place to discriminate then that is the right place to discriminate. And there are areas of discrimination, for we discriminate in the areas in which we marry. We discriminate in the areas in which we choose a career. We discriminate in the kind of society which we are a part of. And if we are smart we discriminate in who we hire so as to carry on our enterprises also. But these are our privileges and our rights. We have certain instructions that God has made which must be followed.

Now we would remind you that YAHWEH did not choose you because you were more in numbers, for you were among the more few in earth. But YAHWEH has loved you and will keep HIS oath which HE has sworn unto your fathers. And HE has brought you forth with a mighty hand. Where from?---Out of the land of Egypt. This was a tremendous phenomena. Then note here, therefore, this declaration:--- “I HAVE CHOSEN YOU. I HAVE SELECTED YOU. I HAVE ORDAINED YOU, AND HAVE BROUGHT YOU UNTO MYSELF. AND YOU ARE ABOVE ALL OF THE PEOPLE ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH.” And I believe that is the status that was maintained from that time unto this, and will be for a thousand generations. As such it was put in this book. This goes to show you that as HE said, “I have placed you above all of the people for a thousand years that, that alone, is 30,000 years. So don't listen unto someone who would replace White supremacy before the end of that time.

Now I point out to you this declaration:-- “I am YAHWEH THY God, and thou shalt have no other gods before me.” But this does not mean that God has a racist attitude toward you or any other religion. The National Council of Churches said we accept all races, colors and creeds. And as the United Nations now gives to Mr. Kennedy a national origin, I want you to turn to the 23 chapter of the book of Exodus. BEHOLD! I YAHWEH WILL SEND MY ANGEL BEFORE THEE TO KEEP THEE IN THE WAY, and to bring thee into the places which I have prepared. And we have had these Angels going before us to keep us in the way for the whole course of history and migration has been known unto the Father from the beginning, even to this great continent which our forbearers had settled and which we have become a part of thru inheritance. Behold, therefore, MY NAME SHALL GO BEFORE THEM, and I shall bring thee into the land of the Amorites, the Hittites, the Perezites and the Cainanites, and the Hivites, and the Jebusites, and I will cut them off. Thou shalt not bow down to their gods. Nor shall thou serve them, nor shall thou do after their works. But thou shalt utterly overthrow them and break down their images.”

Oh, you say, “You are talking about the God of the Old Testament.” But I am talking about a God who is the God of yesterday, tomorrow and forever. I am talking about a God who transplanted you from heaven to earth to build a kingdom. And HE did not intend that we should join ourselves to all of the races of earth who are the enemies of our God. Our God in the building of this kingdom was not to recognize any of their deities. Nor were we to serve their people, or do after their works. Someone said the other day, “My, my, these people have introduced a tremendous wave of culture and inheritance. And we have brought from this culture and that culture.” But no we have not borrowed from this culture and that culture, for we have not gained anything from the cultures of the earth. We may have taken a little color from them and from their errors which we were not supposed to do. But they have contributed nothing to your knowledge of science, or your development. Every time one of these ‘fantastics’ from the jungle comes on, someone says ‘this is some of the culture that the Negroes brought us.’ Well, I am willing for them to take it back. I would rather hear Wagner. ‘For thou shalt not do after their works.’ Some of the most fantastic things you will ever see is some of our people trying to imitate those people. Some of these disjointed orangutans, in their motions, are the wildest thing that I have ever seen. Someone said, “But we have to help them out. We should give them financial help to rebuild their temples.” I had a suggestion from some, that we try to lift the friezes around Calcutta to lift their faces, and this would be a good project to show 'good will.' Do you know what we ought to do? We should tear them all down and throw them on the fire. I have photographs of some of the temples of India that you should not show to mixed audiences. So rotten, so immoral, so depraved. But this is just normal procedure for this filthy, pagan religion. Instead of rebuilding, we should tear it down.

Now listen. “The MOST HIGH SAYS THOU SHALL SERVE YAHWEH THY GOD.” You are going to overthrow the heathen and break down his power. And you are going to serve the MOST HIGH GOD AND HE IS GOING TO BLESS YOU. HE will bless your bread and your water and you will not get any disease germs in it. So you say, “What does this mean?” Just what it says.--- “I SHALL BLESS YOUR BREAD AND YOUR WATER, AND I SHALL REMOVE SICKNESS FROM THE MIDST OF THEE.” If this nation were to carry out its responsibility, there would not be an epidemic or a plague that would fall upon you. Someone said, “But how do you know?” Well, I know because God has already ordained HIS capacity to seek the people, and you could never find any other group of people which HE has so blessed. HE moved them out of Egypt and sustained them 40 years in the wilderness. And when they went out of that land, there was not one sick, one halt, one blind. Today you could not get three million people together without someone dropping dead of a heart attack. You can't even have a football or baseball game down here in the Stadium without having some people get sick. But here were three million people and they were young and old alike going out, and not a sick one among them, because their God was going out with them. So I point out to you these words:--- “Thou SHALT MAKE NO COVENANT WITH ANY OF THESE PEOPLE. THOU SHALT ENTER INTO NO TREATY WITH THEM OR WITH THEIR GOD. THEY SHALT NOT DWELL IN YOUR LAND.” I am for mass deportation. In the 23rd chapter of the book of Exodus, “They shalt not dwell in your land lest their presence would make thee sin against me. For thou shalt serve their god it would be a slur unto ME. You are not to go out and plant your field and join them with you in planting your field, or I will curse your blessings until they will not yield.” HE is telling you that if you want a good crop there is a better arrangement than this. I want to tell you that this is the land of the free because our fathers believed in freedom. And if there is any right which you possess it is the right to manage your own property. And that which you have the direct authority as overseer. I tell you that you have the right if you are fulfilling a desire and an instruction of God, that you shall employ people who think and worship like you do. They should be compatible to you and the whole association of your project. I want you to know that you have the right to create the environment in your place of business even as you create it in your home. And your MOST HIGH GOD has commanded that you do this in order that your business shall prosper. And they can talk all they want, but whether the project was in the valley or in the mountains, I would select whom I employed because God has ordained that this is how you are to live. So who are you to serve? Do you serve the MOST HIGH GOD or are you going to take the judgment of a degenerating society whose political hacks are trying to destroy your greatness? Oh, you say our first responsibility is to lift the world? No, my friends, your first responsibility is to move back to the area we fell from when we violated divine law to begin with.

I turn then to “Thou shalt make no covenants with them, and thou shalt not let them dwell in thy midst.” I think the most intelligent signs of development were immigration laws. And I believe that one of the most essential departments in the U.S. Government is the Department of Integration. And your founding fathers believed this to.

Now I want you to come over to the Psalmist: --- “Oh, thy shepherd of Israel, thou who leads Joseph like a flock.” That is you ‘Angle-Saxons,’ the ‘house of Joseph.’ Strange as it might seem, the Shepherd of Israel is not the shepherd of China, and is not the Shepherd of India. HE is the God of the whole earth, yes. But still the Shepherd of Israel. And HE sends HIS Angels to lead you whither thou goest.

Now listen. “Oh, Shepherd of Israel, thou that leads Joseph like a flock, thou that dwells between the Cherubims, shine forth before Ephraim, Benjamin and Manasseh. Stir up thy strength and come and save us. Turn us again, oh, God, and cause thy face to shine, and we shall be saved.” Well I think the whole Anglo-Saxon, Nordic society should pray this prayer today. "Turn, oh, YAHWEH, and cause thy face to shine, so that we should be saved."

Now it does not say anything about Billy Graham in here, or any other Evangelists. This means to save us from this invasion of the Cainanites, the Amalekites and all of those others. This means from their oppression and chastisement, and from their threats. “Turn thou, oh, YAHWEH, and visit again this vine of thou planting, the vineyard of thy planting, the branch that thou has made strong for thyself.” “Turn thus, again, oh, YAHWEH OF HOSTS, and cause thy face to shine and we shall be saved.”

You go out and ask the average American what he is worrying about today. He is not worried about getting to heaven. The average church is, but the average man is not worried about this. He is worried about the trend that the government is taking. He is worried about the confiscation of his earnings. He is worried about the increasing load of taxation. He is worried about the expanse that he is supporting of people not related to him that are all over the world. He is worried about the rise of Socialism and Communism and the loss of his property and his inheritance. And he is thinking about his posterity. He is worried about the messages he is getting out of some churches which don't tell him anything except about the loss of his heritage, the surrender of his faith. Let me point this out to you.-- “Oh LORD, cause thy face to shine again and we shall be saved.”

Now God answers the Psalmist:---"Thou calleth in trouble and I deliver thee; I answered in the secret place of thunder; I speak unto thee. Hear now, MY PEOPLE, I will testify unto thee, oh, Israel, if thou will hearken unto me. But there shall be no strange god among thee, no pagan religion.” No President of the United States goes to the Buddhist temple in Colorado because a bunch of Chinamen are coming over here. God says, ‘You do that and you can lose your first born just like the Egyptians lost their first born.’

Listen to this now. ‘You give ascent to pagan religions and go to foreign temples, and I will take that as a judgment against you.’

Listen. The LORD gives and HE takes away. HE plants and HE reaps. And I tell you that disobedience unto the MOST HIGH GOD, and in this areas of higher authority, and the very height of disobedience, can affect the very life span of your society. I don't think you can build pagan temples in a Christian nation and be blessed by a God who said “I will not let this happen,” without having hit your family. The nation can grieve with sorrow for the lost of a President's son, but he sowed this. Oh, you say, “That is cruel.” Oh, I think not. That baby was back in the dimension and hardly knew that he had left. The people who were hurt are the ones who were chastened. Someone said, “You do not dare preach a sermon like this here in the United States.”---You are hearing this. But listen. ‘You called on me for help, and there is to be no strange gods among you; neither shall thou worship any strange gods. You call for me for help, you want me to come down and save you from your troubles, you are being taxed out of your possessions, you are going to cry out to me with the voice of another god? And you got hurt.’

The John Birch Society has done a tremendous job of awakening people. But I do not think it intended to go in the direction which God is going carry it now. But God is going to take such organizations as this and turn it into a mighty awakening instrument of your race. HE is going to bring this nation to its knees and then unto its glory. God says that you are a people who have started to cry out because of their oppression. You say, “Oh, not this nation.” But, yes, this very nation, and this right wing and this so-called extreme portion of a race, is crying out because of oppression, and God is bringing forth as to who they are and what they are here for.

I tell you that there is no force moving more effectively across America than the reawakening of the consciousness of HIS race this household of God with the challenge that they fulfill their destiny. But God said the first thing you have to do is sweep away all other gods. The 82nd Psalm was always a tremendous Psalm, for HE is standing in the congregation and HE says,---"Ye are Elohim and all of you are the children of the MOST HIGH.” HE says, "I don't want you down in earth performing like earthlings.”

I want you to know this. The declaration of the MOST HIGH is clear. HE said, “I want you to understand this---I AM YAHWEH, THIS IS MY NAME AND MY GLORY. I WILL NOT GIVE TO ANOTHER.”

I want you to know that you are not to do all of the things that the pseudo-intellectuals tell you that you must do for your way of life. If you want to be a liberal, this is not acceptable to the MOST HIGH GOD. HE does not call the areas of superstition art. Nor does HE design the preservation of the emblems of pagan nations merely because they have been painted colorfully. The whole pattern of pagan worship which has suppressed people and held them in bondage and in superstition is an abomination to the MOST HIGH GOD. Therefore, HE said, “I have set you over the earth to overthrow these abominations.”

I was rather startled a few months ago when the Pope gave his speech. They gave him more recognition than a Baptist minister could have received just a few years. I was amazed when I discovered that they were now advocating in that particular hierarchy that the acceptance of all Faiths would help to strengthen the structure of the faith and religious structures of a great human family irrespective of race, color or creed. So who designed that?--The devil designed this race, color or creed bit. Every time I turn around there is someone wanting to make no difference in race, color or creed. That is like saying we will use a color chart but pay no attention to the colors. It’s like painting a house but paying no attention to the color. If we are not going to pay any attention to race, color or creed, than what do you have left? This meant a lot to your forbearers---this race, color or creed. It made an important pattern of thought to George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, and to the discriminatory democratic mind of Thomas Jefferson who was very discriminatory.

Someone said, “Well, we no longer want this old way.” But let me tell you that the God of this Book is the God of your race. And by HIS Grace HE sent you into this world to build HIS kingdom and to overthrow the darkness for the eventual good of the entire earth. And HE says that HIS ways are above the ways of the earth, and the earth is now finding them out and bringing them to fulfillment. Then HE talks about you as having been in HIS presence, and of having sent you forth as having been ordained to sojourn in the earth. Someone said, “Is this hate?” No, this is just a recognition of our God, of HIS household; and a recognition of what HE has ordained.

Let me point out to you that HE said:."I am YAHWEH thy God and my glory I will not give to another. And if any of my people start praising graven images then my judgment will start to fall upon them.” HE said, “Behold all former things have come to pass, and new things I declare unto thee. And before they happen, I will tell you about them. You alone have the capacity for receiving the instructions of prophecy.” In this declaration, then the MOST HIGH SAYS, “Thus saith YAHWEH who created thee oh, Jacob.” The word is ‘Bara,’ meaning bringing forth issue. HE that formed thee, oh, Israel . . . I have redeemed thee. I have called thee by thy name and thou art mine. I am YAHWEH thy God, the Holy One of Israel. Call all of the nations together and let the people know, but you art my witnesses,” saith YAHWEH, “my servants, my children and you should know and understand and believe me for I am HE who before me there is no other god, neither shall their be after Me. For I am YAHWEH and beside me there is no Savior.” This is from the 42nd chapter of Isaiah:. . . “I am YAHWEH thy holy one. I am the creator of Israel.” Thus, I say this is a racial God, the God of our race. Oh, you say, “But is HE not the God of the whole earth?” Yes, but HE is the Father of your race. HE is specifically your God. The god of the Hittites, and the Cainanites is different from your God. They were different in the days of Jesus. And today, the church man is trying to bring the Jew and the church man together, saying we just bring the whole concept together and we end up with one God.

No, you won't. Because God and the devil would have a big scrap before that happened. Jesus said, “I am of my Father and you are of your father. I AM THE ISSUE OF SPIRIT IN THE FLESH, AND YOU ARE OF THE Devil.

Now make up your mind. We are a Christian nation. We are a White nation culture, and we are of the White race, and we believe Christ. This is the voice of our God. And HE has demonstrated HIS capacity to do these things. So we are going to recognize that HE is specifically ordained and marked for us from all areas to come. In fact, one of the most important areas in the Bible for one who is theologically astute is the identification of all of the troublemakers in the earth who have created all of the problems against all of the Holy Seed, of all of the prophets, and all of the teachers, all of the clergy whom God hath sent. More than that, their economic and political conspiracies, all of the work of the anti-Christ and all of Socialism and Communism, is outlined in the book of Revelation. And Jesus tells us that they are the merchants of Mystery Babylon who have deceived all of the nations. And HE identifies them with Jewry in this Revelation.

Oh, you say, “Dr. Swift, we do not like that sort of teaching.” Well, it does not matter whether you like it or not, God has ordained it for your instruction. There are those who think that ignoring a problem that we solve it. But I think that we are fast learning that by ignoring it that we become trapped in its error. I point out then that the MOST HIGH makes this very clear when HE said, "I alone am God. " And then HE says to Israel, “I am thy redeemer, I am the first and I am the last and beside me there is no God.” I can go over to India and I see Brahma, Vishnu, Siva, and Kali, and all of their accompanying rituals on the altars of their pagan temples. I can go into some churches today and see three of them sitting up there painted on the ceiling, or put up on pinnacles. I can see craft here also for this was when error joined the church to condemn its doctrine and put a whole setup there instead of ONE GOD. ‘Hear, oh, Israel, thy EL is ONE GOD.’ One of the most important things that America could recognize is that YAHWEH is the God of the Old Testament. HE is the Eternal God. HE is the Messiah, the Christ and the Eternal Father. HE is the very essence of the consciousness which flows upon you known as the Holy Spirit. HE is ONE not three. Not Babylonian, but ONE.

You know . . . one of the problems that Ham got into was that after Ham and his descendants, (who were White men, don't forget that--but Nimrod was a White man and the Asiatic took him over and set up Baalism all around him.) Even incorporated him into it. And it wasn't long until Babylonianism reached into Egypt and all over. And the Temples of Ham became identified with Baalism because that portion of our race had been taken over, and they now had gods in multiple. I want you to realize that this showed up the other day when religious leaders of America's denominations allowed the following to go out. And that is a new approach of the United Nations and such, as to brotherhood, and goodwill, and wide frontiers, and one human family, now calling for the passing of laws against all discrimination and bring on international cooperation in order that ‘human rights’ might make its greatest achievement. And in order to do this, we must not permit anything to jeopardize human relations among people, cooperation among nations, races and religions.

So we are approaching a world wide decree from a modern Nimrod, that you are not to criticize any area of race or religion, or you will go to the penitentiary. Let me tell you that we will criticize anything which is un-Godly and which violates Divine law. And we will criticize every religion but the True religion of the Eternal God, YAHWEH the Christ. Someone said, “But they will put you in jail.” No, they will not. My Father speaks from the thunders. About the time they start to move against the kingdom of God, things will transpire that will even wake up the enemies of God's kingdom. Do you think the Father has lost HIS power? Do you think that the earth does not open and shut anymore? Do you think the earth does not tremble anymore? Do you think that the balance of the earth is not in HIS hands anymore? Let me tell you something. This is the God who brought us out of Egypt and HE moved the Celestial systems in the accomplishing of that effort.

Let me tell you this. HE said, “I am YAHWEH, the King of Hosts. I am the first and the last and beside me there is no God.” On the isle of Patmos HE unveiled Himself unto John, in Revelation, and John took a look at HIM and heard HIM say, "I am the alpha and omega, I am the first and the last, I am the LORD God Almighty.” And as John went down on his knees, HE said, “Stand up John, don't you recognize me? For I am Jesus.” And in amazement, then John hears, “Hear, oh, Israel, I am YAHWEH, I am ONE LORD.” And John knew that he had a speaking acquaintance with the Father in the earth.

I point out to you that HE said, “Fear not, neither be afraid, have I not declared it from time that ye are my witnesses---is there a God beside me? No, there is not any.” And today you can hear in Christendom, that there are gods seated along side of God, or god on either side of God. There are not three chairs up in some Celestial Amphitheater. There is not one in the middle and one on each side into which God in the middle has divided Himself up into. There is ONE ETERNAL FATHER ruling in the Universe. HE is spirit, soul, and body, the Eternal God. And Jesus Christ was the embodiment of God. This was the body of God which walked among us. This is why the declaration that Mary was the mother of God. She was the mother of the body of God. And the Holy Spirit ordained that she would be this vehicle. This is why in the book of Matthew, she is termed blessed above all women. Some people get carried away with one phase of the declaration of faith and they just repeat it over and over. God does not want you to be in vain repetition like the heathen, but there is some things which HE wants you to know and to understand. HE wants you to know that body was eternal. It existed before the foundation of the world. But for HIM to carry forth that miracle, was only a small thing for God to perform. This is why HE said, “There is no other God before me, or beside me. There is not any. But I want you to know that I am the Eternal ONE. I do not share my glory with any other, but you can arise and shine ----FOR THE GLORY OF GOD HAS RISEN UPON THEE.” This is your destiny.

I turn to the words of Jesus, for you have said that this is an Old Testament God. But the increase came with the New Testament . . . but God did not change. The race did not change. The purpose for which Christ came into the world did not change. So you say, “What did Christ come for?” We have preached a message on that before. But turn over to the book of Matthew and see what Jesus said HE came for. He said, “I have not come but for the lost sheep of Israel.” Is that a racial God? For HE said, “I have not been sent but for the lost sheep of Israel. I am the shepherd of the sheep, so I am interested now in only one thing. I have come only for my household, my sheep, my people.”

Now someone says, “But HE came to save the Jews?”---No, my friends, HE did not come to save the Jews, and that is not the ministry of the church either. I heard a minister say the other day that his job was to save the Jew first and then everybody else. The proper translation is --- ‘To Judah first and then to the tribes.’ And thus HE came to Judah and Benjamin first, and then to the tribes of Israel who were scattered. The Gospel came first to Jerusalem and then it went out to the dispersion and all of the western world that made up the Christian civilization of Europe.

Let’s turn then again for one moment over to what Jesus declared. Here in the book of John, HE talks to the Jews who were on Solomon's porch. And Jesus said, “Ye believe not because you are not my sheep as I said unto you.” HE said, “I have come for the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel.” Then turning to the Jews, HE said, “Ye believe not because you are not my sheep.” So HE did not come for the Jews. And this book tells us why HE came. HE came to redeem HIS kingdom to put it back on track that it would finish the task HE had set it to do. To glorify it. And thru divine recognition of the generations with spiritual capacities and the opening of their minds, then HIS kingdom might be publicly occupied. HE came to do that for your race, for the world and for HIS purpose. And you are the only people who can understand correctly. I turn to show you that here in HIS argument in the scripture, that HE turns then to the enemy and this is what HE said, “You cannot understand my speech for you cannot even hear my words.” This would not be hard for people to understand if they would throw the superstition out. If they would just stop thinking that an angry God was just waiting to torture everybody forever and for ever. If they would cut out of their theology that idea that an injured God has to satisfy a part of HIS nature with a torture chamber ritual. And if they would realize that God intends to restore people by power, by knowledge, and by understanding, and by the tremendous power which can make a change in their being.

What is HE going to do with you?--HE is going to let the world know that you are HIS sons and HIS daughters. And HE said, “You ask me concerning my sons and I will tell you.” I want to get across to you then in these remaining few minutes, the realization that you are the family of the Most High God. HE is more than just a God over the whole earth, for HE is your racial God. HE is the only God you have ever had, and if you turn to look at other Gods then look out. These chastisements have come from our acceptance of an order that we were told to rule. HE does not expect to leave you in the good graces of Lucifer who is set to deceive, but HE will eliminate--for “YE SHALL HAVE NO OTHER GOD’S BEFORE ME. I ALONE AM GOD AND YOU SHALL WORSHIP ME. AND YOU ARE NOT TO MAKE ANY COVENANT WITH PEOPLE WHO DO NOT RECOGNIZE ME.” And also it says, “Thou shalt not join thyself with those who hate me.”

One of the saddest pictures I saw in the newspaper was of Mr. Harriman rushing toward Mr. Kruschev with his arms opened. Someone said, “What a forgiving nature he has.” He never seems to remember how many Christians this man murdered. Oh, you say, “But suppose he becomes a Christian?” He is not a Christian. He is planning on your destruction. Oh, you say, “But isn't it better to have peace with a man like this than war?” The best thing would be for you to crush Communism and set all of the world free. This man is part Jew. This man has come into Christian civilization for one purpose and your responsibility is to understand his motives. Mr. Rush is now over in Germany, and he is saying ‘isn't this wonderful, you must ratify this treaty with the Soviets,’ and this country hasn't even ratified it yet. But they will say that now we have to ratify it because other countries have ratified it. We can't lose face. Well, it is better to lose a little face than have your head blown off. The Senators are being conned and coerced, and they are being asked to ratify this. But all over this country there are a lot of silly clergy that think this is a wonderful answer to prayer. Anything which happens must be an answer to prayer. But I tell you again, that God says that you have made lies your refuge and falsehood your hiding place. My friends, the only way to keep the scourge away is to crush the god of the pagans and free the earth.

Now again I turn to see if Christianity is racial. Christianity is the product of the embodiment of a celestial son in a physical body, following then with the Eternal Father embodied in a physical body. Since the children were down here in bodies of flesh, HE also took upon Himself a body of flesh. (Hebrews 2). It says that since you were in bodies of flesh, in the world, then HE embodied Himself so that HE might be your kinsman, your Redeemer.

Now turn to the book of Matthew:-- “As lightening cometh out of the east and shineth to the west so shall the coming be of YAHSHUA --Jesus, the embodiment of God (Matt: 24). And it tells us that this was a great historical event and it happened just like HE proclaimed it.

Now turn to the 25th chapter of Matthew:--- “And when this God shall come in HIS Glory--this YAHWEH, YAHSHUA, JESUS, ALL OF HIS HOLY ANGELS SHALL ACCOMPANY HIM.” And HE shall sit upon HIS throne of Glory and HE is going to do this:...HE is going to segregate, discriminate. HE is going to divide the nations as a shepherd divides his sheep from his goats. And HE is going to set the sheep on HIS right hand and the goats on the left, and that is where they are today. You don't think this is right? You want to be in the middle? So you want to be half sheep and half goat? There is no value there at all. And now HE is going to discriminate for HE is going to say unto you, “Receive the kingdom prepared for you from before the foundation of the world. Rule these goats with the rod of iron. Then there will be peace in the earth.” Jesus did not say for you to integrate the police force. HE did not tell you to integrate the army. And HE did not say that we would have a great Evangelistic meeting. When goats turn to sheep then they will have everyone on the same level. Jesus did not change the rules and say ‘I want you to marry with the goats.’ The laws of God are still racial purity and racial self respect. HE said, “I came for the lost sheep of the House of Israel, and I am going to come back to the House of Israel and set it in power.” This does not take you off the hook of responsibility. This puts it on you.

Someone said, “I do not think that God would discriminate this way when HE establishes a new world order.” Let me tell you. HE knows all about the requirements from the beginning. HE knew when HE established the gates into New Jerusalem with the twelve tribes of Israel. That is how you get in . . . thru the gates. This is a city which has no need of light because the glory of God is there . . . city which does not have to worry about the temple. So there will be no denominational battle over it because the ‘presence of the Eternal’ is there. I look forward in your time, to the development of One Faith, One Baptism, one LORD. And I believe this will be a Christian Church that acknowledges every word of God and assues every pagan religion, and then moves out in a campaign to see that there is only ONE Testimony. The greatest mistake we made was that when we marched into a pagan country we did not destroy the pagan temple like our forefathers used to do. If when England went into India, they had leveled every pagan temple, those people might be worshiping the Right God today. In Africa, if you left the witch doctor to function, he still held that dark hold on the people. We not only did that, but we brought the Witch doctor to the United States. We are trying to import them out of Porta Rica today. But you were not to suffer the Witchdoctors and wizards to live. Is this hate?--No, this is putting them back in the dimension they belong in.

I want you to know this afternoon, that if there is any one satisfying knowledge that you can possess, it is the assurance of your Father that you are HIS son. And when you say, “Our Father which art in heaven,” then remember HE is NOT the God of the Jews, for HE said, ‘I have chosen you, I have selected you. I wrote down the timing of your birth. It is in my records, even your time of going out and coming back in. This is all written down in my book of life.’

I want you to know that the enemy will try to destroy you because you are a son of God. I want you to know that the enemy of God is out to destroy you. They are in the schools and in every phase of your life. They say you can no longer pray in schools, and then they will try to stop it all over. Do you really think they can suppress prayer just because they say you can't do it? I think when they say that the kingdom cannot pray then all of the nations of the kingdom will start to pray.

So I tell you this afternoon 'Thou shalt have no other God before me; thou shalt make no other covenants; and thou shalt not worship their Gods.’ The B’nai B’rith Messenger says that this shall be expanded to the worship of all gods. The United Nations Council is to force us to bow down before all gods and Mr. Kennedy is unhappy with our criticism of Pagan gods. But this is not criticism. We should be out with the battleaxe chopping up the pagan temples. I am going to tell you that God Almighty is going to liberate you and raise up a standard and there shall be ONE LORD GOD over all of the earth. And when you get thru with this destiny which is ahead of you, there will not be one pagan temple from one end of the earth to the other. That is HIS promise and HIS prophecy.


End of sermon.