Time Of Jacob's Trouble, 11-16-63



Dr. WESLEY A. SWIFT - 11-16-63

Tonight we are speaking on the subject-----"The time of Jacob's Trouble.” When we announced we were going to speak on this subject little could we know the course of events which would take place. However, we gave a prophetic preview in 1963 in which we told of the seriousness of this hour thru which we have just passed. We told you of the strange measures in the sky, and how they would effect the Presidency. But let us turn for a moment to the book of Jeremiah to the 30th., chapter and the seventh verse and we read:--------

"Alas for that day is great, and there is none like it, for it is even the time of Jacob's trouble:" but out of that verse also comes these words:----"And he shall be saved out of it."----but it still remains the time of Jacob's trouble.

We turn also to the book of Daniel and look at this declaration concerning Michael the Archangel, and this is a most significant declaration because Michael the Archangel is referred to in the 12th., chapter of Revelation as the power who led the Mighty hosts of heaven, and the forces of YAHWEH (God) in the battle for the defeat of the Dragon and his forces of darkness. There in the 12th., chapter of Revelation, in all Protestant Bibles, as well as the Catholic Bible----all identify Lucifer and the Luciferian forces as the dragon. All Tell of how Michael the Archangel, and the armies of heaven threw the Lucifer and his followers out of the heavens. How he was cast to earth and there continues his warfare against this race of people who have the Testimony of Jesus the Christ, and the commandments of God. And back here in the 12., chapter of the book of Daniel it tells us:-----"At that time"-----what time?-----"At that time shall Michael stand up that Great Prince who stands for the Children of thy people. (Daniel's Race) And there shall be a time of trouble such as there never has been since there was a nation, even to this time.------What time?-----The time of Jacob's trouble.------"And thy people shall be delivered, every last one of them, whose names have been written in the book."---(The Lamb's Book of Life)

Now;----we have come to the vast pattern of Divine revelation that concerns the Household of your race, the kingdom of God's Children, the people he calls "His Israel", made up of the entire Adamic Race. "All Israel shall be saved as it is written", for your names were written in the Lambs book of life before the foundation of the world.

Now;----within this instance then we turn to this time of Jacob's trouble, and every great white Christian nation on the face of the earth today makes up the House of Jacob. The Anglo-Saxon, Nordic, Basque, Scandinavian, Germanic kindred people, are the people whose history and identity are identified as the Household of God. These are the people whose testimony was to be ------- "The Testimony of Jesus the Christ". These are the people we know today as making up the Christian nations.

We are in a time of deep, deep trouble, and before we are thru we shall discuss these things Jesus said concerning this time of deep trouble. We do this so that we might understand and appreciate some of the situations that are involved.

Now;----we look out upon the world, and the nations of God's Kingdom, and we wonder----why is it that we are in this time of deep trouble? Basically this is because---first---the powers of darkness and the forces of evil are trying to destroy Christian nations. They are seeking to engulf and to swallow up these nations until they no longer have their freedom or their independence. To subordinate them to economic, political, and socialist control, by taking the balance of power away from the wise, the technological superior, and the spiritually ordained children of the MOST HIGH, to transfer this into areas of Internationalism in which the dark, and the Asiatic areas of the earth under all kinds of pagan doctrines and world communism, would out vote, out maneuver, out control the people of these United States, and other Christian nations----6 to 1. Recognizing that all students of the world situation today know that we are only 1/6th., of the world population if we compute all the white Christian nations on the face of the earth, then this is understandable.

I point out to you then that in this design that Christ was unveiling to John in the book of Revelation the great danger of this hour. He told him about the pattern of world government, about it's design, and it's manipulation to control areas of World economy, World finance, and eventually seeking to take over the entirety of government, and the entirely of the whole world structure. This is constantly told to us, and symbolized as One World Government and Peace. People talk to us about this great program, this vision, but we have been warned about the subtlety in this design, to make it appealing unto men while actually it is a plan for a great trap.

Now;----in these instances, that which makes it a time of Jacob's trouble are the powers of darkness and the forces of evil which are involved. It involves great masses of people, tremendous political strategy, in a cunning and evil design. And in these patterns and strategies of evil designs, they would either accomplish on of two things, if not both. The conquest of our nation from within, by a strategy of communism from within by placing in the places of authority those who will carry out these objectives. Or by sudden betrayal----by out maneuvering us in the areas of our ability to defend ourselves. Disarming us if they can, or striking by turning all the hoards of communism upon us, or fool us with the story of division between themselves, such as struggles between one communist country and another. But do not be taken in by these patterns for I can assure you that in this-----'Time of Jacob's trouble'-----that the powers of Anti-Christ would like to destroy you, and wipe out all Christian nations.

Now;----I do not find the events of this week unrelated to this time in our history. I point out to you that there is a great feeling of distress in these United States, and in this great country of ours. For a President of the United States has been struck down by a Marxist assassin. There are those today who in their discussion of these events are trying to give a guilt complex to out entire nation. They are trying to turn in areas of emotion to a process of political strategy. They are attempting under the areas of these events also to have a quick passage of the things the President stood for. They're asking us to accept as tho enthused that all of the things which he was a part of, all those things stood for the greatest development for all mankind.

I point out to you that the Marxist hand which struck him down was representative of sinister power. And I point out to you that it may well have been out of a two pronged design, a strategy which they had long been working on. There is always a process for this, and I would point out to you that it is always very effective, even so in this time. We all abhor all things which relate to this kind of violence upon our nation, or the use of assassination. The process of those who constitute Christian Americans---who are awake--- when they oppose something, or when they are against something, use the ballot box, and not bullets. I want you to know also that in this design, from the very moment the assassins bullet struck down the President, that an even more sinister design then comes to light. All over everywhere, a great hue and cry against the right wing comes forth, calling them extremists.

Now;----what is and what constitutes the "Right Wing"? In majority it constitutes a great mass of awakened Christian Americans who have become aware of the deadliness of the World Government trap. Who have become aware of the number of the enemies of our faith, and our nation, who are in high positions inside of our society. A great number of our people are awake, they are all over, and many of them are Bible students today because of their awareness of this situation, and have stood in opposition against this trend. There is an historic right in this country for a man to be a Republican or a Democrat, or within the structure of these parties. And to oppose the things he thought were not good for America. I can assure you that what they call the extreme Right, or these peoples inside the United States who are against this encroaching program of socialism, and the increasing hand of communism in our country, are not assassins, but they are aware of that intense design which might seek to overthrow us from within, and they realize that the battle is on. They are willing to fight and to die for America, and for it's constitution. They are people who are dedicated to the preservation of our Christian Civilization, and also are now beginning to be aware that it is more than an assault politically upon us. It is an Ethnic assault upon us which would destroy our Racial self respect, and end with the mongrelization of Society. This would wipe the technological and superiority of your Race away for all times.

It is the strategy of the enemy, to battle for the Mind. To use semantics to accomplish this, and in this process the design is to try to give today to all Christians who are opposed to Communism, and Socialism----a guilt complex. To try to call them haters because they are opposed to evil even tho God hates evil. We my friends are not against evil as individuals, we are against the process of communism and world socialism, and all the strategies of Anti-Christ which is trying to destroy our great nation.

In the instance of the patterns of these events, I point out that there has been a lot of strategies involved. One of those strategies is for the total disarmament of our nation. Another strategy is the disarmament of the citizens of our nation in violation of the Bill of Rights. They are seeking to make it apparent by all their proclamations that all the people in the citizenry of our nation, who are opposed to Communism, and all of them who might be armed because they have that right as many are target shooters, and sportsmen, and many possess the arms to defend themselves in this turbulent hour----that they are a massive plot planning to overthrow the government. My friends;---I want you to know that no where in the area of what they call the "Right Wing" in this nation----and especially in this area are they trying to overthrow the government----they are trying to sustain it.

All to well, we know the limit of law enforcement to cope with the vast number of conspirator forces who are at work in our society. All to well, we are able to see the evidence of the inability of law enforcement, supposedly operating at high efficiency to even protect the life of the President of the U.S. I point out to you that in these instances there is more than can meet they eye. I would explain to this audience tonight that we do not, and cannot approve of many of the functions of the past President of the United States. And in this we have opposed him as an individual, and where he opposed the Biblical standards then we have opposed him. We have not opposed him with hate, but with opposition to what has transpired. I feel that in no past history has any past president appointed more non-Christian socialists around him than was appointed by a past President as he took office. (John Kennedy)

Now;----someone said:----but we shouldn't discuss this, at this time. But---this is the time to challenge Americans to think, and to think clearly. Not to be carried away by emotion so that you lose sight of what is involved here. I want to relate this first, to a definite design of action-----Cut down by an assassins bullet, the horror reached America with speed, and across the networks---ABC and others immediately they started to accuse the "Right Wing", and they talked about those who made up the "Right Wing". They attacked the Birchers----they attacked all kinds of institutions. Even Soviet Russia was starting to talk about how the "Right Wing" did this thing. They apparently had not anticipated that the assassin would get caught. In this same instance I point out to you that right here in our city council----Jewess's like Rosyln Weiner, and yes even Mayor Yorty influenced by them said:----we are going to stamp this out---we will put the "Right Wingers" in prison, and see that they get mental health treatment. The "Right Wing"---always "The Right Wing"----there is no middle road.--- You are either right or left, or hot or cold, and Jesus said:---if you are neither hot nor cold, I will spew thee out of my mouth. You are either for Christianity and for Americanism, free from Socialism or Communism, or you are the Pink-o side, and if you are in the middle then you are just helping the "Left Wing".

I point out to you then that if he (the President) was aware, or perhaps not aware of the depth these appointees were trying to carry America down that path of the "New Frontier", that this program was not drafted by the brain of Mr. Kennedy, still he had to know that it had been grafted by a whole group of Harvard specialists working for a program of complete World Government, to subordinate these United States to a program of World Government without the ability to defend itself. I can point out the way the President appointed Mr. Rustov who was also in line, along with one other man---Adam Yarmolinsky for appointment to take J. Edgar Hoovers place in the F.B.I. and neither one of these two men were fit to polish the boots of J. Edgar Hoover. I point out to you a statement made by Mr. Rustov which is vital for this message:------"This is a legitimate American objective, to see removed from all nations including the United States, the right to use military force to pursue any of it's own interests. Since this residual right is the right of national sovereignty, and the basis for the existence of a nation in the International Arena of power, we therefore in American interest, and in the interest of all nations, wish to end all nationhood as it has been previously defined." (Unquote)

Do you know what that is?---- That is treason reduced right down to one paragraph. I see a few agents here tonight, so write it down, but write it accurately, because this is going out to two and one-half million people. In the instance of this situation lets make it very clear that when men like this are selected to disarm these United States in crucial times, when congress is pressured by International do-gooders, and our Security council passes a ten million dollar program to finance the disarmament of these United States while we are talking about an arms budget sufficient to defend ourselves. Thus when the design moves in these functions, then we are in areas of danger. The very moment that the word went out as to what transpired in this assassination, then the command came to attack the "Right Wing".

Now; ---- I think this is a typical and a strange type of Editorial I have here, and it happens to be from the OCEANSIDE Tribune", and it was on the streets right away on Friday----I am going to read it to you.

"Sorrow and shame, how could it happen in these United States? How could it happen the in the 20th., century?---- We are shocked with tears, and with horror. America learns this morning of the death of the Assassinated President, in Dallas, Texas. How could it happen in the United States? How could it happen in the 20th., century? There are in these United States those who hate, there are those in these United States who live on hatred, and leaders who advance themselves by playing to hatred."---Unquote.

Do you know what they are talking about? They are talking about people who love America, people who are patriots, who do not hate anyone, but love America, and don't want to see it destroyed by a lot of people, in ignorance, letting rascals move into power.

Now;----again from this editorial:----There are in these United states those who play on hatred. In our sorrow, and wonderment lets face facts. Let's remember Representative James P. Utt congressman from this district, who long ago ceased to exercise the right of his responsibility to criticize the President. James P. Utt went around the country saying:----President Kennedy was a pathological liar, James P. Utt preached hatred."----Unquote.

Now;----I am going to tell you something:---Congressman Utt is not a preacher of hatred. He has just declared various positions on facts in his hands. One of the last things that was said by congressman Utt just last week was that there is no question about the deadliness of this hour. He said:---upon the White House, And in their hands now dripping with blood, lies the blood of the Dien's and the Theiu's of Viet Nam, who were murdered. We knew about this ahead of time, and did nothing about protecting them, and had even given assent to the overthrow. Congressman Utt wasn't preaching hatred, he was just trying to alert America to the fact that in this editorial, Congressman Utt, is attacked as the hater.

Again, we quote:----"Let's remember the spreaders such as William Sheirra who suggested to this neighborhood that the Presidents political party was somewhat akin to communism, and that liberals are to be feared, and that it looked as tho the Administration was leading America toward a Sovietized state. Sheirra is then a minister of Hatred.----"

Again, this is out of an editorial which appeared a few moments after the Presidents death. These are examples only----continued the Editorial:-----"for a mentality which must bear the responsibility for the murder of our President. Who ever he was he was undoubtedly a simple minded man of no morality, no bearing, no conception of his country, or the meaning of his country, or the roll of his responsibility as a citizen. He is not so much to blame however as those who stirred him, such as the Utts, the Sheirras, the Welches, the Birchers. Therefore these are the preachers of infamy, these are the leaders of men who must now assume the responsibility in the perilous light of America's shame." Unquote.

But this was a little premature, we listened to this program, and we watched this kind of pressure because we realized what was going on. And we knew that as this pressure came on that they were going to try to harass, and persecute the 'Right wing'. More than this I point out to you that in this instance as to what is going on, there is a long history to these events which are transpiring. They are worried, it is to late to stop these events, but I tell you that the history of these events are now uncovered, and this knowledge is reaching every American city, and it is starting the greatest wave of reaction you ever say among Christians. I tell you that the battle against Christians, the battle against the "Right" is already on. They are already moving against churches, and harassing members of congregations, and they are framing them to do this.

Listen:----the apprehension, and the identity of the Assassin, a Marxist whose background is clearly identified with the pattern has now taken place. There has not been enough instruction inside of our armed forces as to Communism. They just discharged the Walkers for doing a yeomen’s’s service, but what America needs my friends; is to instruct every young man concerning the deadliness of this great subversive program, not to appease it, arrest it, and then liquidate it.

I point out that this young man came out of the service, and went over to the Soviet Union. He went with the intent to renounce his citizenship. He went over to serve as a communist in Russia, but he was more valuable to the Communist as a citizen. It is far more easy for them to use him as such, and so it was not that they didn't want him because he was undesirable, they just sent him back because he was more valuable to them as a Marxist citizen in America, doing their bidding. and when he came to the State Department, and said he was disillusioned, and wanted to go home, your state department put up the $400.00 to ship this man who would surrender his American citizenship, back to the U.S. It didn't take him long to prove what he was about, for now he was chairman of the organization which was know as "The Fair Play" for Castro. What do you mean---- Fair play for Castro? If Castro had gotten fair play from Christian America we would have crushed him under the Eisenhower Administration when he first raised his ugly head. This my friends; is just another wing of the 'head' of the Anti-Christ, the powers of darkness, and the forces of evil.

I point out to you then that even engaged in all this, he was not unknown to the country. He had been checked on at times, and investigated at times, he had been on T.V. and interviewed by the press. He openly made a point of trying to gather people into an organization to assist the Castroites. In this instance also he continued to show his hatred toward everything which opposed Castro. He continued as one supporting the communist position among all areas where he went at all times. And I wonder what the F.B.I. have to say for themselves, for they interviewed this man just a week before the President went to Dallas. Why wasn't this information given to the Dallas Police concerning this dangerous man? If they thought it dangerous not to interview him because of his Communist association before the President arrived, then my friends they should have made sure that this man could not strike a deadly blow. They haven't the time apparently to do this, but they have the time to harass Christians. One of them just clapped-----maybe some of them are better that others I don't know. Ha!

I point this out to you tonight---I don't believe they thought this assassin was going to get caught. You say:---what do you mean?----I am going to show you a master plan of world designers of Communism. The master plan was to accomplish 3 more objectives:---to have us in the U.N.---and there agreeing to it's program. Then they would have us financing it's World Economic picture. They are then having us walk down the road to Peace thru total disarmament. To trust in an area which has never been worthy of trust---in the Soviet Union. They are asking us to trust the United Nations also as a repository for our arms, and trying to make it necessary that we surrender our arms. I would never trust any organization in which a great majority of it's people, overwhelming in mass and number are Non-Christian. A great block of our enemy are in that organization known as the United Nations. I point out to you that in these instances there has been bad advisors around our president. So bad were a great number of these advisors that they tried to make a political issue out of invading the sovereignty of states, and intervening with states rights. In one of the patterns of the past few years we saw federal troops invading a sovereign state. In the midst of political losses, and activity, the scene has suddenly shifted----it did this a year ago----to Cuba. I point out that under these instances, the information that caused this situation was that the Soviet Union was placing missiles in Cuba. The President of the U.S. was informed about this, and men like Strom Thurman, and Congressman Utt, and others had talked about it. Great numbers of our senators and congressmen had been informed, and intelligence knew about this. Washington was informed but chose to say that there was no truth in this. The President stood---and said there is nothing to it. And then under the stress of Political upheaval, of problem and trouble, suddenly the whole picture changes, and we are on the brink of war. We are moving military power toward Cuba, we are threatening invasion, to remove those missiles----after the president had said:----there is no missiles there. Maybe he had been misadvised while the rest of intelligent America, and even the 'Right Wing' knew about these things.

I had discussed it in relationship to prophecy from this platform while the President said no. I point out to you now that in the course of events which took place, one may talk about experience, about naivete, explain it how you will. When Mr. Khrushchev started to bargain with Mr. Kennedy then Mr. Kennedy started to bargain with the devil. In this instance then they said they would throw Castro in the Western Hemisphere. So we were guaranteeing our own enemy for the promise of removing missiles which really were not removed to any great extent. And those missile buildups have increased as far as Communism goes since that time. We, under that agreement pulled down the ring of our missiles around the Russian orbit, and this my friends was a great victory for Mr. Khrushchev. But basically we had guaranteed the perpetuate of the Castro regime. We have not removed the communist menace from Cuba, and tonight there are more communist personnel from Russia, and her satellites on Castro's Cuba than there was in that other crisis situation.

What I want to point out to you is that we had previously witnessed some disastrous situations. In the instance of this a great number of these who had escaped from Castro's Buba had been trained by the U.S. We had trained them with efficient U.S. armed forces. We had authorized their strike---in secret---on that Island to overthrow Castro. It was but in the beginning of this week that the President while in Florida had called on these former Cuban's to overthrow Castro---an order from this administration counter manned it, and those men died on the beaches under the machine gun fire of betrayal---in Castro's Cuba.

I want to make this very clear once again, the life of the President of these United States is important to the people of this nation, but the lives of those men---dying on the beaches of Cuba were vital to them, and to their families, just as the lives of the Diem's, and Nuies was vital to their country and to their families.

It very well may be that the insidious advisors around the President did the directing and controlling, & he himself was a victim of ignorance and took his orders from those behind the scene, but any explanation of the situation there had been a betrayal of Cuban's, and the World knows it.

Now;---you say what was the pitch, and what was the call; because it was politically a good sounding board. Secondly because a master strategy wanted to completely disarm America, and this was the route. You say;---how was that? Because there was a tactic understanding behind the scenes, and in something which goes deep, so much of what I am talking about in tact understanding, was carried 3 weeks ago in a small piece in the Los Angeles Times. One:---that we would stir up a revolt against Castro, and then Russia would step in to oppress it, and the Mr. Kennedy would have to line up the Armed forces of America to protect the people being suppressed by the foreign power in the U.S. and the Soviet Union. That the battle lines would be drawn, that the world would be shaking mighty missiles, and we would be on the edge of Thermonuclear war. Then the United Nations would come forth as the Saviour----to accept the sovereignty of military authority out of both nations hands---and to announce---we have saved the world. At the very brink---we have saved the world, and now no longer would any nation possess any arms in this situation. We turn our arms over and Russia turns hers over, and the world moves under a program of complete control of World government. This was the story, this was the strategy, and even the LA. Times told you about it---only 3 weeks ago. We knew about facets of it, for we had discussed this as one of the great strategies. Someone said:----does the President understand this?---No one today can say whether the President understood this strategy or not, but he was implementing it. And he who had blocked one invasion, then called for another one just the first of this week. But the Marxist may have gotten his signals crossed, he heard the call for uprising against Castro's Cuba, and then without clearing, may have fired that shot. But after the events of this day, I am more inclined to think that he fired that shot with cognition of a whole lot that knew about it at the very top.

I point out to you that in these patterns of great danger, that if America had surrendered, and Russia had surrendered their arms, that Russian catches of arms in Red China alone would be enough to open up, and continue any operation. The influence and control of those powers in the U.N. would reduce us to a Socialist society ruled over by this power. There are those who say:---Look out for those who war against the United Nations---they are haters---no not haters my friends just Americans on guard tonight.

I want you to reevaluate situations so you will know where you are in this hour of crisis. The violence, and the deadliness with which communists strike against their enemies is made quite clear. When they no longer feel that they can influence a man, many times they destroy him, at a time they think they can make political game out of his destruction. If they could destroy Kennedy, and then turn the government loose on patriots all over the country this would be a double stroke. You may say:---why would this development take place?----There is little doubt today that in this design for control of a nation, that if they can create a disturbance, and a crisis, then the Soviets always like to move in such a crisis. America is in turbulence tonight, we have a new President of these Untied States, and President Johnson is more prepared than most Vice Presidents have been, for he has served in the Senate of the U.S. as majority leader. He is a man of great tact, and understanding, and there is no man who knows better how to work and get things done than he did as he served in the U.S. Senate. We also know that his acceptance of the Vice Presidency was not my friends the will of the majority of the advisors around Mr. Kennedy, for they did not like him, and did not want him in that position. Before he even moved in there were those who opposed him, he was not the choice of Mr.Rusk, and he was not the friend of the Schleshinger gang. He was not the man they wanted for this job. However, they had to mend some fences for the south would never have stood still unless they had some assurance that someone came from their line. I do not agree with many of the positions that Johnson has taken as Vice President, but there is always that pressure on someone because he is on the team.

I point out to you tonight that there may be changes, there may be appointments, but I do not think Mr. Johnson will go along with the program of disarming these United States. Let me point out to you that when we made a prophetic preview for you in 1960 we pointed out the strange mathematic pattern in numbers, that every President who came to office in a Zero year never lived out his term. This is true of every president who ever died in office. I also pointed out then, and also in our preview of 1963 that there were certain things to remember in the basic United States chart. There were two things of importance, one of course was July 4,1776----and Mercury was rising. Mercury always has a very vital place to play, and Uranus also in the sign of Gemini just above, and in it's descent it appears to rule the Presidency. It has since 1840, and when Uranus is in transit, and comes to square or conjunction there has always been a serious blow to the Presidency.

Now:----we just called to your attention these facts, we don't make the signs we just call them, and we said this was a dangerous time. But let me point this out to you:---the aspect which we see, and measure which occurs now and continues event thru 1964, and into 1965 came to it's height of impact Nov.22 when Jupiter was in conjunction with Uranus. The time was 12:42 central standard time, the exact time the Assassin delivered his fatal shot. He died 11 A.M. Pacific time which was the exact time when Mercury squared Uranus at one P.M. I don't know how much measure could have more closely indicated that this was a dangerous time for the President? Nor my friends if you were to check the message at that time as the tape went out, you find that it was just a tape which evaluated measure. That Measure of destiny was fulfilled, it was not the responsibility of the measure, it was merely timing by that measure that this was a turbulent hour. And the forces of darkness that were in this measure with Saturn influence, moved at that time.

Again we point out the areas of danger involved, we point out that this is not all:---for instance even this morning, we come into the pattern of this influence, for the sun was squaring at one o'clock in the positions of eastern time. The sun was squaring the moon exactly, and this squaring took place today. And it wouldn't have occurred in any other period within this month, or in this time period.

Someone said:---but I am not interested in those measures:----well, you may not be interested, but when those measures were called to your attention a year ago, and even 4 years ago, you might as well become aware that the measures are significant.

I point out now that in the Time of Jacob's trouble that this Much time for America. It involves not only a strategy of disturbance, but your enemies---communism and those behind it intend to do there best to now take the initiative if they can in these United States. And in this instance to destroy Patriots, and to move out against true Christians that it turns out that a Marxist----a communist---one who stands for all we are opposed to---slays the President. Then how ironical today that out of the ghetto of Chicago comes a gangster type of Jew who moves in the areas of the underground, and whose ownership of Burlesque shows and strip shows marks his evidence of support inside of Dallas. A man know by the police is one who moves in these shaky circles. Therefore a ghetto Jew moves out to destroy the assassin. I think this is rather significant because when this man called Jack Ruby---alias Jack Rubenstein as he was known in Chicago, for even the news today talked about this Ghetto born Jew, and in this instance he silenced the man who alone could have talked.

This alone looks so completely strange to the people of the U.S. that any police department would be so lax. That a prisoner who should have been under maximum security, that someone could walk in so easily and assassinate this man---in front of the Police, and inside of the Police department. It looks like something is vitally wrong for this is the second time we have watched this laxness in just a few days. It seems rather strange that people could have even used the overpass above, until they didn't know whether they might have been participants in this while the President was going down the street the other day.

We feel that there are many dedicated law enforcement men in these United States, but we are also very sure tonight that a great number of them are dedicated to----career---under any kind of power whether it be Marxist or Socialist, whether you are free, or whether you are the victim. You say:----well, what makes you think so?----I am going to point out to you that in this time of Jacob's trouble, it is not only a time of World conspiracy with a time of entrapment for your nation, but it also happens to be a time of harassment against Christians, and the children of God who dare to speak out. You say what makes you thing so? We turn over to the book of Matthew and in this instance Jesus talks about the fact that he sent his disciples out to your race, but in this instance as he sent them out he warned them to beware. He said:----I send you forth like sheep, among wolves---wise as serpents, but beware of this:----for there are those who would deliver you into their councils and would like to scourge you in their synagogues. I don't think I have to identify who those people are, for most people don't have synagogues.

I turn over to these signs of the times and in these hours of turbulence and trouble, in this crisis, in all Christian nations, and we find that the scriptures again tell us that these are times of problems and times of trouble. Listen to what the scripture says:-----

"Behold:---therefore the troubles, and the wars, and the rising of these nations, and kingdoms, for war---and with great earthquakes, and pestilence in the climax of this age. Behold, these evil powers are going to try to lay hold on you." They will try to persecute you, and deliver you to the magistrates, and into the prisons, and into the hands of the synagogues. Again----I don't have to tell you who the synagogues belong to. I turn then into further declarations inside the book of Matthew, and again the warning comes as here he records the dangers of this time of Jacob's Trouble when they will seek to deliver you into prison for "My Names Sake". You shall be hated by these powers, and they try to deliver, and to persecute you in the climax of the age.

Now:----I want to point out something to you that is rather strange, but in this instance the design upon the part of the advisors around the administration-----a great number of these of this administration will wage all out war on anyone who is opposed to them, and to their World sell-out. We have had in our own congregations harassment from law enforcement officers who have called one after another of our congregations out for investigations. Pulled them out of the areas where they make their living, or knocked at ten or eleven o'clock at their doors to ask first---questions about which they knew nothing such as a fire in a Negro T.V. shop. And then in this instance to start an exploring expedition against this Church to see what it stands for, and all the people by the thousands, yea millions across the nation.

It isn't anyone's business what you believe for you stand for Christ and His Kingdom. You believe in racial self respect, you believe that God does not want integration, and mongrelization, and that is Biblical, it is Old Testament and it is New.

We do not hate Negroes, we do not hate anyone. But we are gravely concerned concerning a trend very unbiblical, even in an hour when political forces are moving inside of churches whose ministers are moving along with the World Order instead of with God's Kingdom, and are advocating policies which are destructive. We point out to you that people are going this way by the thousands, because it is true. No one has advocated the overthrow of government, no one advocates the policy of destruction of individuals in high places. Altho my friends:---when there are challenges to our survival, and to our constitution it is the duty of citizens to impeach. I tell you tonight that the questions, and the harassments which refers to the arms which men own, which is their constitutional right, as tho they were intending to use weapons which were mostly for sport, many just for target practice, to overthrow the government which they love a whole lot more dearly than apparently do their inquisitors.

I tell you this tonight in the face of problems which effect us in the face of the rising promised violence of the Mohammed movement, in recognition that a Negro revolution is under way----stirred by demagogues, to help further stir the crisis of a communist conspiracy, and to be used to bring in the intervention of the United Nations, to crush the last rights of the White Man. I tell you that every Christian American should be armed, and ready to defend his house against the violence of this revolution. I think Switzerland has showed the World that an armed citizenry is the best defense that any country can have.

I point out to you that in this hour of communist uprising that when they can strike down the President of the United States, they can also strike at any patriot. but that patriot, in his home, should be prepared to defend himself. I could produce evidence of man after man who was pulled from their work, and asked questions, about something which they knew nothing about. Just as in the south, whole areas of trouble are created by the left wing forces, created by the NAACP, and it's followers, then follows the harassment of patriots, and this is going on here and now. This is the design, the word is out.

You have probably the most powerful communications program in the U.S. You are probably influencing more people than any single movement in these United States's for now you are reaching people by the millions. You have been proclaiming truth, you have been establishing it on Biblical law. What you are advocating is Christian, and Christian doctrine. It is the content of the Bible, and nobody can make a law restricting the right of the church from fulfilling it's prophetic ministry.

We have supported law enforcement agencies across this nation under the turbulence of their problems in this time. We feel that we have a great police department in this city, we felt that we had a great sheriff's department. We felt that here in the west we had one of the finest areas of police administration, but apparently you can get inside of this, and make it work for 'left wing' communists kikes. You say:----how do I know?---Because I know who is pulling the strings.

One of the things they will discover one of these days is that nothing happens----get this now as clear as you can, there is nothing which happens inside our organization which we don't know about. You say:----what do you know? How do you know? This my friends is within our prerogative to keep secret.

One of the finest Christian gentleman I know whose ranch had grown from a small ranch to a large one, whose thrift, whose tithe whose service to the church has been fine, a man who would be above any suspicion that anybody in their right mind would recognize would do nothing illegal. But Friday night after the President's assassination----representatives of this Sheriff's department called at his home after ten o'clock at night. Flashed credentials and said:----where were you today,----and this was the day, the one day he hadn't been on the ranch, he had been to Bakersfield. He wanted to know why, and by what authority they would be investigating him? They said:---the President was shot today. This man is a 'Right Winger' he believes in the preservation of America. If Christ were here HE would be on the 'Right' not on the 'Left' and the same people who crucified him would be after him again. Finally the OGPU left, and one of our associates known to you---who drove for us, and worked for us for years, was 200 miles away under an entirely different operation, but still our friend, still associated with us and----Listen:----they harassed him for eight and one-half hours yesterday. It is not the business of any agency how a man feels or what he things about great critical, and crucial issues when there is an order for harassment.

I can assure you and anyone else who will listen that no one associated with us, and to our knowledge, no one connected with any of the great causes of Christian Americanism plans revolution, or plans by any measure---assassination, or anything associated with it. Nor do we plan violence against buildings.

You investigators carry this back to your OGPU tonight. Do you think that with as much at stake, with as far reaching a program, with as much as is behind us, that we would be connected, or would waste our time with a little T.V. shock. Get this clear, we never knew the man (Oswald) even existed until this thing started, but also let me tell you this:----buildings can be replaced by insurance, and if destroyed maybe they even come out better than before. But nobody would be foolish enough to move against buildings----in our organization. I want you to know that this kind of harassment has been set up to probe and to investigate, and to step behind the rights of citizens in an attempt to persecute 'the church' which will set America aflame.

Suppose I tell you that last night some carloads of Federal officers came to Lancaster. But behind the scenes is a lot more than they think we know. The design was an entrapment to try to get our people close to a spot where they are involved in a design to cause great property loss. They hope to blame this on our people if they can entice them out by phone, to get close to that spot.

Hear this tonight (OGPU) and when you get back home figure out how your plan has been blown. Continued harassment of this congregation because they think it is the time of "Jacob's trouble", and because their design is to put any of the Kingdom of God people inside the penitentiary or deliver them to the synagogue means they just made the wrong measure. This may transpire where we are out-numbered, this may transpire in nations which don't belong to the Kingdom, but let me tell you something about this one---a hundred and 45 million people in this country are White Christian, and we are going to determine America's Destiny.

We are not only going to not be abuse, or pressured, but we aren't even worried tonight. We don't have a persecution complex, we are just as happy battling these forces as anything else we could be engaged in. One of these days my friends there will be no synagogues in the U.S. because they will be down somewhere else. The scriptures say that none of these forces, none of these Cainanites, none of these powers of Anti-Christ are going to be in Christian Nations.

That's right----get that pencil moving fast. That wasn't a threat that is just what the Bible says. If you want to know who Anti-Christ is, then you discover that those who "Deny that Jesus is the Christ" are Anti-Christ. Tie them in with communism, and tie them in with warfare against Christianity. ---- Get this straight:----investigators----conspirators, and those who work against us in this county, in Los Angeles Co., it was the ADL of the B'ani B'rith which tried to take all Christmas recognition away from our school children. No songs, no carols, no pageants because they don't like Christ and Christianity.

I have the "Times" and the "Herald Express" and these are their own newspapers to prove this. ---Hate--- no not hate. A pitiful sorrow for vipers who would destroy the great heritage of our society. But let me tell you this, we had to start pressure, to awaken Christians as to what was going on, but when Christians started to bring pressure down on your councils, and on your schools, they reversed themselves right away and they said:----yes we can have Christ in Christmas. You say:---there is nothing to fight about? ---- There is nothing worth all the resistance we have given it. ---- I believe this evil force would destroy their own synagogues in close complicity with federal officers in the design now to carry out this process. One man admitted during interrogation of the past few weeks that whether it was a communist government, or a socialist government that he was still a law enforcement officer, and irrespective of what it became he would stay with the government. We do not wish to overthrow this government, we wish to sustain it. But if it becomes necessary we would resist those who would destroy it.

I would point out to you now, and I want to call to your attention all over the U.S. ---- every listener on all the tapes thru all the denominations --- thru all the people, and all the patriotic groups in our society who will hear this address, from one end of the U.S. to the other:-----If you get a phone call, and it asks you to meet some friend, or some friend apparently calls you ---- don't go there under any circumstance. ----Call your friend back and make sure the call came from your friend. Meet in your homes, don't be drawn out to the areas where catastrophes are being prepared so they can frame Christians. Understand this now, let's fight this Federal conspiracy that moves out of the area of some officer, who my friends, should not be in a position of authority.

At this very moment while the Presidents body lies in State there are already those who are conspiring to overthrow America either out of his naivete or out of his poor decision, for even in the midst of the shock of the Presidents sudden death we are not going to be overcome by areas of emotion to stop thinking clearly. We are opposed ---- we were opposed then, and we are opposed now to every plan tied in to his "New Frontier" that would dissolve the sovereignty of this nation, surrender our independence, or abridge the declaration of independence.

It would be unwise for the forces of darkness to create any martyrs now, for on such martyrdom would arise such flame that they have never witnessed. I point out to you that it would be well for all men to recognize that there are 145 million White Christians in the United States. I would also call to your attention that irrespective of the leadership in areas which have been neutralized, and mutated as to the responsibilities of your Faith, that the great growing, swelling strength of the patriotism of America is just beginning. That we are over 51% and we are growing strong. Let me tell you that when the Church of Jesus Christ has finished it's responsibility it will be the strongest and most powerful force in these United States. And it will decide before it is thru who, and what, and where the administration of this country shall be placed.

Think clearly, if you love Christ and Christianity, and Christian civilization, then vote Christian, buy Christian, and build the economic and political life of a Christian America.

Yes, it is the time of Jacob's trouble, but he shall be saved out of it. Among the side agreements, and patterns of disarmament you ability to retaliate with nuclear weapons and in case of invasion is already mutated for 90 days. How could you resist an enemy that didn't use nuclear weapons which was pouring across the ice of the Bering Straits into Alaska, and even now --- by the way they are trying neutralize one-half of Alaska so that anyone could move in --- and yet it is your property. Suppose they were to move into Alaska and into North America----we have already in our possession 'The Primer' translated into Chinese so that Red Chinese would know every herb, and every blade of grass, every thing eatable in North America----to be used to acquaint themselves so they can march on their belly, on the ground and live off it. If they had not planned moving hoards of these people against North America they would never have given them a botany lesson on what they can eat after they get here.

Things you wouldn't think of eating is on that list, for they eat every blade of grass in their own country. Suppose such an attack was made across the ice, and your tactical defense has been altered, and in this instance you had not used nuclear weapons without the permission of the United Nations, so you have to wait a certain given period of time, but your enemy does not work that way? Even at this very moment the design is to crush and to destroy the people of Western Europe, or to grind them under their heel is still a Soviet objective. They mend their fences day by day with the Red Chinese by saying:----our purpose has not changed. In the Soviet military strategy translated by the Rand Corp., at the expense of our Government whose secret service acquired the volume in Russian---their strategy is to deceive us, get us to disarm, appear to be our friend, and then move ---suddenly--- against us after we have disarmed ourselves, using the strategy of encirclement, creating premature wars, then move on for America which is no longer a fortress, but reduced by keeping our agreements. And then we go along with the same strategy and the same design, and call for just a little bit more.

I want to show you something rather unique about this sudden tragedy---when the life of our President was snuffed out by the bullet from a sniper assassins rifle. Immediately all over, the pressure areas, which they had planned at Ann Arbor Michigan---not necessarily for this crisis, but nay condition which started out----America should be disarmed. None should be permitted to have a rifle, a pistol, or a gun, because if everyone had been disarmed this would not have happened. Let me tell you something, the only people to be disarmed under instances of legislation like this are abiding people who just accept any decision. But the communist would have arms, they would bring them in from Mexico, and from submarines off our shores. Assassins would not be without weapons, only the patriots would be disarmed. This is always the strategy in every country which falls for dictatorship, disarm the patriots first. Tonight brain washed Clergy are calling for total disarmament, this is a part of the arms control plan already released which they planned for----after the election. To start in 5 states, and then spread it all over the country. But law enforcement officers don't know that in this plan, it also calls for the disarming of law enforcement officers, and the establishment of military police by selected manpower taken out from under our armed services, and put under United Nations control.

Yes, the scripture says they would make war with the 'Saints', these believing offspring of the MOST HIGH GOD. These who are the children of the Kingdom--Christians. But now Christians-----alert---you are in the time of Jacob's Trouble. All of these objectives are spurred on --- a president is assassinated, and they now call for the disarming of the citizenry. They move out to attack all the 'Right Wing', and now in the face of having caught the assassin,---the fact that a Jew assassinated the assassin to shut his mouth----they still want to go out after the 'Right Wing'.

Tonight they re-announce that altho the case was closed in the assassination of the President, and they know who did it, the Federal officers said:----now the case isn't closed anymore, we are still going to pursue this investigation. They plan on harassing the 'Right Wing' right down the line. They better learn who the communist are, and get on with this job before they start a new one. You cannot extricate communism, and it's massive plots, from the massive total design of communism, and those who are behind it. If ever America were faced with a challenge it is now---in this nation. If President Johnson wants to assert his leadership he would crush Castor's Cuba, and set those people free, and do it now. These are hours of bereavement in which every one feels the anxiety and the pressures which rest upon the Presidents wife who with courage has born up before the nation on T.V. screens, and under all types of trying circumstances. From the hour she cradled the head of her dying husband in her arms until she stood listening to the speeches which eulogized him she has stood. And we understand this----that this woman must be suffering inside as she sees this think happen to the man she admired and adored. She received a telegram of condolence today from madam Nhu (Kneu) who has also just gone thru this kind of an experience, but she had received no word from the Kennedys as her husband died because of the failures of this administration.

So I point this out to you in this hour, tomorrow a nation mourns, an act of tragedy, the passing of a President. To those who followed him and were brainwashed into accepting a World government program to surrender sovereignty, these objectives were great, especially those who were enhanced by Political appointment. And others were effected because of party devotion, and others because of devotion to the Presidency,---and because a great mass of military honor was due him because he was a commander in the navy. But remember that in all these things we do not today impute his courage, we do not say that he was not a man of courage, and a man of determination in such things as he was guided to believe, but do not think that this is a blanket approval of these areas of error so deadly and dangerous to these United States.

It is a tragic thing, a very tragic thing that this could happen here in the 20th., century in these United States but the answer is deadly communism----spawned, growing, moving in your midst. So in this instance there are those in your midst who would turn off all opposition. They say we must now all close rank, we must now love everybody, even loving now the communist. We must now start loving evil, and going along with every thing not good, just because this man died. They say:---he gave his blood for this cause --- but he didn't do this by His intent. This was the work of an assassin. He may have expended his energies for objectives with which we do not agree, but because he died we are not going to accept those objectives.

I call for Christian Americans everywhere to pray as they have never prayed before, for the new President of these United States. Pray that he be guided wisely to preserve this nation. Pray that he will be guided wisely in investigate every communist in these United States, and to limit their power, to break their conspiracy. I pray that under his influence that new trends will develop, that states and their states rights will remain untampered with by the Federal Government. I hope he makes new pledges, and new agreements with the south, and with the north. I hope he learns to respect the racial self respect of God ordained law, of 'Kind begatting like kind.' We reserve all prognostication until this president has had time to act. We pray for his success, we pray for America in this time of great Crisis. And we pray that each one of you will join with us in binding the darkness, and for judgment to move upon every malignant force which seeks to destroy the Church, or harass it's people. We pray that they either stop or that the judgments of God move with speed.

Now;---we know some prophetic facts of this hour. We know the promises that God makes to his ministers, we know what the scripture says about this situation. We know about the restoration of Elijah power upon those who believe his word, and do his will. He said:---not only shall this be a time of trouble such as never was before, but Jacob is to be saved out of it. I believe in the staying power, I believe in the keeping power, and the striking power of the MOST HIGH GOD. I believe in Michael's ability to step in, I believe in the death angel who hit in Egypt, and has promised to stand by the house of God, and to strike if necessary, and strike, and strike. And not one of you would have to lift a finger because this is in the hand of God.

I am going to tell you this tonight, that in all the areas of history this is the most turbulent. Make no mistake about it communism is going to project----suddenly----thrust the world into World War, that is Armageddon, it is already starting, but we are going to win this War. We are going to witness the Kingdoms of this World becoming the Kingdoms of our LORD AND HIS CHRIST. We are going to see the establishment of this Kingdom, and of CHRIST upon, and before the earth----Forever.

Someone said:---what is the program to bring this to pass? The program is---Tell it---Tell it---proclaim every word which came out of the mouth of God. Make clear the responsibility of the household, and then recognize that you are the children of the Father, who placed you here---placed your Race here in the earth to lead the world in the greatest areas of spiritual vision, technological development, freedom from superstition, the world has ever known. Such progress was made, and was advancing under White Christian leadership, until under Satanic conspiracy the white man is being driven out of the four corners of the earth, and everywhere then chaos and trouble follows. Watch the 14 of December as Kenyatta takes over in Kenya colony, and the Mau Mau plan a blood bath of white leadership. Watch and see if this isn't right. Look at it's measure, look at the Saturn measure as it comes in.

Let me point this out to you. We don't hate Africa, we have been expending as a race out of this very nations, millions upon millions of dollars trying to develop Africa. We don't hate Asia, but we are the children of the Kingdom, and will not permit our destiny to be controlled by these people who are not your equal. They cannot be your equals under the instance of their darkness, and their superstition. I want you to know as you go out of here tonight that if they were your equals then Africa would be a great budding civilization, with great cities, and a great culture equal unto yours. Thousands upon thousands of years ago they were buying Negroes in Africa, and they never made a wheel, or developed a civilization or any culture, even in face of the fact that Assyrians thousands of years ago had these things. Egyptians had them, Israelites had them but they (African Negroes) never made a wheel.

I point out to you that the world of Asia doesn't even understand how to feed itself. And yet while men with white civilization could make Asia bountiful with food, we don't begrudge, but we are not willing to surrender Christian leadership in a time given us----and to a savage, an idol worshiper, and to the areas of the darkness for we intend to remain free. This is the time of Jacob's trouble, but lift your eyes unto the Father. Stand up as a Christian American and close ranks and march to victory. And then you can be sure of the end because God Said:---I shall see that you are delivered, and that you are elevated to authority, that you shall rule with me in the earth thru out the ages to come. The cross is not going out, and if there is one satisfaction which can be taken by Christians even in this hour of ceremony, it is that over that flag draped casket there is---A Cross. They may have tried to knock it out of every area of our lives, they may have knocked out the area of pray, and said we couldn't pray in our schools. They may have tried to destroy our Christian Faith, but the same hands who in this community tried to destroy our right to Christmas, couldn't take that cross off That Casket--just this week.

Let me add this thought to you tonight---as Christians, irrespective of all the error to all the things in political policy we might be opposed to, yet we know that the Grace of God, by and thru that Cross reached down into the ultimate fulfillment of time, into the fact that the men of the household of the Race, and the Faith shall stand----Justified----before the Father by the thing HE DID ON CALVARY'S CROSS, You may have been Kennedy's political opponent, as I am to the policy of error which I feel that he was a part of, but I am not an opponent of the man or his soul which I have faith to believe, by his Faith also in that cross of Christ. He shall stand someday----possibly a casualty in his time in this great struggle for the minds of men. But----sometime----JUSTIFIED---every member of our Race, every soldier of our race, every last individual shall stand up to fulfill His destiny. And shall know the Mighty power of Resurrection which declares that you cannot defeat a son or daughter of God.

(End of tape)