A Tumult Upon The Mountain, 1-20-64


by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 1-20-64

We turn this afternoon in discussing a heaven born race and feel that it has never been more important in human history, to those of you who constitute the Household of God, to understand and note their relationship to HIM, even as it relates to the things which are form the beginning. If you want the foundation for any structure of understanding, if you want to understand the important pattern, and the philosophies of life which are so important for those, the children of the Kingdom, we must then go back to the beginning.

Never has it been so important when we deal with the race question, that we know who we are, to know why we are here, and what it is that God purposes to do. The best place to find out about that is to find out from God, Himself, since HE has made Himself quite clear. Although there can be no doubt about the fact that some of the greatest and most profound in all the teachings of God are hidden truths and hidden mysteries which are reserved unto you because ‘it is given unto to know the mysteries of the Kingdom of God, and to THEM it is NOT give.’

Always the classification of who we are and who they are, is the immediate reaction of the individual when he hears this which is given to you to know, and to them it is not given. It is in the same category if you are studying in the writings of the Apostle Paul when he talks about some of these areas of mystery, especially in the book of Romans, when he is talking about the manifestation of these sons of God, he said, ‘They as well as we, vibrate together waiting for these final developments which God has planned and prepared.’ Therefore it is easy as we see the identification in various parts of the scripture of THEY and WE---and it is very important that we remember there is a difference between THEY and WE and let’s not try to put them all together where they do not belong. There is always these words which move out of ignorance when they say that everybody is the same---all men are the same, all people are the same. And now they try to tell us that all races are the same, but this is biologically of course, an error. The process is that the mitosis still continues to prove that ‘Kind begats like kind, the seed has life in itself.’

The most vital thing today, which you have in your heritage, is that ‘seed has life in itself.’ AN INCORRUPTIBLE SEED WHICH LIVES AND ABIDES FOREVER.’ There are masses of people around you who do not possess this. Therefore, they are different from you. Nor do they have the motivation or the spiritual attributes that belong to your race.

This is not an attempt to create within individuals the type of pride that is disparaging to---as it relates to the righteousness of God, but it is to bring upon you, the children of God,---an awareness of and a great realization of who you have come into being, and who you are. It is the Father to whom the praise belongs, but you are spirit of HIS Spirit and therefore, with full reality, you must understand your relationship to the Father and not cast it aside as something not noteworthy, and try to assume that all of the people round about you, even the pagans, are the same as you are. This is one of the reasons why we are in trouble. This is one of the reasons why the churches are in trouble. There are some churches who are in such a hurry to bring in members that they will take anyone in that they can bring in to the church. But no one belongs inside the church but the Reactivated, Regenerated children of the LIVING GOD. There are some who say that they want the world in the church. But I don’t want the world in my church. This is why we are in trouble as we tried to mix the world and the church together, the result is that we have too much dross mixed in until no longer can you find the proper balance.

In fact, you will notice the words of Jesus, ‘Ye are the Light of the world, you are the salt of the earth.’ But if the salt has been mixed with earth, it loses its savor. The church (the spiritual center of the Kingdom) is an organization which God established in the patterns of eternity. And it was called in the Hebrew tongue the Kahela---the spiritual center, or ecclesiastical center, the center for the consciousness of (Adam) man to be spiritually illuminated. Thus in the assembly of the congregation, God likes to refer to the congregation---and this congregation is the assembly of HIS children, worshiping and ministering and carrying out their responsibilities for the worship of the FATHER. Kahela in the Hebrew and Acclesia in the Greek---it represents the church---a living, abiding eternal institution, because wherever you find the children of God, you find those alert children, those not asleep, who are practicing the policies of their thinking and whose philosophy and whose living requires that they remain in contact with the MOST HIGH.

Probably there is nothing to which you are more adapted than this need of not only communion with God, but the catalyst of spiritual power which comes with the assembling of the children of God. Where God’s spirit is not only in the midst to bless, but to be the catalyst to bring great vision. Of course, we have referred to you as being spirit, soul, and body. As such every facet of your being requires all that God can provide for it. Our spirit hungers after HIS spirit because you are spirit of HIS Spirit. Although that spirit remains in an area of perfection, it cannot be contaminated. Being of incorruptible see, it cannot be corrupted. That which is incorruptible will never be corrupted.

The souls consciousness wherein its existence inside of your physical body is also a rare phenomena when alerted to the spiritual short comings of its thinking. Unless it is balanced by the spirit, it can only reason by the senses and move through the process of error, because it can be introduced by sight and by all patterns of sense vision, the errors that are paraded before you by the world order. This world order of today with the involved press and radio and such, is trying to give a false pattern and impression of life to all they can reach with it. Your soul consciousness is aware of this as it is of all the machinations throughout all time and history.

There are many souls today, that are undernourished. They are miserable and poor because they have not been properly fed. The soul cannot be fed by bread alone, but by every word that comes out of the mouth of God. Thus under this instance, we turn to the 42nd Psalm and we may capture some significance that is heart warming of the Psalmist. He says he remembers certain things:--’The hart panteth after the water brooks, so panteth my soul after thee, O God.’--My soul requires the Living Waters---the refreshing can only come with spiritual contact with God. So he said, ‘My soul thirsteth for YAHWEH--for the LIVING GOD--when shall I come and appear before YAHWEH? My tears have been my meat day and night, and they continually say unto me ‘Where is YAHWEH?’ And when I remember these things, I pour out my soul in me because (why?) Because my soul hungereth after my GOD.’

This whole passage here is just a spiritual guide placing upon record the hunger of the soul for God, especially among the conscious awareness of great responsibility and great desire. Therefore this classifies to some degree this great need. Thus it is that the spiritual center of God’s Kingdom is a process of assembling for worship. And the church is a living institution. We call the spiritual center of the Kingdom--the church, because that is the English word for this Ecclesia or this assembly. You would well call it the church in the Old Testament with all the congregation sitting in service to worship. But it is important for you to know that the Kingdom of God is specifically made up of a people and a race. It is made up of a church, of nations. It is made up of a throne. And it is within this understanding that we must find our relationship in the earth today. We must find the distinction that marks the children of God. And we must also be constantly aware of our responsibilities. Resting upon us also is the responsibility of carrying forward the family name of the MOST HIGH, for HIS name is named upon us and we are called CHRISTIANS.

If there was ever an area of responsibility that belongs upon men and women, it is those constituting God’s Household, carrying HIS name and the honor of the Family resting upon you. Therefore, when we talk about a heaven born race, we are distinctly speaking of a people that being the offspring of God, have their beginning in the heavens and are the first ‘fruits of the spirit.’ When we talk of the embodiment of the man Christ Jesus, this was the FIRST BEGOTTEN of the administering spirit of God into the flesh. This was the first begotten offspring covered with the spirit of God upon the flesh of man. This was the first---woman born son of God---by the impact of HIS HOLY SPIRIT. But every last one of the Adamic race today, who are children of HIS spirit, were first fruits of HIS spirit and were begotten in the spirit, before their advent into the physical through the Adamic race. It is significant for us to know that if we go back into the Old Testament, that we have these words so constantly before us---Adam and Enosh. Actually, in the Hebrew, if it were pronounced as it would be phonetically, it would be Audaum, although in our discussions we now use this word Adam. This is what we call the first man of the race. This is how we refer to him.

As we talk about the first man, we are talking about Adam, because there is not a Chinaman on the face of the earth who cannot trace his lineage back to the Tungus man who roamed the earth a million years ago or more. But of your race, we have only 7400 years of history. Thus the Adamic race is a very real reality. But what about this Adamic race. And what about this relationship--the word is Adam--the others are called Enosh. You will find places in the scriptures where I can show you comparison. You can take your concordance or your Lexicon and the difference between Adam and Enosh is that Adam is the White man who can blush, the offspring of the MOST HIGH GOD. Enosh on the other hand, refers to the people of other races and origins, and without spirit.

Now, there is a classification of this to be found in the ancient Zohar, which was among those volumes which made such a clear interpretation because man without spirit were without the spirit of God. They were created and a spirit was within them in the days of their creation. There are also very brutish people who existed in the Universe, as a result of degeneration and fall, to whom there is no spirit as such. They only have a soulishness like that of the animals round about. Even tho they have the capacity to reason with that soul, to a degree, and they walk upright, and the people think they are human beings, and they are not. The Hu-Man is spirit man, like the word ‘Manu’ for man, as well as the word Aryan---all are ancient words for the children of God, this White race---men of spirit.

I point out to you that in the ancient Hebrew language of our forbearers, that we knew the Eternal YAHWEH, also knew the name of the Eternal YAHWEH as EL, which means Deity and Divinity. HE was YAHWEH THE EL--the God of the Universe. But when HE carried out HIS purposes of bringing forth many sons, they were children of HIS Spirit. What then was the name of HIS children? They were EL plural---Elohim. Everyone of you in this room this afternoon are Elohim, in physical bodies in the Adamic race. Everyone of you are Spirit of HIS Spirit.

In the significance of this let me point out that in the periods of God’s creation, that you were also with HIM in those days. I point out to you that in the book of Job, where God answers Job out of the whirlwind, this is like Ezekiel’s whirlwind---they were wheels within wheels, circular things which passed over, and they settled down. And it was there that Ezekiel saw them take out this great throne of God in his experience. Out of the whirlwind came the Eternal and HE spoke to Job, out in the country. And Job thus met with the Eternal. HE made these statements to Job:--’Who is this that doubts his council by words without knowledge? Tighten up your belt, gird your loins, and answer me. Where were you as I laid the foundations of the earth? Where were the foundations of it fastened” Answer me, where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth?’

But Job did not remember that. The veil that had been drawn across his remembrance as he entered the physical world as a babe, born into a physical body, but he stood up before God now with all the reasoning ability of his remembrance and he said, ‘How could I know these things, how old do you think I am?’ But the Father had made a statement to him. ‘Where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth, when the morning stars sang together and all the sons of God shouted for joy?’

The Morning Stars of course, were Archangels and ministering spirits. But who were the Sons of God? These were the Elohim, the children of the Eternal, the offspring of HIS spirit. They were YOU. Some say that these were Angels. I listened to a minister trying to explain away who these sons of God were, and he said they were Angels. But he does not know his scripture too well because in the book of Hebrews where we have the great mysteries of God unveiled, under this listing of Hebrews, these descendants of the purest strain of the White race, it says as to the things concerning the birth of Christ, that HE entered into the world in a much better way than Angels. Because HE was better than Angels. Thus being so much better than Angels, he has an inheritance more excellent than they.

Now, listen to this verse in the 1st chapter of Hebrews, ‘Unto which of the Angels did He say--thou art my son?’ Thus when talking about the sons of God of the MOST HIGH, it is not talking about the Angels. HE never told the Angels ‘you are my sons.’ HE reserved this title for those who were of HIS Household, HIS offspring. This caused the rebellion of Lucifer who was not willing to admit that God had brought forth an offspring that was greater than he, an Archangel. He refused to show this and became Shaton, or Satan, an devious devil. And he turned away and refused to reflect the LIGHT.

I think it most significant then, when we tell you that you were with the Father before the creation, and you saw HIM create this Universe, and that great thrill, and that spiritual ecstasy which accompanied each and every one of the great works of our Eternal Father, was a part of the vast thrill of existence in Celestial plains. Because there is not a person in this room that has not already been blessed with all spiritual blessings, with the Father, before the world was framed. But I don’t know what there is for you to receive. You have already come down out of the heavens where you had been blessed with all spiritual blessings. You have watched creations, you have watched sidereal systems rolled out, you have watched millenniums roll by. You have been participant with the Father from one end of the Universe to the other.

I point out to you that in the book of Ephesians, we have these words that relate to this pattern wherein we have the statement, ‘that we have ben blessed by the Eternal God, our Father, the Eternal YAHWEH who was manifested as Jesus the Christ, who has blessed us ‘with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places.’ When we talk about your entity as being your spiritual entity, which is your Christed being today embodied as a physical force, when we deal with the mysteries of origin, we must recognize that when God was creating the Tungus race, that the shape and form of the intelligent beings of earth were being decided upon and YAHWEH said unto the Elohim, ‘Let us make man in our own image.’ That is US, HE is talking about--the word is Elohim.

Let us turn over to where God speaks through the lips of David, in the 82nd Psalm where HE brings him to an awareness of ‘God standing in the congregation of the mighty, and HE judges the Elohim.’ In your English version is reads:-- ‘God stands in the midst of the congregation and HE judges amidst the Gods.’ But I listen to the words in the book of Isaiah, and it says, ‘Are there any gods beside me--lo I know not any.’ There are no Gods to the right or to the left. And these fallen Angels who think they are Gods are no Gods. All pagan religions of earth are no gods---but HE said, ‘I stand amidst the congregation of the Mighty and I judge among the Gods.’ Who are they? The word is Elohim. And if God has children, they are going to be like HIM, especially in the spiritual realm where total protection exists. And HE makes the declaration, ‘How long now.’ And HE says HE is talking to them in earth. ‘I stand among the congregation of the Mighty and I judge among the Gods.’ How many congregations? There was only one in earth which God recognized. And that one is God’s Israel---Issue ruling with HIM. Princes of HIS house---the mighty ones. And HE said, ‘How long are you going to be judged unjustly, how long are you going to accept the persons of the wicked?’ How long are you going to have these Baruch’s and Rothchilds and all these others ruling your country? How long are you going to give any respect to the International manipulators of our Kingdom? How long are you going to permit these forces of anti-Christ to have any influence in your midst? How long? And then HE said, ‘Ye are Elohim and all of you are the children of YAHWEH.’ This is in the 82nd Psalm.

No wonder then that when God looked down after the sixth day, and HE saw the faces of the people of earth, and HE saw the coming and going of the Enosh, and HE had witnessed the fall of Lucifer and so had you,---and as HE looked out upon the earth, HE made this statement, ‘Lo we have created all these things, but there is no Adamite to till the soil.’ This was the seventh day in the book of Genesis. There all of these people coming and going, but there was no Elohim upon the earth, no children of Mine upon the earth, no embodied sons of the Eternal upon the earth.

It is then a rather significant thing that the Adamic race is different than the Enosh. But this is because they are spirit of HIS Spirit, life of HIS Life.

We turn again after this to the passage in Hebrews after the Apostle Paul returned from his heavenly experiences. He had been caught into the heavens and carried into the presence of the MOST HIGH. Traveled through the first, second, third, and fourth heavens. Was accompanied with Archangels and ministering spirits, by great and mighty hosts. In the ancient Apocalypse of Paul which contained so much of the declarations of the Apostle Paul, he saw people coming and going throughout the Universe by the thousands, and he asked, ‘Who are they?’ And he heard the voice of God say, ‘These are thy brethren, thy kinsmen and mine.’

There is something about our relationship with God that should touch the soul of everyone who panteth after God. It should bring you to a realization of the pride which the Heavenly Father takes in HIS family, in HIS sons. If you want to know about the love of God, then know this love---that God became flesh to dwell among you---to CONQUER DEATH FOR YOU, because of HIS love for YOU. And in the course of the declaration of such love, we read here in the book of Hebrews, concerning this situation, that now that the children of God are partakers of flesh and blood, HE the MOST HIGH GOD partook of the same kind of flesh and blood with its access to fallen condemnation, that HE might be just like HIS children who HE said HE was not ashamed to call HIS kinsmen.

If there is anything for you to know today that will challenge your heart and soul, it is to know that you are a relative of God, a kinsmen with God, and God called you HIS brethren. And although you have left the Celestial plains and dwelled in earth, in HIS plan, the vastness of the majesty of God’s Grace, and HIS love toward you even in your rebellion, HE still identified Himself with you, and suffered in all things such as you might suffer being a Righteous and Eternal Father. But HE said, ‘You are MY kinsmen, you are dwelling in the flesh.’

Thus it is we are dwelling in the flesh. And as we talk about the Holy of Holies it is that our bodies are our Tabernacle. We dwell within it. Within the center of it is the spiritual consciousness, the center of spirit wherein God resides. This is the inner Holy of Holies. The veil has been removed with the Resurrection after the crucifixion. The veil was rent, the Resurrection empowered it. And now we tell you that you are to know that you are a special people. That you have capacities that no one else has, and this places responsibility which no one else has, put upon you to preserve the racial purity, and the instrument that you must reside in to accomplish this result. You must store the areas of remembrance that God did bring. But it also calls for a disassociation from all the forces of darkness, and all the nations that serve the darkness, and make your remain inside the United Nations and such institutions something forbidden of God.

I am very much interested in the developments of this last week. Sometimes we wonder how we can have such asinine representative as we have. Because we are not only joined with the darkness, and 5/6 of the world’s pagans, but at the same time we set up laws under this institution called the United Nations, that among them the nations that continue to vote and participate must pay. But of course our world order enemies, today like the areas of Communist societies never pay any of the bills for enforcement. They always hang back, never contributed, but America has paid and paid, and now they cannot lose any more face. And in the last six months, they have demanded that Russian pay, but she doesn’t pay---none of the Communist countries pay. But you don’t belong in such an institution---joined with them anyway. God said that is HE had to, He would destroy that institution---but destroy it, HE shall, so as to take you out of it---out of this disunity that HE does not want you to be in. We listened last week as the ‘far left’ said, ‘Oh, America should not demand that the Soviet Union pay, American should pay the whole bill.’ Even the President is sort of stuck with this for he doesn’t want to make everybody mad. The ‘left wingers’ and the liberals are already mad at him. It is a strange thing---when you make you alignment with death and with Hell, and then you are stuck with it, then you are hurting. The President is in trouble. He went ‘Left Wing’ with Labor. He went with the Harvard group of Socialists, with a program like Communism. He moved for power in this area, then he was faced with White men dying under Negro cannibalism and he had to make a decision. He did not have much choice. If he had not called in Belgium paratroopers, he would have been in a lot more trouble. So he made the decision, then all the Negro leaders in this country turned on him, and the Commies turned on him, and he is in trouble. When you go with that bunch, you have to go all the way. If something happens to the President (Johnson), then Humphrey takes over. As I said Friday night, if I was in the spot the President is in, I would get an official taster. I would get a Rabbi and make him eat before I took anything.

Then Mr. Stevenson said, ‘I have the solution. We are just going to abandon the vote system. No one will vote anymore. Then no one will be thrown out of the U.N. if they don’t pay, then if we don’t vote it won’t make any difference. We will put up a great big kitty all over the world and we will raise the money to pay the deficit of the U.N. and there will be no more trouble. Then the people with hearts bleeding for the ‘World Cause’ would ante in. Thus people all over the world would ante in and pay the Soviet Union bills, and then when they are paid, they would vote again.’ Just how crazy can you be? But then lots of people don’t know this. They pay no attention to what is going on.

What I want to point out to you is that God is going to rend this thing apart. We are going to be forced to move in our own route, in our own way. Although the powers of darkness would like to run the nations of God’s Kingdom, they would like to subordinate them to this grand new design. This great society of the devil.

We have spoken to you in the past about these words of the Apostle Paul, over in the book of Corinthians, in which he makes it so clear that there is a vast distinction between you and THEM. This distinction is what marks the difference of a spiritual race in a physical body and natural man, because the man cannot receive the things of God. They are foolishness unto him, neither can he know them because they are spiritually discerned. We turn again to this passage which tells us that God reveals these things to us by HIS Spirit. (I Cor. 2:12) ‘We have received not the spirit of the world, we have been given the spirit of God so that we might be given freely the things of God.’ That we might commune with HIS Spirit, we have received the spirit of god, not the spirit which is of the world.

In the majesty of the 17th chapter of John, Jesus is permitting John to record the communion between the consciousness of the souls of Christ and the spirit that fills the heavens and earth, which is HIS Spirit, which is God above all. And in this declaration that this spirit is the Father of all matter, it is also the abiding spirit of Jesus the Christ. Then remember these words as Jesus prays, ‘I don’t pray for the world, I only pray for those thou--the spirit--hath given Me. Thine they were in the heavens, Mine they are in earth.’ I haven’t lost any of them--Thine they were, and now here in earth they are Mine. ‘Thou (spirit) gaveth them to ME.’

The difference between these people who make up the White race, who make up the children of the Kingdom, who make up the sheep of My pasture--the difference--Jesus said, ‘I am to of this world, that is not My origin, and neither are they.---even as I am not of this world, neither are they, but ‘don’t take them out of the world, but keep them in it.’ But here is the difference. The world hates them just like it hates ME.

We have a lot of International ‘do-gooders’ going around trying to get the world to love them. They want to love the world. They just want to get along with everybody. They just want to slap them on the back and tell them that everything is fine. They do not want to come to realism because they have become used to apathy. But God is going to keep on making things happen until they want something to happen. They will be tired of their apathy, and they will be tires of this association with the world. I think most of us have had all we want of it now. And we are trying to find a way of getting it out.

Under the instance of this, Jesus said, ‘They are not of this world, just as I am not of the world, and the world hates them.’ If the world does not hate you, then there is something wrong with you. Did you know that? If you can get along with the world, then what you need is some spiritual food. For you have a shriveled up soul. Someone said, ‘But, Dr. Swift, we have to be so careful so the enemy doesn’t write smear articles. One day it is this and another day it is that. Is just stirs people up and we are going to lose our following. Don’t you think we should just leave them alone and then maybe they will leave us alone?’ I don’t care what he likes. I am as proud of my enemies as I am my friends. I don’t care what he likes. He is a liar and his father was a liar and I do not expect anything else from my enemy. But he is not going to continue to blackmail the Kingdom of God to continue to permit evil to exist in our midst.

Jesus said, ‘I have given them to the world, but the world hates them because they are not of the world, even as I am not of the world.’ Let’s remember that the reason why Jesus was not of this world is because HIS origin was in heaven. HE was the creator and author of the Universe. HE was now begotten in the flesh and the spirit in HIM was the spirit that had come in. Therefore, HE was not of this world order. So the world hated HIM. Then Jesus said you are not of this world, so how did you get here, for you were also born? But you came down thru the generations of Adam who was the son of God according to the scripture. And I point out to you that the spirit in you was begotten of the Father before the world was framed. You are Elohim, spirit of HIS Spirit, life of HIS Life. Your name was written in the Lamb’s Book of Life before the foundation of the world. You are among those that HE did foreknow.

I turn to the book of Romans and it says, ‘Those HE did foreknow, HE did predestinate, that you would be embodied here and conform to the image of the son (embodiment).’ When did HE foreknow you? When you were with HIM in the periods of yesterday before the foundation of this world. One day HE said to HIS disciples, ‘Ye are of they who have been with ME since the beginning.’ Someone said, ‘But that just meant three years ago when HE chose them.’ No, because HE said when HE sent the Paraclete, the great consciousness of HIS intelligence, HIS mind, it would bring all things to their remembrance, everything HE had spoken to them, everything that belonged to their association with HIM since the beginning---the Cosmos.

HE wasn’t talking about the last three years. They could remember that. ‘Ye are of they who have been with Me since the beginning.’ In this declaration, in that your name was written in the Lamb’s Book of Life before the foundation of the world. HE was blessing you with spiritual blessings and you made up the vast congregation of the heavens. And the MOST HIGH said the you are different.

In this instance, the Apostle Paul carrying forward the experiences he had in the heavens, talks about the men of this race, because they had the spiritual capacity to build Faith. And he said that you are strangers and pilgrims in the earth. You would not be a stranger and pilgrim here if you had just originated here to start with. To be a stranger, you had to come in from somewhere else. To be a pilgrim, you had to come by YOUR OWN DESIRE. You volunteered to come. Thus you are strangers and pilgrims in the earth. And the Apostle Paul said of whom the earth was not worthy. Yes---strangers and pilgrims in the earth and you are still seeking something. You are aware somewhat as to where you came from but you don’t want to die to get back there. You are seeking a country or you are going to build one like it---one or the other. That is what God put you down here for. If you couldn’t get back, you would fulfill your responsibility and build one like it because your soul would pant after it. And God’s spirit would stir it and you would build as HE has ordered. HE said in the writings of Isaiah, ‘Ask ME concerning MY sons. They are going to build MY new order, My civilization, My culture.’

Listen. ‘Therefore you are foreknown unto HIM and HE did predestinate you for this purpose.’ For eventually, you are going to conform to HIS image right here in the flesh. We think of these words that accompany this declaration of the Apostle Paul when he tells us in this instance, if we knew how to get back from whence we had come, we would have returned. If we knew how to ascend into the Celestial plains or move back into the spirit, we would do this. Because of the vastness of and superiority of that---our spirit known, our spirit is in communion with the Father. And it complains and has vibrations that cannot be uttered. We have mentioned this before. It is called groanings by poor translation. But it is by vibrations. A lot of people thought that groaning is what is meant and they have been groaning ever since. I hear a lot of people just groan, groan a lot when they pray. That is why some of the are so noisy about it. But the great spiritual area of it lies on the awareness and alertness and knowledge and communion with the spirit of the Father. God is not so far away that we have to yell at the top of our voices for HIM to hear. For if HE cannot hear the communion of my mind, my voice will never reach that far. HE said, ‘Lo I am with ye always, even unto the end of the age.’ And there is no communion in the seat of my consciousness that reaches out to HIM that HE is not already aware of and does not respond to.

We turn then to this declaration concerning the Household of the MOST HIGH GOD. They were born of HIS Spirit. They dwelt in the heavens. They were born into a physical world. And they are the offspring of the MOST HIGH GOD. Never forget this. They are Elohim, embodied in the earth. No wonder that God said, ‘Ye are Elohim.’ You are embodied in earth, but I am your Father. And Jesus said, ‘Therefore, they are not of the world, as I am not of the world.’ And the great activation of this truth is shown when Jesus was talking to Nicodemus. This was a brilliant young Pharisee whose thoughts radiated toward God, who wanted truth and sought after it. He was also aware of the Kingdom. And he remembered a certain pattern together with the keeping of the truth that this Kingdom was to built here. And it required an administration and a participation. And he wanted to get into it. He wanted to see it come in. He wanted to see the throne of God activated. He said to Jesus, ‘How does a man enter in this Kingdom of heaven?’

We have a lot of preachers running around wanting to know how to get back to heaven. But Jesus was not talking about getting back to heaven. HE was talking about participation. How does a man do this, how does he enter into the Kingdom of heaven? Jesus said, ‘You a master of Israel and I have to tell you this? Shame on you. For you know how to enter this Kingdom---it comes by inheritance, you must be twice born.’

Do you know that it is a very dangerous thing to upset a little phrase of semantics? Because in the ecclesiastical hierarchies of our times, if you upset a little phrase of semantics then they refer to you as a heretic. We have thus just a little phrase of semantics just because of the way they translated something because of their ecclesiastical concept and the way they translated it, they have Jesus turning to this man and saying ‘Ye must be born again.’ Whereas Jesus really said, ‘Ye must be twice born.’ The reason they translated it thus, is because this man asked, ‘How could I enter into my mother’s womb and be born a second time?’ But the words of the original text should have been translated thus.--- ‘Ye must be twice born. Ye must be born from above and ye must be born on earth.’ You must be born of the spirit, and you must be born of the breaking of the water. You can never participate in the Administration of God’s Kingdom---you cannot enter in this Kingdom as an administrative force by inheritance unless you are the offspring of the Father, thus an heir to the Kingdom. The trouble today is that the people in Palestine and the people in this country that don’t belong here, who hate our Christ, are not the heirs. But they are trying to take the Kingdom by force.

The Kingdom of God has suffered violence and this violence has been taking by force. But God is about to activate the Kingdom with spiritual power. And they will take it back again. How do I know? In the book of Daniel, it says, ‘The Saints of the MOST HIGH are going to take the Kingdom and possess the Kingdom forever and forever.’ In fact, if I was one of those who is not one of the heirs of this country, and had any inclination as to what was about to transpire, and wanted to get out of the midst of trouble, I would be leaving. For there are a lot of people who will not be leaving---in time. The wrath is going to rise up in the countenance of God’s people and there will not be a Cainanite left in the House of God. If the devil could believe the scripture, he would be leaving.

However the devil has no capacity to think these thoughts and neither does his children. Jesus said, ‘Ye cannot understand my speech, because you cannot hear it.’

Let us therefore consider that the distinction lies in that you are children of the Spirit. And the spirit that searches out all the deep things of God, brings to your cognition the awareness of things that are of the Father. In that 14th chapter of John, again comes that declaration---that message that the Paraclete--translated Holy Spirit--the world cannot receive it. But YOU can receive it. Do not for a moment try to bring into the Kingdom for participation, that which cannot receive it. Jesus said, ‘Ye must be twice born--born from above and from the breaking of the water on earth. Ye must be born in the spirit, and then born of the flesh.’ And did you know that some have tried to transpose that in later Epistles? What they are trying to transpose is a reactivation of spiritual consciousness in the seat of the intellect. This is why the Apostle Paul said be not conformed to the World Order, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. This is why the scripture talks about regeneration---a great spiritual activation of the conscious resident sons and daughters. This reactivation is the spiritual connection of the physically embodied child.

Everything that we offer in Christianity is to reconnect, to restore, to give back what the individual possessed before the fall. It is renewing of the mind, regeneration of the spirit relationship to the body. And then Immortality---when mortal shall put on immortality. Thus what do we offer, but the giving back everything we lost when we submitted to the Luciferian power. And now God, redeeming HIS Household, requires us to measure up to so great a Salvation, and HE giver us back that which belongs to us.

You are a Heaven born race, a Celestial people. But you have become earth bound---earth embodied under the fall. But the Father has restored unto you so great a Salvation, and not only by your status, but you can look HIM in the face and say, ‘I am justified by that Grace.’

Someone said, ‘OH, you do not believe in a ‘born again’ experience?’ We believe in a CHRIST BORN EXPERIENCE AND THEN A REACTIVATION OF THAT SPIRITUAL CONSCIOUSNESS. Which, my friends, is Regeneration.

We tell you that God is not through. And no one is going to escape this great spiritual experience and this calling by the Father to HIS sheep and the enveloping into HIS Glory. ‘For all Israel shall be saved as it is written.’ HE shall thru away the ungodliness of Jacob. Sometimes we want to ritualize everything, every process, and say it shall be done according to this ritual. But we do not find the specifications of this ritual, but we find people saying ‘but this one is lost forever, and this one is acceptable and this one of not acceptable.’ Let me tell you something. As you and I, as sons and daughters of God fulfill our responsibilities in this vital hour, as the great nations of God’s Kingdom fulfill their responsibility, as we move into Armageddon and triumph, I am going to tell you that the Grace of the Father and the spiritual transitions which shall take place will be the most challenging development of all times. There will be a lot of people who see as HE sees and know as HE knows, as the enveloping Glory of HIS Spirit activates the spirit within them and transforms then in the very element of their being.

The Apostle Paul said be not conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. There is thus a great struggle to hold down this heaven born race and make it lose its identity. They try to get us to turn from ‘thus saith the LORD’ to try to obscure the great patterns of God’s purpose. By this purpose today, we have scientists that are no scientists, doctors who are no doctors, and philosophers that are Lucifer’s own messengers who tell us that everybody is the same, that they are all alike, there is nothing different between THEY and YOU. Even faced with a great civilization, a great knowhow, the great difference between the Western Christian world and the rest of the earth, they still say, but everybody is all the same.

You and I know that they are not all the same. There may be a quality in you that they cannot find in a test tube. But it is quite evident that it is there. It is this spirit of technological initiative and this pattern, this driving urge which God has put within you to accomplish certain things. That is the Spirit. Did you know that today if you had to evaluate all the things that mark you as different, and then had to pile up all the accumulated areas of wealth and acquisition in the earth, and you had to select your most valuable assets and then retain what you wanted, you would without a doubt retain the spiritual outlet to this knowledge of God, because this is the most important thing which marks you as different.

I can understand the Mark of the beast having influence, the mark of the Beast order---without the spiritual capacities falling for the Luciferian pattern. But the only deliverance comes with the triumph of God’s Kingdom. There never will be the world that men hope for until the Kingdom of God triumphs and the power of God’s spirit moves through HIS sons, and the Grace of God will start making new creatures out of the people of earth.

I point out to you that in this hour, you must fulfill the commitments that God requires. Instead of permitting our society to be integrated, we must call for great segregation. Instead of being absorbed in a world order of anti-Christ, we should call for the great standards of God’s Kingdom to be lifted up again. Instead of joining him to defeat us, we must defeat the enemy in his design to be the tyrant. When all the nations of the world have been brought to the realization that YAHWEH alone is God, when every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that HE alone is God, we shall have finished our task.

As I was looking at some of the oldest records of Enoch, and out of the things that Paul saw, it talks about the congregation that filled the horizon, of many sons. Think of this now, caught out into the vastness of many constellations, there is some sphere out there that is so big and so large, that with a clarion call, the kinsmen assembled, and the congregation was so big, as they stood before the Father radiating glory, and praise was from horizon to horizon. ---A bid family. This tells us that, yes, we were with HIM when all the Morning Stars sang together and some stars shouted for joy.

A heaven born race now earth dwelling. The Father says, ‘I have given you the earth forever and forever. And I am going to establish MY throne here. Ask ME and I will give you the heathen for your possession.’

The ends of the earth are all a part of your inheritance. Knowing this, and recognizing this responsibility, we tell you that it is the responsibility of every Christian in every facet of life, to hold up such a standard, to call for the maintenance of Racial purity, to call for the standards and the ethics and the morality of God’s Kingdom. And to recognize that HE has saved us by HIS Grace by an atonement which HE paid for by HIS own blood. This is a consummate atonement. And no power of darkness shall gainsay. By this same declaration we can say, ‘Our Father which art in heaven, hallowed be THY name, thy Kingdom come, thy will be done’ with full realization that HE is our Father. Spirit, soul and body, we are flesh of HIS flesh, and bone of HIS bone.’

(End of sermon)