Unclean Frogs Of Revelation, 1-22-61



By Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 1-22-61

As we turn to this subject of the unclean frogs of Revelation, I think it important that we consider our relationship to the chain of events thru which we have been passing. As we have said:...America responds with great waves of emotion to great historic events that present some of the Majesty of a great nation. In the inauguration of a President they were caught with the swelling emotion of the pageantry of America and its history, and they all wished to believe as well as possible in the President whose forthright address was challenging, altho there were facets of it which were not acceptable. Within all of the events of this hour, I can tell you that behind the scenes moved forces, hard sometimes to analyze, unless one is aware of all the facts that are involved in the scene. There is no doubt that to Protestants everywhere, this election, and the speed with which it swept across the nation in a great rising force of a minority movement and its organizations...to behind a candidate who little over a year or so ago was not known to many people thru out the nation. And even in Washington D.C. he was not known to well, for if you asked where is Senator Kennedy from they couldn't tell you...whether from Indiana or Ohio, or just where. The fact was that to the average government worker, he was just another Congressman, or Senator from somewhere. And to those who watched the political life of the nation they knew that he came from a powerful, wealthy Irish Catholic family from the Boston, Mass., area. Those who knew more about it knew that he was connected with the Fitzgerald's, the Curleys and all the political strength that once came out of Boston.

Now;..we are well aware that the election has come and gone but as we look out of this situation, there are some things which we cannot forget. It is rather generally believed by all those who are observing the situation in Washington, that the election was never decided on the amount of votes cast. They do not believe that Kennedy actually won that election. I found that most everyone believed that the election had been won as to the matter of numbers in most of deciding states by Mr. Nixon. One of the things I would like to recall to your mind, even tho you say..it is too late..it has no part now in this picture..just consider it. I consider it most significant, and I think it should be looked out. This is that one of the most active crusaders for Mr. Nixon, and one of the most active Anti-Communists authorities in the field of his church...one who supported Mr. Nixon quite thoroughly was Cardinal Spellman of New York city. Cardinal Spellman was known to be very Anti-Communist and to have backed Mr. Nixon because of his Anti-Communism and his part in the 'Un-American activities committee'. I think it a rather significant thing that while we are still evaluating everything in its proper attitude...that you know...that Cardinal Cushing put in a request to Rome, and Rome gave the order for Cardinal Spellman to be quiet for the remainder of the campaign. This was even as they had silenced Father Coglin earlier, and now they made it impossible for Cardinal Spellman to support in New York state as one of the most important prelates to the Catholic Church...the election of Mr. Nixon. When I site that again, I see another head rising, and I see the symbol of the hierarchies and their power, and one recognizes that tho they well could have done this to throw the support to a son of the church and would have considered that a great victory, still at the same time, one wonders why that in this measure they silenced their Cardinal as they had silenced Father Coglin when he pointed out things he thought most important. One of the things Cardinal Spellman pointed out was that there were a lot of Anti-Christian forces that seemed to be supporting this candidate, and had moved into a strange paradox of alignment behind the Kennedy power. He was the one who in the church from whence he came, pointed out the immense amount of personal and private money that was being thrown into this campaign, and wondered about the involvement it might lead to in our national history. I think it rather interesting to also note the attitude of Mr. Truman during this campaign for what came over Mr. Truman who went out stomping the country for Mr. Kennedy while as a Mason he should have withdrawn from this situation. We can well understand that there had been animosity between these two men when Congressman and Senator, Mr. Kennedy from both positions had attacked the policies of both Mr. Truman and Mr. Marshall when they deserved that attack by their handling of Red China and the sabotaging of Chang Kai Shek. But at the same time this movement by Mr. Truman made this a significant thing in the study of what transpired. I think it most significant that Mr. Truman went to Texas campaigning for Senator Kennedy and he suddenly became very angry at Baptists who were supporting Mr. Nixon, on the basis of their religion. Mr. Truman said:..all these *#!" Baptists ought to go to H---. So this was a rather strange thing for a Mason and a Baptist to say about the Baptists of Texas, if they didn't support the candidate of the party. Even altho he was himself a Mason and a Baptist and as such was moving into the wrong avenue. I think there is a rather strange factor involved in this. We kind of wonder whether this peculiar kind of theology which is part of the background of this church wasn't becoming so contagious that they had Mr. Truman marching around consigning people to perdition if they didn't vote his way. I think it rather interesting as to the reaction of Mr. Truman when they were making a study of the conclusions of the election. They were making a study as to how both candidates were supported thru out the United States. I only point this out because there were strange forces at work, and we are not challenging the fact that the President may reverse himself on the positions he took during the campaign for we hope he will. But the fact remains that the farmers did not buy the program that Mr. Kennedy supported when he was the candidate for the party. The farm plank of the Democratic platform..I want to recall to your memory is a complete Soviet system of control including the permission to grow, the permission to sell, the administration, the hiring and everything else. It is a 100% Soviet program for the farmers. I think it is rather interesting that during the last campaign one of the men whom you and I might call the most 'egg headed liberal' of all in the U.S. was none other than the Secretary of Agriculture...Wallace. You remember that in Mr. Roosevelt's Administration he was the 'kill the pigs Wallace'...'plow under the grain Wallace' and in all of this he thought he was Sir Galahad on a white horse, and he followed the strange Yogi who came out of India and Tibet and thought that he had all the answers to everything. But at the same time Mr. Wallace was considered a liberal. But during this campaign Mr. Wallace supported Mr. Nixon because of the farm program plank of the Democratic Party, and he said that it was word for word...The Soviet Farm Program in the Soviet Union. And that remark was from one considered a liberal in the Roosevelt days and was so left of center that if any thing could get further left, then that...then that made Americans wonder with some consternation. Well the fact was quite gratifying for when studying over what those farm planks actually guaranteed, the overwhelming decision in all the major farm areas as to give their vote impact to Mr. Nixon and not to Mr. Kennedy. And even Bob Kennedy when he toured the country came back to say:..the one area we couldn't carry and couldn't seem to influence was the farm states, so since they don't have the electorial votes we will move the machine and work with the units of labor, and the minority vote and we will do all we can to capture the election in these areas of greater electorial votes. I think it rather significant because at this time, it is important for you to know that in Washington when I was there, this was after the election, and Mr. Truman was one of those who surveyed the election and the way people had voted. And when he saw that the farmers didn't vote for the Democratic candidate he turned and cursed the farmers, and said he didn't give a whoop '#_*! what happened to the farmers anyhow. And then he went far enough to say:...'They will learn their lesson in the next few years.' Well lets hope that Americans learn one more lesson in the next few years which is..to remain on guard night and day, against creeping socialism, Communism, and political interference by an hierarchy anywhere from any part of the world. I feel that in the general trend, the President Elect has learned a lesson as to how parts of America feels. I think he discovered in the days preceding his inauguration that he had a Congress and Senate who were aware of the temper of the People. I was told of how the numbers of letters arriving on the desks of Congressmen and Senators had doubled in the last few days since the election. I was to discover that thru out the country, and outside of a few of the Ecclesiastical leaders who keep themselves somewhat modified in their position, that the Protestants were alarmed thru out the country with movements that might be invasions of their liberty. They were not at all sure that they could depend on their civil liberties being guaranteed if they continued to be against positions put forward Ecclesiastically, or whether they might retain the freedom they possessed in the past. It was cited that they could not count on the continued freedom of the past on the basis of the fact that in his speech the President Elect repudiated most of the positions he supported when he ran, and that were in the platform. Of course it was a good thing to repudiate some of these things, and it was politically expedient knowing it was impossible to carry them out.

In the last few minutes as I was glancing over the newspapers there was something heartening because we have watched some of these men like Senator Dirkson and Senator Bridges who have been carrying on an opposition to those things which need to be opposed, and suddenly I see that Senator Dirkson if saying that he is going to lead the opposition to a refusal to confirm and to approve some of these liberal plans and designs of the Cabinet which are going to be presented to the people of the U.S. I think that if this is what it took to wake up some of the men like Senator Dirkson then it may be worth while. He stated:..The conservative forces both democrat and republican are going on guard against these things, to make sure that American life style is not changed and totalitarian authority will not move out in this hour to try to direct all of our destiny, in the name of emergency measures.

Strangely, we say again...this does not mean that there is not sincerity in the moves the President might make from the standpoint of what he might decide as to our destiny as he decides from so called superior knowledge. But the fact is that what he might consider is right does not mean that he will have the support of the people who may be right when he is wrong. I do see this, and I mention it to you now that the continual use of the request of J.F.K. was merely an attempt to copy the F.D.R. which was so popular in carrying out the continuation of the policies of that earlier administration.

We turn in this hour to see what is in motion effecting our society. Where do we stand prophetically at this hour. We are without doubt in an historic hour which has been in effect the last 25 years especially. If you were to turn to the 16th., chapter of Revelations you will discover that there are forces which move out of the Kingdom of Darkness and that they Blaspheme the God of the Heavens, and they are getting ready for the confirmation of their desire, which is to take over the earth. Of course they move out of Asia and out of the Kingdom of Darkness with an intense hatred of everything which is American. An intense hatred of everything Christian of everything that is Western civilization.

'And the 6th., angel poured out his vial upon the great river Euphrates and the water therefore dried up, that the way of the rulers out of the east might be prepared.'

What is this talking about? One of the most powerful forces among nations was the barriers of the seawall of humanity. As you turn in the Scriptures you discover that the great waters of the Scriptures are masses of people, and they are referred to as seas of humanity. And the symbol of Babylon falling into the sea is...Babylon being swallowed up by the masses and the masses overthrow this thing which is to be cast out. But in this instance he talks about the power of darkness out of the kingdom of darkness who gnash their teeth in their hatred of God's Kingdom. Here they are somewhat held back by the force of the symbol of the Great River of Euphrates. So what was this symbol, the great river Euphrates? It wasn't just a stream marking a geographical mark upon the map that finds its close relationship to Ur of the Chaldees and Ancient Babylon. The great River Euphrates was the kingdoms which were made up and came under the Administration of the Sultans which ruled after the death of Genghis Khan and his hoards were rolled back into the Steppes and the areas of Tibet. There arose out of that Mongolian invasion the Sultans and the great Kaaban as it was known. One well remembered that under this the Turkish Empire and many of the Moslem societies and states, and the rising Shiekdoms rolled back the Tartars and the Sultans who took over the area of the Middle-East and the great lines which divided Asia from Europe, carried on much of the attacks which the hoards of the Khan had carried on, but it was for their own increase in authority and power, and when the mercenaries that rode with the Sultans moved up into southern Europe and carried on their onslaught they often alternated between the Tartar Mongols's who came down from the northern Steppes, and the hoards that moved under the Crescent and the Star. Mohammedism was also riding for world conquest and the height of power. The one thing that stopped their conquest of Western Europe was the Knighthood of Christian civilization. There was no doubt that there was certain standards of chivalry that were observed, both by Moslem Knighthood, as well as Christian Knighthood which set the standards. There is no doubt that great battles persisted for centuries between the power of Mohammedism and the powers of Christianity, one fighting for the conquest of the power of the prophet Mohammed over the Middle-East, and the hope of extending it over Asia and most of the world. That was the ambition of their background. Christianity had picked the flower of their Knighthood to take back the Holy Land because it was important to them. Important because of the sacred things which had happened there. Important because this was the land in which Christ had lived, and in which their Shrines had significant importance. More than that, even tho they did not know what it was, but they were moving back to hold an Ancient Title Right, for the great Knighthood of Christendom had come out of a people to whom the Title Right of old Palestine had been originally given, before they went into their captivities, and before they had migrated thru the Caucasian passes to form the great nations of Western Civilization.

There can be no question but that the Knighthood reached the impact of stopping the spread of Mohammedism from moving into the heart of Europe. Thus it was that it stayed out of the great areas of Europe, but it stood out in the great areas of the plains of Ancient Shinar, and the areas controlled by the Sultans of Turkey, and in the days of Solomon the Magnificent it had probably reached its greatest height. And the Turkish power of Mohammedism and the great Kaaban was known as the most powerful force of that area and time. Nations sent their Ambassadors to and from, even the nations of Western Europe in the periods of their troops in battle, still sent their Ambassadors to this great Shrine of Mohammedan power. However as long as it remained strong then this was true, but even at this time new political rising forces were beginning to move thru out all the areas of Asia. There must be noted that the powers which created world Communism, and Karl Marx and his political philosophy, and gave him the power to spread it are the same powers that brought against the Western Christian civilization the hoards of Genghis Khan. And that the instance of the revolution was spreading into the areas of the north, but there was one thing that was realized as a political obstacle to the sweeping movement of the hoards out of the Russias.

One of the obstacles, to the gathering of the hoards for a march into Europe, was faced with this fact...that no longer was Mohammedism a part of the Dragon. Now that the Ancient realms under the Sultans and Mohammedism had moved into the cycle of 200 years of history they had then isolated themselves from the previous hoards who had once been joined to them. Thus they became a powerful stream...such as the River Euphrates in its impact. These out of that stream were the peoples of the Turkish Empire, and the stream of Ishmael and the people who came out of the Mohammedan 'Mount Seir'. Because of this therefore their power and their strength was considered an obstacle to any Asiatic force ever marching into the lands of the people of Western civilization. I think therefore that one of the strangest things which evolved in this..drying up of the Euphrates..the Empire of the Sultans..which had existed from the time of Genghis Khan and his death to the time that the Soviet Revolution was being formed with the hoards out of Asia being gathered again...is that this gathering is once more by the Anti-Christ, to be hurled against Christian Civilization. It is rather significant then as one thing that occurred in W.W.I. was the overthrow of the power of Turkey until she was no longer a barrier to anything. For in that period of time the Administration of Palestine was taken back..from that time on the mandate of Palestine was passed over to the peoples of the House of Joseph..people of Identity, and it ended for the first time in a great many years...the Administration by the Turks over this land. Remember that for 1335 years under the Igerian calendar, that the Turks and the Mohammedan people had held sway over Palestine. But destiny had declared that this should pass back in the end of this measure of prophecy into the hands of the people who constituted the proper mandate of God's Israel. There it would remain until the time in which we live, when the Abomination of the Desolator was to come in and try to take possession of the Holy Land. There it was to remain until...the time of the hand of God's judgments with great earthquakes, battles, and wars by which those usurpers will be destroyed in the areas of their usurpation. Thus it is that we can say that these occupiers of Israeli, or Palestine are the Abomination of the Desolator who have moved into the Holy Place.

But out of W.W.I. came the experiences which surround the Arab leadership of the Arab legions under the command of Col. Lawrence and the fulfillment of prophecy by General Allenby. And when the Turks surrendered their swords before the conquest of that war the Turkish Empire which had united all the Moslem Kingdom was no longer a great and mighty unit and that prophecy of the Scripture had not been fulfilled...and we saw the drying up of the waters of the Euphrates, the streams of people of the East with whom they would have to negotiate. In fact in the time in which you are living, the people of Turkey and the Mid-East have only one source of protection outside of their own strength which united with your leadership...might be strong. But apart from that they have only one strength which is to turn to the Western civilization nations, or specifically the United States to assist them against a Soviet seizure of their territory or a violation of their rightful homeland. You must remember that one of the strongest allies that we have had since the end of W.W.II is Turkey. And Turkey has permitted us to lay missile sites there in which we have the possible missile launching pads under the very hammer of American military strength..and pointing at the Soviet Union.

We point this out to you because this proceeds the words of this 16th., chapter of Revelation. 'I saw 3 unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the Dragon, the beast, and the false prophet.' Someone said.. what are these 3 unclean spirits like frogs? It wasn't many days ago I heard a naive Clergyman say:..Oh! these are communism Fascism and Nazism. Well that is a rather strange situation because this isn't exactly what it constitutes. It isn't talking about Fascism with which we do not agree, nor with Nazism which is an un-American institution. But it is talking about evil powers, and communism is involved because it is talking about the beast and that which comes out of the mouth of the beast may very well be identified as the philosophy of Socialism, and World Communism. But when we talk about these 3 unclean spirits like Frogs...they are the spirits of devils working their strange phenomena and miracles, and going forth among the earth order to gather them to a great and mighty battle..for that great day of God Almighty.

'Behold, I come as a thief. Blessed is he that watcheth and keepeth his garments, lest he be naked and they see his shame.'

This is of course written to the church. The only garments of Divine standard is the Righteousness of God. The only covering which men wear before God is..whether they are enveloped within the framework of His standards of Righteousness and instead of imputing their own righteousness in their own way, they accept God's laws and God's standards and then claim the impact of HIS Atonement and claim the justification of His Grace, and the standards of His laws. This means that the people who make up the society of the Christian civilization..the society of the Western World..are the only people who are looking for the appearing of YAHWEH-God to intervene in human affairs, and therefore their garments are...Faith in the things He had to say.

We are faced with the fact that these spirits go forth as devils, and they are gathering men together into a place called in the Hebrew tongue.. ..Armageddon. However, the general contention concerning Armageddon as it is referred to...as the great and final struggle..by Enoch, who had his instructions ages ago from the Angels who briefed him for this hour. This is no longer a battle fought in one narrow valley, and is no longer isolated in one single plane. For Enoch is told that this great battle will be fought all over the world even as great battles were fought in the valley of Armageddon. In the days of Enoch there had been no battle of Armageddon but he was taught that a great and final battle would be fought against the Prince of Battle, a battle against the Incarnate (embodied) form of Lucifer and his forces in the earth. A struggle against his children and his household would take place. Enoch was given to understand that from all of the corners of the world, from every race of people who served every false religion, and every false idolatry would come the hoards. He is given the knowledge to recognize that all things which would not accept Jesus as THE CHRIST..all nations..all powers would become involved. Enoch was told that they would use all of their powers in the fields of economy and commerce to manipulate and try to create a catastrophe, and an encirclement, and a downfall for Christian civilization. He was told that they would wage war against us, that every false religion would pour forth its support against the resistance of the nations of the Western Christian World, and that out of the Dragon would come an attempt to form a super world government under which all nations and all men would pass...with the exception of God's Kingdom which would fight for the retention of its liberties. Now;...when one considers that Enoch understood this and that he says: ...Fear not...for in that very day, shall the LORD of Heaven come in with thousands, times 10 thousands, times thousands of His Saints...come in judgment...and there shall be great victory for the Kingdom in that day. I think that as far as prophetic history is concerned that we who have watched prophetic developments of the last few decades can say that the drying up of the Empire of the Turks and the power of the Mohammedan forces was the drying up of the power of the forces between the east and the west of Western Europe, and thus made way for the movements of the rulers of the east to come against Western civilization. Thus the supplanting of the great strength and power of this Moslem civilization saw the Communist agents move into the Middle-East. Tied in with their close association with Zionism and their previous commitments, they stir trouble constantly in order to bring about inter-tribal trouble in order to bring about the betrayal of the Middle-East area.

When we see these words:...'3 unclean spirits like frogs..then this name Frog is used here because of its continuity..an Ancient symbol which runs down thru the symbolism of your race back in Ancient times which were identified with evil and secret occult evil. One of them was the symbol of the Serpent, the symbol of the Frog, and then there was the symbol of a strange type of Lizard which was used upon the emblems of the very occult forces of the false religions of Asia. So these emblems were always identified with the mud and slime, thus 3 unclean spirits like frogs. Back in the Mystery Schools the frog was a symbol of utter evil, and a symbol of the extent of that evil to move out either on water or dry land to carry out that evil objective.

Now; the Book of Revelation identifies these Ancient patterns, it doesn't have to leave it up to your imagination. It tells you that these 3 unclean spirits like frogs, are devils, utter evil, and they move out of the mouth of the Dragon. Let us remember what the Dragon consists of:...we well identify Asia with the symbol of the Dragon for no country identifies itself as well as Asia with the symbol of the Dragon. I think it is nice to have pretty parades and things like that, but I think we would do well not to have Dragons in our Rose Parade. There would be lots of things in America to identify with rather than the Dragon. Because this sign of the Dragon is not acceptable to those who understand its significance in this prophetic hour. The Dragon is the symbol of Asia, the symbol of our enemy. Even back in the heraldry of our race and in the history and the traditions and the opposition of the Knights of the Round Table, and St. George and the Dragon, these my friends were not just fictitious stories, they were great symbolic stories of the struggle of the great Round Table of defense of Christian civilization, with its hidden mysteries of the evils of Asia seeking to destroy the Kingdom of God in earth.

Strangely enough the seed of the Dragon is not confined to the peoples who come out of Japan, or out of Asia where the features we see are the Mongols features, or the Asiatic type, but the Dragon is involved as well.. ..and the offspring of Lucifer who have installed the Dragon emblem over these people and territories. When we talked about the offspring of Lucifer we are definitely talking about a people who have grown up in the earth as a violation of Divine Law..the unassimilatable descendants of Lucifer and his fallen Angels. When Jesus turned to a certain people and said:..'Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do.' He was not merely making a parody of events, but he was dividing, as He pointed them out, they were the progeny of Lucifer, and they acted like their father and they thought like their father, and he didn't expect them to be any different than their father who was a liar from the beginning and who fought against God. This was one of the things that God did declare. I think there is one thing Christians should remember is that when God talk- ed about His Kingdom, when embodied, in earth as the Man Jesus Christ He refers to the Great Spirit which fills the heavens and the earth as 'The Father', even to the body in which He resided and He says:..'I was before all things, and I gave the law, and thus identifies Himself with 'The Everlasting Father'.

Let us think of the identification of the embodied man as He says: 'I am of My father, and you are of your father'. He challenges the disciples and all of this race as He says:..'If I be lifted up I will draw all Adamites (men) unto me.' Therefore the ultimate rising Christian civilization upon all white men had been ordained and declared by THE CHRIST...HIMSELF. There has not been a universal sweep over all people who walk upright, or wear clothes, or lack of them, throughout the world, but it is a fact that the people who embrace him are the seed of Adam and in this hour have turned and found themselves drawn to this identity. And it is firmly established that the Adamic race is the white race. The student of prophecy and the Book of Ezekiel would bring the conclusion that the white race was the last race to come into the earth. That the other races were existing long before them and this is described so clearly by Ezekiel. Faced with these facts then, the children of the Kingdom of God have come from the origin of Fatherhood of God..which begat them. And the enemies of God's Kingdom who led these Kingdoms and Nations of the world were not of the same seed, but were created to live and to serve and worship HIM. But the nations of the world were seduced by the darkness, and now they are the victims of the children of the Dragon. Therefore when we talk about the Dragon don't misunderstand the ability of the Scriptures to identify the Dragon. There are groups of people who have this notion that when we see emblems in Revelations that there is ministerial license in saying that the Dragon represents this people, or the Dragon represents that people, but when we talk about the Dragon Empires remember they are the Empires under the Dragon influence..which Dragon the Scripture tells us about. Over in the Book of Revelation I turn to the 12th., chapter because of its great significance to the key of understanding of this Book. We read here:...'And there appeared another wonder in heaven and behold a great red dragon. And the dragon stood before the woman for to destroy her child as soon as it was born.'

I think that it is interesting to note that there was a war in heaven and Michael and his Angels fought, and the dragon and his Angels fought and the Dragon and his Angels were thrown out of heaven. Now; who is this old dragon? He is that old Serpent called the devil, Satan which deceiveth the whole world. But he and his Angels were cast unto earth. So if you want to know who the dragon is...then the Scripture tells you that he is Satan and his offspring in the earth. You say:...but how do you know? Well, the Scripture here tells you who he is and what his power is and what it consists of. Tells you that the Dragon has hoards and the flood out of the mouth of the Dragon..the great seed of the Dragon moves out against God's Kingdom. When you want to find the seed of the Dragon then you find out who Jesus said were the Dragons children. I can understand that when you find out who this is that you right away find a new set of people for 'the chosen people'. For the very moment you find out who the Dragons seed are, then you see who God's seed are and you discover that the people who constitute Christianity make up the great mass of the white race, and are not only the chosen of God but they are the seed of the MOST HIGH. They are the people of Christendom, and you will never again turn over the chosen blessings, and covenants to a people who hated HIM and who trace their origin and destiny to a fallen Angel who intermingled in the violation of Divine Law, with the peoples of earth.

The false prophets of our time have been engaged in supporting the plans and designs of Lucifer. When I turn here in Revelations, I find that evil forces of darkness and spiritual intent move out from among the descendants of the dragon. I tell you that all the Anti-Christian institutions seem to be in league at this time. They seem to be supporting the socializing of our society or its utter collapse if that fails. The system of the Dragon has given us world Communism. One of the documents..I told you about last week was brought back from Washington D.C. It is under the Seal of the Government and out of its own files of records, from the intelligence re- ports..from the Chief of Staff of the U.S. intelligence records on Siberia. It was to the effect that out of 384 Commissars who run the Red Revolution, that 300 of them were Jews and 264 of them came from the U.S. Upon the second page of this report was the information that the entire revolution was run by Jews of grievous type who had come from the U.S.---Now; isn't that a rather strange thing? But we have the report under the Seal of the Government. This is a part of the seed of the Dragon who have built up the Dragon system, and are to build up the Dragon hoards and gather all of Asia, so that they might move against the children of God and overthrow the Kingdom in the midst of the earth.

You will note here that the evil globs out of the mouth of the beast... the political system of the world socialism, and world Communism of today is the political system..the last system which is to gather the peoples of all colors to come against God's Kingdom. This Beast or Political system had great danger because they are wooing and seducing spirits. They have moved..out of that political system..to make political allies out of the nations all over the world. Inside of the United Nations which is a part of the Beast system in the world today, they moved with great strength. The U.N. is a violation of every phrase or Divine Instruction, it is the joining together of the Kingdom of Darkness with the Kingdom of God. You have been told to come out from among her and be ye separate, this is a part of Babylon's political power.

As I have reported to you before..I was greatly cheered by foreign experts who talk about the unworkability of this institution. For under the guise of Mystery Babylon, even the President of the U.S. must have been seduced by one of these spirits because he went before that great false body where we still retain a slight balance of power, and he asked them to recognize 19 out of 21 Voodoo Tribes of Africa which are not Christian at all. Someone said:..How can you explain this act of Mr. Eisenhower? I explain it this way:...seducing spirits out of the mouth of the Dragon, and out of the mouth of the false prophet. I don't think that Mr. Eisenhower was to bright. I am not mourning the fact that he is in Gettysburg. I just hope he stays there. I look out on the history of the past few years and there are very few things to which I can point to and say that was an accomplishment. In fact only one major event we can point to is that he told the Jews to get back out of Egypt, after they had illegally invaded it, and if he had not said that we would have started Armageddon several years ago, as it was he only postponed it as he sent them home. They went home grudgingly but promised never to forgive him for it. If there was another instance it was the cutting off of the Cuban revolution which had been living beyond its proper time. It should have cut off when they first violated their treaty with America. When they confiscated our property and started on their road to tyranny. America is a great and powerful nation, and we are responsible for the areas that we live in. We are responsible for the influence of our power.

And so we turn to this picture...out of the mouth of the Beast. There is no doubt but that the beast is a political power, a political philosophy which is wrong. The beast system is the system of the world communism and world socialism. Analyzing our economic problems tonight the beast system has provided a great part of the dangers we find ourselves surrounded with. They have provided the political background for the organization of men and they have supported, and been supported all the time by Mystery Babylon the Great. Now...Mystery Babylon the great is economics. In fact you have 3 divisions of this:...Political, economical, and social and religious factors which are tied together. The impact of the false prophet of this system is to proclaim things not true. It is actually to bear testimony against the real truth of The Gospel of The Christ. The false prophets of today are largely embodied in all those who deny that Jesus is the Christ, and all institutions who are tied with it which make war against the true church or against the nations of His Kingdom. Now:..the false prophet does not always operate outside your nation, for you have some of them operating in your school rooms and in your colleges, who continue to bear the testimony of the false prophet find themselves identified with that Faith and that work. These are false prophets who have come right inside of the very Church and we were warned by the Apostle Paul to look out for many of these workers of Lucifer who would appear as Angels of Light. No wonder..because Lucifer himself appeared as an Angel of Light and his ministers have put on a like appearance and they proclaim they have a solution for all problems and they would like to assist in the deliverance of the people. And they praise and advance all these systems of communism and socialism and attack the great fundamental principals of American way. Inside of this... we listen to the false prophet making it no longer important that you identify your faith with The Christ, and that you remain firm to this cause. I think that as we survey the problems of this hour as it relates to our Faith that the greatest problems the Kingdom of God today, and the nations of Christendom that make up that Kingdom is that the false prophet is weakening the resistance to the enemy, and is trying to bring a guilt complex upon us for opposing other gods. Did you know that inside of some of our seminaries they are trying to give students a guilt complex if they do not embrace all other religions? Now, they do not exactly come out to do that, but they say:...you as a Christian must love everybody, you must give every man his turn to speak, you must recognize all religions. You must respect all types of mens worship. You must recognize that all men are attempting to reach for good, and you must respect all avenues they use to arrive at their worship, and good. Well I don't accept that...for God's Kingdom was set here for HIS Worship, and He said:...

'Hear O Israel, YAHWEH, thy God is a jealous God'...He wants your service in the proclamation of HIS name, and He doesn't want you to share that with any other theology. And He doesn't want you to retreat before it, or bow and accept this false.

I think that if there is anything that marked the fanaticism of the Eisenhower Administration...and remember that a lot of people become very magnanimous when someone goes out of power. They suddenly become sorry for a tired old man who had been in the White House for 8 years and played golf over the nation and world. I am sorry too, for we would have had greater victories, and we would have been better off if he had never made it to the White Horse. You know, some people look at me real stern and then when I say something like that they look even more stern, but it doesn't bother me because they have been looking at me like that for a long time. If you are a republican that has to hide your head before republican sins because you don't want to acknowledge them then you will never help the republican party. And the democrats who want to cover up the evil things which happen- ed in the their administrations will never help their party. It is when America rises with the call of The Kingdom of Christ, to throw out the aliens in both parties, and bring forth that which is good, and throws out that which is evil...then America will obtain its great position of leader- ship.

Now:...you say but why are you going after Mr. Eisenhower? Do you know that the one time I was the most ashamed of Mr. Eisenhower was when he as President..and not when he brought Khrushchev over here altho I thought that a great disgrace in our nation and it had a terrible impact..but the time when he was flitting around the world seeing everyone and had gone out on a great sight seeing trip, and he thought this was most important and that he was going to be President of the world. But when he went to India, and India's millions came out to see this great potentate from the land which had so much, and which had given them so much grain. This land which they had heard so much about, so they came out and bowed before him and said: ...may he live forever. And when Eisenhower rode in they said:..The King of America has arrived, and I could stand that because they didn't know any better. But when they took the President of the United States before the shrine of Kahlie..the wife of Lucifer..and the symbol of the Pagan Temple of Brahma, Vishnu, and Siva, and into a complete pagan village of India where all this paganism was observed..and as the President of the U.S. came in a Priest came forth with a blue and red ash pot, and he dipped his finger in it and put the cast mark of Khali upon the forehead of the President of the United States.

Let me tell you that at that moment the head of the Household of Eisenhower made his great decision. Has he brushed this aside and said:..I must remind you that I must decline this stamp on the head, it may seem as an act of kindness to you, but I am a Christian, and I come from a Christian Nation, and I cannot permit the mark of a Pagan god upon my forehead. If he had done that his stock would have gone way up all over the world, and the stock of the white man would have gone up a whole lot more. For was to follow...the rest of that day the President of the United States...moved around with the mark of the Beast upon his forehead.

You say:...I didn't know that was the mark of the beast. Well! Anytime you take the mark of a pagan god, in order to have smooth political relations with his children, you are not making the testimony a man of your race is supposed to make, because....'Ye are my witnesses to the ends of the world'...and you are to proclaim what? 'There is no other god before me...I alone am God'...the least you can do is to protect this Temple that you live in, and worship in, and see that the symbols of the pagan gods are not put on this temple where you live. From that time on I said, may this mans removal be swift and may we never have a leadership like this again. I may be opposed to the concept of the hierarchies of the Roman Catholic Church, I may be apposed to their control by using purgatory and other means which do not exist. And I see no essential in the process of being a Christian making the sign of the cross before prayer, but this I am going to say:...I can tolerate the sign of the cross far further than I can the sign of a pagan god upon the head of a President of the United States. Yes the spirits of the unclean frogs were at work, they were moving behind the scenes of every nation, and they were not overlooking our nation or Britain, or Germany, or any other nation of the Western World. Their design is to tie up to the Beast system, and for the false prophets to se- cure an admission from those who should be defenders of the Faith, that they would respect all religions and permit them to co-exist...this is their goal.

Now:..I want to call your attention to the fact that every religion which denies that Jesus is The Christ is a false religion. It may have an element of truth because Lucifer filled up the knowledge full of wisdom before he fell, and he didn't forget all of it. And it is nearly impossible for a man to be wrong on everything if he knows anything at all, because final knowledge around things that are apparent becomes a phase of truth. but the fact remains that as to religious systems and the worship of pagan gods..the acknowledgement of their greatness must be recognized to be superseded...always and forever. For the Eternal God who is the Master of the Universe has no other gods around HIM and all those who proclaim themselves gods...are no gods. Let me tell you a Mystery, the only Deity whom God recognizes are the Children of His Spirit whose seed is in you, and which will conform to His own Image. And the only people whom God ever recognized are the people of your race, who are His own offspring as He inspired the Psalmist to record:.......

'Ye are Gods and all of you are the children of God'.

'Why do you die like men, why do you surrender to the power of darkness? Why do you take what the Beast offers? For it is your Fathers purpose to make you stand forth, and conform to His own Image in an hour when the earth is going to know the power of God from one end of the earth to the other.' In which the nations of this earth are to become the Kingdom of God and the United States of America, and the great nations of the white race are going to rule HIS earth...from one end to the other. In this hour they are going to bring His law over Africa and over Asia, and they are going to bring civilization whither they will. And it is not by the plans which the Democratic platform had, altho I think Mr. Kennedy even now is beginning to learn some things, and he may become a greater man than he thinks, in spite of himself, because of the hand of Destiny. And the movement of God, and the things of this hour.

Let me say this:...we will not accept that there will be anyone who will supersede the person of The Christ in the earth, or thru out all of its intent. The most important thing a person can learn today is not to be ashamed of the one and only true God, and not to seek to modify or to mollify anybody to bet their good opinion in the thought realm where they live. You as Christians are to be His witnesses and to bear witness to the truth. You don't have to apologize for anything. We hear some of these Christians running around the world apologizing for your success. When people start apologizing for their God because other nations and people don't have Him and apologizing for their success, and beat themselves over their heads for being 'have' nations...they forget that there are rewards for initiative and vision. I am going to tell you that the reasons that the nations of God's Kingdom are have nations is because, it was left up to them, the beast system, and the false prophets, and the Mystery Babylon and its economic program would have exploited you of everything that you ever had, and would have taken from you by the process of taxation, and the conspiracy of their double handling of the economy, and the false military system he kept alive ..would have taken everything from you. He would have taken everything you had...except God. So God blessed you with bounty that your fields produced, and your ingenuity manufactured, and your understanding expanded so fast that even the devil couldn't wrap up all the riches as fast as you produced. And you can say:...Thank God for that for we have been blessed in spite of the devil. I am going to tell you this:...these forces of Mystery Babylon which have built their one world government and have tried to expand socialism into every corner of earth..are very active. One of the greatest battles of your age in the next 100 years is going to be trying to keep yourself from being swept into the beast system. At the same time find an adequate solution to your own economic problems of providing for those in need, and for extending the necessary situation which must be protected under your form of government, to see that the people do not become the victims of the revolution....at the heart of the situation. You are going to have to adopt measures that protect industry, labor, and you....measures that will make America strong and see that she survives and then you are going to have to break the power of the unseen forces behind the scenes and I think that when the nation rises to its responsibilities, that labor will see that its best protection did not come out of its organizations, but it came out of dedication on the part of the leaders inside their government. Then when they see this they may tell Babylon...we have had all we want of you, we are tired of paying tribute to you. For you have brought us calamity and destruction. Now...leave us alone! Why:...it tells me in my Bible that Babylon is going to be swallowed up in the Sea. And the more quickly it is swallowed up the better off it will be. For this Mystery Babylon is the great abomination of the earth, and in every avenue it wages war against you.

Did you know that one of the most dangerous things men embrace is fear? If the religions systems of the earth keep men in fear, and their approach to truth is obscured by fear, they can then be impelled by false prophets to do anything because of the fear held over their heads. This is one reason that the Gospel of Jesus Christ sets men free. It is because they drop the fear Gospel. They know that the Great Father...with Love and purpose has established His Kingdom for goodness, and will defend it with all the power and all the Ancient force of His purpose, but they do not serve Him out of fear. When men start to serve Him thru love and dedication to truth, then my friends, they stand for liberty and are not bought with every chicanery of every passing election.

There is no doubt in my mind that there was more corruption used in the last election than in any election America has ever had. And I am aware tonight that almost everyone knows it. There is a general statement around Washington D.C., that everytime Mr. Kennedy walks down the street he is aware of one sobering thought. Whenever he sees 2 men, one of them was against him. Now that means that his election was not a mandate, and he has to perform for the whole country or very soon he will not perform for any of the country or they will impeach him, if they have to, if he challenges the security of our Nation to far.

It is my opinion that he is going to be forced to perform in ways he may not even understand or know. This afternoon there was great elements of statesmanship inside of his speech, and maybe they were just being born into a new wave of vision for him. The next few days will tell what the next 100 days are going to be like.

But I want you to know right now, that these 3 unclean spirits that move out of the economic, political, and religious forces of evil, are even now ...if they cannot control you,...are getting ready to gather the great hoards of the yellow, black, and brown world against you. If you want to know who leads them...then they are the children of the Dragon, the Serpent who Jesus identified so soundly in Jerusalem when they sought to crucify HIM. We are living in one of the greatest hours of human history. But re- member that there is a great power than the forces of evil, there is a greater power than their strange miracle. Did you ever stop to realize that evil and vibratory forces of darkness have been mesmerizing people and hypnotizing them by repetition of error, the mass and pattern of error. And trying to make this great nation of God's Kingdom accept the great format of their design. In fact I think they...people of this Kingdom, get hypnotized by that great eye that sits in their front room where they see day after day the format of the world order, repeated in front of them day after day. They listen to the enchanting chant of the world order, and look into the eye of the beast...which was going to give them power to speak in your own front room. Remember the end of the age must be here, for they said they would make an image of the beast and it would speak and you would watch and hear the beast speak. I tell you that everytime you look at your T.V. set that you are watching the beast speak, and this image of the beast is the whole foundation of the world order...collapsing and sinking, and its waves of light being projected into your consciousness, and the power of the beast is then speaking.

Now: it doesn't hypnotize, nor mesmerize the sons and daughters of God who are kept alert with the truth, who understand that they are in a battle against the enemy, and who do not permit themselves to be brainwashed...who are covered with the guidance of God's Spirit and are seeking God's Spirit to keep themselves on course. That is why there moves across you a feeling of resentment day after day, as you listen or watch something that is redundant to you. Something that is diametrically opposite to the philosophy of God's Kingdom and the things that you feel and believe. Yet by the same medium are the children who being in ignorance of this hour..are being hypnotized by these forces.

Strangely enough the Asiatic forces and the hoards out of the Russians and these hoards and countries are arming for a war. This war has been in preparation for a long time. In fact from its birth Communism has been boasting of how it is going to gobble up capitalistic nations. Every time it comes around to talk about Peace, or Co-existence it starts to tell you of how it is going to gobble you up before it is thru. Even Mr. Khrushchev couldn't refrain from boasting of this even when he came here on a friendly visit under the ignorant behest of Mr. Eisenhower. But the fact remains that they continually boast of how they are going to swallow you up. They plan on it and they work for it, and they think for that day. This is because these spirits of Devils are gathering them together for the great battle of Armageddon.

Now: if there is any one thing I am less afraid of it is this battle of Armageddon. I have less fear of Armageddon than of any Peace table to which we might send diplomats to sit down to. For as I look back over our history I see that we have lost more Peace than we have wars. We just never lost any major war we got into but we have lost every Peace we ever got into outside of the United States. And we laid the foundation out of error, for greater war and greater danger.

Yes, the 3 unclean frogs move out in this hour but the Spirit of God is also at work. Now:...what is the pattern of the opposition to the work of darkness? The Almighty God says:...I am going to pour out my spirit upon all my sons and my daughters. I am going to give them the vast thinking of my Kingdom, and I am going to challenge them.' One of the patterns that the great prophet Joel tells us about is...that under this challenge we are going to remove all these economic and political parasites from our country who have been exploiting the masses. Who have been placing upon us the undue burden of taxation, and going away with all of God's blessings which have come upon Israel. And the Palmer worm, and the Canker worm, and the Locust are no longer going to take the blessings of God and make it their spoil.

There is one thing I like in the Book of Ezekiel which talks about the climactic events at the end of the age, and which are even now upon you. In closing I would call this to your attention. It tells us that in the impact of these closing events (Ezekiel 29) that these hoards out of Moscow, out of Russia are to come against you...but that HE will turn them back and leave but 1/6 part of them. But He causes them to come from the north parts against the nations of Israel..and when they come...'I will smite thy bow out of thy left hand, and cause thine arrows to fall out of thy right hand.' This promise of God tells me that there will not be one weapon which will be successful against God's Kingdom. We will knock their missiles down with interception missiles. The very hand of God, the very intervention of the mysterious hoards of heaven will stop this attack against you. It will destroy all their projectiles. And then...'thou' shall be broken and fall upon the nation of Israel..Thou, and thy bands, and the people with thee. I will give thee to the ravenous birds, of every sort, and to the beasts of the field to be devoured'.

Now:..I want you to know that as God talks about this, and He talks about the defeat of the hoards coming against the Kingdom of God...In that day..out of this victory when the hoards come against God's Kingdom...then out of this nation of God's Kingdom..out of this land of unwalled villages ...this real Israel comes a true desire for justice and righteousness and Peace.

Once in a while I hear a President or some one of our leaders talk about a great desire for Peace..a great desire for all men to live in justice and righteousness. Do you know how that Peace is going to come? The world will be disarmed because America is going to disarm it. But when that comes we will have already won our victory over the hoards of the Asiatics and their arms will be broken. And no one is going to gather the material out of the fields, the forests, or the mines to make more arms. We are going to burn or consume them, and we are going to spoil everyone who has spoiled us. We are going to take back everything that anybody has robbed us of...Thus saith the LORD. Do you know what the cry is going to be that day? OI OI OI and when we have taken back everything which they robbed us of, they won't even carry off the paper when that day comes.

Someone says:...I don't like that. Well, I don't write that page but I kind of like it. Do you know that when they see the Hand of God, and something happens...they run out of the country for they are afraid that America is going to wake up. You say:...who am I talking about? Well, who is running? If you don't know who they are, then it doesn't make any difference. But the people who are running are the International people. They don't have a country, and no country is their home, they run to other parts of the world, and they only manipulate and use any country they are in. Alright...but everytime they go they carry off the spoil.

The strangest thing is that Mr. Eisenhower did, and this was a week ago yesterday. As he took America one step further out of the gold ranks, he said that no American citizen could hold gold outside of the U.S. that they would have to get it sold by June 1., or be felons of course just like the people inside the U.S. if they have held gold since the decree of Mr. Roosevelt. They have never established if this is constitutional or not, but the matter still remains such, that all these who are running out of America to Rio De Janeiro or Mexico City or anywhere else, and still holding on to their American citizenship so they can run back to the Bronx or New York City and handle their business while their families live outside the country...but they are about ready to pull the rug out from under us and let the bombs fall and Russian communism which they financed..drop on us...while they have their families out of the way. Oh! they want the last drop of business they get just as long as there is any way to get and keep coming back in and out of America to get it. I noticed the other day that there was a great gathering of them in Mexico City, and just as this day before Inaugural came that great DC8 crashed on take off and these fellows started pouring out of the rear hatch just as fast as they could jump. Now I don't blame them for getting out because they would have been incinerated if they hadn't, but you had a chance to see who they were:..Mr. Goldberg, Mr. Ginesberg, Mr. Cohen, and all the rest of them came out to tell how they escaped out of this situation...but where were they going? The day before the inauguration they were all rushing down to Mexico City..what is this big stir among all these people? Why are the International people on the run? Because they are trying to figure out what to do with their gold. Now: whether Mr. Eisenhower did this by intent or whether he thought he was locking up the gold drain and wanted to get the credit on this before the new Administration came in I don't know. But I will tell you what he has done. Every Jew and everyone else engaged in International Finance outside of the U.S., is either going to have to dump all of their assets in gold by the first of June or lose his citizenship, or else be a felon and go to jail if he comes back. Now I know some of these fellows, and they are going to be torn if they have to choose between citizenship or their gold ...and they will hang on to their gold and not come back. With all this cry about gold..if we could get rid of all the enemies of Jesus Christ in this Christian Nation, all the gold we have would not be to great a price to get that done.

I have often looked at all God has promised to do for us..He promised to bless Isaac and Jacob, and He promised to bless Job. He promised to bless you and I with all the fruitful things which come out of the soil and all the things that were necessary to increase the flocks and to bless the grain, and to increase our houses, and let us build all these new things. But there is no place in the whole Scripture where God says:..I am going to heap on you, a pile of gold...did you know that? You can go thru this Book and it is only Babylon which is always hanging on to gold.. 'The head of Gold'...God's Kingdom doesn't need it, for you can't eat it, oh you can wear it but even tho it may look pretty, let me tell you something, you would be better off if they had all the gold and sat around it in some far off place while God blessed you with all things that are really wealth. If you hinged your economy from now on to forever on the standards of God, and threw out the unclean frogs because you cut off the one operation by which they move, which is the manipulation of money. 'For the love of money is the root of all evil'.

Then your gold would become cleansed because it would no longer be gold, it would be something tried in the fire, and become something of different nature...have new value...it would be spiritual gold, of a new vitality and new nature.

So these unclean frogs represent the sum-total of these unclean forces who gather men to their inevitable destiny. Statesmanship cannot avoid it and clear statesmanship can be prepared to win it. I will say that the President did say that we are going to get militarily strong, and we better. If there is any defense minister in the U.S. who doesn't believe in this then we better remove him fast and replace him with someone who believes in a strong America. Someone always says:...we can't afford it. That is a fantastic thing to say...there isn't anything that you can make in America that you can't afford. But this is because Babylon has been your master. Anything you can make..then you can make the money to pay for its construction, and you can enjoy the work of your hands in the coordinated endeavor of your society, and under the Kingdom of God in the great new era ahead of you...there is going to be...an era of prosperity under vision. If this President is not going to give it to you then god is going to replace him and give you one who will..for we are on the road to the greatest destiny that the world has ever known. the world is going to know, the nations of God's Kingdom are going to catch on to the liberation and the powers of darkness are going to be blasted by the Spirit of God. Some people say: I am looking for a great revival...so am I. Some say I am looking for a great outpouring of God's Spirit....so am I, but they aren't going to pack people in some tent and they aren't going to hit the sawdust trail. This Spirit of God is going to stimulate the inside of their soul. This Spirit of God is going to cause their minds to work with inside clearness which will show them the blueprints of God's plan. It is going to show them how to handle the things over which He has given them stewardship. And it is going to turn loose the great cry of thanks, and praise be unto God who has delivered us from all the powers of darkness forever. And they are going to sing the song of Moses and the Lamb.

I am going to tell you that this is going to transpire in this land and in this nation of God's Kingdom, and I think you are now on that road. (End of this message)