Venom Of The Asp vs The Water Of Life, 2-2-62



By: Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 2-2-62

We turn tonight to survey the situations in which we live, and we find in this picture the backdrop of identity and the position which God has unveiled in the Scripture which makes the conditions we see in the earth. This afternoon we discussed some of the issues around the Sovereignty of God and the realization that belongs to every child of God the ultimate and absolute triumph. Because He is God and never will be less than God. And with all the things He has purposed and all the things He has planned we find that the ultimate purpose of God for the Universe and all that is in it is for good. There is no purpose upon His part for destroying or crushing or removing from existence...anywhere in His Universe, that which He has purposed, and that which He has created.

However there are situations which take place in the earth in which there are conditions of change in that the powers of darkness in this hour who are in revolt against God and must be crushed and suppressed. In this situation the Kingdom of God in all Majesty must come in, to bring about the evidence of His Sovereignty, and develop His purposes in earth. The greatness of God's purposes and His Mercy reaches out to the very ends of the earth. Reaches out to all the creatures He has created, and to all the species that exist upon it. But in the magnitude of His great purposes we look out today on this turbulent world, and see it torn with the forces of Darkness and with evil. We see the evidence of Paganism and Witchcraft moving upon the face of the earth. Somewhat in response to the activities of God's children, the rise and fall of evil can be determined. When we go into the background of the purposes of the MOST HIGH we are to discover that the race...which you and I are a part of are referred to in the Scripture, not only as the Children of God, but by various names, all identifiable as relates to our origin. As we said before in discussing the identity of God's people..the Apostle Paul makes one of the most important proclamations as he says:..'HIS SPIRIT bears witness with our Spirit that we are the children of God.' That we are the people referred to in the Scriptures as SAINTS..meaning believing, breathing, offspring. When you hear the word SAINTS used don't let it erect in your mind some concept of a type of Holiness unrelated to every thing real or tangible, or functioning in the world itself. Do not separate the idea of Saint from anything social, political, or economic for I want you to know that Daniel the Prophet has proclaimed that the Saints of the MOST HIGH ARE GOING TO TAKE THE KINGDOM AND POSSESSES THE KINGDOM FOREVER AND FOREVER. This is of course with the recognition that the powers of darkness would like to hold the kingdom from development, and they will fight with open warfare, and with every type of trick or cunning to keep the purposes of God from being fulfilled.

The fulfillment of these purposes and the bringing in of the Kingdom is through the installation of His Household in earth, referred to as Saints. So the believing offspring are to occupy for the fulfillment of their inheritance, for the carrying forward of the purposes of God's Kingdom. In otherwords...associated with the word Saints..and used through out the Scripture is the name given to Jacob, the offspring of Isaac through Abraham which is ISRAEL, meaning ruling with God. For as you have through revelations and declarations concerning your are to be a nation of Kings, and Priests, in the earth...Administrators with God.

Therefore I am well aware that your race was sent to this earth for a specific purpose, being started out as His offspring in the earth, that Adam was the Issue of God, and thus his offspring possessed the very Celestial Seed that God ordained for the establishment of His Kingdom. The maintenance of racial purity of this seed was of the most importance as God had warned. And as we have outlined in the past, but to renew it once more in your mind..inside this physical body of the offspring of this Adamic Household..dwells the Celestial spirit of a child of God. Begotten of the Father before the world was framed, and as such was sent into the world to build His Kingdom. This is the kingdom you constantly pray for:..'Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, in Earth as it is in Heaven.'

It was a very clear process God ordained in sending forth His Household into the earth to establish such a kingdom. As such this is inferred in the very Scripture of the climax of the Book of Revelations as it talks about the 'Pure stream of the Water of Life that flows out of the Throne of God, and out of the earth, and out of it grows the Great Kingdom of God, the Great and Mighty Tree of Life in the midst of the earth. Twelve manners of fruit being the basic segments or twelve tribes of the Children of Israel ..all of which are to be found today in the White Christian Nations of the Western World. I want to site to you that if you do not understand this now, maybe you will understand it a little better before we are through tonight. In no instance does the Jew or anything that pertains to him find an identification in the 'Tree of Life', nor does he belong to the race of which you are a part. Nor does God recognize him as his household..the Jew has not part in this kingdom. They are not identified with it in fact they are a part of the offspring which is not assimilable anywhere in the earth today. They are the offspring of Lucifer...not as Lucifer the Archangel, but of Lucifer the force of Darkness, which he became as he turned and became known as Satan.

Jesus used the word..Ancient in its discourse, and in its semantics, by translation it becomes devil, or deviate, the deviation of turning away. The word Devil means turned away. The fact remains that some people do not want to be realistic. They have been brainwashed, and influenced through this process of brainwashing through the years to disallow great History of your the world..nothing more nor less, it is not the guide to heaven. It is not the blueprint to the Universe around about even tho it sometimes touches on these subjects. It is a complete discussion of the occupation of earth by the Kingdom of God, and it the WILL of the Creator who put the Universe together. HE who purposed these things for good especially as it relates to the earth by sending you here to establish His Kingdom.

I want you to know tonight that we do not have to apologize for our being here. We do not have to apologize for OUR FATHER, we do not have to excuse our being here, and we do not have to explain what it is that we were put here to do, or why HE is accomplishing what things that He has purposed to do. But it is important..what we are here for, and what God purposed to do with the race HE established in earth. In the first place, it is quite clear that there are other forces in the earth which have great influence over races of the earth, and even brought some races out of the Solar System that were not here in the days of the creation of earth. That is established by Ancient Assyrian records and the patterns of revelation as given to Enoch and unveiled by the Apostle Paul in his writings about the heavens, and they are quite clear in what the Scripture has to say about the antiquity of things that happened even before our race came to earth.

In the 12th., chapter of Revelation it tells about the mighty struggle in the heavens in which Michael an Archangel of God fought against Lucifer and his forces of space, and having defeated them in the Name of the MOST HIGH still they were permitted to come to earth. Through their catastrophe of rebellion and with those that were brought to earth with the rebellious ones, they sought to mongrelize the seed lines of the races of earth. Then came the greatest abomination of all, for remember the concept of Angels is somewhat strange sometimes, for these beings...somewhat like the human race, stand forth in similar image, although in the Celestial realms they were of greater heights in most instances. The fact is that they did not keep their first estate, but took upon themselves the embodiment like the people of earth. And these fallen rebellious forces of Lucifer sought to establish an increasing posterity. Sought to duplicate the purpose of the MOST HIGH GOD who determined he would have Celestial children, and he possessed those children who were spirit of spirit, begotten by the Eternal before this world was framed. Each of you in this congregation, before this Creation came into being....were begotten by the Eternal Spirit in the endless ages of yesterday. Your names were written down in the Lamb's Book of the family records before this world was framed. Thus you are the children of the MOST HIGH transferred to earth, the children of Adam after the flesh, and the Children of God after the Spirit..and now you are here, and it is important for you to know that. You did not come to appease the forces of Darkness. You did not make a league with death and with hell.

You came to earth to triumph, you came as a great Stream of Life, you came as a Life giving power, as a spiritual force. You came as a commanding invasion of earth by the sons and daughters of the MOST HIGH, and you came by the WILL of your Father. At the process of birth..the children of Spirit come to occupy. You are to throw down the ramparts of Darkness and Superstition and to bring LIGHT, KNOWLEDGE and TRUTH. You were to direct the world, to educate the world, you are not to intermingle, or be absorbed by the world, and you are not to abdicate your authority. You are not to permit the mongrelization of your race. These are basically important factors for you to understand.

Among the great symbols that were once known as the emblem of Lucifer in his power..was the symbol of the Serpent. As such it was at onetime the symbol of Wisdom, and did not necessarily recount to itself the patterns of evil which it became through the process of its rebellion. That is one of the reasons the title that was known even to the Ancient Asiatics with the first coming of the Luciferian forces. This you can verify by the Ancient Chinese records and traditions, as well as in Ancient India with its background. Those Ancient people looked upon their ruling gods out of the sky, and this Archangel served before the MOST HIGH, and they referred to him as the Illuminated Serpent, and the Dragon of the Heavens, and by these symbols was he known. Strangely these symbols also became the symbols of violence and forces of evil in the strange and contorted concepts of Luciferian power. He became also identified with the Viper and the Asp.

It is a rather strange and interesting thing but God in dealing with you warned you not to at anytime be joined to, or advised by one of these forces of Darkness. One of the strangest factors of modern civilization is that the Spiritual center of His Kingdom, the Church, and the great Nations of Christendom have sometimes been deceived and the forces of evil have actually penetrated those churches and they boast about it. For a more clear understanding of this go to the Library and get the book.. ‘Marranos’ Cecil Roth, and published by the American Jewish Publications society. It is a boasting commentary on how they have invaded the Christian Church since its earliest foundation in Rome, and sought to penetrate it, and after years gain some influence even as far north as Britain, and all over when the sign of Christianity was lifted. And that there were attempts to join the church for the purpose of condemning it and destroying it, and to transfer the image in the minds of the Christian people that the enemy is the...chosen people...of the MOST HIGH. Therefore they would be above criticism and not be identified with the strategies in which they were engaged. Strange as it may seem this is only one of hundreds of volumes which I have in my Library in which they preen themselves upon their capacity in carrying out this strategy upon the Christian people. In fact in almost every instance their warfare was not without knowledge of who they are and where they came from. There may be today by the pattern of thought some misunderstanding among some of this peculiar people through out the world, but the facts exist that among their leadership they know exactly who they are and their purposes, and their plans and they do not break from the purposes of these plans. I think it is most significant that the one important thing we should relate to tonight is the relationship to Biblical identity, and to the pattern which we have watched develop even in our own society at this time. And the relationship of the white Christian Nations to the world and the problems that they face within it. It would be a very foolish thing for us to think that we can over look these causes and that we can bypass them and not seek to eliminate them from the positions they hold in our society, and still continue to carry out the destiny for which we have been sent into the world. I want this to be clear tonight, there can never develop any good out of a working relationship between Christians and Jews. I want you to understand this..that Christians in a Christian society, as members of the white race whose nation was founded by Christians with vision and courage and predicated upon the Word of God, that we are not apologists for the Christian Faith. We do not have to do that, and at this moment we do not have to apologize for our ambition to see a white Christian society in America..and America a white Christian Nations. As someone said:..if this be bigotry then lets be bigots for God, because this is to our best interests. Within this hour in which we live there is a great propaganda warfare leveled against us, and it has penetrated the very structure of the church. The body of the Church officially is now the church of Laodicea. It is only given that title because of that description as God unveiled this situation to John in the Book of Revelation, as being great Cathedrals and multiple churches, but instead of them being the oracles of God in the face of this opposition they have been embracing the doctrines of the World Order, and MINGLING THE SPIRITUAL SALT WITH THE EARTH. The result...the salt loses its savor, and these people are not taking any determined position, they are neither thus 'HOT OR COLD', they are not pro-communist, but they will not take an Anti-Communist stand. They do not want to surrender to the authority of someone who will take over their organization, but they don't want to construct the resistance that God has ordained. We have said this before and we say it again, that they are like the present administration, they are trying to weave a course down the middle, and not really doing anything but just talk. Thus they are neither HOT NOR COLD.

This is one of the strange and significant things of our times, and you say:...How did this happen? Well, a large number of people have fallen from the great strength of their Faith. It is a temporary condition that we are passing through. The voice of opposition to Darkness and evil is being stilled, the majority of people have been under the influence of this circumstance, but remember...that the Seed..the spiritual content of the people of God's Kingdom are still the children of the Eternal. They are spirit of His Spirit, life of His Life, and He has the capacity and the calling those He has ordained, to quicken and call His flock and His Sheep, to get them to awaken out of their sleep, to get them to throw off their sluggishness, to cause them to understand from whence their trouble comes. That God will bring to pass deliverance of your society when your society wakes up, and we may well say:..Those who are trying to overthrow America would do well to leave before America wakes up for then it will be hard on them to leave.

For a moment I would pause as we talk about this...RIVER OF LIFE for it is well identified with those of you who are identified with the Father, and who have the spiritual capacity to recognize that Jesus is THE CHRIST. For unto those that believe..Jesus said:..'Out of their inner beings flows this LIVING WATER.' And the River of Living Water comes down out of the Throne, as the force of spiritual life and illumination. It comes from Celestial children with spiritual consciousness that comes through the subconscious, and comes through the vision and initiative of HIS Spirit, and is the soul consciousness of man which is the 'eye' which lives in his body...which directs the functions and operates the mechanics in its reasoning pattern of the brain, and directs the body to do the WILL of GOD. As the kingdom of God comes in and establishes itself with authority, it will be because the Children of God have been awakened to their inheritance, and as the Prophet Daniel said:...'The Saints of THE MOST HIGH will take the kingdom and possess the Kingdom for ever and ever.'

Now; we are not going to take the kingdom without resistance and you are not going to win the whole world by an Evangelistic appeal, and preaching to them that they better behave or something will happen to them when they die, because the enemy is not worrying about when they die, they plan to seize the earth while they and now, and let you resist them here. In fact the best thing that could happen to your enemies would be for them to die. Now; this may seem a strange thing, but the powers of darkness who oppose the Kingdom of God need an adjustment which they will not get in earth, until you have conquered evil, resisted Darkness, and established righteousness and enforced it over some who lack any other capacity to understand it.

Turn for one moment to the Book of Deuteronomy and we read these words as God calls to His Household. This is the declaration as Moses sees it:.. Chapter 32. 'The doctrine of the Eternal will drop like rain and it descends upon you just as the small rain does upon the tender herb, and as the showers upon the grass.' The Spiritual vision and knowledge moves out of the heavens and produces in the Children of God's Kingdom in those who can absorb it, the great spiritual development and the technological achievement, and the balanced understanding to the things of earth and what you receive by knowledge and vision and understanding...comes out of the very life of the Knowledge of God, and the capacity of the children of the MOST HIGH to receive it.

While this may seem like a repetition, there are always those who are not aware of these patterns, and the repetition will do you good. For when Jesus was talking to His disciples about the great wave of energy of His Holy Spirit which would descend upon the children of His Household, this is what Jesus said is:...'the spirit of truth' which is recorded in the 14th., chapter of John in the 17th., verse. 'Even the spirit of truth whom the world cannot receive because it seeth Him not, neither knoweth Him; but ye know Him for He dwelleth with you, and shall be in you.' Then He warns His people that this is the spirit which the world cannot receive. You then are not a world order as to origin, you are a heavenly order in a physical world. You are here to do a Divine task, and to fulfill the responsibilities that God gave you to do when He placed you in earth. As such you are His spiritual children to produce this spiritual transition. Everything God made was good, everything not good in the world today is because it has been polluted by the forces of Darkness, or because they have brainwashed the processes of men's thinking and thus out of the processes of that type of thinking comes the error of their ways. Men do not do wrong until they wrong, and when they think right and understand the benefits which comes from thinking and doing right things then they move in that path.

But you are a race with the capacity of receiving Spiritual vision, and understanding, and there was no technology until you came along, there was no understanding of the vastness of all the ranges of truth which have been developed inside of your fields of knowledge until the expanse of your programs of education moved from horizon to horizon in any subject which you wish to move. But that has not altered nor stopped the determination also going on over the past few years concerning your racial self respect and the fulfillment of Divine patterns of law and order. Within your race and to mongrelize your society so that you will not be able to receive the vision and inspiration which moves out from God's Spirit unto earth. Therefore God says He sends forth this vision and wisdom and doctrine like produce this result. He says:..'I will publish the name of YAHWEH'. Deuteronomy 32:3. And this name is the Oldest Eternal Name for the MOST HIGH.

Verse 4., 'HE is the ROCK, His work is perfect; for all His ways are judgments; a God of truth, and without iniquity, just and right is he.'

Now; a very interesting discovery will be made if you go back to the King James an original text such as the Old Alexandrian text, and even some of the other texts that we have today:..In the Book of Deuteronomy there was a regrouping of the verse found here, but it does not change the theme of what is found here. The Jews got their hands on the Masoratic text, and their Rabbi's in authority tried to change and to twist, and obscure certain truths, also thought to change the date lines of the chronology of your race, and openly admitted in their writings by their Rabbi that they did this to destroy the identity of the prophecies of The Messiah.

Now; while talking of a strange people, Moses under inspiration says:.. Verse 5...'They (these strange people) have corrupted themselves, and their spot or identification mark and facial countenance is not the mark of His children, rather they are a perverse and crooked people, a progeny of evil in the earth.'

Now; people will say:...but Dr. Swift this is a hate message. No, it is not, it is an identifying factor, and if you will go into the Zoo you will point out to your children...lions, tigers, and all kinds of animals, but you do not tell them that they are to play with them, not now or in the future. You may point out all kinds of animals and conditions, but there is one thing God pointed out to His Kingdom and that may have ignorant people in the earth, races which have been brought under superstition and ignorance because of this Luciferian fall, and then they become captive to error, and a cunning system of superstition by a most Priesthood. Today you see how this Priesthood has brought them all this error as you see in China ..the background of idolatry and paganism. If you turn to Africa you find that these Africans who were brought into earth by the rebellious Luciferian forces..which can be established by the facts found in the Britain Museum which tells of these dark and curly headed ones as they came to earth. And by the history of Anthropology today which has established with absolute clarity the oldest tracings of Negro in the earth. The oldest tracing of the Negroid people is about 73 to 74 thousand years ago, and in the caves of Kilmanjaro we find some of the oldest records of the Negroid. We can go back further than that and find that we had Asiatics on the earth one and three quarters of a million or more years ago.

Now; when we deal with the white man we have a history which goes back approximately 7,400 years, and we have the history of the white man then in this Bible. And this Book of the Bible moves with the commencement of this white race. It is very foolish to think that there was no writing before the white man came, because we have those Ancient records in the British Museum which go back thousands of years before the white man. Do not let anyone tell you that all history and knowledge and development came with the later history and knowledge of Mesopotamia, because 14,000 years ago there were Chinese buried in China's 'Dragon Bone Hill' that had not only a type of writing but they had instruments and ceramics and many other factors. Don't let someone talk to you about the age of the earth based upon a superstitious misunderstanding of the Scripture, for this Book is based upon your race and we are still here and will be here through the ages to come, so don't believe anyone who says we are going to be destroyed or blown up because we are not going to leave this earth before our Father decrees it.

Now; God tells us about a progeny of people and the word for generations is progeny, or offspring. They are a people on earth who we are told are identified by their facial countenances, and their Mark as to identify them, for they are a 'crooked and perverse generation'. But when God says: ..Don't be foolish, for has not the offspring of the Eternal God begotten thee, and have not thy fathers...these Patriarchs been also the descendants of the MOST HIGH? So if you want to know of them then inquire of your race, do not go to the Jews to inquire. Oh! you say how far does this go back? Well, my friends, there were Hittites who carried the strain of this powerful and strange force thousands of years before the Adamic Man. Remember the days of old is the declaration..and God says: 'Remember the days of old and consider the years of the many generations, and then ask your fathers and they will ask their elders, and the elders will tell you all of this.'

Now; I want you to know that the Eternal because He has the power and because He willed His Kingdom has already purposed as He separated the nations...their inheritance, and when He separated the sons of Adam He set the bounds of the people according to the number of the children of Israel. And He numbered these children of Israel who are to rule with Him, and he set the bounds as to where they shall live. Then He said:..'The LORD'S portion is His people; Jacob is the lot of His inheritance.'

The Almighty was not trying to identify as His people the enemies of your society today who still do the work of Lucifer..their father, and are the masters of superstition and Darkness from one end of the world to the other. We are told that not only did God beareth you on Eagles Wings, which is symbolic of guidance and protection, but He says He did lead you and there were no strange gods found among you.

Verse 13.....'He made you (Israel) to ride on the high places of the earth, that you might eat of the increase of the fields; and he made you to suck the honey out of the rock, and the oil out of the flinty rock.' These are just prophecies of your greatness and the technologies that God would bestow upon you. Of the great vast increase of agriculture capacities and the knowledge and technology which would be used to pull the oil and the fuel from deep down in the earth, to serve you. This was supplying you with the technology and the capacity befitting the sons and daughters who were to occupy earth with an understanding of your Father's Creation.

I think it is quite obvious today that with your coming to earth you were masters of Agriculture, facts which God unveiled to you through the Spirit. You were the first people to cultivate gardens and to tend such expanded as the white people moved out over the earth. Up to that time the people were hunters and picked things as they found them, but you the Adamic race were builders and cultivators and civilizers, and you came to earth to build a kingdom. It was left up to your race to ever bring the oil out of the earth, you are the race of people who can produce much more food than is necessary for your race. When we recognize this we then realize that we have a group of funny minded men in the leadership of our country who do not know what our responsibilities are. Instead they put the world on a dole and expect America to provide the taxes, the food and the leadership for the world, but they don't want Americans to be in the leadership position as she does all this. So these strange people came over here and they tell you that America does not need to take anyone's advise who does not measure up to Americas attainment, but what we do need is leadership enough, with intelligence enough to be Americans first.

I turn now as God describes the fact that while God has lifted you up and blessed you with all things He promised to bless you with, that He also says:..back there in the days of Moses that there was also this strange and evil people who moved among your society and who sought to penetrate your race, to try to get you to worship strange gods and commit abominations. They sacrifice to devils and not to the Eternal YAHWEH, although they profess to serve the God of the Universe. They sacrifice to new gods that came up newly, whom the Fathers did not serve or believe in.

Verse 18:..'Of the Eternal God that begat thee, they would make thee unmindful, and seek to make you forget the Eternal YAHWEH who formed you.' Verse 19:..And God saw this and he abhorred them, because they caused his sons and daughters to error. See how God is not ashamed to say you are His sons and daughters, not at any time has He been ashamed to say that you are His sons and daughters. But He is pointing out to you the great physiological warfare which is trying to take over this Kingdom of God by seeking to destroy the great fundamentals of your Faith, by getting you to embrace people of other races, religions, and philosophies, and roll them into one great destructive oneness, thinking they might eventually take over the kingdom.

Now; we would point out to you that God speaks to this situation and He says that He not only abhorred for it turns His people into vanities and into errors. But God talks about the judgment that shall come to them and He says:...They do not understand the ROCK that begat you...for their vine is the vine of Sodom and the fields of Gomorrah, their clusters are of gall and are bitter. So what do they offer the world? They offer this wine.... the poison of the Dragon, and the cruel venom of the asp.

In otherwords they would benumb the consciousness of men with the deadly poisons, they would serve them and numbing them then would seek to destroy them. Against this would be the Great Stream of Life that emerges out from the throne of god and moves through the spiritual intellect of His children to give unto the world..Liberty from Darkness, and from fear, and superstition. To point unto the Light of Life, to quicken within His children the Light of Life until it rises like a mighty flame and illuminates the earth. But at the same time God directs His Kingdom not to submit to these evils, that you must throw them off. Thus God said:..'Their vine is the vine of Sodom and their fields are of Gomorrah.'

You have heard of the great evils of Sodom and Gomorrah but very few people understand this. They think of everything evil and rotten, and they impute this to Sodom and Gomorrah, but I think if you would get a lexicon and go back and look at the Ancient commentaries as to what was the factors of these cities of Sodom and could also go to the Book of Jude which is only one chapter long, but there also you would find that the great evil of Sodom and Gomorrah was that it was here also that Angelic Hosts did not keep their first estate, and fell with Lucifer when they went after 'strange flesh' of the sons and daughters of Adam if they could get them, but especially the children of the earth who were easier to obtain since they did not have the spiritual life, and they built a society of mongrelized..mixed, mixed races of people..mixed with heavenly hosts and earth species..the results was Sodom and Gomorrah..utter depravity, utter strangeness of character..utter obscenity and evil. This is one of the reasons why Sodom and Gomorrah were considered the most evil spot on the face of the earth, and why God warned Lot to get out of it. Lot was a man of the white race who went into those cities to dwell because of the business he thought he could do, and because he dreamed of great wealth he would attain, without realizing what he was getting into. So Lot was told to leave Sodom and Gomorrah because there came a time when God would permit the lightening to fall. Here at Sodom and Gomorrah lightening fell and set fires to the oil reservoirs around that spot and this helped to bring about the end of those wicked cities, as they were consumed by a vast flame of burning oil.

I never worry when I see Babylon burn, or when I see the rats nest burned out because the earth is a better place, far better off after one of these fires. But in this instance Sodom and Gomorrah were one of the most vicious and evil spots on the face of the earth. The thing that marked it was that this became a gathering spot of mongrelized offspring of Lucifer, and they thought to subordinate the world by holding out the exciting temptations of the obscene evil and utter corruption of their own society. We have a great many of them now settled in southern California. They have had a tremendous influence on the motion picture industry. They have used this Industry to try to demoralize this society. They live like depraved animals, they are the 'Spots' in your charity, they are always out there to collect money for Cancer, and how much they contribute is always questionable, but the thing they project is that they are always out there to do good work...when the thing they are trying to do is to destroy your civilization and your race not question this for one minute...and they also make you pay for it as you do it.

It is a rather significant thing that God marks the fact that what they offer the world is..THE WINE OF POISON. They move out on the masses whom they have captured in the HAVE NOT nations of the world today, and with the political philosophies spawned from the evil of their background..dropped like the poison of the Asp from the pen of Karl Marx..financed and backed by the INTERNATIONAL KING MAKERS OF EVIL. They financed the Russian Revolution, and liquidated the people, then made war on the Church, and set up a barrier for the extermination of Spiritual Power behind the Iron Curtain of that day, from Korenski to Lenin. When they reached the climax of their consolidation of the areas of Russia through the Steppes they then started on their great plan that had laid dormant since the days of Genghis Khan. In those days they sought to get those Asiatic hoards completely folded into the plans of the International Jewry Organization in Vienna, and with the Chinese Jew..Chepe Noyon to guide Genghis Khan the plan was to exterminate Christianity, and civilization by the complete assimilation and surrender to a tyrant who would rule over them completely, or destroy them completely. If you were to go back into history and read the books of Harold Lamb and others you would understand how they planned to do this. They seek to reduce your resistance by the poison of their vine and of their evil, ready as it passes through the minds of your youth and of those they can BUY in high places. Their plans are suddenly to come against you in a moment of disarmament and indecision. In a moment of appeasement, or in a moment when they have broken the spirit of your people to resist. When you are looking for peace and there is no peace then they plan to strike.

Prophecies have told you that the end of this trouble would not come by peaceful transition, but for the survival of your race, God would spiritually awaken your society, quicken you to respond and create a strong right wing which would not go to Sodom and Gomorrah on the left, that the victory in the nations of God's Kingdom would be overthrow of the evil, and the reassertion of our Faith, in our nation, and in racial self respect and Christian principals. That is inevitable, but of course the Scriptures told you of the course and trend that this evil spawn of vipers would try to carry out.

Strange as it may seem their influences have sought to counteract the great Christian center of the Christian nations..the church..which carries the WATER OF LIFE. Strange as it may seem they have sought to destroy the hospitals which were carried into the jungles and the schools of instructions to the uninformed and ignorant..destroy those who would level their forests and plant their fields and teach them all at a great expense. In fact you have lived today when in a short period of time..the VENOM OF THE ASP has upset and disturbed the structures of the world concept in capturing the world order, and has sought to impose a super world government, a program designed by the enemy to destroy the leadership of Christian Civilization in Africa, in Asia, and in the ends of the earth as well as here where you live.

Now; let us turn to the words of Jesus so that you will not think that I am applying this serpent identity of the ASP and these VIPERS of evil to the wrong people. Or maybe even some of the stupefying impact of the propaganda which has been levied in warfare for 1700+ years upon the church....never completes but always in someway stupefies and might in some ways be effecting the consciousness of some listeners, because if you oppose the VIPER and the SERPENT they will call you Anti-Semitic. They will say that you are prejudiced and they will go as far as to say that anything that opposes it must be in league with you. Let me tell you is not important what the world order thinks of you, what is important is for you to think RIGHT and for you to think as god has ordained, and declared, and as He has revealed. It is more important that you be RIGHT, that you be for the white race, and the carrying forward of your responsibilities, than for you to be popular in the World Order which is trying to destroy it. Because the World Order is going down and you are coming up, then you will be the head and not the tail in the world.

Let us turn to the Book of the ministry of The Christ:..The Christ knew all about the political conditions of Palestine, he knew all about the Roman Empire and its destiny before the World was framed. He knew that Rome ruled over many provinces including this troublesome province of Palestine. As Jesus looked out on this troubled land he knew that Palestine belonged to Him by rights. He knew the Universe belonged to Him because He was the Very God. But He chose to come into earth..the Second the Apostle Paul said because this was the incarnation of Divine Life and Spirit of God in a physical body wherein..the fullness of GOD dwelt bodily. The Apostle Paul said:..that Jesus was the Second Adam and He imputes as well as does the prophecies and revelations of Enoch that Adam was the offspring of God, to be the vessel of the Spiritual Household whose seed He was to carry, and whose progeny you are. He the Eternal had the fullness of the Spirit of God dwelling in him, and you can read of this in the Book of Colossians....'For all things were made by him that were made.'

He knew all about this situation as He walked this earth, and He knew He came forth from your line, and that this was the Royal Household in the earth, out of which the Administrative King Line and Priestly Administration joined. He knew that Jerusalem was the inheritance of His family, but He also knew that in Jerusalem there were a strange group of people who dominated its Temple and its theocratic government. You see the internal government of the Judah Kingdom was supposedly a Theocratic government based upon the Laws of God, ruled over by a King when that Kingdom was in power. In that Kingdom power, the Priesthood ruled as well buy their only interest was to serve God. Jesus knew that in His time that every High Priest in that Temple of Jerusalem was a Hittite, a Cainanite, an Edomite, all Kikes every one of them.

You say, but that is a slang word...but the word Kike means that they were accursed, supplanters. The word Jew comes from Yehudin meaning accursed. God Himself accursed them for what they were, and now you will say:.. is there no more Grace in God than that? The Grace of God to you, to His race, and to His people is to eliminate this evil which holds power over you, and starts civilization moving by the suppression of this power of Darkness. The day is coming when there won't be a Jew in any Christian nation, and especially in these United States. Thus saith the LORD and we do not have to recant on this because they are a group of Vipers and God knew it. In fact a group of false Pharisees called Shamar Pharisee who did not come out of the House of Israel, they did not believe in the Resurrection and they were Asiatic in their philosophies, and they were reincarnationist and Sadducees, but they called themselves Pharisees in order to gain a vote in the Sanhedrin to upset its balance. Thus the Sanhedrin was no longer Theocratic and was no longer in the hands of the children of God when Jesus walked in that land. The true Priests and Ministers of Israel were living out in the hills and caves, as Essenes where they were preserving the records and the truths, while the Temple was perverting it. There were outside gathering places for some of the Children of Israel in places such as Capernaum and other cities where some of the true Priesthood still lived under Divine guidance and vision. But the powers of Darkness of this strange people ruled over their institutions.

There was no battle between Jesus and Rome because Jesus told Pilate.....You have no power over me...but I have power over you. The fact remains that Rome acted more like a Republic altho an Imperial one, for it let them operate their own Priesthood, as long as they did not interfere with the civil affairs of Rome.

Rome had to maintain in this Palestine area a whole garrison of troops because they never knew what was coming next in this particular area. However in the days of Jesus, there were only two of the original tribes of the twelve tribes of Israel still living in Palestine, one was the House of Judah and one was the House of Benjamin. This House of Benjamin was left unto Judah when God, for the development of His purposes, and what He had in mind did rent away from the son of Solomon the ten tribes of the House of Israel. These ten tribes in their leadership after their passage out of Assyrian captivity produced and laid the foundation for the great mass of white Western Civilization in Western Europe from the tip of Italy clear up through the Scandinavian countries. That is where the white men came from, that is who he is and even parts of those tribes were already in Europe and in the Isles as these others came in their migrations. So these left in Old Judea were not Jews so don't try to make them of that perverse generation (race).

Here in Palestine then were Amalakites, Cainanites, Cainites, Hittites, Edomites, and Babylonians who had moved out of Pergamos by a decree by Caesar after the payment of much gold and the King of the Jews and a Priest hood of Darkness now ruled over Palestine. They sought to maintain control over the historical Theocracy by their false seizure of the Sanhedrin, and Jesus found that wherever He moved in that country, these rascals were there. They were accusing Him and trying to destroy Him because of His good work. With all the creative work, He healed the sick, He opened the eyes of the blind, He stilled the wind and the waves, and He raised the dead. He spoke to men with the calmness of Spiritual Power like the life of the WATER OF LIFE, that came out of Him, as its author. And people thronged to listen and to see. If a tax collector stopped His work to climb a tree and see Him, then think of this. If you can get a tax collector to stop his work and be interested in the voice of a man so much that he will climb a tree to see Him, then there is Spiritual Power here.

This my friends:...was The Christ who knew the intent of men's hearts. And the Jews flocked around Him in Jerusalem hoping to find some way to destroy Him, some way to trap Him, and this is what Jesus said to them in the third Chapter of Matthew even in the hour when He went down to John the Baptist in order to set the pattern of identity, and for the repudiation of transgression. When Jesus came to the waters of Baptism these false Pharisees and Sadducees were gathered around, and Jesus said...thru John the Baptist..'Ye progeny of vipers, who hath warned you to flee from the wrath to come?' In otherwords, what are you doing here?

Now; you say but wasn't that being unkind? Wasn't that anti-Semitic? Do you know that Jewish literature of today says that John the Baptist and Jesus The Christ were the two most anti-Semitic people who ever lived? But they were against John the Baptist as well and I think it most important that I take my stand with The Christ. And if you are going to be a Christian in policy, altho you are the Children of God in origin..there is no argument about this..but if you are to be a Christian in policy and then one of these days you are going to think the thoughts of God you are going to think the truth as God knows it, then it won't matter whether your enemies like it or not.

The only reason why your enemies don't want you to know the truth is because they want to keep pulling the wool over your eyes. They want to keep on with cunning to keep reducing your society to slavery, and make you the technological producers for their society.

Now; someone says:...its to late to stop are still 140 Million Christians in America and when we wake up there is only 40 million pagans in America so we can deport every last one of them, and before we are through that is what will happen.

Now; some will say...but I don't think that is fair, it is not democratic. Well, the Scripture tells me that no one is to live in your cities but your race. No one is to live in your apartments but your race. And no one is to have authority over you and none of the Cainites, Hittites, and other 'ites' is to enter into your treasury or to rule over you...and that means that every Jew and every Negro in America has to go.

I turn now to the 12th., Chapter of Matthew, because Jesus knew who the Vipers and Serpents were. He did not think of them as a snake as some people still think that Eve talked to a snake..there are all kinds of snakes but you never saw one that seduced a woman, but Lucifer filled with the cunning and beauty and guile..the master of the earth, sought the destruction of your race by absorption, in the hour when it was first placed here. The MOST HIGH GOD is not going to let this thing be climaxed so He accepted the 7th., generation of Eve's womb and now Adam was to say:..'I have now begotten a man in my own image'. Thus you are the children of Adam through Seth, and you are a spiritual seed and of the Household of the MOST HIGH, the children of this TREE OF LIFE. But here Jesus identified the Jews so that you would know them and He said:..You say that I cast out devils by the power of Beelzebub the Prince of Devils...but I tell you that you Jews are a generation..a people of Vipers, you are the progeny of evil and every time you try to say something that looks good, still it is the cunning behind you that seeks to do evil. This is what He said to these people who controlled this nation and the Temple in Jerusalem.

Now; turn to the 23rd., Chapter of Matthew and to this identification of the Jews by Jesus the Christ:..'Thou false, blind pharisees, you hypocrites ,you would apparently assume with all your religious and work for good, but I know that you are the workers of extortion and excess, and you are the masters of Usuary.

Now read the 27th., through the 30th., verses..and you will hear the Jews say:..'If we had lived in the days of our fathers we would not have done these things'. But Jesus replied:..You have just born witness that ye are the prophet killers, so if you are the prophet killers then ye are the generations (races) of the Viper, so how can you escape the destruction that you yourself have constructed?'

Now; Rome liked to translate this as the damnation of hell and the King James Version carried it on but the translation of Sheol is..'How can you escape the destruction of the grave when your evil deed catch up with you?'

In the third Chapter of Luke we find a disciple who was a physician, and we know he was a physician because he was called a beloved physician. This was a man who was highly esteemed in his community and he followed Jesus because of the command and the demand that the very soul of God made when he was with him. Luke was a man of integrity, and Matthew was a tax collector at the seat of the customs for all Palestine, for Rome. But Luke here is to tell us what John said speaking for Jesus to these same people:..'O ye generation of Vipers, who warned you to flee from the wrath to come?'

Thus Luke agreed with the same story told in Matthew, so lets see what the beloved disciple John, who followed every word that Jesus spoke, lest see what he had to say in this hour Jesus made this declaration as He spoke to the Jews. 'You cannot understand my words because you have no spiritual wave length at the seat of your consciousness to understand my words. And the reason of this is because of who you are.' Thus Jesus said You cannot understand my cannot do good, because 'Ye are or your father the devil'. Jesus was just stating facts, not calling them names. Three witnesses tell us that He said:..'Ye are of the Viper, the progeny of the Serpent. You are a crooked generation of people who have caused my people to error. You have the identification on your face and on your ears.' That is what the Bible says, and although they can get their noses clipped and even lower their ears, still deep down there is a spiritual rebellion in you...of this family of God when you associate with them, and you must force yourselves to take the propaganda of today that tries to tell you that they are your equal, when they are not. Jesus then said:...'Ye are of your father the devil and the work of your father ye will do.'

Now; my attorney has had some experience with them as he tried to defend them and he says they always louse it up because they can't tell the truth even when it is to their advantage. When Jesus made His declaration of His existence He said:..'Before Abraham was..I AM.' Then the Jews standing around Him took up stones to kill Him, but Jesus passed out from among them, and they couldn't find Him ..could not see Him because of His Spiritual Power.

This is the progeny of the Anti-Christ, they are the Beast Power who have given world communism its power, and have designed all the cords for tying your hands with the Beast System (world order). They have designed the program by which they expect to tax all the people of the world, and make you carry a tax card to prove that you have paid this World Tax to the world order, before you can buy or sell...a car or a home, or what ever. And the design is to make this United Nations a World Order which supersedes your government.

If you today are a wide awake person in a Christian Nation and you believe in a Majority Administration and Representation, and in a society in which the will of the Majority is carried out in coordination of your constitution by your elected representatives, then why do you stand for this idea that the Civil Liberties of the Majority must be suppressed to appease the minorities whom you support in most instance????? Did you ever think that here in America some of the seed of the Viper could move into your country and brainwash your society and buy some of your politicians until the day would come when they could pass laws, and by pass all constitutional rights until even in your own homes or apartment houses you cannot rent to whom you choose? You cannot even run your own business unless you take into that business even those who hate you and hate your God.

Now; Your God told you not to take these into your lives, or even into your factories or He will curse this togetherness and it will not work. God declares that when anything which is out of spiritual adjustment or which threatens the kingdom and repudiates Him, then put its hand on your fields and homes and God curses it. I want you to remember that the House of Rothchild would have branded George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin the most terrible men on the face of history if they had lost the Revolution, but because these men prayed and caught the vision then this great nation of the OUT-STRETCHED WINGS OF THE EAGLE was born. So don't evaluate men by the temporary rise and fall, and don't look at the Cadillac as a measure of success. For there are lots of people who swoon before what seems to them as success. You better be right with God and right with HIS Kingdom than to have temporary power which is soon to be swept away.

The generation of the Viper and the Serpent has bitten the body politic, and even as it was in the days of Moses as he lifted up the symbol of the Serpent in the are going to have to look back to THE FATHERS who begat you, and to the Destiny that God has ordained.

You are going to have to look back to Calvary even as God was lifted up, even under the impact of this same enemy. Conquering it with HIS RESURRECTION to be recharged with life, politically and socially. For America's Destiny is totally Christian. And one of the most important things for you as a Nation to do is have an awakening and get out of the United Nations, this International spawn of the Viper. For in the United Nations your work is the work of the Viper instead of THE WATER OF LIFE.

So lets get on with this Armageddon we are to fight, lets bring forth this WATER OF LIFE THAT IS AMERICAS DESTINY...and the Destiny of all God's Kingdom people. We wait and we pray for the climax of the Book of Revelation and the deliverance of the kingdom of God, under the rule of King Christ. As we wait, America's greatest danger is from the inside while we know that you are THE CHILDREN OF GOD, and know who the children of Lucifer really are. This is the most important thing that you can know at this time. (End of this Message)