Truth - The Key To Victory, 4-21-64



by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 4-21-64

We turn tonight to our subject, the key to victory. There can be no doubt tonight that one of the most important areas of your responsible contribution to the salvaging of God's kingdom is the spreading of truth. There is no doubt that knowledge is the most essential area tonight for the overthrowing of the powers of darkness, and the defeating of the depth of their conspiracy. That is one of the reasons why, as we discuss tonight the areas of such knowledge, that it is important that we continually tie and continually expose by tying it to the scriptures, the areas of Satanic opposition. Your familiarity with the program of the kingdom is not in any way to eliminate its use, even tho to you it might seem repetitious. Because across the nation there are millions and millions of people that are asleep. They know that there are problems, and they know that there are problems which affect your Christian civilization. But they do not know why they have troubles. They do not know what is the source of the great depth of the conspiracy.

Today we discover that there are whole areas of Government influence attempting to negate what was previously anti-Communist struggle between the powers of righteousness and the powers of darkness.

As we have cited to you, the kingdom of God is made up of men and of nations. It is made up of a people, and a race and a household that God has established in the earth. And a kingdom comes by inheritance. A kingdom belongs to the children of the king who inherit also all that is involved in that kingdom. Some kingdoms may not be good. And other kingdoms may be good because they are ruled over by the righteous. But the kingdom of God is not only good, but it is the best. The kingdom of God is the solution for the problems of earth. And the kingdom of God contains the only solution that will bring Peace to the earth. Mighty Peace offensives are now, we are told, being entered into. And these Peace offensives are seeking to bring about what they believe is the solution to the world's problems. Actually, behind these Peace offensives is the subtly of design that works with the program that eventually subordinates your society, making it impossible to defend itself. But we point out to you that this cannot be understood except by those who constitute the household of God, because others are not aware that the world is thus divided. Even at this moment the President of these United States, and the Secretary of State are trying to assume a new stance in this struggle division between the powers of by citing that there is no longer any necessary division between the powers of darkness, or the Communist world and the Western world. Therefore we must seek to bring about not only closer coexistence, but closer inter-dependability. They are talking about the vast interchange of goods and of commerce; of our need for the markets of Red China and Red Russia; and especially of Russia . . . and of their need of economic development and support. And this way we can turn them from war unto Peace. All of these areas of propaganda come out of ignorance. They come out of the ignorance of the foreknowledge of God.

If men could take advantage of knowing tomorrow, and do not take advantage of knowing what tomorrow brings then they among all men are fools. When we deal with the omniscience mind of the Most High who knows the end from the beginning, HE has already declared that HE knows what is coming to pass. HE has already declared that HE has placed in the outline of HIS Holy Word the key to such situations. By the same directions, HE directs us to search the scriptures. He directs us to study to show ourselves approved. And the civilization founded upon the wisdom and guidance of HIS Spirit should be guided by the content of HIS Word. We, today, are considered anti-Social if we say that we are Christians and predicate our future upon the covenants and promises of God. But since by this process, we have gained a great height that we have attained among nations and we have achieved by inspiration that which God's spirit has laid out for us, then we do not have to inspire, or imply that we bow to the standards of a world order which has not been able to equate its self with on the basis of its lack of vision.

We do not have to apologize tonight of the fact that we are guided by God; that we are Christians identifying ourselves with this belief that He is our Messiah, or that we recognize what HE has said about our forbearers and our future. I think that today then, we may say that we have selected politicians who advised by the enemies of God's kingdom and who have been kept in areas of ignorance and darkness because of the lack of Truth in the pulpits where they had been raised as children . . . the resulting conditions is because of these men and their adaptability to control and use, have been selected behind the scenes. And now as a great mystery, seek to engage and control the kingdom by controlling political parties and economical areas of influence. And eventually by the processes of subordinating our society by suppressing truth. So in this instance, we turn to you and we say, “If God has outlined a certain circumstance, and has declared according to the destiny of nations what is to come to pass, then all of our statesmanship is to be guided around these known facts. And by this process, we should determine how we are to function. In these circumstances, instead of talking disarmament at this time, or sending this Foster with this Disarmament Act to Geneva so that we render the last of our arms or to make it possible to put the full control of all of the armament of major nations under the control of the United Nations, we would be declaring ourselves that we would cut our selves off from this organization that would control all nations, by controlling all of their arms. And we would stand solidly together as Christian nations and defend our Faith, our Culture and our national sovereignty.

Instead of proclaiming the darkness we would declare our independence and also the supremacy of God's kingdom. We would call on the powers of darkness to withdraw from the areas of oppression against the nations of God's kingdom. And we would cite that this is where we would stand. But let me point out to you that under this declaration, there are certain things which is given unto you to know. It is totally impossible tonight for anyone to understand the problems that effect the world unless they understand the racial problem. It is not enough to understand the fact that there were people upon the earth millions of years ago. It is not enough that they know that the Torougs and the Asiatic people have existed in the earth over a million years. And we have 600,000 years of the ability to track even their movements. It is not enough to know that there have been struggles in the earth or that the Negroes are a part of another creation, or came in at another time. This is still not enough. And altho there are other creations and there are some like the Negroes who came in with Lucifer from other parts of the Universe, and altho Lucifer, an Archangel, rebelled against the MOST HIGH GOD, there are still mysteries contained inside of the scriptures.

But there is one thing that you and I are to know tonight as Christians, and we cite that no doubt, if we were to ask you who were the Christian nations, you would immediately list the nations of the White race. The reason that you do this is because they are the nations that are Christian. And if one has spotted the fact that these are White nations, and if we were to ask you who the 'have nations' are, then again you would give us the names of the White nations of the world. If you ask for the nations with technological superiority, the nations who have established the highest levels of intellectual attainment, you would again say that these are the White Christian nations.

This should be self-evident then to you as White men and as Christians that what you possess and how you have arrived is superior to any other process on the face of the earth when I tell you tonight that you are a superior people, above everybody on the face of the earth. We have cited again to you as we did this afternoon, that this repetition must be constantly on your mind. That the book of Deuteronomy says:--"I, YAHWEH thy God, have chosen you to be a special people unto me above all those on the face of the earth." This, my friends, is God's prerogative. It is HIS will. And you are---and this is---God's offspring and God's holy seed. By this process then you are to be a realist and you are to recognize that you can never go beyond the purpose that God has prescribed. And you can never undercut that purpose for any great good for society or yourself.

Let us for a moment turn back into the book of Matthew. And altho I know you are familiar with the age, we again call to your attention to the 13th chapter of the book of Matthew, verse eleven. And HE said:-- “Unto you it is given to know the mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven; unto them it is not given.” From the very ultimate pattern of spiritual discrimination, God discriminates in even spiritual understanding and intuitive wisdom as it relates to people. I think that every White Christian should ask and know who 'Them' is tonight. "Unto you it is given to know, unto 'them' it is not given." Jesus said, “Whosoever hath unto him shall be given, and he shall have more abundance. And he who hath not from him shall be taken away from him that which he hath.”

Now today it is quite clear that to those who have spiritual capacity, that have a knowledge pertaining to God, to them more knowledge shall be given, and the spirit shall quicken and stir and make known unto them the things which God has declared. But those who do not possess this spiritual capacity, and yet hold power and authority in God's kingdom without wisdom, those holding this authority and power, shall be taken away. And those who “Have, more shall be given; but those who do not have this spiritual capacity, from them more shall be taken away.” But Jesus spake this unto them in a parable. “This kingdom of Heaven is likened to a man who sowed good seed in a field. And while he slept an enemy sowed tares in among his wheat and then went away. And when the blade was sprung up and showed forth, there appeared the tares also. And the servants of the household came and they said, “Sir, did thou not sow good seed in the field, from when has come the tares?” And HE said, “An enemy hath done this.” His servants then said, “Wilt thou that we go and gather them up?” And HE said, “Nay, for when ye gather the tares, you might root up wheat also. Let them both grow unto the harvest, and then at the time of the end, will I send the reapers, gather ye together first the tares and bind them in bundles, just before we gather the wheat into the barn.”

Jesus said, “unto you it is given to know the mystery of the kingdom of heaven, and unto them it is not given.” As Jesus said this, there were certain Jews standing by, and HE did not stop to explain it to them since they did not know what HE was talking about. Nor did HE waste any time on them by explaining. When the multitude had gone away, HE took HIS disciples into the house, and HIS disciples were still stirred by this quickening inside of them, to know this spiritual urge, and they said unto HIM, “Declare unto us this parable of the Tares.”

Now at least they knew where to put the emphasis on this thing which they wanted to find out about . . . “Declare unto us the parable of the 'tares'.” And we listen now as God, Himself, explains HIS own parable. And HE said unto them:-- “HE that soweth the good seed is the embodiment of God, the ‘son of man,’ the Messiah.” And HE tells us that the field is the world. The field or world that is filled within with all that is created, and transported, and living within it. And the good seed are the children, the progeny of God. For the children of the Kingdom are the heirs of the king, because they are the descendants. No doubt, that HE is our Father who has proclaimed:-- “Ask me of things concerning MY Sons.” Therefore, we read these words:-- “the good seed are the children of the kingdom and they are in the world. But the ‘tares’ are the children of the wicked one, but again a progeny.” Therefore Jesus is introducing to HIS disciples that there are two kinds of people contesting for the world. One of them being the children of the kingdom the other being the progeny of the wicked one.

Now I point out to you that this is not a new concept or one that is just peculiar to this passage in scripture. Turn over again to the book of John. And again all of these important areas of truth are interrelated.

Jesus, who has been in discussion with the people round about concerning HIS ministry, and who has proclaimed the impact of truth, and who was challenged by the Jews who came before HIM. And HE said, “Ye are of your father the devil, and he was a murderer from the beginning.” I point out that these just like the parable we have been quoting. Jesus said that the 'tares' were the progeny of the wicked one.

Now Jesus then declares that the progeny of the ‘wicked one’---who are the tares are none other than these people who HE is speaking to whom HE identified in the book of Matthew. And now in the book of John, moves on to say that they are the sons of Satan, or Lucifer. Let me point out to you that under this declaration in the book of Matthew, that since the 'tares' are the progeny of the wicked one, or the children of the wicked one, HE makes this declaration concerning what is to be their destiny. HE said, “I will send my administering spirits forth and they shall gather out of the kingdom all those that offend and those which do iniquity.” ALL THINGS WHICH DO OFFEND.

Now in this instance when the administering spirits are from the MOST HIGH GOD, they are going to gather out the 'tares.' And they, the 'tares,' shall be gathered out first. In this declaration there is no need for any other interpretation than that, which God hath given. That the 'tares' shall be gathered out. They are the children of the wicked one. But in the question which was first asked of Jesus after HE had expounded the parable, HE explains to the disciples that the servants of the MOST HIGH GOD, said, “Why cannot we now gather out the tares now that we know that they have been planted here? Why do we not gather them out?” And HE explains to them that, “Nay. When they gathered out the tares, they might root out the wheat also. Let them grow together to the harvest time.” And so in this instance, I point out to you a well-known fact. That when we have sown in the field and the little shoots come up, and they show their tender green leaves, the 'tares,' when they come up, may show a little green leaf as well. But as they grow and get taller, the wheat begins to form a stock; but so do the 'Tares' form this heaviness of stock. Then as the season progresses, there is a golden transformation that takes place with the wheat. Its stock becomes golden as the latter rain descends upon the crop and the head of the wheat fills out. And its great golden head moves with the breezes of the earth. And by the same token the same transformation takes place in the tares. The 'tares' get a head upon it. But it starts out like a rusty brown and becomes quite Red as the season advances. So just before you harvest the wheat, you discover that now the 'tares' are quite visible. You do not want to destroy the crop, so all you have to do now is go out and start gathering the Tares.'

Now I think it is quite obvious that the tares are the children of Lucifer. The children of the wicked one identify themselves by the fact that the end of the age they turn ‘RED.’ It is quite obviously right now that the progeny of the evil one are Satan's children, and they are quite easily identified by Christ, for Jesus said that they are the Jews who were giving HIM trouble. HE said that they were the sons and the progeny of the evil one, even in the book of Revelation, as HE talks about their economic and world conspiracy, their strange strategies to stifle the program of God's kingdom. And HE also said that they are your Merchants, and they were guilty of all of the righteous blood slain upon the earth. This was again a repetition of what HE had also stated in Matthew, when HE identified the pattern of world Jewry, at this time. So we look out upon the pattern of the world. There is no doubt and out of the pen of Karl Marx, and out of the financial wizardry of Kuhn Loeb and Company and Jacob Schiff, and all those who are associated with it, came the original finance of the Red Revolution. And out of the Jewish migrants who took a trip to Russia from the Bronx, the assassins who took over the very Palace of the Royalty. And from now until this, I think that we have learned that out of armies of refugees, the exchange students that came into these United States . . . great numbers of these people . . . are 'Tares'.

You say, “How do you know?” Well, after they get over here, in a little while they turn RED. I do not think it is to hard to prove what Communism consists of, or to name all of the names in the Communist activity, ‘fifth column’ and spy centers. Or in all of the processes in which you find their activities, and you see that the progeny of the wicked one turned RED. There is one thing I like about this parable. We are going to gather the 'tares ' out first and we are going to put the 'tares' in bundles and destroy them.

Now let me point out to you that this phase brings an added impact to the knowledge of the scriptures, whereas we have created races or the Enosh, these people who did not possess the high spiritual capacity that the Adamic race possess. For they were the children of HIS life and HIS LIGHT, who had the capacity to react to HIS truth, and to develop the program of HIS kingdom. They are the good seed, the children of the Kingdom, the heirs of the kingdom.

Now Peter then tells us as he writes under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, that you are a chosen generation, a chosen priesthood, a holy people. If I turn to the declaration of that which is holy, it is that which proceeds forth out of God. Only that which is out of the issue of God, or out of the intelligence of God, is Holy. Only that which pertains to God Himself, is Holy. He said you are a royal priesthood, a holy people. Therefore under this declaration, the Most High talks about the areas of HIS kingdom and of HIS strategies. Today I think it is very important that we realize that there are creations that have been mutated. They become the progeny of the evil one. It is the wicked ones who sowed the 'tares' in the field. They are among the nations of the world and they are among the nations of the kingdom. If we understand that, then the key to victory tonight, is knowledge. And this is knowledge of how to pursue and what to do with the problems that are before us.

Now there are many things that we could say to you tonight that are not new to you in your understanding of the socialist conspiracy. You are well aware of the fact that they are trying to take over and gain control of the economic life of the nations of the world. They are trying to change the processes by which you are enumerated for your production and manufacturing, manipulating their areas of profit, taking it under a world pattern of bureaus, and then allocate to you just what they wish to allocate to you for the service which you will render their bureaucracy. They are also in turn talking about redistributing your wealth out of the nations of God's kingdom and sending it to all of the nations that are under false gods and parasitical leadership which makes up the world order. But in this strategy, they hope by the control of the economy and eventually by getting you to accept the beast system of the anti-Christ, to eliminate from your hands the administration of the exchange of your money system. This therefore is the strategy of the enemy.

I believe that any student of today of this Communist warfare, that the Communist machine is financed wholly by the manipulators of world economy. This is not a poverty movement. This is a movement of manipulated wealth. Now actually we know that paper is not wealth and money itself is not wealth. It is only a check against the created goods that you have produced by your vision and your initiative. But it should have an unchanging value. It must be fixed with an adjustment of weights and measures and have a value as a commodity. The only thing which hinders a commodity is the process of deterioration. And in the balances of creative vitality and vision it should be with the evaluation that will protect the security of the people in the areas of money. I tell you that if America knew the truth, that one of the areas by which Satan tries to control the kingdom is by this manipulation of money, and the love of money, thus becomes the great evil in the nations of the kingdom.

I point out to you that it is by such manipulation that men are enslaved. It is by this method that depressions are artificially created. And the great catastrophes move down upon men and have their great psychological impact, thus needing capacities and adjustments. I point out that a nation, in order to be free, must discover who is manipulating its money and must see that those who they have authorized to handle their money, that there is only a salary paid to them to move that money. For that salary to move the goods and to maintain a standard of wealth is not to distribute their wealth all over the world without their permission.

I am going to tell you tonight that the key to victory starts with the taking back of our money system out of the hands of the Jews. I also point out to you that if the President and the Secretary of State thoroughly understood, and thoroughly knew the pattern of God's kingdom tonight, they would not be asking us to support the program of the Soviet Union to regain economic strength lest we upset the balance of its gold payments. We are told that we shall set a new balance in Russian gold if we ourselves do not economically underwrite her capacity to operate smoothly under the Socialist system. I point out to you that we have to buy Soviet Russia’s loyalty to the West so that they do not join with Red China and destroy us. When actually, they are both set to destroy us and hit us with a nailed fist when we are set to be weakened. We have, we are told, been ironically badly informed in the past.

The CIA has reported, and for some strange reason Mr. Johnson and Mr. Rush and others want us to know what the CIA has told . . . at first we under-evaluated the system of the Russias to produce goods and thought, because of its area of economic society, that it could not produce goods, or never could be a menace. But the fact is that slave manpower is still manpower. And when fanatically worshiping the state may give as much allegiance to the system of evil as good men give to God. So under this institution, they produce even tho they are slaves. They produce altho they receive nothing back but promises. Then we started to evaluate the tremendous striking power of the Soviet Union and we over estimated their strength. And now the CIA says, “We thought they were too strong.” But actually, they do not have this power. And here we have been spending and arming ourselves when we really didn't have to.

Now they say we have to take a new look at this. The economics system of the Soviet Union is staggering; the ability to carry out its communist objectives is weakening. The Red offensive is mellowing and now they desire to move into social success, into cultural achievements and into consumer goods. I do not believe one word of that report. I recognize that economically, their system is always sagging, because it is a system under the system of impracticability. But as far as the confiscation process of a high profile of three million Jews and their cohorts of the Red Revolution dominate the people of Asia with Communism, they confiscate and they re-allocate all areas of Imperialism and all areas of Capitalism that may exist, Satanically inspired, and miss-motivated and imperialistic a captive of the Devil, is what Communism is tonight.

Now I believe that the Soviet Union would like to sell us on the necessity of having to underwrite by our taxation and to support the building up of the Soviet Union. They would like to have us build up and make economically more solid the whole Revolution. And by this process be in better shape by surprise to move against us. For there is no ideological division between Red China and the Soviet Union tonight. For they are still waiting for the day when they shall rule the Christian world. For this they shall wait a long, long time. For they are not to rule the Christian world, even tho this is their design.

Now I say to you that if America and all Christians know who the tares are and what God said about the tares, and what HE said that you should be doing about the ‘tares,’ then you would say that we are going to take the economy out of the hands of the Jews, the tares. And we are going to take this conspiracy to sell us on any facet of this system, out of the areas of affluence in these United States.

You say, “How do you go about doing this?” I think the first thing that you have to do is to realize that first you must take a little recognizance of what you have to work with. What has happened to America? In the course of the last 40 years, an unprecedented number of tares from all over the world have blown into our field, and have been growing up. I happen to know that one of the things which Congress has been doing a little investigating on. One of the great mystery stories is that there is a plot right now going on to bring 57,000 Romanian Jews into the U.S.

Now listen. This is 57,000 Romanian Jews.---And the people are going to explode when this hits the air. But these Romanian Jews were not anti-Communists because there were no 57,000 Jews left in Romania while Germany and her iron guard were holding the gate against Communist Russia. In fact, no 57,000 Jews of Romania stayed in Romania. When they could no longer control her economy, they left Romania; the Jews left Germany, and the Jews left Austria. They went to Poland and other countries. And as the countries of Europe liberated themselves from the economic manipulation of Jews who were so hooked on Communism, then the Jews left. I know that almost all of the Jews of centralized Europe, especially from Germany, migrated to Brazil or the United States, and all of these countries of the world. Because very blindly, we opened our doors to tares.

Now let’s take another look at this. You say, “Where did these 57,000 Jews come from?” They came out of Russia into Romania after the Russian occupation. Now why did they want to come to America? Oh, they were refugees and they wanted to flee the Soviet System. So 57,000 from the Soviet Union can get in. How? Because men like Mr. Johnson suddenly decide that we should set aside immigration quotas. Because a highly organized group of internationalists with the control and the finance of world Jewish banking, wanted to get the echelons of the Socialist world into America. And they have set up a highly financed program tonight of $150 million dollars. “You mean, we will spend 150 million dollars to bring in these 57,000 Jews?” Yes, my friends. There will be members of Congress who will sponsor their coming in. And others who will raise up their voices to oppose it will finally be put down. And all were given a payoff for sponsoring these Jews coming. 150 million dollars will be divided up for this. And to do this, they had to go high in the administration and they had to also find someone there who will be cut in and shut their eyes and turn their back. And right now there is an investigation of this letting 57,000 Jews into America. They came from eastern Russia and then Romania. Every Christian in these United States had better tell their congressman that they had better resist this program of bypassing the immigration law. And if any Congressman had voted to let in any of these Jews, then we better look at him and see how much he got.

How do you win a battle to wipe Jesus Christ from a nations mind, to eliminate the service and worship of HIM in awe from the youth of a nation? How do you reach into the very basis of conspiratorial design which takes prayer out of school and Bible reading out of schools? And the recognition of God from public office? You discover, my friends, who filed the charges. Who planned the program, and who influenced the judges. And by what decision did they make their determination? When you come out with it, you will find that it is the 'tares.'

Now as I look out over America, I still see 145 million White people and Christians with various areas of understanding therefore as we watch the awakening of America, and discover that there is a disturbing factor that is effecting some of these most sleepy Christians concerning this. It becomes obvious that the only force in America that can form a will against this is the Christian force, and the Christian will be dedicated to their Christian culture and their national life, and of the kingdom of God, when they start to join arms and move as a solid body against the darkness.

I can look out over the nation tonight and find that because Christians have never been organized, that they have never really faced up to the threat, living with the fact that there was so many of them. Today we have watched the utilizing of Communist, with trained kings and leaders, being set up among the Negroes. And we have NAACP, and other left wing pinko groups. And they have organized a people whose mental level is so far beneath you as could possibly exist. In fact Job said that they were not even smart enough to sit down with his dogs. Well, Job may have been ticked off, but at least he knew that they bit the hand that fed them. And they turned on him in the midst of his troubles. When he first found them, they were just out in the thorn bushes throwing rocks and spears. Do you know what the strategy is all of the gain and all of the advantage that you superior technology and vision and faith has bestowed up on them, their demagogues turned their back on them and the spear chukkers are now losing.

I point out to you tonight that it is impossible for the NAACP, the Anti-Defamation League of the B’nai B’rith. And if they have an organization of international Chinamen or Orientals, it is impossible for them to get an organization big enough to say, “We are going to keep America.” We are still 145 million and they are only 1/4 of our population. But they do not belong to the kingdom.

Now what America does as they let down the bars of immigration, what America does they have to do now. You say, “Well, what must we do?” We must, my friends, build a balance of power and use it. Lay down the law with an automaton that restores America to its Christian Constitutional foundation. And I can tell you this. There are enough awakened American's right now and there are more awakened Patriots than there are men in the Armed forces. Do you know that if someone raises up a standard that there are five million awakened Americans who will move, and there are 51 million who are already alert. And there is even more of then that are alert and by influence they can come to the 'right wing' understanding fast.

Someone said, “What can these people do?” Well, one thing they can do---If I was to call for the taking out of the 'tares,' I could probably get more enthusiastic support for that than anything I could do. And if you did not do anything but go into the average service club among the average group of Americans and never interpret anything, just preach the parable and then just read to them the answer to the parable, and then just say that the thing which hurts the wheat kingdom is the 'tares,' but God's administering spirits are going to take them out. How many want to join them? I can tell you this. Many of the service club members want to help get rid of the 'tares.' Especially as you explain what is the matter with their tax bill. Then you point out to them that this is why we are going Socialist, and then after they are all ready to help take out the tares, then you tell them who they are. Well, the first row tries to get under the table, the second row said, “My, what am I doing here?” But let me tell you. The other eight rows are ready to go. This is why tonight there is a frustration among the enemy, who realize that in America, they cannot hold it; they cannot keep it, unless they can pack it with unassimilable forces. And your key to victory is to slam the door shut and heave the undesirables over the fence. And this is just as visible as any text inside of the scripture.

Jesus said, “You work on this, and I will bring in the reinforcements.” I am not going to miss this day. I am going to be here.

I point out that in this strategy that when men understand, the economic manipulation of the world order and the design to disarm the Christian, and desire to get all men to surrender their arms into the hands of an institution that they can control, this is not only the master plan, but this is what God said that they were going to do.

Now how can you go any further than to understand these matters that God Himself has spoken about aforetime? If you call this to the attention of some of your officials, then they say that you are an antisocial . . . an old-fashioned bigot. If you are foolish enough to be guided by the whims of religion, and this religion determined what you ultimately thought and believed and how you, or what you were to become, then this is a small matter. We will let our congressman do it for we are too busy. Then along comes Kikie with a big thick payroll and our congressmen sometimes forget their patriotism. Someone said, “This will not win you any friends in Congress.” But it will win us good congressmen who will be a part of this, and they are getting angry with men who sell them out. I do not see how you can keep a good congressman and keep a man like Seller in charge, or the Judiciary. In fact, he came out to say we are going to pass every area of the Civil Rights legislation without any modification.

You say, “How are we going to deliver ourselves from the 'tares' when one party is talking about running one?” And when the Jewish organizations want to put a second 'tare' in there with him to make sure, of course, this is not going to work. We look out over our problems and what is the disturbing factor among Californians? It is the fact that you do not know whether the apartment house you live in is going to have in the same building, those unassimilable people with whom you should not live. You don't know whether the status of your block is going to be maintained or whether people are going to move in along side of you, who you do not want to associate within your community. And whether or not the state is going to continue to enforce unconstitutional and illegal positions, and call it law. I tell you that a court just saying a thing is right, does not make it right. It just means that they are cramming it over you with authority. I point out to you that the attempt to place on the initiative the vote to recall the Rumford legislation and nullify it is a demonstration that they are afraid to trust the people. When a city like San Francisco----and remember this---the population of San Francisco is evidently 'right,' a little different than Oakland which has lost out, but then it is 60% Negro---but I am talking about San Francisco. But last week there was appointed as the head of education, a Negro. He is the President of Education. And he said, “There shall be five Negro teachers in every school in San Francisco, a city which is predominately still White.”

The other day I picked up a protest in a CORE magazine on the basis that they were trying to cram down the South, inequities in education. And the thing that they were complaining about was that it was not fair to Negroes to make them go to Negro schools and have Negro teachers. They wanted all schools integrated and they wanted White teachers in Negro schools. And then they wanted to put Negro teachers in White schools to bring them down to their level.

Now when a Negro does not want to be taught by a Negro teacher then he, of all people, does not believe in Equality. I looked at a copy of Republican literature the other day and they thought they were being real cute in California. They said, “My, how happy we are to see in that Mississippi-Alabama game, that altho they have had rough treatment over the Meredith factor, that old Mississippi had a Negro water boy to show that they were not really angry, how wonderful this is.” Whoever said that Negroes couldn't carry water? I never heard anyone objecting to that. Someone said, “They make good athletes.” Yes, in certain ways they do. And when you pit a Negro athlete against a White athlete, then the only chance you have is to out-think them. For as far as brawn and size and stamina, as far as strength and brutishness, the Negro has it. But by the same token you do not pit a man against a gorilla in a wrestling match and you do not go out and throw down an elephant by his trunk. But I am going to tell you something about that elephant. You have to be a good shot. Because his brain is just that big.

Never in all history have we faced such an attempt to downgrade the kingdom, or to make the kingdom assume a guilt complex for doing the ‘Will of God.’ But if you bring truth to men, never again will they be in bondage. It sets them free. There is no doubt that when the CIA tries to give us a report and when they decide that we better hear it, then it is because they want to influence us. What do they want us to do?--They want us to take on a new tactic as not having any fear of any military strategy of the Soviet Union, and then economically build them up as tho you could trust the Soviets in this kind of an operation. This again, is 'tare' business.

When we talk about the areas of religion, I think it a rather significant thing that in one seminary in these United States in one of the major denominations, out of a group of 470 theological students, over 1/4 of them were Jews. And looking back over the record of this institution eight years ago, they had 20% of their faculties Jews. A lot of Evangelists are probably saying, “Isn't it wonderful? We converted these people into saying that Jesus is the Messiah.” And they gave the words and they shook the Evangelists hand and they joined the church. They went into our Seminaries. And these 20% went into that denomination as youth coordinators, pastors, writers. Some of them were elevated with great speed into positions of high influence. Yet every one of that 20% is advocating Socialism inside of that denomination, at this time. In one denomination, 14 out of its seminaries back 1938, are now in upper echelons of influence inside of the National Council of Churches. And this institution is advocating Socialism to a dangerous degree. And when Communism struck at the heart of the United States, and when they assassinated the President of the United States, they were the first ones to indict Christianity for being responsible for it. Their influence around some of the council leaders is fairly well established. I point out to you, that even in the instance of this strategy, the president of the National Council said, “We should go to our knees in shame because our fears have unharnessed our hate. And our unharnessed hate and fears had forced Mr. Oswald to assassinate the President.”

I think, alright, that the hate and fears of the Jews inside of Christian society should also affect Mr. Oswald. For this also identifies this assassin who also destroyed Mr. Oswald so he could not talk after he missed the get away.

Now let’s take a look at this. We are being told that we must no longer resist Communism. The church is trying to tell us, that to resist communism is to stir it up. It is to build it in strength and to create an area of false impressions; no coexistence, no Peace in our time, if we do not stop fighting Communism. It is the policy of your government to elevate and to think well of those who talk about coexistence and who refuse military authority, or areas of public service, those who are anti-Communist. I challenge you tonight to think of this. That it is the turning RED of the 'TARES' that identifies them. That the program of God is in HIS kingdom; that you are to pluck out Communism, every tare of it and every person of it, and eliminate it from your society. When the strength of 145 thousand of them, or any great part of them start to move across America, their demands that once Communism was once outlawed, and once restrained, then liberated by the court to carry out its deadly work, must go. Because it is anti-Christian, anti-American and deadly. It is the responsibility of every Christian American to know that he is an administering spirit of the Father. And then if he stands ready to defend himself and retains all of the guarantees and his ‘Bill of Rights’ to do this, and even his right to have and to bear arms, who is he who understands the treachery in Washington, D.C., that many do not understand, then he will be able to defend his nation, his Constitution and possibly rescue a lot of silly politicians who do not know anything about it. But never cease to be dedicated against the elimination of the last influence of Communism in these United States.

Now this is in accordance with the word of God. This is in accordance with the blue print. I am going to tell you that as the standards are lifted up and Christians are given an area in which to repair for such strength, America is going to go into a new era of liberation.

The Christian Defense League is an institution that is like that and about to demonstrate that it is a vital instrument in the hand of God for the defense of your civilization, your culture and your church. I am going to tell you something. The devil tonight fears and trembles for he also knows what you are planning in secret. But let me tell you this. He does not have the power to stop the program of God's spirit. There is no doubt in my mind tonight, that the key to victory is making sure that every Christian hears. That you make sure that every Christian understands what the enemy is conspiring to do, and then tell him how to become strong by standing together. There is no short cut to victory. You must overthrow the enemy.

There is a Peace which surpasses all understanding. And this Peace is down deep in the heart of every Christian. It is not as the world gives Peace, but as the spirit of God speaks peace unto your heart that you have not willed unto the ends of the earth harm, but liberation. You have not willed bondage, but good. You are not responsible for their intellectual abilities or the vast patterns of their society, but you are their last best hope and their sure deliverance. Because the kingdoms of this world shall become the kingdoms of our LORD and HIS Christ. You are the heirs of that kingdom. Stone upon stone, living stones fitly framed together which grow into this Holy Temple unto God. I think every Christian should continue to learn every dot in the eye, every crossing of the t of the 6th chapter of Corinthians, from the 14th verse unto the 18th verse. This, my friends, is the 'come out,' the segregation and the separation, the declaration and the covenants of God structure that preserves your Christian Civilization . . . in a period of Christian time testing.

One day the Apostle Paul was on the Isle of Patmos, and there was a sorcerer and a false prophet. He was a Jew. And this sorcerer was seeking to turn people away from the truth. Then Saul who was called Paul, filled with the Holy Ghost----I want you to understand this now----for what we are declaring unto you came from the word of God as holy men were inspired to record it----and now the Apostle Paul was moved with the Holy Ghost. So listen to what he said to this Jew Sorcerer. He said, “Oh, filled with all subtlety and all mischief, thy child of the devil, thou enemy of all righteousness . . . will thou not seize to pervert the right ways of God? Thou child of the devil, thou enemy of righteousness, oh, thou full of all subtlety.” No wonder that the Apostle Paul said that they are against God and contrary to all men. No wonder that HE turned to another Jew sorcerer and said, “You do not have any part nor lot in this matter.”

I point out to you this. That America has been bewitched by the sorcerer of the anti-Christ. And God said, “I will awaken you out of your sleep. I am going to deliver you from the deceiver, for if possible the very Elect would be deceived.” But not beyond the illuminating of God's Grace and HIS Spirit. And by this challenge, and by the sign of the Cross, will the Kingdom of God come alive and renew.

End of message.