Transforming Power, 4-13-64



by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 4-13-64

As we turn to the subject this afternoon --Transforming power--but first we analyze the verse that relates to it so as to understand what our inheritance is, in this great and mighty purpose of God. We go thru a lot of strange situations in our environment and never have we gone thru a more turbulent period. Never has there been a period classified as the household of God, the sons of God, as this period known as 'Jacob's trouble. And because this is a time of Jacob's troubles and as a race and a nation, we go thru these things, there are many people who find that the turbulence and the pressure around are ones that startle them. And some even wonder if there is going to be a possibility of victory. Every once in a while I listen to the voice of someone who is wishing for better things for their nation and would like to see the powers of darkness defeated. And they think they are beholding the increase of the tempo of these periods of darkness. Some of them are about to surrender in their thinking to the idea that they must get out of this world, for it is developing everything in its own order. For instance, I listened to one person saying that we are just fighting a resistance battle and we are in a long route of retreat, and God is going to have to get us out of here in a hurry. So with this anticipation, they are not working as hard as they might, thinking they are going to win. This attitude that we are fighting a rear guard action and just expecting that any moment that we are going to be snatched out of here because it is so soon, defeats us. In fact, my friends, when we listen to the propaganda, nothing is as strange as this attitude that you heard in a speech by the President in the last few days. For instance, we are faced with the dangers and developments that threaten to engulf our society. And we know that the devil is working at every level trying to accomplish the envelopment of that society, gathering and carrying out his strategies for massive and world power, carrying out objectives that would ‘fifth column’ us and disarm our society, until we had no ability to resist. And then we see the President and those round about him are pledged to carry out this kind of an operation. Then in the face of this, instead of carrying on a battle against Communism and the forces of darkness, he says, ‘actually we are not a nation of fighters. We are a nation of lovers.’ And as the President says that, then we remember some of the strange things around the State Department. Anyhow it is not a biblical position. Some think this is fine. And we listened to him quoting scriptures in the last few weeks. This kind of makes me think of Al Capone turning into a minister, or something like that. I do not buy these scriptures. For I have read the Book.

Now while thinking about these things, we listen to him now quoting scriptures. And he is saying that it is now our turn to embrace this whole world society, embracing this whole program with love, that this is our great and important destiny. But I want you to know that this is not Biblical. We do not have any instructions to go out here and love the world. In fact, we have been told not to. We have been told not to do this. And in fact, we have been placed in the world to conquer the world order. We have not been told that the world order would reach out to us, to embrace us. We have been told that the world order would reject us and try to destroy us. We have not been told that they would stop following the pagan religions and pagan gods, and cease to worship Baal.

But we have been told of a kingdom triumphant, with power and with vision, that would establish itself. We were told of a coming empowering God and now know that HE has arrived, and HE has empowered HIS people of HIS kingdom to accomplish this which HE has ordained. We have been told that there would be struggles and that we would arrive at the time called 'Jacob's troubles.’ And if you do not think that you have arrived, then you would have a hard time explaining what has been happening around the world. Thus you have arrived at this time called --"Jacob's trouble."

Someone says, “Should we be cast down by this?” No--Because you are to be saved out of this. So this time of this prophecy has arrived, but so has a great empowering. And we are told how the kingdom of God shall triumph over the kingdom of darkness. How HE would awaken HIS children out of their sleep and how they might achieve this program of the kingdom of God. This is Biblical. It is not only what is best for us, but this is what we are going to participate in. In the purposes of God therefore we must find the secret. The household of God is made up of a people, made up of HIS people whom HE sent from heaven to earth, made up of a people who must not only understand the purposes of God, but makes up the force in earth to accomplish these purposes. So we have been told just how this must be accomplished.

There is one verse in the book of Romans that contains more dynamite in it than most people understand. Turn over now to the 12th chapter of the book of Romans. Here in the second verse this is something very reasonable and the Apostle Paul has first placed a foundation for this verse, saying: “I ask you brethren by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, wholly acceptable unto God which is your reasonable service.”

Now what the Apostle Paul is asking is for people to dedicate themselves for the victory of God's kingdom and the achievement of the race, and be willing for service in the capacity of bringing this about. Now the thing to understand is that a fallen society, looking for a retreat, never takes the earth. No Empire ever came into fulfillment, no kingdom ever achieved its formation while fighting a battle and in retreat. I have had a lot of people say, “Well now, all that we can do is to defend ourselves unto the end.” And they talk as tho they are about to surrender the world to the devil. They have given up any hope that we can survive this. And they make a great sound singing "This world is not my home." I am in agreement that as far as the purposes of God are concerned, that this world order is not home for me and not for you. But the earth is a pretty good place and the Father gave it to us to occupy in HIS name, and the earth is going to be a part of the seat of God with the throne seat upon it forever and forever. I want you to know that this earth is just another part of my Father’s kingdom which He has commanded you to occupy as HIS sons. HE said, “You ask me and I will give you the ends of the earth, and I will give you the heathen in it too. And this shall be thy inheritance, and you can have it. But there are areas of it in which you are going to have to occupy, and there are things which are going to have to be done.” Therefore, we have been given a key to this.

The most important thing that you can know this afternoon then is who you are, and know what you can do, or know how it can be done. The most important thing for us to understand is to know how God does the things that HE does, and then how can we do them? And let’s take a look at this second verse. The first key is 'be not conformed to the world or don't think like they think or you will never overcome the world.’ Don't then think first like the World Order. Therefore be ye not conformed to the world Order, but be transformed. Someone says, “But how is it to transpire?” Well, the very word transformed is itself a seed. The word in the Greek is from the meaning of self-esteem. It is formed from a cross, or from another place. It means to have your consciousness, your thinking, and your intellect transformed or reroute and empowered by the dimension of spirit, while you reside in a physical world. The words transformed and transfigured are interrelated in the Greek text. More than this, remember that when Christ stood on the Mount of Transfiguration with HIS disciples and they were beholding HIM and suddenly a great light or glory surrounded HIM, and it is called transfiguring . . . and it was formed from the light of a cross . . . it was the development of spirit, from the dimensions of light and power.

Now when HE says that we are not to think like the world thinks, but to be transformed---with the renewing of our minds. Enoch informs the world but you are to be transformed by the renewing of your mind. This means that you are to have the purposes of God, the knowledge and the wisdom and the understanding for the occupying and living in the earth, formed out of the dimension of spirit, in the seat of your consciousness so that divine law, divine power, and divine wisdom becomes yours in a physical world. And by this very process you think the thoughts of God. And as the children of God with these capacities, you start performing the works of God as the children of God, and you start to occupy your inheritance in the name of your Father. This my friends, is not just a play on words. This is not just a sort of gymnastics that has been suggested here. We recognize today that the world order has a strategy today, it has a plan, it has a concept. And it knows that in order to hold your people it must hold out some great babble as an objective. Thus it tries to tell us that they have the solution to all of the social and economic problems of the world. There is no awakening period because of the technology of your society, that there are things to have, to attain, things that are brought to fruition, that produce a higher way of life than the majority of the world possesses. But the world order does not want to become adjusted to the spirit of God. The World Order is under the direction of Lucifer who considers himself, the Prince and the king of this world. More than that, they are well aware that you have arrived, but they do not want you to realize this.

Ever since the Adamic race has been here, Lucifer has been at the work of seducing, seeking to absorb and to integrate your society. More than that, he is aware that altho you have been one man's family, you have grown to be 1/6 of the world's population. It is sort of a frustrating thing for the forces of darkness to try to block the development and the growth and the coming to earth of the family of God. But during this period of years from one man’s family when he had his greatest opportunity and even when he had brought about the introduction of your race, and the integration of your society, he had failed to obtain his objective because not only was it not to be, but God had planted in HIS sons and daughters, divine ideas. God started right out with Adam and Eve. HE called them on the violation of divine law. HE called them and said HE would put them back on track after they had brought upon themselves this transgression, but HE was going to preserve this society. And HE told them that they would produce a household again which would be perfect according to HIS plan. Thus it was that HE gave them prophecies concerning this once again. The writings in the old Zohar tell us of this, and the early writings tell us that as Seth was born that Adam said, “I have now begotten a man in my own image and after my own likeness.” And of course all of the genealogies of the scriptures trace themselves right down to Seth and then to Adam who was the son of God. Thus it is in this instance an important thing to recognize that God was awakening men to the purpose of HIS plan, the preservation of their race and their culture, and the position of this culture to praise HIM. And the culture of heaven transplanted into earth requires the consciousness of heaven and the constant vision of a people.

Now we know that the Luciferian plan to absorb the race failed but we lost light and glory until we do not possess immortality any longer. But we know that thru out this course of time, God has been fulfilling HIS word by HIS appearance, by HIS speaking unto patriarchs and prophets, and inspiring them unto life. And thru this period of time, we have had great leaders like Moses and we have had God meeting with men and telling them what was on HIS mind. And accompanying this thru out the vast courses of time, HE has had unlimited power to bring these things to truition. There is no question in the mind of any deep searching student, anyplace in God's Universe. The absoluteness of the sovereignty of the mind of God is quite obvious. The spectrograph analyzes the expectancy of the Father’s LIGHT and Glory. And out of it, we find the exact same patterns of light and expectancy that the orders of divine law have produced in earth. Every atom has been ordered by the knowledge of the most HIGH. The synthesis of these units of electricity, by the tremendous elements of God's own spirit that has cast the substances together, that has produced galaxies or former generations, or has brought together these patterns of substance which is beyond our ability to imagine. And when they are massed and formed thru out the whole universe, there are laws that move out of the Master’s intelligence and HIS mind that sets up this universe for this age. The pattern is there. And thus, it is that we see from the furthermost sidereal system to this, the great synthesis of the elements of the atom. We think of the tremendous power that is involved here. We think of a substance like uranium 235 or 238, and here we have an energy which is spreading; and it holds together the protons. And yet if it were not for this synthesizing energy, the protons have about 60 lbs. between them. So when you have two protons, the energy between them, if they were to suddenly turn loose, would be abut 60 lbs. of protons. This means that the concentration of this in a mass when you start to add up the pounds of explosive force, are held together by what we call the mentoid, and this is a will of substance, and just because it is a will of law, holds it together. And they call this mentoid ‘elements.’ This then is a bookkeeping quality inside of the nucleus of the atom. When you think of how many thousands of these you can synchronize on the head of a pin, then you can think of how many explosives you have in a speck like this if you withdrew the law which holds it together. In fact, we have learned in our time that if you can tie into this or upset the balance of it, then we know why explosives go like they do when you upset the balance of how they are formed. And the whole Universe is synthesized with elements like that, and they are moving in their orbit and their electrons are about them. And they are so small that you and I cannot think on them, for they are microns in diameter. And when we think of the molecular masses and the vastness of the universe, and the size of what God has ordained, then the very existence of God has established the law and set up the purposes, and catalyzed the energy out of the sheer will of HIS purpose. And we realize that the Master Creator has established a universe that is staggering even for us to think about, in scope and in measure.

But there is something that I want you to think about. That what so ever God hath willed, God does. When we realize this then we understand that out of the sheer knowledge of consummation, out of the sheer knowledge of how it is synthesized, out of the sheer patterns of HIS law HE has put together a universe that you and I find ourselves staggered at. Specialists study a little tiny area of this and then bring to us what they have discovered. But I want you to know that the mind of the Father knows all about this. There is not one single element in HIS universe that God doesn't know all about. And there is nothing that HE has not synthesized out of HIS knowledge, wisdom and HIS intellect. And in consideration of this instance, then I want you to think upon what God has said in Colossians: ---all things were made by HIM, and by HIM was not anything made. Even when embodied and walking the earth as the man Christ Jesus, this is who we are talking about. And the Apostle Paul still knew what he was talking about. For when Jesus said, He who hath seen me, hath seen the Father, for the Father and I are one. Have I been with you so long, Philip, and you still do not know the Father?” The Apostle Paul tells us that not only was everything made by HIM that was made, and before HIM was not anything made, and by HIM all things consist, this is the Eternal work of the Father, thru out this great oval work of creation. By this process then I want you to think about what it says:--- “Be not conformed to the world, or the way the world thinks, for the world is always trying to upset the standards of what God has created. When God created the earth, it was good. When God created the people for the earth, they were good. And when they multiplied upon the earth, they were good. When the civilization of the second creation moved upon the earth, they were good. The Tungus man, when he came from the Steppes and started his creation . . . it was still good. There were great cities that had been built in the past, and mighty things had been done. And their resistance here before the rebellion of Lucifer, was good. Lucifer and his rebellion and violations of divine law created ancient catastrophes. The world has been rocked with nuclear wars in the past. If you think that Nuclear war is something new, the isotopes of it can be found out in Easter Island or out in the Pacific, or along the western shores of Africa. We have the evidence of material that has remained radio active where before we had never beheld radio activity. We have therefore the evidence and past history of by gone events, which rocked continents of an ancient world. But remember that whatsoever God did, HE did it right and HE did it completely right. The forces of rebellion which had to make transgression to begin with, had to violate all portions of divine law. And when they do this then this is what we call sin. That is what sin is, the violations of divine law and the producing of problems, whether it be in a physical world or a social world.

Under this instance then we point out to you that the World Order still tries to carry out its objective. It wants to conquer the world and rule everybody in it, and wants to do it in violation of divine law. But God said, “I want my household and my race to be separated and segregated. I want them to think my thoughts and to rise and be responsible.” And the world order says, “we want to integrate them and make them all one with the world order. We want brotherhood and love.” And so in this process when they talk about love, they talk about depravity and immorality and absorption. When they talk about the great grand world that they are going to build, they try to dangle before the children of the kingdom a substitute for God's plan. There is no doubt about this entrance into creation, and there is no doubt about the fact that after 7400 years when your race has been in the earth, that there are channels of thought and of vision and that God has moved thru you, and it has set up above anything that previously existed upon the earth, for millenniums of time.

Now under this instance I want you to realize that HIS spirit bears witness with our spirit that we are the children of God. I think of the psalmist who says that "Ye are Elohim and all of you are the children of YAHWEH." Therefore God has a household, and HE has a family and this family are ‘Gods.’ Therefore the only problem that leaves you in any way powerless in the problems that you face, the social revolution that you face, brought against you by the enemy, the pressures of world conquest which is a communist design, the ‘fifth column’ inside of your society, the anti-God movement, the denying of Christ, or the attempt to blend you in with all of the philosophies of the world . . . all of this . . . is to capture your area of thinking. And when people give ascent to this area of thinking they find themselves going along with the world. But they go along with lost power and they go along with this degenerating society which they believe they are accomplishing. And now they think that America like a ripe plum is going to fall into their hands. So how do you check this? You know now, this very afternoon, that you are the children of God, and HE bears witness with you, for HIS spirit bears witness with your spirit that you are the children of God. So how do you start to check this? Well, the first thing that you have to do is possess power, and power comes with knowledge. There is no other power than that which comes from knowledge. Oh, you say, “what about spiritual power?” Well, spiritual power and spiritual knowledge become synonymous. Because spiritual power is of divine knowledge. It is thinking the thoughts of God, and it is thinking them with the greatest catalysis of power the world has ever known. Did it ever occur to you that with the divine image of purpose forming in you is the image of God, and it is coming forth? Did it ever occur to you that since you are spirit of HIS spirit, and you are soul life of HIS soul life, and flesh of HIS flesh and bone of HIS bone, then the household of God possesses HIS power? One of the things HE came for was to empower HIS many sons.

I tell you this afternoon then that across from the dimension of spirit, God wants to transform you with Light and Power by renewing your mind. Someone said, “what do you mean by transform?” We mean that across from this spiritual consciousness and synchronization of the Father, from a weak people, from a people that have fear, to a people who have vision, from a people who will stand up not from origin but from perception, and move out to accomplish God's purpose. In fact then under this instance it is a form of power that develops in the people of God, because their mind has been renewed to the things that they knew before the world was framed. These are the things that HE told you from the beginning. These are things which you need to know. We have mentioned over and over again, that the great purpose of the Church, and the great purpose of God's plan is to regenerate or to reactivate the spirits of men. It is to establish within them a vitality of life and to give them back all of the things which they have lost and to give them back all of the things which they possess. And the great renewing of the mind is the great single powerful force that transforms people. Every once in a while you hear that religion, or Christianity can transform men. But the only way to transform them is when it synchronizes their thinking with the thoughts of God. We may well recognize today that as the church starts to synchronize men's thinking into moral conduct or ethical procedures, and tries to get them to thinking thus, instead of how the world order does, and to know that this power which moves in them is the thinking and synchronization of God and that it does work.

Now let me point this out to you, that our occupation in the earth is to accomplish the victory over the forces of darkness, for we must think the thoughts of God and we must accomplish this as we catalyze this power in HIS many sons. Jesus said greater things are you going to do. What did HE mean by that? He walked the earth, with command of earth and with total expectancy of knowledge commanded the very elements about HIM, such as the wind and the waves, they obeyed HIM. The storms were stilled. HE could command until the re-synthesis in bodies took on light and HE could even stop a funeral procession with a command. And HE did not have any doubt as HE stopped the funeral possession and told the young man to arise. HE was going to restore him . . . this was God embodied in power and in light, and this was force. Suppose I tell you that God wants you to think just like that. HE not only wants you to be the recipients of command and expect to move it . . . I am going to tell you that unless we can catch the concept of victory over the powers of darkness, and unless we can move HIS sons and daughters with command, we deceive ourselves, depress ourselves. And we move into areas in which the enemy accomplishes victory in our society. Powerful Sons must think with vision and must recognize without doubt what they can accomplish. In fact when I look back over what God has accomplished, then anytime I find myself depressed, I am ashamed of myself. When I realize that one man's family has produced the greatest culture the world has ever known, so much so that they are trying to invade and destroy it from within, and realize the miracles that my Father can perform as HE holds the Universe together, and HE has already told me that HE is going to quicken our consciousness and give us a vision, and all we have to do is to go out and use it and do it. “Be ye not conformed by how the world thinks, but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind.”

Now this is not a formula that you go out and give to all of the world. This was not a formula for Lucifer or his household. This is a formula for the children of God who thinking like the world became negated and do not move out to accomplish their work for the kingdom. I want you to know that it is from this apathy that the challenge of God's spirit moves to synchronize your thinking with HIM and get this operation back on the road to accomplishment. God says that this is the time of Jacob's trouble . . . this thing which has happened, this apathy is what we call the 'falling away,’ first on the road of progress, suddenly everything slows down and starts to slow down and the world order tells us that we must accept all theology and to embrace them as tho this were a great love match with the devil. And when this happens, you suddenly lose your vision, your objective, and you lose your power. Someone said, “How does such a great nation like America ever slip into such socialistic programs, and advanced areas of taxation, and into areas where the enemies of our race and our faith advise our President and our Presidents don't act like they have good sense?” I can't help but think back to some of the silly things he said the other day. Especially when he complained about the conservatives and the people, who are waking up. He said, these people have animosity toward their adversaries. Isn't that terrible? I can't think of anyone else that I would have any animosity toward than the adversary. But if I embraced the adversary I am dead. The adversary makes war, the adversary is against us, the adversary wants to take us over, the adversary is the devil. This is what my Bible tells me that the devil and all of his angels are the adversaries. And now my President, altho I did not have anything to do with it, tells me that what is wrong with this is that we who recognize the adversary are belligerent . . . well, belligerence is a foundation to make war with the devil. And if we are not belligerent toward the adversary, we become conquered. So where does the belligerence today come from against evil? It is because you are beginning to catch the idea that God wants you to perceive. You are starting to think in terms as to how God thinks.

If you and I then recognize that it is our Father who holds the Universe together, and does it by HIS sheer will and power, and does it by HIS command, and tells us that: “I give you this power,” you then can command, you can combine, and you can move. --What holds you back? Well, the world order has told you that you can't do it for there are more of us. The world order says they hold you captive. I imagine that is the way Moses felt at times, while out there in the desert. His people were in bondage and he had just slain an Egyptian because of his cruelty and his brutality. And altho he had been raised as the son of Pharaohs daughter, and he carried the Scarab seal and ring of the house of power, he was now an outcast. But he had been meeting with God. And God had not only appeared in strange ways as HE caught his attention with an effulgent glow, like flames of fire from a bush. And as he watched the bush was not consumed, it was just illuminated. And he heard the voice of YAHWEH speaking out of the fire saying, “Moses look at me, I am YAHWEH of thy forefathers of Isaac and Jacob. Now approach unto ME.” And then he was instructed to take his shoes off because he would be so close to spiritual power he better be grounded. And Moses approaches a source of radiation and power and starts to move for it. And he hears the voice of God. But all he can see is the effulgent glory around the bush. But he hears the things which God commands him to do, and the things that God has told him to do. But now he has come in contact with power. How many times this happened to Moses, you and I can only guess at, but finally when the hosts of the most High landed on Mt. Sinai, then most of the people could not get near the mountain. And you were told don't come close to it, and do not let man or beast put his hand on the mountain . . . the Enosh or the Adamic household. But Moses could walk right up that mountain. He had been in contact and had been empowered, and was immunized by his association until he walked right up that mountain and into the presence of the glory of God. And in this instance as he had moved by divine command, I imagine if it were not for a deep assurance which had moved over him, he would have felt very very much alone, and very much inadequate when he went back into Egypt with a price on his head. When he entered the palace of Pharaoh and said, “Let these people go,” he made his demands and he found himself standing before the power of the world order. Around about were the dark priests of Seti. And here was the enemy, the Luciferian forces. And he stood there and spoke. You say, “why did not Pharaoh then throw him in jail?” Because the power he now moved in with and the power he commanded with the power of YAHWEH moving thru him and they dare not put their hands on Moses. And Moses felt this. He knew this and he felt this. And he moved with this power. When Moses made the many prophecies that he made in his many experiences of the capacities and the judgments and they came to pass, and every time something happened, then Moses was stronger. He was just a man of your race. He was just an empowered son. He was just declaring the very will of his Father and was just the very will of it.

WHEN MOSES APPROACHED LEADING THREE MILLION CHILDREN out of the land of Egypt, while the muddled thinking of the Egyptians was getting readjusted, they were about to gather their war chariots to follow them and Moses is taking his people toward their area of destiny and here is the Red Sea before them, blocking their path. The enemy had changed their minds and they have decided that they are not going to let them go and the thundering war chariots of Egypt could be heard in the distance . . . Moses walked down to the waters edge, and suddenly there is this full realization that he is an empowered son and he holds in his hand a staff, but a symbol of leadership. It did not have the anchor on the top of it like that on the top of those of the Egyptian priests or masters, but it was a staff of the son of the Eternal. It did have upon it an orb. And as he approached the area of the Red Sea, he never questioned what was to happen. He just stretched it forth and commanded as the Eternal voice of YAHWEH had commanded him to do, and suddenly, the elements go into action, and the motion of the water starts to change and it begins to pile up on either side. It moves as tho a hurricane had swept it apart. And yet the backed up water stands as Israel marches thru. Someone said, “you do not believe that old bedtime story, do you?” I not only believe it, I can go to the enemy and prove it. I can go to the wall of the drowned Pharaoh's tomb and I can see written upon those walls as the hieroglyphic of Egypt tells us as to how the Pharaoh, the great light of Egypt, drowned pursuing the children of Israel into the Red Sea that their God had divided. He said, “if they can go thru there, I can too.” And as he got out into the middle and almost to the bank on the other side, then Moses turned and lifted his staff and the waters came together and Pharaoh and his army was drowned. You have heard the song of Moses and the Lamb? Over in the book of Revelation it says they are going to start singing that song again. And in America they can't start singing that too quick to satisfy me. Pharaoh and his armies are drowned. You say, “we do not have any Egyptians here.” No, but we have some real counterparts that make the Egyptians look like nice people.

In this instance, again the thing is, that the thinking of God filled the mind of Moses until he became the instrument for the catalyst of the will of God, and his command was as tho the purpose of God.

Now, I want you to see something this afternoon. As you command with the will of God, then you become the instrument for the voice of God to divide the water and to destroy the darkness. And you become transformed from powerless speaking sons to men of God with power, and men of God with vision. Oh, you say, “but this is not for us.” Oh, yes, it is. Because “upon my sons and my daughters, upon my hand maidens also in these last days WILL I pour out my spirit.”

When I look around sometimes, I think that more women are interested in doing the things of God, and I see more women at work than I do men. However I will say this . . . that for the kingdom, there are no people like those that know the great program of the kingdom, because it has a challenging and realistic approach because it is TRUTH. AND YOU WILL DISCOVER THAT THIS IS A MESSAGE THAT WE ARE SATISFIED WITH BECAUSE OF ITS TRUTH, MEN AND WOMEN. Women are sometimes moved by emotions where men are supposed to be moved by reason. This is the old concept. The concept was that the spirit of God thus would bring sound theology upon the minds of men which would not be removed by emotion as suddenly as possibly as the women would be.

But I point out to you that today lots of our religion has become so worldly and so cold that there is not much emotion and not much sentiment left in it anyhow. And in this day when God is stirring HIS people, HE is healing up all of the patches of error with spiritual power that comes thru consciousness and wisdom and power. And HE is instilling and empowering HIS sons and HIS daughters with the intellectual vision, wisdom, and power of the essence of HIS own Holy Spirit. And upon HIS sons and HIS daughters and upon HIS young men and HIS old men, HIS young women and HIS old women, and upon HIS handmaidens, HE is pouring out HIS spirit. And this is catalyzing a synchronized of vision that shall renew their minds with what they had known in the Celestial before they ever walked the earth. And we shall accomplish and see a power here that will be a miracle in this age. It will bind the darkness. And if they want to come with a sword, we will meet them with a sword. And if they want to match wits with the elements, we will meet them in a nuclear war as well. And we will not cry out against those that have cunning and usurpation. Every once in a while we hear the voice of a coward. We hear the voice of those who say it is better to be Red than dead and that the holocaust will destroy the world. I don't think so. For it has happened before and the world was not destroyed. People survived it. And I am going to tell you that I also have assurance from my Father that there is no weapon formed against this race that will prosper. Someone said, “that is foolish to think that there is no modern design that they will not think of which will do the trick.” No, it is not foolish to think this, for my Father controls the winds and the waves and even the direction the fall out will take.

I listened the other day and they said the conservatives would challenge Communism even if it brought a nuclear war. The Prime Minister of England said it is better to back Communism than to be hungry and have to fight. I would rather fight hungry ones for they would not be so strong. In fact, I am tired of supplying the staples to the enemies of my God. Let me assure you of this. A lot of people said, “Oh, what we long for is spiritual truth.” Well, what do you think it is? Some people say, “Oh, if we could just get spiritual truth, that just fills us with some kind of emotions; something that stirs us.” Well then maybe they want to vibrate or to holler or something like that. But I am going to tell you something. The kind of spiritual truth that I am interested in is the kind of truth that can so catalyze a man and make a man like Moses do what Moses did; that could take over a man like Elijah until he could divide water also. For he could accomplish the miracles of God.

The Disciples walked with Christ during HIS miracles and they were waiting for the catalization of their consciousness after HIS departure. And when it came upon them, they were endued with power. They were enveloped with a flickering aura like flames of glory. And they found out something; they could command and the sick were healed. They could even raise the dead. Even when a fellow fell asleep in church and fell out of the window, they just commanded him to be healed and he was restored.

Now we do not have too much trouble with people falling asleep in church, but there are to many churches in which I don't understand how they keep people awake at all. But the power was on the disciples. More than that it was power over substance, power over material things. Lock them up in jail and the sequence of spiritual things could roll back the covers and throw open the jail, and they could walk out. I think of fear that put them in jail, and the people of the early church gathered together to pray together in someone’s parlor for they did not dare go out in the open. And someone said, “It’s the same today, for some of them are still meeting in parlors and they are discussing things they do not dare discuss anywhere else.” And then the power of the enemy had put Peter in jail and the knock came on the door, and the girl goes to the door and she comes running back and says, “Do you know who is at the door? It’s Peter.” “Oh, no, he is locked up; he is not at the door.” Well then what were you praying about? What were you asking God to do? So now Peter is out and at the door and you do not want to let him in? Someone said, “There is a failure in prayer.” And I said, “I don't know about it, tell me about it.” Well, they said, “Every time I pray, it is just like I expect . . . nothing ever happens.”

I said, “You got exactly just what you expected.” For you were told that this is all prayer would do. According to faith, according to what you believe . . . it will go no further. After all, this is not changing God's mind. HE knows what HE can do all of the time. He is just adjusting your mind as to how HE can challenge it. But what happened to Peter? Well, Peter waited until the administering spirit came along and Peter then remembered what he had known when in the spirit. So he just moved right out thru the walls. And when on the outside, he said, “How did we do that?” So God says, “Never mind, they are waiting for you down there.” So Peter went on up to the house where his friends were gathered.

Someone said, “But this cannot happen again.” But yes, it can happen any time. The more you synchronize your mind with the mind of the Father, the more you will do the work of the Father. Because you will be challenged by the Father. And HE has given you this part of authority.

Someone said, “This makes such a high level of responsibility that people have to perform; that if people do not perform, they find themselves an outcast.” No, I am showing you what God has told you to do, what HE has empowered you to do. Showing you that HE has given you the power to command. And I want you to know that the only way that transforming power can routed thru you, is to renew your wisdom which resides in the spirit. No, we are not renewing any spirit. Some people have the idea that we have to fix up sad and broken spirits. If you do, you are licked. For nothing every happens to the spirit. It is only in the soul consciousness and upon its impact in the physical body. Synchronize that soul consciousness with this core of revolution that moves out of the power of the spirit and out of the power of the Father, and that soul consciousness thinks and lives with vitality and power, and strength and energy until it synthesizes the human body as well. Sure . . . we have come thru several thousand years of the development of some of these events. And we have also been here some 7400 plus years since death came upon our race. And we have just about finished our time here, so you have to remember that time has rolled on and we have reached the point where God is going to re-empower HIS sons. But all thru this period God was calling out sons, revitalizing their consciousness with the concept of HIS will, and making them new instruments to unveil it as they perceived it. So we had some miracles and we had the power. I point out to you that a miracle is not the operation of unnatural law. It is the higher operation of natural law because the power that operates and controls the universe is giving the issue and the command.

Thus, in this, again there is nothing like a transformed background. The very moment that you live and think the purposes of God, you then see before you the objective. And when you pick up the newspaper you think not as the world thinks; you think with the perception as tho God put an antenna within you. This is sort of like a built-in radar system and you start thinking thoughts like the thoughts of God and you sense the error. You sense the error, you sense the strategy, and you sense the whole program of the pattern of anti-Christ as it shows up. And you naturally speak out against it. You resist it and you speak out against it as you talk to your friends, or you identify it.

Now what you are next going to find yourself doing is to bind it and to move against it. And you will discover that as your people increase in their numbers and they think and they synchronize their thoughts with the thoughts of God, that the transforming power of the MOST HIGH will move in upon HIS many sons and it will start to make things come together like a sidereal system coming together. And the kingdom of God is going to rise with power and fear is going to fall upon your enemies. And in the strange complexity of their fears and their frustrations, they will destroy themselves in many instances, as they try to destroy the rock of the kingdom. This will be like the Midianites in confusion falling upon themselves. God had Gideon break the pitchers and lift up the light and start to shout and the Midianites thought that a whole regiment of Israelites had fallen on them. And in their attempt to get out of there, they fought one another.

Again I want you to know that you are not a defeated people, and you are going to be a mighty host. I turn back to the book of Proverbs the 23rd chapter, and I read these words (vs:7): “As he thinketh in his heart, so is it. As an individual thinketh in his heart, so is he.” Oh, you say, “In his head.” But, no. I am talking about his heart; thinking in his heart. If he sees himself broken, if he sees himself filled with fear, then this is the level that he is going to live at. And this is the level that is going to defeat him. If he sees the purposes of God that are going to bring all things to his remembrance, bring him to the knowledge of all truth. If he seeks the will of God, the knowledge of God, then he no longer thinks of defeat and he moves with the strength that belongs to a son of God. And this will apply to every area of proper movement. And it will move in the area of one's household and move into the areas of accomplishing victory over the enemy. Don't defeat it with your concept, don't defeat it with acceptance of darkness. There is no question, but that there are times when people move into the valley. I do not know anyone who does not have times of trouble and everything just seems to fall in at the same time. The devil seems to have his way at times, for he has forces and powers all of the depressions and upheavals . . . call it what you will. But it moves in on you.

And about that time then everything seems to go wrong. And everything then seems to look impossible. And that is the only time you seem to need help the most. So what do you do? Well there are some things that you have to do. And you immediately start to realize that this is your Father’s world and HE holds all things together. And you must remember that you as a son of God, have the power to come out. And instead of being shaken and depressed by this thing, then you start to rise above this thing, and know that tomorrow will always come. And several days after this, you may wonder how you did it. But it is because God Carried you thru. So if God carried you thru in the past, HE is going to carry you thru in the future. So instead of worrying thru, go thru triumphantly to meet God on the other side.

I turn to the words of Isaiah in the 40th chapter:---To whom then will ye liken me to whom shall I be equal saith the Holy ONE. Lift up your eyes on high and see, behold who hath created these things, that bringeth out their hosts by the numbers, HE calleth them all by names, by the greatness of HIS Power, by their generations, and HE calls them for HE is strong in power; not one of HIS commands or HIS purposes ever fails. Why saith ye oh, Jacob, and speaketh thee oh, Israel, that my way is from YAHWEH, and my judgment is passed over from my God. I know what you think, I know your problems, I know your environment, and I have purposed your victory; so wake up and seize it. Hath thou not knows, hath thou not heard that the everlasting YAHWEH, the Eternal EL, the creator of the ends of the earth saith not; neither is HE weary. There is no searching out in the natural of HIS understanding but HE know your needs. He gives power then to the faint, and to them who do not have might, HE gives strength; even youth would faint and be weary, young men would fall as God poured out HIS power to give them strength.

Now listen. They who wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as Eagles; they shall run and not be weary, and they shall walk and not faint. There has never been a period where it is more important for us to understand that there is a purpose out here, of conquering the enemy. I will not take the time this afternoon to go into the problems, for you know the problems that face you today. You know what the problem is down there with that school board, or with that whole procedure which they are trying to use to propagandize. And remember that as we refuse to conform to the way the world thinks that our mind is renewed with the program of the kingdom. So let this be the way for our children. Let this be the way for our nation. And let this be the way that we shall establish as we command and move with vision and expect it.

The other day a man met with President Johnson and laid down a great area of evil which had been directed to a group of Protestant men. And the executive move to remove them had come from a high office under President Kennedy. And then the President got mealy mouthed about this and he made great promises. But this man said, “listen---you are speaking with a double tongue as did the man before you, so I will tell this to your face. We will walk out of here, but you will not be here long.”

I think that it is time for every Christian to determine that they are not going to be there very long. And if there are any whammies then don't let it come on you, let it come on the enemies of God's kingdom. You know people that generally fill the penitentiary, the people they capture, are the people that are running. Remember again that the best area of victory is an attack. So we are going to be belligerent with our enemy. We will be belligerent with the adversary, and we are going to have total faith in total victory, until we achieve it. Someone said, “Is there a great danger that they might kill us?” Well, they may try. But I have every expectation of being here when Christ returns. In fact, I am planning on participating in that final victory march. I want to see those sword broken. I want to see those hammers and sickles come down. I want to see the enemies of Christ have to bow the knee and have to acknowledge that Christ is YAHWEH God. And I will tell you something. We are going to be there and we do not think it is very far removed. Oh, you say, “Can we last that long?” Who told you that it was very long? Instead of planning on it lasting that long, just plan on bringing it to pass quickly. Then know that we are not conforming to the image of this world. Our very being is being challenged and transformed by the renewing of our mind, and by the indestructible will with the power to command. Let us not forget, this is our heritage.

End of message.