Thy Kingdom Come With Power, 10-20-68


By Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 10-20-68

There is no question about the fact that the Kingdom of God comes with great power. In Matthew chapters 5 and 6, Jesus taught HIS Disciples how to pray:--

“Our Father which art in Heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done, in earth as it is in Heaven.-------For thine is the Kingdom, and the Power and the Glory, forever.”

HE instructed HIS Disciples, that as they prayed this, pray ‘Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven.’ Then they were not only to pray this prayer because in similitude it covered the greatness of all the issues that were of great need, but in this, HE had covered the full scope of the necessity of prayer. However, God was not talking about the individual necessity of a cry for help, but HE was giving them a pattern of prayer. HE didn’t say every man had to pray this way, HE said cover these things when you pray, ‘Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done in earth----thy Kingdom come again in power and great glory.’

Jesus went about throughout all Galilee preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom. HE healed all manner of sickness. HE met every need of HIS ministry. But the embodiment of YAHWEH--God, preached and taught the Gospel of the Kingdom. (Matthew 4:23). Why? Because the Gospel of the Kingdom was the Gospel of God embodied in the earth, victorious over the power of darkness, and the ultimate achievement of the scripture promises. I want to point out to you that the Kingdom of God is a tremendous Kingdom. And if we go back into the Old Testament, we find out a lot about the program of God’s Kingdom. In the first place, the Kingdom of God is an administration---a rule. The Kingdom of God is definitely a Kingdom which shall rule over every portion of the earth. When we turn into the scriptures of the Psalms, we discover the areas of greatness and the magnitude of God’s Kingdom.

Psalms 22:28----- ‘For the Kingdom is the LORD’S and HE is the Governor of the nation.’

So, therefore, from there on he says, ‘the LORD prepareth a throne in the heavens and HIS Kingdom ruleth over all.’

Now, as far as God’s throne and HIS Kingdom in the heavens is concerned, the center of all the Universe happens to be the throne of the MOST HIGH GOD. The Pleiades with its 7 little planets or suns, that you see when you look into the heavens, is the exact node center of the Universe, with Orion helping to form the elliptic of the orbits of a vast number of the planets, pulling them to one side as it pulls them away from the areas of their own suns. Thus, we have Orion the balancer, and we have the 7 suns of Pleiades which happens to be the 7 centered heavens, the exact node center of the Universe. In Job 38:31, it speaks about the influence of the Pleiades and this center of God’s Kingdom. God has set HIS throne in heaven, but HE ruleth over all the Universe. In other words, the Father’s sidereal systems which are still further out than you and I can ever be able to measure the existence of, or still further out at the farthermost extent of the range of our large telescopes, these sidereal systems are still revolving around the Pleiades, the center of the Universe. God is the absolute power in all of the Universe which was created by HIM, and for HIM. Created in the pattern’s of the endless yesterdays of the Everlasting. ‘Thou art out God in all generations.’ (Psalms 90)

That then is the declaration---our God existed from Everlasting to Everlasting. HE has been in all hours and in all patterns of time and antiquity, the great, creative, Master---YAHWEH--God.

Now, the program of the survival of the Kingdom is the program people talk about. But you don’t have to worry about the survival of the Kingdom. Instead, you better get adjusted to what the program of the Kingdom is going to bring forth. When the people get adjusted to the purposes and plans of God, this is what preaching and teaching is supposed to do. Then they will understand. So the preaching and the teaching is supposed to bring to Saints of the MOST HIGH GOD

--bring to the believing offspring of the MOST HIGH GOD--an awareness of God’s plan, so that as they find themselves in any area or location, they adjust themselves to the plan of God and put their shoulder to the operation of helping to bring in the things that God has unveiled and is going to do. Now he is going to do these things. But the adjustment of the ministry and of the preaching, and teaching, brings people to an awareness of what is to come to pass. But the Kingdom of God is over all, HIS dominion is over all.----

We find the declaration by the Psalmist. (Ps. 145:10-13) “HE has prepared HIS Throne in the heavens and HIS Kingdom is over all.” “All thy works shall praise thee, O YAHWEH, and thy Saints shall bless thee. They shall speak of the Glory of thy Kingdom, and talk of thy power; to make known to the sons of men HIS mighty acts, and the glorious majesty of HIS Kingdom. Thy Kingdom is an everlasting Kingdom and thy dominion endureth throughout all generations.”

These again, are the words of the Psalmist. They are the concept of the Israelites of the Old Testament, as the Psalmist and the Prophet talked about the Kingdom of the MOST HIGH GOD. They understood that the Kingdom was established thru out all the Universe and was now established on earth thru the begetting of a Household, that would inherit the Kingdom. That was one of the reasons why the Adamic race was placed on the face of the earth. That was why God, Himself, breathed HIS breath of life (Spirit) into the Adamic race. And HE made it very, very clear that HE was establishing HIS Kingdom in earth, thru that race. That this race was to grow, to multiply, to increase as the sands of the seashore and as the stars of the heavens, until they would eventually rule over the earth and bring down the powers of darkness.

Now during this period of time, you would find existing here on earth, the temptations of Lucifer and his strategies of destruction, the program of his evil, of sin, of integration and mongrelization; his program of vice and catastrophe which is aimed at trapping the children of the Kingdom and their nations, and thus reducing the attempts of the sons and daughters of God to rise in spiritual power, because of wickedness and transgression. Therefore, one of the most important things for the sons of God to know is the purposes and plans for the Kingdom. Thus it was that when YAHWEH--God--was embodied in the earth, what did HE preach? People tell us that Jesus only preached salvation. But salvation is only one of the requisites of the children of the Kingdom. It is one of the blessings of the children of the Kingdom. But Jesus went around preaching the entire Gospel of the Kingdom.

What is the Gospel of the Kingdom? The Kingdom was the bringing to earth of Spiritual dominion and political power. The Kingdom of God exists in spiritual planes and in physical planes, and in the physical planes and dimensions you don’t even comprehend, as well as in planes of light and the planes of atomic substances of the created Universe. The Kingdom of God is in dominion over all, and is Everlasting to Everlasting. But the dominion of that Kingdom belongs to the Father, and is the inheritance of the sons and daughters. Therefore, the sons and daughters of God inherit a Kingdom.

Now, Kingdoms come down from generation to generation, from dynasty to dynasty. But since God is a perpetual God reaching from Everlasting to Everlasting, and HIS Kingdom is an Eternal Kingdom, and the life of God is an Eternal Life, then all the sons and daughters of God who are HIS heirs, inherit this Kingdom and they are given Eternal Life. The ruling of the Universe, God shares with HIS Household. And wherever the powers of darkness or the forces of evil have taken over constellations or solar systems, then God intends that they shall be taken back by HIS sons and daughters, and that Kingdom shall reign.

Now whatever God purposes to do, HE will do. HE says, ‘My counsel will stand. I shall do all my pleasure. I tell you this from the beginning. I tell you this in the book of Isaiah, I, alone, am God.’ Thus, it is under this declaration then we discover that when Jesus was preaching and teaching, HE was preaching ‘The Gospel of the Kingdom.’ HE was trying to get this message across to HIS Disciples, that it was their Father’s good pleasure to see that you get the Kingdom. HE has to stir you up. HE has to cause you not to fear the enemy, so you will not be afraid of the size of the enemy because you happen to be the children of the MOST HIGH GOD, who is all powerful. You are the children within, in whom HE has placed HIS Spirit. And HIS Spirit is going to triumph. Therefore, Jesus, in HIS ministry, constantly produced the pattern of guidance and the pattern of education, and the pattern of wisdom to those who are HIS Household. And HE made this quite clear as to the greatness of HIS Kingdom. ‘Jesus went about Galilee teaching and preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom.’

Those who were the sons and daughters of Lucifer, were also there and they were always laughing and attacking Jesus. They thought there was no importance to HIS message, for they didn’t understand it. But the High Priests and political strategists understood that HE was a danger to them. Therefore, they tried to trick Jesus and to trap HIM before their attorneys and their standards of law, and before the theologians of that day. Jesus was not speaking to them, however, for HE told them so. HE said, ‘You are not the children of the Kingdom.’ HE talked about and TO the children of the Kingdom, and explained the pattern of the Kingdom. HE talked about the field, which is the world, and about the planting of the Divine sovereignty of God’s Kingdom in the world. HE talked about the good seed planted, and that they grow up as the children of the Kingdom, that the Kingdom belongs to them and that they are the Good Seed. HE said that the bad seed are the children of the wicked one, talking here about the progeny of Lucifer. HE talks of their pattern and strategy of design, which is to take and rule the earth with the powers of darkness and the forces of evil. HE talks about how the TARES WILL BE GATHERED OUT AT THE END OF THE AGE. And Jesus talks about the coming in of the Kingdom with power, about the separation and the distinction of the citizens of HIS Kingdom, and those who are the citizens of the Kingdom of darkness. Thus, as we read in the book of Matthew, we have the greatness of this passage, ‘HE preached the Gospel of the Kingdom.’

Now, again, I want to point out to you that as Jesus not only talked about the strategy of the Kingdom, but when HE talks about their obedience to the laws of God, and about their status in their own lives, of conquering the powers of darkness and the forces of evil, HE talks about their health and HE talks about their vitality and about their fasting. And HE says you don’t do all those things for men, you do it for yourselves, because HE wants you to be a powerful people, because HE is going to pour out HIS Spirit on you. The strategy of the Kingdom is going to be a tremendous strategy, and lots of people don’t understand it.

HE says in the first few years of the redevelopment (starting with the Disciples) of the taking of the Kingdom, ‘I am going to build my Church; I am going to build it on a confession of Faith.’ The enemy is going to persecute that Church. They are going to put some of you to death, but that Church is going to grow so strong, that eventually it will control nations and Kingdoms. Eventually, the Church will be the most powerful spiritual institution on the face of the earth. HE said, ‘I must convince the sons and daughters of the MOST HIGH that this is the truth.’

So Jesus went about preaching and teaching the Gospel of the Kingdom. Soon, Jesus had followers and Disciples; and 500 of them followed Jesus the day HE went in the heavens, and Jesus told them to return to Jerusalem and wait until they received power from on high. These followers believed this and they waited in Jerusalem until the day of the coming of the Spiritual power, and then it rained down on them. They were shaken with the Spiritual power and with spiritual unction, that rained down on them. In that day, and in that hour, the dawning concept of the strategy of the Church took place.

Peter was just a fisherman, altho he had walked with Jesus through the three years of HIS ministry. But here at Pentecost, Peter arose and began to speak, and he did not sound like a fisherman, but rather a man with a great story to relate. He spoke to those of your race who dwelt in that land. But he also spoke to the Israelites of other lands that were gathered there that day. All could probably have spoken Hebrew, but Peter spoke to them in the languages of the nations from whence they had come. Then as the ministry continued, 5000 were added to the Church, and 30,000, and so on. Then these people went out to their homes and they also told of this ministry and they preached ‘the Gospel of the Kingdom.’ They spread the story of what Christ had wrought, of the building of a spiritual congregation and an ecclesiastical center of worship, and the gathering of power, until they would control nations, until they conquered the powers of darkness and until they take over this world for God.

This was the thing that drew men to their assemblies. Regardless of how they were persecuted, they did not fear, because they were told about their Eternal existence with the Father which they would go back to. That even if they were killed, while standing for the Kingdom and the Truth, that they would be resurrected again and their spirits would return to the Father who gave it. They, then, knew no fear and they answered the powers of darkness with the testimony of the Kingdom and the Church grew. Make no mistake about it. The Church grew. And it has grown until it has covered all the White nations of the House of Judah and the House of Israel. Thus God has fulfilled the Covenant.

‘I shall put My Spirit in your heart, I shall give you a heart of flesh. I shall move upon My people. I will make a new Covenant with the House of Judah and the House of Israel.’ Jeremiah 31:31.

Verse 33:-- ‘I will put my law within their inward parts and write it in their hearts, and I will be their God, and they shall be My people.’ This is also a part of the Kingdom, because the Kingdom of God moves--both, in the spiritual realm and in its mental realm. The Church was one of the most important areas of the spiritual and mental movements. It was here that God met with HIS people. It was here that HE poured out HIS Spirit. Here, HE expanded the testimony of the Kingdom. It doesn’t matter what you have in mind. If you have a political program in mind there is only one way in which you can get that across. You have to spread the idea. You will never get a political program off the ground unless you spread the idea. And remember, the Kingdom is political as well as spiritual, for the Kingdom of God is Dominion, in all dimensions. The Kingdom of God is not only throughout all the Universe, but it is here on earth as well. Oh, you say, ‘It isn’t here everywhere, because the powers of darkness have their kingdom in lots of places. The Kingdom of God isn’t running Russia. It isn’t running China.’ But that is because the predominate pattern of people running those governments are of the children of darkness. But I want you to know that God Almighty is only letting them go ‘just so far.’ They don’t realize this, and they think they are gathering the masses which they will use to destroy America and the Christian nations. They think they are going to liquidate the Church and make it agnostic and atheist. And if you read the newspapers, you will probably think the whole world has become more and more agnostic and atheist. Even our own nation has reversed the draft laws so that you don’t have to believe in God to be a conscientious objector. But this nation is a nation under God. Then we say everyone should have political freedom and liberty, so we release people from being under God. But under the great strategy of the program of the Kingdom, you have to let everyone know what it the program of the Kingdom. You have to awake everyone to this program. God intended to wake people up. HIS Spirit was to guide them, and the preaching of the Gospel was ‘the Gospel of the Kingdom.’

Now, as far as God’s salvation is concerned, this is a part of the program of the Kingdom. HE has promised salvation to all of the House of Israel. HE said HE not only promised them salvation, but they also have Eternal live because they are HIS sons and daughters. The Salvation of God is great, for every need and every problem faced by man. The Salvation of God is great for the transforming of men’s minds when they stat to transgress, and they start to error. And that is hwy the scriptures say not to be conformed to the world, but be transformed by the renewing of the mind. (Romans 12:2). This is another work of the Holy Spirit of God. But I want you to know that in this hour, that those who listen to the Gospel of the Kingdom, are interested in the Kingdom of this world being taken over by the people of the Kingdom of God.

Now, let’s be practical and reasonable. There are so many people today you do not want to admit that there is anything in their religion that will activate their thinking or that their religion will activate their political consciousness. They say we must separate religion from politics. We have to separate in our minds our religion and the design of our nation. They say our nation must be all things to all men, it cannot be a Christian nation, or a Buddhist nation, but a nation for all men. Well, the Supreme Court has ruled ‘Three Times’ that THIS IS A CHRISTIAN NATION. And more than this, even tho there are a great many people in this land who are sound asleep, still--I tell you that we who are awake, will not bow the knee to Baal and we will adhere to what God has revealed and we will work until this small group becomes a great and mighty group. Because God started out by spiritually energizing HIS Household. And by the time of HIS Resurrection, there were probably two or three thousand people who knew and were interested in Christ. There were many more than this who knew of HIM. But there were only about 500 or 600 people who saw HIM after the Resurrection. But HE started with those 500 who met in the room to wait for the outpouring of HIS Spirit, and then from there, the power of God and the Spirit and ministry of God poured out over the White Western nations and HIS people became followers of Christ called Christian.

Now you say, ‘The Church doesn’t act like Christians today.’ Well, I admit that many in the pulpits today do not know about the Gospel of the Kingdom. In fact, a lot of them don’t know anything about Jesus Christ either. Because they think that the important thing in the world today is to satisfy all people, so they can get along with the press---because if they don’t, they will be called bigots or any of these things the press will call you if you don’t speak the program they advocate. Do you know why this is? Well, those that know the Gospel of the Kingdom are not working for the Republican Party or the Democrat Party. They are not working for any party. Rather, what they are working for is seeing that every White man is awakened to the fact that he is the son of God. That every White man knows the destiny of the White race, that every White nation of the Western World, knows why they are to stand together. I am interested in knowing that the White man knows that he is to battle Communism and its forces because he is part of God’s Kingdom. I want that man to know that God said, ‘I shall give you the power and the strength and give you victory.’ I want them to know that God said that you shall build armies and whether small of large, they shall be victorious. I want you to know that the God of the Old Testament who answered with miracles out of the sky, and shook down the Midianites, is the same God who is on your side for the final issues of time and history. I think the most important thing for you to know is that we are living in the ‘latter day.’ I think if we can wake up all the White men in this nation and in all the Western nations of the White world, we can get a foothold, then move forward to show these White men that they are living in the ‘latter day.’ That we are living in the latter days when God says HE is going to awaken HIS people. HE says, ‘I am going to show them what I want them to do.’ And then the Saints of the MOST HIGH GOD are going to take the Kingdom and retain it forever and forever. The MOST HIGH GOD says that you are going to be successful in that undertaking. In the book of Daniel, God speaks out on this subject:-- ‘The Saints of the MOST HIGH shall take the Kingdom and possess the Kingdom forever and forever.’ (Daniel 7:18). And then in verse 28:-- ‘And the Kingdom and the dominion and the greatness of the Kingdom, under the whole of heaven, (over the whole earth) shall be given to the people who are the believing offspring of the MOST HIGH.’ HIS Kingdom is an everlasting Kingdom and all dominions are going to serve and obey HIM, and HE is going to put HIS sons and daughters in the seats of authority.

This is what we have to awaken people to. This is what God says HE is going to awaken HIS people to. HE says HE is going to call them by name and then your job is to carry HIS message and help in this awakening of God’s people, unto their work for their Father---and to their destiny. As you believe these things, you are going to tell others and tell and tell. And you aren’t going to care whether people of the press agree with you or not.

Of course, the press of our country will not agree with me if I tell them that the White man is going to rise up and smash the powers of darkness then rule this earth from end to the other. Oh, you say, ‘That isn’t fair, we should let everyone do as they please. Let them worship whom they please.’ Well, this is God’s world and that is not HIS plan. The program of God’s Kingdom is ‘Rule over all of the earth.’ HE says, ‘I am going to rule over this earth with a rod of iron. Men are going to obey My law, because I am YAHWEH-God. And My Law is the best thing for the Universe. It is the best thing for the earth. And my sons and daughters are going to realize the goodness of My Law and the rest of the earth is going to keep My Law because I will rule over them with a rod of iron.’ I tell you that you have to rule over these people of darkness with a rod of iron, because it will take almost 1000 years to ever bring them around.

Now, some will say, ‘Do you think we should make the Chinese obey the Laws of God, even if they don’t want to?’ That is exactly what I think. We should also make the Negroes who move around like wild animals and try to eat each other obey the Laws of God, or liquidate them. I think we should rule over them with a rod of iron. I think we have reached the day when the sons and daughters of God are to be awakened to the Gospel of the Kingdom.

The Gospel of the Kingdom is political. The Gospel of the Kingdom may possess the great spiritual facets of God moving on HIS Church, it may have the facets of spiritual power and the facets of spiritual healing and God helping HIS people by stimulation and quickening the consciousness of man. But God also says, ‘If thy eye be single, thy body be filled with light. The spirit, mind and body may see the great transition of God.’

HE has promised you transition, and immortality, and indestructibility. HE has promised that when HIS people answer HIS call, the power of light will cover their bodies and they will not be able to destroy you. That no weapon formed against you shall prosper. ‘Arise and shine, thy light has come, and the Glory of God will come on you.’ Then you won’t have to tell the world that you are the sons and daughters of God, for the world will see your Light. This is the manifestation of the sons and daughters of God. (Romans 8:19). This is all a part of the working of the last days. You are a part of the last days. You are living in the last days of time and history. And the program of God’s Kingdom is to put out the Word.

I think that God has started the stimulation and education of HIS people. Because they were falling for the Communist program, the deadly program of the Beast, so HE stirred the people and they started forming in to organizations to combat this Beast System. Then the enemy moved quickly into these organizations to split them up. Then that left a vast group of people thinking. And they started moving in this nation into the Conservative camp. This is a constant steady movement. It will now be the process through which you try to figure out who is the lesser evil as you vote, because both political parties are trying to carry on the work of error. One of these days, that is going to come to an end also.

Now, I want to point out to you that under this set-up, then the Gospel of the Kingdom, must awaken the sons and daughters of God to the program of the Kingdom, to awaken them to the program of what God has in store for the earth. If men would realize what God has in store for them, then they would put their shoulders to the wheel to help accomplish the fulfillment of HIS plan for the earth.

When men realize what is in store under God’s plan, then look for a small force to become a large force with the Christian Church, its evangelist of the White race. Then watch the great pattern of the Gospel of the Kingdom as it will evangelize the White race and the White race will rise to its place of leadership. And it will move with mighty power against the powers of darkness and the forces of evil. The time is going to come when we will no longer have these apologizers who say that we must let everyone go his own way--let everyone have his own god and govern himself. We have already tried this way in Africa and other places and it has only produced the idiots who eat one another. Their tribal priests come with their witch doctors and all want their own way and they end up fighting and eating each other. You went through the period when the Mongol hordes came out to destroy, every generation or so. They came out of the Mongol mountains and always came to destroy. Today, the Russians are again fulfilling that tradition for they are literally the Mongolian hordes come out once again to destroy Christian civilization.

I ask you. When is Christian civilization going to realize that there is only one way for peace in this world? And that is for this world to become the Kingdom of our LORD and HIS CHRIST, and for us to rule this world.

Jesus went about teaching the Gospel of the Kingdom. So as we see this declaration of the Gospel of the Kingdom, we realize that God has ordained throughout all periods of time, that victory shall come. HE has advocated this to HIS sons and daughters. ‘It is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom.’ HE says one of these days that Kingdom is going to come forth with great power and with great glory. HE says one of these days, the sky will be filled with great war chariots of the MOST HIGH GOD. One of these days, like lightening cometh out of the east and shineth toward the west, so will be the appearance of the Glory of the Kingdom of God.’ (Matt. 24:27). Then the great space ships of the Mighty Hosts of God shall come.

HE tells us in the book of Matthew:-- ‘Then shall appear the sign of the son of man in the heavens, and then shall the tribes of earth mourn and they shall see the son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with great Glory.’

We have lived pass the measure of the sign of the son of man in the heavens. (The Kingdom.) We are now on the edge of the sign of the son of man coming with Great Glory. This will happen just as quick as the enemy thinks they will have the power to jump on us. But in the meantime, God says, ‘I am going to awaken my people until a great mass of them realize that the only solution for this world is for the Kingdom of God to rise and take over the world and rule. Then they will be ready to do anything to accomplish this.

Now, Jesus says the son of man shall come in HIS glory, and all HIS Holy Angels with HIM, and HE shall sit upon the throne of HIS Glory. HE will gather all the nations before HIM and separate them as a shepherd separated the sheep from the goats. (Matt. 25:32) HE is going to say unto the sheep nations, take your place on My right hand, the goat nations take your place on the left. Then HE is going to say to those on HIS right hand, ‘Come ye, blessed of the Father, inherit the Kingdom, prepared for you from the foundation of the world.’ (Matt. 24:34).

So we understand that when this time comes, this is a final program. I want you to know that HE says when HE comes that HE will gather HIS Elect from one end of the heavens to the other. (Matt. 24:31) Know ye therefore, that when this time comes the vultures and all birds gather because they know that as the kings of the earth gather with their armies, it will be a great battle. For all the kings of the earth are gathered to fight HIM who comes as KING of Kings, and LORD of Lords.’ (Rev. 19:16).

Now, I am not worried about that battle, because that battle has already been decided. HE has already set down the program for that because HE has already said that it will take seven men with great earth movers to go out and bury the dead. There will be none unemployed because all will be working at burying the dead. (People of the Adamic race---No. 7---will all be employed at waking up people?)---I want you to know that the enemies of God’s Kingdom are going to be wiped out by a great manifestation of spiritual power than has ever been manifested in the history of the earth. Now, therefore, the Kingdom of God comes with power. Not only a Spiritual Kingdom, because it belongs to the sons and daughters of God, but it also challenges men and women for this purpose.

You go out to the voting places and you try to pick out the men and women who will fit into the program of the Kingdom. People will say they like this man or---that man is a good man, but they don’t like what he says about sending arms to Israeli. Then-- they like ‘that’ man pretty good, but they don’t like what he said about another subject. You are trying to select, but what are you setting your program of choice on? In the first place, you want them to be positive and strong against the mongrelization of your race. You want them to say, ‘I believe in Jesus the Christ and the Gospel of the Kingdom.’ You don’t want them to be helping Israeli, because this is the abomination of the desolator. And who wants to be on the side of the abomination of the desolator in the days of the Gospel of the Kingdom?

Do you think that you can select between the lesser of two evils at this time? God already has you working for the Gospel of the Kingdom. And I tell you this. If a man came out to run for office and said, ‘We are going to stand for the Laws of God, we are going to take control of this great nation for God, we are going to close out the control over our money by the Jewish bankers, we are going to drive out the powers of darkness.’ The White Christian race is going to do all these things. And we are going to stand for our Christ. And anyone who doesn’t believe in HIM, can leave our shores. I think that if a man stood and said this to the nation, it might take a little while--but then the idea would take hold and little by little the entire nation of White Christians would arise behind this man. I think you would have all the pastors weeping behind their pulpits. I think the N.C.C. and the Jewish communities would be weeping over the surging power that White Christianity would show, when the Right man came out and said the Right thing.

Then they would all want to say the Right thing. They would want to lower your taxes, and the first way to do that would be to get out of the U.N. and stop that money flow. Cut off the flow of your taxes to support the enemy. More than that, one-half of your tax dollars at least, go to support your enemies. All this is a part of the program. The kingdoms of this world become the Kingdoms of our LORD and HIS CHRIST.

Now, someone will surely say that this sounds like fascism. It sounds like Nazism. Well, what brought the Nazi’s to power in Germany, but men who stood and said, ‘We will not bow to the Jewish money system. We will not be ruled over by the Communist.’ The Jews didn’t like this, so they hurried to other countries and took different names and said, ‘Look, they killed the person by that name.’ And they stirred up the emotions of a people who did not know that situation. And people moved in a situation which they didn’t know what was going on. I’m going to tell you that it isn’t only Germany, but the whole White race that must be stirred until they stand together and say, ‘No longer will we be ruled over by the powers of darkness.’

That is the Gospel of the Kingdom. That is the Gospel of Liberty, of victory. And it is triumph and it is power. This is the Gospel of the Kingdom, the coming of the Kingdom of God with power and great Glory. You pray for it every day. Jesus taught HIS Disciples to pray, and still, today the Christians still pray:-- ‘Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven.’

So what is God’s program on earth? That there shouldn’t be one person in your land denying Christ. That there shouldn’t be teachers teaching your children that do not believe in YAHWEH--thy YAHSHUA--God. That there shouldn’t be one person that moves into any department of your government that doesn’t believe in God. That no member of another race be in any position of power by which to rule over you. If others don’t like this program, they can go back to where they came from. This is the program of God’s Kingdom. This is what the Bible has to say about it. Now, the preachers stay as far as they can from the Gospel of the Kingdom. So you never hear about it. But I really don’t think most of them even know about it, because really, they don’t know what the Bible does teach. They get a book once a year with fifty-two sermons in it and the fifty-two sermons have a text in each one of them, and they are to talk and build their sermons on those texts. This will be the same message which all the churches will carry. And so everyone will like them. Even the modernists and the ‘left wingers’ and the Communist like these sermons. So they send out the beautiful book of fifty-two sermons each year with Easter eggs on the front. That, my friends, is about what America gets form its ministry. No wonder the pastors don’t preach on the Gospel of the Kingdom. They have never heard of it.

I heard a minister preach and he said, ‘My God, give this meeting the power to help save these people from going to hell.’ Then he turned around and threw his arms around the Negroes and then said, ‘God bless the Jews.’ Well, he was in hell right there and didn’t know it. I think it is time that people knew what Jesus talked about when HE preached the Gospel of the Kingdom. If the ministers were to answer the Negroes like Jesus did, they would be de-churched. But remember when the Negro woman asked Jesus to heal her daughter, and Jesus walked right on? Then when she persisted, Jesus said, ‘I cannot give you, a Canaanite, the Gospel of the Kingdom.’ Then she said, ‘We dogs will take the crumbs from your table.’ Then Jesus said, ‘alright, you shall have the crumbs because of your faith.’ But the ministers are afraid to preach these words of Jesus, for they know that they will be de-churched. Maybe they do not even know those words of Jesus. I can preach them because if you de-church me, I just won’t go. (Everyone in the audience just laughed and clapped at this.)

But there are lots of people today who are afraid to hear the Truth. Something will have to stir them up. Maybe some great catastrophe will do the job. Some of our Coast line may have to slip under the water some day., or something like that. But I want you to know that the program of the Gospel of the Kingdom is a final program of the MOST HIGH GOD. He talks about the signs of the times, about pressures and about catastrophes and about judgments. And then, HE talks about areas of victories.

Then HE says, ‘The hosts of the MOST HIGH shall come in with great power--and I have all the power---and all of the dominion.’ The Old Testament Psalmists tells you that HE had the power and that HIS dominion is from everlasting to everlasting.

‘Ye shall see the son of man coming with power and great Glory.’ As ye see this, the Kingdom of God shall come with power. Then that which has been ordained and prayed for is literally fulfilled. The dominion and Kingdoms under the whole of the heavens shall be given to the people who are the Saints of the MOST HIGH--the believing offspring. And their Kingdom shall be an everlasting Kingdom and all dominions shall obey and serve HIM.

Now, some say, ‘Oh, that is not religion.’ But yes, it is. For God says all are going to worship ONE LORD. All are going to be ruled over by HIS LAW. And that they will be ruled over by HIS Spirit filled offspring.

So the Kingdom shall come with power and great Glory. And you who are the heirs of the Kingdom will join that Kingdom. You will share in the growth of that Kingdom. This is a political idea to rule the world. And every White man should be thrilled to join that Kingdom rule because that is the only way he will ever find peace.

The KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS brings the Victory as the great PRINCE OF PEACE.

I have only one political ambition, and that is to awaken every White man until he stands for the Kingdom and it rules the world. The rest of the world may look on this process, but they will not stop it because you, children of the Kingdom shall enter the promised land. You shall not be held out for another generation because of unbelief.

Then---the Kingdom of this world becomes the Kingdom of our LORD AND HIS CHRIST.

(End of sermon)