Voice Of The False Prophet, 7-10-66


By Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 7-10-66

In this subject we call attention to the development of the fulfillment in the scriptures, in the patterns of prophecy, when the disciples ask Jesus concerning the signs of the Latter Days. They ask what would be the sign of His coming? One of the things which Christ brought out was that false prophets would arise. Now; there has been false prophets at all times battling God's Kingdom since its beginning. But they were at this time to move out in a definite area of activity at the end of the age. These false prophets would be well identified and the scriptures tell us how they may be identified when they show up....1 John 4:....

"Beloved try the spirits when they come along as to whether they be of God or are false prophets who have gone out into the world. Here by know ye the Spirit of God, every Spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh...IS OF GOD. Every spirit that confesses NOT that Jesus the Christ has come in the flesh is not of God,...BUT IS OF ANTI-CHRIST, whereas ye have heard that is to come, and even now is already in the world. Ye are God's little children, and have overcome them, because greater is HE that is in you than he that is in the world."

Here we have a last declaration concerning the standards of false prophets. We have of course the programs thru which false prophets emerge, for false prophets want to gainsay the program off God's Kingdom, and thus by doing the most important areas of denunciation...that of the embodiment of God. So they carry on their peculiar and strange processes.

In the program of the Most High God, and in the content of the scriptures, God ordained that His household would come into the earth and grow and spread, and develop into a great nation and a company of nations. The program of God called for His spiritual children to be embodied in physical bodies. The program of God called for the extension of His Kingdom and as it grew it would oppose the areas of darkness, and it would gather the people of the world from one end of the world to the other, and make everyone acknowledge HIM. Not only would they acknowledge Him but all the false doctrines of Lucifer and his hosts, all the priesthood and areas of apostasy would be exposed by the Kingdom. Now; the Kingdom of God is militant. The Kingdom of God is governmental, the Kingdom of God is tangible and real, and by this very purpose God Almighty said:...He had called forth His sons and daughters. He had confirmed the covenants He had made with them thru Adam, Seth, Enoch, Shem, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. And God said these covenants were not dependent on anything but...HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS. They were His Kingdom transplanted from heaven to earth. This my friends is the program of the Kingdom of God, the knowledge of scriptures. In the areas of the operation of the Kingdom, God bestowed His laws upon His people. He gave them the standards and patterns of Administration, the areas of Government. In the giving of the Law with the Glory of God shining around Mount Sinai and the Hosts of Heaven around Him, Moses took the law back to the children of Israel and they said:.."All thou hast given us to do, we will do."

So;...God established His Kingdom and under this policy we have the structure of God's Kingdom advocated in the Bible. This kingdom is not only a covenant with a great nation and a company of nations as He had brought them forth, but today we can say that the Anglo-Saxon, Nordic, Scandinavian, Basque, Lombard, Germanic, and kindred people are Israel. They are the Family of the Living God. In the course of time and history that we have the record, those patterns of events stand out, for we have been a continuing people in the service and worship of God, and thru this course the Almighty God covenanted to do great and mighty things. He had promised us before the foundation of the world that He would appear at the proper time and place, born of a Virgin, and would be embodied in a human body. He would be the LIVING CHRIST. Now;..we know that the word Christ is a great word...Christo...it meant the embodiment or the incarnation. So when we say YAHSHUA or Jesus the Christ, we mean the embodiment of YAHWEH-God as YAHSHUA. We mean that the fullness of God would rest bodily on the embodiment of Christ Jesus, that it would possess all powers of God...because this was God, and would be declared as God. So that is what we mean when we say...JESUS THE CHRIST. There are numbers of people today who are of Israel and the Kingdom of God, and they acknowledge that Jesus the Christ came in the flesh. They acknowledge that with the coming of Jesus the Christ came in the flesh. They acknowledge that with the coming of Jesus the Christ that God was fulfilling the atonement covenant, that He made with Israel.

Then;...today you will find many people who will tell you that Jesus the Christ was not God, and you find that these people have made their way into the structure of the church proper, and there are many of these today who stand behind pulpits of Christian churches who say:...Oh, yes we believe that Jesus was born, and that He died, but we do not believe that He was God. So when they say this then they do not believe in Jesus...THE CHRIST. For when you say that you believe in Jesus the Christ you are believing that the embodiment of Christ was the fullness of God, that this was all of God, and "Ye who have beheld the man Christ Jesus have also beheld the father." John 14:9.

By this area of declaration we can see that God who had unveiled Himself to His people and who called His sons and daughters by name, and let them out, and who gave them eternal life so they would never perish, continued in His ministry and in the functions of His early manifestations, to fulfill all of the manifested signs that were essential unto God. He was not only sufficient for you and for me, and altho we have lived hundreds of years after Christ, we are as active in our persuasion that Jesus the Christ was the fullness of God, as those during the period of time after His ministry. HE WAS AND IS THE FULFILLMENT OF OUR GOD.

Now; the declaration of the false prophet is a familiar one, for the area of false prophet wished to continue the areas of Lucifer's Kingdom. He must spread a false doctrine across the world, and he must seek to hold the people who have been won into the apostasies of the ancient past, and the areas of error they now have. This is easy to do in the areas of Africa under Voodooism, and the Witch doctor's, and under Hinduism, and areas where the people worship Lucifer and the sub-angels who also fell with him such as Luki and Voodoos, and others. So as prophets continue to hold sway over these people and they continue to assure these people that all will come out alright, and thus they have done for thousands of years.

But; now at the end of this age the false prophet with cunning has moved into the Christian church, and he begins to urge you to assemble and to join yourselves with the pagans. He begins to tell you about the father of God and the brotherhood of all men. Then he says what a wonderful thing to think of...all men as brothers, with peace on earth, and with nothing for people to war about, for war comes as opposition to principals and ideas that emerges among people. So thus we have the emerging of the false prophet as he talks about the brotherhood of man, and he extends his false doctrine deep into the church.

Many of the ministers of the church of Israel today talk about Jesus the Christ, but when pinned down they say:...'He was one of the greatest men who ever lived and we named the church after him, because he was one of the greatest teachers.' But then you really pin them down and ask if they believe in Jesus the Christ then they reply:..'Of course not, that is a superstition and we are no longer associated with these ancient superstition's of the past. Christ was just like any other man and Mary was his mother, and probably Joseph was his father, and Christ was leading a very active pattern of revolution in his time. But he actually gave his life for what he believed in...and of course he died.' And they do not believe in His resurrection. I will tell you where to find the avenue of this invasion of false prophets, it is in the National Council of Churches in these United States, and the World Council of Churches as they have filled their pulpit's with a great many of these men. In fact they not only go out to deny God's deity, but they point out that under the areas of the resurrection that this is a wonderful tradition and they will sing Christmas and Easter Hymn's and talk wonderful tradition and about the Virgin birth and other areas of His crucifixion, but these are just the traditions they run thru in the panorama of our religion. For they will then admit that they do not believe in His deity or the power of His resurrection. And then they come up with the idea that we are all here, having evolved out of many facets of life, but the ultimate goal is a unity of all the world, and this is what they are working for. They talk about the great society, and how they will bring all men together and all religions will come together for all men are brothers. They advocate the policies of interaction and all areas of promiscuous behavior between young people, married or unmarried. They believe in breaking every pattern of Divine Law. Then they have sort of a well explained excuse...for example:..The National Council of Churches came out for the contraceptive pill and they explained that by saying 'we need to stop the population growth.' Then they say that there are social problems that come young love, so these pills will do away with this social problem, and then with the pills it will no longer be a problem of morality or immorality, but just a problem of practice. And the church, they advocate the policy of peace and love should be more interested in stretching out the patterns of peace and love than in morality, which we are outgrowing anyway.

That is the policy of the National Council of Churches, and morality is cast aside. Then the National Council of Churches and the World Council of Churches on integration is astounding, for they cite that there will no longer be wars and trouble as men integrate and flow together into one idea and thought. And as long as men worship, then it doesn't really matter what they worship, just as long as they take time to worship. For God is one and the same to all men, but sometimes He is something different to some men, so it doesn't matter what we worship, just so we love one another. Thus:...the true religion of the National and World Council of Churches is that we love one another and nothing else matters. But my friends, that is the honeyed message of the false prophet. The false prophet is coming out with an idea that is hard to oppose this idea that we love each other instead of fighting. TOTAL EQUALITY....TOTAL BROTHERHOOD. We the children of the Kingdom find that we have a hard time arguing against the false prophet in this day and time, for here he speaks in the churches and over the radio and television, and he advocates the plans and carries out his expanded program toward the total integration and socialization of the world, and he has world wide coverage for his plan.

Now the United Nations is the program of Lucifer, and totally against to Word of God. For the word of God says we are to be separate and we are not to join ourselves to pagan nations, or nations of other races. Under this plan the U.N. is the program of Lucifer and it does not recognize the sovereignty of God, and the U.N. is thus the extended program of Lucifer to take over the world. So we have the whole pattern of falseness as they try to sell us the plan of peace by compromise....in this manner. When the false prophet wants to advocate the fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man, they want to mix all people together, and they have been doing this for ages. After all, Lucifer's false prophets are his sons and daughters, and they have carried out this program the furthermost. The Jew's of Christ's time were false prophets as well, so also were their priests and their leaders. When Jesus spoke and said:..'Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free', the Jewish leaders were as much against that truth that Christ spoke as always. Therefore the leaders of the Jew's said:...'We have one father, even God.' But Jesus said:..'I am out of God, I am the fullness of God, and ye are out of your father the devil.' By this then Jesus totally repudiated the brotherhood of man, for they did not have the same father. There was no way to switch that relationship of fathers. Jesus said:..' I am from above, and ye are from beneath,' then Christ produced the evidence of this as He said:..' No man can ascend into heaven unless he came down from there.'

The false prophet tells us that we must not accept the inspirations of the scriptures. The masters of the National Council of Churches and the World Council of Churches tells us that Anti-Semitism is directly due to the content of the scriptures. Because many people do not know that great areas of the scriptures are in total error, they say that John wrote the most anti-Semitic Book in the Bible, and they have to concur with Jewish students that Anti-Semitism started with John, because John was prejudiced and against the Jews because the Jews did not agree with Jesus. The Jewish students feel that Christ said so many things against them, even after he profaned their laws, and broke their doctrines. Then John repeated all those things that Jesus said, and therefore Anti-Semitism really started with John.

Well that is a good reason, because, if Jesus told John and John quoted Jesus then that is right. Here is something else you hear out of the false prophets, and as far as the attitude of the church is concerned they feel that there are many things that Jesus did not understand. You see, they feel that Jesus lived before our modern day of research, and all of our modern areas of advice. He did not understand the program of world government even of His time, for the Empire of Rome reached out to control and He didn't stop that. But if He had lived in our time He might change His mind.

I want to tell you...that Jesus is the Sovereign God who created the heavens and the earth, and all upon it, and that there was nothing that Jesus the Christ did not know. When you have people denying the Deity of Christ then they can deny Him any of these points which are sovereign to His purposes by denying His sovereignty. I see in their material that is sent out that they are always finding fault with Christ, or criticizing Christ, but they cannot downgrade Christ more than to say that.....THIS VERY YAHWEH HIMSELF...was just a good man. As they speak out in this manner and against Christ and His word then they are overlooking the structure of the scriptures, and many young students have moved into the seminaries to be taught by teachers from eastern Europe or other parts of the world, and these teachers have no place in Christian Seminaries. I do not believe that any one should teach in the Seminaries but Christians. So the function of the false prophet rolls on. But basically the function of the false prophet is to separate the Faith of a people redeemed by their Messiah, and throw them back again into the areas of world functions. This is why they are speaking out at this time.

Now; God does not pay too much attention to the false prophets, but He tells you that they will be here and they will be creating quite an avenue of functions and operations in this day and this time. God says:...'Look unto me and be saved, all the ends of the earth. I have sworn by Myself...My word has gone out of my mouth in righteousness, and shall not return, that every knee shall bow and every tongue shall proclaim.' So there in the area of the Old Testament God proclaims the absolute sovereignty of His power, and interchanges that power with Israel, and in that context He says:..'Ask me of things concerning My sons, Command me...they are going to set the people free, they are going to overthrow the darkness, Command ye Me.' Thus YAHWEH'S declaration that every knee shall bow. Then in the New Testament you find the same thing as Paul makes the same statement in Roman's....'As I live saith Yahweh God, every knee shall bow and every tongue confess to God.' Then Philippians 2., as concerning Jesus the Christ...'Every knee shall bow, concerning the things in heaven, and in the earth, and under the earth, and every tongue shall confess that Jesus the Christ is...YAHWEH. The word in your Bible here says LORD...but it is YAHWEH in the Old Testament.

We have the one declaration the false prophets don't want to acknowledge so they ask you and I to move into an ecumenical conference of all religions. But remember that the Kingdom of the Most High God will only recognize the Eternal Christ, and at the appearing of the Christ it will show who is the blessed, and only potentate, the King of Kings, and Lord of Lord's. He only hath immortality. He who dwells only in the Light and bestows this immortality on His sons and daughters, a Light that no man can approach...this is JESUS THE CHRIST.

Now; listen as the false prophets come out and talks about the tremendous hour that is dawning upon the earth, and that men of good will are very much in the Light as they are trying by all endeavor to bring people together, and to feed the hungry and satisfy the needs of men. Then they say that we exemplify our Christian doctrines...so says the World Council of Churches, but one of the most important things is that people are coming together in ideas. The ecumenical council of the Protestants and Catholics, the Buddhists and the Hindu's. Then they talk about the beauties of Hinduism when you see it. Then they say:...of course there are areas of differences in our doctrines, but thru this ecumenical council we can mold the differences together by the greatness of what these men have said. So since the Spirit of God is only one, then they say that irrespective of how God manifests Himself, He is father to us all, for He has manifested Himself to Hinduism, to Kali, to Brahma, and so forth for thousands of years before Christ. In fact some of the manifestations go back thousands of years before any white man was on the earth, so therefore we white people must not be so smug and think we have the only religion, the only truth. These false prophets fill our young people full of this doctrine, and they move out on a nation and try to put it to sleep with these false doctrines, and they used this plan.

I think if any individual will take a look at the temples of Kali in India for an example, that they will see the falseness, for out of the Kali temple has come wave after wave of darkness, thru their practice with the Vestal Virgins, and their other evil practices. They produce a society that cannot feed itself. In fact Kali is the wife of Lucifer, the Snake Goddess, and when they take the sugar of Kali, they take it to symbolize the area of Thuggee, and the Assassins and it is totally perverse. In fact the areas of India's theology is one of the saddest on the face of the earth, and yet we have the W.C.C., and the National C.C., and the Ecumenical Council telling us we must get together with them and combine our religions. Then we turn to Buddhism and we find it came from the results of the same violence and evil, of fallen angels, and yet they want to combine us with that also. And they tell us that if we come together and merge all our gods, then there will emerge a new concept of the Almighty Good, and we will be better off.

Think.....of uniting with the Witch doctor's of Africa as we watch them throw children to the crocodiles, or the Chinese as they throw baby girls into the river and watch them swallowed up. These are some of the practices of the pagans, and these false prophets tell us that all these religions are serving beliefs we will need to know, as they are serving God, and as we bring our Christianity into emergence with their religious beliefs we will have to take out of our belief the Deity of the Christ, and place Him in a position of just a good man. Then they tell us that after all people are together in the Great Society we will all reach out to one God, but to do that we must have one world government, and that government will not recognize the soverignity of God, so that is another reason we must take our belief in the Deity of Christ and place Him as just a good man.

My friends, when we do that we will end up in great confusion. But they tell us that after all religions are together in the Great Society we will reach out to one God, and all will reach out together. Well, we then end up with a socialistic communist government. That makes me think of Paul Warburg who came before the House's of Congress in 1950 and said:...'World Government is coming...World Government we will have either by permission or conquest. So those of us who stand out for the truth of God, and the patterns of His Kingdom are thus their enemies in this hour. We have the voice of the false prophet coming over T.V. and the radio, and thru the press, and yet many, many people go right on worshiping the God of their fathers. In this hour we see the false prophets extending their areas of work into the political field, and there they influence politicians to stand for the U.N. and this whole false program.

Now:....to the CLIMAX.

The Papacy at Rome over the past years has been talking to Moscow about the co-existence of Communism and the Church. As the Pope moves into this area of co-existence he is overlooking the millions of Christians put to death by the communist. They make no mistake about their areas of resistance to all who believe in The Christ, they put a Catholic Priest to death just as soon as they do a Protestant. But here the church moves in softly and says we will not oppose the doctrines of communism if you will stop fighting the church so hard. The Ecumenical conference is upon us so let us co-exist. The world is moving fast toward socialism so we want to recognize your socialism, and we want you to recognize our area of the church, this is all we will demand at first, then we will move into the ecumenical conference. So we saw the leaders of the Kremlin coming to that conference and they mixed the Light with darkness, and the truth with errors.

"Hear ye little Children, know ye the false prophets, for those who deny that Jesus the Christ is the Sovereign God, and that He came in the flesh are....FALSE PROPHETS." This stands true today for every minister who stands behind a pulpit, and those in the World Council of Churches, and the National Council of Churches as well.

You are going to see the greatest growth in the church in all history because when the false church welcomes the pagans....then the true Christian Church is going to grow.....and grow.

The false prophet is in our midst and has identified himself, and when we have fulfilled the course that God has called us to carry out, then we will move against communism and paganism. We will tear down every grove and smash every pagan temple, and we will set the people of the world free from the idolatry of the Pagan Priest's, and their false religions, and then you will see conversion. And then there will be nothing to make these people afraid, for God said:...'Ask me things concerning my sons and daughters, command ye me." They shall be known as my sons and my daughters, and they shall set the people free, and they shall know that I am in them.

As we discuss this area of the False Prophets we should identify them, and name them because they are the unwelcome ones in the Kingdom. The false prophets and the Anti-Christ and the powers of the Anti-Christ shall be lumped together in the prison chambers of the Most High God.

(end of this message)