Understanding Equality, 1-21-63



by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 1-21-63

Tonight we are talking about understanding equality. This is a very vital area of discussion and should be considered by every church in the United States, sanely and constructively. And their knowledge and discussion should be based upon facts, and not based upon propaganda as it comes forth form our enemy, who are designing a course which is to be very detrimental to you and to your race. The most important thing for you and it is to adjust your thinking to the thoughts of God. To carry out HIS purposes for HIS Kingdom. And for we who make up the race by which and thru which HE is establishing that Kingdom, the best thing for us is to free the seat of our consciousness with Truth. Thus, it is that to do this that we cast aside empty theories, not based on fact, and that we carefully consider the sources of information. This is one of the errors made today by some in positions of high authority whose decisions have great ramifications upon our society if we follow their instructions.

We have often spoken of the political structure of these United States. And under the pattern of foreknowledge our forefathers divided our government into legislative, judicial and executive branches. And so by the limitation of the powers approved by the Federal Government, had divided the authority as to produce checks and counter balances, for the preservation of constitutional liberty. They, however, left a few weak points as they did not understand the depth to which conspiracy and infamy would go. Or the apathy which could descend over a people which would give lip service to the principal and not realizing that this principal could be changed by the powers of evil. This was a great government and a great way of life. We are discovering today that a revolution seeking to capture the brain of our people are asserting different concepts of government than those which we have given ascent to, or are framed in our Constitutional. We are living in a period of time when the Judicial Branch of our Government with our highest Court instead of interpreting the law, and defining the decisions that they make on the bases of the Constitution, are not containing their decisions to this area but are seeking by the decisions that they make, to reconstruct the United States according to their whims and that of their advisors.

You may not think that the Court is being advised in this area, but I can assure you that when the Supreme Court quotes the authorities outside the Constitution as the basis for their decision, then we must determine whether these are accurate authorities or whether they are qualified for the making of those decisions. I can assure you that there is no authority granted unto them to make any decision outside of the Constitution as the intent of its writers. That it is wrong to begin with for the Court to think that they can transform the nation on the basis of the opinions of any group as they want to declare as intellectual. And even if accurate, the identification of the authority would not still be the position of these judges to change the government of these United States, or the decisions that they make on any other document other than the Constitution. The President of the United States is not supposed to legislate by dictatorial decree, but we are living in a time when the patterns of government are breaking down. Because of an apathy that recognizes authority, where it does not exist we are permitting decrees to replace law, and permitting unconstitutional laws to replace the Constitution. These are great and dangerous trends.

When we talk to you tonight on the basis of equality, we have several areas of great danger. Human opinion is shaped by the influence upon it and it gives ascent to receive and in which it is willing to correlate these areas of deception as true. Preeminently the Christians who make up the majority of the Christians in your society as far as their faith is concerned, would give ascent that the church as the oracle of God, and the Bible as the word of God would be the areas of authority, and would therefore accept any position that the Bible takes on these matters. They also accept the fact that educational systems of the nation are to educate their children in absolute face and in bodies of these facts. And therefore, are prone to accept the substance of these things which they receive in schools, thru the teachers and out of text books as bodies of facts, correlated under subject matter. And many times it does not enter in to the mind of the citizen, to challenges the validity of material being taught in elementary and high schools, and colleges. Nor does it occur to him to challenge the position of the church when in many instances the churches seem to be supporting their doctrines which as they refer to it...as Christian philosophy and the teachings of Jesus. But I want you to know that many things which Jesus did not say are taught as tho they were HIS words. Even the transitions of manuscripts and additions of passages have taken place in the Divine records. Until I could show you if we had the time, tonight, that in places Christ is being quoted as making statements, and the actual truth is that those verses were added to the Bible several hundred years after Christ’s ascension. This is easy to do, as we have proved to you concerning the last verses of Mark. For some verse of the book of Mark have been changes which can made a very vital change as to what had occurred, and have proclaimed. But there are many things which came out for we believe every word which came out of the mouth of God. And we challenge everything which is not consistent with what we know about God. For there is a possibility that some human being has tampered with this to obtain some political advantage or some design of a minority group.

We also point out to you that when the church basically when some Bishop or some clergyman advocates a policy which is in coordination with the enemies of Christianity, and at the same time is not basically with the thinking of God, or as God manifested, then, my friends, you should view it with suspect and assume it as a great danger. For there is nothing more dangerous than evil speaking as the voice of God and countermanding the ideas of God which God wanted you to understand.

The principal being advocated today by your enemy which is referred to as the EQUALITY of all individuals at birth, irrespective of their race, irrespective of their environment, for they are all born equal. This has been introduced into the political documents....some of them timed historically into our society. But in general, these were introduced by some who had other ideas as to how they would be developed. The principal being used today is that there is a standard of complete equality. That all men are created equal. But this has no validity. And when we talk about equality, the concept even inside of our race that everyone is equal, has no validity. The concept that all races have the same validity, the same background, except for the color of their skin, is a biological error. It has no validity and no Biblical support.

Now these factors in content are in opposition to what is being taught today by UNESCO, scattered thru the schools with the revision of text books, and are being taught today be becoming religionist who are surrendering their faiths to the amalgamation of all faiths under the United Nations idea and is contrary to the pseudo-intellectual whose propaganda is being used by the Supreme Court and others as authority. I have noted the content of many of these texts and have noted with some alarm, some of the texts being used today inside of out schools in our land in the areas of some of these subjects. I have noted with some alarm some of the pseudo concepts being interjected in some areas of political science that are in opposition to the known fact of biology....let alone the spiritual implications that God has poured upon these things. We know that unequal objects can never become equal just because they are put in an equation. We recognize today that the Bible never sought to produce a standard of equality for all of the people on the face of the earth. Nor did it ever attempt to establish a government where all men were equal. Nor do we find in the development of God’s program that HE accepted everybody even among those that had a higher origin and an eventual perfect destiny. HE did not accept all of those as being equal but made a very careful selection in the areas of leadership. God is not only not an integrationist, but God’s plan for the world is a segregation, and a preservation of Kind, and the developing and uplifting of all people. The creation of a false standard of equality, and an attempt upon the part of others to level what they call inequality is not development. This, my friends, is the process of degeneration. It is a scientific and a biological fact, and is understood very cunningly by those who are seeing to put over these ideas, that the moment that you integrate the various races of a higher and lower society, that you degenerate the higher society, and end the administrative abilities of that society or nation. It is also recognized that if it does not exist in the earth, any difference in the equality or capacities in the White man and the Negro, then there is nothing for them to talk about as they advocate that Equality will be obtained by integration. If they did to believe that the integrating of the Negro into the White race would not mean certain advances for the Negro, there would be no reason for advocating such a policy. If there was to result for the Negro advantages of fusing this superior blood with the lesser blood, then, my friends, it would certainly have disadvantages for the White man. And we would be very foolish at least if we did not consider our responsibility before God. I can support in a great many areas of the aspects of science, the factor that neither science nor Biblical lore support the principles of equality or the policies of integration. Today, we have a strange phenomena. One of our great universities has been captured by a pseudo-intellectual. And do not think that I am underrating the intelligence of these who have captured this university. They are cunning, they are shrewd. But their intellectual is pseudo, because it is false. Our Harvard University was one of the great old schools of America. It was rooted in design to have a very high position among the intellectuals in the developed institutions in our nation. The change which took place in Harvard alone, in the areas of Political Science, in Sociology, in the area of their understanding of biological law to the principles of Political Science have very definitely changed. For many years, this was a fine school designed for gentlemen who desired to learn. Today, it is a great seat of propaganda and a deadly menace to these United States. We listened today to political scientists and sociologists who accept the principles of a Communist revolution, and they advocate the policies which would bring about the dissolution of your race and of your national greatness.

In 1922, one of the great Harvard intellectuals was Lakewood Stoddard, and I have one of a multitude of his books. I do not necessarily agree with all of the positions of Mr. Stoddard, because in some areas his materialism is quite obvious. But I accept the standard of intellectual evaluation of established vanities was much higher then, than now. Mr. Stoddard in his book.. ‘The Revolt Against Civilization,’ classifies him as one of the highest of intellectuality with a long line of degree. His book was published in 1922. And in this book in 1922, we find the ‘hammer and the sickle’ on the front of the cover, and it had a red shield on it. This and another book called ‘The Rising Tide of Color,’ with a keen analyzation of all of the forces moving among all of the colored races of the world, being advocated by the Bolsheviks and financed by those cunning forces who plan to use the Bolshevik Revolution to try to crush the White man, who in his pure White and Christian capacities has a superiority over them. A keen analyzation of the fact, that those forces which we affirm is because of your spiritual capacity and origin, higher than all other societies.....wish to subordinate you by integration, by mass integration, by loss of racial identity, in to a mongrelized society in which a few of them retain their superiority and selectively breed themselves into what they hope will be a permanently superior control of the earth.

In fact, strangely enough, in these strange processes, Mr. Stoddard...back in that time, analyzing Communism in 1922....and analyzing the design of mongrelizing and integration, decided that even among a people...the Bolshevik revolution and its Jewish financiers and guiding leaders, go to the Proletariat and go to the ‘never do well,’ and talk about making a society of equality and distribution and leadership and then demonstrate that they want to develop a power to subordinate the leadership, the intellectual abilities, and become the leaders in the economic and political administration. They wanted to support and lift the people without initiative, the forces which are degenerate and the powers which are weakening. Thus they make their appeal to what they term the ‘under-man’...the ‘down trodden.’

Now let me assure you that in this area that there exists a difference in differentiation in society. I only point this out because of the position taken by Harvard experts who say that they are diametrically opposed to this in-road of refugees, super-pseudo-intellectuals, who whit pseudo-science has produced the heart of revolution, and has captured Mr. Kennedy and is degenerating America if they could carry out their ideas. There is no question of the fact that there is a great differentiation in people. There is a difference in matter which identifies the differences between the White races, the Asiatics, and the Negro. But we are told in UNESCO that the only difference in races is the color of their skin. And there is ends. But this is a lie. Foremost, the battery of modern science supports the truth, and facts that we have taught from this pulpit for many, many years. One of those facts which science supports is the story of the genes and the chromosomes and that mysterious chromoton in the genes. The mystery of Mitosis and the whole process which God set in operation, with ‘kind begatting like kind, and ‘seed having live in itself.’ As modern science has established here is an electronic taped message of all of the factors of nature, of structure, of capacities of background passed in the genes and the chromosomes from one generation to the next, and adding to it, the background of experiences of each and every generation. The fact is when the sciences come out to call the chromosomes a long taped message, you will remember that we have told you that electronic memory is transferred thru out all generations with a very definite definite force. I want to establish something very clear tonight, and that is that God marked a different connotation and a different background and a different ability between people. We know that ‘kind begats like kind.’ Ask any biologist why a Negro looks like a Negro and now like a White man and he will tell you that there is a difference in the genes in his background. They not only determine the color of his skin, but there is a long background which relates to his background.....for different backgrounds produce different structures of the cranium and the anatomy. He has a much thicker area of bone where the brain capacity would be. In fact, the centimeters of brain capacity of a Negro is decidedly smaller than that of a White man. The shape of the skull where the brain resides is much smaller in a Negro. More than that, there is a difference in relation to backgrounds and to structure. The time elements in which there is solidity of bone...there is a time history in this story of the genes. By 14 years of age, every Negro skull is sutured up until he is 35 to 40 years of age. At that time, the soft spot in the head is finally filled in and the bone is sutured up. In otherwords, a White man can still have areas of development and there is not an area of fixation on the amount of material he has to work with for a period of two and one half times longer than any Negro.

Now don’t worry about using up your brain capacity if you have reached 40, because you have not used up 1/3 of it when you end a normal life time. But there is this distinguishing factor. There are a multitude of differences...a tendency of the ‘super orbital ridge’..the thickness of skull and other patterns which any chronologists can identify very easily as being the skull of a Negro, a White man, or an Asiatic. There are other patterns like the length of the arms, and other factors which are related and mark the conditions of a Negro. There are factors today that are determined by brain energy and creative problems which a Negro has problems in putting together the pattern thereof. And you can put electrodes on him to gage and measure him. There is evidence which has been utilized by educational systems, even by the United States Government, to measure the capacities of Negroes. And these aptitude tests have definitely been classified thru the years. The fact that the government wants to cover this up and not divulge the long records that they have concerning this, does not change the fact that they have the records. The Negro today in all functioning factors, is 20 to 30% below the White man, even at his highest level. And the White man, at his highest level, is far superior to this. I HAVE FULL TABLES THAT DEAL WITH THIS and the fact is that he is far behind the White student even as a child. The older he grows and as he passes into high school and then on to college, the White student is more progressive and the Negro finds himself somewhat hampered. The White college student moves into the ‘A’ factor and the Negro moves into the ‘B’...and then he gets a complementary minus to keep him in school. The fact is that today two levels of tests are given and many students move ahead because of their accepted knowledge. Thus there is a fallacy about the intellectual equality that does not hold up.

Now we want to make this clear that these are different races of different origin and different kinds. And I also want you to know that there are people who move around in your civilization, right here in this nation who are definitely different and because they walk around and wear clothes and go to the same schools, still, they are not equal. You say, ‘how do you know this?’ Because God said they were not. In the first place, God talks about the White race. Your race is the Holy Seed. And god knew that difference because HE knew that mythical quality which HE had put down in the chromotin and the genes, and the chromosomes. Even in the inheritance...in the families of the different tribes...but in the same race...there is a difference even in the patterns of inheritance backgrounds. For there is a difference even in the patterns of inheritance. We are told that it is only a matter of remembrance. But the environment has a lot to do with the development of people inside their race under the conditions of environment. But let me point out to you that even the status of environment does not create an equality, among people, or with the different races where it does not exist.

Even in the same conditions and the same environment, the White man’s leadership still climbs ahead while the other lacks the initiative. I want to turn for one moment over to the things which God said when the prophet Ezra, talked about the abomination in the eyes of the Eternal when the people of your race intermingled with the Perezites, the Amorites and the Cainanites...and all others...by taking unto themselves daughters for their sons and sons for their daughters of these other races, and they have mingled the Holy Seed.

Now I am reading what the scripture says. For this is the mixing of the Holy Seed and this is the chief trespass that this race can participate in. For you are of a Divine order, the begotten order of God’s own Household. I want to get this into your mind. This Adamic race is the Holy Seed, and the other races are not of the Holy Seed. Then don’t mix it. For inside of that Holy Seed is the spiritual capacity of remembrance and those developments that will project you into those areas of leadership which God has designed. But if one wants to argue on the basis of religious surrender...the head of the Peace Corps tried to tell churches this week....this relative of the President tried to tell churches this week, that all Christians should tithe the 10th part of their time to overcome their prejudices and work for integration and see how quickly they could integrate the whole race. That is what he said this week.....a religious tithe....a tenth of your time to do the work of the devil. You can go home and mark Ezra 9:1-2 down in your reference because God declares the Holy Seed. And Ezra tells about how mongrelization confuses the face and produces the people of different racial and facial characteristics and how they lose their representative capacities and degenerates their societies.

Now I want you to come over to the book of John. If this equation of equality were true, and all individuals and all babes were born exactly the same...had the same capacities and the same opportunities...had the same natural background and mutual destiny...all things being equal, then it would not make any difference whose father or whose mother they had...or who their father and mother were.

Now, if there was anyone who knew the answer to all of these questions, then it was Jesus. For this was the embodiment of God walking among men, speaking with the voice of authority. And unless today we are going to accept those voices speaking with authority, then we will have to accept the authority of the Christ in these matters, for HE was the author and Creator. And HE knew more about this than anyone else.

Now listen to what Jesus said. HE referred to this affirmation that much of the nature of the child is from heredity. He is inheriting much of a spiritual inheritance of his parents, his grandparents, and great grandparents, right on down to the beginning of time. I can name an infinite number of students in this matter...professors in every area of biology, who support this idea that this is the most important factor for continuity. So let’s turn to Jesus. For I think HE is the Chief biologists of them all. For I read here in Colossians, that all things were made by HIM, and without HIM nothing was made. And I turn over here to John the beloved Apostle, and it also says right from the beginning that HE made all things. HE is the Light that lighteth every man that cometh in to the world. Jesus turned to the group of Jews.....and I want you to know that I consider them a very sub-specie in the area of moral and intellectual capacity. They are sub-species in every area which is righteous and constructive because of their background and their heredity. I consider Jews to be a heredity menace to every Christian nation. And they have always been a heredity menace to every society...according to God....on the basis of their carrying forward in their heredity and in their genes of the natures of their fathers and their forefathers. Jesus said, ‘Ye do the deeds of your father. Ye are of your father the devil, and he is a murderer from the beginning and the truth is not in him. And when he speaks of his own, he is a liar and the father of it.’ (John 8:44). And then HE said, ‘Because you are the children of your father, then you are just like your father. And because I tell you the truth, you cannot understand Me. You are conceived by the process of error. You have inherited all of the deeds of your father. You are like your father.’ Heredity is a law ascribed to by Christ. And that is one of the reasons why Jews were like they were in HIS day.

Now listen. I am of my Father. And you do the deeds of your father. So you are of your father. And because you do the deeds of your father, this is the reason why you are like what you are....murderers, liars and have no intellectual capacity to understand with clearness, these things of truth. And they proved this because they tried to kill HIM before HE finished HIS sermon. When Jesus pointed out that they were the descendants of Cain, Lucifer’s portion of evil, Lucifer’s seed and his progeny.....and the Cainanites who had done their portion of evil from the days of Adam on.....proves this in the book of Matthew, when HE gives unquestionable evidence that this seed of the serpent, this evil progeny of Lucifer, is carried down and thru them and by them. And continued in all generations to act and to think just like their forefathers. But Jesus said, ‘You think like him because you re the children of him.’

Now, Jesus did not mark their capacities as equal with HIS Disciples, in spite of how much authority they might have gained thru their overt and strange and cunning practices. HE said, ‘You cannot understand my speech for you cannot hear My words as they are heard by My Sheep or this race which I am calling.’ Note, that God...understanding this differentiation between them and HIM, said, ‘I have come for the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel.’ But here in this same status, Jesus turns to these same Jews and says, ‘Ye believe not because you are not My Sheep as I have said unto you.’ (John 10:26). Jesus thus said, ‘You are a different specie and I come for the lost sheep of the house of Israel...and I reject you for you are a different specie and do not have the capacity to do the job, which this race I am calling, WILL DO.’ Jesus thus said, ‘I am not an integrationist, for I am a segregationist...and the first thing I will do if I enter into human affairs, is to separate the nations on the basis of their race and their background. I will say to the sheep nations....take the Kingdom which was prepared for you before the foundation of the world.’ The sheep nations, of course, are the Adamic nations, or White ones. And then HE said to the White nations, ‘Rule over the goat nations because they are morally and intellectually inferior. And their moral degeneracy is evidence of this because that which is out of the Adamic race will rule them with a more ethical and spiritually guided righteous response. I point out to you therefore, that HE said, ‘I call My Sheep by name and I lead them out.’

Let us take a look at the book of Romans.... God also recognizes in the book of Romans, the difference in superiority of people within a race, and calls and selects these individuals because of their attainment. Down thru generations, the characters and nature between individuals in a family of this race are advanced or held up by the application and the responsibility of the parent to the real causations of living. Because of this, there are some who diligently apply themselves to the attainment of knowledge apply themselves to the application of what they have learned, to acquire any areas where they have placed their desires at succeeding and attaining leadership. Because of this, there is a development in appreciation in harmony in music and in literature, science and technology....and in the areas of the most important cognition that follows with a determining aptitude generation after generation, until you find some who have a desire or an urge for this drive and initiative. Then you find others who have no aptitude in these areas even tho born out of a common race...showing that this pattern in the genes is carried down in the patterns of remembrance. And it may widen as the years go by in the differentiation of people. In the higher spiritual capacities, there is a recognition of higher discipline. And with the acquiring of a higher discipline comes the respect for Divine Law and the standards which organize society. With this also comes the realization that it is not always the seeking of pleasure which brings the highest measure of attainment. Thus, they discipline themselves in order to develop and to create not only security, but progress. And then there are those who without discipline and proper spiritual values, who have a disrespect for the principles of law and who move into areas of desire without moral and ethical standards and without spiritual guidance. And they turn to corrupt living, and they thru also to areas of crime. And I do not think that I have to prove to you with the heredity patterns, with the well known Jew pattern, that the criminal patterns even in a race, and degeneration even in a race respond to an area of heredity that continues to produce these species that go down and never come up. So even in the midst of your own society, the principles of Divine Law, the principles which God unveils the facts that you must seek to acquire, and work to attain, and develop and attain out of the development of the soul, a standard which is compatible with God’s program, attained with the advancement of the capacities of wisdom passing from generation to generation, their inheritance and background...this building of a Kingdom which rises and rises.

Now, let me cite to you that if you compare the creative abilities and the initiatives, the hereditary background of the White man as a race, the Negro as a race, you find yourself looking back into the jungle. And as you look back into the jungle, you are going to see something which is most significant and important. The significant pattern about the jungle and the most significant situation you have with it is that it lacks a spiritual capacity and the discipline which comes out of an area of vision...respect for the law. They have lived in no self-discipline. They have lived without any patterns of law except the violence of the chief. It is hard to get them to even accept the principles of law, except when it is enforced with the ability to contain.

I point out to you that God recognizes this and HE refers to some areas of society as brutish...such as the Beast. And HE refers to them in the writings of Peter as the Beast. The FBI makes a report...and if those who had left had remained, they could add this to their remembrance. The population.....and this is rather interesting.....because the FBI made this report in 1955.......and there was not quite as much pressure then to cover up the story. But remember this report said that 10% of your population is Negroid, and 10% of our population committed 64% of all of the violations for Dope. Of this group, all of the added assaults...60% of all the attempts to do bodily injury came from 10% of the population. 50% of all of the murders in the United States came from 10% of the population. And 51% of all of the arrests for robbery came from the Negro 10% of the population. For 1956, the figures varied. 61% of all the violations for Dope came from the Negroes, and 68% of all assaults, and 61% of all murders came from the same 10% of the population. This is a crime report telling us the same story.

Now, when I point out to you that people of this 10% minority in your society commit the over-whelming majority of the crimes, with other minority groups participating very high in those crimes, do not try to tell me that there is an equality among these people. I point out also that the Federal Government does not think there is equality there. The design of the enemy is to so integrate your society that it pulls down your intellectual level. The preponderance of scientific achievement, and in the areas of attained achievement and applied science to our industry, over-whelmingly shows....virtually shows....that there is such a small group of Negroes, that they are not in the contributory field of discovery. Thus 91% of all natural development in the development of any of the techniques known in production of science and industry are White. And when they say White, they mean sheer White. For they do not take the borderline races. For they come on down here and list some nationalities which are not exactly White which are involved here showing the immediately lines in which the demarcation point comes.

I am aware tonight, that the present design to integrate our society, is not based on this supposedly Utopian design, or a humanistic wish for creating an area of equality. Their design is to destroy that which has attained and is attaining spiritual ascendance in a physical world. Why do you think the Bolsheviks would make so clear, this plan in 1922 that the Harvard professors would see that this design was to mongrelize and integrate, and to eventually turn everything into a One World Government?....that this was a design to subordinate the White leadership that was Christian?....

The principles which God has ordained, does not mark equality among persons. And HE possesses the foreknowledge to know what the capacity in the genes can be.....even also what might be contributed what men might not know in this background. I know of one thing over here in the book of Romans and this is what it says. ‘Therefore there is a difference between the children of flesh and the children of God.’ And there is a difference as the Apostle Paul tells me, in the 2nd chapter of Corinthians, between people of the world order and people of the House of god. For one has the spirit of just natural men of creation and the other has the spirit of a son or daughter of God. And these things are spiritually discerned. And the Apostle said, ‘I speak to you now, wisdom hidden since the foundation of the world, made known unto us because we are the children of God, for this is our inheritance.’

I point out that God makes this statement. ‘For children being not yet born, neither having done any good or evil, that the purpose of God that the election might stand, not of works but of HIM who calleth.’ Thus, God has the ability to select, even before they are born, to determine their superiorities and their capacitive. This is in the 9th chapter of the book of Romans...the 10th and 11th verses. Thus, it is written about Jacob and Esau.... ‘Jacob have I loved, and Esau have I assued.’ So what did Esau do when he was born? He went out and intermingled and mongrelized his seed. And thus his seed and his posterity had no use in God’s Kingdom.

I point out to you that God makes it very, very clear when in the calling of those of HIS Household, HE makes it clear that those who HE called, the children of HIS selection, or the Household of God in the heavens and on earth, as HE said the whole Household in the heavens and the earth is named in the identity of the Father and identified by HIS Spirit being in them. And this quality being passed along from generation to generation, and only HIS Spirit can bear witness with our spirit that we are the offspring of god. This is the answer for superiority. This is the answer for your race. And this is the most profound reason why you should never permit the White race to be mongrelized or mixed. In the book of Divine Law, then God makes it very clear that ‘Ye are a Holy people unto YAHWEH thy God.’ And then HE more than this said, ‘You were not selected by your number because you were the fewest, but HE has also sworn.....(and God has the capacity to establish this, that HE has chosen you and set you above all of the people on the face of the earth. And there is poured out on you spiritual development for higher development and attainment than anyone else has ever possessed.

Now, we have had Negroes in these United States for several hundred years. And there has been in improvement in those Negroes because they have been in an environment with the aura of a White man’s spirit and creative energy and guidance. And this has lifted their ability to understand and to reason. But in this same circumstances and in the multitude of it, they always grow back to the characteristics of their forefathers with a slight gain of inheritance and they do not have the gain of initiative and do not have the drive which is normal in the White race. If you go into the areas of Africa, you discover much less energy of application even among their less brilliant, for they have become somewhat demagogic for power over the others. When we look at these facts, we also are aware that there is a difference in people. A Jew could walk with the Disciples of Jesus, and do this for a period of three years, and gather none of the capacity of strength and power that the other Disciples gathered, then SELL JESUS OUT. This is also a matter of background....for Jesus said, ‘I have chosen you twelve, but one of you is a devil. One of you came down from the devil and he is going to act like the devil. He is not going to act like men today.’

We look into the blueprint of God’s Kingdom, and HE said, ‘I sent a Divine race from heaven to earth superior to any other creation, and I have destined them to conform to the Divine glory in the building of this Kingdom. The spiritual center of this Kingdom is the Ecclesia or the Church. The capacity of the Church is to bring Truth to the Oracles of God....to be the defender of the people and the defender of their worship, to influence the nation to carry out its destiny. You mongrelize these United States and you destroy its leadership and its capacity for leadership. And this is exactly what the One World Government program is trying to do. They are trying to do it with the LIE of equality.

When these decisions were being made, they were quoting Negroes and Swedish Communist as their authority. But the biology of these authorities, were in question because they had taken a pseudo function. Today, I made a decision on the part of the Constitution, that no opinion of the Court is valid based upon the opinion of the men whom they selected. One of them is a Jewish biologist and associate biologist named Duboy. And he is a member of the Communist Party. This is equality in areas of attainment.... Has it ever occurred to you that among human society, there are those who apply themselves in their thinking to apply themselves in that thinking to their advancement? Since one is not as successful in the areas of economics as another, since he applied himself to master that field. I do not care what it is, but it was first introduced in this factor that two boys go to sea....One remains a seaman and the other is determined to learn the mathematics of navigation. One applies himself with all of the additional effort and sacrifice of his time. Maybe, he is selected to go to some school on navigation or to Annapolis. He learns mathematics and he learns its relationship to geometry and in the laws of the principals of navigation, tied to astronomical locations, considering the sun and its relationship to it. He learns the factors involved and the patterns of the sea. He learns all he can about his advocation and he emerges a Mid-Shipman, or qualified as a Third Mate. But he is still a seaman. This is not just a break, this is the application of energy and initiative. Here were two men who had the same capacities but did not apply the same initiatives. One then becomes a shipmaster and advances, while the other may live all of his life as a seaman. Unless he conquers this mathematical block in this area of mathematical application, he can never excel in this chosen field. This may apply to any field. One can never become a master in any field unless he applies himself to know it. This is why among your race, the capacities for reaction and ingenuity....both, may have it....both may act in a crisis and they both may have high standards and immorality as they go by spiritual law, but one has climbed higher than the other because of discipline in his conscious awareness, or the necessity for knowledge.

Did it ever occur to you that you could apply these same principals to other races, that you can put them in schools, and educate and train them, but you cannot give them the application of these things after you have educated them. India today, is the evidence...that a different race without the spiritual background which belongs to you, the people of India are not the equal of the people of these United States. Someone says, ‘Prove that.’ Well, we trained them in many areas of science and in modern technology. Then after we educated them, they went out and sat around the temple square, while the people we sent over to ‘show them,’ had to do the work. We have proved to you today, that it is not what they have been subject to in the environment, for we put them in an educated environment. We have given them the processes and the instructions in the area of metal reduction of mining, and metal urology. And when we get thru, they sit down and wait for us to send the experts over to do the whole job. We have taken them into the areas of metal development and shown them all types of machinery and given them agricultural education and development. We have started them out in areas where irrigation was natural, the rivers were there, the pumps were there, where everything could be done. And when left to do it themselves, we watched it slow down and stop. Looking back over the records today, there are numbers of authorities on anthropology who have much to say about this subject, and about the longevity of races. And now that we know that 3000 years ago the Negroes were living in the caves of Kilmanjaro. We have the evidence of where their mud-huts were built around the shores of the Lake Tangnikika, where the lake was once much greater, but has now receded. There are the remnants of their society where they fished and where they hunted, but had no concept of agriculture developments and lived on little pile huts out over the water. And in 73,000 years there has never been a great Negro civilization in Africa.

The white man moves in and he starts developing Africa and raw material and resources were all around. Yet, you say that it was the status of environment. Well you have only been here about 7400 years and the Negroes 73,000 and they did not develop Africa or any place else they ever went.

Now; you cannot say that it is the environment for what can you say other than the environment which empowered the white spiritual seed. Of course I will talk about previous environments. You came out of the presence of the Father, you are told in the Book of Ephesians where you are told that you have already been blessed with all spiritual blessings, all spiritual guidance and all intuitive understanding. I want you to now acknowledge that all Adamites came forth from the father, but it does not say all races, for some do not represent a white man’s society. I want you to know that when the Apostle Paul tells the people of Greece that they had a common background with himself because they came out of the same kind of experiences. He says that our race lives and breathes in the Destiny of the Father and that in Him we live and breathe and have our being, and then acknowledges this common background of Identity between this particular background of that Adamic background and theirs. But at no time do we find the Apostle Paul trying to equate a common background with Africa. But at no tome does the Spirit of God have a common background with the people of Africa, but they did with the people of Western Europe.

Now; since it is evident that the enemy is intent upon crushing down upon us with this integration then it is also true that in their literature they talk about the eventual results of integration before they accomplish it, and it is the mixing of the blood. Mr. Stoddard knew that way back in 1942., for he said that if you integrate a people that you will be mixing their blood and degenerating their kind and destroying their society. I can show you eminent authorities writing now who are not a UNESCO employee, who sites the great danger of integration. It is a known fact that you cannot submit the same standards academically to a mixed Negro and white class who without dropping the Negro behind because of his ability to adapt himself, or without punishing the white man by cutting down the standard of the course and taking it on a more primary procedure. You may admit Mr. Meridith by force into the University of Mississippi, but you cannot give him a white IQ. Mr. Meridith would have been turned down by that university on the basis if he had to qualify with the required entrance papers. Mr. Meridith is bowing out of that school because he is failing. He is not making the necessary level of grades. I think that we have spent more money in this nation in all of our history trying to educate anyone, for we have spent more money trying to get Mr. Meridith into some school. We spent more money trying to keep him there and it should be self evident that at the first test he is a drop out. You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make him drink. But you will have a lot better chance of getting a horse to drink than you will of pouring a level of intellectual attainment into a mental capacity that cannot adjust to it. If you want to waste a bunch of time then send a bunch of evangelists down to a bunch of Jew’s down in israeli. If there would be any area of lost Evangelism it would be in sending a bunch of Evangelist’s to Israeli. In the day of Jesus they could not receive it and they rejected it and today they would do the same thing.

If God so willed by the area of your proclamation of truth by some flash of spiritual quality your preaching to a Negro, would suddenly open up the areas of intellect and filling him with spiritual capacities and start a magical restoration if the physical structure of his being, and by the time you baptised him in the church the black came off and he acted like a white man. I would say that this is the greatest thing ever done in this field and if that is what God wants done and we can change him from what he is to what we are then that would be a good thing. But apparently God does not think that for He thinks the best thing for them is to be in the order in which they were created, and since He does not want this to be the process then He has not given us the power to do it. So therefore let the church wake up for you cannot change or transform this creature by any aptitude of power that you now have. But if you integrate with them then you will destroy our race and cause it to degenerate down to their level. This is what God says concerning this pattern. There is no verse in the Scripture saying that there are too many kinds of beings. There is a differentiation in each one of the so called ‘homo-sapiens’. The bible separates human from Enosh. Adamites are children of God’s Spirit and Enosh are children without this spirit of God’s mind. Adamites are HU-man or... Spirit Man, and Enoch are on the Beast level with created spirits. Higher true than all other species but different. The Bible supports what we have just sited because we see this interjected so many times.

Christ said; “I am of my Father and you are of yours, and you will be like your father because I support the principals of heredity.” So even the criminal capacity comes down through heredity. The fission capacity to think Divine thoughts comes down through heredity. Their background has laid that background throughout generations. There are aptitudes in the selection of enterprises. There are generation after generation of preachers, generations after generations of doctors. There are generations after generations of successful farmers. There is the inheritance and aptitudes passed down generation after generation, but there are also other tendencies which pass down through the generations. The responsibility of the race of which you are a part to the Law’s of God having in general given the great vast assent to law enforcement, to the standards of Divine Law, and to the cultural forces which make civilization...this is the natural norm in your race. When you find the undisciplined who by forces of environment has been thrust together with something degenerate and lower then we find sometimes that we have certain casualties in our society.

I point out to you that the most important thing is that you find the kind of children that you children will play with, go to school with and grow up with because of the effect of environment also. It is thus demonstrated that what makes a bad environment is the people. Therefore, there is an area in which various races have an influence to cause those who run with them to come out like beatnik’s, or like these jungle bunnies we have who are running all over the country whose standards of morality and whose standards of ethics are sadly lacking. So the law enforcement of your city is pushing a whole area of lawlessness on to you on the sidewalks and in the streets, and all of the nation. I think that the evidence of this is quite clear that the great overwhelming majority running up to over 90 % crimes and violence and social and moral evil in Washington D.C. is Negro. I think it is quite possible that as the white population shifted out and the Negro came in that the depravity and the deplorable conditions increased.

Now; we do not hate or despise Negroes, we are not anti-Negro inspire of our firmness in this declaration. We are aware of their limitations, and our responsibility of leadership. We are aware of the bad design they are making of the Capital of the U.S., by this planned integration. We show you that if they were equal in morality and equal in ability their entrance into Washington D.C. would not have lowered this city, it would have remained on the same level.

When a Negro says that when you make him live in a Negro district, and you suggest that he marry a Negro girl, and suggest that he go to a Negro school, if he says this is discrimination then he of all people recognizes that to be forced to associate with his own kind will not attain the level of opportunity as will the association with you. The strongest force of the Negro mind does not believe in equality, this is brought out by his desire to be integrated with you. If he actually believed in equality there would be no necessity for integration. If he did not qualify in his own thinking that he had not as yet arrived unless he could force this social contact and his integration into your society.....if he did not believe that was the only way to arrive at your status he would not be pushing this.

Now; this organization which wants to integrate Negroes with you is the NAACP, the National Organization for the Advancement of Colored People. The name of their organization alone shows that they believe that they must integrate them with you. This then means that they must reduce your leadership and corrupt your society and this happens if you let them advance at your expense. The place for them to advance is in Africa. There they could very quickly have ample opportunity to show their equality.

When you arrived in this great continent and saw three sources, it was hard to hold the white man down. The only thing that limited him was the defense against savages and the expanse and the distances which he soon conquered. White men came to this country and in two hundred years they were crossing it. In three hundred years they were creating the most productive society on the face of the earth. Negroes were in Africa after 73,000 years and they never produced a society. The white man goes down into Africa and after just two years he is developing industry, science, and education, and is pulling these people out of their cannibalistic ways, and did this in just a few centuries.

So the World Order under Lucifer saw this and he said;...get the white man out of Africa and lets let it degenerate again. So they pulled the white man out of the Congo and out of Leopoldville and the natives come along and rape the women, burns the factories, destroying their own place of employment, and they act like savages. Give them an opportunity to receive on a platter an already working society and they destroyed it. Why? Because it is more natural for them to be the destroyer than not. The Beast nature shows up. I want you to know that the evidence of time clearly indicates that you are the colonizers, the creators, the builders, and the co-creators with your Father. They are made to be subjects, even the Angel’s of Heaven are made to be subject unto you.

We cannot close a subject like this so quickly but I want you to know that you may set men free from their areas of superstition and ignorance and restore them to what they once were, but they do not come out equal. You will restore the Negro to being good Negroes worshiping the right God, and you will restore Asiatics to being good Asiatics, as God created them when they were first placed in the earth, but you will restore white men unto Glory, as sons of the Father equal in Glory, except He being above all as Administrator. If you restore the Negro to the height of their creation which good in it’s time, still the Angel’s were greater. If you restore the Asiatics to their height when created which is why they worship their ancestors, the Angel’s were greater. But in the restoration of your race in which God regenerates it’s Spiritual power you were higher than the Angel’s, and the Angel’s were to worship at your feet. Do not go out of here with a Bible support of equality. The children of Adam, these sons of God, are as high above the rest of the people of earth as the sky is above the terra firma. We do not say that with a haughtiness of Spirit, which does not recognize that with it comes this mighty opportunity of service. We do not say this to hinder any development that might be carried to the ends of the earth, but it is still with the repudiation of the “New Frontiers” and the Schribners, and the mongrelizers, and the Harvard pseudo-intellectuals who work to destroy America by destroying it’s mind, it’s spirit, and it’s capacity. By putting it to sleep with propaganda. We would by God’s Will and by God’s way, develop the earth to it’s greatest height of attainment, and not at the sacrifice of our background, our Family honor, and our Father’s Name.