VOL 3 NO 3 - 9/68 - Highlights: Armageddon Part 2 by Col. Ben Cameron - and - Historic Proof Of Israel's Migration by Bertrand Comparet



Volume 3, No. 3

September 1968

Published Quarterly by the Ministry of Christ Church

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Mariposa, CA 95338


By Bertrand L. Comparet

The following article is extracted from that prepared by Bertrand L. Comparet. Due to lack of space, we find it is necessary to edit. We have shown by many previous editions of IDENTITY that the Israelites of the Bible are the Anglo-Saxon, Celtic, Lombard, Scandinavian and Germanic peoples of today. As Mr. Comparet says:

This evidence was in the form of many Bible prophecies of Israel’s future which have been accurately fulfilled by these nations and by no others.

There are some people who will not believe God and will not accept His identification of these nations. Some want to know what historians of the time, in what books, chapters and verses, record the migration of Israel into Northern and Western Europe and the British Isles? The skeptics ask this - and to these skeptics the answer is “Yes, various historians of those centuries have traced this migration.” Within the time and space limits we have here, we can only hit the high spots. A large library can be filled with history books but they all cannot be quoted verbatim. But we will take the time here to show that the historians have traced the migration of the Israelites from their old Palestinian home to their European homelands as the Anglo-Saxon, Lombard, Celtic, Scandinavian and Germanic people. Not under their old name, of course, but under their new name as Christians which fulfills Bible prophecy that God would “call His servants by another name” - and you must be aware that the Bible identifies Israel - and only Israel - as God’s servants.

The migration of the Israelites covered about 12 centuries, during which time they were mentioned by various historians, who wrote in different languages and during different centuries therefore using different names for the same people. For example, if one were to read a London, Paris and Berlin newspaper all dated during the latter period of 1940, one would find that the British paper said that in that year France was invaded by “the Germans”; the French paper said that the invasion was by “les Allemans” while the German paper said it was by “der Deutsch” - yet all three were writing about the same people and the same invasion. Likewise we must not be surprised to find the Israelites given different names in the Assyrian, Greek and Latin languages. Even in the same language names change from century to century, just as today we never speak of “Bohemia” as it was called only a century ago, - but only of Czechoslovakia.

The original 13-Tribed nation of Israel broke into two nations upon the death of King Solomon about 975 BC. The northern 2/3 of the land containing ten Tribes, kept the name “Israel” while the southern 1/3 containing the Tribes of Benjamin and Judah along with most of Levi, took the name “Judah” after the royal Tribe. From that time on, they kept their separate existence until they were finally merged into a vast migration, as we will see.

A king of the 10-Tribed northern kingdom of Israel, OMRI, reigned from 885 to 874 BC. His reign was the national identity thereafter rested. The Assyrians among others, began calling the 10-Tribed Kingdom of Israel “the House of OMRI”. The Hebrew OMRI was in Assyrian sometimes written HUMRI, and sometimes KUMRI. Now we begin tracing the Israelites from their Palestinian homeland in the Assyrian conquest and deportation. Bible reference is ii kings 15:29 and I chronicles 5:26. Confirmation of this deportation is found in inscriptions of Tiglath-Pileser which have been dug by archeologists and are in museums today. The deportations took in the entire population of the ten northern Tribes constituting the nation of Israel. The other Tribes remained in the Southern Kingdom of Judah. ii kings 18:13 and isaiah 36:1 record the deportation of 200,000 people from the Kingdom of Judah, adding to the 10-Tribed Northern Tribes who had been settled around the south end of the Caspian Sea. Over the years, the increasing numbers of the Israelites expanded northward along both sides of the Caspian Sea. As they were moved into this area, herded along as prisoners, robbed of all their belongings, they had to make themselves brush shelters. The Hebrew name was “soocaw”. The plural was “Succoth”, gradually slurred to “Scuth” and finally became “Scythian”.

The great carving on the Behistun Rock made about 516 BC. Carried inscriptions showing the many nations who were tributary to King Darius I of Persia. These inscriptions were written in old Persian, in Median and Assyrian. They showed that among these were a Scythian nation called “Gimiri” which means “The Tribes”. The Cimerians derive their name from Gimiri settled in the Ukraine. The Persian and Median name for these people was “Sakka” which latter became Sacae or Scyths according to Herodotus the Greek historian. We now get some further clues as Herodotus says that the Scythians or Sacae first appeared in that land in the 7th century BC. Which is the same period in which the Tribes of Israel were settled there by their Assyrian conquerors. Their use of the battle-axe is a carry over from their history as Israel. See jeremiah 51:20. The name Sacae and Scyth evolved to Sakke and Saxon and it is noteworthy that the battle-axe was the great weapon of the Saxons. Sharon Turner’s “History of the Anglo-Saxons” is one of the most thoroughly documented historical studies ever produced and its reliability is beyond question. She traces the Anglo-Saxons of Britain back to the Scythians. Unfortunately he does not go the one step further and trace the Scythians back to Israel - but we can do that from other sources.

Let us go back to the Scythians, as the Israelites became known in the land into which they were deported. Diodorus Siculus, a Greek historian who lived in the days of Julius and Augustus Caesar, says this: “The Scythians anciently enjoyed but a small tract of ground but through their valor, growing stronger by degrees, they enlarged their dominion far and near and attained at last to a vast and glorious empire. At the first, a very few of them seated themselves near the River Araxes. Afterwards, one of their ancient kings gained to their land all the mountainous parts as far as to Mt. Caucasus. As they were eminent in martial affairs, they turned their arms the other way and led their forces as far as to the River Nile in Egypt.” Other historians record that BLOND SCYTHIANS made an expedition against Palestine and Egypt about 626 BC. The town of Scythopolis in Jordan valley, is named for a settlement made on this raid. To continue with Diodorus Siculus, he says: “This nation prospered more and more and had kings that were very famous; from the SACANS and the Massagetae and the Arimaspians, and many others called by other names derived their origin.

Note how God’s destiny for these people worked. They would not leave behind any pockets of their people in the lands where their conquerors had settled them. When they had gained power they came back and picked up any who remained, taking them into the migrating mass. Likewise, history records that they raided Babylon after its overthrow by the Medes and Persians, carrying off with them such of the people of Judah and Benjamin as were not going back to Jerusalem.

Even in early times before the final mass movement into Europe, the Scythians had begun their march to their new homelands, where some of them had already arrived before the beginning of the Christian era. Pliny the Elder, a roman historian who lived from 23 to 79 AD. says this: “The name Scythian has extended in every direction, even to the Sarmatae and the GERMANS; but this ancient name is now only given to those who dwell beyond those nations and live unknown to nearly all the rest of the world. Beyond the Danube are the peoples of Scythia. The Persians have called them by the name Sacae, which properly belongs only to the nearest nation of them. The more ancient writers give them the name Aramii (Arameans). The multitude of these Scythians is innumerable and they resemble the people of Parthia (Persia). The Tribes among them are better known as Sacae, the Massagetae, the Dahoe, etc. others have noted their early migration into Germany. Herodotus mentions migration and settlement of a people he calls Sigynnoe, who themselves claimed to be colonists from Media and who migrated as far as the River Rhine. Remember that among the places the Israelites were re-settled were “the cities of the Medes”. Also note that Pliny the elder said that “The more ancient writers give them the name Aramii, that is, Aramean.” In modern language called “Syrian”. In deuteronomy 26:5, every Israelite is commanded to confess that “A Syrian ready to perish was my father and he went down into Egypt and sojourned there with a few and became a nation, great, mighty and populous.” Hence, such ancient writers could correctly identify the Israelite Scythians as “Arameans” as they had come from a land which was part of Syria.

Among the Tribes of Scythians, the Massagetae attracted the notice of all ancient historians by their numbers and warlike ability. Those who described them in detail divided them into Massagetae and Thyssagetae. The “getae” part of the name soon evolved into “Goth”. The Massagetae were the Greater Goths and the Thyssagetae wee the Lesser Goths. Thus we already find among the Scythians, names we can identify as the people who later conducted the great migrations into Europe. The Goths were later called “Ostrogoths”, meaning “East Goths” and the “Visigoths” meaning “West Goths”.

Going back a few centuries the Sacae were allies of the Medes and Persians in the attack upon Babylon in 536 BC. Recall that God had said that Israel is “My Battle-axe and weapon of war; for with thee will I break in pieces the nations and with thee will I destroy kingdoms.” God had used Scythian Israel to maintain constant war against Assyria for nearly a century, until Assyria was too weakened to resist the Medes and Persians. God then used Scythian Israel, the Sacae to help in the conquest of Babylon.

Professor George Rawlinson says that the original development of the Indo-European language took place in Armenia - which was at that time occupied by Scythian Israel. From these people we can trace the language to Europe. This powerful and increasingly numerous people thereafter spread to the north, east and west of the Caspian Sea. To the west of it they penetrated into the Volga and Don River Valleys as the Sauromatians and the Royal Scyths. To reach these lands, they had come through the Caucasus Mountains by a great pass which is today occupied by the Georgian Military Road. From ancient times until within our own lifetime this pass was known as “The Pass of Israel.” The white race of Europe is called “Caucasian” because their ancestors came out of the Caucasus Mountains. While some speak of a Mongoloid type found in some parts of Scythia, ancient writers agree that the dominant Sakka or Massagetae Scythians were a Nordic people. Dr. Hans Gunther, Professor at Berlin University, in his “Racial Elements of European History” published in the 1920’s, says: “The investigations into the traces left behind them by the Nordic people, the Sacae (Scythians) with its many tribes, are worthy of attention. It had been living on the Steppes of southeastern Europe and spread as far as Turkestan and Afghanistan and even to the Indus. The ancient writers such as Polemon of Ilium, Galienos, Clement of Alexandria and Adamantios, say that the Sacae were like the Kelts and Germans. The Scythian tribe of the Alans are also described as having a Nordic appearance.

We have seen that the names of the Massagetae and the Thyssagetae evolved into Goths, Ostrogoths and Visigoths. The historian Ptolmy who died about 150 AD., mentions a Scythian people descended from the Sakae by the name of SAXONS who had come from Media. Albinus, who lived in the first century BC. Says “The SAXONS were descended from the ancient Sacae in Asia and in time they came to be called SAXONS.” We are now well into established European history. By the beginning of the 4th century AD. many of the Goths were already Christians. Later they moved into Southern France and to Northern Spain. The Ostrogoths settled in Hungary under Theodoric the Great and in Italy about 493 AD. Their descendants are the blond Italians of northern Italy. The Angli and Saxons moved up the Danube Valley to Germany and the Baltic. From there the Jutes, Angles and Saxons colonized England in 408 AD. We find the settlement of the Scandinavian peninsula completed before the arrival of the Jutes, Angles and Saxons to the southern shores of the Baltic Sea. Their ocean-borne raids on England were heavy and continuous. Later by invitation they settled along the eastern shores of England. William the Conqueror invaded England in 1056 with the Normans, who were actually Norse Vikings who had settled on the coast of France.

So we see that the migration of Israel, first into Scythia, expanding to Goths, Angli and Saxons, moving to their present European homelands, is a well established historical fact. There is also the fascinating story of their early migrations by sea - but that is another subject in itself.


Our next issue will contain a Map prepared in 1900 which shows the migration of the Tribes of Israel from the Middle East into Europe. The historical record of those migrations is contained in the article above.




Part 2

By Col. Ben Cameron



The subject of Armageddon is so timely that this issue of IDENTITY is a continuation of Vol. 3, No. 2.


It is impossible to understand the Bible unless one realizes that the white Christian people known as the Anglo-Saxon, Scandinavian, Celtic, Lombard and Germanic peoples are the true Israelites of the Old Testament. They are the “nations” of the New Testament and the true descendants of Abraham.

When one reveals the true IDENTITY of “Israel”, it is necessary to also identify the “Jew”, who has falsely claimed to be Israel. When this is not done, Christians become confused, thinking that Israel means “Jew”. The simple explanation seems unbelievable to many good Christians - that Satan was placed upon this earth in a physical body. Another truth that seems unbelievable to most Christians is that other races of people existed on this earth prior to Adam and Eve (Adamic or white race) who were placed on earth much later and who are the progeny of God. (See luke 3:38).

Satan existed on the earth in the flesh, while at the same time, the created (non-white) races were here. Is it so inconceivable that Satan mixed his blood with these ancient created races of people? If not, then how do we explain existence of the Asiatic Jews? Also the “Falasha” or black Jew? Also, the “white” Jews, who in fact are descendants of Cain. The Bible makes it clear that the white Jews are descendants of Cain and that Cain’s father was NOT Adam but was Satan. (See I john 3:12). Cain was the first Jew of the white race extraction because Eve was his mother and Eve was of the Adamic (white) race. Jesus identified the white Jews of his day as the descendants of Cain when He told them that they were the offspring of the one who murdered Abel. (See matthew 23:55).

In order to understand Armageddon, it is essential that the sons and daughters of God know who they, themselves are (IDENTITY) and who their ENEMY is! Armageddon is a WAR! Would we expect our military to send troops into combat with blindfolds over their eyes? Would an Infantry commander blindly attack an enemy before he sent his scouts out to draw the enemy fire and locate them? Would a Naval Commander send a destroyer into the midst of a group of battleships without first identifying the battleships?

Having for some time emphasized the IDENTITY of the white Christian people as the true Israelites of the Bible, we will now concentrate upon the enemy and the means by which he can be identified. This is essential for the retention of God’s people here on earth to “occupy” until He comes. Before Christians can “occupy”, they must defeat the Satanic forces just as our military and naval forces had to defeat Japan before we could “occupy” Japan.

The Synagogue of Satan is world Jewry! It is the first paragraph of the Kol Nidre oath recited to Satan by every adult Jew during Yom Kippur. The enlightened Jews know the truth that Jewry’s so-called God is Lucifer. Jewry is the devil’s race and Jewry was never of Israelite extraction. john 8:39-47.

Vishnu is Jewry’s Asiatic god of deception and when we uncover Vishnu we see that the base of so-called Judaism is COMMUNISM! The doctrine is Luciferian and synonymous with Kalism in Asia which is an international subversive organization of religious cutthroats and murderers masquerading under a bogus cloak of humanitarianism.

Kalism is built around Kali, the Brahmonist moon-goddess of bloodshed. The serpent-secret says that she is the wife of Kambu who was Cain of our Bible. Kali was the daughter of Satan in genesis 3. In ancient Babylonia, which was the seat of Cain’s household, Cain’s wife was called Ishtar. In Egypt she was called Isis and in Jewry’s Talmud she is called Lilith. She is the wife of Cain and the mother of the serpent race of Jews. They are the children of Satan just as Jesus identified them. In India Satan had always been called Naga. In Assyria and Babylonia he was Akki. In Egypt he was Naka and in the Hebraic he was Nachash - all meaning Satan or the devil. Prior to any discussion of Jewry’s Luciferian religion which is in two divisions - political and religious Zionism - it is necessary to explain the true background of the Masonic Order. There is much misunderstanding here which creates division among Christians which would otherwise not exist. This division from within is necessary for Satan’s domination of the earth and God’s people the Adamic race. It is necessary to Jewry’s purpose of destroying Christianity and the great Christian governments including the Constitutional Republic of the United States of America.

We have space and time for only the highlights at this writing, but the truth of Freemasonry must be shed. We take the reader back in time to the days of Enoch and Job. These two Patriarchs of the Adamic race took 144,000 savants of the white race from the Upper Tarim Basin area of the Tsan Shan mountains (Eden) - to the area we know of as Egypt. There they built the great city of “On”, later re-named Heliopolis by the Greeks. They also built large libraries and Universities with the largest being known as the Mystery School of the Adamic race. Here was where Moses (an Israelite NOT a Jew) was educated and where Jesus was taken by Joseph and Mary in their sojourn to Egypt. In the early days the people of Adam were known as Hyksos Shepherd Kings and Aryans. Here was the High Priesthood of the Adamic race, known as the “Order of the Masonos”. The symbols were the Square and the Compass and they were known as the “builder race”. Their movements can be traced to England where they were known as Druids, Culdees and Astronomer Priests. Archeological and megalithic monuments left as evidence make it clear that they built Stonehenge in England with a circle of stones laid out in a pattern of the Zodiac. This was for the measurement of the heavens along with the Great Pyramid which they had built in Egypt. Another circle of stones for this same purpose was built by these same people in Carnac Brittany and another in Persia known as the Do-Rings. These were the locations from which the “Wise Men” came to Bethlehem when Jesus was born. They had been watching the heavens and knew the signs for the arrival of the God of Israel in a physical body on this earth. In the days of Jesus Christ, this same Priesthood was known as the Great Essene company - all of them Israelites but not one was a Jew (Remember - the Jews are NOT Israel). This is a brief and sketchy background of the true Masonic Order which had much heraldry and symbolism. This heraldry and symbolism was literally stolen by a Jew, Dr. Adam Weishaupt, who in 1776 used it for creation of a clandestine order known as the “Order of the Illuminati”. This satanic organization consisting of Jews and their proselytes was at a later time called B’nai B’rith and exists as a secret order of world Jewry, using the stolen symbols and heraldry of the true Masonic Order which has its foundation in Christianity and the white (Adamic) race. Christianity is the religion of the white race. It exists only in those parts of the world where the white man has taken it. The Synagogue of Satan has stolen all that rightfully belongs to the true Israelites of our Bible. Jesus told them that they had STOLEN His Father’s house and made it a den of thieves. It has infiltrated and stolen the good symbols of true Masonry for satanic work thus destroying its reputation with certain Christians. The true Masonic Order could not be anti-Roman Catholic for instance, because the Roman Catholic Faith is Christian.

The anti-Christ forces who have organized a clandestine order, are the perpetrators of such division within the Christian denominations - hiding behind a false cloak and laughing up their sleeve at the stupid “goyim” whom they divide and conquer. This infiltration has occurred not only in the true and original Masonic Order - but it has been successfully accomplished in the organized Churches of nearly every denomination of the Christian Faith, including the Roman Catholic Church - and for the same purpose - to destroy from within like termites which Satan’s children are. Communism is a “front” for the anti-Christian (anti-white race) Synagogue of Satan. The true Masonic Order could therefore never be Communist - but the clandestine order, calling itself Freemasonry, is definitely a Communist front. This fact is one which the Roman Catholic Priests who prepared “The Plot Against The Church” should understand and investigate.

Religious Zionism is a cover for Vishnu in order to deceive Christians into believing that the Jews worship God in accordance with the Mosaic Law - and that there is a difference between some Jews and those Jews known as Political Zionists and who conspire to destroy Christianity. Hiding behind this cover are the Jew rabbis, each and every one of them a member of B’nai B’rith and under the jurisdiction of the Luciferian priests Cahilla Beth Den court. No Jew dares to repudiate this court for fear that non-Jews will discover the truth that Communism and Judaism are synonymous. There is nothing spiritual about Jewry’s synagogue religion.

In Asia, in B’nai B’rith lodges are Kali temples. Black magic comprises the major part of the ritual. The Supreme Grand Lodge was in Lhasa, Tibet prior to 1950 but there is reason to believe that it is now in Tel Aviv, Palestine. The universal slave state described by the Jew, Karl Heinrich Mordecai, alias Karl Marx, to Jew Baruch Levy, as Jewry’s satanic world empire, is shaping up in the United Nations. Here every strategic post is occupied by Jews who work harmoniously with Jews in Washington, DC. To destroy the Constitution and independence of the United States. Jewry has a great percentage of America’s industry and economy which was pilfered from us during the Jew planned wars and depressions. Eastern European Jews who came to the United States as refugees from Germany on the ships which took our Christian boys to Europe during World War II and who now claim that they were “gassed” in Germany, are pilfering our best real estate, paying for it with paper currency printed in Communist Europe by Jews using our money plates that were transported to the Soviet Union by the Jew Secretary of our Treasury, Henry Morgantheau Jr. During World War II. Our government in Washington DC is doing nothing about stopping this invasion of counterfeit money while the Jews control the International money system, wait for the time to bring forth their so-called messiah. This is Jewry’s god mentioned by Karl Marx who is none other than the Asiatic-TurkoMongol black Jew Prince Abdul Baraba Baha.

Satan’s plan is to destroy Christ’s Kingdom who are in reality the people known as Christians of the Adamic race and particularly their Christian governments. These are the true Israel of the Bible and not “Jews”. Accordingly, international Jewry has thrown Christendom into World Wars I and II and is behind the United Nations wars of Korea and Vietnam. Since 1913, Jewry has caused the death of millions of white Christians. Since World War II they have mongrelized the white Christian countries of Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania by deporting the white men to slave labor camps in the Jew-controlled Soviet Union - then moving Mongols into the homes of the white people in those countries. The Jewess Anna Rosenberg, while Ass’t. Sec’y. of Defense, brought several million blacks into the U.S. from the West Indies to work in war production while the white Christian young men are drafted to fight Jewnited Nations wars such as Korea and Vietnam. Anna Rosenberg was implementing international Jewry’s plot to bleed this nation of its white Christian youth, then turn the imported blacks loose on our cities and white women to destroy the white race in one generation if possible. The so-called gods and devils in the era of Kali are the international Jews. The gods are the Jew bankers and the devils are the lay Jews. The gods of finance have pilfered our gold and silver and have absolute control over the money system of the nation and the world. The little devil Jews have moved in with their “communism” to corrupt the nation. The chaos is sponsored by Christ-hating Jews in the National Council of Churches, the National Conference of Christians & Jews and similar organizations. B’nai B’rith supplies the money for the destruction of Christianity while simultaneously preaching tolerance for Jews and anti-Christ forces. Then they tell the mentally-dead Christians the BIG LIE that Jesus Christ is a Jew! This makes Jesus an offspring of Satan by His own words. (See john 8:39-47).

No matter what type of Jew, Sephardic, Ashkenazim-Khazar, Zhuzhu, Asiatic or Falasha (black), all of them claim descent from the Jews who were enemies of Jesus Christ and were His murderers. Note in matthew 3:7 ; 12:34 ; 23:33 and luke 3:7, Jesus Christ identifies them as a generation of Vipers. “Gennema” is the Greek word for its English equivalent “generation”. It means “progeny” or “race”. Viper is “echidna” which is a female viper or serpent. According to records in the British Museum in London, that female viper was Ishtar, the daughter of Akki (the devil race).

matthew 23:33 and luke 11:51 prove clearly that Jewry is the progeny of Cain and Ishtar. The “generation” (race of people) in matthew 23:36 are the satanic people in the Valley of Hinnon, south of Jerusalem - the Cainite - Akkad Amelekidumean mongrels who murdered the children of Israel as sacrifices to Ishtar and Moloch. Jewry cannot escape this condemnation.

Satan, as the devil, has always been a Jew. The genealogical record can be traced from the current devil to the Serpent in genesis 3. Today he is the Asiatic Turko-Mongol Jew, Prince Abdul Baraba Baha the illegitimate son of the deposed Sultan of Turkey (Abdul Hamid II). He was born to a Jew prostitute in Mecca, Arabia in 1894. He exalted himself as god in 1928 while in Iraq. He went to Moscow in 1943 in order to be proclaimed “god” for international Jewry by his Turko-Mongol kinsman Josif Stalin (Jew Joseph Vissarionovitch Djugashvili). At a gathering in London of world diplomats, the Jew Molotov referred to him when he told the group “that there was not a statesman anywhere in the world who had the power or was capable of bringing peace to the world”, but , Mr. Molotov continued, “We have that man and when the hour has come, he will come forth”. That “man” is Prince Abdul Baraba Baha who was brought to the United States in 1950 by the Jew Owen Lattimore. Jewry’s B’nai B’rith lodge in New York City proclaimed him to be Jewry’s god in the Western Hemisphere. He was billeted temporarily in John Hopkins University under the alias Diluwa Hutuktu. It is believed that he is now in Asia or the soviet Union waiting for B’nai B’rith to pull the string for him to give the command to cripple the United States by industrial strikes and an internal black revolution. By this means, the Jews in high places in labor unions and our government can force a national emergency and take open and complete control with the pretext of preventing anarchy and bloodshed. The blueprint shows that if these disasters cannot be created, then Prince Abdul Baraba Baha stands ready to command the Jews from the Kremlin to drop atomic bombs on U.S. cities. Another alternative is to create war conditions in Eastern Europe and along the borders of Germany. By this means, the Jews can give the United States their final ultimatum. Surrender to Jew-controlled international communism or face a Jew-controlled soviet atomic attack upon our land.

Termination of death by Satan and his counterfeit race of Jews is the reason God came into this earthly material plane as Jesus Christ of Nazareth. “Forasmuch as the children of God (Israelites NOT Jews) are the partakers of the flesh and blood, He Himself likewise took part of the same; that through death He might destroy him that had the power of death, that is, the devil.” (hebrews 2:14 - I john 3:8).

Jesus Christ, the God of the Universe, placed His children the Adamic race on this earth to destroy the devil and his satanic race. To bring His (Christ’s) Kingdom (government) to this earth. They have been spiritually sabotaged by the Serpent Race. Armageddon is the final war. We are now in it. Christians of the Adamic household of God - take off your blindness - put on the full armor of your god Jesus Christ and prepare for a VICTORY! We will fight and we will win - then we shall “occupy” until He comes!