Time Of Reconciliation, 3-6-63



by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 3-6-63

Today we are turning to a subject which again, deals with the matters of time. We are today, in one of the most unique periods in the history of God’s Kingdom, because we have arrived at the end of an age. This is pretty universally understood by those who constitute the Household of God. For in the various texts of Christianity, inside of the scriptures, there is a blueprint of God’s purposes and plans as it relates to HIS Kingdom. We have talked to you about the end of time, citing that it was the desire of most people to live to the end of time, and you have just about made it. That this end of time was relative to that period when the forces of darkness, this power of evil which wages war against God’s Kingdom, would be permitted to fulfill the course of their design and their destiny, up to a limitation, and from this time on the end of their time for oppression and for the carrying out of their objectives would be ended and the blueprint of God’s purposes and prophecies would be fulfilled. This would be the coming in of HIS Kingdom with power, and the overthrow of darkness...this subordination of evil, and the forces of all of these powers arrayed against God’s Kingdom in the earth. This is the end of the age, and the end of time for these forces of darkness.

This new time which men move into is this ‘Day of the LORD’...the time of God’s victories and achievements with HIS Kingdom and HIS many sons. Thus, this is a new period and a new day and a new order. Thus it is that the book of Revelation talks to us about a new day and a new order. Some people refer to it as a new heaven and a new earth, but it means a new spiritual order in the midst of the earth. Because God has finally achieved by HIS design and measure, the developments which will then take place.

We point out to you that in this situation, we are faced with a great and tremendous responsibility as the sons and daughters of God to hold up the honor of our family name.....to carry out the objectives of God. And we are told by the Apostle Paul that we are a part of this family and that the whole family in heaven and in earth is named in the identity of the Eternal Father and the incarnate embodiment as the man Christ Jesus. Thus the Apostle Paul gives thanks always in his realization that the Eternal Father brought about the embodiment of the man whom we call YAHSHUA or Jesus, which was the fullness of God and also is our Father by which the whole family HE has in heaven and earth is named.

Now there are great responsibilities that God has bestowed upon HIS sons. One of those is to bring HIS Kingdom into complete fruition. It is then essential with HIS Kingdom coming into complete fruition, that we subdue the powers of darkness and release the earth from this darkness and superstition, these forces of evil which seek to control it forever. And ever since then beginning of your race which was the Divine purpose, starting out with Adam and continuing to your time, the powers of darkness have been waging war against your race, seeking to destroy it. Understanding this, then we have been growing, developing and living unto this day when we are now 1/6 of the world’s population in the face of all of this opposition. Just remember this when you are a little discouraged about the success being made. A little discouraged because you happen to live at the end of the age, and in the time of great tribulation, which has been going on for some time. Altho here in these United States, we have fared better than most places in the world, even so, we find ourselves complaining because there has been a retrograde action here as well as thru out the world because of the forces of darkness and the powers of evil. We can see what has happened here...then think what has happened outside of this licensed and developed society. We also point out that this is the time of Jacob’s trouble. And when we talk about Jacob’s trouble, we are talking about all of the great White nations of the Western world that makes up this great House of Jacob, and this Kingdom in the midst of the earth. These are the Sheep nations of the Kingdom. They are separated and marked from the goat nations even by Christ. And it is a fact that by the Will of God the Sheep nations are to rule the world. This is one thing which Christ will institute when HE re-enters the world of human affairs. HE is going to speedily give the administration of government over to the Sheep nations.

If you do not know who the Sheep nations are, then I will tell you that they are the House of Israel. They are the nations of the Western world who make up the Anglo-Saxon, Scandinavian, Nordic, Basque, Lombardic, Germanic people on the face of the earth. Therefore you are in this household because you are HIS sons. And by the miracle of HIS design has HE transferred your race from heaven to earth...as HE carried out a project which is increasingly more evident from day to day, that HE is capable of bringing to fruition, even in space an din spite of all of the powers of darkness, that have gained temporary ascendency among your people.

When we refer to the fact of Jacob’s trouble, we note that we are in trouble. When this great nation which represents the leadership of God’s Kingdom, the outstretched wings of the Eagle, which is to lead the nations of your race in opposition against the conspiratory forces of darkness, which deny everything which relates to Christ and HIS Kingdom, as you as the leader a defense among nations, can arrive at the situations in which you find yourselves in the last few years, then you surely know that Jacob is in trouble.

Imagine. Last week we are still inside of an organization which God Almighty told us to get out of....which HE warned us about back in the book of Revelation. And we find ourselves a part of this organization still....the organization which is of the anti-Christ. Here, we are a great nation of God’s Kingdom and we find ourselves trapped inside of the organization of the anti-Christ. Here we are the leader of God’s Kingdom, and we find that all of our allied nations have also been trapped inside of this organization. And we actually helped lead them in, when actually, we are supposed to be leading them against the forces of darkness.

Now, we still take the position of opposition against Communism and so does a majority of the other nations of God’s Kingdom. However, as we look out over the nation today, we see that this strange force of evil is still carrying out its processes. It is not interested in liberty, for nothing in Satan’s program speaks of liberty. The only thing it tries to do is to give liberty to all of the forces of darkness from the control of things which are right. And then if there are any areas in those things which have liberty, it seeks to suppress that at the same time. This is why for instance, that we see the great inconsistences of the United Nations. It talks about self-determination and liberty, but it does not want any self-determination and liberty for any process except that which follows Socialism and Communism.

For instance, we see them trying to force the liberation of a colony from Portugal, the colony of Goa. And they are saying we have to give all of these Africans liberty. Then there is the area of Katanga, who wants liberty, and has liberty. And they go down and say we have to suppress this and pus it into the Congo. So you see, the standard is a double standard. It is not a matter of self-determination. It is a matter of the whims of the forces of anti-Christ. You may say, ‘but what has this to do with us today?’ There are certain things which we must understand. And this is that the nations of God’s Kingdom which have been directed by the MOST HIGH, are to know what they are getting entangled with. And we have been told to come out of it. We have been told that the forces of darkness which surround leadership at this time are made up of the enemy. This is Mystery Babylon the Great. And the depth of this evolvement is what the Almighty says, ‘Come out of her MY people, lest ye be partakers of her sins.’

We mentioned last Friday night, that there is no more incumbent upon the church than using its influence for the salvation of the nation....to eradicate the nation out of its evil and to participate in its function. We recite to you that John, when he receives a revelation which he records, he receives it from Jesus the Christ. The opening of the book of Revelation reveals the majesty of the Almighty God with all of HIS glory and all of HIS radiance, with all of the effulgence which belongs in power and light, and which holds the Universe together...the mighty declaration of the Angelic hosts...the mighty announcement... ‘I AM YASHUA, (OF JESUS THE CHRIST) THE ONE YOU WALKED AND TALKED WITH.’ Now, John, you have nothing to fear, but I want you to write this down.’

This book of Revelation was a message unto the church. And you write these things to the church which was the ages of the church and the development of the ages of the church from that day down to this one.

Now the church is a reality. So do not for one moment set the church to one side, and say that the church does not count for we are only interested in the message to the Kingdom, for the energizing energy of the oracle of God, the illumination of the nations of the church. The church is the Ecclesia, the spiritually alert ones, the ones called out, the ones activated in the processes of worship, and all that relates to the service of the worship of God.

Now, you race is a vital race. To them belong all of the promises and the covenants and the services of God...all of the things which belong to your race. Your race makes nations and has within it the church. Their activity in the church is to proclaim and to carry out the spiritual and illuminative purposes of God for the salvation of the nation. Thus the church was told to view these things. And John was told to tell these things to the church, because the church is supposed to be intelligent enough and spiritually guided enough to act on these things. So a lot of people try to keep the church out of things which pertain to politics, that pertain to economic life, that pertain to social live. And they try to keep the church out of this. But if the church stays out of this, then there is nothing else for the church to get in to. If the church stays out of this, then it cannot be the living vital pattern of the nations. If it stays out of this, then, my friends, there is no earthly use for the church. The church is to be a spiritual flowing force in the seat of God’s Kingdom, to bring that Kingdom to fruition, to help the thinking of that Kingdom to be synchronized with the thinking of God, who uses the church as a media to spread HIS truths among the nations.

As we have said to you so many times in the past, the separation of Church and State has no place in our Constitution or the Bill of Rights, or anywhere else. There was never any attempt to separate the church from any of the functions of the Kingdom or the Nations. This was just an affirmation by Thomas Jefferson that no one Sect should become the official Sect to determine the conduct of all of the people of the nation and to use its influence in that way, but God save this nation, or any nation when a live spiritually guided church does not inspire, move and direct and influence and elect its people who take positions of power in that government.

We tell you that all of these things are tied into this whole area of the subject we are going to discuss. In the first place, as we look out over the problems that we are faced with and especially the one we were facing last week...we discover that trapped into this Satanic design, you are not brought into it by coercion at the beginning, but by cunning design which was supposed to produce something constructive or to produce peace, and that there would be prosperity...that this was a reasonable attitude upon the part of the inhabitants upon the earth, that this will supervise and achieve certain areas without war and without violence. And people were taken in by this. They never recognized that truth does not change, and the omniscience and foreknowledge of God does not change. When God tells you that the forces of darkness and of evil make up Mystery Babylon, and that they are going to come down with violence, for HE says, ‘with violence shall that great city come down,’.....HE says that the Saints are the believing offspring of the MOST HIGH GOD...in the book of Daniel. HE says that they are going to take the Kingdom and possess the Kingdom. They are going to seize the Kingdom of God which is their inheritance. So this is not going to be done in a council chamber. And it will not be done by mediation thru the United Nations. Because these people are operating out of an area of darkness. The forces of evil have no integrity of words. The forces of evil have nothing which you can depend upon to assure you that they will keep any promises in their conduct. But the Kingdom of God is nog only activated by spiritual perception, but it can be empowered with the sons of God with unlimited power. God has therefore ordained that the people who constitute HIS Household shall know. This is one reason why in the book of Revelation it says, ‘Come out of her MY people.’ And this message which was given to the church was to be passed on to the people who make up the society which warns the whole structure of your nation to get out of this evil. And when you get out of Mystery Babylon, politically and socially, you get out of the United Nations and any association with the pagan nations of this world which ties you to them. So God said, ‘Come out of her My people.’...Because, if you do not, then, you will be a participant with her in her evil deeds. You are going to receive her judgements and the catastrophe will fall on you that comes with her judgment and belongs with her evil processes. And of all of the nations of the world, this nation with its flag and its symbol of Christ, now has located right here in this nation, the very heart of this institution located right here in New York City.

And this week when Belgium and Germany and Britain and France would have withdrawn all of their support of the United Nations and for its brutal influence, America, under the blindness of the sad leadership which we now have, surrounded by the enemies of God, continued to support the rape and the brutality and the raiding expeditions of the United Nations. This makes every one of us ashamed. Not that we are ashamed of being Americans, but ashamed of the kind of leadership we have allowed to arrive and which is threatening our destiny.

Now someone says, ‘Is this any of the church’s business?’ It better be the church’s business or there will be weeping between the church and the altar. It better be the churches business or you are going to know the retribution which falls with chastising judgement, upon a nation which has a certain responsibility, but which shirks that responsibility. Do not ever get this in your mind that you are not going to fulfill that destiny. You will do the task that God has ordained you to do if there has to be a chastisement to get you to obey. And these are painful chastisements in the nuclear age. They will be painful chastisements in this modern time.

So we point out to you that God put these things in the book of Revelation to wake these people up. We are in the days when we are to awaken from our sleep to carry out certain objectives. The brutal machine run by idol worshiping pagans is shutting down truths. The attacks on Belgium women, and the shutting down of banks like an Al Capone bank robbery....this is the first thing that they did as the United Nations marched in under our support. The first thing that they did when the enemy came in to Elizabethville was shut down the bank and rob it. The first thing they did as they moved into Mogenville, was rob the bank. Form that you get a little idea of what this situation is. I point out that this is the reason why we are in a climax of great evil. And I want to repeat this. Altho we mentioned it on Friday night, while it is still fresh. When Senator Louch of Ohio said, if the United Nations can intervene in the internal of the Congo, it can intervene in the affairs of the United States. If it can march troops in and rob the banks and take over the Congo, it can do the same thing to you. Wake up and realize that by our association with the darkness, that we are creating a juggernaut of evil. You know that Satanic power is implemented when a nation of God’s Kingdom ascents to its authority.

So we point out that this is important for us to understand. We are in a vital time for there will be a great transition. And we know this, and we believe this, that we are charged with additional faith. In this time in which we live the powers of God are going to reverse this evil. A great awakening will descend on these people and this nation and every nation of God’s Kingdom will see a great awakening. That vital force is going to destroy, break out, and eliminate all of these influences of Satanic forces like the United Nations and those who go along with it. I tell you that the CFR and such organizations are virtually the nature of Satan’s program. It is Satan in a cut hat. It is Satan’s ambassadors moving out to suddenly woo people into the great treachery of this time.

Now I want to cite as to the infiniteness of this pattern, that it is impossible for us as the sons and daughters of God to look at the earth except thru the panorama as it relates to yesterday, because after you look at the earth and the rest of the Universe, then it is just a little grain of sand. But do not think that it is not an important one, for all of these things are happening here. And it is very important in God’s plan because HIS own family has been invested in the events taking place here in the earth. As I look out over the vastness of the sidereal systems and the limitations which keep us from being lost...when we recognize that the balance of God holds us together, and when I know that whatever HE has purposed and planned, HE has been able to bring to pass. When I think of how HE set the constellations in place over the trillions of years in which these things were developed and fulfilled...that the only thing which HE called to the attention of Enoch in his heavenly visit, then we know that long before this earth was set in place, in its position then HE had been setting things in place for HE knew exactly what HE was going to do.

Now since the Omniscience of God is a vast and important word in our vocabulary, in the natural because we are unable to fully envelope it with what it contains, it just means all knowledge and all wisdom in all directions. It just means that all things which are future, or all things related to the areas which God has created, that there is nothing that HE does not know about it. Oh, you say, ‘but how can HE know about everything that is going to happen?’ HE knows about it, for HE sets in motion all of the little patterns of energy, and all of the units of it which molds into their molecular mass which makes whole suns and solar systems. HE sets them in motion just to tell time....for instance.

Oh, there is no doubt about the vastness of the universe and how tremendous it must be when we think about the people and the beings and the creatures which exist in it. For HE tells us that as HE created the earth, HE did not do this in vain. For HE intended for it to be inhabited. And if this part of the Universe, this grain of sand, was to be inhabited, then how much more of the Universe was to be inhabited? And this, Enoch and others were to discover when they were taken back into that dimension. For the understanding of God’s purpose you must always go to the foundations. This is one of the reasons why we continue to search out truth. When Moses wrote the first books of the Bible, it was somewhere around 1400 B.C. Therefore we know that these are not the oldest book of the Bible, for we have job living about 5000 B.C. And the book of Job is older than the Pentateuch. Therefore then, we know that Enoch had the greatest experience and the most material which has been preserved to come down to our day. This is why we still find this man’s information at the hand of God. And was the key which the Wise men used, which marked the sign of ‘the Son of Man’ and were filled with unprecedented knowledge and mystery. This was the first time names were given to the groups of stars in the sky. All of these things happened to Enoch. And he recorded these things. And they became the basis of the mysteries which your race has preserved and held in the center of the secret wisdom of this hour. Someone said, ‘But Dr. Swift, I don’t like wisdom.’ Well, some people don’t like wisdom anyhow. Well this is something you can take up with Christ some day, for HE said, ‘Unto you it is given to know the mysteries of the Kingdom. Unto them, it is not given.’ So this is just a secret God held back just for you and which HE did not outline to the enemy. Did you know that there are some people who travel around America today who do not like Christ? They do not like HIS name, or any national recognition of HIM. These people not only do not like Christ, but they have no capacity to understand the mysteries. And that has its advantage. For at the same time, they carry out their objective, and now they find that these are being blocked by the out flowing of spiritual force out of God’s Kingdom. They just do not know what is going to happen. But you do. If you are a student of the scriptures, you can know this. But your enemy cannot perceive this. He cannot understand it. This is fortunate for it is not good that all of the strategy of God’s Kingdom be given to the enemy. If we were real smart, we would not let them into our defense plants, or let these refugees come into America at all. And they would not have any secrets. But the secrets of God’s purpose cannot be perceived by HIS enemy. In HIS days, Jesus said that they cannot even hear My speech. So they cannot understand what HE says because they cannot hear it.

Oh, you say, ‘surely, they could hear what HE said?’ Yes, but if those semantics do now form an emanating picture in the seat of consciousness, they do not know, for they do not hear.

Now we point out to you that way back before the foundation of the world, before the climax of the patterns of this creation, there were discussions in your Celestial realm with the Father as to what was going to happen. Your Father the Eternal God, made known unto HIS family in the discussions of yesterday, what was going to happen in the earth. And you volunteered to come down for the restoration of God’s Kingdom. Luciferian influences and these struggles started there. And you witnessed Lucifer rebelling against the purposes of God. In the endless millenniums of yesterday, you witnessed this. You, the children of God’s Spirit, who are begotten of that spirit, were begotten in Spirit before the world was framed. You, according to the book of Ephesians, have already been blessed with all spiritual blessings in the presence of the Father. Even Scofield had to drop down into his footnotes and say that the believer is a heavenly man who is a stranger and a pilgrim down here in earth. And sometimes we act like pilgrims. But the fact remains however that in this declaration and in this purpose, you knew the purpose of what God unveiled and what HE was going to bring to pass in the earth. And when Lucifer rebelled , then he rebelled against the Sonship of God’s family. And he wanted nothing as great as he as outside of God. Then in the anger as to nothing being great than he was, he refused to announce the pattern of your identity and your birth thru out the Universe. He rebelled against God and became Shatan, for he refused to reflect the light and became Deviou or devil which means to take the other course. You watched Lucifer as ‘son of the morning,’ and as we say this...then there is a different meaning....for here was an Archangel....and there were four Archangels who controlled four great sections of the heavens, containing the Milky Way and the vastness of creation. They were not only enveloped in light and Glory and wisdom and understanding, but they were radiant and effulgent creatures. They were beings who reflected light and Glory. They were spectacles of great beauty and majesty, and were known as the ‘sons of the morning.’ And Lucifer was one of the ‘sons of the morning.’ Probable outside of the Glory of God and HIS Revelation, there was not anything more glorious to behold than Lucifer the Archangel. And he was the overseer of 1/4 of your Father’s creation. And Michael and Gabriel also stood forth with this Glory.

Now there is no question about the fact that this was God’s Archangel. And the Eternal God knew before the Archangel rebelled that he was going to do it. And HE saw in this development something very vital to the experience of HIS family and to the development of the Universe and the appreciation of righteousness and the law of Rightness. HE makes it rather clear in HIS declarations to Enoch that except Lucifer had gone forth from HIS presence, and turned away, that except had there not been an introduction of rightness...never would there have been an appreciation of righteousness and goodness, unless men knew what the backdrop of opposition was like. Do you know what God has invested in your education? Do you know what God has invested in the education of the Universe? HE has a solar system down here with a small planet in it and HE has also an Archangel invested in it. On top of that, HE invested HIS own body in it and embodying HIMSELF, HE tasted death which was a new experience for GOD. So that HE might set you free from all of these processes of error that these experiences had produced. And as HE consummated such an atonement, HE said that it would be satisfactory and encomiast. But did this overwhelming filled with the consciousness and emotions of HIS relationship to you as the children that HE loves, as HIS offspring, which HE begat...and filled with all of the Divine capacity which only HIS own Divine sovereignty can produce, the conscious awareness that comes out of every living force HE ever put into operation or put in to motion...assumed in the fullness of HIS Deity, that HE is God and Creator....was responsible for every part of HIS Universe that HE had created, and would ultimately bring again the ultimate condition for it and its environment.....Do you know that the beginning of wisdom comes from the knowledge of God?...thus the knowledge of God is the beginning of wisdom. And sometimes you have to go back to first things to find it out. You will not always find it out in Ecclesiastical institutions because the wave of Ecclesiastical authority does to men what it did to Lucifer. And they do not want to lose that authority which they think they have over the consciousness and souls of men and so they sometimes brew up some strange doctrines. And they sometimes present a picture of just a little bit of God, but the rest of it is not God at all. There is nothing more important for you to know this afternoon than to know the nature of God. Especially in these turbulent times you live in.

For this purpose then, the Eternal said ‘I will produce an important transition. This day will I embody myself into My creation in the earth. This day I shall pour myself into My creation. I shall complete their short comings. I shall restore that which they by violations of law have lost..but I by my Omniscience had foreknown.’ And there is another quality that you add to this besides Omniscience, and that is Omnipotence or All Power. Never let these two be separated in your mind, for your Father not only has all wisdom and all power. And put those two together in an individual, and if he does not have his own way then there is a question on his sanity. If you have all power and all wisdom and still do not have your own way, and you do not accomplish what you want to do, then the whole conscious capacity to think and to act is in question.

Isaiah makes this declaration:... ‘I am God and I am going to do all of My pleasure....and no one is going to stay or hinder....nobody is going to be able to say that the outcome in MY Universe is going to be changed from My purpose.’

Now if God is going to have HIS way, do you think there is going to be any part of any descending conscious perception, that dwells with the entity of its existence that will not eventually be brought into a relationship that satisfies God. Someone said, ‘Well perhaps we might speculate that this might be better for the Universe but we have to take it like it is.’ Let me tell you something. If all the Saints of all times poured out their thoughts, and poured them all into one mold, they could not improve on God. And if there is anything that you think is better, then it is better and you have just come to a realization of it, because God is so far beyond you that everything that you reflect is in light and righteousness emanates from HIM. Do you know how to become a heretic? This is one who does not conform to all of the idiosyncrasies of theology which has been established by ecclesiastical institutions. If you do not agree with all of the priest craft then you are a heretic. But if you agree with God, then Priest craft has to adjust to the truth and it is better to be a heretic with God than to be in the institution of Priestcraft.

Now I am not mad at priest. You say, ‘but we don’t have them in Protestantism.’ Yes, we do. For ministers and priests are all one and the same. God has been calling them. And every once in awhile some of them go running off on their own route and making up their own ideas and they have been limiting the revelation. And wherever they stop, then they think we have it all. Let me tell you this. Anytime you think that you have it all, then ‘Eye hath not seen, or ear heard half the things which God has in store. The moment that you say this is all...then you solidify and you stagnate. And then you go retrograde. The church must stay pliable and open to the Divine revelations and the patterns of God’s Spirit. The only thing which you will not improve on, the only thing which is not going to be changed, the only thing which is immutable is the nature of the Father. And that is a wonderful thing for you are the children of the Father. You are the light of HIS Light and spirit of HIS spirit, and you are going to conform to HIS image. And that image will be well enough.

Now listen. We have often discussed what God consummated, which man could not consummate. Call it atonement, call it the pattern of paying the price of redemption. Accept or argue with the process which God had in mind, when HE set it in motion. But it all happened. The fact is that God consummated such an atonement.

Now, how big was it and how important was it? There are ‘times’ in the Bible in God’s plans that God refers to. There is such a thing as ‘the time of the nations’ in which your race would be subordinated and as that started to end the great Western nations came out and into view and once more started to take their place. In fact, the end of the Beast system will relate to any time pagans have ruled over you. There is a time when we know this is the end of the age, and we are not in that time. There is a time which is the most significant of all things, referred to over here in the book of Acts, the 3rd chapter and the 21st verse...in which it talks about Christ who re-ascended into the heavens,....and this must receive HIM until the ‘Time of the Restitution of all things,’ which God has spoken by the mouth of all of HIS Holy Prophets, since the world began.

Now it is quite obvious that you do not have all that the Holy prophets said. Do you know that? You do not have all of the utterances of things said by all of the holy Prophets. You have a lot of things that the holy prophets said on certain subjects. But apparently, there has been a blackout on some of the things that the holy prophets said because these are the revelations. Here under the anointing of the Holy spirit at Pentecost...Peter cries that one of the greatest of knowledge of all events to come is this reception of the heavens of The Christ...until the ‘time’ of it. And this is the Restitution of all things. Spoken of by all of the holy prophets since the world began.

The restitution of all things...... I have been very interested in watching translated footnotes. And it depends upon what denomination the writer or translator belonged to. And when he comes to this verse, then he goes down to the bottom of the page to the footnotes, and he says, ‘now this does not mean ‘all’ things. It just means certain things.’ So God says, ‘THE RESTITUTION OF ALL THINGS.’ And then someone right away tries to qualify this and decide just what ‘all’ is taken in. So they say that this does not mean the Restitution, or restoration of the wicked or anything which is wrong. It just means the restoration. It says here... the Restitution of all the things spoken of by the Holy Prophets.

Have you ever heard of anything more God-like than God putting every back in order? Everything finally obtaining a perfection of existence, putting it in order when HE said it was good when HE made it. Retaining only remembrance of the value of righteousness, and a determination out of consciousness and awareness that they are going to fulfill the righteousness which moves out from God. The Restitution of all things.

I had a clergyman say, ‘But Dr. Swift, we aren’t going to save the devil are we?’ The devil is what Lucifer became when he refused to walk in the right direction. Satan is what he became when he refused to reflect the light of truth. What have you got invested in this anyhow? Who are you to tell God what to do with HIS Universe? Do you have an Archangel who used to belong to you, but who is now disobedience...for your education? What do you have in this?... Only as far as you are the Father’s children. One of the most powerful servants to you has been disobedient...but not beyond OMNISCIENCE. For his coming disobedience was known unto the Father. Did you know that one of the ‘morning stars’ who once sang the praises of God and the purposes of God went out on an adventure which will be to your praise and glory before you are all thru. Lucifer rebelled against God and all of the troubles we have in the world are tied back to that. Tied back to Lucifer and his offspring and all of the unassimilatable people he has scattered in earth. And yet he is still God’s Archangel. And I can prove this to you. The day will come when even Lucifer is going to bow the knee and he will be Lucifer and not Satan, not the devil. But he will be Lucifer once again. Because when this individual acknowledges his defeat, when in the repentance that fills his consciousness, before the majesty of God’s greatness and HIS power, he falls down at your feet...and it tells you in the Book...that the day is going to come when even Lucifer will fall at your feet, and all of the offspring of Lucifer are going to get down and acknowledge that you are the sons and daughters of God and that they are not the ‘chosen people’. That day is coming.

Someone says but that does not give him enough punishment. Well, how much ‘time’ do you want? This is the time of the Restitution of all things. Do you ever punish your child? How much time do you need? Just enough time to chasten him. Some people want to destroy something all of the time. The only thing you need to destroy is evil, and God is going to destroy this. The devil will be gone. Satan is gone. But not the Archangel. This is the Restitution of all things spoken of by all of the holy prophets since the world began.

Let’s turn for one moment over to the book of Ephesians, written to those people. Ephesians 1:9.... ‘Having made known unto us the mystery of HIS WILL according to the good pleasure, which HE purposed in Himself...(notice that he did not have to take anyone into consultation on this)...but according to the good purpose which HE purposed in Himself. That in the dispensation in the fullness of time.’ Thus out in the great purpose of God for the earth there comes this ‘FULLNESS OF TIME.’ Notice there is not any time left. ‘The fullness of it has come...then HE is going to gather in all things in Christ, both which are in heaven and in earth....yes even in HIM.

Thus the hour is going to come when God is going to put HIS Universe back in perfect balance. Someone says, ‘Is this a vital subject for us in a time when we are struggling against evil?’ Yes..it is. Because we have to become aware of Divine values. We must recognize our responsibility in resistance against evil. God embodied a Celestial race into a physical world, to occupy a physical world, to build HIS Kingdom, to utilize its influence against the powers of darkness in the earth. That is what you are here for. And since this is God’s purpose, HE intends for you to resist the darkness.

Now because there is in the earth, soul consciousness so dwelling in races and peoples, in opposition to you and to God and to everything in it, does not relieve your responsibility to God to bring in the Kingdom. But before you can release people from this control of Lucifer, you have to first defeat Lucifer and his family. Oh, you say, ‘But he is an Archangel, we cannot defeat him.’ But you are sons and daughters of God, so you can defeat him...for greater is the power in you than is in your opposition. Besides that, HE says unto you, ‘I give you all power’ for whatsoever things that ye bind shall be bound and whatsoever things that ye loose shall be lost.’ I want you to realize that there is no dimension in God’s Universe where anything can get out of it and escape HIM. There is no place height or depth. Celestial plains or dimensions, or creations where God holds all things together. There is no place at anytime where a consciousness can go that can get away from HIM. But there are some beings who did not keep their first estate, and are embodied here and are fighting God’s Kingdom. There are powers of darkness, offspring of fallen angelic hosts which today are misfits. They are mutations in the situations of earth. What some people do not understand is that when God brings all things together in Christ, HE does not integrate them. HE does not mongrelize them. But has them all in HIS creation in balance. ‘Each according to its kind.’ Each in its proper relationship. I point out to you then, that the scripture does contain, and God has promised to restore, and will restore, and HE is going to put everything back in its proper balance. And it is hinged upon the fact that HE has paid the price and has justified those who constitute HIS own Household for what has happened since they have been placed in this environment. And HE has ordained that HE has added enough to this solution to bring it to pass. We do not have the time to go into every facet of that, but God has added completion for every man who went thru the fall. HE was the completer and HE has put that in order to HIS own satisfaction which is enough for me because that is the fullness of wisdom.

Let me point out to you that Isaiah, one of the Holy Prophets, who spoke since the world began, records these things saith the Eternal. ‘Thus saith YAHWEH, HE who created the earth, HE who established it...HE created it not to be in vain.’ Then he makes this statement in his declaration concerning you. He says concerning the nations ant the people of the world, and that are against you, that they are all going to be confounded, all of them together, and all of them are going into confusion as makers of idols... But YOU...shall be saved in YAHWEH with an everlasting salvation. And ye shall not be confounded or ashamed world without end.’

Now, that does not mean the actual thing which God culminated in Calvary because that was the price HE paid. But the Salvation required the removal of you out of every avenue of error and the freeing of you from every power of darkness. You know, I would like to see the day when we did not have to be ashamed anymore, because of the rascals around the Kennedys. HE says the day is going to come when you shall see such a Salvation and that means the rascals have to go. If there is anything which is the business of the church, it is to see the removal of Jewry from around the President of the United States. That is your business....to get America out of the trap she is in.

Now, listen. The Eternal therefore, says, that Israel shall be saved with an Everlasting Salvation. Every last man, woman and child of your race has been ordained to be fully completed in this salvation of God. Oh, you want to talk about the Jews? Well, they are not in this particular part. There is not a Jew who is an Israelite. If you want to know who the Jews are today?...I do not have the time to go into that, but I will just tell you that they are the offspring of Lucifer and this is why they come in every color and creed. But they all have the same nature which Lucifer put in them.

Now, some people do not like that. And they hang their head and then they wonder what we are going to do with these people. And I will tell you what we are going to do. We are going to eliminate them from the areas of government in this Christian nation. THIS IS YOUR DESTINY.

Now listen. The declaration goes forth therefore...now look unto ME...and that was to you...Then you look unto ME all of the ends of the earth. Let them take counsel together. Let all of the people of the earth take counsel together and let them see if they have a God like this. Let them see if they can declare all of these things from ancient times, such as I have declared and then make them come to pass.

Now, look unto Me all ye ends of the earth. What do you say...for I am God and there is note else. So what is to be is that these people get back and worship the Right God and throw the idols out of China, and the witch doctors out of Africa, and the Jews out of the world. ‘Be ye saved all of the ends of the earth.’ If this is embarrassing for you, then don’t be embarrassed for me or God because HE has already made this statement and HE knows what HE is talking about. For HE says, ‘Look unto ME all ye ends of the earth, and be ye saved for I am God and there is none else.’

This displeases Justice Douglas. Do you know that Isaiah crossed him last week? Justice Douglas wrote last week in LOOK Magazine that one of the things which is wrong is Christianity. And this is that they advocate that they have the only God and the only true religion. And this pushes the world away. But the world has been far away for a long time. This is the only God. This is the only true religion. And one of these days they are going to accept it. And when they accept it they become adjusted to the right God. But they do not join your family. This may seem to be a strange thing. But they don’t. They will stay in the family in which their father created them and that is where they belong. Anything else is mongrelization and is cursed.

Now listen to what HE says. ‘For I have sworn...I, YAHWEH, the Eternal Creator, I have sworn to Myself and My Word is gone out of My mouth in righteousness, and it shall not return unto Me empty. That unto Me every knee is going to bow and every tongue is going to swear.’ Then the ends of the earth is going to know salvation also. Some have said that the trouble with this message of the Kingdom of this race which God has established here is that it secludes, leaves out some of the people that God created. It is a message of hate, a message of race. And it has nothing of promise for the world. But this is the only message that the world has any hope in. For this God has promised a complete restoration to the ends of the earth by HIS Grace and HIS power, for HE is the Eternal God. Let me add this to your thinking. You can disagree with God because you can think on a lower level. But you cannot improve on what God has planned. You cannot convince the world when HE has something better planned for HE says, ‘I am going to save to the uttermost.’

Therefore, I want you to know that they will say, ‘surely in the LORD, I have righteousness.’ Even in HIM shall men come and all who are incensed against God...and ALL. Now I like the way these things are written. The word in Hebrew is ALL and very clear. For ALL of them are going to come and be ashamed and they are all going to bow the knee and they are all going to say...and many of them may have died, but the consciousness of them is not gone. And God knows where it is and HE is going to gather it and it is all going to parade by the ACKNOWLEDGE.

Now listen. It is time then to stop worrying about the destiny of the Kingdom....the people that make up your race. For this is what it says.... ‘And in YAHWEH shall ALL...ALL of the seed of Israel shall be justified and shall glory.’ Emanating in the majesty of the Father, and reflecting HIS Glory. Someone said, ‘Well, maybe the prophet in his enthusiasm, just run away with himself in the prophecies of what he thought that God was going to do?’ No, my friends. If Isaiah had spent all of the possible patterns of his life trying to imagine something bigger, he could not have approached what God was or what he claimed.

The other day, I was in the company of men who were discussing their responsibilities and they said, ‘the problem is that in waging war against these evil forces, it has always been a psychological problem, for if you kill them, you doom them to a situation of perdition and hell. And if you let them go, they ruin the nations of the earth.’ If something holds men back from making a judgement against evil, because they are afraid of where they have consigned them to....let me tell you something. Do not ever hold back against warring against darkness because of worrying about what is going to happen to their souls. Because God is taking better care of them than they are. God never told you to let evil stay in power just because you do not want to send them to perdition. For there is no perdition which shall go beyond the reconstruction power of God.

Listen. I point out to you therefore, that the Apostle Paul, understanding this factor, concerning you also...that no height and depth of power can separate you from the love of God and HIS purpose for you here in earth. When we point out to you that it says, ‘ALL’... I want you to turn again in Ephesians where we talked to you about the dispensation in the fullness of time. In which HE is going to gather in proper submission all things again in recognition of HIS embodied revelation as Christ. Everyone of these forces which are fighting Christ is going to recognize one of these day, that Jesus is the Christ.

Now, what is this exceeding greatness of HIS power....which is to us who believe? According to HIS mighty power, HE has ordained that the eyes of your understanding be opened. HE has ordained that the power which was embodied in HIM shall function out of you where it is resident by the awareness of the spirit. Then it says this. ‘That this embodied manifestation of your eternal kinsman...the Eternal God...who is far above all powers principalities has a name which is above every name which is named in this world and in the ages to come...has put ALL things under HIS feet. Not some, but ALL things. The Apostle Paul then writes to Timothy and he says, ‘whereby ALL things subdued unto HIMSELF. Have you ever thought about confidence in God. Have you ever believed that all things which you have committed to HIM are going to be saved against those final times, and against that day? But we believe that HE is able to keep all that has been committed unto HIM, against that day.

I want you to know that it is the job of the soldier to fight the enemy. Thus a good soldier of Christ is also to oppose it. I want you to know that you are not to be worrying about the final destiny of evil but you are to be worrying about their temporary problem. When we go out and proclaim the Gospel of the Kingdom, then men become adjusted by its truth and the atoning work of God. When men see the difference between truth and error then they repent of error and begin to do things correctly. Men that do not do this are still moronic. There is not one pattern of God’s law that does not prove that it is more compatible and produces more blessings, that creates more, and develops more. And when people do not function better after they have been introduced to this, then they do not have the capacity to understand. I point this out to you that habition holds men back from saving America. There are some people today where this is very true because where they went to church, they have been taught that the devils people are the ‘chosen people.’ So they will not do a thing about these so-called ‘chosen people.’ They will not speak out about them because they are afraid that some terrible catastrophe will over-whelm them because they spoke out against them. So they go thru life in fear. Back in the days of Jesus, these forces of darkness used this unprecedented authority over government, that no man dared speak openly of Jesus for ‘fear of the Jews.’ And I see people in the scriptures not doing this for fear.

Now, the fear of the enemy holds men back. But Divine power liberates you from fear. I want to say this in conformation of this area of thought. For we have no time to consummate a subject as big as this one. For God is so big, you cannot put HIM together in a sermon in one afternoon. In fact, I have not found how to put HIM together in a lifetime. But there is one thing I have discovered. Every avenue of revelation sets me free. That every pattern of it eliminates me from worry. Every process of it removes me from fears. I have no fears about the future because the Father rules the Universe. I have no worries about HIS promises. I have no question about the enemy and his attack. But I do now worry about his soul. You say, ‘why is this?’ Because the Kingdom is the important thing in earth. And I know that the Father has a plan that will take care of all things. And it will take care of that soul. Which will put it back where it belongs and not leave it where it does not belong.

Someone said, ‘we must never let the devil up if we ever get him down.’ Well, you put the devil down, but you let Lucifer come back up. Do you realize that the people who call the Gospel of the Kingdom a Gospel of hate, do not realize that we have more mercy on Lucifer than they have? I look out over these savages who cannot rise higher than their witch doctors teaching, and cannot rise higher than their background and their culture and their environment, and I know that all of the good that has come to them has come from God’s House. We do not hate them. But we recognize their limitations. And we are not about to share our government, or marry them into our families or integrate them into our society, or be happy with them living next door. But we have within the scope of our nature, the desire to see them rise, develop and worship the right God and thus obtain a whole avenue of wisdom and knowledge. We would like to see them attain unlimited height. We know that in the fullness of time, there will be a restoration for that race. But we will be a realist while we are here and will not seek to absorb that which we seek to help, while we are her on the grounds that they have a right to this integration which they do not have. We would like to see the world free from Communism from one end to the other. But we do not want to guarantee the permanency of Buddhism or Hinduism.

Someone said, ‘what do you mean by that...you are not tolerant? I didn’t come here to be tolerant. I came here to help bring in a Kingdom. We are here to overthrow every bondage. For those people are in bondage to a bunch of Ecclesiastical masters who hold them also in a very temporal bondage. Probably nothing rules more sternly than these temporal masters of darkness.

Now, I can however tell you this afternoon that every one of these households is controlled in the seat of their consciousness of Lucifer’s household. But in this Book, where it talks about the restoration of all things...where everything is... ‘ALL’. It says that the day is going to come when they will sing HIS praises in the heavens and in the earth, and even down in the Netherworld. Then every knee is going to bow....ALL...are going to acknowledge...for HE is going to save them ALL, give them all life. And know this. It does not all happen at the same time. There is the time of restitution. There is a fullness of time. There are days and times of judgement and ‘the day of the LORD.’ And there are times of tremendous judgements against the powers of darkness. But in the grace of God, HE has all of these things regulated into the ‘fullness of time.’ And in the fullness of time, like a perfect movement watch is going to be in a rhythmic position to acknowledge praise to the Eternal God. Can you imagine a God big enough, intelligent enough, creative enough, to put together this Universe? Can you imagine a God satisfied with any part of it broken down or out of order? Satisfied so completely with some of it being broken down and part of it in prison somewhere far out in space, removed because HE could not do anything about it? There is nothing that God has created or permitted to exist in HIS Universe that HE is not God enough to adjust. If you have faith in that today, then you have power enough to adjust the earth right not, to defeat the forces of darkness and the powers of evil, and to recognize that in the plains of spirit, from which you have come are powers sufficiently strong to take care of those who have moved into that dimension. The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is Eternal Life and immortality. And I can establish for you and one of the great mysteries we have in the scriptures...which is a part of the ‘Restitution of all things,’ is not only a conquest of death for all times, but it with the empowering of immortality, again of the Eternal sons. Did you know that Restitution of all things means restoration, the renewing of the mind and the ultimate development of Divine power?

There are many things we would like to say in this subject. But we are limited by time. Just remember there are many doctrines they would like to rip out or the scriptures but they cannot. For they cannot take it away that HE is going to put all things in order. This is not heritage. This is Truth and so much a part of a great salvation. But what we have talked about started in generations of time and has reached so far ahead of us that millions and millions of years of ‘time’ are involved. And because we compressed it all into an hour is sometimes too much for people to take. But let me tell you something. You have to start to think BIG for the BIG task that is ahead of you.

(End of sermon)