Transferance Of Power, 1-7-65


by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 1-7-65

We are discussing this afternoon, the transference of power. There are certain important things for us to consider in the midst of the passage of certain events. If it were not for the things we know, and the things we perceive, we might be a very discouraged people when we behold some of the turn of events and the conditions which take place in the environment in which we live. We cannot say as we look out upon our nation as to the positions our administration is associated with and the environment we now live in as we look upon the nation as to which we are joined we cannot but feel ashamed for these courses. We may be very happy and proud that we are Americans and that we are a part of a great nation of God’s Kingdom. But we are utterly ashamed of the direction the leadership of our nation has been taking us. We would be cast down because we would be sharing a guilt complex of the catastrophe of this time if we did not know who we are and the part we are destined to play in the program of God’s Kingdom. For there exists in this nation a great majority of people who are the sons and daughters of the MOST HIGH. The highest possible estate in this and in all the Universe. But these individuals are not directing the nation in the course these United States should be taking even tho this is the nation of their heritage. An unseemly minority which moved in, has taken a power of authority and a position within the structure of our nation by which they have selected and appointed men in the great majority to destroy the destiny of our nation and to also direct our Presidents. This course has been taking us for the last thirty to forty years on the path to destruction of our nation, for the utter destruction of White Christian civilization and its destiny as the Western world, have been leading in the progress which bow seems to be going exactly in reverse of the one of the Western World embarked on years ago.

There is one thing I want to call to your attention concerning this, and this is of course, the most important phase of knowledge for the Christian which is that there is nothing, absolutely nothing, which has happened in the earth that the MOST HIGH did not know before HE sent your race here, and then re-set them in order. The pattern of Omniscience is so complete, knowing all things before they happen, knowing just what element of spiritual power is necessary to bring about the necessary results--which HE has ordained will come. And because of this the very things you see happening upon the earth as God’s Spirit quickens you to feel, in opposition, has been known unto HIM. But it is this opposition which HIS Spirit stirs which makes you know and think as you do. Because of this, you read the paper or see the events taking place round about, automatically as tho there were a monitor within you, then your thinking pulses from astonishment to anger. In understanding the situation, you discover the pulsing part of you as to what is going on round about. This of course, is a most significant thing because the MOST HIGH GOD has not only proclaimed as HE inspired Holy men to write and produce the scriptures of things which would come to pass, but HE told of the catastrophe which would be introduced by Satan’s own peculiar offspring. How they would seek to mix and subordinate the great nations of God’s Kingdom---nations HE calls ‘Sheep nations; nations which are identified by their following of HIM being identified with HIM. They will seek to subordinate these nations to slavery, and even seek to bring them into their conspiratorial plans; to unite with them and take away their privileges and their strength. The scripture tells us all of this.

In the unveiling of this, John is given the experience as you know, of being taken into the dimension of spirit and transverses the periods of time. There are things brought back to his remembrance from periods of the ancient yesterdays. There are things which are unveiled before his consciousness until he sees whole pictures of events of things which were to come. And the book of Revelation tells us about whole chains of events in history. Tells us about the forces and the powers of evil, and the rise of a world government, even to the day when they would make ‘the Image’ of the Beast speak. And you would see this all over the world on your television screens--talking--alive--in your living room. In talking about these things, John was shown how they would try to put over this International World monetary fund---Great Babylon’s program, until no man would be able to buy or sell unless he had the permission of this World Order that is within the structure wherein this world order is supreme.

There is one thing I want you to recognize irrespective of the blindness which covers great portions of theology who think they are in Orthodoxy. The program of the anti-Christ is not now, or at any time in the future, going to take over the whole world. This idea that they shall, is a fallacy. Nor is it going to be a period in which the earth is going to be too terrible and too dark for the sons of God to be able to stay here. God is not about to take every last Christian out of the world because it will become too bad. So don’t look for that. You say, ‘But is that Biblical? Yes, it is perfectly Biblical because there would be no battle of Armageddon, no one left here to fight it, if everyone was taken out who hates evil and was willing to die to oppose it. Remember the devil has not conquered the world. As long as he is still fighting Armageddon, he hasn’t taken over or there would be no vehicle with which to make war. Remember the war (Armageddon) is still going on when the Mighty deliverance of the MOST HIGH GOD proclaimed thru the lips of HIS Prophets, and unveiled as we see it in Revelation, takes place. So the devil is never going to take over the earth completely--never complete, all the nations of God’s Kingdom.

Lucifer was once Prince of this world and the challenge to that power came the day YAHWEH transplanted HIS sons, HIS own Celestial children from heaven to earth and started the course of establishment of HIS Kingdom. Therefore, there is this important thing for you to know and to understand. That the children of YAHWEH possess a spiritual capacity to perceive and to think in a wave length of vision motivated by the thinking of YAHWEH. It comes forward as waves of understanding and delineation of right and wrong---even sets the temper at which you listen, watch and observe things going on round about you. So if sometimes you feel irritated and disturbed, just remember that is a recording of opposition which is spiritually against a thing which is evil. If you want a name for it, that is what they mean when they talk about ‘Righteous indignation.’ There are a lot of people who do not want any emotional disturbance at any time.

Now, any time emotions rise and fall their blood pressure goes up a little or down a little. And they feel a drive in their emotions and they think this should be assured because it is a very dangerous thing. And if we don’t look out, this emotion will kill us. But the thing most harmful, my friends, is when people take an apathetic attitude to seed, to immunize their consciousness from the reality of the things round about and don’t do anything about it. I am more disturbed by the person who registers no emotion than the person who thinks he must do something about it since he is a child of God and does register emotion. That person has so dulled his senses, of his responsibilities that he utterly ignores and has no feeling for the thing he has been placed here to do and has become a very sad subject for the standard and program of God’s Kingdom.

Now, we would point out to you that the purpose of the MOST HIGH is clear and the clarity of it has been unveiled by the words of the prophets and by HIS own words to HIS Disciples. Thus, concerning these things, since God did make preparations and plans, then HE has provided and prepared and announced and declared that the proper energy, the forces essential, and the transference of Divine power from heaven to earth to empower HIS sons to hold the line, to make the gain, to accomplish eventually the victory with the support of heaven to roll back the forces of evil. This is absolutely as sure as tomorrow’s sunrise because HE knew these things before they take place. Knowledge is not only power but the knowledge of these things demonstrated that the MOST HIGH who put the Universe together, balanced all the atoms, controls the Solar Systems, and whose power is beyond yours and mine even to evaluate from a finale scale is capable of handling every situation which HE knew was going to happen beforehand. Once we overthrow the type of thinking which is diametrically opposed to the truth, you will understand. Some people think they hold this knowledge of truth, when instead they who hold darkness for truth.

I listened to a clergyman who was bemoaning the fact that God has to be always changing HIS plan, that things just don’t come out like HE plans. So HE is just a failure, and this clergyman said, ‘See, God chose the Jews and HE was going to make HIS Kingdom out of them, but they became so evil and rebellious so HE had to cast them off and change HIS plan. Now HE has gone out to gather up the Gentiles, but they are also getting rebellious.’--------Isn’t that too bad, God is sure up against it. In the first place this demonstrates a lack of understanding when this clergyman said that God chose the Jews, because HE knew better than that. This is a strange thing to say, that God selected the Jews to build HIS Kingdom, when you can see just whose kingdom this is that they are building. It is hard to understand how people can feel like this--saying God chose the Jews, when Jesus who was the embodiment of YAHWEH (GOD) in HIS own statements in the 14th chapter of the book of John said, ‘If you want to see the Father (Spirit), then come see ME for ‘he who has seen Me hath seen the Father.’ How say you show us the Father?--HE--YAHWEH-YAHSHUA walked among them and if anything needed to be explained during HIS ministry, then HE was the one to explain it. And if there was anything to identify, then HE was the one to identify. After all, HE is All Powerful and HE told them so.

When I listened to this bemoaning Evangelist on the air telling about what a sad situation this was, HE said, ‘God’s heart is all torn up because of the action of the Jews. HE was going to build a Kingdom out of them, and then they did everything mean and finally killed HIM. Then after HIS crucifixion, they fought HIS churches, so God just had to turn against them and choose the Gentiles who were not made out of nearly as good material.’------Why doesn’t this man and others listen to what Jesus said. For HE did not bemoan any story like this. HE didn’t talk about a lack of power. HE didn’t get heart broken over the Jews. HE could not help but be touched with the feelings of our infirmatives. HE could know every human emotion because HE had taken on this quality since the children were down here in bodies of flesh. The Apostle Paul was to say, ‘HE took on the same type of body and identified with HIS people.’ So when Jesus talked about HIS purpose, HE talked about the utter triumph of those who had been with HIM---HIS in the heavens and now HIS in earth. HIS In the heavens as spirits, HIS now in earth as embodied children. And HE said, ‘Of all these, none are lost except Satan’s own son, the son of perdition.’ After all, he belongs to that other category, because there is nothing inside of him to be reached. He is lost because he still doesn’t know where he is---running around in all directions as the representative of the B’nai B’rith. He did that ADL job and sold HIM to the priests of the synagogue. He didn’t know who he was, or what it was all about. He thought all kingdoms were involved and he would be rewarded by playing one side against the other.

I want you to remember the words of Jesus concerning you. ‘Mine they are in the heavens, Mine they are in earth.’ The Spirit owns them in the heavens from whence they came. ‘I own them in earth as I become embodied among them and none of them are lost----don’t take them out of the earth---leave them in the earth.--there is no defeat---of all those given Me, none are lost.’ Then HE was to say, ‘No man can come unto ME except that it be given unto him of this mighty Father spirit.’ HE said, ‘he that comes, I will in no wise cast out. There is no process here of defeat, for I give them Eternal Life, and they shall never perish.’

Someone then comes along and says, ‘But god chose the wrong people.’ No, HE didn’t chose the wrong people. HE was to say, ‘You haven’t chosen ME, I have chosen you, and I have ordained that your fruit shall remain.’ And it has.

Now, let us take a quick look at these other people, some say ‘the chosen. Jesus didn’t say they came down from above. Instead HE said to them, ‘I am from above, and you are from beneath.’ So don’t you for a moment think that God chose the Jews, for HE said, ‘Ye are of your father the devil.’ You are not my brethren. You are of the devil. And then here is a clergyman of today weeping over what he says as to the fact that God lost on one round which broke HIS heart. And now HE is even losing the second time. This clergyman says this holding the Book wherein Jesus stands up and says, ‘I lose nothing.’ No wonder people are so shaken.

Let me tell you this. It is in knowledge and in truth that you possess your souls. It is in knowledge and wisdom of God’s purpose that you carry out HIS objectives. Jesus never worried about tomorrow. For HE knew what was going to happen. And as to HIS Apostles, HE gave instructions concerning purposes, and plans of Destiny. HE sent HIS Celestial house from heaven to earth. HE hadn’t made any mistake. And HE knew these people are still trying to take over, but Jesus doesn’t have to change HIS plans when something fails, because no plan of God ever fails. The devil sets up lots of plans. These are recognized in God’s plan until HE brings about the victory. But I am going to tell you something. One of the things in the plan of God is the breaking up of all the things which disturb you today and the crushing of the forces of darkness so they never do this again. HE has already folded up the United Nations, broken it up with the most unusual war the world has even seen as far as destiny is concerned. HE has already planned to separate your White Christian nations from all the pagan powers and put you back in the seat of administration. All of this is in the purpose and plan even in this hour as people look out over the declining era of colonialism, and weep over the loss of leadership moving back this plan all over the ends of the earth.

Today we watch as colonization by the tribes of Israel is being given up. You say just why is that? Because we have had bad leadership with the spiritual forces of darkness working against us because we were drawn into the United Nations. And the United Nations was implemented to drive for instance, the Belgiums out of the Congo, the Dutch out of Indonesia. And we are trying to drive Britain out of South Africa. We are using the United Nations to drive Britain out of Asia. So everywhere, the White race is in retreat, for they are driving out the influence of the first industrial development those areas ever had. They are driving out the first force these areas ever had beyond the paganism they have served for years. Among the cannibals and savages who eat one another in New Guinea, the Dutch had cut that savagery by 30% which was bringing these people down; had raised them into the first development of industrial progress, and farming life they had ever known. This was the first time they had ever heard the message of the True and Living God, since the ages of the ancient catastrophe that effected their forbearers. The Dutch in Indonesia were spending thirty million dollars per year developing these tribes, but your government put the pressure on thru the United States and the World monetary economic blackmail, and the Dutch were forced to withdraw in the face of this pressure, while fighting in Indonesia, a puppet for the Communist, armed by the Communist, by the name of Sukarno. Your government sent over one of your industrialists brainwashed from this program of the ‘New Frontier’ and finally the Dutch could not hold out against the economic encirclement of political blackmail so they surrendered. Then they turned over to the United Nations, all the Guineas. And the puppet for the Soviets (Sukarno) took over all that area.

But the whole reason why the Communist wanted this area wasn’t because they wanted to help these people in the rain forests. They don’t care anything about those natives. They are not a civilizing force. This is simply a stepping stone to the conquest of Australia and all the South Pacific. And they needed this pinchers movement. Understanding this, then you can look back and realize what the Dutch Prime Minister was saying when he said, ‘I am ashamed of what happened. We cannot understand America who curses its friends and sells them out to their enemies.’

My friends, this is true. But this government does not represent the sons and daughters of God. This is our country and by the Grace of God we are going to take back our country. And by the Grace of God we are going to wipe it clean. There are those who say, ‘America is all thru. The light is going out. This is the end of the story and anti-Christ is going to take over.’ But let me tell you something. The earth is going to swallow up the flood out of the dragons mouth as they have never witnessed the fulfillment of this before. God has already told you this---declared it is to happen. (Revelation 12)

There is no doubt that if ever the prophets of God needed to denounce these activities of those false leaders of the Kingdom of God, it is now. One of the great problems we have is that there are too many people in the world who think that anything which will give them complacency of well being, is the course to take. So make peace with everybody. But we the children of god cannot do this. It is advocated that all that is necessary if for you to make it to church on Sunday and come in and think with serenity of the beauty of the face of Christ, and the beauty of some of the things the minister says, as long as you stay away from the places the minister says Christ does not want you to go, and as long as you do all the things the minister says you must do----then go home an be nice to the rest of the family, and don’t get angry, don’t start stealing from any of your business associates thru the rest of the week,--just try to get along and forget everything else, and you will be alright. But I tell you that this is just a form of Godliness. But it doesn’t have any power. You were not sent here to just get along. You were sent to bring victory for the Kingdom. You were sent here to finish this Destiny God ordained in the beginning for you.

There is a passage over here in the 3rd chapter of 2Timothy, which says, ‘There are those who have a form of godliness, but deny the power thereof from which they turn away.’ They do not have the power to carry out the objectives of the things which they had the courage to admit they are for. I find a great many people like that. But maybe they have never been close to the ‘power supply.’ They weakly admit they would like to go along with some of the things you teach or believe, because they feel that this is good. But they are not quite sure that they want to acknowledge that they believe these things in case they might be called anti-social. To be pro-social is to get along with the whole world. But if you are going to get along with the whole world, you can’t take a stand for YAHWEH (God). But then you don’t want to be sacrificed, and you don’t want to be wiped out economically. Therefore you don’t take the stand, but you give lip service to God who ordained the stand. No power. More than that, the only thing they can look forward to is death and plan on it, and work for it.

We can assure you of this. Almighty God set up a blueprint when HE sent HIS Kingdom into the world to transfer ‘Power” from heaven to earth. Transfer it upon those who have the capacity to receive it because their Celestial natures and consciousness were in complete tune with HIM.

I would for a moment carry you back to a message in the book of Ephesians 1:17-19, and point out to you concerning you and your destiny. ‘What is the exceeding greatness of HIS power, that the eyes of your understanding might be enlightened; that ye may know what is the hope of this calling, that you might know what is the riches of the Glory of YAHWEH’S inheritance in HIS own people.’ In who? HIS own believing offspring translated here as Saints. Thus what is the riches, if God inherits a people just as you inherit a God, it is because you are relatives---heirs.

One of the greatest things you can know, is HIS power to ______who believe according to the working of HIS mighty power. I think it rather significant that when the Spirit of God bears witness thru the lips of the Apostle Paul, in the book of Romans 8:14, ‘As many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God.’ We brought to your attention also these beautiful words about Sonship, then over in Galatians 4:6, concerning the direct activity of HIS Spirit, ‘Because ye are the sons of God, HE hath set the spirit of HIS son (embodiment) into your hearts.’ This an identity of the Father (Spirit) concerning HIS Celestial children. But in the book of Romans, if you were a student of the Greek, you would see something rather significant. I read, ‘For as many as are led by the spirit of God, they are the sons of God.’ And this word sons in the Greek, is ‘huio.’ This means Celestial formed. These are ‘formed sons’ of HIS Spirit. There is also another word which is used in connection with this word and it is ‘huiothesia’ which means not only God’s Celestial sons but ‘timed’ concerning their birth in the earth to grow up to an adulthood of Power. Times both by the planting in earth and by the endowing of power.

Now, we note therefore, as many as are led by the spirit, they are the Celestial sons of God. And we are not going to receive the spirit of bondage or fear in the earth ever again, because HE has quickened this consciousness so we know who we are and from whence we come. ‘The spirit bears witness with our spirit that we are the children of God.’ This word ‘children’ is ‘Teknon.’ And it means children born in to the world, to gain an entrance. This means the physically born progeny of YAHWEH. This word in Greek means offspring, out of God, begotten in physical bodies. The word for sons is Celestial. It is spirit. It is consciousness. This one is physical, substance, and body.

If you will turn to the book of Romans and your Strongs Concordance, and if you have a Scolfield Bible, altho he is not generally right in many things, still he is when he just lays down an interpretation of a word, so you will discover therefore that we who are the sons of God, of HIS Spirit, and Celestially born (huiothesia), to be transferred from heaven to earth, to be ‘timed’ for the day when you will be empowered as sons in the earth. We find this translated as adoption only because the translators didn’t know any better. But they know what it meant in Greek. They just don’t tell you. They instead, give you the idea that God had to come along and adopt a foreign pagan family to do the task that the people HE wanted to do this couldn’t do. But I want you to know that there is such a grand statement of facts even in this translation, that the program of the MOST HIGH concerning the earth, concerning HIS sons, concerning HIS Kingdom tells us HE transferred HIS Celestial born sons to earth who become now the ‘Teknon’ or the embodied offspring of YAHWEH in whom is dwelling this Christed Glory of Divine purpose. You say, ‘What does that mean?’ It means the Christ inside of this body is American hope. It means that you the many membered body of Christ in the world today constitutes the spiritual center of HIS Kingdom. It is that dominate spiritual force no longer dormant, but active, vital, quickened, which HE is going to use to demonstrate more power in the earth than the world has ever seen before. This is why HE said, ‘This is the mystery hidden from the nations which they could not understand not having the wave length of this understanding, even hidden from the knowledge of the children--- ‘It is the Christ in you which is the hope of Glory.’

People have been standing around saying, ‘when is HE going to do this?’ But God has been saying all the time, ‘When are you going to rise up and do it in MY sight?’----When?---Well, when you know how. The whole thing you will discover, is related to ‘knowing,’ to ‘thinking,’ and then putting the thinking into operation and the knowing into operation to produce. You say, ‘but this requires miracle power.’ Well, that is what you have. For HE says, ‘I have given you all power over the works of the enemy. I have given you the Keys to the Kingdom. I have told you that ‘greater things than these, you are going to do.’ Then HE says, ‘As I go back into the dimension of spirit, therefore whatsoever ye ask I will give you the power to do it, so that I shall be glorified in you.’

We have proved to you before that this is the Father who was doing the talking when Jesus talked about the Father. For HE was talking about Himself. And when HE went back into the fullness of dimension wherein YAHWEH is Father (Spirit), and looking down upon the problems and meeting them and all their needs, HE said, ‘You ask, and I will do it. And I shall be glorified in you.’

We have often repeated this passage, but until every word of it dawns in full significance, it is important that you consider it. The Apostle Paul is talking to the sons and daughters of God and warned, ‘do not be conformed to this world.’ If there is any admonition which needs to go out to White people today, it is to stop conforming to the black, to the yellow, to the pagan, and to the Communist conspirators. Stop letting your minds follow in their ruts and don’t try to conform in your thinking to the things you were sent down here to conquer. Don’t be taken in. And don’t let them try to soften you with a wrong attitude toward evil. There is only one thing to do with evil and that is to eradicate it.

Now, listen. Don’t be conformed to this world, but ‘be ye transformed.’ What? Transformed from weakness to power, transformed from negative defeatism to positive understanding. By what? Could it be by words you said somewhere as you came down to an Altar? Or by shaking some ministers hand when you joined the church? All these things are good things. But transformed by what? Transformed by the only thing worth anything to your conscious existence---by the renewing of your mind. Why? Because now you believe right, you think right, and you can do great things. For HE will send the power as you have the vision.

I have watched transference of power in Biblical record, and so have you. I watched Moses discover it as he discovered the presence of YAHWEH at the burning bush. I watched transference of power when Moses said, ‘I am just a man.’ And then Moses was told, ‘you go tell these people that I AM THE ETERNAL YAHWEH, and I have sent you. Now you take up the staff, you do this, and you do that, and this is what WILL happen. I will pour the power to you when you just say the words.’ There is no question about the transference of power as Pharaoh trembled every time Moses approached after the first few lessons. Don’t worry about the transference of power. I imagine the Cainanites in Jericho, after the sixth trip around the city by the Israelites, probably realized that something had happened. And Jericho was under an unusual attack. Joshua surely had something different.

Yes, transference of power can become super-human compared to what men are able to do. David had this power when he held one narrow pass against whole hordes of Philistines who were coming against the Kingdom---unprecedented physical power. Yes, Gideon was a part of it when quickened and called to his responsibilities. It was what he knew, and what he followed in direction and design that brought victory with Faith. We can look out upon Patriarchs, heroes, of the Old Testament because they did things. I am going to tell you that you wouldn’t have any church today if it was just the thinking and not the acts of the Apostles which made its history. For they became endowed with power, wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. There isn’t any question in my mind about the vastness of narrative, and we have many more records than these you have in this Bible concerning this transference of power from God to men. But remember this was the Household HE had chosen. These were the children HE had begotten. These were the people of Spirit transferred from heaven to earth to do this work with the wavelength of their spirit to receive this power to put it into action thru their occupation in these bodies, with the soul consciousness of YAHWEH. Until they are conscious as to who they are, they never try to use the power which they have. That is something I think which needs to be told to the church from one end of the Kingdom to the other. Until they know who they are, they never try to use the power which they have.

Someone said, ‘Where is this power going to be made manifest?’ There is no greater power than the great power of proper thought and balance transferred and catalyzed into the minds of many sons who suddenly start to move and to surge according to the idea. By such patterns of determination even whole physical writings of history have been fulfilled. Remember when a nation of people become impressed with the value of an idea so important, so vital, that they will sacrifice their lives to attain it---a new nation is sometimes born, such as this one was on July 4, 1776. We want you to know that when people become filled with an idea that the only way the world will be saved is when the powers of darkness and forces of evil are defeated and put down, when they move with that idea with enough determination that they will expend themselves to accomplish it, thus Communism will go down, and anti-Christ Jewry will leave Christina nations and they will be free.

When you want these values, not just for themselves, but want them for the nation, and for the Kingdom, and for the development of the earth, and for future posterity, until they would defend themselves to see these objectives found, they become a part of the flame. But I tell you that in most instances you will find that this is the most unusual period you have ever lived in. And those who would defend themselves to bring in the Light, will be preserved by the Light which they themselves expend. There is no question of the fact that it says, ‘transferred by the renewing of your mind.’ What is good, what is acceptable, what is the perfect will of God? This is what the Apostle Paul talks about in Ephesians when he says to be renewed in the spirit of your mind. He doesn’t leave any doubts --a renewing--a restoration---he spiritually has the vision (Ephesians 4:23) ‘Be ye renewed in the spirit of your mind.’

I want you to know that the transference of spiritual power comes thru conscious awareness. There are some things men don’t become aware of just because they want to. There are some times, when Jesus said, ‘I cannot tell you now because you couldn’t bear it, you couldn’t receive it at this time.’ The proper words are ‘You are not ready for the reception of some things which I could tell you.’ So this is to introduce to you some facts that you now can receive which in the time of Jesus the Disciples could not receive. How about that? Mystery---Truth.

We point out to you that the Apostle Paul couldn’t tell you all the things God revealed to him because it wasn’t lawful for him to utter some of these things. There was almost 2000 years to come of this battle between the church of the Kingdom and the anti-Christ from the time when Jesus stood on the Mount with HIS Disciples before HIS Ascension---up to now. For some forty days after the Resurrection, Jesus had talked to HIS Disciples about the program of the Kingdom and the development of the Kingdom. And almost one of the last things HE did is to answer the question, ‘when is the Kingdom to come in its fullness? When is it ti be taken back? When is the Kingdom going to be put back in the hands of Israel rule? When are we going to see that happen?’ But Jesus at that time said, ‘This is not for you to know as yet.’ In the book of Matthew, in one chapter, they asked this question four times----when will this happen, when will you do this? But Jesus replied, ‘this is not for you to know at this time.’ The actual declaration is, ‘This is still retained by the Father (Spirit) and is not now to be revealed. This is still in the mind of the Father, it is HIS understanding.’ The actual words, ‘this is something YAHWEH HAS DECIDED not to reveal unto you at this time.’ After all, there would be some 1900 plus years ahead thru generation after generation to be battling in the synthesis of the church and the operation of it before they would reach your day. If you were to tell people today that this was to go on for another thirty years a lot of people would want to quit battling. They would start figuring, could we live long enough to make it? How do you suppose they would have felt back there, if Jesus had said nineteen hundred and eighty years from now, we will take over and establish the Kingdom. A whole lot of them would have been shaken right now. That is the reason why there are some things men don‘t know. But there was something HE wanted them to know. And this is what HE told them to do. HE had just told them this was something they were not to know for a while. Then HE said, ‘You go down to the city of Jerusalem and wait until power has come upon you and ye shall be witnesses unto ME both in Jerusalem, in Judea, and in Samaria, and in the uttermost parts of the earth.

Remember (John 14), HE told them it was essential HE go away. HE said, ‘I want you to get this straight, ‘Ye know where I go, the way I go, ye know.’ Thomas said, ‘We don’t know.’ But Jesus said, ‘Yes you do.’ HE said, ‘I am going back into the dimension of the creative Father. I rule the whole Universe’---and things like that were a part of that conversion. Then Phillip said, ‘Show us the Father.’ Jesus replied, ‘Have I been this long with you, Philip, and yet you say show us the Father? He who hath seen ME hath seen the Father. Ye cannot come to the Father except ye come to ME. For I and the Father are ONE---or---I am the Father.’ Then HE said, ‘I will not leave you along when I go away. For I am going to quicken your consciousness. I will sent the Paraclete--the intelligent conscious abiding presence of the turning of My mind with yours; a linkage again with My sons, lost in the fall, restored by My Atonement---I will send the Paraclete.’ This is the essence of the Pneumas. This is the essence of HIS own spiritual connection with your spirit. Then you are in ONE with HIM. Because they didn’t understand, they tried to give this a name and said, ‘see this is another person. This is God number III. Thus we have God I, God II, and God number III.’ But your scripture tells you, ‘Hear O Israel, YAHWEH-YAHSHUA (Savior) is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.’ He can walk in spirit, soul and body consciousness. Thus HE has a spirit, soul and body---ONE ETERNAL GOD. But HE said, ‘I am going to start sending MY spirit connection back upon you, transferring upon you spirit power.’

Now, this what is going to happen. When you are brought to the knowledge of all truth, and you are having all things which you have forgotten brought back to your memory of things you need to know, in this process of being brought to the knowledge of all truth, then you are going to have power. Turn in your thinking back to that hill when Jesus stood in all HIS Majesty and Glory which now was enveloping HIM once again, and HE told HIS Disciples, ‘just wait and you will be enveloped with power. When this Paraclete comes upon you, then you will be MY witnesses. And you will go out with Power.’ A great big cloud was gliding right up to that hill as HE spoke, and you couldn’t see thru it because of its effulgent Light, its radiant whiteness. Thus, a big cloud separated them from what they wanted to see. Then suddenly, Jesus went into that cloud and they looked into the misty billowing brilliance, and a couple of beings just walked out of that cloud. Jesus walked into the cloud and two men walked out of the cloud. Now way up in the sky. But right here on earth. The two men who came out of the cloud and said to the watching Disciples, ‘Why do you men stand here gazing into the cloud? Do what HE told you to do, for this same Christ will come back just as you saw HIM go.’ And then the cloud just took off. But where did the two men come from? From the same cloud Jesus walked into. I want you to know that YAHWEH-YAHSHUA is at home in all parts of HIS Universe. HE put it all together. The facts are all here in this Book. It is all geared to HIS power. And there exists thru out this Universe, thousands upon thousands---yes--millions upon millions of these creatures, and of the places where they can dwell. And God can move to any part of it and dwell. And HE will. HE has determined in this one spot in all the Universe where the great challenge of darkness against righteousness is going on, that by the transference of HIS sons and daughters from heaven to earth, by sending spiritual power upon them, HE was going to overthrow the darkness with a victory, with a conquest. HE called it a battle---Armageddon---a struggle against the devil. And it is a warfare against the forces of evil and there is bound to be casualties.

But I want you to know that Grace of the FATHER ---there is no casualty in the Family of God which is beyond the readjustment, renewing, reorganization, regeneration, and the spiritually empowering. There are a lot of people who have a lot of work to do who think they have gotten away with something. But they are going to finish the job they were sent here to do. They are going to conform to the image of HIS embodiment (Son), endued with Mighty Power. It was not long after Pentecost which happened to be on a certain feast day, but this day came and the church was in one accord, and in one place on this feast day. That is those who assembled out of the Disciples of Christ, waiting for Power. Suddenly, there was a sound form heaven as tho of a mighty rushing wind. Today, you would say a sound as tho a bunch of Jets were coming in. There was a roar like the sound of a mighty waterfall. In the days of Ezekiel, he heard something like the sounds of a mighty waterfall. They said, ‘It was the sound as of a mighty rushing wind.’ Suddenly this energy, this snapping cracking popping light and electronic force filled the house. It played like static electricity over men until they were illuminated and radiant with the energy. What was happening? The FATHER had sent a great electric charge of the presence of HIS own Light--intellect--spirit surging on these men. So charged was this Light force, that as it touched their physical bodies, the electronic reaction of these seemed to radiate with the Light-- ‘Cloven tongues like as of fire.’ But power so great reaching men in human bodies that they reeled under it. They stood and staggered under this power. But they were not drunk with new wine. They were suddenly charged with such a wavelength of power that the nervous system of the human body was never in such shock from spiritual force---never before this. And there was a great renewing of the mind of the Apostles and a great transformation as to their attitude even toward their enemies because before this, there was no-- ‘fire.’ Then suddenly Peter was talking. Peter who was ashamed to acknowledge that Jesus was the Christ, earlier, or that he was HIS Disciple, when the Romans were soon to be given the responsibility for the Jewish conspiracy against Christ’s Life. When Jewry had Christ in chain, about to crucify HIM, Peter panicked. He stood outside the court and they said to this big Peter, who fought them all as long as Christ was unfettered, they said, ‘Aren’t you one of HIS Disciples?’ And Peter said, ‘I never knew HIM.’ People have been blaming Peter for this, but it was a very human weakness. So don’t be surprised if it happens to you sometime.

Listen. Everyone is in the same boat. Everyone in every cause has always found someone who they counted on, who suddenly quailed under pressure and fear. Peter was a big man filled with vision and hope, but he quailed when he saw Jesus in chains. So when they said, ‘Aren’t you one of HIS Disciples?’---Then Peter wilted. But after what had transpired, after the Resurrection had challenged Peter, and now endued with this transference of Power, Peter now stands up and starts to preach in Jerusalem. And he preaches with Power without fear, and literally denounces everyone of these rascals. He tells them what they have done, tells they who they are. And then proclaims the Kingdom. Someone said, ‘Where did Peter get all this courage?’ HE transferred the power of Sonship now being made manifest. Peter was living by Spirit not by fears that come thru the senses.

There is one thing about the New Testament church, everything started to happen. They started to spread the message. They didn’t go into Asia, for Paul was even forbidden to go into Asia because the Sheep weren’t in Asia. They were in Western Europe. The Holy Spirit according to the Apostle Paul, expressly forbade him to go to Asia. We have sent a lot of people to Asia since then. And some will tell you that they have been sent down into Africa. And I am not sure of that either. But I am going to tell you that when the Kingdom comes to its full, you are going to see the ends of the earth under the administration of God’s Kingdom.

Well, this was 1900 plus years ago. And people saw something happen. Miracles such as surrounded the Christ, even worked now around the Disciples of that day. The sick were healed, even the dead were raised. But this also didn’t mean that all the preachers had to be interesting. Remember even in the times of the Apostles charged with all this power, some people grew tired of listening and one fell out the window and broke his neck and died. The Apostle ran down to the street and raised him right there, set him on his feet, and gave him life again because the transferred power was there. The only thing I am concerned about is that the transferred power of that day is to quicken people, to spread the message, to renew to every last one of the race which you are a part of this fact that THE MESSIAH HAS COME, THE ATONEMENT WAS OVER. You, the sons and daughters of God now stand upon your feet. For we have the dynamics. We have the power. And now we are going to come into the next phase of God’s plan.

For almost 2000 years, we have watched this development. We have watched the nations of God’s Kingdom suddenly, under the spiritual energy of Christian vision grow to great power. Your whole Western Christian culture today is made up of the White nations of the world and are the House of Israel to whom this message was sent. That was why the Apostles were sent unto the ‘Lost Sheep’ of the House of Israel. They were sent out to the nations. Thus you have carried the message to the ends of the earth. Stand up now, and tell me, where is the message now? What nations are Christian? What people are the sons and daughters of God who have found the spiritual quickening their conscious has demonstrated showing that they are--with assurance--just who they are? I don’t know of African or Asian nations which fall into the category, but I do know that every White nation wherever it is today, has the majority of people recognizing that Jesus is the Christ. If you want to find the Kingdom you will find it today exactly where the White race has settled.

Now, within this same provision, back in the emerging of the Prophet Joel, he was very conscious of the neighbors around Israel who were enemies. Joel who spiritually understood that the forces of evil and the powers of darkness made up great powers who outnumbered ‘Israel’--and that they would like to destroy Israel. But Joel, to whom God gave the vision, saw one of the most dangerous things to the Kingdom people were the parasites, symbolized as insects that move into the Kingdom, and then devour it on the inside. I am going to tell you today, that we in these United States, have more trouble from the parasites who have come in than we have from the Soviet Union on the outside. But Joel saw that God promised that HE wasn’t going to leave these parasites destroy your economy, your life, and the vitality of your nation forever. There would come a day when HE would stop all this and destroy the parasites. Would take them out. And Joel tells of this day. He talks about a period like a harvest wherein the former rain, as it comes down the fields are sown, then after that comes the crop. Then he talks about a latter rain which descends just before the harvest to help fill out the grain and finish its growth. He tells how you differentiate between the former rain and the latter rain just before the harvest. And why the latter rain was necessary to finish the grain.

Thus, this is the way it shall be with MY people. I shall send upon you the former rain moderately. Then the latter rain shall come without measure. And all the sons and daughters, the old people, are going to dream dreams, and see visions. And their conscious existence shall be charged with MY Spirit. It will be as in the days of this great pillar of Fire. And like an umbrella of smoke, or in otherwords, it will be in the days of the nuclear bomb. The day when elements dissolve in fervent heat, the day when the sun is darkened and the moon becomes as blood. In the days when the armies out of the north are gathering, and then as the hordes of the earth gather around My Kingdom, that is the day when I shall empower you. For what? For Victory. People talk about the Pentecost, but Peter said this is that spoken of by the Prophet Joel---the former rain. But what are we waiting for now? We are waiting for the ‘Latter rain’ which is beginning to descend. It is going to come without any measure until it sweeps your race.

Someone said, ‘Is that what Pentecostals are talking about?’ Well, Pentecostal organizations may talk about it, but this is not that. You say, why?’ Because this ‘Latter rain’ is going to move out over the sons and daughters of God and they are going to stand upon their feet to do something. They are going to transfer their spiritual power to resistance of the darkness. This isn’t something such as you just stir up someone and give them an individual and personal thrill. This is something to charge men and women so they will stand up with wisdom and cleanse their land and deliver the earth.

We are not opposed to any denomination inside of Christendom. They have some peculiar beliefs perhaps, but I am only interested on ONE Faith, ONE LORD, and ONE Baptism. And I want it in doctrinal purity. And I want the results which God says it will produce. I want what I know it did produce as the ‘former rain.’ I don’t want to hear a bunch of preachers saying get over here on a bunch of hassocks and get ready to go up in the air. I want they to say you go out of this church charged with God’s energies, saying we will not let these pagans get away with their violence. We will lift up the standards and carry the Gospel of the Kingdom to the ends of the earth. This is what we are being empowered for. We are not ready to leave, we are ready to occupy.

Yes, there is a transference of power. But first you have to stat thinking. The idea has to fill your mind and you have to recognize that this is what God said HE was going to do. I know you here, are feeling and thinking the thoughts of God because as you see and interpret the news, you are interpreting certain events. As you do this, you are thus becoming a part of it with your emotions. And you will become a part of it with your acts. The great Right Wing awakening which the enemy decries---oh, how the enemy hate anything Right Wing,--how he hates anything spiritual or everything which has a destiny. How he hates any power which God stirs up. He tries thru semantics to make it look unpopular and tries to expose it to ridicule. But I tell you today, this whole Right Wing program and yes--let then call it extreme if they wish--but it is not extreme enough. For when it has reached the extremity of God’s purpose, it will wipe out darkness. It will be the power, the Light, the liberation. And before you are thru, you will see, in your time, the great blaze of Light and Truth envelope your country, and will see a lot of your stubborn neighbors think Right. In fact, one of these days in the twinkling of an eye, they are suddenly going to say, ‘I don’t know just what has happened, but I think as you think.’ And in the instance when they think, they will lift up their heads and they will know, as well.

Yes, I believe that this is the way it works. This is the way it will come---in a twinkling of an eye. There isn’t any question in my mind as far as your destiny is concerned, that what God is stirring is the great spiritual force which works upon a nation, upon a nation which isn’t even aware of the activity or what God is sending down----the Light which shines in the darkness, and the darkness may not comprehend.

Thus, as Isaiah tells us, ‘Arise and shine for thy Light is come, and the Glory of YAHWEH is risen upon thee.’ This is the Light which is in you, the Glory which is in you, the Spiritual being which is in you---charged, energized, at work where it is going to translate this into effect, in the earth. Why would HE have sent you if HE did not intend for you to transfer heaven to earth? HE told you to Pray, ‘Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven.’ This is the main job and when it is accomplished, we will hear, ‘Well done, My good and faithful servants.’ Remember, HE has transferred the power. All you have to do is realize it and start to work. Jesus was to remind you, ‘Show Me thy faith without works, and I will show you My faith with works.’ Do this and we will be further down the road to the Kingdom.

(End of sermon)