Transfiguration, 9-18-61



by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 9-18-61

This afternoon our subject is Transfiguration. Before we get into this subject, we want to bring some things to your mind, and then we will have more to say this evening. Never in the history of the Kingdom have we ever been in more of a struggle for the preservation and survival of every phase of the Kingdom of God in earth. We are also aware that we shall triumph because God has ordained victory for that Kingdom. And the Divine outpouring of Divine energy and power is not only coming from the ax in His own hand and his own voice, but many of these things are going to come from the ax in your hand, your voice as His Family and His Children. But at this very moment, the major strategy of the anti-Christ are showing up. We will soon be dealing with this subject in a special message of its own. But we want you to know that the great Communist conspiracy which is the political economy and political philosophy of the anti-Christ today, which has been drawn up, sparked and financed and spread by the enemies of Jesus Christ---they have created this ‘Machiavellian’ scheme to hold the hands of all Christian nations in slavery and to make it impossible for them to carry out their personal objectives. And in this way they hope to put all mankind under their control for economic and political maneuvers. To do this, they infiltrated our schools and colleges and started brainwashing whole groups of youth which they intended to use. And then with the tremendous power of their international purse and the institution they created, they were able to secure such a group of pseudo-revolutionists and surround them with an order of power, until they could select candidates and then appoint them to positions of power. Then they started to pass more and more of the political power of the nation into the hands of those they educated for the job and a few of their instruments were put into operation.

That ‘trap’ was the United Nations. And that ‘trap’ is today the most deadly, most vicious and anti-God movement on the face of the earth. It is the political machinery of the Communist Revolution being used to trap all of the other nations to a point of no retreat. It has been skillfully carrying out one strategy after another. And to remain in it and to be a part of it brings a curse upon your nation. Only your withdrawal can lift the type of chastisement which hit the Texas coast. And will continue to hit your nation with earthquakes and with fire and with famine and with sword until you get out of it. We have been warned not to be associated with the heathen. Therefore, there is no way for you to change this situation. Therefore, you must heed what you have been told in the book of Revelation and ‘come out of her O My people lest ye be partaker of her evil deeds, her transgressions, and receive her chastisements and judgements and the plagues which shall fall upon her.’ I see that this disturbs a few people. But you need disturbing, if you don’t believe what I have just told you.

I am going to show you just how far reaching this has gone. But much more will be said upon this subject. The Katanga Province as you know, is the only province which has seceded form the ‘Red’ controlled Congo association that the United Nations supported. It was made up with White as well as colored forces within Katanga Province. Here was the largest investment of Belgium, French, English and American minds, and factories and developments and churches and institutions, and one of the strongest and probably most affluent portions of the Congo. And they immediately seceded when the Red Communist association was set up. And now the United Nations has been trying to crush this and make them support and accept the ‘Red’ dominated organizations in Leopoldville. And this week, altho they had never accepted it--altho several times they had Mosha Shombe a virtual prisoner when he had gone down to these gatherings---they had permitted him a virtual release. He was the Negro selected in what the United Nations was demanding---a Negro governed province in anything but African. At the same time, the Intelligence behind the scene was Belgium, French, and English. And those investments had made the province of Katanga what it is.

Now, the United Nations forces inside the Congo, (many of them which you helped to fly in with your planes, but fortunately you do not have a large contingent of American troops down there.) The fact remains that there is a small contingent of Irish, about 500--but they no longer exist. There were about 475 Swedes, and close to a thousand from India under a Major General. And there were Africans from Ghana and this Congolese army organization which raped and butchered White women when they secured their independence. This is the make up of the United Nations forced in the Congo. This past week without any notice or warning the United Nations---and altho there might have been some outlaws who stepped in and seized many of the White officers of Katanga Province,---but all of these men were White officers and they were transported to Belgium, who had been only doing the things they had been trained to do. But when the Belgium government turned over the Congo under world pressure, and these men had gone to Katanga Province and trained the forces there as to how to resist an attempt of an overthrow from ‘Red’ forces or any others who endangered them. These men were called mercenaries. But some of them had been born in the Congo from second and third generation settlers. Don’t let anyone disturb you too much about the word mercenary. In the days when you fought in your Revolution, you had whole regiments of them and were glad to get them from friendly powers. But in this instance, these men were very determined that the White man was going to stay in Africa. And that can become a part of a calling because the destiny of your race is to see that the Kingdom of God expands and brings justice, righteousness and peace to the ends of the earth. And you are to use force to protect and determine God’s law wherever necessary.

In the instance of what happened this week, having deported some of these men, did not effect the fact that this Katanga Province preparations might have fooled the United Nations a little bit. But last week without warning on Wednesday afternoon, they opened up a bombardment on Elizabethville. And I want to tell you something about this city Elizabethville. This city is as well developed as Dallas, Texas. It has high and beautiful office buildings and it has beautiful streets and parks, trees lining every street. Beautiful buildings of masonry and architecture. It has all of the things which you find in every great city, and even far more than this great city of Los Angeles has been able to produce.

Now, in structure then, Elizabethville is the largest. And there are several other cities and towns like Glendale and others which are modern and up to date. And the great majority of those employed are Negroes except in the areas of technological handling of the mines, factories, and so forth. There exists quite a few White people in these cities. And everything was at peace. The Negroes were happy. But the United Nations had been demanding that they surrender to the Congolese Communist government. But they had been continually ignoring this foolish thing. But on Wednesday morning under the command of a pagan heathen with a caste mark on his forehead, these United Nations armies attack Elizabethville and they used bombs and grenades. And before the people in the garrisons knew there was a war on, the Hindu troops had captured one garrison and White officers and Negroes were surrendering because they did not even know they were at war. But they were lined up against the wall and shot in the back by pagan Hindu troops. Women were running from their homes being fired on by the United Nations troops, trying to find protection in some of the cement cased hotels. But they opened fire and threw grenades thru windows in the hotels. And the U.N. troops thus killed women and children alike. Then this organization under the orders of the United Nations started to exterminate anyone they found on the streets who possessed arms. Or anyone who would not surrender or take the United Nations directives, were to be killed at once. Irish troops were there, which was unfortunate. But if I had been there, I would have refused to have taken those kind of orders from any pagan Hindu commander on the face of the earth.

I would have shot those commanders before I would have taken those orders. But these Irish troops were firing on White people to satisfy the Hindus in the pagan U.N. It is time al Christians everywhere unite against the influence of the United Nations. This infamous institution thought that it was going to be a pushover. For Mosha Shamba retreated to the jungle and men went out for they did have arms and they had armored cars. And they were not to be used against the United Nations, but to be used against Cannibal thugs which might attack. As they could not find their man, they came back. Now two tribes of the jungle came to the aid of Mosha Shamba. And now they have over 200,000 warriors plus the armored cars they captured, and regained what Katanga had and wiped out the Irish garrison of U.N. troops and the Swedish garrison. And now they are wiping out what the United Nations troops took. And I hope they are successful. Since already in their fight, they have been forced to eliminate White men who did not belong there. But this was White man fighting to protect themselves from White men operating under the orders of the anti-Christ. Just remember that.

The United States government which I am ashamed of this afternoon, supported this action. But we still have a few men left in the Senate.----I want you to hear the words of Senator Dodd. He charged this Saturday, that the United Nations actions in the Katanga Province of the Congo, was the most ruthless act, and it would have done full credit for the Kremlin. The Connecticut Congressman declared that it was most shameful that Washington even sanctioned the United Nations move. Senator Dodd said that the leaders of the Congolese government, from its Vice Chairman and its former Arms Chief and Ministers of Defense, were proven Communist and also was this jungle chief who then hurled his tribes into the fray on the side of the United Nations.

The United Nations forces had attacked without warning but now they were falling back before the reorganized Katanga defense. Casualties had occurred on all sides. But remember this. The South British and Central African Confederation has been sending in food and supplies. And that leader says that he does not care what the United Nations likes or what it thinks. But the United States has supported and continues to support the United Nations actions.

Now, there comes a time when you have to make a decision. And it may be your nation right or wrong, but when it joins against White men, then it is time that you denounced the actions of your nation and called for Christian leadership. And if you do not have that freedom, then you do not protect your own soul. Someone said, ‘You can’t do that in America.’ Yes, we can. And we are going to change America.

Now, I am going to show you how far reaching while you slumber and sleep. I had come over my desk a short time ago, the influence being used in an attempt to put over a bill. We were told that this bill was a bill for disarmament of the United States for peace and security. But in all of the notes coming about this bill, we find that it is to set up a permanent bureaucracy to establish a program for the disarmament of this nation. And one is to oppose that, for it is a foolish thing. For you are never going to change ‘what is to be’ when you have enemies, until the Kingdom of God comes in with victory. But the strategy was not that way. An alliance with the sinister United Nations was set in place and it worked.

Thanks to one of our congregation who was able to bring in full report----there is an emergency much greater than most people believe. The House of Representatives Bill 7956 calls for this disarmament for peace and security. This has already passed thru both the Senate and the House Foreign Relations Committee. And it passed the Senate today. Much of the work on this bill was done secretly and trying to push it thru the House before Congress adjourns. And if they pass it, then the United Nations will have full police power here in the United States to enact this. And this bill sets up a director appointed by the President to be a dictator and not answerable to the Congress or anyone else directly to carry out this program. This director can do anything he wants within your nation as it comes to disarming you. And funds for the Administration of this Director are funds extended from the U.S. Treasury without appropriations. It sets up in all powerful United Nations Police for America, answerable only to the President. (Now this did not work back in 1961---but will it be tried again in 1995?) In 1961 there were forty more bills ready to be thrown in the hopper if this one failed to eventually get the surrender of your nation to police power and control. (Thus the Swift warning went out to the people and this surrender of the U.S. was stopped for a while.)

The fortunate thing for you is that you will ‘Come out of her O My people.’ The English and Irish are now coming awake and they are pulling their troops out of Africa and from under the United Nations control if there is any of them left. It is time that every intelligent Christian wrote the President and tell him that it is time that he get us out of this murderous institution. And that each one of them as individuals are going on a personal campaign against such activities and his re-election, if he does not. This is the hour when people are going to stand up and be counted. Never has anything been more clear. Never has the United Nations taken any action against the Communists, never in any area except when they stepped in to hinder in the Korean crisis. They only attack the civilized nations. And Mr. Nehru, wearing that caste mark of Kali with that little drop of blood on his forehead, is a pagan heathen dedicated to the eradication of White Christian civilization. Do not forget that. We can tell this by the very religion he belongs to and by Kali’s mark on his head. Remember that Kali is a pagan goddess and this is her general in the field with her caste mark on him. (Remember also that here in 1995, the First Lady of America and her daughter also took the caste mark while on their visit to India.)

Thus we ask, ‘What is a great Christian nation like this one doing aligned with the heathen?’ It is a disgrace. But within me is a stirring fury. For the spirit of God stirs you up when there is evil in this hour. But one knows that this fury will move in God’s people until there will not be a Cainanite left in the House of God. And the moment that we drive the Cainanite out of the house of God, then all of this conspiracy which uses our money for evil will cease. In fact, we should not giver one penny again to be associated with the United Nations.

Now, we will compress some facts for you, then speak on our subject of Transfiguration. For there is probably nothing more important for you to know that the great and mighty purpose of God is going to be fulfilled and fully empowering and fully charging the sons and daughters of God in the race in the earth with Celestial spiritual power, with light and with Glory and with strength, with life and with vision and capacities to do mighty exploits. We want you to realize that every quality which was possessed by God, Himself, as He walked the earth, as the man Christ Jesus, is with you. I want you to know that the Eternal God who fathered your spirit before the world was framed and who purposed to take over this world of evil and bloodshed by the reformation of His Kingdom, and He did not overlook in that situation that the powers of darkness would have to be put down. But along with all the technological developments which would occur in your occupation from the days when you arrived up unto now, there would have to be added a great spiritual force which could cope with the darkness and evil, and so envelope the earth with majesty and power, that I never will rise again.

Men may not have understood this because since you have arrived in earth, since from the time of our original parents---Adam and Eve---we were without the full revelation of Glory that rests upon the physical structure to make the soul consciousness within its mental ability to fully perceive and to understand how to draw and use the fullness of power which belongs to the spirit. In fact, we had to go thru a whole adjustment and realignment by the hand of God, thru personal teaching and thru Patriarchs who He talked to, for spiritual developments thru which He had purposed. From the days of the fall of Adam, on down to the ministry of Christ----and the Prophets proclaimed and the Word declared, and then one of the greatest of all mysteries---God, Himself, comes forth as a babe. Born of a woman, dwells among us and calls us His kinsmen. And men knew by spiritual imprints and revelation that this was the Messiah. For only those with spiritual capacity could understand this, as Jesus said to Peter. But still they saw Him as a man. And they were mystified and amazed and happy at the miracles. And they saw the storm quieted by a will and a mind greater than had ever been demonstrated in the earth. They saw death here and witnessed this, and knew that the blind now could see and the lame could walk. They saw the miracles. But as they looked at Jesus, they saw the body and form of a man. And this was as it should be. But little did they know that form inside of this man was the fullness and Glory of the Eternal God, resident in this man. That when they talked about Messiah, the Greek word being Christ, which we deal with in our text---this was the embodiment, the fullness of God dwelling in a body. The Messianic Destiny of this individual, which was the fullness of God dwelling---was the deliverance of His people and the salvation of them from all of the error of transgression they were a part of. And the illumination of their consciousness and their minds until the guidance of His Spirit, and the purpose of His mind wrought in them---and they would do works of God. For they were Gods and He was their Father.

To the listener, who may not know anything about that, this being the first time he ever heard a statement like that, then go read the 82nd Psalm, where is says, ‘Ye are Gods and all of you are the children of God.’ Ye are Elohim, and all of you are the children of YAHWEH. Incidently, God said, ‘Why do you die like men, for you do not have to die.’ I want you to know that this great miracle is referred to over here in the book of Colossians so that you might see the infinite pattern of what was here. I turn here in the book of Colossians and it is talking about the man Christ Jesus, for this man is the image of the invisible God which was within Him----the first formed of any existing creature. By Him, were all things created which were in the heavens and in the earth, visible or invisible. Everything in the vastness of the Universe and in the earth, throughout all the endlessness of time. Whether visible or invisible or whether thrones or dominions, principalities or powers, all things were created for Him by Him. He was before all things and by Him all things consist. He was not only the head of the body, in the earth of God----what do I mean by the body of God? He was the Head of His Church and over His race and His Kingdom, and the bodies in which the Celestial children of God dwell is the body of God in the earth today. He is thus the Head of His Church and it carries out the work of His mind. Thus, He is He first formed of all things. And in all things, He has preeminence for it pleases the Spirit, the fullness which dwells in Him that this should so be.

He made peace thru the blood of His Cross to reconcile all things to Himself. And I say---whether they be in heaven or earth---all things. I just want you to know that in the man Christ Jesus, there was fully formed the Christ of God. I mean the fully formed in the man---Christ Jesus with the mind knowing it and the soul living it, for there was absolutely nothing from creation to the casting down of the darkness to changing anything that needed changing with the synthesis of wisdom and the light and the power, and the electronics and energy, that Jesus could not do and command. He had all of the power. And He demonstrated it whenever He wanted to apply it. In this personage then, was fully formed---the embodiment of Christ in the flesh. This is what is means as fully formed. To make this understood, it had to become at least for some of His disciples---fully visible. And with this comes the realization that death has no power over Christ, if He so wills to envelope Himself in the majesty of what He possessed.

So one day Jesus was talking to His disciples and you will find it in Matthew, and you will find it also in the book of Mark, and He turned when talking about these mysteries, and He said, ‘Verily, I say unto you, that some of you standing here shall not face death until they shall see the ‘Son of Man’ coming in His Kingdom.’ Turn over to the Gospel of Mark and he is discussing this and he has Jesus saying, ‘Some of you shall not taste of death---some of you standing here---shall not taste of death until you have seen the Kingdom of God come with power.’ Then six days after He has said this, He wanted to demonstrate to Peter and James some things they needed to know, so He took them---Peter, James, and John,---up on the mountain. And they wondered why they were climbing this mountain. And when they got up on top of this mountain, then Jesus stood a little apart from them and then all of a sudden something started to happen. For they were looking at a man---in whom the fullness of God was dwelling bodily and they had beheld Him as Messiah. And they knew that He had the powers of God, but they had never beheld Deity with their eyes in the full manifestations of its Glory. Suddenly, they saw the body of Christ become radiant. It seemed as tho the light was gradually coming out of it. They saw His countenance until the light of Glory was brighter than the sun. They saw a white light of Glory emanating from Him. They saw and now the great impact suddenly reached thru to their consciousness---their eyes had beheld it---across the spirit. The word Transfigured means across the body, and it was not being beheld in the majesty of Glory which was welling up from within HIM>

I think one little fragment of inspiration hit the man writing ‘The Battle Hymn of the Republic,’ (altho I do not support the cause for which that struggle was being fought),--when he said, ‘A beauty in His bosom which transfigures you and me.’ There was thus something here in death that came up out of the internal to envelop the Living God born of Mary. And it had transfigured that body from spirit across to flesh, and had enveloped that body in Glory. This is a transforming---visibly. And they beheld this majesty. And while they were under the majesty of this Glory, they also perceived something else with their eyes. For not only was He permitting them to see, as He had permitted the servant of Elijah to see,---and this was two men. Moses and Elijah. And they were so complete in their Glory and their radiance. And as they watched these men as they talked about the Kingdom and the things that were current, the three disciples then were felling things they had never experienced before, as they felt life and light and Glory. And they didn’t care if they never left this mountain for they were standing with a foot in either dimension. And as they saw this majesty and felt this dimension, they said to Jesus, ‘Let us stay here and we will put up some shelters in case of storms, and we will see that there is a covering for Moses, for Elijah, and for You, for we never want to leave this spot.’ The light of Life, the majesty, the Glory, and already the realization that Moses was alive and so was Elijah, that time and space had not effected this. But Jesus said, ‘No--we don’t need any shacks, or any Tabernacles. For we are not going to stay on this mountain. And what you have seen here today, you are not to tell anyone until after My Resurrection. But now we are going down from the mountain.’ And this startles them, for they had not even known that He was going to die.

But when they had witnessed this majesty and this Glory, they had witnessed this Transfiguration. This scripture means to bring a re-crossing and to reform. The light of Divine nature had enveloped the physical body and transported it into Divine Revelation, that they were beholding. And what Jesus was to teach them and what the scriptures contained and what the Apostle Paul was to get in his post-graduate course in the heavens before he came back to teach the Apostles and write his Epistles, and to give them to the church and to the nations, was that this light and power and Divine energy which came forth to envelop Christ is a part of every Celestial body, and of every begotten spiritual child of God.

Thus, we will for one moment go over to the book of Galatians. For once something is cemented into the thinking of a man like the Apostle Paul, he has to use it when anything comes along that he has to relate to it. He had been discussing with the Galatians that he had worked so hard to bring them into the knowledge of Grace, and they had been greatly disturbed by certain types of legalism, which was actually trying to put back upon them which was incumbent to the light which was in them, something which was not related to the life at all. Thus he said to these Galatians, ‘After I brought to you the knowledge of the truth (Galatians 19:4)--So my little children, I prevail again in birth again until Christ be formed in you.’ What does this mean?---It is not the spirit which is already there, for that was begotten by the Father before the world was framed. It is not the body which was already there, and which was waiting the redemption of which the putting on of immortality. But it meant that he was prevailing again in the soul consciousness of these individuals, the sequence of the soul and the spirit, be so constituted that Christ be formed in them, until the fullness of a son of God embodied begin to show forth.

I turn thus, into the declaration we have in the book of Ephesians in which it tells us concerning these great mysteries, and especially concerning you, that it is the purpose of God, thru the ministry, and thru the Church, and thru the Apostles and thru the ministry, and thru the Evangelists, thru the Living Word, thru the bringing of the consciousness to the proper relationship to the fact, and many of the facts which we have had a great famine of hearing in our nation of the Word of God. We have had a lot of Ecclesiastical constructions, but they have not had the secret of life and they have not been the true word of God.

Now, the true word of God when it emerges, is not only going to bring you to the unity of Faith, and the knowledge of the son of God, but it is going to bring you unto a perfect man. And it is going to bring you unto the measure of the fullness of the stature of Christ. And when you come unto this measure of the fullness of the stature of Christ, you are going to shine forth like Christ did on the Mount of Transfiguration. For in Christ was the fully formed embodied God. And the only reason why He did not carry His Glory thru His entire ministry, was the body could never have been crucified. And your atonement never had been consummated had He not left off the enveloping Glory which had balanced every atom of His being. But after His Resurrection, He had died only once and for all. And from that time on there was no necessity for death for He had transformed the whole process of it into the swallowing up of Glory. There had never been a death of the spirit. And His soul had never departed from the Spirit. And thus, God had designed this part of an atonement for you. But He has never designed that you have to become a part of it other than being identified with HIM by recognition of what He has done.

What I want you to see which is so important and significant, is this. The secret of what transforms a man into a fully empowered son of God is the light and wisdom and consciousness which is deep down inside of you. And it is working now altho you may not see that enveloping glory which is bringing you with each thought and each meditation in the knowledge of God, closer to your Celestial origin and your enveloping of this physical body. I turn over here to the third chapter of the book of II Corinthians and I read, ‘For we all with an open face, beholding as in a glass, the Glory of YAHWEH---are changed into the same image from Glory to Glory, even as the Spirit of the LORD.’ And that word Glory is just filled with mystery. For it is the effulgence of spirit now showing forth with radiance. And that radiance is the effulgence of spirit demonstrated in contact with living substance. And as you in the seat of your consciousness, this is the looking glass of your soul,---behold the majesty of your Father in the fullness of His power, acknowledges you as His sons because you are His offspring---as this dawns upon you changes you from glory to Glory, until mighty sons will conquer death, and there will be the mightiest manifestation in earth which has ever been beheld, of a victory of a Kingdom of light.

‘Oh,’ you say, ‘this cannot come to pass.’ Let me turn for one moment to the 6th chapter of the book of Isaiah, while again, we call your attention to the words ‘Arise and shine, for thy light has come and the Glory of YAHWEH HAS RISEN UPON THEE.’

Behold darkness covers the earth from India to the Congo. And gross darkness is on the people from Russia all the way around to China. But YAHWEH SHALL ARISE UPON THEE AND HIS GLORY SHALL BE SEEN UPON THEE. And all the pagan nations are going to come to see thy rising, for your glorification and the rising of spiritual power in this hour of necessity is just as sure as tomorrow’s sunrise. And you have reached the greatest day of all expectations. And it is being revealed first to those sons God is calling out to reveal it to. That they might challenge a people and give them the hope of the light of Life. But I am going to tell you that this is not to put them upon a pedestal for that Light of God is going to shine on every one of you. And it is not only going to show that ‘All Israel is to be saved,’ but they are all going to be justified as they have been Glorified. For He who is justified, He shall Glorify. I want you to know that being formed of God is a wonderful thing.

If you will turn over to the Psalmist, then he tells you that great is YAHWEH, King of all gods. And yet it says in the book of Isaiah, that there is no God outside of the people of the household who with their Father are Deity in His Universe. He makes a statement concerning this. For not only has YAHWEH been my help, my soul would have dwelt in silence had He not made Himself known within this Holy Temple. My soul would have dwelt in silence. I want you to know that therefore, He, the Eternal, is the One who hath formed me. And he makes this declaration, and the scripture supports it in many places. And HE says:--’I am the one that hath formed thee. Yea, I formed them from the womb.’

I want you for one moment, to come over to Jeremiah and listen to what God says to Jeremiah, ‘I formed then in the belly, and I knew thee even before thou comest out of the womb. I set thee apart, I ordained thee for a prophet unto the nations.’

Now, ‘I formed thee---I knew you before you came out of the womb.’ This is a formation which was not evil, but was good. This is God forming the dwelling place of His Celestial children. In fact, that is one of the reasons why even Isaiah has the same message and he tells Israel, ‘Thus saith YAHWEH’---(to every Anglo-Saxon, Scandinavian, Germanic, Basque, and Lombard)---’I made thee, everyone of these souls in the earth. Thus saith YAHWEH, that made thee, and formed thee from the womb---which shall help thee.---Fear not O Jacob.’ And then turn over to the 44th chapter and the rest of the world is asked a question.---’Who hath formed a God?’

Oh, you can make them out of cement, or plaster of Paris,---graven images. But what good is it? But when the Eternal has formed a dwelling place for His children, and then said, ‘Ask me of things concerning my sons, it profited something.’ I turn in other passages in the book of Isaiah and it says, ‘Thus saith YAHWEH THAT FORMED ME FROM THE WOMB---to be a servant, to bring Jacob again to Him, to Israel, be not yet gathered. Yet shall I be glorified in the eyes of YAHWEH---my God.’ And then he talks about---’is it a delightful thing.’

Turn again to this book of Isaiah and we see that this light and this Glory is in Him. And when each one of you was formed, you each have a destiny----this body was formed to be the embodied place of the Divine sons of the heavenlies. This is why Israel is the Chosen Race. And this is why the Adamic race is a Chosen Race. This is why White nations are Chosen Nations. Not by the evidence of what we made, which is only the evidence of what is within, but because we can say, ‘Our Father which art in heaven hallowed be Thy name.’ And know as we look into the countenance thru the spirit of our Father and see the form of His living word continually erected before us.-------We are filled with that radiation of His own nature which synthesizes the spiritual form of light in our consciousness-----know that within us is not defeat and starts to give us life and strength and power beyond anything the church world has ever speculated on.

You are going to find yourself in the midst of the greatest upheaval, chaos and catastrophe, wars and trouble, but filled with more Glory then you have ever known before. And we will not be struggling over points of doctrine. We will be merely looking into the face of our Father and into the seat of our soul consciousness until the Glory be consummated in us as it was in Him. And that Christ be formed in you that the son might have its full expression. And when it is done, greater things than I have been doing----thus saith Jesus---you are going to do. Because now you will know and feel and believe, even as HE in the fullness of God who dwelt bodily. You say, ‘This is too much to hope for.’ No, this is the hope of the Kingdom of God, bathed in light, filled with light, transported and demonstrated in earth among men and among nations. This does not disassociate you from things which happen in the earth, but it fills you with the Glory. At one moment you may be filled with fury and evil, and at the next moment, transported to the height of perception as to what you have inherited and as to what you are. But God can synthesize these things in the man Christ Jesus and still return to the task He has to do, then heal it with the mighty Glory which shall reconcile all things to Himself. But evil must be vanquished and triumph must come.

I want you to know that today, you do not move into these hours with fear, but as sons about to do the great exploits of God’s Kingdom, for you are a family and He is our Father.

(End of message)