Time Of The End, 1-4-69


by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 1-4-69

This afternoon as we turn to our subject this afternoon we want to point out that the year is starting off with a vengeance. As we mention some of these events and conditions, this afternoon we will discuss more of them this evening. We simply want to point out that we are in the sign of Libra and this is weighed in the balances and found wanting. The world order then is under measure, and all of the conditions that we have mentioned are starting off with tremendous activities.

The powers of darkness are launching their attack and they are seeking to gain control. And all of the left wing forces and all of the Communist patterns among the nations are all very active. At the same time the forces of righteousness are speaking out and they are gathering for the fray and their is no question of the fact that we will see a very eventful year a most upsetting year. It will be filled with much activity and much violence. And of course the patterns of war will hang over this year from one end to the other. But I want to point out several things that are most significant the attack on Beirut, and the coming attack which they now promise upon Egypt, led by Israeli, is not only fanning into flames the whole middle east. But the Lebanese are now throwing their armies on the borders. And they had not been at war with Israeli before. Because Israeli promised to respect the Lebanese borders, then attacked Lebanon without cause.

No matter what you have heard about the two Arabs who blew up the ship that belonged to the airline, and of course killed a Jew and maybe injured a few others, but had a justifiable cause. This may be hard for some people to understand, but these two Arab lads were driven out of their homes and out into the Negev desert. They were driven out without water or food, and their parents and relatives had been killed by Jews as they came into the land of Palestine. And they were rescued and saved by the Egyptian government, and they later joined the Arab Commando force which pledges a war against Jewry, forever and ever as long as Jews exist. You cannot hardly blame these people for feeling this way. However these lads were not a part of the citizenry of Lebanon but they attacked Lebanon because of the evil in the heart of organized Jewry. The desire is to take over all of Lebanon which is almost all Christian. The students are on strike and they are calling for conscription, for military training for an all out front against Israel.

And as the new year starts then Israeli is saying that they must expand their territory along the Mediterranean until the control Algeria, and they want to expand to the eastward and take over Iran and Ancient Babylon, and all of Egypt. This they anticipate as their goals. Thus when they talk about this then there is no hope for peace in the middle east, at this time. So this is what is going on. Today they are attacking Jordan territory once again. If there is any animosity toward Israeli it is well earned as far as the Arab states are concerned. They are in this thing to the finish.

Now; we are hearing about certain situations inside the red nations. We are told that the Poles are bothering the Jews, and that the Czechoslovakia is named here also but these countries are both run by Jews. The head of the Polish government is a Jew, the head of its economy is a Jew. The head of the Agricultural department inside of Poland is a Jew. And this does not sound like Anti-Semitism in Poland at all. And in Czechoslovakia the struggle is between Jews and Arabs for leadership but the communist government is in power. And the oppressed are crying out for they want to be free. But this is the extent of anti-Semitism in that nation. The people realize in that Slavic country that the Jews took over their nation, so the attacks made on Jews is simply patriotism in that land because they know that the Jews took over their land. Thus this is just marking spots of trouble that the Jews are causing in the Middle East. I think that this is a most significant period of time.

Today there is moving into London leaders of the Commonwealth from all over the world. And they will be talking about this for this is the last session of the Commonwealth for Prime Minister Wilson is calling out to his British people to gather for this Commonwealth meeting, and decide as to whether they will be able to amalgamate as the Commonwealth is demanding. They are demanding as to whether it be portions of India or Pakistan, or any of the areas still remaining in the Commonwealth. Some of the small Negro nations remain in the Commonwealth and some of them got out. But all of these countries are demanding an Equality with the British Empire, or with England herself. They are demanding free access to England and that they can come and go, or move from one Commonwealth nation to another without any immigration quotas. They are also demanding that they have a free and open part in the decisions of any foreign policy, or any policy taken by the British Empire.

Now; Prime Minister Wilson says that if we do not recognize an equality of people, irrespective of their race, their color and their creed. If we do not respect and accept this Commonwealth demand, then the commonwealth will go, the world's hope will go. And race war at its most excessive point will take place.

Now; inside of England today there are many people who say that this is not right, this is not the way the kingdom was organized. They said that when Queen Victoria and other rulers were in power they extended themselves out into other area such as Africa, and Asia. They established colonies and they built trade routes under white leadership. And the leader of India was a white man. And white men administrated and handled the affairs of these countries. Whereas they had some local rulers who sat in the individual offices but the Commonwealth was operated and directed by white intelligence. And their relationships with South Africa and with Rhodesia were excellent. So in England today the people are saying we do not want to accept the demands of the Commonwealth. But the present administration in the past few years has set these countries free. They have given them independence and we in England have had very little to say about it. We of the British Empire have had very little to say as the British Empire has been dissolved and now they want to absorb us because the colored outnumber us three to one. So this is the deciding factor and tomorrow they will start to argue and to vote.

The newspapers are saying we must evolve into the brave new world. Races are demanding their place in the sun. They are demanding equality and so we must accept this and move into this brave new world. No longer will they accept this division and they say they are waiting to see what the commonwealth will do. The world is evolving and races are demanding equality. We must build a brave new world that is no longer respective of race, or color or creed. I am going to cite to you that the Commonwealth may dissolve as an institution but the Empire will come back, for white leadership is essential to the success of any government on the face of the earth.

Now; we are not interested in what people think when it comes to the world order, and world ideas. Today the great auditoriums have been geared to conventions that for the last few months have been held under the various institutions and foundations. And they have been harping on the race question. Look Magazine comes out for this week saying:--black or white, we must be absorbed by the Negroes. We must surrender and give them what they demand for we are outnumbered and out voted. The Methodist church this year put up 20 million dollars to teach race absorption, and integration. The Lutheran church put up 2 1/2 million dollars, and the Presbyterian church five million dollars. Thus, 20 million dollars comes up out of the hoppers of churches to commit suicide.

Now; these are strange policies but the Communists are stirring up this position all over the world. They are moving in on the schools and tomorrow in San Francisco there will be trouble and in every other student body. One things we cannot expect too much out of Hiakawa who is in charge of this. Remember he is a Socialists, and a Jap. And they picked him because he is a minority leader, so the Negroes cannot say that this is a white man's cause in a minority administration. But they will have to have law and order in their education or this pattern they have built up in education and go back to private education instead of public education.

I am going to tell you that we were much farther ahead in education when it was private and parents were responsible for what their children were taught. And they should never have been pushed into the realms of higher education when they had no capacity to respond to it.

Now; I want to point this out it is a very important sign, for the design is now to crush out the Empire, and crush out the white man's leadership and this will be brought to a vote inside of the British Empire.

Now; there are some things that we must recognize. There are signs that we call the times of the end. And do not think that this will not be as time of chaos and trouble. The oil industry tried to go on strike last year and they did not make it but they went on strike after New Years. So now the gasoline is starting to run out. And in three days they say the stations will be out of Ethel, and that the heavier oils will be out in ten days unless they settle the strike. In other words the country will be brought to its knees, and behind this is left wing elements of Organized labor. And the Communist party is laughing with glee that they can tie up this great country, in the midst of the very cold wave of winter. For we have moved in under the measures that introduced this cold weather wave. So they are coming out now with a shortage of fuel oil and everything else. So you have a heavy strike in the heart of the industry so that the whole industry will be effected. So people better conserve a little gas for if anything else breaks out, then this would be an excellent opportunity for the race problem to break out. And for the people to create trouble and riot and people cannot drive to run out of the way. The police are worried all over the nation they say that if this strike goes on for ten or twelve days then this will be the situation to watch. It would be a race emergency that would arise out of this situation.

So again, you see this demand coming in, for the total acceptance of this policy of error. This is total integration, and immigration, for government for education, all systems moving under this mass design. I want you to know that the white race would never have a single chance of any victory with 7/8 of the world colored in one hue or another. The white race has the intelligence the brains to make this world work. But we point out to you that it has something else. It has the destiny of being the sons of God, the household of God, and that the destiny of it says that the kingdom of God will still rise and rule and this is a very vital factor. It is going to be a successful factor, a triumphant factor and will have a great effect upon the world.

Now; let us to turn to the book of Daniel which says:--For the time of the end shall be your vision. You shall wait therefore and you shall see that the vision is for the time of the end. It then tells us in the book of Daniel the 12th chapter. It says:--Oh, my Lord, what shall the end of these things be? And He said, go thy way Daniel, for the words are closed up and sealed until the time of the end. And many shall be made dutiful and tried, but the wicked shall do wickedly, and none of the wicked shall understand, but this message is for the time of the end.

Now; many people wonder what it is talking about when it says that this shall be the end. Is it the end of the world, or the end of society? Some suggest this is the end of the United States and the white Western Christian world, but this is not what it is talking about.

You take a look at India and take a look at China where the communists are running rough shod over the people, under Chairman Mao. And you see the people worshiping Buddha, and then in India the people are basically Buddhist, and the people worship Bramah, Vishnu, Siva, and Kali. And out of Hinduism you find the people wrapped up in practices of perverted evil.

Now; you do not have to accept this evil, you do not have to accept their religion which is evil, because actually they are destined to be ruled by you. They are eventually to be brought into proper balance with the laws of God, and every knee is going to bow and every tongue is going to proclaim. You do not have to give in on what you believe. You do not have to surrender what you believe. You are as high above the rest of the world as the sky is above the earth.

Now; people say, but this is not a popular Gospel. Let me tell you something. This is a popular Gospel and the people will turn to this Gospel and the politicians will have empty houses. I want you to know that the program of God is well established. And what he has ordained as his will and His law will emerge. He has warned against integration and mongrelization in 77 places in the scriptures. And it tells you that to lose your race, to absorb it, and to mongrelize it is the greatest of sins for by that process you lose the capacity and the ability to understand and know that the people of Asia and India are not the household of God, that they have no such capacity. The household of God must remain racially pure. You are told in all of the word of God that you are the believing offspring of God. The word is Saints which means believing offspring, and that they are going to perform their task as God has ordained.

Let me point out to you therefore in the book of Daniel--and it says that therefore the Saints of the Most High God, they are going to take the kingdom. They are going to possess the kingdom forever. Even forever and forever, and of the increase of their government there shall be no end.

Now if people want to question the word of their God, if they do not believe that this is the Eternal God, then they can believe all of the areas of folly. They can surrender, be absorbed, liquidated, and all of these situations can take place, but the people who have faith in God that the LORD HE alone is God, not only will survive, but they will survive with great power and great majesty. Because the word tells us that the majesty and the words of MY kingdom will be demonstrated thru my people unto the uttermost ends of power.

Now; let me point this out. For it says here in the book of Daniel concerning these things. That when the kingdom has come, that the greatness under the kingdom in the whole of heaven, shall be given to the people who are the believing offspring of the Most High. Hear this now, this does not say given to the Africans, to the Asiatics It says that these people are well blessed to be administered to by the people of intelligence, with technology and with know how, and who can bring them into a relationship with the right God. But the people who possess this wisdom are not to knuckle under, not to start counting numbers. For I will tell you this, that 1/6 is worth all of the rest of the world when it comes to wisdom and understanding. I think that when you want to find the uttermost in technology, in brilliance and courage and initiative, you will still have to turn back to that house of God that can send an Apollo around the moon, and can read the word of God from the moon, whether the world likes it or not. And let them hear from that one book which has the last word.

Let me assure you of this. In this hour therefore when the dominion, and the kingdom, and the greatness of that kingdom, under the whole heavens shall be given to the Saints of the Most High. Then we point out that in this situation then the plans of the enemy run array. Even their so-called consolidation goes array. I have here a Wall Street Journal, and this happens to be for the last of December, and then the following Wall Street Journal. Do you know what is in the headlines? It says that decades of the partnership of the Jews and the Negroes is now beset by animosity. This is the Wall Street Journal. This is not the Cross and the Flag. It says: therefore the decades of the old alliance of the Jews and the Negroes is beset by animosity. The impression of the Jews is dwindling some what. The Negroes now see the Jews as their major oppressor. And it goes down thru this long column and tells us of all of the Jewish organizations which are still trying to fan up this Black power movement. And get the Negroes to fight for their civil rights. They are defending them with attorneys when they get in trouble. When they are shooting firemen and burning down buildings. The fact is that the Negroes are now turning on the Jews and the Jews are having to pay a penalty for having supported them. In fact I cite the fact that now the Negroes burn down Jewish stores and loot them also, instead of by passing them. The jews actually thought that they could get these ignorant Negroes on the march and get them to burning down your stores, and stealing your goods, and shooting your firemen and then defending them with their attorneys and that they would in the process leave the Jewish stores alone. Thus they would secure their design of a Communist Socialist society, and they really thought that they would get it done. But when they found that it cost them their stores and their merchandise they are unhappy about this. So the Wall Street Journal tells you that this is a Jew Conspiracy and plot.

Now; by this same token, a little further on in this same column, and it now says:--The Jewish Negro alliance is now beset by animosity. And it tells us that now the Black power advocates no longer want integration, they now want to take over our society, and they want supremacy. And more than this they are siting that they are going to rule America. And thus they do not any longer need the Jews so they will liquidate the Jews, and they will take from the Jews in all of the areas where they have been exploited thru out the years. And thus now the Jews have become also a primary target.

Now; the Jews are attacking their own organizations and saying why did you have us to fit all of our plans to your idea when it is not fitting our plans. They are saying that the Jewish society, and basically their leadership even tho misapplied, and tho militant Negroes burn down their stores, still the wonderful absorption policies, and total integration is worth it because it is the most destructive program that you could introduce into any nation. And the destruction of the Christian world requires that this program be carried out to its extreme position. But I want you to know that it is not going to go this far, for we have come to the end of that order. The end of the World Order is here, the end of the Age is here. And God says that the end has come, and now he will pour out his chastisement. And I will pour out my judgment upon the abomination and they that commit the abomination. I do not think that you have to doubt who those are that commit the abominations, they are those like who are in Israeli. He said that the holy place would be in the hands of the desolators of the earth. I think that you are going to find that this is quite true. Organized Jewry here is in league with that down in Palestine. This is quite true organized Jewry down in Palestine is in league with organized here in the U.S. In fact, every time you turn around the pressure of organized Jewry down in Palestine is put on you, and on the President and on everybody else. This then is a part of their design.

By the way, I want you to realize that you have not taken off this year with any promise of serenity, whether in government or any other facet. I want you to know that the left wing Liberals inside of the Democratic party, chose for the whip in the Senate one of the most dangerous men they could choose. For he will follow the course of the liberals and he says that he is going to make trouble for the administration and for Mr. Nixon. And that he is going to support all of the extreme left wing liberals in the Democratic party. He is going to call for the nonproliferation treaty to be signed right away. In fact he is going to try to pass it before the new administration moves in.

Now; I want you to know that when the Democrats selected Ted Kennedy for the speaker of the house. They demonstrated that a wing in charge in the U.S. Senate moved to the left.

Now; by the same token when they admitted Adam Clayton Powell back into the congress of the United States, they admitted that they were crooks. Remember now when they admitted him back they said we know that he stole the money, and we want him to pay back $25,0000.00. This is not all of the money just some of it, but we will let him take his seat in the Congress of the United States, for $25,000.00. I want you to know that every man who voted for Adam Clayton Powell to be reseated is guilty along with him and is probably covering up for himself. I want you to know that everyone should write their congressmen and say, you have now become a house of crooks. You become this because you just voted for a crook to come back into your own sessions. They may strip him of his seniority but they will still let him come back in here. But I want you to know, my friends, that this demonstrates again that there is an evil power in control. And I will tell you this, they are not all Democrats for the conservative Democrats of the south will vote with the rest of Congress against such an operation. So the fact remains there were a lot of Republicans in there to, who voted for this man to come in. So Adam Clayton Powell moves back into the new congress and they plan on making trouble. And the trouble my friends, will descend upon the nation very, very early.

Now, I want to say this about the nonproliferation treaty is that treaty which you signed on to in the hopes of getting Russia to sign onto this treaty but she always played coy, and did not want to sign it when it came right down to getting together. Then when you reached August then Russia wanted to sign it, she wanted to sign it, she had to get this thing signed fast.

Now, Mr. Johnson wanted this signed also and this treaty says that there will be no atomic warfare using space. That no atomic weapons can be placed in space. That all space shall be protected from atomic weapons or military design. Then along with this is the ban to limit military weapons of atomic warfare on the face of the earth.

Now; it so happens that Russia would never quite sign this even so your President thought he would be a great man of peace. And then would bend over backwards toward the design of the Reds. And would offer them almost anything to get them to sign this measure. I will tell you this. He lied to you and permitted you to be lied to. Remember last year May 28, when they said that you had a new submarine called the Scorpion. And that it was coming to the Azores and then on to New Port Virginia and it would put into port. And it was in touch and was telling the U.S. government about its progress. And they said: we are being followed by a Russian submarine; it is in sight every where we turn. It is following us so what do we do? And on May 28, the last voice from our sub said that they were followed very closely that Russian sub was coming closer and then the broadcast was cut off. And no word was ever heard again from that Submarine. You called on the Soviet Union, and you called on Britain and you called on Portugal, to help us find the sub or the crew. And we ask them to go down around the Azores and to see if they could find any trace of this submarine. But do you know what Russia told you? And Russia, in three days, said: ‘serves your right, and we are glad she is sunk.’ But you were never told this.

Now; why? Just a month before that the British were in maneuvers in the North Sea and out into the Atlantic ocean and Russian bombers came over and flew over the ships of the British navy. And then these Russian ships dive-bombed the British ships and showered them with machine gun bullets, and then swooped away and they were then coming back with a second pass, and a huge Russian bomber never pulled out of the dive and crashed into the sea. The British government reported this to you and they said they never fired on the bomber, it just did not pull out of its dive. Then the Soviet Russia then started her attack on British vessels and then on yours. And she had ordered this tracker to fire on your submarine. So we sent drivers down for the sub was not in such deep water and we found her blown up and scattered all over the bottom of the ocean. She had been hit and exploded by a Russian submarine and our government knew this, my friends, inside of three weeks after they started looking for her. But they did not want you to know it. But the Washington papers came out two weeks ago so the facts are now known. They have tried to suppress it now in the newspapers for they wanted to sign a non-proliferation treaty with the Antichrist. I tell you that you president thinks he can stand all of this pressure but the American public cannot so they shape your opinions and they shape the opinions of your politicians by the process of error. I want you to know that every American is entitled to know that our submarine was blown up by a Russian Submarine. And any deal with the Soviet Union is so devastated by the Soviet Union for you cannot make any deals with someone whom you cannot trust.

And I want you to know that Mr. Ted Kennedy knows what happened to our submarine and yet he says that one of the first objectives of the new congress is to sign the nonproliferation treaty. It is time that every Christian American should write their senator and say do not sign this treaty. We will consider that you are derelict in your duty if you sign this treaty with the Soviets. The reason why Russia wants to sign this treaty now is because she says that Germany now has discovered the neutron bomb. Russia says that the secrets of the Neutron bomb of America is being shared with Germany and also with the people of South Africa. And she says that when they use it then it does not destroy the city, or the buildings. The neutron bomb only destroys the people and the animals within the city for their nervous system is destroyed with this neutron bomb bombardment. And two hours after that bombardment you can move into that city and take it over. So now Russia is worried, she says that we have the Neutron bomb, that Germany has it and South Africa also has it. And South Africa is going ahead with their preparations for the use of it for the United Nations is going ahead with their preparations this year for the total breaking of the South African government and the Negroes given the administration of that country.

So the Soviet Union wants to make this easier for they think they do not know how quickly we could strike. And they do not know how we might deliver the neutron bomb, so now she wants to sign that nonproliferation treaty. If there is any thing that is a detriment to the Soviet Union. If there is anything that is holding her back it is not knowing just what you have. So if you sign this treaty with her then it is just like you are signing a treaty with the king of Babylon, so that he can search out and destroy all that you have for your protection. This is just some of this situation.

I want you to know that you are in the time of the end, and it will be a perilous time, it will be a time of violence, and trouble. And at the same time the nations of God's kingdom will be saved out of it. The Saints of the most high God are going to take the kingdom. And God says that I am going to make this the end time, for the powers of evil, and for this corruption and for this situation. Your government will have to come to some sharp realizations. Your administration is going to have to come to some sharp realizations also, as they realize the lack of cooperation, and where you cannot get any out of left wingers.

So We see this situation again. I want you to know that the anti-Defamation League (ADL) has already put up thousands of dollars for the Stanford University press, to bring out a series of five books on the right to show how dangerous they are and how it must be stifled and how it must be destroyed. And this should be surprising, and it comes from where? Of all things the ADL, of the B’nai B’rith. But I am going to tell you something. When people hear about these things, they are going to be less and less sympathetic with the people who are financing it. Because I want you to know that the devil is trying to cover himself up with a big umbrella. For the time of the end has come.

And we can say thank God for his word. Thank God for the fact that we do not have to knuckle under or surrender or accept under any stretch of the imagination the policies of a world order, that they are so skillfully trying to present to you so that you will accept, in this year.

End of message.