Times, The Measures And The Climax Of This Age. 12-03-65

The Times, the Measures, and the Climax of this Age

by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 12-03-65

When we speak on this subject, it become more and more significant, that people understand who the people of the BOOK are.

We tell you that you cannot understand the scriptures if you do not know the actors, and if you do not know who God is speaking, or whom HE is speaking about. So, you must know God and you must know the people. And you must know the program of HIS KINGDOM.

A lot of people are perplexed today because the enemy is seeking to perplex them. One of the functions of the enemy today is to deceive them, and in the midst of that deception, to seek to take over the Nations of God’s Kingdom. But there are no people more deceived in the nation tonight, than Satan’s children. There is no one in the Universe that has more successfully deceived himself than Satan, or Lucifer. And I tell you tonight, that out of these measures of deception, they deceive themselves and they work for their own doom.

Every once in a while, we hear people trying to establish a Chronology. (The science of arranging dates and events in proper sequence). And the Chronology they try to establish, they think, will give them a knowledge of all events. Then by areas of that process, they think they will come up with the time marked as the year of the end of all things, or the year of the end of certain events.

Someone said, ‘Don’t you believe that men may measure?’ Yes, you can measure, and times and the seasons. You may go out and try to measure anything and come up with a given point. But that doesn’t mean you are right. And that doesn’t necessarily mean things are going to happen just because you made a measure. And this is especially true when we are dealing with the devil. For the devil has been making all kinds of measures and all kinds of prophecies. Some of them, however, by a devilish instinct, fall in to a pattern which is rather interesting. Especially in the relation to the time in which we live. The devil’s pattern of measures and the design of Satanic powers which is moving his people into functions and operations, has great influence on the activities into which we move. But they do not always know what the signs and measures of these days convey.

We are in the latter days. And when we say the latter days, we mean the ‘Latter Days’ of a World Order that has been waging war against the Kingdom of God and it is due to be destroyed. The collapse of this World Order does not place the anti-Christ in power. Instead, it places the Kingdom of God in power. The power of evil is to be broken for all time. And that Day is called in Scripture, the Day of the LORD. The more you see of crime and wickedness and evil, the more you see of the great destruction of what looks like the structure of freedom and liberties of the Kingdom. The more you know, you are in a great testing time. And it can’t go much further without a great crisis arising. And as you watch the deterioration that goes with the violation of Divine Law and a breakdown in the areas of the responsibility of religious order, who those in the higher realms have taken away, and the descent and the falling away by a program of evil, the ‘falling away’ first, by a violation of the Divine Law (by changing the law). Then the flooding of God’s Kingdom with the unacceptable practice of inter-mixing of the races, and the powers of the press and the powers of darkness, all designed to buy and sell people as Babylon’s daughter always has done, then you are watching the Nations of the world in unlimited trouble.

This is the time of ‘Jacob’s trouble’ according to the scriptures. (Jer. 30:7)---(Daniel 12:1). And Jacob’s trouble always comes from the areas of breaking the Divine Law (by Israel). (The time at the end of the Age--when Restoration starts (Dan. 12:1--when Michael stands up for God’s people, and they shall then be delivered---everyone found written in the BOOK. Now to me this had a meaning for the beginning of this age as well as the ending. And since the beginning of the age was 70 years, then I compared those with the 70 years at the end of this age. There are a lot of similarities.)

Now, tonight, I’m interested also in measures because they give us a close indication that we are in the decade of the end of the age. Let me point out to you, that a great number of calculations have been based--especially by those that thought to use spurious scriptures, and even try to take over our identity and call themselves Judah, when they are not--and according to Rev. 2:9 and 3:9, are the synagogue of Satan.

And they have talked about their extreme scholarship rather than their perfidy and fraud. So great numbers of Bible prophecies have been based on a concept that seemed simple, because they saw the creative period of the earth divided up in to six cycles. And the 7th cycle was the Sabbatical Cycle in which God created from previous creations, but didn’t stop to bring forth an Issue. They have cited that from the day of Adam to the end of the age, and the Millennium, must be 6000 years. And the 7th, 1000 year period is the millennium or Sabbatical 1000 years. And therefore when history would fulfill the 6000 years from Adam. And there would have had to have been fulfilled all the areas of certain prophecies. And the 7th period would be the Sabbatical years for God’s Kingdom when all the world would be ruled by none other than the Messiah of God’s Kingdom and HE thru Israel shall rule all over the world.

Now when Christianity---that has been bilked by the broadcast stupidity--talks about Israel, they talk about the Jews, the enemies of God. And they have the Jews being restored at this time to rule the world. There is nothing in the Bible that tells anybody that the Jews are going to rule the world at the end of the 6000 years. AT THE END OF 6000 YEARS, WHICH HAS COME AND GONE, LONG AGO, THE JEWS DIDN’T GET CONTROL OF THE WORLD. AND THEY STILL HAVEN’T TODAY.

Now we have passed into a period much later than this. And the Jews are still trying to take over the world, and it’s their Sabbatical measure and not ours.

We are being told that we are approaching very fast, by their calculation, what is known as the year of____________________or what is known as the year the Jews are going to take over the world. It is their redemptive program by which the Jews regain the earth. And it is very, very close, by the ADL Messenger calculation. Many are talking about this. And some people are disturbed by it. But about the only thing it shows is that the Jews are making an all out effort to take over the world. There isn’t any doubt about that effort.

Now I an going to tell you that their prophecy is false. And I am going to tell you some of the reasons why. In the first place, all kinds of prophecies are made concerning the measures and the cycles of years which they have produced from various things they have proclaimed. And at a given time, certain things are to happen and certain things are to end. But you always have to have a point of origin and some fixed dates to go by.

Now, if you start with the creation of Adam, which I am going to dislocate from any final measure--it was 5400 years before Christ that Adam was told, when he was driven out of the Garden and when he was appealing to God for mercy, because he was sick---that in 5400 years from then--Messiah would come, the embodiment of God. And HE would consummate in HIS life an Atonement at once for the Household of God--to bring them back again into their relationship with God. And shall have in that Atonement, paid the price for the healing of Adam’s sick body.

The oldest manuscripts we have concerning the communication of God with the Adamic race, is the record of God, sending the message to Adam by HIS Angel concerning how long it would be to the coming of the Messiah. If you were to get a comparative set of chronology which you can find in the concordance of some Bibles and in big concordances, that deal with chronology. If you have a Scofield Bible, that has a disciples--(Pedic) concordance, you note on page 57 of that concordance, under chronology, that it giver you the following dates. It shows that by far, the most accurate chronology that the days of Adam was 5411 B.C. By Hales Chronology.

Now you will note the chronology which was adopted by Bishop Usher, and we are told, that it was incorporated into almost all the versions of the English Bible. And the adopted date of it is 4004 B.C. And 4 B.C. as the Birth of Christ.

Well, you say, ‘there is quite a discrepancy here.’ Yes, about 1400 years. Because as they approached toward the years of the fulfillment of the prophecy of the Birth of Christ, and looked back to 5400 B.C., the Jews began to try to change Chronology. And as the time as set at 4004 B.C., then they could say that Christ could not be the Messiah because the ancient measures said 5400.

But it did not change the fact that Christ was born exactly 5400 years after that prophecy. And it did not change the fact of HIS Birth. So they wasted their time with all that juggling around of the King list of Chronology by 1411 years. And it did not change any of the facts of all that period of time down to the time of Christ. They were just trying to obscure something by that fraudulent scholarship.

So I point out to you, that not satisfied with the fraud, in order to juggle prophesies to fit their Talmudic declarations of their change of time, they attempted to warp what God had said to true Benjamin and true Judah and true Israel, by setting up a recoining that started from Adam at 3760 B.C. So that changed it still more. And now the Jew Chronology starts with 3760 B.C. And since they are not interested in B.C., they just started their counting back there at 3760 and went right on when they come to our year of Christ. We started at 1 with Christ. But they just went right on with their calendar. So now, their prophesies are much different than ours.

Now any time anybody makes a prophecy that relates to the eventual declaration of the climatic end of the age on their measures, they have to be accurate in their chronology. If they are going to push the time around of 1411 years, then they are not going to have anything coming out right.

And as far as people are concerned, they do not know too much about these events of time. And they do not know just when Adam was on the earth. But they know that the 5411 years of Hales Chronology works out more accurately then all the evidence we have. So when you turn in your Bible where the figure of 4004 B.C. years is used to divide events, it is not necessarily true.

So we are just a bunch of silly people thru out Anglo-Saxondom. We just say we are using a whole set of wrong dates, because they are so conveniently located. Of course, it would be just as simple to put the right date, and start Adam at 5400 years and come on down to our time. The significance of these events stand out. There has been lately, much publication of certain events. One of these is reprinted the last few weeks by the ‘Sam Town Story.’ Now the Sam Town Story is a patriotic Southern newspaper who says eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.

Now make no mistake about it. The general message of the paper is a good one. And I am for it 100%. But if there is any area of it where they might be in some ignorance, it is concerning who the people of the BOOK are. And this is one area that upsets a lot of people. They know that the Jews are a bunch of people they do not like. They know they are against Christ. They know they sow Communism. They know they are a destructive force for our civilization. No student today, in his battle against anti-Christ, can survey this situation and not know that organized Jewry is behind the world’s problems. You are in trouble when you do this, so you better throw your Bible away.

I am going to tell you that you are the people of this Book. And this Book has been the foundation of your civilization and culture. So do not throw the Bible out. Throw the Jews out instead.

First they are not only liars, but like all liars, they lie so much they deceive themselves. When they wanted to pick a fight with Jesus, they tried to find fault with HIM over the Sabbath, because HIS Disciples plucked some corn on the Sabbath---on their Sabbath. Jesus said, ‘You are serving times and seasons you know nothing about. Your measures are the Babylonian measures and your Sabbaths are set up by an unknown yesterday. You do not keep MY Sabbath.’ They said, ‘O, we keep a Sabbatical Sabbath.’ Well, they couldn’t keep a Sabbatical Sabbath, because no one had a Chronology of the days of Creation. If they did not keep the Sabbath of the Mosaic Law, which was set up by the crossing of the moon over the vertical equinox and every 7th day, thereafter throughout the years, then they did not have any true Sabbath. And they could not find fault with Christ, because HE did not keep their Sabbath, which was a fraud.

So you say, ‘what day do we keep?’ Well, we have one pretty easy to find. For it starts with the Resurrection of Christ which was the first day of the week. And we have been keeping the first day of the week as Resurrection Day and will keep on keeping it until the day HE returns.

Now every man be persuaded by his own heart. If you want to keep some other day, go ahead. If you think righteousness is made by the keeping of days, or the eating of meat, go ahead.

For about 1300 years, Catholic’s couldn’t eat meat on Fridays for fear they would lose their immortal soul and a judgement would come, or something terrible would happen. Then yesterday, the Pope signed a decree and they can now eat meat on Friday. So they decided it was alright after all. Now, I am just trying to show you that even the Priesthood can be wrong. Well, let every man be wrong and God be right.

Now going back to the Sam Town Story---The editor writing, after he gives his calculations, says, ‘Before the British Israelites jump down my throat, let them check their Messianic calculations. I may be like all the rest of the dumb gentiles, even the Catholic policy seems to be trying to aide the redemption of the Jews.’

Now we are not jumping on the good editors story, or defending the British Israelites. But we are defending what you should know about the truth of God, that the Jews are NOT the children of God, but that the Anglo-Saxon, Germanic, Scandinavian, Basque,--all the people of the White Christian nations are the family of God. Britain is the covenant man, alright. But let me tell you that all twelve tribes of Israel are covenant men.

I am going to show you who there is so much interest today in dates. This was carried in the Jewish Press, and the story is out of London, by one of their Jewish authors. He said, ‘Years of study of the mystical writing of-----(Cathalis) and ____(Mesreph) have convinced me that the long awaited redemption of Israeli Jews will take place in 1965.’

But listen. This world is following a decade of strife, of wars which this world has never witnessed before. It has been a time of twisted interpretations of areas of Scripture taken from the Talmud and Mosaic Law and tradition of the Elders. And their conclusions are also based on the research of a Morrano, John Isaac Abernell. Morrano is the Spanish for Jews that means Swine or Pigs.

Someone says, ‘why did they call them that?’ It was because they invaded Christianity and thought to change it and destroy it. They were behind everything evil.

Away back in history, in 1437-1508, their prophets were saying that the end of the days point to an era that will find its culmination in the period of 1965-68. So therefore way back there they were saying that Jews will be moving from all parts of the world into their home land and they try to base this premise on Ezekiel 36:8, which tells of Israel getting much strength and the development of the nation of Israel.

So they say that in the 600th year of the 6000th year,---and here, they get into their days and measures--and they say that the years will start with 4000 B.C. And thru the 600th years of the 6000th year period, will bring them up to the time that their prophets had said would be the finish of the program of men and races. And the Jews would take over the world. (1965-68).

I think it rather significant to call to your attention that they say that in this climax time (1965-68), they will move in to take over the governments of the world. And that the year when the State of Israeli will be born, in their aborted measure of 3760 measure from Adam, will be 5708 or 1948, when Israeli became a government--or 1948 (5708-376=1948). How? By Babylon’s power of the purse, by power over radio and television. By influence over shabby politicians.

So their prediction in the year 5708, will be the beginning of Israelis administration and rule as Jews. And we will witness 12 years of great trouble over all the world, and it will finish by a dominant, military victory and a power overshadowing the world which will revive these people. 1948 + 12 = 1960. Then the rule of the true messiah will be set up and his name will be the messiah Ben-David. And the cosmic disturbances will destroy the enemies of the Jews. Following the defeat of the enemies of Jewish Israel, the Jewish leader will be accepted by the people of the world and all people will have to accept the faith of the Talmud. It will establish a regime of social justice under Jewry, at Jerusalem. And that city will rule the entire world.

And that is the declaration of their measures. And quoting from their publication ‘The Messenger’ under their measures, the end will come 372 years before the end of the 6th millennium or under our time 1968. And then will end their long night of exile which will be 1900 years after their second temple was destroyed. In other words, the Jews think they are going to take over the world. They have all kinds of signs and measures. But the Jews are not Israel. And Lucifer is not God.

Now because these facts are built on their own twisted interpretations, and since they started from a fallacious date of Adam, then changed it ‘twice,’ there is no value in their predictions.

So you say, ‘Dr. Swift, how would you arrive at a measure?’ Well, you have to have a fixed date of importance in the Word of God. And I will give you some fixed dates. You are the children of Light and I am not even going to use the Pyramid for these dates. The pyramid, the Bible in stone, can take care of itself in its dates. I am just going to show you the Scriptures where I can prove we are at the end of the age.

Let’s go to the book of Daniel. There are lost of fixed dates in the book of Daniel. Turn to Daniel 9:20 where it says, ‘While I was speaking and praying and confessing my sins and the sin of my people Israel, and presenting my supplications before the LORD, my God, from the Holy nation of my God--and while I was in prayer, the man Gabriel, whom had appeared to me before, came and he touched me and informed me that he had come to make me be skillful in understanding.’ Then in verse 24, Daniel is told, ‘seventy weeks are determined upon thy people and upon thy Holy city, to finish the transgression and to make an end of sins and to make reconciliation for iniquity and to bring in everlasting righteousness and to seal up the vision and prophecy and to anoint the most Holy.’

And the day of prophetic measure was given as a day for a year and the year was to be figured as 360 days. And Daniel is told that there is to come a reactivation of the Kingdom that had been captured by Nebuchadnezzar King of Babylon---this Kingdom of Judah and Benjamin from which Daniel as a Levi, had come---he being carried into captivity by the kind of Babylon. And you may remember that in the days when Daniel and his friends were in captivity, and a vision was given to Daniel of the meaning of the dream of the King. And you remember the image in the dream and how that image had great significance for its portrayal of world powers.

In fact, before time was to finish Daniels prophesies, he was to interpret for the son of Nebuchadnezzar the new king, when the writings became seen on his walls. When the sacred vessels were being used to drink out of. It was a declaration that his kingdom was to be divided and given to Medo-Persia. He had been weighed in the balances and found wanting. And while all the revelry, which had lasted for days was going on, the enemies of Babylon had diverted the river that ran thru the city, and they entered under the great walls and took the city which was fifteen miles square.

Now the Medo-Persian rule began. And Daniel had been told that it would be 70 weeks or 49 years from the going forth of the order to rebuild the temple and Nehemiah and Ezra went to Jerusalem as prophets and priests. So from the start to the climax of the building, you have a measure of 49 years. And from this time onward, of the 70 weeks, then 49 years would be consumed in the building.

Daniel is also told that the 70 weeks divides in to 7's; and 7 times 7 equals 49. And 70 weeks equals 70 years. But in no year is the measure in it carried over. The 62 weeks would be 434 years. So it was exactly that number of weeks to when Christ started HIS Palestine ministry. And by HIS Crucifixion HE had fulfilled many things. HE had made an end to sin. HE had also consummated the sacrifice. And that ended the need for the sacrifice, for HE had paid the price. In fact, by HIS Crucifixion, HIS enemies who had crucified HIM, had brought judgement on their pagan temple, the Herodian temple and the veil of that temple was torn from top to bottom.

And in the course of events to follow, when you measure them out of the 70 weeks, the time of Christ was cut in half. (Here Swift is saying that the 70 weeks or 490 years--do not end until the Temple fell in 70 A.D.---His time table is a bit different than mine. But I don’t think it works as well with the time given in the Bible. But of course, he thinks the Jews changed that. It makes no difference in the long range measures for use in measuring the 2520 years. It just moves events so that the time of the fall of the temple finishes that perdition.)

I point to you that some people have tried to cut off, at the Crucifixion of Christ and HIS Resurrection---and the end of the measure of that government. And tried to add that period of time at the end of the age. And they have 3 1/2 years left. But they overlook the discrepancy by which the Jews have already aborted their own calendar. The continuity of events did not stop and the 490 years made an end to that city and all that was involved under that measure.

So now we have a prophecy and we have a date going back to the prophecy that was given 604-586 B.C. was the war of Nebuchadnezzar in his coming to power, and against Judah and Benjamin.

In 586 B.C. all Jerusalem had been captured and Zedekiah and his sons carried away. The sons killed and the eyes of Zedekiah put out and he taken to Babylon. Jeremiah’s prophecy of taking a tender twig, had been fulfilled. For he took the Princess, the daughter of Zedekiah, to Ireland and she was married to the King of Ireland. And then the throne was moved from Ireland to Scotland then to Wales. And today, in England that throne continues.

Now let me point out to you something that is easy to understand. A judgement of 7 times was given to your race, not to the Jews---to YOUR race for the wrong doing of letting all this paganism come into and mix with your race and then the consequences of that. So YOU, the White race, Children of Israel, were given a judgement to last, by measure of 7 times 360, or 2520 years for your sins.

The original prophetic day of Joshua’s Long Day, was 1 year, or 360 days. In fact, actually it was preceded by the Exodus out of Egypt. And from that time on, it was 365 1/4 instead of 360 days to the year. And those measures played back and forth. But Joshua’s long day was 6 times 60 or 360 days---the final balance in even degrees.

Now 7 times 360 equals 2520. So 2520 years from the day that Babylon took Jerusalem---606 B.C. to 1914, was the start of W.W.I. Or 603 B.C. the start of war on Jerusalem and 2520 years later was 1917 and the end of the first World War.

So now we are not hunting some obscure date, but we are taking them as God gave specific dates to Daniel. And that brings us to the 24th day of the 9th month of 1917 when the British occupied the City of Jerusalem.

Let me take you to the prophet Haggai. He says in the 10th verse, ‘in the 4th and 20th day of the 9th month,’--then in verse 18, ‘consider now this day, and onward, and onward from the 4th and the 20th day of the 9th month, even in the day when God’s temple was laid.--Consider this.---For this is the day that stands out. This is going to be the deliverance again of the temple.

Now let’s go again to the book of Daniel---in the last chapter where we see the coming to the end of the 1335 days. Long after the fall of Babylon, and Medo-Persia, and in the days when the power of Mohammedism first showed its head---Alexander the Great was gone. Rome was gone, tho still was in the horizon to some degree. But had even lost its power over the control of ancient Jerusalem. And there arose a prophet out of Ishmael named Mohammed. Ali, Ali---the Lord God is one, and Mohammed is HIS prophet. And the sons of Ishmael struck across the desert and came to Jerusalem and the Jews, Sicilian Jews, those like the ones who were on the Isle of Patmos, in the days of Christ and had their international power established, in the ancient city of Venice, and had used their influence with Alexander the Great and had joined themselves, back again to the city of Jerusalem, some of them now saw a new conqueror arising with the sword of Ali-Israel. Just so he wasn’t upholding Christianity, it wasn’t too important to the Jews here at Jerusalem. So they went out of the city of Jerusalem and bowed down before Mohammed. And these Sicilian Jews said, there is one thing we have to do here. This man may become a great power and he may sweep all the Ishmaelites and all the tribal people of the Steppes, and he may overthrow the power of Jewry.---So we have to kill him. So they set up a great feast and they invited Mohammed. And they offered a deal with him. They would recognize him as a prophet. But--they planned to kill him.

So when Mohammed and his soldiers came with all the forces of Ishmael, they entered Jerusalem and the rams horn sounded far and wide, from the site of the broken temple of the Jews. Then the high priests of Jewry came forth and said, ‘Hail Mohammed--the Messiah of the world.’

Now Mohammed wasn’t trusting these Jews. He was a smarter man than they thought. And I think these Arabs have been smart about this ever since. Mohammed came forth and he said, ‘There is no God but Ali.’ And all the Jews said, ‘Yes, there is no God but Ali.’ Then they said, ‘Let us set down and we have prepared a great banquet for you.’ So they sat at the great tables and the Jewish servants were carrying out the food, and all around stood the soldiers and guards of Mohammed the prophet. They brought out a great golden cup filled with wine and said, ‘The great Mohammed must drink. We offer unto him this draught of destiny and power.’

Mohammed took the cup, then said, ‘As a prophet of Ali, I do not touch strong drink. But ye shall drink it.’

But they said, ‘Oh, no. We won’t drink out of deference to you.’ But Mohammed stood and his soldiers crowded in and they poured a bit of wine for each of the priests. And after drinking, in a few minutes, they fell over dead.

So Mohammed said, ‘Clear the site.’ So they pulled down every stone and cleared the site of the old temple of Herod and they built the beautiful Mosque of Omar--to Ali--the one God. And it sets today in the part of Jerusalem in the land of Jordan. (It was the land of Jordan until the 1967 war. However, the Mosque is still there today.)

Now the Jews quarrel over the Mosque and try to prove their right to Israel. And they want to build a new temple on that old site. And they want the world to pay for it. Then they want to be the masters of religion from there. And they want the world to worship Lucifer, instead of YAHWEH-YAHSHUA----Jesus.

That site is in the hands of the Ishmaelites of the house of Jordan. Now it is a rather significant thing, that when the temple Mosque was opened, it was set up under the dat measure of the Agerian calendar as Year 1--Mohammed. So the mark was given for the 1335 years of the occupation of the Holy Place in the government administration of Jerusalem under the throne of Mohammadan rule.

Then on the 24th day of the 9th month in 1917, General Allenby the leader of the British forces who had been fighting the Turks for the Germans, in World War I, and the Turks being brave fighters, held most of Jerusalem. And they held it with great strength. British lines were not too strong, but the British had brought water to their lines by a pipeline from the Nile River. And one day in the heat of summer, the pipeline broke and water flowed thru the streets of Jerusalem. That day being the 24th day of the 9th month in 1917. And as the people saw the water, they cried out, ‘Where does this come from??’ When told that it was from the river Nile, they said, ‘We fight no more.’ For it was written in the writings of Mohammed and he said, ‘we will never give up the city of Jerusalem until the river Nile flows thru the streets of the City.’ And the old prophecy seemingly unfulfillable, but fulfilled that day. And they quit fighting and turned the city over to the British. And also another scripture was fulfilled also. For it said, ‘As birds flying over, so will I preserve it that day.’ British planes flew that day over the city of Jerusalem and it was announced ‘Do not destroy anything’ for these planes are only to preserve the City.

And the strange thing is, General Allenby, said that day, in the language, even as the Mohammadans would say, ‘My God, is Ali Benda.’ (Probably misspelled)

What day? The 24th day of the 9th month of 1917-----1335 years to the day, Mohammed took Jerusalem.

So we aren’t working now with given dates and given times. And we have come up to W.W. II and this generation shall not pass away until all these things be fulfilled.

Now, the significant things, to mark the climactic events of this generation:---

In the 24th chapter of Matthew, Jesus told HIS Disciples there shall be wars and rumors of wars. HE tells them of specific things of this decade we have been coming thru. You shall hear false prophets, false Christ. You shall see the greatest cycle of wars, nation against nation. And many false prophets shall arise and deceive many. There shall be earthquakes in many places and all this shall just be a part of it. They shall try to deliver you up and ye shall be hated by all the non-Christian nations, for MY name’s sake. There shall be some who will be offended. There shall be some who are frightened. There will be some who will hate you. And HE said, ‘THIS GOSPEL OF THE KINGDOM shall be preached unto the world, as a witness, and then shall the end of the age come.’

Now the preaching of THIS GOSPEL OF THE KINGDOM, is going on right now. In fact, you are stepping up the covering of the earth with this message faster than it has been before. (Now there is a difference in the Kingdom Gospel and the Gospel of Salvation.) And Daniel 11, in the last verse, ‘When you see the abomination of the desolator stand in that Holy place, whosoever can read, let him understand.’ (When True Israel sees the Jews standing in the place of God’s chosen)

The Jews, under organized Jewry, are the abomination of the desolator. They have been behind all wars, all depressions. They are behind all the evil against God and they area the financial, political, and economical leaders of the anti-Chris---World Communist policies.

You say, ‘Aren’t they in Palestine?’ Yes, they are in Palestine, in the lands belonging to the Aryan people. They are usurpers. They even want their own site in the land where the Mosque of Omar stands. And they want the power to tear it down. That is what is behind these constant little attacks in to Jordan. They want to cut off the water supply, so they attack the river. Ever since the Jews moved into Palestine, there has been trouble.

Now, their so-called Mosaic leadership today, is not a true Moses. It is Moses-el-Ca-poor, who calls himself ‘Moses,’ the lord god, the last, the reincarnation of deity. That is Sadducee reincarnation as it was in the days of Jesus. Now that is what is there today, in Jerusalem.

One day, some years ago, a strange little haberdasher who was part of a racket king’s followers, was sent to Congress so his boss could win a bet. And his name was ‘Harry S. Truman.’ Then he ran for the Senate, and the bosses saw that there was one thing he knew, and that was how to do and when to say ‘YES’ to the powers of his party. So he ran for the Senate and they saw that he won again. Then one day, they were looking for a ‘yes man’ for Vice-President and the king of Jewry said, ‘Solomon will do.’ So Harry S. Truman became President of the U.S. because Pendergast wanted it.

You say, ‘He was the poorest President we ever had.’ Oh, not quite. When I look at Washington today, I can see some merit in Harry. At least his wife was a lady. You say, ‘What is the matter with Lady Bird?’ I just don’t like the beak. You tell a bird by its beak, don’t you? You know a parrot from a canary. Now I know a Jew and I know an Israelite from a phoney.

Alright. Truman was President. And the Jews said, ‘We want Palestine.’ Their abortive revolutionist had landed with their sub-chasers which they bought out of war stock. They were landing gangsters on the shores of Palestine. They were running refugees into Palestine. They were running their revolution with money they were scooping out of the world’s treasuries. Waves of Jewish gangsters and their heirlings moved in and Christians in Palestine were sacrificed, raped, and murdered. Arabs were put to death. Christians and Arabs, both were tortured. And in the churches and sanctuaries was the greatest of all evil assaults made. Nuns and teachers of other Christian organizations were raped and their bodies thrown down wells. Of all the atrocities and viciousness of war crimes--Jewry in Palestine exceeded them all.

Then they illegally tried to take over the land and drove people from their homes. And the Arabs fought back. Thousands of Arabs and Christians with their families were pushed out without food or water. Egypt tried to feed them and Syria tried to feed them. And the cry was made to the U.N. But the U.N. said, ‘we will just divide the land. We will give half to the Jews and half to the Arabs. And the Christians can go with the Arabs.


Let me tell you something. Judgement unto the dividers has not come to its fullness. You say, ‘Who does that land belong to?’ It belongs to every White man on the face of the earth as a great memorial park and shrine to the history and life of our God, as a covenant made with our fathers, when HE gave us that little patch, as HE also gave us the ends of the earth. But still---no one recognizes ISRAEL.

So we go back to the day that David Horowich knocked on the door of Harry Truman and he said, ‘do you want to be President again? And if you do, as we say, we have the power and the money to accomplish that.’ And Harry said, ‘How is that?’ David Horowich said, ‘Well, we are the chosen people and if you be the man who recognizes Israeli, then you will be the man who recognizes the restoration of the Jews to Palestine. And if you do that, God will bless you. And if you do not, then God will curse you.’

Now because his Baptist preacher didn’t teach him any better, Harry Truman suddenly announced that fatal day, the recognition of Israeli. And he surprised everyone. For no one else knew anything about it. Britain was shocked. They didn’t think anyone was ever going to recognize that state. Even Winston Churchill said, ‘If they (Jewry) thinks they can kill men like Lord Moine and massacre and kill servants of the British Empire, and seize this mandate, and that we would ever recognize that occupation---they are crazy.’

But Truman recognized it. And then the U.N. as even shocked, for count Bernadott was murdered down there in Israeli, because the Jews didn’t want the story to come out of how they were persecuting the Arabs. I have a copy of the white paper of the Bernadott report. So the abomination of the desolator was in the Holy Place.

Almost, from that day to this, if you noticed in the morning papers, all the Arab states are fast building up for their war with Israeli. They are buying planes and equipment for they know that Israeli plans to use all the war material she can gather and try to use other nations as well, to suddenly seize Jordan.

All this falls within the possibility of the measures. And the design is quickly coming when you see the abomination of the desolators stand in the Holy place--that is the end. Things will move at a greater speed than you have any idea of.

Just a few weeks ago, the Israeli hit the water supply and they hit certain areas of Jordan with Panzer movements, then moved back again, just testing the strength of the Jordanian government. I think it rather significant then that the scripture said, that except the days be shortened, there would be no flesh left on earth. No flesh saved from destruction.

Since the Korean War, we have had forty wars on this earth between men and nations. And earthquakes are stepping up all over the world and even in this country. We are on the edge of the great shaking of the earth and the swallowing up of the enemies of TRUE ISRAEL.

One of these days, an earthquake will swallow more Jews in Palestine than ever disappeared from the earth at any other time. God is going to level that country and take down the high places and make the Salt Sea a fresh water lake.

And then God said if the time is not shortened, for the Elects sake.

You say, ‘What does HE mean?’ This is rather queer. Starting with W.W. I, you had air crafts and weapons of war, but nobody worried about the world being wiped out. But in this nuclear age added to the space age, we have the ability to drop within seconds and minutes, these bombs of the nuclear age. And now suddenly everyone is worried about the ability to wipe out the world. So you have arrived at the time that God said would come---that if HE didn’t shorten the time, there wouldn’t be any of the Elect left.

The time is not. It can’t be pushed off much longer, because you are at the end of the age. The dates were fixed for the beginning of these measures and fixed dates and fixed happenings have occurred.

When one of the top savages of our country, a Communist Negro, by the name of Williams, who heads the jungle revolt of America visited Mao of China, an agreement between the revolting Negroes and Communist China was made. And he came home and published in his papers to the Negroes, his Communist plan. And of all the papers, the Esquire, reprinted some of it.

Now behind the Communist world, is world Jewry, and the powerful advisors behind the scene in China are Chinese Jews, probably the most evil of all. Do you know the date for the attack of the Chinese Reds on America? According to Williams measures or shortly thereafter, December 8, 1965. And that is next Wednesday. You say, ‘Do you think they are going to attack next week?’ Well, the statement is wide enough because it includes an attack against the forces of the United States. But it is the prelude of events that leads to the invasion of the U.S. by Red China. And it calls for revolution and violence all over America to upset the balance. (This was the step-up of the Vietnam War also.)

And Mr. Williams tells you how to black out the power systems. Remember you can say all you want to about brownouts in the East. It was just one of those coincidences. Well what happened in El Paso, Texas last week and other parts of the country----two in one night.

This is a Communist conspiracy. And they are testing. Any time, my friends, when you make a power grid system that can be controlled by one Federal power, that is a bad thing. Because that also might be a Communist conspiracy.

Whenever private enterprise loses control of the areas of power and when you hand the electronic systems of our life line upon something, someone can--at a switchboard--just pull a switch. That is bad. And you better diversify those systems.

The Negroes are preparing for a war against the White man--the biggest one in history. (Now that was going on. For they were coming thru this little town and heading west at that time. However, the Jews didn’t plan on YAHWEH putting it into the heads of the Negroes to turn on the Jews. Ha).

They are talking about a Christian war. Investigators in this city are running all around trying to find out what the Right Wing is going to do. And I happen to know that the investigators have even come to the conservative members of this church and asked, ‘What are the Conservative Right Wingers planning?’ What are Swift’s people going to do.?’ See?

In fact, they never get over the idea that somewhere out here, there is a great big secret army. Here all we do is stand up and preach the Gospel. And they are running around looking for a general. We’ve got a General or two coming in that they can’t kill. But I am going to tell you something. The law officials of this city and state and nation, better stop worrying about the Christians and start worrying about the savages. Then when these people don’t get an answer on what the Right Wing is going to do, they tell you what they are going to do. They said to one Patriot, ‘We know what’s cooking.’ So he said, ‘Then why ask me?’ They said, ‘We know that when the Negroes rise up the White men are going to fight. And there will be lots of Negroes killed and we aren’t going to stand for that.’

Well, then, that is simple. Nothing will happen if you quit using the Negro for your dirty work and let him behave. Keep their Molotov cocktails out of our windows and keep Negro troubles away from White Christian homes. For if law and order breaks down, the White Christians are going to enforce the law. Those are our measures.

We know something about this year 1965 too. We know about the measures that God gave and we know about the 3 1/2 years and we know about the sign that a man saw in the sky, Feb. 19, 1962---and to Sept. 16 this year, (1965), when the judgement was to start to fall on the enemies of God and the House of God---3 1/2 years. (Two men went into space from the U.S.---also Russian sputnik occurred).

(Well, the Jews had lots of measures that I at that time didn’t understand. But Swift did. He sure was right in the thick of the fight, in California, especially.)

Well, we have passed the time and from now on the judgement is going to fall on the enemies of the House of God. And look out---those who would put their hands on the anointed of God.

Let me give a warning. No uncertainty about it. Anyone carrying our any area of activity against the nation of God and the Kingdom of God and against the people of God, defending the Kingdom of God, the judgement shall be totally destructive that falls on those people---by the Hand of God.

And as the lightening crackles out of the sky, consumes them completely, as tho they throw gas on their own shoulders, so will it be.

There are those who say, ‘Oh, I cannot accept that such things shall happen again.’ Well, let me tell you. They will happen again. (Christ said next time my armies will fight and the Kingdom will not be given to the Jews.)

We shall call judgements out of the heavens upon those that war against the sons of God and against this nation. And out of the sky and from the sons of God on earth, shall come destructions on God’s enemies in this hour. We have stepped over the horizon into a beginning of a new day. We are the forefront of the advanced forces of the Kingdom of God’s reoccupation of the earth to be joined by our kinsmen of the heaven’s and the earth and by God, Himself, before this is over.

Some of you say we cannot go on that of course, we have to wait and see. Well, fine. Wait and see and watch what happens.

The Jews have a bunch of measures and they have been telling everyone that is it. And they have, up to now, been making it happen. An example is like they threatened Truman and he recognized Israeli. And thus, the Jews, on their date, when they told him to or else.

But we are giving you dates and times that God gave us. God gave the sign of the judgement this year. Because we lost this Baruch and we lost Stevenson. And I think a whole lot of people went away this year. The Death Angel took they away. We didn’t have to look for an assassin.

Let me tell you something. Those that war on the House of God, may discover even while you are at church, that the Death Angel will start taking away your enemies. Now they will probably try to grab up Christians, saying they had something to do with it. But you can prove where you were. Isn’t that a stupid thing? They try to prove implication when all the time you were all under the spot light worshiping God. (The officials and others out there, really must have been watching this church and this minister.)

You know those fellows must get the whammies to be an officer under the command of a government which is fast moving in many area of its operation under the anti-Christ. And they have to wage war on their own people who are only defending themselves by faith, by promise, against the overthrow of their own society. They say, ‘We want to know what the Christians are going to do.’ Well, we know what the Christians are going to do. They are going to rise up and win. Some of you say you are going to overthrow the government. No. We are going to save it with devotion, with prayer, with faith and defense. We are going to call in all the forces we are going to need. Some of you say, ‘Where are they coming from?’ You know what our Astronauts saw? Did you hear about that?

Men with great courage went in to space to carry on the experiments and to gather more scientific knowledge for our nation on the threshold of the limitless expanse of our Father’s Creation. So you know what they said? Some unidentified flying objects are going along. That is what they sent back and the world now knows it. And you can’t cover it up. So when they come down, you can’t hardly tell them how to forget it. Can you?

What’s going on up there? What are these flying objects? Whose ships are they? Let me tell you something. He that sits upon the circle of the earth, under the command of the Eternal YAHWEH, looks down from there upon man on the earth and sees them like grasshoppers-----Michael and his Hosts are standing by.

You want to know what time it is? (1965)-----This is the year that starts the measure of the judgement on the enemies of our God. And this is the time when Michael shall stand up. That Great Archangel of God.--the commander of God’s great space fleet and its mighty armies. He is going to stand up for the children of God, who are in the earth. And it shall be such a battle as there never has been, since nations fought nations. And the whole House of God, the whole of God’s Kingdom, is going to be delivered. And we are going to win.

In the meantime, keep your ammunition dry and make sure you got some. Be ready to defend your home. Keep it behind the door. Be ready to stand up for any Christian, when you get the call to go to his defense.

Form the greatest solid brotherhood of dedication in all history that this great family under God, and this great nation under God shall not be crushed and shall not be tortured by the anti-Christ and his savages.

Someone said, ‘How do we know?’ Because we have arrived in a furthering year in which God says from here on out judgement on our enemies starts to fall with turbulence, until victory. But not without Faith.

Now, I don’t have to go thru mumbo-jumbo. I don’t have to see who is going to write on this slate after I close it up. I have to look up into the sky. Now every astronomer in every great observatory from here to Berlin, can tell you what happened in 1962---and what time it is today.

Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done, in earth as it is in heaven.


(1962---Our men made two flights into space. Space crafts were sighted. Russian Sputnik’s were also sent up. But ours were manned crafts. Now in comparing the last seventy years with the first seventy years of the age, you arrive at the 1962 date also.)

It has never been more important for you to know about the Kingdom message than now--this time. So tell it--tell it---tell it.

We have been talking about these facets of the Kingdom as they are Bible knowledge of things you should know. These scriptures are written to God’s children. So it is important for you to understand. For we are in an unusual period of unusual events. This is the period of Mystery--of Spiritual power unfolding.

(End of sermon)