VOL 2 NO 6 - 8/67 - Highlights: The Holy Trinity by WP Gale - and - Who Are The Arabs?



Volume 2, No. 6

August 1967

Published Quarterly by the Ministry of Christ Church

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By Col. Ben Cameron

For many years, Christians as individuals as well as in organizations, have supported the principle of “Separation of Church and State.” It is our contention here that the support of this position is UNCHRISTIAN. In fact, the entire philosophy has been introduced by anti-Christ forces in America.

First, let us shed some light upon the Church. The word “Church” has been translated from the word “ecclesia”, which really means “the called ones”. It is not an organization nor a building nor a city nor any of these material items. Jesus said, “Upon this rock (Christ), I will build My ecclesia (Church) and it shall be ONE ecclesia (Church) and it shall be in thee, My elect, Israel”. In short, His Church is in a PEOPLE - the same people for whom Jesus came. “I come not but for the lost sheep of the House of Israel”. (matthew 15:24). At this point, we will make it clear to those who are not familiar with the Gospel of the Kingdom, that neither we nor Jesus speak of those who are called Jews. The greatest fraud that has ever been perpetrated upon a people is the BIG LIE that the Jews are the Israelites of the Bible. We quote Scripture here as proof of the fact that the Christians of the white race (Adamites or Adamic race) are the Israel of the bible. “And if ye be Christ’s, then are ye Abraham’s seed and heirs according to the promise.” (galatians 3:29). “Cain, a son of ‘that wicked one’(Satan).” (I John 3:12) Jesus identified these false chosen people as descendants of Cain, the one who killed Abel. (See matthew 23:24). Jesus identified them as the children of Satan (See john 8:39-47). Jesus identified then as NOT the children of Abraham! (See john 8:39). Jesus identified them as NOT of God! (See john 8:47). They DENY that they are Israelites ! They said that they were never in bondage. (See john 8:33). Jesus identifies them in a parable. (See matthew 13:35-39). His sheep are the House of Israel and Jesus identifies them as NOT His sheep (See john 10:26-30). Jesus identifies one of them with Him as a devil! (See john 7:70-71).

Now, let us return to the subject of the “Church”, which in reality is the “people” (Christians). How can the “people” separate themselves from the GOVERNMENT (State) ? ? ? ? ? Is this Christian Constitutional Republic NOT a government of the people, by the people and for the people?

We search the Scripture for God’s Law for His people as nations and for their GOVERNMENT. God’s Law is for His people to SEPARATE themselves from anything SATANIC, evil, unrighteous or UNCHRISTIAN. (See 2 Corinthians 6:14-18). Therefore, if anti-Christ or satanic forces are permitted to head the GOVERNMENT and Jesus Christ is head of the Church, there is an automatic SEPARATION of Church and State by divine Law. On the other hand, if we permit anti-Christ forces to head the Church and place Jesus Christ at the head of our government, there would yet be the necessity for separation of Church and State. But when we place Jesus Christ at the Head of the Church and Jesus Christ at the head of our GOVERNMENT, there is NO SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE ! ! ! !

There is not one word in the Constitution of these United States which prescribes separation of Church and State. The philosophy was first mentioned by Thomas Jefferson in a letter to a friend in New England. Jefferson, himself repudiated it in his Inaugural address three years or more later.

When one claims that the Constitution provides for Separation of Church and State, that person is misconstructing the Constitution and cannot support the view by law. The First Amendment in the Bill of Rights is usually the reference. This contains what is known as the “establishment clause” wherein the federal government is prohibited from making any law pertaining to the ESTABLISHMENT of religion. A review of the records of the Congress in its adoption of the Constitution makes it clear that there was no religion other than Christianity involved. The First Amendment merely prohibited the federal Congress from passing a law which would prescribe the SECT or form of worship WITHIN THE CHRISTIAN RELIGION as a national denomination for all of the people in all of the States. The records of the Congress make it clear that CHRISTIANITY is the established religion in these United States of America. The Supreme Court of the United States made a declaration to this effect in February of 1892. The First Amendment of our Constitution does not permit freedom “from” religion but freedom “in” religion and that within the Christian religion only. “If ye not be Christ, ye be ANTI-CHRIST!” There is only one true religion on the face of the earth and that is Christ’s. “All those who came before Me are liars and thieves.” All ancient religions are Satanic and anti-Christ. “If ye not be with Me ye are AGAINST Me.” THERE IS NO MIDDLE OF THE ROAD WITH JESUS CHRIST! “Oh Israel, thy God is ONE God, ye shall have no other Gods before thee.” How many Christians know who their God is? Do they really understand that JESUS CHRIST is the God of Israel? “So will I make My Holy Name known in the midst of My people Israel” (ezekiel 39:7). “Philip saith unto Him, Lord, show us the Father and it sufficeth us. Jesus saith unto him, Have I been so long a time with you and yet hast thou not known Me Philip? He that hath seen Me hath seen the Father; and how sayest thou then, show us the Father?” (See john 14:8-9)






By Tom A. Hawk



In 1848, Karl Marx in his Communist manifesto wrote that the way to bring a country to communism was to establish a “graduated” Income Tax. This program was also established as a plank in the platform of the Communist Party USA in 1912.

Prior to 1913, there were several judicial rulings of the courts that the “graduated” Income Tax is UNCONSTITUTIONAL. As a result, the 16th Amendment was pushed through, no doubt to supposedly make the Income Tax conform to the unconstitutional declarations by the judiciary. An Amendment to the Constitution cannot be “Un-Constitutional.”

The public has been seriously misinformed since the adoption of the 16th Amendment. They, as well as the courts, have been misled on the Constitutionality of the “graduated” Income Tax. For instance, let us read the 16th Amendment. Quote - The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several states, and without regard to any census or enumeration. Unquote. This Amendment to the Constitution came in force on February 25th 1913. It amends Article I, Section 2, Clause 3 of the Constitution which required “direct taxes” to be apportioned among the several states…according to their respective numbers (population)……”

We now suggest that the reader re-read the above 16th Amendment to the Constitution. Note that it does NOT empower Congress to establish a GRADUATED income tax. It says merely “to lay and collect taxes on incomes.” When the Congress implemented this Amendment by enactment of the so-called Internal Revenue Code, it VIOLATED the 16TH Amendment by establishing a “GRADUATED” Income Tax - which the 16th Amendment does NOT empower congress to do. The Act of Congress known as the Internal Revenue Code is therefore IN VIOLATION of the 16th Amendment to the Constitution!

Let us look at some other Amendments in the Bill of Rights which the Internal Revenue Code violates.

Article IV. “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the person or things to be seized.” This means that the Internal Revenue Service must have a warrant to search your personal papers or to require you to provide the personal information to execute the Income Tax returns they use.

Article V. “No person shall be held to answer for a capital or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a grand jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the militia, when in actual service in time of war or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life and limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use without just compensation.” This means that the signing of an Income Tax Return under penalty of a crime requires one to “witness against himself in a criminal case” and is EXACTLY what the 5th Amendment PROHIBITS!

In fact, the Internal Revenue Code violates at least twenty six specific elements of the Constitution of these United States. They are: (1) The Preamble (2) Art. I, Sec. 1 (3) Art. I, Sec. 2, Clause 3 (4) Art. I, Sec. 8, Clause 1 (5) Art. I, Sec. 8, Clause 2 (6) Art. I, Sec. 8, Clause 5 (7) Art. I, Sec. 8, Clause 6 (8) Art. I, Sec. 9, Clause 2 (9) Art. I, Sec. 9, Clause 3 (10) Art. I, Sec. 9, Clause 4 (11) Art. I, Sec. 9, Clause 7 (12) Art. I, Sec. 10, Clause 1 (13) Art. 1, Sec. 1, Clause 1 (14) Art. III, Sec. 1, Clause 1 (15) Art. IV, Sec. 1, Clause 1 (16) Art. IV, Sec. 4, Clause 1 (17) Amendment I (18) Amendment IV (19) Amendment V (20) Amendment VI (21) Amendment VII (22) Amendment VIII (23) Amendment IX (24) Amendment X (25) Amendment XIII (26) Amendment XIV, Sec. 1.

At this point it might be proper to mention that these violations of the Constitution on the part of the Bureau of Internal Revenue in implementing the Internal Revenue Code become CRIMINAL ACTS under the provisions of the U.S. Code. In support of this we quote:

Section 241, Title 18, United States Code, (enacted by Congress in 1870) makes it a felony to conspire to injure or intimidate “any citizen in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him by the Constitution or laws of the United States.” (When several officials of the Internal Revenue Service get together on your case, they are CONSPIRING and should be advised that they are committing a CRIMINAL ACT! The maximum penalty is 10 years and a $5,000.00 fine.

Section 242, title 18, United States Code, (enacted in 1866) makes it a misdemeanor to deprive anyone “under cover of law”………of any rights, privileges or immunities secured by the Constitution or laws of the United States.” (If an individual official of the Internal Revenue Service - or any other person who says that he is an official of government and is acting in his official capacity “under cover of law”, violates an individual citizen’s Constitutional rights, he is committing a CRIMINAL ACT! The maximum penalty is one year in jail and a $1,000.00 fine).

It is important to remember at this point, that the persons or person committing a crime under such circumstances should be NOTIFIED - (with a witness present) that his acts are in violation of the law. Upon his indictment, he cannot then claim that he “didn’t know” that he was committing a crime. He knew it because he was ADVISED. His claim of “just doing his duty” is then nullified and of no defense.

If readers of Identity wish to pursue this subject and read of an individual experience, we suggest that you write to ARTHUR J. PORTH, Tax consultant, 1806 South Everett Street, Wichita, Kansas 67201. Ask for his pamphlet, “The Income Tax is Dead.” Send 10 cents for each pamphlet you desire.


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By W.P.G.




It is a shame that Christians, including so many of the Clergy, are in darkness as to the Holy Trinity. It is a basic foundation of the Christian Faith, regardless of denomination. What is the Holy Trinity? What do we mean when we say, “The Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost”? Do we merely go through a formality or perform some religious gymnastic by its proclamation?

There is deep significance to the expression of the Holy Trinity. It means many things but most of all, it means that we recognize Jesus Christ as our God. The Old Testament as well as the New Testament (and we couldn’t have a New without an Old), proclaims that Jesus Christ would come into this world in the flesh body of His Kinsmen. He would take on a body in the same flesh form that He put Adam and Eve in when He sent them to this world from the planes of spirit or the celestial realm.

A reasonable search of Scripture reveals that the first Chapter of Genesis is merely a synopsis of time, covering many hundreds of thousands of years and possibly millions of years. We note that the word “man” in the early part of Genesis was mis-translated from the Hebrew word which means “manufactured or made” - and that the “male and female” people who were created are previous to Adam and Eve (Man and Woman). Further that Adam and Eve came AFTER the creations and the Bible does NOT say that Adam and Eve were “created.” The translators used the phrase “formed” of the dust when they should have translated formed into a flesh body in the terrestrial planes. Notice that Adam is “Ish”, which means progeny or offspring (Son in English). This is confirmed in luke 3:38 where it clearly states that Adam is the son (Ish) of God. There is a great distinction in the Bible between the progeny or children of God and His creations. The Bible, in genesis 5:1 makes it clear that it is the Book of the race of Adam. (the Adamic or white race).

With the children of Adam being called the Ish-ra-el (Israel) of Yah-veh (God), we can trace our ancestry back to the one we call God (an English word). If we are His children then He must be our Father which art in heaven. We do not pray to our earthly father Adam but to our heavenly Father. Who taught us this prayer? Jesus Christ, of course! We are children of the celestial realms, having been sent to this earth to bring His Kingdom (Government) to this earth. Jesus told His disciples to preach the Gospel of the KINGDOM! He said that He came to preach the Gospel of the KINGDOM! This CHRISTIAN Constitutional Republic which we must maintain in the United States of America is the Government of Jesus Christ, who is KING of this nation. A nation is a family of people with a King! George Washington knew this when he said that he could not receive a royal title because this nation already had a King, it is Jesus Christ. Every document of this government is dated in the year of our Lord and the date is the birth of Jesus Christ, the ONLY GOD RECOGNIZED by the Founding Fathers of this great CHRISTIAN nation! When Jesus was asked by Philip, “Show us the Father”……Jesus said to him, “Have I been so long with you and yet you have not known Me Philip? He that has seen Me has seen the Father; and how sayest thou then, show us the Father?” JESUS CHRIST IS HE!

Is it too difficult for Christians to understand that their God has already come in the flesh? If He couldn’t move from the celestial realms to the terrestrial realms and take on a flesh body as He gave us - then He wouldn’t be God. Our God is omnipotent - all powerful - the Creator of the entire universe. So many Christians are confused because their preachers have emphasized that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and they haven’t searched the translations or even the simple text of their Bible to see that Jesus Christ IS GOD! Adam is the SON of God! (See luke 3:38). The Adamites (white race) are the SONS and DAUGHTERS of God! The other races are His “creations.”

We, as individuals, are spirit (children of the spirit) born into this flesh body as children of the flesh. We have body, soul and spirit, yet each of us is ONE person. It is the physical expression of the HOLY TRINITY. Jesus Christ is the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, yet He came as ONE person. This is not complicated, it is SIMPLE!

When God’s people know their racial and national IDENTITY, they will also know their God. They will know for certain that JESUS CHRIST is the God of Israel and that they (Christ’s sons) are His Israel of the Bible. Jesus said “I come not but for the lost sheep of the House of Israel” - turning to the Jews on Solomon’s porch, He said to them, and ye are NOT My sheep. If they are NOT His sheep, then they are NOT Israel - and they are NOT! (See john 8:39-47 for their identity).

We therefore close this article in the Name of Jesus Christ, who is the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost - all ONE! OUR GOD!




WE NEED YOUR HELP! ! ! ! ! ! ! We do not beg - but where better can you help spread the word of truth? We thank those who have been helping in the past. We need more!







During these latter days, it is important for Christians to know that the Arabs are identified in the Bible. They are the sons of Ishmael. Therefore Abraham (the father of the white Christians of today) is their father and they are brothers of the white Christians of today. They have become the twelve tribes in the tents of the desert, as clearly foretold. Some of them worship Jesus Christ through a prophet (Mohamet) as prophesied in Scripture, but the majority of the Arabs profess in the Christian religion. When the others turn to the East and worship Alla, they cry All-Yah, which, properly translated means JESUS! So, even those who worship through a prophet, use the Name of the true and only God, JESUS.

We can then understand why the Arabs guarded Jesus on His trip with Joseph and Mary to the land of Egypt where our ancestors from the days of Enoch and Job had established the high priesthood of our race at the city of On. He went there because He is the highest of the priests - the Almighty God of Israel! And the Arabs know this! Our Bible teaches us as Christians to never bring harm to those of Ishmael. Our Bible also teaches us that the Jews are NOT the Israelites of the Book.

In II Kings, it is clear that Israel was at war with the Jews. Israel (the true Israel) Christians are still at war with the Jews. This war was declared by Jesus Christ Himself and is the battle of Armageddon. The seventh sign that Jesus gave has come to pass. The abomination of the desolator has occupied the Holy place. It was foretold that the Jews would take the old city of Jerusalem before He would come to take His Kingdom. It was therefore necessary that the Jews temporarily defeat the Arabs for this last sign to occur.

The Arabs as well as most Christians in the United States are confused about the problems in the Middle East. In order to eliminate the confusion, we will merely place some items in order here. The reader can then make up his own mind.

item 1 We quote from a Secret U.S. Military Intelligence Report taken from the Archives of the federal government. These reports were declassified by Department of Defense Directive 5200.9, September 27, 1958 and read in part as follows: “……HEADQUARTERS, AMERICAN EXPEDITIONARY FORCES, SIBERIA. Vladivostok, Siberia, June 9th 1919……Up to the end of 1918 things had been growing steadily worse in Russia ever since the first few months of the First Provisional Government, when for a short time it looked as if the new regime would be able to bring some sort of modern government into the country. These hopes were frustrated by the gradual gains in power of the more irresponsible and socialistic elements of the population guided by the Jews and other anti-Russian races. A table made in April 1918 by Robert Wilton, the correspondent of the London Times in Russia, shows that at that time there were 384 “commissars” including 2 Negroes, 13 Russians, 15 Chinamen, 22 Armenians and more than 300 Jews. Of the latter number 264 had come to Russia from the United States since the downfall of the Imperial Government……”

“……WAR DEPARTMENT, AMERICAN EXPEDITIONARY FORCES, SIBERIA, OFFICE OF THE CHIEF OF STAFF, INTELLIGENCE SECTION. ……It is probably unwise to say this loudly in the United States but the Bolshevik movement is and has been, since its beginning, guided by Russian Jews of the greasiest type, who have been in the United States………”

item 2 Soviet spies in the United States, either convicted or escaped:

Julius & Ethel Rosenberg David Greenglass Harold Ware Nathan Witt Dr. Robert Soblen Morton Sobel Jacob Golos Miriam Moskowitz Harry Gold Judith Coplen Sid Weinbaum Klaus Fuchs Col. Rudolph Abel Lee Pressman

item 3The anti-Christ forces in the United States during the past ten or twenty years, have forced the Arabs to purchase weapons and armaments from anti-Christ-controlled Skoda Arms Works under communist control. Isn’t it wise for the anti-Christ to provide the arms for Christian armies? Particularly Arabs?

item 4 A Jewish writer for the Los Angeles Times writes on June 22nd 1967 to the extent that the Soviet Union is on the side of the Israelis. He says that what nobody knows is that the Soviets’ real intention was to help Israel. But they had to do it in such a way that neither the West nor the Arab countries would find out about it. In short, the Jews of the Soviet Union work in close contact with the Jews of the United States. The bragging of a Jew writer makes it clear. It makes sense too. But why have both the Arabs and Christian America been fooled? Because they do not have their IDENTITY! When one does not know who he himself is, how can he know who his enemy is????

item 5 The L.A. Times, April 4, 1963 had an article about two Jews in S.F. Calif. Arrested for smuggling of the potent drug LSD-25 into the U.S. from ISRAEL. U.S. Atty. Cecil Poole said that he had been informed that the drug had been manufactured by the Wiseman Institute IN ISRAELIE!






In Montgomery, Alabama, here are groups of Christian patriots who wish to preserve the Constitution of these United States. They may be contacted by writing to C.R.M., 1158 South Perry Street, Montgomery, Alabama 36104.

C.R.M. released an article on 11 April 1967 entitled “Joan of Arc vs. Stooge.” We quote in part: “Using the motto of the State of Alabama, Governor Lurleen Wallace recently answered a Federal Court Order by declaring that Alabama and its elected officials would ‘dare defend our rights’ “! Speaking before both Houses of the Legislature of Alabama, Thursday evening, March 30, 1967 the Governor challenged the three federal Judges who issued this court order which requires the total integration of Alabama’s school system.

Now the question arises: What can Alabama do?

A BILL TO BE ENTITLED AN ACT…To RESCIND and REVOKE membership of the State of Alabama in the United Nations and the specialized agencies thereof, and for other purposes. BE IT ENACTED BY THE LEGISLATURE OF ALABAMA: Section 1. That from and after the effective date of this ACT the ratification of the Senate of the United States on July 28, 1945, of the Charter of the United Nations, making the State of Alabama a member of the United Nations, be, and said ratification hereby is, rescinded, revoked and held for naught; and ALL ACTS and parts of ACTS designed and intended to carry out such membership of the State of Alabama in the United Nations, are hereby REPEALED. Section 2. This ACT shall become effective immediately upon its passage and approval by the Governor or its otherwise becoming law. This law of REPEAL SHOULD BE ENACTED IN EVERY STATE OF THE UNION!