VOL 3 NO 2 - 4/68 - Highlights: Armageddon Part 1 by Col. Ben Cameron



Volume 3, No. 2

April 1968

Published Quarterly by the Ministry of Christ Church

4955 Sierra Pines Dr.

Mariposa, CA 95338


Part 1

By Col. Ben Cameron

The following article is an extract of a rare and interesting document written by a former naval Intelligence agent. It pertains to the identity of the so-called “lost tribes of Israel” as well as to the Identity of those who falsely claim to be the Israelites of the Bible.

It is impossible to understand current events unless one inquires into turmoil of yesteryear which still has its roots in the remote past. One must understand the cause of things which seem of no importance or are incomprehensible. One must discover whether or not there are secret strings moving men to action or binding them to inaction during religious, political, financial and economic crises which burst forth without warning and without any logical reason. One must know whether or not the rulers of nations are the real rulers or merely puppets. As stated by Sir Patrick Manson, “Above all, never refuse to see what you do not want to see or what might go against your own cherished hypothesis or against the views of authorities. These are just the clues to follow up, as is also, and emphatically so, the thing you have never seen or heard before. The thing you cannot get a pigeon hole for is the finger point showing the way to discovery.”

Why did God call the children of Israel from the descendants of Adam and Eve (Adamic race) for His Kingdom (government) on earth? Why did He need a Kingdom on earth in a material plane? Why did He come to the earth in a flesh body as Adam had and the man - Christ Jesus to that people - and draw up a new covenant after they had broken the first?

If it were essential to do all of this, then is it not logical that the devil has always been tangible and that he has a tangible race of people to sabotage and attempt to destroy Christ’s Kingdom? If so, then who is the devil and who are his people? The answer is clear when one searches the Scripture. Jesus Christ came to the earth in a physical body, the same as Adam had - to renew the Covenant with the children of Adam (Israelites, NOT Jews) - to destroy the devil and his race!

The Anglo-Saxon, Nordic, Celtic, Lombard, Germanic and Scandinavian people are the House of Israel as Christ’s Kingdom on earth. The people we know as Jews are the kingdom of the devil and he has always been their king. Since time immemorial they have been known in Asia as the “Serpent Race”. There are three branches of this race: the Ashkenazim-Khazar and Sephardic Jews who dwell principally amongst the white race (Israel), and the black Zhuzhus in Asia. They hate God and Man (Adamites), yet for expediency, pretend to worship Jehovah and to love Man. In all ages they have been the sponsors and financiers of all wars. They promote Republican principles, yet they themselves have no use for them - because Communism is their religion! They make use of our freedom, liberty and our Constitution for a screen behind which to hide while undermining our Church and State and all law and order. Their system of boycotting, sabotaging, ransacking and destruction is known as the Serpent System - which is so enormous, silent and sinister that the average Christian does not know it exists.

The Serpent System is the practical application of the Luciferian Doctrine. It is entirely Oriental and occult. It is sponsored and directed by Satan as the uncrowned king of the Jews and his 12-member cabinet whose capitol for centuries was the forbidden city of Lhasa, Tibet. Yet, since 1950, Tel Aviv has been the capitol and Moscow, London and New York City the lesser capitols screening Tel Aviv from public view.

The religion of the Serpent Race is anti-Christ and anti-white race Communistic Satanism. The movement is both spiritual and material. The spiritual sponsors and finances all Oriental occultism amongst the Christian peoples under the name of Scientific Christianity in order to break down and destroy all faith in and worship of Jesus Christ as God. The material position of the system sponsors all un-American, anti-Christian activities, Anarchistic Bolshevism, Fabianism and Socialistic-Communism. Behind both branches stands The Devil who is the Turko-Mongol Jew, Prince Abdul Baraba Baha, who was smuggled into the United States by the Jew Owen Lattimore. Jewry’s B’nai B’rith in New York City proclaimed him Jewry’s God in March, 1950, then enshrined him in John Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland under the alias DILUAWA HUTUKTU - the “living Buddha of Mongolia”. That devil’s power reaches out through B’nai B’rith to clutch the throat of every government in the world. He is the current unseen hand while Jews like Bernard Baruch, Felix Frankfurter, Henry Morgentheau Jr. And their replacements have been and are the power of that Satanic hand in these United States.

The Serpent System is in complete control of the very heartbeat of America through our press, radio, recorded music, television and motion pictures which move our people in one direction then another in surging tidal waves of emotion in a deliberate plot to ruthlessly destroy our national mind so we will not contemplate the gradual undermining of Church and State and even our personal lives. It is a war to destroy the white race - a war waged by the Serpent Race to destroy Christ’s Kingdom on earth and the true Israelites of His Kingdom.

The Serpent Race denominates the field of religion through the National Conference of Christians and Jews, the Federal Council of Churches, the National Council of Churches and thousands of Clergymen who spew forth modernism, tolerance for anti-Christian methods, mongrelization and internationalism - instead of Christ, the Scriptures and the preservation and spiritual salvation of our white race with its mental and spiritual superiority, along with its initiative and love of country.

New Dealism, The Great Society and other similar philosophies have undermined the very foundation of our great Republic and the Constitution of these United States of America. Political corruption has extended from the White House to the small towns and farms so as to deliberately destroy all moral and spiritual values.

In retrospect, Peter and Jude show that they are speaking about none other than Jewry. They speak of these same conditions. Jude 9 shows that the angel is Michael and the brute beast is Satan, who, according to the personal family record of Jewry’s current god, Prince Abdul Baraba Baha, was the Serpent Prince Butur.

The first record of that counterfeit race is in the third chapter of Genesis. The word “serpent” in that chapter is “nachash” in the original Hebraic. There are three ways of composing the word “nachash” in the Hebrew. The root is composed with three characters, the first of which is shaped similar to a round-bottomed W with a dot above the right hand arm. The second is similar to the pi ratio sign. The third is a very poor figure three.

Written in this third manner it means Divine; to learn by experience; observe diligently; to use enchantment or an enchanter. When the word contains a dash or a bar under the second and third characters it means occult science; witchcraft; or black magic. When a dot is included under the bars the word means the Serpent Race fathered by the original material Satan and the race is the racial body of Satan in the same manner as the Anglo-Saxon, Celtic, Lombard, Nordic, Germanic and Scandinavian people are the racial body of Israel (Christ’s sons). The Serpent in Genesis 3 is written with the bars and dots under the last two characters to prove he is Satan’s cursed Serpent race of Jews. The word “Jew” is Yehudim in the Hebraic, Aramaic and Greek which means the race cursed by God, notwithstanding the Jew lie that it means the sons of Judah.

The word Serpent makes it next appearance in Genesis 49:17. It is written without the bars and dots under the second and third character in the Hebraic. When we study the contents of Genesis 49 we observe Israel is prophesying that Dan would become an honorable judge in the House of Israel - “nachash”, meaning learn by experience; observe diligently. Today, Dan is the Scandinavian people (Denmark). The adder in Genesis 49:17 symbolizes the “nachash” as an enchanter. Dan’s ancient Coat of Arms was a coiled adder standing on its tail. Dan is standing today while enchanting our people with secular facts that he was the scout of the Caucasian race moving out of Eurasia toward the Appointed Place of ii Samuel 7:10 and I Chronicles 17:9 - in 220 a.d. The word adder is “Akashub” in the Hebraic which is the female viper in matthew 3:7 and related passages. She is Kali, the poisonous female of Jewry’s Beast System.

In Isaiah 65:25 the word for the serpent is “nachash” and it is written with dots and bars which proves it is reference to the cursed race of Jews soon to be banished from Israel’s Christian world. The wolf symbolizes people in the House of Israel who have not accepted Jesus Christ whereas the lamb are those who have accepted Him. The lion symbolizes the tribe of Judah which is Germany and the bullock symbolizes Ephraim which is England. The straw which they are going to eat together is clean, uncontaminated peace after the Serpent Race of Jews has been banished from Christendom to eat dust. The word “dust” in the passage is “aphar” in the Hebraic or “rubbish”. This means the spiritual, mental and material food of Jewry exiled in Mongolia and Tibet from whence their ancestral father Cain came from when he went into the land of Nod (wandering in Hebraic).

In Jeremiah 8:17 the serpents and cockatrices are the same counterfeit race of the devil. In Isaiah 14:29, there is a prophecy for this era. In this instance the word serpent is written as “nachash” with the bars and dots to prove he is of Satan’s race of Jews. isaiah says that its offspring would be a poisonous cockatrice. It was a female. During Isaiah’s time, she was called Ishtar. Today she has adopted her original Hindu name of Khali. She is the deadness in Jewry’s blood system as the vampire of that counterfeit race. She is the adder in Psalm 58:3-4; the viper in Matthew 3:7, 12:34, 23:33 and Luke 3:7 - the woman in Zechariah 5:7 and Revelations 17:1-6, notwithstanding the Jew lie that the latter is the Roman Catholic Church.

The Serpent in Isaiah 14:29 was the Luciferian priesthood and Satan in Babylon from 721 to 330 BC. He was the first King of the Naga or the Serpent race in that land. Since time immemorial the King of the Serpent race had been the current eldest son of the eldest son of the original Crown Prince of Hell. He was worshipped as Lucifer yet called God. The record of this same one who exalted himself as God in 600 BC is the first secular record of his exaltation in India, whereas his record in the Hindu Scriptures goes back to about 35,000 BC when Enoch of the Adamic race in the line of Seth says in his Messianic Prophecy that Satan first came out of the dimension of spirit as a counterfeit material Beast making his appearance amidst the Adamites contrary to divine law.

Isaiah 14:29 should be observed from a distance and from Psalm 58:3-4 and on through the Book of Revelation, then verify it by the Serpent’s own record. When the original Hebraic words are properly translated in Isaiah 14:29, we read “Rejoice not thou whole Palestine, because the rod of him that smote thee is broken; for out of the Serpent’s root shall come a cockatrice and his (or her) fruit shall be a fiery flying Serpent”. The original Hebraic for the word “rod” is “shebet”. It is a scepira. It is the original caduceus as the emblem of Khali’s power - the emblem of witch-craft or occult science. Yes, she will be a burning, stinging, fiery reptile. She is Khali, the prostituting, blood-drunk mother spirit of a race of religious cut-throats and murderers. The material or masculine Cockatrice is the Ashkenazim-Khazar Jews amongst the Adamic race and Christianity along with the black Zhuzhu Jews of Asia. In these are the Satanic forces of the night-prowling vampire (Khali) the female Cockatrice of Jewry’s Serpent System.

With that whoring spirit within them they pretend to be faint, always weary because they are persecuted. To hear them tell it, just because they are unfortunate to be born Jews. They flee from justified punishment when their sabotage and destruction smacks them in the face. They wax faint after every pogrom, but they press on with one thought constantly burning within them - a fiery, stinging, spiritually depraved sense of revenge against people who formerly gave them sanctuary out of pity, but who refuse to bow to Jewry and lower themselves to surrender to that counterfeit race, refusing to permit it to rule supreme with its subjects clamped in the so-called benevolence of Talmudic slavery.

Satan’s Serpent Race bobs up again in Job 26. Another snake track is observed in Job’s 25th Chapter wherein Bilbad says his god (the Jew King) causes fear to rule when a Jew favors one in authority. Jewry’s favors are preceded by servility and then lending money to an individual or a government so as to obligate them. When Satan as a Jew has obligated one to his Beast System, his Luciferian Doctrine insures him that he will be given a position of authority and trust. After securing that advantageous position, the Jew gradually puts forward hidden suggestions for various unnecessary projects which the non-Jew ultimately believes are necessary and the initiative seems to be his. The projects are started and he unconsciously does the very bidding of the Jew whose slithering chicanery gradually undermines the business until the damage is beyond repair - and this happens before the superior is awakened as to what has occurred. In some cases he trusts the Jew to such an extent that he will never awaken to the truth. He takes the responsibility for the business decline and then discovers that he is denied further credit at the bank presided over by another Jew secretly in league with the traitor in his office. Satan then offers to reciprocate the former favors he received and offers to buy the business to prevent it from becoming a total failure. One has no alternative. The offer is generous. The offer is accepted and the work created out of genius passes into the parasitical hands of the blood-sucking vampire who then goes to his brother in the bank to re-finance the business for speculative purposes. The traitorous Beast then sells the property at a large profit while his former employer commits suicide because he has been led to believe that he is a failure. The traitor and his banker-brother then divide the loot between themselves in accordance with Lucifer’s law in the Schulchan Aruch section of their Talmud which says: “When a Jew makes a deal with a non-Jew, and another Jew comes up and deceives the Non-Jew, no matter in what manner - whether he gives him false measure or overcharges him - then both Jews must share the profits between them.

On other occasions when one becomes obligated to a Jew in any manner and the Jew learns of a weakness or discovers a secret which one might be ashamed of and desires to keep it from public knowledge - one is then in the power of the Luciferian Reptile. When the superior awakens to the chicanery and takes measures to divest himself of the crawly influence, the Jew bears his poisonous Serpent fangs and boldly demands supreme power or he will expose the secret to public view. If the superior defies the Jew, the latter very “piously” gives information about the secret to the newspapers in what he declares is service to the public. Another Jew then broadcasts it over the radio so as to kill the confidence of the public in the victim.

When Satan has accomplished his dirty work he then slithers into the vacant chair to suck his living out of our people if the occasion warrants it. If, however, it is not expedient for him to take the chair at that time, he suggests to other superior non-Jews that a certain man - a non-Jew - is more capable to discharge the duties of the office. In that manner Satan remains in darkness behind the “certain man” who is always a weak character and submits to the Jew’s very bidding out of fear of losing his well-paid job or of being character-assassinated.

For example, it seems quite certain that Dean Acheson and Harry Truman were the “certain men” of whose sponsored conspiracy Senator Joseph McCarthy speaks of in the Congressional Record for 14 March 1951 . . . “Mr. (Owen) Lattimore, the State Department’s advisor, praised the State Department for having succeeded in allowing China to fall to the Communists without letting it appear to the world that we had shoved it.” It is almost incredible, but it is a matter of record. He then goes on to say, “The thing to do, therefore, is to also let South Korea fall but do not let it be known that we pushed her; hence the recommendation for a parting grant of $150,000,000.” “the picture of Western Europe, Mr. President, is much the same. We are preparing to allow Western Europe to fall without having it appear that we pushed her . . . . In other words, the present plan is strictly a ‘phony’ defense - a case of those in the back rooms where the planning is done by the same crowd that did the planning for China, saying the same thing said about China, namely, We will let them fall, but we will not let it appear that we pushed them”.

We next observe the Serpent Race in Psalm 58:4 in which the word “poison” is chemah in the Hebraic. It means anger, heat, fury, rage, hot displeasure, wrath, or to be furious. That poison is used on non-Jews who have the high moral and spiritual strength to refuse bowing to the Jews. Usually the Jew approach is by bribery concealed as a gift. When he fails to reach his intended victim he lets fly the poison of fury, rage and wrath in attempts of character assassination so as to kill the victim’s business or political life. If the person is immune to the poison and the Jew Cockatrice fails to silence the truth about his skullduggery, his final effort comes by using the poison of hot displeasure and he becomes furious in premeditated cold-blooded murder. However, if it is not expedient for the Reptile to personally murder his victim, or he is too cowardly to do it himself, he bribes some non-Jew to do the dirty work while the Jew Reptile remains in ambush as a “respectable” citizen whose only crime, to hear him tell it, is being unfortunate enough of being born a Jew.

Thus we observe Isaiah symbolizing the Serpent Race of Jews as having attributes similar to crocodiles. When his slithering chicanery backfires in his face when a nation wakes up to the fact that it has been sabotaged and destroyed by Jews - who were admitted into the nation for a sanctuary from persecution and destruction, the crying, moaning Jew sheds “crocodile” tears in efforts to win sympathy and pity from the betrayed people. He flees from the justified punishment and sheds more “crocodile” tears at the gates of another nation while crying and moaning that he is a homeless refugee.

He is admitted into the sanctuary of the sympathetic nation and the flying crocodile submerges in the cool water of human decency with only his unblinking eyes showing above the water where trusting people go to obtain their spiritual thirst for Christ.

When they wade out within striking distance of the lurking beast, he grabs them and spiritually and materially devours them without the least pity. Inasmuch as the word “leviathan” in Isaiah refers to a crocodile as well as crying and mourning, it is obvious that - from our ancient Israelite progenitors - we Anglo-Saxon-Celtic people obtained the expression “crocodile tears”.

Isaiah has warned you! Take heed, stand ready and observe the hand of Jesus at work amidst His people! Be not deceived by the crocodile tears of the anti-Christ. The only sorrow he will have is that we stupid oxen of his refuse to abandon Christ Jesus for Satan.

amos 9:3 says that God would permit the Serpent to bite the House of Israel. The prophecy is for this era and true to that prophecy, we, as a people, indeed have been struck by the Jew snake hiding in the ambush of sham patriotism - and we have descended to the lowest depths of spirit, morals and national apathy - the bottom of the sea in Amos 9:3. By the grace of Jesus Christ, we will rise to the surface in time to prevent being drowned by the children of Satan who is now attempting to inveigle our government into signing into law the international Genocide Treaty. This would make it impossible for us to clear Jewry out of our nation when our people wake up to the fact that Jewry has pushed us into World War III for his purposes of using the heathen millions of Asia and Africa to exterminate the white race from the face of the earth.













  • “For the leaders of this people cause them to err; and they that are led of them are destroyed…..” isaiah 9:16







We are informed that this article has word-for-word similarities with The Mystery of the Serpent by B.F. Jackson. We will investigate as time allows.