Tree And The Vine, 2-7-66


By  DR. WESLEY A. SWIFT - 2-7-66

It is a significant measure that along with the other measures, types, and symbols of the Scriptures that we understand the mysteries contained in the identity which is clearly marked, concerning the people in the House of God, the Children of God, and the Nation of God. These symbols do not change, for always there are certain symbols and certain keys, but the translators do not always elaborate sufficiently upon some of the areas of the symbols, to make them clear as they cut back some of the adjectives and some of the symbols that are involved.

Thus it is that we hear the story of Israel, the Vine. I listened to a speaker and he said...Israel is the vine and then told how at times God had to destroy and tear it out, and prune the vine as it was of no value, and now God had turned away from Israel the vine, to the Goyim, the Gentile world. Of course this is a fallacy and so I think it is important that we understand the symbols of the scriptures. We do not find that there is a clear understanding though, some times, thus people are confused. When Jesus said: “I am the vine”...He was talking of the Living Vine which would bring forth fruit of His Kingdom.

John, chapter 15., “I am the vine” here Jesus was referring to His physical embodiment in the earth. “And the Spirit which is father of all life and vitality, is the husbandman and every branch in me..which does not bear fruit shall be taken out of the way.” Then he makes this statement..”Abide in me, and I in you, and as a branch cannot bear fruit of itself except it abide in the vine, no more can ye except ye abide in me. I am the vine and ye are the branches.” Also this translation is...”I am the root and the trunk, and ye are the branches.” This is talking strictly about the effectiveness of those who constitute the Household of God emerging forth from the Father, drawing Life and vitality out of His Spirit, which is symbolized as the sap and the vine.

So when we talk of the marking or identity of Israel as the Vine..this is fallacious. Sometimes Israel is referred to as the Cedar trees, when talking about its Kingdom. But always when trees are referred to then you are talking of the Nations of the world. Thus it is that nations and Kingdoms of the world are trees. And great trees are mighty Empires and small shrubs are small Kingdoms. That which makes these Kingdoms strong or great are their Racial Streams. Thus it is...that the racial streams are referred to in the Scriptures as being of various sizes according to their numbers and their tributaries, and the tributaries are their offsprings that move out of these various streams. When they build nations or Kingdoms then Kingdoms are watered by the strength of the racial streams from whence they come. If the streams are strong or large, or mighty, then their Empires are mighty.

In the 31st., chapter of Ezekiel, God said that the waters (racial streams) of people that produces the Assyrian Empire were so Great that they ran out like great rivers and their tributaries were everywhere, and thus their trees became mighty Empires and covered the whole earth. He said the Egyptians were also mighty as an Empire because of their race streams and tributaries, thus making a strong tree, but they were nothing like the Assyrian Empire.

When God talks about His own Household then He refers to it as a green tree, and as a Cedar tree. In fact in Ezekiel, God refers to Israel as a green tree and when He transferred the Kingdom from Judah/Benjamin over to the Anglo-Saxon people of the House of Joseph through the ministry of Jeremiah when Jeremiah took of the Tender Twig of the Cedar tree, then was a symbolism of trees in reference to God’s moves in Israel.

Always we discover that the tree is used to symbolize the Life of the Kingdom, and coming out of the Life is the Spiritual Stream of the Life Seed. Water is always related to the Spirit, so thus the symbol of the use of water as Spirit is vital in the understanding of the Scriptures. For He said:..”I will pour out my Spirit upon my sons and my daughters”..and He calls this the Former and the Latter Rain. In the 43rd chapter of Isaiah...”Thus saith Yahweh, He who formed thee from the womb, Fear not O Jacob, I will pour water upon he who is thirsty as floods upon dry ground, I will pour My Spirit upon thy seed and My blessings upon thy offspring.”

Thus it is again that we turn to the mark of your race, because as it relates to race stream...we find that there are Asiatic streams of the Tungus man all over the world, and out of them came the various Asiatic people and the hoards that migrated out of the Steppes, and then there existed the race stream of the Negroes that came in during the Luciferian rebellion, when Michael drove Lucifer and his hoards out of the heavens and we find that the Negroes were on the ships of Lucifer when he was defeated and confined to earth. No Negroes were ever placed on the earth by some activity of God, but they were brought to earth by the defeated Lucifer as he manned some of his crafts out in some areas of the Milky Way during his conflict with Negroes. So that is how they arrived here. Now some people are very disturbed because we do not accept Negroes as equal to our race, as one and the same race, but actually if they would check then they would find that our race did not arrive at the time the Negro came to earth. Also our race started from the Throne of God. For evidence of this then turn to the 22nd chapter of Revelation:...”He showed me a pure river of the water of life, clear as crystal and it was proceeding out of the throne of God and of the Lamb.” Now this is the race stream of God’s family...transferred from heaven to earth, proceeding out of the Throne of God and being embodied in human form.

Now; our race stream was given Spiritual Life and vitality and we had behind it a Destiny which God had willed, so don’t worry about it running out...for He willed that it will increase until we are as the sands of the sea shore. When God reiterated His covenant with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, then He promised He would make a nation and a company of nations out of the preservation of this seed. From Adam to Abraham, God had preserved this seed. Through Abraham to Isaac He multiplied this seed and from Isaac to Jacob then He started break up this seed into His purposes through the sons of Jacob. God has ordained that not only shall this great race stream survive, this stream He has planted in the earth, but it shall multiply as the sands of the sea shore, and the stars of the Heavens, in fact it shall grow until it fills the whole earth. Now we note these words in Revelation:22....”He showed me this pure river of the water of life.” What does this mean? “In the midst of it and on either side of this river was a tree. This tree has 12 manner of fruits.” This is the tree of God...the family of God, to produce the Kingdom of God in the earth. Then it says...”The leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations.”

The leaves on most trees are Green until the frost hits them, and that green coloring is the carbon and vitality of them which has been stored in them by photo-synthesis, which is the process by which light produces and stores energy to produce life. So the Light for the Kingdom comes from the Spirit of God and the Light of God, and the tree not only has light in it but the Light is the fruit of the Kingdom. Now you as a race...the Adamic race, moved out of God and your race stream will produce the Kingdom as a Government in the earth.

At the present time there are many governments that make up the Kingdom of God. But they are identified by The Christ who is the Light which lighteth every man that cometh into the world, and they are identified by the Light of Truth that makes them masters of society, and makes them supreme above all other peoples of the world. By the quality of their inspiration their vision and their understanding, because they are the Household of the Most High God.

Now; among all of the Empires and Nations that have come out of the various racial streams...there is nothing that has been as destructive as the line of Lucifer that has been sowed into the earth. This line of Lucifer is not constructive of a great civilization and culture. It is not a vine that brings forth edible fruit that is good for the nourishment of the soul or the mind, not for the development of a civilization with righteousness and purpose. Therefore there is a difference in the vine of the Luciferian Household. Being a fallen Angel, Lucifer, now confined to earth started to propagate a Household to carry out the designs of His Kingdom. Now; Lucifer’s tree wasn’t a great tree, but there were great Empires under the influence of Lucifer that were big trees, but they were always weakened and brought to their end by this vine of Lucifer.

Now; this vine of Lucifer has a definite mark. In the Book of Deuteronomy chapter 33., God tells the people through Moses that there is a great difference between them and the mixed multitudes of the enemy among them. It shows in their countenances and they have a mark and they are not of God’s people. They are a corrupt and evil people seeking to corrupt the Kingdom of God. The Scriptures tell us in this instance that God is our Rock and His works are perfect, but these people don’t serve this Rock, rather they serve the Luciferian. It would be good for you to carefully read the whole 32nd., chapter of Deuteronomy for there you find the instructions God gives to you concerning these people, and why they shouldn’t live in your land and associate with your sons and daughters.

But Yahweh said concerning Lucifer’s vine.....”Their vine is the vine of Sodom, and their field is the field of Gomorrah, and their grapes are like grapes of gall, their clusters are bitter, their poison is like the poison of the dragon and the bite of the asp.” So God refers to their vine as being the vine of Sodom, and therefore this is the violation of Divine Law, by these Angel’s who did not keep their first estate...out of their morality and degeneracy...formed an evil and Satanic influence.

Now; many troubles effected your race since the days you were placed in earth, and most all of those troubles came from unassimilatable people who have no place or lot with you. Those that move with you or dwell with you or exist in your land. Among them I point out to you are those in the Book of Ezekiel chapter 15. When the Clergy point out this Book of Ezekiel and in the 15th., chapter., call this vine the vine of Israel, they make a grave mistake. This is not the vine of Israel, although here it is located in a place which belongs to Israel, and also today you find this Luciferian vine back in that place today. (Jerusalem--or Palestine.)

And so when I heard the wailing of an Evangelist, telling the world that a vine of Israel had failed God, and now God has taken another vine in Israel’s place...God turned to another people, another race and opened the whole world to the building of a Kingdom. Don’t be carried away with error. Let’s read what the Scriptures say:...”And the word of the Lord came to me saying, Son of Man, what is a vine-tree.” The words here should be...”What is a Parasite vine?” Out in the forest you see this parasite vine growing on trees and these vines smother the trees. Now there are more of these vines than ever for now we even have planted some Russian vines and they are a curse to our trees. Now, this vine doesn’t produce anything, it just sucks the light and life out of trees.

So God said....”What is a parasite a tree?” Is it good, can anything be made from it? Can you take wood from it to make anything? Now it grows, but as it grows over the tree it takes the life from the tree. You can’t even make a dowel rod out of it because it bends. You can’t even make a pin and use it to hang a vessel on. You can’t get any use for it as it is only a parasite. The fire devours it, but when it was whole it still wasn’t good for anything. And when it burned it wasn’t good for anything for the ashes can’t even be used. Therefore saith Yahweh....”As the parasite vine among trees of the forest which I have given to the fire...for fuel... so will I give the inhabitants of Jerusalem.”

This applies today as it did in the days of Jesus, for today in Jerusalem this parasite vine is there and it is the abomination of the desolator. It’s life doesn’t come from production, it comes from its parasite growth and it isn’t good for anything except to the thrown in the fire and burned. In fact it has been in fire after fire and every time it is about to be burned, some one sticks up for it and they say....its not being used right. But God says its not good for anything, it is a curse and a parasite and it only destroys, you cannot build a Kingdom out of it for it is always evil.

Therefore God says:..”Therefore I set my face against the inhabitants of Jerusalem, they shall go from one fire to another fire, and fire shall devour them: and ye shall know that I am Yahweh, when I set my face against them, because of what they have done to my people, my household, my Kingdom, and my Tree.”

When you have an area of Ecclesiastical ignorance, it besets the Church with a great problem, for they immediately identify these people as Yahweh’s vine and say He had to cast them aside. But....they are not Yahweh’s vine, for it tells you over in the Book of Deuteronomy that they are the Luciferian vine, and Jesus doesn’t change any of the story when He says that some of this Parasite vine which had managed to sap the life out of the Temple of Jerusalem, and out of the Ecclesiastical life of the people of that day, for Jesus said:..”Ye are of your father the devil”...He knew where they came from. He also said:..” I am the vine with fruit and with life and with vitality.” But this other vine is a parasite vine and it does not produce fruit. Now, it isn’t always that the identity is by the vine symbol. The vine which was Satanic is however identified as such.

Never make the mistake of looking for Israel as the vine. (Israel is the grapes, or wine, or fruit.)

When God refers to the Waters of Life that produces His Kingdom then He tells how it emerges from His Throne and flows out over the entire earth, and builds the great nations of His Kingdom. The Great Kingdom with 12 manners of fruit, and out of 12 branches, all these nations arrive and make up His Kingdom. Today all these 12 branches are the white Christian nations, they are His Kingdom today.

Now; in this instance of time then this mixed multitude of Luciferians grew so large that they became recognized as a tree, because they captured...the Kingdom...and they are called a Fig Tree. In this Kingdom then were both good and bad figs. The bad figs were not good for food and in the days of Jesus a remnant of the bad figs were in Jerusalem. Those false Canaanite Priests of the Fig Tree line who were in control with their domination of the Temple knew that their emblem was the fig, and that Israel was the Olive Tree. Even the Apostle Paul knew this as God unveiled to him the mystery of all the branches coming back on to their own tree, and that the coming together of the great white nations of the world sometimes called ‘gentile’ which they are not....was the gathering and the grafting of them (the wild olive branches) into their own Olive Tree.

When Jesus came by the Fig Tree and it didn’t have any fruit on it He said to His disciples “This tree is a symbol of those up there in the Temple, and I’m going to curse this tree, for people are being disturbed by it, and it will never have any fruit on it...never again.” Then when the disciples came back the next day the tree had dried up and the leaves had fallen. (Then in a few short years this kingdom in Judea was destroyed.)

The Jew’s and Priests when they heard about those words of Jesus, perceived that He had spoken this against them, and that they were this tree, so now they said..’How can we put Him to death?’ So under no stretch of the imagination is Yahweh referring to Israel as the Jew’s and in no way is He referring to Israel in the Book of Ezekiel as He says these are Parasites. (Cp. 15)

I don’t think I have to explain to you that the Jew’s are parasites. It is quite clear and obvious, for instead of building a nation, they go out over the world and live off all nations, and extract from those nations their life, waiting for Lucifer’s Kingdom to come to its fullness.

In these latter days they have gone into Israeli...Palestine, and they took it by cunning and fraud, and they have made of it a general political center, but they don’t expect to go there to live, instead they will remain the Parasite vine on all the trees of God’s Kingdom. We talked to a Jewish leader back in the days when they were waiting for the recognition of Israeli and when we came up to this man in the Tran-Pacific Auditorium, in the midst of their display and we asked this question as they stood distributing their literature and pleading for recognization. We asked...if Israeli is recognized will you move there? They looked at me and the leader of the group said ‘Why you are anti-Semitic.’ They didn’t want to go to Israeli to live....they didn’t even like the suggestion, but they want the location and the power and then they want someone else to go there to live. Now it is to no advantage to give them some where they don’t want to move to. I’d give them most any place possible if I could get them all to go there...then I’d put a ring around that place and a wall.

This is again the instance of it, they did not have at any time an Empire, self producing its own strength. Some one said that there is more Gold, Silver, and Jewels in Tel-Aviv then any place in the world, and that’s right, but it doesn’t come from their own production, but from this bunch of thieves stealing it from all over the world and sending it over there. They have taken the Gold from all nations of the earth by fraud and manipulation and deposited it in Tel-Aviv. Well, one of these days God is going to split that place wide open and dump it all into the Mediterranean Sea. No doubt there will be a wail for a while when that Judgment comes which is in the Book of Zechariah says is in store for that land.

Don’t let anyone tell you that God cast aside His people...God forbid! When we turn to the words of the covenant He says...You are the people to who He gave His covenants, to whom He gave His law, to whom He unveiled His glory, whose are the fathers concerning the flesh from which Christ came...and who is Yahweh above...forever.

So one of the great mysteries of the Bible is that the Kingdom of God is a vital Kingdom, and it is made up of His family, and we have discussed with you the difference in people, the differences in the Spiritual responsibility of the people of God’s Kingdom, because they are a Priesthood of a vital living people....spirit of the heavens, dwelling in the earth, and that the Kingdom of God is an Eternal Kingdom and shall not be destroyed and it shall not be left to other people because it possesses the quality of Life. So when God pours out His Spirit then this is the energy of His own conscious intelligence, this is the wave length of His own mind, this is the enveloping awareness of the flowing thoughts of God.

Now; people want to break all the above into parts. I listened the other day to a man that explained how God was sending another fellow of the God-head down to people who had accepted him and became Christians, this was the 3rd., God coming down and He would stay around them as the Comforter, this was the area of the 3rd., God. Well, I am going to tell you that people are going to wake up some day and find out that He is Spirit..Soul..and Body..ONE ...Yahweh.

In the abiding presence of His great and creative Spiritual Nature which stays with us, and is also synchronized into us. Being Spirit of His Spirit we have already referred to the fact that you are the Temple of the Holy Spirit and that the Spirit that dwells in you is the Spirit of God. Now when we tell you that the Spirit of God dwells in you...that is because you are the offspring of God, your Spirit is the offspring of His Spirit. You as an individual are offspring of your Father. He says:...I am your father, and you are My offspring. Because of that therefore God is your father...after the Spirit. That is why the Apostle Paul was told that your bodies are the Temple of the Spirit of God. That is why you can’t cohabit with darkness, that is why you can’t join your self to the Temples of Baali, that is why you can’t join your self to people of another race because then God can’t father, as His posterity, a mongrelized people. So that is the instructions to the Church, that they are not to mongrelize your race, and by the same instructions God tells you that you are His people and you can receive His Spirit and be guided by His Spirit, but the world cannot receive on your wave length which is the wave length of God’s mind. The Greek word Paraclete ‘Paraclete’...this means the great intelligence and awareness of the mind of Yahweh, or the proof of the mind of Yahweh, it is so close a perception to the consciousness of Yahweh that it builds an area of security into the soul consciousness. Now they tried to find some way to translate this conscious intelligence which comes from the River of Life so they called it the Comforter, which is way out in semantics today. In otherwords, if you were in some area of problem or grief, the communion of the abiding Wisdom of God would comfort you. But the fact is that this is an incomplete meaning.

The true meaning of Paraclete, the abiding intelligence, the wave length and thought wave of Yahweh, consciousness of His knowledge, the fullness of His being. This isn’t a person of the God Head, this is the essence of His being. So Yahweh said:...’because you are the Household then you are My people and you can receive this because you came down out of it. But remember that the world cannot receive it.

No wonder then that Jesus told the Apostles to abide in Jerusalem until they received this power that comes from the Wisdom, the Knowledge, and consciousness of the abiding presence of God. Yes, the consciousness of God was sent to His people, and when the Spirit descended unto the people then Jesus said:...I will come unto you. So there is no designation of difference between the Holy Spirit and Jesus the Christ, and no difference between the Holy Spirit and the Eternal Yahweh, God of the ages. For when He was embodied by His Spiritual power in the conception of the Virgin Mary, the entity of His being, and that which came forth was Yahshua -Yahweh-God. He had identified again with His people, the very race He had embodied, out of them He was embodied as Saviour, Master, creator of the Universe, all things made by Him and without Him not anything made. Always remember that.

So if the Eternal Spirit, Yahweh, referred to as “Our Father, which art in heaven” is different from the Holy Spirit then the Father is not the Father of the man Jesus Christ, and then you are in trouble. I want you to know that the Man Christ Jesus was the body of God. That this was God, above all, blessed forever. In the Book of Romans He tells us that our fathers, as concerning the flesh, is the route by which Christ came, Yahweh blessed forever, above all, through all, in you.

So I point out to you that the Vine Tree has the Spirit of our Father, and the Parasite Vine Tree doesn’t have healing power and doesn’t have creative power or constructive power. It is an evil, a fraud, and an illusion. You don’t have to worry about the devil being able to duplicate the work of God. He doesn’t have the power to produce life, only to mutate it. While the Kingdom of Life and vitality, which is the Kingdom of God, illuminates the nations while Lucifer and all he produces brings destruction. Out of the great nations of the world and out of the Great Kingdoms which emerge as the Trees of His household has come civilization to the ends of the earth. We came in this civilization among some of the most depraved, for instances the Aborigines. We come among savagery, which is due to the violations of law, and has gone downward since their arrival in the earth, in the Luciferian days of revolt. We came amongst them and we enforce civilization and culture. This is the story of Africa and the white man. As we see these areas of development, then we see the Luciferian program come along, and hear this.....the U.N. is the program of is like the Parasite Vine wrapping itself around the Kingdom. Then we see that the number of the white race of the Kingdom is much smaller than the numbers in the Luciferian control of nations. So first by subtility and evil they seek to seduce the Kingdom as Lucifer sought the seduction of Eve, and then they wrap themselves around the Kingdom, then as Parasites they draw out your vitality and your strength and economy. Then they say...look at this Great Kingdom, so they reverse their policy. They move to take the white man out of Africa and put the Negro back in power so that they can control him by the U.N. So then what happens??? That plan doesn’t create anything, it only destroys, and cannibalism returns and civilization is destroyed.

You have had a chance to see that nothing was created out of the Vine of the House of Lucifer. The Kingdom of Lucifer may be powerful but it doesn’t only destroys. While the standards of the Kingdom of God call for patterns built around Divine Law and understanding. There moved out of the Kingdom of God the affidavit of the necessity of standards of morality and ethics, and it built around the family, and around the processes of responsibility and spiritual guidance and around love and around wisdom.

But now comes the Kingdom of the World Order. It wants to overthrow all moral law, it wants to advocate areas of immorality and degeneration and the results is that today, instead of having laws to protect these areas of society, they want to abandon these laws.

Now; sometimes these things come home to roost. We don’t like to be unkind but we don’t have any special reason to pamper somebody who has been a Pink-O, and a left winger, and been at one time associated with the Communist. I point out to you that this is more of the workings of the vine in this country. So we look at a one of the Great Churches in the Protestant movement and a part of the Ecclesiastical order of the great church and this Bishop stands for Socialism and Communisation and for Immorality and for the breaking down of the line that keeps it out of the Church. In the patterns of his degeneracy then everything dark and everything evil as though it were good, and he even defends those who through the rottenness of their own minds produces literature that should never be in your schools. Then this Bishop sends his son to Cambridge to be educated and then brings him home for more education here in San Francisco and this week this son blew his head off and he wrote a story of the complete futility of life. He has no God with a Divine Nature, out of the Household of his father. He has a recognition that all men’s religions are general, but none in reality. Thus we may recognize that this is sort of a judgment...come home. Because out of the process of what transpired, we see suicide out of futility. Because he had no God. The denial of the Deity of Christ and the refusal to make this a factor of his ministry was even involving the Bishop before the College of Bishop’s, and the College of Bishop’s of his Church didn’t have the character to say....’we must stand for the Deity of Christ’ and all of these great values. The College of Bishop’s just white-washed him and let him stay.

Almost all of the problems we have today in the Great Nation’s of God’s Kingdom come in the fact of that area...that recognizes that the great structure of the Kingdom requires the Oracle of God in the Church to advise the people against these great areas of darkness. Where the Church does not do this and does not speak out, then darkness sets in and in the Parasite Vine substitutes error for truth.

We have never had a period when such futility was so evident, and never have we had a period when we see such areas of fantasy. No one can justify processes of activity. Here we are a great nation of God’s Kingdom and God has blessed us with the fruit of the soil, from the great blessings of our agriculture, and from our vineyards and our orchards, for no land has been so blessed. In fact in Washington this week they were talking about the great food shortage and how America may have to feed the whole world, and they said America could do it. Then they said they could take 90% of America’s crops and feed all. But then those in Washington said ‘we can’t do it , we don’t have the money, for we must raise 104 billion dollars to buy what we want to give away in the next few weeks. We don’t have enough money for the war and enough for the war on poverty program and now we need another 104 billion from somewhere for this food give away program. So Congress is arguing about this, the people at home are arguing about this....and they say...we don’t have any money, but look at all the wealth Washington is talking of moving around. There must be some money some where because there must be enough money to buy what we produce. But there is no money because the Parasite Vine has it in a hole in the ground. They sucked it out and they took it over to Tel Aviv and the gold and silver is over there, and the paper we call money then they loan us doesn’t even satisfy them for they have to find another area of indebtedness on our production so they can haul off the profit from that, and reduce your living standards down to the levels of the poorest people of the world. So there is no doubt that the Parasite Vine has been at work.

This week is just one of those weeks in the continuous struggle in Washington, and since they are afraid that Congress won’t act...they now want a measure so that the President can, by Executive Decree, enact a confiscatory tax to carry out any area of emergency. There should be a great human cry from the Children of the they (But there wasn’t)

There are those wondering about the areas of Spiritual responsibility, and they must learn to understand about the life of a tree. I’m not talking about the Stream of Life. I am talking about the life of the tree. For the life of the tree is dependant on the life and strength of the race stream. It is dependent for the growth of its stature on the intellect and the intelligence which guides such a tree and its government. If a government is a government of the race of God’s Household and of His sons and daughters with the capacity to receive His thoughts, and to be motivated by God’s thoughts. It should have the greatest expression of genius in it’s abilities of all of its people. There is no doubt that through the areas of blessings, and technology, that you have possessed this, but you have violated the laws of God, concerning...letting the Parasite Vine come in and in letting it’s forces of darkness destroy your greatness. Like some insidious force that comes through the crevices and works it’s self in, and then it climbs up the tree and crushes the life out of it. Thus the Parasite Vine has destroyed a lot of the life and blessing of the tree.

If it wasn’t for God who says...I am going to cut the Parasite Vine and throw it in the fire...we would say this tree would lose its life also. But this is God’s Kingdom. There also isn’t any program or preparation by which God is going to make out the Parasite Vine into the Kingdom of aren’t going to squeeze it in as a part of Israel. It is no part of Israel, it is a Parasite Vine and no part of it is good as it is a destroyer of that which is good.

The Great Everlasting Tree of God’s Kingdom and God’s purposes for that tree are to bring forth it’s fruit for the healing of the nations, this is just as sure as tomorrows sunrise. How is it going to happen? It is going to come by a great spiritual awakening by the people of God. We are going to see wave after wave of Spiritual Wisdom moving upon these children of God, for God can send this stream where H wants it to go, and remember, He said ‘I shall pour it out upon you and your sons and daughters.’ He said..’I am going to pour it out on thirsty ground where there has been a drought.’ Now you know what the Scriptures said about the latter days? “There shall be a famine in the land.” Not a famine for food, for surely we don’t have a shortage of food here, but surely there has been a famine in the hearing of the Word of God, and thus as they spiritualize away all the reality of God’s instructions then they are trying to tell you that all of these new laws were given to you for life in Heaven. Now why would Yahweh send us down here in earth and then give us nothing but symbols of life in Heaven instead of life here on earth? When He wanted us to build the Kingdom on earth, as it is in Heaven, He wanted us to transfer Divine Law to earth, but He gave His Law, as pliable, to occupy earth. Now the laws of God deal with people, it deals with ethics, and with morality, the laws deal with life in a body. The Spirit’s of God don’t come down here and transgress. Errors are listening to seduction of darkness, or succumbing to the Parasite Vine. These transgressions are deeds done in the body. Their guilt lies in the consciousness of the soul. Their emancipation comes through the vitality and life of the Spirit. The Atonement has been consummated, the King has assured us that His Kingdom shall be established forever. He has assured us that He is going to make His sons and daughters stand tall in the Light of His Glory. That He is going to baptize them with the Spirit of His Life, and His vitality, and His energy, and they are going to proclaim....Truth.

When we tell you concerning the Household of God’s Kingdom that the Light and the Glory of God shall rise on you, that the covenant’s made with you fulfilling the consummate purposes of God’s own Ministry, then we mean that you are going to be greater than anything that has yet been visualized by your race. Because the great patterns of Divine Law given to us...required essential animation of the very life of the Spirit, put into our hearts as a functioning understanding. It was not that we should obey by fear...but by desire. God says that the new covenants were going to be better than the old one, for this new one covered more areas, not that there were better promises, but that now you had arrived at new developments in the History of God’s Kingdom.

Do you remember when Moses went up on the Mountain and talked to Yahweh, and then Moses was so radiant with Light and Glory...after being in the presence of the Most High as He sailed in with Heavenly Hosts? Remember how the Mountain was glowing with energy and fire and radiation and...think...Moses went up the Mountain and He talked with Yahweh and then he came down from that Mountain, and there talked with the children of Israel and to the Enosh around them, and Moses told them all the things that Yahweh had said, and then the children of Israel said...”All that He has given us to do, we will do.” (Well we haven’t done all that yet have we?)

Then when Moses came down from that Mountain then remember he was covered with Light and Glory that he had absorbed from the Most High. So Moses had to cover himself, and he was shrouded by a great coat and this veil. (Zohar) says a Metallic veil. The same word is used for the (Epah) over in Zechariah. (If this word is ‘Epah’, it means weights and measures, or a weight of lead.)

In otherwords, the Light and Glory was so active that like radio active material that it had to be shielded by metallic cloth or the else the children of Israel and the Enosh couldn’t have stood the radiation. Well then, how did Moses stand it? There comes a time when in the association with Yahweh that you absorb so much and you are so synthesized with Light and vitality that you can stand the Light.

So Moses came down from the Mountain after meeting with Yahweh, and he was wrapped in Light, so he covered himself as he spoke to the people. Now the Apostle Paul tells us that Light came on Moses so he had to cover himself as he spake to the people. But we have even a better covenant as that Light (Knowledge) is developing within us, as the charge of energy re-lights the Light of Life with all its aura, to restore back on the sons and daughters of the Kingdom..that great Light of Life...the photosynthesis process that stores up the energy in the Kingdom. It is the Light of Life for the healing of the nations. “And the leaves on the trees are for the healing of the nations.”

Every time you look in a looking glass then what do you see? Well, you see you. Alright, you see yourself being transformed from Glory to Glory, from illumination to illumination, for you know more than you did last week, and you know more than you did the week before that.


This (learning) is Light and Power. It is just like turning on a switch for one of these days illumination of Divine Glory is going to stand out on all these sons and daughters of God, on all of this race streams of Life, on those who are the Tree of the Kingdom.

In the instance of this declaration then the promise of this declaration of great spiritual enlightenment of His people, this quickening of every element of their body, the transferring of immortality back to a people who have it in the Spirit and will have it again in the flesh. Never has there been a day like the one you are living in. Armageddon surrounds us, the enemy plans to devour us, but God plans to destroy them the Rock. You are going to see the Vine burned up, and make no mistake about that, that the Vine shall be consumed from off the earth.

Alright then who are they? This Parasite Vine? They are the inhabitants of Jerusalem. “I shall run them out of one fire and then another, for Parasites shall not destroy My Kingdom.” (They were in Jerusalem at the time of Christ’s Ministry, and now they are back there again.)

Can you imagine anything quite as far from the truth as this story....that the people who God is going to light with His Light, as the people who are His children, as the people who are His household, are not His chosen, rather He is going to turn to the enemies of Yahweh, those that hate Jesus the Christ, that tries to destroy prayer and faith in our nation, those who want to destroy everything that belongs to us, and He is going to declare that these people here are His family...His chosen.

How could you insult Yahweh more than to take Satan’s children and try to transfer them over to the family of God???

You know Yahweh even said...”I cannot ever be their father, and I cannot even be a father to your offspring if you mingle with them.” He said “There are certain things I do for My Honor. I have to restore My sons and My daughters. I have to restore or redeem them or the honor of the family, for they are My offsprings. I have to redeem the Devil’s children, but I am going to make them obey, and I shall put them back in their proper order and in their time.”

He said...”I am the vine, and you are branches. I am the root and you are the light that I have passed through the sap from the root of the tree.”

Then God passed a Mystery to David, and on to those who look back on David of how David calls his offspring LORD. But I am the root and David is the offspring.

So the Father of our race identifies us as the tree of His Kingdom. And out of His throne flows the Race line of Life. Which is the great Spiritual Stream, the Waters of Life. We look at the Great Racial Streams round about and God says....lets not use the water for you are excepted before Him forever.

There is no doubt that we are approaching the hour when we shall conform to His image. The consummation of it shall be in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye. The beginning of a short work of righteousness and after this shall I already starting.

The call that God raises from such a ministry and such a Priesthood among those He has called to illuminate, and is illuminating, and is beginning to spread these truth’s through you, and through all who listen and catalize it, maybe a minority among your race, but your truth is moving out, the people are beginning to awaken. They are going to arise and move like a great wave of force. This is going to happen almost momentarily as we see the plans and the timing of the enemy.

So we want you to know the difference in the Vine of Sodom and the Vine of the inhabitants of Jerusalem, and the great Tree of the Kingdom, the Green Tree that lasts forever, because it is synthesized in it’s Life of the Spirit which is the Light of men.

(End of this message)