United States, Great Britain And Germany, 5-26-65

The United States, Great Britain, and Germany

by Dr. Wesley A. Swift  - 5-26-65

As we turn tonight in a great historic period of measure, for we are in a very eventful week. There are some things which are eventful whether people know it or not. And of course we are only two days from one of the major configurations of this year. This will be on the 30th of May, and we find the transiting Uranus in the American house and also in Virgo, in opposition to a Mars and Saturn conjunction, and also in the sighting is Jupiter. This has a number of planets in one position very closely combined, and the earthquake pattern is strongly possible. In fact if it were not for the displacement of the other planetary values we would say that it would be one of the heaviest earthquake cycles, but it will be and can be an earthquake cycle. There have been some small ones in the last few days. They have not only been here, but as far away as 1200 miles from here. So you can watch for kind of a cycle of about 1200 miles apart.

However the most important things involved in this patter of measure and we will mention it before we go into the general measure of our subject.

Now; when we gave you the preview of 1965 we told you of the economic plight of our society And that we were moving into economic measures as we moved into February and March of this year. And also that as we moved into the climax of that in this month of May. Not only economic measures are indicated but always so when Uranus is involved. The reason why I point this out is because, every great economic every great depression every economic depression has been marked by certain factors. You have had all this month a dipping market, going down a few more points And they say well there is no sign of a threatened crash, but we are only maintaining our economic level with an artificial economy. We do not know just how strong are the forces which try to sustain the economy from total collapse, having to prime the pump, but we do recognize, that the wild expenditure of government and outlays in every form, and all areas of total fiscal responsibility are still giving us a false impression of what we might call a false and temporary society. We point out to you that they say that everything is still going good, people are still buying things People are till enjoying them selves and still living at a very high level. Therefore we have nothing to complain about for every thing is going fine. But at the same time you are being told that we have to cut taxes in order to release more money. And we have to spend more money without taxes And this is a foolish thing for you cannot spend what you do not have. So what you do is spending money you don't have, and borrowing against an area of debt that you do not intend to repay. So this mysterious event will end with an economic crisis. And you are not too far removed from it because your enemies are not too far removed from it. And I tell you that every area of increasing socialism inside of your society is a conspiratorial plot to destroy your civilization.

Now; of course if we dare to mention the fact that there is a socialist threat to our society, or is to be looked upon today as suspect because we have a group of left wing socialist, communists in high positions inter-dispersed thru out high positions of government, in areas of advice. And they seem to have the full channel of communication over press, radio and television. So if you face the fact, if you discuss the fact, then you must be a paranoid, and you must think there is something wrong with you because you clap your hands and think that everything is well. We have a bunch of international silly do-gooders, who say everything is fine, don't mind, don't worry about it. Let the government worry about it. But, my friends, you are the government and you are the people but the increasing debt is laid on you, and on your children, and grandchildren. Someone said but it is better to go in debt for prosperity than for poverty. But the fact remains that we are going in debt for poverty too. But one of the things which is well established now as to going in debt for poverty, is that 85% of the money going into the program to eliminate poverty is being spent on administration. So if you want to get into a good wage base then into a dispersal program for the elimination of poverty This makes me think of foreign missions. I am well aware of the fact that about 60% of all of the money for foreign missions goes into administration, and foreign mission building before it ever left the country. So this is another one of these patterns, but if it gets up to the government level, then it takes 85% if it. There is no doubt about it that we are watching an area of upheaval and destructible areas of international exchange, where nothing can beat this good old hard gold and silver. The U. S. news is bringing this to your attention this week. That Red China is having to buy wheat from Argentina and is having to pay real gold for it. After all who wants to take Chinese paper so they are buying with gold. So they are working in areas of manipulation, and the socialists are helping them to get more gold and they will increase their influence with it We have a lot of pinkos in this country who helped sell out a lot of our gold into their hands, as well as into Jewish hands. And it will work against the best interests of our Christian society.

Now; I point out to you that they have been working on silver, both English and American silver. And at the same time the Soviet Union has been holding back all of its gold anticipating a rise in price, due to the economic crisis and they hope at that time to outflank outmaneuver the United States, Britain and Germany. It is rather a unique thing that when we start to align the nations a upon which the future security of the world seems to depend, in areas of opposition against communism that you at once come upon the names of the U.S. Great Britain and Germany. Some will say, what a strange combination of it was only 20 years ago when we were emerging out of an area of war and this hostility had been between America and Britain, and Germany. Because this was the way the Jews wanted it and planned it.

Now; there is one thing that you can depend upon and that is the scripture. For this great area of outpost for Christian civilization was destined to be broken and the opposition was to be dispersed And then these countries were to be joined as mutual strong allies against the powers of darkness. In other words God has identified his people. These are the people that make up the heart stream of the Adamic race. These are princes ruling with God, and are the Israel of God, Issue of God ruling with HIM. Thus they make up the Anglo-Saxon, Nordic, Basque, Germanic people, and they include the Lombards and all of the great strains of the White race who can trace their genealogy back down to their Adamic forbearers. Thus we point out to you that among the leadership of God's kingdom, it has been marked that there would be two great lines of administration. One of them of course would be the ten tribed kingdom at one time and the two tribed kingdom which was just a division between the kingdom of Benjamin and Judah and the other ten tribes. We know that Sannachereb carried off into captivity the ten tribes of Israel and Babylon under Nebechanezzar carried off the tribes of Judah and Benjamin. And then we emerge out of these situations to discover that in those area of migration and then we have a division clearly marked. The House of Judah which of course was the Germanic people and they became the controlling people in central Europe. The Princes of Germany helped to hold the lines against the hoards that swept out of Asia. And they were the first shock troops to come in contact with the hoards of Genghis Khan Jew drawn into Europe for the destruction of the Christian civilization. And then the Anglo-Saxon people under the houses of Britain, which includes also the U.S., as it relates to the strong cultures of the world and as we look out tonight over the world, it is America and Britain which are the strong right wing in opposition against the darkness. Oh, you will say there are a lot of left wing nations, and you are right, but it is these America, Britain and German who will stand for the right against Communist aggression.

Now; it is a significant thing that we can turn in the scriptures and this is also a rather significant thing, for we move into a great day of measures. Not only does Mars always measure, not only in the star bible but also in the symbols of Enoch. It measures the symbol of war. And Jupiter was known as the symbol of God.

Now they were only known as the measure of you might say in their movements, in a measure of prophecy. The prophecy had been given in the Gospel measure of the sky just as it had been given in the written word. There are some people who say we don't want to hear anything about this. It is not important to me what you want to hear when we have something to say. The important thing is that these signs and measures were set up ages before, and there are a lot of theologians who do not know how to read the signs in the sun, moon and stars. And they do not know how to read the scriptures either.

Now the fact remains that the measures are here. And we are in this great climactic hour. It is the sign of Jupiter standing up to the signs of economic, political and social upheaval, and the opposition is Satanic and this is a military operation. At the same time it is in these latter days bringing in what the prophecy of the scripture has ordained.

I turn over to the book of Ezekiel, and I read these words: -(37:)--"Thou son of man take thee one stick in thy hand, and write upon it for the children of Judah and the children of Israel his companions. Then take another stick, and write upon it for the House of Joseph, an the stick of Ephraim and for all of the house of Israel, his companions. Now join them together, and they shall be one-stick in my hands. One mighty power one scepter of force. This is the declaration of the scriptures.

Now; the house of Judah is Germany and the countries round about like Austria, and the countries from Finland on down to the last of the Israel nations. Back in the early days this was the tribe of Judah on the east with the tribe of Issachar on her north, and the Slavic nations on the south. And there was no way for them to disallow this. For then we had Zebulun, and Issachar and the House of Judah on the east. Thus, the house of Judah is the Germanic people in the heart of Central Europe. And now this was one great power of culture in the heart of Europe

Now the house of Joseph was the Anglo-Saxon people. The house of Joseph had its impact from that divine selection of destiny, which had caused Joseph to marry Aseneth the daughter of Pontipher the priest of ON, when he was down in Egypt. And the two sons of Joseph, Ephraim and Manasseh were destined to lead a great force of God's society. And they would be two of the most powerful tribal states inside of Israel, and eventually they would be great nations. So these people fulfilled the prophecies of Joseph. And they became a Great nation, and a Company of nations. And the word went out around the world, God make us as Ephraim and Manasseh. This can well be said today among the nations, for the Anglo-Saxons have emerged today as great nations. This is the Empire of Great Britain and the United States of America. And there is one thing that is a political problem that has risen among these nations. There has never been in all of these times any nation that has held together, and helped to bring forward the impact of the Anglo-Saxon on the world than these United States of America.

Now let’s take a look at the Germanic picture. We have today these two great forces. We have today the Anglo Saxon as well as the Germanic forces in the heart of Europe. The most important thing is that these are the Princes, an Princesses of Israel, these are the ruling houses of Israel. Who is thy mother?---A lioness. And if you turn to the 17- 19th chapters of Ezekiel, you catch this pattern. Who is a lioness? Who is this lioness? It is a symbol of the measures and symbols of God's house and in the house of Joseph you find this symbol of the Lion.

Now; it is a rather significant thing that the throne of the house of David is a true throne. It was established in the days of Jeremiah and it moved from Ireland, to Scotland, to Wales. Thus it was that this throne line which is to remain until Christ comes to take that throne, is in a white Christian civilization, and it is to rule the world. And it is found today in the British Empire. But the House of Judah also had an important part to play. For in its household and in its line was also this Davidtic line. And the important factor today is that the Germanic people and the British people were ruled over by a common royal family. As was every Christian nation in Europe. They were ruled over by this common family thru intermarriage.

We have had an unprecedented evidence of this fulfillment and the climax of time, just this past week. We watched the visit of the Queen of England thru out Germany, and we watched as to the reception that she received. Everywhere she went the people cried out "Hail to the Queen.” This not only happened in the cities, but the people in the streets of Hamburg wept as they greeted her. She spoke to them and she said:--Remember that 14 of the Princes of Britain have married the Princesses of Germany. And this is true. The historic significance was that this was one household. Kaiser Wilhelm, and Czar Nicholas and King George were all cousins. Thus it was that again we see this strength, an we behold here in these latter days, as we see an absolute fulfillment of prophecy. For even as we emerged from WW II, those who were astute political scientists, an those who understood geopolitics were now aware that we as a nation had been duped. Here was Germany and the British Empire here in America, we were at war with Germany because of this manipulation, when we should have been side by side in warring against Communism and making the world better.

We do not have to justify any political philosophies which is at variance with ours. But I am going to tell you that what created the government inside of Germany that proceeded the war, was the condition as the sons of Satan moved in to destroy a people. The same powers that caused the Third Reich to form is now in these United States, seeking to destroy us. And the conditions here in the United States will never be completely repaired until these Jewish 'tares' are taken out of the way.

Now; we come to this prophecy, in which in these latter days God said he was going to pour out his spirit. An it would be like a breath of wind upon the slaves. And it would move out over the nations of Israel as tho these were dead people because their dead bones lay in the great valley of the kingdom. This means they are as dead bones because of the apathy, the string pulling, the Antichrist theories, and with all of this then the people of your race are thus dead. But thru the purposes of the most High God there would be a command to the spirit, that HE would wake people up. He said:--I shall raise up principal men. And I will raise up ministers, and pastors, an they shall speak to you. And I will raise up Military men to lead you. And He said:--this whole great and mighty army is going to move. And this prophecy then folds into another. "Can these bones live?" Can the Christian Civilization survive, can the white race come back into a position of world mastery that shall break the powers of darkness, and then shall rule from sea to sea and pole to pole? And the Almighty says, yes. So it is that we catch the measure. And we are told that the command was to breathe on these slaves. And the spirit moved upon these slaves, and they awoke and became aware of the necessity to live. And they became aware of the mighty conspiracy, as God pointed out where the Antichrist was. And the cry is-- ‘come out of her my people take back your country.’ For YAHWEH says that wrath will rise up in the countenance of my people and there will not be a Canaanite left in the house of God. From the time when the configuration of the sign in the heavens in February 4, 1962, and until this 42 months shall be consummated in this September, for the judgments to come upon the wicked inside of God's Kingdom, and in His nations. And this shall be a tremendous event.

And it has been during this period of time that God has been cementing as never before, the people who constitute his kingdom, and their areas of leadership. As the culture of the heart of Europe revolved around Germany and its administration, it also stretched out to the west to the British Isles and on to the great culture of these United States. Because this nation had become God's great battle axe and a great balance of power. And it is the outstretched wings of this Great Eagle which shall determine the destiny that is ahead in the years to come, and this by divine decree. Thus it is again, that instead of being the adversaries, we are now discovering that our former allies are now our enemies. And our supposed enemies are our best assets. We are discovering today that we have been tricked and manipulated out of the areas of Communism, and those who advocate it. On the other hand, God has made it quite clear that the people who are absolutely in opposition to the Antichrist are anti-Communist to the core. And these are the people of Germany, and of America and Britain.

Oh, you say there are a lot of people who are apologizers for communism. We have a lot of casualties thru out this country and thru out the world. We have a lot of people who do not belong in these United States, and they have gotten into our colleges and in areas of communication and education, and they have created great havoc.

Now; until we eliminate from education, and from areas of education and other places where they exist than we will continue to have a lot of people who are brainwashed, because we have let them become infected with the philosophy of evil and this program of Antichrist. I tell you that one of the most dangerous things that can transpire is when a people do not assert themselves in making sure that the truth which will affect their Faith and their race is given a preponderous position inside their race and their society. Instead of apologizing for our Faith and trying to hide behind the door because the Negro does not like it, when he is a witch doctor, or because some Buddhist or some Hindu does not like it. We should tell them this is truth. And if you do not like it then get out, for we are going to run America.

There is no doubt that there is a great parting prophecy. And this was an historic week. And this visit of the queen of Britain to Germany is a historic occasion. It is a symbol of the sealing of the true sticks together in God's hands. One stick was the stick for the House of Judah and his companions, of your race, of Israel. And this is the stick of Joseph and all of his companions, and I bring them together as one stick united in purpose And you are watching this formation today. Actually there are a lot of things we do not have the time to discuss. There are all kinds of agreements, and secret manipulations. Today this military power is being developed that is willing to stand against Communism. And Germany is producing more military material than they ever produced before. And at the present time Krupp can start rolling into full military production, that will fulfill the highest production goals of W.W. II. You may not know it but Japan is also rolling out military goods in unprecedented quantities. In fact they are not only producing these with our permission, but she is moving these in areas of opposition where they can be used in opposition to a Communist take over.

At this moment the people of Germany and of the United States have the strongest economies as far as production is concerned. But they also have the biggest areas of manipulation in trying to take over that material by Jewry than any other places in the world.

Now; if you will turn to the book of Micah. And this book of Micah also deals with this climactic hour--the last days. And it tells us also that in these last days, when the many nations shall be gathered together:--Behold! Ruling upon the Davidic throne, there shall be a daughter of Jerusalem. So you see in the climactic hours, in the climactic days when the Germanic and Anglo-Saxon people come together in unity against the powers of darkness there will be a woman upon that throne. Therefore we turn to the book of Micah and we read these words:--know therefore arise and thresh oh, daughter of Zion, for I will make thine horn as iron, and thy hoofs as brass, and thou shalt beat in pieces many people. And I will consecrate their gain unto the LORD, and their substance unto the LORD of the whole earth. And HE does this thru the work of the kingdom.

Destiny decrees that in these last days, while there is still a Queen on the throne in Britain, there shall be a great new scream from the eagle, and a cry from the Government of Germany, and there shall come a destructive war and it shall wipe out communism from one end of the earth to the other.

The other night we were listening to a high frequency transmission going out to counselors and various diplomatic services, and the governmental relay was that we would be at war with Soviet Russia within in three days or three weeks. This was last Monday night. They do not want to talk about this in the newspaper, but they were laying it out on a high frequency broadcast, and by accident we happened to get it.

Now; listen. I want you to know that the Soviet Union has been a backer of the whole communist conspiracy. As far as Red China is concerned, she does not think that she is in a bad spot. She thinks she is going to win, and she is gathering up man power. And I read this week that Red China has 750 million people in a paramilitary group. Thus, practically every citizen is going to be a warrior. Then I think that every intelligent Christian citizen plan on defending himself.

Now; "Life Magazine" has been trying to hassle this the last few hours, so I have been told. And I have not been in touch with my office since this evening. And they say they want us to give our opinion on disarmament bills and on the Dodd Bill. What do they want to know the opinion of a Clergyman on these matters for? Because it is tied into this whole big flimsy design to throw discrimination on intelligent Christians, who want their ability to fulfill their Constitutional rights to defend themselves. I am going to say this:--I do not believe in any arms legislation to restrict in any way, which will affect the rights of a citizen to have the right to bear arms. In the first place there is no way that you can affect the keeping of the Bill of Rights of the American citizen than to infringe on this right to bear arms. I would heartily be in favor if any procedure, that would keep the arms out of the hands of those who are a danger, who have forfeited their right to possess it, because they are criminals. Or because they are criminals because of insanity, or not fit to possess it, or because they might be in juvenile status where they might not have certain right. And if there should be such legislation it might not carry much weight to other citizens who have the right to own and bear arms. This is a difficult field and it cannot be settled by local law enforcement over your constitutional right to have something. If you have to go that route then you have to cow tow to someone for permission to do something which is already your right to have and to do. So I point this out, that this is not a situation that is easy to solve with this kinds of legislation. I point out to you, that any criminal can go out and get arms, if he is in from Mexico, he can get them from Communists and the black market. For the black markets exist all over the United States. You can get any kind of weapons you want to buy, and therefore I am going to site to you, that even if they legislate it out the ability to acquire this you will still discover that the criminal will be able to secure at any time the equipment that he wants. At the same time it is against the law to have a machine gun, but if you will pay $200.00 for a license you can have a machine gun without any trouble at all. So you see this is only an economic factor.

Now; I point this out to you. The greatest deterrent to crime is an armed citizenry. Who is going to take a chance on creeping into a house for burglary or assault if he has an idea that citizen is armed or not. Whose dog is going to give the alarm an he will get shot if he comes in. I am going to tell you that there is no greater a deterrent than an armed citizenry determined to defend themselves. We have mentioned before that the whole citizenry of Switzerland is armed and they consider this going to bed armed as a mark of their independence. I tell you that any country which fears an armed citizenry is ashamed of what it plans, and it does not trust its own people with the decisions that it intends to make. I tell you that any time we have a government that is planning things that the people do not want, and it is not in compliance with the Constitution, then it is time that we had a review of the situation, and impeach the rascals and elect out of the decisions of the people those who will represent this Christian society.

We are being told today that essential legislation is a vital necessity. In order to curb and dispense with opinions and philosophies, and religious views that are not in keeping with the carrying out of the objectives of a total Socialist integrating acceptance. So I am going to tell you that there is no machinery perfected that would create any barrier to thought or to expression legally. The idea that there are politicians and attorney generals and high officials in government who want to limit and curb the efforts of expression both religious and philosophic, in order that they do not want people to think right. They do not want people to think biblical. They do not want people to think in the areas of God, and the preservation of their culture. They want to destroy this culture and replace it with a dirty red flag.

Now; I am going to tell you something. There will never be a day, and this may be news to some of these rascals that think they are going to get away with it. But if they tell Clergymen that they can no longer preach the laws of God, the structure of the kingdom. You cannot talk about national identity, or instruct your people, to support and pray for segregation. If they tell you that you cannot do that, for it is against the law, then let me tell you something. More people will be knocking on someone’s door and as the people peek out of some peephole they will say, come on down stairs to church.

You say, you don't believe they will try to stop our religion? Let me tell you something. The Jews did it to us once before. This was in the days when of Peter, and John. This was in the days when you had to meet in the Catacombs. This was in the days when they met in men's houses and kept a lookout on the outside, for the OGPU, the Jews. Someone says this cannot happen again. Well Jesus said that they would try it. That they would like to turn you over to the magistrates, and over to the synagogues. The only thing, is that this time we have had enough. The kingdom of God has suffered violence and violence has taken it by storm. And this time my servants will fight and the kingdom will not be left in the hands of the Jews. But reinforcements will take the Jews out of the way.

Now; I am going to tell you that the one way to spread truth faster than anything else is to try to persecute it. You try to persecute it and watch it go. You try to tell America that You can't, and see how quickly they CAN. Whoever heard of thought control in America before. They have become so proud of their control with their purse, of the areas of Communication, until they seem to think that they can control the thought of America. They think they can intimidate Clergy and those who would proclaim the truth. They are trying to make a great propaganda build up public opinion build up so that they can crush truth and make it look as tho it is the will of the people. Let me tell you, my friends, that in these United States, and in any cluster of people they have the right to assemble and carry out the facts of their faith. I am going to tell you that we are backed up by something they cannot tear apart, whether they like it or not. And this is Thus saith the LORD and the holy scriptures. Church after church has resigned itself inside of Christendom, and has become the harlotry daughter of Babylon. And is turning its back upon the great heredity pattern of truth. We have seen the disgraceful conduct in the last few days of the Presbyterian church. I am going to tell you that any time a church no longer believes in the authenticity of the scripture. No longer believes that these men knew anything about what they were writing. They were just a bunch of ignorant people under individual cultures, having no scientific knowledge. The only thing that we know is that God somehow reached them as to what they said that HE said, or what they interpreted as to His position, concerning their race, and this is just prejudice to be cast aside. And then one of the speakers that they had was none other that Mrs. Martin Luther King challenging them to mongrelization an integration. And before they got thru the 835 man board representing three million Presbyterians are turning against their instructors and the master instructors in the Scotch as well as the British foundation, which said:--whether you go out to the ends of the empire, or whether you travel among people of other races or other faiths, or even among people of other races, thou shalt not marry with them, or join with them, or take them to thyself. And this is from the Presbyterian church, from its founder. Now they say you must realize that these men meant well. They were trying to preserve their status, and they were fearful lest it could be overthrown. But today we want to embrace the world. We want to bring them in, we want to win them. And the way to do this is to say that there is no barrier between you and us. We can marry together, and we can worship together, we at our shrine and you at yours.

I am going to tell you something. No one is going to worship with me at a pagan temple or with a pagan deity. There is no doubt that America would be on the road to destruction, if it were not for the spirit of God. To stir up a people, or to raise them up for the mighty purposes that are ahead. So I tell you that this is one of the important weeks of measure. And we see again that these prophecies are true. And in the face of what might have looked impossible.

I had people tell me during the last war, that if you think that the Germanic people, or the Anglo-Saxon people are ever going to stand together against Russia or anyone else, then you are utterly foolish. There is nothing to this, it is the wrong interpretation and this shall not be. But I said:--never mind. It is going to be. Fighting the war there was only one thing to do--win it. But I tell you that we were fighting the wrong war in the wrong place. This is a part of the judgment that falls upon a people when they are not guided by, thus saith the LORD. If the leaders of our nation had been following the scriptures then we would have been warring against Communism, until we had turned them beyond the hinder seas, of all of the Lake Mc Alley region to the Steppes of Asia. And this we shall yet do because the Scriptures have thus proclaimed. In the days when even the tongue of the Egyptian Sea shall be destroyed, when the Suez Canal shall be closed with its bombing raids. When this great catastrophe of this mighty struggle releases its great tumult the hosts of western Christian civilization will scourge the earth of darkness, and you will see the hammer and sickle come down for all times.

Now; let’s face it this week the tumult spread to Bolivia, to Columbia, it spread to Guatemala. And it is possible in a few weeks to see a major communist conflict from major central American countries all up thru the heart of north America, that is the southern part of North America. From Guatemala all of the way up into Mexico, and that there will be more trouble than anyone has any idea of.

Now; someone says, we are all mixed up, no one knows what we are doing down there anyway, in the Dominican Republic, until we just gave six million dollars to the payrolls of both sides. Well, this is the craziest thing that we ever did But we are not in the wrong place. Let me tell you this. The armies of the United States must crush communism in these western states, or any place Communism raises its head, any where, any time it raises its head.

Now; never mind about the OAS we pay all of the bills anyhow. And if they do not function then we will do it by ourselves. One of the headlines this week says that Mr. Uthaunt is very unhappy with the U.S. Because we did not consult the United Nations. We did it alone. But the United Nations never did anything anyway in the face of such action, so if we get anything done we have to do it alone. So the President has found again this last week, that any time he opposes Communism he has to go to the 'Right' to find his support. This means that fighting communism is 'right', not 'left'. Have you noticed that it is all right to brain wash America into thinking that it has all changed now? Even the magazines, and even Newsweek is trying to make you think that the face of America is changing, and now America is willing to accept things that it previously was not willing to accept.

Now; you are willing to accept integration. It is willing to accept an area of interdependence, and is now willing to accept the world order as a solution to this problem. It is willing to surrender areas of its control over its own industries. It is will to accept the thought of those who know as to what taxes are necessary or not. America is willing to accept new social standards, and is willing to accept that things are changing today even in the influence of the authority of its youth, and in the affairs of this nation. They are not disturbed if they are dictating these things in our Colleges or in what we call Juvenile delinquency. It is just a rebellion, against the thoughts of old, as they want to accept the kind of world that they have been taught in school that they should want.

Now; I am going to tell you this. It is true that we hear a lot more from the Beatniks, than we do from the children from an average home. It is true that we hear a lot more from the liberal minded, highly organized, and trained agitators of the youth, than we do from the ordinary youth who are trying to organize against them. And probably out of the social sciences and social studies we get this most noisy revolution which comes from youth, for there is pouring out from those that are being trained, and they are told that they are being trained to run the world, and they are fed this revolution. While all the time all that they are being trained for is how to gain the world, and how to keep it, without giving too much contribution for it. It has often been said that one generation produces the fortunes and the next generation wastes it. Well we are producing one of the most worthless group of politicians in history. The Luciferian household raised up the last prophetic kingdoms that God talked about, as the Man Christ Jesus, as he gathered the hoards out of Asia as the hoards of Genghis Khan. And from Venice from the seat of world Jewry, they utilized his messengers sending them back and forth to direct and supply the needs of Genghis Khan, for the conquest of the Western World. But do not devaluate the destiny of America hinged on this, because 'This generation shall not pass away until all of these things shall be fulfilled. It is not going to be your children who will do it. For you are the ones going to do it. Understand this now. You are going to do it. And the youth trained up in the way that they should go are the most militant youth in America tonight.

We do not have to worry about our sons and daughters who know the great truths of the kingdom. But the dereliction of the things for which America has to apologize is coming from the youth of the enemy. And a great number of those in our midst are just inassimilable. If you want to think wretched then just listen to how minority groups think. No wonder that the scriptures told us to keep our society clean and clear.

You know there is one thing not heavily pressured or pressured at this moment, or any pressing condition on my own personal perimeter, which I feel a great opposition to. This is that I do not have anything to say about the kind of society in which I live in, the kind of community that I dwell in, and the kind of people that I have to associate with. I tell you that if there is any kind of freedom, then we should have the freedom to select our kind of culture. I believe that the great restoration, of the valid right of contract must be restore if there is to be any liberal status, or civil law in these United States. I believe that we should have the right not only to dwell in a community of like-minded people, of the white race. And to raise up our children and our grandchildren, in an environment of our kind of people. And that we do not have to associate with other kinds of people another races if we don't want to. I do not believe that it is the right of government to dictate unto us the necessity of any kind of association.

Someone said, but there is to many people that cannot afford this. Well, then let them supply a little bit of energy and ambition to accomplish this. You can accomplish anything that you want to do if you have the drive. But if you do not have it, then you go with the masses and come out with mediocrity. I am tired of mediocrity. The communist world has tried to come out with a mediocrity world and the Jews want you to come down to a low mediocrity world so they can rule and manage it.

We are aware of all of the conflict an the accidents of environment. We can understand the patterns of misfortune, or the health that can effect the economic status in the area of an individual family, or in an area of a disastrous condition. But if there is an acceptance of an area of society that he will never retake any areas of construction or rehabilitating himself and that which he accepts, then the right of individuals, those who were to select and develop a community. And to restrict or contract the kind of people, who will dwell in that community, is just as valid in the right of true law, as the right to restrict or retain even the minerals in the ground, or the utilization of the land. Have we reached a period in our life and history when our culture and our social values are not to be classified as valuable as the mineral value of our soil? Any time they tell you that you cannot enter into a contract which is entered into without cohesion and which has validity because it has been give an exchange value in money, in the process of 'legal tender’, that this contract is not valid because no court will uphold it, because it touches the race issue which restricts us now. I do not care how many Negro communities there are now. I do not want to live in one. I think they should have as black a community, as I want a white one. You say this invades the personal liberty of those people who want to live in a mongrel community? No, they can go into any mongrel community and live there is they want to, but they are not to influence ours.

One of these days you will find that water still finds its own level and because of this then God is going to escalate those who believe with HIM into this concept of 'Thus saith the LORD.’ There is one right that they have not been able to invade. The right to form a religious restricted community, and you can make no law abridging this, or the status of this community. One of these days you are going to discover that the Christian faith is still the faith of this land.

We have been approached and we are hearing from people in other states about establishing a Christian University. In fact some Colleges are ready now to move in and accept this as a philosophy that is to be taught to the students along with their various studies. We are faced with a very curious trend, never seen before, in that we are receiving letters. And they are coming in from all over the state, saying here are campuses and here are universities that want to move this way. And do you know that God may raise up an aristocracy around. The great truths of 'Thus saith the Lord.' And I do know how it is going to end for it tells me how it will all end in the scriptures. The beauty of it is that every man is going to sit under his own vine, and under his own fig tree. Jesus said: 'I am the vine and you are the branches.’ and he cursed the fig tree. And it is going to be on the outside.

So we stand in great development of great significance. The low pressure areas that accompany these measures are already creating in with their belts. And tornadoes are lashing again the areas around Chicago, in Illinois, and south into Tennessee. The barometer is again falling, it has been going up and down for several days. And the strange pressures and the unprecedented areas of humidity will be created by this. And areas that have not known this normal humidity at this time are being watched. So watch these measures, watch this design because you are in a year of unprecedented measures.

Now; I am going to say something else. There is an areas of judgment that hangs over certain portions of your nation. Not only now but also thru the month of September. One no longer knows what they are permitted to say without the weaving or interpretation of something else into it. But if I was in the administrative house of the government of these United States, I would be getting in adjustment with God just as far and as fast as I could. Because the key to survival is going to be in the adjustment with God. So I am going to give you this measure, for not only the remaining days of this month but for a couple of days of next month. And then the picking up of the tempo from the middle of July onto the end of July there will be death in our national house. This is also true in the month of September. You say how do you know? Because this is the alignment pattern that relates to Saturn, and to its squaring with America’s Mercury and its relationship to its measure. Even if we go back over that measure of what is so indicative as to what transpired in the past, with the sudden death of leadership, we see it duplicated again. The ADL has been trying to find some way to stop prophecy. They have been putting pressure on all over to try to stop prophecy. Southey are trying to get an ordinance in this city to prevent anybody from preaching a message, or discuss with anybody, or provide any advise that relates to prophecy which relates to prophecy based on scripture, or on stars or on anything they now call divining and fortune telling. No influences. No outside spirit, all of this is to be considered as taboo.

Well, my friends, there is no doubt that the Jews never had any holy spirit, and they do not want any holy spirit, and they do not want the holy spirit of God any place. The scriptures tell us that we are not only to search the scripture but also to search the skies, as well. Because there are signs, which we are going to talk to you about on Sunday night. And they are in the sun and the moon and the stars. And all you have to do is to say that we can't and that will be the next subject we will speak on. There has never been a greater challenge to you and I as Americans than there is now. Tell it, tell it, tell it.

There never has been a greater conspiracy upon the part of our enemy than this drive to break down the spread of the kingdom. They had tried it by direct attack, and by innuendo and by seeking to put areas of division between the people who know the truth. But I point out to you tonight that the most effective thing, is that the truth is spreading, and it has been spreading across the country faster than it has ever been spread before. So we have had investigators and reporters say, now listen. We want to talk to you about this tape program, we want to talk to you about the spread of this. Because this is disturbing people and they are going to do something about it. That is right. They are going to do something about it. They are going to either heed the great truth, which is the story of God's kingdom or they will be ground into powder by this truth. The great question is going to be--what are you going to do with the kingdom of Jesus Christ?

Of course this is not a Jewish subject, and it does not belong to the witch doctor. But it does belong to Christians from one end of the world to the other. The great prophecy of the scripture and of the witness of God is being fulfilled. Just as the hierarchies of prophecy in Protestantism have tried to suppress prophecy so has the hierarchies in Rome tried to suppress prophecy. The last prophecies of Fatima have been suppressed. In fact those today who have been inspired and are seeking areas of prophecy and every phase of Christendom from Rome to Britain, to America, were given vision, were given knowledge, of the things that God intends to do, because God does nothing except he speaks to his people thru his ministers and thru his prophets, and his believing offsprings.

So I tell you that you have arrived, at an historic hour. I would not want to miss what is going to happen in the next few months for anything. I would rather have, my friends, a seat in this particular development and then a participation in these events than any period in history. There is no area of honor and glory that can be acquired, in the defense of society, and on the field of battle or in the creation of events in high philosophy, never has their been anything like the great developments that will take place in these months and years just ahead. Your horizons are greater. Your victories are more triumphant, and the mighty Glory which God is going to see is set on you than in all time and history. This is your destiny, you are not going down, you are about to see the fulfillment of prophesy greater than in all times in history. Thus it is that the events of prophecy are rolling on in a turbulent historic year. And God calls on his people to tell it, tell it, tell it. You are hearing from all over the world, the tapes are going to every part of the world. Their increase and the increase of their reaction is quite clear. We heard this week from Britain. In fact great numbers of our tapes are being heard thru out great areas of Britain. Just as they are being distributed thru out areas of Germany. In fact there are some parts of Germany where they have to play these tapes secretly. Because you see that the rascals are trying to suppress every facet of the kingdom just as fast as possible. Do you know that in great free countries like Switzerland, that one of their own magistrates was removed from the bench, and he was removed from his area of influence and power, because he accepted and believed he accepted and he believed the part about Jews on a tape? He was sentenced to five years in jail but part of that was suspended. We have been In communication with him and we know.

Thus the time has come when the most valuable thing that you can possess is truth, the knowledge of truth. Do you realize that there are to many of us in this country to be stepped on? And God is going to awaken this whole society and he is going to challenge you to do mighty works in HIS name.

We want to site to you that with all of their attacks against us they have only libeled with all of their ignorance, and they have also maybe stirred something in their minds, but they have stirred people all over this country with just the little part of truth that they quoted. And people have been trying to find out how to get in touch, and find out where they can hear more of it all over the country. They may not like it but it is pretty hard to stop people from singing "Onward Christian Soldiers, marching as to war. with the cross of Jesus going on before."

So again let us remember that we are in this Memorial Day weekend. And the memory of those who have given their lives thru out all ages for your faith and your race. And you are a part of this holiday set aside to commemorate their memory. Again we should remember those words that we spoke on a few weeks ago --YAHWEH, LORD OF HOSTS BE WITH US YET, LEST WE FORGET, LEST WE FORGET. Then challenge the youth of our nation, the leaders of our nation, the warriors of our nation to preserve our faith, preserve our race, and to move forward as the unchallenged hosts of God in the earth.

For thou 'Israel are my hosts, my battleaxes, my armies. That is my weapons of war. If we do not wage our war against communism and continue our war against the Antichrist until this battle of Armageddon is won then we have betrayed every one of them who laid down their lives for us, in this great battle of freedom which is their inheritance and yours also.

End of message.